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Tim Curry

Timothy James Tim Curry (born 19 April 1946) is a British actor, singer, composer and voice actor, known for his work in a diverse range of theatre, film and television productions.

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"this story is Tim Curry in clown makeup peering at us through a storm drain"
Going by the graphics, my guesses are: David Tennant, Adam West, Nathan Fillion, Tim Curry, Stephen Amell
that clip gets me EVERY TIME. Tim Curry just unable to make it through without cracking up. the wise decision to run with that take.
Whilst reading about the new film it's sad to see a picture of Tim Curry 's condition. 😔 keep on trucking, penny wise.
Seen it before, but one of those episodes just chock full of notable guest stars: Mark Gattiss, Tim Curry,…
actual answer: The Cat Returns. It's not super deep, but it is fun and cute + has Tim Curry.
Tim Curry is coming to Boston comic con this summer
Adam West & Burt ward are coming to Boston comic con this summer even Tim Curry himself
look who's coming to Boston comic con this summer Tim Curry
Look who I'm going to meet in August at Boston comic con this summer our idol Tim Curry:)
Eliza is my girl crush. And OMG SPIKE! Plus I saw Tim Curry is going to be there. And Sean Patrick Flannery. 😱
I'm so excited to meet Tim Curry at Boston comic con this summer:)
Watching The Worst Witch (1986). Delightful. Diana Rigg, Tim Curry, I think Miss Spellbinder (Sabina Franklyn) was my first crush
Tim Curry is doing so well after his stroke. I hope he's more mobile for the convention. His recovery has been really something.
this summer summer I'm going to Boston comic con Tim Curry is going to there plus Adam West & Burt Ward :)
Tim Curry, Stan Lee, and now Matt Smith... is working on giving this blerd a happiness heart attack…
Tim Curry and Madeline Khan are just KILLER in that film!
Tim Curry's red hair when he's dressed as Pennywise in "It" was actually his real hair, not a wig.. the more you know 💫
I was thinking about Tim Curry or Mark Hamill to be the next villain in The Walking Dead game.
do you think Tim Curry would also be a great villain in The Walking Dead besides Mark Hamill?
Wanna time warp again? will host a Rocky Horror cast reunion with Tim Curry, and more. https…
I have roughly two months before I meet Tim Curry and I need to transform into wife material ASAP
I'm going to meet the love of my life, Tim Curry, in a few months!!! 😍
Tim Curry was the best part of the film. Along with Robert Picardo and Mia Sera.
I'm sure I'm not the first to notice it, but, doesn't Tim Curry look a bit like Tsar Nicholas II?
My cw said, "You know who Tim Curry is, from 'Home Alone'?" And I just started crying.
If someone with a small role in Home Alone 2 had to become President, why couldn't it be Tim Curry?
The evil twin of Tim Curry and his villainous cohorts were magically Navi from OoT's presumedly existent mouth then I circumcize sheer zeal.
Tim curry is the best count olaf. The audiobooks he did were great
1995 Tim Curry and Misty Rosas should have taken home the Oscars that year.🐵
Is it just me or is Rocky Horror just a freaky musical version of Clue? Or is it just the Tim Curry vibe? Anyway I like it! 😁
I would really like to like. Have a giant ole curry night with friends. Make curry, maybe watch Tim Curry. Get the triforce of curryage.
yay! they're SO GOOD. we listened to the audio books too, which were mostly narrated by tim curry. 👍🏻
wot, Sherlock is based on a board game and Tim Curry is there? :0
one of my favourite films. 'Alright, I'm shouting. I'm shouting,I'm shouting, I'm shouting.
Watching Muppet's Treasure Island, possibly *the* film of my childhood (that and Father of the Bride). Tim Curry is…
And also, if you're short on time, Tim Curry narrates the audio books, and it's GREAT.
looks like Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Wonder if Jason dresses in drag?
Tim Curry has never played a more excellent role
Yes tim lets go to space abd ditch earth!
so back to LA when curry retire huh
He looks like a child Tim Curry would have with a Mexican woman
This is the most adorable picture of tim i have seen in a while
Tim Curry made an impressive Pennywise in IT. Premiered today on ABC back in 1990.
Sooo want a pair of these (Tim Curry!) you reckon they'd make some Blood Brothers ones with your fa…
Will there ever be anything more iconic than Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror Picture Show??? 🙌🏼
All purpose parts banner
you should try. If for not other reason than Tim Curry reading Mogget, a talking sassy cat.
Tim Curry and Doug Bradley probably look scarier in real life...
did you ever watch The Worst Witch with Tim Curry and Fairuza Balk?
Just watched the trailer for Bloodline. Is it going to be like Tim Curry, and Sean Bean? Everyone I love ALWAYS DIES?
Is that the one with Tim Curry and Fairuza Balk? Love that movie so much.
I know I'm late on this, but can we please talk about how Tim Curry is easily the best part of Home Alone 2
Bowie,Rickman,Prince,Lenny;now Micheals and Fisher...everyone pray for De-Niro,Pacino, Devito, and Tim Curry.
people to protect for the rest of 2016:. Tim Curry. Ozzy. the rest of the OG Star Wars cast. Betty White. The Queen. Paul McCartney. Ringo Starr
RA3 has a lot of charming characters outside of the BOBS department. George Takei, Tim Curry, Jonathan Pryce, Greg Ellis etc
I think it's just me, but whenever I see Deray Davis on wild n' out, all I can think is he looks like Tim Curry.
Tim Curry was gold in everything he's been in, including the Muppets Treasure Island.
Tim Curry is the definitive John Silver. Muppets Treasure Island is the definitive Christmas movie.
Did realise how huge a star Tim Curry was when filming Muppets Treasure Island I wonder?
there's going to be tons of amazingly talented people there like MEATLOAF, Tim Curry, Barbara Eden from I Dream of Genie just to name a few!
Tim Curry taking a break on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
A role played on film by Tim Curry and Alan Cummings, musical theatrical heroes both. If only I were thin enough...
Mr. Sinister from the Xmen cartoon is like if Tim Curry played Robert Smith in a biopic on his imaginary stint with…
no worries x I am a RHPS fan and love Tim Curry as Frank N Furter
Matt Terry from Xfactor reminds me of Tim Curry in Home Alone
G. Gordon Godfrey not voiced by Tim Curry is strange
Been 2 months since I was at the live one in Aberdeen. :) I LUV THIS SONG! Tim Curry just Rocks Frank N. Furter.
Here's some glamour shots of Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter to brighten your day 😉
Wouldn't Harry Styles be a great cast for Dr Frank N Furter??? He looks just like young Tim Curry
Clue? You mean Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull and Leslie Ann Warren and. ? Ohh...
I just read someone describe Fairuza Balk as 'if Pink and Tim Curry had a child', and now my eyes are OPEN.
The most beautiful sound we couldn't create as a culture is James Earl Jones, Alfred Molina, and Tim Curry tickling each other.
In ten years, my vocal style has evolved from ”wannabe Mark Hoppus” to ”Tim Curry meets Elton John by way of Glenn Danzig.” I'm so sorry.
Day 23 of 31.The Worst Witch 1986 with Fairuza Balk, Tim Curry. Music is better than expected! 6/10
Tim Curry. I first saw him as a pirate in Muppets. Then as the doctor in and the butler in Clue. I loved him as all of them.
Tim Curry on a smoke break with Adam Faraizl on the set of It, 1990, directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.
I don't know why they didn't get Nell Campbell to play the butler to Tim Curry's criminologist
Laverne Cox was really good but Tim Curry will always be my Dr. Frank-N-Furter. 👄
I loved the new RoHo.Kudos for Tim Curry's participation and Laverne Cox was AMAZING-the whole cast was great!and I'm an OG RoHO fan!
I need the original as a palate clenser. Laverne Cox, Riff Raff, Columbia, Tim Curry were great, BUT it missed something.
Laverne Cox seemed to be having fun, but she definitely paled in comparison to Tim Curry. Speaking of, every time Curry showed up, I got sad
I liked Rocky Horror and loved Laverne Cox, but I miss the pure sex of Tim Curry. Nothing hotter (for me) than a man in a corset & heels.
The butler filmed that scream 17 times and Tim Curry gave a different reaction east time
I didn't know The Rocky Horror Picture Show was on tonight! Tim Curry looks good in white, and that creepy butler guy is orange now.
Rocky Horror features Tim Curry, known for such roles as Chancellor Palpatine, Long John Silver, and the Butler in Clue
Nicole Jones we have to watch it, because Tim Curry... But I'm dreading this.
Glimpse of Adam behind Tim Curry in here
So listen this Rocky Horror revisit. I'm only watching for Laverne. And a Tim Curry cameo
It's basically Air Bud except the dog is Tim Curry reprising the butler from Clue.
Only reason why I'm going to watch this new Rocky Horror Picture Show is because of Reeve Carney & Tim Curry. Otherwise I'm not interested.
. Tim Curry; I Do The Rock or Paradise Garage. Would love to hear
***This was actually a key point used in the comedy movie, CLUE starring Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Tim Curry,…
One of the scariest demonic clowns representations I've EVER scene on screen: Tim Curry as in Stephen Ki…
.Tim Curry kidnapped me and made me act out The Rocky Horror Picture Show while getting *** married to Barry Bostwick.
guh... the 20th anniversary edition of Gabriel Knight SotF has terrible voice acting don't try to be Tim Curry if your not Tim Curry bud
okay. First: Name Of The Wind by Patrick Ruthfuss is a must; High fantasy novel Sabriel by Garth Nix is narrated by Tim Curry.
Negative Nancy's. I have faith in Bill Skarsgard. However no one will touch Tim Curry's creepy *** laugh
Rose tints my world. Keeps me safe from my trouble and pain. (Tim Curry & Nell Campbell, 1975)
while I accept your reasoning behind Jon Lovitz, it does not excuse leaving Tim Curry from Legend off the list.
Tim Curry has given Fox's remake of 'Rocky Horror' his blessing
fans warm up to the FOX remake thanks to Tim Curry signing on
Original 'Rocky Horror' star Tim Curry gives Fox TV remake his seal of approval
.was thrilled to work with Tim Curry in FOX's new
definitely the Hot Box girls from Guys and Dolls, and Tim Curry in Rocky Horror.
Tim Curry reveals why he backs remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show via
Tim Curry on new 'Rocky Horror,' Cookie on 'Empire' fashion
Carl's laughing at me cos I always mix up Gary Oldman and Gary Numan, and Tim Rice and Tim Curry. 😩
Tim Curry as the Narrator! Adam Lambert as Eddie? And BEN VEREEN as Dr Everett von Scott!?! SOLD
Totally wrong, you look like a young Tim Curry!
I'm pretty badass.. but I'll never be 'Tim Curry smoking a cigarette on the set if 'IT' next to Adam Faraizl' badass
True story: when I was a kid, I thought Jeremy Beadle was a Tim Curry character.
Will be available on audiobook & can i request Mariella Frostrup & Idris Elba narrate it with Tim Curry doing Blair's bits?
Seth Curry is better at basketball than both Tim Curry and Ann Curry, so the Mavs have that going for them. 👍🏼😐
slime beneath mm slime up above, ooh you loove my hot hot hot toxic love. Gotta love Tim Curry's part in fern gully!
ha ha it was. When smurf's go to war. At least Fern Gully had Tim Curry singing a camp baddie song.
I'm surprised Tim Curry is still alive after Alan Rickman and David Bowie died; no trinity of dying 69-year-old British guys America loves.
1st one will always be special to me so this makes me nervous. Tim Curry will always be my Pennywise.
Tim Curry was in Disney's Gargoyles, which also starred Ed Asner, who was in the Mary Tyler Moore Show with none other than..
Stephen King's It. When I was 10 Tim Curry gave me nightmares. Now it's Harry Anderson's mustache and Richard Thomas's clip on ponytail
You're no Tim Curry, Bill, but we'll see how it goes.
One day only, myself, Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Nell will be at the
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Journey to the Center of the Earth: A Signature Performance by Tim Curry -
Any part that makes you world famous has got to be a blessing, hasn't ...
looks like a bad guy from a Tim Curry Batman movie..
News flash: Cam Newton says LeBron James is better than Stephen Curry(ESPN)
Is it me or he looking like Jack Nicholson & Tim Curry's love child in the picture?
Which of the following Tim Curry villains do you like the most?
Cam Newton made $53.1M over past year, more than Jordan Spieth and Stephen Curry(ESPN)
LOL, I got the book to exorcise the demon of that *** Tim Curry TV adaptation. He was just TOO good at it.
I'd love to know if there is anything special the cavs do to limit curry. Have like a 11 game sample of relative low output.
This story's begging for a pun contest. "Spice gull: seabird turns orange after falling into vat of curry."
The Tim Curry scoring system is fantastic and should be used everywhere
Hi Tim! My year one class would like to know which dinner would you most like when you come home? A Roast, curry, f & chips
I now have reason to actually risk seeing the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake. Tim Curry is going to play the criminologist. :3
Tim Legler w/ a great point about Curry earlier on Mike & Mike: Steph hasn't initiated the team's offense much.
AKA, when you revolutionised reviews forever with the patented Tim Curry system. I know, because I was there.
How to stop Steph Curry:. -Tell him the game is on a different day. -Other team can use trucks. -Cover the court in butter?. -Snake…
kangaroo curry with whisky and House of Cards was a pretty good cbr experience thanks to Dave
team with Tim duncan, Russell westbrook, Garfield, chris bosh, and stephen curry
Kawakami: What happened to Stephen Curry?: It was so bad for MVP Stephen Curry that Golden State Warriors coach…
Daammnn. That climactic scene in Legend where Tim Curry picks Tom Cruise up by the face. BY THE FACE.
Kawakami: What happened to Stephen Curry? ready to lose again on game 4
Tim Curry is a serial killer in this episode of Criminal Minds.someone help. 🙃
Apparently Tim Curry looks back on his Rocky Horror role with "bemused tolerance" which, honestly, is exactly the kind of feeling i'd antici
2.17am, all I want to do is sleep. I'm wondering if Tim Curry is doing alright, last I heard things were rough for him. That ***
Warriors guard Stephen Curry on his rough shooting night.
isn't this an insult to Tim Curry and clowns?
As if Tim curry is from Grappenhall (that's literally in Warrington where I live like what)
Rmr when Tim curry played the bad guy in Criminal Minds
[Sam Amico] LeBron repeatedly yelled to "get ball to who he's guarding" while looking in Curry's direction. One tim…
The Hallmark version was better. It had Tim Curry for god's sake.
Omg Tim Curry is the terrifying villain in this Criminal Minds episode
I think that if you get too close to the character, if you do too much...
Normally I would be against an IT remake because I love Tim Curry, but if anyone can fill those shoes it's
No hate. How many times curry been the best player on the floor in his last 10 playoff games? Thats the first ever unani…
curry not better than Isiah,tim hardaway,nate archabald,magic,gary Peyton,we talking all around &yo heart
Forget Curry/Lebron, Tim Mosgov is league MVP. Cavs are apparently 60 points a game better when he plays
that moment when you're re-watching Hannah Montana and realize that's Ayesha Curry.
Whatever happens in this series, for the second year in a row LeBron James has VASTLY outplayed Steph Curry.
cavs are clearly better tonight, but refs have been shoddy. Curry knocking over Frye? Not buying it.
Curry whining more than Tim Duncan and the Spurs tonight... .
saw something in my feed comparing Curry to Tim Lincecum if he keeps this up for 2-5 years but then drops/injuries
Tim Curry in his dressing room for Rocky Horror Picture Show
Could we invite Tim Curry and Laverne Cox instead? (Sorry if petty toward Susan, but you know?)
Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are playing like Tim Curry and Keenan Thompson. Amiright???
Since Laverne Cox reprised Tim Curry's part as Frank N Furter, how about Laverne Cox as Pennywise in IT then?
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Hoooly ball Gabriel Knight 1 remake has atrocious voice actor on the role of Gabriel. I mean I know it'd be hard to get Tim Curry back but..
was great, though I don't know if that counts as cult. But Rocky Horror had Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien & Meatloaf, ffs
plus Tim Curry and Madeline Kahn kill it
A black female Frankenfurter? Nobody will ever measure up to Tim Curry!
Loool.Tim Curry is the voice of the mouse king in the Nutcracker Barbie movie😂😂 Geekin
When Kirstie Allsopp says "Pounds" is pleases me so much. It reminds me of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror
aka Tim Curry dressed in drag for Rocky Horror Picture Show..
When I was a kid I had a huge crush on Tim Curry in Muppet Treasure Island. That explains everything you need to know about my sexuality.
Tim Curry returns as the Criminologist Narrator! airs Fall 2016 on FOX:
On the closed set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show remake with the legendary Tim Curry, the…
Tim Curry gets really into his role in Muppet Treasure Island
Remember that time Tim Curry was in Anne? I didn't but boy am I glad to re experience it
Rocky Horror Picture Show's Tim Curry and more are celebrating famously today!
Let's do the time warp again! Hard to decide which Tim Curry performance was better: Rocky Horror, Clue, Legend,...
& follow for the chance to win a Tim Curry Pop! prize pack! Happy Birthday, Tim Curry!
We've got celebrity birthdays coming out of our ears today! HB to James Franco, Kate Hudson, Ashley Judd, Hayden Christensen and Tim Curry!
4/19/16. Tim Curry is 70. Suge Knight is 51. James Franco is 38. Kate Hudson is 37. Troy Polamalu is 35. Maria Sharapova is 29
It's Tim Curry's Birthday! Pictured here as Rooster with Bernadette Peters as Lily St. Regis in
Happy birthday to the sexiest mad scientist I know 😍 ❤ 🎉 I love you Tim Curry! ❤
I know the answers! Dudley Moore, Kate Hudson, and Tim Curry!! Winner!!!
One of my favorite movies as a kid, and really serves as a reminder of how awesome Tim Curry is.
IT starts filming Soon! Love to revisit this Tim Curry was Great Oh No Sequel is IT RETURNS to White house
I love Tim Curry. Wish he still acted...he's wheelchair bound now. 😞
Wanted to believe Tim Curry and Terrence Mann are the same person
Just looked it up. There was a tv movie and show. The movie had Fairuza Balk. I still sing Tim Curry's "On Halloween"
Film: Muppet Treasure Island - The best part of this movie is watching how much fun all the human actors are having, especially Tim Curry
I mean Tim Curry has priors, he was Nigel Thornberry after all.
theres an arc of Wiseguy that covers all that - Paul Winfield, Tim Curry and Patty Darbanville are the guests
Lovely old pic of and Tim Curry in Pirates of Penzance at Theatre Royal Drury Lane
Moreover, the best Franks have tended to be straight men: Tim Curry, Anthony Stewart Head, Jason Donovan, etc.
Just rewatched Muppets Treasure Island. Glad to see that my memory of it being just Tim Curry laughing the whole time was accurate.
Notable King Arthur's in the production of SPAMALOT include Tim Curry, Phill Jupitus, Richard Chamberlain, and Joe Pasquale.
Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan and Lesley Ann Warren star in a movie based on a Parker Brothers board game in 'Clue'
Danny Dyer, Jim Kerr, Tim Curry and one of The 1975 have let themselves go.
But I also love the movie Congo. Ernie Hudson + Laura Linney + Tim Curry + talking gorilla = childhood favorite
Had great actors in the preside ride, Tim Curry, Jeffrey Jones, Kathy Najimy
At one point, Tim Curry auditioned for the role of the judge in this '80s fantasy -
My headcanon voices for UT characters can change often. To me Mettaton can sound like Tim Curry, David Bowie, or James from Team Rocket.
Patricia Quinn, Peter Hinwood, Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry and costume designer Sue Blane hanging out on the RHPS set
you buttle well, you'd be a good butler, like Tim Curry in Clue.
Tommy Lee Wallace on filming Stephen King's IT for television with Tim Curry.
That's right I said Charlie's Angels. In addition to awesome ladies it's got Tim Curry, Bill Murray and Sam Rockwell dancing to Simon Says.
I'd do business with if Tim Curry was the butler...
Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen & Tim Curry doing some kind of garbage rip off of Pennywise, barely. Why? So bad.
Jennifer Lawrence as Miranda, Danny DeVito as Ariel, Bradley Cooper as Ferdinand, Tim Curry as Prospero, Martin Sheen as Alonso
Tim Curry reads abridged version of Foucault's Pendulum
Tim Curry and Little Nell during the filming of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, 1975.
so random, but the other day I caught Clue on tv and was mesmerized by it lol!! Madeline Kahn and Tim Curry ❤❤❤
Are we going to ignore the fact that a young Dave Grohl looks like a mix of Matthew Broderick and Tim Curry
Saw this in LA and had so much fun. Kind of a love fest, too. Eric Idle and Tim Curry were also delicious
Congo is a movie where Tim Curry acts as hard as he can with a monkey puppet and Ernie Hudson and a bunch of ...
Tim Curry auditioned for the role of Judge Doom, but was nixed because Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spiel
Rocky Horror Podcast Show ep.30 - Laverne Cox on Tim Curry, Richard O'Brien on the Remake, & More
Pirates of Dark Water: half the cast was Frank Welker. And the rest included Hector Elizondo and Tim Curry.
Tim Curry as Dr Frank-N-Furter in Rocky Horror Picture Show photographed by *** Rock.
Tim Curry is the spitting image of Satan. A He may represent The Horned God from Celtic myth, but Christianity has wiped out that myth.
J Fallon, Tim Curry, and Gary Sinise are all part of the extended family!
Tim Curry, Spielberg, Tommy Lee Jones, the list goes on
For some reason I used to mix Tim Curry and Christopher McDonald together in movies. Maybe it's the eyebrows.
Tim Curry is the butler and is fantastic. The best bits are the explanation & the searching of the house. The script is 👌🏻
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What animated movie today would have songs with Tim Curry, Robin Williams, Tone Loc, Raffi and Sheena Easton? Seriously.
From left: Nell Campbell, Tim Curry and Patricia Quinn in The Rocky Horror Picture Show Fox announced Friday that...
But they're making Prison Break with Purcell and Miller! And Rocky Horror with Tim Curry!
Bad week for the 69y old. Sylvester Stallone, Stephen Spielberg, Tim Curry, Danny Glover,Tommy Lee Jones, David Lynch are 69. Trump too...
Can I add Frank Oz and Tim Curry and Donald Sutherland and John Hurt and a few more to that list please
69 year olds from the UK currently include Timothy Dalton, Tim Curry, Maureen Lipman, Noddy Holder, and Alison Steadman. :(
"My fellow Congressmen, I'm saying that mandatory cancer screenings for Idris Elba, Tim Curry, and Colin Firth only mak…
If 2016 takes Tim Curry or John Cameron Mitchell I won't be able to go on
...It's bad enough that they're remaking These movies are classics! Brandon Lee and Tim Curry can not be outdone!
My love for Rocky Horror, Worst Witch, and Muppets Treasure Island saves Tim Curry for me.
Sir David Jason, Sean Austin and Tim Curry star in Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic tonight from 7 on Pick!
Tim Curry is a pretty good song writer. He really can write some catchy songs (Muppet Treasure Island). Listen.
It was only yesterday it struck me that there's a Tim Rice and a Tim Curry.
Tim Curry was a just a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania in the cult classic "The Roc
Watching The Wild Thornberrys and just found out that Lacey Chabert (Gretchen Wieners) voiced Eliza. AND Tim Curry is Nigel.
I'm rather in love with Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show.
- Lol. I have never been able to watch Tim Curry without thinking of the teeth and a red balloon of Pennywise. (shiver)
love that SOPHIE's related artists on Spotify are Tim Curry and the Baha Men
Charles Dance as Karellen in Childhood's End is equal with Tim Curry as Darkness in Legend for me.
This scene was Tim Curry trying to explain cricket to Lesley Ann Warren.
Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry and Jessica Lange acting TOGETHER for your show. I can't even imagine i think i'd die from happiness.
The 1st season of Psych...Corbin Bernsen and Tim Curry. Just this show in general. More shows should wink at what they are.
Picking an audiobook version of A Christmas Carol just forced me to choose between Patrick Stewart and Tim Curry.
I'm about to blow your mind. . Want to see a movie with Tim Curry, Iggy Pop, David Spade, Whoopi Goldberg, Beck,...
I've said that about people's favorite Mel Brooks movie. Tim Curry, Clue. Mel Brooks, Spaceballs.
Scary Movie 2. Dumb, dumb, stupid, Tim Curry, stupid, dumb, gross, David Cross, no, no, no, done. 2/10
Tim Curry is a badass in this flick and Jerry Goldsmith has the perfect score
My brain just decided there is a parallel universe where Tim Curry was in A Fish Called Wanda; now I want to unleash my inner mad scientist.
I'm guessing Tom Kane was busy, Flea was too expensive, and Tim Curry...yeah.
Tim Curry once threatened Jim Carey to a sword fight starring their *** and I wore a little black n white referee bibby and ate popcorn
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I can experience the magic of Bruce Campbell being gorilla-murdered, Tim Curry's "Romanian" accent and Laura Linney's laser gun again
Audiobook of Dracula by Bram Stoker (narrated by Tim Curry) is free if you buy the free Kindle Edition first.
good to see Tim Curry is keeping busy.
Nobody can ever be as good as Tim Curry in this role.
Is that baby spice now ?? So many cameos there better be some Tim Curry!
I love that film. Tim Curry makes the whole thing work.
Last night I had my annual Halloween TV party, and of course Tim Curry stole the show
Just discovered you can send GIFs via iMessage. BRB just sending some Tim Curry RHPS memes.
Just watched the movie the other day. Then Tim curry in legend after that. Awesome!
I feel like the only NBA players who dont/haven't cheated on their wives are Steph Curry and Tim Duncan
Video: badwizardblog: Just a reminder that Tim Curry once brought Halloween cheer to all. … And then three...
Tim Curry talks about the freshly-released Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975:
Tim Curry at his finest. Rocky Horror on in the shop.
And please enjoy way of inflecting "SECKS-yoall" that I can only describe as "Tim Curry-esque".
~ Tim Curry is great - he won't hurt you. Just give him a big hug.
Photoset: iambettyjean: And paradise is to be mine ! Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter - The Rocky Horror...
DAMMIT JANET! Still love Tim Curry to this day. The one and only Frankenfurter.
Sweet dreams. May Tim Curry dance gracefully in your vision, and give you a lapdance :P
I adore Tim Curry. I hope he continues to improve. Guess I'll be stopping to get a magazine today
Getting plenty of Tim curry into your system?
He's always been a cheeky one, that Tim Curry -
Have you got your copy of to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th Anniversary Reunion featuring Tim Curry?
LMAO. Tim Curry being slapped still echoes today. His hair even felt it.
My Halloween costume this year is me as Tim Curry doing the Michael McKean as Mr. Green saying "well, I had to stop her screaming" all night
// Liam Neeson and Sean Connery were both considered for the role of Mufasa. Tim Curry was considered for the role of Scar.
Any word is innuendo if you imagine Tim Curry saying it and smiling on the final syllable
There will never be anyone sexier than Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenfurter or David Bowie as Jareth.
i love that movie too. Tim Curry was one of my first crush, he, Harrison Ford and David Tennant
Tim Curry kills his way to next in line for the British crown. One man looks to the sky and says, "Bloody *** Looks like It might reign."
Watching a kids show with voice talent from Levar Burton, Jason Marsden, Tim Curry, and even Mark Hamill. Why am I just hearing. About it?
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Did you enjoy working on Muppet Treasure Island? How did you like working with Tim Curry?
Petition to retroactively give Tim Curry and Rob Schneider Oscars for Co-Best Supporting Actor for their work in Home Alone 2.
No good if it doesn't feature Tim Curry as Colonel Mustard.
Foto: iambettyjean: Makes me wanna take Charles Atlas by the HA-A-AND. Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter - The...
I am obsessed with Tim Curry as Frank n Furter! If I could ever be cast in a role I feel this would be the one...
I always forget that Tim Curry's only role ever wasn't Dr. Frank n Furter...he was also Nigel Thornberry lmao
I could watch Tim Curry as Frank N Furter all day I have a really big crush on him as Frank ah
Laying in bed watching Rocky Horror Picture Show. Still ❤️Tim Curry,hate he had a stroke😔
I added a video to a playlist Tim Curry talks about the Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975
Joseph is Bruce Campbell, Jotaro is Cr1tikal, Avdol is Keith David, Kakyoin is Alan Cumming, Polnareff is John Leguizamo, DIO is Tim Curry
I don't care what you say: Tim Curry's best role was Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island.
The Wild Thornberrys on Tom Kane was Darwin the monkey and Tim Curry is the dad.
Dear do you know Tim Curry, Elaine Hendrix, French Stewart, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Michael J. Fox or Christopher Lloyd?
I just got Wilco > Jean-Paul Sartre > Olivia Tremor Control > Ty Segall > Tim Curry. My radio is better than your radio.
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