Tim Kaine & George Allen

Timothy Michael Tim Kaine (born February 26, 1958) is a Virginia politician. Kaine served as the 70th Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, and was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. He was elected governor in 2005, after serving as the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and Mayor of Richmond, Virginia. George Felix Allen (born March 8, 1952) is a former United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the son of former NFL head coach George Allen. 5.0/5

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"Tim Kaine is a very skillful and articulate debater," says former rival George Allen.
Tim Kaine calls out George Allen for ridiculing cooperating with Democrats
This article is absurd in SO many ways. All of this fifty percent of Americans want Obama impeached talk, comes from one polling agency called Wenzel Strategies. "How reliable is Wenzel? That's like asking, "How reliable are these six meth-tweakers I found in a mud hole, handed a pile of tin cans and a calculator, and told that they were now a polling organization?" But don't take my word for it, let's go to the scoreboard: Wenzel had Todd Akin leading Claire Mccaskill by 4 points in mid-Oct. McCaskill won by 16 points. Wenzel had Josh Mandel leading Sherrod Brown by 5 points at the end of Oct. Brown won by 6 points. Wenzel had Bob Casey leading Tom Smith by only 1 point in late Oct. Casey won by 9 points. Wenzel had George Allen leading Tim Kaine by 3 points in mid-to-late Oct. Kaine won by 6 points. Here's the kicker: Wenzel conducted a one-day poll for Randy Brock, the R in the Vermont governor's race, on November 1. Their poll showed Brock trailing Peter Shumlin by 5 points (46-41%). Shumlin won by 20 ...
spent over $700,000 in Virginia supporting George Allen; Tim Kaine won that race by five points
Catina Masucci liked Tim Kaine has far more money from small donors than George Allen in Virginia Senate race: The…
Boyd Marcus, a Republican consultant and senior adviser to GOP Senate candidate George Allen, criticized former presidential candidate Mitt Romney's "worthless" organization in the state of Virginia for failing to boost Allen in the final days of the campaign, the Washington Examiner reports. "It wa...
Makes you wonder about the other election, don't it? "It wasn’t all bad" "Dignified in defeat A cat that ran for the U.S. Senate in Virginia received about 7,000 write-in votes in last week’s election, according to his owners. That means Hank, who hails from Springfield, Va., can claim third place behind Democratic victor Tim Kaine and Republican also-ran George Allen. The human candidates were separated by 180,000 votes, which means that Hank did not affect the result—but donations to his unlikely campaign ended up raising $60,000 for animal rescue charities. As for the candidate himself, he took defeat graciously. “Hank certainly understood it,” said owner Anthony Roberts."
At least Tim Kaine has the balls to admit he's a libtard. Can't say the same for George Allen who still pretends he's conservative
U.S. Senator-elect Timothy M. Kaine is sticking with what works as he assumes his new role in Washington. Kaine, who defeated fellow former governor George Allen for the seat being vacated by Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., today announced that campaign manager Mike Henry would serve as his chief of staff.
I was going to avoid politic posts, but naturally I have to present this one. It turns out I wasn't so far off with Rover and Mr Fluffers. And frankly, next time the cat may win. (I note Hank is a Maine *** ) These stories are worth a click: Hank the cat placed third in Virginia's U.S. Senate race on Tuesday, coming in behind Democrat – and Senator-elect – Tim Kaine and Republican contender George Allen. Hank received 6,000 votes. –Constitution Daily
After a loss to Democrat Tim Kaine a week ago, George Allen says he has "no intention of running for office again."
(CNN) — After more than three decades in politics, George Allen says he’s done. “I have no intention of running...
After a crushing loss to Tim Kaine, George Allen says he's run his last political campaign.
I am happy to have been a part of the campaign that defeated and led to George Allen's retirement from politics. Go Senator Tim Kaine!
“George Allen says 2012 campaign was his last. Thank you Jim Webb and Tim Kaine!
Hank the Cat finished third in a hotly contested US Senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen in Virginia.
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Remember when we were told we had to run George Allen cuz he was the only 1could beat Tim Kaine? Yeah, how'd that work out?
Hank the Cat, who challenged former Virginia Governors George Allen (R) and Tim Kaine (D) for a seat in the U.S. Senate, lost the race but remains positive that his message was heard.
is pretty sure that Marylanders appreciate not seeing ads about Tim Kaine and George Allen... and Virginians were equally fed up with learning about Rob Sobhani and seeing LaVar Arrington's extremely natty (and nappy) dreads...
Hey, Virginia, good job in electing Tim Kaine over that racist George Allen.
I wonder how Tim Kaine and George Allen must feel, knowing that 6,000 voters in Virginia thought a cat would be a better U.S. senator.
Tim Kaine was 1st in the VA senate race and George Allen clearly lost, the real winner was clearly Hank the cat...
Kudos to Virginia's next Senator Tim Kaine for his victory over George Allen (of "macaca" and "bloody deer head in the black family's mailbox" fame).
Here is the latest Virginia news from The Associated Press LEESBURG, Va. (AP) - A Connecticut man is scheduled to enter a guilty plea in a 2001 rape in northern Virginia that police linked to an attacker dubbed the East Coast Rapist. Authorities say Aaron Thomas is scheduled for a plea hearing later this month. RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Virginia delivered its 13 Electoral Votes for a second time to President Barack Obama while fellow Democrat Tim Kaine defeated George Allen on Election Tuesday - an outcome that cemented Virginia's newfound position as a swing state. For Allen, the second loss in a row in a race for the Senate seat he held from 2001 to 2007. PITTSYLVANIA, Va. (AP) - The Virginia county that's home to one of the world's largest uranium deposits has adopted a resolution concerning a proposed mining operation. Reports indicate Pittsylvania County's resolution doesn't make any recommendation on whether the state's 30-year-old ban on uranium mining should be lifted or retained. NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - T ...
Tommy Thompson and George Allen lost too...”// I voted for Tim Kaine in Norfolk, VA!
It is utterly amazing to me how people can compare the loss of a party or a party's candidate to very dark moments in our nation's history. While I preferred Romney over Obama, the difference was to me picking between two very poor choices. Tim Kaine will be no Senator for me but neither was Jim Webb before him nor George Allen before him in that none of these three will be decent enough to ever even answer a letter. This nation survived a bitter Revolutionary War against a very much superior army. It argued over a US Constitution before finally agreeing on one 13 years into the argument. The Civil. War and the Reconstruction were devastating yet we made it. During the first half of the 20th Century we survived two World Wars, the Korean War, and the Great Depression. During the sixties, seventies, and eighties, we lived through multiple assignations and attempts. Then too, have we forgotten about Vietnam, 9/11, or the multiple conflicts as well? There is no doubt this morning that I am very sad and ...
Recapping... Barack Obama wins at least 303 Electoral Votes, and leads for Florida, which would give him 332. Democrats at the moment have 53 Senate seats and leads (pending provisional vote counting) in 2 more, which would give them a net pickup of 2 seats in a year when the had to defend 23 seats and the Republicans had to defend only 10. Counting seats where the results have not yet been called, Democrats at the moment look to have gained 7 House seats, giving them 200. They would have needed 25 to take control of the House. *** marriage referenda were decided on the "pro *** marriage" side in two states. Two states voted to legalize marijuana possession. Of the Senators newly elected, 4 are Democratic women. On balance, Republican women Senators declined by 1, as Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Olympia Snowe retired, and Deb Fischer came in in Nebraska. Tammy Baldwin, the first openly *** woman Senator, was elected from Wisconsin. Tim Kaine may have finally ended George Allen's political career. One of th ...
“One bright spot. George Allen leading Tim Kaine in VA Senate race. kept this one to yourself.
Tim Kaine wins Senate race, after George Allen concedes
I imagine they were legion! “George Allen has conceded to Tim Kaine. I wonder what filthy name he called him.”
Watch: George Allen 'Not Happy With the Results': Republican candidate concedes the Virginia race to Tim Kaine.
That's another victory! was a George Allen concedes to Democrat Tim Kaine in Va. race.
Well it was a close race but as of now im concieding that Obama will remain president by a 281 to 257 electoral vote win. I supported Romney since he was announced as the nominee. I also supported George Allen who recently concieded defeat to Tim Kaine. In addition i supported Randy Forbes who has won his race. I'm interested yet fearful of what the next four years may bring to our country. I see radical change on the horizon and while it may benefit some i fear it will come back to bite us. I pray that this country not go down the path I fear it will but just prepare yourselves friends. I'm afraid were looking at a dark road ahead.
Tim Kaine over George Allen. South Asians can breathe easy.
yay Tim Kaine our Senator cause I was ready to go off if George Allen would have won
George Allen conceded the race! Tim Kaine is our next senator, replacing Democrat Jim Webb.
Tim Kaine and George Allen have one of the tightest Senatorial races in the U.S., along with the most Outside Money spent on their campaigns, yet not a single person on here from Virginia has said anything about it...There's more than just a Presidential Election today.
In addition to Obama vs. Romney, there are a number of other Congressional races of interest this election, including Tim Kaine and George Allen in Virginia.
John Kerry's Sincere self explanatory e mail Dear Haji, The very same people who were the big donors and political hatchet men behind 2004's so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" smear campaign are back -- and this time they're lined up against Governor Tim Kaine in his deadlocked race for Virginia’s Senate seat. When I say "the same people," I mean the exact same people -- starting with Republican strategist Chris LaCivita, who bragged of an ad that he claims is Tim’s “Willie Horton,” and donor Bob Perry, who just gave $1 million to the super PAC of Tim’s opponent, George Allen. They’re joining outside groups that have already spent more than $21.5 million to attack Tim -- and they’ll do anything to win. I'm very proud that over the last eight years, whenever these smear artists and their big money compadres reared their ugly heads, we smashed them. Let's do it again by making sure that Tim Kaine has the resources he needs to respond immediately and forcefully. Please contribute to Ti ...
My Thoughts: I have long speculated and opined that the Romney campaign was damaged by the Senatorial races...These headlines from Rasmussen, an admittedly GOP leaning pollster (also one of the most reliable) would seem to indicate that I was accurate...these headlines deal with OH (still a tossup), and IN (which is safe for Obama)...However If one adds Senator Bill Nelson's (D) lead over Connie Mack (R) in FL, Tim Kaine's (D) over George Allen (R) in VA, it creates a tremendous obstacle for Governor Romney since the three states are crucial to his election. It also indicates that the GOP hopes of taking control of the Senate are being laid to rest...a net gain of four seats was needed (not the mere election of four GOP candidates as noted in an inaccurate and misleading poster put out by only God knows who). Senator Snowe (R) is retiring in ME and the former Governor, who will caucus with the Democrats, is a sure winner..that boosts it a necessary gain of five seats...Look for Warren (D) to oust Brow ...
Memorial founder praises George Allen and Tim Kaine for bipartisanship in honoring blacks' struggle for liberty.
Illegal Hands To The Wallet (via - George Allen will line up against Obama and Tim Kaine's efforts to increase government interference in America's economy!
Tim Kaine needs support, George Allen,racist, what happened to the old video.
Virginia voters debating between George Allen and Tim Kaine (although I have no idea why) should know that Joe Biden says he's a big "Tom Kaine" fan.
I just got a robo survey wanting to know whether I would vote for Tim Kaine or George Allen in the Virginia Senate race. I, of course, said I would vote for Tim Kaine. Lesson: don't trust polls.
Virginia Senate candidate George Allen, a Republican, said opponent Tim Kaine had the most partisan job in America as chairman of the Democratic National Committee and can t run on his record as the state s former governor. Your bottom-line comparison is whose ideas work...
So, George Allen is sending political emails in the middle of That is Is Tim Kaine also doing this? Probably?
The best augment for Tim Is he's not George Allen.
In the Virginia Senate race, the NRA grades George Allen with an A for protecting your second amendment rights. Tim Kaine gets an F. An F means "True enemy of gun owners' rights. A consistent anti-gun candidate who always opposes gun owners' rights and/or actively leads anti-gun legislative efforts, or sponsors anti-gun legislation"
So...lemme get this straight according to radio ads: George Allen hates minorities and Tim Kaine hates babies. Sound right?
In a new ad, a Southwest Virginia coal miner says that George Allen is for the big boys, while Tim Kaine is for me. Please watch, like and share!
In new ad, Tim Kaine sides with coal miners, sticks George Allen with coal conglomerates:
Senate candidate George Allen released a television ad Wedenesday criticizing his Democratic opponent Tim Kaine for supporting Obama and his planned defense cuts.
candidate George Allen has restarted linking his Democratic opponent Tim Kaine to Obama:
Who is going to win in the Virginia Senate race? Tim Kaine or George Allen? I hope Tim Kaine is pulling ahead. Virginia needs some balance.
I dont think I've seen one Tim Kaine add.yet dozens of George Allen adds...i dont watch much TV, but i'm surprised
Tim Kaine ads call George Allen 'wrong' for Virginia women + more Tim Allen News
Just saw the same George Allen ad attacking Tim Kaine play three times in one commercial break.
Tim Kaine, mic still on, to George Allen at end of final debate: "Hey man, I'm glad that's the last one!"
Every time I see a Tim Kaine commercial, I get angry that VA-GOP nominated a failure like George Allen
George Allen and Tim Kaine, both former governors of Virginia, immediately tossed away their gloves in the final debate in their closely watched U.S. Senate race, throwing haymakers and lobbing charges that each is an immutable partisan and misguided on the economy, spending, and defense.
The battle for control of the United States Senate runs through a key pivotal states, Virginia being one of them. Two former Governors, George Allen and Tim Kaine, are facing off. Allen was a United States Senator from 2000-2006 and Kaine was Chairman of the Democrat Party for half of Obama's term. ...
This really says something about Tim Kaine.actually a lot about George Allen who claims he will work across party lines...well I have news for him, his own party doesn't want to work with him ! Frances Hall Watson
On Oct. 18, 2012 Tim Kaine and George Allen had a debat at Virgnia Tech in Blacksburg va.
"It's time to break out the brooms. No, I'm not talking about Halloween costumes. I'm talking about a clean sweep. Tim Kaine and George Allen have debated five times, and after last night's final showdown in Blacksburg, it's 5-0. Check out the reviews: CBS affiliate (WDBJ): "We asked people who won tonight's debate. By far people we spoke with said Tim Kaine, even George Allen supporters gave Kaine the win." Associated Press: "Throughout the night, Kaine was loose and relaxed in contrast to Allen's, slower, practiced performance...At times, [Allen] launched into attacks on Kaine only to have them boomerang on him." Washington Examiner: "Kaine used the showdown at Virginia Tech to appeal to moderates tired of a gridlocked Washington, while Allen tossed red meat to his conservative base." The problem? More people see the other side's desperate Attack Ads than the debates. And to win on Election Day -- just 18 days away -- we need to fight back, get our message out there, and fund our turnout program."
Concerned Virginian, Today, I'm pleased to report to you that Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen has answered his Right to Work Candidate Survey in 100% opposition to forced unionism. Unfortunately, Democrat Tim Kaine has refused to tell you and your fellow citizens his true position on the forced-unionism issue. But he can't hide his record of publicly supporting Big Labor's "card check" bill to eliminate the secret ballot from union organizing elections. It's vital you put the heat on Tim Kaine at once and insist he pledge 100% opposition to the union bosses' radical agenda. Sincerely, Mark Mix
Blacksburg, VA – Today, George Allen participated in his fifth and final debate with Tim Kaine, which was held at Virginia Tech and sponsored by the university and WSLS TV. George Allen focused on the top issue in Virginians’ minds this election: jobs. Noting that leadership is about setting priori...
Let's see, should I vote for a man ( Tim Kaine)who left his State in troubled times to take one of the most partisan jobs in the world or vote for a man ( George Allen)that met every campaign promise he made while Governor. Ask Bob Mcdonnell, he and his administration have been cleaning up Kaine's mess for the last three years and many Virginians will never recover from Kaine's bailing on his job. George Allen will go DC to fix the problems Virginians face and protect their jobs.
In 2009, as Governor, Tim Kaine's answer to his own budget shortfall was to.Close Virginia's Rest Areas! At a cost of a whopping $1300 a day per rest stop. A typical liberal, he spread misery evenly, because the only people that were affected by the closures were people with bladders! That's not leadership! George Allen for Virginia!
Great night at the Chamber of Commerce Business mixer. Free gokarts at American Indoor Karting, a great dinner spread and best of all. Therese and I won free tickets to meet with George Allen and Tim Kaine at the Waterside Marriot for a lunch Q&A session... woot woot
Tim Kaine just put a smack down on George Allen in Blacksburg. Good job Tim.
I just watched the (final) debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen. The difference was stark: Allen was negative, obfuscating, and unable to commit to a position, while Tim was clear, consistent, and persuasive. To me, this was not even close.
George Allen and Tim Kaine debate in my building in less than two hours. If that's not a great excuse to go home, I don't know what is.
George Allen will be debating Tim Kaine tonight at 7pm. You can watch on c-span or online at
Tonight from VA Tech … last U.S. Senate debate with George Allen & Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine's Hulu ads are the best because he sounds like he's on Sesame Street. "George Allen is an *** Can you say *** kids?"
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George Allen and Tim Kaine debating tonight at tech.
This afternoon, I went into town (Blacksburg) to pick up our tickets for tonight's debate at Virginia Tech between Senatorial candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen. Parked outside the campaign office was a Romney/Ryan bus. I ran into my friend, state delegate Joseph R. Yost who graciously offered to take me inside to look around. It was a nicely appointed custom luxury bus but otherwise unremarkable. I asked Joseph, "Where does Romney keep the binders?" It was about that time when
Tim Kaine and George Allen will debate tonight at 7PM! Be sure to sign up for DC Fed & DCYD DAY-Trip to Richmond for President Obama and Tim Kaine for and DC Fed and DCYD Overnight Campaign Trip 3: Virginia Beach!!
Tim Kaine in VA...dude needs to get it done. Allen is, well George Allen yet another embarrassment from VA
Tim Kaine and George Allen are debating at Virginia Tech?!?
I think, come November, Dems will keep the senate, but we will pick up a few seats. We will pick up Ben Nelson's seat in Nebraska with Deb Fischer, we have a shot at ousting Tester in Montana, we can probably take Kent Conrad's open seat in North Dakota and we'll keep the states we currently hold. Nelson will probably beat Mack in Florida, Angus King will win in Maine and he will caucus with the Democrats, Tim Kaine might edge out George Allen in VA. I think the GOP has a shot in Wisconsin and Connecticut, but it's going to be close. Linda McMahon is closing in on Chris Murphy in recent polls in CA and and Tommy Thompson is closing in on Tammy Baldwin in WI. I guess we'll see come November 6th, though.
Heading to VA Tech for Tim Kaine's and George Allen's last debate. The story at 11
George Allen airs ad ahead of debate with Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine continues to lead George Allen in - but presidential contest much tighter. Obama barely ahead.
Excited to be helping out with the final senate debate between former Virginia Governors Tim Kaine and George Allen. Watch tonight at 7 p.m. on WSLS 10!
Under the failed Washington debt deal Tim Kaine supported, Virginia faces the loss of over 200,000 good-paying jobs while our national defense is cut by an a...
In Northern Virginia? Check out breakfast with George Allen on Oct 22 and lunch with Tim Kaine on Oct 24 via JCRC of Greater Washington!
Wow, just saw a surreal George Allen ad where he compared Obama as an opposing football team and Tim Kaine dressed as a cheerleader. Enough with the football analogies. WE GET IT! Your daddy coached the Redskins. I'm still not voting for your racist ***
If the "eyebrow" Tim Kaine wins the US Senate race here in VA , I WILL BE MOVING a lot quicker than planned!!! Come on people , Kaine was the WORST Governor we have ever had in VA , when he left office in 2010 , VA had the worst budget shortfall in the history of the state , not to mention he boarded up most of the rest stops. Heck Kaine spent most of his time as Governor outside the commonwealth following barry around & as dnc chief. The choice should be clear in this race , you have Kaine who crashed the state , then we have George Allen one of my friends , who was a awesome Governor , balanced the budget , worked with both sides , helped steer more business into Virginia & when he left office in 1998 , Va was in its prime. I dont see how Kaine could get elected , just goes to show how mislead people are. Tim Kaine should be running for office in Minnesota his home state , not down here , just another carpetbagging locust.
2 candidates-2 events Come for breakfast with George Allen and/or lunch with Tim Kaine. These are great opportunities to hear from them about the issues you care about. RSVP: www.jcouncil.org/VASenate
The latest ad by Tim Kaine highlights the fiscal and economic consequences of reelecting George Allen to the Senate. As Allen himself said, "the best indicator of what someone will do in the future is their record in the past." PLEASE WATCH, LIKE AND SHARE!
The good news is that George Allen has made some significant pro-gun promises. In fact, in my recent meeting with him he committed to filibustering the U.N. Treaty on Small Arms if needed...
Tomorrow's agenda: work, work out, call Gerry Connolly, George Allen, and Tim Kaine and have a heart-to-gizzard about the TSA.
Tim Kaine vs. George Allen, Part 1: Allen served in the Senate during the presidency of George W. Bush, and ther...
Welborn Freedom Watch:Tim Kaine endorses tax hikes in debate with George Allen, Townhall,
You knew it would happen, but Tim Kaine is getting desperate. Six years ago George Allen used the word Macaca in a perhaps ill advised way, but he intended no harm. Allen is just a friendly, down to earth guy and he uses humor to communicate on occasion.
The last time we joined former Governors Tim Kaine and George Allen on the debate stage in Virginia, Kaine was bumbling his way through an answer to a 47-percent question, saying he’d be open to aminimum federal income tax for everyone, at all income levels. This jibed perfectly with Allen’s attempt...
Once again, George Allen and Tim Kaine joined in a debate over who would be the best man for the job as Virginia’s next Senator. NTUF released line-by-line studies on how the candidates’ platforms would change federal spending but the candidates in the debate featured a few new proposals as well as ...
George Allen has a long history of opposing cooperating across the aisle. In fact, he has a record of ridiculing any effort to find common ground with Democr...
Henrico, VA– In case you missed it, George Allen contrasted records of priorities in the U.S. Senate debate last night with Tim Kaine, highlighting his own record of putting Virginians first versus Tim Kaine’s record of choosing party politics first. Even though he traveled the country giving polit...
If you missed last night's hour-long Senate debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen, here's a link to the entire debate. Watch, like and share!
I found on wikipedia on who has gave huge amounts of money to the candidates and none are that shocking but at least you can see it. In Missouri senate race McCaskill has got $252,000 from lobbyist. In Virginia Senate Democrat Tim Kaine has got $30,000 from Bain Capital the same corporation that democrats are suppose to be against and Republican George Allen got $35,000 from koch industries while others got hundred's of thousands from the oil and gas and gambling industries...the point is that both democrats and republicans love corporate money.
If you watched the Tim Kaine-George Allen debate Monday night, what did you think?
How many people watch the debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen?
Just finished watching the Virginia - U.S. Senate debate between George Allen and Tim Kaine. Unfortunately, Mr. Allen did not provide direct answers when asked what he would do as Senator to shore up Social Security for current and future Virginia seniors. When pressed for answers he ticked off RNC talking points: repeal "Obamacare" [the Affordable Health Care Act], etc., etc. When will politicians learn that voters are not stupid. The voters who will decide the election don't want to hear what the national party platform is...we want to hear your individual, original thoughts. As a voter who likes to have checks -n- balances in Congress, I find it unfortunate that this candidate (who is a former U.S. Senator) cannot talk about fixing the problems and doing the business of the country. Making the decision easier.
Truly outstanding job tonight by Tim Kaine in his debate with George Allen. Tim is a proven leader, has a strong command of the facts, and is right on the issues! He will make a great United States Senator!
Just viewed the debate between George Allen and Tim Kaine.Tim Kaine has my suppport and vote. The difference is sharp and a clear choice for me. Elect Tim Kaine for US Senate. This will also help President Obama in his job and of course he will get my vote along with John Douglass for the US Congressional Seat from the 5th District of Virginia.
George Allen (R) vs Tim Kaine (D) for Virginia Senate. I have voted for George in the past but Tim has swayed me in today's debate.
Going to take a break from research and go watch the Tim Kaine-George Allen debate... be back in a few!
Watcing the peoples debate on PBS George Allen and Tim Kaine
pbs has George Allen, Tim Kaine debate on starts at 8. Come on VA we need Obama and Tim Kaine.
Tonight, George Allen and Tim Kaine will once again face off in a televised debate. As the two hopefuls prepare for next round of rhetoric of who has the better resume and why either man would be a better Senator for the taxpayers of Virginia, it is important to consider the facts that were compiled...
Republican Senate candidate George Allen will debate Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine with Dr. Bob Holsworth moderating the debate.
Hmm, just saw two ads, first the one where Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are on the Capitol grounds talking about bipartisanship. If they were bipartisan wouln't Mark Warner be walking with George Allen. The other ad is the one with the Truth Squad in lower left hand corner for Obama and has Andrea Mitchell in it. The economist ,whose figures cited in this, ad says both Mitchell and the President have it wrong. I love to see the desparation.
At the studio in Richmond, getting ready for tonight's debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen.
Former governors Tim Kaine and George Allen are competing for a Senate seat once held by Allen in one of the most closely watched contests in the nation. The event will be webcast live
hi my name is Emma...who do you plan to support in the upcoming Senate election, Tim Kaine or George Allen?
Roanoke> Allen and Tim Kaine will visit the of Sunday
Roanoke> George Allen and Tim Kaine will visit the University of Richmond Sunday
Tim Kaine, George Allen appearing tonight at U of Richmond: RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - University of Richmond President...
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Tim Kaine, George Allen will appear tonight You can watch it live online.
An awesome map from showing where Tim Kaine and George Allen have campaigned in the race:
Also interviewed George Allen about his upcoming debate with Tim Kaine
Got a political ad today telling me that I should vote against Tim Kaine; because, he opposed the Virginia Marriage Amendment, even though 57% of Virginians supported it, and "Shouldn't our next US Senator share the values of the majority of Virginians?" I agree that our elected officials should vote/support whatever the majority of their constituents agree to, irregardless of their personal views. The problem with this particular ad, is that the opponent George Allen, who I'm supposed to vote for, proudly announced the opening of 2 Charter Schools in Virginia about six months after being elected Governor, even though there was a referendum on the same ballot where 87% of Virginians voted against Charter Schools. I love the hypocrisy of politics.
Tim Kaine has been running an add attacking George Allen in which he claims that Allen is wrong in implying that abortion is only a "social problem," when it is also an economic problem. Well, Tim, George is right, it is social problem. It is also a morality problem, and an emotional problem, and it ends a baby's life. It is "simply" a social problem. And it is far more than a problem of economics.
Republican Senate candidate George Allen is taking to the airwaves to attack Democratic candidate Tim Kaine over the issue of taxation.
I can't believe there is a Senate seat open in VA and Tim Kaine and George Allen are the only choices.
Good luck in your Senate race Governor! Tim Kaine > George Allen! VA please elect to the US Senate!
Tim Kaine has better commercials than George Allen.
George Allen has been relentlessly hammering Tim Kaine on defense cuts, and only leads 48-45 w/ military voters:
A look at the views of candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen on Health Care:
Have you heard about the Virginia Senate race? Tim Kaine wanted to raise taxes on Virginians even while the economy was in its worst months. Businesses are telling Washington to stop standing in the way. George Allen it is!
A hat-tip to Virginia Virtucon for pointing out this ridiculous assessment of the facts. Basically, George Allen voted for an education budget that would have allowed for more funding of Pell Grants, but voted for a formula change that would've dropped some students receiving the grants as previousl...
Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine says that George Allen, his Republican opponent, is no friend of students struggling to pay for college. "Allen voted to end Pell Grants for 84,000 students," Kaine said in a September 12 news release. The Pell Grant program is primarily aimed at helpi...
The NRA endorsed George Allen over Dem's Tim Kaine in race yesterday.
Tim Kaine says George Allen voted to end Pell Grants for 84000 students: The amendment proposed to stop ...
Tim Kaine was absent like when he was Gov but here's George Allen at Panamerican festival pics
The outcome of the senate race between Tim Kaine and George Allen will reverberate far beyond the state's borders.
If you live in Virginia, Tim Kaine is awesome. George Allen isn't.
why I can't vote for Tim Kaine...When he was Governor of Virginia, he closed down the public restrooms along the interstate highways...I was going to Bristol and suddenly needed to go...He had closed down the restroom near Marion and I had to go to the woods...Think what that does do the environment...People going to the woods is bad.A man who'd shut and outhouse door in your face doesn't deserve to be a United States Senator...Vote for George Allen...
The latest Tim Kaine ads that try to show George Allen negatively have citations from news publications dating as far back as 1988!! Are you kidding me?
So out of the loop that I didn't know that George Allen was running against Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine is lying about George Allen. Kaine and AFL-CIO Fatcats are teaming up to spread lies and call Allen a racist.
Yesterday while working phone banks, a lady asked about Tim Kaines' opponent. She wanted to know his name and I told her I had a problem saying his name, but it was George Allen. She then wanted to know who I would be voting for. I told her I had no problem with my candidate of choice it is Tim Kaine and that will be who gets my vote. She thanked me and said I convinced that she would also vote for Tim Kaine. Great feeling knowing I can be a positive influence in someone's life
In Virginia politics I have to add my two cents. I have known George Allen and Tim Kaine both. Both or truly good men. However, Tim is way to liberal for me and many times he has changed his position to meet the situation. George has made mistakes too. Not going to deny that either. However, George represents my core values and Christian principles better. I will vote for George Allen come November.
Tim Kaine can do what he is talking about. George Allen is bound by his loyalty to vote with the GOP for cuts only. The US is not broke, and does not have to strip benefits from poor and elderly, children and education, in order to survive. The deficit is the Bush tax cuts and the money going to tax havens and indiscriminate - unregulated, often illegal - off-shore investment by super-Rich People and corporations.
Had dinner tonight with Susan Allen. This fall we have a clear choice between one of Virginia's best govenors in George Allen and one our worst in Tim Kaine.
Just finished some canvassing for the Obama campaign. Connected with several voters that confirmed their support of Obama and I think I persuaded one undecided! It reminds me of the time I canvassed on Election Day in 2006. I knocked on many doors and only connected with a few people, but I did get at least one voter to the polls. That year Jim Webb won the Virginia Senate seat over then incumbent George Allen giving the Democrats the Senate Majority! I later read that Webb won by only 1800 votes, which is the same number of precincts in Virginia! I like to think that my getting that one vote was duplicated in the other 1799 Virginia precincts so as to secure Webb's win and then the Senate majority which helped stop the Bush administration of getting whatever it wanted. It is critical to turn Virginia blue [again as in 2008] for Obama/Biden, as well as Tim Kaine for Senate [I can't imagine returning George Allen as VA's Senator].
Finally a Democrat I Agree With on Taxesposted onSeptember 21, 2012byGary DeMar0The Senate race in Virginia between Tim Kaine and George Allen is getting interesting. Democrat Senate candidate Tim Kaine said that he’s open to having a “minimum tax level for everyone.” This is an admission that Mitt ...
The reviews are in - and after three debates with George Allen, Tim Kaine is 3-0. The contrast couldn't have been clearer. The New York Times said Allen "offered only vague solutions." The Hill said, "Allen did not present any details of a plan of his own." Conversely, news outlets noted "Kaine laid out a list of alternatives," that he put forward a "specific idea on how to deal with year-end budget cuts" and that "Kaine's Specifics on Sequestration Solution Trumps Allen at McLean Debate." Anyone who saw that debate knows Tim Kaine has a plan and an approach that will grow the economy, while George Allen's empty platitudes are a recipe for prolonged gridlock and a deeper fiscal crisis.
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Okay, Friends! For all who have been following my posts on various political pages, today I put my Republican Party EXPOSED on - Tim Kaine (under Chris Matthews appearance post) and on George Allen (see George Allen (Page)). More to go.
Tim Kaine failed to lead as Governor of Virginia and pushed the Obama Administration's reckless spending and government takeovers DNC Chair. He is wrong for Virginia.
I am donating and supporting Tim Kaine and not name calling "Macaca" George Allen
For those of you who say I'm biased and never post anything about the Democrats, you may now kiss my *** Virginia Senate nominee Tim Kaine (D) unexpectedly suggested in a debate with George Allen on Thursday that he’d be open to requiring everyone to pay a minimum amount — including the 47 percent of American taxpayers who do not currently pay any income tax. The Republicans quickly pounced, shouting: "ZOMG HE'S TAXING THE POOR!" Bad choice of words, until you understand the context of the statement. But bad choice of words nevertheless.
George Allen and Tim Kaine spar over how contraception would be handled under a government where life is declared to begin at conception. Read more at http:/...
George Allen would never be part of bipartisan effort like the Gang of Six. Tim Kaine would reach across aisle to look for solutions.
Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine, a Democrat, said that he's open to having a 'minimum tax level for everyone': 'I would be open to a proposal to have some minimum tax level for everyone,' said Kaine today at a Senate debate between himself and his opponent, Republican George Allen.
The 1st debate between Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R), candidates for the Senate Seat being vacated by Jim Webb (D). This is an hour long debate which gives a good introduction to both candidates. Every Virginian planning to vote in the November 2012 election should take the time to watch/listen to these candidates explain their core beliefs and positions on the issues. Fairfax Chamber of Commerce / NBC 4 Debate - September 20, 2012
Tim Kaine in CVille Saturday, at the Democratic HeadQuarters, 12:30. Come say hello, and get energized to pitch in! Remember, people, George Allen was the guy who, as governor, chose to make some bucks for the state by importing trash and prisoners from other states. That's thinking quality of life...
Virginia electorate, Tim Kaine or George Allen doesn't matter both talking about how much and who to tax. It's the SPENDING STUPID!
Here is the full hour-long debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen from earlier today.
Polls: Tim Kaine ahead of George Allen in Virginia Senate race via
Post Poll: Tim Kaine opens first lead over George Allen in Virginia Senate race
Better throw some bucks to George Allen!!!
Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine said Thursday he would be open to a federal income tax for all Virginians in a debate for Virginia's open Senate seat.
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Tim Kaine did a wonderful job in his debate with George Allen just now. He was clear and responsive to key questions and presented an insightful understanding of matters both domestic and foreign. He presented a clear economic plan to save jobs in Virginia. Allen failed on all those counts.
George Allen's podium is a lot taller than Tim Kaine's -- just saying.
catch the News4 Midday show today at 11am...Barbara Harrison and I take our show up to 12noon when you can see the first debate between Virginia Senate candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen right here on NBC4
A young man with the Republican Party came and knocked on the door to do a survey. I told him I would participate. He asked me how I felt the president has handled the economy since he took office. My answer was he has been terrible. The second question he asked was if the election were held today who would I most likely vote for. My answer was Mitt Romney. His last question was who would I vote for between George Allen and Tim Kaine for senate. My answer was George Allen. I guess I can say I am part of the polling data now.
$24,000 in 24 hours to stop Karl Rove and put Tim Kaine on top. Will you join us? Rove’s at it again. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the Karl Rove-backed Crossroads GPS is up with another round of nasty attacks ads against former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Frankly, it reeks a little of desperation. Every time Kaine’s opponent, former Senator and three-time Dirty Dozen member George Allen, tries – and fails – to break through and gain the upper hand in the Virginia race, good old Karl Rove is there to save the day. But here’s why this time it’s different. This time Karl Rove is nervous. He’s probably starting to doubt whether Allen can really win this race. We’re just seven weeks out from Election Day and George Allen still can’t move the numbers – the race is still a dead heat. Even with Allen's loathsome attacks against Tim Kaine, and even with help from his Big Oil buddies, Allen still can’t break through with Virginia voters. Tim Kaine is ready to fight for a clean energy fu ...
The conventions are over. But the races are just heating up. Tim Kaine and George Allen highlighted the Hob Nob...
A-Team: Yesterday, our county hit $16 trillion in debt - yet another reminder of the failures of Washington. Under the tax, borrow and spend policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine, Americans see reckless federal spending including a $1 trillion Health Care tax law, our credit downgraded, and over 8 percent unemployment for 42 months. The path our country is on is unsustainable and dangerous. In order to get our country back on track, George Allen believes we need to rein in an over-spending government, stop tax hikes on hard-working families and job-creating small businesses, and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment for Washington to start operating as families and businesses do.
Loading Photo Galleries … Labor Day parade: Supporters of U.S. Senate candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen came out Monday to Buena...
Photo gallery: George Allen and Tim Kaine on the campaign trail via
George Allen & Tim Kaine will be at our awards Gala 9/12. Will you be there?
Alright, ALL my friends in VIRGINIA, I hope you are smart enough to vote for George Allen. Unlike the commercials you are watching, the majority of your roads are paid FOR by the STATE, not from the federal government. Tim Kaine, as a Governor, left Virginia with a billion dollar deficit. This guy is Obama Kool-Aid drinker of the highest magnitude. Kaine's solution to everything is raise taxes, we know that does not work. Allen wants a portion of the gas/oil leases profits to drill off-coast will go directly to Virginia.This shouldn't even be a contest if you know where Kaine has been and what he has stood for.
Republican Senate candidate George Allen scoffed when his Democratic rival Tim Kaine said in a July debate that he undertook a series of budget cuts as governor. "You talk about budget cuts," Allen said to Kaine during a July 21 debate at Hot Springs. "But Virginia, at the end of your...
George Allen says state workforce was larger at the end of Tim Kaine's gubernatorial term than it was at the beginning. Mostly False.
George Allen vs. Tim Kaine has to be the best Senate race out there. No idea how Allen has been able to make a comeback this far after '06.
Tim Kaine is awesome. Have no words for George Allen. Although mecaca comes to mind.
What kinds of actions tell you about a persons, or that person's organization, character? Are you in business? Do you work for a company or organization, which requires communicating with people? If someone calls you by phone to make a request, do you feel any obligation at all to return that persons phone call? I have just returned from the Radio One 2012 Senatorial Community Forum held at the Virginia War Memorial. This was a forum designed to allow senatorial candidates George Allen and Tim Kaine to speak to and answer questions from their constituents. Tim Kaine was there, George Allen was not. My friend, Michelle Collins-robinson, invited me to attend, as she was helping with the organization of the forum. I accepted in the hope of asking a question or two of Mr. Allen. I was to be disappointed. But back to my original questions. What do you think of someone who won't even take the time to respond to calls inviting them to attend such a forum? Allen and his camp did not even bother to return Michell ...
For my friends in Virginia... Remember what Tim Kaine did when he didn't get his tax increase? He closed the rest areas in Virginia as punishment. Bob Mcdonnell was able to balance the budget without the tax increases. George Allen is not a great candidate, but we can NOT send Tim Kaine to the US Senate!!! In this case, it IS voting for the lesser of two evils!
A New Rasmussen Poll on the Virginia Senate race has Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R) tied at 45%.
Who is supporting President Obama for re-election? Did you know that members in US Senate and House will either support or not support the sitting president. US Senate candidate Tim Kaine is the special guest at the Senatorial Forum on Saturday. US Senate candidate George Allen declined the invitation to the forum. The forum should be packed if you support Tim Kaine for Senate and President Obama.
If you are George Allen or Tim Kaine, *I don't know who you are* other than yard signs and bumper stickers.
Got my bumper sticker in the mail today! I'll do what I can to help George Allen return to the Senate and stop Tim Kaine!
observes that my writing + Social Security + Patch.com op-ed's by VA Senate candidates George Allen and Tim Kaine equals a trip to the woodshed for Allen and Kaine. Selfish Citizenship's first LTE is in the works. The word vacuous is appearing rather early, because they earned it.
Virginia– Tim Kaine will be starring as speaker at Dem Nat'l Convention. That's all U need to know. George Allen the best choice 4 free
George Allen believes in free enterpise. Tim Kaine says he's fiscally responsible -2 candidates but only 1 will rep us in Wash.
George Allen is skipping the RNC. Tim Kaine has accepted a speaking role at the DNC. Hm.
I was checking votesmart.org so I could see some info on Tim Kaine and George Allen, who are running for Senate in Virginia. Thought maybe I'd get a little more background on their voting records, etc. I wasn't pleased with either of them, but the most frightening thing was their biggest campaign contributors. What does it say when the same entities are contributing to both campaigns? What does it say when both are being paid off by huge lobbying firms, big energy and big everything? Meh. Sometimes I seriously wonder if there is really any point.
Let's compare lies from George Allen, the Virginia GOP candidate for US Senate, and Tim Kain, the Democratic candidate. neither is honest, Allen certainly lies more smoothly and more consistently.
Radio One Presents the 2012 Senatorial Community Forum. US Senate candidate Tim Kaine accepted the invitation and George Allen declined. This is the peoples' forum allow your voices to be heard. Seating is limited for this free forum so rsvp now.Click on the link and submit a question if you like.
Yesterday, the National Federation of Independent Business announced their endorsement of George Allen for U.S. Senate: “George Allen has been consistent in his push to reduce the tax burden placed...
Who'll best represent you in Washington US Senate candidate Tim Kaine or George Allen? @ Radio One Senatorial Forum
When groups like Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform endorse a Republican candidate or organizations like the AFL-CIO endorse a Democrat, it generally doesn’t rate much more than a raised eyebrow. But U.S. Senate candidates George Allen and Tim Kaine touted endorsements Friday from two groups...
In response, Kaine campaign responds with statements from public safety officials stating their support for Tim Kaine.
Richmond, VA – Please see below for reaction from former Governor Tim Kaine, campaigning in Southwest Virginia today, to George Allen campaigning with Vice Presidential nominee Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI):
Please see below for a report in the Daily Press highlighting Tim Kaine's fundraising advantage over George Allen among low-dollar and Virginia donors:
George Allen and Tim Kaine talk jobs, tax cuts at campaign events around Virginia:
Tim Kaine, George Allen compete to be Ron Wyden’s BFF: George Allen (R) and Timothy M. Kaine (D) are locked in a...
Republican Senate candidate George Allen recently accused Democratic opponent Tim Kaine of being a tax hiker, even on people of modest means. During a July 21 debate in Hot Springs, Allen criticized Kaine for "actually proposing tax increases that would be hitting people earning as little as $1...
Roanoke Free Press » George Allen and Tim Kaine on July jobs report
George Allen says Tim Kaine proposed tax increases on people earning "as little as" $17,000 a year. True.
Campaign finance reports Tim Kaine is filing show that he raised $3 million from April through June compared to slightly more than $2 million George Allen raised in the same quarter.
Radio One Richmond Presents the 2012 Senatorial Forum hosted by Miss Community and moderated by CBS Political Analyst Dr. Bob Holsworth. I'm awaiting a confirmation from former governor George Allen. Former Governor Tim Kaine has accepted the invitation. Kaine and Allen supporters are invited to this free event on August 25, 12p-2p at the VA Museum of Fine Arts
saw George Allen campaigning in Charlottesville on Saturday. threw up in my mouth a little. so... I just signed up to volunteer for Tim Kaine.
Today, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, Delegate Rich Anderson (R-Prince William) and Delegate Ron Villanueva (R-Virginia Beach) held a call today to highlight the different records of leadership and vision of George Allen and Tim Kaine.
Wow! Tim Kaine got the sound-bite over George Allen on WRVA's half-hour report.
Richmond, VA - The reviews are in and it's clear that Tim Kaine won this weekend’s Virginia Bar Association debate with George Allen by emphasizing his commitment to working across the aisle to strengthen our economy, create jobs, and responsibly reduce the deficit. Kaine contrasted his balanced ap...
Yesterday, there was a debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen. Allen said he opposed the President's Health Care legislation but supports the effects of the legislation for children when it comes to staying on their parents' health insurance coverage until they turn 26. Yet, he refuses to say how he would fund that or why he would deprive children of health insurance if they are born with "pre-existing conditions" which, amazingly, insurance companies too frequently do. Electing Allen would be harmful to our children. Support Tim Kaine by supporting the Vote Kids Action Fund so we can send a message that we support kids and Tim Kaine!
Roanoke Times (blog)Allen, Kaine to face off Saturday in Hot SpringsRoanoke Times (blog)George Allen and Tim Kaine before their Decem...
Tim Kaine debating George Allen tomorrow at the Homestead in Virginia.
Fmr. Virginia Gov's Tim Kaine and George Allen will face off in a debate moderated by Candy Excerpts will air Sunday.
Just got to the Homestead for tomorrow's senate debate between Tim Kaine and George Allen. This is some gorgeous country!
George Allen leads Tim Kaine . There is much work to do !
Romney wipes out Obama lead in VA now 44 all -George Allen edges Tim Kaine in Sen Race - 46-44:
The race 4 US Senate a deadheat b/twn Tim Kaine & George Allen. Register to vote and check your voter status now
Democratic former Gov. Tim Kaine has a narrow lead in the Virginia Senate race, in the new poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling. Kaine has 46 percent support, compared with Allen's 44 percent. The survey of 647 registered voters was conducted from July 5-8, and has a 3.9 percent margin...
George Allen vs Tim Kaine comparison. This article presents an unbiased comparison of the political positions and policies of Tim Kaine and George Allen, Democrat and Republican candidates respectively for the 2012 Senate elections in the commonwealth of Virginia. Both are seasoned politicians...
Ugh. Tim Kaine's commercials are so much better than George Allen's...
A-Team: While the SCOTUS ruling on Health Care is disappointing, we have an opportunity on Nov. 6 to elect a Senator who would vote to fully repeal it and replace it with affordable, portable, and personal market-based Health Care solutions. President Obama and Tim Kaine believe that politicians in Washington knows best when it comes to making Health Care decisions. George Allen believes that these decisions are best left to American patients and their doctors. “Like” and Share if you are ready to send George Allen to Washington to vote for full repeal of the government-takeover of Health Care!
A-Team: When Tim Kaine was governor he cut college funding by 25% and tuition skyrocketed, while George Allen froze tuition levels and boosted funding. Check out what CRFV Chairman Michael Cogar has to say about the difference in records: “Virginia’s students are struggling. Most of them will be graduating with thousands of dollars of student loans, and bleak job prospects due to the economy’s continued struggle. As they go to the ballot box this November, Virginia’s students should bear in mind which of the two former governors running for U.S. Senate stood by them, and which one left them out to dry." Share and read more:
George Allen in Chester tomorrow 6/23 at the Indian Cultural Center on Iron Bridge Pkwy. You can bet he'll mind his P&Qs. Tim Kaine?
VIRGINIA!! Don't kid yourself. George Allen is qualified to do plenty of things. His website brags that he's a "recognized leader in helping clients navigate the waters inside and outside the Beltway" -- and the guy ain't lying. If you're an oil company executive trolling for massive government giveaways, George is your man. If you're a predatory lender trying to keep federal regulators off your back, he's your go-to-guy. And if you're looking to privatize Social Security to get your paws on older folks' retirement money, George Allen will carry your water like nobody's business. But one thing this guy has no business doing is complaining about "out of touch" politicians. George has been running for office since 1979. He built up a loyal following among special interests along the way, and then complained the Senate was "too slow for me." Thankfully, we've got a real champion for the middle class in TIM KAINE. But with the polls tied, and a steady stream of secret special interest money flowing into Virgi ...
Little Giant Ladders
VIDEO: Watch the latest ad in VA comparing the economic records of George Allen with Tim Kaine
Holy crap! I just realized my choices for senator are George Allen or Tim Kaine. You both sucked as governor! I'm going to have to leave Virginia.
Washington Post reporter Ben Pershing dropped a very bizarre sentence into his Virginia election roundup on the front page of Wednesday's Metro section. Sen. George Allen won the right to attempt and regain his seat against former Gov. Tim Kaine, and Kaine "quickly made clear how he would run agains...
To all my conservative friends, it is now time to unite behind George Allen. George Allen was one of the most conservative reform minded governors in VA history. While he rarely met a spending bill he didn't like, he was still one of the most conservative members of the U.S. Senate during his term. He has also been one of the best U.S. Senators VA has had in recent memory and will be much much better than Tim Kaine. Let's join together to help him win this seat.
Tim Kaine and Jim Webb ran in the last election, in Va. and won. George Allen ran and LOST. Obmacare passed by one vote. Tim was running for Gov. but still Virginian's gave him their vote. To those people whom deserve the title, insane (doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result), I say . WHY
Tim Kaine and George Allen are running against each other for senate in Virginia. It's gonna be a good one!!!
Tim Kaine versus George Allen...what will Bold Progressives do?
Virginia Senate grudge match official set with GOP nomination of George Allen to face Tim Kaine, from
George Allen vs. Tim Kaine. It's been the plan for a while, and now it's set. Allen beat…
No surprise -- George Allen won the Republican Senatorial primary, to face Tim Kaine in November. No surprise -- he won convincingly -- with 65.5% of the vote. If you're a political junkie like me, here is a link to the State Board of Elections website with the totals. In Charlottesville, 423 people came out to vote. That's 1.557% of the vote. In Venable precinct, 1 person voted. 1 person all day. 1 person in 13 hours. I'm guessing that the primary cost the City of Charlottesville about $15,000 to put on -- even with the half staff for a primary. That one person at Venable probably cost about $1,000 for us to record his or her vote. Just by way of contrast, when City Democrats put together a firehouse primary last August for City Council and Clerk of Court, we had about 2,400 voters. Total cost to the City -- $0. (Actually, I think Sheri Iachetta, God bless her, was at her office that day to verify whether people were registered voters, but I suspect that she didn't get any overtime pay.) When y ...
Congratulations to George Allen! We are excited to support you against Tim Kaine this Fall!
After the game, a showdown between former governors for Senate! George Allen gets another shot at the seat he lost, and Tim Kaine weighs in
George Allen won and Jamie Radtke outperformed her polling numbers. Something for everyone to point to and then go beat Tim Kaine.
The unofficial primary results are in George Allen is the republican US Senate nominee and Congressman Eric Cantor has retained his seat representing district in Washington. (R)George Allen will meet (D) Tim Kaine in the race for the US Senate in November. The voter turnout was really low.
The Associated Press and the Washington Post have projected that George Allen will be the next GOP nominee for U.S. Senator from Virginia. He has over 60 percent of the vote as of this writing. You have got to hand it to the Virginia Republicans, I guess they really want Tim Kaine to be the next Senator from the great Commonwealth of Virginia..Well..enjoy your victory folks.
Hey, people in Virginia, I am going to go vote for George Allen for Republican nominee for Senator and for America to get back on the right track. He is a truly great man with loads of political experience! He is also our best chance at defeating Tim Kaine. Did I ever tell you all that I heard Tim Kaine give two speeches---they were just about verbatim. Does he only have the one? Get out and vote and get this country on the RIGHT track!
Hey, people of Virginia, today is the day we go out and vote for George Allen. He is the man for the job. A good, decent experienced man who is pro-coal! Let's get out there and make sure he is the one who defeats Tim Kaine! Thank you to all who vote for him!
Virginia Del. Bob Marshall on why he entered the 2012 U.S. Senate race, why he's a reliable conservative but sometimes a thorn to his own party and why he'd be a better candidate than George Allen against Tim Kaine.
Reminder that tomorrow is the Primary to vote for George Allen to be our nominee for the U.S. Senate. He is the ONLY one that can beat Tim Kaine. Also, Robert Hurt, our 5th District U.S. Congressman needs to be re-elected to continue to do the great job he is doing. Make it the Hat Trick with Mitt Romney as our President. Send this team to Washington, DC. VOTE JUNE 12, 2012.
To all of my friends in Virginia... Get out for the primary vote on Tuesday to support George Allen. He is the man to beat the Obama disciple, Tim Kaine.
The only positive thing you can say about George Allen is that he's not Tim Kaine.
By this point, George Allen must be suffering from some significant rally envy. Yikes.
Ex-Virginia Governor Tim Kaine purchased $2.5 million in fall TV time for his epic battle against George Allen.
Fundraising News: Tim Kaine again beats George Allen in fundraising for Senate race
I'm voting for George Allen. He's the only Republican in the race who can beat Tim Kaine.
May 30: Arlington- A recent set of press releases from Tim Kaine, challenging George Allen to…
Jamie Radtke advancing from attacking George Allen to targeting Democrat incumbent Tim Kaine.
See Tim Kaine and George Allen share a chuckle. Check out VPAP's photo gallery from yesterday's roast.
As I talk to people about the upcoming election (Virginia Republican primary for the nomination for US Senate) I am amazed that so few even know that there's an election, they just assume that George Allen is the candidate running against Tim Kaine. We do have a choice! We must start participating in the process of choosing our candidates! Get informed and vote June 12!
A-Team: Ready to send a message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and Washington liberals? Here’s two easy ways you can by giving George Allen a big margin of victory. (1) Mark your calendar to vote for George Allen on June 12 and make sure your family and friends know, too. (2) Place a George Allen Yard Sign in your yard in the next few days. Click below to have a yard sign delivered to your home!
yesterday i was called to respond to a public opinion survey which turned out to be a push poll for George Allen. It was interesting to hear how he is describing Tim Kaine: "If this statement about Tim Kaine were true, would it affect your vote?" bleechh!
George Allen calls out Tim Kaine during stop in county: “If we win here in Prince Wil­liam County, we’re going t...
The candidate for U.S. Senate and former Virginia Governor will answer questions in Dulles at AOL this Thursday. George Allen, Kaine's likely challenger, spoke at AOL May 4.
Virginia is a battleground state for the presidency and for control of the US Senate this year. Former GOP Senator and Right to Work champion George Allen is running against former Obama’s handpicked Democratic National Committee Chairman and while Virginia Governor and Tim Kaine. Kaine claims to s...
A-Team: At the debate in Virginia Beach last Friday night, George Allen stated: "I can't wait to contrast my record with Tim Kaine's." Yes, this election is a choice between two very different records that lead to two very different futures. It’s about more or less of our hard-earned dollars going to Washington. It’s about more jobs or fewer jobs in Virginia. It’s about government-run Health Care or competitive, patient-centered Health Care. George Allen showed it is possible to advance our freedom and opportunity agenda by working across party lines. He's done it before, and he can do it again. “Like” and Share if you think Virginia can't afford 6 years of Tim Kaine in Washington siding with his Democrat allies on their failed agenda.
Don't let George Allen take away my grandparents Social Security, Vote Tim Kaine and help keep WalStreet off of Main Street. If George Allen will take away Social Security, surely Medicaid would be right there up there on the same list.
I am kinda surprised, but am kind of happy that George Allen mentioned in his last statement that he lost his last election. I think the voters need to know that George Allen lost his last election to a relative political unknown, Jim Webb. This time we need someone who can take on a polished politician, who happens to be the right hand man of Obama when he chaired the DNC – Tim Kaine. It is time for bold colors – not pastels.
George Allen, Tim Kaine join up to roast longtime columnist: It’s the event Virginia political watchers have bee...
A-Team: President Obama has already opened 17 offices throughout the Commonwealth, hired top level staff and visited Virginia more than 80 times since he was elected. The nearly $200 million he has raised? Expect tens of millions of that will be funneled to Virginia - if not more. And as an "unabashed" supporter of the President, Tim Kaine stands to reap the benefits. Click below and help George Allen fight back!
Beyond outraising George Allen for the fourth consecutive quarter and doubling his number of Virginia donors, Democrat Tim Kaine managed to dominate the commonwealth’s narrative with a two-week economic tour that earned him dozens of positive local press clips. At stops in Charlottesville and Richm...
George Allen, a Republican, and Tim Kaine, a Democrat, are in a tight race for a seat that each man’s party wants desperately.
George Allen spoke on Foreign Relations last evening at the World Affairs Council. Tim Kaine will speak on the same topic in June. Former secretaries of Treasury and State will speak in May and September. I feel very fortunate to belong to this organization. I love the exposure to prominent figures in so many fields, as well as to lesser-known experts in those fields, and the discussions of all aspects of world affairs.
Patriots, while I was still reveling over Dorothy's win last night I had a scary thought: It took all of our concerted efforts to gain a 3 vote victory over the Republican establishment's candidate. If there had been another Tea Party candidate - even 1 - would she have won? Probably not! We have an Impossible Mission on June 12 when we have 3 (THREE) candidates running against George Allen. If we do not absolutely embrace ONE CANDIDATE, there is ZERO chance that George ALLEN will not be on the ballot in November. I know it is difficult to abandon your favorite, but sometimes we must choose a greater good! I personally believe Bishop Jackson would be the strongest candidate against Tim Kaine but he does not have the support at this time to get the nomination. In looking at polls, Jamie Radtke is the top opponent and she needs 100% of the Tea Party effort if there is any (that is ANY!!!) chance of having anyone other than George Allen on the ballot in November. Sorry, but that is the reality!
George Allen? Tim Kaine?Both are wrong for Virginia. Are a or for
i will Haz Senate Seat? Cat Running for Open Senate Seat in Virginia - Tim Kaine and George Allen take...
yeah, seems like it, they were smearing Tim Kaine pretty hard with the questions. lol, praised George Allen
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