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Thirty Seconds

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo is a 1944 MGM war film. It is based on the true story of the Doolittle Raid, America's first retaliatory air strike against Japan four months after the December 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Love this PVRIS cut. They'll be with Muse and Thirty Seconds To Mars at Shoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View...
📷 murderous-manipulative-angel: Jared and Shannon Leto of Thirty Seconds To Mars in concert at the 2017...
It's confirmed! will be touring with Muse and Thirty Seconds To Mars!htt…
Mom: who's Jared Leto?. Me: Jared Leto, 45, academy award winning actor of Dallas Buyers Club, lead singer of Thirty Seconds To Mars, born on
Three minutes and thirty seconds of pure excitement: The Maryland State Police. It's not just a career, it's a...
Okay maybe not the banger part though her face flushed at her sudden thoughts and she quickly looked away. In the span of thirty seconds she
JAKE: It's 12:14, you just got here thirty seconds ago, and you're already ready to interrupt the day.
Thirty Seconds To Mars are being big teases again.
got a good thirty seconds into Turn It Off from Book of Mormon on the bus before I realised my headphones weren't in
You've got a minute and thirty seconds.
Breaking!. Video footage of fans remaining silent for 30 (thirty!) seconds. Give me strength.
Starting my morning off with Thirty Seconds To Mars "The Kill". God I love this song
You have thirty seconds to make a good impression so how can you peak your customers interest in such little time?
See the inspiration behind the Short Films with Episode of
Love waking up and not knowing where im at for a solid thirty seconds
I love Thirty Seconds To Mars but why am I only now hearing some of their best music
Coughing every thirty seconds is not funny. It's exhausting!
🎧 All you need to listen to your favorite MARS music in one pack:
The new Thirty Seconds To Mars album is coming...
Catch ur dream even its hard. Jangan setengah2 de do it or let… ♫ Do Or Die by Afrojack & Thirty Seconds To Mars
Estou viciada em Thirty Seconds To Mars, socorro
Thirty Seconds To Mars. The band, the spirits, and the echelon that changed my life. I am forever grateful for the love that co…
We were the kings and queens of promise. We were the victims of… ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
“I thought to myself sure, I could write my own lyrics, or I could just cover the great works of Thirty Seconds to…
had made appearances at the Video Music Awards in 2010, 2011 and 2015 with Thirty Seconds To Mars and her husband.
You can really see the Thirty Seconds To Mars influence on Jared Leto's Joker! For example, he was only on screen for 30 seconds!
No I'm not saying I'm sorry. One day maybe we'll meet again😉✌👍 ♫ Closer to the Edge by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Apparently The Joker is a big fan of Thirty Seconds To Mars. He has their logo tattooed on his arm! ;)
. - The 1975 lyrics . - a tally that the girls drew for me. - a cross . - Thirty Seconds To Mars symbol . - A quote in hindi
30 seconds to 30 ♫ From Yesterday by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I know enough to know the way :P Edge Of The Earth de Thirty Seconds To Mars
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Romeo's Daughter came on stage and proved their class in less then thirty seconds.
Usual activity: brush teeth for like thirty seconds. Night before dentist: floss, brush four times, rinse out blood from gums-repeat.
I have found the greatest thirty seconds of Metal Gear content that will ever exist
my bad phone on do not disturb. Give me thirty seconds
"On his face is a map of the world. From yesterday, it's coming!. From… ♫ From Yesterday by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Four minutes and thirty five seconds of amazing
I guess we all can relate in some way. Great piece Kye.
I've probably seen Mac and dev go to high school about 100 times and I still only actually remember about thirty seconds
See another side of you haven't experienced before. Step into The Lab. —
made it less than thirty seconds. Cringed myself to a nosebleed
This is war!!! To fight to fight to fight!! ♫ This Is War by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Beyoncé has such a lack of lyrical depth in her songs, she hits her hook every thirty seconds that consists of the same 2-3 words
Thirty Seconds To Mars is always a solid option when looking for throwbacks
TGIF. Anyone feel like going with us? |
You just got to power down. Wait thirty seconds and reboot. That'll fix it.
When you submit your essay to the Dropbox thirty seconds before it closes
she dreams of love , he lives to run. ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
La nuit du chasseur ♫ Night of the Hunter by Thirty Seconds To Mars
okAy whatever make me watch Hal an hour of weiRD JUST FOR THIRTY SECONDS OF SCOMICHE OKAY OKAY ITS WHATEVER
Question for the . What song would you want Thirty Seconds To Mars to cover in the future?
Nate literally just put on Need You Now by Lady Antebellum for thirty seconds and then turned it off because it was "too long"
i get so mad that i just want to punch walls but then I sit there n think abt it for thirty seconds n I can't remember why I was so mad
Alright. That's a bit of an improvement. Could you please try unplugging your router for thirty seconds? SW.
Pandora commercials give me thirty seconds to think blankly about life
Semester baru, ituan baru 😎 ♫ From Yesterday by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Could you please try unplugging the Roku for thirty seconds and then plugging it back in? Thanks. SW.
I used to be able to hold my breath for a minute and thirty seconds or so
Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in thirty seconds if you feel the heat around the corner.
Thirty Seconds To Mars, kodaline, robsten :'c
Thirty Seconds To Mars fans are mad and confused about a pointless re-release
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Thirty Seconds To Mars is good for gymming it, this is war and do or die (remix) and Fallen are my favourite 🙌
List of people I want to meet:. The 1975. . Joseph Gordon-Levitt. . Thirty Seconds To Mars. (again). All of The Echelon. Linkin…
noobs -,-'' ♫ A Beautiful Lie by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Hujan yang deras ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars (with Kharly and dhikaredika at —
Under the banner of heaven we dream out loud. :) ♫ Do Or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Listen to "Up In the Air" from LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS by Thirty Seconds To Mars on Apple Music.
Fate is coming, that i know.. ♫ Do Or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I liked a video Afrojack VS. Thirty Seconds To Mars - Do Or Die (Remix)
And maybe a Tokio Hotel / Thirty Seconds To Mars collab. But, ya know. Anything can happen.
Thirty Seconds To Mars In the Studio!!! Yay yay can't wait!! . Ah this weekend I shall do hermit crab mode N watch...
ohh demons, where did my angel go! ♫ Bright Lights by Thirty Seconds To Mars
It took me thirty seconds to recover from laughing at the "Putin not in Ukraine under Reagan!" line.
I miss Starburst and Life Savers. Only 233 to go for more fun with
99% of the time the kid would put the phone down within thirty seconds of seeing what I was trying to teach.
I liked a video Thirty Seconds To Mars - "This is War" Lyrics
Just a ghost.. 😱 ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I Googled it in thirty seconds. I wanted to help her out but she seemed angry. I would have also been angry.
I know. Bu it literally took you thirty seconds. No problem, but a little advanced notice owould be nice so we can promote
okay. I'll remember to pay attention to that last thirty seconds of class next time. Lol
233 tix to unlock a secret Thirty Seconds To Mars - Church of Mars London -
update: I've been outside for thirty seconds and it has rained through the hat
How to make me cry in thirty seconds or less
How many times can you say Essex in thirty seconds...?
bj's brewhouse is playing Thirty Seconds To Mars...I feel so emo.
could sort out the v rift in about thirty seconds flat. Knock a few heads together.
Me: *takes thirty selfies with a ladybug in ten seconds*. Desi: *cant even take one because she's focusing on herself* . Ladybug: *flies away*
Riding the elevator up two floors for the extra thirty seconds of reading time.
Sixty seconds now feels more like thirty, . Tick-tock, won't stop, around it goes. Sand through the glass sure falls in a hurry
Give me thirty seconds to hide Navia then I'll handle it!
No offense but men are the ones who *** in thirty seconds and ruin it for everyone :/
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars will always be one of my favourite songs
When there's only thirty seconds left in the season finale and Barry still has to save the world so you know it ain't gonna happen
I would pay one trillion dollars to sit in this hot tub for thirty seconds.
Literally been home thirty seconds and my mums having ago at me for trying to do something nice, well then😑
Only sent off my pilot this morning... already checking my inbox every thirty seconds for a reply. 'tis gonna be a long month.
Look at this for thirty seconds, and then look away.
Tried to be nice today. Went horrible. Worst thirty seconds of my life 🖕🏻😂
We've got 4 ways to help unlock Let's video chat at 2500.
I popped my anger in my mouth. Chewed it patiently for thirty seconds. Gathered its chunks with my tongue, and spit it in y…
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Church of M... - Vesna only 235 tix .can we do this
Thirty Seconds To Mars Announces 2016 Camp Mars -- details on
like this is not or their coach's fault at ALL but god *** that was an unsettling thirty seconds in my life
was spawn Drizzt and he'd kick everybody's *** for you for about thirty seconds and then vanish.
.As of thirty seconds ago, I am the reigning Uno champion of my study hall!
great job! Took thirty seconds to make that kids night. This is why hockey players the most down to earth athletes
Loving you is a like a song I replay. Every three minutes and thirty seconds of every day 🎧💭
A new day, a new age, a new face, a new lay, A new love, a new drug,… ♫ Bright Lights by Thirty Seconds To Mars
A million little pieces we've broken into. A million little… ♫ Search and Destroy by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Semangat ketemu dosen ♫ This Is War by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Again and again and again and again.. I see your face in everything ♫ Echelon by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Yes we are ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Pagii selingkuhan 💏 😃 ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
"Was it a Dream?" by Thirty Seconds To Mars is the perfect song to be listening to during this storm.
its a Beautiful Lie.. ♫ A Beautiful Lie by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Biar melek ♫ Do or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars
It's like a Thirty Seconds To Mars video!.
He is 36 years old today. He has been a part of Thirty Seconds To Mars for around 12 years. He is the best guitarist. He is…
Listen to Attack by Thirty Seconds To Mars on
Thirty Seconds To Mars will host a three-day concert/wilderness retreat called 'Camp Mars' this summer:
Conquistador from the bands Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams album by Thirty Seconds To Mars reached No 24 in the US...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I don't know!!! 😭😭😭 Bon Jovi and Dave Mathews Band are coming and I'm stuck with Thirty Seconds To Mars tixs 😑😕
I'll wrap my hands around your neck so tight with love, love.. 🔜 🔼 ♫ Up In the Air by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I'm Seventeen looking for a fight.Lost in the city of Angels... ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
And the story goes on... estoy escuchando a Thirty Seconds To Mars
Wake up! ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
What will get me through the day. ♫ Conquistador by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Don't ask too much, just say 'Cause this is just a game … ♫ A Beautiful Lie by Thirty Seconds To Mars
My fav bgt dah nih lguu 💜💙 ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
selamat pagi menjelang siang , happy long weekend 😂😂 ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Thirty Seconds To Mars taking me back to the rock days ✊👌
I liked a video Thirty Seconds To Mars - "Hurricane" Lyrics
on today's writing soundtrack: Thirty Seconds To Mars - Hurricane
Been quite a long time since I was last here 😅😁 (@ Thirty Seconds in Kuala Lumpur, Sri damansara)
A teacher & I just walked the same speed next to each other for like thirty seconds. I feel intimidated. Omg.
My fav💕😘 ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Being an artist myself this is such a beautiful and inspiring video Thirty Seconds To Mars - Making Of "Hurricane":
3 miles in 32:10. No I will not die quietly couldn't run for thirty seconds a month ago
At college listening to my tunes to get me through the day ahead: Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, and Thirty Seconds To Mars ;) x
I've been listening to thirty seconds of Mars for two or three hours they keep me sane thank you ❤️
Band competition in UAE: Chance to perform with Seconds to Mars
why am I listening to Thirty Seconds To Mars
From Yesterday by Thirty Seconds To Mars is in Collector Hotel, Parramatta. Download it now at
Jared Leto's vocals in any Thirty Seconds To Mars song are godly
I am not fan of Thirty Seconds To Mars, but I can´t wait to watch this film, I think you are a true artist.
Chuck Norris can drink an entire gallon of milk in thirty-seven seconds.
The problem with Jared Leto is he doesn't know when he's being crap, otherwise he wouldn't foist Thirty Seconds To Mars on us
I’m interested in Thirty Seconds To Mars @ Dubai World Trade Centre.
Thirty Seconds To Mars to perform at Dubai World Trade Centre - via
I just used Shazam to discover Do Or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars. Thank u My 8 y.o. is singing along. Needed this.
domain names
How to ruin a game in thirty seconds.thanks referee
When you get older you care A lot less about people replying to your texts in thirty seconds or less lol
Dream announcements for reading: Thirty Seconds To Mars, the libertines, nickelback, bring me the horizon, stereophonics…
I added a video to a playlist Thirty Seconds To Mars - "This is War" Lyrics
Loving you is like a song I replay, every three minutes and thirty seconds of everyday
Every time I listen to Thirty Seconds To Mars I get so inspired and motivated to do something with my life
Need to go to a Thirty Seconds To Mars concert !
My english professor talks so slowly its so difficult to follow along without forgetting what he said thirty seconds ago
it snowed for like thirty seconds here, y'all took other away. Ty
Me gustó un video de Thirty Seconds To Mars - Stay (Rihanna) in the Live Lounge
All microwaves should have to play the Countdown theme tune for the last thirty seconds of cooking as standard
Hope all our friends in Russia take the grand tour in March!! Xo
30 Seconds To Mars - Kings and Queens: ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Contains some graphic images. From Jane Goodall to Bear Grylls, high-profile figures in the world of wildlife conservation shared their voices for the first-ever World Youth Rhino Summit in South Africa to inspire a new generation of conservationists-in-the-making to fight for the future survival of the world's remaining rhino species. This powerful video shown at the summit - set to 'A Beautiful Lie' by Thirty Seconds To Mars - was the call to action for those attending. For more on the summit, please visit:
You and i'll never die, its a dark embrace. In the beginning was the… ♫ Do Or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars
The worst I think was the backstage pass to Thirty Seconds To Mars, it was insanely expensive for not much.
Darkness falls here comes the rain. To wash away the past and the names… ♫ Vox Populi by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Paying it forward! I just bought 8 Golden Tickets for the show tomorrow! Thirty Seconds To Mars & Linkin Park live from the Hollywood Bowl Who needs one? Once they're gone...they're gone! Hurry!
Good Morning and Happy ! We will meet some of our couples this morning trying to go 30 for 30! Feast with the Beast Tix at 7:20... Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars Tix at 8:20.
Wow did Jared Leto really tell a Billy Talent fan to leave the Thirty Seconds To Mars show?
Thirty Seconds To Mars at Darien Lake - Photo Gallery - The Buffalo News via
I’m interested in Thirty Seconds To Mars @ Boulevard Pool, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.
|| Oo I love them too! There's so many. Keane, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Blur, Nora Jones, Fall Out Boy, Gorillaz, Lucy Rose, etc.
If my husband pulled out a Thirty Seconds To Mars condom I'd leave. If I pulled one out I'd expect him to leave 🙈.
Gunna go and mow the lawn. My music playlist for this activity: Move On ~ Confide Home ~ Three Days Grace What I've Done ~ Linkin Park All the Things She Said ~ T.a.t.u Our Holiday ~ Green Day The Kill ~ Thirty Seconds To Mars S & M ~ Rihanna Incomplete and All Alone ~ Blood On The Dance Floor Again ~ Flyleaf Haunted (Demo 3) ~ Evanescence Heart Attack ~ Demi Lovato Move Along ~ The All-American Rejects Not Gunna Die ~ Skillet Suffocated ~ orianthi Headstrong ~ Trapt Raise Your Glass ~ Pink I Don't Care ~ Apocalyptica Broken Seether featuring Amy Lee I figure that by the time the playlist is done, I should be finished! Hmm... Ya'll comment and tell me what you think of my music choices
Babang jejeddds 😍😍😍 ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I want to go to concert of Thirty Seconds To Mars, not concert of Jared Leto and Tomo Milicevic...
"HURRICANE" - Thirty Seconds To Mars ft. Kanye West (UNCENSORED HOT SCENE CUTS) This is NOT the official MV. These are just the hot scene cuts from the MV. "...
PLEASE NOTE: Thirty Seconds To Mars confirmed today that their South African tour dates scheduled for 13th and 16th June 2014 have been postponed until November 2014. The new dates are Johannesburg 21st November at the Coca-Cola Dome and Cape Town on 23rd November at Grand Arena, GrandWest. More:
Every time I open my closet to look at what I should wear, I only see two Arizona State Sun Devils and two Arizona Diamondbacks shirts, and the rest consists of only Band Merch ( The Maine This Century Never Shout Never Black Veil Brides, Sleeping With Sirens, Never Let This Go 3OH!3, Thirty Seconds To Mars, All Time Low and We Are The In Crowd ) and working clothes. My only problem is if I have to go to some family celebration somewhere in Germany
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Tickets and information for Linkin Park and Thirty Seconds To Mars’s upcoming concert with AFI at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow on 13 August 2014.
Artifact | Official Trailer Telling harsh truths about the modern music business, this riveting and award-winning documentary gives intimate access to singer/actor Jared Leto ("Requiem for a Dream," "Dallas Buyers Club") and his band Thirty Seconds To Mars as they fight a relentless lawsuit with record label Virgin/EMI and write songs for their album "This Is War." Opening up his life for the camera during months of excruciating pressures, Leto reveals the struggles his band must face over questions of art, money and integrity. ❶ Watch Free the Full HD Documentary Online in Cosmos Documentaries:
Lagu ini teh kenapa ya ♫ Kings and Queens by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I'm watching Do Or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars on VEVO for iPad.
Photoset: GET TO KNOW ME MEME: [1/5] favorite musical artists - Thirty Seconds To Mars Kids have come up to...
I will never forget the moment, the moment ♫ Do or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Thirty Seconds To Mars played in Fusion last night was a pleasant surprise
My outfit needs to be able to go from work to nap in thirty seconds or less.
hello milkshakedreams how are you? I am a french lady of 58years fan des Thirty Seconds To Mars msg nous finish
This is the story of my life. (these are the lies i have created) ♫ The Story by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I watched the first thirty seconds. I thought my eyes were going to bleed. WHATS WRONG WITH TUTUS?
Pps 2014, thirty seconds to remember (with Aulia R., Amalia, and 4 others at SMA 1 Kudus) —
Over thirty years later, it's still 80 seconds of pure Spackler magic. Which is nice.
Kings and Queens par Thirty Seconds To Mars, de
BEATENBERG to support Thirty Seconds To Mars – SA Tour via
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Asian Pregnancy Test: Insert Rubix Cube into the *** and pull it out thirty seconds later. If it is solved, you're pre…
We just can’t stop talking about Thirty Seconds To Mars and Bastille’s performance at last night’s iHeartRadio...
Thirty Seconds To Mars we love you, you are a part of us, we are a family which is why i am comfortable in saying for your health please end this tour now. I love you but enough is enough boys. Its our turn to look after you.
I just found a song that I have loved for ages but never knew it's name or the artist! All thanks to Kerrang and their 100 list :D and what makes it's a Thirty Seconds To Mars song
Okay wig, come off thirty seconds into the song. On a positive note, I'm sitting on the dressing room floor eating KFC in sweats. So I'm happy.
GAME SEVEN HERE WE COME! YES! WHAT A WIN! =D That game almost killed me. The last thirty seconds were more intense than I could handle. The last ten gave me a condition. I could not be happier!! All of you who said a sweep was coming for the spurs.. Where are you now?! LET'S GO MAVS! -MFFL-
I was telling a girl in the pub about my ability to guess what day a woman was born just by feeling her boobs. "Really"she said, "Go on then...try." After about thirty seconds of fondling she began to lose patience and said, "Come on, what day was I born?" I said, "Yesterday." When you are over sixty who cares?
This is so true. I might get thirty seconds
Big thanks to Tomo Miličević , guitarist for Thirty Seconds To Mars, for emceeing the NKLA Adoption Weekend. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating hundreds of adoptions! For more info, visit:
Blasting Thirty Seconds To Mars on my way down to Savannah
Fell in love with a new band called Thirty Seconds To Mars
Thirty seconds of zen, with love from Capwell Avenue.
Thirty Seconds To Mars performs their hit song "City of Angels" at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.
Figures this would happen!! I make the decision to go back to work at the prison and I get hired at Autozone that is literally thirty seconds from my house! Decisions decisions!! Do I accept?? ug lol
Bills suck. I just spent 900 dollars in thirty seconds and I so wanted to buy a new gun this weekend
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Blake Shelton was among the winners at the first-ever iHeartRadio Music Awards, held in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Blake was on hand to accept the award for country song of the year, for "Boys 'Round Here." He also performed during the broadcast, playing "Doin' What She Likes." Billy Ray Cyrus accepted the best lyrics award on behalf of his ailing daughter, Miley, who won for "Wrecking Ball." He remarked, "As a dad, I can't begin to tell you how much your thoughts, your love, your support for my family and Miley mean to all of us." Rihanna was the top winner at the fan-voted ceremony, collecting four awards. Luke Bryan performed during the show, as did Thirty Seconds To Mars, Pitbull, Shakira, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Bastille.After opening the NBC broadcast, Pitbull took a jab at Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was suspended for life by the NBA this week for making racing comments. Mr. Worldwide said, "Now everyone that's here is a who's who, a what's what, the anybody's of all a ...
Still obsessed will all things Kip Moore and Thirty Seconds To Mars. That's quite the combination!
Hats off to Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds To Mars last night for that amazing performance!
Wait wait. Thirty seconds to mar postponed their PR concert and yet.they performed today at the iheart radio awards? Well, that's rude.
Love love LOVE Thirty Seconds To Mars.maybe as much as I love GGD. Watching them on the iheartradio awards
How warm was my classroom today? Warm enough that a student fell asleep mid-sentence during 6th period. Just slumped over. He stayed slumped for about thirty seconds while the rest of the class watched. Then he sat up again. Me: You going to finish that sentence? Student: What sentence? Me: Did you just fall asleep? Student: Uh huh. I couldn't think anymore.
How is it that Tylenol is more sold than Peppermint oil. Heavy thoughts resulting in a headache. Thirty seconds later poof. Though my temples feel like they're floating away now lol
Why, why, why, why, WHY does every movie lately have to use vulgar or profane language? I scroll through the satellite guide and TRY to find something I think won't be offensive. Thirty seconds into the movie, BAM! It's GD this, or F that, or JC! The other evening I watched a movie (briefly) where JC! was allowed, but s--t was bleeped. What? What is it with you screenwriters? My Mom taught us that people who use profanity just don't have the intelligence to use better words.
I left work. It was a long and somewhat aggravating day. I just wanted to get home. But it was five o'clock and there was lots of traffic. I sat far away from a stop light, and when it turned green it took a good thirty seconds for the cars to start moving. But only the cars in the left lane were moving, my lane was standing still. The light turned red. Sat there again and it turned green but again, no movement. I was able to nudge my way into the left lane but not before the light turned red again. At least now I was at the front. I noticed the reason the other lane wasn't moving is because the car at the front of the pack had it's emergency lights on. I sat in the left lane one car behind the stalled car, very annoyed that his malfunction cause me to miss two green lights. Then the door of the car right behind the stalled car opens and a beautiful and fit girl, wearing yoga pants nonetheless, gets out to offer help. For a brief moment I wished I was nicer. Then the light turned green and I drove away.
iHeart Music Awards, Thirty Seconds To Mars. Love this song, "City of Angels". And they incorporated their video into their performance
I love so many types of music! will always have my heart! Christian contemporary is my 💞 but I love Thirty Seconds To Mars 2!
WOWW Thirty Seconds To Mars just killed that performance of City of Angels. Soo legit, loved it so much! Chills...
The fact that I just watched one of my favorite bands, Thirty Seconds To Mars perform one of my favorite songs, "City of Angels" live on the iHeartRadio Music Awards has made my day so much better, but the fact that my Mom was the one who txt me to remind me they were about to go on actually made my day.
I NEVER watch "Awards" shows. Never. But tonight, Jared Leto and 30 Thirty Seconds To Mars were on the "I HEART RADIO" Awards show. Absolutely brilliant, moving "multimedia" performance. Now, I get it. I'll go back to never watching these shows again because I doubt that any will live up to this.
Wow! What an incredible performance by Thirty Seconds To Mars and Jarod Leto! Gave me chills!
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That Thirty Seconds To Mars performance was so moving and inspiring!
Jared Leto and Thirty Seconds To Mars! What do you think?
Thirty Seconds To Mars and the amazing Jared Leto! LOVE!!! On the iHeartRadio Music Awards!
Love, love, love Thirty Seconds To Mars. That is all!!
Today, Brad Livingston offered me a delicious pork rind but forced me to eat it with his super hot hot sauce. Of course I did.and it was hot, but not crazy outrageous hot. I tasted it with a little finger dip taste test first. Ten minutes later I had an interview with a prospective employee. Three minutes into the interview I wiped and itched my eye. Thirty seconds after that I was winking at my new friend like a hyperactive turn signal trying to merge.
Trying to watch house of cards but within thirty seconds a dog died. Not sure if I want to continue.
iHeartRadio Music Awards are on NBC TONIGHT, 5/1/14, from 8-11pm! Featured performers include: Thirty Seconds To Mars, Pharrell Williams, Shakira, Pitbull, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Blake Shelton and more! ~B^ }
Tonight, it’s the LIVE 3-hour iHeartRadio Music Awards featuring incredible performances from Drake, Ariana Grande, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Luke Bryan, Usher, Arcade Fire, Shakira, Pitbull, Kendrick Lamar, and Blake Shelton! Then it's the last night this week you can enter the Free Mortgage/Rent Contest. Just watch NBC12 News at 11 for the secret code. Contest Page: all starts at 8 only on NBC12!
Ok so Thirty Seconds To Mars canceled there concert in Puerto Rico I am about to cry !!! Good news is I am still in Puerto Rico
Although my job can be trying some the thirty seconds of a day that shed with it and says my you have beautiful hair or thank you for doing so much that makes it worth it!!
i will always be in love with Thirty Seconds To Mars that's the only thing that's not going to change about me
who was the most annoying onepiece villian for you.mine was the pirate who luffy fought in the davy back fight thingy. I detested him...i even wished that luffy had cut his *** like constantly until thirty seconds was over, instead of stopping.
And when i go there. i go there with… ♫ Where the Streets Have No Name by Thirty Seconds To Mars (w/ Skripsi-lit) —
Jared Leto ( actor & band member of Thirty Seconds To Mars) said that he and his brother were born in Louisiana and raised by a young single mother. He and his brother crawled out of the banks of the muddy Mississippi with instruments in one hand and a handful of foodstamps in the other.
KINGS AND QUEENS Thirty Seconds To Mars for so many of Taylor Costa 's experiences, this song means being on stage, feeling the music, jumping, this song IS Mars to her. Thanks Jared Leto for giving her so many amazing memories!
Update your maps at Navteq
"First is legendary. The most incredible experience maybe of our touring lives and one of the best shows ever." Jared Leto, from Thirty Seconds To Mars - Rock in Rio 2013.
Jared Leto from Thirty Seconds To Mars teaches us how to play 'Closer to the edge' on the guitar. All rights reserved(MTV Buzzworthy)
I miss you angel,I miss the part when I was seventeen :( ♫ City of Angels by Thirty Seconds To Mars
This is MTV Celebrity News RSS Feed iHeartRadio's first-ever awards show will also get performances by Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Thirty Seconds To Mars and a lot more. By Emilee Lindner Drake, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran And More To Perform At iHeartRadio Awards
To the right, To the left, We will fight to the death! ♫ This Is War by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Catching up at Nobu for Sushi with my good friend Steve Lillywhite. ❤️ He's produced and worked with just about everyone (yes I'm bragging about my amazing friend) under the sun from The Rolling Stones, U2, Dave Mathews Band, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Morrissey, Thirty Seconds To Mars, The Killers, Siouxsie and the Banshees, etc. etc. and on his was to winning his 6th Grammy. 🌟Always great seeing and spending time with him love him
Jared Leto is kinda genius ♫ Do or Die by Thirty Seconds To Mars
I just had a NIGHTMARE that Thirty Seconds To Mars made a new song with F%*KING "PARIS HILTON" i woke up in sweat and tears! WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!
TBS, Unwritten Law, The Used, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Brand New, My Chemical Romance, New Found Glory, Rufio, Blink-182 and the list goes on for today's awesome play list! I'm still a punk at heart and always will be!
Def Lepppard, KISS, AFI, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Eminem, LP all playing in and around the city in summer/fall. Can't fkn wait.
This is the Petition for the support of India towards Thirty Seconds To Mars for their Love Lust Faith + Dreams...
In my dream earlier and I were at a Thirty Seconds To Mars concert and we hung out with Jared Leto so yeah 😏😋
Chili Cook Off '14 is all set, Jason Aldean two weeks after that, and Thirty Seconds To Mars with Linkin Park and AFI in August. So excited!
Photo: UNITED STATES! Tickets for this summer’s North American Tour with Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds to...
I will never forget. I will never regret. I will live my life ♫ Closer To the Edge by Thirty Seconds To Mars
Meet Black Singles 300x250
'Thirty Seconds To Mars' tours are not full of rock 'n' sex antics, says Jared Leto:
Received an email about Linkin Park going on tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars.! I have to go.!!
LYON + LILLE!! Join us in PARIS on Feb 18 for WHITE NIGHT + COLOR WAR at LE ZENITH! -
Anyone hungry for a killer tour? + are making feeding it up this summer!
That that won't kill you only makes you stronger. I'm so close to meeting army requirements for the mile run, I'm only about thirty seconds off!!
It's funny how someone will "like" a certain pic on IG, then thirty seconds later, that someone is texting you :)
Brb crying cause Linkin Park is on tour this summer with Thirty Seconds To Mars and I probably can't go cause I have a game the next day😞😞💔
Linkin Park and Thirty Seconds To Mars have announced a co-headlining tour of North America called…
AFI, Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars all in one concert ! And it's coming to Toronto !!
My playlist on spotify consists of My chemical romance, green day, fight star, busted, all time low, Thirty Seconds To Mars, paramore ..
Linkin Park and Thirty Seconds To Mars will be hitting the road in late summer for a co-headlining trek featuring AFI.
AFI on Tour with Linkin Park & Thirty Seconds To Mars : AFI is pleased to announce a Summer to...
Photoset: all-aboard-the-cray-cray-train: That’s a lot of information to get in thirty seconds.
Spare thirty seconds, taking the survey, clicking yes or no, to ten questions :)
Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds To Mars and AFI team for tour featured in NBC s Science of Love
30 Seconds to Mars, Linkin Park and AFI will perform first concert at Steinbrenner Field in 18 yrs
Thirty Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park, and A.F.I on tour together in Va on August 18th? Yes please
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