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Thomas Crown Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair is a 1968 film directed and produced by Norman Jewison starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.

Steve McQueen Faye Dunaway Rene Russo Pierce Brosnan Nina Simone Norman Jewison Turner Classic Movies John McTiernan Renee Russo Noel Harrison New Year Happy Birthday New York American Hustle Michel Legrand

In honor of her birthday:. . The Thomas Crown Affair. Network. Chinatown. Bonnie & Clyde. 3 Days of the Condor. Don Juan. Barfly
Faye Dunaway, Steve McQueen and Norman Jewison photographed by Bill Ray on the set of 'The Thomas Crown Affair'.
Got dressing gown on, hot chocolate and the Thomas crown affair one of my fave films 👍🏼👍🏼
1968 film The Thomas Crown Affair, the song The WIndmills of Your Mind – sung by Noel Harrison. Did u know he's the son of actor Rex Harrison
I wish I could remember who said though that Gambit should basically be The Thomas Crown Affair of X-Men movies.
cheese plate lunch, the thomas crown affair playing in the background, and a wool blanket over my lap. Next stop, Talbots!
he's wearing his bottom button undone in the style of the portly King Edward VII. so fashion, much wow…
Persol PO 714 Sunglasses c 1964. Worn by Thomas Crown aka in the 1968 movie The Thomas Crown…
Maybe Caucus can take a page from Thomas Crown Affair and put multiple replicas all over the place
📷 The partial basis for our fanfic, the 1999 version of the Thomas Crown Affair: 
I think two dozen people have asked, so here: I really have no idea how to wrap my head around the Cannon Tunnel Thomas Crown Affair saga.
Seriously, isn't there some Thomas Crown Affair type stuff that can solve this problem?
Thomas Crown Affair, awesome movie but I'd love to see you in anything or nothing at all!
Hi lovely👋🏾 Hm... good one🤔 ...would love to recreate the Thomas Crown Affair or any of the Oceans. Something ad…
Thomas in,,,the movie ,,the Thomas Crown Affair .
Reminds me of the most recent Thomas Crown Affair stolen painting scene.
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Split screen effect in first video, You On My Mind, right out of The Thomas Crown Affair. I used to watch this video album a lot in 80s.
that whole plane scene was lifted straight from The Thomas Crown Affair. How dare they.
Thanks to the Thomas Crown Affair, Nina Simone's Sinnerman makes me think of men in bowler hats running around a museum
You wanna dance or do you wanna DANCE? (Thomas Crown Affair)
it’s a good tune for sure. From The Thomas Crown Affair I think….
word after watching Contraband and Thomas Crown Affair i always wonder what that market was truly like
Great Escape is a good place to start, followed by Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, and the Cincinnati Kid.
You mean the staged robbery? Ever see the Thomas Crown Affair remake? Pay strangers to pull off a robbery. She is a fraud.
Rewatched the 1999 remake of Thomas Crown Affair the other day. Reminded of how incandescently hot Rene Russo was in the 80's/90's.
A lot of the ideas from 50 Shades are similar to The Thomas Crown Affair 😳
"Ocean's Eleven," "Sabrina," "The Italian Job," and "Thomas Crown Affair;" all movies that are better remakes than the originals. Others?
I totally agree that '99 Thomas Crown Affair is great! One of my all-time faves.
Ever listen to the soundtrack for the original "Thomas Crown Affair" with Steve McQueen? Really good.
Just watched Thomas Crown Affair (again). Makes me want to dance. Such a sensual film.
I watched the original Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and Faye Donaway last night. It…
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Watching the original Thomas Crown Affair. The Faye Dunaway character is fabulous! 💕💕
(I was getting Thomas Crown Affair vibes and while the lead is ok she was no Renee Russo.)
The scene in Thomas Crown Affair when Brosnan dances w/ Rene Russo, thats the sexiest thing. A tall handsome English man who can dance.
7 Reasons Michael B. Jordan Is the Perfect Choice to Star in 'Thomas Crown Affair' Remake: It looks like the ...
Used to great effect in Thomas Crown Affair remake, fwiw... but I imagine you'll be delving into the catalogue now :)
please go watch the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan immediately
Sexiness, particularly in movies, is the chess game in the 'Thomas Crown Affair' - Read full quote @
Always thought John McTiernans Thomas Crown Affair was a great rewatchable movie. But its real hard for Rene Russo to follow up Faye Dunaway
Did a heap of tourist stuff, including the Met. Amazing museum, and abs huge. Need to watch the Thomas Crown Affair again now :)
Watching The Thomas Crown Affair, I don't know why, Rene Russo simply cannot act.
Good night for movies! The Parent Trap and then The Thomas Crown Affair - one of my favorite movies!
All of a sudden this is The Thomas Crown Affair?
Ever seen The Thomas Crown Affair? (Please find an edited version if you haven't)
LOL! One of my favorite movie lines is from The Thomas Crown Affair where she says, "Men make women messy"
I wonder if Julian Assange has ever seen the end of the Thomas Crown Affair - that would be a mega lols way of escaping from that embassy...
Faye Dunaway & Steve McQueen on the set of The Thomas Crown Affair (1968, dir. Norman Jewison).
I think she looks better now than she did in the Thomas Crown Affair. but do dress appropriately.
To be fair, it worked in 'The Thomas Crown Affair'. They're maybe basing it on that.
This is a plot point from The Thomas Crown Affair. FYI.
Hence the louche, undone bow tie in The Thomas Crown Affair
Watching The Thomas Crown affair.Original one but also rate John McTiernan's version.Need him back making movies
.Though they may check out movie The Thomas Crown Affair while they search ...
She said she worked in Thomas crown affair?? . OK will stop ear wigging
I added a video to a playlist Thomas Crown Affair opening sequence
Body goals? . To look like Rene Russo did at 50. She was 50 in Thomas Crown Affair. . I will be doing just fine me thinks.
it used to hold the opening gala of EIFF. Pierce Brosnan chabbed some Marlboro lights off me at the Thomas Crown Affair premier.
I just remade the Thomas Crown Affair by running through Grand Central at rush hour while Sinnerman was playing on Spotify.
Thomas Crown Affair, The American President, and Empire of The Sun are all on TV right now and so that makes it the best Sunday ever.
had a Thomas Crown Affair flashback not seen Rene Russo for too long .
I always wished I could look exactly like Renee Russo in the Thomas Crown Affair.
ahh.. I have another, I think - the original "Thomas Crown Affair" with Faye Dunnaway and Steve McQueen.
Is next week going all Thomas Crown Affair?
the thomas crown affair 1968. Lets Play Chess.
I've admired it since it was featured in the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan. (Original is 25.7in × 36.4in)
oh yes that whole soundtrack from THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR was fantastic. Michel Legrand, Marylin and Alan Bergman?
THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR remake is happy-makingly on Hope we can agree this is Peak Rene Russo – she should have been…
ok I'm going to watch The Thomas Crown Affair again bye bbys
Pierce Brosnan in the Thomas Crown Affair is my dream man.
Thomas Crown Affair just came on tv. So my next 90 minutes are now officially booked.
Check out what I found. THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR DVD CERT PG via
I watched the entire Nina Simone documentary on and they didn't once show the Thomas Crown Affair Sinnerman montage.
[4] Just between us, I think the glider scene w/ Rene Russo & Pierce Brosnan in The Thomas Crown Affair is better than the
The Thomas Crown Affair is such a classic. Haven't seen it in years and smiled the whole time. So cool 😎
love all your films, you were the best 007,with your charm but my favorites are:Laws of Attraction,the Thomas Crown Affair
Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in Norman Jewison's THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR released on this day in 1968.   10% Off
Forgot how good a film The Thomas Crown Affair is!
Want to view some stolen art without resorting to Thomas Crown Affair antics? Here's your chance.
John McTiernan's Thomas Crown Affair is actually pretty good and very enjoyable film.
I'd love it to be Roadhouse with Ben Gazzara 😊 He was also in Thomas Crown Affair with Faye Dunaway but she wasn't a victim.
Quiver in Joe's voice when describing Rene Russo's 'fading Hollywood beauty'. Dread to think how many times he watched Thomas Crown Affair.
Thomas Crown Affair..? Rene Russo was a poor detective.. Brosnan had her around his fingers.
Thomas Crown Affair (remake) is on, and, ohmygod, Rene Russo is so amazingly sexy in this movie.
The Perez Art Museum Miami is screening the 1999 movie the Thomas Crown Affair on Jan. 15th. Details at:
Theme Time Triple Feature: RocknRolla, The Grand Budapest, Thomas Crown Affair. Proving the best thing to do with art is to steal it.
Might have to watch Thomas Crown Affair today. *** I love that movie.
Here are great movie remakes True Grit, 3:10 to Yuma, Oceans 11, Scarface, Thomas Crown Affair, & The Thing (1982)
Thomas Crown Affair has to be one all time greatest ever movies with the ever wonderful Steve in wouldn't you say?
Think Nightcrawler might be the best thing Rene Russo's done since Thomas Crown Affair. Hope the Academy give his Cuba Gooding moment
Steve McQueen&Faye Dunaway in the original Thomas Crown Affair.
Faye Dunaway in the Thomas Crown Affair is ridiculously chic:
Rene Russo in Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal. Her 'Thomas Crown Affair' wardrobe is trending toda
Faye Dunaway was only 27 when Thomas Crown Affair (1968) was released ~
I don't know if I'd go hottest ever, I mean, Rene Russo in Thomas Crown Affair is better IMO, but Tin Cup is up there.
One of my absolute favorite movies of all time is The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan. Know what that says about my personality?
THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR...a little somethin' to make your head spin!
Rene Russo should have played Jacqueline Kennedy in her hey day! I also loved her in the Thomas Crown Affair!
FACT: Pierce Brosnan banged Rene Russo on a marble staircase in the Thomas Crown Affair. He's a god.
Listening to Kweli "Get By" and now I gotta watch Thomas Crown Affair
Watching the remake of Thomas Crown Affair because it's that type of day.
Running Time: 113 mins The Thomas Crown Affair is an American film about a billionaire, bored of being able to buy whatever he desires and being completely irresistible to all women, decides to invest his time in a daring robbery … Continue reading →
Who wants to help me Thomas Crown Affair this piece
Thomas Crown affair’s only redeeming feature is the Sinnerman music based hat scene
Nice. I thought you might have asked him for Rene Russo's role in Thomas Crown affair. This was late 90s right?
Watching the Thomas crown affair with out isn't the same.
Sunday Asana review & studying and Thomas Crown affair watching after dinner!
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Excellent weekend (including Trail Days, white squirrels and some excellent pub grub), and now I get to wind down in the best way: relaxing in front of the fire and watching The Thomas Crown Affair. Too tired to read or write any more.Happy Sunday, y'all!
Watching The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen. Walked around Westin, MO. I had egg salad sandwhich & potatoe soup at the Tea House. Visited McCormick's. Bought a cat shirt at the Dog Art Gallery. Walked around Zona Rosa. Ate ultimate chocolate yogurt at Yogurtini. Chinese food to go from Hy-Vee. A great day!
Tonight in my apartment: spontaneously doing harmonic analysis of that Nina Simone track from The Thomas Crown Affair.
The Thomas Crown Affair is on netflix. Go watch it.
Fuggettabout all them movies where someone dies being such a "Romantic love story". Thomas Crown Affair, original OR remake, true romance like the windmills of your mind, hand downs.
re: break in. I missed my vocation in life! Thomas Crown Affair has nothing on me ;-)
Really makes the movie - both are stunning: The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) - Soundtracks - IMDb -
Speaking of Magritte, The Thomas Crown Affair is on. :Also found this. Happy Birthday. x. is from the John Thomas Crown Affair!..thank you..Im here all week.
I watched one of my favorite movies last night. The Thomas crown affair a great heist film:) during the film...
Thomas Crown Affair,the glider scene,I don't mean the crap remake either
It's always fun to go back and watch old movies, The Thomas Crown Affair was great.
I blame the Thomas Crown Affair. Who can say no to Rene Russo?
Thomas Crown Affair w/Pierce B & Renee Russo is my most Favorite movie ever! Can't wait for the sequel.. 💖💖
Thomas Crown Affair on Netflix Instant. Forgot how Rene Russo's character went from tough to hi-maintenance wreck!
Occasionally a remake of a film is an improvement. I'm thinking Thomas Crown Affair here. But mostly it's a waste of time and usually its an embarrassment. While the new Fargo TV series would have been fine if it had come out first, it is simply not possible to take Billy Bob Thornton seriously. Double whammy of a bad wig and a Noel Edmonds spray on beard. Its just not happening. Eggs florentine again? Go on then, you spoil me.
Met him during filming of Thomas Crown Affair. Parts were shot at my college. Met Rene Russo too. Total sweetheart.
Pierce Brosnon is ridiculous in the Thomas Crown Affair. He was born for that role.
💗watching old movies like Thomas Crown Affair and pierce Bronson and Rene Russo look so good!
Ooh, nice. I have indeed - Thomas Crown Affair. Wine informed my choice
Apres art museum, Bistro Vendome to warm up, then watching Thomas Crown Affair just because
For some reason, I want to watch The Thomas Crown Affair... wonder what that's about?
It's almost blasphemy that they remade The Thomas Crown Affair. However hard you try you can't beat Steve McQueen.
Big Story.for Today...2/28/2014 - Gold.Steve McQueen.Thomas Crown Affair.and "The Windmills of your MIND" Gold went from $280 an over $1,900 an oz...and will come down real fast.very soon."Run For Your Life"... - True... - 2/28/2014 -
It's all kicking off on the train. Rail-leaning politics has split the carriage. This just is like the Thomas Crown Affair or whevs.
I love Get Shorty so much! If only The Thomas Crown Affair was coming on next it would make for the best TV watching night.
This is for Shanet, Kimberly, Jane, Charlene, and every other grown-up I know. It's the chess scene from The Thomas Crown Affair. It's grown-ups flirting and it's one of the reasons that I would never, not for anything, want to be twenty again. Of course the only man I flirt with is Joe (and not nearly enough) but there's a gravitas to watching adults acting like adults and not emulating teenagers that is refreshing. An excellent reminder that getting older usually means things are getting better! (Please note that when I chew on my fingers I tend to look like I'm worrying a hangnail, not a'tall attractive ) (And there is some kissing at the end) (And it's a little squoshy) (And then they fall into your seventh-grade science fair glass prism experiment where rainbows appeared all over the room)
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Gorgeous small clutch bug Wooden beads Original 1960, Faye Dunnaway had a similar bag in the film The Thomas Crown Affair It is really a lovely bag, very fashionable for the summer In good condition The zip still works and the chain is fixed firmly Fashion statement for "only £9
Why have I not discovered HDNET Movies before now? They have great movies! Romancing the Stone tonight. The Thomas Crown Affair on March 8. And who knows what other great cinematic gems???
Bio-Pics of well-know celebrities do notoriously bad at the box-office. One such film to have overcome this "box-office poison" tag and be elevated to the ranks of the "classics"(at least in Camp Culture) is the remarkable bio-pic of the late 40s actress Joan Crawford ("What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"). The film was adapted from the book her adopted daughter Christina wrote about the horrors she and her adopted brother endured growing up as the children of the Wicked Witch Of Beverly Hills: the screaming, the slaps,the force-feeding of food, the beatings with WIRE HANGERS(!), the night terrors of being dragged out of bed at midnight by an insane, terrifying "mother" and forced to get on hands and knees, scrubbing the bathroom floor and toilet! Daughter Christina got her back (revenge) following the death of her un-mourned Mum by writing this tale of growing up with a Hollywood monster for a parent, all the while, as Christina relates, "Mommie Dearest" presented herself to her "adoring fans" as the consu ...
Windmills of your mind from The Thomas Crown Affair. Gosh, we were privvy to some great music.
Happy Birthday: Michel Legrand (Feb. 24, 1932) Michel Jean Legrand is a French musical composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist. Legrand is a prolific composer, having written over 200 film and television scores in addition to many memorable songs. He is best known for his often haunting film music and scores, such as 'The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg' (1964) and 'The Thomas Crown Affair' (1968) featuring the song "The Windmills 0f Your Mind" for which he won his first Academy Award... More:
Weekend Observations... 1) Mom has a very high tolerance for sedation, but she still let me drive the car. 2) "Monuments Men" was good, but not great. Like "The Thomas Crown Affair" crossed with "The Great Escape." It's nice, though, to see this part of WWII history get some attention. 3) I'm still convinced that the Biatholon was invented by bored KGB agents. 4) I searched through Mom's back catelog of "Taste of Home" magazines for new recipe ideas. I can discard about 2/3s of the receipes 'cause Josh won't eat fish, and I won't touch mushrooms. 5) I had the single best Macaron I've ever tasted. Thanks, Ethereal:)
The Thomas Crown Affair...beautiful men...beautiful women...fabulous soundtrack...Monet! Even after the zillionth has taken the pathetic drudgery of cleaning out drawers to the heightened level of domestic satisfaction!
Turner Classic Movies: TCM has been showing some great movies for its including THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (1968) this morning. Of course it stars style icon and all around hottie Enjoy this piece from GlamAmor on Steve and this film's cinema style:
What a relaxing day... Helped Jeffrey this morning walking and playing dogs boarded at the clinic, then home to watch part of the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy, then homemade pizzas with blackeyed peas on them while watching a lot of good movies on TCM - Splendor in the Grass, The (original) Thomas Crown Affair, Magnificent Obsession, and The Thrill of It All - Happy New Year everyone!
Here is the 3rd song from the thomas crown affair soundtrack 3.) playing the field
Natalie DESSAY - Michel Legrand "Les moulins de mon cœur" (from the movie The Thomas Crown Affair) Album "Entre elle et lui" available on:
Watched the tail-end of Splendor in the Grass. Made me thankful no one stood in my way when I fell in love with Shelton. Then I watched The Thomas Crown Affair for the first time. I love classic movies!
Oh my gosh! The original Thomas Crown Affair had a totally different ending. One that made so much more sense.
First Thomas Crown Affair on TCM. Good backdrop to a NY..
Steve McQueen. Thomas Crown Affair. Now this is a good cold afternoon in.
Watching the original Thomas Crown Affair and who knew a chess game could be filled with so much sexual tension
Watching the 1968 Steve McQueen version of "The Thomas Crown Affair." In this movie, McQueen's character has a net worth of $4 million, and he is considered to be filthy, almost obscenely, rich. In today's economy, he would be considered middle class.
Watching The Thomas Crown Affair! I remember seeing this with Mont, he loved Steve McQueen!!!
Steve McQueen. One of the sexiest. He surely was. Awesome with sexy Faye Dunaway in original Thomas Crown Affair :)
Watching the Thomas Crown Affair whilst hung over. did the chess industry pay for this? "Buy this set and she'll think you're Steve McQueen"
I love both versions of the Thomas Crown Affair. But for sartorialism and elegance Faye Dunaway's iconic outfits and the way she carries them has to be in fr...
OMG, the chess game in the Thomas Crown Affair. You were right, Carter Stevens! This is amazing! We're DYING.
Thomas Crown Affair, original...Faye Dunaway (at her most gorgeous) Steve McQueen.brilliant
Thomas Crown Affair - no the original one with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. Finally seeing it!!
Faye Dunaway is so DONE in Thomas Crown affair: acrylic nails, falls and lashes. I LOVE IT!
think I'm mistaken about that Jag E-Type in Wolf of Wall Street that may be a Ferrari 275 GTB now that I'm watching The Thomas Crown Affair
Watching The Thomas Crown Affair (the original not the remade atrocity). Summer Glau looks a lot like circa 1960s Faye Dunaway.
In my pj's watching the original Thomas crown affair made originally in 1961!! RELAXING !!
sand peebles, citizen kane, Thomas crown affair (original), the hustler, 21, dances with wolves...
Clouds are rolling in , Bonding with my cat watching Thomas Crown Affair on TCM ,,, daughter dear on her way for a visit . guess we are gunna get some snow ,,, now every one run to the G store and get all the bread milk water eggs and butter yu all can find . PANIC on the Fore Front
Watching the original "Thomas Crown Affair" starring the dreamy Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway.
I'm snuggled up w hubby watching The Thomas Crown Affair, I love Steve McQueen he is so cool!
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Hey, that's Lieutenant Uhura in Thomas Crown Affair. Ironically, repeating Thomas Crown's words to police officer.
I want every suit in the Thomas Crown Affair.
Watching the original Thomas Crown Affair with my 8 year old son. Very cool.
Lesson One from The Thomas Crown Affair: when various men in sunglasses enter your bank simultaneously, you may want to step up your game.
OK, I'll watch Thomas Crown Affair on during the first intermission of
Like a carousel that's turning. Like the circles you will find. In the WINDMILLS OF YOUR MIND. THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR.
Turner is playing the Real "Thomas Crown Affair". Arguably, one of the sexiest of films.
makes watching "The Thomas Crown Affair" more rewarding. I’m earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
We are about to enjoy some French onion soup & the Thomas Crown Affair
JayNBey created their jetset couple public image based on this film. BonnieNClyde my azz! Living THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR life.
Faye Dunaway was just right for Bonnie & Clyde. Not so good in the Thomas Crown Affair.
If you can drag yourself away from 3- & 4-horse fields, the original Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen is on TCM at 2pm.
Personal Favorite of mine - on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has a wonderful movie - all time classic on at 11am (PST) - Thomas Crown Affair - Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway, Paul Burke, Jack Weston and so many more recognizable actors - Directed by the innovative Norman Jewison and DP: Haskell Wexler (2nd AD was Walter Hill!) go to for more details. Great way to start the New Year.
Loved myself to sleep after watching The Thomas Crown Affair & brainstormin' zine ideas at 3AM.
The Steve McQueen, love in, continues with The Thomas Crown Affair..
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Watching my favourite movie, the thomas crown affair while drinking bubbly and eating Toblerone. This year is starting well.
Had enough of pampered, adolescent, "student athletes" behaving badly? Today on TCM, 2PM to 4PM, The Thomas Crown Affair. One of McQueen's best.
This is the nineth song from the amazing soundtrack of The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo! The composer is Bill Conti. I OWN NOTHING!
They drank gin cocktails and noshed on deviled eggs as "The Thomas Crown Affair" flashed across a communist wall.
All I want to do is watch Tangled. Instead I took a nap during Thomas Crown Affair. Tangled is at least family friendly!
My aunt put on Thomas Crown Affair. I recognized Reid Castle instantly. Was not expecting that!
Looks like nachos tonight, an old movie, and a little Baileys...sounds good to me. Can't decide between the Thomas Crown Affair or Catch Me If You Can...hmmm
So Kill Bill 1&2, Thomas Crown Affair, and now True Lies...Greta way to end 2013󾮗󾦆
I think you would sing windmills of your mind (Thomas crown affair) rather well ... Give it a go :-)
Trivia question: What connects our current show, Jesus Christ Superstar, to Fiddler on the Roof, The Thomas Crown Affair and Rollerball?
Just finished THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, which means I've watched or re-watched all of John McTiernan's films.
Thomas crown affair - Steve McQueen version. Once the Coolest man on the planet
That's why the Thomas Crown Affair is a dope film
love to watch the Thomas Crown Affair, brilliant film :)) and love the music too:) though i think iv been watching to much star wars again lol as ppl at work may have noticed the two bun hair doo sneaking in there lol .xx don't worry saw my last one today …promise:)
Watching Thomas crown Affair... Shall we dance or shall we dance ? ... Oh lets dance Mr Brosnan ;-)
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I added a video to a playlist The Thomas Crown Affair (full movie) 1080P
I liked a video The Thomas Crown Affair (full movie) 1080P
Steve McQueens suits in the Thomas Crown affair are the best for me - I may have watched both films hundreds of times
The Thomas crown affair is on at 830 FYI! A fav for sure! It's sexy time =)
Tonight was "great caper movie remake" night. Ocean's Eleven (Clooney, et al.) followed by The Thomas Crown Affair (Brosnan and Russo). Tres elegant.
Being an ardent fan of d Dhoom series, here r my true blue grievances against d movie dat disappoints... The Dhoom franchisee is supposed to churn out d ultimate masala entertainers with bikes, babes n bad boys dat make u fall in love wid dem... N it's "supposed" to get bigger n better! Nt just wid d star cast, but also d plot n d script. D 1st movie came wid a bang n d second topped d 1st in every way! Wid it's 3rd installment, esp with amir in d lead, we expected far more dan wt ws delivered! D back story 4 d thief is wonderful touching an emotional chord amongst d audience. N so is amir's performance in d emotional scenes. Bt d plot is so faulty n based on d assumption dat d audience is completely stupid! D ingenuity of d bank robberies which is supposed to b one of d USP's of d film has been totally eliminated n replaced by over d top chasing sequences which although heart racing in d beginning turn laughable towards d end! Katrina has no role other dan performing in tantalizing dance sequences in d s ...
Movie night with the family watching Pierce Brosnan's The Thomas Crown Affair :)
Was supposed to be clear and warm today it is cloudy and much for weather forecasts. Just had conversation with Jenn about favorite classic movies from the 60's and 70's that we like and I'm starting a list not necessarily in order, but faves none the less.I actually read more books than I watch movies but I do like a good one. Byt he way Book I'm reading right now is Light & Shade, Conversations with Jimmy Page an excellent read. I'd like to hear from you on which of these are faves from that period for you as well or if you have seen them or not and if you did what did you think? Add any of your faves that I may have missed. I have some that you may have forgotten... Oh! I add some newer ones too on the other lsit below that are must sees and on my faves list.By the way, you can see most of these on Netflix for very little or on Amazon Prime for free, After you pay the Amazon prime one time annual pmt. 1. Harold and Maude: Very funny and touching Dark Humor, Drama 2. Serpico: One of the first ...
Tonight's Saturday Night Cinema is one of my all time favorite post Hollywood's golden age classics, The Thomas Crown Affair. Starring the sleek, sharp and ultra fashionable Faye Dunaway and the stuff of man-crushes, the hunky Steve McQueen, it's a smart, sexy, modern love story. When men were men a...
The Thomas Crown Affair. Good way to start off a Saturday
From the director of 'silver linings playbook' and 'three kings', 'American Hustle' was awesome! A comical crime thriller in the spirit of 'the Thomas crown affair'(both versions) and 'the grifters'. A new con artist classic that will leave you breathless!
Sure, it's McQueen-deficient but the THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR remake is a pretty darn elegant piece of work. Great use of Nina Simone's 'Sinnerman' too.
The Thomas Crown Affair is one of my favorite movies. Thomas Crown (the main character) was born poor but created a life of illusion by being a handsome and well dressed thief/liar.
Want to watch The Thomas Crown Affair? Keep track the films you want to see - on IMDb.
The Polo Scene from The Thomas Crown Affair (1968) is wonderful film making with a great cast - few can match Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen for 60s cool. Sp...
A scene from the movie Thomas Crown Affair where an amazing saxophone piece is played. Enjoy.
Her first directorial debut is a big project : the life of Maria Callas It is almost 72 years old and decided to become a director . Actress Faye Dunaway has an impressive resume : Bonnie and Clyde, The Thomas Crown Affair, Little Big Man, Three Days of the Condor, movies that left all their mark . The relationship of Faye Dunaway with Maria Callas began in 1997 , when the actor impersonating the theater scene in New York . As we prepare for the role , knowing the great opera diva , impressed by the personality of Maria Callas " This woman changed a kind of art . We can only very few artists can say that. Callas is for Opera that Fellini about cinema . " After the completion of the play , the Dunaway « bought " the rights of the script and decided to start her first movie . But unfortunately the financial problems delayed production. Plus until mid- 2014 , will have been completed and shooting and the film will be released in early 2015 .
In sports : Football has spirits de corps- and it is said it is not the weakest link in the team but the strength given to weakest link, As it was said " We didnt lost, We just ran out of time , Winner is Winner , And Nothing stands Alone, Its only repeatation or Incarnation, Chakra or Spin In A Spin- Thomas Crown Affair Sound Track- Windmills of Mind, Love Actually ( Heathrow London)- The Graduate Movie ( Hellow Darkness My Old Friend - April she will come - Scarborough Fair. Imagine By You Know I have Beatles Movie in my Libraray as well wheras Woody Ellen made to my favorite list.
Finally! We have a Christmas Day movie schedule -- no Inside Llewyn Davis or August: Osage County -- argh! -- so this was the best we could do: Saving Mr. Banks at 1:25 Frozen at 4:15 The Wolf of Wall Street at 8:20 All shows at Cinemark Tinseltown Come join me and Pat Medlock and let's see some movies together! In between Frozen and Wolf, we'll be dining and imbibing at whatever that Ale House is that's over there. Merry and Bright y'all! PS -- The reason American Hustle isn't on this list is because we saw it already. It's GREAT; I could see that again! It's like The Sting, Casino and The Thomas Crown Affair (the first one) all rolled up and glazed up with brilliant performances from Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale. Wonderful movie. Go see that and then come see us at one or two of these others…!
Finishing my fab day off with Thomas Crown affair and VC! How perfect!
10 films I must watch again...and again Moulin Rouge Scent of a Woman Dead Poets Society The Wind that Blows the Barley The Colour Purple This Sporting Life The Crying Game The War of the Buttons Ptang Yang Kipperbang The Thomas Crown Affair (original) wump
Leanne Morici Meliss Ann Da Na Ama Nda -- I'll watch Breaking Bad when you guys watch The Thomas Crown Affair and Revenge . we will discuss at our next get together LOL.
Reminds Me of the Rene Magritte painting used in the Thomas Crown Affair...Man in Bowler Hat with Green Apple in Front of his Face!
Lol I exit the shop and all *** breaks lose alarm bells hehehe hand the bags over and the receipt, de-tag the perfume's again and the staff member apologized, out the exit again same thing bells and lights, man lol, Sunday Christmas shopping and Thomas Crown Affair all rolled into one, only it's not high value art it perfume and I've paid for it lol
So last night I bumped into a person I played soccer with that I had not seen in about 7 years, or.when I left to NYC. So I was showing him the things I was doing in The City: He compared me to Pierce Brosnan and The Thomas Crown Affair! I'm flattered, only that I probably won't be stealing a Cezanne from The Met anytime soon!
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Really enjoyed "American Hustle," Right up there with the great 'caper' movies like original "Thomas Crown Affair," and "The Sting." True ensemble cast was delightful. Sorry to see the movie end.
Anyone see the Great Train Robbery on the Beeb this week? Not just a good drama but music good too. Even if the opening scene was a straight rip off of the Thomas Crown Affair using the Nina Simone Sinnerman it and see what you think.
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Last year on New Year's Eve I stayed in, cooked myself a great dinner, poured myself some lovely wine, and watched 'The Thomas Crown Affair' featuring Steve McQueen. It was pure heaven. Tonight? I'm watching 'The Great Escape' with the very same McQueen, and sipping wine, gazing at the glow of my little Xmas tree, and thinking: Wow. Did a year just pass?
The great train rubbery thing was very good on the beeb. Looking forward to the coppers tale. Were the bowler hats and Nina Simone references to the thomas crown affair?
My song for today is "Windmills of Your Mind," which debuted in a movie--"The Thomas Crown Affair," in 1968, sung by Noel Harrison. He had some succuss with it . The next year Dusty Springfield had a successful cover of the song. In later years, they remade the movie, and Sting sang the song. This is one of those songs that makes me a little nostalgic for my youth when I hear it.
Would really love to watch Thomas Crown Affair tonight. The newer one, with Rene Russo&Pierce Brosnan.
AT SIXTEEN YEARS OLD I was charged with Aiding and Abetting Against the United States to overthrow the government. I was just getting warmed up. 30 Page Rap Sheet Provenance, 1 page of Alias; 26 arrests from New York to California and every place in between, Real Life Heist 26 stories blaze's a trail in American literature much like the life it documents. No violence, no sex crimes and no serious drug offenses but 100% Real Life Heist. Where Elmore Leonard meets James McElroy and not since the "Thomas Crown Affair" or the 1970's "Heist," Real Life Heist author Mark Anthony Given's gritty topics from juvenile hall's "Circle Jerk City," to "Dope Sick Angel," or The Real Drug Store Cowboy, resonate with every day Americans and the rebellious spirit of America and provide a fascinating insight into a truly original American Life. It's going to be hard to top this. The New York Times New York Magazine Los Angeles Times The Boston Globe Drudge Report Denver Westword Sun Herald Democrat and Chronicle Miami ...
More random thoughts prompted by original "Thomas Crown Affair" ...
Perfect fall day to channel Rene Russo in Thomas Crown Affair.
And I feel like sending the writers of both movies Lethal Weapon 3 and Thomas Crown Affair to learn how to properly utilize Rene Russo
Tuesday night on TMC, The Thomas Crown Affair (1968). One of my favs.
I took over the Guru title for The Thomas Crown Affair from teamLOPEZ on
*** time zones. Pretty much missed all of THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. Oh well, there's wine.
Just watched the ending to Steve McQueen's original The Thomas Crown Affair on TCM. I prefer it to the Pierce Brosnan reboot..
Also those chatty patties made me miss the first 30 mins of THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR (1968) on >:(
I don't know which one I like better: The Brosnan-Russo Thomas Crown Affair or the McQueen-Dunaway one...
Looks like they're playing the orginal Thomas Crown Affair; Steve McQueen, Fae Dunaway...
When you watch Faye Dunaway in the chess match in “Thomas Crown Affair”, you are watching the embodiment of seduction.
Watching the original "Thomas Crown Affair" and realizing that holy cow, I've totally been playing chess wrong all these years.
Thomas Crown Affair is on. Steve fine.
"Thomas Crown Affair" on TCM. It's the chess scene, right before the kiss in the study. McQueen or Brosnan?
OMG the gorgeous 60s retro chic hair & clothing Faye Dunaway's wearing in THE THOMAS CROWN die for, especially the chignon.
And now 'The Thomas Crown Affair' is on! *** yes!
watching Thomas Crown Affair. forgot how sexy it is. Man has on pebble grain with a kilt golf shoes!
The Thomas Crown Affair on - forgot how much I wanted his Boston home.
The original Thomas Crown Affair is on Turner Classic Movies right now!
Watching "The Thomas Crown Affair" w/Steve McQueen on & love all the scenes of as I remember it from the 1960s - Wicked Pissa
I found the exact spot in the cemetery where McQueen picks up the money in Thomas Crown Affair. It was so exciting to find that!
Why watch two *** squabble on CNN when you could be indulging in the original THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR? Deal with honest time theft!
Ohh Thomas Crown Affair is on TCM. Reminds me that I still have to do those two filming location posts.
Next on is in 1968's THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. Check out my photoessay of his hot high style:
must be an international channel. Just checked. High Sierra is on. Thomas Crown Affair w McQueen on next
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Not even two minutes into "The Thomas Crown Affair" and there is an _unbelievable_ continuity error with the truck. I better be wary.
Walking out of west quay carrying a suit whilst the fire alarm was going off, felt like I was in The Thomas Crown Affair!
Why can't the Thomas Crown affair be on every night before bed 💔
I feel a bit like Thomas Crown in The Thomas Crown Affair, just without the money.
Watching some Sherlock. Again, totally enjoy use of "Sinnerman" as tie-in to the Pierce Brosnan "Thomas Crown Affair."
So, I awoke this morning at 3 and the first thing my brain did was replay the entire film The Thomas Crown Affair (remake), word for word...
It's an escaped con-man, on loan to the FBI for help with White Collar Crimes. Very cool Thomas Crown Affair type stuff.
Watching the Thomas Crown Affair one of my fav movies
We all love a good robbery movie.The Italian Job, Ocean's 11, Heat, The Town, Thomas Crown Affair, Kelly's...
noope I lremember thomas crown affair better.. Pierce and renerusso
opening titles and graphic montages very similar to the original (1968) version of The Thomas Crown Affair.
Thomas crown affair “Mention that movie that is enthralling to watch alone with your spouse.
Thomas Crown Affair OST is amazing. Loved it since the first time I saw it
Just used a VCR for the first time in forever. Watched The Thomas Crown Affair
Thomas crown affair. You've got mail (well it was based on another movie )
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
as in the Thomas Crown Affair if so that's one of my favorite movies!
Nothing, just Steve McQueen working on his dune buggy for that scene in 1968 Thomas Crown Affair
I agree with The Thomas Crown Affair (much much better!) and would consider Cape Fear in the running as well.
Think of it not as a tantrum, but as an audition for upcoming direct-to-DVD sequel "Baby Geniuses: The Thomas Crown Affair."
I really like the newer Thomas Crown Affair esp with the Nina Simone music, but I may be alone on that one.
Consensus seems to be "The Thomas Crown Affair." Saw remake, not original, so I'm agnostic.
The Thomas Crown Affair. Ah, Brosnan. MT Can think of only one movie in which remake was much better than original: Oceans 11.
I think "Thomas Crown Affair" with different actor and actress would be better movie than "To Catch a Thief".
Now watching The Thomas Crown Affair for the 100th time.
Thomas crown affair gets it right tbh
Watched original "The Thomas Crown Affair" over weekend,first time in 20 years. Steve Mc Queen possibly coolest guy ever
Jewell theft has gone from a saint episode to the Thomas crown affair. Expect Faye Dunaway to be on the case for the insurers.
eBay sales for vintage suede go up whenever I watch The Thomas Crown Affair.
Mark two old movies that show scenic Boston in early days is orig. Thomas Crown Affair and The Friends of Eddie Coyel..
The Thomas Crown Affair - 1968 [720p] (1): via ... great film + great chess 'match' on and off the board...
Love the style of Steve McQueen in the original Thomas Crown Affair.
Photo: I’m watching The Thomas Crown Affair “:3 mi peli favorita!!” Check-in to The Thomas Crown Affair on...
I'll be over here in a puddle watching Steve McQueen in the thomas crown affair.
Watching Thomas Crown Affair. I want to look like Rene Russo when I grow up.
Finally watched '68 "Thomas Crown Affair." Among all the postcard sites, was that really the top of Charles River Park? How glamorous.
So yeh, i'm probably one of the very few 12 year olds to watch The Thomas Crown Affair.glad im different lol x.
"I'm running a sex orgy, for a couple of freaks, on government funds!" - favorite line from The Thomas Crown Affair, seen on
'The Thomas Crown Affair' is the founding father of all
"The Windmills of Your Mind" (1968) - Noel Harrison Academy Award for Best Original Song for The Thomas Crown Affair
"The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968) just started on TV 9.1 broadcast. McQueen/Dunaway
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