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Think Big

Think Big was an interventionist state economic strategy sponsored by the New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon (1975-1984) and his New Zealand National Party government in the early 1980s.

Big Ben

Think Big - Start Small - Scale Quickly - Article on how companies should approach projects
Have you read this hilarious Post. Let us know what you think.
Do you think your friend can crack Refer him/her & you both could win big! ht…
I think his Dad being a. Bank robber professional is a big clue
A big difference is the way hunter-gatherer societies typically think of time — that it's cyclical, not linear.
Saunders by ko, He's much too big for Khan and hits harder than you think
Didn't think it was possible but I'm even more bullish on $XRP after AMA:. ☑️ XRP/Ripple adoption is hap…
Hey Guys n Gals, I'm finding more projects require a mix of functional Scala and Big Data. Do you think developing with both is the future?
You don't conspire to damage an entire country and then get "cut some slack"! Cut out the rot! The big 4…
Think that Bignot was pretty honest post match last night. Accepts it wasn't good enough. Task facing him a big one.
Big call. Tony Green while a, bit of a wanker, very very good player. Hard to think of…
A big help to the NO campaign , I don’t think. What a shameful , bigoted old Neanderthal is this disgrace…
Big news today that are set to launch cars! What you think about self-driving cars?🤔 Read more…
Got to do a quick Q&A with staff for some insight into storytelling. I'd love to hear what you guys…
'if a boys eye pupils go big when they speak to you it means they fancy you' no mam I think it means they're off there t…
I would remind Menendez is as big a hypocrite. Don’t you think? All parties have issues.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I think I'm in love with the train conductor. Big, burly, ginger beauty
It's some random Clifford the Big Red Dog game. I don't think anyone put it there on purpose. Or with any knowledge of wha…
We now have doggie collars for the big guys! I think these ID tags are so cute, and won't fall off! 😁 Get one for your fur baby today! 💗
He starts reading for the whole month. I really think he wanted to say big mommas soul food so bad.
The same energy it takes to think small is the same energy it takes to think big
When you are hurt by person you love, it is not a big consolation to think that you were hurt more than once without intentions to do so.
"I dunno, that seems a little too extreme to say that big sis has a Stand." Koichi says "Do you actually think so...?"
.hi Cassie! :-) im a big fan i love your books! i have a question, do you ship Reylo? i think they're cute!
Love waking up to a big spot on my chin, think he was jealous of my travels and wanted to see the sights 🙃
I'd faint from excitement. Also, I think Foodland has the big Sultana Brans for half price.
I think they haven't played their big card yet. Still tightening up loose ends.
Think of u all today mate big hugs xxx
A Jay-Z x Nicki Minaj collaboration is a VERY big deal if you think about. It needs to be nothing short of unparalleled letha…
He seems to think that this a big reality show. He's so focused on his ratings.
Lol big difference vs 1st world and 3rd world is. The airport in Manila finally got wifi this year.. think about that lol
The has turned into a village but in and they still think in Please grow up and think big.✌️
Bale ruled out of the Wales v Ireland qualifier. Not one to wish injury on any player, but I think now is the time for a bi…
Exactly. I think kamal also a reason y Julie name and Arav and Ganesh name spoilt. He shou…
Did y'all know that Hoseok has the smallest size in almost every category on that chart? Yet some of you think he's a big broad daddy
Drive, but they wanted, but they also had a big, beefy man with a sister, but they were proud to think they hadn’t met for
Determine the Impact of Big Data analytics on the C# programming language - Customer Think
Rep. Tim Murphy Think he's alone. Guess again. I'll bet a big % of these GOPers wives, daughters, sisters, mistresses…
52% of preparers say not a big change for their. What do you think?
I think it does!! 40 shades: does the sell-out Fenty Beauty range put the big brands to shame?
Unquestionably, God's kingdom is being advanced by people of little talent doing little jobs for a big God" Think of…
Bleat as much as you like about how the big boys made you do it, the June 2017 GE result shows…
1 would think Sandy Hook, Orlando, Chicago, etc would B BIG hints 2 get off your *** & DO…
Is Dasmariñas, Cavite the next big university town? SMDC seems to think so | Story by
I've done a big feature on the city centre housing boom, which is running this weekend. Think a separate one is needed…
Big patch coming to console:. - Tuned goalkeeper reactions . - Reduced shot accuracy. - Radar changed back to old colorful…
I think Reese Was the runt of the litter 🙄. And I wish the lady I got her from wasn’t so stupid .. like I have no clue how big she will get.
'Bring Bale back and keep Harry Kane and build a new era of success'. David Ginola urges Spurs to think big. h…
But by looks of it, it will totally be worth it. Big, big grin. Opening this on train to grandma and think I’ll share this with her ;) /2
How dare you !! Uber broke d rules.. let them appeal! Dont even think about relicensing thru backdoor..u will cr…
Yo ive been dragged to the airport to welcome six delegates you'd think it'd be more given how big of a deal our teacher made it out to be
There's no miracle with 58 people dying bozo ! Think before you open your big orange mouth !
If you’re asking “why doesn’t my phone understand me?” you need to really think about youself. Stupid advert from B…
Every time I think that she can't get any more beautiful, she proves me wrong big time .
Labour voters? You're as big an *** as he is if you think there's nothing wrong with what he said
I think it is toned but hfhfh bc of the knit top and his sling bag they appear rlly soft hfhdfhfh (theyve gotten so big im cry)
Kroos: “Calm & collected in big games? Yeah, I think there are a few reasons for that.”
Tbh I think it’s to do with what dan said in his live yesterday like they both probably have big mental health issues
there is something so FREEING about not caring what people think because you are so secure in who and whose you are. B…
Big House for lunch tomorrow, I think yes 🤤
...McMaster’s former group financed by Soros, big corps making billions from nuclear deal
Check out Mike Merritt-Holmes from Think Big at Watch more videos:
"A bigger New Zealand is the party’s 21st century version of Rob Muldoon’s Think Big energy programme in the 1980s."
SpaceX and Why they are Daring to Think Big - Investor Steve Jurvetson
Think Big managing partner will be opening World Trade Day KC with insights into smart city development on a local…
Trump in his 2009 book "Think Big": "The thing that’s most important to me is loyalty. You can’t hire loyalty."
Just to play devil's advocate for a moment, I think living in a big lake of fire is pretty admirable.
when I'm in the gym I think about getting big like you
Everybody i talk to think I'm just a lier and a big *** 😂
The more I think about how big Camilla is, the more I realize Beruka is wearing armor from her childhood... a
Human trafficking is alive and well. Why do you think Democrats want open borders? Big $.
KARD already doing big things with just 2 songs. I dont think its a problem since their 2 songs are better than majority of songs out there.
I think the big reason I'm so upset about all these delays is that I haven't been this bad off mentally in a long time and
oh I think it’s a huge problem, we just haven’t reached an elegant solution yet so we’re not aware of how big an issue
Do you think I sucked a big *** last night Click link in my profile to watch the entire scene shot live last night on…
I just think she fulfilled her purpose. Like most new administrations usually a big turn around no offense to her
Little Giant Ladders
I think it's time to make some big changes.
there are 2 ways I can think of:. 1) railgun. 2) big spaceship hauling a giant moon rock. both would cost untold amounts of $
I am a big UNC fan just think UCLA is the best team in the country I say what I see. No agenda.
Hi I like to help small businesses think BIG . & more . https:/…
do you think they came out with so we'd go back to hold Cod's that the game was just a big hint ?
my energy is different.. I don't connect with just anybody and I think that's a big reason why I care so deeply about the pe…
Bra size ? — lol I think VS measures a bit too big😂 In my opinio...
He holds me in his big arms, drunk and I am seeing stars, this is all I think of. . ⭐️✨🌹
I see a hot guy and automatically think abt what his *** look like.fantasize abt how big or small it is and being his dickpig
Hidden Figures is great - uplifting & warm. Parents take your daughter along to see it and then keep supporting her to think…
Actually I think she's a hateful BIG ***
I think this part applies to acro training, too: ”Short breaks -- one or two days -- were no big deal, the study...
I'll have to think about it and get back to you... That's a big deal
To think more clearly when facing difficult situations or big decisions, pretend you're giving advice to a friend https…
Can I be your friend? I'll be happy to answer any questions you may ask. These big shot nobodies think ~
honestly I think a big turnoff for people was the fear of this awards show being uber-political
You forgot to say "Please"! Do you really think you are that big of a deal that others should abandon their own name for u?
I do think it's a big deal. Forget the additions. No professional woman in the oval office…
And y'all think this dude gonna make it big 😴😴
I think you mean principles not politics big guy
I think its a big missed opportunity to allow Africans to tell their own story w/ a large audience. I am very disappointed
I Think Of You by Jeremih Feat. Chris Brown & Big Sean Listen now at
If islamo fascist Dems think they can continue shove islam down Virginians throat they in 4 big surprise. We got ISIS…
"Big Brother Kamui...I think my throat hurts..."
I think this is true to a point. Vets can teach without playing big minutes too.
I think we've heard his say yes. He has a complex. Needs big toys. The nation has a serious problem.
Crazy when you think back on how many people in your life have gone from being such a big part of it to nothing💭
Do you guys think a person's big dreams will inevitably shrink to the size of her tiny apartment the way gold fish grow to f…
When you're right, you're right. . Seriously, tho, don't ever think big unthinkable things can't, or won't, happen.
Yes, many really dislike Trump, but 25% think Obama was worst POTUS since WWII - that reflects big failure. … … …
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I think the "politics" are different too. Isn't there a big thing about saving face and reputation tho?
You will ONLY Ever EARN What you believe you can. No More. Think Big, believe YOU have it, TAKE INSPIRED ACTION and It Will BE YOURS.
"Bushe who do u think u r?" 'Mr. Big Star' and more of Kanji's hits off her 1st album available now
Just because you speak good english and use big big sentences don't think your whataboutery will go unnoticed.
"What do you think? Do I look fancy enough? Big date tonight. I'm a little nervous, can you tell?". :)) 🍃💕
I think this is the 1st time in history where a PM referred to a Telugu film in UP Election Campaign. You made it really big
But I'm sorry, what you did and said about me leaves a big scar on me and I don't think that I could heal any time soon
I think one of the big reasons we stopped going to the moon is that there's nothing there
Apple CEO Tim Cook: "It's for everyone. I think AR is that big. It's huge."
We think they are hero(s) and this popularity makes them believe they can be great politicians. Growing big they continue (5)
They think it's too generous. And 6 other GOP Senators said they oppose big parts of the House plan as too cruel.
If you think you can get me to do what you want just by tyin’ a rope ‘round my neck, big mistake!
"Think Big! Expand your thinking first and your situation will soon follow.". Loral Langemeier.
Trump: "..You're gonna be Thinking anyway, so Think Big..". .
Last chance to sign up for The Accumulator! Support St Ann’s Hospice and Think Big! Think Brave! Think Bold!
Need a reason to sign up for We can think of at least two BIG ones...
Uf big fish gone.I think hard to Chase without kohli.still ABD is there let see
Booker is headed to Denver! I think he's going to do big things there
None of these. It's Boris. Think about it: US citizen, populist, libertarian, big hair, prone to misspeaking...
Folks think Grayson's just talented this year! BIG SURPRISE! Lol get ready for a NICE LITTLE RUN over at THE UNIVERSITY OF…
Think this is a tad big for Biggy B. will appreciate this.
That dog this guy has big dreams. I think he's ok.
I think that they're prepping for the big Science Fair event o3o
although I do think a big part of him liking sports is the crowds making noise and the fact that we get animated in watching.
Think BIG! Fly SMALL! Hurry to get at these prices on http…
The ymca soccer team I coach got their first win today. I think I'm ready for the big leagues. Any coaching vacancies?
I don't get why dudes think they can just touch girls like it's not a big deal?? like did I give you permission to touch me??? NOOO FOH
Think my big plane of the day might be better
Just returned from the Big Burn - $125 million up in smoke, think of the carbon footprint. I hope it reduces...
(I think he's top center anyway but I'm a big fan of Boogie lol)
get Dak Prescott. Really a big fan of Dak and think he can learn a lot over the next few years .
I think spraying is going on all the time but like everything else we only have a piece of the big picture.
The post is on why I think patriarchy isn't that big of a deal. So everything's from my perspective. But yes, many wome…
think Hardison is closer to 300? still big for a DE, but has played DE before and they used him there in...
If you have no job. but steady got some big bank like $20K . I'm gonna think nothing but drugs , sex or schemes ;. you gave me no choice .
Honestly think there's going to be a big twist before the end. Villa to beat the mags next week my money is on.
Lmao I guess I saved a guy's number as "Zak w/ the big black dog" & he just texted me & I definitely didnt think the last word was dog lol
I think ppl sleep Brissett for NE. That's a big boy in that pocket training behind Tom.
More Rakell: "I enjoy it here, and I think we have the potential to do big things here. Obviously, I want to be here for…
I think I pay enough to live in Lincoln w/o having to worry about paying extra for data cuz Eduroam bites the big one, yes?
I think she hoped she'd get married to him one day, and then I had to break that news to her (lol). She's still a big fan.
I actually think he is, but on the big roster. Pretty sure he sticks on practice squad or ST ace
what's the big smoke? Studying part time makes me think I miss a lot of things! Thanks a lot! I didn't know your a gamer, go you!
with Misha hugging her...And at this photo i saw her name written and then his sign.Don't big deal u might think that. But when+
Apparently the kids at school think im a big headed, pointy nose giant human who has 3…
Hamilton Collection
I tried some on in H&M last weekend and they were all saggy, but I think maybe I choose too big a size...
Would have to think that at least one OL and/or a DT is coming with one of these next 4 picks.
I think so , Wolfsburg opened a very big advantage.
To THINK that we've wasted all this bloody time on chemotherapy when all I needed was a nap, some ginger beer and a big b…
yes I'm not a big drinker either and if I actually had some decent wine or beer I think I'd be partaking in a swally now
I really am wondering if Big Sam will come back to us if Sunderland are relegated. Don't think he would want the hassle of th…
Yeah, big big crowd waiting to get into Civil War now. Anyone would think it was a Saturday evening
Bernie is not dropping out of race If u get a phone call saying he is, it's a lie
think about it do we really need another big bat in the lineup with who we already have? No. He's in there for defense
Mate, that's just over 2 games. It's really no big deal. Don't you think you're exaggerating with these stats?
Arsenal has as many European titles as MK Dons,Wimbledon. Think Arsenal fans need to settle a bit.
is it a big box taking up space in the fridge? I think that’s my main worry. Fridge space is premium here ;)
I dunno, I think is fair. They basically injected thousands of people with big incomes into the real estate market.
"It is impossible to think of and pursue big, creative, juicy ideas when you’re distracted." -
Mr. Brandt, does Hogan, QB Stanford, have a chance to be a starter? Big Bills, think they take him.
I think his route isn't much big... I remember Rai route had 64kb [since I just read the translation] Asato had 24 and Bardo less
Sometimes I get anxiety, not because of the responsibilities I have, but because I think about the ocean. It's like... r…
will do. And one back for you. The Big Short. Amazing. Didn't think the book was filmable. Fantastic work there.
I overreact. I underestimate. I overestimate. I over think everything. I dream big. And when I say I love you I'm not lyi…
I still think he should stay next year with big investment. Different opinions
Got the big boy on the cruise. I think it was a good investment
if a cow or a big *** gorilla can live a full life without animal products I think u can too
Great piece & broadly agree Type 31 has big challenge to be credible. Dont think it will be "stretched Khareef”
Unpacking and found my Big Bardas. My Big Barda sailor scout is in another box I think.
For some reason I think the raiders are gonna trade that QB for someone big
What do you think, Are phones at the dinner table a big no-go or are you happy to snap your food?
I think whether or not plays would be a big factor of 2016-2014 game
I really like Views.. I think it's a classic,maybe I'm just too big of a fan. U With Me?, 9, Hype, Still Here, Weston Road Flows, Grammys 🔥
I don't think people will understand how much of a big deal it is if Sucker Punch or some other Sony 1st party Dev is working on Spider-Man.
EXACTLY!!! I think I'd look super strange with big boobies
You may not think it a big deal, but go try Kirby Super Star or Star Fox 64 and then come back and tell me I'm wrong.
People think Kevin Gates smart because he use big words. Shame.
I think that makes perfect sense. Collecting ammo to make a big move up to get AP's replacement. I would love that.
Alright, but quite invisible in the big matches against PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord. I think (and hope) he will stay here 1 more year
"When it comes to big decisions- take care of number one and think simply." is an angel and a genius
You have to think anyway, so why not think big?. - Donald Trump
Think Big like a master builder not like a technician! Big feeling, great vision, vast and limitless imagination!
Think Global...Think Big...Reach Out to and new thinkers everywhere...
# BNI.80% of data is unstructured. Analytics the way forward to disrupt businesses."Think Big. Start Small. Deliver fast."
I think they work in a big financial firm downtown.
Maliek has also never thrown the bones himself. "I don't think I've made a big enough play yet in my career where I can …
I think Aldon Smith broke all 5 toes on Big Ben's left foot
Retarded i give up on this show i think the judges rly screwed up big time
Wow, Big Ben's foot just snapped. I don't think it's supposed to do that...
I think Antonio Brown and Big Ben missed each other. Just a little.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I c things differently. Think days of 'disease model' are numbered,now Big Ph…
I'm def not a Steelers fan but I think Big Ben needs to call it a season.
When you think you aced the big test and get it back...
you're big hero of mine, made this short film about a Santa Cruz punk... I think you might enjoy!
Well, Big Ben, I think it may be time to hang in that terrible towel my dear.
"Sir, i, um, Think your Stomach Gott a little big.."
but you're a big girl and I think that you already know. you've been bought and sold
Worst decision ever! for some reason Nick sees Mason as the next big thing, that's what I think why else bring him back!
Lots to think about after the meeting last week. Always interesting. Big thanks to for hosting us in…
you are absolutely amazing, awesome artist and I think a massive role model hope this isn't that last of you ❤️❤️ big love
Does lottie live in or near the hood? Or is it just in America we think white girls w big hoop earrings are hood af
Big mistake for the onside kick, I think.
I think Big Ben just had a lis franc foot injury. Toe pointed into the ground and Smith fell in back of the foot. Ouch.
Although the DM thing is embarrassing, I don't think it's a big deal cause I doubt their team has the connect.
Whenever I go to church I get horny because I think about sucking Jesus' big fat ***
I think this played a big role in me not enjoying a playthrough of it either aahh fandoms can be such a pain...
This is such a big decision and it's all I can think about
You say I dream too big. I say you think too small.
You can tell Big Ben still isn't right. Don't think he will be for the rest of the season
MSG crowd loving them some Kobe as usual. Showing respect. I think they'd rather him have a big game than anyone else in Knicks jersey.
The more I think about it...How big was the Mauti pickup by GM Loomis? Large.
I think has a big game today for His 1st game back...Motivated & he's got a lot to prove. But.!!!
I think I'm averaging. 😅 Some big and some smaller than others 😂😂😂
this is typically how big they are, I think this capacity was 1,200 ??
This makes me think of a relationship with a tall, big man. Nice and cuddly. Just like a teddy bear.
Sometimes we don't like talking about are dreams, because they're so big we think that you might make fun of us.
I think some engineering firm or construction company is in big trouble.
I don't think people understand that older bands are being announced for Download now because they're the ones big enough to be that high up
Rita Ora copped out big time! That *** Mason Noise should of went,don't think Kiera should of went tonyt
Why, he is the big play guy? I think Dan Campbell has nothing to lose.
I don't know what the spoilers say but I think they're quite big as they talk about everlark 😫
As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big. Donald Trump -
I know people think the stadium isn’t a big deal, but home-field advantage matters. If you can’t create that, it’s hard to w…
saw today Mets interested in O'Day, how big of a contract will he get and do you think the Mets have a realistic shot
I didn't think he would show he's just put a big 2 fingers up to the awards
idk yo. I think it was fake. Had big face money and dude died in 1993
hey Erik do you think that SHGames should add in a M1 Grand to AW on Xbox 360 and Xbox one Please respond in m a big fan
I don't think that knows how big this: 1) already is. 2) could become in the coming weeks. And statement is…
I do not think the return of the big names to the Madrid squad is doing the team any good.
I think Mr. Krejci owes this team, and us fans, his best game of the year. After last night...he owes...big time!
It may be that everything we think about environmentalism is wrong. The book "Green Metropolis" posits that big...
I really think would benefit massively if big business like you came
Think Big claims 'first to offer comprehensive managed services' for Hadoop ... - VanillaPlus (press release) (blo…
Thinking about a Show I'm gonna do in Fenway park 1 day! Think Big!
My bro Ellis D. Williams bought me Think Big by Donald Trump for my birthday smile emoticon I devoured it. Awesome book
Order Miche Bag Online!
Mayor James at Think Big talking about connecting the under served.
Some of our O2 Think Big young people on stage with great q & a
July 8: Think Big for your Small Business with APP - Asbury Park Press
Isn't it a fact that Mikoyan has passed the "use by" date? For India it should be "think beyond" MiG. Think Big.
Think Big, Think Fast , Think Ahead.I deas are no one's Monopoly-Dhirubhai Ambani
I wonder how Gerry Brownlee reconciles free-market economics with his heavy handed Think Big-ism in Christchurch?
Think Big - Ben Carlson or it's not about the bike- Lance Armstrong
Think Big. Think Fast. Think Insight. 2015- the premier conference for &
Think Big, be WOW, become happy and deliver happiness!
Getting ready to Think Big, Do Big, Win Big with Daniel Ally at tonight's chapter meeting! Join us!
Huge thanks to Marie Longoria Cosgrove and Edward Reed for getting Dr. Ben Carson to sign his 'Think Big' book...
Thinking that I'm 7 days away from my big two-five, I don't think I can focus at work this week 😝
its a big horse race in UK once year pick horse out 38 and put a bet who u think going to win the grand national
I think Man U are a big price at 8/5. BTTS also looks good, they have each scored in 94% of their home/away games respectively
. "I don't know about my calibre, but I think you're a pretty big bore."
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Watch big ideas on doing strategy differently
Your kitchen dreams can be big...and a bit bigger than you think. Find your perfect kitchen at IKEA
i think we left around the same time chilled a bit..and then had Kiiba clean some'i big time lol
You have to THINK outside the box. You have to think big and be willing to fight the fight of your…
no longer on there. It wasn't premeditated but I think he bumped for a joke and has back fired big time
Don't think to much on holiday with Kritsadan. I knew and I saw, just give. Big smile like this
big up luckyfebrian for your post " I think all spanish people always remember this shirt and the goal moment in 1…
If Paseda manages to come 3rd behind, obviously behind SIA & GNI, I think it wld serve as a big plus 4 his CV. Man ran a decent campaign IMO
As long as you are going to be thinking anywaym think big - realDonaldTxump
There's no reason, in a universe so big & so old, to think living in England = learning English history.
If the big and little heroes could join forces, I think we can make a brighter world." - Sooyoung of SNSD"
The big *** patrol got me pinned down. I had no choice but to myself.
“Hmm, let me think about it & ask around. I don't get to that part of the city often.” Oh really why Toronto is that big
When I'm on my own I think about every little thing and turn it into something big 😒
Why caption a photo with a flaw?? Like "big ears" If u think u have big ears don't post it/don't point it out or people will clearly notice?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
What I've learned is science/engineering is a team effort. We all contribute, big or small, but it all counts. I think …
didn't think this was a big deal. now I'm fuvkinh terrified for my family and I
Stephen David on big factual dramas: "It's much closer to a doc, so I think the budget is much closer to an expensive reality show”
You think the whole mall you own? So big space for you to walk, need to touch my shoulder and push me away? *** 😱 cheena really cheena.
I don't think he is scared. Kell needs to fight someone with a name before he gets big fights
Life is one big juggling act...and (I think) I love it!
I think there will be a big clear out over the summer. Levy needs to give Poch his primary targets.
I have two big regrets in my life that think about every night.
I prefer to think of very hard times as very big challenges. I like me a challenge.
The is warning of a big but I think we'll catch a break; Chance of precipitation about 20% today, 20% tomorrow
day 2... I don't think my is big enough! Time to talk for hours on end! .
I think this voting thing brought us so much closer, and made us realize how big our love and devotion is for dylan :)
I dont really care what people think of me cause a true muslim doesnt judge but you made it a big deal to please the eyes of p…
I think everyone would laugh at how I talk in real life. I'm all over the place without a character limit.
where do you think the next CAIRO TATTOO CONVENTION should be?we are lookig for a big close space if anyone knows...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Photo: This is so important. People think ‘so what? Just cutting down a few trees, no big deal.’ But what...
Also I think that the Earth is egg shaped, and possibly even the Big Bang. You could occasionally look for oneness of life!
If you think Bonnie's "friendship" forged Damon's character in a big way, I am pretty sure you're misspelling ELENA & A…
"Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small." (Tim Ferriss)
Another hour! It's April 12, 2015 at 12:00PM Only the very big *** can think that gov's info are on a "web". Plaese ! Study the secret s…
a big yes,and I don't think the modern society need them
CJ has said big things about the new Thy Art Is Murder album and I think it will deliver
I think I'm about to turn into one big curly fry
the owner of Big Daddy's on the Landing says "you just cant beat the ambiance here." . . i dont think he knows what that word means
I think big hands quite fancies M head
Big we'll done to but think it's time to make a history fight to travlers fighting for world title
I think ima just be solo and grind for insane clips to join a big team but if ur PS3 I'm now only going to be on my z6ixth acc so add me :)
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