Theresa May & Nick Clegg

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. Nicholas William Peter Nick Clegg (born 7 January 1967) is the British Liberal Democrat Leader since 2007 and currently the Deputy Prime Minister and Lord President of the Council (with special responsibility for political and constitutional reform) in the coalition government of which David Cameron is the Prime Minister. 5.0/5

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Leaving the EU on Theresa May's terms may mean losing access to the whereabouts of terrorists, Nick Clegg warns
Theresa May scrapping free school lunches is ‘more Oliver Twist than Jamie Oliver’, says Nick Clegg.
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron as well as Nick Clegg the Deputy PM in David Cameron's Tory led regime, just like Theresa May
Theresa May needs to end Nick Clegg's obvious desire for stopping by enacting Democracy Today !. https:/…
Coalition at 'new low' after Theresa May claims, Nick Clegg says - Evening Standard
Nick Clegg wants Theresa May to apologise. Perhaps they can compromise and both just go away and leave us all alone?
Nick Clegg accuses Theresa May of peddling 'false and outrageous' slurs about ... - The Independent
Nick Clegg branded a 'wanker' by Home Office Finally, they get it.
BBC News - Nick Clegg hits back at 'outrageous' Theresa May speech
Theresa May claims that the Lib Dems have put children at risk. Nick Clegg says these claims are "outrageous". Who is right and wh…
David Cameron backs Theresa May in row with Nick Clegg - David Cameron has backed his Home Secretary rather than N...
Nick Clegg accuses Theresa May of making "outrageous" untruths about his party and demands an apology. Join the queue …
Nick Clegg demands apology from Theresa May over ‘slur’ (Photo: Jack Hill) v
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg says criticism of his party in Theresa May's speech marks a "low point" in coalition relations.
Theresa May ripping off Maggie speeches while doing zip on extremism.johnson
Theresa May for the simple fact she's opposing Nick Clegg and he's wrong every, single time
I'm told Nick Clegg demanded early sight of Theresa May's conf speech (in which she attacked him) and was told to 'f*** o…
Nick Clegg branded a 'wanker' by Theresa May aide (These people are running the country and cri…
surely ..who is more of authority between Nick Clegg and Theresa May.?
Nick Clegg and Theresa May in war of words over surveillance
By WikiGuido Once source at the Home Office said what everyone was thinking after the Deputy PM described Theresa May's conference speech as “a new low for coalition relations”, telling MailOnline: “Nick Clegg is a w**ker”. 216 coalicious days to go… Tagged: Clegg, Spin Visit Site
If you fight for peace and justice, then Barack Obama, David Cameron, Theresa May, George Osbourne, Nick Clegg and Hemmings will call you a terrorist!
ROTHERHAM CHILD ABUSE SCANDAL: The pressure piles on Police Commissioner Shaun Wright as he resigns from the Labour Party but insists he will stay on as PCC for South Yorkshire. Teresa May says he should "heed calls" to resign although she cannot force him to quit. Nick Clegg has also called for Mr Wright to resign. Rotherham MP, John Mann, is calling for a criminal investigation and at the same time South Yorkshire Police faces fresh criticism from HMIC inspectors in a damning report which highlights the force's under-reporting of crime. John Mann told Sky News that he is writing to Home Secretary Theresa May asking for the police to investigate Mr Wright with a view to bringing a case of misconduct in public office against him (and others) responsible for childcare, while hundreds of children were abused. The Bassetlaw MP said an independent force, rather than Mr Wright's South Yorkshire Police, should take charge of the inquiry. Speaking on Sky News Sunrise, he said: "I'm writing to the Home Secretary ...
I see that that nice Dave has decided that it is totally against all democratic principles for a union to be allowed to legally call a strike if less than 50% of those eligible to vote actually vote for it. Hmm... Now that seems fair enough you would say and given that those bolshie teachers are out to ruin our children’s education (not that we have any) and make life difficult for the hard working parents who have to take extra days off work or pay for more child care then one can see its just not on. And as for the train drivers etc. then it should really go up to a two thirds majority at least of the eligible electorate. Common sense really. Oh, lets look at the 2010 election results: David Cameron – 43.1% of electorate George Osbourne – 38.55% William Hague – 42.2% Theresa May – 43.8% Nick Clegg – 39.36% Vince Cable – 40.7% Danny Alexander – 26.4% (!) Is that a mandate to run the country?
Extremism Task Force -which includes Michael Gove, Theresa May and Nick Clegg - about to get under way under PM's chairmanship
Tuesday 29th April In Brief Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is expected to announce a package of support for the electric vehicle industry Energy secretary Ed Davey attends the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Brussels Foreign secretary William Hague, Middle East minister Hugh Robertson and development minister Alan Duncan attend a Friends of Yemen meeting at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Home Secretary Theresa May co-hosts the Ukraine Asset Recovery Forum in London with US attorney general Eric Holder and Ukraine's interior minister Arsen Avakov Welsh secretary David Jones hosts the launch of the international Dylan Thomas prize in London (19.30) Children and families minister Edward Timpson speaks at the Council for Disabled Children dignity and inclusion book launch Climate Change minister Greg Barker visits flooded areas in Winchester High streets minister Brandon Lewis speaks at the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers spring conference in London Science minister David Willet ...
"63% of people said that Maria Miller should resign, only 9% said she should not, which is pretty unambiguous. However, 52% also think Nick Clegg should resign, 47% Michael Gove, 46% Ed Miliband, 37% George Osborne. The lowest was for Theresa May, but 30% of people still think she should resign. It seems whoever you ask about a fair chunk want them to resign, though note that in the case of Maria Miller people from all parties wanted to see the back of her, the other cases were mostly political opponents saying politicians from a party they dislike should go."
Drop in overseas students in England: Thanks to Nick Clegg & Theresa May. This is used to be a massive income 4 UK
Monday 3rd February In Brief Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg embarks on a trade and investment visit to Colombia and Mexico with a trade delegation Home Secretary Theresa May attends a Bright Blue reception in London (16.30) Skills and enterprise minister Matthew Hancock speaks at a CBI event in London on accessing equity finance for growing businesses (08.30) Defence equipment minister Philip Dunne speaks at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference and Exhibition in Hampshire (10.15) Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham delivers a speech in Birmingham on the health impacts of cold homes (11.30) Margot JamesMP attends an Enterprise Forum working lunch on the work of the Number 10 Policy Unit Kwasi Kwarteng MP speaks at a Policy Exchange event on global growth and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the UK (12.30) Siobhain McDonagh MP chairs a Progress event on Labour's strategy to secure a majority in 2015 (18.00) Reports and Statistics The Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments publ ...
Is there still 'liberal' in Liberal Democrats?-> Nick Clegg approves scheme to strip away British citizenship
¤MGN-AFRICA» pin:263789F4 » Syrian refugees: Labour to press government to accept UN programme: Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper says government should sign up to take full quota of refugees, not just up to 500 Labour is expected to abandon plans to table a Commons vote challenging the government's handling of Syrian refugees after Nick Clegg announced that Britain would take in hundreds of the most vulnerable victims of the civil war. However, the shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, will press ahead with a Commons debate on Wednesday following the announcement that Britain would take up to 500 refugees outside a formal UN programme. The UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) is asking western countries to take 30,000 refugees. Cooper believes the government should sign up to the programme in the same way as Germany, which has taken 10,000 Syrian refugees. Justin Forsyth, the chief executive of Save the Children, praised the UK government announcement but added the number "should be thousands n ...
Little Giant Ladders
PLANS to cap the number of EU migrants has caused a furious rift in the Coalition with Nick Clegg claiming Theresa May’s plans are “illegal.”
Nick Clegg launched a stinging attack on Theresa May on Monday as he accused the Home Secretary of floating “illegal and undeliverable” plans to impose an annual cap on European Union nationals coming to work in Britain.
Nick Clegg has criticised Theresa May for drawing up "illegal and undeliverable" proposals to impose a cap on the number of EU citizens who can come to work in the UK. Nick Clegg is a politician whose career will be over at the next general election along with his party. DONT VOTE Liberal Democrat - vote UKIP.
Nick Clegg attacks Theresa May's 'illegal' plan for cap on EU immigrants. via
Nick Clegg: 'My advice to the Home Office is to spend less time leaking policies that are illegal and undeliverable' htt…
Nick Clegg suggests that Theresa May's plans to toughen up restrictions on EU migrants are 'one-eyed' and 'illegal'
Nick Clegg has dismissed the idea of limiting immigration from the European Union, floated by Home Secretary Theresa May, as "illegal and undeliverable". Reports of a leaked Home Office paper on Sunday suggested that May wants to introduce a cap on migration from the EU, possibly at 75,000 a year -…
For the personal attention of:   Members of Parliament:   David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Andrew Mitchell, Stephen Barclay, Bernard Jenkin, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, James Brokenshire, Theresa May, Dominic Grieve, Norman Lamb, Lord Stevens   Author: Stephen Hayes (Author: Sirs:   We have knowledge of cases where the Metropolitan Police force is being used to intimidate whistleblowers. This must be the reason they feel need to fudge official crime figures: their time is perhaps inappropriately occupied, and they need to cover up. Much time and money was spent, for example, infiltrating the Stephen Lawrence family and supporters, to cause them trouble. see the Stan Richardson case video is an NHS whistleblower. As you already know, whistleblowers suffer grievous consequences for exposing the NHS. One tactic is to try to section them under the Mental Health Act, so as to silence them forever. are not sure whether this abuse of whistleblowers is initiated at the very top or not, but we h ...
Chrissie Rant. Like Mark on Radio Suffolk this morning I was disgusted they had a reporter who would do this to our beautiful girl. Showing her grey roots all us woman hate our roots being noticed. More importantly Theresa May has a plan to charge immigrants from some countries £3.000. Nick Clegg says he will block the move. How do you feel about that my friends. Student was crushed to death after getting in a rubbish bin to sleep. In my opinion that is not possible the weight alone would have told the bin man he was in there. Lastly fish and chips we all love fish and chips but to us now it is a luxury prices rose £2.42 in 1996 to £4.74 in 2011. Now they are over £5.When we were kids we use to buy a bag of chips for sixpence thats 2 and a half pence in todays money.
UK Government backs down on £3,000 visa bonds... The UK government has announced plans to cancel the £3,000 cash bond that visitors from 'high risk' countries, including Nigeria, were to put up to enter Britain. Below is the latest update from The Sunday Times UK.. The government is to abandon a controversial plan to impose £3,000 immigration bonds on visitors from “high-risk” countries in Africa and Asia after Nick Clegg threatened to block the policy. The move will be seen by Labour as a humiliating U-turn for Theresa May, the Home Secretary. It came after David Cameron backed off from a full-scale confrontation with the Liberal Democrat leader, who was blocking the scheme’s progress through cabinet. A pilot project to target visitors from seven countries — including India, Pakistan and Nigeria — who would have had to pay a cash guarantee or deposit to deter immigration abuse was to have been introduced this month. The plan was to make visitors forfeit £3,000 if they failed to return home ...
Good news which was tucked away (last Wednesday) at the bottom of a Daily Express "live report" on PM's Question Time. Poll: Who would you like to see as Prime Minister after the 2015 election? David Cameron (16%) Ed Miliband (5%) Nick Clegg (0%) Nigel Farage (66%) Boris Johnson (5%) Theresa May (3%) Other (6%)
When you consider the likes of David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, and all their smug, self-serving policies is there any wonder that politicians get assassinated?
Nick Clegg is clearly having fun at Theresa May's expense by pushing Norman Baker towards the Home Office, and I suspect Cameron nodded it through because if May is having to deal with internal ructions then she has less time to position herself as his successor
Nick Clegg diagnosed with Verbal Diarrhea in sympathy with Theresa May's Dodgy Diabetes .
Lib Dems say details still being discussed after Theresa May proposes £3,000 bond to deter overstayers
So, once again the 'Better Together' campaign release a statement about the uncertainty of passport and dual nationality eligibility of Scots in an independent nation. Thus far I've yet to hear any positive arguments from any of these people as to why we're 'Better Together', it's all been scaremongering and negativity. Alex Salmond must be pissing himself-Theresa May, George Osborne, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont-all perfectly valid reasons for voting 'Yes' in my opinion.
So Theresa May would like the revive the Snoopers bill which will enable the police to access all our Internet searches and communications, but is not prepared to reveal details of a 'private' letter she wrote to Nick Clegg she wrote about it? Hmm double standards.
A taskforce of senior politicians including Nick Clegg and Theresa May will tackle the radicalisation that can lead to violence.
First decent thing Nick Clegg has done since he sold the Lib-Dem soul to the devil -Snoopers charter scrapped:
Nick Clegg - He focused on Home Secretary Theresa May's speech on Saturday, in which she said leaving the European Convention on Human Rights remained "on the table", telling delegates: "Well, I tell you, it won't be on the cabinet table so long as I'm sitting round it." - this is the reason why the Lib Dems have to go I'm sure this was a good idea in theory trouble is the only people benefiting from this are criminals and scumbags, which is why it doesn't work in practice, come on Theresa May grow a pair and kick this out.
May was offered advice in 2012 on HRA amendment but Nick Clegg may not agree
If your not already aware please look at the draft points in this article and see your liberty is in its last days !! No 10 says the PM remains committed to giving police and security services new powers to monitor internet activity, despite criticism of current plans. The Prime Minister's spokesman said he accepted the criticism from MPs and peers of the draft Communications Data Bill and would re-write it. Deputy PM Nick Clegg had threatened to block it unless there was a "rethink". No 10 said bringing in new powers was a "government commitment" and everyone was "committed to fixing this problem". He said: "We recognise this is a difficult issue. We will take account of what the committee said." The deputy Prime Minister had earlier said he would block the draft Communications Data Bill and push for plans ensuring "the balance between security and liberty". His comments came as a committee of MPs and peers criticised the bill's scope. Civil liberties campaigners have described the proposals as a "snoope ...
Nick Clegg is calling for the draft Communications Data Bill to be re-written following a highly critical report. Picture: Getty
I am pleased to see that, by the rules of alliteration, Jeremy Hunt has been made Health Secretary (avoiding the recent difficulty suffered by James Naughtie and others). I would suggest that in the next reshuffle, George Osborne should become Minister of Ostriches: George Young, Minister for Yams: Theresa May, Minister for Methodism: Nick Clegg, Secretary for Clams: Vince Cable, Minister for Cables etc. etc.
David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Boy Hague, Theresa May, the full Cabinet, Ed Miliband and the official parliamentary opposition FB all knew this.
Theresa May to meet Sir Peter Fahy later. What for I ask myself to take more front line officers off the street. Our government is a disgrace and how hard is it to realise that taking front line response officers is not the answer and people are being placed in more danger. I have listened to David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the speaker.Maybe Theresa May should be meeting front line officers but no absolutely pathetic. She has cut her holiday short though
Do you think Nick Clegg ever looks around, see's he's sat next to Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and George Osbourne and cries
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone are all in the stand opposite us. I really do think I'm in the wrong seat!
Theresa May and Nick Clegg clash over euro contingency plans. Read our press summary
The current phase of the Leveson Inquiry, focusing on the relationship between politicians and the press, will see David Cameron and six senior cabinet ministers (Nick Clegg, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Vince Cable, Ken Clarke and Jeremy Hunt) take to the witness stand. Yet, bizarrely, George Osborne...
So according to the Observer, Nick Clegg, Ken Clarke, Vince Clarke, Michael Gove and Theresa May are all going to be called to Leveson...
Theresa May fights back over Abu Qatada, Human Rights and Nick Clegg - Telegraph
Nick Clegg tries to head off Lib Dem revolt over email surveillance plans ~
Nick Clegg and Theresa May not doing so well with their propaganda today. A Big Brother state is a good thing, apparently.
Jon Pienaar- "you can hear squeal of brakes" as Nick Clegg contradicts Theresa May over plans
"Dear David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Theresa May, I do not want the government to try to intercept every..."
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