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Thomas Keneally

Thomas Michael Keneally, AO (born 7 October 1935) is an Australian novelist, playwright and author of non-fiction.

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The first event for WATCH OVER ME is on May 3rd with Thomas Keneally - would love to see you there!
'He who saves one life saves the world entire' . - Thomas Keneally. Tom Crean's special brand of heroism was a...
4 of 5 stars to A Country Too Far by Thomas Keneally
“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” . ― Thomas Keneally.
Here is a beautiful insight by the novelist Thomas Keneally on personal finances.
“Personal finances are like people’s personal health, crucial and tragic to the sufferer but tedious to the listener. ”. ― Thomas Keneally
On page 278 of 401 of Schindler's Ark, by Thomas Keneally
“The dogs were really keening now, like Irish widows.” ― Thomas Keneally, Victim of the Aurora
'Fascinating... magnificent... powerfully imagined characters...' -- Thomas Keneally on wonderful…
On page 32 of 401 of Schindler's Ark, by Thomas Keneally
Before was made by into a movie it was a book written by author Thomas…
CHILDREN OF THE CHURCH - Paul Sharrad on Thomas Keneally's Crimes of the Father
4 of 5 stars to Napoleon's Last Island by Thomas Keneally
Never seen this map before. Seen it twice in two days - yesterday from Jane Rogers, now Thomas Keneally:
I'm waiting to listen to Thomas Keneally at Waterstones. Beer after.
Thrilled to be hosting an evening with & Mark Lawson at next Thurs. Tixs still avail
Looking forward to the great Thomas Keneally talking about his new book 'Napoleon's Last Island'
But not only Sjon. ALSO Thomas Keneally and Jill Dawson. It is an extravaganza!
Read this fab review & come to hear Sjon next Fri Moonstone by Sjón review
Writing a book with your dad is hard...Being with your family is the most valuable gift
as comparisons go, "less intimidating than Thomas Keneally" is pretty great, I reckon. Congrats :)
Best-selling author pens book with his daughter for a new take on writing
Booker-winner Thomas Keneally's daughter on writing with her dad. He's here 4 Jun! Tix:
Napoleon’s Last Island by Thomas Keneally review – a diary of exile
Sunday reading in preparation for my event with Thomas Keneally & Sjon (June 3rd
Writing a book with your dad is hard. It's harder if your dad is Thomas Keneally | Meg Keneally
Midday Multi-Storied, we're talking to: Thomas Keneally! Arnold Zable! Brigid McCarthy! Steve Smart! Join us for a grand lunch time!
Exclusive: First look at new NRL campaign: NO Tina Turner, no Thomas Keneally, no Jessica Mauboy. Don’t need ‘...
Malcolm,. your policies are "brutal” and “shameful". JM Coetzee, Peter Carey, Thomas Keneally, Helen Garner, and Gail Jones.
signed by author, Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally, Easton Press BRAND NEW
finished Schindler's Ark by Thomas Keneally and gave it 5 stars
I never saw the movie or read the book. BUT. Thomas Keneally was guest Creating Writing prof at UCI
posing for a photo with him only for Thomas Keneally to photo bomb them. What times...
The Daughters of Mars: A Novel by Keneally, Thomas - | . The Daughters of ...
5 of 5 stars to Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally
A Woman of the Inner Sea by Thomas Keneally (1994, Paperback) $3.99 via eBay
On page 303 of 400 of Schindler's List, by Thomas Keneally
We've got interviews with Thomas Keneally and Gemma-Rose Turnbull for tomorrow and the Jessica Rudd interview is up at …
"Even young Tom comes into play," Annear's insight into Thomas Keneally's
Booker Prize winning author Thomas Keneally and former Premier of New South Wales and Federal Foreign Minister...
Gracious and gorgeous: '...Flanagan has utterly earned his good fortune' | Thomas Keneally | Books | The Guardian
I love the idea of a writer being a primary producer.
'Despite the clichéd assumptions about garrets, security is good for creativity and poverty is bad' -
Lovely piece on Flanagan's win by Tom Keneally
I rejoice & has got the acclaim that he deserves! ✍
Books... take as long as they take. lovely tribute to new winner Richard Flanagan
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'Being a writer is in economic terms like being a primary producer': great Keneally piece on Flanagan,writing, prizes
Thomas Keneally on Richard Flanagan: I envy his economies, his poetics, his capacity to play with time
This piece by Tom Keneally on Richard Flanagan is a beautiful tribute (& one of my 1st commissions for
The Man Booker Prize is a lottery, but Flanagan has utterly earned his good fortune | Thomas Keneally
Thomas Keneally: I rejoice that Richard Flanagan has got the acclaim he deserves: The M...
Daily GK Updates: 15th Oct 2014 1. Australian author Richard Flanagan won 2014 Man Booker Prize i. Australian author Richard Flanagan on 14 October 2014 won the 50 pounds Man Booker Prize for his wartime novel The Narrow Road to the Deep North. ii. His name was announced as the winner at London’s Guildhall and was presented the prize by The Duchess of Cornwall. iii. Flanagan is the third Australian to win the prize after Thomas Keneally and Peter Carey. Thomas Keneally's Schindler's Ark won in 1982 while Peter Carey won for Oscar and Lucinda (1988) and The True History of the Kelly Gang (2001). iv. This was the first year that the Man Booker Prize was open to all authors writing in English, regardless of nationality. With this change in the rules of the prize, some writers had expressed fears that this change would lead to dominance of the US authors. 2. Indian cop wins UN's international female peacekeeper award i. An Indian police inspector has been named recipient of a prestigious international femal ...
Thomas Keneally, Peter Carey and now Richard Flanagan. What an eloquent speech. Can't wait to read it.
Hobart's Richard Flanagan is the third Aussie to win Booker Prize after Thomas Keneally and Peter Carey.
Uthman Badar's opening statement in the Intelligence Squared Australia debate on free speech and insults of religious sanctities, held on Nov 7 2013 at the Recital Hall in Sydney. Uthman Badar and Julian Burnside argued for the motion. Thomas Keneally and Yasmine Abdel-Magied argued against. Simon Longstaff was the moderater. Organised by St. James Ethics Foundation. Video of complete debate here:
1 What member of the weasel family is over 1 meter or 3 feet long? Badger 2 Capability Brown was a famous Landscape Gardener 1st name? Lancelot 3 Boccaccios collection of ten stories are known as what? Decameron 4 What do fennel leaves taste of? Aniseed 5 What country is the home of the Ashanti people? Ghana 6 12 is the atomic number of which metal? Magnesium 7 What was Beethoven's only opera? Fidelio 8 In which of Aristophanes plays do the women refuse sex? Lysistrata 9 Which Australian writer won the Nobel prize in 1973? Patrick White 10 What is a hypocaust? Roman Heating System 11 What 18th century German soldier told tall tales of himself? Baron Munchhausen 12 Which country imports the most champagne? Great Britain 13 Thomas Keneally wrote which book (Oscar winning film)? Schindler's Ark 14 What is the name of the metal discs set in a tambourines rim? Jingles 15 Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Liszt, Ravel what in common? Bachelors 16 What were China 14 Raduga 14 Himwari 3? Orbiting satellites 17 W ...
Thomas Keneally's Schindler's Ark (Booker Prize 1982) is a must read for these troubled times. The movie Schindler's List was based on it
Would you be so kind as to do us a favour? In return we'll reward TEN of you with books from two of our favourite Australian authors. Until 5pm on Saturday, Booktopia are collecting your votes for Australia's favourite novelist, and we'd love it if you could make your voices heard, so GO AND VOTE: can vote for as many as you like. Some of the authors you might want to vote for *hint hint* are... Alex Miller, Fleur McDonald, Kerry Greenwood, Kate Morton, Craig Silvey, Christos Tsiolkas, Michelle de Kretser, Margo Lanagan, Sean Williams, Paul Jennings, Kylie Ladd, Thomas Keneally, Charlotte Wood, Rebecca James, Gillian Mears and more! It is wonderful to see so many of our authors in the Top 50, we look forward to seeing where they end up - Kate Morton was last year's popular choice, but who do you think it'll be? To WIN a book. just like or share this post and tell us your ULTIMATE FAVE author who you voted for, then whether you'd rather Alex Miller's Lovesong or Michelle de Kretser's The Lost Dog & why - w ...
This week Booktopia are asking for your votes in their quest to find Australia’s Favourite Novelist for 2014, and the big hitters are ALL up today! Christos Tsiolkas, Alex Miller, Kerry Greenwood, Thomas Keneally, Kylie Ladd, Charlotte Wood, Barry Maitland, Phillip Gwynne and many many more - wow! Luckily you can vote for as many as you like, rather than just one - so go crazy! Who will get your votes?
Rules: In your status line, list 10 books that have stayed with you. Don't take more than a few minutes; don't think too hard. They don't have to be great works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I'll see your list. Diary of Anne Frank One Crowded Hour – Neil Davis Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea – Jules Verne Les Miserables – Victor Hugo Little Women – Louisa May Alcott Robbery Under Arms – Rolf Boldrewood Take Me Home – Autobiography by John Denver Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith – Thomas Keneally
"It Is Marvellous..." by Elizabeth Bishop. It’s the birthday of William Zinsser, Thomas Keneally and Diane Ackerman. ht…
If you could meet Margaret Atwood, Don DeLillo, Thomas Keneally, Khaled Hosseini, Christopher Buckley, Terry McMillan, or Linda Ronstadt, who would you most want to hang out with? You don't have to decide -- they're all at the National Book Festival in DC this weekend!
What do Junot Diaz, Michael Chabon, Thomas Keneally, and Mac Barnett have in common? All of them will be at Book Passage in the next week!
Many World War 2 movies,though set in troubled times,offer hope and positive attitudes.Given below is a list of WW2 films that inspired me. 1.SCHINDLER'S LIST Directed by Steven Spielberg,this film is based on the life of a German businessman named Oscar Schindler who unknowingly saved the life of a lot of Polish Jews during WW2.He bought the Jews from a concentration camp near to his factory.The film is based on a book titled ''Schindler's Ark'' by Thomas Keneally. 2.THE PIANIST Based on the diary entries of a Jewish survivor and the Nazi police officer who saved him.YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ROMAN POLANSKI FILM TO KNOW THE INTENSITY. 3.LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL A Jewish prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp tells his son that everything he sees in the camp is a game and somebody who disobeys the commands of the uniformed men will lose points.This film is about the power of imagination that can transform even grave problems bearable. 4.THE BOY IN STRIPED PAJAMAS Based on a book of the same title,the movie tells a . ...
Tan Twan Eng, one of last year’s Man Booker shortlisted authors, has just trumped a hatful of other Man Booker worthies to win the £25,000 Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction. His The Garden of Evening Mists not only saw off Hilary Mantel but also former Man Booker winners Thomas Keneally and…
Current Affairs India - 19 June 2013 1. Indian author Amitav Ghosh has been shortlisted among a group of award-winning writers and poets to make the longlist of Warwick Prize for writing today which carries 25,000 pounds as cash rewards. The prize run by Britain’s University of Warwick is an international, cross-disciplinary award open to substantial pieces of writing in the English language in any genre or form. Kolkata-born Ghosh has been nominated for River of Smoke, alongside other fiction writers such as Australian Booker-prize winner Thomas Keneally for The Daughters of Mars and Israeli writer Etgar Keret for Suddenly, a Knock on the Door. 2. India has not only retained No 1 rank in the ICC ODI Championship Table published by ICC on 17th June and but it has also increased its lead over other teams due to its unbeaten performance in the current ICC Champions league. India now have 121 rating (4986 points) compared to second placed England with 113 rating (4416 points) and third placed Australia wit ...
Who beat Hilary Mantel, Thomas Keneally, Pat Barker and Rose Tremain to win the Walter Scott prize 2013? Tan Twan Eng and we're delighted to have him here tonight at 5pm for a book signing.
MALAYSIAN author Tan Twan Eng has won one of the UK's richest literary prizes, beating Australia's Thomas Keneally and four other writers.
Thomas Keneally is speaking in Cork City Library this evening. I must see if he will sign my 2nd year book report on Schindler's Ark.
5 JUNE, THOMAS KENEALLY TALKS ABOUT HIS LIFE AND WORK. It's not too late to buy tickets and all proceeds to FS.
"success will be an embarrassment to Africa"- Thomas Keneally
Weds 5 June, Thomas Keneally will talk about his life and works £10 tickets with the code FRIENDS!
Looking for something literary to do this Weds night? Try evening with Thomas Keneally:
Daughters of Mars is on the shortlist for the Walter Scott Prize. ^kp
End of a really good week! Three trips to the Hay Festival, one of my favourite events of the year. Highlights? Cerys Matthews singing, Jeremy Irons/Sinead Cusack reading 1st World War poets, John MaCarthy on the Middle East, Nick Robinson & political gossip, Jack Straw defending the Iraq War (with difficulty!). Take your pick. Or was it a 77 year old Aussie novelist Thomas Keneally whose books I have never read before but will in future? Roll on next year!
Booked for 's evening with Thomas Keneally on Wednesday-should be fascinating
What if today's refs didn't take Thomas Keneally's advice?
Thomas Keneally's 'The Daughters of Mars' centers on nurses
Reading Thomas Keneally's, Commonwealth of Thieves ---about the colonization of Australia --- interesting & informative.
The crowds are gathering for Thomas Keneally at The Arms for 1.30pm. A not to be missed event.
Thomas Keneally will be at The Arms Hotel for his 1.30pm event.
Day 4 of bumper day featuring Thomas Keneally, Andrew miller Martha long Nadeem Aslam and more more more
Hey me and are coming up with a bring back thomas keneally club cld do with ur word smith ability ... Keen ??
Thomas Keneally's 'The Daughters of Mars' centers on WWI nurses -
Weds 5 June, THOMAS KENEALLY will talk about his life and work. All proceeds to First Story. Please RT!
Wow-just unpacked my carry-on bag and saw how many great books I got at BEA today--new Scott Turow, Thomas Keneally (Schindler's List), Nathaniel Philbrick (about Bunker Hill), Jayne Anne Phillips, Jonathan Lethem, signed new book from Kate DiCamillo, frog book from Sandra Boynton with CD of songs, more kids books and a bunch of mysteries, including one from Stephanie Evanovich (Janet's niece)! Good thing last week I packed up 7 boxes of books to give away...I actually had empty shelves to put these on. Looking forward to tomorrow--Children's Book and Author Breakfast, and many more terrific authors! (Today's celebrity spotting: Debra Messing, who has a kid's book coming out; tomorrow Jessica Lange and Julianne Moore promote theirs.)
"You can't trust he's actually from And Thomas Keneally said things I don't agree with. Therefore, I'm a
“"Success will be an Embarrassment to - Thomas Keneally”
"... exuberance of the language and rhymes, make them unique in children’s literature." Thomas Keneally, "Schindler's Ark'
"Brennan .. is a meeting between traditional Asian narratives & the universal taste of children for graphic stories." Thomas Keneally
Thomas Keneally reading at the City Library next Tuesday 4 June at 7pm. Admission free!
"Success will be an Embarrassment to - Thomas Keneally
Thomas Keneally at the 20th Century Theatre on Weds 5th, all proceeds to
Hay Festival 2013: Thomas Keneally discusses his new novel, The Daughters of ...
Hi + wondered if there was a problem with the Thomas Keneally story? - link seems broken!
Off to see Kevin Powers and Thomas Keneally at 5x15 !
Thomas Keneally, one of the most entertaining interviewees in books, is at Foyles on 6th June.
The summer is peaked with lit loveliness: Thomas Keneally in conversation 5th June:
Two fantastic Sceptre authors, Kevin Powers and Thomas Keneally, will both be at 5x15 tomorrow! More details here
Heard writer Thomas Keneally describe Dan Brown's writing as 'execrable' on the radio last night.
We also have an exclusive with Schindler's Arc author, Thomas Keneally...
Why I love the Guardian's crosswords - The Guardian
The world renowned writer Thomas Keneally will read in the City Library, Grand Parade, on 4 June next at 7.00pm.
Later at 7pm Author Thomas Keneally talks about his new book The Daughters of Mars and there is live music from Mel Parsons
What a weekend!!! So let's see: Harry Clifton and Paul Perry delved into Louis MacNeice's 'Autumn Journal'; Thomas Keneally and Liam Browne got to grips with Australia's only Nobel Prize winner Patrick White and his masterpiece 'Voss'; Kevin Powers was a gentleman and gave a free workshop to some lucky emerging writers; four fine poets/musicians/broadcasters celebrated Lithuanian Poetry Spring with us; and to round out the weekend musician and storyteller Seán Tyrrell, gave a rather special performance as part of the annual Italo-Irish Literary Exchange. Thank you to all at the Dublin Writers Festival, The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania, Seán Tyrrell and to everyone who visited the Centre these past two days. Goodnight!
“A crime is a crime. Either you commit a crime, or you don’t. If you do commit a crime, then you are a criminal. Surely that is logical.” – Thomas Keneally, from his stage play, “Our Country’s Good...
Authors & Ideas continues tonight with Thomas Keneally at 7pm in the Cultural Arts Center. His novel "Schindler's...
Adapted from the novel by Thomas Keneally, Steven Spielberg's masterful film tells the incredible true story of the courageous Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson).
So aside from my normal days, I spent the last several reading Schindlers List by Thomas Keneally, The Winds Of War by Herman Wouk, Inside The Third Reich by Albert Speer and assorted essays by Eli Weisel. I didn' read these to garner any personal satisfaction, as with the material there really isn't any to be had. I read these out of a need to understand TRUE facism, as opposed to that touted by disidents around the country. I challenge them to do like wise. It's not wise to neglect the mistakes of the past, just as it isn't wise to call something by a name, that it truly isn't.
An unsung hero – He Fengshan – China’s Schindler Posted on November 3, 2011by herschelian If it were not for the book ‘Schindler’s Ark’ by Thomas Keneally, which was subsequently made into an award-winning film by Steven Spielberg, I doubt whether many of us would have ever heard of Oskar Schindler, the German who managed to save a thousand Jews from the Holocaust. Recently I discovered that there was a Chinese man, He Fengshan, whose story is as remarkable as that of Schindler if not more so. He Fengshan (also known as Feng-Shan *** was born in a town called Yiyang in Hunan province on 10th September 1901. His father died when he was a child of seven, and the family were left extremely poor. He was obviously an able lad academically, He Fengshan and with help from Northern Lutheran missionaries he managed to attend school and then get into the Yale -in-China University in Changshan. He then went on to the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich from where he graduated with a PhD in Politics an ...
Text Classics discussed on BBC Radio 4, with Mariella Frostrup, Carmen Callil, Thomas Keneally and Geordie Williamson!
Weather wimp reporting minus 22 on the lake...beating the situation with wine, cheese & pumpkin seed *** Even did some counted cross stitch for 3 hrs. Now it's the depressing news & then bed with my novel, A River Town by Thomas Keneally ( not as good as Schindler's List).
Thrilled to be included in the 40-31 list along with greats like Patrick White, Colleen McCullough, Thomas Keneally, David Malouf, Jackie French and more. (Plus, shocked Kate Winslet is awesome.)
TAMIL FREEDOM RIDE READY TO ROLL Melbourne, Tuesday – Another Greens MP – NSW’s John Kaye -- has joined the ever-growing list of supporters of the Boycott Sri Lanka Cricket Campaign as the inaugural Tamil Freedom Ride prepares to depart on its inaugural 1500-kilometre journey this weekend.   The convoy of protesters will take its case for a world boycott of the Sri Lankan cricket team to country people in Ballarat, Horsham and Bordertown on Saturday on the way from Melbourne to the Adelaide Oval for the day/night international between Australia and Sri Lanka on Sunday.    “Continuing engagement on the cricket pitch adds a layer of respectability to the regime which it does not deserve” Kaye said in his endorsement note. Kaye joins many prominent Australians and international figures, including famous Australian author Thomas Keneally,  chair of the Sydney Peace Foundation, Professor Stuart Rees, and highly-acclaimed US international law expert, Professor Francis A.Boyle, on a long list of en ...
Press Release by Tamil Refugee Council FAMOUS AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR BACKS CRICKET BOYCOTT December 22, 2012 Melbourne, Saturday --Celebrated Australian author and sports nut, Thomas Keneally, has backed the Boycott Sri Lankan Cricket campaign, which is aimed at highlighting the persecution of the minority Tamils in the small island nation. The campaign kicks off on Boxing Day at 9 a.m. at the MCG, with a peaceful rally on the opening day of the second Test between Australia and Sri Lanka. Keneally, who was joined on the endorsement list by Sydney Peace Foundation chair, Stuart Rees, said yesterday that after reading a letter put out by the Refugee Action Collective and the Tamil Refugee Council he had no doubts about backing the campaign. “All the matters your letter raised are issues we can’t pretend about anymore, and if our government keeps up with their present tricks, they may be subject to bans and blacklistings, too,” Keneally said. The letter seeking endorsement, says, in part: “There will be ...
Aye, if you're on my fb, you're bound to know a thing or two about Eritrea. ;) Thomas Keneally, the author of the "Shindler's List", on Eritrea: Most of you know a book “Schindler’s List”, by the world’s renowned author, Thomas Keneally. The book is later filmed by no other than Steven Spielberg, and is one of the most fasinating WWII stories ever. But, not many of you know the same author has wr itten a book on Eritrea, titeled “To Asmara”, also a best-seller when it first published in 1989. The book was written way before Eritrean Independence and is mainly about the Eritrean Revolution. Below are some paragrphas from the book. Thomas Keneally in his own words: “Do you know what the emergency really is? You want to hear about the really big emergency? The emergency is that if you guys [Eritreans] succeed, you’ll be an embarrassment to Africa. Who wants a setup like yours? There aren’t many governments on this continent that do. There aren’t many governments in Europe. Colored folk wh ...
so, my birthday is a few weeks away... and if your planing to get me anything, i would like book/movie combos... books that have been turned into movies, and the movies... ((Ex... Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Kiss the Girls by James Patterson, Old Yeller by Fred Gipson, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman, Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally, Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Tom Clancy The Hunt for Red October Patriot Games Clear and Present Danger Without Remorse, Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol Great Expectations Nicholas Nickleby Oliver Twist, George Orwell 1984 Animal Farm, and of course the Harry Potter series, Twilight series, Star wars series, Lord of the Rings series, ect ect ect. Thank you. :)
Also tonight heartfelt tributes from Thomas Keneally and Ray Martin as they remember at six
Thomas Keneally tells how he found a novel in a stash of nurses' journals, Sarah Wise on the ghosts of Victorian mental health and Brooke Magnanti on the Wellcome prize for medicine in literature
Dear friends, you are sharing your happy birthday today with ;1917 June Allyson, actress; 1931 Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize winner; 1935 Thomas Keneally, author; 1968 Thom Yorke, singer. On this day i.e. 7th October in 1982 too, the musical Cats opened in New York. It became the longest running show in Broadway history in 1997.
I'm having another love affair with Thomas Keneally and the fabulous things that come out of his brain. It's history geek style.
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I will be on Radio National with Thomas Keneally and Tim Costello talking about end of world hunger today 1pm and Sunday 5:30pm
Going in to ABC studios for pre-record panel with Thomas Keneally and Tim Costello on the end of world hunger
Thomas Keneally- @ George Pell reflects the perils of celibacy- wears sandals & black sox to the beach. A wife would stop him.
I brought back a book lover's calendar 2013. I want to use now! Also, Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier, Turning Angel by Greg Iles, The Historian by Elizabeth Kostovo, The Voyage of the Narwhal by Andrea Barrett, Dark Life by Kat Falls, Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally, The Poet by Michael Connelly, The Talisman by Peter Straub & Stephen King, and Before the Poison by Peter Robinson. Nick just wanted a Bible, so he got one in Missouri. I got some books by James Rollins and by Preston & Child for my sister, Lynnette. Hope she loves them as much as I do. :)
The amount of 'Eccentricity' in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor, and moral courage it contained. That so few now dare to be 'Eccentric' marks the chief danger of the time. - John Stuart Mill If you're poor and you do something stupid, you're nuts. If you're rich and do something stupid, you're 'Eccentric'. - Bobby Heenan Eccentric doesn't bother me. 'Eccentric' being a poetic interpretation of a mathematical term meaning something that doesn't follow the lines - that's okay. - Crispin Glover I was born into the most remarkable and 'Eccentric' family I could possibly have hoped for. - Maureen O'Hara Everybody thought I was a bit of an eccentric for wanting to be out there looking at the stars, but I still do. - Brian May You know, so I was a weird 'Eccentric' kid but I did believe in the power of the word and of the word being made flesh I suppose, which again I suppose came from my temperament as well as my upbringing. - Thomas Keneally 'Y'
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