Tim McCarver & Bob Gibson

James Timothy Tim McCarver (born October 16, 1941) is an American former Major League Baseball catcher, and a current sportscaster in residence for Fox Sports. Robert Bob Gibson (born November 9, 1935) is an retired American professional baseball player. Nicknamed Hoot and Gibby , he was a right-handed pitcher who played his entire 17-year Major League Baseball career with St. 5.0/5

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Bob Gibson is the luckiest pitcher I ever saw. He always pitches when the other team doesn't score any runs. . -Tim Mccarver
Although, this rainbow appear in 2000 vs. the Atlanta Braves. It should have been the theme for the season. From last to first which also happened the first year I followed the Red Sox, 1967, we lost to St Louis in 7 to the likes of Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Tim Mccarver and Roger Maris.
I don't love the Cardinals because they are in the playoffs year-in year-out, or that they win championships from time to time, though I'm thrilled when they do. I love them win or lose because when I began playing the game of baseball at the age of five at the old ball fields in Carthage next to the golf course, growing up in Southwest Missouri they were the team on the radio. They were the professionals I aspired to be as I learned the fundamentals of the sport. They were the toughness and skill of Bob Gibson and the speed of Lou Brock. They were the timeless names like Curt Flood, Dal Maxvill, Julian Javier, Roger Maris, Mike Shannon and even Tim Mccarver, all introduced to me by Harry Caray and later Jack Buck. They were heroic figures and as much a part of my formative experience in baseball as the smell of glove leather and freshly cut grass, the pop of the mitt and the crack of the bat. Those Cardinals represented for me the pinnacle of the road that I'd just entered and the goal I could one ...
"I remember one time going out to the mound to talk with Bob Gibson. He told me to get back behind the batter; that the only thing I knew about pitching was that it was hard to hit." -Tim Mccarver Forgot he was retiring after this series, alot of people can't stand him but I always enjoyed listening to him call the playoffs. Joe Buck on the other hand.
Tim Mccarver calls it quits. I loved watching the World Series when he was in the booth. His insight was amazing. A thousand little things I would have missed, and have learned listening to him. I remember him as the Catcher for the Cardinals for Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Ray Washburn et al. Good job Tim. Life moves forward!
I remember when I first got to know Tim Mccarver on TV. I disliked him for the simple reason he was playing for the Cards against my beloved Yankees. And his 3-run homer in the 10th inning off the spectacled righty Pete Mikkelsen beat "my guys." I remember how he called one of the greatest, if not the greatest, World Series ever pitched when Bob Gibson struck out 17 Tigers including greats like Al Kaline, Norm Cash and Bill Freehan. I followed McCarver as he extended his career by being the only catcher Lefty Steve Carlton wanted to pitch to on the Phillies, and why not...McCarver had handled "Left" from his earliest days w the Cards. Then he retired and as a New Yorker, I was blessed. Not only did McCarver announce the weekend games and the postseason series, but first he announced Mets games and as I am not a Mets fan he made a Mets game worth watching. Finally, for a few years, the first catcher to ever lead the NL in triples joined the pantheon of great Yankee announcers that I had heard during my lif ...
If you like tradition. If you value loyalty. If you expect class. Extend a hand of congratulation to one of the best organizations in professional sports: the St Louis Cardinals. This is the team that gave us Dizzy Dean, Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Curt Flood, Tim Mccarver, Ozzie Smith, Albert Pujols and some the most gracious and knowledgable fans in the game. They've won it before. They'll win it again.
Tonight just might almost... almost... make up for Lou Brock, Curt Flood, Roger Maris, Orlando Cepeda, Julian Javier, Mike Shannon, Tim Mccarver, Dal Maxvill, Bob Gibson and everyone else who broke my heart back in the Impossible Dream season of 1967!
I hope Tim Mccarver visits you as an incubus tonight! Viva El Birdos! ;o) PS - Bob Gibson lurks in your closet.
Missouri born & bred. Grew up on Buck, Caray. Lou Brock, Curt Flood, Bob Gibson and, yes, Tim Mccarver.
Thinking about my Dad, Bill Gockel, especially today, which would have been his 89th birthday. He was a St. Louis native, taking us to the Cardinal games watching Bob Gibson pitch, and players Curt Flood, Tim Mccarver and Stan the Man Musial along with other great players. He'd be happy with the Cards in the WS once more.
World Series. I want a repeat of the 1967 World Series. A mind-bending, teeth-gnashing, garment-rending 7-game affair with the likes of Bob Gibson, Carl Yazstremski, Lou Brock, Steve Carlton, Orlando Cepeda, Roger Maris, Elston Howard, Tim Mccarver, Jim Lonborg, Nelson Briles, Reggie Smith, Jose Santiago, and the incendiary Curt Flood. And I want Red Schoendienst and *** Willams back as managers and Curt Gowdy doing the play by play.
Did you see that is was Tim Mccarver's birthday on Wednesday? You know he caught for Bob Gibson
Just for nostalgia's sake, I think it would be kinda cool if there was a rematch of the '68 World Series. Forty five years later; yeah, it's time...why not? Curt Flood, Al Kaline, Willie Horton, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Denny Mclain, Eddie Matthews, Tim Mccarver and on, and on...yeah, call me nostalgic.
I just found my baseball autographed by the 1968 St. Louis Cardinals. It was given to me by Curt Flood, with the following signatures. I met Curt Flood because my mom and he worked on a local charity together in St. Louis, in 1967-68, called Aunts and Uncles. It looks great because it's been in the dark so many years! Signatures include Roger Maris, Tim Mccarver, Mike Shannon, Orlando Cepeda (HOF), Steve Carlton (HOF), Bob Gibson (HOF) and Red Schoendienst (HOF). Great memories of 67-68 in St. Louis! Wonder if it's worth anything?
Okay you Birdbrains! Try'n to forget yesterdays game. First inning kicked as, The Birds got 3 in the first, think looks like this is going to be fun. But... I had a great time and got my Beer Stein. Anyway, Shelby Miller on the mound, (I know there's a joke in there somewhere!) He' 8-4 2.08 era Lyons, the guy who started the game yesterday was sent down to AAA because He *** lol Play'n Tejas, the team we beat in the W.S. Here's Kudos to a Great Cardinal. Tim Mccarver, making his final St Louis appearance as an annoucer, unless the Birds go to the W.S. (which they will) He's retire'n at the end of the year at the age of 71. He's a 2 time All Star, 2 time World Series winner, and 2nd runner up to Orlando Cepada in 64'. He was Bob Gibson (Gibby) & Steve Carlton's Highly Reguarded Catcher!. He's paired with Joe Buck on Baseball's game of the week. He has called post season Baseball for 29 years, 24 years of World Series Games, & 22 All Star Games. He's in The Broadcasting section in The Hall of Fame. The B .. ...
the one on the right was from 1968,it had Bob Gibson,Tim Mccarver,Lou Brock,Roger Maris and many more great players,I t was the first starting lineup including Bob Gibson to make a million dollars combined,I remember my dad pitching a fit and proclaiming that this was the end of baseball,,
Ken Rosenthal (note from Tim (McCarver) about C.J. Wilson reaching out to Bob Gibson. Talked for 40 minutes. Wilson wanted advice on pitching inside.
Baseball -heaven listening to Bill White, Tim Mccarver, Joe Torre, and Bob Gibson for the Bob Gibson heritage project last night.. priceless
On a positive note, got these signed tonight by Joe Torre, Bob Gibson, and Tim Mccarver.
At the Bob Gibson Tribute Dinner-Tim Mccarver, Joe Torre, Bill White & BG. Great stories & great memories from my childhood.
Can't believe I'm in the same room as Bob Gibson, Tim Mccarver, Joe Torre and Bill White.
Tim Mccarver chokes back tears as he delivers a great poem he wrote about Bob Gibson called "next to me "
Chillin with Bob Gibson, Joe Torre and Tim Mccarver at the Bob Gibson tribute banquet and dinner. Oh, Johnny Rogers is here too!
It takes 43 minutes and includes mentions of Bob Gibson, Barry Manilow's Mandy and the infield fly rule but Tim Mccarver says he’s retiring.
Congratulations to whomever took the over on 20.5 occurrences of "Bob Gibson" in the Tim Mccarver/Mike Francesa interview.
Tim Mccarver always said Bob Gibson was the luckiest player because every time he pitched the opposition didn't get many hits.
They are honoring Bob Gibson next month. His buddies Joe Torre, Tim Mccarver and Bill White will speak. Sounds like a 2 day hangover coming.
Imagine "Gathering Crowds" playing in the background as I share favorite musings from and about Baseball players and the game itself.   Tim Mccarver called Bob Gibson the luckiest man in baseball because "he is always pitching when the other team doesn't score any runs."   George Brett said in 1988 about Wade Boggs: "A woman will be elected president before Wade Boggs is called out on strikes. I guarantee that."   Alan Bannister talking about Rod Carew said: "He's the only guy I know who can go four-for-three." "Let's play two" – Ernie Banks   Pete Alexander’s control was so good that Carl Hubbell said he "could throw a ball through the eye of a needle."   Willie Stargell once said this about Sandy Koufax: "Trying to hit him was like trying to drink coffee with a fork."   Sparky Anderson said about Brooks Robinson fielding prowess: "He can throw his glove out there and it will start 10 double plays by itself."   Jason Giambi on Pedro Martinez: "If you lean over the plate, he'll stick one up you ...
best part of Academy Award night is Tim Mccarver misremembering a story about Bob Gibson winning every Oscar in '68
Get back behind the plate Rookie.The only thing you know about pitching is you cant hit it." Bob Gibson to Tim Mccarver during a mound visit
Tim Mccarver coming up next to talk about the Bob Gibson Heritage Project Event and his relationship with the Omaha native.
I grew up hating the Cardinals (rasist history), but have grown to respect Musial, Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Tim Mccarver & Mike Shannon.
I know that Tim Mccarver caught for Bob Gibson and Steve Carlton, but he is an *** Go Giants, beat the Tigers! Thank you to for beating the Reds and the Cardinals! Go Cubs! World Series Champs in 2014!
Tim Mccarver is a first class *** and a master of the obvious. He caught Bob Gibson. But Gibson was the one with talent in that tandem.
I can't believe A.J. Piercynzki has the balls to argue with Tim Mccarver...the guy only caught Bob Gibson
My note of the morning to all Tiger fans: Next time Tim Mccarver says something stupid or annoying about the Tigers, just remind yourself that he got his *** kicked by the Tigers in the 1968 World Series. He was catching when the seemingly unhittable Bob Gibson gave up 6 runs to the Tigers in Game 7!
Watching baseball, listening to this *** Tim Mccarver talk about his butt buddy Bob Gibson all night.
Tim Mccarver: "That's the wrong thing to do." Did you not learn a thing from Bob Gibson?
I know Tim Mccarver can be a pain and it appears that he likes the sound of his own voice, but I have trouble getting past the fact that he was a pretty good catcher for the Cards in the'60s, and as a little boy first developing a love for baseball, he was one of my favorite players(Bob Gibson was my FAVORITE). Also, when the Cards are actually playing well, he's a lot less obnoxious . . . I'm just sayin . . .
Ok, The Cards need to win tonight. I need at least one of my teams in the World Series. Still remember picking cotton and listing to the World Series on this large battery operated transistor radio. Bob Gibson and Tim Mccarver and the crew.
I hope Barry Zito recaptures his nintendo-esque Curveball from his days w/Oakland tonight & the Giants comeback... b/c if it's Cards - Tigers in the Ship, then Tim Mccarver is just going to ramble endlessly about it being a rematch of the 1968 World Series & how he played in it, caught Bob Gibson's 17 strikeouts in a World Series game... tigers won it in 7, etc, etc... go Giants
Cards have it all covered here in NLCS. The Fox broadcast team is Joe Buck and Tim Mccarver. Serious St. Louis lineage there. If its Cardinals vs. Tigers in the World Series, will Game One be Bob Gibson against Denny McClain?
Tim Mccarver is an *** for an announcer. Why cant he just go away. Jack Buck is rolling over thinking his son has to be in the booth with that clown. He is a know it all who knows nothing! I wish Bob Gibson would walk in the booth and just punch him in the face. Go away Tim.
Tim Mccarver caught 68WS for Cards...HOFer Bob Gibson was chucking it.
Unless I missed it while I was bludgeoning my eardrums with an ice pick, this must be the furthest into a game that Tim Mccarver hasn't mentioned that he caught Bob Gibson.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Nothing ruins a good baseball game like Joe Buck. Well, maybe Joe Buck AND Tim Mccarver, the Killer Combo. Whose bright idea was it to have Buck call this game anyway? *** just put Bob Gibson and Stan Musial in the booth!
Bob Gibson said it best, the only thing Tim Mccarver knows about good pitching is that he can't hit it!!!
Its really nice to watch a baseball game and get intelligent commentary from John Smoltz and Cal Ripken on TBS. Too bad that will change when the playoffs switch to Fox and we get the predictable and simplistic drivel that is Tim Mccarver's. Oh yeah, he caught Bob Gibson so that makes him all knowing.
I'll be rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals today! My Aunt Lucille in Illinois always made sure I got to see the Cards growing up. I was blessed to see Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Orlando Cepeda, Steve Carlton, *** Groat, Lou Brock, Tim Mccarver, Curt Flood, Ken Boyer, Joe Hoerner and even Roger Maris in a Cardinal uniform. They even had a back up catcher named Bob Eucker! GREAT memories in St. Louis watching baseball!
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