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Throwback Thursday

Flashback Friday Aunt Barbara Air Force Buddy Holly General Colin Powell Soviet Union Leigh Ann Third St History Month

I was preoccupied on Throwback Thursday, so I'll call today Throwback Saturday. Photo taken in the Summer of 1961, in John and Elsie Markert's back yard (on 7th Street). Pictured are (left to right) Ron "Feeb" Markert, Bernie Greene, and John "Gunner" Markert. The Renovo Red Sox, the majority of which were kids, were dubbed "The Whiz Kids" by Bob Shank, sportswriter for The Record. We played in the Clinton League, a men's league, and competed for the title in 1961 and 1962, the last year for which I have records. Photo from John Markert's collection. The astute observer will note that our uniforms didn't always match.
I know it's not throwback Thursday, but I was changing out my picture frames and found these little gems hiding behind. What happened to my little sweeties??!
Throwback Thursday, check out Butch in an interview with the beloved Joey Elbert.
Wayback Wednesday, throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday... Cant we just live in the present?
The Instagram phenomenon called Throwback Thursday has many netizens scrambling for their old childhood photos, faded memories that document their own glorious years growing up. This gives light to...
Throwback Thursday to Miley looking fab at Clive Davis' Pre Grammy Gala back in 2011 - wearing Herve Leger:
I think that Flashback Friday is just an excuse to post pics you didn't post on Throwback Thursday. 😜
Did you miss yesterday's Throwback Thursday? Here are a few more pics for you! This is the 2011 Best in American Living Platinum Award winner for Detached Home 2001-3000 sq ft, Home Built for Sale - Toscana at Laguna Altura! For more details:
My boi got some pics for throwback Thursday that will have a lot of *** beating they ol lady up lmfao!
Throwback Thursday was yesterday, so I am a day late but here is a memory -- we bought a couple of beautiful apples at the market yesterday. We were eating one this morning and the dogs were all begging for a piece. Apples are good for dogs (except the stems and seeds.) I had a flash memory of my Dad. He always ate an apple by slicing piece by piece with his pocket knife. I can see him sitting on my porch in a rocking chair, with an apple, his knife and our Cairn terrier, Kelly. Daddy slicing a piece and eating it, slicing a piece and handing it to Kelly and on through the apple -- then commenting to me that I bought small apples!
It's cool if people want to to do TBT. But I swear, some people celebrate Memory Monday, Think back Tuesday, We did what? Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Flashback Friday
First, "throwback Thursday," now "Flashback Friday." Can we have a day dedicated to you posting what you look like now and not just from the neck up? I think that would be more interesting. You'd be surprised at how many people won't show a current photo of themselves from head to toe, but will post an old photo that's practically naked. ;) I wonder why?
And the winner of April Throwback Thursday Contest is Miss Mia Bella! Congrats to Mia Bella you have a $25 gift card waiting for you at The Barkery Bistro! Thank you for all the entries this month. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Here's one of our Throwback Thursday Wedding Edition contestants! You have until 12 noon today to enter for a chance to win a CUSTOM arrangement featuring your wedding flowers.
In honor of this craze with "Throwback Thursday" and National Poetry Month, I am wondering if we should post throwback poems on Thursdays instead of photos? Thoughts?
Good times! U could not tell us anything! Bus trips were epic! Missed throwback Thursday. Why did I have so many titles. Lol
My throwback Thursday was in discovering the joy of two tape recorders, and how to record tracks of sorts. As a kid, I had no voice whatsoever thanks to the SE AZ dust and horrific allergies, (nasal didn't begin to describe it), and my guitar playing was sophomoric at best, but I understood how songs worked enough to chart them out. And with the help of the school bus acoustics( another story in it's own) I was able to produce some decent recordings as they were full of heart and learning. I would give anything to have one of those now, not for anyone else to listen to, but for my ears and the memory in the joy of discovery!
Okay, so here is a throwback Thursday story for you all. This is going to make you think I am crazy most likely, but... People sometimes ask me where the name Kether came from for me. When I was young, about 12, I wanted to move out of my bedroom into the basement of our house.. It was a funky place compared to my upstairs room but my folks let me do it. It was dirty, full of spiders and such. They figured it was a phase and I would move back upstairs soon enough.. Didn't happen. Anyway, soon after I moved down there odd things started happening.. Noises, things moving from where I left them and voices. I don't know exactly how it began but I started speaking back to the voices, one in particular. The voice told me it had a name. It was Rufus. Well Rufus started being a constant companion to me. He told me things and gave me advice and suggestions about things going on in my life. He also told me my name was Kether. I never told anyone this stuff and only called my self Kether in my own head probably unti ...
On this Throwback Thursday, we'd like to wish "The American Gangster", Chael Sonnen a very Happy Birthday!
Getting in another Miss USA Pageant image before the clock strikes midnight on throwback Thursday... From 1979 at the Royal D'Iberville.. 51 contestants pose by the pool.. Miss New York won the title that year...
I was looking at all my friends' "Throwback Thursday" or "TBT" pics and thought I'd do one myself. I was looking through old pictures and couldn't decide on one. I decided that instead of a picture, I would write out my greatest "throwback" memory. This memory is about a woman I'm blessed to call my wife. I was at the height of my addiction to pain medication and I finally told Krystal what was going on. I dropped the bombshell on her. I will always remember this day. I was laying on the couch, too weak to move. The withdrawals had my legs burning, my head pounding, my body aching, and my soul crushed. I couldn't stop vomiting. My clothes no longer fit my emaciated body. With my voice almost gone, I was able to tell the love of my life, your husband is an addict. With tears streaming down her face, she got up and went in the kitchen to wash dishes. So many thoughts crashed my mind. I've lost my wife. I've lost my baby girl. I've lost hope. I've lost everything. My *** had now become her *** What happe ...
Throwback Thursday - GM&O 628 with a slate grey & orange ICG, a solid orange & a Red & white GM&O engine on the other end are switching out some cars in Reform, Alabama. This was during ICG days. A friend & I chased this train leaving Artesia, Mississippi under nasty, cloudy skies all the way over to Reform, Alabama & now look at the light! We did follow him on over to Gordo, Alabama after this. March 14, 1982, Epson slide scan.
Today was pretty interesting as I was nearing the end of my work day. I walked pass a young man I didn't know, but I later found out was 29yrs old. Just as I said, "What's up?" He said, "I know you. You're Marcus Jones! I haven't seen you since I was a little boy!" And before I could inquire just who he was, he went on to say, "I remember you on that song, 'Riding High' (4 Tray featuring Mack Daddy & Gangsta C, Playa Entertainment 1993). He then proceeded to recite the lyrics to the infamous 1st verse. "You know we we head down Thornhill, because CG is where the real G's chill..." I had no words, but only looked to see if any of my coworkers were close enough to hear this dude...THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL A REAL THROWBACK THURSDAY! Billy Jordan Darwin Jones Norbert Whitaker Tonnique Jeter Detrick Howard Gary Whitaker Garland Jones Sweet Jones Jeffery Morgan Angela Smith
Throwback Thursday my first son and I going to Chuck E Cheese Vikings style! Year 2002
Throwback Thursday. My dad and Uncle Harold making hay with a 1947 C and a New Idea hayloader.
In honor of (Throwback Thursday)—what was the best Bombs show you ever caught? Year, city and whatever (if anything) you remember about it.
Throwback Thursday...Rocky Ridge 1981...these were the good ole days!!!
Throwback Thursday, doing this for the first time. Me and my brother David. R.I.P. David Mellor …
Throwback Thursday! Jessy Comfort Dog and Zoey Comfort Dog in early 2013 with their mom!
Throwback Thursday: An anecdote from an April Fool's Day eons ago when I was just a young lad. Janet Kelley James bursts into her son's room early one morning and wakes him up shouting "Ryan, it's snowing! It's snowing!" Snowing. In April. In Mobile, Alabama. And, yes, I jumped out of bed and raced to the window to look out at the snow.
Throwback Thursday: My young son and his aunt's dying dog (1984). This week - two new "rescue dogs" for the animal lover. One of my favorite memories is how I found him (about 5 years old) rescuing a bee from a spider web. Those are two lucky dogs!
Throwback Thursday! Let's Party! This was a night back in March of 2010 we went to see Maura Campbell's new play, Wild Geese.
Throwback Thursday: The bank president called me into the office and asked me what I was going to do if we were robbed. I told them I'd offer them a cup of coffee. That was exactly what he wanted to hear Didn't realize at the time that this bank in Boca Raton was the only bank that had not been robbed.
Throwback Thursday photos of former RB who scored 47-total TDs in 5 seasons (1993-97)
Here's a fun one for Throwback Thursday: me and Patrick Duffy back when I was living in Texas!
Throwback Thursday - 5 years ago at the Pinewood Derby. :)
My dude Willie Brown w/this throwback camp shirt on Throwback Thursday. He had us rollin talkin abt…
A couple of Throwback Thursday photos for you to enjoy. Picture Christmas with our Atari. 2nd photo Bobby Jack Pack's drawing of Paul McCartney from late 70's early 80's.
Throwback Thursday! Bill Monroe with Del McCoury, Bill Keith, Joe Stuart, and Bessie Lee Mauldin at the Brown...
Throwback Thursday: Joe Ely and The Clash in front of Lubbock High. Strummer and company, were of…
Throwback Thursday to Strip n Dip catering one of our favorite Lone Mountain Little League teams. Go gettem'...
"Throwback Thursday" Now its not every day I frequent Michelin star restaurants so you can imagine the out of body experience I had at The Cliff house in Ardmore when not only did they accommodate my vegan palate but also presented me with these incredible works of art. I was so excited I didn't listen to a quarter of what our super lovely waiter was saying when describing the dishes and was so trigger happy with the camera I'm surprised I wasn't escorted out of the restaurant. This was over a year ago and I'm just itching to go back and relive that amazing culinary night. I'm sure there must be some sort of anniversary coming up soon... there just has to be : )
Goofing around with Leigh Ann on Throwback Thursday at 103.7 KVIL!
Kory and Leigh Ann are having way too much fun with Throwback Thursday!
Throwback Thursday... Mike Turner and Snow White 9th grade North Richland Junior High. Mrs. Bach is in the background
Throwback Thursday -- I was reminded of these pics of me and then Presidential candidate George W. Bush when I first me him on October 30, 1999 when he appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Since I just another nice meeting with him on Monday in Washington D.C. -- will post that photo soon.
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Throwback Thursday: 1971, Florida State University and a few of my closest "Flying High Circus" Peeps (well - the chick kind!!) Jacqui, Meg Dyer Greenman, Sally Harpster DePra, and Cookie Hamilton. Awesome times!!
Throwback Thursday: Patrick Contreras, Jay Hicks, Ray Moore and I played this show in Fresno at…
For iconic frames on a living icon, look no further than the Clash's Joe Strummer for our Throwback Thursday
Throwback Thursday (I came back from Spring Break to a box of old photos courtesy of my dad and sister. Some of you are in those pictures - be warned. But I am starting this adventure with one of my favorite old-timey photographs of yours truly. This picture says it all...
Throwback Thursday all us Red Sox fans remember 2004 !!!
Throwback Thursday; our son 3 days after open heart surgery at Oct 2004. A miracle for our family.
It's time for Throwback Thursday link party- show off some of those older posts! :) via
Throwback Thursday! A few pics of myself enjoying my all-time favorite sport: Snowmobiling! These pics are circa 1990 and were taken by my dad. I'm on my '87 Arctic Cat el Tigre'. It's powered by a 530cc liquid cooled two stroke twin that makes a bit over 100hp at 8,750rpm. It has custom underdrive/overdrive racing clutches, Fox coilovers, Black Magic tubular chromoly sway bar, knife-edged carbide skegs on the skis, ninety six 3/4" carbide tipped studs on Bender plates on the track, and a transmission with reverse adapted from a utility model. I built this sled primarily as a canyon carver, running it stiffer and a bit lower than your typical PNW mountain sled. It will out corner just about anything and can generate a couple Gs of lateral acceleration in good snow conditions. I have not been able to ride a snowmobile since the mid-'90s due to spinal problems, but I still have my beloved Tiger tucked away in storage! :)
Throwback Thursday: Alek Wek the first African model to appear on the cover of Elle, in 1997. 16 years on the cover of October 2013 issue of Forbes Africa. The woman has not aged one bit...Flawless natural beauty!
Tomorrow is Throwback Thursday for my little grade school boys and I want everyone to be on the lookout for my little men!! I will post a picture tomorrow!
Throwback Thursday! That was me, the Little flower girl with my cousin/ading taken from my Auntie's wedding.
Throwback Thursday! Was sitting here thinking about how great God has been to me made me want to post this. Just a year ago I was so lost and confused. I wanted to quit music, but God used all of that pain to give me purpose! I'm so thankful for everyone who Likes/Shares these videos!
Throwback Thursday! To that time I met George Clooney!!! He was so sweet and even cuter than I imagined.
Ok Manny, I saw your 14 year old Throwback Thursday picture, and I'll raise you 38 years. I was helping Uncle Sam fight the cold war. I was at the Battle of Oxford and as you can see, I went AWOL.:)
Throwback Thursday my old Camaro Z28 Las Vegas 2002 I should never sold it !
Sitting here on a Thursday night. Many people call this "Throwback Thursday". I thought I would do something a little different. I had a few different vehicles before this one. A 1981 Mercury Capri..which we sold almost right away because of massive mechanical problems, it was replaced with an 86 Capri, which we had for a few weeks before blowing the head gasket. Then my brother and I were gifted with a 1992 Dodge Spirit. Once Brandon and I finished at WCC, and got jobs in different parts of the city and different working hours, we decided I needed to buy a car to get me to work at night. Which, at the time I was working as a bar back in a nightclub, also that's where I got my first paid gig as a stage hand, but that's another story. Anyway, that leads me to this picture below, though it's not my actual car it's one like it, same model year. 1984 Ford Crown Victoria, and the first car I actually bought myself. I paid 400 dollars for it. The lights in the dashboard didn't work, it had an AM radio, red shag ...
Every Thursday I want to post a throwback of me and but we were the ugliest kids...😂😂😅
Throwback Thursday! Some random dude getting some practice swings in at the pump back in November. Couldn't resist to shoot this video, he went for a solid twenty seconds before I started.
Here's my throwback Thursday. I never really had pants on when I was little.
The avi picture is in honor of Throwback Thursday. 👶
Throwback Thursday 😂 This video was taken during a recital of mine when I was 12 😊
Throwback Thursday. An oldie but a goodie...
My contribution to Throwback Thursday. My imitation of Buddy Holly.
Throwback Thursday. Me and my baby girl at the surfside club!!! Love that girl so much!!!
Throwback Thursday, Part 2. Me and Jeff Hummel at a protest at the state capitol in Austin, TX, in 1979 or 1980. What were we protesting? It had to be either the reinstatement of the draft by Jimmy Carter (whom I loved), or an anti-nuke protest, although I don't believe Libertarian Jeff would have attended that one.
a little throwback Thursday to when I was 7 and shot my first deer😂 I miss hunting season😩
Throwback Thursday with my precious kids!! Man they don't stay little, do they!! MSC
A this just because through all the years, this girl has been the ONLY one to…
Throwback Thursday. Celebrating Star Jones and her 50th birthday in 2012...we are giving you Crowns of Curls for...
A little late. But, since it's throwback Thursday and Latonya, Montrece and Theresa...remember this? :-)
When I have my first kid, I'm gonna take hella pics. We're gonna take cute selfies together all the time. And he/she will have the best throwback Thursday pics lol 😘👌
We're hopping on the Throwback Thursday train! Here's Jonathan (at age 10) after receiving his Blackbelt and...
Throwback Thursday...This is about 1978 and Butch is most definitely driving(2yrs), I'm (4yrs), Danny (6yrs), Gina (8 yrs). We're all about two years apart... girl, boy, girl, boy
Throwback Thursday to the first time I went to Disney World :)
Throwback Thursday pick. Dad is behind the camera and Mom and "the boys" as we were called: from left,…
Throwback Thursday! The second picture was taken exactly a year ago today!!
Here's my pic post for "Throwback Thursday" That's's a REAL throwback...because back in the day we couldn't upload pictures onto the computer. Because most of us didn't have a PC at home (and if we did, it took 4 disks and 20 minutes to boot up). We didn't have the Internet. We didn't have digital cameras. We had 35 mm cameras (or instamatic) where you had to load FILM (that's the stuff pictures went onto before flash memory sticks) and had to advance the film yourself to take another picture. Then you had to take the film to a processor, wait several days (maybe up to 2 weeks) to get your pictures back, on paper (that's the stuff books were on before iPads, Kindles, and Nooks). Then we saved the pictures in specially designed books with protective pockets, called albums, so that we could periodically take them out and laugh at how we used to look.
Another one for Throwback Thursday! 8/20/83. Flatrock Speedway ARCA Feature Winner Lee Raymond & Crew. Another Great Memory!!! :D Photo courtesy of Brian Norton on the ARCA Group.
Truly a throwback Thursday when Nickelodeon play an episode of Icarly
We've enjoyed Quinn's Throwback Thursday photos so much we've decided to start doing them ourselves. Here are...
Throwback Thursday... Here is a waterfall we built 15 years ago.
Throwback Thursday - recording some of the first songs for my new album. The details, release date, track...
I'm pulling out the baby pic for throwback thursday.
The wife is mad, the mistress is mad. Somewhere Bill Clinton is looking at this, laughing and saying "Dannggg... it really is throwback Thursday."
Throwback Thursday: So I found a pic of me when I was a kid...
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Throwback Thursday ! When myctsbtrthnyrct made my hair all weird. It was cool though. ~Simone
Throwback Thursday: Even as a child, Mike Nimmo was a avid reader
Better late than Friday.. Throwback Thursday to cheering each other on! Best fans-best siblings❤️
I don't like seeing post that has to do about throwback Thursday and it's their grandparents. Or any pictures that have to do with old people. It just hurts inside me to see that. I lost both my grandparents and it still feels fresh inside like I just finished talking to them yesterday and now they are gone. It bothers me a little in my head but my heart is telling me something different. I know I will always cherish the memories that I had with my grandparents.
Looking at old photos makes me realize how much I have changed since I lost weight. Throwback Thursday to who I'll never be again
Throwback Thursday to a stay over night with my little punkin' eater Kristine.
Hello Throwback Thursday! Look what I just found... The inventor of the undertheWEATHER tent in his first prototype four years ago. (You've come a long way, baby!)
A little throwback Thursday with my wedding time!!
So when did this throwback Thursday stuff start? Actually, it seems to have started in the past few months, so the real question would be WHERE it started. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for the rest of the world) us old farts don't have that many pictures from the dim dark past. It used to cost money to take pictures -- as my father would remind me every time the shutter clicked on our Kodak box camera from the 1940's, working on the one roll of film he'd buy every year.
This throwback Thursday is not about me specifically. Here is some of my late grandfather's artwork (the paintings and the backdrops)
Throwback Thursday makes me want to invent Shoot You In The Face Friday.
Old picture but throwback Thursday to the summer when I got to see this girl.. Miss you.
Throwback thursday: Saskatoon Powwow 2010, Charging Bear, me and my brothers from other mothers doing our "hobby", too bad brotha Darwin didn't make the pic, would have looked cooler.
Throwback Thursday.Hmmm wonder how these two kids (John B) got in my phone?
Throwback Thursday. My parents at my brother's wedding!
Thursday to messymarco's house on Christmas Eve/Christmas. Definitely a great night we…
Throwback Thursday, Part 1. This is all inspired by reconnecting with some college buddies. Here is a pic of me in my room at the Whitehall Coop. Please note I am sitting infront of the drafting table my father built for me, and in the upper left is a poster for Carnaval Brasileiro in Austin.
A little throwback for your Thursday 😁 _charrleen_97
It's Throwback Thursday! In honor of Women's History Month, we’re highlighting some iconic Airmen who helped make the Air Force what it is today. cc: 460th Space Wing - Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
Throwback Thursday | reminiscing back to Senior Prom. You were one handsome date, Will Tucker @ BHS…
Throwback Thursday. A Remix of Marty Murawski's part from MFWTCB featuring unused footage.
Throwback Thursday: Bill Murray gave the a pep talk before the 2005 Sweet 16. He then cheered them on to two wins at Allstate Arena.
Throwback Thursday! You're on my mind a lot this week Zeke.
Throwback Thursday inspired by UCLA playing right now.
“Darcy Tucker, Tie Domi and the and in this
wow!! shoe I signed our junior year of high school!
throwback Thursday, hey Valerie Simmons, check out the abs...
Throwback Thursday... Just a few years ago... me and m big brother. I love you Wood.
Aw, what the hay? Since everyone is getting into Throwback Thursday, why not, right? niece Dezirae and me at my Grandmother's 90th b-day party back in 2011. Looking forward to seeing you in June, sweetie...!!!
Throwback Thursday... Aiden Traynor-Grimes was 8 years old. He came home and asked if I knew that Justin Beber got famous by youtube... so he says- totally seriously... "and I am WAY better than Justin Beber! Record me!" So here is Aiden!
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Nice "Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday" from less than a month ago. Real blast from the past. Jetlagged from that trip down memory lane.
It’s Throwback Thursday! Check out this high-­speed video of Ricky Carmichael’s ride along with Ken Block back in 2011.
Throwback Thursday, that is really amazing what happened.
Throwback Thursday when I used black Murray's beeswax.
Free, Funny Friendship Ecard: All your Instagrams of food may explain why you're skinnier in every Throwback Thursday picture.
Throwback Thursday. I hate the way I use to pose in my old photos. But, back then, all the kids my age were doin' that! lol
throwback Thursday... love this pic
Throwback Thursday, selfie with the McDonald's bæ 💁
Throwback Thursday..Petunia- Guardian of the Hives communing with the Ladies last year...
it's Brazilian Kayky Throwback Thursday 😂😂 my fave photo of
Throwback Thursday from Michellee Tescum. Geraldine Tinson , Bursey Sc, Jamal CripcatBurg Wallace, *** Linzy not on my list... Yep girl u wrong
Throwback thursday with my friend Jalyn Walker
Throwback Thursday I wanted to post a pic
Some more Throwback Thursday to Daewon Song's incredible New Years Dae part. Daewon is always pushing the boundaries of skateboarding! You can watch the full part on The Berrics.
Throwback Thursday, lava glows, and flash back Friday all within 48 hours. I'm deleting insta until saturday😣😣
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Brandon wants me to post this as my Throwback Thursday pic well here goes...
Little late but my cover photo my Throwback Thursday submission.
Throwback Thursday is a cute nice concept. Not telling you to not enjoy or take party in it. Revisiting the past is great but do you realize this is our generation's version of our parent's and grandparent's "Remember the good old (ole) days," So do not be so caught up in remembering and throwing back that you are throwing away your current Thursdays. Are you creating photos (and moments) with your kids so that they will have their version of Are you taking action so that they will have a legacy to catch that you are throwing back? Are you investing in your children's life development or throwing all of your monies into clothes. shoes and activities that they will outgrow or that will have to go into their pile? void action Keep yourself and your children moving forward :) The Facilitator of
Mark my word this throwback Thursday have just became my Transformation Thursday. I dont care how many times the enemy gets in my way, Jesus is always there. The power of God showed up tonight. My God works in mysterious ways. Tell me how a dorm room visit led me n a friend to a rehearsal for a praise event this saturday. Ive never seen the power of God move on young people like i did on tonight. I was so wrapped up in a praise that i just couldnt get out of. To top the cake, there was a word from the lord. As of tonight there will be a change in my life. I will be careful of my wrong doings. And for that God I say Yes! Who else but God!
Throwback thursday when I was a little cute girl💞😋
My throwback Thursday because its hilarious
Throwback Thursday with my best friends!
I wish "Throwback Thursday" was a movie in which Lindsay Lohan switches bodies with her younger, more innocent self.
Awhh guys check this vine out of becca for a sexual throwback thursday ;)
By djtaber "The new Thursday hotspot NOW is the old faithful…
Throwback Thursday..even though it's almost friday! lol
My first Throwback Thursday. ~1983. In honor of all the ball games we have this week. My memory of this moment is that this was the last game of my only softball season. I finally got my first hit. After that season I knew I would have more success in the swimming pool than on the ball field.
Every picture is technically a picture of what you used to look like. So, I mean, it's really always Throwback Thursday, isn't it?
THROWBACK THURSDAY!!! Those of you who know me should be able to remember this truck! MY FIRST VEHICLE!!! It was a 1998 Mitsubitshi stick shift truck, with a very distinctive paint job. Awesome memories with this truck. I'm a truck girl and I truly believe that I will always be a truck girl. I hope my next one is a TOYOTA TUNDRA!!! The BIG one chile!
Throwback Thursday!! Pictures from 2008.. hard to believe that it's been 6 years already.
"Did you hear about 'Throwback Thursday" - I thought they meant 'throw-a-tantrum Thursday,'" whispered Matthew DiPietro to Lauren DiPietro
I know late arrival throwback Thursday, but these books started it all for me!
What's all this about Throwback Thursday? Is this something new? Am I out of the loop (again -- LOL!)? Ok, so here is my throwback Thursday picture! This is my baby girl, Jennifer on her very first Christmas in 1987. S/he was just a month old! She was in a tiny little Mrs. Claus outfit! That was even before I ever started doing Mrs. Claus for gigs! The Mrs. Claus pic is from the 2005 Make A Wish holiday party.
Throwback Thursday..does anyone know whatever happened to Craig Maxwell?
Throwback Thursday...My daughter, Adrienne, and me in my office in Atlanta when I worked for Lewis Grizzard.
Throwback Thursday. Here's one from when Ted Nugent was a member of The Black Panthers.
Throwback Thursday me and Doreen Cresswell At Dunns River falls with Albion youth club 👌👌
Throwback Thursday...for all of you Mead grads this is Mr Graham.also my uncle Wes. He stepped in when my dad couldn't. Father daughter campfire girls dinner second grandma made my dress. Uncle, you are the best! Love u!
Throwback Thursday 26yrs old on my way to see Neil Diamond in a Limo - lol - styling leopard leather
Throwback Thursday. College graduation, May 26th, 2012... Took me 10+ years to complete with night school...
Throwback Thursday for Dave Johnson 1989 at State Football and 1990 on Graduation Day.
Might as well... Throwback Thursday. The crew & I at our first Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2005. So much great music and fun times. We'll get back there one day :-)
Throwback Thursday- Me and Jesse Smith cutting some z's
Throwback Thursday. We know you remember this scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High with Phoebe Cates. See...
Hard to believe it's been 20 years. This is my first drum set book, I'm amazed it's still going strong. It was also my first publishing deal, and has been a real learning experience. Look for a follow up in the form of an online course/website and iBook this year. Also, 32 years ago around this time my first serious band signed to RCA Records and released our first album (on vinyl).. the "ultimate" learning experience. :) And 6 years ago this month I released my first solo album. It was also my first attempt at writing/producing/engineering an album's worth of material. I was fortunate to have some of my favorite musicians play on it. They collectively brought the music to a level that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Here's a sample. track features Steve Weingart (k) Chris Golden (b) and Brian Price (g) Throwback Thursday
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Throwback Thursday - My father Randy with his pet monkey Tabu sometime in the 70's :D I get my love of unusual animals from my crazy family!! Thanks Uncle Ralph Ferguson
Throwback Thursday: Remembering our very own designer, Dominie, carrying one of her "Evelyn" bags on the red carpet at the Emmy's.
1964, just outside Glacier National Park (thanx JoAnne). All this for "Throwback Thursday"
Throwback Thursday! Can you guess what year this group of 4-H'ers were in 4-H Share the Fun? This year's Share the Fun is Thursday, April 3 at 7 pm at the Wheaton High School Auditorium. Join us for the fun!
In honor of buying my cap and gown for my College graduation today, my Throwback Thursday goes back to my High School graduation. I cannot believe this was almost 4 years ago! And that I'll be graduating from college in just 43 short days. Time flies too quickly!
Throwback Thursday-1979 or 1980..I think I was either 6 or 7, not completely sure. Insert your John Travolta or Saturday Night Fever jokes here...NOT! My Mom made me wear the most awful clothes and made me get my hair cut like a boy always I swear...I hated it!
Throwback Thursday! Best picture ever!!My Dad and Anabelle Porio and Gianna Rockoff!!
Throwback Thursday -- all the way back to 1981 and super-short Dolphin running shorts. LOL! My first marathon (and first road race ever, in fact) in Santa Barbara at age 21 and what remains my PR of 2 hours, 58 minutes. (Oh how I now wish I hadn't waited 15 years to run my next race!) Did that PR with no idea what I was doing -- just five 10-mile runs and one 13-miler each week with a day off... and no chronograph for pacing ... and I seem to recall just two water stations (for four stops total on the out-and-back course). Crazy. And crazy fun :)
Throwback Thursday. My college graduation present from Mom and Aunt! My red mustang convertible. Many great trips in that car. Including a trip to Florida the day after taking the bar exam with Terri Partridge.
Throwback Thursday: Daddy and Me after a beautiful Sunday at the Drag Races! Cenla Raceway, Forest hill, LA!
It's Throwback Thursday! Share your pics! Thx Perry Barton for this picture...Cross Keys High School 1979
Throwback Thursday: One of my eidetic memories. I first remember seeing this hilarious movie at age 7 one Thursday afternoon on Channel 12's (in the days when its call letters were WFGA) "Early Show" 4:30-6:00 p.m. weekday movie. While I can't remember the date, I do remember Jan and I watching it while eating spaghetti for supper. Nearly 50 years later I still love THE FULLER BRUSH GIRL--and Jan and spaghetti too, in case anyone was wondering.
Throwback Thursday: This is me in the Army with my first band, Lithium Down, in Fort Sill, Oklahoma 2002.
Throwback Thursday. On stage,, Loyola College graduation, May 1974. My Dad (second from left), who was evening college faculty, came on stage to present me with my bachelors degree and my Mom with her Masters degree. I thought this was sooo corny at the time. Now, I love this picture. They were so proud. My friends Joe Rehak and Dianne Sterling were there in the audience. A good day.
For today's Throwback Thursday we look at the period from 1900-1910, where NCU (then called Eugene Divinity School) grew to to 125...
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In honor of Craig's birthday, I'd like to share a very special Throwback Thursday shout out to Craig Fletcher. This TPR Reflections and Recollections was brought to you by Mad Dog 20/20. Summer, Deep Ellum music festival, circa 1998. My memory is a bit fuzzy on this fun favorite tale for understandable reasons. One of our favorite local bands that we used to follow, Hagfish, had recently gotten back together on what would be a farewell show, as George had signed with speed metal glam group, Gwar. Donnie was pretty smashed and forgot several lyrics; getting into a scuff on stage with his gifted bassist. Joe Shirey had dragged his parents out to this show because he knew it was a special occasion. I arrived late to find Joe, Craig, and the lovely Shirey clan swaying to the tunes. It was a warm day, and the drinks were flowing liberally. At the end of the show, Joe's folks were worried about who was driving. Now for those that are in the know, Shirey (ever red headed Irish) can drive under any conditions. He ...
Throwback Thursday picture to when our Rise Kohyang Middle School students attended a Indiana University vs Cal...
~Throwback Thursday!~ Me and my roommate & friend from college-Linda Kizzart from St. Louis. day for friends of Class of '78 Hampton Institute.
Throwback Thursday! Angela Williams shown hurdling in a meet at UW-Eau Claire in 1980. Williams was named Co-MVP...
My Daily Post…. Throwback Thursday ~ I see a lot of posts that are shared by kids these days and it is amazing how even they see how things that used to be normal things in childhood are now being labeled with medical conditions. Why is it that we have become so paranoid about childhood behaviors that we have to start thinking that something as normal as sitting alone should be construed as "depression"…. Staring off into space is now seen as "ADHD"…. Being goofy is now said to be "Bipolar"? There is nothing wrong with any of these items… They are truly a part of a child growing up and exploring who they are. I would see the sitting alone as maybe that person needed a break from all the garbage out there and they wanted to take a moment to enjoy the scenery and the things that are around them, maybe they wanted to think about something that was heavy on their mind or a special person…. Maybe they had an upcoming test they wanted to concentrate on and maybe they just wanted to be alone… There . ...
Throwback Thursday: my favorite baseball player of all time, Daryl Strawberry. He first played with the Mets and won him a ring. Then was traded to the Dodgers. I loved his swing and had a cannon in the outfield... He had a great career.
Throwback Thursday to Beetle's college graduation. It's a rare thing for all three of us to be in a photo. Love them :)
Throwback Thursday to hunting the Rosebud Lakota Indian Reservation in South Dakota hunting Merriam wild turkeys
Throwback Thursday. and my grandmothers the day I graduated high school. I miss them both so much, so thankful I have a picture with both of my favorite people!
Wassup fbf...log on to for Throwback Thursday...chil-lax with me for one hour of commercial free music...9 a.m.-10 a.m. Enjoy classics from Orlando Draper, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, Edwin Hawkins & more! Taking requests... l
Throwback Thursday. Doing makeup on Jessica Stroup for three days straight back in February 2009 for…
Throwback Thursday...1953-54 Cornwall Colts. Cliff was my Mother's cousin. Cliff Connelly has the business distinction of being the former sales manager for all of Ontario with Labatt's Breweries, where he worked for more than 12 years. His brother Wayne Connelly was a professional hockey player, playing for Boston, Minnesota and Detroit of the National Hockey League. He also has the distinction of being the first player to sign a contract with a team in the former World Hockey Association. In that league, he played for the Minnesota Fighting Saints.
Throwback Thursday! What do you notice about this library picture?. Courtesy of Rockhurst University Archives
Throwback Thursday- live at Mas Fina Cantina in Carlsbad,CA in 2005 with Jason Hart.
Throwback Thursday. College graduation with my Mom and Dad - June 1969.
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Throwback Thursday: To those ancient times when I could take pictures outside without freezing. When was that again? I forget.
Throwback Thursday... Lisa, me, and Mom college graduation weekend!!!
Throwback Thursday. Jack's ready for the Sweet Sixteen! (That is, if South Williamsport High School, circa early '60s, made the Sweet Sixteen.)
Throwback Thursday pic, me with Chuck Lewis (CR72) in his father's sailboat in Rehoboth Bay. That experience convinced me that sailing is not for me. The wind died and we floundered for what seemed like forever. Prior to that I had sailed out of Rehoboth Bay Sailing Club in our little Sailfish or Sunfish lots of times. Had to be towed back several times due to ripped sail or bent boom. Resulting from going out in too windy conditions and getting boom stuck in the muck, as I recall. I remember a few catamaran mishaps too. Clearly I was not cut out to be a sailor.. always an adventure out there. :)
Throwback Thursday, me with a broken foot, sitting on Jeff 1.0, on the Millennium Bridge, Hector shoot, London, 2013. http:/…
Throwback Thursday for my parents, Tommy Hayes & Mary Hayes, soon they will be celebrating their golden anniversary
Head start on Throwback Thursday. And a little trivia quiz: 1. Name the episode 2. What was the beverage served, and why was it a real challenge for this child actor?
My momma just dropped off an entire box of old photo albums! Throwback Thursday will have whole new outlook tomorrow. Just to be forewarned, If you knew me between the ages of five days and about 10 years, you may show up in the album I'm going to make tomorrow. Some of these pictures are. wow.
Throwback Thursday! Jessica Davis Forbes this is what I'm talking about!.
Man Crush Monday, Taco Tuesday, Throwback Thursday, Sunday Funday... I'm sorry but those are all so stupid.
One more Throwback Thursday (a day early). This one is from June 1998 when a bunch of '96 Miscies and TA-10 got together in NYC. Again, I ask the world: "What was I thinking with the jet black hair?!" Clearly bad ideas that lasted from 1995-1998. 1998 And Bocce (my Italian Greyhound who lives on in infamy) was there too!
I didn't feel like waiting until Throwback Thursday so here ya go: Did you know Actor Hugh Jackman could sing?...
Throwback Thursday: In celebration of Women's History Month we honor Shirley Muldowney. The first woman to clinch a NHRA World Championship along with her many other accomplishments.
Throwback Thursday a day late.this was taken at Emma Jeanne's first sacrament! Dad and Pop Rohlfs. Love the scarf! Uncle Tom found this for you EM!
Throwback Thursday! Day late! Don't care! QUESTION! what was your Y2K like? I was at my aunts with a bunch of my family and cousins. The kids (I was 15) had 0% champagne with the adults (who's champagne and multiple previous drinks were not 0%) and we hung out pretty late. No cpu crashes. No blackout. Media and "experts" were wrong. Go home. Celebrate grandpa's 71st birthday the next day. The year rolls on. Yours?
Throwback Thursday a day late-Levi trying to read at 3 months old
sining and playing organ (!) on Dr. Feelgood from '71 Throwback Thursday!
A little Throwback Thursday fun with Paula Abdul and Lisa Lisa!
Throwback Thursday - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band from 1975. Yesterday a cousin of mine posted on FB a video of this band performing on the IN CONCERT show their song VAMBO. I remember watching that show when it first aired. I was so impress with their performance that night I ran out the next day to buy their album, and I still have it.
Throwback Thursday...Daisy Blake, 3mos, won her first contest- Halloween Costume Contest first place, Maine Mall!😃
Throwback brother and I dressed for Sunday School!
This is a funny one for "Throwback Thursday". The band members at Nelson School - 7th and 8th grade were still at each elementary. The people in the picture are (to the best of my memory) - Mary Jo Eddy, me (wasn't I funny looking!), Donna Keiper, my cousin Janice Newcomb, Don Newcomb, Richard somebody, Robert Stroup, Bert Rinear and Frank Macek. The year was probably about 1957 or '58. I think Mary Jo and I were in 5th grade. The band instructor was (I think) Mr. Miller.
Throwback Thursday. CERSE and McGuire VAMC personnel during down time at Pensacola Naval Air Station in 2012.
Throwback Thursday.(1961) The old Chicago and Northwestern Station on Third St just before its demolition.
Throwback Thursday me and My Aunt Barbara, about 50 years ago!
Throwback Thursday. The Tri-City Garage's ( located on Third St between State and James) tow truck back in 1923
Throwback Thursday: In honor of going to the New Jersey Devils game tonight, here's a throwback to happier times and questionable facial hair.
Found a pic for Throwback Thursday! One of my favorites of me and my cousin Carol...Circa 1972 or 73??? I'll have to ask my mother or Aunt Barbara how old we were.
Throwback Thursday - San Francisco in another lifetime.
This weeks Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the first day of Spring! It may not feel like it, but warm weather is finally approaching and we can't wait to get out there and enjoy it! Can anybody tell us what year this photo was taken or identify any of the Members in it?
Throwback Thursday - Before they were famous - Gwyneth Paltrow in high school and pictured last year.
Throwback Thursday: with Academy Award winning actor, screenwriter, director and musician, Billy Bob Thornton. Photo taken during the filming of 'Waking Up in Reno' (March 14, 2,000).
Throwback Thursday! Prior to a family getaway up to Pecos, NM in the Santa Fe National Forest, must have been 8 or 9 at the time. Standing tall in the back is my Uncle Bob, who passed away earlier this week at 82. I believe this pic was taken by my cousin Donald Plunkett, whose mom Glenda is in the shades. Behind me is our grandmother and left-to-right in the front row are my Great-Aunt Florence, my Mom and I'm being manhandled by my Aunt Barbara. Somewhere nearby are my cousins (and Donald's brothers) Richard and Glenn L Plunkett.
Throwback Thursday.not too far back on this one May 2008 -- Birthday for Jeff Wallace with Judi Sisson Wallace and James Wallace
Throwback Thursday y'all!! Let's see those past military ball pics!!
Throwback Thursday! Loved planning the unveiling of the 1994 Indy Pace Car for Ford!
Throwback Thursday. Picture on left is from 1961. I was with my Aunt Jeannie Windy Ridge Deer Farm who took me everywhere with her. The photo on the right is my sister and I with my Aunt Mary who was teaching us "new steps straight from American Bandstand" in my Grandmother's living room. We lost my Aunt Mary to cancer when she was only 49 and there hasn't been a day that has gone by that she has not been thought about and missed. Both of my aunts played an integral part in my childhood. Love you Aunt Jeannie!!!
Throwback Thursday: Teammates to score 40 via isiah Thomas and john long
Throwback Thursday: Allen Iverson vs Tracy Mcgrady: During this season, it’s nice to look back at the past and...
That goofy lookin' dude on American Idol might win it. He looks like a mix of Buddy Holly, Lyle Lovett, and Tiny Tim! Now there's a Throwback Thursday! 🎼
Throwback Thursday - Preparing for the midnight book release party for HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, July 2007, with employee Kyle Carraher taking a break from character.
Throwback Thursday. On one of our early trips to LaGrange, Angie Astin Brauner and I went to view the remains of The Chicken Ranch. You Texans know what this is. For the uninitiated, it is the real-life version of "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas". This pic was taken about 13 years after it closed down due to the efforts of a zealous TV reporter from Houston.
Throwback Thursday this was mi military ball in high school
Throwback Thursday. When I was growing up in Mississippi I hated my lips. I was teased on the school bus mercilessly for having "n-word lips" although back in Mississippi in the 1960s the real term was used instead of "n-word." The nickname stuck and I was often called "n- r lips" when I wasn't being labeled a "sissy." I remember sitting on that school bus as a seven year old and wondering if there were a surgical procedure for making my lips smaller as I had heard on television that one could get a nose job. It wasn't until I moved my sissy self to New York City when I was 19 that I realized that my lips were actually one of my best features. It had never dawned on me before. Indeed, my first Christmas Eve ever spent away from home was spent with my first mentor in New York, Henry Geldzahler, taking me to Sardi's for a Christmas Eve dinner and then to see Harold Pinter's Betrayal on Broadway starring Blythe Danner and Raul Julia and Roy Scheider. After the play, we went to a dive *** bar on Eighth ...
Throwback Thursday! Did you know the library use to be located in Conway Hall? Photo courtesy of Rockhurst University Archives.
Throwback Thursday. A project Thomas Eric Powell came up with back in my Nashville days. I thought it was so cool that I had to draw a picture of it. This was 1997. It was called "Retro" I think.
Throwback Thursday - In Hawaii with the Shank's family back in 2007 at the Moana Surfrider on Waikiki Beach. Tammi and Kate mugging for the camera!
Throwback Thursday. My Dad and my Jeda. Both were coal miners and both liked to gamble. Two good Russian men.
Throwback Thursday with my big brother David. Taken at a cool apartment my grandmother Addie used to live in above The Oriental Theater in Denver (no wonder I like live music so much)!
Throwback Thursday with Shelly Town and Todd Town you sure didn't get those skinny legs from your parents lol
A little Throwback Thursday action in honor of Mama Joyce she passed away this morning after an over 4 yr health battle. Atleast now her pain is gone.
Throwback Thursday: Stingrays defenseman and fan-favorite Johann Kroll passes the puck on Military Appreciation Night during the 2009-10 season. Military Appreciation Night with Low Country Harley-Davidson is THIS SATURDAY!
Good morning and Happy Thursday! Love Thursdays and seeing everyone's Throwback Thursday posts. I have to find a...
Good morning! It’s time to post some Throwback Thursday pics :)
Good morning familia! It's The Enlightened One aka Eli starting this Throwback Thursday with you. So you know how...
Throwback Thursday - left to right, my younger brother Ray (aka Jethrow), my friend since Jr. High Dave Humphrey - David and I had just finished the1992 Duke City Half Marathon
Throwback Thursday: Me at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Fla. April 1989. The space shuttle launch tower is in the background. The astronauts were my heroes when I was in the 1960s. Back then I dreamed of being able to see the place where those rockets were launched.
Throwback Thursday: World Meteorological Day 1965! Commemorating the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization in 1950, we'll be celebrating the efforts of our hard working forecasters this Sunday—stay tuned! Image L-R: Mr Henry Phillpot (Australia), Mr Kelly (Rhodesia), Dr Zhdanov (Soviet Union); seated, Commander Walter Mackinlay (Argentina), Mr Waren Wilhelm (US).
Throwback Thursday: From 1958 to 1974, during the U.S. Cold War with the Soviet Union, Sandy Hook's Fort Hancock became an Army Air Defense location with a Launcher Area storing Nike missiles in heavily constructed underground magazines. An elevator brought the missiles to the surface where a crew would manually push them along a rail to be attached to a booster rocket propelled by a solid fuel lower stage. Nike Hercules had a maximum range of 100 miles with a speed of over 2,700 mph at an altitude of 150,000 ft. The 24 Hercules at Sandy Hook were not only capable of carrying a conventional warhead but a nuclear tip as well. No missiles were ever fired at Sandy Hook by its artillery group. ~cw Testing was conducted at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico as shown in this video:
Throwback Thursday a few hours early. 6th bday party - no girls invited but mom still made me wear a dress. I think Pete's trying not to laugh at me. I'm sure we had just played baseball or something...
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Thought I'd do Throwback Thursday on Tuesday...I was running the channels today, and came across "Dynasty Week" on the NFL Network. The feature was an entire playback of the TV broadcast of Super Bowl XIII at the Orange Bowl, January 21, 1979...Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. When I see old stuff like that, I immediately dig into my "memory bank" and try to remember where I was, what I was doing, and what life was like back then. I was in my 4th year of teaching 7th and 8th grade art and coaching at Central Junior High in Lawton...was only 3 months away from resigning and starting a 25 year career in pharmaceutical sales--first with Pfizer and later with Roche. My oldest son, Jeff, was only 5 months old. Cellphones were unheard of...computers filled up rooms in the military...and I know gas was under $1.00 per were uptown if you had a BIG 25" color tube TV. My car was a blue 1972 Camaro. Oh yeah--I had long hair and burns (and weighed about 185). The game: Steelers 35, Cowboys ...
In lue of Throwback Thursday, hear is a video clip of Oprah Winfrey's "Women of Brewsters Place" feature Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church of South Chicago, Who do you recognize?
'Eat your heart out Ellen!' . Colin Powell wins Throwback Thursday with vintage selfie
Throwback Thursday: In March 1991, just before the Gulf War's formal cease fire took effect, Lt. Gen. Charles A. Horner tasked a RED HORSE/EOD team to deny Tallil and Jalibah air bases in southeastern Iraq for use by returning Iraqi forces. At Tallil, they used almost 80,000 lbs of explosives to make cuts in the runway and taxiway every 2,000 feet. At Jalibah Air Base, the engineers denied a concrete runway and two parallel asphalt taxiways, with 27 cuts (72 craters up to 40 feet wide and 12 feet deep) in the pavement. Twelve years later, U.S. forces returned to both locations and Air Force civil engineers were living and working at Tallil (Ali Air Base).
Throwback Thursday! It's hard to believe that this picture was taken over 20 years ago the night before I entered the MTC to serve a two year LDS mission to Chile. It was along time ago yet it seems like yesterday. I am so grateful for this great group of friends that I grew up with and the good influence they were on me. (at least most of the time). Thanks guys for all the good times. Gary Norton, Matt Reid, Jeremy Roberts, John Davis, Justin Hall, Jason Hall, Nathan L Mecham and Jason Runolfson.
Today was "Throwback Thursday" and General Colin Powell got into the game with a from 60 years ago.
Throwback Thursday! Good times with my amazing sister.
Throwback Thursday. Early 1990's in Nashville, TN at the UCP telethon with a fellow Yukon, OK School mate...Good...
Throwback Thursday, to the good old days...
Throwback Thursday for u to and don't worry Emilio I got ur back!! Gotta love my big sis love u!!
Throwback Thursday!! Looking through some old pics the other night.. Had to share. 1997 - what was that... Oh he's a "brick house". Lmao good times
Throwback Thursday me and Ty Pennington in North Carolina on set of Extreme Makeover.
Throwback Thursday: Eljo's-original location, @ 1979. Looking from the back (Ladies Dept.) to the front, with Mark Klalo, Bill Roberts, Myles Thurston and Andy awaiting customers. Found in my archives! Edie Sheerin Patterson
Forget about Throwback Thursday, don't live in the past! It's time for Sin City Trivia tonight at The Lodge Bar... http:…
Throwback Thursday to this awesome night in Edinburgh! Me and chilling after Colt Cabanas and Brendan burns' bad wrestling match show!
Throwback Thursday (part 1 of 2). The Columbus Homes Housing projects on 7th Avenue, Newark, NJ where my family grew up. At one time this section of Newark was bustling with Puerto Ricans and Italians who shared schools, street festivals, St. Lucy's Church (which is still there) and stores. According to Wikipedia, Joe DiMaggio used to take the NY Yankees team to 7th Avenue 'cause they had "real Italian food". Frank Sinatra had baked goods delivered to him from Giordano's Bakery up until his death. I have good memories growing up and also some bad but these experiences built character and bonded families. I will never be ashamed of my roots.
Throwback Thursday! At Jewel Cave National Monument, my first permanent National Park Service assignment, 1977. Still have that first NPS belt and wear it most every day, although the notches are getting closer to the end. And if you are wondering why the tie with the short sleeves, that was our summer uniform with heavy wool winter slacks and of course our winter jacket for the 47 degree cave temperature vs. 90+ outside.
Too soon to do a Throwback Thursday to our 5th Anniversary Party? Oh well, we had too much fun not to... (Photo via Brooke Williamson!)
Throwback Thursday with Allie LaForce of Lead Off on the sidelines with Tom Brady. Wearing Rain Cosmetics of course!
Throwback Thursday: Fighting Illini Basketball won the 2005 Big Ten Tournament Championship behind the play of James Augustine and Deron Williams. The Illini finished the season with a 15-1 conference record.
Throwback Thursday. My partner, Glenn Price, Jr., and me at a Beaux Arts Ball at the Seelbach Hotel
Since "Throwback Thursday" is fairly popular today, I figure I'd add one. This was at the drumline tailgate at Senior Night for the first class I saw from freshmen to seniors as Perco in 2002. It's BIG Perco and the group that begged me not to "retire" like I planned to when I graduated college. So blame them.
Throwback Thursday: Global Conservation Group giving away free vegan turkeys for Thanksgiving in Madison, Wisconsin.
Throwback Thursday to my first expo with my music publishing company :)
I found this in our KHQ archives! Throwback Thursday! 1993 Was A Good Year For Pearl Jam -
Throwback Thursday: a photo of African-American Nurses saving the life of a member of the Klu Klux Klan
Throwback Thursday! Old Logo for WMCX. WMCX is a New Jersey College Radio station with a Modern Rock format located at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Tune into RadioFlag to listen to College Radio, Indie, Underground, Modern Rock and all different types of music!
“Throwback Thursday I would probably actually kill to eat pizza with these people 🍕
Throwback Thursday moment recording "Ma Bete" (that I wrote about my fave fantasy La Belle et la Bête (film,...
My first ever Throwback Thursday. October 11th, 2013 with Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Ill never be that close to this man ever again.
It just made my day that my boss out up a throwback Thursday 😂
For Throwback Thursday, representatives of the two most recent Dodd generations dancing in 2006.
Throwback Thursday | Live to air at the CNE – 1920s style: Toronto Star Radio Truck at The EX htt…
only on this special occasion of throwback Thursday. It won't happen again 😆
Throwback Thursday: An old clip from me playing MW3 in a 1v1 after a GB and it turned into a 1v3.
Tag Rosie's in your Throwback Thursday pic and we will select a winner for a gift card!!
Throwback Thursday: HOPE 2006 Orange County, CA. Holy Moly this was 8 years ago.
Throwback Thursday - Tower of Jewels in Commercial Center 1975-1997.
We've got proof that has always been cooler than you realized:
Throwback Thursday all the way live ova here...gettin to the money back in 07.
General Colin Powell wins Throwback Thursday with this selfie taken in the 1950's.
Going WAY back in archives today for Throwback Thursday! Here's our Ham. Co. Sheriff's Office in April 1884
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