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Tim Gunn

Timothy M. Tim Gunn (born July 29, 1953) is an American fashion consultant and television personality.

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I swear Tim Gunn's headstone will read ''s time!"
Grace Coddington potentially has the most brilliant mind to exist in the entire industry. While you won’t find her huddled over a sewing machine as Tim Gunn comes in to check, her masterpieces resonate throughout the pages of Vogue. The creative director was thrust into the spotlight after the 2009…
News: Murray Bartlett, St. Patrick's Day, Putin, Tim Gunn, Jared Leto says Russia's Olympics "risk" paid off: "It was important to show that we are a country with goodwill which knows how to meet guests and create a celebration not just for itself but all sports fans in the world." Whack-a-Putin game smashes Vlad: "You control the righteous hammer of human rights and are in charge of knocking down the person who wants to destroy what it stands for. React too late and he takes it from you. Keep him down and you are rewarded! Try not to knock the Russian people, as they have the right to be heard." Daniel Radcliffe has a very bushy mane. Jake Gyllenhaal has a very bushy beard. Texas school district pays $77,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by a *** student who said her coaches outed her to her mother: “The agreement puts into place important protections for students and their privacy rights, and the school district’s official policy will prohibit exclusion by sexual orientation." Guess which music vide ...
Tonight on Lifetime Emmy Award winning Tim Gunn returns with another new episode of Project Runway: UNDER THE GUNN called, “Team Challenge.” On tonight’s episode the first team challenge requires the designers to create mini collections. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped
"Even having ascended to the position of chair of the fashion design department, having become the mentor on Project Runway, my mother was still so critical of what I would wear. She would be critical of what I would wear on the show. In fact, she would call afterward and say, "Why did they let you wear such-and-such? That tie didn't look good with that shirt!" And then I remember so profoundly going to her home for Thanksgiving and walking through the front door, and she looked me up and down and she said, studying me with little squinty eyes, she said, "Why can't you dress more like Mitt Romney?"" - Tim Gunn
Gotta LOVE Tim Gunn! This is a great show (no Heidi Klum!) and I love when Tim has to put on the tough love to designers "Isabella, you need to stop sewing NOW. No, NOW. Put the scissors down..." Hilarious
I want Tim Gunn and Nigel Lythgoe to be my grandfathers
Stephanie O. !! We are so proud of you and are cheering you on!! Watch Stephanie tonight on Tim Gunn's show Under...
who are you if you don't like Tim Gunn
Fashion jewelry tips from the fabulous and always fashionable
Where was Tim Gunn when they needed him?
TIM GUNN IS GOING TO BE AT THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM *contemplates buying a ticket and going home to see Tim in his all glory*
FIT is amazing, I hope I can get tickets to see Tim Gunn speak
have you watched Tim Gunn's new show? If so, what do you think so far?
where can i watch under the gunn online in the UK ? desperate for some tim gunn action
your not cool enough to speak of Tim Gunn
I'd like to thank Tim Gunn for this years mantra, "Make it work"
Sounds good, just about to watch ep1! Love Tim Gunn :)
especially as Tim Gunn is one of my favourite people ever
There is a new 'Project Runway' style program out called Under the Gunn with Tim Gunn. This is good news.
Have you seen the new series Under the Gunn with Tim Gunn? For tonight's episode, it's the mentors that need to...
Tim Gunn is coming to FIT in April. I'm so freakin excited. He's my spirit animal! ❤️
interesting 1079: TIM GUNN registered by of
I really love , such a great inspiration and class act.
Tim Gunn is one of our guest speakers this semester!?!? Count me in 🙋💁
From working out with Carl Edwards at the raceway to Lolo Jones and Apollo at the Olympic training centers in Utah to Hollywood Makeovers with Tim Gunn and Ken Paves to next week competing as a triathlete. Whose life did I hijack? And please don't ask for it back!
LOL Tim Gunn GIFs! My favs are the Mitigate and Ambivalent!.
oh Lord have mercy! Where's Tim Gunn, this is a fashion emergency.
"Why can't you be more like Tim Gunn?" . -what I'm thinking during most of my real life human interactions
Good God. Get Tim Gunn on the phone before it's too late: Ralph Lauren's Hideous Olympics Uniforms - Gawker
in her natural habitat. Tim Gunn would be proud. @ Mood…
re: my last RT... I was just talking about this the other day! Yes Tim Gunn, YES!!! :) "Designers... MAKE IT WORK!" :)
On the new Ralph Lauren-designed Winter Olympic uniforms, all they need is Tim Gunn saying "I'm going to have to send you upstairs..."
They need to hire Tim Gunn or something
Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fashion world with Valerie Steele, Director of The Museum at FIT, and Tim Gunn, fashion mentor and co-host...
Valerie Steele and Tim Gunn at the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday Jan 30th!
As the guiding mentor of "Project Runway," Tim Gunn oversees the show's many design challenges. The toughest of these challenges each season seem to be the ones where contestants must design for women with "normal" -- rather than model-esque -- bodies.
"Modest. Refined. Way to not over design.". -Tim Gunn just before he heaves into his Olympic tuque.
will appear as a guest judge on an upcoming episode of Tim Gunn’s new TV show Under The Gunn.
I legitimately wanna see Martin Freeman and Tim Gunn get in an argument
it is basically The Face with Tim Gunn. & The Face is only tolerable because Naomi makes it so intolerable for everyone else
Under the Gunn: First Reaction: Tim Gunn, our beloved mentor from Project Runway, once again has his own show.
Read what Tim Gunn had to say about Nikki Haley? Unpredictable&erratic-wears fakes
If those little angel and devil on the shoulder things were real Tim Gunn would be my angel
If you dont love tim gunn you hsve no soul. ..just saying
Make educated choices. victims narrated by Tim Gunn: free clothes:
Some days it'd be nice to get a Tim Gunn pep talk.
Ran ball tonite & this kid guarding me called me *** after every shot I made. I'm getting a jersey that says Tim Gunn on it
If you're interested in fashion history, you MUST read Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. It's amazing.
Watching Biggest Loser Makeover week always makes me cry! Anyone else watching this season? When is Tim Gunn...
We know Tim Gunn can and now he's helping a few vets to do so as well. Let the games begin!
Catching up on my favorite episode, its makeover week!. Gunn journey :)
If your inner monologue isn't in the voice of Tim Gunn then what are you even doing?
All right, no lie, that moment from Biggest Loser where Tim Gunn gave the contestants a makeover? Probably one of the most heartwarming moments on TV, ever. Of all time. Anyone who catch it last night agree with us?
Fashion therapist and author Tim Gunn answers a critical question about wardrobe fashion -- what has to match? Find out exactly what you need to coordinate i.
Tim Gunn to decide fashion fate of Cincinnati designer on upcoming reality show
I'll just admit it.. I love Tim Gunn
I just love love love Tim Gunn! I wish he was my friend and we could meet on Sunday mornings for coffee. :)
I just adore Tim Gunn. He is such an intelligent, kind, witty , creative man. I wish I could wake up to a Tim pep talk to start each day. That's all. You can go now.
It's makeover week. and I love Tim Gunn.
Once leaving Austin, TX, Tim Gunn was in the airline check in line behind me. I thought Carol was going to die when I started chit chatting with him. He is just as you see him on the Biggest Loser.
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How can everyone not just adore Tim Gunn?? LOVE him
It's Makeover Week on the Biggest Loser! Ken Paves and Tim Gunn will work their magic on our fave contestants. Can't wait!
Make-over week on Biggest Loser.Tim Gunn is on! Two will be eliminated tonight!!!
Tim Gunn kicked off his reign as host of Lifetime's new fashion competition series,
Tonight, fashion guru Tim Gunn and celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves guest star on an all-new makeover episode of The Biggest Loser. That’s followed by a new episode of Chicago Fire.
Tim Gunn on Plus Size Clothing “Have you seen most of the plus-size sections out there? It’s horrifying. Whoever’s designing for plus-size doesn’t get it. The entire garment needs to be re-conceived. You can’t just take a size 8 and make it larger. In my travels, I’ve been an advocate for larger women. I’ve been talking to designers, but only a half-dozen make an effort. Most say, ‘I don’t want a woman who’s a size 10 or 11 wearing my clothes.’ Well, shame on you! It’s not realistic"
Tim Gunn fans are pretty amped for tonight’s premiere of Under the Gunn on Lifetime. And hairstyle aficionados should be, too: Gregory Patterson, the lead hairstylist and educator for BlowPro, will...
Tim Gunn has us on pins and needles about his new show – are you watching?
Tim Gunn talks about what "Under The Gunn" is all about and the Nick controversy, in this video extra from Episode 1 (Who is Under the Gunn?) of Under the Gunn.
Wow. Jimmy Fallon totally played Tim Gunn. Had Kevin hart on there 4evr, skit & all, then Tim had a couple mins it seemed?!?! I feel baddd
Project Runway’s greatest contribution to American culture may well have been its elevation of Tim Gunn to his current position as the ideal cultured gentleman of our pop-culture era—a reality-TV Mr. French. It’s a measure of how gratefully people respond to Gunn that, last year, he and Heidi Klum s
It's that time of the year again, "Biggest Loser" fans! Fashion guru Tim Gunn and hairstylist to the stars Ken Paves are back again for...
Who's stalkin' Tim Gunn's "Under the Gunn?" Stay tuned for some Atomic involvement.
Watching Project Runway.I love me some Tim Gunn,and the designers.They are AMAZING!
What is this stupid Tim Gunn show where the designer girl is making Sophie's Choice of a mentor between Mondo, "I can't make a sleeve" Anya and Nick? Its not that dramatic, *** Jeez.
In July 2011, Tim Gunn remarked that our then Secretary of State who at the time had been traveling extensively in Greece, Turkey, and Asia, was "confused about her gender" and predicated this judg...
Tim Gunn's new show "Under the Gunn" premieres tonight. Check out the best part of "Project Runway" on his own. Tim Gunn: Official Page
Premiering tonight at 8 central on Lifetime is Tim Gunn's new fashion series! It will feature a Francesca's accessory wall!
Who else is excited to watch Under the Gunn tonight?? I'll watching anything with Tim Gunn: Official Page!
Who knew Tim Gunn had a temper?Fans rarely see him get flustered on “Project Runway,” but you can count on a spike in temperature on his new reality show, “Under the Gunn,” which premieres Thursday.“People come up to me on the street all the time and say, ‘You’re such a lovely man. Read more here: [
As much as we love Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and the rest of the 'Project Runway' cast, we've always thought that what the show really needed was more Tim Gunn. Now with the January 16 premiere of Lifetime TV's our wish is granted: Tim Gunn is the host, and alumni Mondo Guerra, Anya Ayoung-Chee and Nick Verreos are the mentors.
Anyone watching The View?? Tim Gunn just gave Jenny McCarthy's Dad, who is ready to get back on the prowl, a makeover...OMG, he made him over to look like a Cheezy Used Car Salesman!! Look out ladies!! Uggh!!
I like to think that Tim Gunn owns a cat named "Designers" that he calls to at feeding time or when he returns home at the end of the day.
I don't like The View, but Tim Gunn is on.
Tim Gunn and Ken Paves give the contestants a new style.
Fashion consultant and TV personality Tim Gunn chats with Jon about his upcoming series "Under the Gunn."
Don't worry, Project Runway fans. Tim Gunn will indeed be back when Season 13 bows later this year. But first he's launching his own fashion competition series, Under The Gunn, which premieres tomorrow night on Lifetime. Under the Gunn features the fashion guru mentoring three past Project Runway st...
Tim Gunn without Heidi Klum!? For Project Runway fans, that may seem like blasphemy. And in fact, Gunn says, "Heidi and I have a pact. We will never do another season of the show without each other. I just can't conceive of it." The genteel fashion guru, 60, says that at one point there was "serious talk" of doing a Runway season with a different host (because Klum was unavailable). "And I said: 'That's an impossibility! It will not be the same show." Source: wochit entertainment
Tim Gunn. Photo by Scott McDermott; Valerie Steele. Photo by Aaron Cobbett New York—Want to hear that rich Tim Gunn voice in person? (Admit it, you do!) Al
Tim Gunn didn't audition anyone for "Under The Gunn." All of the designers tried out for Season 13 of "Project Runway," before they found out Heidi Klum would be...
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On the at 11.30pm, fashion guru Tim Gunn on dressing sharp. Actually, Jon has a few tips for him too:
Review: Tim Gunn graduates from mentor to judge
TubePlus, Watch THE Daily Show S19E46 - Tim Gunn, watch free movies and free online movies, watch movies free online. stream movies online for free on
When Tim Gunn says "Make it work" When it comes of designing fashion, it actually means to make it elegant at trying your best to make your designs to look fashion forward to surprise the judges and to the industry.and is more to that to Make it work to make it happen!!!
Fashion's leading man, Tim Gunn , is calling the shots as the host of Lifetime's new fashion co...
Tim Gunn reflects on the pressure that comes with being famously well-dressed, his loyalty to Heidi Klum, and his show "Under the Gunn." …read more
Tim Gunn, of the Tim Gunn Save, is simply the best. The Project Runway mentor and woolly balls enthusiast has delighted us season after season […]
I didn't know who Tim Gunn was until I saw him on John Stewart tonight but as soon as I heard his voice I knew that he was Baileywick from Sofia the First - is that sad?
Tim Gunn on Jon Stewart tonight, then Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon. Good night for the DVR!
TV’s most famous fashion mentor Tim Gunn says fans should expect to see a darker side of him in the upcoming Lifetime reality series, “Under the Gunn.”
It just clicked for me...Tim Gunn is the voice of Baileywick on Sophia the First. Don't know how I missed that
Seth Aaron Henderson takes home the prize for Project Runway All Stars on the same day two more Portland designers are announced for Tim Gunn's new fashion show.
Emmy award-winning fashion guru Tim Gunn and Denver’s own Mondo Guerra will co-host the 4th Annual Good Exchange Fashion Show & Clothing Swap on Feb. 6, 2014, at the EXDO Event Center in Denver.
“I’m going to be completely transparent — I thought hte same thing!” Tim Gunn said of rapper Macklemore guest judging on Gunn’s new fashion competition series Under the Gun.” That in response to a *** kind of question about the guest judge choice. “He was fabulous,” Gunn insisted. “He is so...
Check out the Best of Tim Gunn video for all his priceless expressions and his best lines from Project Runway Season 12.
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Can't get enough Tim Gunn? No problem. Lifetime announced Wednesday that it has picked up a new fashion competition show called "Under the Gunn," hosted by the fashion world's leading man himself.
I had a chance to chat with Tim Gunn,who could not have been more lovely,about his style advice, baby bumps in Hollywood, getting red carpet ready and more.
There was that one time when I met Tim Gunn and he was awesome! Oh and make sure you enter to win the Fab Bag giveaway courtesy of Walgreens and P&G!
Our own Anya Ayoung-Chee will be starring as a judge in this new show with Tim Gunn: Official Page on Lifetime - who's excited to watch?
So loving that Megan Mullally and Tim Gunn are part of the Sofia the First cast!
New show is UP! Our "Best of 2013" recap, featuring all-new insights (i.e. silliness) from your humble hosts, and an amazing lineup of guests including: Project Runway's Tim Gunn, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe, Lars Ulrich, Laura Dern, Julia Stiles, Margaret Atwood, William H. Macy, Nick Kroll, *** Cavett and more. Plus: a story from Elizabeth Gilbert and a party playlist from Jimmy Cliff. Link to the show in the comments below...
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I think Tim Gunn should be Simon Cowell's life coach. Turn that frown upside down.
Tim Gunn gave me tips on how to get ready for the People's Choice Awards! See the how-to video. via
All my favorites aka Tim Gunn, Hillary Clinton, and friends. LOVE getting birthday cards…
It's THE coolest thing that Tim Gunn, Diane von Furstenberg and Norma Kamali are on the advisory board for FIDM.
Eight things you probably DON'T know about me. 1.) I've met quite a few celebrities and musicians in my life! Denzel Washington, Olivia Newton John, Mathew Broderick, Nathan Lane, BeBe Neuwirth, Penn & Teller, Tim Gunn, Los Lobos, and Anthony Muñoz! (Bengal fans should know that last guy!) 2.) I have three younger brothers and the youngest two are identical twins. 3.) I ran a FULL marathon in 2005. 4.) In high school, my friend and I sang a duet on TV in celebration of Black History Month. 5.) I was born and raised in Cincinnati and graduated from the same high school as Pete Rose...Western Hills. Not the same year, of course! 6.) I ❤ ice cream! I don't buy it, because when I can't sleep, I sneak into the freezer with a spoon and grab a nibble or two in the middle of the night. David has discovered quite a few bent spoons in the sink over the years! 7.) I can throw pottery on a wheel and using a dark room, I can develop my own film and photographs! 8.) I'm a two-time presenter at Columbia University's ...
The only man who dresses better than Alex Trebek is Tim Gunn. Checked shirt, paisley tie, and a polka-dot pocket square, with a solid jacket? Yet somehow, it all works. Well done, Tim.
Happiness is: eating breakfast in bed on a Saturday morning, catching up on Project Runway and even though you're watching late, no one gave away the winner! Does anyone love Tim Gunn as much as I?
I want Tim Gunn and Phil Dunphy to critique my dances.
So my costume is a hot mess. And not in the good Christian Siriano way. Whatevs, I'm gonna make Tim Gunn proud and make it work.
I am actually kind of excited for this season of Project Runway All-stars, which starts next week. I like having the regular season and then the All-stars season back to back, so it's a huge block of Project Runway without interruption. I'm especially excited to see Seth Aaron back, as well as Melissa Jeffrey. I don't know how I feel about having previous winners on an All-stars season, though there's no reason why they cannot compete. I can't remember if they had previous winners in seasons 1 and 2 of All-stars. I will miss Joanna Coles, who, while she was no Tim Gunn, was a somewhat charming and realistic mentor. I am not sure at all how I feel about Alyssa Milano hosting. That's a hit or miss for me.
I met Tim Gunn in Nashville a couple of years ago - even nicer in person. Great sense of humor too.
This makes me want to bust out my Tim Gunn impression.
On Project Runway, did Tim Gunn just say something about the librarian look to Justin? He cleaned it up a bit by saying "no offense, I love Librarians." Makes me wonder, what is "the librarian look?"
"It's looking very librarian,". WELL I NEVER... "no offense, I love librarians!". I can't stay mad at you Tim Gunn.
I find it hard to believe that Tim Gunn rides the subway.
did you just hear Tim Gunn say janky?! Didn't you used to say that?!
Justin made it Tim Gunn,s favourite!
So excited to see what these amazing designers have created! Make it work! (Love you Tim Gunn)
Tim Gunn is one of my all time heroes. I hope for him the greatest happiness that one may find, and I am perpetually saddened that someone with the vision, style, and fortitude that THIS man has, has suffered so badly. He is really the epitome of class.
Why the *** are they dressing Tim Gunn like Herb Tarlek?? Are matching belts and shoes next?!?!
Just because Tim Gunn by way of George Takei is pretty cool, don't you agree Kevin?
"If calls your designs Not. Good. Tim Gunn just made janky happen. :)
Tim Gunn used the word Janky on Project Runway. I will now point this out every time my cheer gals make fun of me for saying it at practice
how did it feel for Tim gunn to use his save on you and now you're in the top 4?! me and my sister ❤u!
my dream is to have a shopping trip with Tim Gunn.
The person every woman should know, one way or another. He is Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn should have oufit designed for him. Likin his opinions.
Tim Gunn just said janky and I accept that as my birthday gift from the universe
Tim Gunn loves librarians! And this librarian loves him. But let's not stereotype them! We're all different.
Tim Gunn just said he loves librarians so that explains that squeal you just heard reverberating through your town.
"No offense, librarians, I love them." And I love Tim Gunn.
Ooo janky not a word you want to hear from Tim Gunn
guys, Tim Gunn just said janky. is this real life?
My life is justified. Tim Gunn loves librarians.
Tim Gunn just said hanky, I love him.
Tim Gunn just said "janky" lol watching the Project Runway finale!
Tim Gunn just used the word 'janky' on Project Runway. I don't even know what to believe in anymore.
I love that Tim Gunn just said 'janky' :)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Yes... Tim Gunn: Official Page just used the word 'janky." Love him!
Tim Gunn is *** I thought he just dressed fashionably.
Can I adopt Tim Gunn as a grandfather? He is just so darn cute!
Tim Gunn is such a sweet hearted man.
i want them to address this big cut that's been on Tim Gunn's forehead
What happened to Tim Gunn going to the designers homes & meeting their families???!
Seriously? Tim Gunn must be a really nice guy.
Project Runway is one of my guilty pleasures, and adorable Tim Gunn is one of the reasons...
i love that "Son of a gunn" thing alexandria's camp kids made tim gunn lol
I love this so much. And I love Tim Gunn!
I just LOVE this!!! Yet another reason to live Tim Gunn!
Tim Gunn says the finale won't disappoint. I guess we'll see.
Made me laugh. Tim Gunn for the win.
I've posted this before (I love you Tim Gunn!) .. and no kidding. Tearing fabric is a crime against nature ..
Tim Gunn is awesome! Bonus: If you've heard him talk, you totally read that sign in his voice, didn't you? :)
Tim Gunn rules. In honor of tonight...
Watching Project Runway. It kinda looks like Tim Gunn got beat up
I mean, if Tim Gunn wanted to be my platonic life-mate, I'd be cool with that.
I do so love Tim Gunn. So dapper and hilarious on Sesame Street!
Isaiah Alloway tim gunn picture of the day!
Omg another fabulous moment from Tim Gunn!
Tim Gunn .pretty epic lol. Then again he's always entertaining
Ok goin to bed with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn
I love Tim Gunn. Marriage equality: make it work!
Comments like this is why I want Tim Gunn to narrate my life
Oh my god, I snorted soda out my nose. I may have to follow Tim Gunn now too... God bless George Takei!
Didn't think it was possible since he's my favorite part of but I love Tim Gunn even more now...
Ok, supporting a stereotype, but this coming from Tim Gunn makes me laugh heartily.
I wish I were a *** man so I can date Zachary Quinto. But Tim Gunn works too. Or Ted Allen.
My dad just freaked out because he has the same glasses as Tim Gunn while we were watching Project Runway
Good article on Tim Gunn. Interesting facts about his life and Project Runway.
Tim Gunn has become more famous than any of the designers who have won 'Project Runway.'
I haven't watched cartoons in a long time, but I'm babysitting and we are watching Sophia. Heard a familiar voice; the butler is Tim Gunn from Project Runway.
Everybody who LOVES Tim Gunn give me a LIKE! What a genuine caring soul! Sorry Project Runway just sends me over the edge
The highlight of this week's Project Runway was hearing Tim Gunn say "pucker."
My biggest take-away from part one of the Project Runway finale is having the knowledge that Tim Gunn uses the subway.
Watching "Project Runway" during Tim Gunn home visits warms my ultra-cold insides.
Teaching done for the week (what a feeling!). Watching Project Runway only to be traumatized by the sight of dear, dear Tim Gunn's injured face (evidently, he fell down some subway stairs). All I can say is: If I had been there, I would have thrown my body to the ground to cushion his fall. Give me the bruises and stitches. Not Tim, never Tim.
I don't want to spoil Project Runway for anyone- but poor Tim Gunn! Ouch!
Watching Project Runway tonite and I see the Tim Gunn was right in my neighborhood and he didn't stop by!
Watching Project Runway and wondering what did Tim Gunn do to his head and lip? Big gash on his left forehead and split lip. Poor Tim, he is not making it work, he needs a boo boo bunny. :(
Desperate Housewives' James Denton, the brilliant Jeffrey Hatcher and a Tim Gunn doppelgänger at the Marin Bar!
on the with Ryan Seacrest--are we getting a hint at Heidi Klum or Tim Gunn's Halloween costume?!
Heidi Klum in Versace - Tim Gunn says its "pomegranate", - i say berry because my smoothie yesterday was this color
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn didn’t surprise me or many others last night when they took the Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program at the 2013 Emmy Awards. Who could disagree? With Tim’s personality and Heidi’s stunning looks no one had a chance. ”Come on people” let’s give the...
Little Giant Ladders
Sitting and writing is hard, re-writing is harder and editing your work is the hardest work of all. All of which sounds sexy, sexier and sexiest, but isn't nearly as sexy and delicious as a frozen banana on a stick. On Project Runway, Tim Gunn tells the contestants to make it work. Zach Posen tells them to edit their work and Nina Garcia, a seemingly nice Anna Wintour type, tells the contestants not to make it look overworked. Heidi Klum tells them they're out of work as she says auf weidersehen. I find being retired a lot of work. When The Squeeze was sitting providing therapy to the children of America, I found skipping lunch an easy way to keep my sveldt sihoulette. Now with him home, pouring over the cryptoquip, there are days I want to sit at a buffet table. I can hear myself paraphrasing the Project Runway stars and telling him to go back to work. But I digress. Sometimes The Squeeze busts my *** for not sitting at the computer and editing my overworked magnum opus that the Guthrie is shortly ...
Jeff Daniels portrayal of Will McAvoy on the HBO series The Newsroom takes the Emmy for lead actor in a drama series! Restores my faith! Now I just need to wait until the next season...ugh! And Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn took their Emmy on for the show Nicholas Giaquinto is a proud member of the crew! My Sonshine is on an EMMY AWARD WINNING CREW!!! (she said as she neatly folded his Season 12 crew jacket)
Emmys Report: Heidi Klum an Tim Gunn won best reality host and The Voice took home best reality competition show.
For hosting? They already gave that to Heidi Klum/Tim Gunn during last week's Creative Arts Emmys.
winners Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on the red carpet talking to E. They won during the Creative Arts Emmys last weekend. About time!
Yeah seriously- can you say anger management like Tim Gunn said? Total psycho attack!
“Watch as "Project Runway" contestant has a meltdown anger management issues says Tim Gunn lol
Hosted by Heidi Klum, Project Runway designers are given an opportunity to launch their careers in fashion, under the watchful eye of "Make It Work" mentor Tim Gunn. Judges Nina Garcia and Zac Posen also weigh in on the best and worst of the runway!
Oh, Project Runway, you slay me! Tim Gunn could be a middle school sped teacher; I'm pretty sure!
Watched the latest Project Runway last night and I've decided that Tim Gunn should be Secretary of State. His conflict resolution and negotiating skills are amazing!
I want to see Jim Cary do a spoof of Project Runway and play Tim Gunn. Tina Fey as Nina Garcia...and Steve Carrell and Drew Carey as designers.
Behind the Candelabra, Lily Tomlin, Neil Patrick Harris, Tim Gunn and Dan Bucatinsky among the winners
Has anybody ever seen Tim Cook and Tim Gunn in the same place?
I absolutely love Tim Gunn! Watching this week's Project Runway&I just never get tired of Tim. Love him!!
Why is Tim Gunn the voice of a butler on a Disney junior show, Sophia the first?
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50 yrs ago my dad was on the Washington Mall listening to MLK. Today listening to Tim Gunn.
Last week, Tim Gunn: Official Page was interviewed by the Huffington Post. I pen an open letter to him with my...
Tim Gunn: Official Page tells The Huffington Post "...there is a world of women out there who are not a size 2. "...
Why isn't Heidi Klum hosting Project Runway Allstars? If Tim Gunn isn't on it I don't know if I'll even bother watching on..
Phil Hartman isn't going to convince anyone that he's actually dead if he keeps playing this "Tim Gunn" character on Project Runway.
Tim Gunn will go total Buffalo Bill, but he's making a tuxedo.
My daughter won't set down her picture autographed by Tim Gunn and Wayne Brady.
Tim Gunn and Wayne Brady at D23 Expo. My BFF is freaking out like she's at a BSB concert.
"As long as we have Netflix, Turner Classic Movies, Amazon, YouTube & bookstores.. There's no excuse ever to lack inspiration." - Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn is so awesome, cool and classy.
The only gun the NRA hates is Tim Gunn
Tim Gunn was on the Daily Show last night!
If a national lottery existed to win Tim Gunn as a life-mentor, I'd pay my dollar and try my luck every single day.
The Daily Show is all-new this week with Mark Leibovich, Tim Gunn, Hank Azaria and Colin Quinn …
I understand. Since I do & Tim Gunn is a big reason for why I do. He's got great personality and wit! :-)
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lol, I questioned the pairing myself, but I thought, "well, if tim gunn of all people thinks it works..."
Really not sure that even Tim Gunn can pull of the gingham shirt w/paisley tie.
Squee! Just saw my post about my day with Swatch!
I just realized Mr. Wilfert and Tim Gunn are the same person.
Make it work for The New F Word on and Have LUNCH w/ Tim Gunn!
Next up: Project Runway. The boys are the judges and Tim Gunn, and the girls are taking challenges. Spent a half hour locating Barbies.
I want to meet Tim Gunn so much. He's on my Bucket List.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Season 18 Episode 134 - Full Episode: Tim Gunn is online now
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Tim Gunn: Tim Gunn weighs in on the Catholic Church's changed tone toward *** ..
"We only have Tim Gunn to lead. White lace and prom ashes. A diss for luck and we're on our way" - The Carpenters making it work...
Tim Gunn for president! Ach, was sag ich da, Tim Gunn for everything and more!
ommmggg i love him so much...GODDAMMIT I LISTENED TO TIM GUNN
Just saw Tim Gunn on The Daily Show. That man is cool.
Can't the Pope just have a talent show? Tim Gunn can host
Toss up for my for my favorite asexual icon: Piglet or Tim Gunn.
All purpose parts banner
Tim Gunn - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday July 30, 2013 - Episode
that was happy birthday to Tim Gunn. Mistype fumbling for red man
I have been reviewing this years hunting strategy. Late happy to Tim Gunn.
I would be a better person if Tim Gunn were my friend.
Tim Gunn on ampallangs: he would just make this really flabbergasted distressed face and just be like "Why?!"
Interview: on the Catholic Church's change of tone regarding homosexuality and Anthony Weiner's chances.
best Tim Gunn interview ever-contagious enthusiasm for hands on design can only b…
Read our exclusive interview w the amazing
i mean it's not something Tim Gunn would wear but i wouldn't call it tacky
I just remembered my mom and I wanted Tim Gunn, Ellen, and Randy from Say Yes to the Dress to be our *** neighbours.
seeing someone grab the truffle oil on Chopped is like seeing a designer ignore Tim Gunn's advice on Project Runway.
I once met Tim Gunn and he told me I looked like her and no you shut up.
"Just make it work.". • Cute when Tim Gunn says it. • Not so cute when the boss says it to push problems down on his subordi…
Blergh. Tim Gunn on The Daily Show. Not sure I want to watch that sanctimonious prig.
I would date Tim Gunn just to see his apartment.
Electronic Device Insurance
i just really wanna hang out with Tim Gunn
oh, him? that's just Tim Gunn cheering me on. :)
I mean - it has Tim Gunn in it. Need I say more. I almost cried during the Royal Sleepover episode
"You are the Tim Gunn of your onion." oh Chef John
John Oliver is KILLING IT. Stewart will always be the man, but if he goes to CBS, the Daily Show is in good hands.
More b-day wishes go out to Stephen Dorff, Wil Wheaton, Martina McBride, Geddy Lee, Tim Gunn, Ken Burns & Elizabeth Dole
Good morning! If it's your birthday, you share it with Josh Radner, Marina McBride, Tim Gunn, Stephen Dorff and Sanjay Dutt.
Tim Gunn does NOT sound exactly like Humpty Hump, but—hey—good luck not hearing that from now on. Go ahead. Try it. Yo…
"What would Tim Gunn do?" LOL Think that's my fave line of the whole book.
"You know who Tim Gunn is right? Yeah, well that's you in about 35 years"
fake tim gunn I'm even more excited now omg
Also Aiba is the Arashi Style guru And also super nice so He can be the Tim Gunn
*zebra shunned by animal friends for mixed-race parents* *tim gunn steps out behind tree* Don't worry. You're making it work.
Tim Gunn has renamed the Fantastic Four the Fabulous Four.
Fashion expert always wears a suit when flying. See how he travels in style on the blog.
If you ever need clothing advice hmu ladies I'm like a straight version of Tim Gunn
When I'm old, I hope I'm as wise and fabulous as Tim Gunn
Every time Tim Gunn guest stars on any show, it's perfection
I have started zipping thru most of the middle to get to the runway. Tho' that means I miss prime Tim Gunn time.
Restaurant Week 2013 NYC starts right now at Porter House, a Tim Gunn favorite.
If I were to ever hug Tim Gunn, I feel he would smell like puppies rolling around in childhood dreams and glitter.
Tim Gunn and I are actually long lost twins
Also Tim Gunn is perf I want my own personal Tim Gunn
“Few activities are as delightful as learning new vocabulary.” . ― Tim Gunn
Finally Project Runway gave Tim Gunn a pair. of guns (Gunn Rescue). Now maybe the designers will listen to his experienced advice!
no sorry. Tim Gunn. My first husband.
Why did it take 12 seasons for to do this tim gunn input thing? I like it.
I may or may not have posted this before, but I don't care. I love Tim Gunn and I love his advice.
ALN MRN: Cate Blanchett on Blue Jasmine. Heidi Klum&Tim Gunn on new season of Project Runway. Louis C.K. on acting.
HA Tim Gunn says high low dresses are out so everyone can stop now.
Once I saw Tim Gunn at my uncle's restaurant in NYC and we made awkward eye contact for a solid 30 seconds & yes he had a fabulous suit on.
and Must Haves in the Office. As Tim Gunn from Project Runway says, "Make it work".
"This is looking about as far away from fashion as one can get. This is looking like clothes" - Tim Gunn (yesss lol )
“IT WAS SARCASTIC IM A MESS” it's okay. tim gunn will console you c
finally giving Tim Gunn a voice and adding anonymous runway. Good thing, was chafing at the ageist judging.
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