Theresa May & Downing Street

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. Downing Street in London, England has for over two hundred years housed the official residences of two of the most senior British cabinet ministers: the First Lord of the Treasury, an office now synonymous with that of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and the Second Lord of the Treasury, an office held by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 5.0/5

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Speculation over an early election has been dismissed by Downing Street as “nonsense"
Philip Hammond on the phone. Having trouble leaving Downing Street. Says every time he gets to the gate Theresa May insists h…
Theresa May steps up Brexit charm offensive, reassuring City Chiefs at Downing Street and Morgan Stanley party
Theresa May reshapes Downing Street in the Home Office mould
The Israeli pig, will b in London 2 meet Theresa May on 6 February.Join our protst oppsite Number 10 Downing Street, btwn 11.30am to 1.30pm.
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet Theresa May for the first time in Downing Street on Monday.
Theresa May ‘does not agree’ with Trump's refugee ban, Downing Street says, amid mounting anger two faced.
1.5 million people outside Downing Street last night ❤️
30,000 gather outside Downing Street, London to protest Trump's ban and Theresa May's appeasement of it.
PM Theresa May greets New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English on the steps of Downing Street 📸:
Polish should be taught in British schools, the country's PM tells Theresa May during Brexit talks
Boris Johnson uses Downing Street meeting to tell Theresa May he will not change after Saudi Arabia row
"Downing Street ... is refusing to reveal whether Theresa May discussed the bid when she met Murdoch in New York."
Nicky Morgan 'banned from Downing Street meeting after row with Theresa May aide over Prime Minister's £1k TROUSERS' ht…
Texts reveal how Theresa May's fixer banned MP Nicky Morgan from Downing Street. .
UK PM Theresa May spoke w/today "as part of establishing a regular dialogue" per Downing Street spox
Theresa May will raise a Saltire above Downing Street. To let the world know who is keeping the UK afloat
Downing Street says Donald Trump agreed on the importance of Nato in phone call with Theresa May this afternoon
Downing Street spokesperson says Theresa May has called Donald Trump and they have agreed to meet at the "earliest possib…
.has spoken to and invited her to visit him "as soon as possible", Downing Street sources say ht…
Downing Street spokesman said Theresa May wishes "good luck" to Clinton and Trump. Surprised PM would wish well a serial…
NEW: Theresa May criticised after Downing Street wishes Donald Trump good luck ahead of US election
Theresa May launches annual poppy appeal at Downing Street
Protests against the King of Bahrain as he visits Prime Minister Theresa May in Downing Street via…
I must have misheard Theresa May's words when she said on the steps of Downing Street that she would be a governmen…
Theresa May in Downing Street, continent cut off
Thousands march on Downing Street in 'refugees welcome' protest
Wish I could've been there: Thousands march on Downing Street in protest!
Theresa May's hosting a special reception at Downing Street for the start of London Fashion week.
EU chief Donald Tusk urges Theresa May to begin Brexit talks 'ASAP' at Downing Street summit Got to agree with Tusk. not about talks though
So Brexit under Theresa May means we become a tax heaven? makes you proud to be British doesn’t it...
BRITAIN: Theresa May says British people can "benefit a great deal" from SHARIA LAW.
Speaking of here he is doing a runner from Downing Street after stealing one of Theresa May's apples!
Behind the door of Number 10: discover the secrets and the long history of Theresa May's new home in Downing Street
Theresa May to move into Downing Street this week after giving David Cameron extra time ...
CCTV from behind Downing Street shows Theresa May making the first major change of her leadership
The flowers arriving at 10 Downing Street for Theresa May depress me.
Theresa May forced to defend views on Sharia Law as she prepares to enter No 10
Theresa May defend her support for sharia law-sickening, Sharia law should be banned
Theresa May appoints some heavyweight special advisers to sort out the horrific new Downing Street letterhead.
David Cameron and his family waved goodbye to Downing Street as Theresa May moved in as Prime Minister
In the speech that she made in Downing Street minutes after becoming Prime Minister, Theresa May identified...
Theresa May will keep Downing Street cat Larry when she moves in this week
Theresa May: We actually can't get David Cameron out of Downing Street because, I'm not making this up, he has a cat https:…
Theresa May and her husband were first introduced at a Conservative Association dance by late Pak PM Benazir Bhutto
Larry the cat will not be evicted from No. 10 Downing Street when Theresa May becomes Prime Minister
Theresa May arrives at Downing Street to survey the damage.
The people of Britain deserve more than a Tory stitch-up as Theresa May is handed keys to Downing Street
Downing Street orchestrating slur campaigns as usual. Theresa May looking like a saint, but she's failed on Borders.
Theresa May wins MP vote but Liam Fox out of race to Downing Street - The Courier
This is NOT, of course, Theresa May, on her way to 10 Downing Street. Where's Andrea Leadsom when Country needs her? https…
Theresa May launches pitch for Downing Street – with ‘Department for Brexit’
.Tory leadership: Theresa May launches pitch for Downing Street – with creation of a 'Department...
Theresa May has been given an extraordinary warning that a toxic feud between the Home Office and Downing Street is damaging her chances of succeeding David Cameron as Tory leader.
Downing Street suspects Theresa May of boosting her own profile before helping her party
Theresa May is clearly a victim of a smear campaign, the source of which comes from the man who brought Andy into Downing Street.
Theresa May the wild witch of Downing Street time for the police to have a proper
ANOTHER DAY - ANOTHER ASININE COMMENT! GEORGE OSBORNE OPINES THAT 'THE MIDDLE CLASSES LIKE PAYING THE 40P TAX RATE BECAUSE IT MAKES THEM FEEL SUCCESSFUL'... This clanger was dropped at a recent secret meeting at his Downing Street office. Osborne's pearls of wisdom were met with stunned silence by the other MPs present. But George continued to press on with his deluded, patronising balderdash. "Let's not forget there are advantages in more people paying tax at 40p" he declared. "It's good for them. It means they feel they are joining the aspirational classes and are therefore more likely to back the Tories!" IN OTHER NEWS (AT ANOTHER SECRET MEETING WHERE THE £100-A-BOTTLE WINE FLOWED FREELY!)... 'Tipsy' Michael Gove launched an Exocet against Boris ssying the Mayor 'has no gravitas, Theresa May no friends, and ONLY OSBORNE IS FIT TO LEAD... He then compounded this statement by adding that 'previous party leader WILLIAM HAGUE was the only other good candidate'! Focus groups apparently dismiss Osborne as b ...
Go after the Banksters where ever they are! Non-Televised Truth Rothschild Zionist David Cameron’s migration pledge ‘in tatters’, as figures reveal net immigration of 200,000 Non-Televised Truth A large influx of workers from southern Europe has dealt a near-fatal blow to David Cameron's promise to cut net annual migration to “tens of thousands” by next year's general election. It leapt by 58,000 to stand at 212,000 in the year to the end of September 2013, the Office for National Statistics has said. The increase was mainly fuelled by soaring numbers of people coming from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, where recession has left huge unemployment totals. There were also rises in workers arriving from Romania and Bulgaria ahead of all restrictions over entry to the UK being lifted last month. Migration from the European Union, a trend that the Government can do little to affect, is now at its highest level for 50 years. Mr Cameron and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, have consistently champion ...
Chris Grayling MP Unintentionally admits democracy in Britain is broken. He said - a vote for UKIP is a vote for Labour, and if we want to see Ed Miliband in Number 10 Downing Street, we'll vote UKIP. He didn't intend to admit this (presumably), but even if he had an elite education, he's not what we call street smart, he's a bit of a loose cannon, not very clever, and ought not to be let out on his own. He needs a minder. Nevertheless, he's been Lord High Chancellor, and is the Secretary of State for Justice. It is possible to conjecture from this that all you have to be to get a senior government position in Conservative Britain is to be a Chris Grayling, and like most of the inept Conservative Zionist Cabinet Ministers ... Theresa May-(not be all there), Jeremy Hunt (and kill the NHS), Liam Fox (chased off by news hounds), Iain Dun(trash)can the benefits system Smith, Michael (smile sweetly in public, trash them in private) Gove, David Cameraman (ain't I cute, and I'm the greenest PM ever, but I'm n .. ...
The Metropolitan Police ran an operation to “smear” the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, according to a former undercover officer. Campaigners as well as Lawrence's family were targeted. Left to right: Brother Stuart, mother Doreen and father Neville. Picture Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire Peter Francis said he was told to find “dirt” that could be used against members of the Lawrence family, shortly after the 18-year-old from south east London was killed in a racist attack in April 1993, the Guardian reported. He was also asked to target the friend who witnessed the murder and campaigners angry at the failure to bring his killers to justice, the newspaper said. Mr Lawrence’s mother, Doreen, told the Guardian that there was no justification for efforts to discredit her family following her son’s murder. Downing Street said Prime Minister David Cameron was “deeply concerned” by the claims and wanted an immediate investigation, after Scotland Yard said it recognised the seriousness of ...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Downing Street confirms bungling *** Theresa May is to launch a new ladies fragrance named 'Amnesia'
10 Downing Street Dear all Now look here, Nick and I have wed again. I must confess, Nick looked super in his cerise Bride's outfit with matching tiara. He insisted I wrote the vows, so here goes. "Do you, Nicholas Daphne Cloggirons take me, David Lord Snooty Camelot to be you're lawful wedded dominant? Will you love, honour and obey me; jump at my every command, sit up like a begging dog, be utterly submissive and speak only when I tell you to? Will you systematically change your mind to please me and tell your potential voters a series of nonsense and then backtrack rapidly? Will you forsake your values for me and continue to make my tea?"... Theresa May was supposed to be the Matron of Honour but she turned up a day too early. We were hoping to honeymoon in a European country that still likes us; sadly there are none left. Toodle pip David Can'tgetenough and Nick Cleethorpes-on-sea
Theresa May summoned to Downing Street to explain Heathrow chaos via
Downing Street has insisted Theresa May has the full confidence of the Prime Minister as the row over Abu Qatada’s appeal deadline rages on.
Update: 3rd target of Anonymous attack which has taken down Home Office website and - briefly - Downing Street site, is Theresa May's site
Andy Davies & Tom Watson expose heart of corruption at Downing Street, Scotland Yard, News International. Theresa May wants revenge.
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