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Tim Horton

Miles Gilbert Tim Horton (January 12, 1930 – February 21, 1974) was a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman.

Dunkin Donuts Mike Brown

Just got a Canadian flag from a kid dressed as Donald Tim Horton's. 🤣🍁
Tim Horton and Shane Mansell at Tuesday's cookout honoring the Phil Campbell Fishing Team and its state championshi…
I hope it involves Tim Horton's and the Quebec Nordiques.
FACT: . Here in Canada, misspelling Timme's/Tim Horton's is a form of treason. Even an apology won't surface 😔
I'm Canadian, so 24 hr coffee & doughnut runs to Tim Horton's is part of the "Friends with Benefits" package.
$ QSR Restaurant Brands is Burger King, Tim Horton's, Popeye's, our writeup, for subscribers, @
My first ever cup of Tim Horton's coffee @ Tim Horton's At Pearson…
There not dumb they know where there green back are. Tim Horton will will again. That is a big prop to Murphy on p.…
This guy said he doesn't know but I don't believe him. @ Tim Horton's @ Jamaica Station
Send words of encouragement to these awesome guys! Tim Horton, Cody Rice, Mike Brown, and Greg Reynolds ready to...
100% sure my work is haunted by Tim Horton himself
[scene: A busy Tim Horton's downtown Toronto]. Patron 1: Check out this line, eh?. Patron 2: Matthews is better. . [/…
Traveling in Canada, I've learned the magic of Tim Horton's, aka "Timmy's". Is it ok to call it the Dunkin Donuts of the North? :)
Potentially heading to Denny's, Wendy's, Dairy Queen and Tim Horton's tomorrow. I'm going to die of a heart attack.
That could be Timmy's contribution to the arts... to fund piano lesssons for free in Tim Horton's. Piano and Chess whaddyathink?
grab yourself some of that Tim Horton's @ Gate 84. Mm. Timmy's.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tim Horton's outburst of emotion after winning on Okeechobee was built up over the past 10 years.
Tim Horton's is always giving me Horde bounties.
Having a coffee at Tim Horton's, and was just listening to a Muslim man in the next booth chanting his evening...
Tim Horton weighed in 31 1/4-lb stringer on Okeechobee Day Two of Bassmaster Elite Series t'ment to take the lead.
Day weights at the Bassmaster Elite Series Lake Okeechobee. Top 10 list and story. . 1 Tim Horton...
Thx to for updates on River Dell/WW game @ B-R. On way back, Tim Horton's in Raritan is short detour off 287
Tim Horton, who died in 1974, was recently named among the “100 Greatest Players”. A legacy far greater than coffee a…
Just imagine what junk food combomination Burger King/Popeyes/Tim Horton's execs can dream up...
Non-Buffalonian: "Dunkin is way better than Tim Horton's". Buffalonian:
Spoons' Curry Club and a gift voucher for Tim Horton's. My work leaving do was 👌🏽
Ryan O'Reilly going to the net hard like he's driving to Tim Horton's.
Then my love of hockey, Tim Horton's, and the Tragically Hip qualifies me to be Ambassador to Canada.
Toronto sign and a Zamboni. The only thing missing is a Moose and Tim Horton's @ Nathan Phillips…
Photoshop a cup of Tim Horton's coffee into the guy's hand and it's one of the most Canadian pics ever.
Yes, Adams was definitely a Petrino get with help from Tim Horton and they offered Tyler
I play hockey, miss Tim Horton's walnut crunches, and like Alexander Keith's a lot. Is that enough for a Canadian passport?
Dave Andreychuk, *** Duff, Rick Vaive, Tim Horton and Doug Gilmour all former Sabres in the Leafs top 100 players.
Reminder for tonight: get access to 90 Elgin using the Albert Street entrance by the Tim Horton's! See you at 6:30.
Tim Horton had a long career in hockey, which I was blissfully unaware of until shortly before he died.
Happy Birthday to the late great Ray Price, Ruth Brown, Tim Horton, Alan Sharp, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Long John Baldry and Joe Frazier.
I saw Tim Horton play a lot. Chris Chelios reminds me of him. Horton better on D, Chelios on O.
Special thanks to Mark the owner of Tim Horton's on 8855 Macleod Trail for once again sponsoring our Self-Care & Si…
watching 1964 playoffs with the real Tim Horton vs . Espo & Bobby Hull taking 4 minute shift
Aren't you a Chef? Maybe you should make your own 'Tim Horton's' in Malaysia.
☺️☕️I'm so happy that I have a Tim Horton's right down the street from me in Ashland.☺️☕️
Yup Tim Horton's have the best ice coffee
As a fellow 50+ year old Sabres fan, I thought you might like this:
Finally had Tim Horton's today and I do not understand the hype
You've spoken fondly of this era on the pod. Thought you might enjoy the read:
It was an honor to talk to one of the unsung heroes in team history:
Breast Cancer Awareness
funny enough, there's a Tim Horton's in my city, so it's a little bit of Canada in the US ;)
Ah Tim Horton's. Had the great chance to experience it in Windsor and Toronto. We have it in America, too, now yay!…
Alright there's 4 Tim Horton's within 500 meters of me. I should be able to fully experience Canada. 🙌🎉
Uhh, here's the link to the Paul Wieland story about Taro and RJ. .
Tim Horton's chicken noodle soup is what I need rn 😪😷
I'm not from Canada, but here are musts:. Tim Horton's Maple freeze drink. Poutine!!!
Added to the "last person I expected to see at Medina Tim Horton's" Goo Goo Dolls bass player/vocalist Robby...
I've done nothing today but eat Tim Horton's and sleep. . If that's not productivity, I don't know what is.
"There's no coffee like Starbucks coffee.". I feel bad for the people who grew up without Tim Horton's. That's where it's at.
And she talks about Tim Horton as if he's an enterprising nephew of hers. "He always makes a good cup of coffee. Good for him."
So the Peach Rockstar tastes like if the Tim Horton's peach drink was infused with electricity, so all in all, that's a win for me.
"You buy your coffee at Starbucks, but these people buy their coffee at Tim Horton's.". Rarely is the wrong on tone or substance.
A random man just complimented me on my manners at Tim Horton's. Thanks, random man.
just drove through the Tim Horton's drive thru just to sit in my car and eat in the parking lot. minimal socializing is always the best.
Wish I was Tim Horton's coffee, so I could get close to your lips
Why is it, that TIM HORTON hire immature people with no business ACUMEN, who want to censor and KICK PEOPLE OUT TO GET THEIR JOLLIES,
Why is it, that Mac Donalds, and TIM HORTON, hire immature people, that want to turn it into a *** HOUSE, they have no business acumen.
Do I see if I can pick up some extra hours at Tim Horton's or do I stick to just the chocolate shop and have lots of down time to draw???
Suddenly I have a MAJOR hankering for Tim Horton's Timbits(r).
Peppermint hot chocolate from Tim Horton's was on fleak!
I've contributed a good portion of my paycheck to starbucks, second cup and tim horton in the past week
Some guy in tim Horton's just called me a *** *** How does that work? 🤔
I am Canadian and Tim Horton's coffee is awful. It's not the eighties anymore people, we have espresso now.
Me on Instagram: Brunch at Timothy's Me on Snapchat: still drunk in a Tim Horton's parking lot
Guy in front of me just paid for my Tim Horton's... random acts of kindness make me so happy :)
What if we bought our own Tim Horton's franchise tho?
Tim Horton's honey crueler donuts are the way to my heart 🍩💕
Do you know If My latest Ex still think i'm in love with her? Because I felt HARASSED BY TIM HORTON yesterday
The only thing better than Tim Horton's is free Tim Horton's
Here’s a wonderful walk through the history of the Buffalo Sabres, through the eyes of Paul Wieland.
I'm going back to the UK tomorrow. I feel like the withdrawal symptoms from Hockey, Tim Horton's, and Syrup may actually kill me
i'm the kid at tim horton's that hugged the donut case yelling "I LOVE FOOD"
the lady at Tim Horton's handed me my food and said "your hashbrown is dry but enjoy your meal" 🤔🤔 how ima do that
I had to stop going to the Tim Horton's near my office once they started recognizing me by my coffee orders. Too close.
So Canada, these Tim Horton’s timbits are basically just a ploy to make me lose my abs right? I see you. Cc:
Game day!!! Accel Elec Blues vs Hearst Lumber Kings at the Tim Horton Event Centre. Puck drops at 12:00 Noon.
I usually don't have time to make tea in the morning so I just get it from Tim Horton's.I'm so ashamed 😭
Grab a and then swing by the to see Ken Danby's painting, Tim Horton. We're open until 5pm today.…
Took 15 minutes to scrape the ice off car windows this morning and pry wipers loose. Balanced out that exercise with a trip to Tim Horton's.
An empty Tim Horton's drive-thru? This must be the end of the world.
Wind chill in -10 in my area of North Texas. How about a cup of Tim Horton coffee and a plate of Poutine.
Tim Horton's is like a Canadian Dunkin Donuts. When I went to Canada i had it once
I promise you knows exactly which Tim Horton's in Cheektowaga they found Alexander.
Did you miss? To the mom in the Tim Horton's last week..
when u in Tim Horton's drive thru and lady says they only have sour cream Timbits left
Shoutout to the dude working at Tim Hortons who look exactly like Henry Rollins. Henry Horton more like it, am I right?
Bayers lake Tim Horton's is almost worse than btown
IF going to Bowness, go to 7 Av 6 St. SW. If going to Forest Lawn go to the Tim Horton's at Scotia Centre, 7 Ave 2 St SW.
Have you tried Tim Horton's white hot chocolate?
I am the only one at Tim Horton's at this hour. I have this whole building to myself. It's like my version of a Zen Garden.
Congratulations on your new job at the very real Tim Horton's in Lexington, KY
From the HHOF archives - the legendary Tim Horton tries to sneak one passed the great Terry Sawchuk.
For less than $1 million, you can own a piece of Canadian history. Hockey legend Tim Horton's home is on the market: https:…
I don't drink coffee but everyone I kniw drinks McDonald's or Tim Horton's. If I'm going to splurge on tea, I'll get Starbucks
Unpopular opinion: Tim Horton's coffee is way better than McDonald's
Every time I go to the gym I have to drive right past a Pizza Hut, Tim Horton's and Taco Bell and put my will power to the test.
Are they the special edition Stanley Cup donuts from Tim Horton's? I don't think Backes has ever tasted one.
Tim Horton's daughters — Jeri Horton-Joyce, Kelly Walsh & Tracy Horton — are in Cochrane to see the banner delivery. https:…
Fun fact: our 6yo told pastor all about Tim Horton's during the children's sermon this morning.
So dejan, Brennan Taylor, and Brendan Tait all just got hired at my Tim Horton's 😂😂 I'm blessed to work with my best friends
Tristan Thompson visited Tim Horton's with the NBA Finals trophy. Based on his 2016-17 salary, he could buy 99.7 million…
cheaper to set up office in Tim Horton's
I looked, & behold, a pale moose—& its rider's name was Tim Horton, & timbits followed them into the mouth of *** (Ottawa)
Jesus paul, have you had any Tim Horton's coffee lately?
why so grumpy this morning? Didn't get some Tim Horton's this am?
I am at Tim Horton's and the background music is New Order's Blue Monday
Tim Horton's for breakfast. Poutine for lunch. BeaverTail for dessert. Jenny Craig for the next month.
When will people realize that we have Tim Horton's in America
Currently at my bro-in-laws in Naples, NY. Tim Horton's is 22 mins away. I will be driving 45 mins there & back first thing in the AM.
VERY IMPORTANT PSA:. Tim Horton's blueberry timbits are amazing and if they are limited time I will be incredibly sad.
I WILL BE SWEATY FAT DOG, THE FOOD DOWN HERE IS TOO GOOD. All we have in Canada is Tim Horton's ;3;
Congratulations to Vivian Yearwood, Founder & Pastor / Teacher. at The Truth Centre- PAOC. you have won a $10 Tim Horton's gift certificate.
Are you referring to the first Tim Horton's store? If so, the first one was in Hamilton on Ottawa Street.
It's too bad. In Hamilton, Tim Horton's coffee cups are considered acceptable in the recycling effort.
Tim Horton's global warming awareness campaign is fantastic. People need to be reminded about ice caps.
The Australian premiere of Guy Maddin's short Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton is also playing JUST TOO GOOD https:…
I'm hungover in a Sabres-themed Tim Horton's and surrounded by children. This is my ***
Homecoming kicks off 1 week from tonight! Big shout out to our sponsors of the day: Tom Wadey & Erin Robazza and Tim Horton's!
*Orders $3 coffee from Tim Horton's, gets 2 coffees, 2 breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and a donut for free* today will be a good day
Tim Horton's have the good sandwich with hash Brown!
More than $12,800 was raised on Tim Horton's Camp Day on Wednesday in Kirkland Lake. All money goes to the Tim...
*** I'm in Canada and on my first day I used Apple Pay at David's Tea, Lush, and Tim Horton's.
Sponsorship is ok but yeah not from them. Where's Giant Tiger or Tim Horton's?
TIL Tim Horton died at the age of 44 while attempting to drive from Toronto to Buffalo at 4AM with twice the legal Blood Alcohol Level, mul…
myFM's Bruce Barker is on the Camp Day tour and will be at Tim Horton's in Goderich,Kincardine and Saugeen Shores
Ross Atkins spilled some Tim Horton's on his keyboard.
The West Kelowna Fire Fighters team won the Tim Horton's Cup for the second year, beating the West Kelowna...
Here we go again: One of the Capybara's was spotted ordering a coffee and a bagel at the Tim Horton's at Yonge and John St in Thornhill!
It was SO fun! John is an amazing instructor. is located @ 85 Laird Dr. in the complex just above Tim Horton's!
Please use caution in the area between the Clarion Hotel and Tim Horton's for this Memorial Day weekend event as...
One thing I miss about Canada is Tim Horton's. I would kill for an extreme Italian sandwich right now!
Newsflash! Does anyone remember the Tim Horton's Long John? Well, I just found out Timmies has brought them back! There goes my wasteline!
Dunkin Donuts will forever be superior to Tim Horton's
James Chen didn't know about DQ, doesn't know what Bess Eaton is, and didn't know Tim Horton's was gone
i miss my bear claw. He was my hot cup of Tim Horton's when I didn't want Krispy Kreme in my Keurig. He was the Saint Lawrence in my river.
Welcoming the returning clients at a Tim Horton's drive in in Richmond Hill.
on Queen Street at Lyon ... the Tim Horton's across from 240 Sparks
ROTFL!! Brian tries to butter up Canadian diplomats by offering them Tim Horton's donuts!
this Tim Horton's line is so long wth
Get the Tim Horton's coffee ready. We could be in for a long night.
Tim Hortons Memory Lane at the original Tim Horton's store... Who...
Tim Horton's must be making a fortune with their special on brownies.
nope, being Canadian, I managed to track down Tim Horton's in NYC and by St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin
A Tim Horton's Rick Astley crossover promo: Rickroll Up the Rim to Win!
Congratulations to alum Tim Horton! Tim received the Stanford U. Centennial Teaching Award recognizing him as the top teaching assistant!
All purpose parts banner
Want to a $15 Tim Horton's Follow and this to Ends April 15th!
I'll always remember the time and I met at Tim Horton's at 2am in Mill Woods.
Tim Horton's got my order wrong today. Not for the first time, but this drive through rep was actually angry w/ me for asking her to fix it
the only drawback is if you keep saying "Canadians" over and over you sound like a Tim Horton's commercial.
"Open your basket. Your ingredients are Tim Horton's Donuts, Canadian Bacon, Canadian Mist & left over Poutine"
"You're going to have to earn your carries, you're going to have to earn victories," Tim Horton on competition at RB htt…
Seriously. A guy who drove drunk, smashed his pick-up truck into a Tim Horton's and then fled is their nominee for the Masterton trophy?
Clay, I'm pretty sure you've just uncovered the fact that Mike "hates" Tim Horton's! well done sir!
Attention Parents/Guardians:. Children registered for the Tim Horton's Camp. March 29, 2016. Please bring your child...
Ill spend every cent i have on Nutella hazelnut donuts from Tim Horton's
New opening at Loblaw Companies Limited in - Clerk (Loblaws Tim Horton's)
About to go to Tim Horton's for the second time in 12 hours
Tim Horton's hot chocolate is best hot chocolate~♥
Dam right it's Canadian. Oh, we also accept Canadian Tire money and Tim Horton's gift cards.
Larry come scoop me up, let's grab some Tim Horton's.
Great day for outdoor hockey this afternoon with Team Custom Edge. 2016 Tim Horton's Backyard…
Playing the hidden shell game on the big board with Tim Horton's cups as the shells is a very Canada thing to do.
OEL's NHL record for GWGs in 1 season by D-man (8) broke mark set by 5 guys:Tim Horton, Ray Bourque, Al MacInnis, Dion Phaneuf, Derek Morris
Finally glad to say that I will be back on the work grind at Tim Horton's on Monday. It's been too long
basic survival skills are also necessary in Canada. I can locate North depending on the nearest Tim Horton's
So I need to try quiznos and tim horton
A lot of Tim Horton commercials tonight! Canada's in the house!
And has car meets with his friends at Tim Horton's on King George road
Spotted at Tim Horton's on 184 st tonight
spotted at Tim Horton's on 184 st 2 Canadian goose
I imagine Canadian TV ads to be all for Tim Horton's and "free" health care.
Easter dinner at the in-laws tonight...on our way home after a stop at Tim Horton's. It's been a long day,...
A Tim Horton's french vanilla would be blessed right now
Tim Horton's emailed me to say they're hiring, and McDonalds put an application in my take-out bag. MY BOOKS ARE DOING FINE, GUYS.
Tim Horton's tuscan chicken panini gives me life. I've had three this week.
So, the breakfast with Torts that Tim Horton's is giving away: is that a reward or a punishment?
The Tim Horton's Backyard Classic finally got it's time in the sun and 40 teams and 400 players came to play today.
Wow! That Tim Horton's commercial about the cup collection *** ***
Stopped in W. Virginia for the night, and there's a Tim Horton's next door in the gas station!! didn't know you had those!
Canadian experience of the day:. Waiting in a long *** line at Tim Horton's at the ACC during a hockey intermission.
a typical human migration is an suv drive to Tim Horton's
These Tim Horton commercials are really getting to me 😢
makes me think of when Tim Horton had McFadden, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis at Arkansas
Ive grown so accustomed to nasty iced coffee from tim horton's that i forgot how good the mcdonalds iced coffee is 😭
Thank you. And may the force of Tim Horton be with you my Northern friend. :)
Holy crap, Nutella anything and I'm there. Speaking of which...I may need to visit Tim Horton's shortly.
When I was in Canada I begged my mom to take me to Tim Horton's so I could get the Full Canada Experience ™
Tim Horton's French vanilla is honestly better than all Starbucks drinks
important question: have you had Tim Horton's yet
Tim Horton's is big biz and can absorb cost.
A 31-year-old man hijacked a Toronto bus and held it up at knifepoint, forcing the driving to take him to Tim Horton's.
Lots of Tim Horton's places around, though, right?
- I have never been to Tim Horton's but have heard of east-coasters that have been. They claim its great & their bakeries!
Faisal Kutty: Is Tim Horton's radicalizing Canadians? :-) Ontario man arrested for hijacking TTC bus to Tim Hortons
Congrats to Tim Horton and Mike Brown on completing the Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon!
This cookie is amazing!!! Red velvet with cream cheese.:D Tim Horton's in East Liverpool is…
There was an owl outside a donut shop. Tim Horton hears a Hoo
Another eternal mixup for me: Jim Beam, Jimmy Dean, Bob Evans, Tim Horton's.
if you turn off Victoria trail at the Tim Horton's/petro Canada towards the river, And follow that road straight you get into
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