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Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons Inc. is a Canadian fast casual restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. It is also Canada's largest fast food service with over 3000 stores nationwide.

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Kitchener man facing charges over robbery at Tim Hortons location:
Oh poo. Well, wifi is free at Tim Hortons and Mickey Dee's.
Me and Saz each drew a bike. But who drew which? An as yet unrolled Tim Hortons cup to the first person to guess ri…
I'm already late for work and your driver just stopped for coffee at Tim Hortons at king and river street - very professional
omw uncle norm, let's get some Tim Hortons when I get there
The first Syrian refugee to land in Canada is now an employed Tim Hortons devotee:
In too big a rush to get Tim Hortons marysville to bother cleaning vehicle properly.
Cdn /bev featured in DC today? Poutine, BC salmon, Cdn sirloin, tourtière, BeaverTails, Tim Hortons, Molson!
Last time there was Tim Hortons coffee, Molson beer, and BeaverTails. No confirmation on those things yet. Salmon and beef, though.
When your client wants to combine Tim Hortons, salmon fishing, and nursing into one cake.…
On his tour across Canada, Justin Trudeau will eat 9 burnt paninis from Tim Hortons and go through 3 bottles of hand sani…
getcha some Tim Hortons it'll change your life
I used to not like Tim Hortons coffee. Then I experienced FedEx and Ingram Micro break room coffee. Funny how things change.
Edmonton man punches cougar to protect dog in Tim Hortons parking lot
why it is that Tim Hortons at the University of Ottawa does NOT accept gift cards?
How dare Tim Hortons close at 3:30 on Christmas Eve... I can still buy beer and liquor but can't get my grandparents some coffee?
"Tim Hortons coffee makes me have nightmaresl"- Riley Fahy
'Tis the season for giving! Enter to win a $10 e-gift card to either Tim Hortons or Starbucks via
World news: Russian ambassador gets assassinated . Canadian news: guy rides his Zamboni to Tim Hortons
Alberta man pulls up to Tim Hortons drive-thru in his Zamboni: ‘It was the most Canadian thing’
Shoutout to the dude working at Tim Hortons who look exactly like Henry Rollins. Henry Horton more like it, am I right?
I always go to Tim Hortons in North Bay still expecting to get through drive through in less then 15 mins 🙄
Someone asked me what I knew about Canada last night & the best I could come up with was Robin Scherbatsky & Tim Hortons! 😂
Dead mouse found in cup of Tim Hortons coffee, says Nova Scotia man
Just walked into Tim Hortons and the girl was kneeling to take a selfie of herself in front of the donuts. Presumably for her Timder profile
I had a dream that I went back to school but I missed my very first class because the lineup at Tim Hortons took too long
I can't wait to go to Tomodachi, Tim Hortons, Nickelodeon Universe, and the Hard Rock Cafe!
Tim Hortons white hot chocolate made me do it
Good ol' Tim Hortons. It's like home away from home in the great white north, so I'm told.
Just had lunch with Lou Lamoriello and Shanahan at Tim Hortons. Can confirm it's Nylander, 2017 1st rd going to Van for Virtanen and Sbisa
Currently enjoying a Tim Hortons breakfast in a Canadian Tire parking lot. So Canadian it hurts right now. Did I remember to lock the igloo?
My man! Meet me at the Tim Hortons connected to nationwide arena to sign my team USA jersey of yours? I'll be in town at 8am!!!
Who, exactly, are you protesting towards at Tim Hortons Field?
Tim Hortons cookies have helped with $15,000 in upgrades to the Gravenhurst Curling Club over the past 3 years.
That's like, every Tim Hortons here. It's maddening. I walk in and there's not a person inside, but drive thru is packed.
When I walk past the 30-car lineup at Tim Hortons in the morning, I want to scream "PARK YOUR CAR!!" But instead I just glare.
Erlanger and Campbell co. are getting Tim Hortons. There goes my waistline
They are very sorry because Stephen Harper urinated on Tim Hortons.
Youngjae said he would like to eat Tim Tim Tim . Terry; Tim Hortons? . YJ; YES THATS RIGHT
rally at Tim Hortons Field Nov 22 at 1900 hrs gate 1...hoping that you can come...upset fans about awe full penalties and video review
SR football finals today 4 PM at Tim Hortons Field vs tickets sold on lunches and at the gate
We are actually sorry, but Stephen Harper wrought havoc on Tim Hortons.
Canada’s first native-owned Tim Hortons on native territory opens for business | by
Il meet ya at Swiss Chalet then Tim Hortons for dessert and coffee. Eh
Hunter and his love for Tim Hortons.
We're Read about our latest opening here: Tim Hortons - Crew Member - ON
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Sami Zayn AKA El Generico? Awesome! I saw him at a Tim Hortons in Toronto once!
Everyone I've stopped at a Tim Hortons or McDonald's there are always a bunch of old people looking at me like I'm some type of oddity
Tim Hortons breakfast will never come close to a McDonald's breakfast
I really wish there was more than McDonald's and Tim Hortons open at this hour
Come to the conclusion that if you don't eat McDonald's , Tim Hortons or Subway in Canada you don't eat much else
The struggle of keeping weight with McDonald's, burger king, Taco Bell, subway, and Tim Hortons less than a quarter mile from my apartment
I gotta be stupid hungry to eat KFC. McDonald's breakfast lit tho. Not like Tim Hortons but still
Honestly who knew there was a Tim Hortons in Boro. I swear it camouflages itself because I never notice it
McDonald's and Tim Hortons need to take a class on how to make coffee properly or something.
id literally skip class and sleep in a maintenance closet lmao, skip school to go get Tim Hortons and bring the teacher a donut back, etc
My hate for Tim Hortons is unbelievable
Coffee With the Coach Presented by Tim Hortons: Chris Brown talks to HC Rex Ryan about Charles Clay becoming ...
If someone could bring me Tim Hortons to work tomorrow morning I would greatly appreciate it. Cause imma need it.
To my Canadian friends, what is your favorite fast food place? Tim Hortons, Swiss Chalet, St-Hubert, Harvey's, or Mary Brown's? Let me know!
I have a problem with getting Tim Hortons everyday before school 😓
Wait, you’re at the University of Stirling (lovely place, at U. Dundee for my PhD) & have Tim Hortons coffee? 😎
Why does Tim Hortons have the worst wifi 😡
Taylor and I were at Tim Hortons doing homework from 5pm - 12am on a Saturday night what has life come too
Tim Hortons donuts or Krispy Kreme donuts? Tough choice...
Getting it started. Thanks to Tim Hortons, Q107 and Harrison for the free coffee.
Work has a Tim Hortons and gave us free cookies today
When your mom brings home Taco Bell and doughnuts from Tim Hortons 😍😋
There's a homeless man who no one talks to at Tim Hortons today he offered me a seat, his name's Morris and tomorro…
Everyone standing around drinking Tim Hortons nailing hockey sticks into the ground
My tiny home town is getting a Tim Hortons!! This is HUGE! Finally, we'll be like the rest of the country. 🍩🍵
You have Douwe Egberts are your finger tips and you watch Tim Hortons? You are a disgrace.
Can someone please ship me some Tim Hortons and some Canadian tap water plz
Children's sermon on vocation. . Pastor "what would you like to be when you grow up?". 6yo "I'm going to open a Tim Hortons in…
I think the Canadian government should buy back Tim Hortons
Hudson's Bay stores should have Tim Hortons, and Laura Secord's, in them.
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LOVE THIS! Tristan Thompson brought the Larry O'Brien NBA Trophy to Tim Hortons after Sid brought the Cup there! 😁👌🍁
NBA championship trophy goes to Brampton (and Tim Hortons) thanks to
Love it! Tristan Thompson brought the O'Brien Trophy to Tim Hortons
Proud Canadian Tristan Thompson stops in at a Tim Hortons with the Larry O'Brien trophy. 🇨🇦
Tristan Thompson running around showing off his NBA championship at Tim Hortons.he's such a Canadian
So no one is gonna mention Tristan Thompson's *** in that Tim Hortons pic?
I'm cheesed. I go to the same Tim Hortons every Friday and the one day I don't go Tristan Thompson is there🙃
It's probably a good day to visit a Tim Hortons drive-thru in Halifax.
WATCH: Tim Hortons and Reliance Bank celebrated the grand opening of their joint building.
Check out this video if you want to see the faces behind today's Tim Hortons and Reliance Bank grand opening in...
we're eventually suppose to get Tim Hortons and Duncan Donuts but still not dates of when
UPDATE 2-Burger King/Tim Hortons sales growth slows as consumers hold back -
it's not sold in the U.K. You can only buy Tim Hortons in Canada and Dubai
With the amount of money I spend at Tim Hortons on a weekly basis, I should own a franchise by now
I think the Tim Hortons on Howard is
Electronic Device Insurance
just said Tim Hortons is better than Krispy Kreme 🙃 i'll just leave this here lol
At Wasaga Beach waiting for my Tim Hortons order in my new Tilley. Live, Laugh, Love!
it's not a true friendship until you've bought each other Tim Hortons
Dickered at Timmies - Drinking a Desperados Original by Desperados NL @ Tim Hortons cafe —
"Ah...the pies de resistance" Dawn Fischer on discovering her hashbrown from Tim Hortons
Chris and I just stopped at the Tim Hortons in port perry and even there people were hanging out in the parking lot I don't gET IT¿
Hands down those Tim Hortons get ups the employees have to wear are the most ridiculous bit of branding.
your customer service inferring really bad - quit trying to compete with Tim Hortons - they have the café market figured out
Starbucks = Cha Cafe . Tim Hortons = Winchell's. Cafe transition has been smoother than expected ✔
Having a great day on the tour! Started off at Tim Hortons Field and now enjoying Barton & Kenilworth.
move to Ontario, we have them everywhere here. 😊 Especially here in Hamilton, the home of the first Tim Hortons
Did the put my sponsors on it? Baskin Robin's, Tim Hortons, and the beer store?
at least the first Tim Hortons in Hamilton should have a statue
will have the last laugh-he just wanted all the Hamilton fans to get their freebies at the local Tim Hortons!
There is blood on sidewalk at Tim Hortons on Walker/Wyandotte E. May be a blood trail in parking lot, say police
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
A Tim Hortons coming to Port Carling is possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to this town
The dog can't master come but remembers he gets a timbit in the Tim Hortons drive thru
you are missing game for the Stanley Cup! . You will not be allowed back at Tim Hortons !
I have such a huge crush on this Tim Hortons dude...I don't know his name but he's been my eye candy coffee server for a year now! 😉 😜
A big SHOUT OUT and Thank You! to Coast Capital, Red Barn Mkt, Tim Hortons, and Thrifty in Colwood for their MD Boot Drive support.
Some of us didn't even have Tim Hortons where we worked, we had coffee delivery meets w/members. 😜
When Martin cashes in Saunders or the other way around there should be a deal at Tim Hortons the next day.
Thanks to Angie and the staff at Tim Hortons on Bell Blvd for helping me out on Camp Day! A great cause.
It's Camp Day at Tim Hortons outlets across the South Shore. - See more at:
Tim Hortons camp day in Saskatoon: Wednesday is Tim Hortons camp day. Camille Barzeele, owner of the Lawson Heights… htt…
being in fast food makes it hard to complain about other people in customer service, but my god Tim Hortons workers are the r…
then hang out by the Tim Hortons at Lawson Mall. You'll make 1000/hr
Tim Hortons brings back "Alberta Rose Donut" for Fort McMurray donations, from Calgary 2013 floods.
Hey Reen Rose we are at Tim Hortons by Mowhawk hope this is where you want to meet xo
we're gonna head over to the con and it's down to Harvey's and Tim Hortons
there's Harvey's (burgers), subway, Tim Hortons for fast food
Update:Tim Hortons in Davidson will allegedly be open around 4pm.
So happy to find the time to get together! — eating breakfast at Tim Hortons
thanks! I've gotten them at the Tim Hortons in "So Far North It Might As Well Be Canada", New York. they are yummy
A BIG thank you to Matt Harvey and his family for hosting lunch for several of our members at Tim Hortons today!...
I could use a ice cap from Tim Hortons
Former MP Stephen Woodworth speaking in Tim Hortons in Vanderhoof, BC on the need to defend freedom.
LOL at my sister low key teaching our grandparents to dab in Tim Hortons.
when Tim Hortons is low key smooth af
Come to the Wendy's/Tim Hortons combo yard sale today to support Tim Hortons camps!
Writing about CIS, going to Tim Hortons, writing essays about Canadian Reform Party.
Imagine. I'm suprise none has propose with a Tim Hortons cup. I guess I'll be the first.
Maple Iced Capp are great at Tim Hortons. I'm addicted to them.
Tim Hortons and Ice capps I am reminded of bailey
I believe school did not prepare for the real life. I mostly go of the house and sit in Tim Hortons for hours.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
i could have definitely bought myself some very nice things with all the the money i've spent at Tim Hortons
Clearly the most pressing issue: Which is superior, Dunkin' Donuts or Tim Hortons? *slowly backs away*
Can you recommend anyone for this Cashier - Tim Hortons @ YVR - BC
I'm considering getting the Tim Hortons maple chill drink...and to have sex with these women
It's Tim Hortons group chat get it right
Giving Tim hortons a chance before we leave for good
how do people get money to go on vacations? I can't afford a bagel from tim hortons
When I walked into class my teacher said "Aurora went to Tim Hortons" and I'm really not sure why he pointed that out...
I'm back from tcaf and it was incredible and I ate a frozen maple capp and Canadian maple donut from Tim hortons so I think I'm Canadian now
I only clean my vehicle out when I'm in a Tim Hortons drive through
Not gonna lie, my Tim Hortons uniform is kind of a look
these old men just casually started having an outdoor voice conversation as strangers in the middle of Tim Hortons
Managed to get an application out at Tim hortons so far, looking into Taco Bell now
Birthday cake timbits from tim hortons are 😋😋
I think I drink more Tim Hortons than the average person should
Have you spotted the 72' at Tim Hortons on Street?! Find it & tix to
I'm telling you cab drivers can't drive took him 3 tries to park in a Tim Hortons parking lot WTfrick?
That 2 for 4 at Tim Hortons is really a blessing
We're at Tim Hortons on Street! How clever since Toronto will be performing at on July 23!
I got conned this morning lol, I was in line to get a bagel at tim hortons and this man asks if I can buy him breakfast, and like...
Honestly where will I be without Tim Hortons.
Hamilton scrambles to install Canadian Football Hall of Fame at Tim Hortons Field by September via
Police seek suspect after Tim Hortons robbery:
I mean so does Chick Fil A. And Qdoba. And Canes and Tim Hortons. So many options and a hangry me! Decisions 😖😖😖😖
Sign up today for the 10th Anniversary 3 Hour Challenge (Sponsored by Tim Hortons)
Just launched! FREE SALAD JOBS at Tim Hortons with the app! Have a great lunch!
"When you were selling drugs as a full time job, were you also working at Tim Hortons or other legitimate job?" Smich isn't sure.
"I may have worked for Tim Hortons at one point in time. I only did training with them. It was only a couple of days. I didn't like it."
Sachak wants to know about legitimate jobs. Smich doesn't recall them all. He may have done some training at Tim Hortons. Didn't like it.
Smich says he doesn't recall all the jobs he's done. He said he may have worked at Tim Hortons briefly.
I wanna own a Motorcycle and drink coffee at Tim Hortons when I'm older, you?
not all. Tim Hortons and Martinson brand kcups are recyclable. Those are the only ones I purchase.
9 Connor, at Tim Hortons, shifted the car into park and jumped, Jacob suddenly there in the passenger seat. “Don't do that!”
I'm supposed to be studying for 2 tests but I'm in Tim Hortons instead lol
McDonald's double double is so much better than Tim Hortons
The Hall of Fame is coming to Tim Hortons Field? Will it be ready for Sept?
Smich responds the when he saw he in the Tim Hortons he just fell in love. And he knows lots of people with larger gaps.
Smich says he didn't think about it. He just fell in love with her, after seeing her at Tim Hortons.
"When I seen her I fell in love w her right there" sachak. I'm not asking u about falling in love at Tim Hortons.
Smich disagrees. He says he fell in love with her at first sight at Tim Hortons.
"No, when I seen her at the Tim Hortons, I don't know, I fell in love with her right there," says Smich.
Operations Representative: Tim Hortons: "Meritocracy is woven into the fabric of our culture. We…
I went to Tim Hortons and ordered a breakfast sandwich, they gave me soup instead. It was the better choice.
ahh cool :) Now if only we'd get Tim Hortons and Boston Pizza I'd be happy
We're 2 weeks away from hosting the Public Trust Summit! Thanks to our sponsors Tim Hortons & Shur-Gain ON Dairy
I drove to 4 different Tim Hortons this morning in search for my Maple Oatmeal; moral of the story, never settle for less than what u want😊
Tim hortons accidentally made me 2 teas instead of one, so I got 1 for free
The closest Tim Hortons is an hour away but I want it so bad I'm bout to drive out there to go get some😅😍😂
You can now get Avocado at McDonald's, pulled pork at Tim Hortons, Cheese stuffed hot dogs at Dairy Queen, and diabetes at 11
Click here for your chance to win a $25.00 Tim Hortons gift card
hi Tom, wondering if you would consider joining us for Camp Day at my Tim Hortons? Raising $ for children's camps in Can !!
Was anyone else low key jealous of the tim hortons worker that shawn ordered from thats about the same amount of time as a…
So guys good news, Justin Bieber bought me a donut and we spoke to his crew manager for a solid 10 minutes at Tim Hortons.…
What a day Bernie sanders is at Emeryville tim hortons
Might be cause I'm fried but Tim Hortons breakfast bang
lol and we drink beer and Tim Hortons coffee very well also
Tonight at Tim Hortons Field! A series of FREE Recreation programs for kids 6-17! No registration required. HamOnt…
no New York :p tim hortons in America have larger portions than the Canadian side
You know you're good friends with your counselor when she buys you Tim Hortons!😂😍
Newman's class still isn't the same without and Tim Hortons :/
Tim Hortons has started just putting the hash brown inside the breakfast wraps now. I approve.
How foreign ownership has helped Tim Hortons:
Got ice coffee from Tim Hortons and was so disappointed 😹😹
Tim Hortons at Weston and Rogers Rd. shut down. No news yet. Forensics team was seen on site. Everyone okay? :(
Thank you to Louisa from Bethany United Church for donating another Tim Hortons gift card to the striking workers.
Why did I ever want to become a baker at Tim Hortons
These three young men from Tim Hortons on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo start hundreds of WNYers off on a positive...
Menu innovation driving momentum at Burger King, Tim Hortons...
Anyone else find it super ironic that all temporary foreign workers at Tim Hortons are forced to wear shirts that say
should be debated in every classroom, church basement, union hall &Tim Hortons says
Protip: if you're looking for your Tibetan uncle or aunt, they're prolly at the Tim Hortons on Queen & Jameson.
Tim Hortons steeped tea (2 bags/still in, double double) and a maple butter pecan croissant. Pure Canadiana right there bruh
Tim Hortons looks like it's out of power. I expect rioting and a long line at my bagel place
Prince sirlordvictor richard burke rat poison cover up at Tim Hortons in Stayner
Prince sirlordvictor richard burke 4 years ago I was poisoned with rat poison at Tim Hortons anybody care no
when Jake called Tim Hortons and ordered 5000 double doubles with 2 boxes of timbits. Hilarious. Lmao
Craig Krenzel just handed me my bagel at Tim Hortons.
Congratulations to Kathy Wu for winning our $50 Tim Hortons gift card draw!
This might be a great fit for you: Cashier - Tim Hortons @ YVR - BC
Cash only for Tim Hortons on scenic drive south this morning, debit machine is down.
What do I miss most about my old home town? Dinner dates with Tim Hortons and my vape shop.
Reunion with Cmdr Amjad after 20 years ... Time flies @ Tim Hortons, Muscat Grand Mall
No Canadian teams in NHL playoffs is like walking into Tim Hortons and they're out of coffee and donuts.
theres a girl sitting in front of me that looks like rebel wilson and Im pissing her off by eating my sandwich from Tim Hortons super loudly
I know. Put a Tim Hortons by the X near Tom Reid's and I'd be making Ted Dibiase money
Latest news Sullivan made Pens great again while Mike Johnston is now running a Tim Hortons and failing saying nobody…
Police are responding to the Tim Hortons on Nelson St for reports of two males doing lines of cocaine on the table.
When I pick Jenny up from the airport we're going to Tim Hortons then the rock n roll hall of fame n.n !!
Sydney Crosby thinks Tim Hortons coffee is overrated.
angels sing when I put Tim Hortons in my mouth
To who ever drives the Hyundai Elantra who cut me off in town at the intersection of Cascade and Waverley by Tim Hortons, your an *** hole
young city worker passed out in Tim Hortons parking lot.
Drove to Tim Hortons on Haggerty but it smelled like beacon so I had to relocate to Tim Hortons on Orchard Lake.
But it was a real story and it was Tim Hortons so I can't change it. They may become Canadian again.
okay there's one table left in Tim Hortons at 9 o'clock at night on a Monday, and it's right next to Mrs Stevens..
Andrews said during a conversation at a Tim Hortons in Glace Bay, Barrett said if Mackinnons remains are found it wouldn't be far from here
Faisal Kutty: Is Tim Horton's radicalizing Canadians? :-) Ontario man arrested for hijacking TTC bus to Tim Hortons
Local crack dealers on suicide watch, Tim Hortons doughnut production has dropped 78%
The stops don't look like this when we roadtrip through the States! @ Tim Hortons, Crowsnest Pass
The commercials were great! Gotta have me some Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons and the Brick and Boston Pizza! Let's go!
Some associates at Tim Hortons can't take down the right name. And they look miserable
Time to get going to Tim Hortons to do my reading for my bible study class...
If they don't have any greek yogurt parfaits made at Tim Hortons again this morning then I'mma be very very angry.
Wonder if the PM of CA would be so kind as to annex Erie into London, ON; we're just across the lake & already have Tim Hortons & Walgreens!
UPDATE 2-Burger King, Tim Hortons owners profit beats on new offerings
huh. TIL there's Tim Hortons locations in the middle east.
I go to Tim Hortons every Sunday morning before work and I think me and the drive through guy are friends now
They need Tim Hortons in Florida Dunkin Donuts isn't cutting it
Green Crack & Tim Hortons coffee got me off to a good start this morning
We should have a Tim Hortons attached to our school
this girl at Tim Hortons must be new because my total is always 4.72 I get the same thing so boo what did you do
Gather at your closest Tim Hortons or Canadian Tire centre.
Really? Pulled pork sandwhich at Tim Hortons? Let's stick to breakfast.
I have never in my life had a Tim Hortons mess up my order this badly. I can't even be mad. It's incredible.
Central. Ohio. Tim Hortons. They have Tim Hortons in Central Ohio. And yet, not anywhere near me.
Ran out of Tim Hortons earl grey tea today and won't be going to tims until Tuesday. I think I might go crazy
I went to Tim Hortons today and instead of giving me my breakfast sandwich I asked for have me a yogurt. I did not have a good morning
Basically walking in to Tim Hortons like Ted Dibiase later.
Tim Hortons on Good coffee, good service, good donuts. Does it get better?
Just did my final Tim Hortons run before heading to the airport... That's true Buffalo sadness
are they still supplying Tim Hortons coffee for the officers.
Tim Hortons junk food emporium finds a way around ban on advertising to children, by putting advertising ON children
There's white people in this Tim Hortons telling the staff to turn on the air conditioning. Faaam wut?
Tim Hortons order: roll up the rim, hold the cup
ally request. Also, I was wondering if in City of Harford V3, Tim Hortons could have it's OWN store with a parking lot...
Barton is a Main Street in and also where Tim Hortons (home stadium) field is
Sold out World Cup Qualifier at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton.
First time inside Tim Hortons Field today since the renovations. What an incredible facility for
I'm down at Tim Hortons Field waiting for Hamilton Steelers to take the field. Still no sight of Dave Andrechuk.
I don't particularly care for the set up looks exactly like Tim Hortons Field ...😑
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