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Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury (5 April 1588 – 4 December 1679), in some older texts Thomas Hobbs of Malmsbury, was an English philosopher, best known today for his work on political philosophy.

John Locke Karl Marx David Hume John Stuart Mill John Calvin Jean Jacques Rousseau Jeremy Bentham

Remember - Mad Max is a version of Thomas Hobbes's 'Leviathan'
I also do not understand the reasoning behind why humans are this way. Perhaps we should look to Thomas Hobbes to explain.
Thomas Hobbes Fear of things invisible in the natural seed of that which everyone in himself calleth religion. :-D
And I ponder the above in relation to Thomas Hobbes & Pax Roma. The Dead Will Rise.
Thank you Thomas Hobbes for screwing with my mind.
"All that exists is matter, all that occurs is motion" _Thomas Hobbes. 🎭 [pic] —
"The first and fundamental law of Nature, which is, to seek peace and follow it." ~ Thomas Hobbes via
In the words of Thomas Hobbes, without law: "the life of people: solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short"
You know, Imma stand up for you, no matter what; and I konw you'll stand up for me. - Thomas Hobbes
I think I might take a drive to the tomb stone of Thomas Hobbes tomorrow at the St John the Baptist Church in Ault Hucknall.
Thomas Hobbes ->society holds together through the enforcement of law and order. Directioners
« Curiosity is the lust of the mind. » Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes Leisure is the mother of philosophy. :)
Cool - someone finally made a film of that Thomas Hobbes book.
What rings in your head when you see the names Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, St. Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke etc?
it's John Locke & Thomas Hobbes who are 2 English political thinkers during the time of the the enlightenment
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well I can't help you with that. I did John Locke and Thomas Hobbes
Unnecessary laws are but traps for money. Thomas Hobbes.
When u rlly wanna sleep but have a date with Thomas Hobbes n John Locke 😔
Gah, Thomas Hobbes was such a tool.
I need David Brooks to stop flippantly referencing Thomas Hobbes so my mother will stop sending me his columns.
No doubt that Thomas Hobbes was right. *** homini lupus: Man is a wolf to man.
Thomas Hobbes The privilege of absurdity to which no living creature is subject but man only. :-o
"It is not wisdom but Authority that makes a law" Philosopher Thomas Hobbes was born in 1588
'It is one thing to desire, another to be in capacity fit for what we desire.' – Thomas Hobbes
Not sure this is what Thomas Hobbes had in mind when he spoke of the Leviathan
On page 25 of 736 of Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes could strap me to a chair and torture, still wouldnt agree with the State of Nature.
I am about to take my last voyage. A great leap in the dark. -Thomas Hobbes
"“Words are the counters of wise men, and the money of fools.” —Thomas Hobbes"
Force, and fraud, are in war the two cardinal virtues. ~Thomas Hobbes
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Hence, Thomas Hobbes’ phrasing: Profit is the Measure of Right
Chapter 10 of Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan is really good... very insightful.
“The present only has a being in nature; things past have a being in the memory only, but things to come have no being at all.”Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes believed in natural law and that man was born with the ability to be rational; I think he would disagree today.
Thomas Hobbes said in the absence of a proper social contract a "state of nature" exists
I appear to be channeling my inner Thomas Hobbes today...
As for my opinion on the riots, if I may quote a certain Mister Thomas Hobbes...
1588 philosopher Thomas Hobbes born. Leviathan introduced the "social contract" essential to modern politics.
Finally anthing that has to do with Thomas Hobbes, and Thomas Moore in this filthy so-called educational institute.
I've i never head the names Thomas Hobbes and John Locke again it will be too soon
Philosophy prof told me once that Waterson was a phil grad student, and char were based on John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes . . .
'Words are the money of fools'. . . . Thomas Hobbes. . Quite surprised with the similitude!. What does Hobbes mean?...
There is no right or wrong move as there is no justice and injustice done. -Thomas Hobbes
When there is no crime there is no law. -Thomas Hobbes
The English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) is best known for his political thought, and deservedly so. His vision ... [falls asleep.]
"The power of the mighty hath no foundation but in the opinion and belief of the people." -Thomas Hobbes, Behemoth
I prefer Thomas Hobbes for that sorta thang.
No man's error becomes his own Law; nor obliges him to persist in it. Thomas Hobbes
This lecture is almost certainly too long. Hey kids, want to hang out with me and Thomas Hobbes for an extra 15 minutes just for funsies?
Spending the day with the correspondence of Thomas Hobbes. We have only 221 letters to/from Hobbes from 1622-1679
Thomas Hobbes Leisure is the mother of philosophy. yep
Thomas Hobbes Words are wise mens counters they do but reckon with them but they are the money of fools. wow
'Leibniz wrote“Thomas Hobbes,everywhere a profound examiner of principles,rightly stated that everything done by our mind is a computation”'
The life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. - Thomas Hobbes, "The Leviathan"
Thomas Hobbes leviathan really did make me think after reading it
"However, it was the great 18th century social philosophers John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Jean-Jacques Rousse...
I feel like the illustrated adventures of John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes would've involved far fewer dinosaurs. But I've been wrong before.
Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Karl Marx. I hope you have served me well in that exam!
Googled "Hobbes" and wasn't sure who I wanted to see listed first, Thomas or "Calvin and." Love the images, though.
On page 150 of 736 of Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes: They that are discontented under monarc...
It's sad that Thomas Hobbes was right about humans, especially
On page 105 of 736 of Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes: Man is then most troublesome when he is...
in savage societies is Poor, Solitary,Nasty, Brutish & Short - Thomas Hobbes. No health/wealth - No life.
I thought you meant Thomas Hobbes for a second there. Pretty sure a film of his book wouldn't win golden globes...!
And as in other things, so in men, not the seller, but the buyer determines the Price. - Thomas Hobbes
Still need to see Leviathan, debating reading the Thomas Hobbes novel first.
Lately joined a reading group on Thomas I am still working out an interpretation of his model of
But so pumped Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan won best foreign language film, I loved that book!
Congrats to 17th century political strategist Thomas Hobbes on his first Golden Globe win for Leviathan!
A film named Leviathan. I wonder if it is the film version of Thomas Hobbes book
In the state of nature profit is the measure of right. -Thomas Hobbes. 0
Does it involve some ? Leisure is the Mother of Philosophy. Thomas Hobbes
*** look like Thomas Hobbes' conception of human nature.
I'm glad to see they finally made a movie version of Thomas Hobbes' "Leviathan"
Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan was burned as heretical in Oxford when it was first published.
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Without an ordered society. Life is 'Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short'. -Thomas Hobbes
Loved Bishop Richard Harris on Thought for the day - "Liberty is power cut up into little pieces" -Thomas Hobbes
John stewart Mill and Thomas Hobbes warned of liberty rights that you cant take away from a man including the retrogressive bill on media
In the works of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, a common principle of concern was . works of Th
Political parties exist in what Thomas Hobbes called the “state of nature,” where promises aren’t binding.
Heerlijk boek: For Ian Morris, world history may be understood as a series of footnotes to Thomas Hobbes
Hey Thomas Hobbes: who's the sovereign now, huh?
English philosopher Thomas Hobbes who wrote De Mirabilibus Pecci died in 1679. http:/…
I swear I took pages of notes on John Locke and Thomas Hobbes, but now I can't find them 😭
Agree or disagree with the ideas put forward a person gains from deliberating a...
Thomas Hobbes: if a robber puts gun to your head you have free will to hand over your money or get a bullet.
this paragraph on Thomas Hobbes is killing me. *** him. *** him ver much indeed.
Thomas Hobbes' thoughts on the nature of mankind are so relevant.
Added Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes to books I want to read...
Ontology Ontology, the philosophical study of being in general, or of what applies neutrally to everything that is real. It was called “first philosophy” by Aristotle in Book IV of his Metaphysics. The Latin term ontologia (“science of being”) was felicitously invented by the German philosopher Jacob Lorhard (Lorhardus) and first appeared in his work Ogdoas Scholastica (1st ed.) in 1606. It entered general circulation after being popularized by the German rationalist philosopher Christian Wolff in his Latin writings, especially Philosophia Prima sive Ontologia (1730; “First Philosophy or Ontology”). History and scope Wolff contrasted ontology, or general metaphysics, which applied to all things, with special metaphysical theories such as those of the soul, of bodies, or of God. Wolff claimed that ontology was an a priori discipline that could reveal the essences of things, a view strongly criticized later in the 18th century by David Hume and Immanuel Kant. In the early 20th century the term w ...
"Nothing is by itself good or evil; it becomes good or evil when someone accepts or rejects it." -Thomas Hobbes-
Thomas Hobbes lived through a civil war about religion and who would control Parliament. I would suggest it is better now.
When we are alone, the life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish & short. Thomas Hobbes Reason why network = net worth
Classical liberals attacked Hobbes's totalitarian conclusions and his self-interest-based arguments for them:
"Men that have a strong opinion of their own wisdom in matter of government, are disposed to ambition." (Thomas Hobbes)
your take away from Thomas Hobbes :)
Today's blog, "Conceived in the language of John Locke, America has turned increasingly to the principles of Thomas Hobbes."
John Locke’s Social Contract Theory and the Constitution of India: Convergence and Divergence 16 *** Celebrities And Their Stories Behind The Announcement Of Coming Out | | The Best Buzzing Stories Frying In One Place (Buzzwok) Social Contract Theory, nearly as old as philosophy itself, is the view that persons’ moral and/or political obligations are dependent upon a contract or agreement among them to form the society in which they live. Socratesuses something quite like a Social Contract argument to explain to Critowhy he must remain in prison and accept the death penalty. However, Social Contract Theory is rightly associated with modern moral and political theory and is given its first full exposition and defense by Thomas Hobbes. After Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau are the best known proponents of this enormously influential theory, which has been one of the most dominant theories within moral and political theory throughout the history of the modern West. In the twentie ...
Bizarre Bauchi bombing. We have finally completely joined the list of those states Thomas Hobbes described as where life is nasty, brutish and short. The picture of the severed head of the female bomber is gory. What is the motivation? Is it simply religious or as Jonathanians would want us to believe ; a case of hatred for a president from a minority tribe. Whatever the case may be, these terrorists are inflicting on the nation wounds which scars may never heal. And if you are a leader and you appear to be the casus belli, i.e, the cause for or of conflict, why don't you step aside and *** their presidency? What does it profit you to stubbornly want to elongate your stay when you have obviously lost control? Help appeal to GEJ to go back to Otuoke. These killings are driving us mad! From Borno to Adamawa to Yobe and now Bauchi, I hope Osun is far away o!
Thomas Hobbes on Security vs Freedom in less than 2 minutes. If you studied PPP can you remember more than is here?
Politics in Nigeria is like the state of nature according to Thomas Hobbes.
I need not say anything in this place because the law of nations and the law of nature is the same thing.- Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan, 1651)
I stayed in bed all day and read "The Leviathan" by Thomas Hobbes as I listened to Kayne West
Thomas Hobbes - Why war of each against all. Read:
Wonderful 2 minute animation: Thomas Hobbes on state of nature & security. Scripted by brilliant
Who said: Leisure is the mother of philosophy.: .
Thomas Hobbes: Leviathan: Editorial Introduction (Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes). by Noel Malcolm.
Thomas Hobbes theorized that humanity could only thrive under absolute power from a sovereign.
Appetite, with an opinion of attaining, is called hope; the same, without such opinion, despair. -Thomas Hobbes
« Understanding is nothing else than conception caused by speech. » Thomas Hobbes
One man I wud give my vote kesa belaele.Duma Boko. I liked his speech n stil cant stop repeatin the phrase "Bellum omnium contra omnes" a Latin phrase meaning "the war of all against all". It is the description that Thomas Hobbes gives to human existence in the state of nature thought experiment that he conducts in De Cive (1642) and Leviathan (1651). The common modern English usage is a war of "each against all" where war is rare and terms such as "competition" or "struggle" are more common. bellum = war (nominative singular of second-declension neuter noun bellum, war) omnium = of all (genitive plural of adjective omnis, every) contra = against (preposition with accusative case) omnes = all (people) (accusative plural of omnis, every)
T__T my days as thomas hobbes have been revealed and it's all yer fault
finally impressed the kid cos I knew who Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury was 😎
« Such truth, as opposeth no man's profit, nor pleasure, is to all men welcome. » Thomas Hobbes
Beyond the stage of caring about anyone rn tbh - I guess Thomas Hobbes was right when he said everyone only acts on selfish interest
Thomas Hobbes is such a complicated man
“The condition of man . . . is a condition of war of everyone against everyone” . Thomas Hobbes
im getting Thomas Hobbes and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet confused at this point
Nasty, brutish, and short. Life in a state of nature (Thomas Hobbes), or. Joe Pesci (everybody else)
Thomas Hobbes had noted even earlier, in 1651, that Moses could not actually have written all the books of the Bible that were attributed to
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"And the voluntary acts of every man, the object is some Good to himself" Thomas Hobbes
I have a growing hatred for Thomas Hobbes as I read this HW...
The difference between me on a good day and a bad day is on good days I agree with John Locke and on bad Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes analysis of human nature in his book D Leviathan 1651 described Man as selfish who is put to action not by reason but appetite
Taking the Snowpiercer Train to Gaza, Syria & Iraq In the Company of Niccolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx htt…
Tax inversions, Thomas Hobbes and the consumption tax.
"A long tradition in political philosophy and economics, dating back about four centuries to Thomas Hobbes,...
"Man is a collection of base animal urges, to act on them and experience sinful pleasure would be morally no different than taking a breath." - Thomas Hobbes
As Thomas Hobbes would surely have said, LUCY is fun, brutish, and short.
Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes. Idea was government as sole legitimate user of violence. was monarchist ideal. Still is.
Thomas Hobbes' 1st and fundamental Law of Nature 'seek peace and follow it'
Forasmuch as will to do is appetite,and will to omit, fear;the causes of appetite and of fear are the causes also of our will.-Thomas Hobbes
and the thoughts expressed in the novel can be found "in different variations and to different degrees in the books of Thomas Hobbes,
PM me it, but I sold up, made a profit, which elitecoin seems to have stolen from me. Thomas Hobbes, eat your heart out!
Important people come and stand in front of you to get a better view. Argh. If I was Thomas Hobbes ...
THOMAS HOBBES. "A FREEMAN, is he, that by his strength and wit he is able to do, and is not hindered to do what he has a will to do."
.on the present, Thomas Hobbes moment:
“the life of [the non A-List on Kim K game] man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” (13 9 76). - Thomas Hobbes
THOMAS HOBBES. "The condition of man in this life shall never be without inconveniences.". (Leviathan II. 20)
He that is taken and put into prison or chains is not conquered, though overcome; for he is still an enemy. Thomas ***
A man cannot lay down the right of resisting them that assault him by force, to take away his life. Thomas Hobbes
Monday on HuffingtonPost, not a review as much as a context. SNOWPIERCER: Screenplay by Niccolo Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes and Karl Marx.
Thomas Hobbes (enlightenment thinker) basically said everybody's a jerk & can't be trusted so they have to be controlled by a government
: As the great English philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, advices, you MUST respect your government& I do that.
But as Thomas Hobbes pointed out so many years ago, civil war is also evil. Indeed it's the greatest of the lot.
Thomas Hobbes took a new look at the ways in which society should function, and he ended up formulating the concept of political science. His crowning achievement, Leviathan, remains among the greatest works in the history of ideas. Written during a moment in English history when the political and social structures as well as methods of science were in flux and open to interpretation, Leviathan played an essential role in the development of the modern world. An outspoken royalist, Hobbes fled to France during the English civil war, where he wrote this polemic, in which he calls for a powerful sovereign—a "Leviathan"—to act as an enforcer of peace and justice. Hobbes' articulation of this long-contemplated philosophy of political and natural science was finally published in 1651, two years after the overthrow and execution of Charles I. It met with a fire-storm of controversy that included charges of treason and sedition. This edition of Hobbes' landmark work is based on the original text. It incorpora ...
In my experience I truly believe that people do not just disconnect them selves from humanity and the world. Honestly I have days where I will go back to my old philosophy of Niccolò Machiavelli where I should just not trust people because they will stab you in the back when they get the chance and then I'll feel like Thomas Hobbes when he says that life is cruel brutish and short. Unfortunately I have been feeling disconnected from the world for a few days. I feel like the Underground Man from Dostoevsky. I feel like if I talk any more, I'll just be ranting and honestly I don't have the time to write something that people will pass over not caring. That is why I stopped writing my journal entries and honestly if you don't like what I say, I don't like how you think.
A man outside a group is like a 'beast' by THOMAS HOBBES AQUINA (1588-1679)
” Unnecessary laws are not good laws, but traps for money.” Thomas Hobbes
I look around and find nothing to celebrate about, life is generally nasty and brutish... indeed Thomas Hobbes talked to me about it: state of nature!
“The secret thoughts of a man run over all things, holy, prophane, clean, obscene, grave, and light, without shame, or blame” ―Thomas Hobbes
3.16. The earliest study by a westerner on human society is so very recent by Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) in his celebrated book “Leviathan”.
Quotes on Humanity Or Human nature refers to the distinguishing characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting, that humans tend to have naturally, i.e. independently of the influence of culture. The questions of what these characteristics are, what causes them, and how fixed human nature is, are amongst the oldest and most important questions in western philosophy. These questions have particularly important implications in ethics, politics, and theology. This is partly because human nature can be regarded as both a source of norms of conduct or ways of life, as well as presenting obstacles or constraints on living a good life. The complex implications of such questions are also dealt with in art and literature, while the multiple branches of the Humanities together form an important domain of inquiry into human nature, and the question of what it means to be human. The branches of contemporary science associated with the study of human nature include anthropology, sociology, sociobiolog ...
Thomas Hobbes and John Lock taught us that Man created the state through a social contract and surrendered all his other rights but preserved the right to defend his life even when it meant resisting the sovereign. The killing of innocent Kenyans calls on our state to look at security in a different dimension. Every Kenyan has a right to defend their life against any threat from any quarter. It is time all Kenyans of good character and judgment above the age of eighteen to be authorized to bear arms if they so wish for the sake of self defense. The insecurity caused by this is counterbalanced by that fact that everyone will be their own security and the disciplined forces will be there for state security as well as our general security. there is no other way. Kenyans must not be slaughtered like chicken in their own country. Lamu/ Mpeketoni was a sad occurrence. Security starts with me so let me own my own Gun I will defend myself before the police arrive or I will defend the police incase they are caught ...
How do you call for Thomas Hobbes in an LD judging pool without even a little giggle?
Fun fact: (John) Calvin and (Thomas) Hobbes are on opposite poles of the determinism/freewill spectrum
Sometimes i wonder if actually Nigeria is the state of nature in which life, Thomas Hobbes (a social contract theorist) described as short, nasty, brutish and solitarily poor. If not, this must be a great prophecy which Locke envisaged for Nigeria many years ago using the situation at that time as a parameter for the forcast...I'm sure he (Locke) was indeed a prophet of doom!
Thomas Hobbes state of nation read it. FYI more Iraqis have died under US occupation than under Saddam.
Thomas Hobbes was right man by nature is bad, beastly and needs a dictator to control his anarachic lusts
Daily Quiz, June 16, 2014 A famous Empiricist was also a bishop and known for "subjective idealism," a theory which implies things don't exist if they aren't perceived. Did the tree fall in the forest if the falling was not witnessed? Who was this bishop? a. John Locke b. David Hume c. George Berkeley d. Thomas Hobbes
yeah IK I left one blank though the one on Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes argues in chapter 19 of the Leviathan that monarchy is the best form of government. Learn it here http:/…
  Revelation 20:6 (KJV) 6 Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection [THE RAPTURE]: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.   Beware Children that that God himself sent the strong delusion splitting the nation down the center separating the wheat from the tares ….  We have come full circle back to 1776 and the National Central Leadership and all 50 State Leaders now and their military / police DemoCon NeoCon super soldier soul-less empathy-less drone enforcer machine are all on the wrong team: The Luciferan-Satanic fellowship of Cosmic Losers of the Universe     The French Philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau said that people are like onions. You peel the bitter layers generating the eye tearing vapor they generate outer to inner and at their core is a sweet core. His British counterpart Thomas Hobbes said the opposite -- We are all rotten to the bone, and then we make a compact with our go ...
The ship of Theseus, also known as Theseus's paradox, is a paradox that raises the question of whether an object which has had all its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object. The paradox is most notably recorded by Plutarch in Life of Theseus from the late 1st century. Plutarch asked whether a ship which was restored by replacing all and every of its wooden parts, remained the same ship. The paradox had been discussed by more ancient philosophers such as Heraclitus, Socrates, and Plato prior to Plutarch's writings; and more recently by Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. There are several variants, notably "grandfather's axe", and in the UK "Trigger's Broom". This thought experiment is "a model for the philosophers"; some say, "it remained the same," some saying, "it did not remain the same".
Closest! The works of such men as the El philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes helped PAVE THE WAY FOR academic freedom in the modern sense. Ainitiate b.lighten c.terminate d.prevent
          The classical liberal tradition is rich and varied, and no work, let alone an exam, could possibly do it justice.  After a brief genealogical summary I will be focusing on the most articulate and interesting classical liberal account of law developed in recent years: that of Richard Posner.   The classical liberal doctrine found its nascent expression in the work of Thomas Hobbes.  His monumental work The Leviathan remains, in the words of John Rawls, “the single greatest work of political thought in the English language.”  It is unlikely to ever have a true competitor, so vast is its scope and systematicity.          The account of human subjectivity in Leviathan is often caricatured as crude, but this ignores its central and still radical moral insight.   Hobbes’ didn’t regard human beings as either basically good or wicked, seeing both poles as effectively reiterating an Aristotelianized Christian world view beholden to the metaphysics of teleology.  As such, the polar ...
I think the choice we had in this election was between Thomas Hobbes's Authoritarian "Leviathan" and John Locke's "Natural rights", both being manifestation of Social Contract theory ... Exit polls are suggesting that we have chosen a Leviathan...
The Social Contract “Obedience of the governed depends on the governments’ (The Executive, Judiciary and the Legislative) fulfilment of their sacred vow for good governance for the greatest good to the greatest number – who have the right to rebel and oust their leaders if oppression of all sort prevails.” –Dr. Delmar T. Taclibon- “Unarmed ‘People Power’ in the Philippines ended the repressive rule of President Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. The uprising that brought President Ma. Corazon C. Aquino to power, after Marcos’s refusal to acknowledge electoral defeat, was a rare example of the bloodless overthrow of illegitimate government by popular pressure of the governed.” -The Guinness Encyclopaedia, 1990- Social Contract between the Government and the Governed - The emergence of the idea of the social contract in the 16th Century reintroduced the notion that “government rests on the consent of the people.” Social Contract by Thomas Hobbes (1588- 1679) The English political philosopher ...
should we know people like John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, and Karl Marx for the test?
im told and iv bn made to blv that someday i wil go to heaven. There are guys im really missing to meet, sing and reason together with. Talk of Niccolo Machiaveli, Thucydides, Thomas Hobbes, Plato, J.J Rousseau, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill; among others. At least they were free thinkers. Heaven travellers, whom do u wish to sing alongside in heaven?
Thomas Hobbes & John Locke: 2 Philosophers Compared: via you're helping me PASS exams
For the first time, rancor and bitterness, government by patronage and we-against-them politics will not be used in the creation of an Institution in Nigeria. Folks, we are moving! It is very unprecedented, never seen anything like it before. Folks, for the first time, we-the-people take over by acknowledging Thomas Hobbes, and saying yes, "man in his natural state is brutish." But, then we do not need a leviathan to govern us. Then, go further by embracing John Locke, putting it to their faces, and saying, "we can do it, after all, we were here before the formation of any government." Ex-military ruler, Gowon created some states out of rancor and bitter; as a means to balkanize the Igbos. It was a means that served selfish ends - that end being to systematically stifle the economic of a people. The late military head of state, Murtala, created some state too. That was to ease the burden of bureaucracy. Another military junta that created states in. Nigeria was Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the evil genius ...
State of Nature n state of War: Thomas Hobbes.said-Life of a Man is solitary poor nasty brutish and Short.see World Book Encyclopedia 1993.
The idea of the social contract is one of the foundations of the American political system. This is the belief that the state only exists to serve the will of the people, and they are the source of all political power enjoyed by the state. They can choose to give or withhold this power. The origin of the term social contract can be found in the writings of Plato. However, English philosopher Thomas Hobbes expanded on the idea when he wrote Leviathan in response to the English Civil War. In this book he wrote that in the earliest days there was no government. Instead, those who were the strongest could take control and use their power at any time over others. Hobbes' theory was that the people mutually agreed to create a state, only giving it enough power to provide protection of their well-being. However, in Hobbes' theory, once the power was given to the state, the people then relinquished any right to that power. In effect, that would be the price of the protection they sought. Jean Jacques Rousseau and ...
It's April 5! Do you know what today means??... The day after Friday... No, don't you know what it mmeeaans??... That tomorrow will be Sunday... No, it's Juicy j, Pharrell Williams, Thomas Hobbes, Frank Gorshin, Christopher Reid, and Colin Powell. It's thire birthday's!! Guess which famous person use to be an actor off Batman?? BrainFood*
That weekend of heavy heart Of all the days of my life, I had never been so grieved over a country they call mine. Never had such devastation overwhelmed me. A grief that gushed out tears. The resultant effect was a feeling of hurling abuses and curses on the insensitive and wicked clique, for the pain inflicted on young Nigerians. But will curses yield any corrective effect? Can it deter them from unleashing such cruelty in future? Of course, it was not the first time of such wickedness. But can abuses scare and compel them to do the right? Can anything even send shivers in the spine? Do they ever get conscience-stricken? When a conscience is seared with a hot iron, then the Thomas Hobbes definition of life becomes the order. Life becomes 'short, nasty and brutish'. This has become the situation in Nigeria. Life has long ceased to be sacred in this country. No more value for life. My heart has remained heavy over the Nigerian Immigration Service murder of Saturday, March 15, 2014. Though there has been c ...
Somebody on the Internet thought Calvin and Hobbes were literally stand-ins for the philosophies of John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes.
Thomas Hobbes. A lecture by Chungsoo J. Lee, Fall 2006. (Morality and the Good Life, 4th ed., Solomon and Martin,...
How the *** am I supposed to argue that Thomas Hobbes is more important than Isaac Newton. Thanks.
'Hobbes was anticlerical in the extreme'. Have you listened to our new podcast?
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A concept used by the Founder's and most Classic Liberals. See Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.
Weird that Dominos hired the guy who did the cover art for Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan
Was Thomas Hobbes right? — He lived for absolutely ages so probably
Ideas from the Constitution came from Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
Thomas Hobbes is all like: "Day-um. But yeah, it's pretty much like how I pictured it." :)
Wondering if Thomas Hobbes had extreme dog styling in mind when he enumerated the consequences of stable political authority.
I get asked questions about religion a lot. What religion are you? Do you believe in God? Are you atheist? Agnostic? I even have been asked, "If you aren't religious how can you have morals?" I think my thoughts are often mis-explained due to their complexity, but I am none of these and of course I have morals. In light of these questions, I’d like to pose some clarity on my thoughts regarding religion because I think they are important to religion and religious discussion. My experience with people from various faiths varies. There are many religions. Within these religions, there are many people who don’t strictly follow what “followers believe in.” Many Jews, like myself, don’t keep Kosher, many Muslims don’t pray 5 times a day, many Buddhists disagree on the path to Nirvana, and I won’t even get into how many denominations of Christianity there are and how many disagreements there are even within these denominations... Point being, no matter how much you dig into religion, within a relig ...
ever it was thus, says the Book of Kings and Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings and Sir Thomas Hobbes
"Humans are nasty and brutish in nature" -Thomas Hobbes
The use and end of reason is not the finding of the sum and truth of one. Thomas Hobbes
Life by nature,according to Thomas Hobbes,was brutish,nasty and cruel.Every man competes 4Survival.Life then was dedicate 4 survival of the fittest was the Rule!!!
According to Thomas Hobbes, "men are beastial by nature". If the "beast" in men is not checked by law and sanctions, the whole system will turn to animal kingdom. From fornication/adultery to homosexuality and then to bestiality. The other day a man was wedding his dog. God punish the devil and his principal collaborators in the corridors of influence.
Before I go all Thomas Hobbes on yalls *** lemme sleep.
In other news I'm handling the breakup I initiated with bad jokes and reading philosophy written by Thomas Hobbes.
LOOKING BACK When I was a kid,I used to worry about the prospects of surviving in this harsh and unforgiving country. Though as a kid,I was obsessed with a la dolce vita lifestyle. With my peers then,we inveterated in fanciful and captivating activities. We never had anything to worry about. We preferred to play all day without food. But anytime I was chanced to frolick and waltz with my avuncular brothers,I had to go back to my decripit bed to critically ruminate on the potential manifestations of the future. Being with them,discussion about the ladies' sexual and moral depravity was usually caviled first,followed by the issue of standard of living in a nasty society. As an ignoramus about ladies' matter then,I hearkened strenously to the latter issue. I desired for a bright future. I wanted to have a splendiferous tomorrow. A posterity totally void of elusive challenges and adamatine encumberances. Then,I was worried because I was callowed. I was tentative about tomorrow because trepidation had imprison ...
Nor can a man any more live whose desires are at an end than he whose senses and imaginations are at a stand. -Thomas Hobbes
'Leisure is the mother of Philosophy'..Thomas Hobbes..some mothers just don't get it..
"A state that does not collect taxes is like a human being without blood" - Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes is the only philosopher that matters
. Shameful foxhoods-utterances Thomas Hobbes wrote in Leviathan: "In war, force and fraud are the two cardinal virtues."
I added a video to a playlist Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
No matter d strength of ur network or d quality of ur service provider, U can never get 3G on a curve2. - Thomas Hobbes .. *run*..
The tempest, European political ideas, Thomas Hobbes philosophy. Got it. Connections made. Ready to go.
A Democracy is a government by the People, everyone gets their say. The Democratic party in America, isn't being democratic. Liberalism begins with the individual, which has to do with individual rights. Individual rights are the foundation for a legitimate government. The Democratic party in America isn't being liberal. Regardless of culture, race, time or place, everyone has six mental/physical stages that are naturally experienced. Each stage exemplifies being democratic and liberal. By seeking truth the Ancient Greeks automatically created the first democracy. With reason and reason alone the age of Enlightenment came about by focusing on individual rights as a way of life. The major goal was to free oneself from political shackles, and think for yourself. Then in time master philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, and John Locke promoted natural rights, a democracy, a Nation based upon freedom, liberty, and justice for all - America. Moral norms are based upon inherited qualities and if ...
The due process clause of the Constitution was partly based on common law and on Magna Carta (1215), which had become a foundation of English liberty against arbitrary power wielded by a tyrant. Both the influence of Edward Coke and William Blackstone were evident at the Convention. In his Institutes of the Laws of England, Edward Coke interpreted Magna Carta protections and rights to apply not just to nobles, but to all British subjects. In writing the Virginia Charter of 1606, he enabled the King in Parliament to give those to be born in the colonies all rights and liberties as though they were born in England. William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England were the most influential books on law in the new republic. British political philosopher John Locke following the Glorious Revolution was a major influence expanding on the contract theory of government advanced by Thomas Hobbes. Locke advanced the principle of consent of the governed in his Two Treatises of Government. Government's duty u ...
Humans are naturally cruel, greedy, and selfish. -Thomas Hobbes
"Science is the knowledge of consequences, and dependence of one fact upon another." ~ Thomas Hobbes
I'm now convinced that Twitch Plays Pokemon is definitive proof of Thomas Hobbes' political philosophy.
Thomas Hobbes Leviathans"human beings are equal in nature" but have three major principal of violence,glory,defenses & competition.
Back again! discusses the controversial 'Leviathan' by Hobbes on
Life is a chain of uncertainity,misery and experience.Man's life is short,nasty and brutish.who is exempted from this uncertainity? ( Thomas Hobbes )
"For Seeing Life Is But A Motion Of Limbs,why may we not say that all Automata(engines that move themselves by springs and wheels as does a watch) have artificial life? For what is the heart,but a string..and the nerves,but so many springs...and the joints,but so many wheels,giving motion to the whole body." -Thomas Hobbes
they made it look so easy. HOBBES IS NOT EASY GOTTDAMN. IF ONLY there were an easier way to "READ" THOMAS HOBBES.
and I have a bone to pick with you . You all made it look so easy to read Thomas Hobbes ! It's hard af!
"That everyman, ought to endeavor Peace, as far as he has hope of obtaining it; and when he cannot obtain it, that he may seek, and use, all helps, and advantages of War." Thomas Hobbes ~Leviathan (in my 2 chains voice TRUE)
Sovereignty is the quality of having an independent authority over a geographic area, such as a territory.[1] It can be found in a power to rule and make laws that rests on a political fact for which no pure legal definition can be provided. In theoretical terms, the idea of "sovereignty", historically, from Socrates to Thomas Hobbes, has always necessitated a moral imperative on the entity exercising it. For centuries past, the idea that a state could be sovereign was always connected to its ability to guarantee the best interests of its own citizens. Thus, if a state could not act in the best interests of its own citizens, it could not be thought of as a “sovereign” state. May we study together? ~Prezz Pressley 2014
Geometry is the only science that it hath pleased God hitherto to bestow on mankind" Thomas Hobbes
May have just referenced Thomas Hobbes AND the moral ambiguity of Angel in season one Buffy in one song. IT'S GOOD TO BE WRITING AGAIN.
"by this institution of a Commonwealth every particular man is author of all the sovereign doth; and consequently he that complaineth of injury from his sovereign complaineth of that whereof he himself is author, and therefore ought not to accuse any man but himself; no, nor himself of injury, because to do injury to oneself is impossible."- Thomas Hobbes
I am proud of myself, and others, including some of the more famous people that I inspired and influenced: Vincenzo Viviani, Pierre Gassendi, Johannes Kepler, Evangelista Torricelli, Italo Calvino, Arthur Van Hoff and Thomas Hobbes.
"There is no such thing as perpetual tranquillity of mind while we live here; because life itself is but motion, and can never be without desire, nor without fear, no more than without sense."- Thomas Hobbes
In love you Thomas Hobbes (17th century Philosopher). My just enough adequate knowledge of your political theory has saved me!
In 1984, Richard Tremblay began tracking 1,000 kindergarten-aged boys from Montreal’s poorest neighborhoods. Today, those kids are in their mid-30s and Tremblay’s study is one of the longest, and largest, longitudinal experiments conducted. One of Tremblay’s more surprising results is the suggestion that the peak of aggressive behavior in humans, as measured by his subjects’ willingness to resort to violence, generally occurs around the ages of two and three. Thomas Hobbes made this point in 1647: “An evil man is rather like a sturdy boy, or a man of childish mind, and evil is simply want of reason at an age when it normally accrues to men by nature governed by discipline and experience of harm.”
My ACS professor suggested that we get drunk and read Thomas Hobbes' autobiography. I guess that's ONE idea of a good time.
The of a man is his present means to obtain some future apparent good. ~Thomas Hobbes
Here I am again, in pure posh this time:
Listen to Dr Hannah Dawson discussing Leviathan's meaning, impact & legacy in the new podcast RT
Have you listened to our fantastic new podcast on Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan? Dr Hannah Dawson discusses here:
Leisure is the mother of Philosophy. Thomas Hobbes.
* Thomas Hobbes was a famous English Philosopher,he described life as solitary,nasty,brutish and short... What would he have said,if he had visited or lived in Nigeria,Sub-sahara Africa? Maybe he would not even have lived through Childhood or suffered growth restriction in-utero!.so many Hobbes are dying,so many Einstens are not in school,unfortunately,they are Nigerians,a place where prospects seem bleaker ever than before!. of Naija
"He that is to govern a whole nation, must read in himself, not this, or that particular man; but mankind" - Thomas Hobbes
"All that exist is matter, and all that occurs is motion" Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes, says"Life is but a ceaseless search for power after power" could this be the rational behind Tinubu & Atiku running APC as a shop in Alaba Int mkt? Mohammado a.k.a Buhari just celebrated his 51,relatively still a youth.He may be interested, better still or the acclaimed political Bulldog from the Creeks? Pls carry them along b4 they will unleash their dragons or CHANGE their mines, like Lamido, Shekarau, Bafarawa and others. Tinubu joo'o
Now in paperback - Thomas Hobbes: Behemoth, ed. Paul Seaward. First scholarly edition of this important text. £30
What have Thomas Hobbes, John Locke,Jeremy Bentham,John Stuart Mill ever done for us? Tonight 19.30
our new podcast series on iconic texts. First instalment, Leviathan byThomas Hobbes
"When all the world is overcharged with inhabitants, then the last remedy of all is war, which provideth for every man, by victory or death" - Thomas Hobbes
"The Revolution was a story of dissolving sovereignty and contested authority, lawless violence and the search for security. Its true theorist was not John Locke, but Thomas Hobbes." —historian Tom Cutterham at The Junto blog
". . . Society has bought just enough of the Marxist snake oil that it lacks the requisite fear of God to separate good from evil - and future generations will curse us for our ignorance. There is nothing noble about "progressivism". There is nothing noble about avoiding pain today only to pass it on to your children and the children of others." - Michael Smith: "A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires." ~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninius Because the secular humanist approach of the contemporary "progressives" focuses on incorporating the Marxist idea that religion is the "opiate of the masses", it necessarily creates a regressive and terminal view of life. If you don't believe in God or that He is good, you have no fear of destroying posterity nor do you fear an afterlife where there will be judgement to higher standards than man ...
What Does Thomas Hobbes Say? While I answer the question in my e-lecture on Hobbes and Locke (
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You must be the change you wish to see in the world. (Mohandas Gandhi) All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke) *** is Truth Seen Too Late. (Thomas Hobbes)
Thought for Food: Who will save the timid and timorous negroes from fusty foreign religious dogmas that nourish fatalism and relish mayhem. Those who foisted these hackneyed doctrines on us have since transcended religious bigotry and moved to space to colonise other planets while the *** race is retreating to the religious state of nature where, according to Thomas Hobbes, life is nasty, brutish, and short.
"During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in a condition which is called war, and such a war as is of every man against every man" - Thomas Hobbes Hobbes was right on yet didn't fully know it. He spoke politically, yet this explains why we constantly need to first remember the mighty acts of God and second press into Him to see the greater things Jesus spoke of so we may truly live daily in a place of awe of who He is!
Ian Shapiro - Democracy Man: The Life and Work of Robert A. Dahl "Dahl was no Plato, Aristotle, or Thomas Hobbes, but he added something new to the armchair reflection leavened by illuminating anecdote that had characterized the enterprise for millennia: the systematic use of evidence to evaluate rigorously stated theoretical claims. Generations of Dahl’s successors have developed both theories and empirical methods in multiple directions since he produced his innovative works in the 1950s and 1960s, sometimes in ways that he found less than congenial. Few would deny that they stood on Dahl’s shoulders"
By desire we always signify the absence of the object: by love most commonly the presence of the same. so also by aversion we signify the absence , and by hate, the presence of the object --- Thomas Hobbes
For between true Science, and erroneous Doctrines, Ignorance is in the middle.: Thomas Hobbes
The idea of a distinction between state/government and civil society is a relatively new one in the history of political thought, going back to the work of Thomas Hobbes in the seventeenth century. How do you suppose not being familiar with this view may color one's political perceptions?
" *** is truth seen too late. Survival is falsehood detected in time." -Thomas Hobbes
human judgment is unreliable, and needs to be guided by science. Our judgments tend to be distorted by self-interest or by the pleasures and pains of the moment. We may share the same basic passions, but the various things of the world affect us all very differently; and we are inclined to use our feelings as measures for others By Thomas Hobbes
Without rules and means of enforcing them, people would not bother to create anything of value. (Thomas Hobbes).
Respice finem; in all your actions look often upon what you would have, as the thing that directs all your thoughts in the way to attain it--- Thomas Hobbes
Bitterness propels people to treat others with contempt and violence ~Thomas Hobbes
Reading an excerpt from Thomas Hobbes, "The Leviathan." College reading is tough, but strangely worth it.
If there is no agency or a body to regulate people's activities, the society will degeneraate to what thomas Hobbes called primitive society where life was "solitary,poor,nasty,brutish nd short" so lets becareful.
Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies GST 222 Introduction Conflict, as a social reality has been part and parcel of human existence. Whether it is in the "State of Nature" as described by Thomas Hobbes, or the history of ancient or modern empires, or even in contemporary history, marked by the emergence of the modern nation-state, all have witnessed one form of conflict or the other. Africa, like other continents of the world has witnessed series of conflicts. Some of the conflicts witnessed by the continent are the anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggles in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa; the civil wars in Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and Democratic Republic of Congo, among others; and communal *** ethno- religious conflicts such as those experienced in Nigeria – the Tiv-Jukun, Ife-Modakeke, Pan-Gamai, and Hausa/ Fulani-Birom, Afizere and Anaguta, among several others.It is due to the effects of conflict in terms of either moving a society forward or b ...
There is one thing I hate [ with every fibre of my being] about my generation, it's a generation full of hedonists who have zero concern about intellectual affairs. Everybody in dis generation wants to be like Bill Gates or Alhaji Dangote, none strive to be like Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Hobbes, Nicollo Machialli, Thomas Acquinas, John Stuart Mills, S. T. Umar etc. Hey! It's time we pick my generation.
“A Covenant not to defend myself from force, by force, is always void. For… no man can transfer or lay down his Right to save himself from Death.” Thomas Hobbes, 17th century English political philosopher
When Thomas Hobbes postulated that "Man is naturally born wicked" he must have studied the Nigerian system where people divert funds which ultimately causes people to suffer, die etc. It also extends to how people in authority eat three meals per day while the electorate only feed once a day. "Nigerian rulers not leaders are naturally born wicked"
The philosopher Thomas Hobbes wrote that "the life of mankind is nasty, brutish, and short." While the content of that quote may still hold true today more than 300 years later, I refuse to believe that that whole of humanity is condemned to it, especially when you are in love with someone. There is nothing more special, nothing more proud to cherish, or redeeming than the love between two people, that has so far, withstood the differences of personality and time. Sienna Little, I will continue to walk down the road with you, as long as your hand is in mine. I love you, Happy Valentine's Day.
The Ship Of Theseus Suppose we have a complete wooden ship, and one day we replace one of its wooden planks with an aluminum one. Most people would agree that the ship survives this operation; that is to say, its identity remains unchanged. But suppose that we then replace a second plank, and then a third, until our wooden ship is made entirely of aluminum. Is this the same ship that we started with? If not, when did it change? Thomas Hobbes adds a wrinkle: Suppose that, as we did all this refurbishing, someone had gathered up all the discarded wooden planks and used them to assemble a second ship. What are we to make of this? “This, without doubt, had also been the same numerical ship with that which was at the beginning; and so there would have been two ships numerically the same, which is absurd.” And philosopher Roderick Chisholm adds another: “Let us suppose that the captain of the original ship had solemnly taken the vow that, if his ship were ever to go down, he would go down with it. What, n ...
John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, Rousseau - we need the Leviathan to quiet the storm
Elinor Ostrom, co-recipient of the 2009 Nobel Prize in economics, argues that in studying social order, we should not be limited to only the conceptions of order derived from the work of Adam Smith and Thomas Hobbes. To be precise, we should not limit ourselves to theoretical frameworks of The St
Leviathan in popular culture From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Leviathan (disambiguation). William Blake's painting The Spiritual Form of Nelson Guiding Leviathan, in which the monster is a symbol of military sea-power controlled by Nelson The Hebrew monster Leviathan found in the Book of Job has given rise to many popular incarnations. This article treats subjects with no direct connection to the Ancient Middle East or Jewish origins. Contents [hide] 1 Literature 2 Music 3 Film and TV 4 Video games 5 Anime 6 Other 7 References Literature[edit] Leviathan is the title of Thomas Hobbes' 1651 work on the social contract and the origins of creation of an ideal state, and his proper name for the Commonwealth. In Paradise Lost, Milton uses the term Leviathan to describe the size and power of Satan, the ruler of many kingdoms. George Oppen's seminal 1962 poem "Leviathan" addresses the leviathan of the all-consuming force of mankind's own actions, which Oppen felt posed a very real threat ...
December Packers Periscope: Week 17 at Chicago Bears Posted in 2013 - 2014 Season,2013 Regular Season,Aaron Rodgers,Chicago Bears,Game Recaps,NFC North Division,NFL Draft,Packers Periscope,Thomas Hobbes by Thomas Hobbes The Past: The last meeting in this storied rivalry did not go so well for the Packers; losing the game was actually the smaller matter as the Packers season essentially spiraled out of control with Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone, which would eventually take 7 weeks to heal. The Packers did do a couple things well, notably Eddie Lacy rushing for 150 yards and James Starks chipping in for another 40 but without Jay Cutler being, well Jay Cutler, the Bears played an efficient and mistake free game with Josh McCown under center and ultimately won 27-20. For the Packers, this started a team collapse, starting first with the uncertainty at quarterback; Seneca Wallace was injured and placed on IR the next week, Scott Tolzien played with glimpses of potential, but costly mistakes ultimatel ...
On this wonderful birthday of the Federal Reserve, we should give thanks to Thomas Hobbes for his foresight into the Leviathan that was created 100 years ago. If like me though you are not celebrating the birthday of the evil system, here are 100 reasons the Fed should be abolished. 1. The Federal Reserve System constantly decreases the value of our dollar by printing money out of thin air. (inflation) 2. Graph: The value of a $1 Federal Reserve Note in 1913 dollars (the year the Fed was created). 3. The Fed even recognizes its inflationary activity. The Federal Reserve Bank ofBostonsays: “When you or I write a check there must be sufficient funds in our account to cover the check, but when the Federal Reserve writes a check there is no bank deposit on which that check is drawn. When the Federal Reserve writes a check, it is creating money.” 4. American economist Irving Fisher said: “Thus, our national circulating medium is now at the mercy of loan transactions of banks, which lend, not money, but p ...
Thomas Hobbes' LEVIATHAN is OK, but I much prefer George P. Cosmatos' 1989 remake with Peter Weller and Ernie Hudson.
I'm not even joking, I am writing a Thomas Hobbes and David Hume fanfic for my final.
Are you making straight the Lord's way to you or blocking it? This is one of Aesop’s best known fables: A Wolf meets a Lamb straying from the flock. The wolf decides not to pounce on the Lamb right away but first to give the Lamb a reason why he, the Wolf, should eat him. So he says to the Lamb: “Hi, it was you who insulted me last year.” “Actually,” replies the Lamb in a mournful voice, “I was not born then.” Then says the Wolf, “But you feed in my pasture.” “No, sir,” replies the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” “Besides,” says the Wolf, “You drink at my well.” “No,” exclaims the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother's milk is both food and drink to me.” At that the Wolf seized him and ate him, saying, “Well! I won't stay without supper, even if you refute every one of my accusations.” Aesop is not the only one who sees human relationships in terms of wolves and lambs. The philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, said about the human condition that “ ...
Wednesday, December 4, 2013, the 338th day of the year. Today is Environment Day in Thailand and Navy Day in India and Italy. On This Date in History: 771: King Carloman died and his brother, Charlemagne, became King of the Franks. 1110: During the First Crusade, the Crusaders capture and sack Sidon, near Tyre, in present day Lebanon. 1642: Cardinal Richelieu, who had been King Louis XV's Chief Minister, died. 1674: French Missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette founded a mission on the shores of Lake Michigan which the Indians had named for an exotic wild onion, Chicago, which would become the third largest city in the U.S. Happy Birthday. 1679: Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher, died. 1745: Charles Edward Stewart's Army (Bonnie Prince Charlie) reached Derby. Its furthermost advancement point during the Second Jacobite Rebellion. 1783: George Washington bids a tearful farewell to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City following the British troop withdrawal at the end of the R ...
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Social Contract Theories talk about the people and that is where integrity, principles, fair play, equal opportunities, poverty alleviation, learning, decency, moderation, social welfare, democracy, rule of law but in Nigeria democracy today we the elite works with Thomas Hobbes and John Locke Social Contract Theories where power belongs to the leaders alone and that is where opportunism, betrayal, greed, covetousness, ethnicity, cabals, aggression, licentiousness, immoderate acquisition, authoritarianism, impunity etc. Please can someone identify by telling us here what is the structural plans behind Delta state government and its friends states today and that is why all we are here to debate is about friends in power or enemies and not about the people.
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