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Thiago Silva

Thiago Emiliano da Silva (born 22 September 1984) commonly known as Thiago Silva, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a centre back for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team.

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After Barca pulled off comeback v PSG, Neymar sent messages of support to his Brazilian compatriots Thiago Silva & Mar…
I added a video to a playlist Dave x AJ Tracey - Thiago Silva Lyrics
Man's got style and rhythm like gangnam Thiago Silva by Dave ♫
and there defence is better than there attack... Marcelo best LB, Alves best RB, Thiago Silva Marquinhos CB, Casemiro sitting
PSG won 4-0 without Thiago Silva. Lost 6-1 with him but watch him still be included in FIFA World XI for dropping a 8.5…
Liverpool had to get through Maldini while they had Thiago Silva for 90 minutes. Surprised they even took so long.
Messi: "Thiago doesn't like football much. He goes to Camp Nou because of Benja (Suarez' son) and some schoolmates, but h…
no he missed out. Herrera, Busquets, Illarramendi, Iniesta, Isco, Thiago, Koke and Silva the central midfielders involved.
.pulled up on for a surprise performance of their banger "Thiago Silva" 🚨🇬🇧
Mario Balotelli: "For me a phenomenon is like Thiago Silva and Angel Di Maria. Cavani is strong, but he is not a phenome…
Are we certain that David Luiz isn't Thiago Silva in a wig, man is unreal
what i want in the future is. Kurzawa - koscielny - thiago silva - aurier. Lloris
Thiago Braz da Silva considers living in Berlin:
How did Thiago Silva get into the discussion??
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Thiago Silva is the John Smith of Brazilian names.
Milan has had several better. He isnt even the best right now. Thiago Silva laughs at him
Thiago Silva: 'A massive occasion': A few days out from the clash with FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League……
If drake brings out Dave and does Thiago Silva I'll go mad
Thiago Silva was Brazil's best player but I guess people only rate attacking players nowadays
Who's that low-budget Thiago Silva playing for Sundowns?
the likes of zlatan, thiago Silva and others helped him at Milan.. He flopped when they left...
Thiago Silva isnt playing for the national team... Unless they have got a new manager
Is it just me, or did Roan Carneiro look EXACTLY like Thiago Silva at the weigh-in face-off earlier?
The strong message from Thiago SILVA to BARCELONA.
Thiago Silva took a picture with me
UEFALONA. . Thiago Silva to be red carded
PSG captain Thiago Silva completely rested ahead of Barcelona & not even on the bench. Goncalo Guedes also left out.
Thiago Braz da Silva clears 5.50 at his second attempt.
Olympic Champion Braz da Silva Thiago brought the bar down at this first attempt at 5.50
I still say Luiz is more disciplined since he's come back. must thank Thiago Silva for taming the 'wild one'.
Here we have Olympic Champion Thiago Braz da Silva of Brazil, Germany's Raphael Holzdeppe and ...
Yes, I get it now. Good timing for Lucas & Thiago Silva to convince. Especially Lucas, what a season he's having!
Stekelenberg in goal, Thiago Silva, me and Manu Petit with Leatherheads Jamie Mackie licking it in the top bins. Wonderful
I cannot help but feel that Thiago Silva and Lucas Moura have been underused by Brazil NT coaches since World Cup 2014. Anyone shares this?
Samir went from Thiago silva praising him as a prospective substitute in the seleção to never hearing about him again as well
Thiago Silva insulted the premier league last year then City knocked them out CL 👋🏽😂
Back in the day, we used to buy the likes of Ronaldo and Thiago Silva on the winter mercato
Molecular diversity of environmental prokaryotes / edited by Thiago Bruce Rodrigues, Amaro Emiliano Trindade Silva
hopefully Thiago Silva in the summer
what do u thing of my team btw I'm Saving up for thiago silva in rcb position
Just listened to pod, probably already been pointed out but, Pep signed Thiago Alcantara at Bayern not Thiago Silva
Jared Torgeson's Leg One Week After His 5 Round Battle With Thiago Silva!. Picture on the left is the day after...
87 ST is Zlatan regen, 85 CB is Pepe, 87 CB is Thiago Silva. Beast team
Even players like Thiago Silva are not even mentioned cus they play in a 'farmer league'. But yet he has been Brazil's best CB in ages
No thanks, I'd rather have Thiago Silva back/Kompany/Verratti
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yah disappointed with that, have you used Thiago silva yet mate?
TITE:. "We have young talents like Coutinho, Neymar and Marquinhos. We have experience in Willian, Thiago Silva, Marcelo…
why wouldn't then. Sakho-Thiago Silva CB pairing would be boss.
Genuinely cannot believe some people are moaning about Fonte. Exceptional defender with a wealth of experience. Sorry it's not Thiago Silva.
nah but I would go Thiago silva in form Marquinhos and trapp
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Jared Torgeson's bruising from leg kicks from Thiago Silva, worst in MMA?
The way he reads the game and his opponents mind is underrated. Playing alongside Thiago Silva really transformed him.
my girl said she has to revise the words to thiago silva so she doesn't forget it LOOL
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Thiago Silva would not be a statement signing, Verratti yes.
But looking now, the title of "captain" has lost its meaning in EPL. Even France's PSG has Thiago Silva who can lead & inspire teammates 2/2
I added a video to a playlist Players Out of Contract XI | Robben, Cazorla & Thiago Silva!
st hazard, 87 lukaku, 88 Erickson, 91 higgy, if thiago silva, totgs godin, totgs filipe luis all in club
Just wanted to take a moment to showcase our artist Thiago Afonso Silva's amazing artwork for you guys! More here >…
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Thiago Silva should be in it, scored 2 goals last wednesday
Ashley Williams, Thiago Silva, Gary Cahill, obviously, there won't be a lot of defenders here
Would be the most heartbreaking move since Ibra/Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva: Looks like an overgrown ladyboy. Rated for playing in a poverty league.
that's what they say publicly which means little, Thiago Silva extended his contract with PSG
Ibra and Thiago Silva didn't want to leave either.
GOOOL DE THIAGO SILVA! . The PSG captain scores for the second game in a row.
The same mandem we first performed Thiago Silva to, were on stage with us performing it to almost 5 thousand people ❤ https:/…
Pepe had a better year than ANY defender in the world, yet still had the likes of Thiago Silva ahead of him. It's a joke if you ask me.
Tbh Luiz should be nowhere near this list, just like Thiago Silva and Sergio Ramos. Absolute joke.
no Thiago Silva and Suarez finally made it but still a borderline joke lets be honest
Eden Hazard, Thiago Silva and the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team of the Week
Today's claims that Thiago Silva will be joining in June. His contract is up (although might auto…
Siphiwe Tshabalala Fortuner ad is stolen by creatives from Nissan with Thiago Silva one...
I just realized that John Terry was marking Cahill instead of Thiago Silva. Last year. Lulz.
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100%. Does that go the same for Travis Browne, Rumble Johnson, Thiago Silva, Jason Miller, and Abel Trujillo?
PSG in new era after Ibrahimovic - Okocha: ... that Thiago Silva, Blaise Matuidi and Javier Pastore will step...
Robben is elite. So is Jordi Alba, Di Maria, Buffon, Courtois, Aguero, and Thiago Silva, even Godin.
Hey there! Just wondering if it has been discussed or if it's even possible to add Brock Lesnar, Thiago Silva and Sean Sherk?
plz bring in Thiago Silva and David Luiz during next transfer window. Thx.
Betting suspended as Thiago Silva nears £18m switch to Celtic. (La Gazzetta)
Get Ganso, Gambol and Lucas Lima in that Brazil team. And why the *** is Thiago Silva not playing? Dunga needs to go ASAP.
Why would you not select Thiago Silva nor start Lucas? Smh
We should have Buvač man-mark Coutinho all summer. Keep David Luiz, Lucas Moura and Thiago Silva away from him.
Thiago Silva's agent has refused to rule out the prospect of the PSG star making a summer switch to Manchester United.…
Thiago Silva could complete a summer move from Paris Saint-Germain to Barcelona, according to Mundo Deportivo.
If I was coach, my 3 above 23 years old picks for the Olympics would be Thiago Silva (c), Ganso (and Neymar JR (leader of attack).
1. Diego Godin. 2. Leonardo Bonucci . 3. Thiago Silva. ranks the world's top center-backs & full-backs:
Wish Alves could've played in the World Cup, if he, Neymar and Thiago Silva played against Germany they could've won.
Thiago Silva: "England would be a step down for Zlatan.". P$G gets knocked out by an English club :D :D
anyone who thinks Vincent Kompany is better than Thiago Silva is crazy to me.
No, the money brought Zlatan, Thiago Silva, and Veratti, THEY still had to perform.
I am happy for Mr. Snake&Thiago Silva..Yes there is no English team at same level of PSG
Played fantastic tonight! . My City MOTM was Fernando. PSG's MOTM had to be Thiago Silva, he kept them in it really
Yet Thiago Silva believes the EPL is a step down
Thiago Silva said no English team is better than PSG. And...they're knocked out of UCL by an English team.
Man Utd transfer hope: Team-mate confirms bid for striker but Arsenal and Chelsea eye deal
Thiago Silva says Zlatan going from PSG to the EPL would be a step down. team from EPL bounces them from UCL next day. Coincidence?
65. SAVE! Hart called into action again, this time to tip over Thiago Silva's downward header. PSG applying pressure!
So Thiago Silva said Ibra shouldn't leave PSG for the BPL cuz no English team are as good as PSG and it be a step down... how'd PSG do 2ni 😂
I still believe Mo came to see Ibra & Thiago Silva cus the brother has never visited Manchester before
Wonder what thiago silva thinks about the prem now psg are out to a prem team lol pack ya bags ibra...welcome 😊👏👌
Thiago Silva is probably the best centre half I've seen live, unreal footballer
Thiago silva is by far the best defender in the world
Thiago Silva is a brilliant footballer though. Wish Hughes had taken Robinho's advice.
Not gonna lie. Thiago Silva was quality tonight.
Forget about the Ronaldo hype, I just came across a guy who genuinely thinks Thiago Silva could've singlehandedly prevented the 1-7 massacre
Laurent Blanc & Thiago Silva thinks that ligue 1 is better than the premier league, *** 😂😂
Thiago Silva said no prem club was good Enuf for Zlatan?? . Swine..Take that defeat to Paris..
Yano what's funny Thiago silva said for Ibra to move England he's taking a step down, they just got smacked by a English team🤔😂step up mate
what was Thiago Silva saying about dropping in quality if he moves to the Debryune may beg to differ
People still rate Kompany like he's still as good as his 2011/12 season & the same with Thiago Silva in the 2011-13 seasons.
Side 4th in England beats team who've walked the French league.. Yet Thiago Silva said the Premiership is a step down from L…
never so a better center than thiago silva So perfect man
Thiago Silva is not the best CB in the world, that's Diego Godín.
Thiago Silva looking like a right mug after bashing the Premier league shut up and watch City in the semis you ladyboy
Thiago Silva said it was a step down for ibrahimovic to play in d English league.Man City has answered him!!!
Thiago Silva should have kept his mouth shut about the Bpl, looks a fool now
Thiago silva is overrated and de bruyne is so good he's unbelievable
So Thiago Silva think EPL are a step down and aren't big as look Spurs batter Man City. Your team couldn't even beat them?? Shh
Breaking | Thiago Silva: "Should we change manager? If I thought that I could never say that..." (RTL)
I wonder if Thiago Silva still thinks playing in the EPL is a step down for Ibrahimovic. PSG couldn't match City's energy l…
Aguero showing Thiago Silva just how good the premier league is
A move to the is a 'step down'. tells Zlatan to stay:
So Thiago Silva opened his disgusting mouth & said a move to EPL is step down for Ibra.what a *** ! imagine comparing EPL w…
Glad City won tonight to shut Thiago Silva up😂😂 He's made himself look like a right mug
Thiago Silva says moving to England would be a step down for Zlatan and then gets knocked out of Europe by an English te…
Thiago Silva will always give his all for the club. Love him.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be taking a step down in the Premier League, insists Thiago Silva
In 2005, Jorge Mendes brought Thiago Silva to Moscow. Now he enters a new collaboration with Dinamo. by
Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva, Gerard Pique, John Terry, Jerome Boateng, Mats Hummels. These are what you consider world class, not John stones
Amusing to think that David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Mangala and Otamendi cost a combined total of £159 million.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic put Gennaro Gattuso in a bin at AC Milan, according to Thiago Silva. Zlatan's a brave, brave man. ht…
Maybe a little likelier is a loan to a very good club. Thiago Silva is 32 this year.
Dani Alves, David Luiz but no Thiago Silva - who makes up Brazil's back-four?...
Luis Suarez: "Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos and Diego Godin are the toughest defenders i have ever faced."
he worked as director of sport between 1986 and 2013 in MILAN ,he signed Marco van Basten ,Shevchenko ,Thiago Silva ,and kaka♥
Taking Kieran Tierney off for Charlie Mulgrew is like taking Thiago Silva off and puttin on Davie Weir
CLASS: Thiago Silva celebrates winning the league with this young PSG fan.
PICTURE - PSG captain Thiago Silva celebrating the qualification to the Champions League 1/4 final from London.
Congratulations to Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, David Luiz, Maxwell and Lucas Moura for qualifying. Lucas was amazing. Hard …
If Messi had done this to Thiago Silva we'd have all seen it a thousand times
Thiago Silva (PSG): "It'd be amazing if Neymar would join us. I've already told him several times, but he never replies... …
The question is not whether Thiago Silva is the best defender in the world. The question is how big is the gap. I say it's quite…
Thiago Silva is so good he makes David " headless chicken" Luis look half decent!! 👏👏👏👏
United needs a player like Thiago Silva, Lucas, Zlatan, Matuidi, David Luiz, Maxwell and the rest of the PSG team
Diego Costa will not beat Thiago Silva once today. Absolutely different levels of class
PSG line up ain't that strong last year but the ever David Luiz and Thiago Silva are still there! With the in-form Lucas Moura
ESPN Football UK: Thiago Silva: PSG much better than last year: Thiago Silva: PSG much bet...
Venator must be under some serious financial backing. Matt Hamill, Jason Miller. Heard they've trying to match Maldonado and Thiago Silva
PSG can finish the season unbeaten, says Thiago Silva: The Ligue 1 champions are currently on a 34 game unbeat...
80' - Fletcher comes on for Marseille. 82' - Marquinhos comes on to join Thiago Silva & David Luiz. Coincidence?
Both sides could have scored more to be honest. Massive performances from Thiago Silva and Lassana Diarra in particular.
I , on behalf of Chelsea fans would only CONSIDER Thiago Silva "Who would replace John Terry?
From the scale of Cristian Zapata to Thiago Silva, how would you rate the defense department of your team?
Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva at UFC 94 at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV on January 31, 2009.
Paper Chase: EPL side Chelsea want Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva on loan.
Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos, Danny Alves and Marcelo. Best Back four 2015 are they saying with these 4 nobody can near the goal post
Thiago Silva: I'll do everything to win Champions League for Ibrahimovic
"HBO: Rate of domestic violence in MMA is twice that of general population" via
I just found the weirdest screen shot from the pmrtg Or at least i think its thiago silva.
to when Thiago Silva thought PSG where bigger than
Congratulations to Thiago Silva for being voted the best PSG player in 2015 by followers.
When Thiago Silva defied the laws of physics with this extraordinary network !
Thiago Silva's PSG Form Puts Dunga's Brazil Snub to Shame: Known as O Monstro in his native Brazil, the former...
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Lots of people beat Aldo too. Thiago Silva, Matt Riddle, Thiago Tavares, Anthony Pettis I think.
will be without Thiago Silva, Serge Aurier, Marco Verratti and Javier Pastore.
Paris St-Germain v Shakhtar Donetsk: Paris St-Germain will be without captain Thiago Silva for their Champions...
OFFICIAL - Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Dani Alves and Neymar make the UEFA 40-man shortlist for team of the year.
Seriously though, why are Thiago Silva and David Luiz nominated? Iaughed when they made it to the TOTY last year.
Four Parisians in the running!: David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marco Verratti and Zlatan…
Agree with you, but Houston Alexander chokeslammed Thiago Silva.
How much will this mockery continue? Thiago Silva is 10 times the defender Miranda/David Luiz will ever dream of being. Wake…
Lmao Dunga is an *** who in their right mind picks David Luiz over Thiago Silva?
Friedel slobbering over his fellow Spud Carter-Vickers. Speaking like he's the next Thiago Silva ffs.
They're playing at home + no Diego Alves, Marcelo, Thiago Silva, Coutinho, Firmino, Casemiro, Rafinha etc? Only them?
Brazil is missing Diego Alves, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Casemiro, Allan, Roberto Firmino, Pato etc. They're "supposed" to be key.
give your best 23 Brazil squad like: . 1. Diego Alves. 2. Danilo. 3. Thiago Silva. 4. ... etc.
Wouldn't call it complete, this is far from the best Brasil squad: Diego Alves, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Allan, Casemiro, Firmino etc.
Silva 'hopeful' of Ronaldo signing: Paris Saint-German skipper Thiago Silva says he is 'hopefu...
Kluivert: "Brazil continues to have wonderful players today like Douglas Costa, Neymar, Thiago Silva, Dani Alves..." https…
Best partnership in CB in the world after Thiago Silva and David Luiz
But for me Thiago Silva should not only be selected, he should also be the captain. Our best choice. 1 game won't…
no Thiago Silva, Coutinho or Lucas Moura. Are one of those injuried at least or is it just Dunga lol?
Thiago Silva (PSG): "Sergio Ramos is the best defender in the world."
Unsurprisingly, PSG's Lucas Moura not in Brazil squad for Argentina & Peru games. Still no Thiago Silva, but David Luiz & Marquinhos are in.
Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva has revealed Alessandro Nesta has had a massive impact on his c...
Thiago Silva puts his development while at Milan down to Alessandro Nesta.
Another one for the scrapbook from Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez. Plus, Thiago Silva.. has an heir apparent, while...
lmao people think Thiago Silva isn't the best CB in the world.
Thiago Silva was brought by Leonardo I think. Braida gave up Sheva. .
I picked Thiago Silva for Matchday 3 in Champions League Fantasy Lite! What's your pick?
Braida was scouting during Sassuolo Lazio vs yesterday. Berardi and Felipe Anderson?. Braida brought us Kaká and Thiago Silva.
yeah braida brought too but thiago silva, kaka .and look at the team he build in PSG !!
Thiago Silva was my favourite wc defender. He was there👌
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Thiago Silva said PSG are a bigger club than United. These 2 share more trophies than you 😄 . BELLENDS http:…
now believe it or not David Luiz is making their defense stronger. Why? He plays better with Thiago Silva. Thiago's his leash.
Goal social snap: Alexis's warm-up stunner and Thiago Silva's son: The Arsenal forward scores a beauty in the ...
on a side-note, sacking Seedorf was the biggest bone-head decision after selling Thiago Silva & Zlatan. its an absolute joke!!
Thiago Silva (PSG): "For me, Barça are the best now. Behind them, Bayern and Madrid. And then, Man City, Chelsea and PSG." …
PSG South American players are so good , Thiago Silva, Luiz, Marquinhos,Maxwell, Di Maria, Lucas, Motta, Cavani
Marquinhos, Thiago Silva (C), Maxwell and Lucas Moura all start for PSG at home against Bordeaux.
R.I.P. to Thiago Silva's international career. Rafinha's progress there helps at Barça. He, Lucas & Coutinho are making that
Forget the OP Thiago Silva - David Luiz perfect link, we have the Umtiti - Yanga-Mbiwa perfect link!
I hope we get PSG in Champions League this season & show that snake & Thiago Silva which is the biggest club in world.…
"They're nobody. PSG are a bigger club. That's why PSG have Thiago Silva & Man Utd have Johnny Evans." - Thiago Silva htt…
Thiago Silva said Di Maria was moving to a bigger club. So we thought we would compare PSG with Ryan Giggs...
Thiago Silva is trippin' by openly saying to Di Maria that moving to Paris Saint German would be a "step up" from Manchester United. 👿
Thiago Silva says Paris Saint-Germain are a bigger club than Manchester United. We'll let you decide. http…
We didn't think PSG v Man Utd was a fair comparison, so for Thiago Silva's benefit, here's PSG v Ryan Giggs...
Thiago Silva is deluded.Moving to PSG from Man Utd,is a step back.Giggs is even bigger than PSG
Picture of the night. Stunning shot of Thibaut Courtois stranded in mid-air for Thiago Silva's goal.
Carlos Bacca looks like Thiago Silva's dad in this picture
Imagine a back four of Dani Alves, Sergio Ramos, Thiago Silva & Marcelo all in their prime. Unbreakable.
Thiago Silva vs. Mike Kyle booked for WSOF 22 with Tyrone Spong hurt -
Milan's squad currently has 9 forwards but Zaccardo, Zapata, Ely, Paletta & Alex as CBs. Upgrade the defence! Bring back Thiago Silva!
imagine going from Thiago Silva and Mexes to Alex and Zapata :'(
Steph and I are:. Ronaldo and Ramos. Niall and Harry. Thiago Silva and David Luis. Usagi and Rei. Serena and Blair. Shawn and Cory. Alex and Sydney
did you see the intent of Juventus about Thiago Silva?
Thiago Silva & Roberto Firmino scored in each half agnst Venezuela to seal Brazil's place at the last eight of the
Dunga got it wrong there! You got Thiago Silva, David Luiz,D.Alves & Luis Gustavo *all experienced* & u Choose Neymar 2 lead
Thiago Silva would never had allowed what happened in the build up to the Peru goal. By far the most smartest & technical CB around
David Luiz and Thiago Silva with their look-a-likes.
David Luiz and Thiago Silva meet their young lookalikes.
Brazil doesn't have Neymar, Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Bernard, Luiz Gustavo or Ramires. And still winning featured in NBC s Science of Love
David Luiz returns to haunt Chelsea as Thiago Silva sends 10-man PSG through on away goals
Yes me too Neymar,Hulk,Thiago Silva,David Luiz,Oscar looks good.
Brazil training today suggests Thiago Silva will indeed be on the bench at Copa America. Miranda and David Luiz Dunga's CB pairing.
He is out of it as well. The four selected center backs are Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Marquinhos (PSG) and Miranda (Atlético).
David Luiz and Miranda were starters in Brazil's lineup in training today. Thiago Silva was on the bench. (old pic) http:/…
Thiago Silva: "There is a good chance that Ancelotti will return to A great club deserves a great coach." told Sky Sport Italia
Thiago Silva in an interview with Sky Sport Italia: "With Silvio and Galliani behind the club i think it's a good chance Carlo will return".
Thiago Silva, Ariedo Braida and Doyen Sport's Nelio Lucas have all arrived at San Siro
So it was David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Miranda. But sure Gabriel was "likely to be called up"
David Beckham follows only 3 players who still play Messi, Neymar and Thiago Silva but omg 1.2M followers in 6 hours..
so does Messi... And he's Thiago Silva never ate his lunch 🌚
lol I heard that. I was like I want Messi, Ronaldo, Thiago Silva and Hummels
*** I look like Thiago Silva multiplied by Anderson Silva
PSG coach Laurent Blanc confirms that Thiago Motta will be IN the squad to face Lille tomorrow, but Thiago Silva will NOT be included.
Thiago Silva & Thiago Motta expected to be fit to face Lille tomorrow. Both should return to the starting XI after training fully.
Man Utd are willing to offer van Persie, Javier Hernandez, Rafael and Nani to PSG in exchange for Thiago Silva and Cavan…
This guy right here. Only 4 guys have beaten Thiago Silva, Machida, Rashad, Gustafsson and. Shane Carwin punching power
OFFICIAL - Thiago Silva is out of Barcelona game and did not travel with PSG's group.
Thiago Silva ruled out of Barcelona clash: The defender was substituted after just 21 minutes of the first leg...
When Galliani said Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were not going to be sold, I was like..
Thiago Silva: I won't be out for long: The Brazil international says he hopes to return to action swiftly havi...
Thiago Silva off already! So you guys didn't know that there was life after sending chelsea out?
That awkard moment when we are being linked to Thiago Silva and Mats Hummels and Liverpool are being linked with...
Luis Suárez: "I watched Chelsea vs PSG, I was impressed how Hazard and Costa were invisible.. Thiago Silva and David Luiz
We go together like David Luiz and Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva: "Paul Pogba is a player the whole of Europe is watching, notably (Le Parisien)
Luis Suárez: "Thiago Silva and David Luiz are the best center back duo in the world. Thiago Silva the best defender." http…
He is picking fights with defenders who are nowhere near his level. We are talking Jake Livermore and Paul McShane, not Thiago Silva..
With David Luiz and Marquinhos out, Thiago Silva and Miranda are almost certain to form Brazil's CB duo against France and…
Gabriel Paulista! My brother go and flourish beside Thiago Silva and David Luiz in Brazil
David Luiz: "Thiago Silva said I dream of him scoring? Well, I get feelings before big games and I feel like expressing th…
Awwwn, BFFs "Thiago Silva: "To me, David Luiz is like a gift from God."
Those cute David Luiz and Thiago Silva lookalike kids now have their own PSG and Brazil shirts!
Lucas, Maxwell, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos against Neymar, Dani Alves, Rafinha (is that it?), what would you prefer?
Leo Messi, Carlos Tevez, Casemiro, David Luiz, Thiago Silva... The Team of the Week has a South American...
David Luiz is David Luiz and Thiago Silva isn’t as good as people he is. PSG’s midfield is the hurdle Barcelona need to ove…
Spurs making Chris Smalling look like Thiago Silva and Fellaini look like Ibrahimovic.
John Terry blocks off Gary Cahill as PSG's Thiago Silva's free header knocks Chelsea out of League 😂
"The best defender in the league" is marking his team mate Gary Cahill in Thiago Silva's goal.
At the corner from which Thiago Silva equalised, John Terry & Gary Cahill were busy wrestling with each other...
John Terry marking Gary Cahill for Thiago Silva's goal last night. Brilliant defending.
John Terry holding Gary Cahill thinking he was Thiago Silva when Thiago Silva scored last night was rather comical.
John Terry wrestling with Gary Cahill on the corner Thiago Silva scored the equaliser.
Watch John Terry as he mistakes Cahill for a PSG player & man marks him which gives Thiago Silva a free header..
John Terry marking Gary Cahill for Thiago Silva's equaliser last night. Effort, lads.
"John Terry marking Cahill in Thiago Silva's winner last night.
PSG scored and John Terry was grappling with Gary Cahill instead of marking Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva: Mourinho was disrespectful: The Brazil defender was not amused by the coach's comments after the...
Thiago Silva EASILY best center back in the world
Motta >> Matic, Verrati > Cesc, Thiago Silva >> everyone else. What a match that was. Champions League football @ its finest. …
Hard to see how Thiago Silva got his header off with Chelsea marking him like this
Thiago Silva's header put PSG into the Champions League quarter-finals for the third season in a row. Chelsea underperform against 10-man PS
Thiago Silva is the offender, handling in the box.
Thiago Silva provides extra time heroics as PSG eliminate Chelsea from Champions League.
Thiago Silva is the best centre back in the world
How does leave men like Thiago Silva so poorly marked when they have NO men covering the posts? What the?
unreal "Thiago Silva heads PSG into quarters
Mourinho's mind games backfire as Chelsea falters in heat of battle:
The moment Thiago Silva (not shown) knocks you out out of the Champions League.
Thiago Silva just wanted to be the hero. Well done!!
Thiago Silva & David Luiz have gone from zeros to heroes in the verge of a few months for French press. But to us, they we…
Thiago Silva with the game winning goal
John Terry seen wrestling with his own team mate Gary Cahill from the corner Thiago Silva scored from...
Thiago Silva’s wife Isabelle posts Instagram video of PSG celebrations at Chelsea.
Thiago Silva and David Luiz taught me that passion rules the game.⚽️
Leaders, heroes, defenders, goal scorers. David Luiz and Thiago Silva, the complete duo.
Can't believe the ref didn't send off Thiago Silva for getting in the way of Diego Costa's innocent happy slide there.
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