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Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football is the brand name used by NFL Network for its schedule of live regular season telecasts of National Football League games on Thursday nights.

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Roger Goodell says NFL remains "very committed" to Thursday Night Football. Despite player complaints, no end to it in si…
Roger Goodell on the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles, marijuana, Thursday Night Football and more
Roger Goodell says everyone is wrong and 'Thursday Night Football ... - SB Nation
ICYMI: Thursday Night Football with John Giles - open title race, Spurs back three, Sanchez & Pep throwing strops;
John Giles is back for the first Thursday Night Football of 2017 - talking Alli, Sanchez & Pep - get your questions in to us here for John.
Sunday Night Football on TNT being the Thursday Night Football of its day.
alum Shawn Weyer (reindeer sweater) doing graphics for Thursday Night Football on Christmas Day
Hey today is Saturday. Stop shopping the Thursday Night Football signs between plays. — watching Houston Texans
John Madden didn’t beat around the bush when discussing Thursday Night Football
For those of you who watch football every Sunday, how often do you watch Thursday Night Football?
The best thing that has happened on Thursday Night Football all season.
Chris Collinsworth jus' singing in the Thursday Night Football booth ala "Dandy" Don Meredith on Monday Night Football. You go, Chris
[SB Nation: Big Blue View] - Thursday Night Football: How to watch Rams at Seahawks
[Mashable] Richard Sherman thinks Thursday Night Football is an 'absolute poopfest'
They just paid tribute to Grant Tinker on Thursday Night Football. Not a peep about the Big Mac guy. 😂
I believe Thursday night football game between Dallas and Minnesota there was a Stern show Ref. N-BC. Frank Williams, lovely your W
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I haven't watched Thursday night football in really long time...I'm at peace right now😌🙌🏼
Thursday Night football on any day not named thanksgiving should be outlawed
Just another reason they should sack Thursday night football...
Nothing puts Loki and Rollo to sleep better than bad Thursday night football!
Mom: Hmm, Thursday night football on Wednesday night? I gotta watch this!
The real Thursday night football is happening in Aguascalientes. and are underway.
I see the Thursday night game is 7-3 in 3rd quarter. Thur nt football is such a bad idea it even makes the Cowboys look bad.
Live updates from Cowboys. vs. Vikings on 'Thursday Night Football' via
Omw home. Thursday night football. Dammnn u Cowboys. I hate yall but I love watching good football and u balln rn
Nothing like sitting in the backyard watching Thursday Night Football
The last few Thursday Night Football games have, been pretty good !!
How do I get Thursday night football ???.
Thursday night football hud feels so 90s
They are playing Sing by on Thursday Night Football!!! I am so excited for them 🎤
I like this feature on here where you can watch Thursday night football 🤔
I was pretty shocked when I saw Penatonix sang the Thursday Night Football theme. No reason really just thought it was weird
Sam Bradford injured against the Cowboys on ‘Thursday Night Football’
Cowboys vs. Vikings live updates: Scores, highlights, and news from 'Thursday Night Football'
I can't wait until they get rid of Thursday night football
I must say, the Thursday night football graphics are better than what fox or cbs uses. Much cleaner at the bottom.
Look at that crowd! Bet you more people tuned in to speech than Thursday Night Football. Even mo…
We hope you are enjoying Thursday Night Football on 96-5 ESPN. Don't forget to make your Week 13 picks at
Looks like Sammy can't take it either, sound asleep. *** Hum, another Thursday night football game.
Mike Zimmer will not coach vs. Cowboys after emergency eye surgery
Another Thursday night and no football! Go you America hating jerk!
The Dallas skyline lit up for the Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings for Thursday Night Football on NBC.
Check out our recap off all the honours handed out at the in Abu Dhabi on Thursday night>>
GAMETIME: Full preview of with PROS vs JOES divide and deep dives into the biggest games of NFL Week 13 https…
Ha. I bet the Cowboys, so right now I'm good and loving Thursday Night Football! How many fantasy leagues for you this season?
Thursday Night Commercials with football in between.
Thursday night football is pointless
The perfect app for Thursday night football >>
whhhy??? He always does Thursday night football!!!
Our team will be on the news 2night at 10:50 on Fox 29 and NBC whenever Thursday night football is over. Big game tomorrow…
Most impressive part is that he's watching Sunday Night Football on a Thursday. How'd he pull that off?
My dog had surgery yesterday,so I've been playing nurse all day Watching Thursday Night Football How about you?
Sam Bradford took a shot to the ribs and exited the game
[USA Today: For The Win] - Even John Madden hates 'Thursday Night Football,' and he's got the perfect solution to …
The New Orleanians are currently too riled up with Thursday Night Football to care, so you're good.
When you play against someone who starts Matt Ryan/Mike Evans on Thursday Night Football 😐🔫
When you started Matt Ryan and Mike Evans on Thursday Night Football
I'm in rural Wisconsin at an Outback Steakhouse watching Thursday Night Football by myself. Somebody's getting their groove back.
Thursday Night Football comes to Tampa Bay!. READ MORE: Get your tickets!:
Al Michaels is no fan of Thursday Night Football or its uniforms.
Steve brought this up on today's show...Al Michaels isn't a fan of Thursday Night Football.
Thursday night football is a bad idea
Thursday Night Football OVERTIME WK 6: Broncos vs. Chargers tune in now LIVE
the Thursday night football game was 3 hours and even worst
Staying in and watching football with Buddy, best way to spend a Thursday night ☺️💙
Thursday night football games suck.
Thursday night football is garb lol
Are you ready for some dress up? Catch all the Thursday football action with our Kilt Girls in their special Thursday ni…
Totally forgot that today was Thursday. I could have been watching Thursday Night Football
Gonna be a good one tonight in West Palm Beach! Thursday Night Football 🏈⭐️ with some future Wolverines 👀
Thursday Night football with the legend himself Terrell Davis.
agree 100%, if you are watching Thursday night football over postseason baseball, you are insane
Another Thursday night wasted watching bad football.
End your night with as he talks Thursday Night Football, NLDS and more!. WATCH:…
Thursday Night Football is a great reminder that we still don't know who the good teams are yet. A lot of football left to…
Just another reason why I hate Thursday night football. It's a joke. Only time NFL should be played on Thursday IS thanksgiving
What a great sports evening! We had a full slate of hockey games, Thursday Night Football, and game 5 between the Dodgers and Nationals!
MLB/lists/beatwriters,SOCCER NFL Thursday Night Football see more
Thursday night football! We'll smile if you join us right now! Cleveland 19 News
Thanks, Thursday football, for ruining my favourite late-night local newscast. 😡
Thursday Night Football is as electric as ever
The 7th inning lasted as long as the second half of Thursday night football
Thursday night football is still craptastic.
Thursday night football is always weird
Six games played in Oklahoma Thursday night
The score on a wheel route from to extend lead 35-0
That doesn't bother me as opposed to people choosing to watch Thursday night football over playoff baseball!
This was the last Thursday Night Football game I'll watch in my life without knowing what Lambeau Field is like in person. Too *** excited.
Looks like went 8-2 in his on Thursday night... See tomorrow's picks.
Thursday night football took that L smh what was going on Denver
Thursday Night Football, Denver vs San Diego.. # 12 Benjamin Travis for the Chargers Muffled it on the 8 yd line.. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Carson Palmer out with concussion vs 49ers on Thursday Night Football.. Related Articles:
Nance and Simms are perfect for Thursday Night Football...unless the NFL starts games on Tuesday at 3am...then that'd be a more perfect fit.
Thursday night HS football?. took a selfie with her Springfield friends on my phone. Cool kids out here. https…
Watch live! "NFL Thursday Night Football" Not the best night 4 Still watched it tho.
No Thursday Night Football game should have this much Blaine Gabbert love...
Phil Simms was just rationalizing Gabbert as a QB. That's when you know there shouldn't be anymore Thursday Night Football.
Cardinals beat the 49ers 33-21 to avoid a 1-4 start to the season on Thursday Night Football
Lol @ the two QBs we just watched on Thursday night football.
CARDS WIN! They beat the 49ers 33-21 on Thursday Night Football for a much-needed victory.
The Arizona took the first step in getting their season back on track with a win in Thursday Night Footb…
⚡ Cardinals beat Niners on Thursday Night Football. am not a cardinals fan but fitzgerald is a beast!!!
no issues with Thursday Night Football stream. constant issues with BOS/CLE MLB playoff game. TBS live stream is awful.
We learned- Gabbert is terrible. 49ers defense is bad. And Thursday Night Football is a subpar product. Oh wait we new that already.
Couldn't Thursday Night Football just make an exception to air Warriors preseason instead
Lol the 49ers don't deserve to be on Thursday night football . Blaine gabbert out here looking foolish
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Happy Thursday night! We skyped w/Seattle native now living in path of & I live after football
Thursday Night Football is always trash bruh
DT Calais Campbell with a sack for a Safety on Thursday Night Football.
NFL Week 5 picks: Previewing Cardinals at 49ers on Thursday Night Football
Thursday Night Football is one of the dumbest things the NFL has ever done. And that's saying something.
Need to start a petition to cancel Thursday night football
Like I'm just sitting here watching Thursday night football with dad. No one is talking. But this is the best place to be rn. ❤️🤗
i need Thursday Night Football to die
Thursday Night Football games are consistently garbage.
I'm sick of Thursday Night Football. Every week it feels like a preseason game. One of the worst decisions the NFL has made…
Down 49-0 in fantasy football after the Thursday night game... Challenge accepted
Football on a Thursday night got us like
Nice to see Wichita's and Bishop Carroll's Blake Bell catch a pass for the 49ers against Arizona just now on Thursday night…
Why is Thursday Night Football on CBS this season?
Lmao let me find out they have a kicker analyst now on Thursday night football. Smh jay feely
Thursday Night Football open thread: Cardinals at 49ers
Thursday Night Football!! The game will be on our 90" HDTV! And we will have 50 Cent wings all game long! see…
unior Varsity Indian football team defeated Patton High School Thursday night by a score of 34…
Greedy *** NFL and Thursday NIght watered down football
Larry Fitzgerald is on Thursday Night Football tonight, so here's video of him dominating at Pitt.
I missed Greys and Thursday Night Football because of work 😩 at least I have Saturday off
Thursday Night Football has a Kicking Expert. No wonder why there ratings suck. Hopefully, they don't hire Mike Carey ever.
At 11 Thursday night football lights vs. Holy Redeemer, plus, an inspirational story of will,
When you live in Florida during a hurricane, channel 6 isn't Thursday Night Football, its news. 😒😒
Sam Elliot narrating the Thursday Night Football intro is pure gold.
Sam Elliot should narrate the opening of Thursday Night Football every week.
Thursday Night Football, Cardinals vs 49ers: Game time, TV channel, news, odds, and more: W...
Oh crap - I have to listen to Mike Mayock on the Thursday Night Football broadcast on radio.
Thursday Night Football with a few cold beers, a basket of hot wings, and some mighty fine company. Join us here...
A sure TD is fumbled away as recovers! Watch it NOW
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Also, can we just establish that Thursday Night Football is great. There's no better way to start your weekend than with football.
Yep it's getting very close to me being done with football week two after the Thursday night game.
May not be the cleanest football, but hey, two close games on Thursday night. We'll take it
Note to cynics: I love Thursday night NFL football.
This Bills-Jets grind fest is a great example of why you always fade Thursday Night Football. Never any points scored.
Hey..Thursday night football..don't miss out on football night
Thursday Night Football in the EST timezone is brutal. Ready to go to sleep but the game is just getting good!
This Thursday night football game is actually pretty good!
There's your game-changer. Jets' Jalin Marshall fumbles, Nickell Robey-Coleman recovers and the Bills lead 24–20
We have to beat Rex tonight Thursday night Football!
Thursday night football has been amazing so far
is the MVP for streaming every Thursday Night Football game
15/09/2016, o dia do nascimento do Thursday Night Football!
Is this game the most entertaining in Thursday Night Football history? I'm gonna do no research and just say yes
why did you advertise that i would have thursday night football and now i dont? Isnt that false advertising
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Thursday night football is definitely a good game right now but better rivalry
I thought Thursday night football games normally be trash?
This is what Thursday Night Football does. So sloppy.
Wait wait wait wait wait. Entertaining football on Thursday night isn't going to be a thing now, is it??
Give Thursday Night Football some love! And yes ... I'm ok w/HGH in the game
Back to back entertaining Thursday Night Football games has to be a new record.
Cincinnati, the old Thursday night college football home dog special. (And has no known means of income?)
Thursday night football is crazy right now. Both games.
Thursday night football good tonight 💯💯🏈
Robys love returning fumbles for tds on Thursday night football tbh.
Thursday Night Football is about to be HEATED 🔥🔥🔥
NFL football on a Thursday night makes me so happy
Just like every Thursday night football!
I KNOW! PS. This is what Thursday Night Football is like...
Homework due Friday, football on Thursday night. Homework due Monday, football on Sunday and Monday. Oh the struggle of fall semesters
Tulane shout out on Thursday Night Football or whatever this is called. represent! There's your in depth sports update.
Ok, I'm watching a live streaming Thursday night football game on my phone. You millenialls don't know how good you have it!!
watching the Thursday night football game. Watcha upto tonight
Thursday Night Football: Bob Costas takes the NFL to task over Tom Brady's suspension via
We hope you enjoyed Thursday Night Football - Check out the Week Twelve, Division 2 Preview - https:…
Our annual trip to Titletown is ON! Plan a long weekend and join us for Thursday Night Football in Green Bay!
Going to have to skip the gym this evening for Thursday night football. Priorities
Oh yes it's Thursday night football 😈
Y'all let's not forget that Thursday Night Football is back so do ya homework early!
It’s officially FOOTBALL SEASON!. Will the first Thursday night game be a repeat of the Superbowl?! . Cast your...
It's NFL Thursday night football game day!
here's the story from last night. We don't have anything uploaded from the morning at this time tho.
Can't wait for some Thursday night football and
Thursday Night Football time! We suspect the Panthers are going to play HARD today. 🏈🏆 We …
Just one more class, then I can roll some blunts get the beer cold an be ready for Thursday night football
I would but I got no money ATM, will you be watching Thursday night football tonight?
How to watch the Broncos and Panthers on Thursday Night Football via
Thursday night football!!! So it begins, Panthers vs. Broncos. So excited for the 2016 football season😄
Thursday night means football night. Getting in shape for a revenge.
Thursday Night Football is finally back!!! The NFL season opener kicks off tonight @ 5:30 pm with the Carolina...
Remember when Devin Hester did this on Thursday Night Football?. So do the NFL's record books. 🏃💨💨
Colts don’t luck out; they play Pittsburgh Week 12 on Thanksgiving (Thursday Night Football).
Football season is great.. You get football on Sunday, Monday Night, Thursday Night, Friday night, and Saturday😍🏈
Some Thursday night Football would be lit right now
A trash Thursday Night Football game would be cash right now
A wack Thursday Night Football game would be clutch right now
This is how you enjoy a Thursday night. Football Checkers
Why can't Thursday night football be tonight
Thursday night lights in Plaster Stadium at MSU. Spartan Football getting ready to represent.
Clinton-Trump is like Steelers-Ravens on Thursday Night Football, but every day for 6 months.
domain names
great having you ! Can't wait till Thursday night football!
Thursday Night Football 👀. Neyland is about to be rockin' on September 1st ! Can't wait ! .
This fall Thursday Night Football will be streamed live so fans will see more of this.
Reminder! Thursday night at elks varsity football annual awards night for ALL Varsity players and parents hosted by coach palazzi and LBDFC
CBS in talks with NFL for streaming rights for Thursday Night Football.
It is very rare Thursday night football gets me excited but they are two belters lined up for us.
I don't argue with someone not playing UCL football pls go & argue with ur fellow Thursday night football peeps
TV is dead. Why can't you let the BBC go. I don't care for it. Why keep telling me to pay for it?
Meet They have set sights on NFL streaming. A new player in the content arena.
Add to the list of companies interested in obtaining streaming rights for Thursday Night Football.
Seriously though, Thursday night will be the highest viewing figures that BT have ever had for a football match.
Thursday night football tins😆 RM are through🙆 . We should go through on thursday🙏
The football on Thursday night is better than anything the champions league has 😎😏
must be expecting their biggest football TV audience for on Thursday night.
NFL accepting bids from tech giants for Thursday Night Football streaming rights.
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Tech giants line up for Thursday Night Football digital rights:
CBS got hosed in NFL's new 'Thursday Night Football' deal
"Thursday Night Football" will be split between NBC and CBS.
'Thursday Night Football' to Air on Both CBS and NBC | NBC4 Washington via
NFL is expanding Thursday Night Football to include NBC
Source confirms "Thursday Night Football" deal is "very close" to done; unclear when NFL will announce it. CBS & NBC will…
My husband is gonna have to deal with me watching football every Sunday, Monday and Thursday night.
All attention now turns to Thursday night as the Year 8 footballers visit CCF in an end of season crunch game
Sex and bacon for vampires, I just grossed myself out with my cat for Thursday night football
At ... yall should have done stuff here, thursday night football or something, it's pretty cool
Friday, I spent literally all day in the hospital, and today my boss went behind my back to ask if I was at a party Thursday night.
Those mensa students really show up for UH games. Who knew? Not like they're skipping a Wednesday,Thursday night class for a football game.
there's no Thursday Night Football.and no real debate without Trump.sad.thx fox news.
The Knights Rugby Football Club practices well into the night. Why is at practice? Find out Thursday
Trying to go the the Thursday night Miami vs game this year..
"Thursday night games in Blacksburg are like no other." . See ya on Oct. 20, .
that's an annual occurrence for the gunners in the last 16 these days. Still it beats Thursday night football
Thursday Night Football again for in 2016. Hope it goes better this time around!
I wonder if knows that fans would actually travel to Pitt if they quit scheduling Thursday night games with them?
LOL Ok watch the debates Replaces Thursday night football
I think we should totally change it up. Race on Weekday nights. Look how well Thursday & Monday night football do
Clemson's 2016 Football Schedule Released: Tigers will have Thursday and Friday night games
Thursday, October 27th, 2016: . - Pitt football plays home night game against VT . -Paige's 21st bday. -best day ever
COLLEGE FOOTBALL | Thursday night home game highlights ACC schedule; play all Saturday games in 2016
Wake Forest plays host to Tulane on Thursday night to open college football season
ACC: Highlight of 2016 schedule features Clemson at Florida State on Oct. 29; 4 Thursday night games on ESPN (ESPN)
gets screwed in the ACC opener again. Clemson on Thursday night five days after playing Vandy.
Thursday night home game highlights Virginia Tech's ACC schedule; UVa to play all Saturday games in 2016 (
NC State at UNC football will be Friday night Nov 25th. UNC at Duke is Thursday Nov 10.
football schedule just released: open at Auburn. Will play at GT on Thursday night, plays at BC on a Fri night.
Thursday night football back in Lane Stadium. All is right in the world.
Always the game. Always Thursday night at Lane games. ❤️🏈
Virginia Tech football schedule released. Hokies have 2 Thursday night games.
A Friday night and a Thursday night football game? I can dig it
2016 schedule release! Back-to-back Thursday night games in October, and late Nov. game at ND!
Football training for squad members has started on a Thursday night. Please can parents make sure they have signed the participation slip.
If manutd can't win games without Thursday night football, how can they cope when Europa games start?
Incoming 9th graders to VHS, don't forget Thursday is SPIN night at 6PM. We will be handing out info on Fresh Football. See you there!
Bills-Jets Thursday Night Football: the untold story of Buffalo's 22-17 win
Really hope we get this football game set up for Thursday night
actually wanna win the FA Cup and get Europa league football, give me somewhere to go on a Thursday night
Wales tomorrow with the football girls, Thursday out with the college girls and Saturday night exeter, pretty decent week
Next Thursday February 4th Reading Football will be hosting Skyline Night in Reading from 5pm to 8pm. Proceeds go to our…
God help us if Fox wins Thursday Night Football. I can deal with concussions, women/child beaters, drugs.I cannot deal with Colin Cowherd
It's alarming that they need to say that Sunday afternoon football is on Sunday, but this is the Saturday edition of Thursday Night Football
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Ian Eagle just confirmed to the audience that Sunday afternoon football is on Sunday. Is that a shot at Thursday Night Football on Saturday?
"Sunday afternoon football on Sunday"... As opposed to this Thursday Night Football on Saturday nonsense
"That's Sunday afternoon football on Sunday." - Ian Eagle. Not to be confused with Thursday Night Football, on Saturday.
"Sunday Afternoon Football on Sunday". I'd love to make fun of that but I'm watching Thursday Night Football on Saturday so yeah.
I cannot wait for Thursday Night Football: Saturday Edition on Sunday afternoon Monday night.
LOL how many flags are going to be thrown on this "Thursday Night" football game?
The Raiders beat the Chargers in OT in what could have been the last game in Oakland
My essay on the great Charles Woodson for Thursday Night Football
Fantasy football analysis of Thursday night’s game between the San Diego Chargers and the Oakland Raiders.
Fantasy football: Thursday night injury update for Chargers-Raiders
He's going to Warriors Cavs. Just coincidence that a Thursday night football game happened the day before
Guess it's good that there's a Thursday Night Football on a Thursday once in a while
The Oakland Raiders capped off the final home game of Charles Woodson's illustrious career with a 23-20 overtime...
Aaaand that's game. The Raiders down the Chargers in overtime, 23-20.
Raiders could be playing final game in Oakland on Thursday Night Football vs ... - Newsday
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.on Are you ready for the last Thursday night football game sitting by the tree… h…
Chargers vs. Raiders: Score and Reaction for Thursday Night The Oakland Raiders capped off...
Chargers vs. Raiders 2015 final score: Oakland holds on for 23-20 overtime win: This was an ugly, ugly game. B...
Both the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are out of playoff contention, but the AFC West rivals fought...
Here's how you can watch "Thursday Night Football" while you're up waiting for Santa.
"Thursday Night Football: Saturday Edition" rolls off the tongue about as well as "The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim."
Just turned on Thursday Night Football. Is this the Heinz bowl?
The winner of tonight's Thursday Night Football will take on Mayonnaise next week for the World Condiment title https:…
Tons of guys on tonight's Thursday Night Football game!
NOW-- - & will join the show! Reaction to Scott Weiland, Thursday Night Football, Kobe & Barry Bonds new job!
Roundtable: How would you fix subpar Thursday Night Football product? - Sports Illustrated: ...
guardian: fans' photos from Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars
We earned the respect by beating the Titans on Thursday night football.
Thursday Night Football exclusively on NFL Network has been the most-watched program on cable on Thurs for all 3 exclusive games.
Is WSU's next big star? He's been lighting up Thursday Night Fball all year https:…
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Thursday Night Football Game Day: It's time to double down on The Allens. GO JAGS!
Fantasy football: Thursday night injury update for Titans-Jaguars
fans' photos from Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars ht…
fans' photos from Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars
All three Thursday Night Football games exclusively on have been the most-watched program on cable that night
FB: Two Slippery Rock football players were permanently dismissed from the team Thursday night:
Jacksonville’s mustard uniforms may be the ugliest in NFL history (pic USAToday Sports)
On Thursday night, Bogan High School football player Andre Smith was hit during the last play of the game, CNN affiliate …
Fantasy Football was invented because who the *** wants to watch the Titans vs Jaguars on a Thursday night?!
Is there a list of players who have been injured playing on Thursday night football? Is the rate of injury/severity higher?
Duval stand up: the uniforms are coming to Thursday Night Football.
How about not having a Thursday Night Football in the first place.
Cowboys uniforms revealed tonight during the halftime of Thursday Night Football...
// how would you fix the subpar Thursday Night Football product?
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