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Thomas Howell

Rt. Rev. Thomas Howell (1588–1650) was the Bishop of Bristol from 1644 to 1645.

Rob Lowe Patrick Swayze Matt Dillon Ralph MacChio Rutger Hauer Tom Cruise Red Dawn Emilio Estevez Ponyboy Curtis Larry Bird Jennifer Grey Kevin McKidd Tim Curry Johnny Bench Lea Thompson Jennifer Carpenter Ralph MacHio Jennifer Jason Leigh

I added a video to a playlist Tall People | Vine | Thomas Sander feat. Dan Howell, Phil Lester and
Writer of film and art of cinema for 25 years: I will always champion SECRET ADMIRER as an underrated teen film :)
Proud to be the first back to back to back "Soul Man" honorable mention winner at the Soulympics since C. Thomas Howell
Red Dawn, I only watched because of thomas howell, maybe they had some disagreement during filming
just did a bio metric screening and the tech dropped "You're golden, ponyboy" on me when my scores came in. I'm a regular C Thomas Howell.
To be a good director, you have to spend a lot of time on actual sets, but today, there's a
*** you Howell. Thomas J hits me right in the feels every time
My decision:. Hillary = imprisoned. Trump = kicked out of America. Phil Lester = President & Dan Howell as first lady…
Please say "hi" to C. Thomas Howell for Nyah & I & tell him we're still waiting for him to Ontario, Canada. 🙂
Photo opp with actor C. Thomas Howell at the Rome International Film Festival.
That only happens at La Quinta, Ramada Inns, and in french fries. /s/ C. Thomas Howell
its very long but very worth it. Sheen as Lee. Jeff Daniels. Even C. Thomas Howell doesn't embarrass himself
I think you'll need James Garner (RIP) and C. Thomas Howell as expert witnesses.
lmao for this is me just send tb pics of Ralph, Rob, or c Thomas howell
Suga How do you get so fly C Thomas Howell
Got any suggestions for what I should wear to Denver comic con? I'm going to meet Ralph MacHio and C Thomas Howell!
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Join the march against the cuts to NHS bursaries, Sat 4 June at 1pm, St Thomas' Hospital, London
If you ever think about giving up on your dreams, just remember, C Thomas Howell is still acting.
Awhile ago I mentioned that Harry and c.thomas Howell as Ponyboy resemble each other. Even more now with his haircut.
Who put that mustache on C Thomas Howell
I like my coffee with a little cream. Basically, so it's the color of C. Thomas Howell in the movie Soul Man.
Same with Ponyboy. You will NOT get pictures of C Thomas Howell in The Outsiders.
Russell Wilson is the love child of Carlton Banks and C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man.
Did you know Thomas Howell was a runner up for role of Marty Mcfly?
what's this have to do with C. Thomas Howell now?
he is wonderful, but my dream was always consumption the Thomas Howell
just realised that now! C Thomas Howell was my fave actor when I was a teen, before I discovered Paul.
Loving Jeff Fahey, C Thomas Howell, Steve Williams in Crimson Force. I want to go to Mars if all the men are that good looking. movie
E.T. is on and I can't get over how hot C Thomas Howell used to be
Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and C. Thomas Howell are some of my favorite actors
Trying to figure out how to undo a reverse "Soul Man" starring C. Thomas Howell
You love him as / Pappas, now see our opposite Jane Kaczmarek & C. Thomas Howell in
Thomas Sanders also gets the Dan Howell seal of nice 👌
[GCAC] Bleu Devils take Thomas Howell Cup for first time in school history...
Last After Party of the year, Thomas said yes!
Thomas is cute and I'm happy to have him
I have a fun story about me having to block actor C. Thomas Howell
Thomas Howell, Ralph MacChio, how'd you get in the hunk-truck? Get outta there, ya little scamps!
saw C Thomas Howell on Sad to say not all outsiders age the same.
Cal says he likes where Tyler Ulis is in the draft. Said what's really helped him is the way Isaiah Thomas has played in t…
C. Thomas Howell, Francis Ford Coppola & Rob Lowe on the set of The Outsiders (1983).
Matt Dillon,Rob Lowe,and C. Thomas Howell in The Outiders w/ flower crowns
Marlboro gets 3 unearned runs in the 6th to pull even with Howell at 6. Noah Thomas had an RBI 1B and has driven in 4.
Rayna Thomas & Emma Farley score back to back goals!! Howell Central 2 Hazelwood West 0 with 10 left in 1st half in Varsity Girls Soccer.
Noah Thomas bases clearing 2b gives Marlboro a 3-2 lead on Howell in the 2nd. Matt Furlong has replaced O'Malley on the mound.
Cant wait to meet my son Thomas Bruce Howell III
C. Thomas Howell is wearing blackface and pretending to be an African American... ...I have seen everything.
THE HITCHER C. Thomas Howell admitted that he was actually afraid of Rutger Hauer on and off the set
saw the Outsiders. That C. Thomas Howell is going places, but the rest of those losers like Tom Cruise idk
C. Thomas Howell, early 80s. ponyboy will always be my one true love
Seen it many times! I 💙 this movie. Rutger Hauer outstanding as well as C. Thomas Howell & can't 4get Jennifer Jason Leigh. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Is it just me or does Davis for A&M remind you of the immortal C. Thomas Howell?
This would be Thomas Howell and David Boller. Don't trust them at cabelas or bass pro.
am I they only one who got c. Thomas Howell and Timothy Hutton mixed up? Is 1 of them in that? I need to watch Taps
Guilty Pleasures of the 80s 8 Movies of the 80s with C Thomas Howell, James Spader, Linda Blair, Tim Robbins & more
Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Thomas Howell and Patrick Swayze in The Outsiders are my religion
We're watching Camel Spiders with C. Thomas Howell cuz Boo is obsessed with spiders. It's.not great.
you're being modest, Brian. Please tell them how later he was the inspiration behind the movie Soul Man starring C.Thomas Howell
Ralph MacChio, Matt Dillon and C. Thomas Howell in the film 'The Outsiders', 1983.
think about when they make C. Thomas Howell eat the deer ❤️ in Red Dawn.
How C. Thomas Howell never won an Oscar is beyond explanation. Hehad unparalled talent & was a true pioneer
you should play new in its entirety! Here's "All The Same"
My first recollection of C. Thomas Howell was from Soul Man.
zoeyrosenm's video Cavigold Records Presents "All the Same"video directed by C Thomas Howell
If this were the '80s, C Thomas Howell would play a randy kid who pretends to be transgender so he can get into the girls' showers with them
In before has you looking like C. Thomas Howell to fill in when the 24 hours hits
Check out this poignant music vid directed by my man Article and video. Well done!
Just ate a burrito next to C Thomas Howell / Ponyboy Curtis / the guy who dressed in black face to go to Harvard. My burrito was delicious!
Did Soul Man teach us nothing? How soon we forget its powerful lessons. C. Thomas Howell is rolling in his grave.
c. Thomas Howell is in this episode of Criminal Minds I'm deactivating why can't I escape the outsiders
I was like this with C Thomas Howell reincarnated on the Daily Show
I always thought Willie Adams ("Barry") came off as a cross between John Stockwell and C. Thomas Howell.
I litterally just realized I like a bunch of people. Tom Hanks, C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, my best friend Gavin, and my cat.
The original Marty was C Thomas Howell or Eric Stoltz. They picked Stoltz for 9 weeks but then changed to Michael J Fox
I mean it's The Outsiders...Rob Lowe and C Thomas Howell as teens (hawt) or rowr dinos and Chris Pratt? ITS LIKE SOPHIE'S CHOICE ALL OVER!
This looks great. Rudy's Sean Astin plus Jon Voigt, C Thomas Howell and a lot of new comers. Echoes of REMEMBER...
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Secret Admirer is great bc Corey Haim and C. Thomas Howell in the sAME MOVIE
one the best Beach Volleyball Movies of all time, "Side Out" with C Thomas Howell and Peter Horton is airing right now!
my goodness I just watched secret admirer with Thomas Howell, Lori Loughlin, and Corey Haim and that was the most amazing movie
Perhaps the spawn of Rae dawn Chong and C. Thomas
Zero interest in comics, but I die for this 80's lineup: Ralph MacChio/Andrew McCarthy/Billy Zabka/C.Thomas Howell!!
Stop trying to convince me that misjudged C. Thomas Howell comedy Soul Man just happened in America for real.
im in a C. Thomas Howell and Matt Dillon phase right now.
You think people are mad at Wait until I show them C. Thomas Howell in his magnum opus Soul Man
Ralph MacChio, Andrew McCarthy, John Schneider, and C. Thomas Howell are all going to be at Motor City Comic Con? 80s me might just explode.
I'm gonna be in the same building as Malcolm McDowell and Elvira and Neve Campbell and *** Ulrich and Sid Haig and C. Thomas Howell and
Pony Boy still rocks! C. Thomas Howell with on Motive, 'Reversal of Fortune' tonight a 10. CTV
C Thomas Howell's character Michael just friendzoned the crap out of his girl best friend.
Vote Thomas for best hero, cause no matter what he never stopped.
Just like last year I'm not gonna be voting for anyone since I love Tris, Katniss and Thomas equally
We are very happy to announce that C. Thomas Howell has been added to the guest lineup for THIS WEEKEND's HHW!
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Daniel-son was Johnny in The Outsiders. Ponyboy was played by C. Thomas Howell, but I'm glad that's the segment i caught.
Young Leo, Rob Lowe, Johnny Depp and C. Thomas Howell are everything fuxkk
I love Rutger Hauer so much. I'm watching THE HITCHER with him and C. Thomas Howell now, but he's good in pretty...
NEW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE on Entertainment Weekly. "Hearts And Minds" is here with C Thomas Howell.
You mean the movie that single-handedly pigeonholed C. Thomas Howell's career?
C Thomas Howell's screen presence is an insult to the history of cinema. The v ball spirit of Peter thirty something guy is inspiring tho
C Thomas Howell is a friend and I thought he did a great job.
Mazda has Mia Hamm & Bruce Lee as spokespeople apparently C Thomas Howell and Miss Elizabeth were booked solid.
Is it me or does C. Thomas Howell look like Boris Karloff now? Biopic anyone? .
Robert Harmon: THE HITCHER (1986) Rutger Hauer, C Thomas Howell, Jennifer Jason Leigh. Fantastic; the stuff that CULT MOVIES are made of!
Stay Gold Ponyboy! This is my favorite movie it has my favorite actors but my all time favorite C Thomas Howell!
How do you put Rutger Hauer and C Thomas Howell together and not mention french fries? The Poseidon Adventure: 4/10
Jamie Lee Curtis, Patrick Swayze & C. Thomas Howell in Grandview USA, still available for the
Pretty sure I saw C. Thomas Howell on last night's Blue Bloods. I always remember him in the movie The Hitcher (1986).
SOURCE Los Angeles Police Memorial FoundationLOS ANGELES, May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For over 41 years stars from TV, Film, Music & Sports have joined together to show support for the men & women who serve their community. On May 31, 2014 they will come together again to help raise funds for the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation at a new location, Brookside Golf Club in Pasadena. The 42nd Annual event will be hosted by actor Dennis Quaidalong with over 50 celebrities participating including Teri Hatcher, Eric Christian Olsen,Danny Trejo, Nathan Kress,Joanna Krupa, Gilles Marini,Jonathan Banks, C Thomas Howell, Danny Masterson,Neal McDonough, Ian Gomez,Tito Ortiz, Jerry West, Jason Collins, Nyambi Nyambi, Rob Riggle, Vanessa Marcil,Quinton Aaron, AJ Buckley,Raymond Cruz, Michael Paul Chan, CS Lee, Bruce McGill,Chris Knight, Carl Weathers & more. LAPMF is utilizing both courses for a day of fun. The Celebrity Tournament will run on one course where spectators are welcome to watch their favorite cel . ...
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Just had a meeting with what I can only assume is C. Thomas Howell's son. Spitting image of a young Ponyboy Curtis but in a suit.
Check this out "THE SIN SEER" feature film by Paul Hannah. Starring Isaiah Washington, Lisa Arrindell Aronson, C. Thomas Howell and my family Richard Brooks Richardson-Whitfield said Washington's powers of persuasion are part of the reason why she joined the film. "A lot of me coming on board was because of Isaiah, who called and asked if I would do it. And I really liked the script," she said, adding that she rarely gets the opportunity to play "bad" roles so she jumped at the chance to spice things up.
Finally getting to watch a few shows, C. Thomas Howell on Grimm! Looking older but still totally cute! And True Tori - better than I expected. I really have never watched any tv series she has been in, but it is interesting and very sad.
Am I the only one who gets Jim Carrey/Robert Downey Jr vibes with C . Thomas Howell ? he looks like em sorta & talks.
Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe and C Thomas Howell take a break on the set of TheOutsiders.
To celebrate 20 great years on TV, Turner Classic Movies is showing their very first film: the 1986 C. Thomas Howell yukfest SOUL MAN!
The movie with "candy cane" was Joy Ride & it had Paul Walker in it. C. Thomas Howell was in The Hitcher.
For Brat Pack? I'd say him. I loved C. Thomas Howell. But River Phoenix...he was THE one.
The Hitcher (1986) Dutch pride Rutger Hauer is 'The Hitcher', picked up on a lone road by Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell), who is doing a so-called driveaway. When he picks him up he even jokes that his mother actually told him NEVER to do that, and he learns a hard lesson when he realizes that he should have listened to her. Nash (Jennifer Jason Leigh) learns an even harder lesson, in a movie that shows that kindness to others sometimes is wasted asset. Little trivia: The diner in which Hauer and Howell can be seen in the picture is called 'ROY'S' after Hauer's character 'Roy Batty' from the movie Blade Runner. -Chuck-
With my oldest grandson Aaron. Talked to C. Thomas Howell and John Ratzenberger
Directed by Jay Oliva. With Justin Chambers, C. Thomas Howell, Michael B. Jordan, Kevin McKidd. An alteration of the timeline for the superhero, The Flash, creates ripples that disastrously alters the Universe. The Flash must team with other heroes to restore the timeline while the Earth is ravaged…
Wish I could have met C.Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson when they were here in Mineola,TX last summer(filming Big Foot Wars)
Of Course Ill be there. I have my clients C Thomas Howell and Vernon Wells there . DONT YOU DARE MISS THIS ONE
I'm watching The Outsiders. One of my favorite early 80's movies. Rob Low, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph MacChio and Diane Lane to name a few. Love this movie. Kind of like Cooley High but a totally different cast of characters. Same teenage underprivileged issues.
I know this may, correction, is inappropriate but...who remembers a movie with Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey, Lea Thompson, to name a few, "Red Dawn"? I just watched this movie last week. Then, I read that there was a school shooting in Colorado...Arapahoe County. That was the setting for the above aforementioned movie. As I stated, this is inappropriate at this time what with the young lady still in a coma and the shooter killed himself, but, that's how my mind thinks sometimes.
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Watching one of the many holiday flicks on my DVR...imagine my surprise when I realized that C. Thomas Howell (of The Outsiders, and Tiger Beat magazine) is the 50-something year old father and not the heartthrob leading man. Ugh. I'm old.
Born on 2day are Larry Bird-Fernando Vargas-Terri from three's company-Ted Night-Harry Chaplin-Jeffrey Wright-Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter-Robert Houdin-Louise Post-C.Thomas Howell from far out man,soul man,Pony Boy Curtis from the outsiders-MR. Huges aka Curtis Huges-Ravashing Rick Rude-Skull Murphy-Midget wrestler Little Tokyo-Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny-Dean Ambrose-and Michael Cole-Haystacks Calhoun passes away in 1989-Lou Gehrig goes into the baseball hall of fame in 1939-Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. Roberto Duran part 3 in 1989-Guns n Roses cover a Charles Manson song in 1993-the 1st state of America in 1787-Pearl Harbor bombing in 1941-House of Dracula in 1945-Star Trek in 1979-Ocean's eleven in 2001-the 200th episode of SNL in 1985-and on this day The Animals break up in 1968 and that izit 4-2day!!
Aloha! Today is Saturday, December 7, 2013. It was today, back in 1941, that the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii(never forget)...and it was today, back in 1999, that A&M Records sued Napster for copyright infringement. I have one friend with a birthday today...Karl Reichel, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Sharing another *** crispy day with him are: he was in the movie, Caddy Shack and the TV series, Too Close For Comfort; Ted Knight(1923 d.1986), He was in the Coppola movies: The Outsiders, Rumble Fish and The Cotton Club; Tom Waits(1949), NBA legend, Larry Bird(1956), wrestler, "Ravishing" Rick Rude(1958) an-nnnd...He was in the HBO original classic, The Hitcher, with Rutger Hauer...C. Thomas Howell was born this day, back in 1966. We bid farewell to some greats as author, Thornton Wilder, in 1975...and NASCAR ace, LeeRoy Yarbrough, in in peace. It's Day of the Little Candles in Colombia...have a great day, ALL :)
Happy birthday Eli Wallach, Ted Knight, Johnny Bench, Larry Bird, C Thomas Howell and Harry Chapin. In honor, today's song of the day is "Cats In The Cradle"
Special birthday wishes go out today to Johnny Bench (66), Larry Bird (57), C. Thomas Howell (47), Terrell Owens (40), Dominic Howard (36), and also to Jennifer Carpenter (34).
December 4, 1986 ... * A feud between former Gov. Chuck Robb and current Lt. Gov. Doug Wilder is apparently deepening. The spat began with the release of a letter then-Gov. Robb wrote to Wilder complaining about the way Wilder aides were speaking of Robb. Now Wilder says he fears the letter from Robb may have had racial overtones... * President Reagan's chief spokesman for the past six years ... Larry Speakes ... says he is resigning as of February to join the investment firm of Merrill Lynch and Company... * College basketball ... as VCU beats William and Mary for the 13th straight time ... this time on the Tribe's home court by the score of 73 - 64... * At the movies ... Feivel the Mouse stars in the animated "An American Tail" at Ridge and Midlothian ... C. Thomas Howell plays a student who changes his race in "Soul Man" at Chesterfield and West Tower ... and Catherine Deneuve and Christopher Lambert star in "Love Songs" at the Biograph... * On Richmond stages ... our choices include "Taking My Turn" a ...
If you don't fangirl over 1983 C. Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, and Patrick Swayze then you're wronger than wrong.
Guess who I share my birthday with? Larry Bird, Terrell Owens, Aaron Carter, Jennifer Carpenter, C. Thomas Howell, Charlie Chaplin, Sara Bareilles, and Johnny Bench. Guess what day that is?
The Poseidon Adventure (2005). 2-part TV-movie. Directed by John Putch. Written by Mary Church, from the novel by Paul Gallico. Starring Adam Baldwin, Rutger Hauer, Steve Guttenberg, Peter Weller, C. Thomas Howell, others. Extended version, god help us, 173 minutes. *1/2 I just watch this and it is lame...and it just there like the bombs the director thought would be better than a giant monster wave! I give it a minus 5 stars
Buying Tiger Beat in 2013 reminds me of the 1980's with Scott Baio, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillion, Ralph MacHio and many more. Man am I getting old or what!!
A Ashleigh Locke - is that like a C Thomas Howell or F Murray Abraham?
Outsiders!! What a bummer if your brothers are Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe and you look like C. Thomas Howell.
Now The Outsiders with Rob Lowe - the prettiest man ever and C. Thomas Howell the future Soul Man
Aw snap! They're showing a trailer for The Outsiders on The Sundance Channel. What ever happened to C. Thomas Howell?
OMG OMG!!! C Thomas Howell and an Aussie bad guy, Revolution you are my new favorite show!! featured in NBC s Science of Love
C Thomas Howell prepared for that role by playing Ponyboy in The Outsiders
What happens when you get Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillion, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph MacHio, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe and Diane Lane together??? One *** of a movie!!! I ❤️The Outsiders, great book too!!!
I met C. Thomas Howell the other day. Red Dawn was on today and now The Outsiders is on. He was in both films and I'm freaking out.
If C. Thomas Howell had just stepped to the left a little, he probably would have lived a lot longer.
The Outsiders is on Amazon Prime Instant. Prompting the question: whatever happened to C. Thomas Howell?
I feel like C. Thomas Howell hasn't gotten the respect and admiration he deserves in film. Doesn't anyone remember Red Dawn?
watching the outsiders wow does C Thomas Howell look like harry in this movie
Hey look, it's C Thomas Howell, star of the straight to DVD sequel to War of the Worlds...
Ok facing my fear and watching e.t because Thomas Howell is in it lol
C. Thomas Howell and I at Chiller Theater in NJ Oct. 2013. He is a cool dude!
I would've loved for *** Sprang to meet C Thomas Howell and start a group called "Our Names Are Sentences."
Remember that time we met C.Thomas Howell? Yeah, me too.
Back To The Future as it could have been: C. Thomas Howell as Marty McFly
I liked a video C. Thomas Howell is a woman!!!
Met two guys at the Rhodeisland Comiccon that I had small crushes on when I was younger. C. Thomas Howell &...
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Wonderfully naff killer bees on TV this afternoon. C Thomas Howell starred in it. Probably for beer money!
OMG - I'd like it SO much more if it would come up with your other tapes in my phone - *** man
you look like C Thomas Howell's character in Criminal Minds. Creepy.
Meeting C. Thomas Howell just made my day 🙈🙊☺❤
ugh mine were up with Keanu Reeves, Rob Lowe, C. Thomas Howell and Ralph MacChio. Wowza
C. Thomas Howell texted me back once
Nice to see C. Thomas Howell and Scott Schwartz tonight!! Comic Con tomorrow morning, get ready people!
looks like Jon Cena if he were trying out for the lead role in the C Thomas Howell movie Soul Man
Portray it and going back to beddies. HAIL C THOMAS HOWELL.
C. Thomas Howell's career is over if the libs of today discover "Soul Man"
I was C. Thomas Howell as the Soul Man for Halloween one year. I know.
Next Halloween I'm gonna go as C.Thomas Howell in Soul Man if he'd had someone to explain the concept of safety schools. And racism.
James was trying to get me to go as C. Thomas Howell in "Soul Man."
say what you want about me, but I'll be damned if I'll let you smear the fine reputation of C. Thomas Howell!
Kudos to Casey Welty, Marcos Silveira, Thomas Howell and Melody Akuffo for a great job last Tuesday!!
Hi there, I often see u, I wonder if Christopher Thomas Howell is ur father. He looks like u when he was in ur age.
That's the best C. Thomas Howell from Soul Man costume I've ever seen!
no outrage when C Thomas Howell played a Black guy in "Soul Man"
C Thomas Howell made a good serial killer
We are home! It was a great day, Sara Karloff, Lou Ferrigno, Duncan Regher, C. Thomas Howell and The Wonka Kids all were wonderful! It was a good idea to leave the boys home, Girly and I had a fantastic day! Can't wait for April.although I will be buying tickets online.
Marvelous day today at Crypticon MPLS! Sara and I met Billy Dee Williams and C. Thomas Howell. Mr. Williams...
Just listened to Billy Dee Williams. C Thomas Howell is next.
What movie had C Thomas Howell, Ralph MacChio, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, and Emilio Estevez in it?
if I was born in the 70s' & a teen in the 80s' I would be so happy bc Matt Dillon & C. Thomas Howell & Emilio Esteves & omg I hate my life
End of Watch: "SouthLAnd, an amazing, humanizing, scary, noble television show giving us the closest view yet of the dangerous and magical life of all too human police officers. Featuring an amazing cast: Regina King. Michael Cudlitz, Benjamin McKenzie, Shawn Hatosy and C. Thomas Howell. To the creators, crew, directors, cast - Thank you for your service in giving us a show that simultaneously shocked and humbled us all. End of Watch: April 2013"
Whoa ,whoa ,whoa now were Patrick Swayze and C.Thomas Howell and Charlie Sheen LOL and Jennifer Grey,Leah Thompson.
I can't wait to meet C. Thomas Howell, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Kane Hodder in a couple of weeks! :).
My answer to Daily's trivia question: John Howard Griffin and I will throw shade at anyone who guesses C. Thomas Howell.
If I get 600 followers I'll be happier than when C. Thomas Howell found out he could get into Harvard being a black man.
love the music in it too. But the Outsiders is devine... Matt Dillon C Thomas Howell Rob Lowe AND Patrick Swayze :)
ellen! please have C. Thomas Howell on your show! a lot of us 80s fans new and old would love to see him
Want to know what the exciting life of a freelancer living in LA is like? I saw C. Thomas Howell in a Whole Foods today. Blam.
The Hitcher with one of my favorites, C. Thomas Howell.
You should have C. Thomas Howell on your show. Great actor & so witty!
How does Rob Lowe look 30 and C Thomas Howell looks 70?
please invite C. THOMAS HOWELL to your show! he even said he;d do it! please
C. Thomas Howell signs on to fight in the 'Bigfoot Wars'
For the love of C. Thomas Howell it's early!
C. Thomas Howell was the real hero of The Amazing Spiderman
Nathan Fillion, Cary Elwes, Ron Perlman, Kevin McKidd, C. Thomas Howell... this is an awesome cast!
*** people need to stop sending C. Thomas Howell pictures of Harry Styles and calling him "ponyboy." (it's sickening and a disgrace STOP)
How many of you actually like C. Thomas Howell/The Outsiders though
So I'm watching The Outsiders and Ponyboy Curtis (C. Thomas Howell) and favor each other quite a bit!!
Thomas Howell back in the day when he was Pony Boy Curtis 😍😛😍
I'm nervous about blackface. Look what it did to C. Thomas Howell.
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will be working with C. Thomas Howell in "Bigfoot Wars." I love him almost as much as Holt.
I'm really looking forward to working with him! C. Thomas Howell Toplines Bigfoot Wars -
Never heard of this before, but having read the synopsis and seeing C. Thomas Howell on board am definitely interested.
C. Thomas Howell Toplines Bigfoot Wars: . Origin Releasing has announced the principal c...
C. Thomas Howell signs up to fight Bigfoot Wars
C. Thomas Howell Toplines Bigfoot Wars - . I'm super pumped to be joining such a great cast. This is going to be fun!
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Red Dawn is sooo sad but i love the movie and the charactercs...especially c.thomas howell
"Side Out" is one of the more underrated sports movies. C. Thomas Howell is a beast.
I'm watching tigers blood with C Thomas Howell. Ann Margaret & Kelly Preston.
What's C' Thomas Howell up to these days?
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her bes... — Christopher Thomas Howell- Ponyboy Curtis from 'The O...
go rent the movie! Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, C Thomas Howell, Ralph MacChio lol
the author didn’t see the 80s C Thomas Howell vehicle ‘Soul Man’?
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet? — C. Thomas Howell in his glory days
Enter C. Thomas Howell as that kid who isn't in most of the movie.
I'm not saying Rae Dawn Chong wasn't fantastic playing against C. Thomas Howell in blackface in that classic "Soul Man," but come REALLY.
It was such an honor working with Mr. Burt Reynolds, C. Thomas Howell. Chelsea Kane and Yani Gellman on Category 5. What a fun experience!
waits patiently...(tangentially, is it me or is former Cub Corey Patterson a doppelganger or C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man?)
Nathan Fillion, Ron Perlman, Cary Elwes, C. Thomas Howell, Kevin McKidd ... that's a decent cast, what movie is this for you ask?
There's a very good chance that C Thomas Howell and Chelsea Kane from Fish Hooks are filming a movie two doors down from my house. What do you think would happen if I walked outside and yelled "Ponyboy!" and maybe fell on my knees in the front yard?
Watching the 1983 movie The Outsiders with Atley and Chase. What a movie. Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph MacChio, Rob Lowe, Emillio Estevez. An all star lineup.
Sons of Anarchy keeps adding to its fantastic cast; C. Thomas Howell has signed on for a recurring role, as has Steve Howey (Shameless, Reba)...FYI - the real highlight of Howey's resume is that he is Mr. Sarah Shahi!
A great Big Shout out to some of my favorite Big Name Celebs. Erin Moran & C Thomas Howell & Vince Vaughn & Scott Bakula & James Best & Catherine Bach & Willie Nelson & Michael Damian & Michael Winslow & Tim Curry
“how bout these?? happy birthday!!” those are VHS... I found those ones... Need DVD
Inspired by C.Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis in 1983's The Outsiders.
We're super excited that C.Thomas Howell will be on Season 6, Sons of Anarchy!
Mr. Howell's gone? Sad times. Thanks for having a great sense of humor. long live that epic toupée.
I just watched That Night. C. Thomas Howell why do you do this to me?! HE'S MINE. That movie was so depressing ._. It's almost 5 am lol.
Im crying cause I can't love you cause I fell in love with little Thomas Howell and your big Thomas Howell now wahhh
Newest member of our wishlist. Lets encourage him to sign and help raise $ for wounded soldiers, C Thomas Howell...
... when did Perkins turn into C. Thomas Howell?
C. Thomas Howell in blackface as a viable film premise... Ahh, the 80s.
Any movies you like? — I love eighties movies omg and any movie with C. Thomas Howell aka Ponyboy...
Told husband and he said he could understand it, because at least it's not Ray Liotta or C. Thomas Howell. Silly husband. (2/2)
(about as PC as C. Thomas Howell in black-face, but I love Catherine's disguise!)
“Quote this and add your favourite Phan picture :D” drunk phan a w
Oh my gosh! C. Thomas Howell was such a cutie as Ponyboy in The Outsiders. I wish he was still Ponyboy.
It wasn't apparent then but it is now that C. Thomas Howell could well be the bro of Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze.
okay. PONYBOY is from a book called The Outsiders. And in the 80s C. Thomas Howell was casted in a movie to play Ponyboy+
Dr. Thomas Kellogg hosting special donation match day on Flag Day, June 14, to benefit the Veterans Memorial project.
Check out The Reviewers, Behind the Scenes with Count Thomas Howell, up now on TGWTG!!
Remember Lori Loughlin and C. Thomas Howell in Secret Admirer. I'd love to see them together again in a show.
I just want to make sure everyone's aware of C. Thomas Howell.
Instead of Favstar trophies let's start giving out pics of C. Thomas Howell & tell everyone to stay golden.
C. Thomas Howell was big in the '80's. Dunno if he played tennis tho.
finale was worth the wait. Mark Hamill is 3rd to Tim Curry & C. Thomas Howell's evil villains. Sad to lose another member :(
C. Thomas Howell, you're a corpse on Or are you...
either that or Thomas C Howell is his twin
It was good cause Thomas C. Howell is in this version.
you look like Thomas Howell at times in the movie the outsiders at some point just wanted to tell ya lol.
Similarly, the safest way to order a centaur cub is to ask for a C. Thomas Howell from The Outsiders, but that comes up less often.
but has anyone told you you look ALOT ALOT like C Thomas Howell when he was younger?? Its trippyyy! 😍
You look like Thomas Howell when he was a teenager... OMG
C. Thomas Howell in his younger days is who you look like
Special Agent Oso is absolutely, positively C. Thomas Howell. There's no doubt in my mind. I know times were rough for 80's actors.
loving how C.M. keeps bringing my childhood heartthrobs back! C Thomas Howell and Mark Hamill=happy me :)
When my cousins boyfriend is related to Thomas c Howell which is ponyboy from the outsiders ;o
He is really great! I've always been a fan of his & also Well, I wanted 2 marry Thomas Howell. Ha
has the best finale serial killers. Tim Curry, C. Thomas Howell, and now Mark Hamill. YESSS.
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Merp. I have a obsession with the younger C. Thomas Howell. A.k.a Ponyboy from The Outsiders. He was…
you need to see that one. Swayed, Sheen, C Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey, Lea Thompson and the Russians & Cubans.
The mention of Hailey's could my teen heart throb C.Thomas Howell go so wrong!!!
I have a huge obsession with the younger C. Thomas Howell . He was such a babe in The Outsiders.
Can C. Thomas Howell go back to his teenage years? Please?
well C Thomas Howell but he plays Ponyboy so CLOSE ENOUGH YES
C Thomas Howell was smokin as Ponyboy and he's still hot now
Ponyboy Curtis is gonna be on Yay lets see what C.Thomas Howell has in store for the show.
Thomas Schoeller's vines are a day brightener for sure
Red Dawn (2012) - The 1984 Red Dawn movie was a classic. Patrick Swayze, C.Thomas Howell, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson, and Jennifer Grey. It was an awesome movie. Then they decided to remake it with Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Josh Peck (Drake and Josh), and Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games). This movie was shot back in 2009. This was before Thor and before Hunger Games. The movie was pushed back for 3 years. That really isn't a good sign or faith from the movie studio. After watching this, I could really see why. Instead of Russia invading the US, we had North Korea. Okay, that's plausible due to current events. But then Russia was also part of this. What? Seriously, WHAT? The story was horrible and differed from the original. It stayed on point as the original, but it just played out bad. I still don't know if it was from the acting or what. But it really wasn't enjoyable. I do like Chris Hemsworth, but you can tell this movie was his first lead. He tried WAY to hard. I didn't buy Josh Peck as being a tough gu ...
We are making a list of top childhood & teen crushes. Think C.Thomas Howell, Jonathon Taylor Thomas and the Backstreet Boys. Who did you crush on back in the day?
real person Michael Vogle, 6th grade french kissed me and I freaked out! Famous person C Thomas Howell
I friggin love C. Thomas Howell so much
Besides 'Soul Man', every character that C. Thomas Howell plays offends me.
oh and C. Thomas Howell gotta love him
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Kk tom ill have a look now I'm am a subscriber thomas howell that's my youtube nam. Don't know how to make a name like yours but my own.
The silence on this issue is deafening, so I'm just gonna break the ice here. Where IS C. Thomas Howell?!?
Just accidentally made a guy at Rouses uncomfortable by staring. I thought he was C. Thomas Howell.
Even if accurate, which it's NOT, wouldn't Harry Styles look like Thomas Howell?...
C. Thomas Howell wins Moto2 race in Austin Way to go, Pony Boy.
oh my C THOMAS HOWELL was so sexy when he was younger :O
C Thomas Howell isnt good looking to me now because HES A SERIAL KILLER ON CRIMINAL MINDS LIKE *** WHYD YOU KILL HOTCHS WIFE?!?
Just watched the Red Dawn remake. I have to admit it was pretty great, despite the absence of C. Thomas Howell.
Roman = if C Thomas Howell and Steven Bucsemi had a baby
C Thomas Howell is one blessed actor
C. Thomas Howell would. He picks up anybody.
So that's what C Thomas Howell's been doing since E.T. At least meant to do classic B-Movie. *turns over channel*
C Thomas Howell was 15 when he played ponyboy,I'm 16 so I'm allowed to fancy him right?
watching camel spiders.. quite excited that c Thomas howell is in this. not too excited about the spider part..
Never forget a movie came outta the Hollywood system where C. Thomas Howell rocked Blackface to get into Harvard.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
C. Thomas Howell said u r cool and stunning
they say doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results is insanity ... STAY FOCUSED ... Thomas Edison tried 1000 times...
C. Thomas Howell should of got an oscar for Soul Man...
Yeah I could I forget about the online. :+). Is C. Thomas Howell is on it?
It's weird when I look at my DM's bc I always see C.Thomas Howell's name and I'm just like "HEY"
Allison Thomas reported dead at 10:06PM on Friday April 19th because Dan Howell adorableness killed her.
you need to get behind a remake of Tank (starring C Thomas Howell and Fred Ward) but about a rampaging suburban boat.
Guys I'm best friends with Thomas Howell... Be jelly
Let's see how many I can get right? (Back row)Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, C. Thomas Howell, (middle) Ralph...
2012 was biggest yr for C. Thomas Howell in a long time w/ Amazing Spider Man (latest) & slew of TV parts last year!
C. Thomas Howell plays an alcoholic (in AA) cop in the TV show Southland
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