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Tim Duncan

Timothy Theodore Tim Duncan (born April 25, 1976) is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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I just want a love like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker
Tim Duncan and my old neighbor and great friend David Robinson! I miss these 2 on the court togetherness 🏀
Spurs went from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard. Whoever runs this world MUST BE a Spurs fan.
He's the two-time Defensive Player of the Year who happens to be having a better offensive season than Tim Duncan e…
and you're crazy bro.. I mean you can saw Tim Duncan but Dwight na. He was only ever good at defense honestly.
Watching the Lakers play the Spurs without Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan is like watching a movie that you loved as a child…
Tim Duncan took there would've been beaten to a pulp at some point.
Tim Duncan won 5 rings 2 MVPs and never missed the playoffs or had less than 50 wins in a season in his career, how are peop…
Tim Duncan slander will not be tolerated! Best PF EVER!
Apparently Tim Duncan is trending because people say he wasn't skilled. People are stupid.
Kawhi Leonard has now scored double figures in 86 games straight - the longest streak by any Spur since Tim Duncan's 91…
"The last time this worked was with David Robinson and Tim Duncan.". & Chuck weigh in on Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousi…
I can always watch Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan highlights
Tim Duncan was one of the best to ever play. He was an even better teammate! Tag a teammate that ALWAYS HAS YOUR BACK.…
Ahh, I see. So your head pretty much exploded when you heard Tim Duncan wasn't a good player, huh? Lol
First Tim Duncan a murderer now Gregg Popovich a child predator. *** going on with the Spurs?
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Shaq was skilled = Fact. Tim Duncan was skilled = Fact. . If you don't understand these facts, please do not engage in basketba…
go against the grain like Tim Duncan
Had a dream I was saving Tim Duncan's daughter from a gun battle, and James Franco had my back
Tim Duncan David Robinson Steve Kerr San Antonio Spurs . - Bid on this now on eBay >
team with Tim duncan, shrek, Kevin love, james harden,tyson chandler, and homer
So we gon act like Tim Duncan ain't get 5 like that?
We are unselfish and we trust each other - Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan a PF not a true center and *** yeah
2 things i seen on the TL today. Draymond > Prime Paul Pierce. Shaq & Tim Duncan didn't have any skills. cannot discuss ba…
😄 Kawhi Leonard admits to teasing Tim Duncan on his fashion sense
Tim Duncan and David Robinson are better than AD and boogie
Spurs had Robinson, Shawn Elliot, and later Tim Duncan. Hopefully NBA goes back to being a tough sport again.
2016 was a year Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, & Kevin Garnett left us in the sports🌎
thank God for breaking the color barrier and paving the way for MJ, Magic, Bill Russell, Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan, King many
Tim Duncan & Bill Walton would be the bigs I'd add to this list. .
Bill compares Cena to Tim Duncan, Shoemaker says it's different because Cena was never one of the best workers in the company.
Myles Garrett is the Tim Duncan of college football
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are to the NFL what Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich were to the NBA
so Bill Russell a better center than Kareem and shaq by that logic... and Robert Horry better Karl Malone and Tim Duncan?
ever hear of Tim Duncan or David Robinson. He's for sure. Never will surpass Phil the GOAT
umm i gonna have to say Tim Duncan and David Robinson😉
Yes. And Greg Ostertag is better than Tim Duncan because of that Rocky Mountain Revue game we all fondly hold onto.
Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench. Sheed Wallace for staring at the ref. Doc Rivers getting ejected. I can go al…
Tim Duncan laughing, Devin Booker bc he laughed at the ref, Wallace because he said "ball dont lie", Grant Hill e Reggie...
1Q highlights: Jordan Adams is back, Devin Booker is Tim Duncan like, half old man-half amazing.
No Carmelo Anthony, no Dwayne Wade, no Chris Paul, no Kobe Bryant, no Tim Duncan. This All-Star Game is like the end of an e…
No one would have ever expected Tim Duncan & Rasheed Wallace to win a Best Dressed Competition lol
Best center in NBA history? Here are the top 25 Cs in career Value Over Replacement Player (yes, Tim Duncan was mor…
it was Kobe or Tim Duncan, they had the league on smash
I don't know what SA did to deserve having Robinson, then Tim Duncan, then Manu, then Tony Parker and now Kawhi Leonard, but I'…
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ICYMI: The last 3 players to average 20-10-3 in a college season are Tim Duncan, David West...and Dedric Lawson?!
you had Bron, Kobe, D Wade, T Mac, Melo, Paul Pierce, KG, AI, Dirk, Tim Duncan etc. you could watch every game that comes on lol
who ya got 2v2 Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan vs Lebron James and Patrick Ewing
Working for ESPN for almost 9 years; Interviews with Lebron James, Tim Duncan, Nick Saban but nothing was like doing this…
ide of Lebron James, KD, and Russell Westbrook. Like, AD really is the new-wave Tim Duncan out here. And the kids mess w/him
Tim Duncan is accepting his HOF with this song:.
Jason Witten is the Tim Duncan of football.
Mark Price, Len Bias, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Dennis Scott. I still think Bias is the best player I ever SAW in person!
Tim Duncan is looking at Richard Jefferson like... 😳
The NBA pays tribute to Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen
Tim Duncan returns to San Antonio Spurs Practice to play 1 on 1 with Pau... And this is y we LOVE TIMMY!!
All-Access at Tim Duncan's jersey retirement ceremony on Sunday!
TIMMY!!! Tim Duncan from play only. Never from our ❤s
Gregg Popovich sums up Tim Duncan's jersey retirement night: "It was a wonderful night. Timmy showed up, which was great."
Tim Duncan is REALLY excited to have his jersey retired today 😂
Tom Brady reminds me of Tim Duncan in this way: He'll sacrifice his ego if gameplan calls for low-risk short passes an…
Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan's relationship goes far beyond the court.
.and his dad bid farewell to Tim Duncan.
"You've always been the perfect example to follow...except with the clothing." -- Tony Parker to Tim Duncan at Retirement…
Tim Duncan. In Spurs players' hearts ... and on their feet.
Here's on saying goodbye to Tim Duncan.
I love Tim Duncan but Manu Ginobili will always be my favorite! Still my favorite basketball player till this day
On a night when Tim Duncan's No. 21 jersey was retired by the Spurs, Tony Parker and Gregg Popovi... - via App
3. Watch: Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich, Manu Ginobili & more speak at retirement ceremony
Two of my fave "sports gentlemen" were in the spotlight yesterday for their athletic accomplishments: Tim Duncan an…
Crazy to think Tim Duncan has played for just two coaches in 23 years: Dave Odom and Gregg Popovich.
Popovich starts talking. His first move, thanking Dave Odom who found Tim Duncan
Dave Odom's story about Tim Duncan's first game at Wake Forest is perfect
The Spurs are retiring Tim Duncan's number this weekend. In honor of No. 21, here are 21 highlights from his legendary…
Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich spoke about Tim Duncan's impact on the Spurs during his jersey retirement ceremony. https:…
Manu Ginobili thanks Tim Duncan for his four rings and making him a better player!
My dude Tim Duncan got his jersey retired
Tim Duncan & Gregg Popovich embrace & walk off to conclude TIMMY's night!
Tim Duncan: becomes 8th player in Spurs history to have his jersey retired. 1 of 3 to win 1,000 games as player (Abdul-J…
Tim Duncan's No. 21 jersey retirement ceremony is coming up next on NBA TV! . WATCH LIVE:
I Loved Tim Duncan ,he's an Embodiment of San Antonio Spurs,hope he enjoys his Retirement.
Pop almost lost it tonight honoring Tim Duncan.
Tim Duncan's jersey officially retired and unveiled in rafters forever:
Tony Parker on what made Tim Duncan so special!
Congrats Tim Duncan for 19 Seasons of giving the NBA your best! 👍🏀
Tim Duncan's retirement ceremony should remind us all that the most important legacy we leave is the way we treat people every day
Coach Pop and Tim Duncan shared a touching moment during the ceremony
Tim Duncan takes the mic at his retirement ceremony!
Was a great ceremony. I cried. Tim Duncan 21.
All I want is for someone to love me how Pop loves Tim Duncan
For the last 21 Days, we've celebrated Tim Duncan and tonight we honor him. .
Tim Duncan's college coach at Dave Odom, speaks!
"Thank you, San Antonio, thank you." Check out Tim Duncan's memorable jersey retirement speech here:
Thank you, Tim Duncan, for being so great for so long -- and so YOU.
Coach Pop on his twenty years with Tim Duncan!
The greatest Spur gets his day, but first Tim Duncan had to endure people saying nice things about him
Spurs raise Tim Duncan's jersey to rafters in emotional ceremony via App
Tonight in San Antonio, the will raise TIM DUNCAN's to the rafters!
Tim Duncan cracks a few jokes before his jersey gets retired 😂.
According to Pop, Spurs fans can thank Tim Duncan for the rings.
"It gave me back more than I could have ever expected." - Tim Duncan on the game he loves .
The first person to interview Tim Duncan after he was drafted in 1997: Craig Sager. https:…
Tim Duncan is the only player in history to start and win an NBA Championship in three different decades. ht…
Popovich tells story how he had to put carrot cake outside Duncan's door for 20 years & how Tim showed up to 1st practi…
An emotional, heartfelt night/tribute to No. 21: Tim Duncan. A look back at some of the best moments.
21. Spurs retiring the number of Tim Duncan tonight
Tim Duncan paid his respects to Coach Pop during his jersey retirement speech.
Spurs game was great 👌 and I'm glad I got to see Tim Duncan's Jersey Retirement 👌😢
Tim Duncan is the definition of a franchise player. There will never be someone like the Big Fundamental.
Here's that finished painting of Tim Duncan by Vilas Nayak during halftime. Was completed in under 10 mins https:/…
Alright, who had Lorde covering Tears for Fears in the "Song that will accompany the Tim Duncan retirement montage" pool?
Tim Duncan's gf grew up 2 house down from me and her parents still live there. Just waiting for the day he comes to visit.
Spurs to honor Tim Duncan with special No. 21 socks tonight
Malik Rose throwing an elbow into Spurs giveaway Tim Duncan shirt, then balling it up & spiking it
As goes to the rafters, we count down Tim Duncan's Top 10 Plays for the
In just a few short hours, Tim Duncan will be immortalized in Spurs lore forever. (via
On the day the San Antonio Spurs lift No. 21 to the rafters, a look into what made Tim Duncan a legend like no other http…
Yeah, since he made the play call. With your logic, Tim Duncan is overrated because Ray Allen hit that 3 in 2013.
Jalen: Spurs need to give Tim Duncan a statue
Hakeem got 2 rings... Hakeem did Shaq the worse way in the finals pimp and Tim Duncan and David Robinson same game.…
"David Robinson and Tim Duncan would have to duck to get in through our door." -Mom. "Because they're coming to visit..." -Me
If were president, my supreme Court nominees would just be former Spurs stars. George "The Iceman" Gervin, David Robinson, Tim Duncan
Kobe and Tim Duncan gotta be right, Moses played for like 6 teams.Alex English? David Robinson?
That fake by Dak Prescott was almost as good as Tim Duncan's fake retirement...pls.
Drake is for the industry like Kobe . Cole is for the culture like Tim Duncan . They both change the game
J.Cole is the Tim Duncan of hip hop. He's fundamentally good but just not that fun..
J cole is to rap what Tim Duncan was to the NBA.
J. Cole album is like Tim Duncan; that *** is great nobody disputes that but nobody wanna see you hook shot & layup your way to 30 points
Cole is the Tim Duncan of rap. Undeniably talented, not very exciting.
Dawg I swear Cole fans might b the worst lol !!! The man is the Tim Duncan of rap .. ain't…
I am done with being hype for album releases. J. Cole is Tim Duncan in the Hip-Hop game for real.
J Cole really is the Tim Duncan of rap.
he's the Tim Duncan of rap. Hall of Famer w 5 rings who you wouldn't rush home to watch. You can be good and 💤
Ha ha gang gang gang all day day day it's Tim Duncan throwing it up.
JCole a good rapper, just boring. It's like watching Tim Duncan play basketball.
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Lebron James has more finals losses then: . • Kobe Bryant,Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan COMBINED.
Charles Barkley: Lebron James is no Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan, let alone Michael Jordan.
what about Tim Duncan? Isn't he just a white in black skin?
C all the way, this man did that against the Spurs with a young Tim Duncan, manu, and Tony Parker, in a ridiculous…
All the great players wear 21 lol. LT, Sean Taylor, Deion, Tim Duncan, Wilkins, Charles Woodson now Zeke and Landon Collins wear
In honor of Tim Duncan's jersey retirement, all fans attending the Dec. 18 game against New Orleans will receive this s…
Tim Duncan to the rafters! . We will retire No. 21 on December 18th in a special postgame ceremony » htt…
DeMarcus Cousins...unless Tim Duncan, David Robinson or Artis Gilmore plan on playing for the Spurs
Hi Question: any plans for a Tim Duncan or David Robinson print or should I go for Russy? Live in okc but grew up Spurs fan...
San Antonio Spurs to retire Tim Duncan's number on Dec. 18:
Tim Duncan forever. San Antonio Spurs to retire No. 21 on December 18 in special postgame ceremony
sorry I just remembered when Reggie Miller called Tim Duncan "the big fundamentalist"
Tim Duncan. Would be like Bambi voting for the hunter that kills its mum
bro bish is the king of myteam this year. he's got 1700 plus cards, plus PD Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan don't seem like the guy to make jokes
Waiting on Tim Duncan to dance like Napoleon Dynamite...
Even though Tim Duncan is retired, Pop said their relationship carries on.
Pop on Tim Duncan: "We're like in love, we text all of the time." Do you use emojis? "Only the ones where you blow kisse…
So Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Elton Brand, Ray Allen and Amare Stoudemire will all enter the Hall in 2021?
Ray Allen in the Basketball Hall of Fame with Kobe, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett in 2021. That probably will be the best…
Dude's basically the Greg Poppovich of baseball that wasn't gift wrapped a Tim Duncan. Shame.
The 2021 Hall of Fame class of Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, and Ray Allen is going to be absurd.
No Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan. I now know how the old heads felt when MJ, Magic and Zeke retired.
Tim Duncan may be gone but his emotional reaction to highlight reel feats of athleticism stayed with the Spurs bench ht…
It's sinking in: We'll never see Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Elton Brand, Chauncey Billups, etc.…
I said that so many legends retired over a short period of time. Kobe, Tim Duncan, KG, and Ray Allen all retired within a
Ray Allen announces his retirement. This year has been a loss of so many legends man. Kobe. Tim Duncan. Kevin Garnett. No…
Tim Duncan has jokes! 😂. Sean Elliot says Timmy roasted him through text message. *Listen to the broadcast* (via
Tim Duncan may be gone, but the Spurs have still got it: They look like title contenders, writes
Waiting in Tim Duncan to bust a Bret Farve
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Charles Barkley 'Pau Gasol is an upgrade from Tim Duncan"
Spurs guard and proud Aussie Patty Mills discusses Olympics, Tim Duncan, future and more
You HAVE to play Tim Duncan when you come to Seattle.
Charles Barkley explains why Lebron James isn't ranked higher than Kobe or Tim Duncan.
I'd chose Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kareem Abdul Jabar as my Supreme Court. . .
Tim Duncan made his teammates better and lifted the entire franchise from PFL position. Thats a Batman, just not a…
"Ya'll the one talking about rings!" . Charles Barkley doesn't hold back when comparing LeBron to Kobe and Tim Duncan (…
There's so many people who stan hard for Melo, Kobe, Dame, etc. Are there fans who ride like that for guys like Tim Duncan and Mike Conley?
You were the ketchup to my fries, my PB to my J, my Tim Duncan to my Spurs.
First year without Tim Duncan let's see what happens
Normally, Tony Parker has Tim Duncan sitting by his side minutes before tip-off. Now, Parker sits by himself.
David Lee is sitting in Tim Duncan's locker and it's weird.
Clint Capela had a better TRB% than Boogie Cousins, Anthony Davis, Tim Duncan, and Derrick Favors last year. Yes, I'm excited.
Madison Bumgarner is just like Tim Duncan. If Tim Duncan started yelling fights and hated non-white players at a curious rate.
Confirmed: Tim Duncan to appear in a new H-E-B ad with fellow Spurs greats David Robinson and George Gervin.
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Larry Fitzgerald is the Tim Duncan of the NFL.
Spurs would of won all those titles if they didn't tank for Tim Duncan! They coulda had Keith Van Horn instead
Penny Taylor, Swin Cash, KG, Tim Duncan, Kobe - basketball is losing some of the greats this year!
David Robinson and Tim Duncan getting after it in practice.
Tim Duncan is 40. Kevin Garnett is 40. Brad Stevens is 39. Let that sink in... ☘
He's far away in the photo, but that's Tim Duncan shooting with Manu
With KG, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan retiring, the NBA has officially been handed over to Porzingis, Karl-Anthony Towns a…
Congratulations to Tim Duncan on his new position with the Spurs after retirement!!!
Pop said Tim Duncan has an official position with the Spurs, asked to elaborate, he said he's the coach of whatever he f…
Kevin McHale wrote the book on post footwork. That's who Tim Duncan studied
With Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and now Kevin Garnett, the 2021 Hall of Fame class may be one of the best ever
Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett: By the numbers via
Tim Duncan, KG, Chris Bosh all in one year. 4 gonna look a lot different in 2017
No Kobe Bryant, no Tim Duncan, no Kevin Garnett, no Chris Bosh. NBA won't be the same.
Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Amar'e Stoudemire, Kevin Garnett, and maybe Chris Bosh all done... In one year.
I get that it's KG's moment and we're quick to be prisoners of the moment, but Tim Duncan > KG
Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, all retired in the same year; the year before, Steve Nash. Time eats everything.
Tim Duncan will make Bill Russell look like Patrick Ewing when he got his powers took in space jam
Spurs’ Tim Duncan leaves NBA as last of a dying breed
Tim Duncan is better than Lebron James. Without a doubt, not even worth the debate.
6. . "Romo is top 5". "Tim Duncan is better than Lebron James". - Autistic Sports Takes. - 40 year old virgin
Tim Duncan used to coach other teams’ rookies during games
Vote now: Who is the NBA's best player since MJ? Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Tim Duncan, Lebron James, Shaquille
Bow Wow put himself on a list with Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant... Peyton and Charles Woodson...
How hard is it to lose . Barack Obama . Kobe Bryant . Tim Duncan . Lil Wayne. All at once 😟
Isiah Thomas, Jordan, LeBron, Tim Duncan, Shaq, Larry Bird as my 6th man
working to settle Tim Duncan lawsuit for altered photo
2016 has been quite the year for farewells: Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Alex Rodriguez & Michael Phelps so far.
Ladies: if yo man doesn't hold you like Tim Duncan and David Robinson hold each other, he don't love you
Tim Duncan had a better career than Kobe Bryant.
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Thank you to my husband for being so understanding of my crushing on Craig Biggio, Tim Duncan, and Michael Phelps.
KG, Karl Malone and Charles Barkley all better than Tim Duncan
Only three players have totaled 10,000 points, 6,000 rebounds and 1,500 assists in last 10 years:. Tim Duncan . .
Jason Terry and Trevor Ariza says on that Kobe Bryant was better than Tim Duncan and Lebron James https:/…
Tim Duncan gotta be the most least feared big man to dunk on. Dude done got more nuts to the face than Supahead.
Bartolo Colon made his MLB debut less than three weeks after Tim Duncan's final game at Wake Forest.
The legacy he will leave on the game is immeasurable. Most Influential Veteran goes to Tim Duncan.
Question: What does David Robinson, Mutombo, Okafor, Tim Duncan and Big Ben Wallace in common ?. Yup, they've all...
Good read for us who admires Tim Duncan. Pat Riley thought DWade was TD. The Dangers Of A Big Ego via
You gotta love Tim Duncan's LinkedIn page... (this is actually a real thing)
What do you need after retiring? A LinkedIn page. A fan made a hilarious Tim Duncan profile ht…
Tim Duncan had a +/- of +318 in the first half of the season, better than all but 8 NBA players
Karl Anthony Towns will be the next Tim Duncan. Yea I said it.
I was a guest on podcast talking Tim Duncan, Damian Jones w/
I liked a video from Jeff Van Gundy on Tim Duncan retirement | July 11, 2016
Jeff Gordon retired. Then Peyton Manning. Then Tim Duncan retires as well. All in one year. 😢
Could D"Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns have a Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan rivalry? *Not comparing*
reading Kawhi a bedtime story about his hero, Tim Duncan
Kobe after retirement: goes on a European tour sponsored by Nike. Tim Duncan after retirement: goes to Old Navy
Tim Duncan enjoying retirement at Old Navy (via )
Back in 2007 Tim Duncan asked me where I got my shorts and I told him A.J. Wright. He then asked me who that was.
David Robinson was in the Navy. Tim Duncan shops at Old Navy.
picked up my Special Edition of Sports Illustrated featuring Tim Duncan. My heart is broken. We still have Pop!
Y'all the s/o's Randy Rogers does to Tim Duncan makes me love him so much more 😭💙
Tim Duncan retired about a week ago and is now waiting in line at Old Navy 😂. (via
Tim Duncan straight up crushing retirement by snagging some hot deals at Old Navy
Tim Duncan waiting in line at an Old Navy is exactly what I thought he'd be doing after he retired.
Tim Duncan finishes his career as 1 of 3 in NBA history to win 1000 reg. season games. The others were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar…
Coach Popovich thoughtful insightful comments on career of Tim Duncan and impact on Spurs
to Tim Duncan being selected first overall in the 1997 NBA Draft (credit: Craig…
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1995: Kevin Garnett. 1996: Kobe Bryant. 1997: Tim Duncan. What a Hall of Fame class if all are retired this summer.
so you're telling KG Anthony Davis, Ser Charles, Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan aren't big men, but chuck Hayes is...
Pop reflects on coaching after Tim Duncan's retirement.
if Jeff retired like Tim Duncan instead of a farewell tour is this still as big of a talker
One of the best big men ever?. Shaq says he's not putting Tim Duncan in that category for this reason:
Freshly retired Tim Duncan sues realty group over photo by
Tim Duncan files lawsuit against Keller Williams realty in San Antonio for use of his image:
Klay Thompson vs Scottie Pippen, Leonard vs Durant, Tim Duncan vs Kevin Garnett, or Kobe vs Magic (for greatest laker of all time)
"No matter how good you thought Tim Duncan was ... he was better than that." . Word Jeff. Word.
Tim Duncan's commercial highlight reel is as legendary as his NBA highlight reel is. (Video via .
Live video of San Antonio finding out Tim Duncan is retiring.
WATCH: Scott is out, and RB fills in to argue with Jay about Tim Duncan's legacy, Serena Williams and more.--->
Jason Kidd says he regrets not signing with the Spurs, playing with Tim Duncan .
Tim Duncan went to his MVP ceremony dressed like John Cena
Tim Duncan has been in every 2K basketball game
New Roundball Rock pod. We discuss the Bulls offseason with and I begrudgingly compliment Tim Duncan:
TD signing off his farewell letter with simply 'Tim' is so Tim Duncan it's not funny
Who's the most underrated NBA player of all time? Is it Tim Duncan or Matt Geiger?
Tim Duncan says thank you to the fans. Very classy! 👏💯
Andrews Irrelevant opinion Tim Duncan made a good *** decision. If only Tony Romo would learn from him. *whispers* when you gotta go. Go
Tim Duncan (watching Ken Burns documentaries while ironing blue jeans) has announced his retirement.
Heard a good joke: Tim Duncan announced his retirement at end of the season we just heard about it cuz he announced it on his MySpace page.
Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant look back upon each other's careers and matchups they had 🙌🏽
Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant star alongside each other during this promo for the WCF
"Thank you to the fans all over the world." - Tim Duncan, in letter posted on website
Russell Wilson got some and got all the swag now. He avoided the Tim Duncan path he was on 😭
"I'm going to study his bank shot," Jamal Murray in SI video honoring Tim Duncan
I did not realize how great Tim Duncan's Wiki page is.
Tim Duncan's cloaked retirement tour was a breath of fresh air says
Tim Duncan wrote a retirement letter that was double spaced and still wasn't even a page long...yea that man tired
Tim Duncan on retiring from NBA: It’s not fun anymore
Tim Duncan says he gets so much joy seeing fellow Virgin Islanders make it to the NBA like Raja Bell.
Then we all ran to Express and Lidz so we could show up at the club looking like Tim Duncan on draft day
Tim Duncan is the Greatest Power Forward that has ever played the game.
Players the Spurs could target to replace Tim Duncan: . David Lee, Brandon Bass, and Terrence Jones. Pass on Thomas Robinson & Josh Smith.
Pop reflecting on Tim Duncan's career brings out all the feels 😢 (via
Tim Duncan retired the right way - Ben Maller hopes that the quiet way Tim Duncan decided to end his career sta...
Gregg Popovich was in rare form for emotional Tim Duncan retirement speech:
Gregg Popovich speaks to the media to share an emotional goodbye to Tim Duncan.
Tim Duncan and Bill Russell: the two greatest teammates and winners ever
Pop on why Tim Duncan is irreplaceable.
Congratulations on a legendary career, Tim Duncan. See you in Springfield.
What some of the NBA's biggest stars looked like when Tim Duncan won his first NBA title https…
Tim Duncan has been in every NBA 2K disk.
Pray for San Antonio , nothing wrong just that Tim Duncan retired
Tim Duncan retired yesterday because he wanted to spend today combing Amazon for "Prime Day deals"
19 seasons. 5 titles. ONE team. Congrats to the Tim Duncan on an amazing career. 📷:
Because of Tim Duncan's retirement, Kevin Garnett's now the only active NBA player who was drafted before 1998.
Former HC Dave Odom remembered that Tim Duncan was adamant about not being ready for the during his So. & Jr. years.
Thank you Tim Duncan for the Texas and Southwest Division rivalry. Photo from:
Tim Duncan is retiring. So long to the greatest player since MJ: | via
When someone says, "Tim Duncan isn't the best PF of all time."
In the last 4 yrs, I've seen players like Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, all retire. Childhood. Over.
Thank you for your 19 years, Tim Duncan.
Kobe. Tim Duncan. Jeter. George st Pierre. All my favorite athletes are all retired. Except for one. BRADY
Not a Spurs fan but I am a true basketball fan, so I give credit where it is due. Tim Duncan, thank you so many years of greatness.
This remains one of my favorite sports photos: Tim Duncan and young Chris Paul.
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