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Timothy Michael Tim Kaine (born February 26, 1958) is a Virginia politician. Kaine served as the 70th Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, and was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. He was elected governor in 2005, after serving as the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and Mayor of Richmond, Virginia. The Presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when he became the 44th President of the United States. 5.0/5

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Sen. Tim Kaine says Trump pulled out of Paris Agreement because he's "jealous" of President Obama.
“Tim Kaine is as good a man as humble and committed a public servant, as anyone I know. He will be a great Vice President.”- President Obama
If you didn't see Joe Biden, Tim Kaine or President Obama's speeches last night, watch them here:
I just finished writing President Obama as well as Congressman Gerry Connolly, and Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to express my concern
President Obama must get congressional approval for the anti-ISIS mission in and says (D-Va.)
Mark Warner & Tim Kaine are both at Chuck Robb's house with President Obama for the fundraiser. Tickets cost betwee…
Obama to Dems: Boehner will pass immigration reform in 2014 "President Obama has told Senate Democrats he expects Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to pass immigration reform this year, defying predictions the issue is dead for 2014. Obama believes Republicans will feel politically vulnerable if they fail to advance the issue, a high priority among Hispanic voters, according to Democratic senators who met with the president this week." Obama sees immigration reform as a source for optimism in what has otherwise shaped up as a tough year for Democrats. “He predicted the House would pass something this year,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), who attended the meeting."
Senator Tim Kaine says Obama should block the Keystone Pipeline By Tim Kaine, Thursday, June 20, 4:56 PM Tim Kaine, a Democrat, represents Virginia in the Senate. President Obama is expected to make a decision in the next few months on the Keystone XL project. As the debate heats up, I worry that the shorthand used in talking about the issue obscures the real point. I’m a pro-pipeline senator. As a former mayor of Richmond, a city with a gas utility, I think it makes no sense to be anti-pipeline. But I oppose the Keystone XL project. Although the president’s decision is technically over whether to allow a pipeline to deliver oil from Alberta to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the real issue isn’t the pipeline. It’s the wisdom of using tar sands oil. Gallery Tom Toles goes green:A collection of cartoons about the environment and global warming. By most accounts, oil from tar sands is 15 to 20 percent dirtier than conventional petroleum, and the process of extracting and refining it is more difficu ...
Aneesh Chopra to run for Virginia Lieutenant Governor via Washington Post: (7/12/2012) Aneesh Chopra, the nation’s first chief technology officer, will announce Thursday that he is running for lieutenant Aneesh Chopra. Chopra, a Democrat who was secretary of technology under former Governor Tim Kaine, left the White House in January as he began to move seriously toward his first run for elective office. Since then, he has raised more than $500,000 through the federal Innovate Virginia Fund, a large sum for an unannounced candidate. The money can be transferred to a state account. Chopra has been trying to build up support among Democratic activists and campaigning for his two former bosses — Kaine (D), who is running for U.S.Senate this year — and President Obama, who will face a tough fight in the swing state of Virginia. No other Democrat has announced for Lieutenant Governor yet but former delegate Paula Miller of Hampton Roads has said she is considering it. Several Republicans have already gott ...
Today the Senate Republican leadership has taken an unconstitutional action to gerrymander new Senate District lines mid-decade. This day in history should have been reserved for President Obama’s second inauguration and remembering the life of Martin Luther King. Instead the Senate Republican leadership has taken controversial and divisive action to push forward a radical agenda—an all out war on abortion rights, environmental protection and public education. They couldn’t beat Tim Kaine or President Obama in 2012—so they changed the rules. I call on Governor McDonnell to reject this divisive action taken by Senate Republicans. If he does not, I will do everything within my power to fully support a law suit to overturn this unconstitutional power grab.
Our 2012 All Star Staff ! Our best team ever - on jersey day! Proud of our work for President Obama, Senator-elect Joe Donnelly and Tim Kaine, Senators Casey and Nelson, and Congressman Jim Matheson, Steny Hoyer, Tim Walz, Ron Barber, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Louise Slaughter, and Carol Shea-Porter, Congresswoman-elect Krysten Sinema, Congressman-elect Scott Peters, and many other fine public servants.
Greetings: Gary and I were without power or heat from Oct. 29 till yesterday afternoon. It was getting pretty cold in the house. And yes my fellow Democrats so happy that President Obama won. Also happy that Tim Bishop (1st Congressional District east end of Long Island) , Elizabeth Warren, Claire Mccaskill, Heidi Heitkamp (ND), Tammy Baldwin (Wisc) and Tim Kaine (VA) won. And I really loved Chris Murphy's win in CT. The people in CT rejected the millions that Linda McMahon spent in nasty personal attacks.
Political Update For All: "This Tuesday Virginians went to the polls to elect the lawmakers who will represent them in Washington D.C. President Obama was re-elected for a second-term. In another tight race, Governor Tim Kaine won the U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Senator James Webb. All Virginia’s incumbents were re-elected to the Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives. Virginia's Eric Cantor, R-7th, will remain the U.S. House Majority Leader. In addition to electing candidates, Virginia voters on Tuesday approved two amendments to the state constitution. The first makes it harder for the state to take private property for commercial purposes. Whether this change proves a hindrance to redevelopment or a roadblock to costly public-private transportation projects will hinge on interpretation by the courts. The second gives the General Assembly flexibility in scheduling the start of the annual "veto" session so that it does not coincide with a religious holiday, such as Passover." Do your ...
All progressives have great reason to rejoice this day. Not only did we re-elect the true change candidate; but we elected Elizabeth Warren, Claire Mc Caskill, Tammy Duckworth, my man Sherrod Brown, Alan Grayson, Tim Kaine; all of them warriors for the working class. Healthcare reform will stay! Equal pay for equal work! No repeal of Roe v. Wade! And, most important of all, President Obama, a bold progressive with a heart for justice, will appoint at least one new Justice to the Supreme Court! This is HUGE! We can roll back Citizens United, and prevent wealthy plutocrats from buying our electoral process. We can swing the balance of power away from the one per cent and toward the 99%. Power to the people!
President Obama wins another term. Tim Kaine wins VA Senate seat. Join us for for a full wrap-up of Election Night results..
Way to go President Obama. Way to go Elizabeth Warren and Joe Kennedy and my dearest Massachusetts (may I find my way back to you someday). Way to go Chris Murphy (for the nice figure four leg lock on Linda McMahon). Way to go Bernie Sanders. Way to go Maine (to allow same-sex marriage). Way to go Tim Kaine. Way to go Dianne Feinstein. Way to go Sherrod Brown. Way to go Maria Cantwell and Washington state (for voting to allow same-sex marriage and to legalize marijuana for all uses). Way to go Claire Mccaskill (for shutting that whole Todd Akin thing down).
U.S. Senator-elect Tim Kaine (D-VA) pumps his fists as he celebrates his senate race victory on stage with supporters in Richmond, Va. November 6, 2012. Aa Early in their race for U.S. Senate seat, George Allen’s campaign made a strategically important decision: to incessantly attack Timothy M. Kaine as a shill for President Obama and his liberal policies. The move was either a savvy way for Allen to undermine the core message of Kaine’s candidacy, or a waste of money that fundamentally misread Virginia’s political direction. Repeatedly in their grueling 19-month contest, Allen (R) and Kaine (D) made starkly different calculations about the best way to win the seat of retiring Sen. James Webb (D), from money to message to the mood of the voters. Kaine’s team was proved right Tuesday night, as the Democrat claimed a narrow victory over his foe. “We made a few assumptions early on,” Kaine adviser Mo Elleithee said Election Night. “We said a positive message might actually work. ... The other s ...
I voted today! In Virgina and voted for President Obama, Tim Kaine, and Wayne Powell.
Just filled out my multi-state absentee ballot: Tim Kaine (D-Va); Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca); Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma); and after much thought and debate, I'm going with President Obama over the carpetbagger. If W can get 8 years, why can't a brother get 8?
Breaking news update: Just released polls have President Obama down one, Tim Kaine (D-VA) tied, and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) only two points ahead--and Republicans have 50-50 odds to win four Senate seats and take the majority. To turn these numbers around, we must immediately increase spending in White House and Senate battlegrounds--every gift in the next 6 hours will be matched 3-to-1. Can you kick in $5 or more before the deadline in 6 hours? We're still 974 donors short of our goal. Your gift will be matched 3-to-1 until midnight only. -Guy Cecil
Why The US Is Sick Of Obama And Romney Posted by: Free Thinking Individual Posted date: October 28, 2012 In: 1st Amendment, Corporatism/Fascism, Economic Collapse, Election 2012, Featured, News, Police State | comment : 0 00 At breakfast-time Katie McKernan attempted to watch Good Morning America, ABC television’s popular news and light entertainment show, which is watched by a nationwide audience of roughly five million. It was not a happy experience. At 8.40am, during a commercial break, a threatening voice asked: “What will Barack Obama’s second term look like?” The answer? Spiralling national debt, huge cuts to Medicare, the government health programme for retired people, and ever-rising energy and petrol prices for “working Americans.” At 8.42am, a different, but equally sinister voiceover told her about Tim Kaine, the Democratic Party’s local candidate for the US Senate. This man, it warned, is in “lockstep” with President Obama and the “failed policies” which are allegedly ban ...
This morning I see that our Vice President appeared in Virginia to bolster the campaign of "Tim Kaine" referring to him twice as "Tom Kaine." Claiming that he is a "Great guy!" Al Gore has stated that the huge storm spotted by scientists on the surface of Saturn is due to "global warming" and has called for more regulations to limit ethylene gas on that planet. Harry Reid announced a new study will be conducted by a scientific company just formed by his nephew! President Obama has launched a new TV ad in the "swing states" literally begging for votes, "because Michelle might really divorce me this time, if I lose!" David Axelrod wants to star in a new movie being backed by some Hollywood friends called, "Falling!" It's based on a heart warming story he made up, based on a character he made up and takes place in a country he made up on a planet in a distant solar system, that he made up. Anderson Cooper has indicated that he would like to co-star in any movie that David Axelrod "makes up!" Geraldo ...
Tim Kaine and George Allen will debate tonight at 7PM! Be sure to sign up for DC Fed & DCYD DAY-Trip to Richmond for President Obama and Tim Kaine for and DC Fed and DCYD Overnight Campaign Trip 3: Virginia Beach!!
It's do or die time. The bottom line. President Obama is going to be re-elected. But there is another elephant in the room, the Senate. President Obama will appoint at least one if not two or more Supreme Court Justices during his next term. These appointments will shape our country for generations. From campaign finance reform to reproductive rights to equal opportunity for all.this will change our lives. Now there are 11 toss up races for Senate. I'd like to challenge everyone of you to do something to change the US and the world. I'm challenging you to donate just $5.00 to each of the following Senate candidates; Claire Mccaskill of MO, Tim Kaine of VA, Sherrod Brown of OH, Elizabeth Warren of MA, Shelley Berkley of NV, Bill Nelson of FL, Heidi Heitkamp of ND, Tammy Baldwin of WI, Joe Donnelly of IN, Rich Carmona of AZ, John Tester of MT. These are amazing people who are true patriots and public servants. For just $55.00, $5.00 for each of these campaigns, you can change our world. Personally I' ...
Just viewed the debate between George Allen and Tim Kaine.Tim Kaine has my suppport and vote. The difference is sharp and a clear choice for me. Elect Tim Kaine for US Senate. This will also help President Obama in his job and of course he will get my vote along with John Douglass for the US Congressional Seat from the 5th District of Virginia.
Democrats meet A representative from President Obama's campaign will speak during The Franklin Democrats Party's meeting at 6:00 p.m. Monday Oct. 1, 2012 City Hall. Representatives from U.S. senatorial candidate Tim Kaine and Congressional candidate Dr. Ella Ward will have information on her platform.
Don't let Tim Kaine fool you. He supported Obamacare 100% and would support President Obama 100%. He supported Cap and Trade. He raised taxes even after Mark Warner raised them after promising not to. A vote for Tim Kaine is a vote for Obama and a vote to involed the IRS in your private Health Care decisions.
Dear Lucy, Electric. That's what it was like at the Democratic National Convention last week. Michelle Obama. Julian Castro. Cecile Richards. Elizabeth Warren. Sandra Fluke. Bill Clinton. Joe Biden. And of course, our incredible President. I left Charlotte fired up and ready to win. Are you? We need to be, because the real work starts now. Let's face it: President Obama will not be able to govern, let alone keep our country moving forward, if the right wing takes over the United States Senate. He needs a Democratic Senate to work with, but right now our majority is hanging by a thread. The GOP and their super PAC backers are targeting two of our current Democratic seats -- Connecticut and Virginia, where Rep. Chris Murphy and former Governor Tim Kaine are running to replace retiring senators. Our right-wing opponents have already poured millions of dollars into misleading, negative ads that, unless they are answered, could cost us two strong voices for the middle class -- and the Democratic majority in th ...
A-Team: Yesterday, our county hit $16 trillion in debt - yet another reminder of the failures of Washington. Under the tax, borrow and spend policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine, Americans see reckless federal spending including a $1 trillion Health Care tax law, our credit downgraded, and over 8 percent unemployment for 42 months. The path our country is on is unsustainable and dangerous. In order to get our country back on track, George Allen believes we need to rein in an over-spending government, stop tax hikes on hard-working families and job-creating small businesses, and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment for Washington to start operating as families and businesses do.
Watching the Democratic National Convention. I hear that the unions were bussing people in to make sure the seats were filled for the cameras but I am seeing alot of empty seats. I am also just heard Tim Kaine say they are for electing officials who care more about results instead of ideologies and that is why he is supporting President Obama. I guess my question to him is simple - what results are you supporting? Senator Harry Reid just said that Obama has brought strength and character to the White House.
Who is supporting President Obama for re-election? Did you know that members in US Senate and House will either support or not support the sitting president. US Senate candidate Tim Kaine is the special guest at the Senatorial Forum on Saturday. US Senate candidate George Allen declined the invitation to the forum. The forum should be packed if you support Tim Kaine for Senate and President Obama.
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I believe that Mitt needs to share this with President Obama and his party because they are just as bad as you, may be he should consider firing a bunch of them. Those nasty outsources to other countries. What a joke! If you believe the Democratic Party, Bain Capital is nothing but a bunch of vampire capitalists. They outsource jobs to other countries, close steel mills and take lollypops from little babies. According to Open Secrets, during the present election cycle these Democratic Party candidates took a total of $335,700 from Bain, its lobbyists and employees. So if the Democrats believe Bain is so evil, why are these candidates taking their money? Candidate Bain Capital Donations John Kerry $76,200 Michael F. Bennet $37,000 Mark Warner $32,700 Tim Kaine (Candidate For US Senate in Virginia) $30,000 Claire Mccaskill $22,500 Jeanne Shaheen $17,100 Al Franken $15,000 Jack Reed $15,000 Jim Himes $15,000 Sheldon Whitehouse $11,800 Mark Udall $11,300 Nancy Pelosi $10,000 Joe Kennedy III (Candi ...
watchin' President Obama speaking in Roanoke, VA - first time in 35 years a sitting president has visited Roanoke - thank you - along with him is Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and large group of supporters.
A-Team: While the SCOTUS ruling on Health Care is disappointing, we have an opportunity on Nov. 6 to elect a Senator who would vote to fully repeal it and replace it with affordable, portable, and personal market-based Health Care solutions. President Obama and Tim Kaine believe that politicians in Washington knows best when it comes to making Health Care decisions. George Allen believes that these decisions are best left to American patients and their doctors. “Like” and Share if you are ready to send George Allen to Washington to vote for full repeal of the government-takeover of Health Care!
While I share your disappointment in the Supreme Court's decision, I believe it reinforces what is truly at stake during this pivotal election. President Obama and his Washington allies were not telling the truth when they asserted that this Health Care law was not a TAX. Today the Supreme Court confirmed what Americans already knew -- President Obama and those, like Tim Kaine, who supported this law imposed a nearly trillion dollar tax hike on American families and small businesses. Not only will this cause the "trickle down effect" on small business with more layoffs since the Health Care slave act makes it mandatory for employers with 50 or more employes to cover them it will increase an already burdened unemployment that stands with 12.7 Americans out of jobs and will increase with Obama's illegal immigration policies. November is our opportunity to choose new leadership in Washington who will listen to our voices and repeal this costly, government Health Care law. Please make the right decision and ...
This morning, I will be joining Bill Bennett live on his national radio show, Morning in America, to discuss the upcoming VA Republican Primary on June 12. Tune in to hear my thoughts on the primary, as well as my vision to restore America’s values and send a rejection message to President Obama and Tim Kaine!
A-Team: Ready to send a message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and Washington liberals? Here’s two easy ways you can by giving George Allen a big margin of victory. (1) Mark your calendar to vote for George Allen on June 12 and make sure your family and friends know, too. (2) Place a George Allen Yard Sign in your yard in the next few days. Click below to have a yard sign delivered to your home!
A-Team: President Obama has already opened 17 offices throughout the Commonwealth, hired top level staff and visited Virginia more than 80 times since he was elected. The nearly $200 million he has raised? Expect tens of millions of that will be funneled to Virginia - if not more. And as an "unabashed" supporter of the President, Tim Kaine stands to reap the benefits. Click below and help George Allen fight back!
When President Obama mocked "Right-to-Work" laws in front of Tim Kaine and their Big Labor allies - what did Tim Kaine do? Stand with Virginia? No. He stood with President Obama and called himself a "friend" and "partner" of Big Labor. We shouldn't be surprised. It's the same thing he's been doing for the last three years - siding with President Obama and his Big Union allies over the people of Virginia.
Had a great meeting with with lots of Obama supporters in the Smith Mountain Lake area tonight. Really motivated me to continue to work to win at all levels in 2012. Taking back the house, increasing the majority in the Senate, electing Tim Kaine and re-electing President Obama will all happen.
"The Number One State to do business in." That’s something we’re used to hearing in Virginia. We’re also the number one state for making a living and the best managed state in the nation. President Obama is not used to hearing that kind of praise. It’s obvious he doesn’t understand what it takes to foster a business-friendly environment. That’s why his recent speech criticizing Virginia's Right to Work law to Big Labor leaders in DC is so ridiculous. Right to Work laws give people freedom to choose whether to join a union. These laws guarantee that no one in Virginia will be held hostage by union bosses, forced to pay dues or lose their jobs. They guarantee that no Virginian will have portions of their paychecks taken against their will to fund union thuggery like we have seen in Wisconsin. Virginia’s Right to Work laws were signed into law by Democratic Governor Doug Wilder, and passed by a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House of Delegates. Every Governor since then has publicly support ...
A-Team: How can Tim Kaine and President Obama claim to support an “all of the above” approach to energy policy while they continue to stand together against the approval of the Keystone Pipeline? “Like” and Share this article if you’re tired of Washington’s politically favored “some of the above” energy hypocrisy!
A-Team: Jim Webb recently said that Obamacare cost the President "a lot of credibility” in Virginia – while Tim Kaine calls it a “great achievement.” “Like” and Share this post if you agree Virginia can’t afford Tim Kaine’s unabashed support for President Obama and this new Health Care law.
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