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Thin Mints

Thin Mints are a type of Girl Scout Cookie which is one of the two most popular Girl Scout Cookies, the other being Samoas.

Girl Scout Girl Scouts Thin Mint Savannah Smiles Girl Scout Cookie Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mints still dont even crack top 3. Samoas take that. Thin Mints a brisk 4 in front of that nasty *** lemon cookies.
The first thing I do with Thin Mints is put them in the freezer. But the best frozen cookie is mallomars
If you eat Thin Mints that havent been in the freezer. There is a place in *** waiting for you.
6.45am Sat consists of Thin Mints fresh from the freezer & a throwback binge session of Eerie Indiana. Why sleep in when I can do this? 🤔
Legend has it if you say "Thin Mints" in the mirror three times, a dead Girl Scout crawls out of it and makes your *** fat.
Mint + chocolate. -world's nastiest combination. -if Thin Mints are your fave I hate you. -why is the mint so green
As a Girl Scout, you used subtle tears to coax your elder neighbors into buying 10 extra boxes of Thin Mints.
Still haven't got Thin Mints so mint chocolate chip ice cream will have to do 💆🏼
Can't stop these girlies from grinning after said hi. Great guy! Enjoy the golf & your Thin Mints! https:/…
Girl Scouts are starting to sell Thin Mints again and honestly. It's taking every bit of my power to not buy 50…
I'll see your Jameer Nelson french fry & raise you Rajon Rondo letting me get the last box of Thin Mints
If you don't put your Thin Mints in the freezer you're wrong.
If you thought Thin Mints couldn't be dethroned as best cookie, you're wrong:
All Girl Scout Cookies except Thin Mints and shortbreads
Freezer went out. Have to eat the Thin Mints and margaritas!
It's not bad taste. You guys just don't appreciate the art of Thin Mints.
Sadly, there are no Girl Scouts knocking on my door this time of year. Happily, I can make copycat Thin Mints...
Grey's Anatomy and Thin Mints are what my life as come to
how many boxes? About as many as the Thin Mints you went through?
Johnnie Walker and Thin should be some kind of cocktail.
wish I had a little sister so she'd be a Girl Scout and i could steal Thin Mints from her
Honestly .. I hate Thin Mints and anything with a chocolate mint mix does That make me An Alien
I ran 2.5 miles today then ate whole sleeve of Thin Mints 😅
People hype up Gurl Scout Cookies® as if they were super rare seasonal treasures. . I can get generic Thin Mints for a $1 all year long tho.
When you find an entire unopened box of Thin Mints in the cupboard.
I ate 3 year old Thin Mints I found in my grandmas pantry
Seriously, we only have a box of Thin Mints, trefoils, and two tagalongs. I'm going to waste away!
When the place you volunteer at gives you a box of Thin Mints >>
There is no better surprise than finding the Thin Mints you hid from your roommates after they move out 💚
Eating a whole sleeve of Thin Mints because I ran 15.7 miles this morning and I can
Found leftover Thin Mints in my freezer. It's safe to put today in my top ten best days ever.
And then, with the Thin Mints and Samoas long since depleted, they reluctantly reached for the Savannah Smiles
Unless you're a Girl Scout, don't come to my house trying to sell stuff. The only demo I'm interested in is a box of Thin Mints
Tour guide says this facility bakes more than 40% of the world's Girl Scout Cookies. It's capable of making more than 4.5M Thin Mints a day
Never knew how good Thin Mints were
I just found some frozen Thin Mints😍
picture proof will be required upon completion lol. Also brain-splosion, Thin Mints in ice cream!
Great weather and beer at Bay Fest 2016. Good luck to new LI Breweries Eastern Front and Gravies.Handgrenades Brew Cl Thin Mints very smooth
I'm in mourning. Took to my bed with Firefly and Thin Mints. Nate Fillion you are the cutest, funniest geek…
Whenever kids try to sell me Thin Mints I tell them:. "Hand over the cookies and I don't get my shotty."
About to jump into edits for final draft of my book. If anyone needs me, I’ll be crying into a box of Thin Mints.
Wow they're doing free burritos, pizza, and beer for the Thin Mints god.
If someone could hook me up with a life time supply of Thin Mints, that'd be great.
Me, too. We only get Thin Mints in Canada... thankfully, I have a friend whose daughter is in Girl Scouts. She hooked me up
I hate mint chocolate but take Thin Mints off. 😠
We're all gonna be dead by morning. Guess I'll have that last sleeve of Thin Mints after all
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Thin Mints are the Virginia Slims of Girl Scout Cookies.
A successful day of commits behind me, taco cheese dip, Tostitos, Thin Mints, Pokemon Yellow on my 3DS & House of Cards on TV. Life is good.
Veronica delivered cookies to the Indiana Statehouse BTW loves Thin Mints!
Get ’em while they last! Girl Scout Cookies are here – Reno Gazette Journal . Thin Mints biscotti are dipped in wh…
when the Girl Scout brings the wagon of cookies to the door!!! Lemonades✔️. Thin Mints ✔️. Peanut Butter Patties ✔️
Dear Girls Scouts: How come the Thin Mints box says there are 8 servings but there are only 2 sleeves of Thin Mints? I nee…
Jimmy Kimmel had Gordon Ramsey taste some GS cookies and he hated the Thin Mints! I feel betrayed.
Catholic Church's Old Guard Bigots vs. Thin Mints: My $ is on the cookies: Girl Scouts Opposed by Archbishop
I need a Girl Scout Cookie supplier. I need me some Thin Mints!
I'm not ashamed that I ate an entire box of Thin Mints in one day bc it's Girl Scout Cookie season & well, bc they're delicious.
Thin Mints are the white bread of Girl Scout Cookies.
Tomorrow I’m buying a crapload of Thin Mints just for you. Well, let’s be honest, they’re for me.
A special thanks to Jacki Gaytan with Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia for the Thin Mints. My fav!
Where are all the Girl Scouts at I need Thin Mints
What's your favorite? Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties for me!. cush
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I need Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties right now! Craving some cookies!
Girl Scout Cookies are $4.00 a box and are available in the following flavors: Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties,...
6. My favorite Girl Scout Cookies are Thin Mints (frozen), Samoas, and Trefoils.
You may need to dig deeper into your pockets to get your Thin Mints fix this year
The great american hustlers. Thin Mints and Samoas are their worst cookies tho.
I got 1 question right tonight in Jeopardy. The answer was Thin Mints. That one is for you
cuz that'll work. I'll bribe him with Thin Mints or popcorn
Hello, Thin Mints! Glad to see you in Chewy Thin Mints Granola Bars! YUM!
I can go Zero to Sixty consumed in Thin Mints in 10 minutes.
.I have an idea. Make a bigger version of Thin Mints called "thick mints". I'm expecting my check in the mail. Thanks.
Good call, But what would be the best pairing? Thin Mints?
Love players from who have filthy mitts sniping bar down for some Thin Mints cookies
I actually don't like mine chocolate chip. The only mint and chocolate mix I can tolerate are Thin Mints.
Thin Mints granola bars are definitely a must for lunchboxes this school year! My family loves them
he's disgusting probably thinks Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout Cookie too yuck
Little Giant Ladders
I have done nothing but eat Thin Mints today.
.100% would spend part of that money on Thin Mints and Savannah Smiles. :-)
Idk what the big deal is about Thin Mints?¿??
My day turned around real quick when I found Thin Mints in the freezer
Quaker Chewy Girl Scouts Thin Mints Granola Bars are awesome! They taste just like the cookies!
This news has me depressed. Had a sleeve of Thin Mints for lunch. Cheesecake for dinner it is...
These Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints fall apart whether frozen or not. They suck don't buy them.
Don't forget a box of Quaker Chewy Girl Scouts Thin Mints® Granola Bars for the kiddos for school
How many calories in a box of Thin Mints? Asking for a friend.
Fam thought I wouldn't find the Thin Mints by hiding them, suckers.
I've just posted on my Blog about: First It was the Thin Mints Melee
If you like Thin Mints and Quaker Chewy granola will LOVE Quaker Chewy Girl Scouts !!
Guys Thin Mints are Life. Like go get them now!
"It's a shame Thin Mints don't make you thin"
Gonna rob Girl Scout headquarters for all them Thin Mints
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
This could be bad news for diets everywhere.
Just found frozen Thin Mints in the freezer and my girlfriend is beautiful and cool as ***
Idk what's scarier: the fact I just demolished a sleeve of Thin Mints or the fact that I still have a box of them left..
Remember when Justin Beiber was the kind of fresh-faced teen you'd find at your door selling Thin Mints?
Currently eating Fiji's version of Thin Mints. Yum.
"I never thought I'd go to heaven, until heaven came to me." I whisper as I shovel more Thin Mints ice cream into my mouth.
THESE TASTE LIKE Thin MintS. I no longer have to wait until Girl Scout season. I'm dying.
Awesome! I was a Girl Scout and remember these - the Thin Mints are much, much better than the ones here. Enjoy!
Homemade Thin Mints. Next up: chocolate coating
Crunch bars do not contain peanuts. Thin Mints do not contain peanuts. BUT Thin Mint Crunch bars do! It is...
frozen Thin Mints...and frozen Peanut Butter Patties...and vanilla ice cream topped with Thin Mints.
U sound like my hubby "Can I be allergic to mint?" as he continues to eat box of Thin Mints & throat closes. 😛
Holding a troop of Girl Scouts hostage for unlimited Thin Mints. .
Anchorage folks: Isabel's last booth sale for Girl Scouts cookies was today. Still some boxes of Thin Mints,...
the fact that I have yet to run into ANY Girl Scouts is thoroughly depressing. I just want like 4 boxes of Thin Mints + Samoas.
Hamilton Collection
I have 3 tests tomorrow, 1 Thursday, and 2 Friday... I've been eating Thin Mints and watching green mile for almost two hours...
Downton Abby finale is cued up, Thin Mints on plate, cat in lap, dogs at my feet. Life is good.
Best. News. Ever. A new Girl Scout Cookie Oven lets you bake up Thin Mints at home
100-box coworker survived a brain tumor, and has earned the right to eat nothing but Thin Mints for a week if he *** well pleases.
Thin Mints are legal crack cocaine.
I just saw on GMA that there is a shortage of Thin Mints throughout the country! Ellie has 24 boxes at home, just...
I'm saddened at the significant decrease in the amount of cookies in a Thin Mints box nowadays.
Thin Mints are THE BEST cookies Girl Scouts have to offer and I refuse to hear any other argument.
1 case of Samoas, 1 case of Thin Mints, please bill to Williams, Craig in Redlands, CA
Girl Scouts selling cookies can be found at FLNB and Bank of the Ozarks on Friday Afternoons, and All BBQ places, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Henry's, Huddle House, Chevron Jet Stop, Valero, RBFCU, Mr. Taco, Tractor Supply, Little Caesar's, and the Post Office on Saturdays and Sundays until March 1. Cookies are $4.00 per box and we have the following types of cookies: Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-Si-Does, Rah-Rah Raisin, Trefoils, Tag-a-Longs,and Savannah Smiles. Some Troops were issued a few boxes of a Gluten-Free Cookie called Toffee Tastic, THESE ARE $5.00 PER BOX, if you can find a girls that has some. There are ways that you can contribute that don't require the consumption of can donate to our soldiers, or to the Helping Hero group of the troops choice. There are many girls that are trying to raise money to go to camps this summer, or to Disney. Please support them! Thank you.
Girl Scouts are coming Thin Mints in sight!
Girl Scout Cookies are here today thru February 15th. They are $4 a box or $48.00 a case and they freeze very well. We have Thin Mints (chocolate and mint), Samoas (coconut), Tag-A-Longs (chocolate and peanut butter), Trefoils (shortbread), Savanah Smiles (lemon and powdered sugar), Rah-Rah-Raisin (oatmeal raisin) and Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter sandwich). If you are interested, I can make arrangements to meet with you or I will be at the Trading Post Flea Market, booth 238 (by Home Depot) with limited quantities Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 3pm. Get yours before you run out of time!
Thin Mints are now vegan! I look forward to supporting the Girl Scouts with my gluttony. :)
just ONCE I want to own all the world's Thin Mints... and then sell 'em to the Girl Scouts for five bucks a box and see how THEY like it
Enjoy the Thin Mints! Thanks for your continued support of Girl Scouting!
My YES moment! Irish mint topped with Thin Mints whipped cream and...wait for it...a cherry!
Girl Scout Cookies go online: Now, you can buy Thin Mints anywhere - Christian Science Monitor
There's a different kind of cookie coming to your computer this holiday season. For the first time in their more than 100-year history, the Girl Scouts have gone digital. Starting Dec. 12, all you have to do is go online to buy your Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs and more.
Someone's getting a merit badge for this one. For the first time since the Girl Scouts of America began selling cookies in 1917, online sales will be offered. Yes, that means you can stop harassing your coworkers' kids and loitering outside Duane Reade in pursuit of Thin Mints. The
Thin Mints are now coming to a website near you.
You can now buy your Thin Mints online: hello
GRAB YOUR CREDIT CARDS! Girl Scout Cookies are going to be sold online!. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
Whether your favorites are Samoas or Thin Mints, cookie season just got easier for customers with new technology.
The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. has approved “Digital Cookie,” a platform for scouts to sell and ship Thin Mints, Samoas and others to friends and relatives.
Get your Thin Mints online, better than the door to door- “Girl Scouts byting into digital for cookie sales http:/…
Samoas, Thin Mints: cookie sales go digital via but saw first in Code/Red
For the first time ever, Girl Scout Cookies will be sold online through a national platform called Digital Cookie. This breaks the organization's ban on e-sales of Thin Mints and Samoas.
While I think that the in-person sales experience is a great learning tool, having the girls be able to try online e…
Thin Mints, anyone? Order cookies online and get 'em delivered to your door:
Alas, the green-vested minions of PHX are not yet online. Will buy my Thin Mints the old fashioned way via
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
"You can now buy your Thin Mints online:
Another possibility for on-line Girl Scout Cookie sales: Thin Client Mints.
Girlscout cookies..! We will have soon get your promise to order in now :) gotta have those Thin Mints for the winter .. Lol text or message me Kate will be excited to deliver to you.. You pay when we deliver :)
Sitting at McDonalds, waiting for a volunteer, and on the tv the news is talking about cookie sales being available online this year. The nice older couple next to me sees my laptop logo and we get into a lovely conversation about Thin Mints and Girl Scouts. I love my job!
It might be Monday but you can now buy Girl Scout Cookies online so you're welcome. Thin Mints for all! 🙌
You had Thin Mints instead of tagalongs?
Girl Scout Cookies go online Now U can buy Thin Mints anywhere
'Fess up - who's shopping online at work right now? in other online news did you hear that Girl Scouts will be selling cookies online this year? NOoOoOo!!! Like I need easier access to Thin Mints!!! LOL
Great news for those of us who love Thin Mints, but hate dealing with Girl Scouts:
Yes!!! Girl Scout Cookies are going digital.
For the Here's my December stash of Thin Mints.
All of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies will soon be just a click away.
You can now buy your Thin Mints online:
Girl Scouts can now sell cookies online. Sure make it easier 2 OD on Thin Mints!
Crunchy Thin Mints, gooey Samoas, peanut-buttery Tagalongs, or classic chocolate chip—whatever your favorite Girl Scout Cookie is, the best and the worst part of the tasty treats is that they only
Resistance is futile when it comes to thin-mints and samoas, and encourage as well!
Now you can buy your Thin Mints online, as the Girl Scouts undertake a tech overhaul
It just got a whole lot easier to get your Thin Mint fix!
You will soon be able to buy Girl Scout Cookies online!
Cyber Monday means buying a life supply of Thin Mints and tagalongs.
Girl Scout Cookies now selling online (which means I'll be eating too many Thin Mints).
You can now buy Girl Scouts Thin Mints online. Hard to resist.
Samoas, Thin Mints: Girl Scout Cookie sales go digital
You think these are still good? The "Best By" date is really just a suggestion right? Do Thin Mints last forever?
The Girl Scouts are launching "digital cookie." You can buy your Tagalongs, Thin Mints and Samoas online:
I can get my Animal Treasures without having to deal with children. Or doors. Yay!!! /
Jesus Lord. Anyone planning on a diet you can just sod it now. You can buy Girl Scout Cookies online now. Now no one has to see you hold back on how many Thin Mints boxes you really want. You know you try to look cute at the tables and buy two boxes. But if no one was looking your *** would buy 12.
oh it's about to go down. also, my bank account will be going down because I will buying all the Thin Mints.
Great news to start off this Monday, starting this January you will be able to purchase Girl Scout Cookies online!
Gorging on Girl Scouts cookies is going to be a lot easier this year:
there's also tagalongs and Thin Mints, do t think I forgot
If anyone has a daughter, niece, cousin in Girl Scout trying to sell cookies. Well I'm your girl. Lemme know, would love a few Thin Mints
Love this :) - Click here for Thin Mints: Girl Scouts now sell cookies online via
Girl Scouts are selling their cookies online now. Thin Mints are gonna break the internet.
Buying Girl Scout Cookies is about to become much easier. For the first time ever, the Girl Scouts of the USA will accept online orders of Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, and other cookies...
Samoas, Thin Mints and other Girl Scout Cookies: now sold online, with nationwide shipping
You can buy Thin Mints online. What a time to be alive.
Girl Scout Cookie time coming up soon, can't wait for Thin Mints. Somebody hook me up this year.
Y'all Girl Scouts need to hurry up with these *** cookies...I want my Samoas and Thin Mints
I love Thin Mints, the Girl Scout Cookie. I could eat a box in one setting so I don't buy them. Lol.
I went into the cabinets at work looking for a fork & there's a box of Thin Mints right in front of me! God is always lookin' out.
Photo: suricattus: hkirkh: Girl Scouts are the ONLY exception. Will Wake Baby for Thin Mints.  
I know it ain't Girl Scout Cookie season but I need some Thin Mints. Any local troops have any extras??? Val Dawson lol
FYI: I just pulled a box of Thin Mints out of the freezer that I'd been hiding since Girl Scout Cookie season.
Organized our freezer yesterday and found a sleeve of Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints). It's what's for dessert tonight :-)
Looking at these three empty Mountain Dew cans on my desk, can't help but think of and crave Thin Mints.
Three days of intense packing for a four process move ( don't ask, involves complex algebra to explain), and I am pretty close to my breaking point. But 3 Bud Light Platinums (purchased for their caloric to alcoholic ratio, not taste) and a sleeve of hidden in the back of the freezer Thin Mints, have helped.
Girl Scout Cookies for sale. Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thank U Berry Munch, Dolce de Leche, and Savannah Smiles. $3/ bx or make me an offer. I want these cookies gone!!! Thanks!
my pulse is in my peak cardio zone and I'm sitting on the coach with Thin Mints.
I picked up the paper today to read an Obit & an article catches my eye-they're trying to stop companies from making E-Cigs in tasty flavors like Tootsie Roll, Thin Mints & Cinnamon Toast Crunch. "The Food and Drug Admin last month proposed regulating electronic cigarettes but didn't immediately ban fruit or candy flavors, which are barred for use in regular cigarettes BECAUSE OF THE WORRY THAT THE FLAVORS ARE USED TO APPEAL TO CHILDREN". Seriously? When I started chewing, there were Straight, Classic, Mint & Wintergreen flavors. I wanted to chew tobacco & flavor wasn't the issue. Back then, you had beer & liquor with only a few flavors available. We still drank. We still chewed. We still smoked. Flavor isn't the issue here. Its a matter of if the kids want to smoke, dip or drink, they're going to regardless of the flavors available. This world is going to *** in a hand basket! This is as bad as cars or guns killing people. Guns & cars don't kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! People make the decision to sm ...
Need to do some soul searching. The nine-year old girl who sold me Thin Mints has a favorite professional wrestler and I don't.
I'm not sure Nick Collison could wrestle a box of Thin Mints away from a fat Girl Scout.
Our troop has extra Girl Scout Cookies! If you're interested in Trefoils, Savannah Smiles, or Thin Mints, let me know;)
Because I couldn't make it to cherry blossom festival, I'll be selling Scouting Legion chocolates and Girl Scout Cookies at this event. Chocolates are on sale for $1 each, or $1.75 for two. If you're interested in buying Thin Mints, Samoas, or Tagalongs, each box is $4 and I will throw in a free SnK chocolate for each box sold (while supplies last). Comment below if you're interested cause there's a limited quantity of the chocolates/cookies. I'm accepting custom orders (until the 15th) if you'd like it in the color: red, light/royal blue, purple, bright white, blood splatter (anime red), blood splatter (manga black). Just spot the giant daikon radish.
What an awesome surprise for Mothers Day ! Lisa Thank You for my Rose Plant and Thin Mints.. What a great surprise. Love You !!
OK folks for those of you still seeking Girl Scout Cookies, Annemarie's troop has some left that we are trying to sell, we have: 4 boxes of Savannah Smiles, 3 boxes of Trefoil, 8 boxes of Dosidos, 1 box of Samaos, 9 boxes of Dulce de Leche, 10 boxes of Thank you berry much and 5 boxes of Thin Mints.let me know if you're interested.
For those of you that missed out on the Girl Scout Cookie season...I might be able to help you out. Message me for any orders and I might be able to fulfill them. Thin Mints, Dosidoes, Trefoils, Samoas, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles. We have some troops that have left overs. I will try to get into contact with the troop leaders for those who are interested.
Yesterday I did 17 minutes on the elliptical, followed by ten minutes working the heavy bag, followed by some free weights work, with lots of good stretching interspersed. This morning, I got up and ate half a sleeve of Thin Mints for breakfast. I blame Andy. =)
Impending doom = toddler discovers Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints) but not that they are only sold once a year .No
Found a sleeve of Thin Mints. Karen spotted them and went to grab one. I told her she could have the rest.didn't realize there were only two left! Boy, was SHE excited! LOL
In celebration of Moms, we have a 100, no make that 99 boxes (my mom wants a box of Thin Mints), of Girl Scout Cookies to give away this weekend. One for every $50 spent, start at 11am today.
I ate the large box of Thin Mints. I sure don't feel thin. I'm full of it. UGH!!!
"I will recite the Girl Scout honor while ripping out his earring...then sell him Thin Mints"
We're having a COOKIE SALE tomorrow, starting at 11am! Stop by Pottery Barn Kids on 2nd Ave. at 69th Street for your Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Savannah Smiles!
Our Girl Scout troop still has lots of cookies left to sell. If you are out of your first round of cookies, let us know, we will gladly sell you a second round! We have all varieties still left. Thin Mints, Caramel Delights, Peanut Butter Patty, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Thanks a lot, Lemonades, Cranberry Citrus, and Shortbread. They are $4 per box. Message me or Billie Sue Semmens and feel free to share this message!!!
We still have 71 boxes of cookies left ... ping me a message if you want some :) BTW ... Sandy Brown I have those 2 boxes of Thin Mints ... I'll bring them down in a couple of weeks.
Day of teaching Fishing, Archery and playing Camouflage with a bunch of Girl Scout's. YAY! They better pay me in Thin Mints!
Public service announcement: Dollar General stores sell copycat versions of Thin Mints and Samoas. You're welcome.
Need to buy Thin Mints and Lemonade Girl Scout Cookies. Who has some? message me..
Think your kid is amazing at selling Girl Scout Cookies? Chances are she's got nothing on an Oklahoma girl who's broken the national record for encouraging people to stuff their faces with Thin Mints. RECIPES: 5 Ridiculously Tempting Desserts You Can Make With Girl Scout Cookies
Feel like some good karma came around for me today bc a random person gave me an entire box of Thin Mints at work!
BREAKING NEWS! THE ARRIVAL OF SPRING: The long anticipated arrival of the Vernal Equinox is being celebrated with added fervor this year, and some mishaps!... In Blaineville, New Hampshire (est. 1714, pop. 2106) a Mrs. Enid Bromf who had disappeared during a leaf raking/marshmallow and weenie roast back in October suddenly reappeared yesterday at the Sunoco station on Clitter Avenue begging for assistance. Sadly, her pleas weren't comprehended as she lumbered up to a van of shrieking Girl Scouts who had been making their Thin Mints rounds. Their den mother, Mrs. Hillary Hapgarten claimed that all she could hear was "a sort of growl-gurgling version of either Row, Row, Row Your Boat, or Ave Maria as the hideous creature approached". Mrs. Hapgarten threw her Rambler station wagon into forward and drove over Mrs. Bromf as she sped off towards Johnson's Soda Fountain & Firearms Emporium. Fortunately, the thick wads of leaves and muck which clogged poor Mrs. Bromf's mouth also padded her thoroughly from the Ra ...
God, David Garlow, Joel Olsteen, Coffee, and Thin Mints. These are just a few of my favorites! GOOD MORNING!
P90X3 W9D6: Total Synergistics. This always feels like a light workout to me, and I never get that much of a burn from it BUT I can see that I've improved with it, particularly in the parts that require balance. So: I can live with that. Peppermint mocha Shakeology afterwards...m...sort of like Thin Mints. But with superfoods. :)
I love walking around my neighborhood with JR. It's a great way to talk to so many different people. After I VOTED today I got a delicious BBQ pork sandwich from the man who bbqs near the school. Grabbed a coffee from Shake Sugary, first time in there, looks yummy! And grabbed a bunch of Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts. Last day for Girl Scout Cookies btw!! Support local businesses! Support your neighbors! Get out and vote. And drive your neighbors to the polls if they're too old or sick to walk! I'll be making that trip for a neighbor later and i may get more cookies! Sorry I'm a broken record. Porchin' for now.
Go To Walmart there is a group of Girl Scouts and there selling cookies! (Thin Mints) yummy !
Come support the Girl Scouts & Daisy Troop 5650. Pick up your favorite Girl Scout Cookies and then stop into Beadology and treat yourself to some beaded goodies! Thin Mints and a pair of Fabulous earrings. Mmmm yummy!!
I have come to the conclusion that if you want to "Sell" anything to the American use The Girl Scouts. I have been berated at The bank, The Gas station, Dunkin Doughnuts and Wal-Mart all in one day. O.K, O.K I give in!! Give me 6 boxes of Thin Mints and a box of Diabetes!!
I was able to finally get a couple of boxes of Thin Mints. Had to wrestle them away from a couple of young girls. It was worth it. Now Kim Messick can rest easy.
It’s people! Thin Mints are people! MT Pro-life groups say Girl Scouts selling something else w/ Thin Mints
*** Girl Scouts with their cookies...Thin Mints are cookie crack!
Where can i find a Girl Scout to give me some Thin Mints
"Frozen Thin Mints too bomb! 👍" sooo jealous! Only 29 more days until I can enjoy the deliciousness of chocolate!
Who wants to sit outside and eat frozen Thin Mints with a pathetic loser
Can't wait til my Thin Mints come in
A box of Thin Mints counts as dinner, right?
Last call for Girl Scout Cookies, we have Thin Mints and Samoas left. $4 per box, will deliver within 30 minutes of Hancock. Just message me. Thank you.
Came home to 4 boxes of Thin Mints. knows me well and way exceeded proving her love 2day.
Mae Wilcox you are my life saver and my enabler just opened up my last box of Thin Mints and I'm half way through them I think I need more
Of course grandma made fresh cookies,Rice Crispy bars, and homemade chocolate cake.Then pull out the Thin Mints for more options.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
You lied? I feel like I've been taken advantage of. Lol ;) Thin Mints & the shortbread ones are my favorites.
That horrible feeling when you look into a box of Thin Mints and there's only one left
Did I just make a sandwich out of Thin Mints, peanut butter, and Hershey's spread? You bet your bottom dollar I did
I really am in love with food 😍😍😍😍 I'm having an affair with these Thin Mints right now tho 😌🙊
it all balances out. Then you get Thin Mints after practice
Thin Mints will be the cause of my downfall
not keeping track of how many Thin Mints I eat so I don't feel like kms l8r :-)
eating Thin Mints and pretending its Harry's ankles
This was my night. Women studies Project. Walking Dead. And Thin Mints. 😊👍
I ate a whole sleeve of Thin Mints today. So.that's a thing.
Nah, but you're welcome to some of our frozen Thin Mints.
I bought a box of Thin Mints and am eating four cookies a day. It's going to last me a week, I think.
I wish I had money so I can stock up on Thin Mints for summer
Going to vidcon this summer list of gifts for you tubers . nutella and coffee. Thin Mints . sing wth u
Thanks to a dear friend in the U.S., I tried Thin Mints for the first time tonight. They definitely live up to the hype.
Thin Mints flavored coffee creamer omg I'm in freaking love 😍
All I want are the Thin Mints that are waiting for me at home and my flight gets delayed.
You know what tastes better than skinny feels? Thin Mints
So about that box of Thin Mints mom bought for me today.yep, first row is gone 😍😋
Q; true feelings and why are you always soo happy ! ? A; youuu my *** and I want my gaahh *** Thin Mints. You don't ever hmu. I try to be.
I can eat a box of Thin Mints in one day.
I'm about ready to OD on Thin Mints lol
bilo def has it idk about ingles but it tastes like Thin Mints no joke
I'm so full but you better believe imma finish this sleeve of Thin Mints
Yes! Best idea ever. I got a box of Thin Mints.
After we smoked last night I wanted this pie we have that tastes like Thin Mints.
Eating Thin Mints to cope with my impending doom this coming week may jesus, allah, yaweh, buddha, and space aliens bless me let me pass 😭
No self control when it comes to Thin Mints. 1 sleeve 10 minutes.
That's not true at all but the point is I like Thin Mints.
Girl Scout Cookie selling time for the Sode Girl's is about to be over. We have 6 pb patties, 6 Thin Mints and 5 shortbreads left to sell. Do I have any takers? Please, please help us sell them. Makanda and Rainier would like to tell everyone a big THANK YOU for buying cookies from them this year. We are thankful for each and everyone who has helped meet our goal. Next year maybe we can increase our goal a 100 more boxes. Thanks...Makanda and Rainier.
I just ate a whole sleeve of Thin Mints. Judge me.
My mom saw the Girl Scouts today and she didn't get Thin Mints. I don't know what to think
Thin Mints might just be one of the greatest things ever invented
Thin Mints please get out of my life... I have no self discipline when it come to you. 😔
Girl Scouts. got me again with those Thin Mints
My 5 boxes of Thin Mints and I have a date with my elastic sweatpants tonight.
Lawdy what I would do for some Thin Mints right about now!!
Last call for Girl Scout Cookies- 5-6 Thin Mints, 1-2 Cranberry Citrus Crisps amd maybe a PB Sandwich (if I don't at it first...). $4 a box- first come, first serve!!
Today's an eat too many Thin Mints with ice cream kind of night.
I was having a bad couple of days full of anxiety. So I went out to the barn. Goats always make me laugh. Then I went to town for salt for the driveway and stopped and bought a few groceries. I was driving out of the Walmart parking lot when some Girl Scouts selling cookies were waving at traffic going by. It made me look and there was Emma! So I turned my car around and went back and bought two boxes of Thin Mints! It made my day to buy cookies from a little girl I love! Thanks Emma!
Okay peeps. We are at the end of cookie season. Sarah has exactly 8 boxes of cookies to go to reach her goal of going to camp. I can get you any type. I only have Thin Mints, but I can trade them for any type. I will be going to the cookie cupboard to exchange some before Wednesday for someone else. Please help. THANK YOU! and thank you to everyone that has helped us out. :).
Ok...I am sitting on 3 cases of Samoas and 2 cases of Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies I also have a case of Thin Mints.anyone want to help me get rid of them?
Need advice: water turned off for next hour. Eating Thin Mints=brushing teeth?
Can't stop eating Thin Mints thanks to my bestie
Thin Mints and sweetarts count me in tomorrow is monday and get to spend all day with Marcus Mosberger bc he off then again on Wednesday i love you babe and miss you hope tonight goes fast
I never claimed to be a perfect vegan. When people offer me baked goods, I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. On the other hand, I know Girl Scout Thin Mints have some whey in them, but I have bought six boxes this cookie season.
Change of assignments--- we are at BL Fred Meyers electronic door!! You know you want some Thin Mints in your lunch tomorrow!
No better way to eat Thin Mints than straight out of the freezer!
Where can I find some Girl Scouts in huntington? My one tiny box of Thin Mints didn't get the job done
Pretty sure I've been living off chicken teriyaki and Thin Mints for the past four days.
Yesterday I bought 2 boxes Samoa and 2 boxes Thin Mints. Today more of those little Brownie folks were selling their wares. I hesitated, knowing I was handled. I got home and realized OMG, I need backup. Is it weird that I feel one with the lowly Thin Mint?
Walking through the Sav-Mart today, just picking up basic needs for the week, I happened by the refrigerated goods and I noticed a special section where they had tubs of "Cool Whip", for 43cents. 43 cents!!! Now I have not bought any Cool Whip containers in at least 25 years but I felt I had to buy not one but two tubs of the stuff. I then of course bought two packages of Thin Mints from the Girl Scouts outside the store and proceeded to go home and slather Cool Whip all over about 10-12 cookies. I am now totally miserable but oh yeah was it worth it. 43 Cents!
If anyone is interested in Girl Scout Cookies..I have some Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Do-Si-Dos! $4 each.just let me know! Thank you!!
If anybody could be so kind enough as to point me in the right direction of where I may possibly locate and purchase some Girl Scout Cookies!?!?!?!? If your kids are in the girlscouts, or somebody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody that has them, or can obtain them. I would LOVE to purchase some Thin Mints. I want them something awfully bad. I wish I could say I simply just want some, but the truth of the matter is I truly do NEED them to survive. It is vital to my health and well being that I can find those sneaky little girls known as Girl Scouts, who are holding out on me with them cookies! If somebody could PLEASE HELP me with this predicament I seem to be having, I need to buy a few boxes before they stop selling them. I would greatly very much so appreciate the assistance. Consider this message my official Amber Alert for locating a few boxes of Thin Mint Cookies.Thank you and that is all. :-)
OMG Thin Mints and Once Upon A Time. Such a happy girl right now
Still hanging in! Out of do si dos, Thin Mints, we have 4 boxes lemons, couple cases of tagalongs, 8 boxes of trefoils.cmon! We are so getting there!! This GS Troop Onefivenineone is the best and they ROCK!!
My newest addiction: Thin Mints Coffee Creamer. I have aproblem but it is Oh So GOOD!!!
*** you Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints, my will power was foiled again!
When someone makes you an ice cream sundae with Thin Mints, strawberries, bananas, and syrup you just can't say no, even if it's almost 10 pm. Yum!
Time to break out a roll of Thin Mints out of freezer.. Only to eat a couple though ;-)
I was thinking about making a cheesecake and using crushed Thin Mints for the crust, but I can't bring myself to destroy a whole box of delishisness like that.
If anyone is still interested in buying Girl Scout Cookies we still have. 11 boxes of short bread, 4 caramel delights, 3 peanut butter sandwich, 3 Thin Mints, 3 lemonade, 3 thanks a lot, and 2 cranberry citrus crisps. $3.50 each
Man those Girl Scouts sure know how to ambush you with cuteness and strategic timing. Now what am I gonna do with a box of Thin Mints and Samoa cookies lol.
I have Thin Mints, nothing else matters.
Anyone need Girls Scout cookies? I have Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samos. They are $4 a box. Help Christine and Girl Scout Troop 41601
Izzy has some cookies left for those of you who want to get them before they are gone! Only a couple of Dosidos, some lemon and some trefoil/shortbread. I might be able to get you some Thin Mints, samoas or tagalongs... might. Cookies are a nice gift or treat to have later in the year. Please contact me soon!
I am selling the last of Emerson's Girl Scout Cookies. I have a couple of deliveries left to make. Samoas, Tag-a-longs, Thin Mints, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos or Savannahs Smiles lemon cookies. Let me know what you want!
Darn Thin Mints. For the love of God somebody help me.
Just like his dad can't keep his hands off the Thin Mints lol
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