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Thompson Twins

The Thompson Twins were a British New Wave pop group that were formed in April 1977 and disbanded in May 1993. They achieved considerable popularity in the mid 1980s, scoring a string of hits in the United Kingdom, the United States and around the globe.

Tom Bailey Howard Jones Billy Idol Nik Kershaw Human League Midge Ure Depeche Mode Live Aid Captain Haddock Thomas Dolby

Ee remember this chart so well. Some great tunes inc Thompson Twins Sister of Mercy
Teeny tiny bit of Prince.That was less than what they showed of The Thompson Twins last night!
Got to be one of the greatest last night. Divine, Billy Idol, Blancmange, Frankie, Thompson Twins, Wah.
ACR is In The Name Of Love by Thompson Twins Listen now at
Those of us > 40 who know The Thompson Twins aren't the male equivalent of The Olsen Twins recognize…
Working on a Thompson Twins reunion tour is hard... did you know there are 3 of them?
They couldn't have lost the Thompson Twins video instead? Reinstated for midnight repeat
Class this week. Kane Gang , Blancmange ,The Mighty Wah!, Billy Idol and Divine !! With Prince and Thompson Twins videos
Tom Bailey is supporting this summer!.
listener request and : Thompson Twins - Don't Mess With Doctor Dream at
Why did Australia-bound finally agree to perform the Thompson Twins' hit 80s pop songs again?…
I can now restore the volume now that that Thompson Twins dirge is over
I rarely catch and yet when I do, the arsing Thompson Twins are always on.
Like the Thompson Twins so some good music in 1884 then counting down for the number 1 who was it google
A man cat would feel like King for a Day after finding bounty. Here's The Thompson Twins.
very disturbing song about a murder victim. Yet they edited The Thompson Twins.
Can I request Judy Do by Thompson Twins from Quick Step & Side Kick for next week's Back on Track. Thank you.
"At no.11 it's the Thompson Twins, but it's not as good as their last three so we'll just leap into it halfway through."
I'm a fan of the Thompson Twins, too. It was well after the 80s that I realised they weren't actually…
My favourite Thompson Twins song. Sister of Mercy is a tune!!
Only one song on tonight's on which me and the other half weren't keen on. Sorry, Thompson Twins.
I think that was a song in the 80's from the Thompson Twins...LIES LIES LIES YEA!!
So many of those bands have enjoyed a renaissance. Except The Thompson Twins. What d they do to hurt anybody?
Completely out of subject, but, I always thought the twins were Thomson and Thompson (Dupond et Dupont). Carry on.
Thompson Twins - In The Name Of Love - (Live at the Royal Court Theatre,... via
Thompson Twins penning songs with Dan Deacon in a post-grunge style, produced by Bob Ezrin
Every time Avast spams we with this pop-up, my brain goes "Hide Me Now" to Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins. And somet…
how about some Thompson Twins for my wife Julie
I wonder what the Thompson Twins are doing now?
Four more corkers to come Ultimate 80's. Belinda Carlisle, Thompson Twins, Roxy Music and Michael Jackson.
Tonight on the anniversary of his death Glenn Frey,Eagles, also Johnny Preston,r, Bobby Goldsboro,Temptations, Bonzos & Thompson Twins.
Thompson Twins: Sister of Mercy (12"/45rpm extended remix by Phil Thorna...
I added a video to a playlist Thompson Twins - Lay your hands on me (Extended Version - Andy Rick
or have Michael schoeffling make you a birthday cake and kiss you over all the burning candles while Thompson Twins plays bye
Thompson Twins totally takeover the turntable today. @ Grace Community Church
in the Treehouse : The Thompson Twins - We Are Detective ... Tune In at
Hold me Now de Thompson Twins, me pinches deprime.
on SmartRadioUK Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins for Listening. - Buy it
Kepler might be having the best month and a half by any twin ever
It is open to debate, but I think Thompson Twins was peak 80s.
Yep!! The goofy human wearing a Thompson Twins band shirt from their 85 tour on the city side of the Hudson LOL!
Meet Larsen Thompson, the Los Angeles high schooler poised to take over the fashion world:
Painting Yellow butterfly's and loving hearing the Thompson Twins on show :0)
'I had a picture'. Thompson Twins.memories
Right? You can pry my Thompson Twins and Adam Ant out of my cold, dead hands.
1982dance Thompson Twins In the Name of Love (peaked at in 1982) .
The Immigration Service is still smarting after being hoodwinked by 80s techno popsters The Thompson Twins.
You know that you getting older when you are the only one singing along to The Thompson Twins on in the workplace
"Doctor, doctor, can't you see I'm burning, burning" - Thompson Twins
Royal Hospital Kilmainham becomes LA Hotel for Thompson Twins music video 1986
Thompson Twins better be played every game.
listener request and : Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me at
"Have you heard that love is the law?". Thompson Twins - 1985
The Thompson Twins - In the Name of Love '88 :: : All Radio:
Interesting mix. Prince, Thompson Twins and Dolly by this random mush. Such is life. 🎶 Oldies Thompson Twins - In the Name of Love (88 remix) Visitenos
Happy Birthday: Musician Tom Bailey, of The Thompson Twins, was born on this day in 1957.
somebody just asked me and Wyatt if we're twins lol what
The Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey finally back & playing tomorrow! Don't miss out on tickets
A musical tribute to our plucky team! Thompson Twins serenading you for the 1st ascent 😃
FNS Special Edition: Voices Thompson Twins - "Hold Me Now" Tonight we raise our voices: in strength, in unity,…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Chosen League founder Rahim Thompson & many of his alums, including Maalik Wayns & the Morris twins.
Check out the new single from the Thompson Twins’ "Come So Far," on
still want & need Jake Ryan ❤️ *cue if you were here by the Thompson Twins*
Hold me now. I've been back in the 80s with Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins
ICYMI: Nice work from in classic Thompson Twins mode benefits a great cause.
Ted Cruz thinks he's a Molly Ringwald who'll wind up with the hot guy, his red Porsche & a Thompson Twins song at the end of the movie. Sad!
Tom Bailey was the singer in 80s band Thompson Twins
I have pleasure interviewing amazing artists including Tom Bailey from Thompson Twins and Bruce Foxton of The Jam
Gary Puckett was the wrong type of vinyl so I'm boiling Thompson Twins instead.
Just found a mix from my kid brother which includes Cory Hart, Howard Jones, & Thompson Twins.
Hey Q Fans! Great tunes coming up by the Thompson Twins, Billy Joel, the Temptations, Hall & Oates and much more!
You would love it!! Seen Nick Kershaw, T pau, Thompson Twins, OMD, Holly Johnson, Bananarama and to man more to mention💜
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : In The Name Of Love by Thompson Twins
even 80´s heros thompson twins and Heaven 17 are local to you
Sending a special congratulations to Sierra and the Thompson twins (Natalie & Nichole). I am…
All purpose parts banner
Now playing on : Thompson Twins - In The Name Of Love. 80's : Nothing but the best!
Now having time to himself he can be with his wife Ashley Thompson and their children (twins) Marshall and Molly Manning
Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now. Alan Paraons Project - Eye in the Sky
I like that description. I had an 80s synth-pop day recently - I quite enjoyed it. Thompson Twins, Howard Jones etc.
how about some Thompson Twins for my lovely lady, Julie
Twins entered ninth ahead 5-1, but Rays have scored three runs and have winning run at plate v Aaron Thompson
Love that ending song. Thompson Twins...wish you were here
I just used Shazam to discover Lies by Thompson Twins.
Howard Jones into Thompson Twins, Can't get any better than this.
Doctor Doctor by Thompson Twins on Fantastic last year
Love my family but my best Mother's Day treat is currently having a long soak listening to Thompson Twins on
*da clic al video de Hold me now de Thompson twins*
can I request you take me up by the Thompson twins and bad love by Eric Clapton.
I listened to: Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins on Spotify
on air now Thompson Twins Love On Your Side - 1982 Twins
I'm listening to Lay Your Hands On Me (Nile Rodgers & Tom Bailey Remix) by Thompson Twins on
Here's a band I adored when younger, even had the Tom Bailey rat's tail!! Thompson Twins - Doctor Doctor on
Emotion In Motion by Ric Ocasek 80s pop. It was Cars meets Duran Duran and Thompson Twins. ♫
OMYES! Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Janet Jackson...LOL! Now my kids do it!
On this day in 1983, the Thompson Twins released "Hold Me Now" as a single.
Would love to see Todd InThe Shadows do a One Hit Wonderland on Thompson Twins even though they don't fit the criteria really.
yeah, I'll be tuning in as I can, since I'm 3 hours ahead of y'all. SO MUCH FUN! Squee--now Thompson Twins!
not at all !! Thompson Twins , Nik Kershaw and Howard Jones - amazing times those 80s !!
Great music Okay, my brain might just be slightly flooded by the Thompson Twins, Billy Idol, The Cars & Robert Smith
Music critic says that The Doors are horrible, This coming from a man whose first attended concert was Thompson Twins.
Yes, thanks Rik it's indeed Thompson Twins "Lies" (it's imaging that sum1 else made ;)
Good run of songs - well apart from the Thompson Twins but we all have our cross to bear (Tears For Fears, cough).
Mark Goodman thanks making my morning rocking on the way to work. Jamming to Thompson Twins and now Poison *** Yess!!!
Do you know - I think I will! (Thompson Twins on the other side, btw)
INTO THE GAP by THOMPSON TWINS was no.12 in the UK album charts on 20 August 1984
Quite honestly I'd rathe dig out an old album by the Thompson Twins or Echo & The Bunnymen than listen to One Dorkection.
could be the perfect vehicle for my one man Thompson Twins cover band - The Thompson.
tried charity shopping in Cardiff yesterday. Nowt. I'd be sorted if I wanted the Thompson Twins vinyl but I don't.
Thomas Dolby invented with and The Thompson Twins & Flock of Seagulls Hit a Nerve. was there
Every time I hear the chorus to Thompson Twins Song, Lies, Lies Lies, Yeah all I can think is HOLLYWOOD!
Thompson Twins - If You Were Here My regression to toddlerhood is almost complete. It won't be long now. Lol
Thompson Twins!. Don't know or care if they're twins, to be honest.
great, now I have the Thompson Twins in my head.
Thompson twins - if you were here . I'm now in 1985
The Thompson Twins and there was a black guy in duran duran in the late 80s
It was actually a play the Thompson Twins song "Lies, Lies, Lies." It was awesome!
Got confirmation of my THOMPSON TWINS Limited Edition hoodie from via available for the next 11 days
first concert I ever went to was Thompson Twins with OMD as the opener😉
The Thompson Twins were on the radio,now it's The Guess Who .Must be a classic rock station.
I just used Shazam to discover Doctor! Doctor! by Thompson Twins.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "The Thompson Twins Adventure". Help expand it!
Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins from the album Side Kicks
Getting ready to watch Mike McCarthy's and Ted Thompson's press conference and the Twins play the Yankees.
Regarding why does the Thompson Twins chorus from their song "Lies" run through my mind?
Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins is in Waves Bar, Cleethorpes. Download it now at
good research there mate, see the Thompson twins were on the bill , with Nile Rodgers of all people
" The Thompson Twins " " Hold Me Now " good record to play in the same era as you are playing,just a thought. :-)
Had completely forgotten the Thompson Twins were part of Live Aid. How I loved this song
Thompson Twins have been stuck in my head all night
No Peace For The Wicked by Thompson Twins is in Robinsons, Belfast. Download it now at
Still so surreal I saw the Thompson Twins on Saturday night!
For Future Reference by Dramatis, Here's to future days by Thompson Twins and The Golden Hour of the Future by Human League
David Bowie's band at included Matthew Seligman (original member of The Thompson Twins) on Guitar & Thomas Dolby on Keyboards
Not Tom Bailey's best vocal, maybe why it was not on the DVD? The Thompson Twins "HOLD ME NOW"
Oh, definitely! I expected a set of Thompson Twins covers! :( Which somehow doesn't sound appealing now I've typed it out. :D
Order Miche Bag Online!
I'd have loved to see some of the acts. Was a big fan of the Thompson Twins! :D
Yesterday I saw Heaven 17, Midge Ure, one third of the Thompson Twins and Jimmy Somerville with these…
Now playing on KRM Radio Lies by Thompson Twins at
TheRev is rocking to Lies by Thompson Twins Only On KRM Radio
Best part of today? Your song HOLD ME NOW by THOMPSON TWINS is about to play on 95.1 The Oasis!
Watching Tom Bailey headline , preparing pitch on how ahead of the curve Thompson Twins were once you're pa…
Thompson Twins yes! Don't hear enough of their stuff today .
I've just bought the Thompson Twins greatest hits. I just don't care me.
Hi Pat we are going to Let's Rock London for Tom Bailey and will be at the front with our Thompson Twins flag. Can't wait
To quote the great Thompson Twins, Ann: "You take me up, oh hoh, you take me up to the higher ground!" :) XO!!!
Very Terry Hall actually. Couldn’t remember who it was and he came to mind before Thompson Twins.
No Trio in the library, but I found some Thompson Twins. Also, Bobby Hussy side project *** @ WSUM 91.7
who your favorite band now? Or from the 80's. My 1st 80's rock band was Night Ranger, Billy Squier, New wave Thompson Twins
Photos and audio from Jasper and Laura’s 90s Thompson Twins cover band. Mike’s DeGrassi audition.
Oh Molly Ringwald you gingered beauty, with Thompson Twins playing in background? Hollywood gold. Sixteen...
and Trevor Sinclair. Sing the works of the Thompson Twins. Even though there's three of em
On AHBS: is Love On Your Side by Thompson Twins on Wake up with Webbo
I remember playing Jason Thompson that played for them when I was in school he was nice two hand dunked on the twins
The Thompson Twins: 3 unrelated guys and one of them is black. The logic of the 80s
This is my jam: Lies by Thompson Twins My 80s ♫
Lies by Thompson Twins, found with Listen now:
Love what you picked! We're playing HOLD ME NOW by THOMPSON TWINS because of you! Listen & Vote:
Captain Haddock all trying to calm him down after he rages and murders the Thompson twins. Blistering barnacles the easiest part of the day
Yip yip yip! One Foot In The Groove goes to 1984 next with Matthew Wilder, Banarama, Thompson Twins, Nena and her hairy armpits!
in the Treehouse : The Thompson Twins - You Take Me Up... Tune In at
Up next on Berlin, Culture Club, Thompson Twins, and Echo and the Bunnymen
RisqueRadio - DJDevanti is playing Thompson Twins - Play With Me
listener request and : Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now at
Hear the Thompson Twins perform their hits "Hold Me Now" and "In the Name of Love" in this 1984 concert.
X-Radio. now playing... Thompson Twins - Hold me now.
Every time I go into Morrisons in Ormskirk they are playing the bloody Thompson Twins!
thank you :) it's also Japan and someday Thompson Twins, Bowie, Blondie etc
One of my buddies was just about to ask someone "How long have you been twins for?" . silly
The fever of love makes the Thompson Twins call for the doctor (extended version):.
tagged me on a where you post a... ♫ "Lies" by Thompson Twins cc:
"Into The Gap" Thompson Twins. A throwback to my adolescence. They were the first concert I ever went to. I'd just turned 15.
I hope you like this song written about you!
"I was pregnant with twins last night"
dear fans of a-ha, Human League, and thompson twins... come for retro synth dance tunes tonight! FREE show at 10:45pm!
remember that THOMPSON TWINS joint "lies..lies..lies" ??.kinda like that
Thompson remember what I said about twins in the barbers before...
Re-watching Synth Britannia on iPlayer. It was all mostly glorious until the Thompson Twins arrived.
That Thompson Twins album is called "Here's to Future Days". Sack your researcher.
Later on, the son one (Martin Clunes) is listening to the Thompson Twins. William Gaunt: 'Stiff Pigeon?' Clunes: 'No.'
Get That Love/Thompson Twins. 'I won't give up on love.' I'm just putting it on an back burner... for an extended stay.
Enjoying 80's tracks this evening. Erasure, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Yazoo, Nik Kershaw, Visage. Going back to my disco days
My love today I feel like this song (HOLD ME NOW) by the Thompson Twins. It sounds like us on our love journey my heart. I love you:)
Thompson Twins Hold me Now. even if you hate that song I bet you sing the descant
One Foot In The Groove playing Thompson Twins, Fiction Factory, Nena and her hairy pits and Matt Bianco NEXT!
saw Red Velvet Oreos open for The Thompson Twins in 1986.
DJ Abbott WKDfm is playing Thompson Twins - Stillwaters Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
is U2 so sad to immediately stop throbbing the last time. A better band. They Sell? The Thompson Twins and they cared about Death Tesla:
Which eighties year had the best music ? I'd go for 1984. Duran , Human League , Frankie , Wham , OMD , Nik Kershaw , Howard Jones , Thompson Twins , U2 plus that year had the best Xmas songs with Do They Know it's Xmas , Last Christmas and Power of Love.
Hold Me Now, Thompson Twins, Morrisons, Ross-on-Wye, 11:15am today. Love On Your Side is better though.
Hold Me Now. Thompson Twins • The Best of Thompson Twins Greatest Mixes on How I felt after the WC!
Thompson Twins provide theme song for when defense is on field: "Hold me now…"
the guys the dolan twins TWAIMZ Ricky Thompson omg that would be hype af
Seriously Billy Idol singing White Wedding? Were the Thompson Twins or Depeche Mode unavailable?
Billy Idol's great and all, but what about the Thompson Twins?
“Ladies and Gentlemen, up next , the Thompson Twins ”
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The Thompson Twins will be in it soon. I wonder what Carol' s doing now
Thinking about the Doctor and what song comes on? Doctor Doctor by the Thompson Twins. My are dead
Considering that in my youth I read all the Tintin books, it's taken me a while to make the connection with the band name Thompson Twins.
but the cable went out at 12.15 the Thompson Twins said...Lies, Lies, Lies..yeah!
Am l watching a different game? We've passed the ball really well considering we've got the Thompson Twins at centre half?.
Happy New Year from me and the Thompson Twins!
Look at our Life Warm my heart perhaps I should leave here
Thompson Twins look eh? I guess you'll be looking for a new co host next year? it's all good you two are funny
Either that or Thompson Twins had a catalog reissue... Yeah, they just gave up after 25 years of holding these LPs. (2/2).
Seems like an odd time to finally give up on the Thompson Twins. Multiple folks at the record store sold their "collection". (1/2)
Got me singing the Thompson Twins up in Food Maxx.
Trallagh Scott. Which is your favourite of the Thompson Twins?
30 yrs ago tonight, and Mark Ellen welcomed Lou Reed into Whistle Test studio, while Kershaw was in Paris with Thompson Twins
saw Thompson Twins at Murrayfield supporting David Bowie in 1983!
If you knew nothing about the Thompson Twins' music you'd think they were extras from the Road Warrior. featured in NBC s Science of Love
. I saw a bigger audience at the Thompson Twins reunion tour...
Honestly,I used to get a little misty listening to it. And Thompson Twins Hold Me Now...
Thompson Twins. It was used in the movie Stay Cool
The Twins also need to make a 40-man move to sign Santana. It's gonna come from the trio of Thompson, Oliveros and Achter, I'd guess.
This is my jam: Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins on Modern English Radio ♫ #
Now playing: You Take Me Up by Thompson Twins on & via TuneIn app
30 YEARS AGO - On this day in 1984, a new entry at No.30 was... Lay Your Hands On Me by Thompson Twins:
I ran with the Thompson Twins. It was center and SG that differentiated winners from what I saw,
I do not approve of Claude talking to Catherine like that. I say, let the demon twins kill her *** and get it over with. It'll be fun+
Francis wants to kill them all, the dead twins want to kill their alive sister, Castleroy is gone and everything…
Song: Thompson Twins - Hold me now, warm my heart. Stay with me.
I'm listening to Hold Me Now by Thompson Twins on
Lets go back. WaAaay back into time. The time of MTV, The Thompson Twins, U2, and The…
Neil - Spencer Davis Group - Keep on Running. Tina - Thompson Twins - Doctor Doctor. Vote now to hear before 7
. What do the Thompson Twins and Obama have in common? . Hit Song: Lies, Lies, Lies
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Happy Throwback Thursday! Thompson Twins one of most underrated bands of 1980s my TBT pick of the day...
Thompson Twins - The Saint - Remix Red Zone Dub: Last one for now. Peace :')
I saw Intransigent President open for The Thompson Twins in 1988.
Oh nothing, just listening to The Thompson Twins and wondering where my life went wrong
Harrison twins would be overwhelmed by MCW/Thompson/Wroten, all as tall or taller than them. Noel/Sims are 6'10/11"
God I can't get the Thompson twins song out of my mfkn head. First thing in the morning2late at night??. God help me
No, that was the Thompson Twins, also a band from the 80s confusingly.
Enjoying GYM & Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me on Best of the 80's channel
In the early 80's, ELO and 38 Special had a fundamental disagreement on how we should hold onto stuff. Thompson Twins were …
.I'm convinced Anita Sarkeesian is Jack Thompson from another dimension a la the Lutece twins from Bioshock Infinite.
“Here's a classic from The Thompson Twins to enjoy. Tom Bailey of course... cannot wait! 😊😊😊😊
Cooking Listening to Thompson Twins. Doing a penguin dance, according to my son.
I spent entire drive to work trying to remember if I saw the Thompson Twins live in the 80s.
People leaving for one or the other reason from public - some died... THOMPSON TWINS YOU KILLED THE CLOWN
I like these creative studio performances bands did in the 80's though playback! Thompson Twins   10% Off
Here is the box score from when the Twins scored 8 runs in one inning off Madison Bumgarner;
FREE LIVE BAND on Melbourne Cup Day, Tues 4th Nov, 4pm - 8pm. Jack Thompson Twins will be playing…
Last time I came close to firing three people was when The Thompson Twins didn't show up back in '83.
Fun fact: I performed in that music hall a few years ago. It was the wedding reception of someone from The Thompson Twins.
Also, inspired by conversation with listening to first Thompson Twins album ‘A Product Of …’ from 1981. It takes yer back ...
Decided to have 80's day at work: Echo & the Bunnymen, Psych Furs, Cure, Thompson Twins, Wang Chung, et al. If I grow a mullet-put me down.
The song In The Name of Love by Thompson Twins was used in GhostBusters
Is this bad for the Twins I think it is but I really dont know for sure yes lets say its bad
Happy Birthday to Roger O'Donnell of The Cure/Thompson Twins & Einar Örn Benediktsson of Sugarcubes!
No mention of Aaron Rodgers. I'm thoroughly shocked. I'll burn my Thompson Twins albums.
Got back from the barber and the Mrs said I look like the Thompson Twins... I'm sure would approve
this may a bit contrived, but have you noticed how the Thompson Twins song names appeal to FFL smack talking?
Thompson Twins just sang you Take Me Up & threw giant blue balloon on crowd. Voice is GREAT!
I'd forgotten how much I love Lies, Lies, Lies by Thompson Twins
Thompson strong in return to big leagues via
At a Labor Day 80s concert...Thompson Twins or somebody like that
Postgame Twinsights: Aaron Thompson makes it all the way back - Twins Now via
Thompson back in big leagues with Twins
It must have been fun for the Thompson Twins growing up...playing matching Keytars to freak out their music teachers.
Twins: Aaron Thompson gets the call as Twins lefties falter
RisqueRadio - DJDevanti is playing Thompson Twins - Lies
The first step to rehabilitating yourself as a pop star is, of course, admitting you were a pop star. The second...
Thompson strong in return to big leagues
Thompson Twins SURPRISE SHOW / WIN TIX: Win tix to special club show at tomorrow by going to
Hold me now - Thompson twins stay with meee. Eso quisiera yo ahora.
Aw, I juts got an email from Alannah Currie and Tom Bailey aka 2/3's of The Thompson Twins.
Postgame Twinsights: LHP Aaron Thompson makes it all the way back from 50-game drug suspension.
It's the 80s Weekend Takeover! Should we play When In Rome, Thompson Twins? Vote at
80s! PG smoking and swearing! It took me 28 years to realize just how bad The Thompson Twins are!
Yo. Secret Thompson Twins (and show in San Francisco at this Monday! GO!
Thompson Twins + Howard Jones Monday night. Another reason to be glad you didn't go to Burning Man.
Awesome B&W pic by Andrew Buss of Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey on the 4 during NY shows http:…
Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey, Howard Jones, Ultravox's Midge Ure, China Crisis, Katrina of Katrina and the Waves on tour!
Can't believe this. Was just about to message you to get Thompson Twins and Paul Young booked for Perth next year.
Great compilation of clips from Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins comeback gig last night.
obviously I was at the front amazing gig! 'Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey @ Sub 89, Reading 2014: via
Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey to play hits on Retro Futura Tour
Just been to first Thompson Twins gig in 27 years! Beyond excited - Tom Bailey was brilliant & I was 14 again :0D
Surprisingly good (free) gig watching Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins
Thought I would remind re the "Retro Futura" tour...Midge Ure,Howard Jones ,Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins etc
If you see Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins in Reading tonight, say Hi from me, Ricky Dink, and
On my way with to see play with Tom Bailey from the Thompson Twins in Reading tonight 😎
Back in the 1980's after the Iran Contra crisis during the Ethiopian Famine when the world was in a bit of crunch for hope, remember how the people in power along with celebrities came together to raise money in concerts. Live Aid came together- Bono,Paul McCartney, Kenny Loggins, Tom Petty, Kool and the Gang, Madonna, The Cars, Thompson Twins, Elton John, Well anyone who was anyone played the concert to raise funds for Ethopia-- remember Bob Geldof organized it. Then there were those commericials from the "The Better World Society," with kids seeing the future of the world ending in 2050 with the last tree being cut in 2040? It was started by Ted Turner and how the people stopped it, not the government. With Jimmy Carter and others bajillionaires- Who would be these people today and where are they?? We need a consolidated 2% celebrity movement on what is happening in the world- for peace, hope, and to give us something to smile about instead of crying everytime we read the papers.
Happy Live Aid Day! 29 years ago this happened. Thompson Twins with and Steve Stevens
Though strangely there was no Tin-Tin in sight I assume Captain Haddock, the Thompson Twins and Tin-Tin are on a case
Get 6 Free VitaTops
The Spandaus, Duran Duran, Human League, Depeche Mode, OMD, even the Thompson Twins and Howard Jones - they were great days!
Will Sara be getting Tom Bailey from Thompson Twins on the show before he plays at Henley in August?
Ive been reading a rollingstone magazine, and wow I feel old!! on this date the very year I graduated , this is the top 10 in music: 1. Deniece williams here it 4 the boys, 2. lionel Richie , hello 3. cyndi lauper time after time 4.phil collins against all odds, 5 steve perry sherrie, 6julio/n w.nelson, 7 Duran Duran, 8Night Ranger sister christian, 9 irene cara, 10 Thompson Twins hold me now!!! WOW!!!
Yet things like Bronski Beat and the Thompson Twins were more commercially successful. Go figure.
Even if he becomes a real doctor, then quits to join a Thompson Twins tribute band?
You Know You're a Child of the 80's when... You knew all the opening monologues to: The A-team, StreetHawk and Airwolf. Kajagoogoo? Thompson Twins? FGTH? Twisted Sister? You remember Nena's hairy armpits Saturday was Multi Coloured Swap Shop day. You remember the theme to the Banana Splits. You or someone you know had an Evil Knievel toy. All girls wanted to be a Charlie's Angel. All boys wanted all girls to be Charlie's Angels too! You wore leg-warmers (or knew someone who did) You know what "Dealy Boppers" are. You used to stick both thumbs up and say 'Aay'
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