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Tim Gunn

Timothy M. Tim Gunn (born July 29, 1953) is an American fashion consultant and television personality.

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I just finished, but I really want an entire Tim Gunn Impression recap. Had me dying at work hearing y'all!
before I send any piece to print i ask myself, "would tim gunn think i made it work? would he make that face of quiet disappointment?"
Would you rather trust Tim Gunn or stir Blake Lewis
:O is tim gunn gonna save what's his name
I'm curious as to where those terrific vids of Tim Gunn analysing Superhero costumes on Crazy Sexy Geeks went, any clue?
Tim Gunn, on Project Runway: "I'm going to quote a dear friend. Fear never conquered anything."
Why does Tim Cook seem like Tim Gunn "take advantage of the time available"?
Idea: Fashion themed arcade for men named Brocade. Boom. You're welcome Tim Gunn.
'I recently became "plus size." for clothes shouldn't be this miserable'
I had a Tim Gunn Make-it-Work moment last night where I solved a problem by cutting something in half then turning it around backwards.
Socrates sounds like Tim Gunn but so much more of a bad person.
⚡️ “Baby Groot dancing in Guardians sequel was inspired by James Gunn's moves ”.
Tim Gunn interacting with Swatch from Mood is my favorite segment ever.
I really, really, really love Tim Gunn.
On Project Runway. Tim Gunn: Designers, you have a big challenge so we have special helpers here. . RABID RACOONS! . .screaming.
Let's all take a moment to picture Tim Gunn as Alfred Pennyworth. Ok thanks.
Thanks for your authenticity, and power! Check this out, so powerful!
Tim Gunn chasing Swatch the dog in S8 Project Runway is me
Tim Gunn is the best thing about Project Runway
Well, Tim Gunn said make it work, so it's back to the ukay for l'il ole me
Me, crying while watching Project Runway because tim gunn is sad].
Mi motto en la vida es Tim Gunn diciendo: "make it work"
"you've got initiative. We've got initiative. And we're going to make it work. *very quiet ooc tim gunn voice* designers." NEVERMIND
This first one I ever listened to had Tim Gunn and I do not regret it
Which is the most stylish celebrity? — Tim Gunn
Over the credits every episode the two have lemonade infront of Tim gunn's tiny castle collection while making eye contact
Safe to say that Tim Gunn is appalled. Would really love to have his actual opinion.
and Kevin McCleod is my version of Tim Gunn. He's the great prie…
I only figured out Tim Gunn bc very distinct voice to me. But no idea about the others.
Stuff you learn watching kids TV: Ariel Winter, Sara Ramirez, Tim Gunn & Wayne Brady voice characters on Sofia the First. Who knew?!? 😊
I too enjoy the creative process chaos of Project Runway, presided over by the angel man Tim Gunn. Thanks,…
Like Project Runway Junior. Maybe Tim Gunn could make an appearance.
You have no control over other people's taste, so focus on staying true to your own." – Tim Gunn
5) My wife makes me watch Project Runway. I actually don't mind and wish Tim Gunn was my real dad.
Emojis are great, but what I REALLY need is a transcribed video index of everything Tim Gunn has ever said on Project Runway.
If I was the Tim Gunn of Twitch emotes, I'd say "You made it work". that better?
I cry every time Tim Gunn uses the Tim Gunn save
Being fashionable isn't about comfort, Daniel. We'll have to make it work (per Tim Gunn).
I'm so amused that Tim Gunn plays the voice of the butler in Sofia the First (I swear I only watch it 'cus of my boyfriend's daughter lol)
Pick 4 people to play for a podcast, who would it be? For me, Sir David Attenborough, Gilbert Godfrey, Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Gunn.
I normally don't care about celebrity relationships but I truly hope Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are actually best friends.
Same, gf made me 👀Project Runway and RuPaul...but man do I love Ru and Tim Gunn. They seem like the most sincere nice peeps.
Tim gunn was born without original sin.
Tim Gunn, on giving critical feedback that draws someone in rather than pushing them away
when tim gunn comes to your house for the home visits I want in
sticking to my skinny jeans I think ;) p.s. Recently addicted to Project Runway; can't help but wonder what Tim Gunn wld say
My love for Tim Gunn is everlasting ❤
I wish Tim Gunn were the press secretary instead of Sean Spicer.
Tim Gunn just said 'fallopian tubes?' my life is complete.
If i dont have time to get tim hortons in the morning i already know its gunn be a bad day.
Tim Gunn chasing Swatch around Mood. That is all.
Life is not a solo act. It's a huge collaboration, & we all need to assemble around us the people... - Tim Gunn
If Tim Gunn from Project Runway said to you, "Make it Work!" What would you do differently about how you network?
We all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us. -Tim Gunn
I wish I could just spend a day hanging out with Tim Gunn.
Apparently the clothes I wore to make a grocery run would prevent me boarding a United flight. When'd they hire Tim Gunn?
I call my mom to vent or complain about life and she always just responds by saying "Designers, make it work" in her Tim Gunn voice 🙄
I'm all here for tim gunn calling out Gretchen
If you want to look like you're in bed just say in bed -- the King Tim Gunn
my fav tim gunn look in my binge-watch so far. I'm gonna wear this in blue tomorrow tbh.
I wonder how Tim Gunn feels about this
Congress, you're having a Tim Gunn moment. The is the law of the land -
I love it when Tim Gunn gets emotional
Tim Gunn likes to walk out of frame
I’ve been watching Project Runway and now my whole day is mentally narrated by Tim Gunn
BTS was at the MoMA that reminds me of how i saw Tim Gunn at the Met and i had to doubletake
I think we all need some Tim Gunn perspective in our lives.
donald you should post some pics of you in — Maybe I am destined to be like Tim Gunn, forever al...
We're watching Project Runway. I wish Tim Gunn would come cheer me up when I have bad days.
for this Project Runway scene, Tim Gunn is wearing a camouflage suit with cargo suit pants and it's literally ruining my life
I was hand sewing something earlier and managed to sew it to my tights and all I could think was how disappointed T…
Can somebody help me figure out which of these pictures is Tom Price and which is Tim Gunn?
I can't believe the Sofia the First producers got frigging Tim Gunn to voice the butler.
catching up on podcasts - listened to Valerie Plame and Tim Gunn yesterday. Amazing, as advertised.
Watching Project Runway Junior and Tim Gunn just made a Gilligan’s Island joke and the kids all looked blankly at him. I’m old.
that would be so cool. Imagine running into Tim Gunn while there?!
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Every time I'm up against some creative deadline, the voice of Tim Gunn guides me. "This is your make it work challenge."
I go on a Project Runway binge every so often and god I love Tim Gunn 💛
I'd like to nominate Tim Gunn for the ice bucket challenge
I learned it from Tim Gunn on Project Runway
Watching (with husband. Does losing team get an opportunity for a "Tim Gunn Save" or go to "Last Chance Kitchen"
I legitimately want Tim Gunn to be my dad
I liked Jim too. I wish it was like Project Rumway and there was a Tim Gunn-Esau save.
So Tim Gunn saved A'kai so he could make an incredibly basic look that proves why he shouldn't be there.
Tim Gunn don't drop the gun he's the boom boom gun; and so as Gia Gunn, but Tim Gunn.
I liked a video Mickey and the Roadster Racers - Tim Gunn Guest Star (Clip)
Of course you know they weren't going to let you win that challenge after akai & Tim Gunn made it seem like you were a bully
A guy at the metro station just told me I carry myself like Tim Gunn. . I told him to treat every moment like a make it work moment.
honestly the tim gunn save is ALWAYS a waste
still mad at Tim Gunn for using the save on A'Kai tbh, it was a waste
As usual, I'm always determined to make it work. Forget Tim Gunn. He got that from me. Since I was soundless on...
was Jake talking about Project Runway? Like Tim Gunn from Project Runway?
The maturity on some of those kids is astounding. Talented & funny! P.S. Good Tim Gunn Save
"If you don't want to be innovative then you're not a designer just a dress maker" Tim Gunn
Its so sexy when someone can speak logically and openly like this. You're a diamond in the rough, Tim Gunn.
Tim Gunn is and will always be one of my most favorite people. I love him.
Tim Gunn is one of my most favorite people ever.
WOW, Tim Gunn is such a Aquarius! I heard they readily coached a blowdryer...
tim gunn highly advocates getting rtw tailored. It DOES make a world of difference. Though pricey.
Tim Gunn will have your vocab on 100.
One of my favorite vines. Tim Gunn from Project Runway
At what point in my life can I just fast-forward and become Tim Gunn?
.brings his voice acting skills to this weekend. First look:…
Overheard in hallway: "Tim Gunn is the best example of what it means to be a constructive but supportive mentor to young people."
Tim Gunn Voices a Travel Writer For ‘Mickey and the Roadster Racers,’ and It's Perfection via
Watch: voices a travel writer for and it's perfection:
Make it work like Tim Gunn would say! Nothing is ever perfect
I just laughed out loud at Tim Gunn on this repeat of HIMYM. And I'm in a packed waiting room.
I was into Tim Gunn while everyone else was still into photorealism.
Tim Gunn on my flight seems really nice. Taking selfies w/ fans saying he's "so flattered!"
the man in the gif is Tim Gunn, advisor on Project Runway. *** FYI.
Binge watching Project Runway is my latest obsession! Tim Gunn is my hero! — watching Project Runway
but is there a child uncomfortably flirting with Tim Gunn on this season of Project Runway Junior like on the 1st?
Tim Gunn using his Save on made my heart melt.
Tim Gunn said "make it work", so we did. We also made it sexist and…
Tbt to when I saw Tim gunn in NYC and my dad thought he was from the food network
Don't talk to me unless you and your entire family have played ping pong with Tim Gunn
Every epi, at least once I think about Tim Gunn and Andre go to Red Lobster. lol
Eager to see the runway. Those kids are so talented! Amazing! And, of course, Tim Gunn is the most lovable fashion grandpa in the universe!
not to oversell it, but Tim Gunn FENCES in one episode
I have not watched Project Runway in years but omg Tim Gunn! I love him. 😍
Tim Gunn was on campus with Erin last week and I was not informed and it's devastating
This is how you rock that sweater from your grandmother. In the immortal words of Tim Gunn "Make it work." We're here until 8 pm!
I want Tim Gunn to be my life coach
Tim Gunn is easily the greatest mid-host in a show ever. I love him.
Watching Project Runway so long since I've seen it Tim Gunn is the best. Watched so many episodes
. Tim Gunn is the firm but fair and brutally honest contestant mentor on …
This year I'm most thankful for Tim Gunn's relationship with Swatch
Now Tim Gunn --- THERE is a president. I'd even go for Jeff Probst. Not this though...
Thanks for including me! Anything with Tim Gunn I am IN. Also, I'm excited for the youth designer show…
If Tim Gunn had been elected to President of the United States.President Gunn to Congress: “MAKE. IT. WORK.”
BREAKING NEWS! Proof reveals Gary Hoffmann is Tim Gunn's love child.
The 5 key ingredients to managing success w/ on new You’ll never think about the same
Great piece by Tim Gunn on the current state of plus sizes in today's fashion industry. So great that he calls...
A not-insignificant portion of my heart is reserved for my love for Tim Gunn
I'm slight embarrassed to say the Tim Gunn books, lol. I'm meeting him in March and want to get them signed.
Update your maps at Navteq
I desperately need Tim Gunn come tell me everything in my life is going to be okay that I'm going to make it work.
Tim Gunn wrote the manual on subtle reading.
I see the grinch as like a Tim Gunn type. Like he's *** but hasn't had a partner in like decades and is kind of asexual
Tim Gunn's Christmas wish list includes adding two more feet to his lunge! (Santa is in the north pole scratching...
Tim gunn (i) - news podium construction definition -
Tim Gunn's pbs rant about plus size fashion is rad until he says "the right fit can make us look taller and slimmer". Like...
Tim Gunn on why the fashion industry needs a makeover. 'Make it work designers!'
Or Heidi Klum, she's pretty cute. [Wrapping an arm around shoulders, rubbing it gently] But Tim Gunn is pretty cool too>
[I moved closer to and leaned into him as I pressed play] I knew you'd come around. No one can fight the power of Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn's Christmas wish: An all plus-size season of 'Project Runway' . via
i'd like to remind that I was this close to the house exit and that usher looked like tim gunn
Boyfriend just asked if Tim Gunn rents his suits since he has so many
Tim Gunn really knows how to win a big girl's heart! ❤
Tim Gunn/Client: the pants sort of.. point to the crotch. make it stand out. *** you do not like that?
Give Tim Gunn his own fashion segment. His brutal honestly & funny comments will send ratings through the roof!
...why can't Tim Gunn be my president?
This is great! Great job Tim Gunn...thanks for sharing Dara Senders
Tim Gunn was on the Ask me Another podcast this week.
My best impressions are The Swedish Chef and Santino making fun of Tim Gunn
What would make this more watchable is a judge panel including Michael Kors, and a mentor for contestants--maybe Ti…
And remained celibate for most of her life like Tim Gunn, Morrissey, or asexual flowers?
You're such a good host! I loved the way you comforted Anna.💖 Reminds me of supportive Tim Gunn on ProjectRunway.😘
When Tim Gunn used his save for Cornelius I lost it.
Sorry Nike, I think that "Desert sand" color looks really strange on Arizona's uniforms. *Tim Gunn voice*. It just doesn't work for me.
I'm gonna start telling people I'll use the "Tim Gunn Save" on them if I see that their struggle is real.
"I did not ask that question in the manner of Tim Gunn!". Click to see more!
Every time I see a picture of Rep Tom Price, I think it's Tim Gunn.
I added a video to a playlist Tim Gunn Is Rocking Sweatpants Thanks to Fencing
I love Tom ford and im so happy he was honest cause I agree with him but why does he talk like Tim gunn
I feel kinda like frigid unresponsiveness is the direction I should go, A kind of Tim Gunn asexuality is my drift now. Can I do that?
Seriously, hire me before I end up making a combat system based on Tim Gunn quotes
said 2day while on that he lives n London; he sure has acquired a Madonnaesuqe Americanized-UK accent.sounds like Tim Gunn
Huge irony: Tom Price looks eerily like Tim Gunn
I love Tim Gunn and I love what he's saying here. What a great champion to have in the fashion industry as well...
Has anyone ever seen Tom Price and Tim Gunn in the same room?
not if you're watching Project Runway. That's Tim Gunn's catchphrase.
Dreamed Tim Gunn turned a group of us loose in Sam's Club and all I could find to make a dress were paper napkins, which obvs = elimination.
I found early on in teaching, if you're too blunt an instrument, the student...
"President Elect Donald Trump selects Tim Gunn as Head of Department of the Interior."
Tim Gunn on the current state of my life:
At first i thought that was Tim Gunn. Picture for reference. He's a fashion expert, no involvement in pla…
Why does Tom Price look like an alternate universe discount Tim Gunn, but without fabulousness or compassion?
I get so judgmental when I As Tim Gunn would say, "Just make it work, people!" And make sure your tenses agree.
Part of what was in the ether all around me growing up, until I was betw...
Tom Price weirdly looks like a mean anti *** version of Tim Gunn.
no, honey this is the part you need to enjoy the MOST, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn have made a CAREE…
You can find anything on the internet. Except a picture of a young Tim Gunn.
Guy: what are we doing here? We should go back to the party!. Tim Gunn: IN RELAXED FIT DOMESTIC DENIM!?
On a side note . Can we all just appreciate how awesome Tim Gunn is?
so Tom Price kinda looks like Tim Gunn
"Trump taps Tim Gunn as HHS Secretary but will he Make It Work?"
Was scrolling really fast and thought it was a pic Tim Gunn and not Tom Price. Was really excited for that cabinet pick ever so briefly
I had a dream last night that Tim Gunn gave me a makeover.
Tim Gunn stated fencing. He fences sabre and wears sweatpants, which are both amazing for him. 😂😂😂
"You have no control over other people's taste...". — Tim Gunn
Rep. Tom Price kind of looks like Tim Gunn, no?
But if anybody could save the Trump administration, it's Tim Gunn.
But then I realized Tim Gunn dresses better and is too good to work for Trump.
I saw this picture and was excited for a moment cause I thought Tom Price was a pseudonym for Tim Gunn
I have always loved Tim Gunn. He is the biggest reason I continue to watch Project Runway when I can. With this...
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New post today on my blog! Today I added my review of a book by Tim Gunn.
we agreed you'd be perfect as the Tim Gunn role. Quick cameos to tell people to stop thinking about ESI, etc. ;)
Done is better than perfect. Or as Tim Gunn puts it, "Make it work!"
Guardians of the Galaxy 2's James Gunn is 'bummed' that Tim Miller left Deadpool 2 - melty Canada……
Yes, I am. To quote Tim Gunn, I'll have to "make it work!" 😉 Thanks for asking.
I haven't heard Tim Gunn speak in so long
Perhaps you need a fresh perspective? Tim Gunn is well known throughout the Empire for his fashion s…
But my manners also came from when I was in college and began participating...
Why?. Do you have a problem with Tim Gunn or something? . How dare you have a problem with Tim Gunn?!
Can we have a show about Heathrow expansion called "Project Third Runway" please? Tim Gunn as the host.
I just don't like conspicuous consumption. I find it distasteful.
Imagine tim gunn walks into my apt while i'm sewing my *** off and he says "esta de la verga" and then jumps off the balcony.
it's like RuPaul out of drag is tim gunn and RuPaul in drag is Heidi Klum
Can Randy from say yes to the dress, Tim Gunn from Project Runway and Jeffree Star just be my motivators throughout life? I love them sm.
Nelly’s Tax Bill, Tim Gunn’s Sass, TOASTEROID, and More in the Weekly Spread! -
Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It's a disgrace.
When it comes to HUMAN services, in the words of the illustrious fashion gawd Tim Gunn:
Questions about 18th c pirate Calico Jack. Was he a cat? Did he steal cloth? Does a cloth pirate look like Tim Gunn with…
Tim Gunn for president because America needs a make it work moment ⭐️
We are with you James ... But hey? Now there's a job opening ?. Wink wink , nudge nudge , say no more.
Life would be better if Tim Gunn sent you data alerts.
Just met Tim Gunn as I entered the subway. I wished I had time to spend time chatting.
Tim gunn is just interview people on the sidewalk??
Emily Ratajkowski defends revealing gown after Tim Gunn calls it 'appallingly vulgar'
Tim Gunn Slams Fashion Industry for Its 'Disdain,' 'Lack of Imagination' for Plus-Size Styles - Us Weekly. Us Week…
Nene Leakes & Tim Gunn acknowledged my existence today at My life is almost complete
Tim Gunn Slams Fashion Industry for Its ‘Disdain,’ ‘Lack of Imagination’ for Plus-Size Styles via
bettah PREACH in support of more plus sized options for ladies size 14+. THANK YOU!!! Be worthy of our $!
Tim Gunn just called out the fashion industry for dismissing plus-size women.
In lieu of an industry that discriminates against certain women again again, yet it is very…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Tim Gunn slams fashion industry for not making clothes for plus-size women.
"This is a design failure and not a customer issue." on today's fashion industry obsession with model size. http…
Tim Gunn says the fashion industry is failing 100 million women
Great article on plus size women's fashion //
This is everything we've been saying
Tim Gunn: Designers don't make clothes that fit American women via
Tim Gunn takes aim at fashion industry for lack of plus-size clothing I love Tim Gunn.,
V impressed with him. Also Tim Gunn, who wrote a good piece on this topic that a friend just shared:
I always loved Project Runway and this essay by Tim Gunn is required reading. He needs to add women of a certain...
disses fashion industry for not designing for all size women *** straight, Tim! they'll listen to you!
Tim Gunn just clapped 👏 back 👏 at the fashion industry for ignoring plus-size women.
Tim Gunn calls out fashion designers for failing plus-size women
'Project Runway' Mentor Tim Gunn Blasts the Fashion Industry for 'Lack of Imagination' in Pl...
WSU research is cited prominently in a new Washington Post editorial by Tim Gunn (Project Runway). https:…
Tim Gunn blasts designers: They don't make clothes that fit American women
I don't talk about fashion, but let's be real- you need to realize Tim Gunn is awesome if we're going to be friends.
Tim Gunn reveals the interior of his Upper West Side apartment inspired by Thomas Jefferson's ...
I love Tim Gunn so much you guys yes I've transitioned into Project Runway and he's doing a save
Which is really how I think all reality competition shows should be run. More Tim Gunn, less Gordon Ramsay. Everyone wins.
Come for the basics on fencing, stay for Tim Gunn cameos
Dang it. Now I will forever hear his name like that impression of Tim Gunn on Project Runway.
Yes, Tim Gunn as Baileywick is still with the show. You'll see him here and there starting this fall.
Is Tim Gunn still with the show? My little one asked about Baileywick in the newer episodes?
Tim Gunn's not bad, not sure he can be a-hole-ish enough to be Trump. What about Alan Grayson in a wig?
Have you ever wondered if Tim Gunn uses fabric swatches to wipe?
choice. Tim Gunn. His cadence, unlike Heenan, is different. But he can be as vituperative as Trump and he knows how (3/4)
Why is the key to your success with celebrity →
Hidi can you hook nick up for some fashion tips? Tim Gunn where are you?
Tim Gunn on Project Runway's humble beginning: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis -
"Confidence and UV protection are always in style." - Tim Gunn, fashion mogul and my unofficial life coach
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“You can be too rich and too thin, but you can never be too well read or too curious... .” - Tim Gunn
I have the same birthday as Tim Gunn from Project Runway and that's great
“You Have no control over other PEOPLE'S TASTE so focus on Staying TRUE to your own.” Tim Gunn vía
neither do I, be a peach and bump this -Tim gunn in how I met your mother
What! Tim Gunn is in I love I hope Tiny Fey and the fat, breaded guy from Hangover are too! 😜☠
Thanks To hear Billy Collins, Alec Baldwin, Sonia Manzano,Tim Gunn &Ken Burns speak, all in one evening!
Tomorrow, Tim Gunn, Sonia Manzano & more will honor some very talented teens at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!
Ken Burns, Tim Gunn, Sonia Manzano and more honor teen artists and writers at Carnegie Hall | On Our Minds:
If you think about it, Tim Gunn and Larry the Cable Guy essentially have the same catch phrase.
Tim Gunn looks like he is channeling the power of Undertaker's urn..
I have not watched the all stars, but loved the kids, and love Tim Gunn with the kids
Kathryn Hilderbrand, Tim Gunn, and State Rep Alan Silvia speaking to the group at Boston State House...
I hate that Tim Gunn not on Project Runway all stars
Well just "MET" Tim Gunn... Called him Tim Dunn, but he was incredibly cordial &didnt make me feel like an *** . ThanQ .
waiting for the Drag Race/Project Runway crossover, with hosts: Tim Gunn, Bianca Del Rio, and Sam Donovan. LET ME DREAM.
Tim Gunn on Project Runway always calls those "Titscrepencies."
Alone in his apartment, Jeff watches Project Runway Jr and sings Tim Gunn's name to the Peter Gunn Theme. A joke only for himself.
Oh, yes, he did! Fashion guru Tim Gunn says the Kardashians are vulgar and Caitlyn has bad style:
Get Tim Gunn to run for president and see what happens.
If you want to hear me get sassy and name drop Tim Gunn, this is your episode
This is an inspiring story by Tim Gunn. It tells us that even if you have a stammer, it can't stop you from living your full potentials.
"If you want guidance in fashion, just consider this: if a Kardashian is wearing it, don’t.” - Tim Gunn
Dear I am going to grab some food while you sort that out. In the words of Tim Gunn - “MAKE IT WORK!” :). Regards, you friend Niko :)
Barnabas said he likes shots... in the words of Tim Gunn, frankly im concerned.
tim gunn has so much love in his heart and I have so much love for tim gunn
cheers! for all those times I ask to myself, what would Tim Gunn do?
The whole story just seems really abelist to me and feels like it's "romaticizing" Autism. To quote Tim Gunn, I'm dubious.
Yeah I watch Project Runway from time to time. My point was that Tim Gunn kicks *** at pocket squares & someone should be rapping about it.
My recollection is that in early seasons, he was almost like Tim Gunn in the kitchen; much less so recently.
What was the worst moment for when it comes to via
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Fell asleep watching tv and had a dream that Donald Trump hose Tim Gunn as his VP.. they wouldn't stop saying "make it work"
Watching a video about the Statue of Liberty in class and all of a sudden Tim Gunn shows up in it caught me real off guard
I luv, luv, luv the junior as much as the senior! TY Tim Gunn!
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