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Thomas Wayne

Thomas Wayne is a fictional character in the Batman series of comic books. Dr. Thomas Wayne was the father of Bruce Wayne, and husband of Martha Wayne, as well as a gifted surgeon and philanthropist.

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Hero cop PC Wayne Marques receiving the 2017 City of London Sheriffs' Award for his bravery in fighting the London Bridge terroris…
//Or they're pulling an Earth-2 from the New 52 where it turned out Thomas Wayne was alive, only switc…
I think Thomas Wayne should teach his son Bruce a lesson
This version is more like Thomas Wayne in flashpoint than a regular bruce
Its even more awkward when you remember that JDM plays Thomas Wayne in the DCEU!!!
Mrs Burton is wife of JD Morgan who played Thomas Wayne in BvS where Ben Affleck played his son Bruce Wayne. Batman groped his mother.
"Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up." - Thomas Wayne, Batman Begins
|| Thomas Wayne is lowkey very famous.
//— I’m Thomas Wayne trash I just wish we had an active one.
|| I think there is one Thomas Wayne, not active much. And yeah, that letter is epic and I had to use it.
This is not true and I can prove it.
Thanks to Red Robin, who patched his wounds up, Thomas Wayne was now the Batman of Gotham.
Final in Game 2: Thomas County Central 9, Wayne County 0. Game 3 will be tomorrow at 3 pm.
He's playing Bateman in Flashpoint. At least he does in the comics. In flashpoint, Thomas W…
Wayne 2 Thomas County 0 Mid 5 live on WIFO 105.5 and online
Eminem’s voice is annoying and his lyrics are overrated. He has similar lyrics to Wayne but…
She is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so it's Bruce Wayne vs Thomas Wayne!! MARTHA!
Wayne 0 Thomas County Central 0 End1 live on WIFO 105.5 and online
Wayne vs Thomas County Central live on WIFO 105.5 and online
Batfleck is just Thomas Wayne but 10x less interesting.
Hilarie Burton is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s in Thomas Wayne,,,as in Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne’s father in BvS,,,as…
I liked how they had a nod toward Thomas Wayne by having Oliver's dad be the Arrow in the CW Flashpoin…
The awkward moment when Thomas Wayne is played by Hilarie Burton's husband...
What’s really weird is the woman in question is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a.k.a. Thomas Wayne in BVS.
Dude, so technically you did that to Thomas Wayne’s wife. He’s going to kill you in Flashpoint DC Film.
Start time for tonight's softball doubleheader between Thomas County Central and Wayne County has been moved to 6 p.m.
Ok time to re cast Thomas Wayne batman. I nominate Jon Hamm
Hilarie Burton's husband played Thomas Wayne opposite Batfleck (pictured below in his career-defining role as a dat…
Isn't she married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Thomas Wayne? Awkward.
So Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) Groped his father's, Thomas Wayne (Jeffery Dean Morgan), mistress back in 2004!
Weird side note: she's married to Thomas Wayne.
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Erm, don't JDM is gonna reprise his role as Thomas Wayne lads
The same string of pearls we see scattered in the alley outside the opera house after Chill kills Thomas and Martha Wayne. 15/
Also super messed up because her husband plays Thomas Wayne
The funny thing is her husband is thomas Wayne(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) lmao
I know we all wanted to see Thomas Wayne, but TV's really did matter. It created Savitar.
And Burton is now married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Thomas Wayne aka Batman's father in Batman v Superman
Typically Chill was told to murder Thomas Wayne in response to not helping the mob boss in Gotham.
Yeah, Thomas Wayne always puts up a fight. I feel so misinformed.
Thomas Wayne: doesn't know when to stop
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Whattt?! So we will have a live action Thomas Wayne?! They should get Tom selleck for him 😂 that's like his twin.
the batsuit worn by Thomas Wayne in the flash point paradox
My ideal lineup(for now) would be. Jay, Thomas Wayne, Johnny Thunder, Shazam, Hawkman, Alan Scott,…
Right Howard stark Thomas Wayne ha ha ha wow so many name in the superhero world ha ha ha
You guys missed a key point in your Jeffery Dean Morgan banter. He is Thomas Wayne & The Comedian
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"Oh, right!". She chuckled. "I keep forgetting not eveeyone knows us. I'm Julie Madison and he is Thomas Wayne."…
Do see Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising his role as not only Thomas Wayne but also as Batman in the DCEU?
File 016: Thomas Wayne, Jr. . Earth something Batman, loves to kill, married to Julie Madison, hates me.
I can actually see Adam West Pulling Off A Serious old Bruce or Thomas Wayne.
I wish this was still in continuity: Thomas Wayne ripped a hole in the veil between the living and the dead.
Ok so just thinking... Daniel Day Lewis as Thomas Wayne in the alternate Batman universe where Bruce is killed 😲😁
"Dennis Quaid turned down the role as Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins (2005)"
Watching Batman v. Super man and the actors who play Maggie and Neegan play Martha and Thomas Wayne. Y'all. 😂
even Snyder reframed the Wayne shooting through the eyes of Thomas Wayne, not Martha, who barely gets a face.
So batman's dad- Thomas Wayne in BVS bashed out his moms( - Martha Wayne) husband in the walking dead with a bat
I always wanted to RP a Thomas Wayne before/after he becomes Batman. But only if I had a Martha to become my Joker. /
The Wayne Family. Dr. Thomas Wayne, wife Martha and son, Bruce. The first sketch in the…
How have I only just realised that Negan and Maggie from TWD play Martha and Thomas Wayne in Batman Vs Superman?!
The Arkham Knight trailer with Bruce reading Thomas Wayne's will is honestly one of the best game trailers I've ever seen
I love the Thomas Wayne version of Batman. Not more than Bruce, but still great though.
let's just say Bruce Wayne died the night Martha and Thomas Wayne did.
So Bruce x 2 could wind up as Thomas Wayne or hush. Question mark.
I think Bruce's dopplegänger is Lincoln March, future head of the Court and possibly Thomas Wayne, Jr.
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G.Wayne Thomas .' Open up your heart '
I almost killed frank Thomas in a fiery car crash before he was frank Thomas
If this clown stuff scares you, Google John Wayne Gacy
The more I watch the more I'm convinced Bruce2 is Thomas Wayne Jr./Lincoln March/Owlman. It fits IMHO.
What if Bruce 2 is Thomas Wayne Jr? I mean that was a big point of the Court of Owls story
Watching and I bet I'm far from the first to bet on "Five" being Thomas Wayne Jr. aka Owlman.
I have a feeling that is Thomas Wayne or Hush
I can't wait until the day I'm riding in the car with my child and an oldschool Wayne song comes on the radio and I rap e…
Pitch:: show about Thomas and Martha Wayne! It ends with...well you know how.
Congratulations to SAFC stalwart Wayne Thomas our new club President of
Lots of questions about a clown being shot in Fort Wayne. This is not true and Officer Joyner made no such statement.
Mazel Tov to Thomas for making the top 10 Jew hating list on Canary Mission for Oct. Shame on Wayne University
a Batman that kills can't ever be considered one of the best unless it's Thomas Wayne in Flashpoint
Where was the media when Thomas and Martha Wayne were robbed at gunpoint? But the second it's Kim K, top trending topic.
I liked a video Thomas Wayne meets The Flash
my studio tutorial for about making Saints&Siners is avail today!!! 🎹 👉
Thomas Round (18 October 1915 – 2 October 2016) was an English opera singer and actor
Hopefully going to get a date for my 5th and final Knee op , Ive been struggling now since May with ACL injury...
don't forget to get your roaming Thomas.
"Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." -John Wayne
"Thomas Wayne's version of him does."
Definitely an interesting take on the villains. Kinda crazy they've (seemingly) turned Thomas Wayne into a villain
or maybe it's Thomas Wayne Jr, just saying :3
Thomas and Martha Wayne get together in this series :')
hi you guys are the best team ever also it is awesome that you are going st Thomas my school also Bantu…
Thomas Wayne.. batman de the Flashpoint Paradox
Batman character of the day: Thomas Wayne Jr aka Owlman!
plot twist: the Comedian had a second life, faked his death, renamed himself Thomas Wayne and lived with his wife Mart…
Don't even get me started on Wayne Rooney Thomas McHamer, £300k a week & he can't beat the 1st man from a set piece
Woodford United 0 Thrapston Town 5 Sub Mason Thomas rockets into net from close range against set up by Wayne Brown.
he's like from another show entirely. He's like Scott Snyder's Thomas Wayne Jr, but nuttier.
Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Don Mattingly, and Isiah Thomas were all still playing professional sports
Imagine if superman crashed on earth and Thomas and Martha Wayne found him
CAPTURED: Charleston work-release absconder Thomas Davis; by law enforcement in Wayne County; no further details available at this time.
THIS is what Lil Wayne said about the race issues
And don't forget the time Thomas Wayne killed professor zoom
I'm now picturing an alternate universe Thomas Wayne that sounds like Solid Snake xD. the perfect scary sneaking operative
I thought the exact same thing with Oliver and his father replace batsman and Thomas Wayne from the original flashpoint
Wayne Hayward gave MOM to Scott Thomas as beat 6-0. "Pirlo of the non league". Hayward…
How many times must I watch Thomas and Martha Wayne die? Seriously, I have more memories of that than Bruce does.
It's Data from Star Trek: TNG. The gif was more of my reaction to "Damian Wayne's a great character"
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That being said, can we all agree that Kate and Terry both look WAY BETTER in black & red than Thomas Wayne? :)
Would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Deathstroke, but he was Thomas Wayne in BvS. Stephen Lang is an option?!
oh my god yes!!! and hints that Thomas Wayne and John Zatara were friends too
the one that kicked off the movie was awful, except Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne.
I don't think many have noticed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays both Thomas Wayne and The Comedian by DC comics and Synder films.
Mr. Freeze is actually Thomas Wayne cryogenically preserved?
and his speed is gone but Thomas Wayne helps him get it back
I would love to see Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint, honestly the writers take on Flashpoint in general would be fantastic.
Will this be flashpoint, Will we get Thomas Wayne as Batman?
If flashpoint affects other DC shows could we see a Robert Queen take the place of Thomas Wayne next season
I would really love to see flash point with Robert Queen instead of Thomas Wayne for season 3. Thoughts?
I would really love to see the Flash point for season 3 instead of Thomas Wayne, it's with Robert Queen. Thoughts??
Theory: The Comedian is Thomas Wayne. Yep it makes no sense.
You can't have both happiness and the truth. --Thomas Wayne, Gotham
I want Thomas Wayne murder batman in season 3
yup.. Believe it's on Netflix.. Lots of Thomas Wayne, Wonder Woman, Etc, def won't be on the show.. Obviously.. Lol..
you can do Flashpoint with Robert Queen as GA in place of Thomas Wayne. Prob what they will do. Have him bring Ollie letter
Yeah, character wise it is. Wonder who plays Thomas Wayne's part? Oliver's dad, maybe?
what if we get this instead of Thomas Wayne for Flash season 3?
I think that Flashpoint will happen on season 3, but Robert Queen will replace Thomas Wayne and Oliver will be the child that died
So will we see Thomas Wayne as Batman/Martha Wayne as the Joker ? Without them no Flashpoint Paradox
Great reactions from every one! Do you think that Robert Queen will be Green Arrow on the show, like Thomas Wayne's Batman?
What would Thomas Wayne do? A novel written by Alfred Pennyworth.
The guy who plays the Night King in GoT also played Joe Chill, murderer of Martha and Thomas Wayne. Basically, he's a bad dude.
|: I love Thomas Wayne more than any other character. And Jeffrey Dean Morgan's small performance gave me even more will to love him.
Seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan cast as Thomas Wayne somewhat solidifies my theory tbh
Which caused Barry to not have powers, Thomas Wayne to be the survivor, no Justice League and the ultimate demise of the world.
Flashpoint suit is killer, reminds me of how much I love Thomas Wayne's incarnation of
Listen to Trina feat. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, & Plies - Single Again (Remix) by Da'EnviedOne Thomas on
When I think about it, Thomas Wayne's "Martha" was clearly an homage to "Rosebud". Cute.
: That is why Zack Snyder showed how Thomas & Martha Wayne was murdered in the introduction.
all I’m saying is i just think its odd Thomas wayne would try to swing on a gunman. thats it
Taken right before Snyder upends the Wayne legacy by making Thomas deliriously macho
I'm sure Thomas Wayne would disapprove of J Morrison
I'm just saying we don't even get to see how ripped Thomas Wayne is, in the directors cut he beats up five muggers and rip…
Why are people surprised Snyder changed Thomas Wayne's death to attacking the mugger?. What did you want Batman's dad to b…
So why Thomas Wayne think his fist is faster than a bullet?? lmao.
Maybe next time they reboot Batman, they can mix it up a little. Have Martha and Thomas Wayne gunned down while at the beach, or skydiving.
Pretty sure by now Thomas and Martha Wayne have been murdered on screen more times than Caesar, Lincoln, and JFK combined.
Paradox is also why I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the PERFECT Thomas Wayne.keep that in mind
Maggie and Negan from TWD were Martha and Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman. Ironic
Thomas & Martha Wayne have been killed so many times now that they've become the Kenny from South Park of the DC Universe.
Morrison played with it, too. Simon Hurt was maybe Thomas Wayne for a while.
Thomas Wayne is wearing the barcardi symbol on his suit 😂😂😂
batman being so violent and the shot of Thomas Wayne looking at Martha. Very unluckily but possible ehhh ehhh?
in BVSDOJ we never seen Thomas Wayne's tomb or him die. There are other things too, but could it be the Flashpoint Paradox?
that's a cool gif of Thomas Wayne's opinion on Zack Snyder's form of storytelling in BvS...
Mukuro killed her father. Jesus, it's gonna turn out he killed Thomas and Martha Wayne too.
And props to because he made Bruce's Mother important where others focused only on Thomas Wayne
would love to see Brian Azzarello come back and do that. A David Finch/Azzarello gritty Thomas Wayne book would make my day
In . Jeffrey Dean Morgan was Thomas Wayne. Carla Gugino was the Kryptonian ship. Patrick Wilson was the President
You know when then DCCU is properly set up, can we see Jeffrey Dean Morgan back as Thomas Wayne in The Flashpoint Paradox please?
please make a Flashpoint Paradox movie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne's Batman
Thomas Wayne as Batman and Martha as the Joker 😑🙃
By the way, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a badass. John Winchester, Thomas Wayne, Negan...
Also, John Winchester is Thomas Wayne. This, of course, is the second time he's fathered Batman.
The best thing about Batman v Superman will be Jeffrey playing Thomas Wayne, even if he is only in it for like 5 minutes
Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne is tough...would be even more ILL if he were Thomas in a live action Flashpoint film
// A Thomas Wayne and a Jonathan Kent. Yep, my timeline is complete.
He's in both. Portraying Dr. Thomas Wayne in and Negan in He's an all around legend!
Go for it now. The is promised to no one. ~Wayne Dyer Via
Wayne Rogers, Trapper John on 'M.A.S.H.,' dies at 82
it's not even Bruce Wayne it's his dad thomas!! ew
Wayne Gallman is everything I hoped Roc Thomas would be
Remember those Sand People he killed? Thomas and Martha Wayne.
Lil Wayne turned Giant into Saint, while staying on beat 🔥
I can take small deviations if done like say, Gotham. That's kinda like having Thomas and Martha Wayne commit suicide.
Barred owl buzzbombing people in Oregon: I used to have a screech owl named "Thomas Wayne" do the same to me.
That's another one, as Thomas Wayne Jr./Owlman in a solo Batman movie for the Court of Owls.
Let this Sink in. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is THOMAS WAYNE in the DCEU
So Niall, Wayne, Thomas, Greg and all the staff are ready to help you have a great night and to ring in the new...
I mean, I just can't wait to watch Thomas and Martha Wayne die again in a few months!
Listening to "Hungry Eyes" at Really nice, Wayne. Have you tried submitting to publi…
The Wayne County Office of the Sheriff reports the arrest of Thomas G. Case, age 61, of Lake Road, Williamson for...
The fact that they made Thomas Wayne look so much like Christian Bale makes me cry every time
. *** .. But, I do want to buy you a drink. Hi~ I'm Thomas Wayne Jr. By the way. You are?
hopes flashes back more in the future to give us a sense of who Thomas & Martha Wayne (were & why Alfred is so loyal to them
A lovely letter from the daughter of the late great John Wayne. Our country could use a John Wayne right now.
"Well.Thomas Wayne--The second Batman--Used to kill. Wasn't very funny to see him kill someone."
Wayne Thomas kindergarten class coding in Art with Mrs. Kurkawski.
Why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves back up. ~ Thomas Wayne
I'm Thomas Wayne Jr. Athena as in like the greek Goddess?
Thomas Wayne from BvS, The comedian from Watchmen is gonna be Negan in Walking Dead?! THATS PERFECT!
The ladies call me Thomas Wayne at night
Here are a few examples of why Lil Wayne is the goat:. Exhibit A
only a few batmen have used guns including Jason Todd, black mask, and Thomas Wayne
Robert being the Arrow on Earth-2 reminded me of Thomas Wayne being Batman in The Flashpoint Paradox.
No doubt Robert Queen as Earth-2 Arrow is a nod to Thomas Wayne as Batman in the Flashpoint Paradox
Resized a image of Earth-2's Thomas Wayne uncowled and with his whole design with the editing, gray hair and such, a image of "Punisher" C>
It all started with the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne.
Thomas Wayne chastises his son Bruce for his poor life choices. Again. "What are you going to do with your life, son?"
Indian Hill: A Division of Wayne Enterprise. What did Thomas Wayne what did you do? Tsk.
Made this edit months ago. Thomas Wayne & Me.
We're *this* close to Michael Keaton guest-starring as Thomas Wayne on Gotham.
The only three people that we know for sure are dead are Thomas Wayne, Martha Wayne, and Ben Parker.
I wonder which is the more coveted role: Thomas Wayne or Ben Parker.
How awesome would have been if the Arkham. Knight would have been Thomas Wayne brought back by Vandal Savage and under some mind control?
Joey Lawrence fan girls: petition to replace Ben Affleck as Batman . Thomas Wayne:
Alfred Pennyworth: Took quite a fall, didn't we, Master Bruce?. Thomas Wayne: And why do we fall,…
From left to right. Hugo strange, cheetah, Thomas Wayne, Zack Snyder, metron, morgaine le fey, captain atom, Orion
is personally leading the prosecution of the biggest murder case in Gotham since Thomas and Martha Wayn…
between that and JDM as Thomas Wayne, Dean really is Batman.
Thomas! Just wait until I get to Wayne. We'll party.
Hopefully De’Anthony Thomas helped this guy put his ankles back together (via
It might just be the weed making me like that
All jokes aside, I think I'm bipolar fr
*pulling back up into the TM parking lot to pick the boys up, seeing Wayne come over, handing over, smiling at him and putting him -
I dunno man, Thomas Wayne as Batman is so cool! love justice league war as well! reading injustice gods among us at the mo
Supported by Thomas Gold, Abel Ramos, Wayne & Woods, Bob Sinclar, Baggi + more... . Grab your copies now!
Done watching Gotham Season 1. So... Bat cave is the secret of Thomas Wayne. Aarrrghhh. Still waiting for Season 2.
I apologize for the spoiler but this is Thomas Wayne (Bruce's Dad) as BatMan caused by a ripple effect in time.
And so Thomas Wayne traveled to krypton, stumbling into a teleporter, Meeting Jor-El-
It's so weird to see Jim Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent like this. I love it.
Bruh De'Anthony Thomas destroyed this defender's ankles
Yeah. I've heard people say that Thomas Wayne looks like I don't really see it...
Ha! Thanks :) Took a while to get the right feel for Good Ol' Thomas Wayne... Had to sound similar but not the same :)
Amazing! VICE got the guy running the modern Seinfeld account (to literally interview Newman.
The origin story of is predicated on Thomas Wayne making a sudden movement before an armed criminal because he's a hotheaded fool.
How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer
smfh that's like telling us Thomas and Martha Wayne die.
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Flipped past Teen Titans Go and saw this.Look closely and you see Boston Brand,Jason Todd,and Thomas and Martha Wayne
Wayne Thomas can binary search unsorted data.
Thomas Wayne meets Bruce Wayne question...Please and thank you: Which Bruce Wayne did he meet? Is he in the ne...
What are you doing here?. Thomas lost his puff. I'm trying to find it. Is that it up there?. No dude that's a cloud.
I'm Wayne, Thomas Wayne. I would have a *** Grayson. Shaken, not stirred.
unless it was Thomas Wayne batman, then you could use a gun
it's basically like saying SPOILER: Thomas and Martha Wayne die.
I like Thomas Wayne as Batman because that *** stay STRAPPED
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"We really can't afford another 4 years of you" Thomas Mulcair to Stephen Harper
Almost as good as the pair who dressed up as Thomas and Martha Wayne.
I found some way to fall. Thomas Wayne would be so proud.
So in Gotham are they implying that Thomas Wayne was a vigilante?
"Gov. Jindal, what is the name of the gunman who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?"
I added a video to a playlist Lil Wayne - Hollyweezy (Official Music Video)
I'm a little worried Batmans origins will change in the new movie. It has become a running gag to show Martha and Thomas Wayne dying.
How about a movie where all the actors who have played Martha and Thomas Wayne start a neighborhood watch?
Wonder who plays the Martha and Thomas Wayne in the (I assume) flashback. Honestly looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. IMDB has no listing.
Speaking of Uncle Ben's death. How many times does Thomas Wayne and Martha have to die?
I'm so glad that Batman vs Superman is telling me how Martha and Thomas Wayne died, because I had no idea!
Writer Daniel Wilson admitted in his interviews with Blastr that Thomas Wayne's story arc in his story (1/2)
Found a grey ghost poster. I think I'm gonna cry about Martha and Thomas Wayne for a while
So today is the anniversary of Martha and Thomas Wayne's deaths, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman's parents. In a messed up way we're thankful 😐.
Today In Fictional History: Martha and Thomas Wayne are shot in Crime Alley, sparking Batman's crusade against crime.
//okay so I'm catching up on convergence and Thomas Wayne went out like the biggest punk on the planet
I LOVED that Thomas Wayne 'cause he ACTUALLY stood up to Jaclyn and it made for DEVELOPMENT AND FUN STORY RP
Thomas Wayne as UsurperBat was entirely on Robinson.
Today, June 8th, marks the day Martha and Thomas Wayne were killed in crime alley.
Knowing Thomas Wayne for a few hours doesn't count as 'history,' especially since Thomas Wayne himself was also an usurper.
- Thomas Wayne ~ You're The One That Done It with on deck
All of Season 2 of The Flash is Flashpoint Paradox... They already hinted at Thomas Wayne being the first Batman on Gotham. Ooooh..
"Just what legacy did Thomas Wayne leave behind? the bat cave :-D
How you are making the flashpoint story in the Flash?Thomas Wayne as Batman must be in it,then how you are going to make?
no it will be a vigilante just in the Thomas Wayne costume type story line
They're already bringing in Hawkgirl. They MAYBE could have use the earth-2 Batman who is Thomas Wayne and not Bruce.
NO! BAD SHOW! BAD ! You cannot TEASE the *** Batcave in your season finale! Especially since it means Thomas Wayne was a superhero!
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that is a lie. That painting is in the Louvre. Either is is meant to be a solid forgery or Thomas Wayne moonlighted as an art thief
1/13 On January 8, 1984 I gave birth to our second son, Thomas Wayne “Tommy” Teller. Jaxson was six years old when he was born. We had
especially since watchmen is kinda reminiscent of Thomas Wayne's batman, all gritty and violent
I hope so i loved Thomas Wayne's Batman lol
agree. Interested to see what happens re: Thomas Wayne. Also really dig Alfred in this show
I really hope they don't make it that Thomas Wayne was a previous Batman.
Just heard the latest Gotham Agree on what's in the cave: Thomas Wayne's research into the Court of Owls
So, the ending implies that the Batcave was first built by Thomas Wayne? Nice. I hope season 2 teases that he was the first Batman.
Perhaps one of Thomas Wayne's greatest secrets…
Ending made it seem like Thomas Wayne was batman and he's passing on the title to lil bruce
Bruce & Alfred found the staircase entrance to the cave, that was built by Thomas Wayne.
Loved loved Convergence Superman. Great to see Jurgens Superman again. Added bonus - Thomas Wayne! Good superhero comics. Happily ever after
Wait, the hired Kevin Conroy to voice Thomas Wayne?! You have THE Batman and you use him for one scene?
Kevin Conroy reciting the myth of the Court of Owls is really chilling. He's a brilliant Thomas Wayne choice for this
Watching and squeed when Kevin Conroy as Thomas Wayne recited the court of owls legend.
Forgot that "Chill of the Night" has Adam West as Thomas Wayne and Kevin Conroy as Phantom Stranger. So good.
Set de fotos: longlivethebat-universe: Two of my favourite Batmen (Thomas Wayne and Jason Todd
Ben Parker is already his Thomas Wayne. There didn't need to be a whole story arc surrounding the death of his parents.
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