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Tim Duncan

Timothy Theodore Tim Duncan (born April 25, 1976) is an American professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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How guds ur man tim duncan for the spurs!!
team with Deandre jordan, Lebron James, damian lillard, stewie, and Tim duncan
“Right now I need your attention for a couple of minutes.”. When Tim Duncan speaks, he speaks. .
NBA legend Tim Duncan doesn't want us to leave the Virgin Islands behind, starts pledge drive for Irma relief
Tim Duncan lived through a Category 5 hurricane once. Now he's asking for your help after
impacted our friend, Tim & the US Virgin Islands. Help Tim Duncan by donating supplies. More on how:
team with david west, Tim duncan, Vegeta, lebron jordan, and wade carnes
Tim Duncan is asking for your help for the people of the U.S. Virgin Islands to steadily rebuild their lives:
Elizabeth Holmes is the Tim Duncan of scamming
Tim Duncan in his own words: "I’m a little out of my comfort zone. But here I am ... asking you for a favor."
Tim Duncan donates, pledges to match Hurricane Irma relief donations for U.S. Virgin Islands ht…
John Wall aims to follow the likes of Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan.
Kawhi was definitely the franchise player BUT he had Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Danny Green pave the way fr
Also LeBron over Steph Curry and David Robinson over Tim Duncan. Whoever made this list probably jus…
Don't ever compare Tim Duncan to Kurt Thomas you know what your basketball validation pass is here…
BC theres a captain (Tim Duncan, Buck Shelford & Jack Lambert) who’s behind the scenes working his *** off to make sure culture is sustained
Tim Duncan, Adrian Beltre, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, Shawn Johnson & Michael Young. **not in order (aside from Timmy); b…
Greg Pop is arguably one of the best coaches ever.. Tim Duncan is a amazing defender. Parker was a little younger so was Manu
He is kinda rude 💯😂.. But Tim Duncan on the other hand is always kind to his fans.. even when u can tell he d…
This is about as good as when Pop gave Tim Duncan DNP - Old in the box score
sometimes when I get stuck revising my novel I just watch youtube vids of Tim Duncan destroying DeAndre Jordan in the post.
He had TIM DUNCAN! And Bron and Melo he wouldn't play them because he hates young kids. Always has. They…
He had Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan, LeBron, Melo, Wade.I don't wanna hear that. And LB is a GREAT co…
Hammers like ID we keep 'em. Brought the phantom to the beacon. Since Tim Duncan was a demon deacon. I done see the precinct
Tim Brady is the equivalent to Tim Duncan. Talented but benefited from being in the same system with the same coach for 20+ years
"Where do you go to school?". "Wake Forest". *blank stares*. "Ya know, Arnold Palmer, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan? TOP 3…
KG was more talented. But Tim Duncan had a big part in why SA is what it is.
lol I'm so sick and tired of Duncan donuts, we need Tim Hortons here!
KG was better than Tim Duncan talent wise. Had much more talent. Timmy was blessed to be in SA though
NBA legend Tim Duncan plans to oppose any attempted delay to his ex-adviser's prison term.
Tim Duncan? I just finished The Captain's Class, though, and that might be clouding my thought.
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papa a blog is just somebody talking about their opinion,Tim Duncan is the best PF of all time in my opinion
I just saw someone say Tim Duncan was a boring player to watch and I'm hurt honestly
Tim Duncan and Giants to inbound and an undrafted free
team with jahlil okafor, Damian Bates, jahlil okafor, Tim duncan, and Caleb Barnes
I enjoy jokes, smiling, and making people smile. I may be a little different, but that's OK, who wants to be normal anyway?. Tim Duncan
The time when there is no one there to feel sorry for you or to cheer for you is when a player is made. Tim Duncan
Everytime my knee hurts I remember Tim Duncan played half of his career on one knee and became a 🐐.
Tim Duncan on the Spurs commitment to sharing the 🏀
Atlanta man ordered to repay Spurs' Tim Duncan $7.5 million.
theirs like 20 blogs about how Tim Duncan one of the most boring players to watch in t…
Are the Tories a disunited party? Iain Duncan Smith tells Tim Sebastian on Tories "agree, absolutely, we're le…
Lebron is a better "player" than MJ. Kobe isn't better than Tim Duncan. Russ might be one of the most athletic of a…
In 19yrs,Tim Duncan was never late for a practice, workout, bus. That's a standard of excellence u tend to take for gran…
Tim Duncan returning to the Spurs & Daniel Craig returning as Bond what a time to be alive.
Matt Besler is like the Tim Duncan of MLS: at what point do the players having…
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maybe that's why I'm Tim Duncan and you're Matt Bonner
KD followed blueprint of Tim Duncan and Tom Brady, who've taken WAY less than deserve so team can keep championship ro…
You just described Tim Duncan though. What's the difference?
Dejuan Blair for kicking Tim Duncan in the head in the playoffs
No wilt?? Larry?? Bill Russell??? Dirk? Tim Duncan???And you have curry up there. He's not even top twenty you'r…
Tim Duncan is the Greatest power forward ever. Nobody can convince me otherwise.. Its really not even close
and one of his other rings was against a bum *** Magic that had Dwight and JJ Redick lol. Tim Duncan's rings come with NO GOAT help.
great resource, but i'm not so sure about Tim Duncan's projected 1.2 WAR next year!
The last 19 NBA Finals has had either Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade or Tim Duncan playing in them. Parity.
He needed a Patrick Ewing or Tim Duncan type who bought into the coach and supported him. Never had the success to get that.
All of them . That's not a flourishing position other than James & Klay and the same way Tim Duncan did it
A3: has been great. Tim Duncan getting excited, James Harden being defensive and Lonzo Ball tal…
Ever since July of 2016 the Warriors made Tim Duncan retire, Lebron go bald & made James Harden a Shooting Guard again lmao
NBA stars Tim Duncan & Kevin Garnett were quiet as they walked by us to hear sentencing for for former financial ad…
Tim Duncan, Popovich, Ginobili, RC Buford, Sean Elliott, Kevin Garnett in court for sentencing of Duncan's fmr financial advisor
Accused drug dealer sentenced. Tim Duncan now has day in court. Standing room only. Sean Elliott sitting in jury box - we're out of room.
This Day In 1997: Pacers GM Donnie Walsh boldly proclaims that pick Tim Duncan is "like David Robinson, but better."…
u know how often SA sees Tim Duncan around town, but we respect his wishes whenever he's with his family to NOT be bothered…
Garnet, iverson, dfisher, Shawn brown, Nash, KMalone, Penny hardaway, Tim Duncan, some of the fab…
Tim Duncan probably isn't number one..lillard over bird as well
So, Kerr are going forget Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and other greats who exceed LBJ championship wise.
Steve Kerr just won his 7th championship: "It's kind of nice hanging around Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan and Steph Curry and KD."
Tim Duncan please come back for one more year
Matt Bonner responds to Robert Horry's criticism of Tim Duncan
Matt Bonner responds to Robert Horry’s criticism of Tim Duncan
Although I think Peyton was a better QB in his prime. Tom Brady the GOAT. just like how I feel in the KG better than Tim Duncan argument
Steve Kerr really carried Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan and these Golden State Warriors to NBA championships
I honestly can't believe you are comparing him to REAL role models like Tim Duncan, Derek Jeter, and Tom Brady...
Steve Kerr also acts like he was an all time great. Carried by Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan.
Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Lebron James.. aging process continues to slow as time moves.
Whenever I get a dog, his name will either be Brady or Tim, cause Tom Brady and Tim Duncan my favorite players 🙂
Is Joey Crawford lacing up his shoes for Game 3 yet? I think he just called a foul on Tim Duncan for practice.
Tim Duncan, Founder, CEO, and President of Talos Energy kicks off General Meeting!. Later: Newly appointed BSEE Dire…
Chris you leaving the best duo in the game oit of the question, D. Robinson and Tim Duncan the twin towers
Robert Horry - "Hakeem Olajuwon was 20 times better than Tim Duncan!" Come on Big Shot, 20 times?
Robert Horry called out Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili for no reason on ESPN.
you're a fool for saying "The Dream" is 20x's better than Tim Duncan...not to mention you're on TV rn wearing taco suit
How about Tim Duncan inexplicably getting a little love in the trailer?
The N.B.A. Finals and the Lebron James Effect Tim Duncan was not a Center. Tim Duncan was a PF. The GPFOAT.
A team with David Robinson and Tim Duncan used to throw Malik Rose at him. Nobody is going to shut him…
This one's always a crowd pleaser: Tim Duncan and a young Chris Paul.
Wiener is putting up rookie Tim Duncan levels of efficiency.
He played Tim Duncan when he was 20 years old with his second best player being an old *** Eric snow, cut it out
Just how Kevin Garnet told Tim Duncan happy Mother's Day lol.
"The Warriors don’t want McGee to be Tim Duncan. They want his timed dunkin’." - Daniel Brown, Bay Area News Group
*** !! Tim Duncan bypassed Larry Bird several years back. And Wilt Chamberlain would have eaten Kareem's lunch!
Spurs dynasty in their primes, ehh. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker were the only 2 all-stars on the team. Manu wasn't an all-star
What Yogi Berra, Bill Russell, Jack Lambert, and Tim Duncan all had in common
Bill Russell and Tim Duncan have had better careers then lbj
One thing Lebron NEVER had that MJ, Kobe and Tim Duncan had... Was Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich
Tim Duncan makes rare appearance at Spurs practice. (SPEEDonFOX)
Floyd is Tim Duncan in the boxing ring...
Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Frank Lampard and John Terry. The only people with career exits which made me emotional
Still had Tim Duncan, a healthy Tony Parker and Danny Green had the series of his life
Tim Duncan just pranked media, pretended like he was going to talk, just walked by and said "is there a bathroom back there"
update: Kawhi Leonard at facility; Tim Duncan at practice. Aldridge jokes Tim "talks too much" now. More-->
Was living in SA for the summer of 2005 and almost bought in, but hated Tim Duncan's whiney *** and thought Pop was a ***
Tim Duncan and David Robinson somewhere rolling in their graves right now
has priceless reaction to Tim Duncan sitting out against Warriors
LeMarcus Aldridge went to San Antonio and started playing like Tim Duncan in his last season as a Spur. Ugh.
Tim Duncan off the couch would be more productive than Pau Gasol right now
Mike Trout could end up the Tim Duncan of baseball. Which is a compiment.
Tim Duncan shouldn't be in this either, he had a squad every single year
Question. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu a super team?
Tim Duncan is retired. Astros have collapsed. ND Football is 1-3. And JJ Watt is broken forever.
Tim Duncan is on a couch somewhere smiling. So much success in an organization because the best player was also the most coachable.
Mike never had to go through Tim Duncan so you're only helping my argument.
True but that's not what we're talking about but true none the less. Tim Duncan's Spurs vs. Mike's Bulls would have…
Wow. Don't know if you're a basketball fan but it recalls Tim Duncan's square off with Joey Crawf…
Tim Duncan reacting to Manu Ginobili's game winning block on James Harden. 😂.
Tim Duncan probably on his couch right now so proud.
puts up stat comparing James to Tim Duncan, retired San Antonio Spur
I am not convinced that Tim Duncan was better power forward than my man Elvin Big E Hayes. He beat Lou Alcindor in college, I mean beat him
Lebron James doesn't know when the 3 point shot started to take over the NBA but he says "It helps when Tim Duncan is not…
I'm pretty sure the cloned Tim Duncan's personality & put it into This must've been the exact…
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Only two players in history born outside of the United States to reach 4,000 points in the NBA Playoffs:. Tim Duncan. Tony…
Kawhi Leonard now has 5 games with 30+ points these playoffs - first Spur with 5 in a postseason since Tim Duncan in 20…
Weirdly enough Spurs are the exception to every rule but they still had Tim Duncan and Kahwi Leonard in 2014.
David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Avery Johnson, and Bruce Bowen appalled right now
Players that have beat Lebron the most in his career (including playoffs). Paul pierce: 34. Tim Duncan: 29. Gilbert arenas: 20. Dwayne Wade: 18
I mean, if you can't name David Robinson and Tim Duncan, I don't know why one would even call in for the Pop Quiz.
Rockets are gonna whoop the Spurs. I heard David Robinson is out for the season and Tim Duncan is benched. Spurs can't guard Jeremy Lin
At no point in his career did I ever look at David Lee and think, "That's Tim Duncan's replacement right there"
Or if Tim Duncan and David Robinson were still playing, amirite?
I've had an unbroken streak of David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard. What unparalleled fortune.
David Robinson, Tim Duncan and now Kawhi Leonard. Spurs find these low-maintenance high IQ super star level talents and just keep building.
David Robinson and/or Tim Duncan would've won in regulation.
It started with getting Tim Duncan after David Robinson's injury. But who could've seen the greatness of Kawhi Leonard coming?
Just like I don't miss Tim Duncan at all, there's not a fiber in my body that will miss Tony Parker torching the Grizzlies.
by the day of the draft he was consistently being compared to Tim Duncan and David Robinson.
I saw Tim Duncan at a motorcycle show
not his fault Raja Bell couldn't stop Kobe & Tim Duncan & the Spurs self explanatory put respect on Nash's name
"hurr teh organization did bad" would KG, Tim Duncan, Nash, Kobe, or T-Mac have quit on their teams as egregiously as that?
Kawhi Leonard is the first Spurs player with 35 Pts and 10 Reb in the playoffs since Tim Duncan in 2008.
I'm just glad I'm not watching Matt Bonner and Tim Duncan.
"But Rudy Gobert!". Tim Duncan nor Tiago Splitter could save Arron Barnes. They'll have to put Gobert on Blake, leav…
sell Amy Harden, upgrade to diamond, Get Diamond Jimmy, Sell AD and Tim Duncan. Switch to Marc Gasol and Rodman
Chris Paul is 1.5 Win Shares from passing Magic Johnson (20th all-time). Lebron James is 1.1 from passing Tim Duncan (6th). 8.6 from Jordan
I only started watching basketball in like 2008, so I wasn't attached to KG, Tim Duncan, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd etc etc
Russell needs to win MVP over Harden for the ppl still salty that Kobe lost MVPs to Steve Nash & Tim Duncan because they had better records
Steve Nash won the MVP in 04-05. runner up: Shaq. 3rd: Dirk. 4th Tim Duncan. 5th: Iverson
Bryn Forbes is the first Spurs rookie to score 20+ in a half since Tim Duncan in 1998.
What do Bryn Forbes and Tim Duncan have in common?
I'd give more credit to Tim Duncan on that one than Greg Popovich
He's very good and should get in but you're forgetting about Hakeem, Tim Duncan, manu, to…
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Tim Duncan named his new baby girl Quill after Peter Quill. I love it!
.TMac with 13 points in 35 seconds and the cold blooded game winner against Tim Duncan and the Spurs elite…
Dude got robbed that Tim Duncan year and one of those Steve Nash MVP's. Rape case hurt him the conflictbwith Shaq h…
Pibb to Dr. Pepper is like Tim Duncan to Darko Milicic
OF COURSE Tim Duncan was addicted to 'World of Warcraft' .
This is the best picture ever taken. God bless Tim Duncan
J cole and Kendrick Lamar the Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki of rap
Such a love/hate relationship with Tim Duncan lol. Mad respect tho. He was THE competition in the west. Always sad saying…
Skill wise .. Pau Gasol is better than Tim Duncan
Nothing scream's 1990's more than Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Missy Elliott in a commercial for Sprite.
This is a way better reason for Tim Duncan being Secretary of Treasury than I had. Bravo, Thomas.
With 10,286 career field goals, just passed Tim Duncan for 13th place in
Oh my, 😱. Last night, LeBron passed Tim Duncan for 13th place in FGM. calls 1 of his 3 dunks:
Tim Duncan, John Stockton and others to be inducted into College Basketball Hall of Fame.. Related Articles:
No. Shaq, David Robinson, Blake Griffin, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson, and Tim Duncan have done so faster, among others.
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David Aldridge sayin Kawhi is now the heir-apparent to Tim Duncan is blasphemous... If you watch spurs ball you know that happened years ago
Spurs are 2nd team ever with 50+ wins after losing MVP who spent career with one team (Tim Duncan). Other: Spurs in 2003…
ICYMI: Tim Duncan and John Stockton lead the latest College Basketball Hall of Fame class
that's up there with joey crawford slapping Tim Duncan with the tech for laughing on the bench
Pretty sure touched Tim Duncan's retired jersey in the rafters when he jumped for that last rebound
Ronda Sales could be the Tim Duncan to Mary Jane's Kawhi but nah
Spurs & Kings; Belinelli played for both and Tim Duncan won ROY!
It's amazing Bud comes from San Antonio Spurs where Tim Duncan played for yrs. He refuses to get Dwight Howard touches.
Kawhi Leonard has now scored double figures in 91 straight games - tying Tim Duncan's longest streak of his career: 91 straight…
College basketball’s Hall of Fame classed will be loaded this year.
Cash me out of playing Tim Duncan and Tiger Woods have the exact same voice and seem to lack many human emotions, I take it personal.
Who's player jersey should I get? I already have Tim Duncan and Kawhi's jersey
Springfield will be calling one day for Tim Duncan. But first, induction into the College Basketball HOF in KC.
Gonna start dressing like tim Duncan
you need to refresh your film study of Tim Duncan. Amile Jefferson?? Good heavens
Seth, you need to watch more film on Tim Duncan. Amile Jefferson?? Good heavens
also: belated congrats to Tim Duncan for being inducted into the Hall of Fame in My Heart back in 2002
Tim Duncan (sewing cargo pockets onto regular shorts) is out tonight versus New York.
LISTEN as eric FAILS to convince tom and liam that TIM DUNCAN is COOL
H00PINATI: I'd rather listen to Tim Duncan read all 32 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica than watch Tim Tebow play baseball.
Has this guy not heard of Tim Duncan??
Congrats to legend on being named to the 2017
Dirk is not better than Tim Duncan. Technically TD is a foreign born player.
Well I see your fav bball player of all time Tim Duncan making the HOF. Do I think he will .Walk to the podium?
Tim Duncan was pretty quiet as well.
Tim Duncan to be inducted into National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame
team with Shaq O'Neal, Vegeta, Damian Bates, Tim duncan, and jackson wells
EVER??? dirk nice bro but he's not no where near Tim Duncan & maybe Karl Malone lol
Tim Duncan retires and Tony Romo is no longer a cowboy within months of each's no fair
Tim Duncan named to the 2017 Class of the College Basketball Hall of Fame. Will be inducted in Nov. INFO:
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Spurs went from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard. Whoever runs this world…
I just want a love like Tim Duncan and Tony Parker
Tim Duncan and my old neighbor and great friend David Robinson! I miss these 2 on the court togetherness 🏀
The Spurs went from David Robinson as their best player to Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard lmfao. Unfair franchise.
He's the two-time Defensive Player of the Year who happens to be having a better offensive season than Tim Duncan e…
and you're crazy bro.. I mean you can saw Tim Duncan but Dwight na. He was only ever good at defense honestly.
Watching the Lakers play the Spurs without Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan is like watching a movie that you loved as a child…
Tim Duncan took there would've been beaten to a pulp at some point.
Tim Duncan won 5 rings 2 MVPs and never missed the playoffs or had less than 50 wins in a season in his career, how are peop…
Tim Duncan slander will not be tolerated! Best PF EVER!
Apparently Tim Duncan is trending because people say he wasn't skilled. People are stupid.
Kawhi Leonard has now scored double figures in 86 games straight - the longest streak by any Spur since Tim Duncan's 91…
"The last time this worked was with David Robinson and Tim Duncan.". & Chuck weigh in on Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousi…
I can always watch Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan highlights
Tim Duncan was one of the best to ever play. He was an even better teammate! Tag a teammate that ALWAYS HAS YOUR BACK.…
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Ahh, I see. So your head pretty much exploded when you heard Tim Duncan wasn't a good player, huh? Lol
First Tim Duncan a murderer now Gregg Popovich a child predator. *** going on with the Spurs?
Shaq was skilled = Fact. Tim Duncan was skilled = Fact. . If you don't understand these facts, please do not engage in basketba…
go against the grain like Tim Duncan
Had a dream I was saving Tim Duncan's daughter from a gun battle, and James Franco had my back
Tim Duncan David Robinson Steve Kerr San Antonio Spurs . - Bid on this now on eBay >
team with Tim duncan, shrek, Kevin love, James Harden,tyson chandler, and homer
So we gon act like Tim Duncan ain't get 5 like that?
We are unselfish and we trust each other - Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan a PF not a true center and *** yeah
2 things i seen on the TL today. Draymond > Prime Paul Pierce. Shaq & Tim Duncan didn't have any skills. cannot discuss ba…
😄 Kawhi Leonard admits to teasing Tim Duncan on his fashion sense
Tim Duncan and David Robinson are better than AD and boogie
Spurs had Robinson, Shawn Elliot, and later Tim Duncan. Hopefully NBA goes back to being a tough sport again.
2016 was a year Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, & Kevin Garnett left us in the sports🌎
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thank God for breaking the color barrier and paving the way for MJ, Magic, Bill Russell, Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan, King many
Tim Duncan & Bill Walton would be the bigs I'd add to this list. .
Bill compares Cena to Tim Duncan, Shoemaker says it's different because Cena was never one of the best workers in the company.
Myles Garrett is the Tim Duncan of college football
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are to the NFL what Tim Duncan and Greg Popovich were to the NBA
so Bill Russell a better center than Kareem and shaq by that logic... and Robert Horry better Karl Malone and Tim Duncan?
ever hear of Tim Duncan or David Robinson. He's for sure. Never will surpass Phil the GOAT
umm i gonna have to say Tim Duncan and David Robinson😉
Yes. And Greg Ostertag is better than Tim Duncan because of that Rocky Mountain Revue game we all fondly hold onto.
Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench. Sheed Wallace for staring at the ref. Doc Rivers getting ejected. I can go al…
Tim Duncan laughing, Devin Booker bc he laughed at the ref, Wallace because he said "ball dont lie", Grant Hill e Reggie...
1Q highlights: Jordan Adams is back, Devin Booker is Tim Duncan like, half old man-half amazing.
No Carmelo Anthony, no Dwayne Wade, no Chris Paul, no Kobe Bryant, no Tim Duncan. This All-Star Game is like the end of an e…
No one would have ever expected Tim Duncan & Rasheed Wallace to win a Best Dressed Competition lol
Best center in NBA history? Here are the top 25 Cs in career Value Over Replacement Player (yes, Tim Duncan was mor…
it was Kobe or Tim Duncan, they had the league on smash
I don't know what SA did to deserve having Robinson, then Tim Duncan, then Manu, then Tony Parker and now Kawhi Leonard, but I'…
ICYMI: The last 3 players to average 20-10-3 in a college season are Tim Duncan, David West...and Dedric Lawson?!
you had Bron, Kobe, D Wade, T Mac, Melo, Paul Pierce, KG, AI, Dirk, Tim Duncan etc. you could watch every game that comes on lol
who ya got 2v2 Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan vs Lebron James and Patrick Ewing
Working for ESPN for almost 9 years; Interviews with Lebron James, Tim Duncan, Nick Saban but nothing was like doing this…
ide of Lebron James, KD, and Russell Westbrook. Like, AD really is the new-wave Tim Duncan out here. And the kids mess w/him
Tim Duncan is accepting his HOF with this song:.
Jason Witten is the Tim Duncan of football.
Mark Price, Len Bias, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Dennis Scott. I still think Bias is the best player I ever SAW in person!
Tim Duncan is looking at Richard Jefferson like... 😳
The NBA pays tribute to Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen
Tim Duncan returns to San Antonio Spurs Practice to play 1 on 1 with Pau... And this is y we LOVE TIMMY!!
All-Access at Tim Duncan's jersey retirement ceremony on Sunday!
TIMMY!!! Tim Duncan from play only. Never from our ❤s
Gregg Popovich sums up Tim Duncan's jersey retirement night: "It was a wonderful night. Timmy showed up, which was great."
Tim Duncan is REALLY excited to have his jersey retired today 😂
Tom Brady reminds me of Tim Duncan in this way: He'll sacrifice his ego if gameplan calls for low-risk short passes an…
Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan's relationship goes far beyond the court.
.and his dad bid farewell to Tim Duncan.
"You've always been the perfect example to follow...except with the clothing." -- Tony Parker to Tim Duncan at Retirement…
Tim Duncan. In Spurs players' hearts ... and on their feet.
Here's on saying goodbye to Tim Duncan.
I love Tim Duncan but Manu Ginobili will always be my favorite! Still my favorite basketball player till this day
On a night when Tim Duncan's No. 21 jersey was retired by the Spurs, Tony Parker and Gregg Popovi... - via App
3. Watch: Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich, Manu Ginobili & more speak at retirement ceremony
Two of my fave "sports gentlemen" were in the spotlight yesterday for their athletic accomplishments: Tim Duncan an…
Crazy to think Tim Duncan has played for just two coaches in 23 years: Dave Odom and Gregg Popovich.
Popovich starts talking. His first move, thanking Dave Odom who found Tim Duncan
Dave Odom's story about Tim Duncan's first game at Wake Forest is perfect
The Spurs are retiring Tim Duncan's number this weekend. In honor of No. 21, here are 21 highlights from his legendary…
Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich spoke about Tim Duncan's impact on the Spurs during his jersey retirement ceremony. https:…
Manu Ginobili thanks Tim Duncan for his four rings and making him a better player!
My dude Tim Duncan got his jersey retired
Tim Duncan & Gregg Popovich embrace & walk off to conclude TIMMY's night!
Tim Duncan: becomes 8th player in Spurs history to have his jersey retired. 1 of 3 to win 1,000 games as player (Abdul-J…
Tim Duncan's No. 21 jersey retirement ceremony is coming up next on NBA TV! . WATCH LIVE:
I Loved Tim Duncan ,he's an Embodiment of San Antonio Spurs,hope he enjoys his Retirement.
Pop almost lost it tonight honoring Tim Duncan.
Tim Duncan's jersey officially retired and unveiled in rafters forever:
Tony Parker on what made Tim Duncan so special!
Congrats Tim Duncan for 19 Seasons of giving the NBA your best! 👍🏀
Tim Duncan's retirement ceremony should remind us all that the most important legacy we leave is the way we treat people every day
Coach Pop and Tim Duncan shared a touching moment during the ceremony
Tim Duncan takes the mic at his retirement ceremony!
Hamilton Collection
Was a great ceremony. I cried. Tim Duncan 21.
All I want is for someone to love me how Pop loves Tim Duncan
For the last 21 Days, we've celebrated Tim Duncan and tonight we honor him. .
Tim Duncan's college coach at Dave Odom, speaks!
"Thank you, San Antonio, thank you." Check out Tim Duncan's memorable jersey retirement speech here:
Thank you, Tim Duncan, for being so great for so long -- and so YOU.
Coach Pop on his twenty years with Tim Duncan!
The greatest Spur gets his day, but first Tim Duncan had to endure people saying nice things about him
Spurs raise Tim Duncan's jersey to rafters in emotional ceremony via App
Tonight in San Antonio, the will raise TIM DUNCAN's to the rafters!
Tim Duncan cracks a few jokes before his jersey gets retired 😂.
According to Pop, Spurs fans can thank Tim Duncan for the rings.
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