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Tim Cook

Timothy D. “Tim” Cook (born November 1, 1960) is the CEO of Apple. Cook joined Apple in March 1998 as SVP of Worldwide Operations and also served as EVP of Worldwide Sales and Operations and was COO until he was named the CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011, succeeding Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011, from pancreatic cancer. Cook had previously served as acting CEO of Apple after Jobs began a medical leave in January 2011.

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Becoming clear Apple should move on from CEO Tim Cook. From iPhone 8/8+ being identically ugly to the 6 to the iPho…
Kevin D Williamson seems to believe that Tim Cook supports *** rights in order to placate progressives.
this is it^ Tim Cook is a1 with supply chain management
Apple CEO Tim Cook: iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 are sold out in some places
Apple CEO Tim Cook is 'shocked' US won't let 'Dreamers' stay in the country: 'This is unacceptable'
The sketch I shared with Tim Cook and Angela Ahrendts at Apple Williamsburg - a moment I'll never for…
IMO Tim Cook is as bad a CEO for Apple as John Sculley was a couple of decades ago. Apple's CEO should be a visionary not a salesman.
This AI thinks Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have the same speechwriter
Tim Cook is starting to look an awful lot like John Sculley alright. And Face ID is absolute ***
Tim Cook is on stage—up first, will make it easy to donate to storm relief via iTunes/App Store https…
Fortunately, Tim Cook combines the technical vision of John Sculley and Gil Amelio with the social vision of Sally Kohn.
I love being lectured about American values by the CEO of a company that keeps billions of dollars overse…
law abiding Americans. That's really selfish.
I do know that executives who are undocumented or here on visas are paid less then Americans.
Sounds like my next phone will be a Samsung
Go sit on another tech roundtable and give Trump legitimacy so Apple can get a tax holiday &…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Apple CEO says he stands by 250 DACA-status employees
Myaby only odd illegal wave of immigrants are bad for natives 🤨
No! Breaking the law means returning and getting behind a…
Thank you is good old American Proud Apple is deeply rooted in these values.…
2) respecting Am. laws. Sounds like you only care about making money so you could get millions in stock bonus at the expense of
my American children are dreamers, they matter. American children are all that matter.
This kind of thinking would have left no room for freedom of slaves or women voting.
During WWII, Japanese Americans were interred and their land was confiscated. T…
And we can circumvent that incentive by changing the laws. Making it easie…
When there's a path for people to seek legalization. Not just just deporta…
How much free aid is Tennessee, Arkansas, and Georgia sucking up? Majority is non Hispanic. Talk to…
Trump does not respect American values, He violates the Constitution with his foriegn business dealings. Impeach Trump
CEO Tim Cook says he stands by Apple’s 250 DACA-status employees
A few of my students are Dreamers and are contributing members of society.
TIM COOK: "We stand with our dreamers and we will defend them to the best of our ability."
This lack of flexibility purely black & white myopic kind of viewpoint is exact…
They should not! Many so called Dreamers are people that illegally and consciously…
"American values" usually includes following the law.
then that makes Apple a criminal enterprise! should be taking…
Thank you so much for standing up for dreamers
1) You stand with law breakers. Criminals are not equal to lawful people. They deserve less respect. Sol…
Have you considered looking into what it takes and what the requir…
I stand with too. Help me to Protect them LONG TERM.
you would expect this cheater attitude from a company built off stealing Bill Gates ideas
President Trump & his Winning movement will never be stopped! I…
Really disappointed by . Bought phone for ₹ 62k 1.2 years back . Am I a fool to pay again for replacement ? Help
right, and spit in the face of all those who did it legally. Sounds fair.
Wow, so you claim to be for JC, what an amazing hypocrite…
Til then, I will say you don't understand the purpose or need…
ANTIFA the domestic terrorist that the Dems harbor
They have 100k empoyis. 250 it is only 0.25%. Lk at this like at charity and deversification. Or…
No, if that is their native country.
What are you going to do about it Tim? Apple has a lot of money & could use it here.
...except when local governments demand censorship. Then Apple just caves to their demands.…
Fairness didn't come into play when only Europeans were allowed to pour in and…
Please show me a 2 year old that comprehends the US constitution and then I wil…
Tim Cook says he stands behind the 250 Dreamers currently working for Apple
No. It's not about fairness. It's about human rights. The majority of them are…
Yeah, punish the kids who didn't have a choice in coming here. Even Rick Perry knew how idiotic tha…
Americans shouldn't be so lazy. Immigrants have a need to work hard, Americans take for gr…
Tim Cook expresses support for the ‘Dreamers’ at Apple as Trump mulls ending DACA
For some reason I can't get over the detail that the mayor of Cupertino has never met Tim Cook:.
CEO Tim Cook says he stands by Apple's 250 DACA-status employees
God bless the dreamers and you as well. You make me proud to be an a American.
please market the Mac more. It has so so much potential. Make it mainstream, drench it in the media, give it EXPOSURE!
Fairness is not the same thing as equality. Fairness would be to providing *a* path to citizenship…
Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Tim Cook among tech leaders urging him not to end DACA
The following need to be aware of penalty for sedition: George Soros & son, Mark Zucherburg, Howard Schultz,Tim Cook,Eric Schmidt, many more
News! Tim Cook says businesses have moral obligations, not just cater to Wall Street. Golly gee, Timmy boy, that's one heck…
Apple's Tim Cook: Smart on tech talent - and a dinosaur on everything else: Apple Computer CEO Tim Cook has a…
This morning I got to demo to Tim Cook, CEO of He's now a fan! Major thanks to for maki…
Apple has banned it's app as well, likely a move by it's libtard CEO Tim Cook. Someone Please Start a real American Computer…
My thinking is that Tim Cook and Ken Frazier might be at least partial exceptions to that.
so you're going to give money to a violent group that beats up cops and elderly veterans?? You're a POS
"This is not about the left or right, conservative or liberal. It is about human decency and morality.". - Tim Cook, Apple
Following the lead of and donating to and today with generous Apple matching.
All this subscription gequassel could be ended if the would finely allow paid up…
Tim Cook is a 'diversity supremacist' who uses slave labor to build iPhones. The nerve of this guy to blast Trump over Ch…
Apple joins eBay by pouring money into extremist Southern Poverty Law Center.
New item from Daring Fireball: Tim Cook’s Email to Employees About Charlottesville
Thanks for talking the talk, walking the walk,
If ran for president of the USA. I believe he'd even treat Android users with respect.
Well done Mr. Tim Cook, it's great to see CEOs take a stance against Trump's normalizing of racist gr…
In an email to employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook announces that the company is donating $1 million each to the ADL and SPLC. https:…
This is why I have and always will support Thank you for doing the right thing .
American CEOs have more courage than Congress. Tim Cook: Apple will make two $1M donations - one to SPLC and one to Ant…
Tim Cook announces $2 million in donations after Charlottesville
Read Apple CEO's email denouncing white supremacism in Charlottesville - The Verge
Tim Cook:. I treat my factory workers so bad they attempt suicide regularly... . .. but praise me as I bash Trump.
Spotify bans white supremacist bands, as Apple CEO Tim Cook denounces neo-Nazis
Read Apple CEO’s email denouncing white supremacism in Charlottesville - The Verge
Apple CEO Tim Cook has become the latest US executive to criticise Donald Trump
Recode: Tim Cook writes memo to employees condemning racism, pledges to donate $1 million to SPLC and ADL
Tim Cook says Apple to donate $1million to Southern Poverty Law Center/Anti Defamation League. And will match employee don…
Apple CEO Tim Cook's message to his employees after the Charlottesville violence
I mean LF, Corey Grant and either Chris Ivory or Tim Cook
By addressing the needs of others in the marketplace we get our own needs met. No one ever bought an iPhone becaus…
Tim Cook know's all about it, they are closeting Pence, he's a trans man ! SCrewed on forwards and backwards !
President Trump put Tim Cook in an awkward spot on Apple's earnings call
Reg issue, used by so resulting will
Siri seemed a bit salty over my joke,
Tim Cook says this is the real reason Apple products are made in China
Tim Cook hints Apple will have 'Made in America' manufacturing fund news later this year via
Trump says he talked to Tim Cook about building iPhones in the US via
Apple CEO Tim Cook quotes FDR: We are all descended from immigrants
Demi Lovato looks cute in a selfie with Apple's CEO Tim Cook!
, will there be an upgrade program for trading in the current iPhoneSE for the next version (In USA & India) in Future ??? Answer?
2/ out of 2 months. No action being taken.Disappointed with Apple. Harassed. Never buying again. Please help!
The last time I was with Tim Cook and my photographer, wasn't all there.
Is this iPhone 8 copper gold or rose gold ? New pic leaks.
. It comes down to who has the best Mathematician on staff... . BUT U can call a friend... LOL ..PQS
.please make a profile on I will be the first person to follow there! =)
I want to see corps pay their taxes. I say we seize assets .
$ what U get is a SMALL co. 500 yards from GOOGLE called GLOBAL w/3 emp. ADDED VALUE?
Part of the appeal of owning an iPhone, in fact, comes from knowing you, Kim Kardashian, and Tim Cook all carry the…
So, if ya all want in it's $1per yr & 1% on ALL cash moved paid by user. or. Winner take ALL1 . EMALME..
Dear would be good if you supported this Rally by NOW IT’S TIME TO RALLY FOR INDIA'S RIVERS"
when did ur company sell out to Big Applebees explain urself
. All in a little BLACK box. Just like option pricing . U try 2 figure them out.I can't ..
Starting off & as a Caddie @ 12yrs old I learned how 2 HELP people. I just can't STOP. What about YOU?
Can you tell me that what is wrong with iPhone se
U's & Your's . WHO help U?. I just pick the best 2 ask. Practice makes perfect...
Hey please add a payment method by debit cards in india too, do something, would be so helpful..
Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks he's God;re writing rules for his kingdom.But he's not G…
Is your business mulling new uses for augmented reality? Hot topic as Apple focuses on ARKit:
Update your maps at Navteq
Apple AI will apply to more than just cars. . . H…
Peekaboo you and I loves plays peekaboo 🙃aha steve job junior 😂😂 lol 😂 when u have Instagram?
According to "When you work towards something greater than yourself, you find meaning, you find purpose".
Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, and that’s fine
Apple's autonomous has wider applications than the self-driving car, says Tim Cook
Tim Cook has no problem complying with Chinese demands that Apple ban apps that use VPN but wouldn't decrypt San Be…
Communist demands - CEO Tim Cook in compliance with the Chinese Government's demands. Oy vey anti Semitism
Also interesting: Tim Cook emphasizes they double-check other local Android App Stores are also pulling VPN clients before they comply.
Tim Cook defends Apple's decision to comply with Chinese government demands to remove VPNs from App Store.…
expanding channel and go-to-market in India; happy with production of iPhone SE; bringing all our energies there:…
CEO Tim Cook says he is “very, very bullish and very, very optimistic about India” during Q3 earnings call
We're going to 'double down on secrecy on products' - Tim Cook firmware
Here's Tim Cook's explanation on why some VPN apps were pulled in China
Tim Cook owns about 900,000 shares of Apple. Apple opened at 149 and closed at 159 today. Imagine making $9 million in 7.5 hrs
Apple’s Tim Cook sidesteps question about Trump claim of new manufacturing plants $Macro
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tim Cook explains why some VPN apps were pulled in China during earnings call
"I think AR is big and profound and this is one of those huge things that we’ll look back at and marvel on the start of it"…
.says followed Chinese law in removing VPN apps from App Store
Apple’s Tim Cook sidesteps question about building 3 new plants in U.S.
& ps I KNOW that case I caddied 4 Lenny K.. @ MCC who MARRIED into that family & took his caddie all over the USA.
Apple has a 'large project' on autonomous systems, but Tim Cook says it's not necessarily a car
Here's how Tim Cook explained why removing apps in China is not like helping the FBI hack iPhones (AAPL) via Alexe…
In America, corporations own the country. Also, in US, Apple is with 40% sales of mobile phone and in China, A...
The iPhone will become 'even more essential' with augmented reality, says Tim Cook
Apple earnings jump, and CEO Tim Cook talks up augmented reality
Apple has a 'large project' The return of English Manuscripts to all creative kid homes is on its way!
Tim Cook says he's hopeful the China restrictions will loosen, noting "innovation requires freedom to collaborate and comm…
“It’s clear that ARKit has captured the imagination of our developer community." Tim Cook
Tim Cook is probably gonna wake up one day and buy Nvidia
Tim Cook suggests Apple is building autonomous systems for more than cars
Breast Cancer Awareness
Note:. - Law is always on Chinese gov's side. - Tim Cook is confusing VPN client with VPN provider. We only have regulation for…
Apple hints iPhone 8 won't be delayed as company's shares hit record high, Good news for you iphone users!
& ONLY had 1store@ da time worth what? Iask?&w/this U have Economy of Scale& ALL will fall in place so EZ if u get it?
Tim Cook says Apple is working on a ‘large project’ around autonomous systems
Tim Cook to shareholders: given a large enough market, all rights are negotiable.
Tim Cook Says Augmented Reality is Going to Make Smartphones Even More Essential. Bring it on!
Tim Cook justifies removing VPN apps in China, claiming Apple was only following the law https…
Tim Cook worse than John Sculley. Dull. Milking old ingenuity. Helped more by Microsoft screwing PC into cell phone then organically by Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'How can we get more people to do advanced manufacturing in the United States?'…
i am surprised there's not a 6hr long supercut of Tim Cook's opening remarks for a white noise machine
Tim Cook is Silicon Valley's 'most imaginative' CEO, according to an IBM supercomputer
Workshop . Ever been inspired by Indra Nooyi , Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos ? Ever wanted to groom yourself for the...
A teen programmer met Apple’s Tim Cook and Craig Federighi then built an app to improve your commute
It's Ye who has problem with Tim Cook.never Carter
Tim Cook suppresses writing by The Wall Street Journal in anger over unfunny comic strip
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
wait why is this local memorial card company using Tim Cook on their mass cards
if you go apple's ipohne factory in China, its' even worse. So do you blame Tim Cook? Leave the First Family alone
Tim Cook has been rated low as a CEO this year. Real cause he is *** and demanding. unpopular is…
Quotable quote at roundtable from CEO Tim Cook: "Coding should b a rqrmt in every public school."…
You can actually hear Tim Cook singing the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song in his head.
See the look on Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos’ faces when they met with President Trump
Tim Cook says Apple is focusing on an autonomous car system via
Apple's driverless cars disengaged: Tim Cook says to focus on developing technology
Apple is working on self-driving car technology, Tim Cook confirms
Apple confirms it is working on cars
Tim Cook confirms Apple is working on driverless cars - The Telegraph
Apple's next big product has been revealed
Apple finally confirms it is working on car 🚙 ➡
Apple bets big on green projects after Trump’s Paris decision
Apple CEO says tech is most tricky but most important market.
Order Miche Bag Online!
.has finally confirmed Apple's self-driving technology.
Tim Cook finally confirmed that is working on self-driving car technology.
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has confirmed the company is working on driverless-car technology…
The auto sector, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, is being transformed by artificial intelligence and autonomous…
Tim Cook opens up to me about Apple's car ambitions for the first time...
👍 Apple is working on self-driving cars, confirms CEO Tim Cook...
CEO Tim Cook to graduates: Technology without values is worthless
As you can see, SIRI captures most stuff but gaps still exist
Tim Cook finally confirms Apple is working on self-driving cars
Apple Inc. had been secretly working on Autonomous technology since long.
I am journo trying to reach you for a short interview regarding Tim Cook. Please write me at jmfbest /johan
.CEO has finally broken his vow of silence on the topic of self-driving cars.
Tim Cook confirmed that Apple is working on software for self-driving cars
Apple chief: driverless car venture is ‘the mother of all AI projects’
Surprising no one, Tim Cook says Apple is “focusing” on auto autonomy
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Apple is focusing on making an autonomous car system, Tim Cook reveals
CEO Tim Cook admits Apple is focussing on autonomous driving system
Apple CEO Tim Cook now says autonomous driving is a ‘core technology’ for the iPhone maker
Great job for getting to talk about automotive ambitions on camera - business model??
Tim Cook admitted Apple is working on building the brains for autonomous cars
Apples strength is integration – a seamless experience, at home, desktop, smartphone or now in your car.”
Apple focusing on autonomous car system: Tim Cook
To some degree, I agree...but nobody forced Tim Cook to say that Apple would double down on secrecy.
How to reconcile Tim Cook's Bloomberg interview with this?
Having to file for a permit doesn't mean Tim Cook has to do interviews with Bloomberg Technology and talk about it.
It's strange to me that no one seems to care that Tim Cook is undermining what has historically been a core princip…
I'm not suggesting that Tim Cook or Bob Iger run errands.
SATURDAY READ Tim Cook doesn't want Apple to break its neck to be first to market. Where innovation is after ht…
Guess this is why I saw in the crowd at the game tonight. He had pretty good seats too.
Man. Got to be. Tim Cook out here stunting
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Change the world, dream big. Today is one of the most inspiring days in my life. 🙏🏼
Thanks, for visiting our lab and engaging with our research. As an Apple fan, I couldn't wish for a better com…
.is a real sports fan. Cool to see him stay to the end of the game!
LIVE: Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers the commencement speech at MIT
I swear I just saw 's Tim Cook in the crowd at the vs game.
I hope you've checked out around the corner. The entrance is flanked by bronzes representing A…
In speech, says offered him a 'higher purpose'
Me and my buddy thank for making my day so AMAZING htt…
Now is just June, next year is yet to come!
Apple indeed has a big family. Expecting your new products!
Apple’s Tim Cook urged MIT graduates to infuse their work with human values.
"I am not concerned about AI... I am concerned about humans thinking like computers, without values." Tim Cook at
This is really something to think about! The struggle over and the push by an…
Thanks for the wonderful speech: engineering in service to humanity!
The new Arabic font in iOS 11 is very bad change it to the old one please . . .
Tim Cook says ‘tech should serve humanity, not the other way around’ as machine learning advances
Apple CEO Tim Cook to MIT grads: Don't measure you life in Likes via
Trump's June 22 meeting with emerging tech CEOs and VCs is separate from his June 19 meeting with Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos and othe…
Tim Cook says any new repatriation tax should be mandatory for all companies, should be spent on infrastructure
Apple CEO Tim Cook, left, meets Boston manager John Farrell at Fenway Park. The Tigers lead the Red Sox 3-2 in the sixth i…
Apple CEO Tim Cook warned grads at MIT that “technology alone isn’t the solution.”.
“Technology is capable of doing great things, but it doesn’t want to do great things” — Tim Cook
Remember Tim Cook said "Sometimes the very technology that is meant to connect us divides us"
Fascinating interview with Tim Cook. Says Apple uses AI in its products, we just don't know it.
Commencement at MIT! Tim Cook delivering his speech to the class of 2017.
pleasure to have heard the inspirational speech from Apple CEO at putting serving humanity first befo…
Apple CEO warns of social media perils in university speech.
Congrats grads! Really liked commencement quotes from How to best serve humanity? Important question inde…
Tim Cook warns MIT grads: Threats from technology are 'cutting deeper than ever before'- via
Apple CEO Tim Cook to graduates: "Don't listen to trolls, and for God's sake, don't become one."
""Measure your impact on humanity not in likes but in the lives you touch, not in popularity but the people you...
"What to Cook, Watch, Listen To and More This Weekend" by TIM HERRERA and MICHELLE L. DOZOIS via NYT
"and share so much. We both love hard problems." –Apple CEO begins his MIT commencement speech
'Don't become a troll' and other lessons from Apple CEO Tim Cook's MIT speech
Tim Cook challenges MIT grads: 'How will you serve humanity?'
Wish life had a disdain for Apple's overpriced hardware, Tim Cook's philosophy on security and privacy has made me feel even more lonely.
Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos said to attend WH tech summit, but key players missing
From Tesla's Elon Musk to Apple's Tim Cook, these people exemplify some of the key aspects of what it takes to be...
What about it is weak? Steve Jobs was a persuasion expert. Tim Cook is not. Hence the unnecessary Apple…
Well done Brian, Up there with Michael O'Leary, Michael Noonan and Tim Cook!!
Apple CEO Tim Cook: Trump 'decided wrong' on the Paris accord go to
Why does Tim Cook seem like Tim Gunn "take advantage of the time available"?
My daughter says Tim Cook looks like Jacqueline Wilson
wait so Tim Cook is Ripley and Bezos is Carter Burke? I think that's backwards.
Yeah like Tim Cook who makes sure China will pollute more than ever by sending them 95% of Apple's m…
Thank you for giving me a Follower Our game genres are ArRpg
i'm Bae min chan Thank you for giving me a follower. Our game genres are ArRpg
Drove hundreds of miles today trying to fix the iPhone why do people like iPhone so much? What a pain.
Autocorrect this stuff. Sneaky teen texting codes: what they mean
Your hate for is hurting your listeners as you mock the good it does as if they stumbled upon it by chance! Sad
A fruit I know well has too much cash? 🍎
Hope he respects the collective representation, Marc!
sanctuary cities and transgender bathrooms have no place in TX
Tim Cook financially ruins Playboy as revenge for leaked rare insect sex tape
Great news!. Related- this may or may not be a thing, but if true could be a game changer for a member…
Apple CEO Urges President to Stay in Pact . Buying is voting. isn't perfect, but they're awesome.
Apple CEO Tim Cook called the White House on Tuesday to urge Trump not to abandon Paris climate accord - Bloomberg https…
Tim Cook among CEOs urging President Trump to keep US in Paris climate pact
Apple CEO Tim Cook called the White House yesterday to urge Trump to stay in the Paris deal, source says
Tim Cook urges Trump not to back out of Paris agreement -
He is not going to win. Apple CEO, Tim Cook and Tesla's Elon Musk and others are not on board with HIM either.
Tim Cook of Apple told Trump pulling out of accord was wrong for business, economy and environment.
When you lose Elon Musk and Tim Cook, you've clearly lost the future.
Tim Cook, Elon Musk among the CEOs calling WH today, trying to talk Trump off the Paris ledge:
Apple's Tim Cook asks President Trump to keep US in Paris climate accord -
☺News Sponsored by Apple working on new glucose tracker, CEO Tim Cook spotted wearing prototype...
asks to keep US in Paris climate accord
Tim Cook reportedly urged Trump not to withdraw US from Paris climate deal
Apple CEO Tim "Cook placed a call to the White House to urge the president to keep the U.S. in the agreement."
So when are you guys going to get serious and hire Federico?
Dear Why can’t Apple News on my iPad and Apple News on my iPhone share preferences and history? Seems obvious.
if the Apple Watch with glucose monitor is true, should check out
Thanks, I'm using a live captioner who types what his words into her PC & it goes to the iPad. https…
TIM COOK IS TESTING a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch $AAPL - THE VERGE
iPad news: Stevie Wonder performs at Apple for Accessibility Awareness Day - CNET
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Blood sugar monitoring for the worried well? Didn’t know this was a thing. Glad I’m an EP doc.
The Watch, Cook is apparently trying on a prototype tracker for the glucose
Apple CEO Tim Cook on gender US leadership in tech at risk
Can't believe I was there to witness this amazing day. His thanks to Apple for accessibility work was golden and so inspiring!
Tim Cook is testing a glucose tracker for the Apple Watch - The Verge
being young, active, and incredibly vain - CGM's that break the skin & clunky insulin pumps are just the worst. Thank you !
Great thinking and action can lead to great success
Tim Cook has started testing a new Apple Watch
i send some massage privet for Tim COOK CEO of Apple. BUT now 4 day But until now, four days have not returned to me
In 2012 I wished for Apple to design an insulin pump, but has done me one better and is working on a CGM.
Apple Maps should be able to sync between ios and mac data. Favorite places a must
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