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Tim Cook

Timothy D. “Tim” Cook (born November 1, 1960) is the CEO of Apple. Cook joined Apple in March 1998 as SVP of Worldwide Operations and also served as EVP of Worldwide Sales and Operations and was COO until he was named the CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011, succeeding Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011, from pancreatic cancer. Cook had previously served as acting CEO of Apple after Jobs began a medical leave in January 2011.

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Kim Scott explains what she learned from interviewing with Tim Cook via
Apple CEO Tim Cook visits Auburn University to speak about inclusion, diversity
I hope that gives the same reasoned answer he gave the FBI over the San Bernadino phone
I'd like specifics not just "change your PW" Your process makes one feel powerless & continuously at risk.
perhaps you can help, I got notified of a strange login for my Apple ID yet no one can give me info to say if I'm at risk.
.How many of you would like to see a (PRODUCT)Red™ 7 & 7 Plus with a black front?
You are the one that needs to think again, not Tim Cook. The US/UK are suffering from blowback from wars, not from encryption.
Yes for sure. 25% of ur money goes to aids which is thoughtful of Apple to d…
Everything you Guys do is Perfect. Keep the magical possibilities
I would be happy to show you how to prevent backdoors in your operating systems and mobile devices. It's easier than you thi…
Yes the red iPhone 7 is really nice looking & the best smartphone ever. I ha…
The formidable Dr. Tim Cook of the Canadian War Museum has been battling cancer for five... htt…
.& the lot should move closer to their slaves in China & stop soldering RAM in Macs. IDGAF sb…
This makes me think about plummeting iPad sales. Two parts.
I can't wait for new iPhone you're working on. Call it iPhone N1 or NG1 since it is first entry of next gen iPhone.
we don't want a backdoor. We just want Tim Cook to find a solution so we can read encrypted content.
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When will iPhoto get some love? Needs amazon like family vault sharing.
Another reason to hate Tim Cook. Not only did he degrade apples products compared to Jobs but also disses what helped them
when France Mac journalist announces moving to you know affordable and upgradable…
rent in SD on appletv, fix renting on phone watching on tv. it's really basic stuff nothing complicated. it can't all be $$ only.
maybe spend resources to bring itunes up to date. Overhaul needed to catch up to competition. You're falling behind, unfortunate.
beautiful sunset beach video at Goa,India took from my iPhone 7 😊
Tim Cook plans to move his office into this state-of-the-art building. Check out his new digs here:
Tim Cook had better be very very careful. His love affair with globalism is at odds with Trump's agenda of nationalism.
.2y ago I bought an at . Why an expensive device just has 2y of life expectancy? Not work to the touch
PHOTOS: Check out the first batch of photos from - featuring area throwers. . So much more on the way!. http…
I should be the least of your followers, but I want to tell you that I bought a iPad Pro and I'm excited! He continues to amaze us
I love the apple software and services, are the best in the world.
Wonderful sound and incredible strength these are my new
hey ZD IVE A LIST OF HACKERS WITH SOFTWARES ILLEGAL how about you call them and get to admit wankers
Hey, when will admit to battery problems on platform and do the right thing?
I don't feel as though I've enough responsibilities yet to feel I'm protecting anything
Steve Jobs was on their board cause of that yes. Not sure who is there in his place now. I don't think it's Tim Cook.
But how would you rate Tim Cook's recent years in terms of rolling out new stuff and product compatibility with the 🌍?
Gee whiz.. I bought in to everything I could muster & now Comp-Ins to Buddy's LZ Project are not even in lens even..
Area throwers crushed meet records and PR's at Story by Feat.
stunning success. But it was a victory at a terrible cost, with more than 10,000 killed and wounded." - Historian Tim Cook
police came to mine Friday gave me "card" and it wasn't the joker
Yes you're right. I believe Apple would be even better with Steve Jobs still alive but I think Apple is…
"We Shouldn't Ask Our Customers To Make A Tradeoff Between & . We need to offer them the best of both." Tim Cook
Home Secretary accuses Apple's Tim Cook and WhatsApp of giving terrorists 'a place to hide' .
US investor Tim Draper shifts focus on Indian startups again
Honestly why is it taking a gazillion years to sync a few (25) songs from iPhone to Apple Watch?
I operate my macbook with mouse only, can you add an on screen keyboard for login, so I don't have to ask for help?
Here’s how that call with Tim Cook will go. Rudd: “hi we need you to break mathematics for us”. Cook: “no”. Rudd: “but terro-”. Cook: “no”
Read my story- Please and Thank You: Stories - Tim Cook and the Apple Pitch Meeting (or: Reinventing the Wheel)
Siri license agreement does not cover marriage 😀😀😀
I really hope adds a smart battery case for the 7 plus model!
bought my niece some Kids be jelly cause they are backordered like crazy. Now, she's
.the girlfriend took this portrait shot today! (It’s her birthday, mind giving her a shoutout?)…
Hearing now that my cobalt in my iPhone may come from child labor. Please say it isn't so. We can't have this. Not now.
Apple CEO Tim Cook Declares that Globalization is “Great for the World”
Tell him to open a Apple store in Iran I hear they love globalisation and *** ..
Great. My aging Mac Pro is having memory errors. I make my living with the Mac Pro. Where's the upgrade?! We need it!!
Tim Cook: iTunes remove 'plastic surgery' apps for kids - Sign the Petition! via
So, uh, minor geek-out moment. In Palo Alto for Stanford meeting. Just walked by CEO Tim Cook.
Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook sat down for dinner, and the world wants to know why
No technology has fired Tim Cook up quite like Augmented Reality
Apple CEO Tim Cook defended globalization with an implicit attack on the Trump agenda.
I'm a android user since it's better than iPhones
China's door opens wider. Foreign-funded firms are welcome to list and issue bonds in China:
Ha! No thanks! Timmy! I'm sure you would love to enslave the world!
lmfao, Tim Cook has to use SP4 in China Development Forum 2017.
CEO Tim Cook thing this is Apple's next big thing
Apple CEO defends globalization in rare speech, calls for more US-China trade - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Dude on the bus wearing apple cordless ear buds. It's like Tim Cook is trying to create his own apple branded cybermen.
Eyes on the prize: Tim Cook visits China agai… . It's the second visit the Apple CEO… . http...
A teen programmer met Apple's Tim Cook and Craig Federighi then built an app to improve your commute
Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai familiar phrases, from BW.
Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai really like to use these two phrases. via
Tim Cook vs. Sundar Pichai in a cage match of tech CEO trite phrases.
it's a good restaurant when Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai are in the same place !
Caption contest: What are Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai discussing in this image?
Tim Cook on AR: "I get excited because of the things that could be done that could improve a lot of lives." Agreed!
New Gift Shop- Historian Tim Cook's 2nd volume about Canadians on all fronts in WW2. Order here:…
Steve Jobs’s worst decision was promoting Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook: "It's for everyone. I think AR is that big. It's huge."
Apple CEO Tim Cook shares words of wisdom from Steve Jobs
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Steve Jobs. Remembering Steve Jobs on his birth anniversary.
Thank you Tim and Steve for Being the Game Changers for Technology. For taking us a step towards Infinity.
On Steve Jobs’ 62nd birth anniversary, here's how his comeback reign at Apple stacks up against Tim Cook’s:
Techfail? Touch ID is not recognizing any of my fingerprints. Why? Winter skin on fingers. Result? Useless. Solution ?
I feel like I should have put Jonathan or instead of Tim Cook :/
was expecting some beautiful Birthday wish page for Steve on apple's website.
Tim Cook is moving to Apple's fancy new...…
Tim Cook is moving to Apple's fancy new campus.
Apple isn't his label. It just distributes, markets, and plays his music on the radio out of the goodness of Tim Co…
Does it take so long and is it such a hardship to treat an I-phone overheating problem with respect?
Augmented Reality could be as big as the smartphone: Tim Cook .
Have you ever written a 25-Year Career Plan? WATCH Tim Cook, CEO of Apple as he talks about his.
Lucky *** stole my selfie with tim cook steps on the iphone 6 isnt coming until the 19th
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
This is called development. I am impressed.
Tim Cook says Augmented Reality is ‘a big idea like the smartphone’
There's a growing group of tech community folks doing so at 2k+ volunteers.
p.s it's called the Apple seed b/c it plants itself in your home after purchased
Tim Cook thinks Augmented Reality is a 'big idea like the smartphone' vía
or hey Siri/seed, tell me the recipe for mama June's spaghetti or hey seed tell me about wolf spiders or read me a audio book
think about this the Apple seed ... Hear me out you say hey Siri or seed, order blank online or add apples to my grocery list
Great monument to Steve but ur direction tarnishes the brand.I'll take an extra1/4" thickness to be able to upgrade my MBP myself.
I have a problem with my Apple ID .apple support department couldn't find out the problem.
next up: bothering you about how bad traffic is on mission due to SALESFORCE TOWER!
Thank you for having the courage to stand up for those who cant defend themselves.
.the Pro is NOT a computer. It only runs boutique apps that YOU approve. Xcode? Atom? VSCode? MongoChef? Simply F NO!
Tim Cook believes that Augmented Reality could have as big an audience as the iPhone. via
All off the apple product is like a waste.I were maligned and paid money illegally Apple store in Turkey
No, given up, if you're a life raft of the holiday fire pit with apple ceo tim cook today.
Cook: is much more interested in the Augmented Reality instead of Reality
PRIORETY to get obama hillary and Tim cook BEHIND bars and sease ALL 100 hunderd BIGGEST usa firms that BRIGHT sandy hook
According to is a "core technology" & is proposed to be as revolutionary as the smartphone
yeah. and always forever was an buyer since well befor this Tim Cook fool and was original w/ the real JOBS. no more. Done.
Augmented Reality: get the first confirmation from CEO Cook?
Tim Cook of gets a firsthand customer lesson on iPhone accessibility.
500 bombs an hour from Russia to NorthAmerican
it's a Russian chemical rat of a mouse
'AR is for everyone, like the smartphone’: .
save Michelle wu save Intel flight processor
save my weather computer Michelle wu
Europe save my weather computer Michelle will
it's a chemical war scientist iPhones
the eyes now see colors Europe chemical war
bio chemist on the eye linds sees Disney
sparks are firing in Europe energy belowtheeye
Europe brain stem cell sings to space
Tim Cook favours Augmented Reality over Virtual Reality, addresses fake news issue
was an honorary Doctorate of Science degree by the on Feb 8, 2017. Read:…
Mickey Mouse what do you think a mouse trap
Scrape it out the pot when I cook it
Europe get ready we're here coptic Middle East
North America is on different internet
Egypt world war three coptic allies help
Look for Tim Frazier to get majority of minutes at PG after this trade. NOLA also has interest in DLeaguer Quinn Cook.
world war three Russia family cell brain
Tim Cook: Augmented Reality is as big of a technology as the smartphone - BGR
movie production made red Alice wonderland
its dark my stars light up Europe at night
Europe get ready Air potion the cell sings
Hamilton Collection
Europe electricity is amplifiedthe sounds
Europe get ready for war neva earth
Europe your dead Russia army Ian energy
Europe we are bombing you nowsystem
the Egyptian plane take off in at the air port "air"
Europe I'm in my informant of the navy
Europe I'm in Henery Charles the queen is dead
I'm a monkey that time travels into another
I'm no longer anonymous Europe brain generic
+ WatchOS is lagging behind in terms of performance and flexibility, please consider making it a priority.
What did you say or do to Tim Cook to cause this!?
Tim Cook, Charles Taylor Prize winning author of Shock Troops at IFOA via Dr. Cook will speak at Vimy.
Hard to disagree. AR/VR set to transform many industries...
Apple boss Tim Cook says fake news is 'killing people's minds' .
I wonder if has an Otterbox on his phone too...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Go ahead Move *all of $AAPL* to India or China. I dare you, Frisco quisling. Screw yoursel...
Might have swung me the other way there: how about it fancy a new hire.
other than the iPhone 8. First it was the Apple Watch, what's next?
care to fill the Apple community on what the newest breakthrough revolutionary new product is to appear on the market next?
This explains a lot about Tim Cook. If you're on the fence about paying for your child to attend Duke—DON'T.
well we can balance that out with Melinda Gates, Tim Cook and Adam Silver
458 Aperta out of the failed relationship; more than any of them has ever done for her.…
"cute," huh.?…… It:s the life she chose; although, I'm pretty sure that I tried to warn her. She gets an almost $1M…
"Victimized?!??" What? W/e they forced me to like that photo on not too long ago? What about it? "Everyone" knows…
Tim Cook talks legacy of Steve Jobs, Apple Pencil, and immigration at University of Glasgow [Video]
Dear CEO Tim Cook of Apple Inc, I am a student from Singapore who loves technology a lot. When I'm older I want to work at Apple 🙂
I opened my iPhone 6 box, my dock and wire was broken.
Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote this brilliant message to all his employees regarding the Muslim Ban -and we need many...
Augmented Reality Has the Potential to Become as Big as the Smartphone: Tim Cook -
I want you also to support my aunt's foundation that helps kid's eat & go to school
I adore Apple so much but I got no money to afford the latest models. Cld u just donate 2 me ur extra iPhone…
I am not sure if Tim Cook adheres to the genetic inheritance doctrine of sexual deviance. Probably he does. LGBT cult requires agreement.
Hey - feature request for next watchOS - alarm when you get too far from your phone! I keep forgetting it on my work desk!
Tim Cook sparks predictions of Augmented Reality in Apple’s iPhone 8:
I wish would follow lead supporting encryption by providing an Apple Mail API for to easily…
Tim Cook (Apple CEO) is LGBT cult member. The doctrine of LGBT cult is unacceptable. A very big risk Steve Jobs chose for Apple.
Demonetisation 'great move' for Indian economy in longer term: Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO loves Really cool article, quick read too!
Tim Cook and Apple fruit cakes can go to ***
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'Don’t work for money ... you will never be happy'
I dreamt that I was becoming friends with and loved how his house was decorated. And was there too.
. The movement of the cursor may stop.
. For the confirmation procedure, first enter about 50 blank lines with a text editor.
. I am a Japanese Mac user. There is a problem with the new MacBook Pro. That is a keyboard.
Tim Cook thinks Augmented Reality could be as big as the iPhone
The same intel agencies who failed to stop Tsarnaev brothers are now illegally spying & leaking about Dir. Flynn
The annihilated Piña colada: put 1/3 of Beer. Add 1/4 of lime juice, and 1/3 of egg white. Add ice. . Drink it like . 干杯 !
Apple boss: Fake news 'killing people's minds'
Tim Cook's "Ballmer-ization" of Apple - Apple has transformed into a one-product company intending to maximize ...
It's sad my lovely iPhone7 is going away from its beauty,fading,little scratch& battery backup within 3 mos😥
Any chance Apple plans to fix Safari not supporting 4k Youtube videos? It's the only browser that can't anymore…
. I'm inspiard of mr.tim cook. I'm big fen of apple ceo
Tim Cook: Fake news is 'killing people's minds' -
No thank you. iCloud still doesn't run correctly.
Take off, don't stay put. Concentrate but not on investor activity. Parlay, don't hide. Stamp and approve.
Technology - for better or worse. We are in wakeup mode .
Liken my advice to a Genie coming out of a bottle only to be ruled by a master that doesn't see the value.
Apple boss Tim Cook: Fake news is killing people’s minds
One out of the four of you gets it.
Popular read: Most innovation dies when a visionary CEO is gone. This post explains why:
why do recruiters pass on qualified applicants? Shame lots of management opportunities and you don't hear anything !
But the freak doesn't speak about the billions they are hiding overseas so they don't have to pay taxes.
As point of clarification, REFUSE 2 allow competitor on iPhone. Hypoc…
.this ad linking to your website is also being featured next to comments on Breitbart, f…
Apple CEO Continues to Set the Stage for Rumored AR Play: 'AR is for everyone, like the smartphone' h…
beats X with a W1 chip it's just wow . I really like the fast fuel tech . 5 mins of charge == 2 hours 😎😎…
Apple claims that is the next digital revolution. Tim Cook even... by v…
should do less Leftwing Virtue Signaling and focus on innovation again. Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs.
Tim Cook thinks Fake News Is Killing People's Minds, I think it's the Attack of the doing that job
Timmy Cook, how about less Virtue Signaling and get back to innovation. Or can do that anymore?.
Astoria warrenton because of Apple internet he sold Brain science belonged me
Why sees Augmented Reality as big of a technology as the smartphone:
I'm gonna do this the next time is in Cook.
Apple's Tim Cook says governments and tech firms must act to stop
Apple’s Tim Cook says fake news runs the risk of ‘killing people’s minds’
Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks could have as big an audience as iPhone -
arrest Hammond and alameda st girls and guys aryan brothers
Tim Rogers and Pete Satchell after Dallas Crane's gig at Captain Cook Hotel
he used that in ilwaco to stay outta trouble my internet CIA experiment
please remove Breitbart - and it's insultingly racist content - from iTunes
Apple's Tim Cook joins the fake news war -
"All of us tech companies need to create tools that help diminish the volume of says CEO ht…
Played tower defense in AR. I’m slowly siding with Tim Cook on AR.
Tim Cook believes that can be bigger than What do you think?
Apple CEO Tim Cook: Augmented Reality will be as big as the iPhone via
CEO Tim Cook: is 'killing people's minds'
everyone. Can be released from prison before but now. Nowilwaco
Do you think is going to be as big as smartphones have become? Tim Cook believes so.
"news is 'killing people's minds', says Apple boss Tim Cook"
Tim Cook sparks predictions of in Apple's
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
crabber ilwaco Washington makes meth on the ballad out of the ballad
Tim Cook sparks predictions of Augmented Reality in Apple's iPhone 8 - MarketWatch
this led into Apple dev astoria Hammond narcs hackers
CIA helped a bunch of hackers in ilwaco. Control my life
Doesn't believe in supporting users in
Tim Cook explains how giving away Apple technology for free will help it sell more iPhones
If the recipe *** it doesn't matter how good a cook you are. - Tim Ferris
Apple's Tim Cook: Fake news is 'killing people's minds'
Tim Cook says AR has more potential than virtual reality - The INQUIRER
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'The UK will be just fine' after Brexit
The Augmented Reality would be as revolutionary as the iPhone for Tim Cook. Very humbly
Sources claim Apple AR glasses could launch in 2017, while Tim Cook likens AR to the smartphone
for 1hr they couldn't understand my problem? Improve your
Tim Cook Visits ‘Kitchen Stories’ Developers and Furniture Maker Dula on German Trip by ht…
NSA FBI White House help me don't get mapped by brain science
Your support is 1hr on call then I get told problem is not understood and you rudely hang up
Tim Cook explains why being complacent is so dangerous in today's America.
donald trump please help him come to North Korea cure hunger for the blind
Understand Jobs was clear on two formats only. If Samsung was able to demonstrate another if fine. Rushing it was
Russia choir cell sings to space neva Russia NASA on neva hears
we love had the first Apple IIe at home and first Macintosh and followed in our life time. We are
CIA was allowing them to connect different brain internets on metodoresearch
Dad opened an iPad mini. To our surprise is far away from Apple quality stadards. Bad design, compones glued to the…
Apple's Tim Cook: is 'killing people's minds' (from
Tim Cook thinks Augmented Reality will be as big as smartphones
CEO Tim Cook leaves cryptic clues for move
ilwaco Washington production picks up car sounds around me
Tim Cook calls for 'massive campaign' against fake news.
Apple's worried about fake news.But doesn't seem to worry about terrorism.
Tim Cook&blurry Super Bowl photo stuns world
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Apple's Tim Cook: Classroom tech 'not a substitute' for teaching
Tim Cook: Fake news is 'killing people's minds'
Apple's chief executive says fake news is 'killing people's minds':
Augmented Reality could be as big as smartphone: Apple CEO Tim Cook …
different earths to protect my brain and diease Russia Poland
Apple CEO Tim Cook says, is a big idea like smartphone.
| Apple's Tim Cook: 'Fake news is killing people's minds'
Tim Cook thanks for helping me recover my iTunes account 😀
People are making fun of Tim Cook's blurry Super Bowl photo
1of U needs to DONATE 10 Min of yr ⌚️Pls read👉
I haven cell controls current electricity images life today
Oh, is that right? You arrogant, social engineering leftist piece of trash.
'Fake news' is 'killing people's minds'
I might be a scared monkey future with family death internet
Looks like the boss of Apple has also heard of Lapiji and Sampah Rakyat. -. Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, is...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
you are my hero!! Apple needs to stop this fake news crap before it destroys people's ability to think o…
Just as Tim Cook once said in a commencement address✨✨
realDonaldTrump they tired to make software on where I go dead kill me online
Fake news can be checked and disproved. Slanted, biased, agenda-driven CNN-style news is more insidious and harmful. https:…
Tim Cook says fakenews is killing people's minds so PSA campaign, school education, and new tools
I time travel into another Apple like processor *** scared
Thank you, Now how about removing Breitbart, a bigoted news purveyor, from
Technology firms must up their game in tackling "fake news", Apple chief executive Tim Cook said Saturday, calling f…
I regard Augmented Reality as a big idea like the smartphone
and warren I've looked you are the only investor to assets that has the clout to do it and change this sad planet
Tim Cook my real brainfor processor I'm a monkey with a diease
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