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Tim Gunn

Timothy M. Tim Gunn (born July 29, 1953) is an American fashion consultant and television personality.

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I don't talk about fashion, but let's be real- you need to realize Tim Gunn is awesome if we're going to be friends.
Tim Gunn reveals the interior of his Upper West Side apartment inspired by Thomas Jefferson's ...
I love Tim Gunn so much you guys yes I've transitioned into Project Runway and he's doing a save
Which is really how I think all reality competition shows should be run. More Tim Gunn, less Gordon Ramsay. Everyone wins.
Come for the basics on fencing, stay for Tim Gunn cameos
Dang it. Now I will forever hear his name like that impression of Tim Gunn on Project Runway.
Yes, Tim Gunn as Baileywick is still with the show. You'll see him here and there starting this fall.
Is Tim Gunn still with the show? My little one asked about Baileywick in the newer episodes?
Tim Gunn's not bad, not sure he can be a-hole-ish enough to be Trump. What about Alan Grayson in a wig?
Have you ever wondered if Tim Gunn uses fabric swatches to wipe?
choice. Tim Gunn. His cadence, unlike Heenan, is different. But he can be as vituperative as Trump and he knows how (3/4)
Why is the key to your success with celebrity →
Hidi can you hook nick up for some fashion tips? Tim Gunn where are you?
Tim Gunn on Project Runway's humble beginning: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis -
"Confidence and UV protection are always in style." - Tim Gunn, fashion mogul and my unofficial life coach
“You can be too rich and too thin, but you can never be too well read or too curious... .” - Tim Gunn
I have the same birthday as Tim Gunn from Project Runway and that's great
“You Have no control over other PEOPLE'S TASTE so focus on Staying TRUE to your own.” Tim Gunn vía
"You have no control over other people's taste, so focus on staying true to your own." Tim Gunn
neither do I, be a peach and bump this -Tim gunn in how I met your mother
What! Tim Gunn is in I love I hope Tiny Fey and the fat, breaded guy from Hangover are too! 😜☠
Thanks To hear Billy Collins, Alec Baldwin, Sonia Manzano,Tim Gunn &Ken Burns speak, all in one evening!
Tomorrow, Tim Gunn, Sonia Manzano & more will honor some very talented teens at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!
Ken Burns, Tim Gunn, Sonia Manzano and more honor teen artists and writers at Carnegie Hall | On Our Minds:
If you think about it, Tim Gunn and Larry the Cable Guy essentially have the same catch phrase.
Tim Gunn looks like he is channeling the power of Undertaker's urn..
I have not watched the all stars, but loved the kids, and love Tim Gunn with the kids
Kathryn Hilderbrand, Tim Gunn, and State Rep Alan Silvia speaking to the group at Boston State House...
I hate that Tim Gunn not on Project Runway All Stars
Well just "MET" Tim Gunn... Called him Tim Dunn, but he was incredibly cordial &didnt make me feel like an *** . ThanQ .
waiting for the Drag Race/Project Runway crossover, with hosts: Tim Gunn, Bianca Del Rio, and Sam Donovan. LET ME DREAM.
Tim Gunn on Project Runway always calls those "Titscrepencies."
Alone in his apartment, Jeff watches Project Runway Jr and sings Tim Gunn's name to the Peter Gunn Theme. A joke only for himself.
Oh, yes, he did! Fashion guru Tim Gunn says the Kardashians are vulgar and Caitlyn has bad style:
Get Tim Gunn to run for president and see what happens.
If you want to hear me get sassy and name drop Tim Gunn, this is your episode
This is an inspiring story by Tim Gunn. It tells us that even if you have a stammer, it can't stop you from living your full potentials.
"If you want guidance in fashion, just consider this: if a Kardashian is wearing it, don’t.” - Tim Gunn
Dear I am going to grab some food while you sort that out. In the words of Tim Gunn - “MAKE IT WORK!” :). Regards, you friend Niko :)
Barnabas said he likes shots... in the words of Tim Gunn, frankly im concerned.
tim gunn has so much love in his heart and I have so much love for tim gunn
cheers! for all those times I ask to myself, what would Tim Gunn do?
The whole story just seems really abelist to me and feels like it's "romaticizing" Autism. To quote Tim Gunn, I'm dubious.
Yeah I watch Project Runway from time to time. My point was that Tim Gunn kicks *** at pocket squares & someone should be rapping about it.
My recollection is that in early seasons, he was almost like Tim Gunn in the kitchen; much less so recently.
What was the worst moment for when it comes to via
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Fell asleep watching tv and had a dream that Donald Trump hose Tim Gunn as his VP.. they wouldn't stop saying "make it work"
Watching a video about the Statue of Liberty in class and all of a sudden Tim Gunn shows up in it caught me real off guard
I luv, luv, luv the junior as much as the senior! TY Tim Gunn!
Tim Gunn: "I think they're a bunch of dumb clothes , just basic pieces" on Kanye West's collection... The accuracy...
When you have Tim Gunn on speed dial, I hope you hire him to fix my style. My suits are sad.
Tim Gunn got into the real estate business?
I am made (ok so not so much made...) to watch the Tim Gunn programme. It's quite good!
Really mum who do you think you are? Tim Gunn?
completely confident in my ability to somehow make it work, as Tim Gunn would say
2. This tremendous Tim Gunn gif. I love Tim Gunn and no correspondence shall be entered into.
I'm channeling my inner Tim Gunn today & no one can stop me
i LOVE how tim gunn isnt going easy on the kids on proj runway jr
Talking about Project Runway in class "I see myself as your Tim Gunn"- my professor
One day I hope I am as optimistic as Tim Gunn
We need to get people with violent names off TV, like Tim Gunn
Lol wow this episode of gossip girl has Tim gunn and Isaac mizrahi
unless either of those men are Tim Gunn, *** no.
.is NOT a fan of the Kardashians...
I did know! That's why I don't listen to his style advice for my queens. But his Tim gunn impression is priceless.
with Dawnamatrix Designs (Dawn & Ben) and Tim Gunn and some beautiful ladies...this was a fun day!
Tim Gunn calling Kanye West's clothing line "basic" is the best thing of 2015
Tim Gunn -- Kanye's Clothes are Dumb ... Kadashians are 'Vulgar' ... 'Yuck'. via
Kanye’s clothes are basic and dumb, according to ‘Project Runway’s’ Tim Gunn.
Kanye-Kim K - (AllHipHop News) It is pretty clear Tim Gunn is not a fan of Kanye West’s Ye...
Tim Gunn, who's not afraid of Anna Wintour, shares his views on Kanye's fashion line and the Kardashians.
A dream of mine has always been to meet Tim Gunn. That man is sexy as ***
I'm so happy Tim has that Tim Gunn save, and he used it to save Edmond
Vin Budhu was abused by Tim Gunn as well. Posen is also a racist. Don't stoop so low to take their racism so meekly
I wonder if Tim Gunn is still celibate
Obviously, Jimmy Haslam did not consult with Tim Gunn this season.
Tim Gunn is the uncle we all wish we had
Every challenge Tim Gunn will call it "mumsy," and Nina Garcia will roll her eyes, but they still go with the Delta Burke for HSN look.
Never forget when Tim Gunn asked Michael Costello for the inspiration behind his draping and he handed him a photo of the Statue of Liberty.
My psychoanalytics professor looks like Tim Gunn.
What do you think? A reimagining of My Two Dads starring Danny Trejo and Tim Gunn. I think it would be a hit.
Because of this photo Cody's on his way to NYC to film The Revolution on ABC airing 3/28 with Ty Pennington & Tim Gunn http:/…
Patrick Stewart, Bob Ross, Mariah Carey, Tim Gunn - what besser people to waste your leap second with!
Lifetime's Project Runway co-host and fashion expert Tim Gunn talks first date looks, summer trends and all...
Also, I do an impeccable santino rice Tim Gunn voice.
Something so lovely about this. People calling him "lonely" don't get it. MT
.needs to become the resident Tim Gunn of or WoW needs to replace his replacements. Carson's gotta go like yesterday😶
Santino Rice dropping "make it work" like he's Tim Gunn. Girl, you ain't even half a Tim Gunn
How I feel about the rest of my finals directly correlates to how tired I am and Tim Gunn's face:
Is Santino trying to pull a Tim Gunn? Cause I'm not impressed.
I know Santino didn't just steal Tim Gunn's line
Santino is currently doing his Tim Gunn impersonation without the voice
Never forget Season 2 of Project Runway with the Andre/Tim Gunn romance scenarios created by
"You are striking and you don't even know it!" Fantasy!Tim Gunn tells me
I "don't care about clothes" with the fervor of someone who secretly hopes and believes Tim Gunn will one day notice and make me over.
The Royals' jerseys last night somehow looked even worse. Can't they hire Tim Gunn to make it work fashion-wise?
Not that I think his Sunday routine has changed since then, but the NYT Tim Gunn profile is from March.
I misread and thought you were meeting Tim Gunn. Disappointed :(
“Most people should have three rings in their vocabulary: engagement, wedding, and fashion.” – Tim Gunn
"By the suits and ties of Tim Gunn, I swear I will hunt you down and eat you for breakfast." - Caitlin
Project Runway's Tim Gunn: How We All Can Make It Work (04/06/2015)don't know if you saw it 👍🏼
I've only watched Project Runway a couple times but my impression is that Tim Gunn is a wonderful person.
I'm a big PR fan so I'm sure we did! I saw Tim Gunn when he came to USF and he handled the Q&A with such grace and kindness.
I strive to be the perfect balance of Tyra banks and Tim gunn
Tim Gunn: "I don't know why I've always been so captivated by architecture."
Anyone who watches Project Runway that is Tim Gunn and we were at Mood in New york😍
I didn't realize that knowing Tim Gunn's Sunday routine was something I needed in my life until now
And now Murtagh's gone all Tim Gunn on Claire. What Not To Wear in the 18th Century?
I'd like to see and take Tim Gunn shopping at Zabar's, tbh:
“I will then change into a suit, because I’m going to the Met. It’s a sacred place for me….” *hearteyes.gif*
I taught Tim Gunn everything he knows.
I love Tim Gunn so hard. "I want to present myself properly. I just feel it’s an honor and a tribute to the work."
Ugh, now I'm worried people are gonna creep on Tim Gunn during his identical Sunday walks:
Tim Gunn deserves everything in the world via
Ahhh Tim Gunn and Alton Brown!! Seriously 2 of my favorite men on tv ever :) I've learned so much from both!!
See now I'm just going to guess Tim Gunn
"I'M SO JEALOUS OF HER WAS TIm gunn gentle???" -wants to know
As Tim Gunn says... "Make it work". Operation: cut this pole off the gazebo
The Sunday morning routine of a man who is more exquisite than you:
Continues to mumble Designer mockingly in a Tim Gunn voice to hide the fact that I cannot afford the designers I love
Watching a Jimmy Fallon with Ben Stiller and Tim Gunn and it's so funNY THIS IS GOLD
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Tim Gunn, Rob Lowe or Robin Roberts could speak in Lancaster this fall
tutor just sent us the brief for a 3 day challenge. my life is now Project Runway. I am my own Tim Gunn.
Last night at People's Choice Awards. Listen to Tim Gunn people.. He loves. " The McCarthys "
Watching old seasons of Project Runway while inking. Back in the day this show was a *** miracle. *_* I miss you, early Tim Gunn.
Brad, Seth, JHud, Tim Gunn, Anne Hathaway, Shia L. They al came to D.C. as evidenced in this amazing vid
"Looks like we have a real 'make-it-work' moment here." -Tim Gunn in Apollo 13 when they are trying to make an Oxygen filter from scratch.
The judging on "Project Runway All Stars" is atrocious, but Zanna Roberts Rassi is a better workroom mentor than latter-season Tim Gunn.
For Julia London, who got me hooked on Project Runway, and for all runway fans. I love Tim Gunn. He makes...
Project Runway season 12! Tim Gunn joins in on the runway show!
Here’s the thing, *** *** I take fashion advice from only 3 men: Tim Gunn, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen (rip).
We had a great time presenting the West Bend High School GSA their autographed poster from Tim Gunn! They were...
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The worst fashion mistake men make is to wear clothes that are too big. That's the word from "Project Runway" mentor and Liz Claiborne chief creative officer Tim Gunn. As a former guest on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," he said that men have no excuse not to look good. "It's so much easier for us!" he said.
Think of Morris the Cat's voice. Now think of Tim Gunn's voice. Now think, is there a difference?
Tim Gunn critiques first lady fashions, from Dolly Madison to Hillary Clinton ... - New York Daily News
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Fashion guru Tim Gunn forgives Hillary Clinton for the scrunchies - Washington Post (blog)
Andy Smith: Fashion guru Tim Gunn, who's coming to URI on Sunday, makes it work
Craig from Parks and Rec is like a young and ferocious Tim Gunn
Smiles for days! Such a great time on set with MARY KAY and Tim Gunn working on a special Project Runway episode...
Designer and “Project Runway” alum Althea Harper talks Tim Gunn, her favorite challenge and the clothes you’ll see at CMH Fashion Week.
We asked Tim Gunn how he'd do if he were competing on "Project Runway"
Emmys. I want Jerseylicious to win for "Proof TV Makes People Stupid." Oh, and Project Runway for Best Series. Love Tim Gunn.
Sun's out Gunn's out! Come see Tim Gunn from Project Runway on October 5 at 8PM in Edwards. Students: $12-15; Public: $25-30
Nobody understands the stress I have for picking out the perfect outfit for when Tim Gunn comes to Drake next week for a fashion lecture
Heidi Klum right before she dumps water on Tim Gunn for the ALS challenge.
Heidi Klum douses Tim Gunn with a bucket of ice during the Project…
Heidi Klum dumps ice bucket over Tim Gunn in impossibly tiny dress - then ... -
The gorgeous German supermodel was joined by Emmy Rossum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia and Zac…
Watching Project Runway season 8. I wish Tim Gunn would call me Peach and tell me to make it work.
Tim Gunn is the voice of a butler on an animated Disney junior show.
made Avril lavigne, Tim Gunn, and Gerard butler come together in song and made it seem normal 💁
Tim Gunn, Avril Lavigne, Fergie, Gerard Butler. Everyone showed up for this last episode
How much do you think it would cost to have Tim Gunn be my personal trainer who's all "oh honey, just give up and get f…
Emmy analysis: Jane Lynch makes us laugh, but Tim Gunn saves ...:
Simon Collins steps down as Dean of Parsons- I had this man & Tim Gunn during my time at Parsons. Two different eras!
SIGHTING: 's Tim Gunn heading South on Broadway at W 66th + Broadway
Who knew Project Runway's Tim Gunn likes to save money? He just told Racheal Ray that he shops online at discounter
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Documentary maker Ken Burns is 61. TV personality Tim Gunn (Project Runway) is 61. Wil Wheaton is...
Watch Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn discover what means and then tune in TOMORROW for the season premiere of at 9/8c!
Maybe the realist thing about me is that I legit ship Tim Gunn and Stephen Sondheim, two ACTUAL PEOPLE who may or may not have ever met.
More Senate trouble. Really wishing we could "Make it Work.' We NEED Tim Gunn!
Join Margee Jaeger and Rev. Susan Hill-Mellott on Wednesday, July 9 from 6:30 to 8:30 for a discussion on the philosophy of Manly P. Hall and his book "Ten Basic Rules for Better Living". On July 16, we'll discuss Don Miguel Ruiz and "The Four Agreements" and "The Fifth Agreement". On July 23, it's Tim Gunn and "Tim Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work". Finally, on July 30, a recap of the three philosophies and how we can use them. Each class is $10 and there is no registration required.
Tim Gunn and Cicely Tyson siting within 5 minutes of each other.
Snooki to guest judge Project Runway with JWoww... three years after show mentor Tim Gunn slammed her fashion sense
Tim Gunn is at my school right now telling this funny *** story to us about Anna Wintour he is too freaking cool
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By Stephanie Penn & T. Marlene Tim Gunn Is Always Supportive Of Plus Size Women One of the many things that we love about Tim Gunn is his outspokenness and how he speaks up on behalf of plus size women in fashion.  The Project Runway mentor is very vocal in sharing his thoughts on the ...
I may have to take a page from Tim Gunn. "Slaves, make it work."
New Yorker critic Emily Nussbaum has praised Drag Race as "simultaneously sincere and self-mocking" in its approach to the reality format: "In many ways, it is just another copycat talent show, mashing up product integration, quasi-scripted banter, and themed competitions...But, even in this context, the show is mighty *** Rupaul -- who appears first in a suit and serious eyeglasses, then in full femininity -- parodies both Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, 'queering' Bravo's Project Runway, which was already the gayest thing in town."
Heidi Klum said she loves visiting Splish Splash in an interview with her Project Runway co-star, Tim Gunn, in this month's edition of Hamptons Magazine.
Tim Gunn is not a fan of Anna Wintour, though who knew that he hated on Miley Cyrus?! EXCLUSIVELY chatted with Tim, and he threw some critical shade on Anna, Miley and Kim Kardashian. You’ll never trust what he pronounced about Kim! Tim Gunn is a conform guru, though he didn’t...
Tim Gunn vs. Anna Wintour; Antonio Banderas defends *** Windy City Times. Banderas got his break in movies when...
Tim Gunn is intimidated by Anna Wintour- why?
The Olsens open a store, Anna Wintour scares Tim Gunn and more... Hot on
Fashion fight: Anna Wintour is mad at Tim Gunn-
This is frigging hilarious. Back in 2010, Project Runway star Tim Gunn revealed in his book Under The Gunn that Anna Wintour once refused to get into a public lift after a fashion event, and was in...
“We’re arch enemies. We’re sparring partners. We’re constantly spitting venom at each other.” It sounds like Tim Gunn won’t be having a Michelle Obama-esque lovefest with Anna Wintour anytime soon — or ever. The “Project… [ 274 more words. ]
We’re kind of thrilled that every terrifying thing we’ve ever suspected about Anna Wintour is true – if you believe Tim Gunn, at least.
Three things I have learnt from watching Project Runway: 1. Heidi Klum wears the WORST clothes. 2. Zac Posen is a *** 3. Tim Gunn is the most beautiful human alive.
As a Drake Grad and a graduate of the Central Campus Fashion Design and Merchandising Program.. AND a huge Tim Gunn, Project Runway and Under the Gunn fan, I have to say I am totally freaked out to see that none other than the fabulous and admired Tim Gunn will be in Des Moines this summer!
Guess who just got to meet Tim Gunn from Project Runway? This girl, right here! Lol.
Tim Gunn disses Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian on Vogue, Anna Wintour and her Met Ball Gala 2014 and gives love to Selena Gomez and Heidi Klum. Subscribe! http:...
Minor NYC celebrity sighting. This morning I saw Tim Gunn, of various fashion reality shows, which I have never watched. In City Diner on 90th and Broadway. He agreed to be in a couple's photo while leaving the restaurant. He seemed nice, and agreeable. I have no idea what he ordered.
'Project Runway: Under the Gunn' crowns Oscar Lopez its first winner . Project Runway: Under the Gunn, a new Project Runway spinoff starring Runway mentor Tim Gunn, has crowned its first champion.
Here are the pre-approved *** for straight people: Neil Patrick Harris, Tim Gunn, and Savage Dan or wev.
"While being Don Draper, working with the NYPD, and editing Tezuka I decided to write some garbage. I know Tim Gunn."
I have so much to look forward to in April.. Rachel Ray show, Tim Gunn seminar, Yankee games & spring break 😊
I swear Tim Gunn's headstone will read ''s time!"
Grace Coddington potentially has the most brilliant mind to exist in the entire industry. While you won’t find her huddled over a sewing machine as Tim Gunn comes in to check, her masterpieces resonate throughout the pages of Vogue. The creative director was thrust into the spotlight after the 2009…
News: Murray Bartlett, St. Patrick's Day, Putin, Tim Gunn, Jared Leto says Russia's Olympics "risk" paid off: "It was important to show that we are a country with goodwill which knows how to meet guests and create a celebration not just for itself but all sports fans in the world." Whack-a-Putin game smashes Vlad: "You control the righteous hammer of human rights and are in charge of knocking down the person who wants to destroy what it stands for. React too late and he takes it from you. Keep him down and you are rewarded! Try not to knock the Russian people, as they have the right to be heard." Daniel Radcliffe has a very bushy mane. Jake Gyllenhaal has a very bushy beard. Texas school district pays $77,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by a *** student who said her coaches outed her to her mother: “The agreement puts into place important protections for students and their privacy rights, and the school district’s official policy will prohibit exclusion by sexual orientation." Guess which music vide ...
Tonight on Lifetime Emmy Award winning Tim Gunn returns with another new episode of Project Runway: UNDER THE GUNN called, “Team Challenge.” On tonight’s episode the first team challenge requires the designers to create mini collections. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped
"Even having ascended to the position of chair of the fashion design department, having become the mentor on Project Runway, my mother was still so critical of what I would wear. She would be critical of what I would wear on the show. In fact, she would call afterward and say, "Why did they let you wear such-and-such? That tie didn't look good with that shirt!" And then I remember so profoundly going to her home for Thanksgiving and walking through the front door, and she looked me up and down and she said, studying me with little squinty eyes, she said, "Why can't you dress more like Mitt Romney?"" - Tim Gunn
Gotta LOVE Tim Gunn! This is a great show (no Heidi Klum!) and I love when Tim has to put on the tough love to designers "Isabella, you need to stop sewing NOW. No, NOW. Put the scissors down..." Hilarious
I want Tim Gunn and Nigel Lythgoe to be my grandfathers
Stephanie O. !! We are so proud of you and are cheering you on!! Watch Stephanie tonight on Tim Gunn's show Under...
who are you if you don't like Tim Gunn
Electronic Device Insurance
Fashion jewelry tips from the fabulous and always fashionable
Where was Tim Gunn when they needed him?
TIM GUNN IS GOING TO BE AT THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM *contemplates buying a ticket and going home to see Tim in his all glory*
FIT is amazing, I hope I can get tickets to see Tim Gunn speak
have you watched Tim Gunn's new show? If so, what do you think so far?
where can i watch under the gunn online in the UK ? desperate for some tim gunn action
your not cool enough to speak of Tim Gunn
I'd like to thank Tim Gunn for this years mantra, "Make it work"
Sounds good, just about to watch ep1! Love Tim Gunn :)
especially as Tim Gunn is one of my favourite people ever
There is a new 'Project Runway' style program out called Under the Gunn with Tim Gunn. This is good news.
Have you seen the new series Under the Gunn with Tim Gunn? For tonight's episode, it's the mentors that need to...
Tim Gunn is coming to FIT in April. I'm so freakin excited. He's my spirit animal! ❤️
interesting 1079: TIM GUNN registered by of
I really love , such a great inspiration and class act.
Tim Gunn is one of our guest speakers this semester!?!? Count me in 🙋💁
From working out with Carl Edwards at the raceway to Lolo Jones and Apollo at the Olympic training centers in Utah to Hollywood Makeovers with Tim Gunn and Ken Paves to next week competing as a triathlete. Whose life did I hijack? And please don't ask for it back!
LOL Tim Gunn GIFs! My favs are the Mitigate and Ambivalent!.
oh Lord have mercy! Where's Tim Gunn, this is a fashion emergency.
"Why can't you be more like Tim Gunn?" . -what I'm thinking during most of my real life human interactions
Good God. Get Tim Gunn on the phone before it's too late: Ralph Lauren's Hideous Olympics Uniforms - Gawker
in her natural habitat. Tim Gunn would be proud. @ Mood…
re: my last RT... I was just talking about this the other day! Yes Tim Gunn, YES!!! :) "Designers... MAKE IT WORK!" :)
On the new Ralph Lauren-designed Winter Olympic uniforms, all they need is Tim Gunn saying "I'm going to have to send you upstairs..."
They need to hire Tim Gunn or something
Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fashion world with Valerie Steele, Director of The Museum at FIT, and Tim Gunn, fashion mentor and co-host...
Valerie Steele and Tim Gunn at the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday Jan 30th!
As the guiding mentor of "Project Runway," Tim Gunn oversees the show's many design challenges. The toughest of these challenges each season seem to be the ones where contestants must design for women with "normal" -- rather than model-esque -- bodies.
"Modest. Refined. Way to not over design.". -Tim Gunn just before he heaves into his Olympic tuque.
will appear as a guest judge on an upcoming episode of Tim Gunn’s new TV show Under The Gunn.
I legitimately wanna see Martin Freeman and Tim Gunn get in an argument
it is basically The Face with Tim Gunn. & The Face is only tolerable because Naomi makes it so intolerable for everyone else
Under the Gunn: First Reaction: Tim Gunn, our beloved mentor from Project Runway, once again has his own show.
Read what Tim Gunn had to say about Nikki Haley? Unpredictable&erratic-wears fakes
If those little angel and devil on the shoulder things were real Tim Gunn would be my angel
If you dont love tim gunn you hsve no soul. ..just saying
Make educated choices. victims narrated by Tim Gunn: free clothes:
Some days it'd be nice to get a Tim Gunn pep talk.
Ran ball tonite & this kid guarding me called me *** after every shot I made. I'm getting a jersey that says Tim Gunn on it
If you're interested in fashion history, you MUST read Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. It's amazing.
Watching Biggest Loser Makeover week always makes me cry! Anyone else watching this season? When is Tim Gunn...
We know Tim Gunn can and now he's helping a few vets to do so as well. Let the games begin!
Catching up on my favorite episode, its makeover week!. Gunn journey :)
If your inner monologue isn't in the voice of Tim Gunn then what are you even doing?
All right, no lie, that moment from Biggest Loser where Tim Gunn gave the contestants a makeover? Probably one of the most heartwarming moments on TV, ever. Of all time. Anyone who catch it last night agree with us?
Fashion therapist and author Tim Gunn answers a critical question about wardrobe fashion -- what has to match? Find out exactly what you need to coordinate i.
Tim Gunn to decide fashion fate of Cincinnati designer on upcoming reality show
I'll just admit it.. I love Tim Gunn
I just love love love Tim Gunn! I wish he was my friend and we could meet on Sunday mornings for coffee. :)
I just adore Tim Gunn. He is such an intelligent, kind, witty , creative man. I wish I could wake up to a Tim pep talk to start each day. That's all. You can go now.
It's makeover week. and I love Tim Gunn.
Once leaving Austin, TX, Tim Gunn was in the airline check in line behind me. I thought Carol was going to die when I started chit chatting with him. He is just as you see him on the Biggest Loser.
How can everyone not just adore Tim Gunn?? LOVE him
It's Makeover Week on the Biggest Loser! Ken Paves and Tim Gunn will work their magic on our fave contestants. Can't wait!
Make-over week on Biggest Loser.Tim Gunn is on! Two will be eliminated tonight!!!
Tim Gunn kicked off his reign as host of Lifetime's new fashion competition series,
Tonight, fashion guru Tim Gunn and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves guest star on an all-new makeover episode of The Biggest Loser. That’s followed by a new episode of Chicago Fire.
Tim Gunn on Plus Size Clothing “Have you seen most of the plus-size sections out there? It’s horrifying. Whoever’s designing for plus-size doesn’t get it. The entire garment needs to be re-conceived. You can’t just take a size 8 and make it larger. In my travels, I’ve been an advocate for larger women. I’ve been talking to designers, but only a half-dozen make an effort. Most say, ‘I don’t want a woman who’s a size 10 or 11 wearing my clothes.’ Well, shame on you! It’s not realistic"
Tim Gunn fans are pretty amped for tonight’s premiere of Under the Gunn on Lifetime. And hairstyle aficionados should be, too: Gregory Patterson, the lead hairstylist and educator for BlowPro, will...
Tim Gunn has us on pins and needles about his new show – are you watching?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Tim Gunn talks about what "Under The Gunn" is all about and the Nick controversy, in this video extra from Episode 1 (Who is Under the Gunn?) of Under the Gunn.
Wow. Jimmy Fallon totally played Tim Gunn. Had Kevin hart on there 4evr, skit & all, then Tim had a couple mins it seemed?!?! I feel baddd
Project Runway’s greatest contribution to American culture may well have been its elevation of Tim Gunn to his current position as the ideal cultured gentleman of our pop-culture era—a reality-TV Mr. French. It’s a measure of how gratefully people respond to Gunn that, last year, he and Heidi Klum s
It's that time of the year again, "Biggest Loser" fans! Fashion guru Tim Gunn and hairstylist to the stars Ken Paves are back again for...
Who's stalkin' Tim Gunn's "Under the Gunn?" Stay tuned for some Atomic involvement.
Watching Project Runway.I love me some Tim Gunn,and the designers.They are AMAZING!
What is this stupid Tim Gunn show where the designer girl is making Sophie's Choice of a mentor between Mondo, "I can't make a sleeve" Anya and Nick? Its not that dramatic, *** Jeez.
In July 2011, Tim Gunn remarked that our then Secretary of State who at the time had been traveling extensively in Greece, Turkey, and Asia, was "confused about her gender" and predicated this judg...
Tim Gunn's new show "Under the Gunn" premieres tonight. Check out the best part of "Project Runway" on his own. Tim Gunn: Official Page
Premiering tonight at 8 central on Lifetime is Tim Gunn's new fashion series! It will feature a Francesca's accessory wall!
Who else is excited to watch Under the Gunn tonight?? I'll watching anything with Tim Gunn: Official Page!
Who knew Tim Gunn had a temper?Fans rarely see him get flustered on “Project Runway,” but you can count on a spike in temperature on his new reality show, “Under the Gunn,” which premieres Thursday.“People come up to me on the street all the time and say, ‘You’re such a lovely man. Read more here: [
As much as we love Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and the rest of the 'Project Runway' cast, we've always thought that what the show really needed was more Tim Gunn. Now with the January 16 premiere of Lifetime TV's our wish is granted: Tim Gunn is the host, and alumni Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Nick Verreos are the mentors.
Anyone watching The View?? Tim Gunn just gave Jenny McCarthy's Dad, who is ready to get back on the prowl, a makeover...OMG, he made him over to look like a Cheezy Used Car Salesman!! Look out ladies!! Uggh!!
I like to think that Tim Gunn owns a cat named "Designers" that he calls to at feeding time or when he returns home at the end of the day.
I don't like The View, but Tim Gunn is on.
Tim Gunn and Ken Paves give the contestants a new style.
Fashion consultant and TV personality Tim Gunn chats with Jon about his upcoming series "Under the Gunn."
Don't worry, Project Runway fans. Tim Gunn will indeed be back when Season 13 bows later this year. But first he's launching his own fashion competition series, Under The Gunn, which premieres tomorrow night on Lifetime. Under the Gunn features the fashion guru mentoring three past Project Runway st...
Tim Gunn without Heidi Klum!? For Project Runway fans, that may seem like blasphemy. And in fact, Gunn says, "Heidi and I have a pact. We will never do another season of the show without each other. I just can't conceive of it." The genteel fashion guru, 60, says that at one point there was "serious talk" of doing a Runway season with a different host (because Klum was unavailable). "And I said: 'That's an impossibility! It will not be the same show." Source: wochit entertainment
Tim Gunn. Photo by Scott McDermott; Valerie Steele. Photo by Aaron Cobbett New York—Want to hear that rich Tim Gunn voice in person? (Admit it, you do!) Al
Tim Gunn didn't audition anyone for "Under The Gunn." All of the designers tried out for Season 13 of "Project Runway," before they found out Heidi Klum would be...
On the at 11.30pm, fashion guru Tim Gunn on dressing sharp. Actually, Jon has a few tips for him too:
Review: Tim Gunn graduates from mentor to judge
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When Tim Gunn says "Make it work" When it comes of designing fashion, it actually means to make it elegant at trying your best to make your designs to look fashion forward to surprise the judges and to the industry.and is more to that to Make it work to make it happen!!!
Fashion's leading man, Tim Gunn , is calling the shots as the host of Lifetime's new fashion co...
Tim Gunn reflects on the pressure that comes with being famously well-dressed, his loyalty to Heidi Klum, and his show "Under the Gunn." …read more
Tim Gunn, of the Tim Gunn Save, is simply the best. The Project Runway mentor and woolly balls enthusiast has delighted us season after season […]
I didn't know who Tim Gunn was until I saw him on John Stewart tonight but as soon as I heard his voice I knew that he was Baileywick from Sofia the First - is that sad?
Tim Gunn on Jon Stewart tonight, then Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon. Good night for the DVR!
TV’s most famous fashion mentor Tim Gunn says fans should expect to see a darker side of him in the upcoming Lifetime reality series, “Under the Gunn.”
It just clicked for me...Tim Gunn is the voice of Baileywick on Sophia the First. Don't know how I missed that
Seth Aaron Henderson takes home the prize for Project Runway All Stars on the same day two more Portland designers are announced for Tim Gunn's new fashion show.
Emmy award-winning fashion guru Tim Gunn and Denver’s own Mondo Guerra will co-host the 4th Annual Good Exchange Fashion Show & Clothing Swap on Feb. 6, 2014, at the EXDO Event Center in Denver.
“I’m going to be completely transparent — I thought hte same thing!” Tim Gunn said of rapper Macklemore guest judging on Gunn’s new fashion competition series Under the Gun.” That in response to a *** kind of question about the guest judge choice. “He was fabulous,” Gunn insisted. “He is so...
Check out the Best of Tim Gunn video for all his priceless expressions and his best lines from Project Runway Season 12.
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