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Third Mainland Bridge

The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest of three bridges connecting Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria to the mainland, the other two being the Eko and Carter bridges.

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An accident occurred on Third Mainland bridge around 5pm this evening.. It occurred on the road inward Iyana...
Accident at third mainland bridge this evening (photos)
From Adeniji to Third Mainland Bridge is Blocked caused by Accident via
Woman severly injured in accident on third mainland bridge (Photos)
Lady seen riding MiniMotorbike outward the Third Mainland bridge...
Nobody is talking about how much of a death trap third mainland bridge has become. Accidents happen everyday as a result of wickedness
Third mainland bridge go Dey shake.. Maybe na just me
Third mainland bridge traffic, Ikoyi traffic, VI traffic 😭😭😭, what a wrong day to go out.
Gosh! The traffic in Lagos- going to the Island this morning is the maddest! From Eko Bridge-CMS & Third Mainland-VI-Ikoyi all BLOCKED!
Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos. Follow this water straight and you'd land in America in 6 months.
Dotun did third mainland bridge in four minutes this morning and started asking me 'Who is the greatest?'. Smh
Third Mainland bridge, freer than an olonsho's ., nvm
for more clarification, where u coming from now?Third Mainland bridge or CMS? Or you've gotten there already?
The third mainland bridge is good to go through to anywhere this morning.
The best moment to move towards obalende, adeniji et all across Third Mainland Bridge is now...traffic is great both sides
like traffic on third mainland bridge can be a reason why it might be possible for the friend to get to London before he gets home
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From Third Mainland Bridge to Adeniji is Slow from the Adekunle interjection is very slow.
Can Lagos roads especially Third Mainland Bridge be free like this every working days of 20016.
I can run third mainland bridge in 3minutes
Lagos State Electricity Board currently working on lighting the entire stretch of Third Mainland Bridge. 👏
If Makoko wasn't what it is now. that would have been another entry point too. . VI/CMS to Yaba (Under the third mainland bridge)
Thank u lord no traffic on third mainland bridge 🌉
I miss the view off the third mainland bridge 😭😭😭
Fire Incident was just reported on Third Mainland Bridge. Follow link for more info:
“The traffic is all the way from ADEKUNLE to IYANA OWORO on third mainland bridge at 8.27pm
Third mainland bridge traffic..the gift that keeps on giving.
Third mainland bridge traffic begins from the beginning. :| :| :| :|
Third mainland bridge whosh I feel like jumping inside the water neowww
I have been on this Third mainland Bridge for the past 3hours!! Whats up naija??
It's a shame that the Third Mainland Bridge was Built by a Military Govt that left office in 1993. 22 yrs after no alternati…
Tight traffic on Third Mainland Bridge inward Lagos. Same thing all the way back to old tollgate at Ojota. Outward Lsgos side is free
what is the situation on Third Mainland Bridge? I am about to get out of VI. Please advise
Terrible accident on the road leading to Third Mainland Bridge from Lagos Island. A danfo collided into a Peugeot, many injured
Spent one hour on Third mainland bridge this night. The longest I have on the bridge.
Third mainland bridge. I saw the traffic and followed plan B. Lol
The traffic on third mainland bridge is not funny at all.Its like *** If u r still in the office, stay in the office or take another route.
Flat tire on third mainland bridge..who coulda guessed it
From Third Mainland Bridge to Ogudu is Blocked caused by Too many vehicles via
The likes of Pagoda Kalu and T.A Orji needs be executed by firing squad or be thrown and drown inside the Third Mainland Bridge lagoon
That moment when you eat peppery stew and for 10 mins, your nose is so clear, you can smell traffic on third mainland bridge 😩😩😩
How will that accent help Will Smith to swear for the driver beside him when he's in Third Mainland Bridge Traffic?
Seems like no summer is complete without a breakdown. Last year it was on Third Mainland bridge. This year, Lagos-Ibadan expressway. 1dafu!
8:30 and third mainland bridge is still blocked 😞 . Prolly get home around 12am
Our very own Third Mainland Bridge is the longest bridge in Africa. Who knew?😊
On the third mainland bridge you see trucks and even buses haul cargo that look very insecure, who is suppose to check these things?
how do we trust the man who built the third mainland bridge but cant Trust God
Someone will be driving on Third Mainland Bridge, and 4 lanes will become 3. Mtcheewww.
Don't get on third mainland bridge. Ikorodu road is fre!!!
Do you want to avoid the usual Third Mainland Bridge traffic? Spend your Friday @ in Victoria Island.
Fashola Accuses Jonathan Of Impunity Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday described the indiscriminate pasting of campaign posters of President Goodluck Jonathan in the state without making payments to local governments and relevant agencies in charge of advertising as an act of impunity. Fashola who spoke at the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign held in Oworoshoki area of the state said the act of pasting posters in Lagos by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) without recourse to the relevant agencies is unconstitutional. “On my way to the office this morning, I saw the desperation of the president and his party. On the Third Mainland Bridge today, the president’s posters have flooded it. In the constitution, the local government has the responsibility for adverts. That is one of their sources of generating revenue. They will claim that the road belongs to the federal government. That is not the point, if you build the highway way, advertising on it belongs to the local gover ...
Hundreds of commuters have been stranded between the Oworonshoki Expressway and Victoria Island following the roadblocks put in place by security agents in expectation of President Goodluck Jonathan who is set to visit Lagos State to begin his presidential campaign at 11am.Our correspondent observed that the entire stretch of the Third Mainland Bridge inward Lagos Island is on a complete standstill.It was learnt that several commercial buses have refused to ply the route while the few that are willing to go are charging double of the usual fare.Jonathan is expected to arrive the Tafawa Balewa Square along with all governors and candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party and thousands of supporters .
Jiborsky (created a new rule on | Activity: Traffic-Causing Obstacles, Route: Third Mainland Bridge
Live cams at Gbagada to Oworoshonki and Third Mainland Bridge via
Where is Third Mainland Bridge, is it not in Lagos?
Third Mainland Bridge.lmaooo. 7minutes max. that's on 60 o.
Third Mainland Bridge,na you be that? "I Miss My LaGos.:D
hi,please I saw some people destroying jimi agbajes posters on the third mainland bridge today. I want to know why??
Hustle anthem back from third mainland bridge...make money its my motive...
Wow!!! The third mainland bridge photographed from a distance. . . by Travelstart South…
monday Morning,u ae just making my morning in D bus dear" cos the hold up is much on third mainland bridge"
It's 9.56pm and I'm on Third mainland bridge. How is your evening going?
My dream is still to have an event on Third Mainland Bridge
The entire length of Third Mainland Bridge. Not one street light up. Sigh.
When OBJ raises GMB's hand up at APC's final rally... GEJ may join Koro's 47% and poo on Third Mainland Bridge
The traffic is so much...Hope I don't sleep at third mainland bridge.
what the Traffic like on Third mainland Bridge
My life today on a third mainland bridge by 5:am lord u bless your name
My life today on third mainland bridge God! Lord I bless your name
Lagosians, do you ever get so frustrated in Third Mainland Bridge traffic you just want to break down and cry?
This third mainland bridge...always like this
From Third Mainland Bridge to Osborne is Slow caused by Too many vehicles via
Walking ur cows on the third mainland bridge "Lets try this 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Third mainland bridge is the longest bridge in the world when there's traffic. Phew!
3. Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos is the longest bridge in Africa and the 7th longest bridge in the world:
From Gbagada to Third Mainland Bridge is Free caused by Too many vehicles via
Third mainland bridge best place 2 propose?? RackXmasDeals
Order Miche Bag Online!
Biko even if??? Which one consign third mainland bridge with the matter. Did the "numolu" person even mention her?
Lmao but how would you tell someone to drown in third mainland bridge over their opinions?? Nigerians can never be peaceful
Did you know that the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos state which measures about 11.8km connecting Lagos Island...
Out of d 5 ballot boxes I saw one that is totally empty. I heard his supporters/delegates are in d traffik on the third mainland bridge
Please whose WiFi is always available on third mainland bridge?
"Okay, tell him to go jump from "Lagos" third Mainland bridge New post: Joe Igbokwe: Give me General Buhari or I die!!! http:/
Third mainland bridge water is demonic, *** The thought of flinging my phone & going back to pick it engrossed my mind today.
I'm the fool. Who parks in the middle of The Third Mainland Bridge. To stare at lights shinning on the ocean. And cry. And miss a stranger.
Traffic along third mainland bridge is still dramatic as it is on the real slow pace.
what is the Traffic like on Third Mainland Bridge to Oshodi
Speed breakers in VGC be 10x the ones on third mainland bridge..
There's a dead body on Third Mainland Bridge, heading into Obalende. Not sure if it was an accident or rituals. Sad. Cc:
Aguero is as strong as each of the beams of Third Mainland Bridge.
When a preacher in a cab says "everyone pls close ur eyes let's pray" and the stupid cabman closes his eyes on third m…
sea water flowing out on d road on idumota inwards third mainland bridge. Pic coming soon
If/When the girls are released, I will do a break dance in the middle of third mainland bridge during rush hour. So help me God
See what this White Man is doing in public on Third mainland bridge, Lagos (Photo):
Mehn this I ikoyi/ third main land bridge no get beginning and end nawao @ Third Mainland Bridge
Av you tried creeping,while crossing the third mainland bridge?? Its fun believe me...just try and see!!
"Mami water powerThe Mystery of broken down vehicles on Third Mainland Bridge. Please, who can Unravel it?
That Rafael cross can link third mainland bridge.
Third mainland bridge has to be repaired with immediate effect!!! toodles
Goan and sweep Third Mainland Bridge :-D i was bored.and i'm still bored :/
Seeing the sea under third mainland bridge makes me wish I could swim
The lagos scene in COD: Advanced Warfare is so accurate, from the BRT buses to the Third mainland bridge!!
Just witness an accident on third mainland bridge! A car trying to avoid another just somersaulted! Seems no lives lost! Thank GOD!
So there is a new segment in call of duty where they are racing on third mainland bridge lol
_Traffic please whats the traffic status on third mainland bridge at moment, on my way out from VI
Car accident just after the third mainland bridge going towards Gbagada. Please be patient
Lemme just use my laptop to charge jare.waiting for phcn is Like waiting for a snail to cross third mainland bridge!
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"Running on third mainland bridge where are you now?
From Third Mainland Bridge to Adeniji is Moving caused by Accident via
The third mainland bridge should be No1 on the list...
That's Y ur dad wrote u out of his will ( ˘̯˘)"*Crashes off third mainland bridge*"*drives Ferrari into TL*""
From Third Mainland Bridge to Iyana Oworo is Slow caused by Accident via
Gosh witnessed an accident on third mainland bridge now. A BRT bashed a Black 2008 toyota corolla at d back. It happened infront of me
I wonder which marine spirit owns the WiFi that's always available in the middle of third mainland bridge.
Third Mainland Bridge wears new look as President Jonathan turns down request to commission it. Says, "we don't commission suc…
DO NOT attempt to follow Third Mainland Bridge via MUSON / TBS to Victoria Island.
"After just a little over a year, Mrs. Xiuying relieved Gaskiya of his job after complaining about his sluggishness which she thought was incurable as he was aging. The day preceding his sack, as they were stuck in traffic on Third Mainland Bridge, Gaskiya dozed off; his hands slipped off the steering. Mrs. Xiuying who was pompously seated on the backseat scrunched up the tissue paper she had just used to clean her nostrils and threw it at Gaskiya’s head that slightly tilted to the side in a drooping posture. It was with the little savings from this job that Gaskiya negotiated himself a space at the junction. In the mornings as he dusted the table where he spread the newspapers, he whistled and sang the headlines to passersby. People who couldn’t afford to buy, when they stopped by, mostly with hands across their back, hunched over the spread newspapers, their eyes skimming through the headlines. Twenty-Naira earned reading access to all the newspapers; Gaskiya offered seats to all those who paid. The ...
SOME FACTS ABOUT YORUBA Did You Know That . The eight tallest buildings in Nigeria are in Yorubaland, Nitel Building being the tallest in West Africa with 525ft, built in 1979 and is located in Lagos Island. Cocoa house, Independent house and UBA house all make the cut The most expensive place in Nigeria is Banana Island (according to Forbes) with a three bedroom flat costing about 2 million dollars. Victoria Island and Ikoyi are also among top five The busiest airport is in Yorubaland, it is the Lagos International Airport (now MMIA) built in 1947, it dealt with over 10 million passengers in 2012 Third Mainland Bridge is the longest in Africa, let alone Nigeria, with total length of 11.8 km and opened in 1990. It links Oworonshoki with Obalende all along Lagos lagoon and has a partway link at Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba Ibadan is the largest city in Nigeria CMS Grammar School, Bariga Lagos is the oldest secondary school in Nigeria, founded on 6th of June, 1859 Yaba College of Technology is the first ever ...
kunle shared traffic update on Third Mainland Bridge to Iyana Oworo via
I got this writeup & deem it fit to share on the CITY CALLED LAGOS!!! Enjoy it. On the Island of the affluent in Lagos, I rarely hear aircrafts buzzing in the sky, except the posh helicopters of the busy rich. The airport and flight noise doesn't affect the airspace, it devalues the land.The rich pretend to pray, God is on the mainland, land on the island is too expensive to build too many worship centres. The island was not built for beer. It's the hub of champagne, spirits, and wine. Beer is for the road, an appetiser, bottled on the mainland.The mainland is crowded with families. Life on the island has no friends, everything is cash or waka. The roads are expensively tolled, the schools are US Dollars, and a smile might cost some naira. The island expands and the mainland remains the same. Under neon lights, millions of mainland ants trample on the Third Mainland Bridge into the island of dreams. Many die on the bridge, many earn a kobo, and many rob the others. The Island goes to the mainland, only to ...
FOURTH MAINLAND BRIDGE: Aborted dream The Lagos State Government’s suspension of the Fourth Mainland Bridge stunned many who were already dreaming of how it will address the chaotic traffic in the city. The project was stalled because of fund, ADEYINKA ADERIBIGBE reports. •Funding stalls Fourth Mainland Bridge It is tagged the Fourth Mainland Bridge, a super highway linking Lagos Island from Ikorodu. With the bridge, traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge is expected to reduce, but the much-touted Fourth Mainland Bridge has got stuck on the drawing board. Last week, the Lagos State Government said the cost of building the bridge was too much for it to bear. For now, it said, the project is aborted for financial reasons. If it had its way, the Babatunde Fashola administration would have loved to leave the bridge as one of its legacies. Coming next to the 10-lane Mile 2 to Badagry Expressway, with the blue and red line lite rails which the government is constructing, the Fourth Mainland Bridge would have ...
What's the situation from Ikeja, alausa to third mainland bridge? Thanks
Temple run on third mainland bridge
Loyal milk no dey lool!"Desperate 4 lool?"My car just stped at Third Mainland Bridge,
My car just stopped at Third Mainland Bridge, come and help me push :(
Third mainland bridge is the longest bridge in West Africa.
pls go and jump off third mainland bridge.. U are never going to marry a kardashian
Why not jump off third mainland bridge if you're so pained?? Nitwit!!
I would love to be on the third mainland bridge one day when the sun is setting,painting the waters wit yellowish-orange! It'd be lovely!
If your nose is bigger than mine rest assured you can inhale the whole third mainland bridge
Terrible auto crash on third mainland bridge
Third mainland bridge by 2am on saturday morning "Where is the crazier place u've had sex?""
Casually breaking the speek limit (140) on the third mainland bridge with my partner in crime. Dami. TBT
So because you just got your new license you and your brother have gone to race ontop third mainland bridge. Devil dey wait you.
omo everywhere go soon dey bubble. Na third mainland bridge we wan do am
Smooth ride on third mainland bridge office bound
Please go and jump into third mainland bridge . Please 😭 “Nutella is disgusting !”
Finally out of the useless third. Mainland bridge traffic
The hold-up on the third mainland bridge is endless :(
Third Mainland Bridge is HEAVY. * . JonnyWaka is a FREE mobile app developed for road users in LAG, PH and ABJ & Accra.
Power bikers be forming Buga on third mainland bridge
what's the story behind the space wagon that burnt on third mainland bridge yesterday night? It was headed towards the island
OMG! This traffic on Third Mainland bridge is like the second longest I've ever seen.
View from Third Mainland Bridge Shot taken with my
Traffic on Third mainland bridge is JAMMED. *. Download JonnyWaka from BB app world / PLAY STORE for LAG, ABJ, PH, & Accra
Its not.let them go and jump from third mainland bridge
"KoleJagun: Third mainland bridge is bumper to bumper at 10.26pm
"Anambra State should build the River Niger Bridge" - did LASG build the Third Mainland Bridge. Why should Anambra build that bridge?
Jump over third mainland bridge “How else do you want me to show how much I love you...should I sleep with a rose in my hand?
In the three weeks I've been back I've crossed third mainland bridge more times than in my previous 21 years combined
The blackberry to iphone now sounds lyk d third mainland bridge
Yesterday cloudy morning, I took this picture while on the longest bridge in Africa - Third Mainland Bridge, Lago...
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Dat tyme of ur lyfe driving on third mainland bridge...and ur car get fault...oh boy u go turn mechanic.
As from monday next week, I'm gonna join the host of people that do that early morning hustle on third mainland bridge everyday. :(
I seem to have picked up a phobia for third mainland bridge. God help me
I can actually see the traffic on third mainland bridge from my house.
One fool jes tried to rob me on third mainland bridge by pretending to hv a gun
Trust Lagos drivers; rain falls and there's already traffic getting on third mainland bridge.
Third mainland bridge crawling,make I prepare to sleep my way home
Oya,let's δo this :D"* yay* let's go jump off third mainland bridge or Slap a Mopo"mula: I feel like there's nothing l
Just reflecting. THE ARROGANCE OF AFRICA'S SOCIAL ELITE Famous Nigerian broadcaster known for her TV show 'Moments with Mo' is set to open a TV show that will beam its contents into everyAfrican home showcasing the continent's expanding 'middle class.' Which middle class? Those working in the financial, oil and gas industries? Those that can afford flat screen TVs and satellite dishes plus generators? Hear her not every African woman carries a baby on her back with firewood on her head. She was speaking from her penthouse suite at the # EKOHotels in posh Victoria Island. Somebody with fake hair wants to talk about sex tips and skin bleaching to her fellow poshaudience. The real African woman is the one carrying firewood on her head and a baby strapped to her back. That is the reality not the fantasy of African women living and shopping in Victoria Island. Mosunmola "Mo" Abudu also said that # Lagosis ripe for tourism. Of course. You land at the Ikeja Airport drive straight on Third Mainland Bridge in your ...
I really HATE passing thru third mainland Bridge... I REALLY do!
10 injured in Third Mainland Bridge crash, read more here~~>>
10 injured in Third Mainland Bridge crash : -
10 injured in Third Mainland Bridge crash: Ten people were injured, Tuesday, in an auto crash that occurred o...
TRANSPORTATION BLUES by AKINTOLA OMIGBODUN (PERSONAL VIEW ON BRT OPERATIONS) Let me say at the beginning that I use the Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, service between Mile 12 Ikorodu Road and Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos Island. The Lagos State Government, LASG, through its organisation the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, LAMATA, granted a franchise to Lagos NURTW 1st BRT Cooperative Society Limited, NURTW Coop, to operate the bus service. Ecobank Nigeria is involved in the financing of the buses used on the service and Ecobank Nigeria is the producer and custodian of the tickets used on the bus service. I recall that during the most recent partial closure of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos passenger volumes increased significantly on the BRT service. NURTW Coop officials took a lot of trouble and time to pack passengers into the buses at each stop. The revenues of NURTW Coop must have been enhanced during the partial closure period. Governor Fashola of Lagos State confirmed in a recent television ...
Abeg una my people make una no talk say I too dey think bad thing for my mind. I cannot help but wonder the casualty figure if the dreaded Boko Haram sect were to strike in a place like Lagos Island or better still Third Mainland Bridge. In short dat one na bad thought. I withdraw my mind.
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Third mainland bridge wahala as normal
"Start trekking, follow third mainland bridge RYHow do i get to surulere from oshodi?
take a cab to third mainland bridge, jump into d lagoon, swim to heaven's gate.. Call me when u get to d gate.
Under third mainland bridge."Sowie where are we having todays meeting?"
Today, I saw a mad woman walking on the third mainland bridge in the midst of speeding cars. Now that's what I call BRAVE!
,You guys are not serious@ all.,Muntullas.I ned2 drop 2of u wt my keke4 third mainland bridge
Please, what is the status of the third mainland bridge
Can't forget scatter the floor..what I done to this song on third mainland bridge...
Hit reverse from one end of third mainland bridge to the other...
Reali reali free on third mainland bridge...via
hi Mr. G, can you please tell me the traffic situation on Third mainland bridge ? Thank you :-)
Pls is third mainland bridge blocked
From where to where"[4:45 PM] .Surprisingly THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE to ALAPERE is free!!! Wow
Lol... Revers on third-mainland bridge... Dis shud be tagged
Yur MUM is sweeping third mainland bridge nd yu re driving Range Rover// how do yu sleep at night featured in NBC s Science of Love
Wonderful, on third mainland bridge it was pouring heavily had to put on hazard lights, few meters ahead completely dry.
She was complaining so I told her to go jump off third mainland bridge, wish u saw the look on her
Yo babes. Warning. One day, I will drive one of you to the middle of the third mainland bridge, Lagos and leave you there and drive away
You ain't cute, you're broke, you're not a good liar.. Brother, your single life go long pass third mainland bridge!
Traffic is actually being nice to me on third mainland bridge☺
have you seen the disgraceful labeling of third mainland bridge as a sure p project? Street lights don't work,asphalt poorly laid
I'll be dancing on the third mainland bridge that night :')
"Please can some one tell me where bale is?He's on Third Mainland Bridge selling Gala.
I should run the full length of Third Mainland Bridge.
The Nollywood version of Rocky will have someone running the full length of Third Mainland Bridge.
Crossed something off my bucket list yesterday; I faced opposing traffic on third mainland bridge.
This traffic is terrible on the third mainland bridge
Y shud dere even b traffic on third mainland bridge...wide and mighty...
Diz third mainland bridge traffic is terrific
"my flow's as long as third mainland bridge." Lord help these nigerian rappers.. :/
Number 7 on my bucket list is to jump off third mainland bridge
I wonder the kind of demons that live in that third mainland bridge water
If i hear say you can pass lagoon to get to third mainland bridge via running
All these unfollowers can kiss my *** from here 2 third mainland bridge. As long as u ff or not doz nt affect my bank acc who cares, suckers
My third decoy car was destroyed crossing the island's connecting bridge, separating me from the mainland. Almost time to die
Traffic all over the place. Third mainland bridge,Agege motor road etc...
Pls wat is happening at third mainland bridge? My friend claims he is stuck der
The traffic on third mainland bridge is as smooth as the skin of a new born baby
Please what is the traffic like on Third Mainland Bridge, going to the Island?
The third mainland bridge in Lagos, Nigeria, is the longest bridge in Africa.
Bumper to bumper traffics from third mainland bridge to iyana oworo
*still on Third mainland bridge* *** be like "I'm on your street, start coming downstairs"
You wanna cross third mainland bridge with ur eyes closed... have tried it ask them.
I don't get this "Why not give a Stranger a Lift" advert. Especially on Third Mainland Bridge.
Don't know why people say Pear water instead of Pure water , Thed mainland bridge instead of Third mainland bridge
In every nigerian movie theres always a problem on Third Mainland Bridge
I like to put on my cat-eye sunglasses and listen to Zamajobe as I drive across the Third Mainland Bridge on Sunday afternoons.
welcome tu lagos JJC.pls do make sure u see third mainland bridge b4 leavin lag™
Got a breakdown on the third mainland bridge yesterday bro. Bless God and thanks much to those PEG dudes.
Lol why you lawling? have you crossed third mainland bridge yet? Nah.
Gotta run now. The Third Mainland Bridge is waiting to be crossed. We'll pick this up again. After I kick your *** :)
Third mainland bridge free tiLl oworo very unusual and good for me
Third mainland bridge free till oworo very unusual
5:30pm. THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE is free all the way! Cc 33RDMB
5:30pm. Third mainland bridge is free all the way! Cc
That you passed over third mainland bridge doesn't mean you've travelled oversea !!!
Third mainland bridge is crawling with the new supersonic speed of a snail
Be wise, be smart because if not you loyalty can make you land beneath third mainland bridge.
Finally street lights on Third Mainland Bridge..sure P standard sha not Julius Berger.
Accident on third mainland bridge now. I suspect brake failure or over speeding bkos of road mark.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Can Lagos roads be like this all the time? Third mainland bridge
So without SURE-P, streetlights won't ever be fixed on the third mainland bridge.
This morning!On third mainland bridge!but Father I give you all the glory.
Now my hopes have chased into the third mainland bridge. Bayern don barca Barcelona o.
What's traffic like on Third Mainland Bridge from the island? Cc:
[6:09 PM] heavy traffic on the way to THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE
fatal accident on third mainland bridge police found FIVE ALIVE and drank it. Cc
Third mainland bridge is as  as ª bird.smooth ride to your destination
O_O*Is the punani a shark?*"Some *** are wider than third mainland bridge.""
Aw gaad awmiry "Some *** are wider than third mainland bridge."
I'm very afraid when I'm crossing the third mainland bridge at night.
Victoria Island and third mainland bridge are free o. No traffic o
"Amen ooo That person will need help on third mainland bridge and won't get any... bloody thief :("
Lagos state govt. says third mainland bridge is safe for us
Third mainland bridge is locked up towards island please avoid if possible
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Traffic is a steady slow crawl from the third mainland bridge to VI & Ikoyi
, third mainland the 2nd longest bridge in Africa..since 1992.FG should build alternative bridge for Nigerians
i miss Lagos the warmth, the huge houses, the disorganized market which made haggling fun,the traffic on third mainland bridge, the hawkers
Now on third mainland bridge. Longest bridge in Africa
"Jesus Piece, make Pagans ask for Christ".Baddest Bridge no "third mainland"
Only I will have a dream that a shark jumped onto a power line near Third Mainland Bridge, and I could see the skeleton on the pole. LMAO!
S/O to those guys using iphone5 and still legging the third Mainland bridge.
Our driver decided to use the car to kiss another car at a time like this on third mainland bridge.Thankful to GOD,No injury.
What's burning on the third mainland bridge?
Naija 4 life! *screams out loud and jumps from third mainland bridge*
My movement has never bin this slow on third mainland bridge..God help ur son..
Y u no twitpic ? "Watching the sun rise from the third mainland bridge is too awesome ! ^^"
Is third mainland bridge fast enough for you? "Gotta start living on the fast lane.."
Guardian Newspapers just copied the Wikipedia entry on Third Mainland Bridge and pasted on yesterday's front page story.
LOL propose to her on third mainland bridge so everyone would see??what happened to restaurants?
Its shuld be on third mainland bridge..try there"No Wifi anywhere"
it's not far now. Abi u dey fear third mainland bridge
You drive a range spot, but you mom work with Lawma, sweepin third mainland bridge, how do u sleep @ Night?"
u know I told you we should do it on third mainland bridge
So I'm wondering how this affects my life? :p "I'm at Third Mainland Bridge (Lagos, Nigeria)
Can anybody tell me wat is trafic situation on third mainland bridge
I will choose the remix welldone uche and chidinma in the studio am in traffik at third mainland bridge
Third mainland Bridge if free. From Osbourne to Iyana Oworo (By Airtel BillBoard) in about 10 minutes 5:25pm.
Tolu Collins shared traffic update on Third Mainland Bridge to Adekunle (HMR) via
Accident just now @ third mainland bridge..people fell into water. ***
Accident on third mainland bridge again! Godd!! wat's happening!!
Wen u dey bribe army man wiv N50-»lmfao u go do frog jump from third mainland bridge to yaba
I just saw someone urinating right in the middle of the third mainland bridge! Na wa o, people dey craze for this country.
Not taking 3rd Mainland but Ozumba How is the third mainland bridge like?
How is the third mainland bridge like?
Hi what's the traffic situation from Lekki outward third mainland bridge
What is the trafik situation on third mainland bridge pls?
You drive a Range Rover 2012 and your mother sweeps Third Mainland bridge
You day form james bond for third mainland bridge
There is this advert screen on Third Mainland Bridge that is bright as the sun. I was almost blinded early this morning when It hit me.
Pld does anyone knows how third mainland bridge is
Accident after Osborne around Dolphin when approaching third Mainland Bridge. Traffic build up spilling into Kingsway Rd
[5:38 PM] THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE is free all the way to IYANA OWORO
Happy Corky Birthday Bruv. Hope you have a corky one at 55km third mainland bridge. Cheers
Twas the until I saw walking on third mainland bridge
Writing the link of your blog on third mainland bridge because you need traffic.
If you jump of third mainland bridge will I ff as a sign of love? Ofcourse I will,that's ermmm. in my drms or a movie.
Fun all day way through third mainland bridge
OPJ don starts to dey sale Gala inside goslow for third mainland bridge.
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