Theresa May & Michael Gove

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. Michael Andrew Gove, MP (born 26 August 1967) is a British politician, who currently serves as the Secretary of State for Education and as the Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) for the Surrey Heath constituency. 5.0/5

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Michael Gove said that the social media was failing democracy and Tories do believe animals can feel fear and pain so here’…
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove will demand tomorrow that Theresa May begin cabinet talks on Britain’s final deal with Br…
Breaking news: Michael Gove has been appointed Chacellor of the Exchequer; Theresa May told not to leave her...
Reminder of what Michael Gove, the minister writing letters to instruct Theresa May about Brexit, thought of the peace d…
Michael Gove and Boris Johnson deny their letter to Theresa May was "Orwellian", and will report the unperson who said th…
Rumours growing of Michael Gove considering a challenge to Theresa May, with the backing of Boris Johnson. This is the…
Michael Gove added means cabinet Brexiteers now have a big majority on the body that will decide Britain’s future.
Michael Gove says he's right behind Theresa May. What's he carrying though? Not a revised P60 .
How can Theresa May sack Boris but not Michael Gove and Priti Patel who back him? How can MPs keep his name off the final 2 on ballot paper?
Can they please interview Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Michael Gove & the rest of the clueless, snivell…
1 Theresa May 2 Andrea Leadsom 3 Michael Gove 4 Boris Johnson The more we know the more very Conference North quality
Tom Watson writes to Theresa May to ask if Rupert Murdoch is behind Michael Gove's appointment
Left Foot Forward - Did Rupert Murdoch ask Theresa May to put Michael Gove back in the cabinet?
Tom Watson has written to Theresa May asking whether "Rupert Murdoch ever suggested to you Michael Gove should be given…
USA bringing on Jozy Altidore against Mexico like Theresa May restoring Michael Gove to UK government cabinet.
Michael Gove says he is "delighted", "flattered" but "surprised" to have been made Environment Secretary by Theresa May https:…
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Michael Gove is made Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Good to see Theresa May can keep her sense of…
broadcast by British PM Theresa May reshuffles cabinet before Brexit talks
Theresa May calls in Michael Gove in reshuffle to save her from leadership challenge 
Theresa May is asked about the Cabinet reshuffle, Michael Gove and how she is feeling after by Sky's https…
Theresa May has carefully reflected on the election result and decided that the British public were telling her to reappoint…
If we ALL vote tactically today, we can stop Theresa May, Iain Duncan-Smith, Michael Gove in their tracks.
This article directly contradicts statements made today by Michael Gove, Theresa May and Karen Bradley
Michael Gove just suggested we call Theresa May a Glambucket, in the Hyacinth Bucket pronunciation!
Excellent news: Theresa May reportedly considering bringing Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith back to the cabinet. http…
I had to think of Arsene Wenger, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Gisela Stuart, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davis...…
Trump has 'warm words' for Theresa May and 'Britain generally' told us fresh from that interview:
Theresa May was 'right to sack me' - Hopefully, there will be no way back for Michael Gove.
Theresa May was 'right' to sack me, says Michael Gove via
Michael Gove demands that Theresa May spend a £13 billion ‘Brexit dividend’ on the NHS
Because Michael Gove is exactly what Theresa May needs... Another brainless disconnected neo-fasc…
Oily, smarmy, insincere. Michael Gove paves the way for a Cabinet comeback as he heaps praise on Theresa May.
Michael Gove leads group of 75 Conservative MPs calling on Theresa May to examine case for a new £100million... https:…
Leadsom promoted and Gove sacked as Theresa May overhauls cabinet
Michael Gove has been sacked from Government and will not to be appointed to Theresa May's cabinet
Theresa May invites Michael Gove in for a chat.
Michael Gove goes book shopping after being axed by Theresa May
Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have thrown their weight behind Theresa May, or in layman's terms are both sucking up fo…
Theresa May front-runner in Tory leadership contest with Michael Gove back in third
Michael Gove has been eliminated from the Conservative leadership race, leaving Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May
Andrea Leadsom BEATS Michael Gove in vote to join Theresa May in PM battle
UK - Theresa May to face Andrea Leadsom in run-off for PM as Michael Gove drops out
Theresa May is on the cusp of becoming Britain's next Prime Minister — only Leadsom can stop her
Brilliant news: Michael Gove will not be Prime Minister. Terrible news: Theresa May or Andrea Leadsom will be.
Good for Theresa May, bad for Michael Gove: YouGov/Times poll of Tory Party members £
NEW: Philip Hammond backs Theresa May for next Tory leader and jabs at Michael Gove -
Scotland's potential future - out of the EU, with Michael Gove or Theresa May as PM. It fair focusses the mind.
Andrea Leadsom surges past Michael Gove in the battle to take on Theresa May
Choosing between Michael Gove & Theresa May to be Prime Minister is like choosing between Adam Johnson & Joseph Fritzl to babysit your kids.
Michael Gove drifts like a barge from 9/4 to 12/1 to be next Tory leader. 3/10 Theresa May.
Nominations for the Conservative leadership are Stephen Crabb, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May"
Theresa May is like Margret Thatcher, Michael Gove is a backstabbing toad, Liam Fox voted against *** marriage. How we've fallen, brilliant
Well who would you vote for dull Michael Gove boring Theresa May backstabbing Liam Fox the man no one likes Stephen Crabb and Andrea Leadsom
Boris Johnson has dropped out, so the Conservative candidates for leader are:. Theresa May. Liam Fox. Michael Gove. Stephen Crabb. Andrea Leadsom
Nicholas Soames switches support to Theresa May as his choice Boris Johnson steps down after being knifed by Michael Gove. B…
So long as Theresa May isn't one of them.My choice: David Davis or Michael Gove, also think Jacob Rees-Mogg is fab.
Cameron and Osborne are basically toast. Fight now down to BoJo, Theresa May and possibly Michael Gove.
*** !! David Cameron has shot himself in the foot. *** son!! History won't be kind to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Theresa May and Farage
David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson together they are the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF MORONICA
I like Michael Gove almost as much as I don't like Theresa May.
Funny, none of them look like George Osborne, Theresa May, or Michael Gove. .
Michael Gove (Con): Theresa May most energetic and effective Home Secretary when comes to dealing with extremism
EAW YES. Theresa May and Michael Gove are working full stretch to persuade Tory rebels to come around to the...
Michael Gove demoted to chief whip, he pays the price for his spat with Theresa May. Morgan first female Ed Secretary since Ruth Kelly
Certainly, the two people that cannot be demoted at Theresa May and Michael Gove. They need to stay where they are or be promoted.
Enough of and his cronies - Michael Gove, Theresa May and William Hague
Theresa May must put aside her spat with Michael Gove to resolve education failures in her own back yard:
For teachers, parents and Theresa May: the Michael Gove pin cushion! We don’t sew, but we’re of tempted to start learning just so we have an excuse to buy this The anti-Gove collector’s item (which...
Science question: is it possible to shove Michael Gove up Theresa May's ***
Martin Rowson on Theresa May and Michael Gove – cartoon via
Michael Gove apologises to David Cameron and Theresa May adviser quits over ... -
Will Theresa May be remembered for putting ambition above loyalty to her SPAD & Michael Gove remembered for making UK Madrasas possible?
Christine Blower of the NUT's statement: Here's a statement from Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, on the Ofsted reports into Birmingham: "From an unsigned and undated letter has grown this so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ affair. The highly inflammatory deployment of an anti-terrorism chief to head up the inquiry, the unprecedented and clearly political inspection of 21 schools by Ofsted, and the public squabble between Theresa May and Michael Gove has not been positive for Birmingham schools and the children they educate. There seems to be a redefinition of ‘extremism’ from the Secretary of State for Education, and as yet lots of speculation and not a little hyperbole. What all this does show is that if schools sever their connection with a local authority, the levers to monitor or effect change available at local level are lost. What is clearly needed is local authorities with powers to monitor and support schools, clear national agreement on the importance of Perso ...
Theresa May had to be stopped from storming off when Michael Gove got up to speak. Made it clear she doesn't forgive him? Good.
BBC News - Michael Gove apologises over 'Trojan Horse' row with Theresa May
BBC News - Michael Gove apologises over row with Theresa May
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Theresa May looked to be about to leave chamber at start of Michael Gove statement but appeared to be firmly told to stay by…
Feuds corner: Michael Gove and Theresa May on the naughty step | John Crace via
The Guardian view on Theresa May v Michael Gove: of spats and spads
The Trojan Horse scandal was exposed, but Michael Gove and Theresa May were the ones found inside it with their pants below their ankles.
Theresa May and Michael Gove on the frontbench in the House of Commons with an Eric Pickles buffer zone.
Extremism Task Force -which includes Michael Gove, Theresa May and Nick Clegg - about to get under way under PM's chairmanship
David Cameron is reported at being flusterated by Senor Ministers Theresa May and Michael Gove. Now he knows how we feel about him, When is he and the government going to wake up to the danger of Islamic Extremism, Wasn't one of the excuse's made for sending our troops into Afghanistan to save us from this. But in the meantime David Cameron's Government have supported Islamic terrorists in Syria.
Michael Gove and Theresa May as old married couple having a right argument over god knows what
Trojan Horse row: Theresa May ‘breached ministerial code’ in feud with Michael Gove over extremism in schools,...
Labour accuses Theresa May of breaking ministerial code in Gove row |
The last thing the Prime Minister wanted to see was cabinet colleagues jockeying for his position. He had to act quickly The public message from David Cameron's extraordinary settlement of the dispute between Theresa May and Michael Gove is "team discipline". The line is that both are doing a...
We need to combat extremism. Who shall we put in charge of this task? Michael Gove and Theresa May. Beyond satire.
Labour Accuse Theresa May Of Breaking Ministerial Code - Labour has stepped up pressure on the Government over the feud between Michael Gove and Theresa May by accusing the Home Secretary of breaching the ministerial code. May's closest aide quit and the Education Secretary was forced to make a humiliating apol -
This Michael Gove-Theresa May tussle is a tussle for the future leadership of the Tory Party. If the Tories expected to be in Government next year, then this wouldn't happen.
Michael Gove: "I have contrived a national emergency concerning Muslim extremists taking over loads and loads of schools. What have you been doing to address this problem, Home Secretary Theresa May?" Theresa May: "I should ask you the same thing. What are you and the Dept. of Education doing to protect schools from imaginary Islamist extremists?" David Cameron: "Stop arguing. I am ordering an investigation to find out why my ministers are being rude to each other, and whose job it is to protect us from fictitious Islamic Extremism". _ The reason no news outlets seem to care about the allegations being made towards Muslims in Birmingham is because it's a fake argument. It isn't a real spat between two repulsive right-wingers. It's a choreographed, pretend controversy designed to demonise Islam and Muslims. It's Lynton Crosby at work. Here's the real Tory 'PR Frame': Gove: "Why weren't you watching the shifty *** " May: "It's actually your job to watch the scumbags." It's a rigged dichotomy: regardles ...
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The battle between two of David Cameron's most senior cabinet ministers over "Trojan Horse" extremism in schools came to a bitter climax last night as Theresa May's closest aide resigned and Michael Gove was ordered to apologise to the Prime Minister.
Michael Gove & Theresa May prove how inept they are over Islam extremists infiltrating schools,. Its as if they never even new
Sensitive issues of extremism and Tory succession explain why PM acted over feud between Michael Gove and Theresa...
Clearly the reason "why" Theresa May ran so quickly away with Michael Gove was her distraught despair at her profound loss of Abu Hamza
Timeline: Theresa May and Michael Gove's row over 'extremism' in Birmingham schools
Michael Gove apologises over row with Theresa May - via
Michael Gove apologises to David Cameron over row with Theresa May, whose special adviser has quit, Number 10 says
Michael Gove apologises over row with Theresa May
Theresa May aide quits as Michael Gove says sorry: ...details of the dispute between the two ministers became ...
Michael Gove apologises over row with Theresa May - BBC News
Michael Gove apologises as Theresa May's adviser quits over row | via Gove was stitched up. DC is scared.
Behind the bluster between Theresa May and Michael Gove is battle to be the next Tory Party leader
PREDICTION: Michael Gove will be removed this month, media already talking about resignation & Theresa May has devoured b…
Given that Michael Gove clearly has no chance of becoming Tory leader, one wonders on whose behalf he is on manoeuvres against Theresa May.
Breaking news: Michael Gove apologises to PM over schools row; Theresa May's spad quits. More on coming up now
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Tory bloodbath over Muslim schools fiasco: Cabinet meltdown as Michael Gove is humbled and Theresa May ai...
Theresa May's adviser quits over row with Michael Gove
Education Secretary Michael Gove apologises to the Prime Minister after his row with Theresa May over the "Trojan Horse" school claims, despite earlier saying it was not damaging to the government.
Now that Michael Gove has apologised to Theresa May and David Cameron, he can start apologising for forcing his elitist claptrap and nineteenth century Tory Scumbaggery on the rest of us.
Michael Gove has been forced to deny that the Government has been irrevocably damaged by his public spat with cabinet colleague Theresa May over the so-called 'Islamist plot' to take over schools in Birmingham. Questioned about if the spat with the Home Secretary over the 'Trojan Horse' letter had l…
28 - the number of hours until we can expect a joint column by Michael Gove and Theresa May in the Evening Standard.
Home Office and Education Department at loggerheads as Michael Gove and Theresa May point finger over failure to tackle Islamist infiltration of schools
Mildly disappointed that none of these reports of the fight between Theresa May & Michael Gove have included the words "To …
Birmingham's Muslim community is being "bullied into submission," say Britain's youths, who have weighed in on the very public spat between Michael Gove and Theresa May over an Islamic extremist "plot" to take over schools. May's letter, in response to one sent by the education secretary, which has…
Prime Minister tells cabinet secretary to interview both Theresa May and Michael Gove, with rebuke of the pair likely to follow
Would you refer Michael Gove or Theresa May at next Prime Minister?
The response from the chair of governors, teaching staff, parents and local activists from Birmingham in the last 24 hours has been non-stop, Alhamdulillah! The three main theories behind the "Trojan Hoax" that are emerging from my brief conversations with governors, teachers and activists are: 1. Counter terrorism officers were specifically sent by Michael Gove and the Department for Education to investigate Park View School amongst others. 2. Counter terrorism officers are now inside Ofsted (like they are with the Charity Commission) and steering the whole Trojan Horse scandal. 3. Ofsted were given orders "from above" ie. Gove or Theresa May or both. I will soon have the list of the 10 CT officers that were sent by the DfE to investigate Park View School...An investigation into these guys should be a starting point in getting to the bottom of this. p.s. Did you know that in Michael Gove's book "Celcius 7/7" which was published in 2006, there was a chapter called "Trojan Horse" in relation to the rise of ...
Michael Gove has attacked Theresa May for not being tough enough on "Islamist ideology", a woman who is unilaterally stripping the citizenships of people not convicted of a crime. What does Gove want, mass public executions for anyone suspected of being Muslim?
(London, UK) The current row over extremism in schools between Theresa May and Michael Gove simply re-affirms that extremism is now the main policy initiative in relation to Muslims across all major political parties says the advocacy group CAGE.
Linda Woodhead blogs on the recent row between Michael Gove and Theresa May over violent Islamic Extremism in schools, and what the research tells us
Should the Tories lose in 2015, I really hope that Michael Gove becomes Tory leader. That's why there is a power struggle currently going on in the cabinet, between himself and Theresa May, because both are potential leadership candidates. He would definitely get the vote out and win the election.for us anyway.
The alleged rift between Michael Gove and Theresa May over claims that Muslim extremists have taken over 25 Birmingham schools is bizarre. These are government ministers who most closely share the extremist attitudes that the ‘Trojan Horse’… [ 498 more words. ]
David Cameron furious at ugly Theresa May and Michael Gove's ugly spat via
Theresa May clashes with Michael Gove in furious row over extremism in classrooms
Abu Hamza incensed, distraught at revelation of Theresa May's turgid affair with Michael Gove. . ..
Five things you need to know about Theresa May's row with Michael Gove via
PM orders end to Theresa May and Michael Gove's feud over Islamic Extremism in schools
Theresa May 'over-reacting’ in Islamic Extremism row with Michael Gove - via
David Cameron furious at ugly spat between Theresa May and Michael Gove
Theresa May has become the latest person to attack the threat to British schools from extremist Michael Gove. Gove's so-called 'Trojan Horse' tactics - becoming education secretary and then plotting a raft of reforms based on personal ideology - has come under fire from the Home Secretary.
Theresa May v Michael Gove: who is right? - The Guardian (blog)
Theresa May goes in for kill as Michael Gove fails to tackle 'Islamist school ... -
Theresa May calls on Michael Gove to act on extremism in schools - The Guardian
Theresa May is right – Michael Gove is culpable over the Trojan Horse affair - The Guardian
I'm first up on BBC Newsnight tonight, BBC2 in 10 mins, discussing the Michael Gove/Theresa May spat over extremism
Theresa May's letter to Michael Gove in full - The Guardian
Theresa May 'over-reacting' in Islamic Extremism row with Michael Gove: Senior Government sources express alar...
Theresa May has accused Michael Gove of not dealing with the alleged Islamist plot targeting Birmingham schools. How about dealing with actual things that have happened hard facts and evidence is what should be investigated not suppressed like the child abuse school scandal in rachdale Theresa may do your real job not a puppets. Who really pulls the strings
How Labour's man in the middle took the axe to his own speech A febrile atmosphere within the two big parties, with Michael Gove and Theresa May unashamedly taking lumps out of each other over alleged Islamic Extremism, and Labour types at sixes and sevens over migration. One wing of the party wants Ed Miliband to take the fight to Ukip; the other calls for a more emollient approach so as not to insult or upset former Labour supporters who have been seduced by the Faragian view of things. Miliband's instinct is the latter, and originally there was quite a lot of it in the speech prepared for his recent visit to the Tory/Ukip heartland of Thurrock. But shortly before he rose to speak, Tony Blair piped up calling for Labour to stand up to Ukip, and so, quite separately, did Diane Abbott. Thus the Labour leader realised his speech would see him clobbered from the Labour right and the Labour left in unholy unprecedented alliance. So he did the brave, strong thing and dropped the passages that would have lande ...
Michael Gove v Theresa May - It doesn't get any more ugly than that!
PM demands full briefing on exchanges between Theresa May and Michael Gove over strategy in tackling extremism
Disagreement between Theresa May and Michael Gove - Which is better? There is only one way to find out! Fight!
Picture on the news makes it look like Theresa May wants to punch Michael Gove on the chin...good job he hasn't got one as I reckon she'd flatten him ;-)
So Theresa May thinks that Michael Gove is a nasty piece of work, and Michael Gove thinks that Theresa May's judgement is unsound. They are both entirely correct.
Theresa May and Michael Gove are arguing about how to combat the growth of Islamic Extremism! Several Million members of the public could tell them how.
'The coalition is a circus and Theresa May and Michael Gove are the mud wrestling sideshow' Oh radio 5 live, never change.
Theresa May and Michael Gove have played down speculation of a row between them over tackling Islamic Extremism in schools.
Theresa May vs Michael Gove in a fight. Who would win and how.?
Full text of Theresa May's letter to Michael Gove now online:
Theresa May urges Michael Gove to get tougher on class Islamists - via
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Michael Gove and Theresa May keep fighting it out for most hated Tory. This is an impressive achievement considering that they're all evil.
Michael Gove: "I don't think anybody would say that there is a tougher politician when it comes to immigration than Theresa May"
"63% of people said that Maria Miller should resign, only 9% said she should not, which is pretty unambiguous. However, 52% also think Nick Clegg should resign, 47% Michael Gove, 46% Ed Miliband, 37% George Osborne. The lowest was for Theresa May, but 30% of people still think she should resign. It seems whoever you ask about a fair chunk want them to resign, though note that in the case of Maria Miller people from all parties wanted to see the back of her, the other cases were mostly political opponents saying politicians from a party they dislike should go."
ANOTHER DAY - ANOTHER ASININE COMMENT! George Osborne OPINES THAT 'THE MIDDLE CLASSES LIKE PAYING THE 40P TAX RATE BECAUSE IT MAKES THEM FEEL SUCCESSFUL'... This clanger was dropped at a recent secret meeting at his Downing Street office. Osborne's pearls of wisdom were met with stunned silence by the other MPs present. But George continued to press on with his deluded, patronising balderdash. "Let's not forget there are advantages in more people paying tax at 40p" he declared. "It's good for them. It means they feel they are joining the aspirational classes and are therefore more likely to back the Tories!" IN OTHER NEWS (AT ANOTHER SECRET MEETING WHERE THE £100-A-BOTTLE WINE FLOWED FREELY!)... 'Tipsy' Michael Gove launched an Exocet against Boris ssying the Mayor 'has no gravitas, Theresa May no friends, and ONLY OSBORNE IS FIT TO LEAD... He then compounded this statement by adding that 'previous party leader William Hague was the only other good candidate'! Focus groups apparently dismiss Osborne as b ...
Theresa May and Michael Gove, the Tory answer to "Could we do worse than David Blunkett and Jacqui Smith?"
Scheduled this week: Monday: Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, will unveil a new "rigorous" national curriculum after months of drafting and controversy. On Tuesday: The Home Secretary, Theresa May, will give the go-ahead for an opt-out from a range of EU justice and home affairs measures. Wednesday: Will see the latest stage in privatisation of the Royal Mail.
Slightly disappointed about the identity of the Tory lovers. I'd hoped it was going to be Theresa May and Michael Gove or some such pairing. Still, though, life's rich tapestry, and all that.
Arrggg gadzookz, reading the Westminster rumour mill, just had a vision of Micheal Gove in a Chelsea shirt jumping off the wardrobe onto Theresa May. That's Sunday lunch ruined then. (Although, if it's Grayling instead, then my life is complete).
Fun to see Michael Gove attacking Theresa May for mounting a leadership challenge. He must be annoyed she stole a march on him.
Theresa May tipped to be next Tory leader? Michael Gove or Anna Soubry would get my vote!
Every time Michael Gove spouts his antediluvian views about education (Seacole out, Nelson Inn- history by dates and single white dead men) I start to get angry, and then I remind myself that he does not control my children's education because we live in Scotland. Same for Jeremy Hunt on the NHS and Eric Pickles on Local Government and most of what Theresa May and Chris Grayling say about Criminal Justice. We are blessed by their absence.
I would add George Osborne ,Phillip Davies, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Francis Maude to your list..
Theresa May refuses to deny she had called for chief whip to go, while Michael Gove says he had been keen for him to stay
Do you think Nick Clegg ever looks around, see's he's sat next to Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and George Osbourne and cries
Rumour in the Guardian that Michael Gove will replace Theresa May at the Home Office
The Leveson Inquiry has a quite formidable line up in Tony Blair,Michael Gove,Theresa May,Kenneth Clarke and Jeremy Hunt. Speech be4 Jubilee
Can't pick who is more obnoxious - Theresa May, George Osbourne or Michael Gove. All terrible politicians with questionable social skills.
The current phase of the Leveson Inquiry, focusing on the relationship between politicians and the press, will see David Cameron and six senior cabinet ministers (Nick Clegg, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Vince Cable, Ken Clarke and Jeremy Hunt) take to the witness stand. Yet, bizarrely, George Osborne...
Who's a better successor to David Cameron - George Osborne, Michael Gove, Theresa May, or Boris Johnson?
So according to the Observer, Nick Clegg, Ken Clarke, Vince Clarke, Michael Gove and Theresa May are all going to be called to Leveson...
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