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Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy (born April 30, 1986) is an American ice hockey forward who plays for the San Jose Sharks organization of the National Hockey League.

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When I'm mayor I will personally arrest Tim Kennedy he is very very bad and I will arrest him when I mayor.
Tim Kennedy is the best coke dealer I know. Very got coke dealer.
BETA Fueling Systems Tim Kennedy, Director of Sales at BETA Fueling Systems is at the Eastern Energy Expo in...
Show ideas - mma bar guy tries to tell two guys at a bar what fighters should be doing - guys are Tim Kennedy and Greg Jackson
I almost expected to see you puking from pushing the limit to far. Then I remembered you're Tim Kennedy.
Our UK keynote speaker getting some media love at the forum at
'Cities aren't just containers for people: they're creators of connections and crucibles of innovation'
Jeff Campol (GM), Jennifer (asst GM), Tim the Pro shop manager and Mike Kennedy. I know 1-2 coaches are gone too.
Sallinen (and Gynge) are going to the team that Tim Kennedy ripped last week.
Machida, Moose, Whittaker, Belfort rematch, Tim Kennedy (if he ever fights again)
Still trying to process Tim Robbins as a younger George Kennedy in this week's gripping "The Love Boat" rerun.
The Scarry Squad, coming from By me, art by Pat & Tim Kennedy &
Tim Garlick running at the 2014 National Finals Funny Cars kennedy photography
Well, in that case ... here's a google map itinerary. You may run into rush hour.
Tim Kennedy choked me at breakfast today then said I was a big dude, my ego for the next couple of months will be through the roof
Mattia Schiavolin just did what Tim Kennedy, Robbie Lawler, Jake Shields and Jacare Souza couldn't do...finish Mayhem...
I feel like I see some Tim Kennedy in there
Kennedy is a good example. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers. Read it?
when can one just call Kennedy or Gandhi and chat? or even gossip with Emperor Akbar :-)
Presley: Tim, help me with the paper (wrapper) I look at the ingredients so I make one at home. Timothy: how will you cook it?
joke!!! No consistency. Have a look at this game afterwards!! If Dixon got half the free kicks that Kennedy gets
Tim Cook joins Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights’ board. Apple CEO Tim Cook is joining the board of directors of Robe
Season in Russia became 'nightmare' for South Buffalo's Tim Kennedy
I'm pretty sure Bucky Gleason has about 50 Tim Kennedy jerseys and still cries himself to sleep at night over the move
Neither, I think about how I can be more like Tim Kennedy on a daily basis lol
Senator Tim Kennedy and Senator Jeff Klein talking to Elim reps about their first rehab property.
Inbox: is in Buffalo today, appearing beside Sen. Tim Kennedy. Is Klein again flirting with Kennedy about joining the IDC?
I liked a video Tim Kennedy tells stories of service days
Nip is everything we wish Dom Kennedy was*swerves*
After a "nightmare" stint in Russia, Tim Kennedy is returning to the AHL. Story: "Eye-opening exp…
Fascinating story on South Buffalo native and former Sabre Tim Kennedy's miserable experience playing in Russia.
Update your maps at Navteq
Tim Kennedy: 'I'm not going to change for anybody' in order to get another UFC fight
Col Rob Maness picks up yet another endorsement!!
If not for a title shot would like to shut up Tim Kennedy again
I am proud to announce that Apple CEO has joined our board of directors at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights! h…
Sen. Tim Kennedy helps get rid of the gap elimination in state funding for schools.
Honored to announce that I've been endorsed for US Senate by fighter & Green Beret
Tim Cook named to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights board of directors ->
Tim Cook added to Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights board of directors via
Thanks to for inviting me back for an event this Friday with my friend Hope you join us!
1. Joe Rogan hunts Bigfoot (not Silva). 2. Tim Kennedy hunts Hitler. 3. GSP hunts Dinosaurs. 4. Travis Browne hunts for love. I love
Tim Kennedy got quite the diss in on Anderson Silva & Vitor Belfort.
Tim Kennedy spoke in my class today. You can imagine my disappointment when I found out it was the Senator, not the hockey player.
Official Michael Bisping jumps ahead of Lyoto MacHida, Anderson 'The Spider' Silva and Tim Kennedy to break into...
"Yeah this is the music we listen to when we were clubbin"- Tim Kennedy. "Yeah, back in our heathen days" - Debbie Kennedy
Tim Kennedy vs Brian stann for a new belt only that can be worn by veterans. Or old fighters
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
ya know, I was thinking we need our own Glenn Beck, but we've got Tim Kennedy.
Sen. Tim Kennedy pushes *** Upstate transit funding. Good man. Now hold the admin responsible. Remember: $22b for roads, $5m for transit
Former usher at the Buffalo Aud, Tim Kennedy, tells DOT Commissioner Driscoll it's good to have an "Upstater" in charge.
SelkerJ: remember when Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, & Deace rallied around romney who bragged he was to the left of ted kennedy ...good tim…
I think he shud of been removed when he cheated against tim Kennedy
great offensive execution by SMU to get easy pick and roll hoop from Markus Kennedy..72=67 lead...looked like Spurs/Tim Duncan
I don't need some fancy cologne to tell me I'm a man.
Interviewer:"Do u want Tim Kennedy?" . Belfort:"No *** why would I want another loss in my record".
Atascadero native and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy on alleged threats from ISIS: "Let those cowards come"
Great seeing my friend Tim Kennedy today.
that terrorist needs to be removed from the US. Some get Tim Kennedy after him!
Veterans, SO Warriors your are not Forgotten.Thank you Tim Kennedy.
Tim Kennedy is a legit badass, but he sure can come off like a
Is there anything tim kennedy wont cry about? I dont know of any ufc fighter that has whined and complained more than he has.
Its safe to say ISIS know who he is :) UFC 200 Tim kennedy versus ISIS.
Little Giant Ladders
If I showed my coworkers a picture of Tim Kennedy their response would be "isnt this the guy off the History channel?".
Yes Tim Kennedy. Vitor is ducking you for a way harder fight
and Tim Kennedy can still suck it with his crap
Isn't Tim Kennedy been talking to UFC about a bout? Considering his resume have to assume he'd get something "in the mix"
Tim Kennedy is virtually inactive. Bisping is fighting Anderson, and Rockhold smashed Bisping. Machida is finished. So on and so forth.
An Gorta Mor public debate - Tim Pat Coogan and Liam Kennedy this Wed in Teachers Club in Dublin city centre 7:30pm. ht…
Mess with Tim Kennedy you mess with America.Heed his words,If he says a mosquito can pull a wagon,don't ask questions hitch it
Tim Kennedy is on a roll on interviews. Great piece on Hopefully he does get a...
The MMA Insiders Podcast: and discuss Yoel Romero, Tim Kennedy and more
Tim Kennedy and Luke Rockhold both suffered ko losses in the past to potential PED users. Why so difficult to move forward?
You are right Chris, Luke should fight Tim Kennedy, that would be a good fight
It takes quite a bit to bring Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy together, but science found a way. With news that...
ICYDK - Luke Rockhold has wins over Weidman, Machida, Bisping, Jacare, Tim Kennedy, Boetsch, and Philippou. Thats a crazy list.
Good to see realistic approach by NUW Tim Kennedy in addressing issues unlike Dave Oliver who has Canute like convictions
flashbacks to the Tim Kennedy vs Roger Gracie snoozefest where 2 guys behind me started a wave that got over huge
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tim Kennedy vs Gegard Mousasi would be a great fight ! Both almost equaly ranked and coming from the first tko loss of their careers
Roger Gracie got backmounted and rolled by Tim Kennedy. Pointing out specific instances to paint a narrative while
Rockhold, Souza, Yoel Romero, Belfort, Machida, Gegard Mousasi, Tim Kennedy, Bisping Thales Leites for Chris to deal with
WW-Gunner Nelson in Dublin. MW, would be nice to welcome Tim Kennedy back.
As long as he does get the Tim Kennedy stool time again :)
If Tim Kennedy can rock Romero surely Machida can lol
who do you think Tim Kennedy is cheering for?
yes part one was with Kyle and part two was with Tim
Yoel Romero vs Tim Kennedy UFC 178 on checking out romeros style..
Since the Tim Kennedy fight I really need to see a great Yoel Romero fight. So It's very likely he can win.
Justice Kennedy, please don't confuse me with Morrissey:
I think Justice Kennedy did just that.
second itll be good to have another good irish boy in rhino riley. let's get tim kennedy back and head over to Doc Sullivans!
The last paragraph of Justice Kennedy's opinion is a powerful piece of writing.
I still want a rematch of that lol. So gutted for Tim Kennedy, gotta like that guy and his fighting style and heart!
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did you see the Soldier of God versus Tim Kennedy though?! His comeback was ridiculous
Lyoto best win this! I'd still like to see Tim Kennedy get another shot at Yoel Romero
Quintana!! Kennedy not pitching well these days
Kennedy or Quintana in a 12 tm h2h each cat. Would be my 5 or 6th SP
Such beautiful words from Justice Kennedy on today's ruling from
Romero finished Tim Kennedy. Circumstances notwithstanding, that's enough to make me think he can finish anyone.
"Society has evolved" - Justice Kennedy. "No constitutional basis"- Justice Scalia. "How'd I fall to 10 in the NBA draft?" - …
Yolo is fast, strong, powerful but had problems w Tim Kennedy's striking. Lachida is a better striker!
We are pleased to be representing model Kennedy Kressler . Everyone go follow Kennedy and say hello. http:/…
That Kennedy opinion is chill inducing. That Scalia opinion induces something else all together.
This is Kennedy on why he felt it was appropriate for and not legislatures to resolve same-sex marriage:
BREAKING: rules 5-4 in favor of nationwide right to *** marriage with Justice Anthony Kennedy authoring majority opini…
That's true, but if Tim Kennedy can nearly stop Romero, can Machida still? I don't know. I want to think he can
😁 Brillant stuff my man. I'm sure Tim Kennedy would agree with that! How did I never think of that?!
"Every time you train, train with the motivation and purpose that you will be the hardest person someone ever tries to kill" Tim Kennedy
I think it will be a tough fight for Yoel Romero. His only taste of fighting somebody in the top 10 is Tim Kennedy.
Josh Kennedy retiring frees up Melbourne Citys Aus marquee slot, Tim Cahill perhaps ? Seems like he's on the outer at Shanghai.
Dan Henderson not interested in Tim Kennedy bout or Michael Bisping rematch
The Knicks have traded Tim Hardaway Jr. to the Hawks.
I just know he's a hornet now so I have to love him. But MJ likes him, which is worse than being a kennedy.
Tim Farron pays tribute to former Liberal Democrat Party leader Charles Kennedy, who has died at his home in Fort William aged 55.
Tim kennedy vs chael sonnen what do you think ?
have you even heard some of the fighters talk about the deal? Tim Kennedy or Brandon schaub. Look it up ***
Alex which one will this be on please ,best spanks , Tim.
I have seen Tim Farron resembling the late Charles Kennedy as to integrity/values. Smear campaign is a bad campaign.
is it just me or did Jessica Penne come out of that fight looking like a beat up Tim Kennedy?
BLOG | Behavioural safety expert Tim Marsh on Charles Kennedy and why commitment is vital
Ian Kennedy: Tim Berners-Lee's original paper on the Internet classed "vague but interesting" by his supervisor
Short story on Tim Kennedy signing in Russia and why the decision was both easy and tough …
NanoTech&Iron Dragon TV Launches with Live Streaming Event Hosted by Tim Kennedy and Guy...
Doesn't make much sense, Mousasi vs Kennedy is a lot better, if only Tim was willing to fight.
Sir when is the fight for the troops and when is Tim Kennedy fighting again & will he fight at fight for the troops?
Dan Henderson not interested in fights against Michael Bisping or Tim Kennedy - MMA Fighting
Hi Tim. I'm Ate Jennie's friend and the one you meet at your prom in Kennedy. :)
Tim Kennedy is in the UFC and was a navy seal and hes barely ranked in the top 10.
My goal is basically to be Tim Kennedy.
"can you let me out of the booth I have to tell my mom something"
Dan Henderson wants Vitor Belfort or Gegard Mousasi, not Michael Bisping or Tim Kennedy
At the bar with Tim Kennedy or trying to convince Pat LaFontaine he's someone who Pat has spoken to before
Connor Carrick's second of the series. Assists went to Tim Kennedy and Chris Brown.
Do you think Tim Kennedy has a guy at his compound researching impacts to his exclusive sponsorship with that Don't Tread On Me snake?
Tim Kennedy: Lyoto MacHida Call Out, Return, why Luke Rockhold is "a Bad Fight" for Chris Weidman
What do Tim Kennedy and Chuck Liddell have in common?
"Bisping has only lost to world class competition, guys like Luke Rockhold. Guys like Tim Kennedy"
A good conversation between Jim Miller, Tim Kennedy and Matt Mitrione 👊
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Motivation Monday. Staying motivated today as I'm flying around trying to get some fun projects together for you guys. On a similar note, after visiting Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel last month Tim Kennedy and I kept trying to one up each other...let's just say I lost. Enjoy the week! Pew Pew Pew.
Kevin Burke slings one over the middle to Tim Kennedy, and the sophomore receiver races in for a 53-yard touchdown completion. 21-0 Raiders.
However, Nick Diaz beat Scott Smith who beat Tim Kennedy who beat Bisping who beat Hamill who beat Jones.
Never noticed how much Tim Kennedy looks like Eli Wallach.
Gegard Mousasi is one of my favorite fighters I'd love to see him against Tim Kennedy or even Yoel Romero
I have Tim Kennedy taking the decision he did everything he wanted to do against tough Michael Bisping!
Fighters Only - Kennedy says John McCarthy "f***ed up" in 'stoolgate' situation: Tim Kennedy...
I was thinking this morning... Tim Kennedy is probably the most dangerous/lethal man on the planet. Green Beret sniper, and Bad *** mixed martial arts middle weight. Any thoughts? know of someone more lethal?
Sunday Funday: Green Beret and one of the best 185 pound MMA fighters in the world, Tim Kennedy
Tim Kennedy showing the resilience you would expect from a Green Beret
Tim Kennedy is currently on a 4 fight winning streak. He owns one knock out win in the UFC . (Finished Rafael Natal) …
Not only was my fallen friend and Green Beret a *** near identical copy of Tim Kennedy -- his favorite song was "Rooster." I get chills.
**Breaking news update**. UFC fighter and Green Beret Tim Kennedy admits to using performance enhancing drugs
Tim Kennedy to challenge for County Chair? The guy who sold Democrats our to Chris Collins? NFW.
Can't wait to see key additions Chris Conner, Kris Newbury, and Tim Kennedy!
Michael Latta, Tim Kennedy and Ryan Carter are solid options for the Capitals to replace Aaron Volpatti:
Cung Le put up a better fight against Michael Bisping than Tim Kennedy did.
Conor McGregor, Dominick Cruz, Tim Kennedy, and Cat Zingano should help with buys.
Dominick Cruz is returning. Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirer, Tim Kennedy vs. Yoel Romero and a few more good ones.
I must see this tommy. Re enact it on your show with Tim Kennedy as DC and a wort hog as Jones
Rick Donovan of Erie County running against Tim Kennedy has signed the SCOPE pledge! and is an A+
Tim Kennedy:. "[Welterweight] is definitely still in consideration. Robbie Lawler is going to be fighting Johny...
Shout out to the guy last night that got me from the back to the very front of the stage and lifted me up so Tim McGraw could touch my hand👌
Front row for Tim McGraw last night was a crazy good experience even with heat stroke
Surprising Tim Lane could get the year John Kennedy finished as Hawks coach wrong - decent article though.
Tim Kennedy is clean, I think they are talking about bisping
Tim Kennedy is a Texan, which means he feels entitled to say what he wants no matter its validity or what he do
Tim Kennedy is a military hero bro, as far as I am concern he can say what he want regardless of wat he do
UFC middleweight contender Tim Kennedy doesn't have high hopes that upcoming title challenger Vitor Belfort will make it to his UFC 1...
. Tim Kennedy when dana walks in on him doing his PEDs.
99% chance Tim Kennedy doesnt understand probability or statistics or math
dammit Tim Kennedy defended our freedom, you think the terrorists were'nt on something too ?
MMA Mania - Tim Kennedy will drop to 170 to fight Robbie Lawler for UFC welterweight title:...
ya dude, Dustin poirier is fighting, Dominick Cruz is coming back, Connor McGregor is fighting Jones an DC. Tim Kennedy too
Yoel Romero vs. Tim Kennedy. Cat Zingano is on that card. And Dominick Cruz comeback fight! I think it can holds its own.
Tim Kennedy is continuing to bark at Vitor Belfort.
Bloody Elbow - Tim Kennedy suggests Vitor Belfort is currently ‘injecting anything that he...
Tim Kennedy: 'I actually think Yoel Romero is better than Vitor Belfort' |
Tim Kennedy doesn't feel Vitor should be next in line for a title shot, wants it for himself - Adam
Not sure if this one is out there, Capitals sign Tim Kennedy
Happy Sunday everyone what a gorgeous day:) Alright it's a special night at the Cavan Alley Bar, first of all we are celebrating Maggie Delaney's birthday and everyone is welcome to come out and join in on the party, 2nd, the Roadhouseboys will be kickin in at 7:30, in the line up is Tim Kennedy, Gene Falbo, Bart Stepanion, Dennis Conn and along beside Dennis playing leed will be our special guest from Moncton New Brunswick Guitar picken player John Martin. We hope to see ya'll there for some great country music and fun:)
A little musical tribute to Tim Blair and the Showing my age :-). cos music always helps!
Played car wash tonight with the kids and washed ours and poppys Tim Kennedy car :)
C.B. Dollaway is coming off a win over Francis Carmont, and is looking to keep it going with a fight against Tim Kennedy. Dollaway spoke to
C.B. Dollaway: I think I match up well with Tim Kennedy
Who would you pick for Mousasi's next fight? Tim Kennedy Michael Bisping Luke Rockhold Yoel Romero Anderson Silva Ronaldo Souza Francis Carmont or put in your pick.
UFC middleweight C.B. Dollaway isn’t yet at the pay grade he would like, but he’s very close. The good news is, the numbers are getting better. This past month, Dollaway told MMAjunkie he was losing money by taking a fight against Francis Carmont less than at UFC Fight Night 41 in Berlin. But his investment turned out to be a wise one. “Things are moving in the right direction,” he today told MMAjunkie. “I took a gamble by going there, and it paid off. It looks like I’ll be getting a pretty good raise, and things are moving in the right direction. “I’m going to be fighting more of the top echelon guys, too. With that money comes tougher opponents and bigger fights.” Dollaway (15-5 MMA, 9-5 UFC) previously said he would be in the red making his contracted minimum of $30,000 to fight Carmont and aimed at earning a minimum of between $50,000 and $60,000 a fight when he returned to the negotiating table. Although he didn’t go into specific figures, he said today that while he isn’t quite ...
C.B. Dolloway wants a fight with Tim Kennedy next.. Do you like that matchup?. -tim
What do I do when I'm scheduled as an attendant for Kennedy Ice Arena? Answer Tim's phone calls & press hold.
***ATTENTION DOWNTOWN DENVER COMMUNITY*** SUNDAY JUNE 29th 6:00pm TheDrink Denver & all of us friends in the industry are throwing a huge benefit party for our great friend Joshua Jacobs!! Josh recently wrecked on his scooter and has had to get multiple surgeries as well as not being able to work for a while. He's currently doing well and on his road to recovery however we want to help him as much as we can to get through this difficult time. COME SHOW SOME LOVE AND PARTY WITH ALL OF US TO BETTER HIS SITUATION!! Thank you all so very much!! JonMichael Yamamoto, Pete Casey Logan Glahn Tim Kennedy, Naz Maduro Warren Lotzbire Joshua Ackerman Adam Queen Oh Em Geeves Maciek Trubowicz Gary DjNotch Romero Deejay Amen Richie Hadley DrGabriel Eldridge
Tim Brown: taking dating tips from Billy Kennedy off Neighbours since 2014
Tim Blair, doing his very best to drive high income readers and the advertisers who seek them, far away from
The best part of that Tim Blair blog poll is the comment which says that all the women on it are proof of why Fairfax …
Good night ppl. Thanks Tim Blair 4 all the laughs with .I didn't know how stupidly funny u RW FW's r especially …
Tim Blair should be praised for blatantly exposing himself as a misogynist. Most sexist pigs make excuses or try hide it.
This would definitely have scared Tim Blair -. Emmeline Pankhurst
CB Dollaway wants Tim Kennedy next. Says numbers on new proposed contract are 'looking up', and bigger payday...
hay Tim are some old school anti-fascist I am sure they would have loved to meet you..
Aaron Gordon's athleticism and defense make him a certain lottery pick: Tim Kennedy will never forget his first...
proudly brought to you by the letter T. T stands for words like: Thanks, Tim, total, tool, though, that,…
Hamilton Collection
Tim Blair is scared of the big bad frightbats
Murdoch's Tim Blair going after women? So, he's moved on from boys then. From his blog:
Thanks to Tim Blair for alerting me to your good work :)
are an erection of Tim Blair's mind
Check out the Women who scare pants off RWDingbats CROWN OUR CRAZY QUEEN | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog
CB Dollaway intresserad av match mot Tim Kennedy -
These athletes were just told they're meeting me. Their reactions? F'n awesome. Can't wait! .
Official UFC rankings updated after UFC 174: Andrei Arlovski makes top 15 debut, Tyron Woodley falls behind Carlos Condit The official UFC rankings have been updated following the carnage at UFC 174: "Johnson vs. Bagautinov" pay-per-view (PPV) event, which took place last Saturday night (June 14, 2014) inside Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada "The Pitbull" is back. Andrei Arlovski is now a top 15 fighter at heavyweight, thanks to a split-decision win over Brendan Schaub . "The Hybrid" was removed from the list altogether, but probably doesn't feel as bad as Tyron Woodley, who now takes a back seat to Carlos Condit after getting knocked around by Rory MacDonald. And let's hope Mike Easton didn't break anything after tumbling six spots down the ladder. Check out the updated rankings (+/- = movement in rankings, *NR = Not previously ranked) below: Pound-for-Pound 1. Jon Jones 2. Jose Aldo 3. Cain Velasquez 4. Demetrious Johnson 5. Chris Weidman 6. Anthony Pettis 7. Anderson Silva 8. ...
Happy wonderful super special birthday Tim Kennedy. I hope it is a great one for you.
C.B. Dollaway wants Tim Kennedy, says numbers on proposed contract looking up
event scheduleTim Kennedy Tim Kennedy is far more than “just” one of the UFC’s elite middleweight contenders – he is a decorated Special Forces operator with multiple combat deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations. After spending four years fighting in the Strikeforce organization, he e…
"The most challenging of all resistance comes from within" - Tim Kennedy
I was just thinking of 1999 when I saw my friend and brother Tim Kennedy celebrating with the Spurs in NY.
Tommorrow night Saturday June 7th at the Royal Room Electric Circus/A Message from Saturn. Here is the incredible band. And below one of my favorite Sun Ra anecdotes. Tim Kennedy - keyboards Dawn Clement - keyboards Darren Loucas - guitar Sean Woolstenhulme - guitar Ian Sheridan - electric bass Geoff Harper - acoustic bass Hanna Benn - vocals Alex Guy - violin Raymond Larsen - trumpet Willem De Koch - trombone Beth Fleenor - clarinets Skerik - saxophone Thione Diop - percussion D'Vonne Lewis - drums Wayne Horvitz - conductor/electronics/sampling When I moved to NYC in 1979 a college friend of mine named Jessica Nelson, who later went on to a nice career as a film director in Hollywood, was working as a waitress at the Bottom Line, the legendary club in lower Manhatten. Sun Ra was playing a couple of nights, and she told me she could get me in for free if I came for the late set. When I arrived she said, "I wish you had been here last night, it was amazing", and proceeded to explain. Apparently the local . ...
Survival of the fittest: Tim Kennedy talks 'The Best Ranger Competition' via
Thank you Tim Kennedy for the interview about Best Ranger Competition.
“Who cares about me? These are the guys who need all the recognition. These are the guys who risk everything.” — MMA fighter/soldier Tim Kennedy (Those words were spoken in 2011, as Kennedy draped his arm over the shoulders of Mike Schlitz, a retired sergeant first class who lost both arms and suffered severe burns when an improvised explosive device destroyed his vehicle in Iraq. Kennedy had just won his Strikeforce match against Robbie Lawler.)
When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think my favorite song, the one we danced to all night long 🎶
oh, yeah definitely not above the Bisping fight. He's been top 5-10 for years now. I just think beating Jacare & Tim Kennedy st
Tim Kennedy is out of surgery. All went well, he keeps talking about how much better he feels already!! The doctor said the disc he removed was huge. If he continues to improve through the day we will get to come home later this afternoon. Thanks for the prayers!!
UFC middleweight Michael Bisping lost his fight to Tim Kennedy last month in Quebec because he couldn't stop from getting taken down. Now, "The Count" is ready to make the necessary adjustments and enlisted Mark Munoz to help improve his wrestling.
hey Tim would luv2 hear your comments(if any) Kennedy/Reynolds tox results from Maersk incident...thanx !
Because they have the money. If you want to know why almost everything happens, follow the money
Bew suggested idea to BC but had nothing to do with project. Kennedy stood in opposition to punishing beatings.
Ideas for the 2 anon historians also mentioned? Liam Kennedy of QUB, stood against GA in elections, BFF of R. Dudley Edwards?
Tokyo crows are building nests out of discarded coat hangers. Photo: Brian G. Kennedy
Dom kennedy murdered that Tim Westwood free..
Can you click on this 30 second Tim McGraw video to help me win tix to the Indy show PRETTY PLEASE?😁.
Video: Michael Bisping to 'make it right' after Tim Kennedy loss, now training with Mark Munoz to...
You get a Gatorade massage from Tim Kennedy? Sign me up!
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On K Kennedy traveling 2 DC 2 fill in for Nomar I'll be joined by P&M producer Tim Cates a former All CIF catcher @ Burroughs HS
Well we got moved yesterday with a lot of help from James Worley James Stovall Tim Kennedy Welton Friar Robert Hopkins Sharla Hopkins Jacob Worley Makayla Worley Kaitlyn Fryer Isabella Friar and Amy Kennedy. We appreciate it and owe you all big time. Now on to getting it all put up.
Didnt get a chance to ask Tim Kennedy if his pops was preaching today. But anyway... Im here.. On behalf of myself and Lauren Brooks. And no matter who brings the word... Im believing its US... GM!
"Never mind the title shot; the belt is what I’m after, and until I achieve that, I won’t sit back on my porch in a rocking chair just yet." - Michael Bisping Michael "The Count" Bisping vs Tim Kennedy TUF Nations Finale main event tonight at 7/4pm ETPT live on Fox Sports 1
Published on Oct 20, 2013 As a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army's 7th Special Forces Group, UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy has been on the front lines and beyond. Remarkably, his story of service bega...
Fresh off his UFC victory, we ranger up the Onnit Podcast with Tim Kennedy.
has uncovered never-before-seen footage of Tim Kennedy as the famed fictional character Harry Potter. Yes, this is one of the top-ra...
Michael Bisping is really good in combination. Ang galing naman ni Tim Kennedy sa take down. Congrats Kennedy. Rank down ata si Bisping :/
Dear fans: Tim Kennedy is Charlie Brenneman 2.0! No matter how the tries to package him, he's no better than Ben Askren.
Like many fighters before him, Tim Kennedy wanted to shut Michael Bisping up. That didn't happen Wednesday night. But the sergeant first class in the Texas Army National Guard can take some solace in a five-round unanimous decision over "The Count," which he earned by smothering Bisping on the mat for almost half of their fight in Quebec City, Quebec - and by more than holding his own in stand-up exchanges for the other half.
After years of challenging Michael Bisping to fight, Tim Kennedy made good on his opportunity, earning his first major UFC victory tonight in the main event on Fox Sports 1.
Tim Kennedy outmuscles England's Michael Bisping in finale | by Neil Davidson (
Tim Kennedy took the win 👏. Looks like he was just looking for that big right hand in his stand up, but ground game was 👌
Congrats to Tim Kennedy on the UD win! A big step up in competition and he handled it well!
Big Steve scores it 49-46 for Tim Kennedy . But what will the judges say?
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Tim Kennedy has won every round except one. Either way, not many are going to want to watch Kennedy in a big fight again.
Tim Kennedy lands some big punches on Bisping in that round, winning it and going up 39-37. Bisping needs a finish
Tune into Fox Sports 1 now to watch Tim Kennedy enter the Octagon rocking some Team Rubicon gear.
Kyle Noke on Fox Sports right now. Followed by Tim Kennedy. Check it out friends!!
Fight Night Live starts now on Fox Sports 1. Ranger Up fighter Tim Kennedy vs some British fellow. You know what to do.
the empty arena & lack of crowd atmosphere will suit Tim Kennedy better as he's more used to fighting in front of these kind…
How, where to watch TUF: "Nations" streaming video LIVE online or elsewhere (iphone, Android), including local bars, for Michael Bisping vs. Tim Kennedy-led Fox Sports 1 event from Quebec. Fight Pass "Prelims" international viewing options, too.
If you've ever wondered "who is the best person to have with me in a zombie apocalypse," then tune in to FOX Sports tonight and watch Tim Kennedy do his thing. It promises to be epic.
Bisping and Tim Kennedy - entertainment. Daniel Cormier - he clearly loves his food. Gunnar Nelson - he's a true martial artist.
I'm a die-hard Tim Kennedy (MMA fighter) fan, but this cinches it down right firmly. Oh, such a lovely harangue.
Haggin with Eddie Money and my good friend Tim Kennedy
Tim Kennedy has been studying film on how to defend against Bispings most devastating strikes.
Pat Kane, Tim Kennedy, Sabres, Bisons, Billd merch and that is just some of the stuff you can win at the Mercy/Springville bball game tom
Michael Bisping vs Tim Kennedy targeted for TUF Nations finale in April -->
I don't understand why the UFC promoted Tim Kennedy as a former Ranger, when he's a current active Green Beret. That's more impressive
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Tim Kennedy draws up bout agreement vs Bisping and Gives to Dana White, Picture, Article, .
Pic: Tim Kennedy draws up bout agreement for Michael Bisping fight, forwards to UFC President Dana White: Tim ...
Tim Kennedy makes fake contract to fight Michael Bisping..
Tim Kennedy makes fight contract to fight Michael Bisping.
Vitor Belfort, Lyoto MacHida, Jacare Souza, Gegard Mousasi, Michael Bisping, Tim Kennedy, Luke Rockhold, Francis Carmont. Man does Weidman have his work cut out for him over his next few years!
No doubt this Luke Kennedy character has an album to promote. Where's Tim shaw and his steak knives?
hey Bisping my man, in what round are you going to annihilate Tim Kennedy? WAR BISPING!!! lol
S/O to coach Mason for letting Bartoo and I sit in awesome seats behind Tim Kennedy's family at the Sabres game.
big hand in an empty arena from a few dozen supporters as Tim Kennedy greets his family below us.
Tim Kennedy and I usually like to exchange gifts with each other before Christmas morning so the kids have all of our attention (and Tim just can't wait that long) So tonight I received 5 new pandora charms, an ornament and a gift certificate for a massage. I am truly blessed
Sabres rally with 2 late goals, 1 in OT to defeat Tim Kennedy and the Phoenix Coyotes 2-1 at FNC !! Great sports weekend for Buffalo after kicking the Dolphins *** 19-0 at the Ralph. MERRY CHRISTMAS Buffalo sports fans !
I liked a video Ranger Up and Tim Kennedy Contest Winner Announcement
Our Tim Kennedy Contest winner video is live! This is some of the finest cinematography and writing the world has...
Ranger Up announces the winner of the Tim Kennedy Contest. This luck individual (and a guest) will be getting FREE airfare, lodging, and tickets to Tim Kenne...
I feel bad, I didn't even know Tim Kennedy was still in NHL.
Sabres worst move was trading Tim Kennedy for nothing
Let's take a moment to remember that the biggest *** in the Tim Kennedy situation was his agent for telling him to go to arbitration.
Corey Tropp scores his 1st goal in 29 games, Sabres fans are up in arms, and it's quite ironic that Tim Kennedy is in town tonight.
forward/Buffalo native Tim Kennedy assisted on Martin Hanzal's goal in 2nd period.
Tim Kennedy doesn't even belong in the AHL he's so bad.
Congrats to Tim Kennedy and Shellie Kennedy on there new addition tio can't wait to meet the lil homie!!!
Tim Kennedy also has assist. Imagine if we still had both of them!
Welcome 2 the & Tim Kennedy fans! u can purchase the Tim Kennedy slug jerseys at the 4 1/2 off
Tim Kennedy's assist on the PHX goal was his first point in 11 games.
South Buffalo's pride Tim kennedy with an apple on the goal
Tim Kennedy with an assist, so you were wrong and we shouldnt have waived him
Uh oh, Tim Kennedy with the assist. Have at it Sabers Merfia.
Martin Hanzal scores the goal. Assists to Connor Murphy and native Tim Kennedy.
Hanzal's stick: so hot right now. Deflection makes it 1-0 Coyotes. South Tim Kennedy with an assist.
Tim Kennedy with an assist on the goal.
Yes that was former Sabre Tim Kennedy on the assist
Goal scored by Ryan Murphy from former Sabre and Buffalo native Tim Kennedy.
Glad to see former & S. Buffalo-native Tim Kennedy finding success in PHX, playing on the top-line. "Home" away game for him
Seeing Tim Kennedy in all his awesomeness and brilliance is a good thing. No, not THAT Tim Kennedy
I hope tim Kennedy scores tonight just so and have to field calls about it for weeks to come! Lol
Tim Kennedy will score against the tonight.
Coyotes broadcast shows flashback to when Tim Kennedy was a
Tim Kennedy leading the league in ugly.
Here at the Sabres game so I can watch the brilliance and mastery of South Buffalo's Tim Kennedy. Not the Tim Kennedy you thought I meant, eh?
Tim Kennedy and Patrick Kane played hockey together as kids in South Buffalo. Local boys who did good.
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