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Tim Murphy

Timothy Tim F. Murphy (born September 11, 1952, Cleveland, Ohio) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2003. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Congressman Tim Murphy

Democrats looking to challenge solidly GOP seats PRIGG for Congress! Defeat Keith Rothfus!
Tim Murphy,you will be getting out of office.1 for not voting to get
What is Sex Trafficking And How is it Different from Human Trafficking?.
Please help me defeat Rothfus by donating $10.
Democrats looking to challenge solidly GOP seats.
Stan Murphy, Tim Norman and John Kempton for sharing their memories. Best week ever, talking to them
Democrats looking to challenge solidly GOP seats
There not dumb they know where there green back are. Tim Horton will will again. That is a big prop to Murphy on p.…
it seems wrong to have this without Tim Murphy ...
Mentawai traditional costumes and archery.
4 of them are. Murphy did 2 and Tim Minear is doing 1
3 of 5 stars to Christodora by Tim Murphy
Senator Tim Murphy has some good ideas about health care.
Ty Borden's classic GMC truck is being moved to another location for a scene in Heartland.
Wild horses and rock on the Island of Ua Huka, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.
We will be hosting the launch of 'Liberty Takes a Break" by Anthony Murphy, Joe Murphy, and Tim…
Tim Watson 'The last time we saw Murphy was as a defender' - well, except for if you watched Rd 1
That’s not Shayne Currie’s style, man. Tim Murphy also had problems with it, you may recall a donations saga.
No sub scrumhalf for Leinster A, Tim Murphy is going to get a good opportunity to put in a performance tomorrow.
“I have a ton a respect for him, and I don’t get it": Why did Tim Murphy support the AHCA? via
Congratulations on his selection and best of luck to Tim Murphy from Newbridge College and Suncroft Parish
Tim Murphy to start at scrum half for 'A'
Local spoken word artist Tim Murphy joined me on the show to talk about The Traveling Word Circus, featuring some...
Some pointed shade in this fundraising email from Tim Murphy, Liberals 2018 campaign co-chair
Congrats to Tim Murphy who starts at 9 for A in Interpro challenge match, Friday in
Reynolds was a former CE Defense coordinator and currently the DC for former CE head coach Tim Murphy at Clayton Valley Char…
We are very pleased to announce the addition of Jack-Tim Murphy of 'Curracloe Beach Surf Shack' as the new DRI director in Ireland!
First of 2017 - tickets now on sale!. Reverend Richard Coles, Amor Towles and Tim Murphy.
voted for him instead of Tim Murphy.
On the judges portion of the ballot today, there's a Patrick T Murphy & a Timothy Patrick Murphy. I really want Pat's middle name to be Tim.
Teaching mice to take selfies of their brains — very cool Q&A with Tim Murphy (and an awesome illo by
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A much needed distraction. Great interview with insightful author
I may or may not have written in for Rep against Tim Murphy.
I wrote myself in for U.S. Congress against Tim Murphy (R, PA-18), who is running unopposed.
19 Things Really Productive People Refuse to Do (According to Tim Ferriss and His Readers) -
Tim Murphy grabs a hat, and talks through it.
Church on the island of Tahaa, French Polynesia
Noticed Bernie didn't go to Fla to campaign for but strangely Biden did for Patrick Murphy vs
Britney Murphy said it best - "East Coast, West Coast, the beef is formally over!" Peace! :)
Four Obstacles that Stop you from Achieving your One Thing
''Even spending time alone and working on your dreams is preferable in my opinion." .
My great-grandfather was a coal miner, who worked in Pennsylvania mines w...
1946 Ford F100 - Perfection is an old pick up truck and a dirt road.
TraderElixium thanks for the connect
Design inspired by borneo,maori,polynesian and marquesan tattoo.
Favorite part of my job? Interviewing great authors like for
If Tahiti wasn't pretty enough, here are 15 images to convince you to plan your spring trip there no
Brad Murphy went into care at 16 months. Couldn't be adopted until he turned 18. Threw an adoption party instead of get…
Hey thanks for being top new followers this week! Much appreciated :)
I'm told the Mavericks have revoked their season media credentials of ESPN's Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein. Story coming.
Rep. Tim Murphy, a psychologist, tells crowd at PGH Trump rally: Mentally ill people being used to create disturbances at rallies like this
"What an incredible crowd. You know, there's still thousands waiting to get in." - Rep. Tim Murphy at Trump rally.
FL please vote to keep our 3rd branch safe, and remove the GOP from senate majority. Vote Patrick Murphy for Senate.
Says Coach Tim Murphy re: Open spot "Just glad we're in it, Just glad we're in it..all we can ask for"
God, rightly up the promo for programme on Fri - Who are Colm Murphy & Neil Delamure
Mark Ingram has been splitting carries, as expected. But he has been much more effective than Tim Hightower. Long TD run for Ingram there
Will do. Also, Rep. Tim Murphy posts all updates on his site:
18th Congressional District: Republican Tim Murphy is unopposed via
The Iraqi people are living better lives now than three year ago, no long...
Yes yes yes! Tim Hammond made it happen! 🙌🏻 The traffic will flow so much better, and no doubt accidents will reduce!
Tim Beck has messed him up big time...awful at Nebraska...even more so at OSU!
Photo: Amazing night in Bora Bora, French Polynesia by Trey Ratcliff . Bora Bora is an atoll in
2 lawmakers resuscitate a man on Capitol Hill: GOP Reps. Tim Murphy and Michael Burgess helped resuscitate a ...
You Can Actually Find the Cheapest Flights Ever Hawaii. Airfarewatchdog helps you save money when yo
Making the tax cuts permanent will continue to grow the economy, create jobs, and put more money
Patrick Murphy going to the debate thing on Tuesday? He didn't seem to know about it when I talked to him on Friday.
Tim Murphy slept with your prom date, bro.
Your dp is like an uglier version of Ben Murphy in ... — Look up 'totinos pizza Tim and Eric' on YouTube.
Craig Dippman and Tim Murphy transfer to the Papa Boiler Bomber Spectacular out of heat 4.
Also, Brian Murphy 2-3 RBI. Tim Pittuco picks up the win.
Being productive is about what you DON'T do! guru refuses to do these 19 things: via
Coming up on head coach Tim Murphy will preview the Brown game:
More than 1.1 million taxpayers in Pennsylvania will enjoy a lower tax rate, more than 1.4 milli
Another legend with us here today, Tim Murphy!!
Coach Tim Murphy calls a fake extra point, and QB Cam Tripp strolls into the end zone. Now Crimson 15, Bears 3 with 10:05 left in the half.
Burnout and Stress, the differences, the causes, the cures
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Even Cillian Murphy is out marching for choice!
"It was a well-known and respected colleges in Andalusia are models ..👇. -tim Murphy, what Islam did to us, p. 152.
The point: know your institution & and know how to add value to it. The rest takes care of itself.
Tim Murphy explains how helps further research by reducing data wait time from 3 months to 3 weeks.
"Some time" before Parliament's Presiding Officers decide on access to Lionel Murphy papers kept secret for 30 years https:/…
Giving up is the easiest thing to do. Hope rises out of adversity
In Danville tonight, looking forward to Tim Murphy talking with Matthew Griffin at
Tim Murphy, fmr. deputy director of the talks about AGA’s Law Enforcement Summit earlier this year
Vince Lombardi’s Reflections on the Role of Vision and Purpose
Thank you, Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18) and many others, for working so hard to get the Helping Families in...
Our President Roy Kern recently met with Pa. Congressman Tim Murphy over coffee. They covered far more topics than 140 chara…
Is Harvard's Tim Murphy the best football coach in America?
House to Senate: Finish the job!. Today, Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson...
It's not what you do that matters. It's what you absolutely refuse to do. via ft.
Jim Murphy is the man along with Torygraph's McTernan who lost Scotland for labour
.'Christodora' is a Sprawling Epic of *** Sex, Drugs, AIDS Activism and a New York City Family…
I've never been a fast or voracious reader but I've always loved a good book. I've been bringing Tim Murphy's...
"‘Miss Peregrine’ and Tim Burton: The Making of a Film Fable" by MEKADO MURPHY via NYT
"I think we might now be in business, Mark Jennings said to Tim Murphy recently about their new news site.
Checking in to the stream to hear from Tim Murphy and Mark Jennings. (thanks for the shout out to streamers )
Dr. Spencer Reid meeting David Rossi in Criminal Minds reminds me of when Tim Murphy met Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park.
Looking for somthing fun to do Tonight!?. Come out and see Jeff Thomas, Gad Holland and. Tim Murphy from the Happy...
Mike on Tumblr: Matt Gersting Funeral fund by Tim Murphy - GoFundMe
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Varsity 3 Carroll 0. Hammer 6IP, 6K. Higgins picked up the save. Tim Ulrich slammed a clutch 3 run double in the bottom 6…
Thanks to Tim Murphy at for the article about Teachout. Excellent.
Congrats to the 100 runners Mary Murphy, Nhan Le, Matt Amissah, and Tim Wu with big PRs. Nhan had over a second pr with a 12.3!
Heard Winchester lax is in the Coaches Cup finals vs LS. Murder those kids. I got
Sen. Tim Murphy and Rep. Eddie Johnson are backing a bill that would expand Medicaid coverage to pay for out-of-residence mental health care
Vantage Production continues to expand! EVP of Sales, Tim Murphy announced addition of 3 regional sales VPs.
you may have confused Tim Murphy with Tim Watkin.
On page 45 of 496 of Christodora, by Tim Murphy
idk, but Tim Murphy has blogged on recently, so.?
What happens when a 10 year old gets an Instagram... Shoutout to Tim
Tim Riggins was the perfect character for Mike Murphy, straight beast
My money is on Tim Murphy - interim. Former Deputy Clerk, oil sector experience and in the Premier’s Office!
There are QB options for Coach Tim Beck, including incoming freshman Dwayne Haskins Jr.
Darren Fry & Tim Murphy of Walker Industries on and
If the Nalcor CEO will be named tomorrow, then my bet would be Tim Murphy
Awesome. RIer Jay Murphy missed the shots before Clark got the put back for BC. Bryant coach Tim O'Shea also on the BC team.
The coal industry has helped fuel this Nation for 150 years, and coal can b...
Tim Gunn looks like he is channeling the power of Undertaker's urn..
“What I really like about her is the fact that she always feels sorry for herself." said no one ever.
As we continue to fight the war on terror, we express our gratitude to our ...
Murphy gets the first out of the 7th on a line out, then DVH decides to go to the 'pen. Blaine Knight now entering.
Murphy strikes out Gandy to leave two stranded on 2nd and 3rd! Creighton plates two to make it 5-2 Hogs going to B6.
Daniel Murphy is leading MLB in batting average at .415? That & more in today's notes:
Rep. Tim Murphy on Bloomberg West thinks the brilliance of the tech community can magically find a "middle ground" in crypto.
Tim Murphy is going to be the authority on the election. This is very good
Repsentative Tim Murphy and others on floor of house speaking about "Man in Tree" and need to pass meaningful...
Even when you can’t alter your circumstances, you can alter your attitude.
Iorfa loses possession to Murphy, he cuts inside, curls at Ikeme, saved. 72 on the clock.
The man, the maybe-mayor, the motorcycle. Tim Murphy interviews Phil Goff. .
Tim Murphy [in response to Sewell saying there's an explosion of data]: I have no idea what you just said.
Self-pity is the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; addictive, giving momentary pleasure, separates victi…
now that's just mean. Tell her I said hello.
Just started screaming at the gym this morning
Back on Tim Taylor's one of the best - Drinking a Landlord by -
Joseph Murphy fan? You'll enjoy this practical and not uncritical conversation.
BOOOM 2 in a row. Jacking up next time
Hey I am not a blogger. But I aspire to be one, one day. 'Tim Murphy on Victoria Crone'via
Tim Roszell just noted that Matt Murphy is playing his 70th playoff game. So he's played an extra season in his career, essentially.
One of my favorite movies as a kid, and really serves as a reminder of how awesome Tim Curry is.
When the work you put in is realized let yourself feel the pride, but always stay humble and kind. -Tim McGraw
Joe Garba '02 '05 wraps up the night w/ a surprise intro to Tim Murphy '77, recipient of alumni service award. More:
This morning on the forum, terrific piece by Tim Colebatch on the latest IMF forecasts & BBish goes down fighting
With two United States Congressmen, Jeff Fortenberry and Tim Murphy, discussing Burma and China and my new book
Recently at ecodek towers we held an Easter Quiz - well done to our join 1st place - Tim Murphy and Russ...
A Republican I can get behind. Rep. Tim Murphy: "We treat mental illness like a choice and a crime." via
Pharmaceutical companies are funding Tim Murphy: Stop the
Tim Murphy, Republican and psychologist fighting for mental health reform. "Mental Health Crisis Act"
Tim Murphy memorial Puc Fada, St.Stephens Day 1.45pm. All proceeds will go to the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust. (Adult…
Tonight's Kentuckiana Blues Radio Show will feature music by Fred Murphy, Tanita Gaines, Tim Krekel, the Patty...
Tim Murphy mental health bill delayed amid resistance from some Republicans
Mental health overhaul bill may soon become a reality:
Fun Friday with Skip Murphy in the Big Chair! Coming up this morning comedian Sydney Castillio, Miss Robbie and Tim from +
Great speech & useful article!. But Tim Murphy has glitch re: childhood:. Was 3 (or 3 1/2) ROOMS. not "3-bedrm apt"!
I had to fund Kids Company - or else, former minister Tim Loughton tells MPs
“We are still developing flu vaccines with 1940s technology.". -- Rep. Tim Murphy.
Tim Klusas, President of The Marketing Alliance, standing with Dave Murphy in the at
Young alums, come visit us when you are home on break!
Less football than life: As The Game approaches, Harvard football is looking for success. But coach Tim Murphy is…
Rep. Tim Murphy: Education's racial imbalances represent a stain on the conscience of America.
U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy tells KDKA there is no way Syrian refugees can be properly vetted. Listen at 3.
Congress is now ready to grapple with mental health in a bipartisan bill introduced by Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy, is now trending in United Kingdom
Tim Murphy It's 2015, people. Let's stop making HIV a source of shame and lamentation. It's treatable and preventable.
Tim Murphy, tmurphynz is now trending in New Zealand
we can see how the 2013 Dan Murphy’s cleanskin Heathcote Shiraz has matured ;)
Tim Murphy, is now trending in New Zealand
Coming up on tomorrow's show, Congressman Tim Murphy & Marcellus Shale Coalition President Dave Spigelmyer! Tune in:
Congressman Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania has Risen Visibly in Defense of Women's Health via
"Tim Murphy slept with your prom date" 😂😂
For those of you represented by Tim Murphy. He's asking Tom Wolf to turn his back on people in need.
Thank you Tim Murphy, from Watersafe Swim School San Gabriel Valley ... for building these 16 inch tall platforms...
Tim just set off the alarm and 5 cop cars swarmed the house
Many thanks to Jacki W. for the great review!. "Would stress that if you have a business this is ..."
Tim Murphy heard us scream. Rothfus, as always, does what is right.
Tim Murphy makes a solid cut and buries a great fundamental bouncer top teeezy to make it 2-0 pirates
What's better at football? Daryl Murphy or the chair Roy Keane is sitting on?
Good news! Paul Ryan, the new speaker of House told 60 Minutes he is supporting Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18)'s...
Notes: Setback for Keenan Lewis, Terron Armstead plays through pain, Tim Hightower returns and the Murphy plan
bombed at the box-office, but I think it's one of the best films of 2015. Bill Murphy, Kate Hudson and the cast shine. *
Pittsburgh Mayor committed to take thousands of Syrian refugees. Rep Tim Murphy commends Peduto.
Tim Murphy is a great guy. is also in full support.
"We are the ultimate human resources department" -Tim Murphy, Harvard University Head Football Coach
is nearly 2x more likely in patients. Rep. Tim Murphy calls for change in the psychology field.
CISB Grade 4 teacher, Tim Murphy is a global citizen. Why does he love teaching?
But how much are they charging for popcorn these days?: Tim Murphy shows us the Cleveland Circle Cinema all lit up…
You guys used the wrong picture for Tim Murphy - Harvard Coach. The picture you used is the U.S. Representative. LOL
Dear Papa Murphy's,. I'm not sure what equation you use to figure out servings per pizza. You may want to change...
me too im not sure if Tim Murphy is hot or scary!
well 1 is our FB so it's really 5. Murphy from mizzu is our KR & Tim Hightower is making a comeback.
.Murphy loves a bit of trident. Happy wee face getting scale model bath toy for his birthday
Maybe if Tim Tebow hit women, drove under the influence, or committed murder, he'd be on an NFL roster.
EX QB Tyler Murphy makes the 53 man roster as a WR. Tim Tebow does not.
boat party with Mr. Tim Sweeney. Good weather for it 👌
You know each one of those Tim's employees was cleared by the RCMP, CSIS, the Pope and Rex Murph…
"he had objected to the employment of Tim Murphy as a "full-time puppeteer" at APH"
Tim Murphy speaks to about and http:/…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
New episode of with Tim Murphy, CEO of the
PT Server (Murphy's South): Murphy's South is looking for an experienced server to work part tim...
Tim's released "Timbits Poutine" at the Canadian National Exhibit. Not sure if its coming to stores, would you try?
Beach House is so good. It's been so long since I listened to them. Noise keeps the raptors at bay.
Listening to the new Beach House album and not dying.
Hi Rob, we just connected on LinkedIn, but I can't find your email. I'm an old friend and neighbor of Tim Murphy
"Why are we ignoring the tragedy behind these tragedies?" Congressman Tim Murphy at a Town Hall Meeting in Cleveland discussing H.B. 2646
I found a mix cd from 2004 with 4 Nelly songs. Even better, he collaborated with Christina Aguilera, Tim McGraw, Murphy Lee, and Pharrel.
Seriously. A brutal debut. Reminded me of some of those old Tim Salem offenses. Long season looking pretty *** long right now
Crosby as expected came up short. Marcus Murphy with a solid return but was stopped by Tim Masthay.
1. Kelly Holcomb played in the 2002 playoffs Tim Couch was the starter that year
Davis would probably switch her party registration-- the same way Patrick Murphy, Loretta Sanchez & Tim Mahoney did
I'm not a monster. I'm just misunderstood. I have feelings. Carnivores gotta eat.
Swindon Open Studios: The Old Town Art Trail - how's it doing? Franc Murphy and Tim Carroll now als…
Moon with Tim Wallace Murphy LIVE NOW at come and check it out!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Lincoln-Way North's Grace Murphy bumps the ball as the Phoenix faces Provy.
Not sure you aren't dead & really just a ghost. Will need to watch the movie again to check that out. 👻
I added a video to a playlist Tim Murphy Solo
EXCLUSIVE: True Detective season 3 may be set in Europe says actor Tim Murphy
Harvard's Tim Murphy said Scott Hosch, Joe Viviano are in 'even' competiton for starting QB position.
Tim Murphy also presented a pin to recognize Don Wray's substantial donations to the Rotary Foundation!
Ok. You guys.. Tag in every question or they don't get answered. Tag us both. Celebrity guest Tim Murphy is here.
Dennis's delivery of "I'm gonna bang Tim Murphy's black wife" in the high school reunion episode of Always Sunny is priceless
Alan Simpson + Chris Gardner from + Tim Murphy kindly gave the 3 peaks quest a great boost
Stamford ward team 2015 The Liberal Democrat candidates for Stamford ward are David Buxton, Tim Murphy and Colin T…
On Saturday, March 28th at 4:00 PM SoNo Ice House will play host to a benefit hockey game for Lt. Tim Murphy of... http:/…
Had a great tour of the Capitol with Tim Murphy's staff assistant, and even got to meet the congressman!
Man I love pho so much, and The National
Tim Tebow visited the OhioState football team today. Not sure what he spoke about but hope it wasn't the 2006 BCS Nation…
padaoregon: Portland-based artist Brenna Murphy recently sat down with Tim Gentles of Art in America to...
Intellectual Property & Business attorney Tim Murphy today in bizclass Thanks Tim!
Cillian Murphy and Enda Walsh are the theatrical equivolent to Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
Playwright Tommy Murphy writes beautifully about why Tori Johnson's death affected him so personally as a *** man http:/…
The oddest part of Tim Murphy's profile of the trolltastic Ch-ck J-hns-n. He wishes…what?!. .
Zach England just won a game against Tim Murphy in Trivia Crack!
Rep. Tim Murphy: 40% on wrong types or wrong level of psychotropic medication.
Rep. Tim Murphy's statements in Pasco County on psychotropic medications
stop trying to bang Tim Murphy's black wife!
Hub| Taking the trolley from Forest Hills to Mattapan: Tim Murphy narrates the trip, with a brief stopover at ...
"Changing the system is worth the fight." on commitment to addressing mental health:
.Not sure I get your point. Tim Murphy's piece on Johnson is all about this.
We've got the premiere of a new song LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy made using data from tennis matches. Listen:
. seems that Tim Murphy almost got his wish of male bonding with Johnson, fulfilled...
Check out Tim Murphy the Irish man we love to hate in Holy Roller! Timothy V. Murphy (Sons of Anarchy)…
The only psychologist in Congress urges new investment in mental health programs to address mass shootings.
U.S. Rep. Timothy Murphy discusses the need for mental health reform and expanded services to those in need
Congressman and psychiatrist faces lonely journey to reform and
Great piece from Murphy "is antithesis of ivory tower political class voters are rebelling against"
This is a big ego trip for Murphy. He is a sleekit, cowrin, tim, rous beastie.
Address it rather than pretend there really isn't a problem with our system. Support
Congress' only psychologist faces lonely journey
Celebrating 6 years of success helping people recover a life of success...CEO Tim incredible...
. You Am I frontman Tim Rogers reflects on his Kalgoorlie upbringing - ABC Goldfields
Bob Jubelirer: "Things are going to begin happening w/John Yudichak & Jake Corman in PA & Charlle Dent & Tim Murphy in Congress."
Post-bill would allow more parental involvement in a young adult's care
Congress's only shrink faces lonely journey
how's it going Stan? Would love to talk with U and get caught up! Tim Murphy / phone # 509.822.8251. have a good one!!
Mental Health Crisis Act. "ICYMI: My discussion on the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act from CSPAN...
I am hosting a mental health rndtble on 12/16 w/ - open 2 the public! Read more: …
on CSpan yesterday explaining need 4 Feds to improve care of ppl with serious mental illness
Buy Miche Bag Online!
'I ask members of Congress to look those Newtown families in the eye' -
For those who missed on yesterday's Washington Journal:
Fascinating interview with about the need to improve mental health care access.
Fellow lawmakers need to stop turning a blind eye to says
1s Tim Murphy(the only player with class) admits to wishing he made the twos. how do you feel?
Sandy Hook, two years later: politicians owe it to the families to do something | Rep Tim Murphy
Your posted WJ tape from this am, identifies guest as Patrick Erin Murphy. It is Rep. Tim Murphy. See
they were grilling the CDC today- the chairman is dr Tim Murphy from my beloved hometown area!
Interesting, Tim Murphy, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania, opened a Congressional hearing on the CDC response to the Ebola crises by blasting the administration for its response. What's funny about that is Murphy was one of the Republicans who voted to slash the budget of the National Institutes of Health. Congresswoman Diana DeGette of Colorado, a Democrat, then spoke and reported that had the Center for Disease control and NIH been properly funded over the past decade a vaccination for Ebola already would have been discovered (Keep in mind the two people treated for Ebola this summer from Atlanta have recovered and a third is nearing recovery and almost ready to leave the reported earlier on another station). Of course, as other Congressmen are speaking--against Murphy's Darrell Issa moment--they're being cut off due to a shortage of time.
omfg when Tim Murphy's wife calls dennis out on wearing makeup I DIED
//If you're a Tim Murphy Fan (which you *** well should be), please follow in honour of the man himself.
Realtors: Don't forget to RSVP to Tim Murphy for Friday's Fall Festival Lunch & Learn at SMAR!...
Petition for women in VA to have laws protecting their right to breastfeed in public. Make this a nationwide thing!.
“You don't fall into love. You commit to it. Love is saying I will be there no matter what.”. -Tim Keller.
would have you hypothetically given up 7 and Murphy?
it just so happened to be on a day there was a Wonderland interview planned. Steve "Fluking it" Murphy
I'm well north of that. I just... trust Tim Murphy I guess.
Congressman Tim Murphy promotes his bill H.R. Helping Families in Crisis Act this…
Here! *raises hand* BAMF Danny + McDanno and Tim V Murphy guest starring and of course, the team. What else to wish? ;)
Win tickets to a preview night with Tim O’Brien homes + 2 tickets to the 2014 Taste of Home event!
Still No News On Injury – Murphy’s Law In Effect: Goalkeeper Tim Krul has undergone a scan to see just h...
Leaving Beautiful Barrys Bay on my way back home to Angus. After a stop at the new Tim Hortons in BB. Excellent...
It's true. I've been stuck with Tim Murphy (R-PA) for a decade now, and that won't change anytime soon.
Tim Krul injured on int'l leave; Murphy's Law is real. Newcastle will be relegated (again)
Hear from coach James Webster on new deal for Tim Smith & Aaron Murphy on his new contract 6.45pm (3/4)
We can help families in mental health crisis but only if we confront address the suicide epidemic head on.
Tim Krul hurt; Murphy's Law is real: Newcastle United may be without their starting goalkeeper this week...
Men Skating is the new show from The Next Ice Age's Nathan Birch and Tim Murphy and features a fantastic cast...
On sport bullies there's coach James Webster on Tim Smith's new deal & Aaron Murphy on new contract!
Absolutely love these two. Look amazin together... Brangelina who??
now, Tim Murphy, came a sharp voice,
Big Congratulations to Kelly Murphy (volleyball) Kristin Richards and Tim Pelot! Job well done...
that's be so funny, if I was called Tim! Tim Murphy. chuckle chuckle.
The chess game of Kent Co least right now...Aodhan Murphy v Tim Murphy
I mean...are you absolutely sure it wasn't a raptor?
About a month after what happened on Isla Nublar someone stole my bike.
From today's Post-Gazette: "The severely mentally ill will benefit from Rep. Tim Murphy's bill". Check it out.
editor in chief Tim Murphy doing a CYA in "Collins resigns: Jared Savage and Fran O'Sullivan respond"?
Scott calls out Tim Murphy, Katherine Adams, Todd Marshall, and Mike & Christine.
by trading Murphy they could create a hole at 2B for next year, they already have enough prospects that need time to develop
Unless you're getting a major league proven 2B back, trading away Murphy just creates another hole in that lineup.
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