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Tia Sharp

Tia Sharp is a 12-year-old English schoolgirl. The last confirmed sighting of her was on 3 August 2012 in New Addington, London.

Stuart Hazell New Addington Mark Bridger Shannon Matthews

As much as I'd like to believe the police couldn't be that incompetent...
Donated on behalf of Tia and the whole Sharp Family. Quinn will always be remembered and loved.
the Tia Sharp story is so sad, such a beautiful girl destroyed + degraded in such an awful way 😢
Let us recall the case of Tia Sharp, RIP - one of the UK's finest hours!
Hannah just told me she doesn't wanna have sex with me and she doesn't know this but I felt a sharp pain in my heart
Tia Karras of We Got Next is a sharp-shooter. She has invite. JUNE 18-19.
Wanker Williams interviewing Tia Sharp's Killers while her body was upstairs OMFG !
I'm a tough person & I have a razor sharp edge when it comes to certain things, but it doesn't mean I don't have feelings.
“Loving me isn’t easy, I have sharp edges, I have missing parts.”
My friend walked by and said 'I heard you getting your Tia Marie on' I said, nope Kevin Sharp. Lol
I do hope this is not another Tia Sharp / Shannon Matthews case.
Nicola Wall Police ignored cadaver dogs in the Tia Sharp case. Dogs don't lie. 11 places only
So sad about Tia sharp rip! How the scub bag gets what's coming to them! X
happy birthday miss Tia. you're big now. more mature, stay sharp and healthy.
We got to Skype my whole family and family and next up is 😁😁 can't wait!!
Am I really talking football with right now???
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Crying session number 2 about leaving ✔
"Manti Te'o's girlfriend with her first career sack tonight.
Words can't describe how awesome our friendship is!! Love this guy!!
I wish I had sharp canines. I wanna get them when I'm older and I'll pay to get them... lmfao.
The always pin-sharp points out the problem with NYC cat-calling video: they edited out the white guys: http:…
New homes to be built on the site of Tia Sharp murder house
That ride home tonight, always can count on my best friend to make me laugh when I had kind of a bad day!
Since my best friend is still pretty sick 😔 who wants to go see Ouija with me tonight!! 😁
*I just barely tap the point and my finger starts bleeding* It's sharp too. *I carefully put it back in it's place*
Good luck to Jared Boeckmann and Kaitlyn Sharp at Regional CC today!! Good luck to the volleyball team in the district fi…
Watched Britain's Darkest Taboos about Tia Sharp. I watch crime doccies all the time; serial killer stuff. But I had to stop watching.
Just watching Britains darkest taboo, rip Tia sharp xxx
I'm watching a documentary on Tia Sharp's murder, I am so disturbed...he is a disgusting man.
ON THIS DAY! 2013 Stuart Hazell, aged 37, was jailed for a minimum of 38 years after he was given a life sentence for murdering the 12 year old schoolgirl Tia Sharp. He denied killing the youngster and hiding her body in the loft of the home he shared with her grandmother. Tia's family sat through days of shocking and graphic evidence at the Old Bailey before Hazel eventually changed his plea to guilty, in a dramatic turn of events.
Going on previous searches for Shannon Matthews, Osama Bin Laden and Tia Sharp, has anyone thought to have a look at Kuala Lumpur airport?
BREAKING - Body found at address being searched by police looking for Tia Sharp in New Addington, Croydon
Scotland Yard appear to be making the same mistakes with as with Tia Sharp. Dogs were right then too.
you looked at that Tia Sharp yet pal she int bad is she would you have a pop on her corpse
We have the fantasy sword from Bleach. Get it while we have them! .
If any guy actually said "Slob on my knob" to me, I'd remove your knob with a sharp object
Interviewer: "Anything funny happen lately?" Gerard: "Hah, no it's allSuch sad news about Tia Sharp, Every parent Im su
don't forget murderer Stuart Hazell in his Tia Sharpe T shirt ...
The Met definitely hasn't ruled out Cadaver Dog evidence. Remember their error in the Tia Sharp case?
The argument there is 11 pointers cannot be wrong. Tia Sharp was found by indication of dogs with far less.
True. and I've not noticed the parents of April Jones or Tia Sharp hiring image consultants.
Why was the dogs evidence enough in the Tia Sharp case,but not the It had to be asked!!
Such sad news about Tia Sharp, Every parent I'm sure was holding their breath for better news, Awful,
On August 3rd 2012, 12 year old Tia Sharp was murdered. May she rest in peace and always be remembered
Started to read Tia Sharp, A Famly Betrayal by Nigel Cawthorne. Not bad so far and worth a read.
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The harrowing story of TIA SHARP: A FAMILY BETRAYAL. The crime that shook Britain.
Tia Sharp case is another sad eexample of the very difficult calls social workers have to make on a daily basis.
Revisiting it a year on. TIA SHARP, A FAMILY BETRAYAL is for anyone who was heartbroken by the story:
EXC: Cam vows to act on child abuse images on web at emotional meeting with parents of April Jones and Tia Sharp
Yer + the Tories play politics with child murder victims over benefits, like the Philpot kids, April Jones + Tia Sharp
Re the brain dead article I'm currently reading in the Mirror atm, what do April Jones and Tia Sharp's deaths have to do with trolling?
Tia Sharp - Pedophile Ring: NB New Addington is due south of Olympic site/Greenwich
Merton LCSB Serious Case Review following the murder of Tia Sharp - Executive Summary here :
Questions to all you Mommys ! Am 3 months preggo an i have been having these very very strong cramps that are very painful. I spoke to my doctor he says its normal . I never had these pains with my first child. An i haven't even had an ultrasound done. So out of Experience to you moms did you guys ever have these pains? It's like bad cramps.
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i dnt want a flat mate,i NEED A FLAT alone *** big time!
Nawa for somegirls o..hmmm, baby u drink suckaway juice?..this kind of mess na oxigen explosion
Evan fights this weekend Efc Essex Ok couldn't help myself putting some epic music in
Serious case review examining public bodies' involvement with Tia Sharp to be published this month
Jeffrey Archer told a few porkies and got sentenced to 4 years, Jon Venables brutally murders a toddler and serves 8 years, found with indecent images of children and serves 3 years. Gonna start a petition to change the name of 'justice system'
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Fan Prayer request: the 4th of july is suppose to be a fun filled day for everyone, but it can also be dangerous, especially for children. My nephew fell on a sharp object and cut his leg open twice. All the way to the bone. He had to be llfe flighted to a childrens hospital and have surgery. He almost died from loseing so much blood. He is in the recovery room and is such a brave, amazeing little boy. He is only 8 and has been through so much. Please pray for a pain free recovery. Tia ~Dakota
UPDATE: Serious case review into murder of Tia Sharp to be published later this month
So cute love u Tia sharp sleep tight xx
i actually hate to talk about Love coz i do feel i am the wrong person to be talking about it.i am Brutal ! Love not only blind ur sight but it can impaired ur logic n can cause terrible amnesia ! Love can make a beautiful & brilliant women, forgotton there are 2 million other mens that she can choose from and most of them better than the "scumback" that betrayed her !!! just think how many hot, beautiful n brilliant womens out there that by right still desirible n wanted by most mens still crying & grieving like as though she was nothing or without dignity because some low class low lifes man leave them ?! ohh cammon.i do think now love can bring out the foolishness of someone that are already got potential to be a damm fool ! do u all think it is worth a while to grief n cry n make a fool of yourself when a scumback dumped u ?! or is it that u are really a fool ?! if u lost in Love.can u answer my question, this particular question ? if what u hold or squeezing is sharp n painful, why u still holding/sq ...
Congratulations to the KU students graduating today. God willing, I will be in the 2016 or 2017 graduation. Have already measured my green graduation robe.
Newspapers today full of Cleveland women, Tia Sharp, April Jones and a PC facing rape charges. Thoroughly horrifying
Tia Sharp's body lying in a loft right over their heads. :((( (Lesson: Ignore the dogs at your peril.)
Brought my auntie Fina to her Dr she hasn't been feeling well. Praying for the best. 󾍛❤󾍛
After going to the ER shot up with morphin seen another doctor pain pills all day can't get rid of this pain!
im not a Dj, nor a Millionaire. so iF yuu noT gonna love me fo who i am, someone Elz W¡||...
The house where schoolgirl Tia Sharp was murdered and hidden in the loft is being demolished.
Today is a bad day feel really sick
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Almost as bad as not finding Tia Sharp in the loft of her grandmothers house!! Disgusting!!!
Inbox: Hey hun cyppp? Soundsdaft but. When I swallow fluids/solids I'm getting sharp pains in my throat&chest? Is this a sore throat? I am asthmatic&Been like this for a Few days now :s confused! Don't want to waste doctors time if it is.. Any advice ladies&gentelmen? Tia X Hannah xxx
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Inbox: Hi ppnt..i am currently on the microgynon pill i have just started it 1 1/2 weeks ago. I missed 2 over the weekend now i keep getting sudden sharp stabbing pains in my ovary area. Is this normal/pill/something else? Tia xxAnnxx
We have just received this release from the local police station, please share with your friends: Five female horses in two separate incidents, have recently been injured by a person using a sharp implement. The incidents have been in rural areas near Preston. The horses which were grazing in fields, have all suffered small cuts to the top area of their hind legs. The implement used appears to be similar to a Stanley knife type blade. Please check your horses regularly, in particular around the leg areas. Also make regular checks to see if the horses tail or mane have been interfered with. Dave Reid, Broughton police station
Pp please my 15 week ok lb scratches his face a lot in his sleep, I cut his nails a lot so they aren't sharp but he still manages to do it! I've tried scratch mits but they are to small now, he does have eczema and is on cream for it. Any tips on how to help him stop scratching? Tia xx
Anyone remember Tia Sharp? Little girl murdered last year? Her grandfather is gardening for my mum right now. I want to give him a hug.
Lorraine Kelly's co host to Tia Sharp's mum on DayBreak - "Can you move on now?" How many jaws hit the floor? Mine did.
I would like to thank everybody for the birthday wishes. I would also like to thank my family for taking me out to eat and taking me out tonight. and I would also like to thank CheyAnne Sharp for always going above and beyond for me and I don't tell her thank you a lot thank you and I love you
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So outa all these so called friends on fb... only tlk to two of uuu. glad u. Two are real... the rest of yall are just tirds
I'm all sore cuz I decided to fall off of a moving cart and I hit the floor really hard yesterday xD
Injuries: Here is my take on a rarely appreciated topic. By the nature of our jobs, injuries are not occupational hazards but become a rite of passage. I have seen Special Task Force members with bare torsos literally peppered with various scars. Bullet holes, stab wounds and operation scars are unmistakeable. Just about every one of those guys I met has got frightening hands. Their knuckles are battered and palms criss-crossed with fine scars from climbing through rough terrain and broken windows. Compared to the least injured of them, my five knee surgeries and eventual joint replacement look like playground roasties. The rest of us fare not much less. A mate of mine has been bitten by a person, a couple of dogs and a police horse. The last dog bite left him with a sore butt and several visits to the doctor for tetanus and rabies injections. He also collected a few stab wounds in his shoulder arresting a drunken maniac. On top of these, in his fifteen plus years of service he joined the ranks of hundred ...
Nothing hurts worse than telling your kids no...
hello my angel, i know you can see me writing this to you,i miss you so much and if i could of helped you on the day that nasty man hurt you i would risk my life for it. i miss you sososo much,you would've had the most amazing birthday if you was walking on solid ground today,fly high beautiful because i know you're capable of it. I would've seen your beautiful smile today but that smile got tooken by a vile man, but remember never let one person ruin your smile,dream big and remember ,the 467 or more people reading this are on your side and will never stop trying for you. i love you loads and loads..i miss you more everyday. hope you have an amazing birthday up even better one than you would've down here,Your 13 now, Finally a teenager like you always had been waiting for. Have a great birthday, i miss you so much my angel. rest in paradise because you deserve the best anyone could get,your safe now. your never be forgotten,you've never been missing to me because your always going to be in my h ...
Crafting is dangerous. I was working on the floor and knelt on my craft knife.
Happy birthday Tia Sharp, rest in perfect peace you little angel👼❤
Has anyone built a break beam sensor before? Care to share your knowledge? I'm trying to build one. TIA.
Happy Birthday Tia Sharp, shame you can't be here to celebrate:( miss you so much beautiful, R.I.P.👼💜
New post: "'Every day it has been an awful reminder about what went on there': 'House of Horrors' where Tia Sharp's body was found wrappe...
Happy 13th birthday and RIP Tia Sharp your in a better place now no harm will ever touch you again our beautiful angel gone butt never forgotten!!x in our hearts forever and always xx
Happy birthday Tia sharp rip your sage now x
Today is Tia sharp birthday,hope she has a good birthday up in heaven, everyone misses u in raynes park high school,as well as ur loved ones
Trial of Tia Sharp's neighbour postponed via
We have picked a new Cocker Spaniel puppy. She is a Blue Roan and is small at the moment but will come home in 2 weeks. We will have to learn all over again about obedience and the sharp teeth of a puppy. I really miss Summer and Jade, I cannot sleep and listen for them constantly. Our new little lady is called "Tia".
So I got a job I'm a carnisero now that's wat I wanted tank u god
Inbox- Ppnt What are the signs of a eptopic pregnancy? Tia xx Klee xx
At Sekakangwe with my better half and our Daughter
Who's down to play volleyball at Hauula School and try out the new turf court?
20 The Lindens, in New Addington where Tia Sharp was murdered by Stuart Hazel is demolished
R.i.p tia sharp, hope they find the scum wish id been wrong, bless ur heart x mwah x
R.I.P Tia Sharp you'll never be forgotten our angel 🙏👼❤✨
My mom past away today at 1140am.. Shes in heaven with god and my father now!
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INBOX Hey Could u please post, I'm 23weeks tommorow been getting sharp pains in ny right side and down by my private area also alot of pain in my back, I can feel my little lady moven so I know she's ok, not sure if I shud ring into Labour ward as I can't get hold of my midwifee, anyone know what the pain could be? TIA XX Tracexx
murder house in New Addington demolished via
The house where schoolgirl Tia Sharp was found dead after being murdered by her grandmother’s partner is being demolished by a local authority.
Council to demolish Tia Sharp murder house
LONDON 24: Council to demolish Tia Sharp murder house
"BBC News - Tia Sharp murder house in New Addington demolished " wouldn't think they build more houses there!
Council house where Tia Sharp was murdered is torn down
Maddie McCann. Lisa Irwin. Tia Sharp. Bianca Jones. Why do pro continue to diss the dogs + not have sympathy for these poor children
Tia Sharp murder house in New Addington demolished
"Tia Sharp murder house demolished searched the house 4 times b4 finding her!
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‘House of horrors’ is razed: Home where Tia Sharp was killed is demolished to avoid becoming macabre tourist attraction
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Inbox: Hi can u post please in 21+3 i keep get like sharp pinchin pains at the bottom of my bump but it feels like its burning do people no what it could be or have had it themself haven't got a water infection or nothin tia xxAnnxx
I am 42 today and feel great. I look back at my life and I am at peace with God. Regardless of the obstacles, i love this journey. My kids, my family, my love Paulo Alonso and my friends could not have been any better and good to me. Their love is what makes me turn 42 being happy, special and grateful. This is the beginning .this is my time, my moment, my life to live as I see fit. I am ready, willing and able Making it count
Wow, can't sleep. I have a bad sharp pain on my right abdomen.
..Wen both parents call within an interval of an hour or 2,jst 2 talk,abt nothin specific,u knw its abt tym u throw ur *** home!
FQ 8 of 11: A year ago I has a csection. I still have some pains on and around my csection scar. I was wondering if anyone else who has had a csection has worse pain during their period? I have noticed while I'm on my period if have sharp and throbbing pains on and around my scar. Wondering if anyone else has these problems? TIA
My baby here :) 7lbs 7oz Melina rose Moreno welcome to the world baby
An anti gun fanatic just told me in the Left Vs. Right Group that women should not be able to shoot their rapists. They should try to enjoy their rape instead because a lot of people got raped in the olden days and it wasn't a big deal. I hope this person falls on a sharp object and impales himself.
What is the strangest pregnancy symptom you've ever experienced?
Hi admin & fans, I'm Alice n I have been married for 2yrs now. The problem is that my hubby is not circumcised and sometimes his manhood stinks due to the germs hidden inside the foreskin. I don't know how to tell him coz he might think that I'm lukin 4 an xcuze 2 leave him. What should I do? Pliz help me.
Hi TMB Fans, Super excited for tomorrows delivery. My girls will be in town from 12-2pm, so please make your way down to Mid City to collect your goodies . I will message each one of you with details. xoxo Tia-Maree BoutiQue :)
Inbox..34 wks and gettn a sharp shooting downward pressure type pain. Feels like i cud wet myself. Wat cud this be?? Tia ..Antonia
So my birthday is July 7th, the first Sunday in July. I would like everyone that is able to come to Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church and worship God with me and my birth. I have had a rough year battling Lupus and I would just like to worship with all those that have prayed for me, with me and have given me words of encouragement. The address is 487 N Fairmont, Kankakee,Illinois.. hope to see you all there...
Senator Wendy Davis is ultimately one of the coolest women in the world, kudos to her for filibustering, get us our reproductive rights Wendy ✌
Hoping I don't get get shingles again sharp pain in my side..this sux
Our 2nd Anniversary! We're HAPPILY married today and always (because we choose to be)!
Uhh.. who here has had "tater tot casserole" before? Is it worth making? Do you use cream of mushroom or chicken soup, or make any other changes? ♕ Aa
And the Stanley Cup comes back to Chicago! Even better, those good looking guys get to shave. Can't wait to see Patrick Sharp's steely jaw again!
MQ:last night I was up all night really uncomfortable then about 4 am I woke up with really sharp constant pains. Lasted about 20 mins. Then had a huge sudden urge to clean the whole house. Also (sorry tmi) I had really thick discharge this morning too. Now I'm done cleaning and ate a little I'm on the couch and having little bit of pain in the groin. I'm 39w4d. Could this be start of labor? What should be happening next. TIA
Now I understand Why Mutunga threw away the 900 pages of nonsense from the cord petition. A lawyer of Kethi's stature should be a strict stickler to the letter of the law. One Must be a registered voter before asking to be voted for... I have a feeling Jubilee will tyranize this seat! Poor kethi!
Fan question Rp ~Tia~ Fan question: I know if I suspect labor starting to go in to the hospital just in case BUT, to those who have experienced Braxton Hicks contractions, do they hurt or can you just feel the tightening? (I ask because this is and I've never had Braxton Hicks before but have had preterm labor but had no idea I was having real contractions until I went in for another issue.)
So, how do you meditate? Do you just sit on the floor, moan, and think of nothing?
Bought a house on Friday. Downsizing to a single story in Friendswood. 1966 sq. ft! Gonna be a challenge!
When I saw you JEHUDY, I spent the summer lost in that county to the south of that vast région immersed in the mists of time ... at that time I had sharp vision of the lynx and golden eagles . then , in company with my cousin in whose room I was staying (I still remember the long prayers of my aunt, HELENA, urging him to accept the benefits, in my sole opinion, the grim-pool alcove offering me would be very welcome for that strange summer .!) peeped that huge labrador whose thick silver metal chain led him firmly, the noble dog was of a dark bronze-like color, had a neck lush, its size seemed to indicate a rarity in the hounds of the lineage . the faithful domestic was snooping on the basis of a beautiful birch branches which were huge and symmetrical arms outstretched in prayer to the heights . the animal panting with energy equipment as akin to love you He was holding the chain . my cousin exclaimed, then ... WOODY: "Hey, JEHUDY, times if see you ... right from the time he were holding her up then-pupp ...
Can i have a pp plz. Could this be a sign of early labour? I have been having tightnings and back pain for 2 hours now not at exact timings tho, baby moving a bit more than normal 2nite and i keep getting sharp shooting pains inside my lady bits( could this be starting 2 dialate) also think i just had a show but was just clear no blood in it. Im 37 weeks tia x x
"Aire" a common malady that results when someone steps outside suddenly into the night air. The change in temperature can cause sharp, intermittent pain anywhere on the body!
If I aint in my uniform this is basically how ima be dressed for the next 3 years..
Inbox: Can I have a pp please, hi ladies I'm approaching week 37 of my pregnancy, I just don't feel right all yesterday I've been being sick, have terrible back ache stomach ache and keep getting sharp twinges down below! My lady area is very achy too, also had a pounding head ache for 3 days now! Anyone have any ideas why I feel like this? 3rd baby but can't remember feeling like this with the other two! Tia x Ange xx
Nagaland confession Zone... Dear admins.. Have you got the right to use the term "NAGALAND" in your page name? Did your team signed MoU with Govt of nagaland or With How many tribal council or hoho did your team signed MoU to use the term "Nagaland" in your page or represent the whole nagaland...? You should know its illegal to use state's name in a particular product (which in your case happens to be a f.b page) without the notice of of that particular state govt. :3 just being realistic here :3
"I'll stop talking to him I promise..."
Oh my i just love this day to death the 23rd of June the day my dad and mom ever rejoiced to have and hold me in their arms with the sweet cry that i made...i just can't thank them enough for what have turned out to be and its cuz of their unconditional love and support.i can't seriously pay them back all that you've done for me,but i pray they live to see their childrens children childrens.!!! Dad and mom ur the best parents i could ever have:) thanks again for being there for me at all times i LOVE u both ETERNALLY.
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Am sad via bein committed in a relationship aln
Had a wonderful visit with my Grandmother "Nanita".
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Am craving cake so early in th mrnin,mh wer cn i go 4 a frsh 1 tota!?nthuseng go akanya foo... gud mrnin
Who's up 4 a chart , can't sleep lot on my mind
Good afternoon everybody and God bless you all on this beautiful Friday afternoon. I wanted to share this story and verses with you all today because I feel like a lot of Christians today might be going through hard situations and instead of holding on tighter to their faith, they are distancing themselves farther and farther away from the one who will give them a solution to their problems. Let me tell you all a little about Job... In the land of Uz there lived a man whose name was Job. This man was blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil. He had seven sons and three daughters, and he owned seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen and five hundred donkeys, and had a large number of servants. He was the greatest man among all the people of the East. (Job 1:1-3 NIV) As you can see Job had it all... But one day the devil goes to God and they have a conversation... “Does Job fear God for nothing?” Satan replied. “Have you not put a hedge around him and his ** ...
Not knowing Ablakwa called Martin A.B.K Amidu pleading that Spanish company Isofoton SA be paid the monies that they claimed were due them. “Ablakwa has overgrown his wings" Said the intelligent lawyer (Martin A.B.K Amidu) because Ablakwa went over the powers of John Tia, the then Minister of information under whom he Ablakwa worked to discuses a petition he had received from Isofoton SA as he claimed. God punish all those looting Ghana's money, may their teeth and that of their children grow longer, may they not have peace till they pay for the monies they stole. When you people are suffering our government officials are looting monies for themselves and their families. God Bless Martin A.B.K Amidu and his family.
MQ:Probably not related to the page. but ive been on the bar for almost 7mnths and it gives me sharp pains in my arm where its located.. my question is what can i do to stop the pain when it hurts? Tia
Anyone have stock for Sharp, Phillips or Novita Air Purifier (With ioniser) or other brands please pm me. Need Urgently as I just realised my current Phillips one have no ioniser. TIA!
I need to make some major changes to my eating habits. I've stopped eating fast food completely but it's hard when i'm always in a rush. These stomach pains are becoming constant every time I eat. Hopefully it doesn't get to the point to where I have to eat salads. Ugh i'm in pain!
Looks like tia Tia Sharp is at it again lol
Christina Bassett asks: Does anyone have any advice of how to do a checkered cake board in fondant but not by painting by hand or airbrush? Tia
Guys still need prayers. We went back to the doctor and Terry Reed's did suffer from I think the doctor called it TIA which he explained to me was what you have right before a major stroke...blood pressure is back up and I have to take him back Friday and seeing a neurosurgeon on Monday. He's at home resting now. Thanks again for all your support and love.
Fan?: Hi ladies, today I turn 36 weeks, well last night around 2a.m I had this really sharp pain in my lower back and abdomen, it lasted for a while than went away, I feel asleep than woke up again some time later with the same pain than it went away and came back again later on! Every since than I haven't felt no pain, any suggestion as to what it could've been? I go tomorrow to my ob! TIA!!! ~Cay~
Fan Question: private post please, since having my lo I have suffered on and off with sudden sharp stomach pains and stomach pains when having sex, recently ended up at hospital due to severe stomach pains, the doctor at a&e told me to get gp to look into whether i have endometriosis, got checked out at doctors and was told have some erosion on my cervix and I have an appointment next month with gyno about whether I could have endometriosis, just wondering if anyone else has either of these things and how it effects them and if anything what was done about if, tia x
Hiya can I have a ppp I am 9weeks today and have been getting a sharp stabbing pain in the bottom left hand side of my stomache most of the day it comes & goes but quite sore :( has any1 had this or know what it could be TIA Xx
My oldest Tiger applied for a job at walmart I didnt want him to work yet but he wants to so please say a prayer n wish him luck ty
okudzeto-ablakwa,within a period of just 4years,has built over six ultra modern filling stations,4 multi-million dollar mansions,a proud owner of 20 heavy-duty petrol-tanker trucks and recently took delivery of 40 tipper-trucks from belgium. now,this is an individual who was the official spokesperson for ISOFOTON,religiously spearheaded their course and vociferously defended the action to defraud ghana to the tune of $ 1.3 million in payment of fictitious 'judgement debt,leaving a balance of $400,000. so,as the supreme court delivers a verdict on friday,21st june,2013 in this case,following a suit martin 'citizen vigilante' amidu filed against the said payment,some of us are eagerly waiting and holding our breadth to see what will be the end of okudzeto-ablakwa who has become fabulously rich within a twinkle of an eye!!.INDEED,THERE IS FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN!!!
Killer Mark Bridger, jailed for the murder of Tia Sharp?? I hope you'll correct this with your MSM pay masters
Girls! Line up..lets see wat maks u so classy! Serial no 1..turn around mmm.. "Nice butt n a sharp figure..thank u,u may go now" ..NEXT PLEASE..
Good morning, friends!! I have a topic that I'd like to ask YOU guys about (especially those that may be involved in physical therapy or are seasoned runners). I'm pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis in the my left foot. I googled my symptoms (sharp heel pain, worse during running or going up and down stairs, and often worse in the morning, plus I have naturally high arches which is suppose to be a risk factor) and they fit the descriptions I've read. These symptoms just appeared this week, so I'm hoping with rest and icing my heel it'll go away on its own. Anyone have experience with this??
Wot a joke I put in for Dla for my son and he been refused it, That it not got to go to appeal. Now it make me sick when people who get it and don't need it,, My son is ill and can't get a bean Joke. People got cars and they kids play outside ride a bike .But tom can't walk 7 meters without being in pain.tom in bed all day , But u see people playing that got car's
A panel rules that a RE teacher found to possess indecent images of children should be allowed to return to work.
Anybody know the difference between Osim uMist / uMist baby and Sharp KC-860U humidifier? TIA
Im greatfull today had a test at Sharp hospital and everything went well . Thank U LORD
Have my grandkids here for last day of school and a little swimming and dinner with us old grandparents, decided to take them for a treat, was going down sunrise when out of the blue, this wild man ran out in front of my truck, his arms were waving up in the air and he was screaming bloody mary, thank god I still have sharp reactions, I was able to avoid hitting him and at the same time do it so that my grandson sam-sam was safe, when we came back around there were 4 cop cars and the cops were trying to take him down, pretty scary.
Fun night at the fair with Madison Taylor, Megan Lindblad, Tia , Demi , Kyra Sharp, Ryan LeRoux Connor Stevens, Victoria , Clare Hartung and Parker !!
FAN QUESTION: "Everything I have read and heard talks about how our kiddos can sometimes hear voices and that it isn't a good sign especially if the voices are telling them to kill, hurt, or cut themselves, or do things to harm self or others. My son recently admitted to hearing voices that say these kinds of things. My question is about the other things he said the voices tell him. He says the voices tell him to do bad things that will get him in trouble and that they tell him to go to the bathroom in his pants. He is 11. Has anyone else ever experienced this or something similar? TIA! :)"
Me and my boys are ready for the zombie apocalypse.
All purpose parts banner
Inbox: Hey can you post for me please with no name I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and for the pass couple of hours iv been getting the odd sharp period pain, but now it seem ro just be staying and not going, all Iv wanted todo today is sleep and keep getting a lot of pressure down below like baby pushing down and only when I'm getting the pains I'm getting really bad back pains, do you think this could be early labour or just bh? Tia xx Oh can you also add please, baby is 3/5 engaged xx Steph xx
Kuniyuki Takahashi One of the blissful journey elements Deeper love
Just because I happen to not like a show YOU like doesn't mean I suddenly find YOU distasteful. It's all good. Be calm.
When young men born and bred in this country are radicalised and turned into killers, we have to ask some tough questions about what is happening in our country. - David Cameron. Totally, completely agree Dave. The murder of Tia Sharp, April Jones being the latest examples. - Shohana khan
So me & my daughter Alicia Mariana was at Walmart for her birthday 18 year girl decides to comment on my daughter's dress & weight!!! Really...o I yelled at her.told her who are you talking to? that was rude & kids would never say such a thing, blah, blah...the girl kept running her mouth! She is sooo lucky I did not want to go to jail for her young butt! What irritates me is how parents raise their kids to be rude & disrespectful! WTH! Parents do your JOB & raise your kids right! No respect for authority or your elders...NONE WHATSOVER! one of pet peeves is bad a*@ kids! Had to vent lol...I was so mad afterwards I was shaking!!!
Had a lovely meal at Tia Sharp with Susan Pamela Gibbons and all the kiddies.. deffo do it again xx
Please post anon! Does anyone know who buys second hand aircons I have a Sharp aircon split unit 18000 btu for a R1000 Still in excellent working condition as well a Trojan cycle with heart rate monitor and on screen displays R700 or make me a offer... Comment and I will inbox u with more details TIA
QOTD: What makes a man WANT to cuddle after sex? Do any of you consider men who cuddle soft? Lol.. And good morning!!
Welp... It's about that time again.. It's my birthday and I'm so grateful... I said I wasn't gonna say anything but Sunday evening, I was in a car accident.. I was driving, it was raining, the car ahead of me stopped and I hit the brakes as normal, but the car didn't stop.. I skidded and crashed into the back of an SUV.. As all of the birthday well wishes roll in, I'm reminded that things could have ended up another way.. I could be laid up in a hospital or my family could have the task of planning my funeral, but HE didn't see fit to let none of these things be... Im so grateful.. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year, carrying the theme "Greater is Coming".. Im 27 now.. You can't tell me nothing... lol.. I appreciate the love... Thank you all!!! Much love, right back at ya!
Seven sharp tv1. Tomorrow Wednesday 7pm. Please watch. Tnx.
A Question- Can anyone tell me what it feels like for one of the cysts to rupture? I'm waiting for a call back from my dr now but I keep having horrible period like cramps the release then come back if I move to much. My jeans are to tight to wear to! I don't have cramps with my cycles usually and definitely not due for one. TIA
Thank god everything is going good so far
Finally at the doctors hope she figures out what's wrong hate feeling like crap all the time
Inbox-Pls post - im 35 weeks pregnant. Can anybody tell me wot it is wen i feel like theres a sharp scratchy type feeling down there in my bits or cervix or something. Started getting it today and mainly wen i walk... tia *Tasha x
All I have written so far! Intro: I work in a medical lab finding new ways to win wars. I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and was greeted with a gun pointing at my head. "Now we hear you have a virus that can help our little war. Is this correct?" The man holding the gun said. "Yes but it is not yet finished and highly dangerous!" I warned. "Grab it boys. And make sure you make a bit of mess. As for you..." he waited. "Sian." I said. "As for you Sian. I want you to stay very still and not do anything! Okay?" He said. "Okay." I answered. With that they ran in and grabbed all the test tubes full of the virus. They ran out and smashed one of the tubes on the floor. I realised this when the door closed and I could already feel my insides burning. I tried to get to my gun but it was to late. I doubled over as blood began to gush out of my Mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Then. Darkness... Meet Leah: I just shop til I drop! I'm just your normal 16 year old girl. I have Brown hair and Brown eyes and I love to ...
David J Lopez! Oh so u gone act like I ain't texted or called you!!! You do not act like that with family!
Without her everythn is borin me nw.
I guess I'm a holy person today :p my shirt,pants,boxers,socks, and even my shoes have holes in them :3 praise me for I am holy xD
Just got a call from tias playschool sayin her or someone else has cut her ponytail and fringe :/ hoping and praying its not short :(
Amid the clamour for Google to take its social responsibilities seriously, there was mystifying silence from the Cameron Government.
Murder is now a daily event and will be until all murder = whole of life Well done the Judge April Jones but why not for Tia Sharp
best move her to somewhere the police will never ever find the body... Tia Sharp's loft for example
In 1972, David McGreavy murdered a baby and her two young siblings. They'd never release a man who did something as terrible as that. Would they?
MQ : Sorry in advance for tmi. I am about 4 1/2 months pregnant, and my husband and I have never had trouble with sex, but lately after we are done I have sharp pains in my abdomen/uterus, it almost feels like he hit somethiing, or idk! Its never happened before and my doctor has said sex is completely safe during pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone before? Could he be hitting something, and like be hurting the baby? My next appointment isn't until 6 weeks and I didnt want to attempt getting a hold of my doctor because she is always busy. Lol. TIA
In the last 3 weeks we've had two Murdering Paedophiles convicted and the tragic murder of a seventeen year old girl..Not that anybody had noticed ..
Bana ba gesho they mean the world 2 me
ok is it normal to feel carmpy??? I will be 39 weeks wensday and that when I got to doctor too but since I got up this morning I have been having cramps as if it was my menstrual cycle and bad lower back pain anyone else ever felt like this?
Thinking of and cheering virtually for all my runner friends today! 5 Sharp Lives in her half marathon, Happy Running Mama, Kate and others in the Newport Half and Full, and several others! And congrats to my friend Petra on her awesome BQ! What races are today? Who else is racing??
Vacation Bile School starts June 17th. It will start at 6:00 sharp! If you are a volunteer please give me your T-shirt size. We will be distributing flyers next Saturday. Thanks for your dedication and prayers you all!
I feel so betrayed eish at times 1 hve 2 take the punches like a man,u neva knw where your luck may come 4rm..viaissues as i turn my trust 2 the 1 who cares nd wil neva turn against me which is jesus christ the best problem solver ja neh its true
Inbox. Pp please im 9 weeks pregnant and just had blood in my wee and really sharp pains down below no blood when I wipe though any ideas what this could be really worried! Tia Katie xx
I recently got the Mirena put in. The day i got it my period stopped completely, a few days later i started again. I've been bleeding a little every other day and whenever me and my SO have sex. Tonight I started having cramps to the point i couldn't walk and now am having a sharp pain on the left side of my stomach by my belly button. What do you ladies suggest? I would call my doctor but its the weekend. I've heard so much bad stuff that its making me really concerned.TIA! -rpb Ashley
I am officially a GANACHE convert. I had read about it for years...but, as I am a lazy, break-the-rules baker...I thought "ugh, too difficult...chocolate?!...I have to what?...white chocolate?!...I have to buy chocolate?!...too expensive...too time-consuming...blah, blah, blah." Well, not only does it cut down my work time and help produce cleaner, sharper edges under my fondant...but, it truly is much easier to work with and I think it ends up saving me money in the long run on butter, cream and powdered sugar (ABC) and eggs (SMBC). Thanks to Kristin at Bliss Pastry for helping me deal with a problem today (hot, humid 90's) as it is my first Summer using it in my work. I had a question for anyone who uses you ever flavor your ganache (particularly the white chocolate) and how/when do you add the flavoring? Thanks.
This is how ADva Productions will tour in the near future... Give me a year. I'm claiming it in the name of Jesus! Won't He do it?!
Put a little hair gel in that forelock and you could almost have a unicorn!
So Mark Bridge a middle aged white man has been sentenced for the murder of 6 year old April Jones and is a nasty paedophile, Stuart Hazel also a middle aged white man was sentenced this month for the murder and sexual assault of Tia Sharp. After these horrific offences I don't see any riots or protests starting labelling all middle aged white men as paedophiles and sadists? After the Woolwich murder us Muslims have to face abuse and are constantly justifying ourselves! Why aren't all middle aged white men being labelled just like Muslims are?
1. Hi guys first time mum here! I think my daughter is teething. She is only 13 weeks old, is it possible? 2. Hi I have a nocturnal 13 day old baby. She sleeps during the day and fights sleep at night. Any suggestions in changing it around? 3. I was jus curious, I have had 2 c sections during my 2nd delivery drs told me my adhessions were bad ad they advised me not to have anymore children I have 2 boys and would like to try for another but a, weary of the adhessions just wanting some advice or experience from others?? 4. What's the best toy you bought for your ds when 6 months old? TIA 5. My husband and I have been ttc for the last five months and nothing is happening and I'm starting to get frustrated. He has a fifo job and its difficult to get the timing right. I came off the pill in December but my cycle isn't regular. We have a 4yo and I'm worried about the huge age gap too. I wanted a closer age gap but my husband didn't. Any advice would be great on similar situations and what did u do? Tia 6. ...
Following the FA Cup Final - Thats what its all about, keeping a good sense of fun going !!
There are some tremendously sick, evil people in the world today, it's unreal
Tia Sharp, April Jones & now Georgia William's. The country is I"m sure united in thought for their families & friends. I am so sorry
Man im in so pain just wanna lay here n cry . Was fine this morning n then boom im layed out . Pls lord b wit me n take care of me n place ur loving hands on me n tk this pain away . Amen . Hope all havinf a good day
Packing and getting ready to hit the road! Going to have fun in the LBK!! Who wants to hang out tonight???
Experts relate April Jones and Tia Sharp murders to proliferation of pictures and 'spiral of abuse' theory
Inbox Can you pp please. I had to have an emergency c section so I obviously have to have the injection that stops your blood from clotting (or whatever it does lol) hospital never actually told me how to do it. They done it for me 4 times but as I'm needle phobic I never watched how it was done. So, how do I do it? Lol Tia xx xharrietx
well ppl.if u need God between 6-11:30 know that he's busy with me. I'm way to Austin to take the managers exam so I need him all to myself. :) I'm wearing my nanny ring. and my blk louibiton stoned shoes she loved .if I could hear her now she woulda said "whoo TIA - u fine and sharp.but how u wear them shoes.whooo I use to in my younger days!!! (gotta do this for her) ...I promised her I would do my thing when the day came! that's today!!!
I don't go to church but I do believe there is a God and he is now looking after April Jones and Tia Sharp, protecting them from all evil that we could not.
Well they found that scumbag Mark Bridger guilty off April Jones murder. We all knew that would be the case and now another girl gone missing Georgia Williams. What is happening just lately no one us safe at all :(
so Mark Bridger has been found guilty of murdering a 5 year old girl and no mention of what religion he is...same for Stuart Hazell who murdered tia sharp does anyone know his religion either...or is it that they are not muslims so their religion does not come into it...FACT..people murder people regardless of what religion or race they are and more often than not its innocent people who get murdered people should concentrate on that and stop jumping on any bandwagon that rolls their way...
I've held my tongue on this. But a lot of you you have shown yourselves to be racists this last week for the actions of those *** who killed that soilder. Condemning a religion & a race of the actions of the two who did that. How many of you did the same for April Jones, Tia Sharp & countless other children? By that rationale, are you suggesting the kilking of one man by two Muslims is worse than kids getting snatched & killed? I'm not suggesting this is a crime that needs no attention, but some need to reel themselves in & stop the continuation of hate. My two cents
I'm in a lot of pain today almost cut my finger off last night now it feels like its being burned and hurts non stop
FanQ; Ladies please help!! So ive been having strange pains and pressure in my belly for the past week and a half. Sunday I was brooming and wen I bent down I had and AWFUL pain at the bottom of my belly. I couldnt stand straight. Ive been having headaches and im very very sleepy. I tested on the 16 (5 days missed period) got a NEG & on the 20-23 I would pee and wen I wipe I had a very very light stain of blood now over the weekend theres been a little sharp pain in my belly wen I bend down since last night ive been having sharp but SHARP pains wen I pee I even tear up. today (5/28) around 7 I got home and I was in really bad pain from holding my pee in I peed and a line of blood stained the toliet then from 8-9 I peed 4 times. No blood or nothing just really sharp pain wen I pee. Now its 10 ive held in my pee for about 30 mins becus I was cleaning and I bled again and it really really hurt. Idk what to do or what it might be. Anybody help?? Sorry for it being long and TMI Reposted by-kk
Hiya just wanting some advice I'm nearlly 9 weeks pregnant and today I have been getting pains up my left side just near my ribs does anyone know what this could be? Iv also had a little rash come up on my side which is red and really bumpy? Tia x
My great, great grandmother, Cammaliza FORRESTER 19 Apr 1827 in Harlan, Kentucky / 28 Sep 1921 Texas, Missouri, Union Cemetery, Texas, Missouri OMG... When Cammiliza and James Coats were married, they both had children from previous marriages. James Coats was married to Elizabeth Hart. Elizabeth was born in Tennessee. There were 13 children from this marriage. Cammiliza was married to James H Crawford. There were 6 children from this marriage. Both lost their spouses due to illness. Cammiliza and James Coats had 7 more children, giving them a total of 26 children between them. LOL...
148 recorded incidents and attacks on INNOCENT and LAW ABIDING Muslim people and mosques since the Woolwich murder, mostly by WHITE EDL supporters. And most of you lot all calling the Muslims "scum".When Stuart Hazell killed Tia Sharp, did anyone mention he was brought up a Christian? No.
Wow look at all the weekend racists, if you support the bnp or edl or in any way think those 2 *** represent Muslims or Islam as a whole remove yourself from my friends list now u utter *** Where was your hatred when Tia sharp or April jones where killed? Why didn't you help search for them? Coz your all talk that's why!
My grandson getting hid haircut getting all pretty for hid bday next week.
Ppl keep saying not to tar every muslim with the same brush but from what Im reading its just brits that are showing any kind of respect towards the young soldier. Ive read so much hate and vile comments from other muslims, why would we think anything other??? I for one dnt know any to make me think anything else anyway! If Im wrong Im wrong, but theyre clearly their own worst enemies by bringing so much hatred towards their own kind!
Blog comment: Maureen Messent: Tia Sharp betrayed by her guardians
Right here's my take on what went on yesterday. Everyone else has had their say, and at least 75% of them are absolutely idiotic. First off, what happened was absolutely inexcusable and I believe that ANYONE who commits such a crime should be treated with absolutely no respect and should lose their own life in a way that will attract as little publicity as possible. After all, that is what they are after! People of all different colour, race, religion and walks of life commit murders every day in this country. April Jones and Tia Sharp have both been murdered in the last year by English, white, Christian males and are just as bad as these two *** yesterday. I've seen comments saying the government have an 'ideology' but go on to praise the EDL and call for the BNP to come to power . Now those two organisations are the biggest examples of ideological thinking that you will ever see, aside from possibly Nazis. Just to let these narrow minded people know, this country would be in an absolute mess under ...
What is Govt doing to stop cases like Tia Sharp, April Jones and Maria Stubbings in 1st place? Expert report out thurs.
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Next question: In light of Tia Sharp's father saying that Stuart Hazell should be hanged, what are your feelings on the death penalty?
I hope he gets rodgered!!! > 'I cry myself to sleep': Tia Sharp murderer
Letters from Tia Sharp murderer Stuart Hazell reveal his upset at remarks from prisoners and his bond with a pigeon
Tia Sharp "uneasy" about Stuart Hazell weeks before he murdered her
Tia Sharp "uneasy" about staying with Stuart Hazell just weeks before her murder
Tia Sharp, 12, (pictured) was killed at her grandmother's house in Croydon, after a life surrounded by the bad influences of her dysfunctional family.
Exclusive: Tia Sharp's killer Stuart Hazell has been sent “more death threats than Ian Huntley”
Exclusive: Tia Sharp's killer Stuart Hazell begs for mercy in letters from jail full of self-pity
Tia Sharp's gran: I can never forget Stuart Hazell's sickening pic..
Stuart Hazell, 37, will be sentenced for the murder of 12-year-old Tia Sharp today:
Stuart Hazell. (Photo: PA) Two news stories. Two countries. One breathtaking hypocrisy. On Tuesday, in London, Stuart Hazell pleaded guilty to the m
Just removed the electrics at the property where Tia sharp was found to be demolished. Proper spooky
Tia sharp only just got killed, her killer will get out... Surely a sexually motivated attack on a child is worse than killing police
I still find it curious that New Addington, where poor Tia Sharp died, is due south of Greenwich & the Olympic site.
Lots of people on my timeline getting the murder of Tia Sharp by Stuart Hazell mixed up with that of April Jones by Mark Bridger.
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Watch our reppin' on ITV's Tonight Tia Sharp special
I feels like Tia Sharp's family are cashing in
this is how he shoulda got rid of Tia sharp.
New Blog Post: Tia Sharp and a Community in Search of Peace...
Last night at 7.30pm ITV aired their Tonight programme.. and a documentary about the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp. Mark Williams-Thomas spent months with the family of Tia Sharp and spoke in-depth to Stuart Hazell. Tia’s family have been criticised by…
Stuart Hazell sentenced: Tia Sharp's father punches the air and her mother sheds tears via
Whoopi I love your shoes and your socks accent the shoes Wear your stuff girl I really liked the violin and gum heal shoes.SHARP
The man accused of murdering April Jones was skilled at using "skinning and deboning knives", a former colleague at an abattoir has told a jury.
Shocked at the way Stuart went on throughout the whole Tia Sharp case!
Tia Sharp's murder very disturbing he should never be allowed out!
Swearing Alert: I'm watching ITV's Tonight on the *** that killed Tia Sharp.
very small world ! Wondered if you followed mark William Thomas , he just replied to me about the Tia Sharp programme !
just watched that programme about poor Tia Sharp getting murdered. Heartbreaking. Can't imagine what her mother has been through 😪
Hazell jailed for 38 years for Tia Sharp murder
Gutted i missed the programme on tia sharp earlier! 'living with a murderer' so sad 
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So Stuart Hazell has got minimum of 38 years for murdering Tia Sharp. What a joke.
Watching this Tia Sharp documentary. This guy absolutely lost for words. Complete wrongen
A very well made & sensitive show about Tia Sharp, a sad reminder of the nightmare these families go through
Watch Tia Sharp's gran reveal all about life with evil Stuart Hazell
Cases like Tia Sharp, Baby p and others make me feel more passionate about my career path and make me focused.
Cases like Tia Sharp's make me want to work in child protection even more
Love any crime doc- however this about tia sharp on itv is horrendous! I couldn't even imagine... 😔
LIVING WITH A KILLER- TONIGHT ITV 19:30 A unique insight into the impact of Tia Sharp's murder.
I remember I was on the front page of the newspaper; in the background at tia sharp's memorial!♥
so dogs were used in Tia Sharp case and were proved correct.again. strange that seem to be only doubters of these dogs.
In tears at watching that Tia Sharp programme... Ngl he is sick..
Crying watching - my heart goes out to Tia Sharp's family, they'll never get over what that evil man did to her!
The death of tia sharp actually knocks me sick
Just watched the programme on Tia sharp , such a sad story feel for her poor family , why is this world full of evil Useless people !
Hazell, 37, dramatically changed his plea to guilty midway through his murder trial at the Old Bailey yesterday. His defence QC Lord Carlile said it was 'an act of remorse' because 'Tia's family have suffered enough'.
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Despicable of to do her 'private grieving' in the redtops whilst Tia Sharp & April Jones cases ongoing
Mark Williams-Thomas MA. One of the countries leading police advisors to the media Mark Williams-Thomas features regularly as an expert on the BBC, ITV and Sky News. He is also the leading authority in child protection as well as a script advisor to TV programmes such as Waking the Dead and Inspecto...
Mark is the man who exposed Jimmy Savile. Using his wealth of experience as a former detective, leading criminologist he researched and presented two ITV Exposure documentaries in Oct and Nov 2012 and the nation was left stunned. The first kick started a number of investigations in to how Savile man...
Still think Tia Sharp's grandmother is involved in some way, she should have been charged and jailed as well, don't believe she didn't know Tia's body was in her attic. I think she helped Stuart Hazell cover up the crime.
Suzanne Moore: When children are injected with heroin and sold for sex, where are the witnesses, the men who knew what was going on but said nothing?
The sentencing remarks from Mr Justice Nicol who sentenced Stuart Hazell to 38 years in prison for the murder of Tia Sharp.
London's news, sport and travel with your views on the big issues.
Tia's step-grandfather Stuart Hazell appeared at the Old Bailey today while Natalie Sharp visited her daughter's memorial today.
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