Theresa May & George Osborne

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. George Gideon Oliver Osborne, MP (born 23 May 1971 in Paddington, London) is a British Conservative politician. 5.0/5

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In which, basically, calls on Theresa May to quit
What is George Osborne's favourite thing to have cut up in bags:. Theresa May: 46%. Cocaine: 54%. Via Survation (15th Sept…
Just reading latest editorial. Theresa May has been removed from the freezer and is being put back together…
George Osborne issues coded apology for saying he wanted to ‘chop up’ Theresa May.
Standard praises Theresa May days after George Osborne said he wanted her ‘chopped up’ .
George Osborne says sorry to Theresa May over chopping up remarks .
Allies urge Theresa May to bring George Osborne back amid furious Cabinet row over Brexit.
Theresa May accepts George Osborne apology over reports he wants her 'chopped up in bags in freezer'.
George Osborne almost apologises to Theresa May but doesn't quite - Total Politics
Britain's George Osborne on Theresa May, a softer Brexit and Trump's visit
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, and now Theresa May all poached their spindoctors from that "leftie" BBC
Theresa May vows to continue with austerity as she defends George Osborne's record
SIMON LINCOLN READER: Monstrous unlikeability of George Osborne was huge weight on Theresa May via
George Osborne says Theresa May is a "dead woman walking" . Revenge is a dish best served cold. .
George Osborne says Theresa May is a 'dead woman walking - it's just how long she's on death row'
Asked what Theresa May told George Osborne when he was sacked he smirks: "She said I needed to get to know my party better…
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'Cheeky' George Osborne steals show as he mocks Theresa May in Ed Balls double act via
(Mirror):Osborne couldn't be happier to see Theresa May's disastrous General Election results :..
.George_Osborne slams Theresa May's manifesto as 'worst in history'
George Osborne says he does not think Theresa May will survive if exit poll comes true
British PM Theresa May is retreating from globalisation, George Osborne says..
‘Theresa May is so eager to shaft George Osborne that she is prepared to sound like Ken Loach’. Eagleton.
George Osborne highlights Tory revolt over Theresa May's school funding shake-up
George Osborne used his first edition as Evening Standard editor to troll Theresa May
George Osborne as Evening Standard editor to perform his first brain surgery on Theresa May via
Evening Standard attacks Theresa May's election campaign on George Osborne's first day a...
George Osborne used his first day as editor to take down Theresa May
However, should Theresa May slip on a banana skin then I'm sure George Osborne will be back.
Theresa May defends George Osborne's dual roles as an MP and editor of London Evening Standard
Tatton !!! That's it !!. Khalid Masood none other than George Osborne in Disguise. Theresa May profoundly relieved…
David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May led the Conservative government who designed the referendum bill. They lied to us.
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George Osborne did not "quit" as chancellor, he was summarily dismissed by Theresa May. Couldn't have happened to…
Theresa May pokes fun at George Osborne via
What is happening in this George Osborne / Theresa May picture.
Theresa May receiving Spectator Politician of the Year Award from George Osborne.
Theresa May dressed in hi-viz accepts her award from George Osborne at Speccie party.
Now this *is* funny. Theresa May mocks George Osborne for his fondness for wearing hi viz & hard hats (before she sacked…
Sense of humour by Theresa May as George Osborne presents the Parliamentarian politician of the Year Award...
Theresa May pokes fun at George Osborne at award ceremony
'We're all builders now,' Theresa May jokes as she picks up award from George Osborne  via
Theresa May accepts politician of the Year Award from George Osborne... wearing hi-viz!
Do not tell me what to do, Mark Carney warns Theresa May. Correct, he only obeys George Osborne.
George Osborne criticises Theresa May’s grammar schools focus in intervention that
George Osborne launches Northern Powerhouse thinktank with support of Theresa May
fast forward to 2040 - Theresa May has died, shot by a heat-ray. George Osborne and his 3 clones mourn her passing
Theresa May is reportedly set to scrap George Osborne's key policy of directly elected mayors in regional cities.
Knighthood to George Osborne- For destroying Britain??. PM should block -Theresa May's credibility is on the line!. https:/…
Former Chancellor George Osborne has called on Theresa May to seek "the closest possible new ties" with European states as she negotiates
Theresa May is PM. George Osborne has resigned. Boris is now Foreign Secretary (my irony app exploded). We're all screwed.
George Osborne out as Theresa May makes Hammond Chancellor in
Breaking: George Osborne was sacked. Theresa May told him she didn't want him in her Cabinet. Wow.
"It's in everyone's interest that Theresa May takes up [PM] position in coming days" - George Osborne.
Tributes for David Cameron at his final cabinet as UK PM: Theresa May and George Osborne lead tributes to Dav...
Looks like Theresa May is already campaigning to replace Cameron as PM.
‘Furious David Cameron set to SACK Theresa May for REFUSING to campaign to stay in the EU’
News: Theresa May hits out at Budget cleavage coverage: The Home Secretary said George Osborne's Bud...
George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, Theresa May, David Cameron, et al all do this:
George Osborne, Theresa May and Boris Johnson would be wetting themselves. Osborne even admitted it. As did Boris.
because he is so removed from the likes of George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith, Jeremy Hunt & Theresa May
David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson together they are the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF MORONICA
News | : If Boris Johnson challenges George Osborne and Theresa May for the Conservative Party leadership in…
Dan is prescient, except in one respect - the 2020 Tory choice will be George Osborne or Theresa May; not Boris.
Funny, none of them look like George Osborne, Theresa May, or Michael Gove. .
Mayor of London, George Osborne and Theresa May are favourites to be next Tory leader. Tories may be doomed for ever.
I'm voting labour. Theresa May, George Osborne cannot stay in power. Demons disguised as morons
David Cameron has ruled out a third term in office and says either Theresa May or George Osborne would replace him as lea…
George Osborne sees off Theresa May’s controversial plan to deport foreign graduates | via
British Ministers Sajid Javid, Nicky Morgan, George Osborne, Theresa May and William Hague at my venue Altitude 360.
George Osborne, Theresa May, Nicky Morgan, Sajid Javid and William Hague acting like best pals is enough to make you vomit.
More revelations emerge of George Osborne's pink elephants! Yip you guessed it! New footage has surfaced which appears to show George Osborne experiencing drug-induced spasms during a session of Prime Minister’s Questions. The images of the Chancellor’s sweating, gurning face has reignited national debate as to whether or not the Westminster Government is ministerialy competent to run the forces of power! Prime example is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the midst of what appears to be another “coke and *** binge”. Opposition leader Ed Miliband spoke out about Osborne’s appearance, saying, “We’re all familiar with George’s track record for indulging in a spot of blow but there really is no excusing him this time.” “There’s a time and place for everything, and in this case the time and place is in the Westminster loos like the rest of us. Or at the very least out of sight with the backbenchers.” Osborne back on the beak The Tory Chancellor is no stranger to public scrutiny of h .. ...
AND because George Osborne, Theresa May and Boris Johnson are not up to the job either.
but unfortunately Theresa May, George Osborne and Boris Johnson aren't up to the Job either.
for trusting and employing Andrew Mitchell, Theresa May, Chris Grayling, Liam Fox, George Osborne and ex-con Andy Coulson
Sajid Javid is David Cameron's successor? So what happened to George Osborne and Theresa May?
George Osborne blows the whistle on potential horror of Theresa May's new 'PC' law:
Neither Boris, nor Theresa May, nor George Osborne fit that description – for the moment, at least.
I'm wondering if under the new legislation proposed by Theresa May, George Osborne could well be arrested for inciting hat…
As of the gaurdian news paper its going to happen people this is the very man who said why should we give scotland more powers what have they ever done for us had to share this Boris Johnson is favoured by more Tory voters as the successor to David Cameron than two of his main rivals, Theresa May and George Osborne, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll. The Mayor of London, who recently announced that he is aiming to stand as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip at the 2015 General Election, is favoured as the next leader by 32% of current or 2010 Tory voters, against 16% for Home Secretary May, and 9% for chancellor Osborne. William Hague, who stepped down as Foreign Secretary in the July reshuffle but remains in the cabinet as leader of the House of Commons is still favoured by 16% as the next leader, even though he has announced he is leaving parliament at the next election.
THIS TIME . BRITAIN. STOP . THINK . ARE YOU MAD enough. to keep this line up in. GOVERNMENT. Theresa May (ffs !). George Osborne . Ian Duncan Smith
If Theresa May is the next UK Foreign Secretary, George Osborne better watch his back...
Theresa May, George Osborne and Nigel Farage all campaigning in Newark today ahead of the bi-election. I saw more police walking the streets in ten minutes than I have in ten years.Can't they leave just one or two behind when they head back to Westminster???.
Blog post: Theresa May is courageous: Is Theresa May ready to lead the Conservative Party? George Osborne hail...
Disgraceful speech by George Osborne on BBC News at the moment. Lauding Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May for "standing up" to the teachers and police unions. Gotta have a go at the nurses next.
"63% of people said that Maria Miller should resign, only 9% said she should not, which is pretty unambiguous. However, 52% also think Nick Clegg should resign, 47% Michael Gove, 46% Ed Miliband, 37% George Osborne. The lowest was for Theresa May, but 30% of people still think she should resign. It seems whoever you ask about a fair chunk want them to resign, though note that in the case of Maria Miller people from all parties wanted to see the back of her, the other cases were mostly political opponents saying politicians from a party they dislike should go."
Wednesday 5th February In Brief Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne are expected to attend the annual Conservative Party fundraising ball in London Home Secretary Theresa May attends a meeting of the G6 in Krakow Business secretary Vince Cable speaks at the Federation of Small Businesses annual dinner in London Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt speaks at the Francis Inquiry conference (16.45) Financial Secretary to the Treasury Sajid Javid speaks at an Enterprise Forum event on financial regulation Skills minister Matthew Hancock is expected to make an announcement on support for maths students Resource management minister Dan Rogerson (13.30), shadow foreign office minister Kerry McCarthy (13.50) and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Packaging Mark Pawsey (14.10) speak at the Fresher for Longer conference in London Baroness Campbell speaks on day one of the Youth Sport Trust 2014 national conference in Telford (11.50). Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, children's minister Ed Tim ...
So what did we learn from the Tory party conference this week that finally came to an end with a gushing speech from David Cameron that made you feel that a Roman orgy was going to break out any minute. First of all we learned that George Osborne has changed his hairdresser when he rocked up to the conference with what looked like a decomposing raccoon perched on top of his brainless head. Yes this was the news that George was going for Russell Crowes tough look in gladiator but managed to pull off a kind of ''carry on gladiator'' look, but he was not the only bizarre thing prancing around in Manchester !! Theresa May turned up as the last tribute act to the Bay City Rollers complete with tartan suit and shiny shoes with sparkly stones in the heels, She did get a large round of applause as she took to the stage though which turned to a sigh of disappointment when the audience realised it was not Billy Connolly but that mad old bird from the Home Office. Iain Duncan Smith turned up looking like a national ...
Good morning. Today we're talking about cowboy builders, payday lending, the Lawrence family's meeting with Theresa May, Prince Michael testifying about what happened the day Michael Jackson died and Wimbledon. We'll also be talking to George Osborne as well as the two-year-old boy who has an IQ of 141 and is a member of MENSA - and Cheryl Fergison, Bobby Davro and Natalie Anderson are here to talk about new ITV show Your Face Sounds Familiar. Oh, and Britain's Got Talent's Gabz is only popping in for a performance!
Theresa May has struck a deal with George Osborne agreeing to cut Home Office spending but protect police's budget for tackling terrorism
So, once again the 'Better Together' campaign release a statement about the uncertainty of passport and dual nationality eligibility of Scots in an independent nation. Thus far I've yet to hear any positive arguments from any of these people as to why we're 'Better Together', it's all been scaremongering and negativity. Alex Salmond must be pissing himself-Theresa May, George Osborne, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont-all perfectly valid reasons for voting 'Yes' in my opinion.
Theresa May asks, "Do you want George Osborne or Ed Balls?" Whether a triple dip or credit downgrade, you couldn't make it up.
Ian Duncan Smith must be one of the most out of touch clueless Torie buffoon going apart from George Osborne & Theresa May
Great to see William Hague, Theresa May & George Osborne support in today's
PM, Chancellor, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary all trying to convince their party to vote yes on same sex marriage? How very confusing. I suspect the worst: Theresa May: "(whisper) Oh bloody good show David. Having us support this will really confuse everyone" William Hague: "Yes, then no one will notice this new war we're starting. This is how it's done Tony Blair!" George Osborne: "Yes it's about time we had another war with 'that' country. It's been far too long" David Cameron: "Shh, they can hear you all you know! Quick someone say Thatcher!" SKY NEWS: "Top government front benchers sweep through *** marriage bill despite back bench rebellion. In other news, record numbers of British troops take extended holiday in France"
George Osborne and Theresa May: I personally think that it was the "right thing to do" 50 years ago
Tory MPs will plunge deeper into civil war later when the party splits over David Cameron's plans to allow *** marriage. William Hague, George Osborne and Theresa May have joined forces insisting it "is the right thing to do at the right time". However, more than 100 Conservative MPs are expected to defy the Prime Minister and vote against the bitterly controversial Marriage Bill. We would love to know what you think about this at home so do get in touch with your comments.
As much as I don't like George Osborne, Theresa May and William Hague, I'm impressed that they're backing *** marriage.
Theresa May, George Osborne & write to the Telegraph in support of *** marriage
William Hague, George Osborne and Theresa May have written a final letter to convince fellow Conservative MPs to...
On the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill: I agree with William Hague, Theresa May and George Osborne – for once. ...
Conservatives George Osborne, William Hague and Theresa May to vote in favour of *** marriage today
Leading Right-wingers Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith to vote for law change, as George Osborne, Theresa May and William Hague d...
PM's three most senior lieutenants, George Osborne, William Hague and Theresa May - urge Tory MPs not to oppose ...
George Osborne, Theresa May and William Hague have all backed same-sex marriage in a letter to the Telegraph
Letter: William Hague, George Osborne and Theresa May same-sex marriage 'is the right thing to do'
I would add George Osborne ,Phillip Davies, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Francis Maude to your list..
When Theresa May was "looking after" women, she wrote to George Osborne pointing out that his first budget could break equality laws. With the Autumn Statement said to have hit women badly, who is fighting the women's corner now, asks Cathy Newman.
I am pleased to see that, by the rules of alliteration, Jeremy Hunt has been made Health Secretary (avoiding the recent difficulty suffered by James Naughtie and others). I would suggest that in the next reshuffle, George Osborne should become Minister of Ostriches: George Young, Minister for Yams: Theresa May, Minister for Methodism: Nick Clegg, Secretary for Clams: Vince Cable, Minister for Cables etc. etc.
Home Secretary follows George Osborne's example in smiling through chorus of boos in Paralympic stadium in Stratford
I think the Paralympics are amazing, and I was particularly inspired when they booed George Osborne and Theresa May. Quite right too when you realise disabled people are amongst the most targeted for government cuts!
Delighted to hear George Osborne (smug *** and Theresa May getting booed at the Paralympics.
Shame on those people who booed George Osborne and Theresa May when they presented medals. Leave politics out of sport.
How on earth are Theresa May,Jeremy Hunt and George Osborne still in goverment ? Why don't they make Gary Gliiter the Education Secretary while they are at it. Incompetence at it's very best !
Not quite as good as George Osborne yesterday, but Theresa May got a big boo of her own at tonight's Paralympics.
“Carry on Cutting” – sounds fun – Barbara Windsor as Theresa May, Sid James as George Osborne, Rowan Atkinson as Ed Miliband?
The current phase of the Leveson Inquiry, focusing on the relationship between politicians and the press, will see David Cameron and six senior cabinet ministers (Nick Clegg, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Vince Cable, Ken Clarke and Jeremy Hunt) take to the witness stand. Yet, bizarrely, George Osborne...
Who's a better successor to David Cameron - George Osborne, Michael Gove, Theresa May, or Boris Johnson?
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