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Tim Kaine

Timothy Michael Tim Kaine (born February 26, 1958) is a Virginia politician. Kaine served as the 70th Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, and was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. He was elected governor in 2005, after serving as the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and Mayor of Richmond, Virginia.

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Tim Kaine is as anti-choice as Mello, and has a worse record as go…
When clown Tim Kaine was asked by if he was returning Weinstein's campaign $, he just offered excuse then passed the bu…
you should probs google Tim Kaine's ch…
Diversion from pending arrests by No thanks this w/be MUCH bette…
I'd be even more excited to see someone challenge Tim Kaine's sanity 🤔
from Tim Kaine:. "President Trump’s health care executive order may seem a little complicated so let me break it down: It’s sabotage."
"My sense is that economic anxiety means electoral volatility"- Tim Kaine -
Tim Kaine thinks millions of people have **employer coverage through Obamacare exchanges**.
Don't fall for deception. Obamacare premiums will be Rising by 60% for Virginians and he knows it. Who does Tim Kaine work for?
Tim Kaine will make your insurance premium 60% higher in Virginia next year because he supports that crappy legislation
Make your voices heard tell Tim Kaine we don't want to pay 60% more for ObamaCare next year in Virginia a…
Will she turn out like Tim Kaine's kid?
Tim Kaine's leadership PAC, the Common Ground PAC, has given him 5 grand in this race. I mean this is old school establishment.
North Korea tested its sixth nuclear device earlier this month. Experts estimated that the blast from this test...
And how do you plan to do that Tim Kaine? Tell us how you plan to make healthcare better.
I hope everyone realizes our country is being brought down by enemies within...Maxine water…
Tim Kaine, not up until Nov '18, is running an excellent statewide race, with broad outreach. Should be a model, now.
Dr. Sadki talking education today with former candidate for Vice President and current Senator -Tim Kaine.
Tim Kaine is only a leading D by the accident of being picked for VP candidate.
Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine talked about the GOP attempts to change the health care landscape this morning
..and Tim Kaine stepped down as DNC chair in exchange for the VP spot wh…
Tim Kaine stepped down as DNC chair in 2011 and was replaced by Debbie W…
Tim Kaine you are the epitome of Weasel
He probably took the Tim Kaine online debate course.
Tim Kaine: "Exiting the Iran Agreement would damage America’s moral authority"
Both Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine supported restrictions on abortion. Bernie Sanders didn't. Who did you support,…
Wonder if Tim Kaine will rise up to d…
I never liked Tim Kaine's stance on Hyde, for the record. I also didn't like when Bernie Sanders called Planned Parenthood the establishment
Sanders opposes the Hyde amendment. Tim Kaine *literally said he supports it*
is that guy in the photo Tim Kaine? Get them old enough and they all blend together, features-wise.
Warren did not support Rand. Mike Lee and Tim Kaine did though. Weird mix.
Tim Kaine claims he doesn't know enough about Antifa to pass judgement. Does he not watch the news?
Tim Kaine and our (MN) Governor Mark Dayton should star in a remake of Dumb and Dumber. They both have that look naturally
The same Tim Kaine who actually delivered his swing state home turf for the Democrats (while…
Believe me, we know, we are Virginians who lived through Tim Kaine as Governor, he's one of the reasons our Governo…
What do you expect, Tim Kaine is a Communist in sheep's clothing. I know, he was my governor.
BREAKING: Virginia Senate race. Tim Kaine's 2012 margin was 186k. Dems have lost 276K voters since election day. Race is tight.
Let's judge people by their actions and not by their political spin. Tim Kaine should be ashamed.
Disgusting Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine's son Linwood attempting to suppress free speech last March, faces riot charges in MN
Reminder: is the armed wing of Wall St. Corporate 1% & led by the sons of the political elite:
You HAVE state power and we don't have free speech-you openly call for murder. = g…
Are you alleging that Tim Kaine's son would have been arrested protesting hillary's inauguration?
Who isnt? Antifa? Tim Kaine's son was arrested for violence…
Tim Kaine. the original creepy clown.
At the same time Tim Kaine was defending POC in Virginia FROM housing discrimination
Remember when Tim Kaine said Dems must "fight in the streets? And AG Lynch called for blood in the streets?.
Tim Kaine's stupidity got his son arrested during a protest. Now that's…
Tim Kaine is anti-white, and should be shouted down as such at any public appearance.
Tim Kaine: Have the KKK and Neo-Nazis outlawed and branded as domestic terrorist - Sign the Petition! via
News Flash .. Tim Kaine is smarter than his son but in a purely selfish way
.took on VA's own history in a Richmond Times-Dispatch oped: "did not occur in a vacuum."
Probably both. Otherwise why hide your face. Unless you are ashamed of what you are doing. Look at Tim Kaine's son
.great piece & I encourage other to share. Virginians must respond to this pain by accelerating progress
Tim Kaine is a clown, so is his son a member of antifa.
"Kaine was among 'five or six people all dressed in black clothing from head to toe'"
Our response to the hate & bigotry that came to Charlottesville should be to accelerate progress toward equality
Tim Kaine has promoted the Alt Left's violence
Mike Pence 🇺🇸. "and Drive the evil of radical Islamic terror from the face of the earth". (could you imagine Tim Kaine doing…
Put u in Germany in 1930 & you would have fit right in Tim Kaine. This kind of sratement a nazi would mak…
Gov. of Virginia has sided with antifa against 1st Amendment rights of those peacefully assembly. Remember when Tim Kaine son ar…
I think it's highly important that Tim Kaine specifically used the word "treason" to discuss Don Jr's meeting. h…
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Who else don't we "dig" Sell it somewhere else!. Tim Kaine. Chuck Schumer. Bill Clinton. Jerry Brown…
And Andrew McCabe, Terry McAuliffe and Tim Kaine - all from Virginia- swamp thick there -…
No one is! That's a rediculous, straw man argument. Who cares what Tim Kaine says? Something is rotten…
Tim Kaine is the crazy aunt , in the basement, that Ross Perot, talked about
Tim Kaine: "We're now beyond obstruction of justice...this is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potent…
Crazy Guggenheim knows he's Frank Fontaine , Tim Kaine doesn't know he's Crazy Guggen…
Tim Kaine: it's now potential treason. Ok; in point of fact + STARTED at "treason." ht…
Yes, Tim Kaine, many would love to pin treason on the Trumps, however the the laws in the USA are rather specific,…
Tim Kaine jumps back on Russia train to serve new levels of idiocity . Dems would love to pretend Hillary wouldnt seek info on opponents 😇
If there's anything I love about Tim Kaine, it's his commitment
Love that you had to remind people who Tim Kaine is.
If you care about $ in politics on both sides, learn about Tim Kaine's donors from
If Hillary had been able to capture the Stein votes in the Rust Belt, she would be in the White House right now. Unless Tim Kaine would be.
Democrat Tim Kaine: White People Need to be the Minority via
Tim Kaine, Bob McDonnel & now Tertry McAuliffe.Virginia doesn't do well when it comes to electing g…   10% Off
At this point I don't know who will emerge as the most popular candidate, but my favorit…
Like I swear god tests me in new ways everyday also they were talking bad about Tim Kaine too but the Mark Warner slander hurt the most
Remind me what Tim Kaine's position of choice is?
If you're going to count them as anti-abor…
Tim Kaine's son ... a party of violence, the…
Tim youngest son arrested at rally in via
And misogynistic, that's why Tim Kaine lost, misogyny
Interesting research: This guy Tim Kaine is holding is one of those calling for assassination
Mello is sponsored by an anti-choice group and has passed anti-choice laws. Tim Kaine is approved by 5/
BS is certainly willing to do that for his own personal gain. (No, Mello is not the same as Tim Kaine.) 4/
Tim Kaine also spoke. his entire speech was about how unprepared Trump was to lead. Zero talk about what…
If I have Tim Kaine figured out he's just getting them all i…
And Democrat Catholics wanted this man as VP. Tim Kaine announced Saturday that he believes the Catholic Church...
I think it was Tim Kaine. He and HRC looked like Mom…
Tim Kaine was dragging Hillary down because he's a man. Chelsea doesn't have that kind of baggage.…
& finally...I hold the unpopular position that prolife Dems need a home...and, ahem, Tim Kaine!
Your page is full of good ideas, like the book you published with Tim Kaine.
I just decided against moving back to Virginia because of its BLUE leadership aka Tim Ka…
Tim Kaine: "People like Condoleezza Rice and Albert Einstein show why we need the arts"
salutes Tim Kaine. 2016 wasn't his fault, yeah? Nonpartisanship! Keep on keeping on, Senator.
Awesome. I know that Tim Kaine and a Repub senator have been working on this too. Hope that it is…
Tim Kaine voted to cut the pensions of our great military veterans! He is a pathetic senator and a complete JOKE!
"Tim Kaine's sone is antifa"?. Where are the condemning this, Senator Kaine?…
Idk about Tim Kaine. I haven't followed his career closely. Bernie is not…
If you mean the crazy Terry McAuliffe/Tim Kaine one I think he saw it.
If runs for Virginia Senator against Tim Kaine dont run against him but if he doesnt u have my vote!!
Maxine Waters, Juan Williams, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine and the res…
Also when the Democratic National Convention was in Tim Kaine was screaming and yelling on…
Corey Stewart says he can beat Tim Kaine in 2018. . Okay.
In wake of razor-thin loss, Corey Stewart eyes Senate run against anti-white Tim Kaine in 2018 https…
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Republican Corey Stewart is eyeing Senate run against Tim Kaine in 2018
Is this what Tim Kaine wanted when House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others were shot at a GOP baseball game? https…
Sen. Tim Kaine on stage. Mentions Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring. Says he feels good about November.
Tim Kaine claims Trump pulling out of Paris Accord because he's 'jealous of Obama accomplishments' - ABC News -
Tim Kaine is insane, his son is a boozer, such Trump disdain, like Father, like Loser.
Tim Kaine claiming Trump is jealous of Obama's climate change deal has to be one of the dumbest things I've heard! Hey Ti…
Loser Tim Kaine Pushes Ridiculous Theory for Trump's Climate Deal Withdrawal go bail ur kid out again
Tim Kaine's son has done far more for than his father and his corporate backers.
We need to run Progressives like Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard. Not Corporate shills…
Trump 'withdrew from Paris because he is jealous of Obama'
this is why I want a jew gf, I never have to be under the illusion she's not scheming to destroy everything I love.
This guy analyses pepes for five minutes and suddenly thinks he's a white nationalist
Tim Kaine, in my opinion, is a kiss a** and will tail behind anyone who he believes to be beneficial to his interests.
Once again Tim Kaine makes a *** out of his self. Tim learn Tim here let me help.
Wearing a MASK? Sounds like Tim Kaine's SON was associated with ANTIFA! . Remember when they demanded we "accept the re…
Tim Kaine, you are such an ignorant ***
Trump pulled out of Paris climate deal because he's 'jealous' of Obama, Tim Kaine says - The Independent
ABC is full of lies Tim Kaine is a *** no one believes what he says. Why are they interviewing this nut
The brilliance of Tim Kaine can be summarized on a postal stamp! 👌
Tim Kaine isn't the sharpest tool in the shed,he confirms that every time he opens his mouth.
😂😂😂 Tim Kaine is a delusional *** He should just sh And work on being a better parent! His son is a thug!
Tim Kaine: Trump is 'jealous of Obama accomplishments'
Tim Kaine: Trump's jealousy of Obama is showing This clown has always been a proped up looser look like a jerk as a running mate.
Sen. Tim Kaine accuses Trump of being "jealous" of Obama's accomplishments
"...of COURSE I know what MIT stands for: it's secret code for 'TIM!' - prob…
Sen. Tim Kaine says Trump pulled out of Paris Agreement because he's "jealous" of President Obama.
Linwood Kaine, son of former Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, faces charges stemming from protest at Trump ral…
Question: do they do this to the men? Is Corey Booker or Bernie Sanders or Tim Kaine or Adam Schiff facing this?
Tim Kaine's son is a left-wing domestic terrorist. Fake News covers this up while attacking Trump's children! Sad!.
Linwood Michael Kaine, a son of Tim Kaine, faces misdemeanor charges after an incident at a pro-Trump rally in March
New AUMF by Sens.Tim Kaine (D) + Jeff Flake (R) grants Trump the power to wage world-wide war against "terror" :
and here's the 2015 version of ISIS that senators Kaine and Flake offered:.
20 mins and zero thirst. Looks like ur brand is dead
AUMF is back baby! Tim Kaine + Jeff Flake introducing new war auth for ISIS/al-Qaeda on Thurs. They tried 2 yrs ago:
FINALLY!! we're reducing the bloated, overwhelmed government YOU Tim Ka…
Looks like a troll, sounds like a lying troll, tis a troll!
THIS. "Dems will always lose on economic messaging unless we have a simple & compelling growth strategy" —
Tim Kaine: Democrats need to talk to the middle class - USA TODAY
The reason why tim Kaine was chosen was because he would not have any p…
100% YES! >> Democrats need to talk to the middle class
Someone didn't inform Tim Kaine his opinions no longer matter: Dems need to learn how to talk to the middle class
to return to her home country. Her family may accompany her. Fee free to take Tim Kaine with you.
Jennifer Palmieri, Director of Communications for Hillary's campaign, was just asked for "one name" to run in 2020... She sa…
For anyone who really believes the Democratic Party can reformed from within. Dream on.
Anyone who is putting Tim Kaine out there as a viable candidate in 2020 please sit down and STFU now.
Who's the imaginary voter who Tim Kaine says confuses their small business with Wall Street?
Sen. Tim Kaine on the AHCA: "There's no commitments that Democrats will be allowed to make amendments."
Senator Kaine made his statement during an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow.
"The main thing that jumped out at me, big time, was broken promises," says Senator Tim Kaine of 2018 budget
Did unable actually listen to Brennan? Apparently the answer is no.
"If [they] are about less taxes & less regulations, we should be about better skills, better jobs & better wages."
Every Democrat should read piece in
Wow. That's a tough one. Tim Kaine, Ed Markey, Kamela Harris are 3 finalist but the win is: Kamela Harris.
WOW Tim Kaine, seems he was Democratic VP with Clinton, I'l bet he…
What does Tim Kaine's family tree have in common with Downtown Abbey
Where was all this outrage when chose Tim Kaine as VP?
Tim Kaine, Harry Reid, and Bob Casey are just like him.
Probably for the same reason he endorsed Tim Kaine, who backed mandatory ultrasounds in V…
I agree and so does Bernie himself, but Tim Kaine, Bob Casey, Harry Reid and many, many other…
There's no room for pro-life people in the Democratic Party (except for Harry Reid, Joe Donnelly, Joe Manchin, Bob Casey, Tim Kaine, . Col...
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Mike Pence told me he had the ability to morph into a dog and once took a bite out of Tim Kaine's hindquarters
Tim Kaine getting a lil tiny feeling that there will be moderating the presidential debates!
In 2018. Defeat. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Angus King of Maine. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusett…
Jeff Flake says he's working with Tim Kaine on an AUMF that would apply better to the ISIS fight:…
Jeff Flake says he’s working with Tim Kaine on a new AUMF for Syria
Sen. Tim Kaine says President Trump won't call out Assad because the Trump administration is "cozy" with Russia
Sounds like Perriello is just shy of being as woke as Tim Kaine. Should win easily in Virginia.
everybody should blame dems for the 2010 midterms, with Obama, Axelrod, Rahm and Tim Kaine in the top 10
Tim Kaine only accepts massive class wealth inequality. He's good with that.
Tim Kaine, nothing but a liar like the rest of the Clown Kaine.
Dissapointed in colleagues, Gorsuch is excellent candidate 4 country. Not the VA way. htt…
Tim Kaine addresses Clinton supporters as VP pick
Anxious to see whether or not Your Nice Dad Tim Kaine makes an appearance.
Are you speaking of Dem Sen Tim Kaine who has the lawbreaking college age child. 24, I think he is.
Sen.Tim Kaine will be at the cocktail benefit today! We're so proud of all the great work of our DC chapte…
“Hillary is ready. Ready to fight. Ready to win. Ready to lead.”- Tim Kaine
U.S. Sen Tim Kaine's 24-year-old son had to be wrestled to the ground on Saturday, when officers arrested him..Like Father like son!!
Tim Kaine: If Democrats won in 2016, we would've let 41 GOP senators keep Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court. https:/…
Shocker: Tim Kaine LIES about Gorsuch! Media lets the sleaze slide!
On the bright side, unlike Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine was never on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' airplane. https:…
Does anyone else notice how the media photo shopped HRC's uncle to look like Tim Kaine on front of the issue?.
Do people feel like the choice of Tim Kaine was some kind of personal affront to Warren, or?
In an alternate universe, Hillary Clinton is President, Tim Kaine's son is not in jail, and we are in total nuclear wa…
So it takes 3 cops and chemical spray to arrest Tim Kaine's son at protest. He's not charged & out next morning. This both…
A son of Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine was arrested on Saturday after clashing with Trump supporters at the Minnesota State…
just crazy Tim Kaine and his kids... but he has an open relationship with wife so may not be his lol
3 cops, pepper spray used in arrest of Sen. Tim Kaine's son near Trump rally at Capitol via
Son of Tim Kaine is arrested for 'felony rioting' after disrupting a pro-Trump rally
Was he really "resisting"? Did they really need to pepper spray them and did they know he was Tim Kaine's son?
Tim Kaine incited this... proud "catholic" father. I guess his son just needs to pray to mary and all wil…
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Tim Kaine's son got arrested for setting off a smoke bomb and resisting arrest at a protest 😂😂
You might call this a... Kaine Mutiny 😎
Tim Kaine’s youngest son was arrested Saturday at pro-Pres. Trump rally in Minnesota
JUST IN: Tim Kaine's son arrested after riot at pro-Trump rally
Whoa…. Son of Hillary's running mate Tim Kaine is arrested on “suspicion of felony rioting”
Tim Kaine don't read this. Linwood Kaine, go on
Videos of the protests in Minnesota where Tim Kaine's son Linwood Kaine was arrested.
Tim Kaine's son arrested for rioting against Trymp. You can't make this stuff up.
EXCLUSIVE: Son of Sen. Tim Kaine was one of six arrested during Trump rally at state Capitol Saturday
The youngest son of Sen. Tim Kaine was arrested during counter protest at a rally in support of Pres. Trump
History of left causing violence at rallies: exposed Now son. https:…
Shooting fireworks at Trump supporters and trying to fight a cop? Cool, Tim Kaine's son.
The son of former pathetic VP candidate, Tim Kaine, was arrested for rioting at Trump rally. Source:
Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine's youngest son was arrested last Saturday on suspicion of second-degree rioting.
Son of Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine arrested for 'rioting' at pro-Trump rally
Violence from the left & nobody's surprised... Tim Kaine's Son Arrested for Alleged Role in MN Anti-Trump Riot
Sen. Tim Kaine's son was arrested at a Trump rally protest in St. Paul
Linwood Michael Kaine, the youngest son of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, was arrested Saturday in St. Paul, Minnesota for d… ht…
Tim Kaine buys a fast pass at amusement parks but still waits in the regular line because why should he get "special treatment"?
Tim Kaine parks his car in the sun so other people can park in the
Gang activity prompts search in Va. parks | WTOP via Human garbage that Tim Kaine supporys with $8.4mil grant
Everybody except Tim Kaine and forgot Tim Kaine was the vice presidential nominee.
I forgot Tim Kaine was the vice presidential nominee until just now
To be arrested by the FBI, Chuck Ellis Schumer, Tim Kaine and Richard Blumenthal. - YouTube
Dumbledore appears before Hillary. "Tim Kaine has voted to confirm seven Trump nominees," he whispers as Hillary lets loo…
Creepy weasels abound on the Left: Ron Wyden, Richard Blumenthal, Al Franken, Tim Kaine--a Mount Rushmore of cringe.
What do these people have in common? . Barney Frank . Tim Kaine . Lindsey Graham . Diane Feinstein . John McCain. Chuck Schumer . Nancy Pelosi
i figured out some but cant figure out others?. NP- Nancy Pelosi . TK- Tim Kaine. JM- John McCain . LG- Lindsa…
Sad thing is, Tim Kaine probably is. Hope these guys heal quickly and that they have some legal recourse.
Sorry to hear you are backing Betsy. Saw her being questioned by Tim Kaine and she chose to be so difficult.
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Tim Kaine is that guy that tried to correct the teacher to seem smarter but was actually wrong and hated by everyone for it…
Tim Kaine should be in PRISON for inciting riots!!!
I hope she is not approved. Saw her being questioned by Tim Kaine - she was calm, smiling - and so DIFFICULT.
Tim Kaine just can't accept the way it is another Senate Cry-Baby
Yep, just like Tim Kaine validating the physical harm of not only Trump supporters, but also women and children,
Berkeley riots day after calls for Trump opponents to ‘fight in the streets’ via
And she's also the GOP's top recruit prospect against Tim Kaine in
ISIS and all others are "laughing at Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine on 60 Minutes"
if you go close to tim kaine's face you can smell Soros's ***
Goes on live TV and promotes violence and riots. Breaking News: Tim Kaine just lost his bid for re-elec…
Tim Kaine: Trump is strengthening our enemies via
Loser Tim Kaine: Trump's talk with allies 'amateur hour' Psycho Kaine sit in the ba…
How much of the testosterone drop has to do with having to support Tim Kaine?
Tim Kaine: Trump's talk with allies 'amateur hour'
Tim Kaine. U r a coward. Calling 2 others 2 fight in the streets is the mark of pure cowardice. U wou…
domain names
Tuesday, Sen. Tim Kaine asked Democrats to “fight in the streets". Wednesday at UC Berkeley, they beat this man uncon…
CHRİS HAYES 2/2/17 Tim Kaine: Trump is strengthening our enemies: via
Tim Kaine & his Soros-induced call 4 "Fighting in the streets" is a manipulatjon used 2 get OTHER people involved in Felony…
PLEASE, this Idiotic INSTIGATOR needs to Charged~INCITING RIOTS!!. BREAKING: Tim Kaine calls for "FIGHTING IN h…
Seriously. Tim Kaine is guilty for inciting political violence that caused grave injury or death.
just went up with Tim Kaine calling for fighting in the streets
Good! It's none of your business, Tim Kaine.
Democratic establishment has you exactly where they want you frightened liberals. Tim Kaine will save us! Kool aid tas…
Anyone else notice how useless Tim Kaine is in the Senate?. Why was he on the ticket again?
Tim Kaine is a nice guy. The rest of us have far more fitting adjectives for Donald's actions.
Sen. Tim Kaine: President Donald Trump's heated exchange with the Australian PM is... by via
Tim Kaine has voted YES on all 5 Trump nominees. So has Amy Klobuchar, Dianne Feinstein & Sheldon Whitehouse
Tim Kaine. Remember him, everybody? I wonder why Democrats lost the 2016 general election.
It's no help to Americans if leaders in the country exhort violence just cuz it's a neat soundbite.
Sen. Tim Kaine: Customs and Border Protection says green card holders are subject to executive order featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sen. Tim Kaine responds to Reince Priebus on "He demonstrated complete confusion about what [Trump's executive] ord…
Tim Kaine announces he will oppose Betsy Devos nomination for education secretary.
Tim Kaine employee says that it's wrong that Trump reacted to John Lewis comment. 😂 Why do liberals always point fingers???
Laura Ingraham confirms she's considering Senate bid to unseat Tim Kaine via
VENGEANCE IS SWEET! Laura Ingraham Just Got Ultimate Revenge on Tim Kaine that will Ruin his Career
Betsy Devos admits to Sen. Tim Kaine that she does not support holding charter schools "equally accountable" as public sch…
Tim Kaine: You and your children have never attended a public school, correct? Betsy Devos: Correct.
Sen. Tim Kaine asks why Betsy Devos called the public school system a "dead end" even though she has no experience with pu…
really? Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi, Martin O'Malley, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Stabenow all contributed, all "Clinton ppl". Just stop.
“Tim Kaine is as good a man as humble and committed a public servant, as anyone I know. He will be a great vice president.”- President Obama
Tim Kaine is demolishing over the fact that & lied about change. Rex refusing to answer ques…
Tim Kaine ''Proof?What Proof? We don't need no stinkin proof we're just trying to de-legitimize Trump bc we lost.'' Jam…
The most unsettling thing about this Senate hearing on intel is how unqualified men like Tim Kaine sound when they say t…
Hey everbody- lsome GOOD NEWS-Tim Kaine has been appointed to Senate Committee for Health, Education, Labor & Pensions. Says ACAa priority!❤
Jill Stein joins Khizr Khan, Alicia Machado, Michelle Fields, Huma Abedin and Tim Kaine in the DNC Phantom …
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Ex-Congressman Eric Cantor says no to any least in 2018. He won't challenge Sen. Tim Kaine.
What a Moron? The only violence was with a Car and Knife. The Gun was used to stop the violence!
Rebel scum senator calls for clumsy blaster reform in immediate wake of OSU sabre attack.
You made me think of the movie It Starring Tim Kaine 😅
I bet Nancy Pelosi and Tim Kaine's pastor believes homosexuality is a sin
are you sure Tim kaine didn't turn it into gun violence
AWWW I'M a terrible person, folks. Boohoo! 😢. (Didn't Tim Kaine just try to make the Ohio State car and knife killings abo…
your audience is the only thing smaller than a Tim kaine rally.
Had Hillary asserted Tim Kaine grew an Afro during his year in Honduras, as outreach to Blacks...Lat…
You cannot be serious. Look at Kaine. . Hillary – Evergreen. Bill - Eagle. Bernie – Intrepid. Tim - Daredevil
Tim kaine's harmonica was the best part of this campaign season
Tbh I was looking forward to Tim Kaine playing the national anthem on the harmonica on Inauguration Day and I'm sad it won't…
Did say that when Tim Kaine and DWS were DNC chairs?
I was really hoping for Corey Booker!! or Julian Castro. Tim Kaine was disappointing
So Hillary is almost 3 million votes ahead. Hillary sure touched my heart, and Tim Kaine did too!
You know you suck when you're Jill Stein & you're the warmup act for Tim Kaine
The country hasn't seen the last of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
Ok, one more time Hillary & Tim Kaine are white. 100% of the votes cast in the election were cast for a…
Totally *** TIM KAINE... can you imagine this pooch clown may have been our VP?!
ICYMI we've decided our only path forward to achieve the is to convince Tim Kaine to…
Remember that one time. when Tim Kaine held that massive rally down in Florida? And 38 People showed up? LOL
This speech by Senator Tim Kaine is absolutely worth reading regardless of your political affiliation.
Is Tim Kaine somewhere listening to sad boleros and washing down his disappointment with guaro?
He's playing it close to the vest if so. He sent out his "final" message today. I got a fundraising appeal for Tim Kaine campaign in a.m.
Tim Kaine blames 'gun violence' for Ohio State car-and-knife attack
Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), FOX News, Internati... via
John McCain, Herman Cain, Tim Kaine and Charles Foster Kane all lost. Maybe the name is cursed.
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