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Tim Lincecum

Timothy Leroy Lincecum (born June 15, 1984) is an American professional baseball starting pitcher for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball.

Cy Youngs Colby Lewis Cy Young Award Huston Street Mike Krukow Scott Kazmir Jhoulys Chacin Barry Zito Trevor Brown Alex Rios

Tim Lincecum will report to spring training just as soon as he gets done with this skating thing in Sochi. http:/…
im actually crying im very , it's not that i was that attached to chris heston like i was to tim lincecum or matt duffy u know BUT STILL
there is no player i miss on one of MY teams more than tim lincecum
Congrats to Tim Lincecum for adding another entry to "great moments in stoner history"
Tim Lincecum must be begging the Giants to resign him
in other words, Tim Lincecum from Dazed and Confused.
I wonder if Klay Thompson, Tim Lincecum, and Michael Phelps all have a group chat that is nothing of pictures of weed and snoop dogg
Is Tim Lincecum still playing baseball?? Where is he??? I need answers pls
I like the Melancon signing for the Giants. Gonna be great in the set up role for new closer Tim Lincecum
Aaron Rowand, Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, and many others had extremely long ropes because of their contracts
TIL that Tim Lincecum is one of their own cameramen, you were watching CNN when they see snow for the whole way home :)
I wish they'd try to get Colby Lewis or Tim Lincecum instead.
Tim lincecum is the Henrik Sedin of baseball. 2 outlier seasons don't make you elite
Have we considered Tim Lincecum or Colby Lewis? They could work well.
TIL that Tim Lincecum is one of two MLB pitchers to win multiple World Series championships, two Cy Young Awards, t…
On now: Angels-Astros from 7/24. Tim Lincecum started for the Halos...
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Tim Lincecum went to Washington. I don't think there's anything else to say.
big cheer for Tim Lincecum from the Husky and SF crowd.
Tim Lincecum just before he gave up two back 2 back minor league jacks. Derek Holland on the bump next.
Rick Porcello is the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award without the most 1st-place votes since Tim Lincecum in 2009…
Andrew Bailey, Tim Lincecum, Stephen Drew, and AJ Pierzynski are all free agents. Do it
drafting of Brandon Morrow instead of Tim Lincecum
Tim Lincecum was 5'11" and maybe 175, when he debuted in Majors, threw upper 90s.
You know the Giants suck when they put in 3 starting pitchers in the game: Moore, Cain, and now Peavy. Who's next Barry Zito or Tim Lincecum
the Pirates replace rotation with Tim Lincecum, Roy Halladay, Johan Santana, Brandon Webb, and Cliff Lee. Reliever- Dan Haren
Most expect the duo of Tim Lincecum and Ashur Tolliver to be fine, but Andrew Bailey may have to be traded to get to budget.
Was this Tim Lincecum's last Angels start? Possibly. But the alternatives -- Jhoulys Chacin or Nate Smith for 2 mths -- isn't great, either.
Angels' Tim Lincecum still learning how to pitch without fastball from his prime, but Mike Scioscia sees progress htt…
2 years ago today, Tim Lincecum pitched a no-hitter against the Padres. It was his 2nd career no-hitter, both vs SD http…
Tim Lincecum is projected as the favorite for his matchup against Kendall Graveman tonight. .
Tim Lincecum line in his first start since June 27th 2015. 6IP/1ER/2BB/2K's
Little Giant Ladders
TIMMY! The 👼 hand the ball Tim Lincecum today. Coverage starts at 12:30p!. 📺 📱 https:…
Glad to see Tim Lincecum back in the majors, even though he's playing for the Angels now
Tim Lincecum earns 7-1 win against the A's in debut with Halos.
Angels should be encouraged by Tim Lincecum's winning debut
Tim Lincecum changes things up, wins MLB return with Angels via SportsCenter Feed App
Tim Lincecum allows 1 run, gets the win in debut for
Lincecum is sharp in debut win with Angels - Tim Lincecum | LAA
Prepare your brains and watch Tim Lincecum pitch for the instead of the
Tim Lincecum looks like Pee Wee's natural son.
In his first start in almost a whole year, Tim Lincecum tosses 6 innings of 1 run ball.
Tim Lincecum's day is over!! 6 innings pitched giving up just 1 earned run and 2ks, with a 1.5 ERA!!! Great Outing!! ht…
Tim Lincecum wins in return to MLB as Angels top A's
[SB Nation: Halos Heaven] The Freak is back: Tim Lincecum is terrific, picks up win over A's in his Angels d
makes me really happy that Tim Lincecum is back in baseball
The take game 2 in Oakland 7-1! Tim Lincecum gets the W in his debut.
Quality start for Tim Lincecum. My heart is full. (h/t for that awesome hashtag)
In Angels clubhouse at Coliseum, there's a red 55 jersey in a locker that Tim Lincecum used to be assigned as a Giant. It'…
Excited to see Tim Lincecum back on the hill Saturday in Oakland! Great article here by via
Tim Lincecum ready to show world he is back via
Tim Lincecum ready to show the world he is back (via
Tim Lincecum is finally ready to pitch again. A look at how he got there:
Latest Angels podcast with is up. We talked about Andrelton Simmons' return and Tim Lincecum's debut:
Baseball: Tim Lincecum sharp in showcase for big league
saw something in my feed comparing Curry to Tim Lincecum if he keeps this up for 2-5 years but then drops/injuries
Tim Lincecum looks likes a pitcher for those of you who are asking "what does Timmy look like?"
Quintin Berry, former legend, is now a teammate with Tim Lincecum on
We all know that Tim Lincecum was in Dazed & Confused, but few remember that Luke Jackson was as well. htt…
Huston Street and Tim Lincecum are both pitching in the same extended spring training game for the on Saturday.
Tim Lincecum will start in Tempe tomorrow, Huston Street will pitch one inning in same game, Tyler Skaggs will pitch this weekend
Matt Harvey, or how to be Tim Lincecum sans Cy Youngs.
Huston Street to go to extended spring Friday, then rehab assignment. Tim Lincecum had sim game today, then 1 more before…
Tim Lincecum has been transferred to the Salt Lake roster, but no announcement on when he will arrive yet. We'll keep eve…
Luxury threshold is $189MM - have taken on Jhoulys Chacin's salary & signed Tim Lincecum as of late.
how do i link Tim Lincecum and Jimmy Hayes together so i can make Small Time Jimmy Tim jokes
Thank you Tim Lincecum for your run with the Gonna miss having the Freak on the team 😫
Bruce Bochy texted Tim Lincecum, told him it was great to see him on the mound again. Glad he'll get a shot to start with A…
Get ready, fans, for the one and only Tim Lincecum:
"Old, crusty Giants fans who care too much about Tim Lincecum are people, too." Amen.
Struggling Angels have nothing to lose by signing Tim Lincecum
Los Angeles Angels' pursuit of Tim Lincecum has a familiar ring to it
Tim Lincecum unlikely to provide big rotation lift for Angels |
Tim Lincecum's legacy with Giants: 3 rings, 2 Cy Youngs and, more than anything, the perfect embodiment of an athlete to hi…
AP source: LA Angels closing in on deal to sign Tim Lincecum
Two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum has agreed to terms with the Angels on a 1-year major league contract. https:…
I have a weird dislike of Tim Lincecum bc he always gets paired with John Olerud and John is the love of my life and is incomparable
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Albert Pujols, CJ Wilson, Jered Weaver, Tim Lincecum, and Mike Trout? Watch out. Angels are about to win the 2011 chip.
Padres claimed (Tim Lincecum's old personal catcher) Hector Sanchez on waivers. He was DFA'd by White Sox a few days back.
tell Arte Moreno to stop screwing around and sign Tim Lincecum already please!!
unlikely to pursue Tim Lincecum, reports
D-Backs unlikely to pursue Lincecum: General Manager Dave Stewart did not make it sound as if Tim Lincecum wa...
Dave Stewart said Dbacks watched Tim Lincecum's workout but haven't spoken with his camp. "I don’t see us going any steps further," he said.
where ever Tim Lincecum lands (Hoping Miami but Il watch him and root for him! wherever he lands!
Tim Lincecum hit 91 mph during his showcase for MLB teams. And he did it in cargo shorts. https…
Erik Johnson gets the 1st start. But Miguel Gonzalez & Jacob Turner are in mix & will see Tim Lincecum.
Tim Lincecum to pitch for clubs Friday in comeback bid (Yahoo Sports)
I still always think about the things I would say and do to Tim Lincecum if I ever got the chance to meet him
KP. Wheels. Drew Garcia. Wheelz. Johnny Herrera. Tyler Colvin. Tim Lincecum. Bonus. Kent Matthes. Free agents. Why do they not have teams?!
What is going on with Tim Lincecum is he ever going to play again?
.is right: Trevor Brown looks like Tim Lincecum. But he also looks like alt universe Lincecum who became a HS teacher instead.
Trevor Brown was the hero, so here's a recap and photoshop of him with Tim Lincecum's hair https:…
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I just want Justin Morneau and Tim Lincecum to get signed by teams. I don't care where they land just somewhere they can play.
thanks. Sergio Romo, Tim Lincecum, Tim Collins, and Sonny Gray are guys I have been studying lately for mechanics tips.
One day I'm gonna smoke weed with Tim Lincecum
great show, thanks for detailed and thoughtful insights re: Tim Lincecum, like Marty says Timing is Everything!
Is there any update on Tim Lincecum?
SIGN LINCECUM!!! Take MySpace Tom's offer to pay his salary! Cain is a ? Lincecum has outpitched him last two years, yet you let Tim go?
Delay doesn't mean denial for Gemini Tim Lincecum, Saturn in Sagittarius opposing his Mercury in Gemini, slowing the process down
Tim Lincecum/ "Do not go gently into that dark night, rage, rage against the dying of the light". Dylan Thomas.
It's so weird to think that for the first time since I was in 4th grade that Tim Lincecum isn't in the picture.
not entirely Tim Lincecum territory though
If they could get Tim Lincecum he would be good for the 5th spot.
Is this Tim Lincecum showcase ever happening? 😕
On Monday at 8:35 AM PT on Tim Lincecum talks about his health and if the want him.
I also wouldn't be shocked if Red Sox were to sign Tim Lincecum to a 1 year deal, he's not fantastic but he's too good to be a free agent
Tim Lincecum reappeared at Scottsdale stadium. Having a mini reunion with teammates
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KNBR had Chris LIncecum on today WTH guys? Can you get him w/ papas please and specifically ask if Tim wants to come back to SF
The Tim Lincecum showcase stuff is something else
I would buy a Tim Lincecum jersey if they brought him to Detroit..
lmao that sounds like Tim Lincecum tbh 😂
I had a dream I asked Tim Lincecum if I would stop hating the Giants if I watched enough of their games this year???
Chris Lincecum told that there are teams out there that would take Tim without seeing him throw.
Chris Lincecum says Tim will decide when he wants to have his showcase.
Chris Lincecum said on that there never was a set day for Tim Lincecum to have his showcase. "It's not like he needs the money!"
Tim Lincecum's father, Chris Lincecum giving an update on his son now on
Chris Lincecum, Tim's dad, told & Mac there was never any commitment set up for his son to throw in a showcase.
Tell me how looks like Tim Lincecum..😳
This is like the time I decided Prince Fielder & Tim Lincecum drive around in a van and solve mysteries in offseason
SP KRIS MEDLEN TO THE INDIANS. SP Kyle Lohse to the Nationals. SP Tim Lincecum to Baltimore. SP Alfredo Simon to Indians. Jesus Aguliar to CWS
Just watched a 30 minute Tim Lincecum highlight video on YouTube
Now... If only Tim was still with one of my favorite teams. Do the need a new starter?
an update on Tim Lincecum for us fans would be really cool.
I miss Tim Lincecum being good at pitching
Has anyone heard what's happening with Tim Lincecum? Is that still a possibility?
Jeff Samardzija still looks like Randy Johnson & Tim Lincecum's kid. Also, project his year
dude, "fans" still think Tim Lincecum is an ace. Fans are notoriously idiotic, generally speaking.
I understand he's had some injury/velocity issues but I find it amazing Tim Lincecum is still unemployed.
Hey, Ken -- any work on Tim Lincecum? That showcasing was supposed to be like a month ago. Any Padres trade speculation?
Tim Lincecum and Aaron Harang are still on the market.
Kyle Lohse, anyone? Tim Lincecum. Neither guy would be ready in less than six weeks, remember.
Tim Lincecum, Justin Masterson, Alfredo Simon, and David Freese are still unsigned too, but doubtful they're retiring.
Wow, bart is crowded this time of night that Tim Lincecum got a convertible and not Timmy Lincecum or Brian Wilson or Cody Ross or.
check out Nolan Ryan and young Pedro Martinez, and some Tim Lincecum when he was good. Young Pedro was 🔥
I wonder if Tim Lincecum is worth of a hall of fame ballot?
we could rebuild him like David Aardsma. Help us get the word out to Tim Lincecum if you can!
if the O's get Alex Rios or Marlon Byrd and Tim Lincecum or Mat Latos I'll be ecstatic
He's 31, a 2-time Cy Young Award winner, and he's not the pitcher he used to be, but wouldn't Tim Lincecum be a good fit for
Pads are working out 2x Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum who has thrown 2 no-no's against the Friars
Sam and Lissa- MySpace co founder Tim Anderson says if the Giants. will keep Tim Lincecum he'll pay his salary! Say yes guys!
.offered to pay for Tim Lincecum to stay with the
Krukow gets nostalgic, doubts Lincecum returns to Giants: Mike Krukow wants Tim Lincecum to be wearing orange...
Mike Krukow gets nostalgic, doubts Tim Lincecum returns to
easy, from left to right: Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, David Beckham and Tim Lincecum.
With 4 strikeouts last night, Tim Lincecum passed Carl Hubbell for 4th on the all-time strikeouts list: http:/…
Madison Bumgarner has received votes in 4 seasons, the same number of seasons as Tim Lincecum and 1 more than Matt Cain.
Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that Colby Lewis, Tim Lincecum, and Scott Kazmir are among ...
"intrigued" by free agents Tim Lincecum, Scott Kazmir, and Colby Lewis
Per Barry Jackson, the might have interest in starters like Tim Lincecum, Scott Kazmir and Colby Lewis
Brian Sabean nearly traded Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios. It's a crazy world we live in people.
The dude that just lost count of the outs in RF is the dude Brian Sabean almost traded for Tim Lincecum or Matt Cain
Jacob deGrom reminds me so much of Tim Lincecum, circa 2008. This saddens me.
Gregor blanco has earned his spot in center field: More from Golden Gate Sports A Tribute to Tim Lincecum 13h ...
Tim Lincecum was key to new era of success for Giants
over the Tim Lincecum trash talk. He has 2 Cy Youngs, 2 no hitters & 3 World Series rings which is more than any other starter in MLB. STFU
If you're a fan, a great column by Lowell Cohn about Tim Lincecum, and maybe his final days of ball
"He has been a difference maker in a franchise with a 132-year history..."-Mike Krukow on Tim Lincecum
RHP Tim Lincecum underwent left hip surgery, Thursday he and will miss the rest of the season, GM Bobby Evans said
Giants GM Bobby Evans announced on Thursday that pitcher Tim Lincecum would undergo hip surgery. "He won't be...
GM Bobby Evans told KNBR this morning, Tim Lincecum's season is done.
Just got an alert that Tim Lincecum is out for the season, but the only thing I could focus on was Bobby Evans being the San Fran GM
Bobby Evans says Tim Lincecum's season is done.
Tim Lincecum might have thrown his last pitch with the Giants, Bobby Evans says Lincecum's season is done. 󾰕
GM Bobby Evans says Tim Lincecum out for season
SF Giants' GM Bobby Evans tells that Tim Lincecum's season is over (and likely, his Giants career.)
He's done. According to GM Bobby Evans, Tim Lincecum's season is over after rehab set backs.
Giants GM Bobby Evans confirmed Thursday that Tim Lincecum (hip) is done for the season.
Tim Lincecum may have thrown his last pitch as member of the Giants. The two-time Cy Young Award winner will not...
Tim Lincecum needs to go back to whatever he was smoking on back when he was winning Cy Youngs
If Mr. Cohn is implying Tim Lincecum will not make the Hall of Fame, he is wrong. 2 Cy Youngs and 3 WS, No-hitters..
Something about Josh Hader wind up reminds me of a LH Tim Lincecum. He rocks back and forth to start wind up. Definitely 3/…
2-time Cy Young winner & beloved teammate Tim Lincecum did pretty great as playoff long man. Joe needs to be better.
Price DROP to $38. 1st to reply with SOLD wins at current price. 55 Tim Lincecum cards ;)
who are some famous athletes who are vampires? uhh Tim Lincecum...Andre Caldwell...maybe Chris Andersen
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