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Tim Kaine

Timothy Michael Tim Kaine (born February 26, 1958) is a Virginia politician. Kaine served as the 70th Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, and was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. He was elected governor in 2005, after serving as the 38th Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and Mayor of Richmond, Virginia.

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Sen. Tim Kaine: Customs and Border Protection says green card holders are subject to executive order
Sen. Tim Kaine responds to Reince Priebus on "He demonstrated complete confusion about what [Trump's executive] ord…
Tim Kaine announces he will oppose Betsy DeVos nomination for education secretary.
Tim Kaine employee says that it's wrong that Trump reacted to John Lewis comment. 😂 Why do liberals always point fingers???
Laura Ingraham confirms she's considering Senate bid to unseat Tim Kaine via
VENGEANCE IS SWEET! Laura Ingraham Just Got Ultimate Revenge on Tim Kaine that will Ruin his Career
Betsy DeVos admits to Sen. Tim Kaine that she does not support holding charter schools "equally accountable" as public sch…
Tim Kaine: You and your children have never attended a public school, correct? Betsy DeVos: Correct.
Sen. Tim Kaine asks why Betsy DeVos called the public school system a "dead end" even though she has no experience with pu…
really? Tim Kaine, Nancy Pelosi, Martin O'Malley, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Stabenow all contributed, all "Clinton ppl". Just stop.
“Tim Kaine is as good a man as humble and committed a public servant, as anyone I know. He will be a great Vice President.”- President Obama
Tim Kaine is demolishing over the fact that & lied about change. Rex refusing to answer ques…
Tim Kaine ''Proof?What Proof? We don't need no stinkin proof we're just trying to de-legitimize Trump bc we lost.'' Jam…
The most unsettling thing about this Senate hearing on intel is how unqualified men like Tim Kaine sound when they say t…
Hey everbody- lsome GOOD NEWS-Tim Kaine has been appointed to Senate Committee for Health, Education, Labor & Pensions. Says ACAa priority!❤
Jill Stein joins Khizr Khan, Alicia Machado, Michelle Fields, Huma Abedin and Tim Kaine in the DNC Phantom …
Ex-Congressman Eric Cantor says no to any least in 2018. He won't challenge Sen. Tim Kaine.
What a Moron? The only violence was with a Car and Knife. The Gun was used to stop the violence!
Rebel scum senator calls for clumsy blaster reform in immediate wake of OSU sabre attack.
You made me think of the movie It Starring Tim Kaine 😅
I bet Nancy Pelosi and Tim Kaine's pastor believes homosexuality is a sin
are you sure Tim kaine didn't turn it into gun violence
AWWW I'M a terrible person, folks. Boohoo! 😢. (Didn't Tim Kaine just try to make the Ohio State car and knife killings abo…
your audience is the only thing smaller than a Tim kaine rally.
Had Hillary asserted Tim Kaine grew an Afro during his year in Honduras, as outreach to Blacks...Lat…
You cannot be serious. Look at Kaine. . Hillary – Evergreen. Bill - Eagle. Bernie – Intrepid. Tim - Daredevil
Tim kaine's harmonica was the best part of this campaign season
Tbh I was looking forward to Tim Kaine playing the national anthem on the harmonica on Inauguration Day and I'm sad it won't…
Did say that when Tim Kaine and DWS were DNC chairs?
I was really hoping for Corey Booker!! or Julian Castro. Tim Kaine was disappointing
So Hillary is almost 3 million votes ahead. Hillary sure touched my heart, and Tim Kaine did too!
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You know you suck when you're Jill Stein & you're the warmup act for Tim Kaine
The country hasn't seen the last of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
Ok, one more time Hillary & Tim Kaine are white. 100% of the votes cast in the election were cast for a…
Totally *** TIM KAINE... can you imagine this pooch clown may have been our VP?!
ICYMI we've decided our only path forward to achieve the is to convince Tim Kaine to…
Remember that one time. when Tim Kaine held that massive rally down in Florida? And 38 People showed up? LOL
This speech by Senator Tim Kaine is absolutely worth reading regardless of your political affiliation.
Is Tim Kaine somewhere listening to sad boleros and washing down his disappointment with guaro?
He's playing it close to the vest if so. He sent out his "final" message today. I got a fundraising appeal for Tim Kaine campaign in a.m.
Tim Kaine blames 'gun violence' for Ohio State car-and-knife attack
Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), FOX News, Internati... via
John McCain, Herman Cain, Tim Kaine and Charles Foster Kane all lost. Maybe the name is cursed.
We all knew it was, its WH, Candidate loser Tim Kaine always thinks its an American White gunman
By all accounts, Tim Kaine is the epitome of an ally. A White man who's shed a lot of privilege to commune with and serve…
Hey - the church Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Ted Kennedy belong to also teaches homosexuality is a sin.
. I am so glad this man is not Vice President elect! Tim Kaine needs to let his head out to see some sunshine! . leadership
Tim Kaine looks & sounds guilty. His state of Virginia probably did cheat with his help. Why else would he be in such a tizzy.
Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine: We're going to need you to leave the woods and come help us with electoral college decisi…
Remember - month ago when tens of supporters attend Tim Kaine rally in West Palm Beach, FL.
Tim Kaine who is heavily influenced by Liberation Theology Jesuits, and their unyielding belief in helping the downtrodden.
Melanie, this is Virginia who elected Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe as Governor. They also went for Hillary. They like…
Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., says he won't run for US president in 2020, says he wants to stay in Senate - Times-Dispatch
When asked about the Dems' bench, Obama lists Kamala Harris, Tim Kaine, Michael Bennet and Pete Buttigieg
Right now, in a parallel universe, Michèle Flournoy oversees a flawless Pentagon transition, Tim Kaine is finalizing a new AUMF, birds sing.
and she's 35 and an Iraq War veteran. She's the future, not Howard Dean and Tim Kaine
The Democratic establishment thinks Tim Kaine, Cory Booker, and Chelsea Clinton are the future. This is how out of touch…
Tim Kaine for president... Howard Dean for - good, good, let's get all the bad ideas out of the way first.
listen!!! He sure was! & u see Hillary's running mate Tim Kaine's young pics girl! Tall glass a watah right there
"I want to thank Tim Kaine and Anne Holton for being our partners on this journey." —Hillary
Maybe she should have put Bernie or Elizabeth Warren on the ticket instead of Tim Kaine who almost didn't even get her Virginia?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tim Kaine quotes Langston Hughes, saying Clinton “held fast to dreams.” Here is the full poem.
Senators Elizabeth Warren and Tim Kaine are both up for reelection in 2018. And they also may both be carefully eyeing 2020.
i would say its the party of Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, Maggie Hassan, Roy Cooper, Cortez-Masto etc. (cont)
Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine giving his speech at the New Yorker Hotel’s Grand Ballroom.
As a Dutch woman on holiday in US, now looking First Paul Ryan now Tim Kaine then Hillary Clinton; have to cry ...
Tim Kaine was VA senator??? Y'all too loyal to the idea of a republican state that you forget any loyalty to someone who was elected by VA!?
On the flight to NYC, Tim Kaine gave each member of his staff a signed harmonica, a bottle of Virginia wine and a persona…
Vice Presidential candidate Senator Tim Kaine cast his ballot early this morning in Virginia.
Still undecided? Here's a little more information about Hillary Clinton's running mate
Decided to dig into Tim Kaine before he became VP nom, and found a surprising history
Bet your school didn't have the First Slay-dy of the US, Hillary, Miley, Bernie, Tim Kaine, and Joe Biden. Holy *** I love…
Tim Kaine delivered a speech entirely in Spanish. Still easier to understand than Melania.p
Here we go. Tim Kaine and his parents Al and Kathy Kaine get ready to board the big flight from Richmond, VA to New York Cit…
Tim Kaine casts his ballot with his mother in Virginia
After voting in VA, Tim Kaine said today's election could come down to 4 "checkmate states" - NC, PA, FL and OH.
I don't know much about Tim Kaine but I hear he has a lot of support up in that area
.fight for stricter gun laws is defined by the tragic April 16 shooting at htt…
Tim Kaine Speaks on DAPL: 'Looking at Route Alternatives Is the Right Thing to Do'.
Tim Kaine, you are correct. That's why we're voting for . .
Senator Tim Kaine speaking about Sikhs and Sikhism in America
I voted this morning for Hillary Clinton,TIM KAINE & ALL BLUE!
Tim Kaine is ready to fly to New York City.
Go check out my video of me singing the National Anthem at the Tim Kaine rally please! The link is in my bio 😉
Tim Kaine is running with her for Vice President
Tim Kaine is a liar like Clinton, she ain't done sht in 30 years nor will she is 4 more. Kaine makes felons legal 2…
See Tim Kaine’s final pitch to undecided voters on
it was ignorant close in 2012. Virginia should be a lock...Tim Kaine is the man.
Tim Kaine ends up second in line behind a 99-year-old voter as he casts his ballot on
If Hilary wins I will have a nice time roasting Tim kaine
If the dems lose, will Tim Kaine rejoin Blues Traveler?
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NoBookingFeeVac: Tim Kaine has demonstrably better taste in restaurants than Mike Pence
Sen. Tim Kaine: If we win, "the burden will be on our shoulders" to show we are an administration for everybody
Richmond, Va, home of VP candidate Tim Kaine. Took 20 minutes before 7 am
Tim Kaine now in CNN: Playing the harmonica and talking in Spanish have been the two must fun things for me in this campaign.
I just remembered that Tim Kaine exists.
Tim Kaine poses for a photo with his staff before boarding his plane to fly to NYC for election night
Tim Kaine, always prepared, still ends up second in line (to vote) via
Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine played harmonica with Jon Bon Jovi last night in Florida
Video: predicts that Tom Davis will be the GOP nominee for US Senate for Tim Kaine's seat in 2017
I just want someone to love me like Tim Kaine lives literally everything
Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine jams with Bon Jovi in St. Petersburg (w/video)…
Dear Patriots:. Vice President Joe Biden will join Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate Tim Kaine at this...
Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine stops in Raleigh: … Click to Continue »
Tim Kaine goes to a black Catholic church and speaks fluent Spanish. Tim Kaine is the American melting pot.
LIVE on Ryan Mauro EXPOSES Tim Kaine & His Ties to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!!!
Two days until the election and I still couldn't pick Tim Kaine out of a police line up
NEW...Clinton running mate Tim Kaine says there are "people within the FBI actively working…to try to help the Trump camp…
Sen. Tim Kaine, your basic pipsqueak, boycotted PM Netanyahu's address to Congress on Now he's running with…
How can you remember how Kaine is spelled in names, like Tim Kaine's name, for example? Kane Cane Kain Kaine Caine Cain Kayne Cayne ...
IN BRIEF: Tim Kaine rallies for Hillary Clinton in Tucson - The Daily Wildcat
It's not only The dangerous liaison id Tim Kaine with
Clinton campaign cancels Iowa get out the vote event with Bill Clinton and Tim Kaine af... - Daily Mail
Clinton camp sends an email about Tim Kaine's Phoenix visit this Thursday, saying he will "deliver remarks entirely in Spanish"
Inbox: Tim Kaine will deliver his Thursday speech in Phoenix entirely in Spanish— camp says it's "a first for an organize…
STORY: Tim Kaine to deliver Spanish speech in on Thursday
Kain's Priest bans Hillary Clinton's VP bet Tim Kaine from taking Holy Communion in his church till he repents
Tim Kaine had 500 people at the Taylor MI UAW rally at the firehouse with Debbie Dingell and Debbie stabenow today. Only 500 people.
Tim Kaine and Mike Pence spar over issues, interruptions and insults
Tim Kaine with a Virginia bar license should sue Hillary if she's elected so then he can get the presidency for free
Tell that to Tim Kaine, he couldn't be copied with big pharma
"Tim Kaine canceled a single campaign stop so the Clinton campaign is imploding." Oh okay.
and ironically enough Tim Kaine "prefers not to read the lies that are leaked". Such ignorance.
Tim Kaine has a very close resemblance TO THE JOKER can not see him as a possible PRESIDENT. PENCE YES!!!
HRC & Tim Kaine > Investigation so close to Election is fishy. Hmmm ... smear campaign w/- phoney accusations of gropi…
I get the feeling that waking up in the morning can be "extremely puzzling" to Tim Kaine. Maybe...I'm wrong about that, how…
This tape of Secret Muslim Tim Kaine makes Alec Baldwin's undercover tape of him yelling at his daughter a few...
If Hillary gets elected and then gets indicted we're going to get that doofus Tim Kaine as president you think about that
Just listened to a couple other videos of him speaking,doesn't sound even remotely like him,
Also read Obama was canceling events due to your prize candidate being investigated by the FBI.
Tim Kaine wants to BAN CATHOLICS from the US if they dont accept abortion
On the road with Tim Kaine - the happy warrior embraces 'big league politics'
Tim Kaine wants James Comey to say if he's even seen the new emails
Our next Vice President, Tim Kaine giving us some Saturday night fun on the harmonica! Go VP Kaine!
"The Dangers of Donald Trump" Democrats are calling for Hillary to step down and let Tim Kaine Run. Great idea for some decency
"James Comey is wonderful, tough, career prosecutor with the highest standards of integrity" - Tim Kaine one week ago
Tim Kaine can't get more than 30, Hillary's asleep in her van and this high energy time traveler is packing 4 huge venues a…
Mike Pence praises the FBI director, while Tim Kaine criticizes him
DEVELOPING: New headaches for VP nominee Tim Kaine as alleged mistress comes forward with tape of threats, verbal abuse.…
Tim Kaine looks like Grandpa Munster after too many Red Bulls.
Tim Kaine battles a loud train horn during a speech last week. . Sounds like the Trump train! 😂 🚂
Video: 2 weeks before a PRESIDENTIAL election and Tim Kaine has NO CROWDS-but they're WINNING in a "landslide?" NO. https:/…
Tim Kaine canceled event in Sarasota. I guess he couldn't get more than 30 to attend😂. ☀️https:…
Governor Mike Pence is AWESOME! Our next Vice President of the United States of America! (Tim Kaine had 30 people join him…
30 people show up to Tim Kaine rally in Florida. They better rig this thing or it will be embarrassing. Ronald McDonald is hiring clowns Tim
Source tells me Tim Kaine will have an op-ED in the going up online shortly, on eve of Mike Pence's visit to…
As a politician, Tim Kaine has elements of Joe Biden’s heart and Barack Obama’s brain. He has never lost an election https:/…
And note what WikiLeaks says about forthcoming Tim Kaine revelations!
"Tim Kaine is about as pro-competition as the average person is pro-spastic colon cancer." AT&T-Time Warner merger
360° view of the Tim Kaine Orlando rally. About to start in 7 minutes. This is a 500 person venue. It's not filled.
Tim Kaine on Donald Trump in FL: He won't defend democratic traditions, he wont condemn a foreign nation trying to destabili…
What this means is Tim Kaine and the Castro brothers need to cross every inch of Texas to engage the Latino community and…
This needs attention fast. As it happens Tim Kaine would be ideal to organize a US response
Tim Kaine going berserk at his 11 year old daughter for almost 3 minutes.
The WikiLeaks emails show that Tim Kaine was selected as VP over a year ago - WHY? What is it that they see in him that…
Republican delegates seek answers from Tim Kaine on Jens Soering case via
Tim Kaine holds earl voting rally in Gainesville
Suspect eager-to-please Tim Kaine's role will be to give HRC pedicures in the Oval Ofc
These are the moments that we should be seeing more of. Tim Kaine talking in PA w a voter who lost her job:
Tim Kaine is a traitor to this nation and will hopefully be treated as such after Trump takes office.
"Roast this creep Can't wait till tomorrow" —
Lifelong Democrat and ex-Tim Kaine staffer "It's unconscionable to vote for Hillary".
One has to wonder why would be covering for Tim Kaine like this?. What was he promised?. What is he hiding? http…
Tim Kaine: 'We like what we see' in early voting. But Democrats aren't taking victory for granted
Tim Kaine on Anti-Immigration. What are we to believe?. flip flopping for votes. . h…
If elected, Tim Kaine will be the most music-savvy VP in American history.
Tim Kaine rally Orlando. 500 person capacity gym. This so full. No more people coming in from outside. Sad!.
Tim Kaine is a child molester how could anyone do this? - - Crooked Campaign…
a 500 ppl. venue is half way full. how on earth is the media trying to tell us HC and Tim Kaine are winning.
Tim Kaine rally today in Virginia maybe CNN and MSNBC are right they do have momentum!
Tim Kaine says there's a term for people like Trump who won't say they'll abide by election results: "Sore loser."
Kaine: Picking me as VP shows Clinton's views on Catholics | Getty
Tim Kaine is another reason to vote Trump
As he got back to his plane in Philadelphia, Tim Kaine was greeted by his wife Anne and Dr. Jill Biden.
what to a Stalin represented "unjust Soviet "propaganda" but the Vice Presidential Debate: Mike Pence vs. Tim Kaine
The scariest clown sighting that I have seen was Tim Kaine at the Vice Presidential debate
Hillary Clinton VP candidate Tim Kaine today on his agenda-free "pushing" of the U.S military
Tim Kaine was already picked as VEEP in June 2015, everyone who thought they were in with a shot, was played.
Miley Cyrus to campaign for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine at George Mason University via
promises the next release will affect Tim Kaine and Interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile
⚡️ “Wikileaks claim to have a 'surprise' for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile”.
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Looking forward to whatever beans has to spill on Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile.
WikiLeaks issues cryptic warning to Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile
There's more? WikiLeaks teases 'suprise' for Tim Kaine and Donna Brazile -.
Tim Kaine is joining us for a rally at North Carolina Central University.
Tim Kaine trying so hard to relate to millenials.
.Who let Tim Kaine go to the Red Derby???
it be wise to utilise Tim Kaine's ability to speak fluent Spanish in the Southern states such as Arizona.
Tim Kaine delivered entire speech in Spanish at Miami church (1st for candidate on major-party presidential ticket): h…
Ask Tim Kaine about the voice mail he left to his daughter
via Tim Kaine exploding on his 11yr old on voice mail.
listen to YouTube voice mail from Tim Kaine, it will make your skin crawl
This headline pretty much sums up the difference between Democrats and Republicans.
Shame on the GOP trying to smear Tim Kaine!
So apparently some Alt-Right group is trying to pass off Alec Baldwin's angry phone message to his daughter from 2007 as being Tim Kaine.
We need a prez & v-p who will PROTECT AND SERVE AMERICANS, not foreign interests.
Tim Kaine made history today in Miami: First major party candidate to deliver campaign speech entirely in Spanish! http…
The debate is a crucible where we determine demeanor - Tim Kaine . *Trump gets out his dictionary.
"squirms trying to defend Clinton camp over WikiLeaks".
This campaign is rigged. Now Tim Kaine is giving entire church services in Spanish!
Kaine delivers entire speech in Spanish at Miami church via for iOS
We had a strong bench, but Tim Kaine was definitely the right pick!
Pence, Kaine face off in VP debate: What's happening now
Is this Tim Kaine... or that other father-of-the-year, Alec Baldwin?
Tim Kaine made history Sunday in Miami as the first presidential ticket nominee to ever deliver a campaign speech entirel…
This is what the Democrat Party is. Disgraceful...
I Love Tim Kaine but Hillary.. Hillary isn't the best for me man..
WAPO claims Hillary voters are more enthusiastic than Trump. As proof, Kaine draws a crowd of 50 in Miami. 50.
Hillary Clinton 2016 As governor Tim Kaine Virginia was rated the best state ... >RT .http…
Tippy Toe Tim Kaine uses Secret deodorant because it's strong enough for a man but made for a woman!
His other secret twin is Tim Kaine. cc
CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT: in the movie "2016", the part of Tim Kaine will be played by John Billingsley from Star Trek: Enterpr…
Tim Kaine is for discarding the Hyde Amendment, and even thinks a woman can Consecrate the Eucharist. .
I like Tim Kaine but I still wish Hillary had gone with Elizabeth Warren.
Anyone else notice that Tim Kaine is in hiding? 😂. Michelle Obama is trying to protect POTUS awful legacy, sad reall…
Topic: Marxist heroes of Tim Kaine include Jesuit Jim Carney. Guest: Mike Gendron. What do you know about Jesuit...
Stop circulating that "Tim Kaine" voicemail. It's not him, it's Alec Baldwin. Why are some resorting to hoaxes when we h…
To my non-Catholic friends.Jesuits are an order of Catholic priests.Tim Kaine is not one.The problem is Liberation…
Tim Kaine believes in Liberation Theology, the attempt to hijack the Gospel in the service of Marxism. He's a heretic, imho
Tim Kaine believes in Liberation Theology therefore not a true catholic. Under Pope John Paul II he would be excommunicated
Tim Kaine is a devotee of Liberation Theology, which was a Russian KGB creation.
Tim Kaine goes off on Trump today in CO: "The day Hillary Clinton is elected President, she will not give a second though…
.Great analysis -- Peggy Noonan is exactly right that Tim Kaine is to blame for the lack of "seriousness" in our politics.
The Progressive Case For Tim Kaine As VP Tim Kaine took on in its home state (& won)
Who NOT to invite to your man cave: Billy Bush, Tim Kaine, Bathhouse Barry Obama, Richard Simmons or Paul Ryan.
Tim Kaine in 2005: "I am deeply opposed to illegal immigration.". Describes them as a "flood". What a racist.
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Samantha Bee on Tim Kaine: Remind Me, Why Isn’t Elizabeth Warren on the Ticket? (Video) 
Tim Kaine, today in Philly: 'A farmer doesn’t grow its pig by weighing it more times.'. Uh, what?
Tim Kaine said Gary Johnson's Syria remarks were "incredibly disrespectful to the troops"
FEMA is flying Tim Kaine to Florida where Hurricane Matthew will make landfall to see if he can interrupt it.
just watch the Vice President debate Tim Kaine said equal pay for women when Hillary Foundation pays women l…
Tim Kaine was great in Galaxy Quest. That was him, right?
Tim Kaine smile reminds me of this character from Galaxy Quest. The actor, Jed Rees has the VP role on lock down for the…
Tim Kaine totally looks like Glenn from The Ringer. Or Teb from Galaxy Quest, if you prefer.
Yes but when is Mike Pence going to call out Tim Kaine on FECKLESSLY pretending he wasn't in Galaxy Quest.
It all makes sense now. Tim Kaine is Teb from Galaxy Quest!
Mike Pence is correct. Tim Kaine was among the Senators who boycotted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech last year…
CNN focus group overwhelmingly picks Tim Kaine as the “clear winner” of the VP debate
Mike Pence sounds like a wise uncle who tells you stories about life that have important lessons. Tim Kaine is the uncle that…
Tim Kaine acted like an over-caffeinated, ANNOYING, persnickety Felix Unger from the Odd Couple!
Tim Kaine is what you get when you create a public sphere that pretends to be neutral - he is the logical conclusion of John Rawls
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Pence made it seem as if Trump's own words, when spoken by Tim Kaine, somehow discredited Tim Kaine. - Michael Brendan Dougherty
I think the country just learned why Tim Kaine's term as Governor led to the biggest Republican landslide in Virginia histo…
There's a reason why Eddie Haskell never got his own TV show. Tim Kaine suffers from Eddie Haskell Effec…
2 things seem certain from last nights events, Tim Kaine is a childish jerk and Buck Showalter will lose his job after terrible management.
Tim Kaine being compared to Eddie Haskell...LMAO. So true. If you don't know Eddie Haskell, Google him... Leave It To Beaver
The constant interruptions last night by Tim Kaine should not have been allowed. Mike Pence won big!
If I were to sum up Gov. Mike Pence in one word, it would be "Class". If I sum up Tim Kaine, it would be "Obnoxious".
LISTEN: Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence 70 times during the
Mike Pence telling the to Tim Kaine- at the
The trust of women IS the issue. Pence and Trump don't trust women. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine do.
Tim Kaine was the wrong choice, and may very well cost Hillary the election. This was true before and after the debate.
Hey Joe have you been drinking moonshine again,Hillary Clinton&Tim Kaine would be a disaster for freedom loving America…
The big government liberal Tim Kaine just made the case for allowing people to choose for themselves - but not on healt…
Sen. Tim Kaine and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence go head-to-head in their 1st debate tonight at 6 p.m. How well do you know the VP…
Tim Kaine did his best impression: he lied every time he opened his mouth. 'Debate Fact-Check'
Tim Kaine: “The Trump organization is an octopus-like organization with tentacles all over the world”
In the US Vice Presidential debate, Mike Pence deflects Tim Kaine's attacks and does damage control for Donald Trump
About 38% of registered voters each expect Tim Kaine or Mike Pence to do better in tonight’s VP debate
Tim Kaine debated as the 2016 Vice Presidential candidate. Mike Pence debated as a 2020 presidential hopeful.
I wonder does Tim Kaine realize that Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) changed her mind about
Really not feeling this Tim Kaine thing. Reminds me of melted vanilla ice cream.
I love this...Erick Erickson's head is on Tim Kaine's shoulders...they are both so whiney
Notice how Mike Pence didn't even bother to take Tim Kaine's bait? Trump must do this. No need to launch elaborate defe…
Mike Pence is class act. Tim Kaine is a joke. HRC is ill. Can you imagine a Pres Kaine?God help us all.
Tim Kaine's eyebrows are driving me nuts! He has evil eyes..smiling like Mr. Burns on The Simpsons! Creepy! Bad judgm…
Tim Kaine unloads the nasty things that Donald Trump has said on Mike Pence
More important than platform is her choosing conservative Tim Kaine as VP pick. That was a big signal to progress…
Tim Kaine may look like Brian Doyle-Murray in a cotton candy machine, but Mike Pence looks like Putin's son born in a laboratory.
Tim Kaine: "Americans need to worry about whether Trump will be watching out for America's bottom line or his own" https:/…
Early in the Tim Kaine had this to say about Donald Trump. Here are memorable one-liners from the night:   10% Off
Mike Pence can’t believe Tim Kaine would insult Donald Trump by quoting him
Dear Mike Pence & Tim Kaine, no one wants your wars for Israel in the Middle East. . THIS is Jeffersonian policy
Tim Kaine and Mike Pence: Two men arguing over whether women have a right to control their own bodies. That's for us to de…
Tim Kaine looked on the Nathan Thurm. Google it.
The number of people who voted for McCain-Palin criticizing Tim Kaine on substance in debate answers is enough irony for one night
If this whole VP thing doesn't work out, Tim Kaine could star as Grandpa Munster
if Tim Kaine isn't a Catholic by your standard then Pope Benedict and Bishop Robert Finn aren't either.
Mike Pence reminds you that he has "a lifetime of experience" but that Tim Kaine is "a career politician."
Nicolle Wallace, the woman who brought us Sarah Palin, finds Tim Kaine "annoying." Go figure.
Nicolle Wallace was turned off by Tim Kaine because of his interruptions, yet Sarah Palin constantly interrupted Joe Biden & that was great
Tim Kaine is so far up Hillary's pantsuit, he just found her 30,000 missin' emails. Merica.
Tim Kaine is the Eddie Haskell in this race.
Tim Kaine is the love-child of Eddie Haskell and Mrs. Kravitz.
FOX NEWS: "Tim Kaine admonished 16 times for interrupting Mike Pence."
if Mike Pence won. Favorite if Tim Kaine lost.
why is Frazier's dad so glum, and why is he debating Tim Kaine?
Anyone else think Tim Kaine looks just like Sam Neill?
Hopefully Trump is learning a few things watching Mike Pence absolutely whip Tim Kaine.
Mike Pence would be chosen as Captain in any team event in school . Tim Kaine is the obnoxious weirdo w/ no friends pi…
Tim Kaine is not "Religious"! During his "mission" trip 2 Latin America, he more likely met Karl Marx than Jesus Christ.
Mike Pence's attacks on Hillary's foreign policy is scoring much better than Tim Kaine's interruptions.
I may not have enough Yuengling to make it through this debate. Tim Kaine is ridiculous.
Tim Kaine (SOROS puppet) spent time in Nicaragua as a "Jesuit'. He actually worked 4 a Radical Marxist group at ODDS w/ the Chu…
Look, dawg, Tim Kaine is a real Shane Battier-type glue guy, but Mike Pence is a Dwight Howard prima donna with no post moves
Wow Hillary has taught Tim Kaine to lie like a pro already
Tim Kaine boycotted Netanyahu's speech. Despicable. He is no friend of Israel!
Mike Pence is the very definition of presidential. In stark contrast, . Tim Kaine not only LOOKS like The Joker...
I trust her because she has passion. ~Tim Kaine . You know who else has passion? ISIS
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