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Tim Burton

Timothy William Tim Burton (born August 25, 1958) is an American film director, film producer, writer and artist.

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I guess it's gothic musical night in Chez Jo. Watching the 1988 Sweeney Tood & it gives me a special rage over the Tim Burton one.
I might be the only one, but I absolutely love Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd.
I feel like watching Sweeney Todd again, I never get tired of it 😂 I've only seen Tim Burton's version though, I wish I could see it live
3. I am losing hope that Tim Burton will ever make another good film after Sweeney Todd
All Tim Burton really says is that it was done with an eye on a sequel (surprise!). No mention of what's actually going on!
Tim Burton's enjoyable but muddled remake of Planet of the Apes.
In preparation for WAR, the PLANET OF THE APES marathon starts... now. Minus the lousy Tim Burton's version, of cou…
I hate Tim Burton so I disagree on Nightmare, but I'll 100% back you up on Hunchback. Vastly underrated 90s Disney movie.
Art of Coloring: Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas: 100 Images to... via
Tim Burton/Jefferey Jones and Catherine OHara on the set of Beetlejuice
Tonight's drink & draw theme: Tim Burton's Back to the Future
Sleepy Hollow / Tim Burton (1999). "Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.". Su consiglio d…
Ugh, I did watch the Tim Burton one. But thankfully, it was so boring I don't really remember it!
Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan made great Batman films. Michael Keaton and Christian Bale are great Batmans. Especially Bale!
My bad, I started with the 2001 Tim Burton one and let's just say pretend that one never happened. :P . This trilogy though. A+
I got bored. Then I decided I liked her. I usually never draw things like this. I think it looks like me if I was a…
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Id do anything to be in a Tim burton movie
imagine getting blocked out of a groupchat bc you said you like Tim Burton films lol
Tim burton is probably my spirit animal lol
I wanted to go to the Tim Burton style bar but it's all booked up 😭💔
Did you see how in the update, Tim Burton had Charlie's dad working at a Smilex factory?
Beetlejuice (1988) by Tim Burton // Handbook for the Recently Deceased (a prop)
Any Tim Burton movie that's Halloween themed is great
It was very Batman & Catwoman, wasn't it? Especially in Tim Burton's initial stab.
I really love Studio Ghibli movies and Tim Burton movies
Passage from development *** section of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes
I remember people makin a fuss over Tim Burton not working with African American actors WELL I BET THEY FEEL STUPID NOW h…
Packing and watching Tim burton films 😌
Me at 14: Tim Burton movies are so spooky 👻🎃. Me now: Tim Burton doesn't like black people
Re-watching Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!. It's more scathing and relevant than ever
If my hair took direction from anyone, it would be Tim Burton. The results are as one would expect.
Your hair is directed by Tim Burton?
"Its Todd now. Sweeney Todd. And he will have his revenge.". > 2007 Tim Burton adaptation. > Seeking SLs/banter. >…
person: "hey are you alright?". me: "it all started the day Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton divorced..."
Aww thank you love x we'll all be Tim Burton's Helena Bonham Carter
1923 Charlton Heston as Zaius with director Tim Burton on the set of Planet of the Apes, 2001. https…
Never noticed the similarities between the Batman Returns and Sweeney Todd opening credits. Tim Burton is copying his *** self.
I know right after this and Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter it's all ruined
Dave, starring Spencer Tracy and Kevin Costner. Directed by Tim Burton, music by Girls Aloud. Budget: $1m
I feel like I need to be in a Tim Burton movie. He's my favorite director and I'm sure he would love my eyes. A girl can dream.
or movie director we can be couple like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp 😂 but I'm not sure about it. He won't let me be bossy to him 😂
Happy birthday, WILLIAM HOOTKINS! . Alias Porkins in STAR WARS, Eckhardt in Tim Burton's BATMAN, the government...
Big Fish directed by Tim Burton, For the Boys directed by Mark Rydell. Enjoy the movies Tommy :)
Tim Burton shall be the director of this
Tim Burton was the director so yeah, that's why
know only movie people, the only that have: Tim Burton kissed me on my neck, Luke Perry on the lips, Robert Carlisle on the side of my face.
feel like Tim Burton thought he solved racism when he cast Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent
I didn't mean it like that, those names just go well together, like something by Tim Burton, executive producers maybe ...
Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton and starring Albert Finney, Jessica Lange, Ewan McGregor, and Billy Crudup.
Yep, Tim Burton actually talked about it a bit in The Death Of Superman Lives documentary
Fun fact Nicolas Cage almost played superman in a movie called superman lives by Tim Burton and Kevin Smith…
Nicholas Cage as Superman for a nearly made Tim Burton movie called Superman Lives
It's like Tim Burton made a rogue-like that you can play with your friends .
Our director brought in original Tim Burton concept art from The Black Cauldron this week. Had a nerdgasm @ my desk. https:/…
Tim Burton refuses to hire black people for his movies
Mr James in Tim Burton's movie. He hunts his meals with sharp pincers and sometimes his loyal guardian Shellder giv…
Tim Burton on the set of 'Mars Attacks!' (1996) rt
Yeah but's pretty rare indeed. He thinks a lot like an animator, much like Tim Burton.
True Fact: Ed Wood was the film that Tim Burton did not use composer Danny Elfman.
You know that had to be some failed Peewee idea... Look a bit more Jon Waters than Tim Burton.
What if David Lynch and Tim Burton did a project together? What would that be like? Awesomeness, or do they hate each other?
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I blame my mum for letting me watch vampire movies as a kid n sheer tim burton
What was the shark's favorite Tim Burton film?. Edward Scissorfins!.
Tim Burton makes some of the best movies
People told me I couldn't kill Nicholson, so I cast him in two roles and killed him off twice. ~ Tim Burton
"You look like a Tim Burton character" . - Daniela
Lock in at the Tim Burton bar & free drinks all night. NYC is just wow. I'm hanging out my *** 😷
That is awesome. I am in awe of this for 2 reasons Johnny Depp. And Tim Burton. rocks
I love making the kids at my daycare watch Tim Burton movies. Lol
Check out this budgeting workshop from the UPM of Tim Burton's Big Eyes on
I’m gonna redecorate my room and repaint it myself.. Tim Burton style 🖤 dark and twisted 👄
That awkward moment when bad health conditions make you start to resemble Helena Bonham Carter in a Tim Burton film.
Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me. ~ Tim Burton
Hey Donald nice to know that your family will starring a Tim Burton's movie!!
Trump's mother looks like a Tim Burton character
Got lucky enough to snag the last reservation to the pop up Tim Burton themed bar/restaurant while it's here
in the last picture your eyes look so big and pretty like a Tim Burton character * O *
Reservations booked up before the doors even opened, but you can still enjoy the Tim Burton themed bar!…
also, if you didn't know Twin Peaks, you could easily glibly assume it's a Tim Burton pic
Today's featured item is a rare example of a vintage Wonka bar used in the production of Tim Burton's Charlie and...
Someone else said Tim Burton. Also, I like to think of 90's Madonna in terms of 'Ray of Light'.
I feel like Tim Burton made all of these movies connected... in his own little way
Rather than use CGI, Tim Burton had 40 squirrels trained to crack nuts for Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
I got bored and doodles you Tim burton style !!
Tim burton would use clay. Bendy is paper. How about get the creator of the game
"She was beauty amongst ugliness, like a flower growing in a graveyard, or Tim Roth's acting in Burton's Planet of The Ape…
Do you see Bendy getting a Netflix Series? If so would you like Tim Burton to direct it or yourself 😆
Notice self-styled `Independent` `newspaper` doesn't allow any comments on British man jailed for criticising Islam.
Paul Walker was a VIRGO. P!nk is a VIRGO. Tom Hardy is a VIRGO. Tim Burton is a VIRGO. Cameron Diaz is a VIRGO. Keanu…
Making guest appearances as aliens: Justin Bieber, Tim Burton and Lady Gaga.
I've nearly met everyone on my list thanks to you guys. Any chance you can get Tim Burton for me??
The Wests history with Islamist rebels/fighters/terrorists is best parodied by Tim Burton's 1996 masterpiece, Mars Attacks.
Tim burton was filming in Blackpool in may so may have been asked then to turn on the lights.
. on Tim Burton's heartfelt, funny, sad, and strangely inspiring Ed Wood.:
I will draw you in tim burton style for $5 on
Anglo-Saxonists think of Bede in the same way Tim Burton thinks of Johnny Depp.
Peter Jackson's KING KONG could be seen as a big-budget, three-hour remake of Tim Burton's Ed Wood.
Tim Burton, Vincent Price e edgar alan poe - all in one.
⚡️ “The Crooked Bush looks like it's straight out of a Tim Burton film”.
“You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” . ― Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland
British man jailed for criticising Islam. . Violent racist gang not jailed `because they'reMuslims`. h…
Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Tim Burton behind the scenes no 'Batman' in 1989.
I loved a man who could never love me back. I was living in a fairytale. 🎞 Big Fish, 2003, Tim Burton
Colin Farrell in talks to join Eva Green in Tim Burton's Dumbo.
I'm trying to figure out what the new Dumbo movie will be w/Tim Burton & starring Eva Green, Collin Farrell, Micheal Keaton.
day 11: favourite movies from my childhood . Corpse Bride (2005) dir. Tim Burton & Mike Johnson
Also, the mimic-based approach is probably why he's tight with visual-oriented directors like Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam.
So I think my favorite directors have to be Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Alfonso Cuarón, and J. Lee Thompson.
team with max burton, Caleb Barnes, James Harden, chris paul, and Tim duncan
English radio host jailed for vile Islamophobic trolling of anti-racism campaigner. Send him to Brixton Prison.
Feel like a Tim Burton character but more miserable 😂😂
Maybe could sound like this: A we composed inspired i…
Loving Little Nightmares so far! It is like Tim Burton meets Spirited Away and I love it!
Don't get how girls can wear dark eyeshadow and look super hot but when I try it out I look like something from a Tim Burt…
I'm still not and will NEVER be over the Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter breakup 💔😭
My mom just asked: "Do you know that Tim Burton movie? The one with Johnny Depp?" which didn't really narrow the possibilities down for me
Also prerequisite for being in a Tim Burton Film? GIANT EYES.
: Right-wing radio host jailed for trolling of campaigner Fiyaz Mughal
I love Tim Burton and his movies they make me so happy and sad
I was going to say real life tim burton.
What a horrible man. Justice has been done.
Keep fergettin its a Tim Burton Film! That's why its so freakin awesome the way scenes R filmed!
Liberty GB's Tim Burton was today sentenced to 6-12 weeks' imprisonment for criticising and ridiculing the...
Jailed for telling the truth about moslems
Tim Burton movies are a blessing to your eyes and soul , idc
This is the photo that's gonna accompany the article, so make sure I look as much like a hung-over Tim Burton as possible
Tim Burton 😍 I'd rather have a mural instead but I'm sure Jazmin will call dibs first 😂
Or you could say Tim Burton started it.
Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes is the only version I acknowledge. Do NOT @ me about the ending.
Little Nightmares is like if Tim Burton directed Inside — and it's hitting next week. Our review: htt…
I always thought coraline was Tim Burton and it's not
I also just like anything Tim Burton.
Edward Scissorhands // he's so different and such a unique character made by Tim Burton. I love his style, & his person…
Dont get me wrong the sun and colors are cool but if the world looked like a tim burton film id feel a little more at pl…
I'm doing a Tim Burton based project and I need help coming up with things from his movies that kind of symbolise (I'm sorry if -
The jury should hang their heads in shame.
It's kinda like if Tim Burton made Inside. The look of the game is amazing.
My children (if I ever have any) will definitely have Tim Burton's wonderful creations on their walls 🖤
Right-wing radio host jailed for 'vile Islamophobic' trolling of anti-racism campaigner
Winona Ryder and Tim Burton on the set of Edward Scissorhands (1990).
Chicken Run, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and William Hurt. Directed by Tim Burton, music by Jessica Simpson. Budget: $150m
Tim Burton & Geena Davis on the set of Beetlejuice, 1988
Illustrated by Tim Burton. Also available audiobook by Vincent Price. !Order Now! Our operators are standing by. 💸
'Vincent' made by Tim Burton when he was a young animator at Disney, narrated by Vincent Price
Since I'm still awake day 18: top 4 fave directors. Tim Burton, George Lucas, Christopher Nolan, and that's all I know
Tim Burton, Albert Finney and Jessica Lange on the set of Big Fish (2003).
I've been watching The Great British Baking Show and drew as a Tim Burton character
If that's a bee tattoo then Tim Burton drew it
Tim Burton on the set of 'Vincent' (1982).
Vincent (1982) . Short film about a boy who dreams of being Vincent Price. directed and written by Tim Burton. narrated by V…
That's actually because he was one of my biggest influences!! Along with Bill Watterson, Tim Burton, and Mato
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Animator Trey Thomas at work behind the scenes on Tim Burton's Corpse Bride.
This is The Ballad of Ricky Bobby brought to you by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher
Uhhh. Wu is sure going for that Tim Burton fanboy vote
Someone please show this to Stephen King & Tim Burton 😂😂
Today/tmos: Catch the clown that Tim Burton (yes, THE Tim Burton) said "fills us & our children’s hearts with delig…
next Tim Burton and Kate Murdoch talking about Taunton's Town plans. Sent from my iPhone
DYK? Tim Burton is the only lake other than Shaquille O'Neal.
Today was the first day of Tim Burton's trial at Southwark Crown Court in London. The trial continues tomorrow,...
, Coen Brothers, Nancy Myers, Woody Allen, Tim Burton,Richard Linklater, the late Norah Efron all in the non diversity bubble.
Alice Through the Looking Glass is basically Tim Burton trying to do Micheal Bay
Sofia Coppola. Dan Gilroy. Yorgos (again x2). And now Tim Burton. Hard to argue...
It's that time of night where I'm looking a wedding bouquets and wondering if dried flowers are really cool or a bit Tim Burton movie.
Tim Burton of and at Boston City Hall Plaza on June 21, 2014. ©…
Theresa May looks like the result of asking Tim Burton to draw an accountant.
Wondering how worried I should be that the circles under my eyes are so dark I look like Orin from Parks & Rec /a Tim Burton character...?
Little Giant Ladders
He looks like Gary Oldman playing Jeremy Beadle in a Tim Burton film.
RIP George the Animal Steele, awesome person and great in my favorite Tim Burton movie Ed Wood.…
Fair enough. I can understand concerns based off his recent movies. This isn't Tim Burton tho, so he may be a good fit.
I knew Vincent D'Onofrio was a chameleon but I didn't know he BECAME Orson Welles in Tim Burton's Ed Wood.
Tim Burton was my inspiration with beetlejuice, batman, Edward Scissorhands, nightmare, Ed Wood
One more film left in the Tim Burton all nighter. I can do it!!! 💪😴 I was starting to fall asleep during Ed Wood but only Mars Attacks left!
Movie 48: Ed Wood. One of Tim Burton's best and one of Depp's few good performances.
Ed Wood: It's insane that Bill Murray only made film with Tim Burton, but it's one of his very best performances. Steals.
REVIEW: “Ed Wood” (1994) de Tim Burton, visions are worth fighting for
regram glazyuk. Ed Wood (1994) Directed by Tim Burton. Johnny Depp as Ed Wood and Martin Landau…
Tim Burton and on the set of 'Ed Wood' (1994)
Matty Healy looks like a BTEC Tim Burton character, Edward Scissorhands on a budget
My favorite book is Lewis Carroll's "Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland."
Billy Dee Williams is finally getting to play Two Face after being Harvey Dent in 2 Tim Burton films 25 years ago!!!
Imagine if Tim Burton made a movie based on Bob Dylan's 'House Carpenter' That would be excellent
oh pls. Movie was famous cuz of Tim Burton's & Jack Nicholson's brilliance. Keaton was ok. But he doesn't have Bale's swagger
I wouldn't even subject those apes from Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes reboot to a Hudson Mohawk show.
Can we have a new Mary Poppins directed by Tim Burton?
Picked up Tim Burton's new movie on Blu ray while out
I drew and in Tim Burton style, sorry Dan i couldn't tag you
Summary of my art style:If Monster High was an anime but Tim Burton drew it instead of a middle aged Japanese man
Embrace what makes you peculiar. Hand drawn sketches by Tim Burton.
Mars Attacks! is Tim Burton's most underrated movie.
Will Smith may be gearing up for Tim Burton's upcoming live-action remake of
Calling all Tim Burton fans! Complete your collection w. Home for Peculiar Children. ht…
yes he was. As was Tim Burton and Chris Nolan in the same pic.
Jack White is what happens when a Tim Burton movie becomes sentient
nothing is as productive as spending all afternoon watching Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow
Amy Adams plays Margaret Keane, directed by Tim Burton & soundtrack done by Lana Del Rey. Big Eyes (2014) easily became one of my favorites.
Andy Dalton looks like a Tim Burton movie villain.
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We're watching Alice Through the Looking Glass and...I just don't think Tim Burton films are for me. Am I supposed to be high for this?
I never saw Batman Returns bc it came out when my parents were getting into their uberconservative phase & thought Tim Burton was "dark."
Batman Returns for me. Ppl say DC movies are dark but not as dark as Tim Burton's Batman Returns was
Dumbo remake: Will Smith and Tom Hanks wanted for Tim Burton's live-action film if all the old films this is my fav.
Will Smith and Tom Hanks are circling roles Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo:
Tim Burton producing Live Dumbo is like Martin Scorsese making a RomCom
here’s my aesthetic in the other day so tim burton. ppl looking at fantasy costco is a better movie posters aaaA
"Digital Circlism" (Mad Hatter as seen in Tim Burton's movie)
Pls go to IGG to support my project w/ Tim Burton, Joss Whedon, Gary Oldman, Willem Dafoe, Anne Rice:
I wanna watch that movie now lmao and any/all Tim Burton movies
are you a long lost relative of Tim Burton or something
definitely too much creative control Tim Burton but it's not a batman movie it's a Tim Burton movie which has batman in it xD
It's hard to find logic in things sometimes. That's why I can't analy...
Saw this, loved it! Super book, and Tim Burton did a great job with You can win Digital/BluRay
Nicolas Cage testing Superman costumes for Tim Burton’s canceled movie Superman Lives.
I would like to remind you that Tim Burton, Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder all WANT to do another Beetlejuice movie. So…
Someone have a Tim Burton movie day with me
"Before he came down here it never snowed." Edward Scissorhands (1990) dir. Tim Burton
Needs More Johnny Depp, or Thoughts on Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes .
Nope. Just into the queen from Tim burton's Alice in wonderland
I don't want to say the hem was "shredded" but it was asymmetrical and had like, wisps hanging off and looked like a Tim Burton sketch
Monday we look at The Death of Superman Lives abt the Nick Cage, Tim Burton, Kevin Smith movie that was never made. http…
she's also a big fan of the Tim Burton Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Also Coraline
Tim burton usually doesn't disappoint me when it comes to movies so I hope this movie won't either
Pretty Much Tim Burton’s X-Men, or Thoughts on Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. htt…
She was amazing! I didn't realize until after that she was in the Tim Burton Sweeney Todd.
The Legend of The Headless Tipping Point, or Thoughts on Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.
I'm sorta just waiting until Tim Burton comes out with a makeup line.
girl yesss, just need me a sweet cute guy who appreciates Tim Burton movies as much as I do 😭
the only thing I know about 1989 is the release date of Tim Burton's Batman :3   10% Off
my sister Faith is a huge Tim Burton fan. Coraline was always on if she got to choose what movie to watch
Casey Affleck looks like if Tim Burton was to draw Ben Affleck.
lowkey Tim Burton is one of the coldest producers out here...
i look like THE saddest tim burton character
One can never go wrong with Wes Anderson or Tim Burton films
Perfect weather to have sex and watch Tim Burton films till we KO
Netflix's trailer for the Lemony Snicke's Series of Unfortunate Events series has my Tim-Burton sense tingling and hop…
isn't that the sequel to Tim burton's Alice in wonderland movie?
Looking for a good snow day read? Discover how Danny Elfman composed the score to Tim Burton's Batman!
Name a role that Bill Hader could have done better than the original actor. Example: Tim Burton's Willy Wonka.
Bride Of The Monster. The trials and tribulations of making this are chronicled in Tim Burton's Ed Wood.fantasti…
Honestly the only good movie about "old Hollywood" I ever saw was Tim Burton's Ed Wood.
Also me when someone says Coraline is a Tim Burton film: HENRY SELICK, HENRY SELICK!
Ridley Scott, Alfonso Cuaron, and David Fincher all know how to use special effects, IMO ... Michael Bay, Zack Snyder, and Tim Burton don't
I love the Mummers Parade because it's thousands of drunk *** dressed like if David Bowie and Tim Burton had a f…
Not a big fan of the Flec! But! Tim Burton wanted to cast Bill Murray 1st, instead of Keaton!! Love Bill, but imagine that!
Costume designer Colleen Atwood and her work for Tim Burton's 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'
I liked a video David Bowie as The Joker in Tim Burton's "Batman"
Do I scrap my original essay idea and just do a rambling comparison of Tim Burton to Horace Walpole
in my interview on i mentioned ,Reneè Zellwegger, and Tim Burton :)
I🎄 Under the mistletoe by David N Busan. Have you ever watch Tim Burton's Batman Returns?
An inventive remake of "The Killers", starring Marion Cotillard, Tim Burton, and David Schwimmer
Can't believe Tim Burton invented Christmas and Halloween with his masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas
Henry Selick directed James and the Giant Peach, not Tim Burton. Same with a Nightmare before Christmas.
*** yes! Him and James Wan are like the new Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.
James Rolfe is twice the passionate filmmaker Tim Burton wishes he was
has visto la peli de Tim Burton Big Fish !!?? 🙈
Aaannd He goes from Calvin & Hobbes to Tim Burton's Big Fish just like that. Mr James, you are wonderful, sir.
the last lady replicant malfunctioned and stalked Tim Burton and James Woods so they definitely need kept in check
wow can't believe Tim Burton invented Superhero movie sequels with Batman Returns @ me Richard Donner fan boys!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Liberty GB's Tim Burton, indicted by the Crown Prosecution Service for 'Religiously Aggravated Harassment',...
Tim Burton's Big Fish is my favorite movie. Joanna Newsom's Cosmia is my favorite song.
Hmm. Ready for a new Tim Burton movie I can cherish again...still looking. Perhaps Beetle Juice 2 or Live Action...
Guys I drew you sth! Supposed to be Tim Burton style. Hope you like it! X
Watching the Corpse Bride. I haven't seen it in so long. Truly amazing movie. Wonderful work by Tim Burton. Wish people saw how great it is
Johnny Depp will star in a Tim Burton movie. Characters will brood.
Mars Attacks directed by Tim Burton was released in 1996. The film was based on the 1962 trading cards.
Apparently Bill Murray was the original choice to play Batman in the 1989 movie. Tim Burton switched to Michael Keaton af…
thanks!!! I mean it's Tim Burton... so much talent there.
...or someone like Martin Scorsese directing. Tim Burton was probably passionate, but I just makes a person like me wonder.
I think nightmare before Christmas is one of Tim Burton's weakest movies. *** even Abe Lincoln vampire hunter was better.
4) My favorite film when I was 8 was Tim Burton's *Batman*. Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale was my fave, and I named one of my Barbie's after her.
Tim Burton produced Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer. I knew there had to be a reason why I was so fixed whilst watching it
Been thinking about this & how it relates to what Tim Burton took away from that episode of Brady Bunch that had ki…
I'm so into Wes Anderson and Tim Burton's movies right now
I love Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas DVD because it's a dark love story for...
My introduction to you was Tim Burton's Ed Wood along with your father, Martin. And I was hooked when I was a kid.
REVIEW: Sleepy Hollow, Ed Wood, Big Fish, Miss Peregrine. I guess I loved the idea of Tim Burton more than his actu…
When you're talking about Tim Burton, you're talking about a guy t...
I'm just confused and angry @ the fact Tim Burton hasn't animated an Edgar Allen Poe story ?
This depiction of Tim Burton is spot on. Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhand, Pee Wee's Big Adventure.
"V for Vendetta" if you haven't seen it. Tim Burton's "9". "Children of men" "ex machina"
decided to watch Tim Burton's Batman (1989) & I had forgotten Billy D. Williams played Harvey Dent (in a cameo role) 1/2
Tim Burton wanted to do a Batman musical at one point. Scored by Jim Steinman, iirc.
My boyfriend drew me a Tim Burton themed photo of him and I, with a quote from one of his movies. One of my favorite things…
Just letting yall know that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was really good & Tim Burton is high when writing scripts http…
I attribute the black tones in my films to Stephen King, Tim Burton, Joe ...
This election feels like Tim Burton was writing and directing it and halfway through Quentin Tarantino took over.
I'm working on a theory that Zach Snyder is Tim Burton for bros.
Vernon Dudley, Albus Dumbledore, Emperor Palpatine, Jack Sparrow, Wednesday Addams, and Charles Dietz are all in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow
They are sadly :( the old Superman & Tim Burton batman ones are far better
I can actually hear Tim Burton humming "this is halloween dadada everybody make a scene"
I feel like Johnny Depp is low-key schizo and we're seeing all of his personalities through Tim Burton
In our time Tim Burton is Edgar Allan Poe, and Nicholas Sparks is William Shakespeare.they are all great!
End of Days, starring Ernest Borgnine and Kristen Wiig. Directed by Tim Burton, music by James Dean Bradfield. Budget: $2000
These last few years, working with Tim Burton, it's been the best ti...
For me, one of my favorites, director-wise, is Tim Burton. I also reall...
United 93, starring Ian Holm and Sarah Jessica Parker. Directed by Tim Burton, music by The Ronettes. Budget: $2m
Me: *Sees Jonny Depp for 3 seconds in a movie* "Is this a Tim Burton film?"
Fright Night Fridays is happening tomorrow at 7:30 in the p-lounge! We'll be watching Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! Make sure to come by!
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