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Tim Allen

Tim Allen (born Timothy Alan Dick; June 13, 1953) is an American comedian, actor, voice-over artist, and entertainer, known for his role in the sitcom Home Improvement.

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Tommy Lee Jones was previously only American Doctor Who. Now Tim Allen as well
I wonder if Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will reprise their Toy Story roles for Kingdom Hearts 3?
It's getting all sorts of Weird now. Michael Gross, Richard Karn, Kenny Rogers, and Tim Allen. oh and Sasquatch as r…
Loved that show starring Nancy Travis with guest appearances by Tim Allen. Hope it's back on air again. :)
Disney / ABC fired Tim Allen for saying Hollywood hates Conservatives. But they still support Johnny Depp after Trump assass…
That would be Vince Vaughn or James Woods and Tim Allen. Their careers are suffering for it to.
Tim Allen was fired for supporting Trump. Johnny Depp beat his wife and said kill President Trump
James Woods is probably the only actor I'd like to meet. Oh and Tim Allen. Such cool, down to…
If this were Tim Allen or any other Conservative actor, you'd be flaying them alive. Stop. Carrie Fisher was no saint.
why does Lucy look like Tim Allen in Santa Claus 3
I don't know if I could hand-pick a worse Aladdin. Sam Elliot maybe? Tim Allen?
If Charlie Sheen can return to TV; OReilly, Tim Allen and those that liberal fools thought they could stop, will change media as we know it.
Lmao! Poor guy needs a super hero movie with Tim Allen and Mel Gibson.
Bee movie, but every time Jerry Seinfeld's character says something it's actually Tim Allen.
Hollywood is one big mess. And if you try to have a different Tim're gone. Je…
How is it we haven't "met" before now ?! I love her too ! I'm over Kevin James like Tim Allen's Tool grunting...NO just no.
My guess is that Kevin James knows how to keep his mouth shut but my instinct is that he's a conservative jerk like Tim Allen.
Have y'all seen that show last man standing with Tim Allen? Most racist *** funnies show I have ever seen
ABC cancels Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" because he's a conservative, but they let these nasty people with no values have shows.
Kathy Griffin says she lost her job due to politics. Talk to Tim Allen of ABC's cancelled LAST MAN STANDING
Have any of them dealt or done cocaine?. Oh, yeah. George W. Bush and Tim Allen. Never mind.
Carrey wouldn't laugh nor extend such 'humour' if one of his children were depicted that way by Tim Allen.
He looks like he's getting ready to play Tim Allen playing a drunken, sad, S…
Imagine, just for a second, the hysteria if this was Tim Allen with BO's head.
Tim Allen was fired for supporting the President. Kathy Griffin still has a job. Let that sink in.
This Norm MacDonald joke from 1995 explains why ABC cancelled Tim Allen's show last week.
Tim Allen and Sean Hannity should start own network and really show…
Thanks for not bowing before the throne of PC Tim Allen. Shouldn't be long before FOX, Netflix or anot…
I'm the one that cancelled Tim Allen's show that I couldn't tell you the name of
Reporting such important news like "ABC cancels Tim Allen Show" and "Where is the Clinton Foundation Today" what a rube
I heard that Tim Allen show Last Man Standing got cancelled, so I thought I'd watch some to see what the fuss is about.…
If hadn't canceled I might have watched, but I like Tim Allen, so no.
Tim Allen's new show was cancelled after... 6 years... wow, I have no idea what is on tv. I mean... wow!
I would love to watch this show but I'm boycotting over decision to cancel Tim Allen's show for political rea…
. ❤️ my fury friends but ABC... You suck. Won't watch after what you did to Tim Allen 🙄
I will temporarily lift my boycott of ABC following the Tim Allen debacle for this!
Tim Allen 'stunned' and fans outraged by ABC axing his show
I wonder how many 2018 votes cost the Democrats by firing Tim Allen for being Conservative.
Tim Allen on ABC firing him after he called out Hollywood liberals and their hate mobs on Jimmy Kimmel show recently. https:/…
Fox and Friends talking about the important news this morning, the cancellation of Tim Allen's sitcom
It was actually pretty funny. To bad the left hated it and Tim Allen. Another attempt at censorship of conservative views.
A new Odd Couple but with and Tim Allen
The people are with Tim Allen , and all real Americans-- ABC is the Litter Box of Fake Broadcasting...
I guess if the cast said *** holster" or wore *** hats we wouldn't be dealing with this.
- signed the petition to get him back on the air. We love you big guy! https:…
FANS. You're the best. Link to petition:
I'll never watch another second of your network. Last Man Standing and Tim Allen are great. Picking politics over viewers wrong
It may not be your fault that your team lost, but it's still your responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen again. – Ti…
Tim Allen speaks out, says he was BLINDSIDED by ABC in cancelling 'Last Man Standing' - The Right Scoop.
Tim Allen 'stunned and blindsided' by ABC's decision to cancel 'Last Man Standing' via the Android app
.'stunned and blindsided' by ABC's decision to cancel by https:…
Jimmy Fallon Was on Top of the World. Then Came Trump. and Tim Allen is canceled!
And also, isn't Tim Allen the one who taught a generation of youngsters that trad. macho type guys…
Closest I'll get to America is debating with the FDA in closed session. I think you have the wrong Tim Allen BTW.
Yet what Tim Allen said there was the truth, was accurate. The result (his show cancelled) proves…
Conservatives are more upset about the Tim Allen show getting cancelled than Trump ruling the country.
You are Tim Allen, stop behaving like Stephen Baldwin.
Boycott hits ABC over cancellation of Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing"
No doubt, funniest show on TV ABC can't take that Tim Allen and kaitlyn Dever hilariously defend Trump and mock liberals. Ca…
Scott Walker slams ABC for 'playing politics' after canceling conservative Tim Allen sitcom via
Based Conservatives are the only ones trying to save Tim Allen's LAST MA... via
He's Wilson from Home Improvement. Where's Tim Allen, he has to be close by.
I'm not going to be your Neighbor Wilson giving you philosophic advice, because you're no Tim Allen!
Shades of Tim Allen's neighbor Wilson...WH "Tool Time" with the dullest tool in the shed!
Dr Ken was cancelled, too? Last Man Standing, too. But I think Tim Allen was a bit ou…
Tim Allen's hit show canceled after he spoke out against attacks on free speech by the left! Boycott Hollywood now! http…
Liberal conspiracy prevented us from seeing Wilson's face in Home Improvement until the very last episode. Sabotage of Tim Allen yet again
I have always loved and watched Tim Allen comedies. Last Man Standing was the best# Funniest man ever.
ABC cancels Tim Allen's sitcom that had good ratings, 2 months after he called out Hollywood fascism.
Hosting 2nite at Hollywood Laugh Factory w/ the hilarious Eric Griffin and the great Tim Allen 8p show Pistons vs Clippers..Represent!
FOX: Who cares what celebrities think?. ALSO FOX: Here's Fabio on immigration, Tim Allen on the economy, and Joe Namath o…
.Tim Allen just destroyed college liberal snowflakes with this "Last Man Standing" segment - EPIC!. https…
"Pump the breaks! I just found out Travis got his religious theology from Tim Allen...We're only talking about THIS now!" one good, conservative comedian. Jeff Foxworthy had one joke. I guess Tim Allen is carrying the torch for them?
how do you guys get such notable and upstanding citizens? Like Scott baio! Tim Allen!!! Wow u guys crush it
I'm surprised they couldn't get Scott Baio or Tim Allen.
I miss the days when gender issues on TV mainly involved Patricia Richardson hitting Tim Allen ove…
Kelsey Grammar, jacking off Tim Allen: "Healthcare is a privilege, not a right.". Tim Allen: *Home Improvement grunt noise*
Sleepy Hollow, starring Tim Allen and Melissa McCarthy. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, music by The Killers. Budget: $3m
Tim Allen opens up about time in prison in ‘It put me in a position of great humility’ - -
I don't know any famous people except for Tim Allen and Martin Short
The Anne Frank Center ripped into Tim Allen for saying Hollywood is "like '30s Germany"
The Anne Frank Center is calling out Tim Allen's comments.
My Dad always hated Tim Allen. He never understood why he was famous. Said he was an *** My Dad was a wise man.
I don't think being "right wing" is what's harming Tim Allen's career. Kurt Russell is a libertarian and seems to be doing pretty well.
what?Tim Allen said something bad? i always hated him! nothing good has ever come from the Allen line! bunch of ne'er-do-wells if you ask me
Tim Allen: I'm a Brownshirt. I will put Larry David in a camp
I think we both agree Tim Allen *** though acting wise!He was going over board with his statement.
we got Tim Allen out here saying it's 1930s Germany. You gotta tell our dude about the Weimar Republic.
. Tim Allen admitted that him & woody allen had a planned parenthood child & his name was Bud Bundy. can you confirm?
Tim Allen had a show where this hot guy was too kind & disinterested in performative masculinity so we were supposed to think…
The most interesting thing I know about Tim Allen is he got arrested for trafficking cocaine in 1978.
Tim Allen clearly knows nothing about 1930s Germany. Or comedy - but I've known that since the 90s.
Tim Allen says being a non-liberal in Hollywood is like being in "'30s Germany."
Tim Allen on & Leftists » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Wow, Tim Allen should try moving to BFE...he'd fit right in with the Alt Right Nazi's out here. Now he knows how it feels to be a minority!
Tim Allen says being conservative in Hollywood like living in 1930's Germany
Next time millionaire moron in DC, he should visit the Holocaust Museum to learn about 1930's Germany https:…
When ur too old and successful to not be based
As far as I can tell, Tim Allen also started the 'Why Can't I Say the N Word' meme
Tim Allen got busted with half a kilo of cocaine at a Michigan airport and ratted out 21 people to the feds. and he pr…
Tim Allen says being a conservative in Hollywood is like living in 1930's Germany
Tim Allen: Leftists are so tolerant, Hollywood is like 1930's Germany if you don't hate Trump.
Tim Allen can get his Oscar after literally everybody else in that movie gets one including Justin Long.
Nutty Professor, starring Jessica Tandy and Tim Allen. Directed by Richard Linklater, music by Natasha Bedingfield. Budget: $100,000
Have been on hold for ~5min with a hotel and commercials are their hold music. Tim Allen officially narrates my life.
Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams and Tim Allen. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, music by The Charlatans. Budget: $100,000
Al Campbell moderates forum for CAP BOG with Raj Dash, Tim Allen, Jennifer Hunt, and Jonathan Myles
I'm all for the border wall if there's a guy on the other side of it named "Wilson" who gives Tim Allen advice.
Certainly...I love John Voit, Clint Eastwood, Tim Allen, and one or two others
If you were like me and watched a lot of TV in the 90's then you remember the Tim Allen show "Home Improvement".
Mark Wahlberg by Matt Damon, troy Aikman and Joe buck by Justin Bateman and Tim Allen. Bill played by the Darth Vader,
Tim Allen gets sent to *** after telling too many dirty jokes, and must hang on Drew Carey's tree for eternity as…
Tim Allen: Embrace your inner competitor, here on the roads of
Tim Allen: Can a freeway have a soul? When is it more than concrete & cars?. Cut to me on the Lodge. . Eminem begins playing.
Mrs. Doubtfire: Tim Allen was offered the roles of both Mrs Doubtfire/Daniel Hillard and Stu Denmeyer, but Allen rejected both.
Tim Allen: "From 75 to 94 and 94 to 96..." . Cut to me driving a Ford. Tim Allen: "your journey begins here on the roads of
Just realized that Chuck Norris is actually a real person?. I always thought he was photoshopped Tim Allen.
"California made a safe space for people who voted for Trump. They're calling it Texas." - Tim Allen
Tim Allen's mugshot for drug trafficking, 1979.
It's actually incredible. He's now mashing up drowning pool with Tim Allen's grunt and I'm going to die
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Man chuck Norris is 76 years old and he still looks like a 41 yearold Tim Allen
Want to watch a great show?I've been watching Last man standing reruns .Now that's a great show Tim Allen is hilarious and conservative
The Silence of the Lambs, now starring Tim Allen and Melissa McCarthy. You're welcome!
We too often gloss over the fact that Tim Allen killed Santa in The Santa Clause
Sam Bradford looks like Tim Allen, circa '78
You don't remember the show Home Improvement? 90's comedy with Tim Allen. The neighbour Wilson hid his face in the fence.
Patricia Heaton, Tim Allen are not in hiding who is in hiding?
Tim Allen and Tom Selleck take all kinds of heat for their views, as did Robert Conrad back in the day.
Tim Allen who uses his sitcom to push his agenda Kelsey grammar Patricia Heaton
Oh, I don't know about him; Tim Allen, Rob Lowe, Patricia Heaton, Gary Sinise all come to mind tho.
"I miss him so much, I want to be with Tom." -Tim Allen told Joan Cusack (Voice of Jessie in Toy Story 2 and 3) earlier this morning.
The Santa Clause (1994). Tim Allen murders a man and is forced into indentured servitude as punishment (PG, Comedy)
I always wanted to know who could win a passive aggressive battle between Tim Allen and Judge Reinhold...
it's the origin story of Christmas. Tim Allen's finest hour. Judge Reinhold!
I don't like how Judge Reinhold doesn't believe Tim Allen is Santa Claus. No one questioned him if gremlins were real.
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I just realized w Tim Allen is a Christmas version of w Robin a sense
Tim Allen is a huuuge creep & perv . Watch Jim jefferies fully functional .never says a name but just watch no joke!!
In no particular order:. Tim Allen in Christmas with the Kranks- Bob Trimble . Randy Anderson- Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone
I literally had no idea Tim Allen was the voice of Pure Michigan until last month
Why is Tim Allen in every Christmas movie ever?
Barry Allen cancelled Christmas? Did he change the timeline and got rid of Christmas and Tim Allen
Tim Allen is considering to reprise his role as Scott Calvin for another installment in the Santa Clause fra…
Let's say a few prayers for Ed O'Neill, Ray Romano, Kelsey Grammer and Tim Allen. And throw in Jerry Seinfeld & Ted Danson for good measure.
Tim Allen's "The Santa Clause" is probably my favorite HBO documentary
I'd love to see the roles reversed. Bruce Willis as John McClane is forced to become Santa. Tim Allen must take on a group of terrorists.
Idk if there's a better Christmas movie series than The Santa Clause series with Tim Allen
Me: I love Bob Ross . Ashley: I was gonna ask if that was the guy from Home Improvement but no that's Tim Allen.
It's not Christmas until Tim Allen is Santa Clause & Trans Siberian Orchestra is on repeat
Oh great now I can't like Tim Allen anymore. Turns out the ToolMan is a real Tool...Man
If you want to feel old, I saw a meme: Jonathan Taylor Thomas is only 3 years younger than Tim Allen was in Season 1 of Home…
"a" *** good Santa? There is only one Santa and it is Tim Allen (previously David Huddleston).
I remember most of these but some where like wow!! Tim Allen, Will Smith, come on PDiddy- you're not hood man, and…
when is Santa Clause 3 showing? I've looked everywhere Ik and I can only find 1&2 the one with Tim Allen -thanks
by John Grisham directed by Joe Roth with a screenplay by Chris Columbus, and stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. 2/6
This would be the perfect premise for a 4th Santa Claus movie. Just replace Tim Allen with Denzil Washington and we…
This holiday season, Tim Allen must overcome his fear of Michelle Obama's arms. to save Christmas.
Pretending that Jamie Lee Curtis would marry Tim Allen is an affront to womankind.
Me neither. I just like Tim Allen and Martin Short together. 😂 We totally need to watch them. 🎅🎅🎅
chess "wild hogs" Harley line was from the old Martin movie with Tim Allen when they was riding the Harley's the wasn't friends
And that's fine. But it's not the best. The second one is less Tim Allen-y, and the third one has Alan Arkin and Martin Short
I was under the impression this was a movie about Tim Allen and Dan Akroyd competing to see who can have the better Christmas. It is not.
the Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen though 👀
Where's the Thanksgiving movie where Tim Allen clashes over more than just how to cook a turkey with his new son-in-law, Kevin Hart
Tim Allen calls out 'hypocritical' Hollywood for bullying Trump supporters
Tim Allen is accusing "liberal Hollywood" of bullying Immortan Joe supporters? Mmmm. Yeah.
All purpose parts banner
Tim Allen has always been pretty based. He used to joke "men are pigs (female cheers)...too bad we own everything".
Tim Allen's Mugshot after being arrested for possession of 650 grams(1.43 lb) of cocaine, 1978
agreed 100% this is a great read! Kudos on Tim Allen for telling the truth!
Sounds like my unfounded hatred of Tim Allen
Tim Allen calls out Hollywood for believing Trump is a bully while bullying his supporters https:/…
Comedian Tim Allen shares how Hollywood bullies conservatives.
“If you think this government works good, the size it is, I’m one of these guys, ‘just make it smaller.'”
My deer fellows it is sure to be a hoot!. Tim Allen - Last Man Standing. Jan 28 SAT @ Terry Fator Theatre at Mirage...
Fact check: true. Tim Allen was arrested with 1.4 pounds of cocaine in 1978.
Terry Crews was filming and unavailable. Derek Jeter unable to come because of some contract he has with Michigan. No idea about Tim Allen
They should have had Terry Crews or Tim Allen as the guest picker instead of Greg Jennings on GameDay today.
Why'd Gameday get Greg Jennings when Tim Allen and Terry Crews are alumni?
Why Not? Think Lord Archer, Johnnie Vaughan,Tim Allen, all have done time but are now successful.Give them a chance.
Glenn Beck's transformation looks like Tim Allen in Santa Claus
the combo of Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, John Travolta, and William Macy in wild hogs is legendary
I liked a video Christmas with the Kranks movie (2004) - Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd
Warwick, you look like Wardick, I'm gonna hit you on the head with a box of Tim Allen.
talking @ "An Evening with Tim Allen." Thanks Tim and thanks for organising
All my books are currently in boxes but the one I the most is "I'm Not Really Here" by Tim Allen. Read, and re-read many times!
Conjures up images of a growling Tim Allen
The 2021 Hall of Fame class of Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, and Ray Allen is going to be absurd.
Probably the same one who wouldn't pick up Lily Allen.
Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen will go down as the greatest Hall of Fame Class ever
Ray Allen finessed us all. He was plotting on coming back. He was waiting for Kobe, Kg, Tim to Retire to form the greatest…
No Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan. I now know how the old heads felt when MJ, Magic and Zeke retired.
I keep having dreams where my leg hair grows back immediately after I shave it like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause what does this mean
The show says they live in Colorado, but the outdoors shop Tim Allen works at is flying a California state flag 🤔🤔
I usually take it as code for at best Tim Allen but most likely Man Show era Jimmy Kimmel.
If I had to choose between Tim Allen's TV wives (Patricia Richardson--Home Improvement, Nancy Travis--Last Man Standing), have to go w NT
Did the atheist delusion movie just use footage of a Tim Allen interview as a source of proof for intelligent desig…
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Sometimes I have nightmares of the Home Improvement show theme song with Tim Allen doing that weird dog noise at the end
Tim Allen on 'Toy Story' glory: 'I'm proud to be part of it': Karen ButlerNEW YORK, Oct. 14 (UP...
Blackish's Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson make less than half of what Tim Allen and Patricia Heaton make despite h…
Tim Allen gets 3X the salary of Tracee Ellis Ross despite earning half the ratings & none of the critical acclaim.
What kind of show could Tim Allen and Mike Rowe host together
Talking to other comedians about Tim Allen's shady beginnings is one of my favorites. On par with "Steve Harvey started at 27" for hopetalks
I’ve a reminder that says “clip claws” & it makes me reflect on all the Freddie Krueger / Santa I’ve written & sent to Tim Allen.
Tim Allen almost convinces me to move to Michigan every single time his commercial comes on the radio
Tim Allen and Kevin James have TV shows? In 2016? Middle America can't get enough of white mediocrity 😒
Geoffrey Leonard should replace Tim Allen in the next Santa Claus movie. Or whatever that seriez is called
Robin: "It's like in the art of war. Never give up never surrender." . Ted: "That's Tim Allen off of Galaxy Quest, you *** "
the Santa Clause. That movie where Tim Allen turns into Santa. David Krumholtz plays an elf in it and he SLAYED my childhood.
Tim Allen as Santa Claus. Based on Tim Allen's beginnings, what are the odds he related to the "Up all night" aspects of that character bio?
That Zoom superhero movie with Tim Allen, Kate Mara and that hot guy
So they can be the Wilson to our Tim Allen
Spoiler Alert! . Nine Lives ends with Kevin Spacey as a cat getting run over by Tim Allen as The Shaggy Dog driving Herbie…
Matthew Kelly is on TV & he looks like Tim Allen when he first starts morphing into The Santa Clause.
I like to leave a little mystery. I'm like Tim Allen's neighbor on Home Improvement.
Be a LOLLIPOP star and join Anne Hathaway, Tim Allen, Miranda Cosgrove, Joey King, Craig Ferguson and many more...
can't wait for the day when the only music republicans can use is Toby Keith & that sound Tim Allen makes at the end of…
I'm pretty sure everyone in the audience at were also extras in the 2007 Tim Allen hit movie "Wild Hogs"
You know Kid Rock, Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin Gary Busey, Ted Nugent and Tim Allen all want a fascist POTUS?
The "uh"s from waters of Nazareth - justice but replaced with Tim Allen grunts
Sneakers, starring Tim Allen and Dan Castellaneta. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, music by A Flock Of Seagulls. Budget: $5m
That Joshua Thifault kid is 23?! He looks like he should be on a Tim Allen sitcom as the younger kid who needs life lessons
Sister Act, starring Shirley MacLaine and Tim Allen. Directed by Paul Greengrass, music by Disturbed. Budget: $100,000
"If you say 'Tim the Tool Man Taylor' three times, you'll summon Tim Allen" —Sam
Yeah. This and The Shaggy Dog with Tim Allen are TF buzz kills. :/
yes!!! I hear Tim Allen does landscaping too
I meant to say call me Tim Allen lol
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Chief would like to thank actors John Travolta / Martin Lawrence / Ray Liotta / William H Macy / Tim Allen for calling into Thunder Box Show
George Lopez and Tim Allen...tell me they wouldn't be perfect together
I hear Joe Fox from you've got mail (a vase? A vahse?) when I hear Tim Allen its Buzz 😉
I get that starring Tim Allen isn't a "classic" but ripping it off for a cat movie is not the answer
Tom Moody looks like Tim Allen during filming of The Santa Clause.
Tim Allen believes that not having Ryan Braun in the lineup is killing the What do you think is hurting this team the most?
Did you Know: Tim Allen almost played the role of Mrs. Doubtfire, but he turned down the part.
This week's blog is from Tim Allen at Big Sky Digital Marketing (
Watched an hour of Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing." I love how he can make a career out of condescension, homophobia, and vague racism.
Ah I forgot Tim Allen or rather Tim Taylor quit Tool Time. Without him and Al as the hosts I wouldn't go for the spinoff.
Wednesday’s podcast featured the CFO of Tim Allen >
Tim Allen catches up with Pure Michigan via
I wonder how George Lopez and Tim Allen are doing these dayz
Remember when Tim Allen, Zoe Dechanel, Patrick Warburton, Sofia Vergara, and Jason Lee were all in a movie together?.
When you ask Tom Hanks what it was like recording with Tim Allen for the Toy Story films.
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Mad cause his pops looks like Kurt Russell and he's stuck looking like Tim Allen with a freshman 15 lmao
/ An innocent phrase that should be taken as an insult: "A Tim Allen classic from the 90s"
Chopped but with Tim Allen instead of Ted Allen
.The Clintons are like herpes: just when you think they're gone, they show up again -Tim Allen. ht…
Near as I can tell so far, Shane trained for this match with Renzo Gracie, Phil Nurse, and Tim Allen.
Last man standing with Tim Allen is funny and i think 4 seasons on netflix
Ron jaworski looks like Tim Allen when he starts to turn into Santa in the Santa Clause
Jon, I'm finally back from the 90's and starring Tim Allen. Matt Smith, you would come here after dark!
David Letterman accidentally killed Santa and is now slowly morphing into him like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause https:…
Thad Nelson Ben Nelson remember seeing his Home Improvement set at Disney and Thad got to be Tim Allen on his set?
Young Chuck Norris looks like Tim Allen and Jeff foxworthy had a baby.
For one week in 1994, Tim Allen had the movie at the box office, the rated TV show, and the New York Times bestselling book.
or Tim Allen as he morphs into Santa Clause?
An elite team of assassins consisting of Tim Allen, Burton, Curry, Heidecker, Horton, McGraw, and Tebow. They're known as: The 7 Deadly Tims
Anyone else think the broadcasters on this game sound like Tim Allen & Dennis Haysbert?
There is a signed Tim Allen wrench for auction at the Gala. Stay tuned
I always thought Full House was trash. Home Improvement with Tim Allen is sooo much better to me
Things don't go as planned when Bill and pal Tim Allen crash a million dollar paintball tournament hosted by *** Cheney (George Wendt).
ICYMI: Tim Allen is coming to on May 20th. Tickets go on sale Saturday March 12th!
really? I couldn't stop I've actually rewatched it twice now. Man of the house is good to if you like Tim Allen
Not Tom Hank's voice! It's his brother who does the lower paying Woody roles. They still got Tim Allen, though.
Russell Crowe looks like Tim Allen when he started to turn into Santa Claus
Tim Allen played Santa Claus 3x but he got caught trafting coke Charlie Sheen exposed *** to AID's but he's show are in reruns
staring Tim Allen, Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez and Ken Jeong! Opens this summer!
Tim Allen voices new Kasich TV ad by Super PAC New Day for America featuring last week's hug
I'm the faint tim allen grunt you hear when you leave the bus each morning. Yeah that's me. It's not weird I swear.
Dan Conner (is the best tv dad next to Tim Allen.
Comedian and Hollywood Star Tim Allen Sings the Praises of Donald Trump! via
Was this already in the works, or did Fred Davis call Tim Allen minutes after he stepped off the FNC set here?
C Megyn Kelly's used in Tim Allen for her agenda and greed she just don't stop
Megyn Kelly praises "very brave" former drug trafficker Tim Allen for coming "out of the closet" via
it was ok when u dropped out during my workout but now Last Man Standing is on & u need to have respect for Tim Allen & fix this
Tim Allen is 💯 because he is a WOOFING WEREWOLF, with a cheerleading MILF. And, women try to impress men, & really men aim to be tame goats.
Megyn Kelly tells actor Tim Allen he's "very brave" for coming out of the a conservative:
Megyn Kelly to actor Tim Allen: It is "very brave of you" to be "out of the closet as a conservative"
I've just realised who Salim Mehajer reminds me of. He looks like the toy version of Tim Allen in The Santa Clause 2.
I need a hot chocolate machine in my car like Tim Allen had in his Santa sleigh in The Santa Clause 2.
Tim Allen was a drug dealer but I don't hear you bashing him, but you're quick to belittle Sean Carter. You're a joke
And now ... Tim Allen in the role of a lifetime ...
Anyone wanna watch a Tim Allen super hero movie? you can play this and we can watch it together. This is our test.
Now adding Ray Parker Jr., Tim Allen and Lionel Richie to my xcom roster. These are the things that I think of now.
The two men who have meant more to me during my childhood in correct order... 1 Brett Favre. 2 Craig Hahn. 3 Tim Allen
it really is by first name. The only way for me to be on top is if Whitney, Tom Arnold, and Tim Allen are on the show.
Isn't this literally just Tim Allen's Shaggy Dog except with cats and Kevin Spacey?
John Scott was the name of Tim Allen in the Santa Clause.. so his initials were also S.C. lol
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Something , Tim Allen said The Bushes are like Herpes they go away and thy come back. God Bless you Sam and you family.
The Cocaine Cowboy needs to crawl back under his rock! What has Tim Allen done for his country?
Tim Allen and CNN forget Bill Clinton was the last president to have a balanced bufget
Tim Allen: "The Clintons are like herpes. Just when you think they're gone…"
Iconic actor Tim Allen drops brutal Clinton comparison when asked about politics: there anyone in the audience who DIDN'T think Tim Allen was here when he said that?!
Chewbacca's roars replaced with Tim Allen's grunts from Home Improvement. (Vine by
there's a bunch of cool pins you'd like. Even a Tim Allen one but I think it's sold out currently
Check out this Amazon deal: Home 4 by Tim Allen
Check out this Amazon deal: Season 3 by Tim Allen
Check out this Amazon deal: Improvement: 1 by Tim Allen
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