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Thomas Sankara

Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara (December 21, 1949 – October 15, 1987) was a Burkinabé military captain, Marxist revolutionary, Pan-Africanist theorist, and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987. Viewed as a charismatic and iconic figure of revolution, he is commonly referred to as Africa's Che Guevara.

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EVERY AFRICAN SHOULD KNOW THIS.. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I BEG YOU TO READ. As we celebrate the international women's day please remember Burkina Faso's Thomas Sankara. His belief in women and their value to society should never be forgotten and must inspire us all. Below is just a clip from his official biography i would like to share.. Please feel free to share this with your friends too. We need more African men like him. HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY! ps.. i am a *** proud African Woman! Women's rights and AIDS — Thomas Sankara “ The revolution and women’s liberation go together. We do not talk of women’s emancipation as an act of charity or because of a surge of human compassion. It is a basic necessity for the triumph of the revolution. Women hold up the other half of the sky. ” Improving women's status was one of Sankara's explicit goals, and his government included a large number of women, an unprecedented policy priority in West Africa. His government banned female genital mutilation, forced marri ...
Being a youth is not an excuse able excuse! "... at 28 a young African named Thomas Sankara saw evil in his home country and 32 a young army Col named Yakubu Gowon held sway in Nigeria as head of State...In 1999 a young Calabar boy named Donald Duke became the governor of Cross River State..even in your home State of Abia, Orji Kalu became governor at 38..."- Reagan Ufomba.
Thomas Sankara, former leader of Burkina Faso, was the apparent opposite of everything we are often told that success should look like. Mansions? Cars? Who? What? Get out of here. As Prime Minister and later as President, Sankara rode a bicycle to work before he upgraded, at his Cabinet’s insistence, to a Renault 5 – one of the cheapest cars available in Burkina Faso at the time. He lived in a small brick house and wore only cotton that was produced, weaved and sewn in Burkina Faso. Going by his lifestyle, Sankara was the antithesis of success, but it is this very distinction that enabled him to become the most successful president Africa has ever seen, in terms of what he accomplished for and with his people. Sankara would not have chopped P-Square’s money given twice a chance – in fact, he might have sat him down and taught him a thing or two about the creeping menace of pop culture patriarchy – because Thomas Sankara, “The Upright Man”, was a feminist. In this and many other ways, Sankara ...
Good morning Africa, do not cry ma land, i know uve been hiding far from the eyes of your own children becouse u are afraid to tell them how you gave yourself up into the hands of foreign intruders My dear land, you gaveup all your belongings in the name of freedom, you are a blessed nation with fertile soil and powerful minerals yet you have nothing to show. Rejoice oh my land for you have given birth to a young lion, the son of the soil, an African hope, the one born with your true Identity. SELLO Julius Malema, his fellow brothers and sesters shall denay him his justice, they shall call him names, and take everything he have, kill who-ever support his ideology, but little do they know is their owm blood they suck in. His excistance is governed by the undying spirits of Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Petter Mokaba, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Thomas Sankara, Samora Mashele etc. Africa thanks for taking a step that will forever be cherished by ur grand children. Thanks for saying enough is enough. Thanks f . ...
I do like Julius Malema. I do like him because his voice can shake the throne of tyrants. I like Julius because his the voice of the voiceless. I like him because i believe he is what black people need to keep their cause floating. But he must understand that there is a very thin line between radicalism and misguided militancy. Julius must comprehend the words of Thomas Sankara when he says and i quote, "A revolutionary without a revolutionary theory is nothing but a potential murderer. Malema can be a murderer to our own people in a sense that he might lead our people astray. He can be a murderer because there is nothing feasible about all the promises he is promising to deliver. As the nation, we don't have the economic capacity to accommodate all that Malema promises. As the nation, we are not yet financial pregnant to cater all that he promises. As the nation, we do not have the financial muscles to deliver a better life to our people within a blink of an eye. That is why we are called a developing co ...
What a labyrinth? Black history month supposed to be and should be about history, not entertainors, inventors or literature, strippers. It should be about maroons, Kemet known as Africa Emperor Haile Selassie I, Jah Ras Tafari, Thomas Sankara, Samora MacHel, Ahmed Sekou Toure, Patrice Lumumba, Joe Slovo, Nelson Mandela, Stephen Biko, Johnson MLmbo, Lybia, ... Haiti, the Native Tainos, Arawaks, the Maroons, Anacaona, Bookman, Markandal, Toussaint Louveture, Above all JeanJacques Dessalines! ( women: Queen or chief as highest Caciques, Marie-Jeanne Lamartiere, Victoria Montou known as Dessalines' s aunt, Suzanne Belair know as Sanite Belair, Marie-Claire Heureuse Felicite Bonheur, she was Dessalines's wife and stood up him and to some his policies, Catherine Flon was Jean-Jacques Dessalines goddaughter and served as a nurse during Haitian revolution. ...) Francois Capois, Henry Christophe then Simon Bolivar, Jose Matyr dead as Haitian, Cuba, Che Guevera, Nate Turner, John Brown, Shields Green, john Copela . ...
In Burkina Faso they had their Thomas Sankara,,,Cuba had their Fidel Castro,,,Venezuela had Hugo Chavez,,,Zimbabwe had their ''Uncle Bob'' Robert Mugabe,,,China had their Mao Zedong and in South Afrika we have our very own young vibrant* the ever roaring young Lion,,the product of the struggle Julius Malema* and I don't know why my friends n Family hate him so much*Sad*
In all the history of the world Jesus emerges as the only expected person, no one was looking for such a person as Steve Biko or Chris Hani or Shaka Zulu or Thomas Sankara to appear at the time and place that they did appear, no other person has had his work layout for him centuries before he was born but the coming of the Messiah has been predicted for centuries and we should use that in witness "He is the only expected person". But He is not only the expected person he is the context of everything!
*SHAME ON YOU AFRICANS, I SAY SHAME ON YOU* Bob Marley once said 'a black man is never recognised in his country of birth', Bantu Biko said 'black man you are on your own', president Muamar Gaddafi dreamed of ' united state of Afrika'. Comrades and friends, compatriots and fellow Africans. Allow me to full-fill my wish by not clebrating 'valentine's day'. Africans we are the copy-cats of America and Britain, allow me to say if America tell us to jump, we jump without any question. Compatriots Valentine's didn't die in Africa thus we don't owe Valentine's anything. All of us we don't forget February, we regard this month as 'love month'. Ironically 90% of us in here don't know the date Sefako M Makgatho, Charlotte Maxeke, Reginald Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Julius Nyerere, Thomas Sankara, Martin Hani and Rolihlahla N Mandela died. Shame on you Africa, if we tends to keep blind eye on our own history, who do we expect to use binocullars on it??? Indeed we have failed the heroes and heroines who sacrificed it all ...
."So, Sata's industrial development corporation is not a wild dream. And moreover, as Dr Kenneth Kaunda once put it, "Let us be bold and not be afraid of creating precedents, for more often than not, today's precedent may well show itself as tomorrow's stroke of genius" .post Just like Thomas Sankara said. "It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future."
Pass de message so dat we can embarass de western imperalist n colonialist for assassination of our beloved african leaders(Thomas Sankara,Samura Matchell,Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Chris Hani n many more.) using de media (BBC n NYT) along wit CIA. Together we can fight this corrupt system, boycott de media,dnt belive wat u hear, see or read by de media,60% its lies.
Who killed Thomas Sankara!! Many revolutionary leaders talk the talk, but don’t always walk the walk. But with Sankara, his revolutionary principles guided his own life. At the time of his death he had a salary of $450 a month; and his most valuable possessions were a car, four bikes, three guitars, a fridge and a broken freezer. He was the world’s poorest president, but indeed its richest revolutionary. It is now 20 years since the assassination of Sankara and 12 of his aides in October 1987. While many know about the violent and inhumane way in which his life was ended, we still do not know the full truth about the circumstances that led to his assassination, nor do we know enough about those who were involved in planning and executing the murders. Born Thomas Isidore NoÎl Sankara, into a Silmi-Mossi family in the northern Burkina Faso town of Yako on 21 December 1949, his Roman Catholic parents wanted him to become a priest, but he opted instead for a military career – a path that many Africans ...
There is one thing that I like about Boko is his intellect and class political consciousness. Ke mo tshwantshanya le Kwame Nkrumah, Hugo Chavez, Thomas Sankara. The problem he is ahead of Batswana coz Batswana are still trapped in the Iron Age politics, ene he is in the Information Age Politics. "Any party that's is pro-privatisation is an enemy of the workers" by Boko. Its very very true. Any political party that supports privatisation is our number 1 enemy.
The Effect of Thomas Sankara on EFF! By REBECCA DAVIS. Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters have invoked the legacy of former Burkina Faso president Thomas Sankara as a model of governance they apparently wish to emulate. And indeed, Sankara remains one of the least-remembered, but most creative and principled, of post-independence African leaders. Malema and his fighters might particularly like to remember Sankara’s commitment to an austere personal lifestyle, and the total emancipation of women. My local bookshop doesn’t stock any biographies of Thomas Sankara. By one measure, this isn’t surprising. Sankara’s name is rarely heard when the giants of the African post-independence movement are mentioned: Nkrumah, Nyerere, Lumumba. Possibly this has to do with the shortness of his rule over Burkina Faso: just four years, between 1983 and 1987. Possibly it has to do with the extent to which he alienated Western powers through his insistence on his country’s autonomy. Possibly it has to do wi ...
oooh Lord thank you for the Likes of Thomas Sankara, thats why we have credible realest leaders like Julius Malema. if you want to see what motivated the Greatest Malema, follow Thomas Sankaras Life and you will understand...
“Our White House is in Black Harlem” Thomas Sankara speaking in Harlem (October 3, 1984)
Dear Ladies I am pleading with you to PLEASE stop this undignified behaviour of confronting other women about men! If a man is cheating on u, deal with him. No gun was pointed to his head to have an affair with that woman. And if a man wants to cheat on you he WILL do it no matter how many women you confront and how much of a fit you throw. Men cheat on the best of women. Some of us think we are happening, but we were cheated on with women who don't know who Thomas Sankara is. We have been cheated on with women who can barely construct reasonable sentences, while all along we thought our boyfriends loved us because we challenged them on a thinking level. Nothing will stop a man from cheating if he really wants to. You can do the best monkey tricks in bed or be as loyal as a puppy, he'll cheat if he wants to. You can't save a relationship on your own, and can't coerce, beg or blackmail him to work on it if he doesn't want to. So spare yourself the unnecessary admin of calling us or playing detective, or at ...
"A soldier without Ideology is a potential criminal" Thomas Sankara Vuka Dakie. Issued: 27/01/2014 By: RCT Head of communication +27 73 041 6923 Ekurhuleni.effregionALL Defenders of this Revolution. READ fighters READ 5 fundamental questions that must be answered by every individual EFF member and be discussed in every EFF meetings. N.B All must know the founding Manifesto by heart!! 1)Where do we come from? ~we are the conquered people by colonilisation . ~we are dispossed of land,minerals and culture. ~since the colonialisation we have been defeated. ~colonial history definds us as the people. {First 30 years anc was fighting to be part of the arrangement to run the Union of South Africa with colonial apartheidf} 2)Where are we now? ~we are at cross roads as the anc has realised their dream to co manage blacks with colonial rules. ~colonila capital characters has not changed ~structural unemployment phase sustained by anc. ~anc predominately negotiated for the political power and agree to leave economy ...
Watch out for my rare and exclusive reggae-gigs here in Tromsø this year: "Hail The Woman - Tribute to Rosa Parks" in March; "In Memory of The Prophet Bob Marley" in May; "My African Spirit - Tribute to Thomas Sankara" in October.
Thomas Sankara too was assassinated. .He was great
Thomas Sankara did not dictate to people or force them to work. He told them about the mechanisms of getting loans…He said that they could relax at home and ask him to borrow money from the neo-colonialists, but that they would have to bear in mind that they and their children would have to pay back the loans with interests. Consequently, his government would find it difficult to provide universal education and health care because he would have to spend a greater chunk of the meagre tax revenues in servicing the debt. They could also beg for aid but then they would remain beggars forever. The people got the message and were motivated into working harder.
"We think that debt has to be seen from the standpoint of its origins. Debt’s origins come from colonialism’s origins. Those who lend us money are those who had colonized us before,” he declared. “Under its current form, that is imperialism-controlled, debt is a cleverly managed re-conquest of Africa, aiming at subjugating its growth and development through foreign rules. Thus, each one of us becomes the financial slave, which is to say a true slave…” Thomas Sankara
are living in exciting times, throughout History women have been making incredible progress in the world of politics, business, socially, socio-economy and socio-political. This progress did not come easy, it didn't land on our laps. Women movements, gender equality movements and feminist movements across the World put a lot of pressure on the powers that be for change and equality. Yet even with this progress, there is still a lot of work to be done especially here in my Continent. So what do we have? We have 54 Countries, well actually its 54 Countries represented in AU but technically Africa has 56 Countries or is it 57...a debate for another day :-). For now let me work with 54 Countries, we have 2 sitting Female Presidents out 54, with 1 newly elected interim President in Central Africa Republic Catherine Samba-Panza (She has a big task ahead of her, I'm sending her strength and Love). We also have our very own Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma as AU Chairperson. As far as numbers go in Cabinets Rwanda and Sou ...
“He who does not feed you can demand nothing of you,” he said. “We however, are being fed every day and every year. We say, 'Down with imperialism!' yet we can’t ignore our bellies... Let us consume only what we ourselves control! Many people ask, “Where is imperialism?” Look at your plates when you eat. These imported grains of rice, corn, and millet—that is imperialism. You need look no further."-Thomas Sankara Truths shall be Shared Among her Children... Dumelang Bana ba Aforika!
Greatest man to ever walk the African continent. Did a lot for his country Burkina Faso more than any other leader of an African country.
AMAZING STORIES ABOUT THOMAS SANKARA!!! He sold off the government fleet of Mercedes cars and made the Renault 5...
Thomas Sankara was Burkina Faso’s president from August 1983 until his assassination on October 15, 1987. Perhaps, more than any other African president in living memory, Thomas Sanka...
you can kill a man but you can never kill his ideas, Thomas sankara told us this, you recalled many brothers and sisters.
BY MICHAEL ODIGBE CAPTAIN Thomas Sankara rose to power in Upper Volta (now called Burkina Faso) as military President totally devoted to improving the lives of the common man. Unfortunately, he was assassinated in the morning of his career by enemies of the state. A case of a crocodile eating its eg...
I Azania.Thats were i come from... From the great Mountains,im an Azanian bean the great Azanian elephent.The decendent of Azanian leaders.Like Robert Smangaliso Sobukwe,Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,Steven Bantu Biko,Julius Nyerere,Robert Bob Mugabe,Marcus Garvey and the king Kenyata who Kenya was named after him im the son of the soil Im the Aznanian warrior..from Great Economists and the revolutionary Fighters like Muhamma Ummar Ghaddafi,Yasser Arafat,Osama the son of Ladin,Thomas Sankara.Lastly The youngest prominent Azaian leader nd the Presaident in waiting Julius Sello Malema.Asijiki.Azania shall prevail.
. Thomas Sankara too was assassinated. .He was great
Another great leader who led & lived by example , in turn died with nothing was betrayed by his most trusted black comrades, Thomas Sankara
They have moved from classical liberalism to mordern liberalism of which all this forms of liberalism affect us and compromise what the struggle that leaders like abo Chris, Sobukwe, Biko and Cetshwayo stood forthe EFF we are here to ensure that the struggle continues. Were inspire by Thomas Sankara on how to take on the struggle for economic struggle as the EFF were oppose to liberalism and neo liberal policies which make SA not to B totaly indipendent as EFF were to instill the independent of SA from land and economy issue!Vote EFF a true cartalist for changefreedom Now!!
Where's Thomas Sankara when you need him? I could do with his words of wisdom.
Check out Mulele Matondo Afrika live at SOAS- Thomas Sankara! You will see this and much much more this Friday at...
Thomas Sankara the revolutionary marxist, and Pan Africanist...the capitalists stole him from mother Africa too soon
"if you want proof of neocolonialism in Africa, look at the food on your plates. Africa imports food from Europe." - Thomas Sankara
"Political power without economic freedom means. your coloniser still feeds you...He who feeds you. controls you." - Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara. An African leader with a message for Europe.
People don't know Thomas Sankara koraa oo.
that's not me in my avi wae. It's Thomas Sankara, former military leader of Burkina Faso
The blue cars were abolished, He arrived at ministerial meeting by bicycle. “We cannot be the rich ruling class of a poor country” he loved to say were not received in the presidential palaces but in the poor villages of the country. What happen to Our Africa. Can we still have another Oliver Tambo, Thomas Sankara?
This guy murdered the previous president Thomas Sankara and much of his cabinet in cold blood in a gun battle.
Whoeva that will move d country forward A selfless leader, a Thomas Sankara. RIP.
not dom maar mad. Check Thomas Sankara and "madness". Aime cesair says: 1+1 =5! Its black logic bru it doesn make sense! :-)
A great tree & the rot that felled him yet enthroned "The Upright Man: The Thomas Sankara Documentary
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Blaise Compaore killed Thomas Sankara to become president of
You should read up on President Thomas Sankara
"You cannot carry out fundamental change without a certain amount of madness" ~ Thomas Sankara
The west don't want Africa to progress. The few good leaders we've had we're all kill. Fabrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara etc.
Real leaders in Africa are Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and Gaddaffi the rest are gready ***
Thomas Sankara a leader amongst great leaders was all about making afrika great as it was in the past, before...
Disceting the times and life of Thomas Sankara, as well as his legacy with
Thomas Sankara ws by Far Africa's most visionary leader; far visionary than Madiba,Nkrumah or any Leader Africa has ever Seen or Had!!
It's a god damned shame we don't hear more about Thomas Sankara in the media today. He was arguably the finest...
Burkina court rules 5March on slain leader Thomas Sankara's family request to exhume his remains for forensicc analysis.
"You cannot kill ideas. Ideas do not die.”. —Thomas Sankara
Patrice Lumumba, Harriet Tubman, Marcus Garvey, Thomas Sankara, Malcom X, Frederick Douglas… Because of them we can
My people, I am very well. I have been in the good hands of progressive forces of Swaziland. May the gods of Afrika protect the leadership, membership and supporters of PUDEMO and SWAYOCO, and all citizens of the Kingdom of Swaziland, so that we live to see a truly democratic Swaziland in our lifetime. Equally, may we live to see the emancipation of the people of the Sahrawi Republic (Western Sahara) and the end of tyrannical Moroccan rule in that part of the continent we call home. In the name of Mbuya Nehanda, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Oliver Tambo, Thomas Sankara, Kaoberdiano Dambara, Julius "Mwalimu" Nyerere, Joshua Nkomo, Sabelo Pama, Kwame Nkrumah and other gods, may we live to see AND fight to realise an Afrika that is fit for the habitat of its sons and daughters.
Thomas Sankara- Burkina Faso His foreign policies were centered on anti-imperialism, with his government eschewing all foreign aid, pushing for odious debt reduction, nationalizing all land and mineral wealth, and averting the power and influence of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. His domestic policies were focused on preventing famine with agrarian self-sufficiency and land reform, prioritizing education with a nation-wide literacy campaign, and promoting public health by vaccinating 2.5 million children against meningitis, yellow fever and measles. Other components of his national agenda included planting over ten million trees to halt the growing desertification of the Sahel, doubling wheat production by redistributing land from feudal landlords to peasants, suspending rural poll taxes and domestic rents, and establishing an ambitious road and rail construction program to "tie the nation together". On the localized level Sankara also called on every village to build a medical disp ...
This is Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara and Thomas Sankara... And another Cubian Communist next to Fidel Castro
Thomas Sankara did, Lee Kwan yeu did same, David Ben gurion is also in the list-we can do so. Let's start by thinking positive
Muammar Gaddafi, Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara.”unsung heroes of africa
to all the people who fought for freedom, Che Guevara, Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Thomas Sankara, Nkwame Nkrumor, Steve Biko
Thomas Sankara: "The French revolution taught us the rights of man"
There will never be a Malcolm X, Steve Biko, Garvey, Thomas Sankara or Kwame Nkrumah etc day or worldwide remembrance.
True communist are being killed, Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara, Chris Hani, Patric Lumumba. I salute all true communists. I wish SACP would be radical as it used to be within the allaince.
Zeph Mothopeng, Thomas Sankara and Sabelo Phama true revolutionary from the beggining to the end.
Sons of the African Soil who are no more: Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba & Julius Nyerere
and Assata Shakur, bell hooks, Thomas Sankara, Huey P. Newton, and Fred Hampton are HEROES.
Thomas Sankara, Bantu Steve Biko, and R Mangaliso Sobukwe. they departed eirly. Africa needs them more than before
In the vein of the fallen hero Thomas Sankara, A24 Media brings you ‘The Three Widows’; a rare photograph from our archives taken in Nairobi, Kenya on 28 November 1975. It pictures Mrs Pamela Mboya, Mrs Coretta Scott King and Mrs Terry Kariuki. Mohamed Amin captured the unique encounter of solidarity between these women, all of whom lost their husbands to political assassinations... They are of course the wives of Tom Mboya, Martin Luther King Jr and J.M. Kariuki who were killed in 1969, 1968 and 1975 respectively.
It reminds me of Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso who used a Bycicle to move around
we are willing to lose friends and be unpopulor, we are not apologetic about our views and thy are clearly in formed. u can chose to unfriend us or hate us we dnt care ''we had kings like Moshoeshoe, Sekhukhune who fought against white encroachment and other leaders who waged anti-slavery, anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist wars long before Mandela was born such as Tousaint Louverture of Haiti, Edward Wilmot Blyden, Marcus Garvey, WEB Du Bois, Thomas Sankara, Nkwame Ntruma and the founders of the ANC and asked them why we should ignore all these leaders and focus on this one man. why we should ignore other great South African leaders like Anton Lembede, Robert Sobukwe, Zeph Mothopeng, Jafta Masemola (who spent 9 years in solitary confinement on Robbben Island and spent 29 years in the same Robben Island), Onkgopotse Tiro and Steve Biko and choose only this one man'' ''Mandela did not start negotiating with representatives of the Apartheid government in 1985 as some people seem to think. He was release ...
Am thinking of Kwame Nkruma, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba amongst a few. drawing parallels between them. and i cast my eyes to a future not tooo far. Africa is where it all began
Madiba once said that the first thing he would do after reaching heaven's gates would be to look for the first ANC office and sign up as a member. That is indeed what he has done. He now rests in the company of his comrades Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Oliver and Adelaide Tambo, Walter and Albertina Sisulu, Dullah Omar, Kader Asmal, Albert Luthuli, Joe Slovo, Steve Biko, John Dube, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Ahmed Ben Bella, Ruth First, Bram Fischer, Beyers Naude, Leopold Sedar Senghor, Amilcar Cabral, Agostinho Neto, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, Louis Rwagasore, Eriya Kategaya, Samora MacHel, and John Garang. He was recieved by the young lions Fred Rwigyema, Noble Mayombo, Chris Hani and Thomas Sankara and today he no doubt spent the day with John Garang to reflect on the grave situation that seems to be unfolding in Juba.
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Long live the revolutionary spirit of martyr Thomas Sankara and the anti imperialist unity of the African people!
Did you name your son after Thomas Sankara former president of Burkina Faso?
The ugly truth about the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) The EFF are the latest addition the South African political landscape, this political party has attracted great deal of media attention given the fact that its leader is Julius Malema The EFF has been founded by a bunch of pseudo ultra leftists Pan-Africanists whose sole intention is to accumulate as much wealth as possible, Julius Malema is no Thomas Sankara, he is South Africa’s equivalent of Mabuto Sisiseko or Robert Mugabe. Any attempt to compare him to Thomas Sankara is an insult to the memory of Africa’s own Che Guevara. The EFF’s message of racial polarisation will further widen the racial divide in the country, white people are not the enemy, the enemy is poverty and all the conditions that give rise to poverty, black people need to assemble under the banner of the ANC in order to defeat their enemy which is poverty The following things will happen in SA if people vote for the EFF • The economy will collapse • The collapse of the e ...
SANKARA: This man is to me the epitomy of Afrikan nationalism: Forget the labels they have assigned to him and look at his ideas & policies. He inspires confidence, the kind the whole of Africa could use. He was working towards a future where the Africans will get off the foreign aid & be self-reliant & self-sufficient. That, to me, is a much greater legacy than reconciliation and forgiveness. This right here is an example the Africa needs.
Let there be an end to the arrogance of the big powers who miss no opportunity to put the rights of the people in question.-Thomas Sankara
No democracy unless power in all its forms –economic, military, political, social & cultural – is in the hands of the people-Thomas Sankara
Democracy means using full potential of the people. Ballot box & an electoral system do not prove the existence of democracy -Thomas Sankara
“It’s not up to us to betray, it’s up to them to betray" -Thomas Sankara | Months later, he was betrayed by his best friend.
this sounds similar to Thomas sankara
Chale, chale, chale, I miss out. Always thought highly of him, as we'll as people like Thomas Sankara. Pragmatism, self-reliance.
and Thomas Sankara, if you count him as post-colonial
Not how long but how well Mandela. 5 years in office 33 years: Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Angola. Leader of the party which won independence from Portugal in 1975, Dos Santos has been in power since September 20, 1979. 32 years: Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe. The only remaining African leader to have been continuously in power since his country's independence, Mugabe became prime minister in April 1980 and president in 1987. 26 years: Yoweri Museveni, Uganda. Came to power in January 1986 after winning the war which ousted the brutal regime of Idi Amin Dada, with help from neighbouring Tanzania. 26 years: King Mswati III, Swaziland. Acceded to the throne of the tiny southern African kingdom in April 1986, four years after the death of his father. 25 years: Blaise Compaore, Burkina Faso. Came to power in October 1987, after a coup which ousted his former comrade in arms, Thomas Sankara. 23 years: Omar al-Beshir, Sudan. Has ruled since he seized power in a coup in June 1989. 21 years: Idriss Deby Itno, Chad. Emer . ...
It was nice to see Dr. Kenneth Kaunda running to the podium. It says a lot about his diet, for those who don't know, he's vegetarian! But the outstanding remark for me was when he told Cyril Ramaphosa: this young man is trying to stop the old man who fought the boers and his persistence of using the word at every instance. Had they given him enough time, you would've seen his tears. Great leaders of our times. Not forgetting Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Mwalimu Nyerere, Bantu Biko, Brendan Simbwaye, Robert Mugabe, Sam Nujoma, Toivo ya Toivo, Andrew Mhlangeni, Chris Hani, Mama Winnie, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., Govan Mbeki. Be reminded they did theirs, power now is within me and you. What can we use this power for? Find the answer to that question within yourself. God bless Africa.
Photo: tribalimmunity: One of my favorites, the Thomas Sankara tee still available at...
He believed in peace just as Ghandi did, he conducted himself as ordinary person just like president Thomas Sankara did.
When I found out about Thomas Sankara, it put so many things into context. My country & how I want to live and be.
25th Anniversary Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Thomas Sankara Saturday, October 20th, 2012, the Revival of Panafricanism Forum organizes a ...
Marcus Mosiah Garvey..Malcolm X..Martin Luther King..Thomas Sankara..Mandela men await to welcome you home Mandela
reminds me of Burkina Faso's Thomas Sankara in 80s. Swapped govt limos for Renault 5s! (then got killed by French govt)
The spirit of shall forever illuminates our heart. His passing evokes remembrance of heroes of Thomas Sankara's ilk. True Afrikans!
Let's Remember Lumumba Patrice,Thomas Sankara,Ghandi,Mathin luther king, Abraham lincoln,Nelson Mandela on this day let their soul rest in peace
This homage by French to Madiba won't make us forget the leaders they have murdered in cold blood especially Thomas Sankara
No wonder this world is in such a mess, people like good speakers instead of action junkies & revolutionaries like Thomas Sankara.
but she set a great precedence. How about cutting her salary. She is indeed a living Thomas Sankara.
If you don't know who Thomas Sankara is, please take some time to know his story
Shout out to Malcolm X , Stokey Carmichael, Huey Newton, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba.. and all other...
lol and now im watching a speech by Thomas Sankara lol
26 Years ago, Thomas Sankara was assassinated. Circumstances yet to be clarified ... (...)
3rd October 1984 visit by Thomas Sankara in Harlem,how many African Presidents dare speak up like this?: via
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Thomas Sankara: the Upright Man: "Our country produces enough to feed ourselves,we can even produce more."
A morning of footie disappointment and then a documentary on Thomas Sankara online
its on the cards. EFF is inspired by Thomas Sankara!
Thomas Sankara was feared by France as French colonialism saw him as a threat for promoting self-reliance,what did Mitterand do to Sankara?
This man Thomas Sankara! When asked why he didn't want his portrait hung in public places, as was the norm for other African leaders, Sankara replied "There are seven million Thomas Sankaras!
I think Mandela is not the great hero that we always want to believe he is. True, he stepped down at the right time and so did Nyerere, Mkapa and other leaders when time came, He is a darling of the West, just like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other pacifists who will not rock the Western boat. In this Western created scenario, heroes such as Patrice Lumumba, Malcom X are nonexistent and are erased from memory and history. We are taught and indoctrinated into worshiping the ‘heroes’ chosen by the Western hegemony while it becomes almost taboo to criticize them. Only people who succumb to the pressure and bow to the white man become heroes. Otherwise, why don’t we have Malcolm X day in the US. We have been indoctrinated into Martin Luther King’s speeches but non from Malcolm X , who does not exist in our history books. Where is Samora MacHel, Thomas Sankara et al?
Marxist revolutionary, Pan-Africanist theorist, and President of Burkina Faso.Thomas Sankara htt…
Fidel Castro and Thomas Sankara Visit School in Burkina Faso and take picture with the kids
While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas. Thomas Sankara
The and go together. Women hold up the other of the ~ Thomas Sankara
Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara. Africa's beloved sons. The shining lights of our motherland.
Thomas Sankara, the revolutionary leader of the West African nation Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987, was killed in the belief that it could extinguish the example he set for African youth and progressive forces across the continent. This idea could not have been more wrong.
"Revolutionaries can be murdered, but ideas cannot be killed" - Thomas Sankara
Unfortunately Thomas Sankara was killed too young. Africa has had great visionaries and leaders: does and will have more.
Are there any scholars who've worked on Thomas Sankara's life that are based in Nairobi or will be in Nairobi this December? If so, kindly hit me up on inbox. We're organizing a do to commemorate the date of his birth -December 21- and need to consult on something. Asante
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Thomas Sankara As Africa looks desperately for leaders of integrity and vision, the life and ideals of the late Thomas Sankara seem more and more relevant and exemplary with the passage of time. This new film should go a long way towards explaining why, though largely forgotten in this country, Sankara is still venerated on his own continent as the ‘African Che,’ a legendary martyr like Patrice Lumumba or Amilcar Cabral. The film recovers for the present a detailed history of Sankara’s brief four-year rule and his revolutionary program for African self-reliance as a defiant alternative to the neo-liberal development strategies imposed on Africa by the West, both then and today. Sankara, a charismatic army captain, came to power in Burkina Faso, in 1983, in a popularly supported coup. He immediately launched the most ambitious program for social and economic change ever attempted on the African continent. To symbolize this rebirth, he even renamed his country from the French colonial Upper Volta to B ...
If Mandela was a real revolutionary he would have ended up like the likes of Gaddafi, Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba. Mandela agreed to a bad deal in SA. The result is inequality, high crime rates, high unemployment and HIV/AIDS. We don't have leaders in Africa just Western puppets.
Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Amilcar Cabral the true African HEROES. Three of my best, then Nelson Mandela,...
What the everly charismatic Thomas Sankara did to change the situation of the average Burkinabe is without question. But for close to 27 years, what has Blaise Compaore done to seriously change the face of Burkina Faso and touch the lives of the poor in that country? Read about the man (Compaore), he's done nothing of note (maybe except changing the constitution to suit himself and being a stooge. Lol). African leaders sha!
Mandela is a hero created by the west. Kenyans, celebrate him blindly this 50th. Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, TJ Mboy…
President Thomas Sankara said "If we do not pay the capital lenders we will not die, if we pay we will die. We cannot pay, and we don't want to pay" from 1983-1987 President of Burkina Faso
Obama was the forefront of assisination of Muammour Gaddafi, Clinton killed Osama Binladen, Belgium and western forces killed Che Guevara, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and many others. So indeed Obama deserve the booing,instead of booing ur own president I mean what has he done for Kenyans? Pity SA are in majority hypocritical. We bo our own president and cheer a foreigner we look like fools indeed...Sigila
Interview from swedish television of Thomas Sankara (1949-1987), then-president of Burkina Faso. He was the leader of that countrys revolution from 1983 unti...
We have too many black intellectuals but no new ideas, no black liberation philosophy and no black leaders. We have too many black radicals but no black revolution. The only thing we do is moan and debate about our leaders. Today Obama said ''There will never be a another leader like Mandela'' and it just made me sad because there are millions of youths around the world. What is wrong with us? We write to sound intelligent and then we wonder why blacks hate to read. We do things to fit in with the crowd. We are not serious about our liberation. Its easy to disrespect someone but to do what that person has done is another story. Thomas Sankara was 33 years old when he became President of Burkina Faso and Franz Fanon was 27 years old when he wrote Black Skin white masks. We talk about these people as if they are better than us. What is stopping us? Too many of us just go along with the system because along is connected to our paychecks. We are not willing to sacrifice our jobs and ourselves for this contine ...
Israel, America, Britain and Kenya supported Apartheid. Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, Dr. Appolo Milton Obote, Muammar Ghadaffi, Julius Nyerere, Samora MacHel and Thomas Sankara are the real anti-Apartheid heroes. These are the people who stood with Nelson Mandela when the all world looked away. By Oduor Ong’wen The outpouring of tributes for Nelson Mandela is befitting. But it is also largely hypocritical. Many of the official tributes to Madiba, such as the one from British Prime Minister David Cameron and our own Daniel arap Moi, have emphasized that his ability to forgive and his apparent rejection of bitterness is part of what made him an extraordinary human being. What we do not appreciate is that his capacity for forgiveness toward the rulers of apartheid mattered only because he and fellow militants organized opposition to it, took up arms against it and overthrew it. If they hadn’t – if Madiba’s notable achievement was forgiveness [just turning the other cheek] – he would simply have bee ...
Godfrey Opulence Carry wrote: Until we own media production that will not be bias to murderes and potray them as good leaders, we will never change the mindset of our people. We must tell Africans the truth(that Bush,Blair n Obama are pure imperialist, their objective is to exploit our minerals and people). Until we found visionry leaders who will complete the struggle of Marcus Garvey,Thomas Sankara and Robert Gabriel Mugabe, leaders who will advocate for seats in the UN SC seats that will come with Veto Power.leaders who will stop the violation of Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. My African people, its high time that we begin to write books that will reveal our pure history.
Fidel Castro,JFK,Che Guevera,Thomas Sankara,Gandhi,Walter Sisulu and O.R Tambo are happy to be joined by the Commander-in-Chief Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela..
_NP Leaders ~ Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and Nasir Jones see you Anton Lembede, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Amilcar Cabral, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Che Guevara, Bob Marley. this is a list of some of the Black Leaders who were killed by the system, while they were still young. we shall search for their spirits, in our quest for the struggle of the Total Liberation and Economic Freedom of Black People. Aluta Continua.
Spot the odd one out! Thomas Sankara, Che Guevara, Steve Biko, Mahatma Ghandi, Zachy Achmat, Nelson Mandela... Jacob Zuma. How did you do?
Few young Africans have ever heard of Thomas Sankara. In reality, it is not the assassination of Thomas Sankara...
Thomas Sankara great African leader killed by treason:.
WESTERN DEGREES: I notice that none of Africa's greatest men has/had a degree from Europe/North America. That gets me asking where do those fellows go and what are they doing? Look at Nelson Mandela, China Achebe, Aliko Dangote, George Weah, Lucky Dube, Patrice Lumumba, Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Haile Gebresalassie, Kenenisa Bekele, Thomas Sankara add
Mandela did so and was labelled a terrorist. Thomas Sankara did it and he was killed. Lumumba did so too and was killed.
"Debt is a cleverly managed reconquest of Africa. It is a reconquest that turns each one of us into a financial slave.” Thomas Sankara
president never accounted for the murder of his friend and predecessor Thomas in 1987 Tnx 1/2
We forget Kwame Nkrumah, Sekou Toure, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba nd more because they died too early, study what they died fighting for
"A soldier without political or ideological education is a potential criminal" - President Thomas Sankara
Former Heads of State I look up to: Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Thomas Sankara.
Such an inspirational people Che Guevara, Julius Nyerere, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, Nkwame Nkrumor, Chris Hani and Nelson Mandela
On mine Here is one of the Hero European is not telling or teaching us about true Hero of my time, not in the 16 or 17 century yes in my time some where in 1960, there is many of us out there who are on the media bliss about Mr. Mandela don't know who Patrice Lumumba is and the role he played in Afrika but everybody knows about Mandela civil right struggle that benefit the powers to be, well my Heroes Are Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Toussant, Desselien, Boukman, Kwamr Nkrumah, Samora MacHel, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, just to name a few, and my Living Heroes today is Robert Mugabe and the Afrikans who are out there Struggling consciously determine and dedicated to the cause of Unity and self determination, stop been blindfolded with the vale of ignorance that we are been fed for the sake of White Supremacy.
Long live the undying spirit of Thomas Sankara , a leader for the people ex Burkina Faso . Aluta continua with Revolution our land back from the boers
O Madiba you were indeed the African greatest you fight for humanity and inequality of the black race in the struggle for FREEDOM you persevere. When you get your destination, my regards to the other glorious men like chief Obafemi Awolowo, NKwame Nkrumah ,Thomas Sankara,Water Sisulu Stive Biko Chris Hani dr Azikiwe,patrice Lumuba Samora Michelle.and a host of other glorious men that you will meet who also fought and persevere for the emancipation of the black race without you glorious men every black man would have still be under chains and shackles goodbye Mandela.
MANDELA, MANDELA, THE GREAT Nelson Mandela IS DEAD. Other heroes went before him like Steve Biko. I am certain they will converse in Heaven about accomplishing their mission on earth. Mandela, the unknown prophet of God. Just like his counter part Martin Luther King. Mandela surpassed all Africans great heroes like Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkruma, Sekou Toure, Jomo Kenyetta, William V.S. Tubman, Houpheot Boigny, Haile Selassie, Thomas Sankara etc. He is now in the unique league of the World Greatest, heroes, Champions and Leaders; Mother Theresa,Harriet Tubman, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Mao Tse-tung,Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, and Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. We could also put him in the league with great heroes and warriors like Julius Caesar,Napoleon Bonaparte and King James of England. I won't hesitate to include him in the class of Biblical Heroes an leaders such Abraham, Moses, Joshua, especially Joseph, Cleopatra, Esther, David, Mose ...
The violent murder of Thomas Sankara is commensurate with the relentlessness of his killers to dishonour and erase him from the memory of his countrymen. By the same token, attempts to make known the circumstances of his assassination seem to encounter powerful forces. It must be said that the hypot...
"Thomas Sankara decreed that his portrait should not be displayed all over the country in official buildings as...   10% Off
Panafrican Burkina Faso President Late Thomas Sankara,assassinated,had challenged French Pres. Mitterand on his ties with Apartheid regime
Doula Manga Bell, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba and Mandela all in heaven looking down on Us. We thank you for your courage
When you consider Thomas sankara, madiba pales in comparison. Democracy would have come to rsa anyway, but the economic liberation of any poor black man is what has eluded them. Trust me, the white man left madiba, coz they knew he wouldn't upset the economy and he ddnt... they cherish him, coz they had a friend. He was a great man, but trust me not the way he isn't presented. Anyway it's just my opinion.
Great Africans like Steve Bantu Biko, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Samora Mashele, Eduardo Shivambu Mondlane, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Abram Okgopotse Tiro, Tsietsi mashinini, Abo Asfat, emperior Heile Selaise, kwame Kurumah and many unsung heros and Sheros of our emanicipation who have died with their integrity intact and never sold out will never be celebrated by Whitenes for they represented truism and what a Black person should behave towards the oppressor. Queen ndzinga of Angola, Dingaan and many others will forever be remembered by us as resistors of wizzards advances. in the state of idiocy display by our people towards those who inflicted the harm towards them i say the Struggle against poverty, caucasians and total liberation of a Blackman continues. in the words of Samora Mashele i say ALUTA CONITIUA
In the next couple of weeks I will be doing an indepth study on these men: Yasser Arafat, Che Guevara, Julius Nyerere, Thomas Sankara.
Thomas Sankara (a nationalist) was assassinated by his once close friend Blaise Compaore obviously a (comprador)
After the assassination of Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso went down hill and is now a fiefdom to the IMF and World Bank. Rest in power, Thomas
"I hate my high school,they taught me about Vasco da Gama but not Thomas Sankara" ~and this lil bornfree cousin of mine went to a pvt school
Assassination of Thomas Sankara: evidence of a documentary by RAI 3 involve France, CIA and Blaise Compaoré Astounding allegations have come forth about the 1987 assassination of the former president of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara, through a documentary aired on Italy’s public channel RAI3. The documentary, entitled ‘African Shadows’ and by Silvestro Montanaro, details the alleged links of the American and French secret services to Sankara’s assassins and the involvement of the current President of Burkina Faso Blaise Compaoré. This week’s Pambazuka News brings you the striking three-part transcript of the recent documentary, featuring the testimonies of well-known Liberian figures. According to (Steve) Cokely, Moton was hired by the government to spy on Garvey. He was an agent for the U.S. government to coordinate the program against Garvey in America. In one of his many lectures on the Boule' Cokely stated Moton was given $5million to keep Garvey out of Liberia and halt the Back to Africa m ...
A black man killed Malcolm X, Thomas Sankara, Tupac Shakur. This is heartbreaking to know
Malcolm X and Thomas Sankara are two of the most inspirational black men I know of.
there were others before him who have been lost to the annals of history Patrice Lumumba Thomas Sankara who will tell their story?
Samora MacHel, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Kwame krumah...and many more that dedicated their life like him
Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba are in heaven smiling down with pride watching the only truly independent country of
Before foreign settlers.thank GOD for Globalisation they can't get away with pulling off a "thomas sankara" 2nd time
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. Sankara Mandela! ! Thomas Sankara is a legend of equal statue . "I can hear the roar of women silence"
. Sankara Mandela! ! True Thomas Sankara is a legend of equal statue
It sure all pans out somehow against the african revolutionary leaders... I can't forget Thomas Sankara. was lucky, kept to truce.
Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso.great man who also fought for his people and instilled a sense of dignity in the black race(Africa)
"The legacies of Thomas Sankara: a revolutionary experience in retrospect" - new in Download at:
Go and do a research on who Thomas sankara is and what he achieved in the short time he lived before French Govt
Fela Gani fawehinmi,Thomas sankara to mention a few
Cde Madiba joins the 'Original African Patriots': Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Solomon Mahlangu, Steve Biko, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Zephania Mothopeng, Joe Slovo, Patrick Chamuso, Lilian Ngoyi, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Patrice Lumumba of DRC, Julias Nyerere of Tanzania, Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey, Ras Tafari, Prixley Isa ka Seme, n many more. Our souls shall run with you at all times. We beg for your being into our governance today, tomorow & foever, for it is only through your inspirational deeds that the masses of our people could be saved.Be with us for we still need you, if only we could recycle you. You lived and led in an exemplary manner & u still lead the masses... Aluta continua ,,, You swerved the country away from civil war, a skill which many across the continent lack, even some in our country. YOU ARE A TRUE REVOLUTIONARY...YOU TOLD YOUNG PEOPLE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND WE INDEED LIVE BY YOUR ETHOS, WE SHALL FIND SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS DERAILING YOUR COURSE FOR P ...
so if I am teaching my Kids, i *** kiss these guys i would do to Lumumba and Thomas Sankara.
"The enemies of a people are those who keep them in ignorance" - Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, Joshua Nkomo: don't know them? That is because Western media doesn't want icons to be radical. …
It is sad that most of the African elite and millions of their groping followers are still preoccupied with primeval issues and fanning the damaging embers of ethnicity and alien religion; while only an insignificant few really think of development for the sake of posterity as did men like Tom Mboya, Julius Nyerere, Obafemi Awolowo, Gani Fewehinmi, Ambrose Alli, Nelson Mandela or Thomas Sankara. Who is your hero or heroine among present-day Nigerian and African leader and politicians?
Imagine a panel with Thomas Sankara, Chris Hani, and Mathew Goniwe. True Peoples Representatives.
Zenzile Khoisan - "Why don't those marching to Western Cape Premier Helen Zilla's office today march to Nkandla, Dina Pule's house or the homes of the travelgate, arms deal and other corruption scandal comrades, to demand they pay this money directly into a fund for housing, education, drug rehabilitation and child protection. Playing to the gallery only exposes the poverty of ideologically bankrupt former revolutionaries, who were duty bound to protect the resources of the people. Why don't they march to the homes of the culprits who will make billions, with their foreign partners, from etolls. Why don't they run the former head of the NYDA out of town for theft from social grant accounts earmarked as protection for the most vulnerable? Fidel Castro had General Ochoa executed on television for counter revolutionary activities which undermined the revolution, yet some of these very so-called comrades parade around with pro-Cuba banners. If only Chris Hani, Thomas Sankara, Lumumba or Che Guevara were still ...
to Julius Caesar. to Patrice Lumumba. to Thomas Sankara. Moral: Your best friend could...
Black people lack passion, consistency, ambition and all that half baked ish, is a denigration of our intellect as people of the soil, What about Robert Sobukwe and Nelson Mandelas of this world who where determined under unforgiving conditions and went on to be educated. -Steve Bantu Biko -Sol Platjie -Kwane Nkruma -Samorah Mashel -Robet Mogabe 'nezi danga zakhe' -Thomas Sankara -Ben Okri -W.E.B Du Bois -Dr James Farmer -Henry Lowe -Marcus Garvey -The black wall street Oklahoma 1920's -The Dangotas of this world -Patrice Motsepe etc What about the, The African greats Oo -Eusso Ndou -Femi and Fela Kuti (teacher teacher don't teach me non-sense) -Salif Keita (mipe) -Miriam Makeba -Thandi Mhlongo -Motown greats -The Kalawa jazzme Just to name a few, lets not undermine ourselves and stop listening to every tom, *** and harry coz bathukile. SITH ABANTU
The teaching mechanism of a legend lies in the legendary legacyJulius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah,Robert Mugabe,Thomas Sankara.we soldier on
Pan-Africanism is an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide. It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to “unify and uplift” people of African descent . The ideology asserts that the fate of all African peoples and countries are intertwined. At its core Pan-Africanism is “a belief that African peoples, both on the continent and in the Diaspora share not merely a common history, but a common destiny”. Pan-Africanism stresses the need for “collective self-reliance”. Pan-Africanism exists as a governmental and grassroots objective. Pan-African advocates include leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, Mangaliso Sobukwe, Muammar Gaddafi, Thabo Mbeki more recently Julias Malema. . Mayibuye I Africa
I ask a few friends who've been bugging me about JFK's they know when Thomas Sankara & Patrice Lumumba were martyred?
Gone are those day's where Cassel Mathale gave people tenders and money that was suppose to improve millions of Black People in Limpopo. All those mansions, luxury life style, hundreds of thousands on watches, etc in an expense of the poor. The is no Justice in South Africa, only the his former masters will decide if they let him go or what. Cause they all the same and wonder what will happen next year when he get to the National Assembly, will he be like Thomas Sankara in the making?
PLEASE help me understand something: "They" called our African leaders like Thomas Sankara, Muammar Gaddafi and Seko Mobuto "Dictators". Ok yes, they might have been, but Burkina Faso, Libya and Congo have been doing really really bad ever since these so called "Dictators" were Killed or died. . . . . Something is not right. Somebody lied. - Mr. Africa
These are the radical and millitant leaders that i can with no doubt follow their ideologies.some of them have lost thier precious lives in defence of the revolution.they have died for the ideology that is still living today, than living for the ideology that dies. 1.Hugo Chavez 2.Thomas Sankara 3.Muammar Ghadafi 4.Robbert Gabriel Mugabe. 5.Chris Hani
Les Enfants De Afrique Patrice Lumumba of Congo,Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso,Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana,Steve Biko of South Africa Samora MacHel & Edaurdo Mondlane of Mozambique,Amilcar Cabral of Guinea-Bissau, Africa will never recover from the loss of these Great PAN AFRICANIST! Different methods has been used to eliminate each of these great PAN AFRICANIST by the same forces with de same MOTIVES till today to keep Africa in CHAINS.
I hate people who compare Thomas Sankara & Robert Mugabe to Julius Malema...
we as a fighters :we hv only two options:to submit or to fight!We choose 2 fight!we a the Movement of Thomas Sankara,Robert Sobukwe nd Steve Biko..Aluta
BIAFRAN FREE VOICES 31/10/2013 ***Nnamdi kanu is a fraud!!* By Obinna Njaka After listening to that contraption he calls RBL and the way he bulldozes people he doesn't even know and having realized that the dude is just a randy noise maker on air, I stopped paying any attention. It is a pity that an uncultured person like him with no etiquette of communication, is the one herding a bunch of sheep like him to the slaughter house. This whole Biafra thing has become a joke championed by wannabees who can't even stand the test of a rebellion when it comes. As someone said earlier, perhaps these noisemakers should all go back to school and study revolutionary histories beginning at home in Africa with names like; Amilcar Cabral (Guinea Bissau), Jonas Savimbi ( Angola), John Garang (South Sudan), Thomas Sankara (Bourkina Faso), Ernest Ouandji (Cameroon), etc to understand that the calling to be a liberator is not an akara and moi-moi issue. It comes with a price which could be an ultimate one too. All these flo ...
Governments under increasing pressure to re-open investigations into deaths of:. Patrice Lumumba. Samora MacHel. Thomas Sankara
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, Muammar Gaddafi, Thomas Sankara, Robert Sobukwe, the list is endless. Those are the real patriots of their respective lands.They possessed big plans for the betterment of their countrymen's living conditions. Yet the dictators are quick to assassinate what they don't yet fully understand. The public eye should understand the cause and ideology behind these countrymen.
Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Che Guevara, these people have inspired me in ways I'll never have thought
The political ideology of Thomas Sankara, including warmth and compassion towards other humans, dignity for peasants, self-sufficiency for all Burkinabes, women's emancipation and a politics of anti-imperialism, along with his thoughtful considerations of Burkinabe traditions and histories, assert pan-African alternatives to the discourse and practices of homophobia Cameroonian *** rights activist Eric Ohena Lembembe wrote in his last blog post: 'Unfortunately, a climate of hatred and bigotry in Cameroon, which extends to high levels in government, reassures homophobes that they can get away with these crimes.' This July, his body was found in his home, covered with iron burns, his hands and feet broken. In his recent Africa tour, US President Barack Obama focused on *** rights across the continent and the political backlash against his call for *** rights was fervent. Gambian President Yahyah Jammeh responded with threats against 'satanic homosexuals' while Senegalese president Macky Sall's rebuttal of O ...
They would never teach Malcolm X, Garvey, Black Panthers, Patrice Lumumba, Mumia, Thomas Sankara, Angela Davis or Assata …
Thomas Sankara's 1987 speech to the African Unity Organization Summit on foreign debt
Dr Amos Wilson and Chancellor Williams always stressed the importance of studying history. Blacks who know their history and who know how the system works know that neo-colonial politics will not end 300 years of imperialism. Mandela negotiated for our freedom and as result those negotiations left black people with less than 13% of land. Our leaders who fought hard against imperialism were all murdered by imperialist nations. Patrice Lumumba, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Thomas Sankara and Japtha Masemola to name a few. Robert Mugabe has survived several assassination attempts because he is a nationalist. The funny thing is even the news reporter today said Malema is loved and is glorified by the media. Only naivete causes a person to think imperialist nations will give up 3000 years of imperialism because some black man won the elections. This is not a game and it is not a Karl Marx Manifesto, this is real life and in real life most of our leaders got murdered. Imperialist Nations do not care about Africa ...
Thomas Sankara was president of Burkina Faso in the early 80's and he used to be the poorest president in the world but with the richest brain and talent to take his country forward, before he was tragically assassinated. In South Africa we currently have the richest president but he really is intellectually impaired. I can't believe what he said today.
Commander in Chief Julius Sello Malema from Seshego in Limpopo DUMELA. Thomas Sankara, revolutionary & leader of Burkina Faso *DUMELA*
Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria and Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso were assassinated by foreign powers
I underStand i wasn't there during the time's of "Steve Biko,Albert luthuli and Solom Mahlangu, but i had the privilege to be in timez of J.S MALEMA. I have a Great story to tell My Grandchildrens. I have an immense Respect for the Multitude youth who joined We have story to tell. Manje Some which story are they going to tell? Maybe their story will be about, "being in Gravy train"Corruption,nepotism, etolls, Gupta..Mafia Gov.? To all the youth who wants change ,they Must remember the name "Thomas Sankara" he inspire the revolution Machinery
More Events On This Day (10/15/13) 1993: The obverse side of the Nobel Prize medal for Peace.South Africans Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk were named the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize "for their work for the peaceful termination of the apartheid regime, and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa. 1987: Burkina FasoA military coup in Burkina Faso overthrew head of state Thomas Sankara, killing him and eight others. 1969: President Cabdirashiid Cali Sherma'arke (Abdirashid Ali Shermarke) of Somalia was assassinated. 1951: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz portraying Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, the main characters of I Love Lucy.The first episode of I Love Lucy aired on American television; the comedy series--which starred Lucille Ball and her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz--became a classic. 1934: Mao Zedong, 1965.Chinese communists began the Long March, the 6,000-mile (10,000-km) trek that resulted in the relocation of the communist revolutionary base from southeast China to northwest .. ...
Jesus Christ, Anthony Lembede, Steve Biko, Shaka Zulu, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Che Guevera, Solomon Mahlangu what is common abt them? Want to see if my friends are readers or not. Masiye bahlobo
Those who were in Marikana will agree with me when i said that EFF official launch was officially a success. Members and supporters came in large numbers to witness the birth of a giant baby EFF. Spirits were so high, well organised, conducted and the speech by Commander-in-chief was very directive, touching and he hit straight to our current economic socio-political situations. Malema is the people's leader, a fearless leader like Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Steve Biko, Chris Hani and Peter Mokaba. Even UDM leader Bantu Holomisa acknowledged EFF in his speech when he welcomed Economic Freedom Party as one of S.Africa official party that EFF came in at a right time. Those who still doubt his leadership abilities will be flabbergasted when we take ANC out of government next year and deliver Malema to Union Building. phuma zuma phuma.We are government in-waiting. Foward with EFF foward.
it was in 1944 when young afrikan men declared that; they shall fight for political freedom in their lifetime,then, in 1994 their dream was fulfilled. it was long,painful and hard 50 year journey for this great men, this political freedom they helped to bring to this great nation was devoid of any economic freedom and history called upon young generation to rescue the situation. as a result, the descendants of Garvey,AP Mda,Anthon Lembede,Robert Sobukwe,Steve Biko,Amilcar Cabral,Thomas Sankara,Patrice Lumumba,Gaddafi,Robert Mugabe,Kenneth Kaunda,Nasser,Julius Nyerere,Chris Hani,Malcom X,Fanon and others decided to pick up the spear and take forward the fight for total emancipation of the Afrika. this is the most noble,which we shall dare not betray,this call is the ECONOMIC FREEDOM IN OUR LIFETIME.iAzania izwe lethu seyalifuna, esukile!
Why killing your own people? I'm African and I'm trying my hardest to understand why WE African I will say black people in general why do we always kill our national hero? Bob Marley, Malcolm X, Lumumba, Peter Tosh,Mzee jomo k Muammar Gaddafi, Thomas Sankara, Eduardo Mondlane, Steve Biko, Siyad Bare, John Garang,Amílcar Cabral to name only a few. While malevolent forces have not used the same methods to eliminate each of these men but they have been guided by the same motive: to keep Africa in chains.
After reflection, I fell to the conclusion ... need to know to make a great tribute and have positive thoughts to all those great men who have gone before us and who changed history ... Lumumba, Notorious BIG, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Mobutu Sese Seko, Mahatma Gandhi, Che Guevara, Mohamar Khadadi, Thomas Sankara and many others
Cry the beloved country: Thomas Sankara, Amilcar Cabral, Patrice Lumumba, Nkwame Nkruma, Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko and Chris Thembisile Hani, to say the least, must be turning in their graves in protest against what our politics has become. Sons of the continent Ben 0kri and Frantz Fanon must also be shaking their heads in disbelief. Politics in Mzansi has been reduced to two things and two things only - spending sleepless nights to ensure a particular faction emerges triumphant from elective conferences at all costs . Subsequently , ascertaining that the vanquished are sidelined and kept in the cold for as long as the victorious faction wields power. When this splashing and flashing of illgotten wealth -ouch! access to state resources - take place, the electorate is forgotten (otherwise, the election season has come and gone). Put differently, the social contract to deliver proper services to those who matter most - the electorate - is put on the back banner. The winning faction makes sure it eats and ...
Africa's true revolutionaries Thomas Sankara, Kwame nkruma, Patrice Lumumber, Robert Sobukwe, OR Thambo, Steve Biko, Chriss Hhanni we as EFF call apon your spirit to lead us in this journey we have started to save Africa, I know that should you be alive to day you would have done the same.may your spirit work over time until the dream of an African Child is achieved.
If: Patrice Lumumba, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Emperor Haile Selassie, Amilcar Cabral, Samora MacHel, Steve Bantu Biko, Julius Nyerere, Robert Sobukwe, Macolm X, Marcus Garvey, Dr. Amos Wilson, Frantz Fanon, Kwame Ture, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Thomas Sankara, Ahmed Sékou Touré, etc and many others in this circle. Had these revolutionaries kept quoting earlier Afrocentric and Pro-Black leaders, writing and essentially saying nothing but the rehearsed words of their predecessors we would not have the works and thoughts of their we are blessed with we the modern generation keep quoting, and sometimes unfortunately, without even pausing to think and apply those words in ours actions and push for their visions to be fulfilled. I do not wish to fault my fellow brothers and sisters who are genuinely tuned in and concerned about Black suffering, inequality and injustice that afflicts us. The family who demand the land back, whose wills will not stop at anything until liberation is achieved, but I wish to voice my concern ...
Today 21 Sept is birthday of Kwameh Nkrumah & we no that his spirit wil lead to liberation together with that of Martin Luther King Jr, Chris Hani,Steve Biko,Samorah Machel,Patrice Lumumba,Julius Nyerere,Thomas Sankara,Amilcar Cabral,Marcus Garvey,MLK,Malcolm X,Bob Marley,Peter Tosh, Lucky Dube etc
Some people are truly jealous of others' talents! They'd rather credit a supernatural being for someone else's brilliance that just humble themselves and say "mate, you're fantastic. I appreciate your genius" or "so and so was an exceptionally brilliant human being in this and that respect" and then leave it at that. Instead I keep hearing things like: "There has to be a god, wow listen to that composition by Mozart/Schubert" "John Coltrane is proof that god exists and loves us so much that he sent him as a gift to humanity" Why not just give credit where it is due? You will not be diminished in any way by admitting that someone is great at something, without appealing to supernatural entities to explain how someone does what you cannot do, and in that same breath I would like to cherish a few geniuses: Malcolm X, Steve Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Dr. Mark Dean, Banna Ka (Anglicised Banneker), Chinua Achebe, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Mozart, Nikolas Tesla, Schubert, Michael Jackson, Muhammad ...
It must not be one, but all of us that are remembered like Thomas Sankara, Julius Nyerere, Gaddafi, Mugabe, Jomo Kenyetta & Thabo Mbeki
By Banire Abiodun Saturday, 07 September 2013. Dear Fela As you mark the 16th anniversary of your transition and communion with your pan-African forebears, it is not my desire to taint celebration with the woes of an incorrigibly sick nation, but I feel obligated to do so considering the inimitable doggedness and sacrifices you made for this country. I chose the occasion to write to you as you complete the 16th corpus of the Ifa system, a condition for your coronation as “chief priest” of the great beyond. As this occasion has the likes of Martin Luther King, Malcolm “X”, Thomas Sankara, Ben Bella, Seko Toure, Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah (who obviously will chair the event) in attendance with cups filled with wine, I hope you wait and ponder before joining in the revelry. Today, Martin Luther King’s America is a model and cynosure of human liberty, as even a black man is president, which more than fulfils his “I Have A Dream” project. Even Malcolm “X” must be smiling now as blacks ...
Just made this poster on photo shop. Thomas Sankara & James Connolly
2African leaders I learnt about & fell in love with their ideology on daraja r Julius Nyerere & Thomas Sankara.
"Thomas Sankara on the Emancipation of Women..." by Nathi Mthethwa -
"..many Nigerians dont know Patrice Lumumba,Thomas Sankara. n but are readily accept Mandela as father of Africa"~. Alisafe Michael Oluwafem
In 1984, Thomas Sankara travelled with a delegation to Cuba, where he met with President Fidel Castr
Thomas Sankara: The Genius of Upper Volta. Murderd by his 'Brutus' "Thomas Sankara: An African Leadr wit a Message for Europe
Thomas Sankara: the man of the People.
I favorited a video Thomas Sankara - The Upright Man - "the African Che"
Pretty much. I recommend Thomas Sankara and the documentary on him if you have not seen it.
Reading about Thomas Sankara got me emotional
Yes… He could have. An extreme example, but Thomas Sankara did it in more extreme conditions.
Thomas Sankara was the example of how God intended Human beings to be and live on Earth. Full of nothing but selflessness.
Malema plagiarizes this Thomas Sankara quote a lot ~> (not just the beret)
The bestie just told me about a Thomas Sankara conference in DC in October 😍
If u read Thomas Sankara's works,talk to his people.U get to immediately understand how shallow Obama is.He is no Dr King,no Mandela.
Thomas Sankara & Dorothy Nyembe as u march to WesternCape.U march for black maids & nannies
This conference on Thomas Sankara is co-sponsored by the A-APRP, Revival of Pan-Africanism Forum, Answer...
Thomas Sankara, politician famous and sayings -
What we re seein in Africa of today is not wat d likes of Martin Lurther,Malcom X,Steve Biko,Thomas Sankara,Patrick Lumumba died for
The revolution of the people is based on loyalty and commitment to task in all course -- Thomas Sankara
Africans Please lets all remember we were robed a great leader Thomas Sankara on the 15/10/13.
You win some ,you lose some, and the game continues-Thomas Sankara
we must study about Thomas Sankara in our school To build brave African Generation
Imperialism is over there in the Middle East crushing the Arab peoples. - Thomas Sankara
"while revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you can not kill ideas. "Thomas Sankara.
Thomas Sankara on food self sufficiency:
And let me conclude by saying whenever an African country buys a weapon,it's against an Africans,not against Europeans/Asians.Thomas Sankara
One of the best advices I got: I spent the last two hours with Thomas
"I want people to remember me as someone whose life has been helpful to humanity."Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara was Africa's greatest ever president.
Ehen, for those screaming leadership as prob with Nigeria(99%+all trying to supplant incumbent) I'm reminded of Thomas Sankara
Small league this season too here are the opposition teams. Dave, Foca FC, Prawn Stars, Sports Direct, Thomas Sankara and Winterton.
Thomas Sankara is my hero. Unfortunately his betrayer is still President of Burkina Faso
The only thing missing now is to put in practice the Philosophies of Garvey, Nkrumah, Leopold Senghor, Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba.
The Upright Man! "Learning about Thomas Sankara. What a leader!"
"Full documentary on Thomas Sankara - Burkina Faso (Land of Upright Men)
you should watch this: Thomas Sankara :The Upright Man:
Photo: all-black-every-thing: Black August day 22: Thomas Sankara (African Che), a charismatic army captain,...
[gets drunk and then teary thinking about Thomas Sankara]
And that's why I have the same awe for Nat Turner as I do for Kunta Kinte, as for Patrice Lumumba and Thomas Sankara.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Thomas Sankara, Frantz Fanon, Museveni, Mugabe and Gaddhafi tops my list of the African leaders i admire most...
Thomas Sankara former president of Burkina Faso. Served as president at the age of 36. Movie Night Tonight! 18:30, SW Eng Blg
Thomas Sankara was a great example, in my opinion
.EFF is revolutionary, it wil have to rename this country like Thomas Sankara
Thomas Sankara is shaking his head.
nok-ind: Thomas Sankara and the peoples revolution. (via tumblr)
comrades please make ensure that the berets are available 4 da masses,can't wait 2 wear 1 myself n be like Thomas Sankara lol
Thomas Sankara would been smiling today that are here and his policies and the freedom charter will see the light.
Thomas Sankara said: 'I can hear the roar of womens silence' - thats deep
Seems like I can't do without Asking any Burkinabe i meet about Thomas Sankara
Just sprinkle Sankarist agenda to and walla we are pro-mass. I am happy that is reading Thomas Sankara.
is the Thomas Sankara of SA. Thomas Sankara was and still is the Che of Afrika. EFF forward. Aluta
The goal of this revolution is to exercise power by the people. - Thomas Sankara
Are you our own Thomas Sankara ? , A marxist revolutionary , Army commander , A Burkinabe who took government aged 33
Thomas Sankara , Marxist Revolutionary , Army Commander , Took over Burkina Faso Government at the age of 33
thomas Sankara is going to smile. We must implement the idea that "public servants and politicians must use public services"
(in South Africa) listeners comparing Julius Malema (who formed a new party) to Thomas Sankara
".. masses of aint opposed 2 popular masses of Africa. Those who want Xploitation r exploiting Europe 2." ~ Thomas Sankara
"No! We cannot go with those who suck our people's blood and live on our people's sweat." ~ Thomas Sankara
"There is a struggle and its amplification worries those with the financial power .." ~ Thomas Sankara
"We r in a crisis b'se everywhere people refuse to be like in Soweto facing Johannesburgh, there is a struggle.." ~ Thomas Sankara
Better yet google Thomas Sankara, tell me if I'm wrong but how genuine are 's interests this
I tell y'all, it starts with not being taught about Thomas Sankara in Afrikan schools.
The sadness and crass stupidity of African leaders where is another Thomas sankara??
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