Tim Kaine & Mark Warner

Timothy Michael Tim Kaine (born February 26, 1958) is a Virginia politician. Kaine served as the 70th Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, and was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. He was elected governor in 2005, after serving as the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and Mayor of Richmond, Virginia. Mark Robert Warner (born December 15, 1954) is an American politician and businessman, currently serving as the junior United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. 5.0/5

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Like I swear god tests me in new ways everyday also they were talking bad about Tim Kaine too but the Mark Warner slander hurt the most
Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), FOX News, Internati... via
If, *if*, IF Tim Kaine *has* to be out, then there is still Mark Warner. I'm also okay with John Breaux or Evan Bayh.
Sen. Mark Warner just now on CNN: Wants HRC to pick Tim Kaine for VP so they can forge a "bipartisan coalition on debt…
Let's be realistic, a woman won't be her VP. I'd put my money on Tim Kaine/Mark Warner, Julian Castro, or Corey Booker.
HR-543 where do you stand? Tim Kaine & Mark Warner have introduced legislation to this affect. PDF File is available fr me
Senators Kaine and Warner Advocate Support for Gun Safety Laws: Virginia senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine joined…
Anyone who is proWhite in Virginia speak up about Alison Parker shooting hoax.Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Terry McAuliffe a…
Alison Parker shooting hoax was in Virginia. Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Terry McAuliffe are all pushing it. Amren is in Virginia. Speak up.
Mark Warner, Tim Kaine: Transgender students have a right to room with their own, identified gender. ... via
The answer is "no." If he wants to help the nation, he needs to go home and unseat Tim Kaine or Mark Warner
A guy who served as governor & a guy who served as senator of VA are both running for president. No not Mark Warner. Sorry, not Tim Kaine :P
Slight correction in story about Va Gov Bob McDonnell. McDonnell served from 2010-14, following Tim Kaine, not Mark Warner.
Pretty cool video for DC 2024 Olympics featuring Tim Kaine, Newt, Mark Warner, John Lewis & more.
Biggest winner in Virginia was Tim Kaine, who now looks like a better VP pick for Hillary than Mark Warner.
Sen. Mark Warner re-elected - speaking with Terry McAuliffe and sen tim Kaine at victory rally
Tim Kaine and Mark Warner are so smug
Win or lose Mark Warner's prospects as Hillary's VP in 2016 continue to wane. Tim Kaine isn't helped either..
Just finished talking with Senator Tim Kaine. He appeared confident when taking about Mark Warner-emphasized still an hour and half left
Tim Kaine introducing Mark Warner in election eve rally in Roanoke
Voting to cede American gun owners’ 2nd Amendment rights to the despots and tyrants at the United Nations were 10 Democrats from what are generally considered pro-gun swing states. 1. Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire) 2. Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) 3. Tim Kaine (Virginia) 4. Mark Warner (Virginia) 5. Bob Casey (Pennsylvania) 6. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) 7. Harry Reid (Nevada) 8. Claire Mccaskill (Missouri) 9. Mark Udall (Colorado) 10. Michael Benet (Colorado) Clearly the big names here include Shaheen, Landrieu and Udall - since all three are in tight re-election battles this fall.
[infographic] Mark Warner's $8,535 charter flight to SWVA compared to Tim Kaine's similar trip
will drive his car like Tim Kaine, not fly a charter jet like Mark Warner
Just met Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and other Virginia representatives.. This dc gig has some cool perks :)
Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and Scott Rigell: Stop playing ads automatically on websites via
In just 8 days, our campaign faces its biggest FEC deadline yet. On May 21st, we’ll file our final pre-primary campaign finance report. This will also be our final report before we have an official GOP opponent. We need to raise another $50,000 from our online grassroots donors before the 21st. Will you pitch in today to get us there? Your contribution today will give our campaign the resources to fight back against the attacks that are coming. Believe me, once our opponent receives the GOP nomination, money will start pouring in like never before. Ed Gillespie founded American Crossroads with Karl Rove -- an organization that spent at least $8 million attacking Tim Kaine in 2012 -- and he's the odds-on favorite to be the Tea Party nominee. Help Senator Warner reach his goal of $50,000 in grassroots contributions. Contribute today and make a big difference before our final pre-primary FEC deadline. Thanks, Jenny Nadicksbernd Finance Director Paid for by Friends of Mark Warner Friends of Mark Warner | 20 ...
Virginia's senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, say the state's rural communities are eager to participate in Federal Communications Commission experiments to bring broadband to people living far from cities.
Mark Warner & Tim Kaine are both at Chuck Robb's house with President Obama for the fundraiser. Tickets cost betwee…
Why is Tareq Salahi,,,Republican candidate for Congress..10th district showing pictures of himself with Mark Warner and Tim Kaine on his webpage?
The bipartisan amendment offered by Sens. Mark Warner (D-Va.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Tim Kaine (D-Va.), and Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) goes a long way to close loopholes that make it difficult and risky for whisteblowers to expose bad behavior. From the letter: The truth is that even with the best protections, blowing the whistle on wrongdoing is extremely risky. We believe that is even truer for our service men and women, given the military culture. Certainly, our men and women in the military deserve better than the third-rate rights they currently have. Better protections for those seeking to fix what’s wrong in our military will increase accountability for those who undermine our military readiness. With authentic protections for those who report wrongdoing, problems will more often be addressed as they arise, and many will be averted altogether. NOW HOW ABOUT DOING THE SAME FOR THE VOCAL VICTIMS OF THE CESSPOOL OF GREED, CORRUPTION, ABUSES OF POWER, CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS, AND INTERAGENCY EF . ...
Ehh - still we had Mark Warner, Tim Kaine and Doug Wilder as Dem govs. You HAVE to try. Christie WAS RIGHT about that.
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__Who is on the Budget Negotiation Conference Committee? Paul Ryan, WI, Tom Cole, OK, Tom Price, GA and Diane Black TN, (both teaparty) and Democrats James Clyburn of South Carolina, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Nita Lowey of New York. Democrats are Sen. Patty Murray, WA, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Bill Nelson of Florida, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Mark Warner of Virginia, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Chris *** of Delaware, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Tim Kaine of Virginia, Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats. Senate Republicans include Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Charles Grassley of Iowa, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Rob Portman of Ohio, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Roger Wicker of Mississippi. Some are also on the Congressional tax-writing committees. Conferees who are on Senate Finance are Wyden, Nelson, Stab . ...
Why did every senate democrat, including Mark Warner and Tim Kaine vote to continue to fund and support the Muslim Brotherhood?
STand w/ WWII vets, call Tim Kaine & Mark Warner and demand they stand with the American people. They represent VA NOT DEM party!
Tell Mark Warner & Tim Kaine to denounce the "Spite" House for denying access to monuments to our Veterans yet open mall to ILLEGALS!
Mark Warner & Tim Kaine stand w/ the "Spite" House: deny access to monuments/parks to honorable Veterans yet open mall to ILLEGALS! Shameful
Good work, Virginia public servants. Much respect to Mark Warner and Tim Kaine on this subject.
Washington, DC - Virginia Senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, are refusing to collect their pay from the federal government, saying as long as government workers are without a paycheck, they'll be wi
My Response to an article on Tim Kaine and Mark Warner refusing their congressional paychecks: "I'd dig it, if one guy wasn't a millionaire and the other pretty close to it.nice gesture though. When these guys and everyone else in congress are two pay checks away from losing everything then this will actually mean something. But seriously I do support these guys...just making a point that all these rich guys turning away pay checks that they never needed in the first place are in no way an alternative to asking our government to do what its supposed to do and govern."
Don't you people find it very strange that you haven't heard one word from either State Senator, Tim Kaine or Mark Warner. Both seem to be following Harry Reids path and backing the King Obummer and the ACA. Wouldn't it be great if the Senate demanded that Harry Reid ALLOW the bills that have been sent over by the house to come up for a vote. Oh wait, you have heard rom Mark Warner, he want's you to vote for Maculliffe, like that is really going to happen.
Last week the Senate voted on the U.N. Gun Treaty which would give away our second amendment rights! The vote was 53 to 46. All of the 46 were Democrats! Tim Kaine and Mark Warner voted to give away our rights! So, are you happy about voting for them now? Please vote next time and remove these two from our government forever.
At least Tim Kaine and Mark Warner have some decency.
Following on the heels of similar legislation introduced in the House, the Senate has now introduced a bill that would provide retroactive pay to federal employees who are furloughed by the shutdown. Known as the Federal Employee Retroactive Pay Fairness Act (S. 1567), the legislation is being introduced by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD), Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Mark Warner (D-VA), and Tim Kaine (D-VA). Even though it is not required let's pray that all 800,000 Federal Employees effected will be compensated in Full.
My senators: Tim Kaine, Mark Warner. . My congressperson: Morgan Griffith. . I call them out right here right now to answer for this debacle.
Lowell Feld, I agree: "This endorsement [from the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce] really demolishes whatever "narrative" Ken Cuccinelli was trying to create off the NOVA Technology Council PAC endorsement. The fact is, business does better under Democrats like Mark Warner and Tim Kaine (and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, under both of whom the stock market boomed and the economy recovered from Republican recessions), rather than under right-wing ideologues like Bush/Cheney, Bob Mcdonnell, or (god forbid) Cuccinelli/Jackson/Obenshain."
July 1, 2013 In this MegaVote for Virginia's 7th Congressional District: Recent Congressional Votes Senate: Pritzker Nomination Confirmation Senate: Foxx Nomination Confirmation Senate: Immigration Bill Passage House: Offshore Drilling Bill Passage Editor's Note: The House and Senate are in recess until Monday, July 8. Recent Senate Votes Pritzker Nomination Confirmation - Vote Confirmed (97-1, 2 Not Voting) The Senate confirmed President Obamas nomination of Penny Pritzker to be Secretary of Commerce. Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., was the only vote against the Chicago real estate and investment executives confirmation. She had served on the Presidents Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Secretary Pritzker was sworn in one day after her confirmation, June 26. Sen. Mark Warner voted YES Sen. Tim Kaine voted YES Foxx Nomination Confirmation - Vote Confirmed (100-0) In their second Cabinet level vote of the week, the Senate unanimously confirmed current mayor of Cha ...
Got to hear from Joe Biden, Mark Warner, and Tim Kaine this evening...Three great Americans!
U.S. Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine introduced the Virginia Outer Continental Shelf Energy Production Act of 2013.
Different votes - Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner belong to the same party. The Democrats do not always vote...
Virginians, call Tim Kaine (202) 224-4024 and Mark Warner (202) 224-2023 to ask them to remember they work for u
Talking with Mark Warner and Tim Kaine's legislative directors about more funding for Chesapeake Bay restoration.
If you live in Virginia, please call or send an email to Sens. Mark Warner and Sen. Tim Kaine and ask them to...
Thank you Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Mark Warner for voting for sensible regulations to control gun violence. 91% of...
Thx Sens Mark Warner and Tim Kaine for support on Manchin-Toomey gun bill. Much work still left to do --- onward!!
I applaud my Virginia Senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, for voting in favor of background checks. I will...
Tim Kaine, Mark Warner speak out on Senate gun vote
Sign this petition to show Tim Kaine and Mark Warner that Virginians are NOT okay with Universal Background Checks
It was great to see Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner yesterday morning at the U.S. Capitol!! I asked them about...
Mark Warner, urge confirmation of Marilyn Tavenner to CMS post
Democrats are coming out in favor of *** marriage at breakneck speed. This week alone...Mark Warner, Tim Kaine,...
Yes I live in Va and Tim Kaine and Mark Warner will sell Va gun owners down the river when it comes to our rights
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I tell you what David Belcher, we need a good man like you in office. Think about it...we have such poor reprensentation...your input could make all the difference. I am not talking Phillip Puckett or Mark Warner, Tim Kaine they do their, best but you should jump on board..you are very smart and would contribute much to our failing economy..peace my friend...I see another light at the end of the tunnel in Scott Anderson...yet another brilliant man with much to offer...We need young fresh men and a different approach to get us out of this mess...You two men should talk...you both have what it takes to make us proud americans again. Much love.
Karla Helbert will be travelling to D.C. with my friends and fellow bereaved parents Barry Kluger and Kelly Farley the week of February 4th to meet with over 28 members of Congress, including our House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Virginia Senators (and Former Governors)Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, to discuss the Farley-Kluger Initiative to grant leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for parents whose children have died (which the current law does not allow). I am asking that you to read the petition and please strongly consider signing. We currently have 43,857 signatures on the petition and we would love to roll into DC with 50,000. Please help us reach this goal. This is an incredibly worthy and needed amendment to the federal Family Medical Leave Act. I am happy and proud to do what I can to help this initiative pass. I know that you all understand how very much this is needed. A parent should never have the added worry of job security after the death of a child. Please go to www.farleyklug ...
Jim Webb, Mark Warner (with Tim Kaine replacing Webb) and Jim Moran in the House. Moran makes me ill.
U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., turns around and smiles as U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine picks up the tab for their...
Dave Matthews, Tim Kaine & Mark Warner are certainly hoping its not 72 Virginians.
Obama says he wants to help the middle class, then why are groceries 4 times a high since he took office, why has gas doubled, why have insurance premiums and deductibles gone up and he is killing jobs. He wants to destroy the middle class, because he knows he cannot control them. Did you know that there are 2 new toys out. They are called Tim Kaine and Mark Warner puppets on Obama's string.
How do we all feel about Mark Warner and Tim Kaine "Putin/Medvedev"ing in Virginia for the rest of recorded time?
Hey Congress (for me, that's Randy Forbes, Mark Warner and now Tim Kaine): Here's an idea to help address our debt problem -- pass a budget that is equal to total tax collected in fiscal 2012, which was 2.5 trillion. Anything collected above that pays down the debt, which, by the way, is 16 trillion. That will take much longer to pay off than anyone would like, but given your absolute inability to do a dang thing, it at least moves us in the right direction. Think about it.
Tim Kaine, taking a page from Mark Warner, surprisingly competitive in rural VA too -- losing just 54-46%.
Kaine said he hoped his fellow Democrat would stay in Washington. Sen. Mark Warner – Yahoo! News Search Results
Does Tim Kaine hope Mark Warner leaves the Senate to run for Va. governor?
Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, Mark Warner, Jim Webb and Tim Kaine will be rallying in Loudoun County, Va. at noon.
I just saw Tim Kaine's latest campaign ad on tv. He and Mark Warner meet and embrace in front of the state capitol, telling everyone what a dynamic team for Virginia they're gonna be. It's no wonder Barack Obama considers these two clowns the darlings of his party, they look like posterboys for same sex marriage. If you haven't seen this ad it might make you sick when you do.
Tim Kaine or Mark Warner are the only white people I would want for president in the next presidential election.
;-) Tim Kaine and hard working Dems in the Burg !
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Going to Bristol to attend an event in support of Tim Kaine. Will also see Mark Warner and Anthony Flaccavento.
The speeches will be great. I love both Mark Warner and Tim Kaine as speakers.
Election day is just five days away. Earlier today, Democratic Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine was in the Valley at the Rosetta Stone office. He was joined by Sen. Mark Warner (D) to host a town meeting with employees about jobs and the economy.
That trade and an hour in the parking lot listening to Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are my biggest accomplishments today.
Tim Kaine and Mark Warner stopping by our office
Tim Kaine and Mark Warner will be stopping by the Obama campaign office on the downtown mall Thursday, Nov. 1 at 2 pm. They will go over the end-of-campaign GOTV game plan. Please come out to see them -- and congratulate them on their terrific "we get things done" political ad.
in Roanoke, VA this morning, Sen. Mark Warner & Tim Kaine this evening then Bill Clinton on Saturday
I'm going to say it again. The people in charge of our government *make a big difference* in our lives, and I hope the past few days has reminded everyone of that. Having competent people in the weather forecasting centers, allowed to make decisions and announcements based *solely* on the best science rather than on any political considerations *matters*. Continuing to have the weather satellites in orbit which give us that great early warning data *matters*. And the person who is our president the next four years is going to have a lot of control over things like that. I'm sorry if you're mad at Obama about some specific issue or not, but your third party candidate is *not* going to be the one making these calls, it's either going to be Obama or Romney. If you live in VA, *please* use your vote to ensure that we keep a *sane* person in the White House, even if you don't like all of his policies. You can call Mark Warner, Tim Kaine (hopefully) and your local Representative every single day and tell them y ...
I don't know about you, but I think that new Tim Kaine/Mark Warner ad should have had them in top hats and tails doing a bit of a broadway show/caberet combination. Missed opportunity.
Hmm, just saw two ads, first the one where Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are on the Capitol grounds talking about bipartisanship. If they were bipartisan wouln't Mark Warner be walking with George Allen. The other ad is the one with the Truth Squad in lower left hand corner for Obama and has Andrea Mitchell in it. The economist ,whose figures cited in this, ad says both Mitchell and the President have it wrong. I love to see the desparation.
Don't let Tim Kaine fool you. He supported Obamacare 100% and would support President Obama 100%. He supported Cap and Trade. He raised taxes even after Mark Warner raised them after promising not to. A vote for Tim Kaine is a vote for Obama and a vote to involed the IRS in your private Health Care decisions.
Morning everyone! We are back and in Charlotte for the start of the DNC. Joining us at the BlackFinn Saloon will be: Mike Barnicle, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Jonathan Martin, Andrea Mitchell, Gov. Dannel Malloy, Harold Ford Jr., Sen. Chuck Schumer, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Fmr. Gov. Tim Kaine, Secy. Madeleine Albright, Chuck Todd, Jeff Greenfield, Sen. Mark Warner, Gov. Pat Quinn, Jeff Bridges and Billy Shore.
Virginia was rated the best place for business under Mark Warner and Tim Kaine... then Bob Mcdonnell took office.
A lot of that has to with the hard work of Former Gov's Tim Kaine and Mark Warner.
Hey folks in the Commonwealth of Virginia -- let's get these guys together again. VOTE TIM KAINE FOR U.S. SENATE!!! (Mark Warner and Tim Kaine).
I believe that Mitt needs to share this with President Obama and his party because they are just as bad as you, may be he should consider firing a bunch of them. Those nasty outsources to other countries. What a joke! If you believe the Democratic Party, Bain Capital is nothing but a bunch of vampire capitalists. They outsource jobs to other countries, close steel mills and take lollypops from little babies. According to Open Secrets, during the present election cycle these Democratic Party candidates took a total of $335,700 from Bain, its lobbyists and employees. So if the Democrats believe Bain is so evil, why are these candidates taking their money? Candidate Bain Capital Donations John Kerry $76,200 Michael F. Bennet $37,000 Mark Warner $32,700 Tim Kaine (Candidate For US Senate in Virginia) $30,000 Claire Mccaskill $22,500 Jeanne Shaheen $17,100 Al Franken $15,000 Jack Reed $15,000 Jim Himes $15,000 Sheldon Whitehouse $11,800 Mark Udall $11,300 Nancy Pelosi $10,000 Joe Kennedy III (Candi ...
The American Crossroads only printed a portion of Obama's speech and those words were taken out of context, I want to give every body a change to read the speech as it was given. I happen to have friends and family that obviously are not voting for the re election of the President. I think it's important to get all the facts right Roanoke Fire Station Roanoke, Virginia 7:51 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Roanoke! (Applause.) It is good to be back in Roanoke! Good to be back in Virginia. (Applause.) Back in the Star City. There are a couple of people I want to acknowledge. First of all, you've got one of the finest senators and public servants in the country in Mark Warner. Give it up for Mark Warner. (Applause.) Now, Mark was a great governor for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and now he's a great senator. I just want to point out we've got another great governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia who is going to be a great senator in Tim Kaine. (Applause.) We are thrilled to have them both with ...
I went to see Obama speak in Roanoke today. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner gave brief speeches beforehand, also. The venue was pretty packed, so there was a lot of standing around and waiting in line, but it was kind of a neat experience overall.
watchin' President Obama speaking in Roanoke, VA - first time in 35 years a sitting president has visited Roanoke - thank you - along with him is Mark Warner and Tim Kaine and large group of supporters.
Big day - emails rolling in from Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Romney, DCCC, John Douglas for Congress...
I like Tim Kaine but emails from Webb and Mark Warner are not the route to get me to give. Pick someone who supports clean air & I'll donate
Phone banking for Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate last night and the man who answered the phone said he was a sergeant with the State Police and that I had called a crime scene. I wondered whether I should mark the person I called as "deceased" or "not home." I've called thousands of people for Jim Webb, Donald McEachin, Mark Warner, Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood in the past six years and that's the first time that's ever happened. Unusual last name of the night: Bigness. Insert your own joke here.
Tim Kaine and Mark Warner as the last two Dem Governors of Virginia. Perdue and Easley are ours. I'm a little jealous.
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