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Three Amigos

Three Amigos (marketed as ¡Three Amigos!) is a 1986 American western comedy film directed by John Landis and written by Lorne Michaels, Steve Martin, and Randy Newman.

Martin Short Chevy Chase Steve Martin John Elway Magnificent Seven Andrew Wiggins Spies Like Us El Guapo John Landis Microsoft Office Lone Ranger Alec Baldwin John Candy Paul Simon

THE THREE AMIGOS! + congratulate on scoring 3rd of the night
“Filming training videos with my friends Steve and Ganesh. it's a blast! The three amigos!
It's always a good thing when the Three Amigos are back on the mantle. Katrina, La Patona and the Grim…
Another hectic day, busy weekend coming up, Dads birthday Friday, up to Melton Mowbray to pick up Trevor, three amigos at weston Sunday.
Schaeuble says the Troika is going to have to be renamed. Anyone have useful suggestions? says the Three Amigos
I can't decide which is the better version, THE SEVEN SAMURAI or THE THREE AMIGOS?
The three amigos doing it again. Suarez assist, Messi goal
Three amigos.Jeter,A Rod and Normn.Guess who got the most NBA titles?DJ with 5 WS titles with NY Yankees
The Three Amigos, Bledsoe, Cousins and Wall, combined to average 20.2 ppg, 6.9 rpg and 6.2 apg last week.
Excited to b part of "Three Amigos event tomorrow at Ohio Center for Broadcasting. 11:30 am 9885 Rockside with Join us!!
Movie tonight with the three amigos
Three Amigos last night on our quick trip to Vegas! Had a blast meeting some great people and catching…
I usually hate remakes, but if they ever did a Three Amigos reboot with Peter Dinklage, and be all over that.
A ton of DVDs that need to go! They are all in great condition - we are just upgrading to BluRay. $2 each or 10 DVDs for $15. They all need to go! Located in Dover. Titles include Liar Liar, A Night at the Roxbury, 40 Year Old Virgin, The Hangover, Cheaper by the Dozen, Music & Lyrics, Apollo 13, Failure to Launch, Ray, Take the Lead, Timeline, The Holiday, Spiderman 1&2, Office Space, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Jurassic Park 3, The Italian Job, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Love Actually, Pretty in Pink, A League of Their Own, Bridget Jones's Diary, Wayne's World, Chicago, Twilight, The Wedding Planner, The Lake House, Laws of Attraction, What Women Want, Two Weeks Notice, Three Amigos, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, You've Got Mail, The Mask, and the DVD Trivia Party Game!
Everton boss Roberto Martinez with Isidro Diaz and Jesus Seba as the 'Three Amigos' in 1995.
'Three Amigos' ready to take Boston by storm Although Pablo Sandoval is just beginning to get a taste of his ,,,
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Dreamt last night that, at a Mexican restaurant, they brought out a cake & sang Lyle Lovett's LA County. I think I wrote ¡Three Amigos! Dos.
It's all Death stuff, his first appearance as well as the Dark Judges, Three Amigos, and Dead Reckoning.
If you are in a rap battle and you have no video proof did it really happen? Hm. Of course it does suckas... I just will come across better in the story ha ha . Any way, i was getting ready to cross the street to the mall when this group that was doing some sort of treasure hunt asked me to rap with one of the group, Unlike Nancy Reagan, i have no problem saying yes, so the rap duet began.. I kicked it off, Here's two white boys who are going to rap, gonna tell you right now... we're going to sound like crap ha ha I killed it i managed to walk backwards and rap 100feet without bumping into anyone or tripping. I was thinking about calling myself the Tall Cool One, the Inglorious James,, Or the Infamous James, That means More than Famous you illiterates. Ha ha ( Ok i know that doesn't really mean more than famous i was just channeling the Three Amigos lol So i found my new career, i need a new partner though, i had to carry the guy i teamed up with. Well word to your Mother
Three Amigos doesn’t get half the cred it deserves. MT
Post-referendum, we keep the Three Amigos, they of the now dissolving vow, rule by Bullingdon Club, and nuclear weapons. Alex Salmond departs. Project Fear was successful and older and wealthier Scotland was successfully mobilised to thwart the hopes of young and poor Scotland. Many hundreds of thousands have learned the power of collective organising and action and, if they remain resolute, can reach out to many of those who were duped into voting No. Austerity and war on the poor and vulnerable will continue and will not exempt many who voted No.
Santa Barbara here we come. So excited for the Three Amigos to be together again
...Three Amigos (starring Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Steve Martin), Rat Race (starring a cast of many) and a lot more... :D
"Steve Martin and Martin Short.half of the Three Amigos."
Hands up who only knows the word Plethora because of the Three Amigos
Hey Rudy Boy Gonzalez, remember back when there was no social media and you didnt have to argue with the "Three Amigos" about gear color, the drawing power of call letters and their mundane opinions of the rasslin biz?? you got one guy who lives in a fantasy bubble where hes a draw the size of Hogan, another guy who is a closet meth smoking *** sucker and the third wheel who offers insight , wit and business knowledge because he spent a few years riding some workers coattails??
Andrew Wiggins is going all "Three Amigos" at the NBA Draft tonight. Martin Short would approve.
Dude, Steve Martin totally wore that in Three Amigos. MT Check out Andrew Wiggins' suit for NBA Draft
Hope the "Three Amigos" are enjoying their time in Hilton Head this week! Make the most of it and be safe!
Random Acts of Wildlife -- Three Amigos. Why did the pronghorn cross the road? To graze on the other side.
What would you play? We regularly show the Jerk, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Three Amigos, Planes Trains and Autos
Happy birthday to the self proclaimed "Three Amigos": Alex Barron, Phil Mickelson and Hologram Tupac Shakur.
Ratliff Lynch is in a band with Ryland and Rocky called the Three Amigos
EDIT! Okay! Here's a sweat-induced spur of the moment list of "Post Heavens Gate" American-made westerns... no made-for-TV, direct-to-video, etc. I purposely excluded "Estrada" because it's a modern setting. What are we missing? (Titles from below are now added a/o 12:48 EST, one day later. Thanks, all!) :-D Windwalker (1981) The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981) Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981) - shot in the 70s Harry Tracy (1982) (Canadian, but I don't care) Barbarosa (1982) The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) originally produced for PBS, but did get a theatrical release. The Avenging (1983) Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (1983) Sacred Ground (1983) The Grey Fox (1983) (Canadian, but I don't care) Lust in the Dust (1985) (i know, i know...) Pale Rider (1985) Rustlers Rhapsody (1985) (a western comedy, but still...) Silverado (1985) Three Amigos (1986) (i know, i know...) Young Guns (1988) Glory (1989) Civil War setting Dances With Wolves (1990) Young Guns II (1990) Back To the Future III (1990) h ...
8 MIllion Ways to Live And Die Hard in LA for 16 Blocks with 3 Bullets, 2 Guns, 8 Heads in Duffel Bags, and 47 Ronin, all while Taking the Pelham 1 2, and 3. With Three Kings, 3 *** 3 Men and a Baby, Three Amigos, the Fantastic Four, The Magnificent Seven Samurai and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Get it done in 9 1/2 Weeks, or 8 1/2, in District Nine, use the Fifth Element or your Sixth Sense at Slaughterhouse-5, on the 6th Day, with Twelve Angry Men and Twelve Monkeys as you try to go 12 Rounds as you figure out How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days. I can't say if it's at Stalag 17 or Precinct 13 or 21 Jump Street, but you'll find 21 Grams of Sixteen Candles in the 25th Hour. I think. 28 Days Later will be too late. Forget 28 Weeks Later. But in 30 Minutes or Less there will be a Miracle on 34th Street. A 40-Year Old Virgin will have 50 Dates in 48 Hours but be Gone in 60 Seconds. A Whirlwind, like Going Around The World In 80 Days with 300, or 101 Dalmatians on United 93 in 88 MInutes or 127 Hours, I forg ...
Spending a stormy night on the couch watching "Three Amigos" with my sons, who are laughing hysterically. Good to know that funny is still funny 28 years later (yes, it's been almost thirty years since the film came out. Now I feel old.)
Wacky Wednesday.. Feeling South of the Border today! All day get your Quesadilla (Steak or Chicken) $1.00 off!!! Happy Hour! The Three Amigos!! Juarez $3, Jose' $4.50, and Patron $8 !!! Corona and Pacifico bottles $2.50!! Plus our usual. $3 Wine, Wells, and $2 Domestic Bottles!! Try a flavored Margarita today Strawberry or Mango!!! $5 Everyday! Come out and watch the NBA playoffs or the Stanley Cup, Kings @ Blackhawks, or the Dodgers vs. the New York Mets there is even some horse racing tonight. See Ya at the PUB!!!
The scene in Three Amigos where Joe Mantegna fires the Amigos with help of Phil Hartman is a classic.
Name of the actor that plays the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man in the World. Jonathan Goldsmith...kind of like Martin Short in Three Amigos.
Inspired by Amisha 's post, my top 10 favorite 80's movies in descending order of favoriteness: 1. Big Trouble in Little China 2. Labyrinth 3. Enemy Mine 4. Real Genius 5. Overboard 6. Innerspace 7. Weird Science 8. Just One of the Guys 9. My Best Friend is a Vampire 10. Little Shop of Horrors It was hard to choose between the last few. Some that almost made the cut: Willow, The Toy, Flight of the Navigator, Flight of Dragons, The Dark Crystal, The Never ending Story, The Worst Witch, Teen Witch, Masters of the Universe, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Howard the Duck, Hot to Trot, Walk like a Man, the Princess Bride, First Blood, Crocodile Dundee, Little Monsters, Born in East L.A., Turner & Hooch, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, The Witches of Eastwick, the Money Pit, Big, The Burbs, the Goonies, Troll, Poltergeist, Three Amigos, The Great Outdoors, Twins. I'd be interested to see what everyone else's favorite 80's movies are!
I never bought into the "it takes a village to raise a child" mentality. But I have learned that it does indeed "take a village" to pass legislation, even if such legislation seems so clearly appropriate in one's heart. Yesterday, after six long years of advocacy, education, networking, close calls, and yes - some painful betrayals along the way, the Kansas Senate passed HB 2744 for Autism Insurance Reform in the State of Kansas; the same bill which passed in the House on March 21st. We now anxiously await our bill signing with Governor Brownback. So about that village... In the House, I am so grateful to my 'Three Amigos' - Rep. John Rubin, former Rep. and House Majority Leader Arlen Siegfreid, and Rep. S Mike Kiegerl, enormously caring men - conservatives all - who became my great friends, and who worked exhaustively for years on autism reform to convince their peers that the legislature is in the mandate business and you can't differentiate an insurance mandate from any other bill that becomes law; t . ...
Coming of age stories come in all shapes and sizes. There is the hero's journey, which is often a solo adventure. Then there are buddy trips, in which two close friends go through a series of trials that make them stronger and better to face the future. However, there is something magical about the power of three. Is it because of the geometrical sturdiness of a triangle? The ability of one person to pick up a story thread while the other two fade into the background? Or is it just a factor of good marketing? If one looks for popular titles that have had staying power, one can quickly identify The Three Musketeers, The Three Stooges, Three Amigos, Three Men and a Baby, as well as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. If we look at spiritual guides, it's easy to identify the three ladies, three priest and three boys in Mozart's 1791 opera, The Magic Flute; the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit); and the three wise men (Magi) who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the infant Jesus. the power of ...
Under the Cherry Moon, Three Amigos and Platoon all came out the year I was born. Excellent.
Three Amigos. Such a good funny movie. Martin Short, Steve Martin and Chevy Chase
They're Down On Their Luck And Up To Their Necks In Senoritas, Margaritas, Banditos And Bullets! Tonight on Steve Martin, Chevy Chase & Martin Short star in THREE AMIGOS! Three unemployed actors accept an invitation to a Mexican village to replay their bandit fighter roles, unaware that it is the real thing. Did you know? "El Guapo" is Spanish for "The Handsome One" or "The Ladies' Man". While singing the opening song the Three Amigos simultaneously hold that high note for 14 seconds.
Obama Heads to Mexico Amigos Meeting Strained by Keystone By Eric Martin and Angela Greiling Keane Feb 18, 2014 Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s frustration with U.S. President Barack Obama’s failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline may make this installment of the North America summit, known as the “Three Amigos,” the frostiest since the annual meetings began almost a decade ago. At the one-day meeting tomorrow in Toluca, Mexico, with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Harper, Obama is bringing an agenda focused on trade, education, border security and stopping drug trafficking. Yet 20 years after the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect, the U.S. and Canada are at loggerheads over a $5.4 billion collaboration that would carry oil south from the thick sands of Alberta to American refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana. “People always call these things the ‘Three Amigos,’ but I would say at this point in time it’s difficult to use that term,” s ...
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Tips for the day: Three Amigos is amazing. John Candy is you're spirit animal. Beer in a can is better than beer in a bottle, even Guiness. The Farrelly brothers need to come out with another flic. Good day.
Gotta love Martin Short, he's my favorite amigo from the the Three Amigos
On a morning like this, I can't resist singing in the style of Martin Short from Three Amigos! It's a rare occurrence when my vocal chords play limbo beneath the ledger lines!!
Super Bowl Coaches Special Part 1 The Super Bowl. Nothing on earth is like it. There is no bigger game. One win can change your life and career. Never winning it though, means you're doomed to have a tarnished reputation no matter what you do in the game. This is a line that John Fox is currently tiptoeing. A loss, he'll be lost in history as a coach who couldn't win the big game. And he won't even be a top three coach in that category. Bud Grant, Marv Levy, and Dan Reeves share a record that screams of their Super Futility. 4 Super Bowl appearances without a championship. 4 bites at that one apple. 4 shots at immortality. The Purple People Eaters were an amazingly brutal defense. But as much we know them for shutting teams down in December, we know them just as much for shutting down in the Super Bowl. How much differently would we think of Bud Grant and the Vikings if they could have won a big game. Dan Reeves' Broncos teams. John Elway and the Three Amigos (Nattiel, Johnson, and Jackson). The first tea ...
Film Director John Landis ("Three Amigos!," "Animal House," "Blues Brothers") will join the Golden State Pops on February 15 as a guest speaker at our concert honoring Elmer Bernstein. Mr. Bernstein wrote the scores to multiple films by Mr. Landis, many with Peter Bernstein as orchestrator, who will also be a special guest at the concert. John Landis is an American film director, screenwriter, actor and producer. He is known for his comedy films, horror films and his music videos with Michael Jackson. He is most known for "Three Amigos!," "Animal House," Michael Jackson's "Thriller," "Spies Like Us," "The Blues Brothers," "Trading Places" and "American Werewolf in London." - "Great Composer Tribute: Elmer Bernstein" Saturday, February 15, 2014 - 8:00 PM Warner Grand Theatre at the L.A. Waterfront Tickets at With special guests John Landis, Bear McCreary and Peter Bernstein Including music from "Magnificent Seven," "Three Amigos!," "Walk on the Wild Side," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "From the Te ...
LONDON EVENING STANDARD Arsenal are today facing a midfield injury crisis with Aaron Ramsey struggling to be fit for the first leg of their Champions League last-16 clash against Bayern Munich. Striker Marco Borriello and midfielder Antonio Nocerino go straight into West Ham's squad for tonight's derby at Chelsea. Fulham are closing in on a £12million deal for Greece striker Konstantinos Mitroglou. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS Manchester City are set to launch a late January transfer window bid for Porto defender Eliaquim Mangala, according to a report. Paris Saint-Germain have warned Manchester City off Blaise Matuidi and said they will launch raids for Blues players in response. David Moyes says United's results will get back on an upward curve now that his new Three Amigos are in tandem for the Reds. LIVERPOOL ECHO Liverpool are hoping to sign Ukrainian attacker Yevhen Konoplyanka before the end of the transfer window. NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE Newcastle United have moved quickly to replace Yohan Cabaye by submi ...
First we get The Magnificent Seven then we have the Three Amigos
Apologies in advance to the Sea-Chickens' twelfth man. I liked you since you were an expansion team, Zorn to Largent, done deal. Here it is though... I was born in New Jersey, I was raised in Puyallup, and I grew up in Seattle. I found my will in Denver, I know the secret of Prozac and Caffeine, and I knew the Three Amigos, let my hero Ed McCaffrey sign my gf's (kinda) privates, and John Elway has an awesome charity on Arapahoe road near my former home. I said months ago that if it was Seahawks vs. Broncos, I'd be flying to NJ for the party. As it turns out a ticket isn't the five large (thou) that I was thinking, it's a million (!!!). If I had a million to throw, a football game would be the last place I'd start, right ahead of green energy. ☺ However, it will be a damned good game, and the money that I do have and occasionally gamble is all on Manning (v. Wilson gimme a break! Keep in mind that Johnny E chose Peyton...).
Prime Minister Stephen will join his North American counterparts in Mexico next month for a continental summit, amid broader doubts about the relevance of the so-called Three Amigos meetings.
Hey Eric Mack ,Terrance Henderson ,Dwayne Mackie I'm watching the Three Amigos brings back Poly memories
"the Three Amigos" all you need now is Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short.
PLOT: Three out of work silent movie actors are accidentally drawn to a Mexican village that is being harassed by a gang of outlaws. The three, 'Ned', 'Lucky Day' and 'Dusty Bottoms' play 'Lone Ranger' types in their movies, but must play their parts for real now. Released: December 12th 1986 Joe plays a character called Harry Flugleman . Roger gave this 1 star   The ideas to make "Three Amigos" into a good comedy are here, but the madness is missing. All great farces need a certain insane focus, an intensity that declares how important they are to themselves. This movie is too confident, too relaxed, too clever to be really funny. And yet, when the cowboys sit around their campfire singing a sad lament and then their horses join in, you see where the movie could have gone.   My guess is they made it with too much confidence and not enough desperation.   The stars are Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short. The comic style they should have adopted was Short's manic goofiness from "Saturda ...
The UPS man came bearing a gift of Cinema gold from Amazon. What oh what to watch tonight? O Brother Where Art Thou? Joe Vs. The Volcano? The Three Amigos? Tough decision I think!
Norma, Elvis, and I are like the Three Amigos.
"Three Amigos!" Is an under-appreciated movie. Chevy Chase and Steve Martin together = comedic gold.
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October 8th is the Birthday of Chevy Chase 70. He is an American comedian, writer, television actor and film actor. He quickly became a key cast member in the inaugural season of Saturday Night Live, where his Weekend Update skit soon became a staple of the show. Chase is also well known for his portrayal of the character Clark Griswold in four National Lampoon's Vacation films, and for his roles in other successful comedies such as Foul Play (1978), Caddyshack (1980), Seems Like Old Times (1980), Fletch (1985), Spies Like Us (1985), and ¡Three Amigos! (1986). Happy Birthday Chevy!
Three Amigos for the first time. Zero Dark Thirty for probably the 4th time. A doc on Mickey Mantle & Grandma's boy lol
Dude this morning asked me how long I was a Bronco Fan, and the only reason I liked them was because Peyton Manning was on the team. You know I had to break him down so he could know who he was talking to. I told him: "I go back to the Orange Crush to the Mile High Miracle." Been a fan since 1984 from John Elway to Brain Greise, to Jake Plummer, to Jay Cutler, to Kyle Orton, to Tim Tebow, and now to Peyton Manning. I watched the Giants smack us in 1986, the Redskins smack us in 1987, the 49ers smack us in 1989, all the way up to us beating the Packers in 1998, and then smacking the Falcons in 1999. From the Three Amigos, to the Mile High Salute, and I did not even start hitting him with hard hitting Steve Atwater, Dennis Smith, and the boys. lose or draw I am a Bronco Fan for Life.
Three Amigos of SWB are taking the wild horse story to grade school kids all over America and we need your help-
yes! Lmao. 2 each to the Three Amigos and 1 to Steve Watson.
Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Edward James Olmos and Bill Paxton are like the modern day Three Amigos.
The Annual Golf Classic benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver is quickly approaching! We still have some slots to play available, so please e-mail any of your business partners who you think might be interested in playing! In case you need an incentive: Our tournament will host Vance Johnson, a former NFL Bronco football player, and member of the infamous, Three Amigos! The Einsteins Noah Restaurant Group Inc. is hosting a bagel toss and bagel buffet on course. noodles & company is hosting a hole giving away either a Scorzie or a free Noodle bowl! Just in case you thought you might still be hungry, there will be a Steak Taco and Margarita stand on course, complimentary beer by some of the finest microbreweries in Colorado, as well as Tito’s vodka tea and lemonades and Bloody Mary’s, an ice cream stand in addition to our normal, gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner! There will be a live and silent auction this year including a Personally Guided Fly Fishing Trip in Steamboat Springs .. ...
Went to the Center for the Arts theater last night at Mission Point Resort to see the classic film, An American in Paris. The sound quality from the Bose system is great and it was a fun experience to see a classic on the big screen. Next week "Grease" on Monday and "Three Amigos" on Friday.
The three amigos all have off today
I am now following the three amigos
The three amigos off to camp. The counselors won't know what hit 'em.
I'm calling to tell you it's over Yes darling, you're now free to go. You're saying you're sorry you hurt me But you hurt me much more than you know. You're asking me where this call comes from Oh, I hope you won't end up here. If your new romance turns out a failure, Here's where you'll find me my dear. I'm just on the blue side of lonesome Right next to the Heartbreak Hotel In a tavern that's known as Three Teardrops On a bar stool, not doing so well.
The Special One is Home. Our team is in safe hands. Cant wait to see the Three Amigos play under Jose
Chelsea header, with the three amigos on the sides hazard, mata and Oscar. Thanks:)
So Chelsea get Mourinho again, I wonder how his counter attacking system will suit the three amigos; Mata, Oscar, Hazard
Three three amigos from yesterday's roadtrip.
Tension In Abuja As Security Operatives Continue To Besiege Amigo Supermarket, Wonderland Amusement Park June 2, 2013 - By SaharaReporters, New York Security operatives have continued to lay siege on the premises of Amigo Supermarket and Wonderland Amusement Park in Abuja following an alleged link between one of its Lebanese co-owners, Fauzi Fawad, and a terror group. Last week, officers of Nigeria’s anti-terror agency, the Joint Task Force, recovered a cache of weapons in a depot reportedly owned by a Lebanese businessman. A security source disclosed that three Lebanese men were also arrested after a raid on the depot. The raid was triggered by a tip that there was an underground bunker in the home a Lebanese businessman. Security operatives searched the house as well as other locations in the city. When Saharareporters visited the premises of Wonderland and Supermarket on Sunday, our correspondent saw a team of heavily armed security operatives. A source told us that the guards include Nigerian army p ...
How dare you. I AM CRUISE. did you do your own stunts in The Three Amigos?
The three amigos are staying home today
shall be seeing you soon but want to say GOOD LUCK MEG!👍 The three amigos going in together! ❤
The three Amigos managed to make it through the long 15 mins journey inside the small Chu Chi tunnel!…
Jose Mourinho first job as Chelsea boss will be to confirm the sale of Brazilian defender David Luiz, 26, to Barcelona for £30m. Daily Star (TH)
Tomorrow I go back to purgatory three months in India
My TL consists of Sara, Kirstin, and I.. The three amigos 😏
we are going to have awesome work night tomorrow. Js the three amigos!
Three man squad, juss call us The Amigos!
Bored of the close season already? So are the three amigos. The latest podcast from is here! 🍀
Just watched The Three Amigos with and !! Anyways I had a great night
maybe this is why you don't fit in.. Three amigos minus two and who does that leave? YOU 😂
Today, I started a new treatment for this fungus on my foot, after it had already spread to three new places. - Dr. Wilk
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Three amigos tonight at Yankee Stadium. and my boy Caleb.
The three of us are like the 3 amigos we all silly asf
How was everyone's weekend? I could use some type of interaction tonight. :/ -CMP
Even though we're the three I amigos I still get jealous of y'all. I hate myself.
Ima miss my osoarrgant crew. Us three amigos. The bbcs. The hood niggs
hashtag the three amigos.. Minus two
The three amigos. Hard to see who has been the worst for our country.
I love you both to the moon and back! The three amigos forever. ⚾😘
I might get the hick ups first but I am the smartest out of the three amigos
me and elizzybeth are looking for houses for the three amigos when I get back to ohio 😊
It's been an eventful visit to Del Rio. Hopefully my car will get fixed in the a.m. and I can start to head home.
The THREE AMIGOS will take on the wolf pack anyday
You mean the Singing Bush that's in Three Amigos. Not a hallucination but funny ey-ef
"You are mistaken who does not believe the life that you have is the life you choose. But it requires movement, engagement and trust. And love is the reward of those who never get tired." CAH Morandi
I can't even think of one. Who do you mean? Though I recall Martin Short getting blown up by a bee in Three Amigos.
I think City Slickers may have received more recognition than Three Amigos but my vote goes for Three!
Next Saturday doh, grad party for the three amigos at dah house. Come thru lookin clean.
and that made me think of the Three Amigos... :-)
But, the three amigos gotta hang out this summer!!
Okay! Tomorrow begins the one song a month to your email deal. I want you guys to tell me what kind of originals you are interested in hearing from me. Up tempo? Mid? Ballad? Go!
Ok, its time. As you all know, I drive a limo, a job I love and am good at, esp dealing with people. But something has come up that I cannot turn down. Things are very slow at my company, and not getting better. SO.I have decided to move to Las VEGAS baby!...and take a job there. Vegas is the pinnacle of the limo biz, so why not? I have no ties holding me down, and is the chance to make some serious money. If all goes well, I will fly out there (again!) this week, interview with a few companies, find a place to live, head back, get Ted and Greg (the BEST movers in the universe!) to pack me up and head out. I have met some great people in my travels, including to incredible friends JR, whom some of you know, and Toni, and supersweet young lady. Ready to "head west young man" and meet some more. I will admit a bit of apprehension, prob normal, but if I dont take this chance, I'll spend the rest of my life brooding over a lost opportunity, and I'm not gonna want that. So thats the news, Im excited for this, ...
Now the only dingbat left is the one that lives with me. R.I.P.Jean Stqpleton
So much for a good day. Two call off's equals me doing a dbl and three jobs freaking awesome. ;/
Yesterday We all here had a great time with my step-hija Sharol n her kids, amigo Brian, Sister Mima, Oscar, n Pablo. Three sleep over my house last night of the kids. And Jr best friend Brian as well... We play Games with the kids in the yard and play with the big people's Dominoes. We are all Puerto Rican El Fin !!! Those are and is the great good days of my life... Family's Times Are The Best One Of Them All...
The crazy thing about it, when the heat win all they fans b talking bout " we great we gone win it all"! When they lose its always the ref. Cheated them! How bout y'all blame SHE WADE and *** BOSH!!! Y'all some cry babies to be real, y'all cry more than my kids # SORE LOSERS
Three hour maths exam tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Eight months, five pairs of flip-flops and three haircuts later it's time to head back home. Thank you everyone for making this the most rewarding and amazing experience in my life so far. I have found a second home and made memories that will last me forever. Nos vemos catrachos!!
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Pop singer Kelly Rowland and Mexican singer-actress Paulina Rubio have signed onto "The X Factor" judging panel replacing Britney Spears and music mogul L.A. Reid, the Fox television talent competition produced by Simon Cowell said on Monday. Rowland, who rose to fame with R&B group Destiny's Child, and Rubio will be charged with re-igniting the Fox series that failed to stave off falling ratings after giving Spears a reported $15 million salary last year. Rowland, 32, and Rubio, 41, will join Cowell, 53, and pop singer Demi Lovato, 20, on the judging panel. "It's taken more than a decade but I'm delighted to finally be on a panel with three girls (I think!). Paulina and Kelly both have great taste and massive experience in the music industry and together with Demi, this is going to be a fun panel. It just feels like the time to do something different," Cowell said in a statement. Cowell has revamped the judging panel after each season, firing singers Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzi ...
We have an offer in on a new house; I expect to go through a few offers in trying to buy in MA, but we'll see. Now if we could just get an offer on the old house, so we don't own three.
Racial profiling at its finest me Chris Chase and Lafayette Neal walk into a store and the ladies says "amigo chocolate" telling her co-worker to follow us. Not knowing these three white dudes was stealing candy out of her store as me and my friends pay for our drink and kept it pushing. *** aint it funny how life works sometimes!
Chilling with Aaron Baker watching the three amigo on the floor without any furniture on our pillows. I love my new job!!!
After three parties, I'm so tired.but ready for another one!
My sweet lady just made me a cup of my new favorite, our Blue Lotus Rooibos Masala Chai made with honey. Sitting here relaxing, sipping this yummy chai after mowing the fields for three hours with the tractor and mowing deck. Beautiful day!!! Jai Guru.
well, the long awaited 6th Chapter of TBATB is finally here !! Uploaded it to the "my notes" section last night :) It was by far my favorite chapter i've written for the story so far, however it was also admittedly a Chapter that was a bit rushed, but there is a reason why,so no biggie, all will be revealed in due course. that being said, i would like to dedicate it to three incredibly special guys in my life. Firstly, to my love Red Dragoon : sweetheart, words can't express how lucky i am to know you. through the good and the bad we've stuck it out and we're alot stronger for each experience we have shared over the course of this past year. i love you so much. and i really liked the stuff you added while i was writing the chapter ! thanks for making it twice as brilliant ! Secondly, i wanna extend a HUGE thanks to my creative partner-in-crime, Mr. Aaron Jay Scott ! you and A.J. are the most brilliant writers and i'm incredibly fortunate to be able to call you both my dear, dear personal friends !! I love ...
Rumor has it that at 6PM Central BBC will be announcing that Matt Smith is leaving the show and will most likely regenerate at the end of the 50th anniversary special. What I know for sure is that every major news agency just got sent a press packet with orders not to publish or discuss until after Midnight London time.
Can't get ahead, I take one step forward and get knocked back three. One day I will advance in life
Lol, got kicked out three bars, lost my phone dont remember much, havent had a night like that in a good not proud but hey I just know I had NIGHTS!
Omg I just found out horrible news one of my friends from the valley just got killed in Corpus at the Whataburger in Saratoga and Cimarron. The sad part was he texted me last night "I felt like dancing tonight and actually I've been feeling like dancing for two weeks but have no one to go with. Wanted to go to Havana!" He was a young intelligent man with a beautiful future as a doctor ;and he was beaten up by three men just because his door slam another SUV door. I would have gone with you Aaron Garza ;but I didn't acknowledge your text messages until right now. I am now reading them carefully and knowing my heart I would have gone with you because I trusted you and I knew you were alone in Corpus. I'm sorry Aaron I should have gone with you and now I can't stop crying! God please have compassion on his family and RIP Aaron Garza!
I give thanks this day to a generous G-d for the blessing of 39 years of loving relationship with my now husband, Andy. It has been at times tumultuous and strained but we're still here, still together after all these years. And as we were able to get married in DC three years ago, we're officially old married men. Whuda thunk it?
All three girls in the kitchen, all three boys on the couch. What is this? 1958 Havana? Big mess in the kitchen = big cake project
What could be better then this? Saturday morning, three boys, Dora the Explorer and my laptop, headphones and music? I mean, really? Does it get better then this? You can have your beach getaways, I'll take my early Saturday morning 3 amigo kisses in the my bed.
HELP! Somebody do something! With no power, my beloved freeze pops are melting! Does it have to come to this? Why!!? Why?!! I'm sure somehow.someway.I'll get through this.
Well, after only sleeping only 1 hour within the previous 48 hours, yesterday I managed to drive us all to the Chicago Midway Airport and back. We had a nice little trip. I hated driving on Cicero Avenue though. Too much traffic! My three wonderful kids and I were able to stop at a restaurant and spent 1 1/2 hours there! We had a great time! Thank you Ryan Amigo Perales for going with us! We loved spending time with you as usual! ~~~ Needless to say, when we got home, I told Kayli and Jacob to stay in the house, I laid down on the sofa and closed my eyes for a couple hours. It was one of those "mommy naps" though. You know the kind where you can hear what is going on around you, but you just don't have the strength to open your eyes or sit I gained enough strength and rest, I got up to find them passed out in the living room too! I guess their little bodies had finally gave in. It was a precious sight for me though. At 5:00pm I had to force them to get up and go outside to play wi ...
Watching "three *** for the nth time with my pamangkins..they seem to love the song..even my son dances to it.. they wanted to watch it over and over again.i cant help but laugh at them trying to do some bollywood.. my headache is all gone now..what a relief and thanks to this kids.. lolz ;-)
Went to three wonderful fiestas today in my district with VM Amara Romano and Abner Jocelyn Baraquiel- Bringino. Brgy. Cawayan's island feel was a real treat--what with the giant crabs and shrimps immensely enjoyed and devoured by Ivy, baby Lexi [an innocent bystander at best :-)] and Iam Jenz.Sula channel's "estuary wonderland," specifically Brgy. Nahapunan was more a political revelation than a gustatory one--given the fact that i still won in this barangay despite the odds. And, final destination by boat was Malilipot's one of three island barangays--Brgy. Salavacion-- which was the very first barangay i officially campaigned in, was surprisingly festive with its singing and dance contests lined up for today... :-)
Well fellow good time seekers and cats pyjama lovers its another Saturday where the vitamin D is being freely vended from oor big neebur solay up there. Wot ye gonny day aboot it? Are ye gonny go oot nd get burnt or sit and watch reruns off that pish fabricated telly we call.! OOOps sorry don't want to be offensive so lets just say heehaw but you ken the programs:) They sook the life blood right oot ye and leave ye on yer couch pure white nd three stain heavier! So get up and get oot! Get oot!! Break free fi the bonds nd rise above the spoon fed norm fi that wee flat screen box in the corner off yer livingroom that people live in for twelve oors at a time. Real folk tay! One thing al say is try is if yer sittin in a park somewhere wi yer burd nd wains try no look up at the clouds and say," see a told ye it widdny last," Shut up there only clouds man! Anyway enjoy the sun folks and I must go coz reruns of dancing on ice are coming on and am awe excited x
Can't sleep! Too many things rattling around in my head. Foreclosure! Trying to find affordable and accessable housing. Mess up @ work. Feel like I've failed my family, myself and just about everyone near to me. What would things be like, if I weren't here? Not thinking straight, at the moment. With the exception of the birth of grandson, Thomas, the last few weeks have sent me into a downward spiral. Need to kick myself in the butt, and figure out how to salvage this mess, that my life has become!
Comment your "AGE" Whoever likes it would Date you, ADD them ♥.♥ ^_^
We lost four more firefighters today in Houston, prayers to their family's, it's been a bad month.
I can't get this drawing (Courting II) right. I fear I have lost all desire to finish it. Or worse... I fear I have lost the ability to draw. At what point does an artist stop and realize his best pieces are behind him and needs to give it up?
It's official - I'm sick : 0( . NyQuil and bed it is...missing an epic party at Joey Bommarito and Jimmy Vesci's -
Took that next step in my life!! I'm engaged with the love of my life Clarissa Lazcano
Just rolled into Salem *** hasn't see you tonight at the triangle!!
Had a lovely dinner with Robin Bean and Brooke Walton. Steak and chips with pepper sauce kindly prepared by Brooke and Robin. be'urselfntley coming tomorrow !!!
Though not yet uhuru, the declaration of State of Emergency in three of the northern states seems to be producing result in terms of reducing the rebellious acts of insurgents. Latest on the list of their exploits is the Hezbollah-linked Amigo/Wonderland guy - Fawad or whatever his name. Since there is alleged confession that their object has nothing to do with Boko Haram, but concentrated on attacking Israeli/western interests in Nigeria, the Federal Government should therefore be unhesitating in handing over the so far arrestees to Israel and the west for further queries if need be. Our dexterous and well-trained security operatives must be allowed to concentrate on the issue of the moment which is restoring nomalcy and calming the frailed nerves of Nigerians. Israeli/western interest should not be uppermost in our tackling security issues. Commendable as the uncovering of the Hezbollah issue may be, we must restrain ourselves from smarmy and despicable act of ingratiation. It must not be seen as a feat ...
Back from a lovely cruise. We both had a great time. I was also lucky enough that Beth Roberts accepted my proposal. Now engaged...and very happy!!
Omg do not ever go with amigo energy!!! They have the worst customer service they always add 20$ fees here and there...they do not give a crap about their customers and are always looking to steal more money from you!!!
Chaos and confusion, welcome back to my life... I can honestly say I haven't missed you!!! :/
Paloma Rivera e Eva Eva Rivera Montes have a great day Amiga s ,)
Welcome to the world Baby Carmen Sofia born yesterday at 3.34 weighing 7lb 5oz' Both Lisa & Carmen Sofia are doing fantastic. The father is still a bit shaky. Lisa McKittrick
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What’s your G4S story? Why not send us an inbox message, detailing your experiences with G4S. Have you risen through the ranks? Had an unforgettable experience? Or perhaps you work(ed) with some extraordinary people? Maybe you even met the love of your life because of G4S? Inbox us your message and we’ll post the best.
Haircut & a shave certainly sets you up for the day. Looking forward to the Soul night in Inverness tonight. It'll certainly make a change from Drax Soul club but occasionally you have to do some missionary work! ! See you next Saturday at Eggborough Julie ;-)
WooHoo 6K! Now Im going to add 3 more admins! so comment on this status! First THREE only, then go message the page your emails, if your blocked and dont mind people seeing your email then comment it below! Hurry ends in 5 Minutes! ~Amelia
a U.S Border patrol agent catches an illegal immigrant hiding in the bushes right by the border fence. He pulls him out and says, "Sorry amigo, you know the Law, you're going back across the border right away." The Mexican man begs him, "No, no, no! Señor, i must stay in America! Por favor!" The agent thinks to himself *hmm, im gonna make it *** him* and says, "Ok, I'll let you stay, but only if you can use 3 english words in a sentence." The agent tells him, "The three words are: green, pink, and yellow. now use them in a sentence." The Mexican man thinks really hard for about 2 minutes, then says, "The went GREEN, GREEN, GREEN, i PINK it up, and said YELLOW?" x'D
WOW what an adventure tonite ! I checked into this Hostal in Patzcuaro Michocan Mexico after a 5 1/2 hour bus ride and tired and hungry. Walked to a plaza down a long narrow street looking for restaurant and lo and behold an AA Group sign. I decided to walk in and there was an old mexican fellow there alone who greeted me and I stuck around and it turned out to be a huge meeting with a 7 yr anniversary celebrated. I didnt have small change so I didnt know where I would find some food and again lo and behold after the meeting they passed around Jello, big bowl of soup, beverages, and cake! I am stuffed! A guy from the meeting walked me home since I wasnt sure where the Hostal was. I just got home and met the guy who runs this he is really a kewl guy too !! Tomorrow Im going to the lake area and get a boat out the these islands where they have small villages (and restaurants lol) They invited me back to the 830 AA meeting tomorrow night so Im going ! What an awesome unplanned the Jewish people ...
Ok mommies.I need some help here! What would you expect to pay someone to watch three children for 4-5 hrs on a Saturday night. Ages are 10 months, 4 and 7. I'm new to all this. Also what would you expect to pay for two children 10 months and 4 for 8 hrs during the week.i need input here!!!
John Appleton asks: "Have you ever considered the remote possibility that you caricature of the Christian God might possibly be askew?" I've considered it plenty of times. Many a Christian has tried to prove I've misconstrued everything. And they twist the Bible and morality and philosophy into amazing unconvincing, incredibly easy to pop balloon animals trying to do so.
I miss my partners in crime. :( we'd be doin the Three Amigos thing better than them shiapos enit. LOL Now that someone jacked up my plans for the summer Im gonna make the trip to P-town so we can burn the North East down. Lol
Three Amigos is on NBC west right.meow!!!
Not many things are better than "Three Amigos" with Chevy Chase and Steve Martin... "High Spirits" starring Peter O'Toole and Daryl Hannah is one of those things. Tonight's tv is fantastic!
Only a week left til I see the surgeon again, and, finally, maybe, I'll be allowed to lift more than 3 lbs. with my right hand, and then get back to some normalcy. They're still talking about rehabbing this(a "massive" rotator cuff tear R. shoulder) for 4 or 5 months. From the way it feels, esp. after a visit from my friendly home therapist, I tend to believe them. Unfortunately, there wasn't much choice but to go ahead with this surgery, but it sure is complicated. Couldn't sleep the last two nights(I'm stuck living on the first floor as an in-residence recuperating surgical person), watched some of Jodie Arias' testimony(can you believe that woman?) and a movie, The Magnificent Seven. It's early Steve McQueen Yul Brunner, George Maharis, an icon, an unfunny version of Three Amigos, and while it has its moments, it doesn't fare too well over time. Dialogue seems stilted, and Maharis' acting is amateurish. Also saw Rio Bravo again, which is just a great, great film, The Duke, Dean Martin, Ward Bo ...
Les Miles put on a tiny sombrero for charity, internet. Please dont forget to mention the charity when making a parody Three Amigos script
Watching Legally Blonde, Boondocks Saints, and Three Amigos while working today. My shop is fancy.
I had the chance to meet 2 great comedians last night - Chevy Chase and Gilbert Gottfried. I've now met 2 of the Three Amigos - Martin Short and Chevy Chase. Need to get Steve Martin checked off my list!!
Don't thank me, thank the Microsoft Office family - PowerPoint, Excel and Word... the Three Amigos!
actually Three Amigos is pretty much a comedy remake of Magnificent Seven. So it has a chance
Galaxy Quest has exactly the same plot as A Bugs Life and Three Amigos.
would u have gotten me something??? And it's the Japanese place by Three Amigos
t-shirts great idea! 3Fers on the front and a picture of the three amigos with a red x over them on the back
it's ok to be mad. Three Amigos has a special on fajitas tonight for you to rejoice
Wow! Three amigos:Decker, Thomas, and Welker! But problem is who is for fantasy league?
The three amigos at The Cumbrian Hotel, Marble Arch. col_streetmagic
evolve mama cuz we started it just three amigos anyway Now still just Us no tatts needed 2see that
what it [dot] be | features | The Three Amigos in NYC with photography by Ricardo Napoli via
The three amigos at today's & InfoSec Congress, myself, and . A winning combination!
Watching Three Amigos with my 5 day old daughter. Can’t start soon enough with the classics.
Congrats to the bro passing his test, buzzing to cruise the like da three amigos fsfsfs
"Dennis Rodman at the Vatican: 'I want to be anywhere in the world I'm needed'." Like the Three Amigos.
I smell a remake of The Three Amigos MT Andy Rubin steps down to spend more time with Scott Forstall & Steven Sinofsky.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I want to watch The Three Amigos in my Spongebob pjs. Does that make me a kid?
Miss my old friends. Life was good with them! the three amigos the big three!!!
"You were calling yourselves the Three Divorcées. Kinda like the Three Amigos but more sad."
We swear we the three amigos. We stay clowning
I could go for three amigos dip & a margarita . That would just make my day
I've had a crush on this guy since I was approx 9 years old, pretty sure that speaks for itself!
The Three Amigos are awesome! I also got quite a kick out of the 'wild and crazy guys' skit. Because I will always be 5yrs old
Look at my three amigos at the beach today -
Looked up Three Amigos/SNL gif set on Tumblr to make myself laugh. Then was a little bit sad because the Three Amigos still makes me laugh.
Plethora of Pinatas scene is the best scene in three amigos.
The Three Amigos are getting back together!
Thanks for the pics. Love the one with Sasha grinning, like he's smiling at a secret. Also the "three amigos" (top line). All good.
Brian Jr is going to have the best Godparents ever. This trio is better than the Three Amigos! misscapule…
Last day of Christmas Vaca and the three amigos are pooped. :o)
S/o to Three Amigos!!! I got 2 hours of sleep last night, rest of the time was spent puking
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S/O to our best friend from Nadia and I on her birthday! We love you lexie!! Three amigos forever! Happy birthday girl:)
Heres another pic of The Three Amigos amongst the crowd at SHOW 2 of 6 tour of Adelaide :-)
My daughter and I got in a little Three Amigos this morning. She's the only 1 old enough to appreciate the subtle humor of Dusty Bottoms.
Just went into a full body twitch and started doing Lamaze exercises because someone said ¡Three Amigos! was better than Blazing Saddles.
Just came across an old Photo. The three amigos- Force / Tasca / Pedregon. Good times...
And last but not least... the three amigos!
look who's in that ice bucket... It's The Three Amigos! ;)
Are you an Agile QA Engineer who likes to collaborate “Three Amigos” style? are hiring
2006-07. The three amigos' sophomore year.
Meet "The Three Amigos," a trio of hermit crabs discussed in this blog post by the Smithsonian Institute's...
I was watching Three Amigos with my new dog..she seems to enjoy the songs much more than me and must say, I like Three Amigos since forever!
guys no worries the three amigos are still a team I'm going nowhere!
“I just found out that Randy Newman co-wrote the movie "Three Amigos" and my mind is now blown.” 😯 This guy is pure talent!!
They are "Three Amigos," which is a title of a famous comedy movie they played in. Actually at first I didn't recognize Chevy Chase.
Agamemnon, Slipher, and Neptune. My three amigos in this long journey in Johto.
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In dress Bill played Martin Short in the Three Amigos intro of "Mirrors"
Class of 98 June will be here soon can we please come together and plan a spectacular 15 year reunion lets show Ms. Dollar, Ms.Martin, and Mrs.Laye that we can come together like the best class they made us into!!! Don't make me call the Three Amigos on y'all!!! If I left anyone out please tag them
This episode last night was simply outrageous. The opening skit had Timberlake joining the '5 Timers club', and they brought or showed the others: Paul Simon, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, John Goodman, Drew Barrymore, Candace Bergin. Also there were Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short. Andy Samberg showed up, and he and Justin did their bit as you can see, as did Ackroyd and Martin as "2 wild and crazy guys". Martin, Short, and Chase also did their "Three Amigos" routine.
Kind of glad I was lame and stayed in tonight. This has been one of the best SNLs in years...Justin Timberlake, hilarious as always, as host. Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Dan Akroyd, Alec Baldwin, Paul Simon and Jay-Z guest appearances. Plus, Dan and Steve reprised 'Wild and Crazy Guys' and best of all.Chevy, Martin and Steve did Three Amigos!
¡Three Amigos! (1986) Directed by John Landis. Re-watch. 3.5/5 (First time watching the 25th anniversary blu-ray.)
Hank, one of the "Three Amigos", the father of Amelia, Aaron, and Aiden was adopted today. He's going to a home with 3 kids who are very excited. The dog who was dropped at the side of the road is getting a furever home. Yeah for Hank!
Enjoying our vacation in South Carolina. Went for dinner last night at RIOZ it was so much fun and great food too! We are going to the beach again for the "WALK" which I don't do as I have a bad leg. Today is the big 6 mile walk for the "Three Amigos"! More power to them! I will sit on the beach, take pictures, sun bathe, and close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the birds and soothing waves! I love the smell of salt in the air, the sound of waves and the warmth of the sun. Temps are cool (high 50s) but the sun is shinning! It is great to be sharing our time with Pete and Jean. We all get along so well! Going to see "A Good Day to Die Hard" tomorrow afternoon. It is supposed to be cooler tomorrow so movies will be a good alternative.
The amigos need to watch the three amigos movie
I definitely will you should come say bye to xana she's moving to Texas and I think the three amigos will cheer her up
don't be like that. We are the three amigos :)
He sat down beside Germania's bed with his book open to the story of "Little Red Cap." It was always his favourite one for his vati to read to him, so naturally it was the one he would pick to read. It was also the story where the note was stored. He continued to read about how the wolf tricked Little Red Cap into picking flowers then trying to pretend to be her grandmother. And How the hunter saved them by cutting the wolves stomach open and replacing it with rock so it would die when it woke. Holy Rome finished the story then looked at Germania. "Vati... bitte. wake up... Or I can read another story." He whimpered softly. //HRE// ((Just as side note: In the original story: It was Little Red Cap, not Little Red Riding Hood.))
Home with the puppy and , the Three Amigos on the TV and developing ideas for future campaigns.
First weekend without the other two three amigos all semester. :(
I wish I could :( I miss you two the most! We are the three amigos! Just don't fight over who's gonna wait on me :P
Officially president of for next year? Three amigos takin ova 😉
oh of course! Anything to help out one of the three amigos!!
I almost ran you over at three amigos 😁 sorry :/
On the Waterfront, Bridge on the River Kwai, Three Amigos and MASH are now on their way to my movie collection. I'm so excited that I might *** your pants.
and and in a remake of the Three Amigos.
the three amigos , the three musketeers , the B.B.C crew will be back in action veryy soon ! ❤
okay good. YAYAYAYAY the three amigos ;D!!
It been way to long since the three amigos have hung out.reunion Long overdue
There will be some bar stools with singers on them tonight.the original three amigo SOB's tonight 9:30-12:30!
thanks, appreciate the advice as well. Big fan of the show, the three amigos: Todd, Simon and Paulie. Much success.
thank goodness...I got worried. There was no three amigos tonight.
better. We be like the three amigos, or the three musketeers
Did you watch the new three amigos video yet?
Clayton Howell... He had his love stories, he had his war stories. He had his trials, tribulations, triumphs and tragedies. He was a gentle giant, so strong. He would fold his fingers down over mine in his huge hand. He was giver of candy, gaining himself the name Grandpa Tootsie by the great grandkids with whom he took on rides on his amigo. He was a force to be reckoned with in any game of cards; in Euchre you prayed he was your partner because otherwise you were going to lose. He was a fantastic forgiving fisherman.not a word of anger when little blonde headed and brunette granddaughters freed his cooler full of fish.even the bait. My grandma wanted me to put a smelly, musty ice pack on my face when I fell off the slid. He told me to get in the truck, he had the perfect cold thing for it. He bought me ice cream.two scoops. Father of three.two of which you went to join in heaven tonight with your Jenny. I hope someday to find someone to love me like you loved her. Goodnight sweet prince, res ...
Just ate for free at Three Amigos...
Two more day until this fool comes home. I'm ready for the three amigos get together 🙉🙉🙊
Ovechkin is overrated. Nothing beats the three ginger amigos
Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen☀✨💕
Without tyrah me and Bernadette aren't the three amigos 😢
nah bro we are the three amigos. I think we should start a wolf pack. The tree amigos wolf pack.
please help my comedy group Three Amigos Comedy go viral
help Three Amigos Comedy and share our videos
Three Amigos Comedy would like this one to go viral. Can you please help us get there.
“I feel like syd and tyler plan to do all these things together and then im all alone aha” no were the three amigos
What are the three most important things for you to b... — Demi's music. Books. My 3 amigos ; Taylor, Ivan & Daisy.
37 minutes until the latest Three Amigos Video
I added a video to a playlist The Three Amigos - Feed the Beast - Interior Decoration
I liked a video from The Three Amigos - Feed the Beast - Interior Decoration
The three turds are watching The Three Amigos.
Three Amigos, Three Stooges, and a Batman movie all from our POTUS. Wish we had Batman to save the day. It's up to us Patriots!
" know that you feel the same as i do is a three-fold Utopian dream. You do something to me...that i can't explain."
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I guess the sickness finally found me. No me gusta!
Those your Pink Panther shoes?I love them! Thank you for all the years of great comedy sir =). ¡Three Amigos!
Name a Federal government program that has been eliminated. Betcha can't. Sad, huh?
Dear friends I'd like to let you know that finally I'm going to finish serving for Haiti in March 7 and back to Japan after traveling to south America. this decision was too difficult to me. it is just five years since I came to this island, two years in Dominican Republic, three years in Haiti as a Prosthetist & Orthotist. but it's a time to go home to look after my family. I really spent an amazing time in both countries with you, friends!! Thank you guys for all you guys doing. really really appreciate to you. definitely, I'd like to keep in touch with you. when you come to Japan, please let me know. God bless you.
the last three presidents in china have been engineers. good John Rojas,Rodrigo Rojas Gonzales let´s go to republic popular of china
Good day...well the dust from yesterday's cyber-rumble has settled..and apparently only 4 people unfriended me. What was that we used to say in 3rd grade.."good riddance to bad rubbish"..I want to thank all my friends for their support, I got MANY private messages to that effect so apparently many of you feel as I do..that attacks on the family of someone you don't agree with to try and make a political point are off limits. I won't say I've never made a bad joke about Michelle OR many have been made about myself..but NEVER ONCE have I made even a JOKE about their kids or other family members. When I put myself out there on my own page with an opinion, I expect negative feedback, comes with the territory. But don't pick on my VERY ill sister..if that's the best you can come up with, you've already made an *** of yourself and lost the argument to boot. I won't call the person by name, but many of you know who it is..even as I detest what was said, I respect a person's right to their opinion. Th ...
Well in a short while I will be on a plane headed back to the good ole US of A! My time on this program has come to an end and it time to get back to a normal life. To all the people I met in these past three years thanks for the good times and hope to see you again.
It's a busy Saturday today with three really good meetings and we've got a strong horse racing tip for you at Wincanton Racecourse!
How long should a moment of silence be??
When I wrote the intro I didn't mean to say ray on tyesha part. So ignore that. "Why ME?" Part 1: With Mickey- Mickey:*at home in bed crying* ??: hey sis!! You feeling any better? Mickey: no john!! I just lost my baby do I look like I'm ok? John: I just wanted to see. I'll leave you alone. *leaves* Mickey:*gets up,takes a shower and goes to the park* -at the park- Mickey:*crying and bumps into someone* oh I'm sorry. ??:it's o (gco) Mickey? Mickey is that you? Mickey: who are y(gco) Princeton? I haven't seen you ever since. a very long time. It's nice to see you. Prince: it's nice to see you. How you been? Mickey:*looks down* Prince:*lifts her head up* you can tell me. Mickey:um.. well I was pregnant and I got raped and my baby died. *starts crying* Prince:*holds her* come on let's go to my house. You can let it out there. *they walk to his house* -with tyesha- Tyesha:*in ambulance with her boyfriend* babe please wake up. -arriving at the hospital- Doctor:ma'am your going to have to wait out here. Tyesha: ...
I'd like to thank each and everyone of those many people who left a birthday greeting or message on my timeline yesterday. It means a lot to me. It was a sunny yet lazy birthday that ended in the three of us going out for dinner, exactly what I wished for. - Danke euch allen, die ihr so zahl- und geistreich eure Wünsche gestern hierher gepostet habt. Das fühlt sich richtig gut an. Es war ein sonniger und fauler Geburtstag, der mit Essen gehen endete; ganz genauso, wie ich mir das vorgestellt hatte.
Dearest Friends, Thank you so much for all your birthday greetings yesterday. I had a lovely day. Having tried as I might to keep a low birthday profile, spies in the camp leaked it to the world, and now all the birthday dances I have foisted on folk over the years will come back to me a thousand fold tonight. Which, if I am honest, I am completely looking forward to! :) Wishing you all a wonderful day. xx
there is officially a 5 speed installed in the SC400. three pedals, wilwood 4 pots, and some coilovers. charlie is good for working under the dashboard!
How can something feel so good knowing that its wrong...
BIG, EXCITING NEWS!! John and his buddies Sebastian and Scott (The "Three Amigos") were awarded the ARROW OF LIGHT last night...this is the highest award that can be earned by a Webelo AND the only Cub Scout patch & medal that can be worn on a Boy Scout uniform. We are so, so, so very proud of John and the boys for all the long hours and hard work they put in to achieve this honor. A SPECIAL thank you to his wonderful Den Leader Chris Garland-Birch and Pack Leader Tim Birch for their outstanding leadership and commitment to all the boys over the years-long journey. On to Eagle Scout!!!
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Well made it home from Parkersburg wv safely, and of course I was the only one that was able to drive . Good night y'all
RT“is the blog. Mainly about Swansea's original 'Three Amigos' have a read. A few references
Here it is on our blog. Mainly about Swansea's original 'Three Amigos'
Three racks two bottles of champagne and some admirals. I think us three amigos of are ready to find nemo
The three amigos has me dying of laughter 😂😂
Just the three amigos and I this weekend
Hola guapo :) — wait what does guapo mean. because i watched the three amigos, and El Guapo was the bad guy... :...
Angus King shattered my hopes of a Paul/King/Wyden non-interventionist caucus to counter the Three Amigos
Marie and Evie are the best people to walk with ahah, three amigos
Three Amigos. Always a good choice … always.
ared, coolio. Where the boy at, mini cypher??? The three amigos
Three amigos plowing and shoveling for the night
Stream Anders Osborne's new EP "Three Free Amigos" - Love Anders and love the sound of this new batch of songs
our Dane Cook look-a-like in OrgoChem is too cool! We're going to be the three amigos by the end of the semester + plus Drago! 👬👭
the three amigos is on TV right now. One of my favorites.
Public Shows coming up for The Three Amigos at The Great Adelaide Fringe Festival. Keep you posted shortly. Check...
Wowowow!.. delicious coffee three amigos at the cafeteria. Try it out
The Three Amigos is still hilarious lol
The three amigos will be reunited soon.
Watching Three Amigos >> havent seen it since I watched it on VHS
The Three Amigos is on tv...I think my day has been made!
Time Travel. Looking for three more candidates with no fear of molecular disintegration. The three musketeers. The three amigos.
One deep? Maybe two deep.. But it need to be the three amigos.
Check out Anders Osborne's new EP which drops Fat Tuesday! Stream it for free here on Relix Magazine's site
the best move he's made since The Three Amigos.
Moe's. Steak just can't beat three amigos by me
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