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Tim Farron

Timothy James Farron (born 27 May 1970) is a British Liberal Democrat politician. He is currently Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency of Westmorland and Lonsdale.

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This is your choice people. If you want to stop Brexit you have to make Tim Farron prime minister.
Tony Blair "could" join forces with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron in GE campaign. Will you purge him from Labour Mr McN? https:…
Now it’s clear: the Lib Dems are the only opposition to the Tories and hard Brexit | Tim Farron ... -
The Lib Dems will be touring the U.K. in the run up to the election. Thankfully they all fit in Tim Farron's van.
Text from Tim Farron: "Got my van going ready for our Lib Dems campaign! Can get all my MPs in the back so
Tim Farron calls on broadcasters to empty chair Theresa May after she rules out taking part in televised debates.
Tim Farron calls for the UK to lead the world in new green technology
theguardian: 'Boris Johnson has been humiliated – his circus show isn’t funny any more | Tim Farron'
Tim Farron. Friday: "I 100% support Theresa May's decision to back Trump's bombing". Sunday: "Theresa May is just a poodle t…
British voters must have final say on Brexit: Tim Farron ...
Less chance of Diane Abbot being kidnapped than tiny Tim Farron. Not sure how I feel about that :-/
Tim Farron- 'whether Ken Livingston is an anti Semite or not'... what a *** that lad is!!!
Disappointed that had no local MPs of note - where was Tim Farron? Rory Stewart? Why do we get whale on a beach ukip AGAIN? Shame.
Sadiq Khan,Yvette Cooper ,Tim Farron all piping up with their views on yesterday . Could u honestly get a more deplorable trio.
A good summary of Corbyn and Labour's betrayal of remain voters such as me here by Tim Farron.…
Tim Farron: Corbyn won't provide an opposition to Brexit so I'm taking control
Just had Yvette Cooper on, now have Tim Farron on. Both remainiacs. Both talk sh1te
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron claims George Galloway standing in Mcr Gorton by-election boosts Lib Dem chances - because he'll spli…
Anyone who remembers John Simm as the Master in Doctor Who will like me be wary of Tim Farron's true intentions
Again, Tim Farron ignores favour in Richmond and their 2nd place in Gorton last ti…
Tim Farron speech: Whether you support Brexit or not, Britain needs a decent opposition
Cooper is the defacto opposition at this point (after the SNP, Tory backbenchers, the media, Tim Farron, and stale farts)
I think losing the EU referendum has caused Tim Farron to have a breakdown
Tim Farron's speech to the Conference rally: I am the only UK party leader opposing Brexit
Catching up on 10/3's and Stephanie Flanders & Tim Farron doing Brexit numbers on Michael Forsyth was an eminently sexual experience.
Tim Farron: "This government couldn’t organise a night out in a brewery."
Jo Coburn mocks Tim Farron over FAILED party 'resurgence' on BBC | UK | News |
'They're NOT INTERESTED!' BBC host mocks Tim Farron over FAILED party 'resurgence'
Tim Farron crying wolf. It would be a very stupid gov. if they didn't consult experts before proceeding. LibDems!
Not just Murdoch, but May, Farage, Aaron Banks, Tim Farron, Sturgeon, Leanne Wood, Putin and probably Mossad too.
Tim Farron: How a clean energy revolution can mean Britain can lead the world
Yes look at your all star bench of Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, Dianne Abbott, Tony Blair, Corbyn, need i go on? 😂
Tim Farron applauding SNP's White Paper as giving the people of Scotland a clear idea of what indy would mean. He clearly…
Voting for Lib Dems is voting for Tim Farron and Tom Brake
Tim Farron hasn't had a man date since his college days. Oops. Sorry. I meant mandate.
They've spent too much time w Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron. They still Brexit vote will be reversed.
Tim Farron reax: will table amendment to ensure second referendum before UK leaves EU
she can stop yhere and take Bono, Geldof, Tim Farron and Lenny Henry with her
Tim Farron: Future generations 'are not going to forgive' Labour for giving up on Brexit | The Independent
Tim Farron: plan goes far beyond the result. . htt…
Tim Farron claims Theresa May's full Brexit is a 'theft of democracy' via
Whether you’re leave or remain, Theresa May just betrayed you on Brexit | Tim Farron
dont show that Graph to Tim Farron it will break his hart
Dear Israel, Can you please "take down" Tony Blair and Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron and Ken Clarke and Donald Tusk and Jean Claude Junker
.The Lib Dems voted for the bedroom tax (it should be noted Tim Farron voted for it on 17/12/2014) and £80billio…
Big respect to Tim Farron - beating out superstars Gina Miller & Anna Soubry to be the pro-EU Brit that frustrated Leave…
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Tim Farron, Caroline Lucas and Corbyn. God help people who want to vote left wing.
Its hard to find a bigger imbecile than Jeremy Corbyn but I have to say Tim Farron gets my vote for *** of 2016 htt…
Tim Farron is right...Forget Eddie Hitler/Paul Nuttall...Theresa May is the real leader of UKIP.
Councillor Jane Brophy, backed by John Leech and Tim Farron, selected to fight Greater Manchester Mayoral election: https:/…
Tim Farron admits the Richmond Bi-election was 'fixed by the Russians' after he had made a late night call to Putin.
Peter Tatchell can no longer be considered red. He is promoting Tim Farron's pledge-breaking ***
Traitorous scum sack Tim Farron has been holding secret talks with the EU to see if they can block Brexit - just think…
On the Christmas Special panel are Charlie Mullins, Eddie Izzard, David Icke, Russell Brand, John Lydon and Tim Farron.
Too right! 17.4 million people seething with anger watching likes of Anna Soubry, Dianne Abbott, Tim Farron et al t…
So I take it Tim Farron, Andrew Marr and Faisal Islam will now lose their minds at this caginess and incompetence.
Tim Farron felt the wrath of yesterday when the europhile attempted to misrepresent the veteran journalist. ht…
'DON'T misrepresent me!' Daily Politics boils over as Andrew Neil rages at Tim Farron
Just realised the Watchdogs of Farron in Dark Souls 3 share their name with Tim Farron, and now I can never take that game seriously again 😥
Tim Farron says Theresa May is now leader of UKIP. Which puts them on their fourth leader in as many months.
Tim Farron accuses Labour of having 'waved the white flag' over Brexit
Has Tim Farron sent someone to America to take notes from the Trump campaign on how to do a Victory Tour in 2020?
Tim Farron did a roast me on Reddit and only two people seemed to realise who he was.
Yes. But they're just facts. Tim Farron has bravado and BS on his side. And the BBC love his message.
The Liberals are "BACK" Now they have there new Illustrious, Super Clever & Gifted Mr Tim Farron To guide them. How can The…
"Broadly speaking, it was about Brexit" says who adds party polling was "spot on" ht…
Tim Farron says he respects the referendum result yet one can see he does not-politician versus people- somethings got to give
Lib Dems 'are back' after shock by-election win: Tim Farron says the Lib Dems are 'back' after o..
Tim Farron has never looked creepier. (pic from BBC front page).
Tim Farron has shown the leadership on Brexit that Jeremy Corbyn has failed to grasp.
I can see Tim Farron is going to cause all kinds of *** with his 8 or 9
Now the Country Have realised the Liberals are a great force, There argument has been Won & Tim F…
Best part of Tim Farron is when he says 'Liberal Democrats'...cracks me up. You listen to him next time. Please Tim my side's…
Actually it was that waste of space Tim Farron who linked the by election to
smug Tim Farron should labelled undemocratic. He did not even try to hide the fact he wants to re run the referendum.
Tim Farron does not like being 'faced with the facts'. What a car-crash of an interview. Another classic.
Tim Farron on absolute joke. Just a hideous individual using doublespeak to avoid saying he's a remainer.
.Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Tim Farron etc worship the Multicult & will do sweet FA about it! And numbers GREW under ***
Andrew 'Tim not nice but Democracy denier Farron' was appalling always talking over u as he's not confident in his points
I'm Labour and I want a Labour government. But result shows Tim Farron has shown the leadership on Brexit…
'Hang your head in SHAME' Remoaner Tim Farron ROASTED by Brexiteer on Question Time
Text from Tim Farron: "We won?! Wo! Gosh. Never thought that would happen again!" You're not the only one moonbeam.
Fed up of the Tories not listening to you? Tim Farron, Lib Dem leader is at Sleaford Football Club TODAY 5:30PM.
Tim Farron sounds foolish calling Scotland "a one party state." Offensive to all those who live in countrie…
She has just made me realise who Tim Farron reminds of...
Tim Farron now talking to the press in Sleaford where he has arrived straight from Richmond Park. See you 2morrow!
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Tony Blair meet to talk Brexit
Ha Ha Tim Farron "we are back in the big time". Remember Liberal leader David Steel. "Go back to your constituencies and prepare for power"
I think every house should have a Tim Farron.
Only in Tim Farron's head would the LibDems going from 8 MPs to 9 serve as a repudiation of Brexit, Trump & the 2015 gen…
Dear Tim Farron, I demand a second Richmond by-election. Voters did not know what they were voting for. They were told…
“the message is clear” says Tim Farron. Ah, I see, so it's when you get the result you want that it's clear, how convenie…
According to Tim (Oh So Dim) Farron, "the LibDumbs are back". . How do you work that one out Tim? . In the...
I don't like Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn or Tim Farron. But I do like Dan Jarvis, Chuka Umunna and Liz Kendall. . Ugh,
Great news! Tim Nice- But-Dim ... Farron, get ahead regardless of ability, calls for a second by-election in...
Lib Dems say that after their Richmond Park win the hard work begins, such as reminding people who Tim Farron is.
Whenever I search for images of Tim Farron looking gormless I'm spoilt for choice.
Please ask Tim Farron what he has done to find the 300+ Syrian Children who have gone missing?
The Sarah Olney and Tim Farron face swap is amazing
Richmond by election . One easy win with 70% remoaners us just a minor fart not an earthquake!. Tim Farron is anagram of minor fart-how apt
Tim Farron wants to protect YOUR NHS and is coming to Sleaford to hear you out.
Winning a by-election by 1500 votes is fully legitimate. Winning a referendum by over 1.3 million people isn’t. Tim Farron
Tim Farron has used phrase "not crying into your coffee" so many times this morning I'm starting to think that's all he's done since June
Ha I bet Tim Farron will love you calling him right wing.
Audience member on BBCQT tells Tim Farron: 'We have to leave the single market to leave the European Union.'
As a remain voter I'm ashamed to have Tim Farron & others on my side. Accept democracy, Brexit is happening let's make it…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tim Farron's proposed 2nd EU Referendum now is being backed by Tony Blair, John Major, Owen Smith and millions of others! It'…
Sad that a flagging Tim Farron has rejected an opportunity to reboot progressive centre politi…
Tim Farron finally gets called. "Who?" shouts Alec Shelbrooke. Farron suggests the government is, to coin a phrase, "just about managing"
I trust everyone who want to stop Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Tim Farron, Richard Branson, David Lammy, you name it!
Let him team up with Tony Blair, Tim Farron, AC Grayling, anyone who will speak up about the Ref and how it needs t…
Branson, Blair and Clegg. All they need now is Ed Miliband and Tim Farron to make themselves a complete laughing stock.
I'll choose Tim Farron over Tony Blair. Tim believes in civil liberties, social justice and international law unlike Blair.
Someone asked me why I've felt so meh about voting in recent years. Just now on newsnight: "It's Tim Farron or Tony Blair"
someone on the telly just said "it's Tim Farron or Tony Blair" I wasn't listening so I don't know why, but it was exciting
When will Tim Farron become relevant instead of pursuing dog whistle anti democratic policies.
Tim Farron says Lib Dems will vote against triggering Article 50. Tim who? Lib who? .
What does Brexit mean? Once we know, the people must have a vote on it | Tim Farron
Tim Farron: Lib Dems will fight against Heathrow expansion and to ensure vital EU pollution limits are not scrapped
"this is your chance to decide" Not Tony Blair's or Tim Farron's or Ed Miliband's or Nick Clegg's or some unelected b…
But it does not matter that Tim Farron's Lib Dems party has kicked Baroness Tonge, for the struggle for Palestine will continue.
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Suzanne Evans thinks sits in he middle between Tories and Labour. Tim Farron just punched that effigy of Clegg he kee…
I think the SNP and the Remoaners should team up with Tim Farron and Jeremy Corbin to be the biggest losers in history
Tim Farron - decision to trigger Brexit in 2017 is essentially Britain "jumping out of a plane without a parachute"
Tim Farron supporting Liz Leffman's campaign at Chipping Norton Market this morning
Michael Powell's blog: Tim Farron: The only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said a further rise in fees was "unacceptable" and asked: "Where does it end?".
Tim Farron claims the libdems are now the real opposition, has he forgot his party kept the last tory government in power for 5yr…
Tim Farron's speech this week to 2016 Liberal Democrat Party Conference -
Tim Farron hails Tony Blair's 'early work' in pitch for Labour voters
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron: "I see Tony Blair the way I see The Stone Roses - I preferred the early work"
Tim Farron has hailed Tony Blair's achievements in government in a bid to win over disaffected Labour voters.
Remember the libdems apart from Nick Clegg's lies, they gave us all 5 years austerity, but now Tim Farron is Tony Blair s…
Interesting stuff from Tim Farron on Labour - particularly the challenge to the party's absent leading figures.
Tim Farron accuses David Cameron of "masterclass in selfish, shallow, short-termism" for handling of EU referendum http…
The Lib Dems are open to defector from all parties, says Tim Farron - The Independent
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If you thought it was so wrong why didn't you make sure the UK heard you?Brexit is 'wrong' Tim Farron
The more I read this the more I think Tim Farron is totally delusional.
I've started using "Tim" and many of you will get confused about what I'm talking about, but "Tim Farron" ain't much better, is it?
This is the Labour Party, we are doomed!! Even Tim Farron looks half intelligent which scares me to ...,
Birmingham: Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron explains how his party will bounce back in the Wes...
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron on why his party can be the new SNP - and why he backs a second EU referendum
Tim Farron is carrying the stay in EU message vehemently (even if we don't) but Clegg has been more 'meh'
Does anybody really care what he thinks? He'll always be on the sidelines, he's like Tim Farron on Steroids
will use the Lords to block the return of .
there's a bit of Tim Farron in all of us
Tories must reverse cuts to School Budgets not open grammar schools says.
Owen Smith's hapless reply on going back into the EU makes Tim Farron look cool as a cucumber in comparison.
Tim Farron announces the Liberal Democrat's plan for the UK's future in Europe.
. "So our policy on Europe is simple: we want to stay in the European Union.". Sitn hard to fix tho
Anybody reading the runes in this should bet their house on PM Tim Farron
Tim Farron says David Cameron's resignation honours list is "so full of cronies it would embarrass a medieval court" http…
I do not find anything official about Tim Farron, where does he get off ?
Libdems winning in the NE. Campaiging to remain in the EU
Childhood obesity strategy should be based on evidence of what will work to reduce obesity says
Liberal Democrats are winning in the North East, says party leader Tim Farron
.Diplomatic immunity shouldn't provide a 'get out of jail’ card 4 those perpetrating such serious crimes http…
I told you so! I said Tim Farron would beat Owen Smith IN JEST +was proved right in Mosborough!
Tim Farron wants his Private and Grammar school educated Lords to block new education reforms. | Education Scope
Lib Dems will oppose education reforms in the Lords. .
Lets be fair at the moment nobody knows who Tim Farron is. I reckon LD's least tainted.
First time I see Farron not talking about Europe and he's speaking against a free vote on Airport Expansion. . Nice one, Tim 🙄🙄🙄
Tim Farron will continue to campaign for the UK’s EU membership. The result of the referendum was clear and...
The Government is betraying the legacy of the London Olympics says
It feels like 48% of UK population, and even liberal/EEA Brexiteers, have to rely on Tim Farron, the SNP, and Anna Soubry to…
If a popular policy is unveiled in a forest and nobody sees it, will Tim Farron still oppose it?
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Nick Clegg, the only man in this country who can appear less relevant than Tim Farron. And thats some achievement!
.It is time to bring forward a bill to bring accountability through direct elections to the Lords
it will only get worse under Tim Farron. They should just do the decent thing disappear. Even remoaning doesn't work for them
Tim Farron: 'I fought off 100s of other lads to get my wife, so I know how to win'. Daily Mirror
BBC News - Tim Farron presses case for vote on any Brexit deal
This isn't about Corbyn, it's about TIM FARRON
.pledges to block any Tory attempt to create grammar schools
When LibDems (who elected Tim Farron as leader, don't forget) are taking the *** out of your leadership candidates then…
what do you expect from a flamboyant former confirmed bachelor? Nearly as hysterical as Tim Farron
Should we look towards a more progressive future for the Left? .
Thank goodness. Join the only party who care for us all Tim Farron and the lib/dem. Remain
As far as I can tell, that opposition consists of Tim Farron and Anna Soubry.
NEW: Tim Farron: Brexit left the UK "a laughing stock" in the eyes of the rest of the world https…
Tim Farron also attacks Treasury over bid to keep people in EU by warning house prices could fall after Brexit
I would basically forget about Tim Farron's existence day to day if it were not for the efforts of David Whitley.
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Jeremy Corbyn & Owen Smith, both bloody English, so is Theresa May, I bet, and Tim Farron, that's why I vote Green, leader not English, yay!
Tim Farron & Owen Smith want to overturn a democratic vote and have a 2nd referendum on staying in an undemocratic bloc. Sad.
"The Lib Dems are the only party with a clear position" on the EU, says leader Tim Farron
. Owen Smith followed by Tim Farron. Jesus Christ. I feel like a seagull after the BP oil spill. . Got any washing up liquid?
Tim Farron is working together with Caroline Lucas of the Greens, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and over 80 MPs...
"He would spend more time apologising to nations he has offended" - Tim Farron on Boris Johnson as foreign secretary
I see Tim Farron is calling for a General Election. Bless him.
.Last thing we need is Tim Farron, full stop. Even Jeremy Corbyn is doing a useful job of destroying the Labour Party.
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron: “Charles Kennedy’s judgement has been vindicated in every respect"
Open letter to Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron & Leanne Wood from the Green Party of England & Wales & Green Party of NI
LibDems out in force on Tim Farron poses for photo with kids who want their futures back https:/…
>leadership's open letter to Jeremy Corbyn, Leanne Wood and Tim Farron:
The new PM needs negotiating mandate for Article 50 -we must ensure they don't just wing it, says Tim Farron https:…
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron's take on announcement
Tim Farron suggesting that David Cameron should 'launch an investigation into the whereabouts of Uxbridge and Surrey Heath' was fabulous.
It's like the end of Hamlet. Tim Farron as Fortinbras is just going to walk on stage when everyone else is dead and claim the ki…
What a lot can change in 400 days. The Lib Dem leader Tim Farron is now the most secure (and may soon be the longest s…
you head Radix on the liberal centre You should be with Tim Farron's Lib Dems
Tim Farron: I accuse Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party of utter spinelessness. Corbyn has let the country down massive…
Tim Farron now really going for Corbyn and Labour. Clear, he is trying to position the Lib Dems as the progressive, internat…
Watch: Why Michael Gove was a 'dreadful education secretary', according to Tim Farron
Tim Farron wrong. This isn't about Little Britain but about Little Europe. The EU is a 28 nation lo-growth zone that is obsesse…
I think the chances of Tim Farron ever becoming PM are as much as me climbing Olympus Mons with Geoff Capes on my back.
John Leech and Tim Farron accuse EU Campaigns of focusing on London too much
Tim Farron and Kirsty Williams have said that the Government must intervene to be the lender of last resort for Tata Steel. The
Fans of politics and will be pleased to know that up next Tim Farron will be reviewing NWA's Straight Outta Compton. For real.
No word yet as to whether Tim Farron plans to arrive in to address his new Residents Association Cllrs http…
Can't help wondering if Tim Farron & Yvette Cooper are related..?
I'm unsurprised to discover that 'Tim Farron' is an anagram of 'minor fart'.
Tim Farron and Paddy Ashdown pay eloquent tribute to David Rendel by
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WATCH: Tim Farron on the Sunday Politics: Progressive, centre left voters are turning to us
Tim Farron reminds me of little Owen Jones, is it just me?
Tomorrow: Tim Farron says lots of SNP voters are switching to LibDems plus the next instalment of our election guide http…
Toby Young, Tim Farron, Michael Howard, Alan Sugar, the Ministry of Defence & Will Hutton are trending. Time to switch off.
Tomorrow on Theresa May, Tim Farron, Lianne Wood, Paul Simon, Gillian Tett, Toby Young on BBC2, that's BBC2 (for one week only) at 9am
Tim Farron is today kick starting the party’s local election campaign, with a two day tour of key battlegrounds
"It's up to him, I'm going to." Lib Dem's Tim Farron on whether PM should publish tax return
Just been into Southport to meet our leader Tim Farron with David Pullin our candidate in Kew Ward.
Tim Farron, on 3rd visit to Newcastle in 9 months, shows how region is Stronger in Europe
.'running into the ground' says Tim Farron in blistering speech.
There's 1 party leader (Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats) who's a practising Christian. He rarely talks about it.
Tim Farron is as big a hypocrite as his ex Liberal colleague Danny Alexander, who was in Coalition with Tories attacking disabled claimants.
Tony Harris kindly hosted a reception for Vince Cable, Tim Farron and a room full of Lib Dems in business. He...
So this is a list of serving MPs who voted against the IP Bill: Tom Brake, Alistair Carmichael, Nick Clegg, Jonathan Edwards,Tim Farron (1)
UK must aim for zero emissions at home too | Letter from Ed Miliband, Tim Farron, Caroline Lucas and others
Little Giant Ladders
Full lineup: BoJo, IDS, Farage and Galloway for OUT. Osborne, Caroline Lucas, Alan the AJ Johnson and Tim Farron for IN. Tasty.
.steps up attack on EU Leave campaign via
Right to rent: Tim Farron bids to kill off 'dog whistle' law forcing landlords to check immigration status of tenan
No, I did not leave the Lib Dems as a smear campaign against Tim Farron/The Illuminati told me to via
Tim Farron visited Bedford today and called it "buzzing". Those Lib Dems are still out of touch then...
Extracts from Tim Farron's speech to the Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference: On February 7th Tim Farron, Leader...
Once again the question must be asked. Why should Leaders of the BRITISH Jewish community seek to discuss '...
Many thanks to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron for coming to talk to our students today: it has begun our in-house EU referendum campaign
Tim Farron knows how to take Nicola Sturgeon down? The guy is delusional!
Tim Farron: Calais migrants must be allowed to join their family in the UK via
If Boris becomes the next Tory leader then congratulations to Tim Farron becoming the next PM
it's why I was so upset Tim Farron supported Syria bombing
Sorry, I didn't realise! Could you not ask Tim Farron to ensure they support Lord Low's amendment?
.Britain deserves better than fighting like rats in a sack @
Where do the dithering Lib Dems stand on TTIP?
Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron fails to act on EU threat to local NHS services via
Packed room at College to meet Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron & discuss
Also annual reminder that Tim Farron DJs under the alias 'Fatboy Tim' at 'dem discos
That Tim Farron has a lot to say for a man leading a party with no influence in Scotland whatsoever.
Community leaders meet Lib Dem leader to discuss security and Israel
Tim Farron's days are numbered by the looks of it. :-).
.argues Calais must be allowed to join their families in the UK. Via
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron praises 'true Liberal' Lord Avebury who died at 87 :Auto pickup by wikyou
Tim Farron, Lib-Dems Leader, response to 1M Working Class B&B victims, REP asking for his support, no reply no interest,
.- ‘Boris has had more positions on Europe than the
.Britain deserves better than Tory MPs fighting like rats in a sack @
Nothing escapes the genius of Tim Farron...
Lib Dem leader Tim Farron says razing to the ground part of the won't solve the refugee crisis
Good from who continues to take a principled stand on the Calais crisis
Read Tim Farron's great speech to the Lib Dem spring conference in Scotland...
Tim Farron calls for UK to let in 60,000 migrants Maybe he could take in a few with the other ***
That *** Tim Farron is talking about taking another 60k migrants! That's 60k on top of ALL the other legal & illegal immigrants
Delays to a £1bn tidal energy project in Swansea are "shameful", Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron will tell...
wonder if Tim Farron deals with Derek Laud (knowing what Derek Laud is) gets into the publ…
Former Tory Derek Laud donated thousands to Tim Farron to help him win.
Plan to limit insurance 'has failed to protect the poorest', says Tim Farron
Liberal Democrat Leader, Tim Farron criticises the Conservative Government's move to allow fracking in...
yeah I understand it is technically correct but seems like more of a victory for anonymity than Tim Farron
Tim Farron described as most popular leader despite the lowest % satisfied with him. Suppose he's least unpopular
BAY RADIO NEWS: South Lakes MP Tim Farron's attacked the Tories for not applying to the EU for flood recovery money.
Where do I start on the statistical errors in this piece of spin? Farrow is showing LOWEST popularity of leaders!
.writes: We need a holistic approach to eliminate once and for all.
My evaluation of first five months as leader.
.Government should hang its head in shame over fracking in national parks.
Tim Farron calls for Britain to 'open its heart' & take in 3,000 child refugees
I certainly think Tim Farron has made an excellent start and I wish him well. However the Syria vote has swept my enthusiasm away. Sad
"End of Term Report: Tim Farron by Well worth reading - well done Tim!
Tim Farron, yeah, the name sounds rather puny too - Nigel Farage might only have the Tories to fight in 2020, Lib & Lab are gone
Tim Farron as Wicket the Ewok made me genuinely laugh out loud.
LIB: End of Term Report: Tim Farron - It’s five months since Tim Farron’s first full day as leader. As the poli...
Why polling is nonsense 3,145 - there is no way 14% of people have heard of Wicket the Ewok, let alone Tim Farron
Tim Farron tops the leaders' popularity poll by
I bet Tim Farron feels virtuous now
Orkney 4 call on Tim Farron to sack Alistair Carmichael - 'or no one will ever trust you again' v…
Tim Farron inspects the "Gap" before the flooding debate in the House of Commons tomorrow.
.Holiday-home owners could provide refuge for Kendal’s flood victims | Tim Farron
Tim Farron introduces his Bill to help refugee children - Liberal Democrat Voice
Norman Lamb confirms he will vote against Syria bombing motion. Lib Dem leader Tim Farron will vote for, as will Tom Brake and John Pugh.
28 comments so far from Lib Dem grassroots members on Lib Dem Voice : 17 against Tim Farron's decision, 10 in favour, 1 unclear.
I'd missed this Tim Farron intevriew in the Telegraph yesterday interesting approach to spending review day
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Is there going to be a Tory on HIGNFY with Tim Farron? Because they could team up to win, like in Blockbusters.
Tim Farron confirms the Lib Dems will not support the proposed Communications Data Bill. Michael Howard says it should be expedited.
It's useful that the Lib Dems only have 8 MPs because it means that smug twit Tim Farron is on TV much less often than Nick Clegg used to be
Tim Farron asks about taking in Refugee children. PM makes a joke, his benches guffaw. . Stop the world, I want off. htt…
Kenneth Clarke and Tim Farron go head to head in tax credit cut battle .
"May's election defeat is an historic fact but it is not a permanent state of affairs" says Tim Farron as rises to its feet
May article - Tim Farron wants to overhaul the UK's electoral system Yes2PR
Tim Farron getting huge applause for his little rant in favour of open borders. taking place on another planet yet ag…
Tim Farron looks a bit like Louis Walsh, has about the same gravitas too!
Lib Dem conference 2015: Tim Farron gives Labour another reason to be miserable
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