Theresa May & David Cameron

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Conservative Party. 5.0/5

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peerage shows just how much Israel Government manipulated a greedy David Cameron. Just watch as Theresa May ma…
In an attempt to beat David Cameron for the title of Worst Prime Minister Ever, Theresa May has named the date and time t…
Just over a year ago, David Cameron called Viscount Rothermere and asked him to fire Paul Dacre. Tonight, Theresa May atte…
Heard from savvy - & sad - Brit: “Theresa May is the worst PM since David Cameron.”
4. Jeremy Corbyn would be a worse Prime Minister than David Cameron was (though not necessarily worse than Theresa May)
David Cameron was my second favourite Prime Minister!- only ever surpassed by Theresa May. I get called out now?
Lord Harris, a major Tory donor, lifelong Conservative and staunch supporter of David Cameron has branded Theresa May "hopeless", is she? RT
Who became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in July 2016? . 🇦 Tony Blair, 🇧 Boris Johnson, . 🇨 Theresa May or 🇩 David Cameron?
OK. David Cameron was a *** But never forget Theresa May re-appointed this man, who is destroying our NHS.
EU migrants barred from claiming benefits after Brexit as Theresa May revives David Cameron pledge…
It's nice that the Tories are giving Theresa May the chance to beat David Cameron's record as the worst UK Prime Minister of all time.
Theresa May seeks David Cameron's advice- she is totally finished as PM. Time to get a brexiteer in
Theresa May reveals she 'shed a tear' upon hearing the election results, unlike David Cameron who 'bought a shed'.
I didn't like David Cameron like a lot of people but Theresa May is a national embarrassment, I'm cringing just watching her now😳
David Cameron accused of urging Tory MPs to undermine Theresa May and support a watered-down Brexit deal
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, and now Theresa May all poached their spindoctors from that "leftie" BBC
You turd. You worked for Theresa May and David Cameron. Do you have Brexit and Grenfell on your CV now?
Theresa May has had the mark on Sturgeon from day one. She has handled the SNP far better than David Cameron ever did h…
David Cameron and Theresa May have done the biggest damage to the U.K. since World War 2
Theresa May and 311 Tory MPs BLOCKED new property safety laws>
How George Osborne and David Cameron lost the election for Theresa May
Boris Johnson and David Cameron were warned. Theresa May was in DC's cabinet. They must reverse cuts t…
Text from David Cameron: "Running through a farmer's field is not the naughtiest thing Theresa May has ever done anymore!"
David Cameron: My decision to hold the EU referendum was the biggest political own goal in history. Theresa May: Hold my…
David Cameron gambled and lost. Theresa May gambled and lost. Guys: when the fun stops, stop
David Cameron and Theresa May - the two worst Prime Ministers for decades. And now they talk of Boris Johnson! . Tories are…
We wrote Lester Liar about David Cameron. But it works for Theresa May too | Captain Ska
One of David Cameron's key advisors today called for the resignation of Theresa May over her disastrous failures on nation…
Theresa May must resign over 'security failures' that led to recent attacks, says David Cameron's former policy gur…
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron as well as Nick Clegg the Deputy PM in David Cameron's Tory led regime, just like Theresa May
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May, history reveals all. The lesser of two evils Tories (2) Labour (nil) facts only
Theresa May made us all more vulnerable so she and David Cameron could give tax cuts to the wealthy
The genius of Gordon Brown was that he made me miss Tony Blair. The genius of Theresa May is that she is making me miss David Cameron
Theresa May and David Cameron, making an impact on children's education ...
UKIP predicted that David Cameron would avoid holding the EU Referendum. Their predictions about what Theresa May will…
Theresa May's a de-poshed David Cameron and like him she'll ooze care and concern for workers then kick them in the ball…
David Cameron has warned he will fight against Theresa May's 'extreme Brexit'
We've had Theresa May with her £995 trousers and now David Cameron buys a £25,000 shed + say they represent 'or…
express: '‘Furious David Cameron set to SACK Theresa May for REFUSING to campaign to stay in the EU’'
David Cameron's cherished aid target set to be ditched by Theresa May. Let's hope this is true!. via…
Theresa May, David Cameron & Jeremy Corbyn will be remembered as the triumvirate of destruction of the Union of the United Ki…
Do they think David Cameron, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Prince William & Richard Scudamore are Putin stooges too?
Jeremy Hunt is so bad at his job that it makes you wonder what he has on Theresa May and what he had on David Cameron
Truck drivers still under threat from immigrants in Calais- Theresa May has been just as useless as David Cameron http…
Theresa May might make the same mistake as David Cameron over Germany via
Didn't think it was possibly for someone to annoy me more than David Cameron did but Theresa May has topped it
You know what I can't stand? 😂. "Theresa May makes me miss David Cameron". Oh do stfu. Yeah ISIS makes me miss Al-Qaeda...
Theresa May is nowhere near as dishonest as David Cameron was, but her lie ratio is starting to increase. She told 3 lies t…
David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May led the Conservative government who designed the referendum bill. They lied to us.
Thank God, David Cameron is... no longer! Not as a threat to our country, anyway. Are u a patriot, Theresa May?
Theresa May's Trident interview on Marr still doesn't top Jon Snow asking David Cameron about Saudi Arabia and Human Rights.
Theresa May is a LIAR just like her predecessor... David Cameron. And why is Tony Blair still walking around in the free world.
Theresa May now making all the same mistakes that David Cameron did when he attempted to negotiate a deal with the EU.
As if I didn't hate David Cameron enough, I hate him even more for leaving us with Theresa May taking us on road to nowhere
It turned out that Theresa May was just reading out what David Cameron said last year, but still managed to sound sket…
I think Theresa May watched David Cameron for 6 years and thought, “Well if that ham mannequin can do it...”
I realised today that this week I have worked in both David Cameron's and Theresa May's constituencies. Bit spooky, eh?
Theresa May's crackdown on migrant benefits after Brexit could be pretty similar to David Cameron's…
Theresa May's advisers earn almost the same as Cabinet ministers after their pay was doubled  via
2. Brexit, UK exiting from EU. David Cameron resigned and Theresa May replaced him and currently wanting to trigger Article 50 of the EU.
Banks, who has also talked of his hatred of David Cameron, finds Theresa May “uninspiring.”
David Cameron plan to axe benefits from obese people is ditched by Theresa May via
Due to both David Cameron & Gideon Osborne's damaging elitist rhetoric about Mr. Trump, Theresa May is now toast.
Theresa May for Jeremy Corbyn. David Cameron fo a nag of crisps. Alcohol for cannabis. Osborne's cocainw…
Remarkable that Theresa May manages to make you miss David Cameron.
Theresa May makes David Cameron look like a kitten. Do not be fooled by the "country that works for all" rhetoric. .
We are a people who have been sorely abused by Tory Govts like Margaret Thatchers, David Cameron's & Theresa May's.
Theresa May just like David Cameron says all the right things but never acts on it.Just more spin & lies,action speaks lo…
Theresa May abandons David Cameron's plans to force schools to become academies via
David Cameron will go down in history as PM who brought us to Theresa May will be the one who ends the UK. https:/…
⭐ ←← David Cameron joins Theresa May on the by-election campaign trail as he prepares to give up…
Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says David Cameron will be "mortified" at what is happening to Conservative Party un…
Theresa May scares me. A right wing zealot who is brighter than David Cameron. . Thatcher on steroids. . https…
Theresa May is saying all the right things about Brexit, David Cameron said the same thing when he came to power,we ca…
Huge praise for David Cameron and Lord Feldman from Theresa May
Theresa May accused of leaving David Cameron to 'fight alone' during the EU Referendum according to former No.10… https:…
Theresa May ditches David Cameron's business advisers including the bosses of easyJet, Whitbread and Legal & General
Jeremy Corbyn feeds Theresa May back quotes from that well-known rabid lefty David Cameron opposing grammar schools.
David Cameron: 'I don't want to be a distraction for Theresa May' (Good PM Overall) 👍🏼
On the week he resigns as an MP, let's not forget David Cameron's five biggest failures as Prime Minister
David Cameron: "I support Theresa May, I think she's got off to a great start, I think she could be a strong Prime Minister fo…
David Cameron accuses Theresa May of "stitch up" - demands General Election by December via
An interesting opinion piece: what Theresa May needs to do to tackle the crisis. Do y…
Theresa May says she wants to tackle the housing crisis – if she really means it, here's what she has to do
No 10: Theresa May 'will not interfere' in David Cameron resignation honours row.
Theresa May already showing she is no different to David Cameron & is totally spineless
Be warned Theresa May if you do not back Brexit 100% & fight for a great deal UKIP will be there to take your voters h…
Theresa May called on to stop culture of honours for No 10 'cronies'
Well if David Cameron can't find her, Theresa May
'Theresa May is one of the most right wing Prime Ministers we've ever had'
There's one major difference between how the public views Theresa May and David Cameron
These are the ways Cameron actually changed society - & what we can expect from Theresa May
Theresa May to move into Downing Street this week after giving David Cameron extra time ...
David Cameron says he is delighted that Theresa May will be the next Prime Minister.
Word on the street is that in much the same way David Cameron once put his knob in a pigs face, Theresa May once breasts fed a baby lamb.
"Call for David Cameron and Theresa May to act as West Hampstead mum faces 100th day detained in Iran"
Theresa May is 10 years older than David Cameron. Good Old Sanders has more Youth Following! Age is no Criteria
How does Theresa May’s cabinet compare to David Cameron's?.
Theresa May becomes UK PM as David Cameron resigns -
David Cameron and his family waved goodbye to Downing Street as Theresa May moved in as Prime Minister
In Britain, a New Era begins as David Cameron leaves and Theresa May assumes office as Prime…
David Cameron is now heading to Buckingham Palace to resign and recommend that Theresa May is appointed PM.
God bless the outgoing PM David Cameron. PM Theresa May - may you be led in wisdom, strong in grace and kept safe in divine…
David Cameron is such an elitist British toff. Good riddance. I have hope Theresa May will be more genuine and trustworthy.
David Cameron has officially stepped down and Theresa May has become the Prime Minister of Britain.
Theresa May takes over from David Cameron as British Prime Minister after meeting the Queen; set to announce new cabine…
Theresa May is new PM, succeeds David Cameron after Queen Elizabeth II accepts resignation
Theresa May is just a female David Cameron
Next week: David Cameron taking a long drag on a cigarette as he and John Boehner share cocktails and laugh at Paul Ryan and Theresa May.
David Cameron has his final at noon before handing over to Theresa May. Live text & video:
David Cameron was so happy not to be Prime Minister anymore that he literally started singing on his way out.
Tributes for David Cameron at his final cabinet as UK PM: Theresa May and George Osborne lead tributes to Dav...
David Cameron says he will resign by Wednesday, Theresa May to be next British Prime Minister.
Theresa May to be new Prime Minister of UK as David Cameron to Resign on Wednesday. This radical political change...
PM David Cameron appears to be humming a little tune to himself after announcing his successor Theresa May
The UK will have a new Prime Minister by Wednesday evening. David Cameron will step down. Theresa May take over as new PM.
JUST IN: Theresa May to take over as British PM on Wednesday, says Prime Minister David Cameron (PTI)
TODAY'S PAPERS: Today's papers dominated by David Cameron's announcement Theresa May will take over as PM tomorrow.
Cameron's Successor, Theresa May, speaks for the 1st time after being confirmed to be elected as Prime Minister
I wish Theresa May well for sake of the whole country. David Cameron, a shallow chancer, has been worst, most destructive PM…
Theresa May: We actually can't get David Cameron out of Downing Street because, I'm not making this up, he has a cat https:…
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David Cameron did as much damage as he could when he resigned. Theresa May will carry on and blame everyone but her own actions. Mark this!
BREAKING: David Cameron says Theresa May will be Prime Minister on Wednesday
Theresa May officially named Conservative Party leader and successor to UK PM David Cameron.
David Cameron has hailed his successor Theresa May ‘strong and competent’
David Cameron says he will step down Wednesday, Theresa May expected to be next British Prime Minister
David Cameron to resign Wednesday; Theresa May to become British leader Wednesday
BREAKING: British PM David Cameron will resign on Wednesday after PMQs, Theresa May will be Prime Minister by Wednesday…
BREAKING: British PM David Cameron to resign Wednesday, to be succeeded by Theresa May
Theresa May to become the 76th British Prime Minister, confirms David Cameron - video
Theresa May will be the British Prime Minister on Wednesday, David Cameron says:
British PM, David Cameron to resign on Wednesday. Theresa May uncontested to be the Next UK Prime Minister
BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May formally announced as new Conservative Party Leader. PM David Cameron to resign after PMQ's at Buckingham Palace
David Cameron goes to Buckingham Palace on Wednesday. Theresa May will be new PM. Politics is so exciting at the moment. Moved fast.
News - Ruth Davidson outlines her support for Theresa May in the contest to succeed David Cameron
Home Secretary Theresa May remains the favourite to replace David Cameron as MPs vote to select the final ... - Ci…
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David Cameron = liberal, not conservative. Theresa May would continue his policies. Andrea Leadson = real conservative…
David-Theresa May should not let paedo buddies off
Theresa May wants a promotion for doing the exact thing that David Cameron had to resign for doing
Developing story: It's Andrea Leadsom v Theresa May in race to succeed David Cameron as Tory leader and UK PM:
Theresa May, possibly next PM falling asleep in the obviously irrelevant Chilcot statement by David Cameron https:/…
Theresa May looks totally zonked sitting near David Cameron at PMQs. Must be exhausting have your bottom licked...
Theresa May won the first round of voting to decide who will succeed David Cameron as Prime Minister. Liam Fox was elimi…
Theresa May took a clear lead in race to succeed David Cameron after first round of voting
UPDATE: Theresa May, UK-Home Secretary has won the 1st round of elections to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister
I know David Cameron wasn't the greatest Prime Minister but lord help us if Theresa May is successful 😖
David Cameron seems like a saint compared to Theresa May aka Thatcher 2.0
Theresa May and Michael Gove can't win the race to replace David Cameron!! Maybe Liam Fox ?
Interior minister Theresa May vows to unite Britain as she launches her bid to succeed David Cameron as PM
Theresa May for PM ? She's just a badly dressed David Cameron. Another cardboard cut-out. The second heir to nightmare Blair…
David Cameron loses and resigns. Theresa May loses and wants to replace him? Backing the wrong horse makes you ineligible IMHO!
Theresa May is putting herself forward to replace David Cameron as Tory leader and Prime Minister. https:/…
Theresa May launches bid to succeed David Cameron: Interior minister Theresa May vowed to unite Britain as sh...
Who should replace David Cameron as Prime Minister? Theresa May. What do you think?
Boris Johnson and Theresa May 'should join forces to lead the nation' after David Cameron resigns | Politics | Ne…:
*** !! David Cameron has shot himself in the foot. *** son!! History won't be kind to Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Theresa May and Farage
Theresa May is pulling court cases to protect David Cameron and others to protect violent state rapists and perjurers, and violent thugs.
but, but, but..."we're safer in David Cameron, Theresa May, Phil Hammond & 20 cabinet minsters have said so!
Obama, David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May, Alan Johnson- Just a few who are backing Britain to stay in
George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, Theresa May, David Cameron, et al all do this:
David Cameron & Theresa May do something about FA 'craze' enabled by British police forces
Theresa May reportedly wants David Cameron to take a more hardline approach on EU benefits https:…
David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson together they are the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF MORONICA
No, but David Cameron and Theresa May have hinted exactly that.
Paul Hutcheon expects his links to Theresa May and David Cameron will save his bacon? Good luck with that.
Big day tomorrow, the new labour leader... Will it be David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May or Neil Kinnock? day
Heartwarming welcome to refugees from Germany's football fans. Theresa May & David Cameron should pay attention.
Theresa May doesn't want Jeremy Corbyn to question David Cameron at about protecting Andy Coulson from
David Cameron's govt is up to its neck in torture. Theresa May knows I was tortured. Privy Council member Douglas Alexander covers it up.
People I hate seeing on the TV: . David Cameron. George Osbourne . Theresa May . Hang on there's a pattern here...
David Cameron takes charge of Heathrow decision and locks out ministers who oppose: Heathrow opponents Justine Greening, Theresa May ...
Theresa May, David Cameron, Michael Fallon are working with traitor Harriet Harman to drag Britain into illegal war.
David Cameron and Theresa May: Establish a national inquiry into allegations of organised child abu... via
They're all in it together: Theresa May, David Cameron, Alan Johnson, Hazel Blears, Glenn Campbell, Paul Hutcheon, Frances Curran, Jim Orr.
David Cameron has ruled out a third term in office and says either Theresa May or George Osborne would replace him as lea…
maybe you would like to ask Theresa May and David Cameron why they refuse to determine if Abbott is Prime Minister legally?
Theresa May needs to do more than 'hope'; she and need to act on and
Theresa May really does have the biggest pair of *** in British politics. David Cameron . and George Osbourne
Theresa May, David Cameron, Alan Johnson, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, David Blunkett, Menzies Campbell are all in together.
David Cameron personally orders Tories to open Whips 'dirt books' to child abuse investigators! The Prime Minister's decision comes as 200 child abuse victims and campaigners meet in Parliament on Wednesday (today) David Cameron has agreed to throw open the records of Conservatives whips’ office and Tory central office to let investigators hunt for evidence of historic child abuse, The Telegraph can disclose. The Tory leader and Prime Minister has personally written to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to make clear that both the whips and Tory headquarters had to “co-operate fully” with the Home Office’s inquiry into child sexual abuse, which is still seeking a chairman. This will mean that party’s infamous “dirt books”, in which whips recorded the indiscretions by MPs to help to keep them in check in Parliament, will be scrutinised by Home Office officials. It comes as victims of child abuse will hold 200-strong rally in Houses of Parliament on Wednesday to discuss how to take forward their ...
Theresa May has been given an extraordinary warning that a toxic feud between the Home Office and Downing Street is damaging her chances of succeeding David Cameron as Tory leader.
Theresa May warned Tory leadership chances at risk from advisers’ infighting. like rats in a sack?
David Cameron is embroiled in a row with Theresa May after he appeared to have ordered two of her advisers to break their Civil Service terms of employment to campaign for the party in two by-elections.
Newsflash for Theresa May & David Cameron: in standing against Douglas Alexander, I'll expose what your 'National Security' priorities are.
I see no prospect of Theresa May letting Andy Coulson's trial to proceed as it would expose David Cameron sancti…
I approve of smearing Cameron. Thinly, on rye bread. "Theresa May's allies smear David Cameron as 'incompetent'"
This is public deception Theresa May has got to resign.
Theresa May has "given up" on David Cameron, friends tell Spectator Life as the media blitz carries on (h/t
'David Cameron will FAIL to honour pledge to cut immigration', Theresa May ... - Daily Mail
Predictable result of Wanless report resulted in 2 conflicting summaries from David Cameron & Theresa May.
Sajid Javid is David Cameron's successor? So what happened to George Osborne and Theresa May?
The government has unveiled plans to ban anyone who criticises it from appearing on TV or protesting. Under the guise of protecting the public from ‘extremism’ the government proposal will allow police to vet the social media activity of “harmful” individuals and curb their right to speak at public events. The maximum sentence could be up to 10 years in prison for breaking a banning order. These new plans would also promise greater powers for British police to access internet data. Targeted individuals will also be barred from certain public spaces and from associating with named people. The plans were unveiled by Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference and reiterated by David Cameron, in his speech on ‘extremism’. So who is included under this new definition of extremists? Are we just talking about people who allegedly bomb buildings? Well, according to David Cameron, the law will target “non-violent conspiracy theorists” who he claims are just as dangerous as the ISIS terrorists ...
Just back from Conservative Conference yesterday, inspiring speeches by Theresa May and David Cameron, Conference mood was up beat and positive, we are getting ready for a great election campaign
David Cameron backs Theresa May in row with Nick Clegg - David Cameron has backed his Home Secretary rather than N...
my thoughts on Theresa May & David Cameron's anti extremist legislation
The imam Theresa May (UK Home Secretary) weighs in on a question about which her fellow imams, Barack Obama, John Kerry, David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Tony Abbot et al, have already spoken — a veritable ulama of renowned Islamic authorities. Her fatwa echoes theirs: "The Islamic State’s actions have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran. What they believe has no resemblance whatsoever to the beliefs of more than a billion Muslims all over the world.” The caliph of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has a PhD in Islamic theology. Who is likely to know more about Islam — al-Baghdadi or May? He knows his actions of kidnapping and enslaving Infidel women are justified in the Qur’an (4:3; 4:24; 23:1-6; 33:50); its practice of beheading also (47:4; cf. 8:12); its demand of tribute payments from non-Muslims likewise (9:29). What do you bet that Theresa May has never opened a Qur’an in her entire life, and would be abjectly incapable of defending her assertions?
SMILE PAGE. David Cameron has signalled he is ready to dispatch Special Forces into Syria if it will bring Islamist executioner ‘Jihadi John’ to justice. The Prime Minister made clear he would not necessarily wait for MPs’ approval before giving the order – if there was a chance of catching the masked killer with the British accent who appears in IS beheading videos.Mr Cameron said: ‘In order to catch Jihadi John, you have to know where he is, right? We know he is in Syria. (Daily Mail UK).Now then, come Mr Cameron can send his toy soldiers into other countries without a Visa?.even without a Passport?.you can't even get into a decent lorry at Calais today without the UK Border Force testing for human presence and arresting you.Theresa May has made all the immigration regulations in the world, .mostly biased against British Citizens who wish to return home.yet, 'let me be clear' Dave can transgress international borders at will.It becomes necessary to sort out Mr Blair's mess in Iraq, Syria ...
If you fight for peace and justice, then Barack Obama, David Cameron, Theresa May, George Osbourne, Nick Clegg and Hemmings will call you a terrorist!
As of the gaurdian news paper its going to happen people this is the very man who said why should we give scotland more powers what have they ever done for us had to share this Boris Johnson is favoured by more Tory voters as the successor to David Cameron than two of his main rivals, Theresa May and George Osborne, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll. The Mayor of London, who recently announced that he is aiming to stand as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip at the 2015 General Election, is favoured as the next leader by 32% of current or 2010 Tory voters, against 16% for Home Secretary May, and 9% for chancellor Osborne. William Hague, who stepped down as Foreign Secretary in the July reshuffle but remains in the cabinet as leader of the House of Commons is still favoured by 16% as the next leader, even though he has announced he is leaving parliament at the next election.
Theresa May has today increased the UK Terror threat from "substantial" to "Severe", this means that an attack is highly likely, although Intelligence has no evidence to suggest that one is imminent? This time last weekend it was "Heightened" so thats twice its been raised in a week. David Cameron is apparently due to make an announcement on monday giving security agencys more power to prevent suspected "freedom fighters/extremists" from leaving the country by revoking their passports. ISIS and ISIL have recently stepped up activities, Israel and Palestine are going at it hammer and tongs, and there was the beheading of an American citizen by a British born Muslim. We are hosting the NATO Summit in Newport next week, is anyone else starting to get a bit concerned by all this recent activity? If so, Why? And please, for the record, this isn't meant to be used as a platform for any Racist attacks or tyrades against anybody in particular, but I would like peoples opinions and in particular 'Peter Hain' himse ...
David Cameron warns an ISIS terror attack on the UK is now 'highly likely' - Daily Mail
Yesterday, for the third time in a fortnight, I was present when somebody received their first food voucher. He was a 52 year old man, who is out of work for the first time in his life. His wife died a year ago, and his three children all live far away, one of them in Saudi. He has not told his children that he has no work. They would, he says, be ashamed of him, as he would have been ashamed of them. Both people I have previously been with when they were given a food voucher were women. Both cried, looking straight ahead of them, silent, sobless tears. This man thanked the Housing Officer who gave him his card in its shame covering plain brown envelope, and left the building with me trotting at his heels, In my car, he ran his hands through his hair, and howled. When he had stopped, he began a long, one noun chant, punctuated occasionally by a gerund. Then he apologised.For swearing. Then he tore up the voucher, and said, "I'd sooner starve" David Cameron. George Osborne. Ian Duncan Smith, Theresa May. . ...
It was billed as “the march of the women” but David Cameron decided well before this month’s ministerial reshuffle that one woman in his cabinet was going nowhere: Theresa May. After two remarkable months in which the Home Secretary has added an
David Cameron + Theresa May say the elite child abuse inquiry is being postponed as Stalin + Rasputin need to be looke…
I see that that nice Dave has decided that it is totally against all democratic principles for a union to be allowed to legally call a strike if less than 50% of those eligible to vote actually vote for it. Hmm... Now that seems fair enough you would say and given that those bolshie teachers are out to ruin our children’s education (not that we have any) and make life difficult for the hard working parents who have to take extra days off work or pay for more child care then one can see its just not on. And as for the train drivers etc. then it should really go up to a two thirds majority at least of the eligible electorate. Common sense really. Oh, lets look at the 2010 election results: David Cameron – 43.1% of electorate George Osbourne – 38.55% William Hague – 42.2% Theresa May – 43.8% Nick Clegg – 39.36% Vince Cable – 40.7% Danny Alexander – 26.4% (!) Is that a mandate to run the country?
I have nothing to hide but i dont want David Cameron or Theresa May going through my pockets
148, two more MPs joined the 146 MPs who called for Theresa May and David Cameron. The other 146:
. Theresa May, David Cameron and others did some serious thinking about this before today's historic statement.
Theresa May (and David Cameron) under pressure from cross-party group of 40 MPs to set up national CSA inquiry.
Michael Gove apologises to David Cameron and Theresa May adviser quits over ... -
Tristram Hunt, Douglas Alexander and David Blunkett are working alongside David Cameron to sack Theresa May on a technicality.
Douglas Alexander knows if Theresa May isn't sacked, she can not only expose David Cameron, but Tristram Hunt and David Blunkett.
I won't make a joke about Theresa May's life being at risk from David Cameron. However, I know the lengths to which they go. So does she.
If Theresa May pretends she's not been framed by David Cameron, she must expect to be sacked soon. He's clearly working with David Blunkett.
Theresa May could release tapes that link several verifiable with cops who had me hospitalized. And with David Cameron.
Theresa May can release tapes that would prove David Cameron and David Blunkett both sanctioned serious criminality by cops.
David Cameron is up to his neck in several conspiracies to pervert the course of justice. Theresa May could release tapes to prove it.
Tristram Hunt & Douglas Alexander know Theresa May intends to use evidence of criminality by David Cameron.
David Cameron is reported at being flusterated by Senor Ministers Theresa May and Michael Gove. Now he knows how we feel about him, When is he and the government going to wake up to the danger of Islamic Extremism, Wasn't one of the excuse's made for sending our troops into Afghanistan to save us from this. But in the meantime David Cameron's Government have supported Islamic terrorists in Syria.
The last thing the Prime Minister wanted to see was cabinet colleagues jockeying for his position. He had to act quickly The public message from David Cameron's extraordinary settlement of the dispute between Theresa May and Michael Gove is "team discipline". The line is that both are doing a...
Michael Gove: "I have contrived a national emergency concerning Muslim extremists taking over loads and loads of schools. What have you been doing to address this problem, Home Secretary Theresa May?" Theresa May: "I should ask you the same thing. What are you and the Dept. of Education doing to protect schools from imaginary Islamist extremists?" David Cameron: "Stop arguing. I am ordering an investigation to find out why my ministers are being rude to each other, and whose job it is to protect us from fictitious Islamic Extremism". _ The reason no news outlets seem to care about the allegations being made towards Muslims in Birmingham is because it's a fake argument. It isn't a real spat between two repulsive right-wingers. It's a choreographed, pretend controversy designed to demonise Islam and Muslims. It's Lynton Crosby at work. Here's the real Tory 'PR Frame': Gove: "Why weren't you watching the shifty *** " May: "It's actually your job to watch the scumbags." It's a rigged dichotomy: regardles ...
The battle between two of David Cameron's most senior cabinet ministers over "Trojan horse" extremism in schools came to a bitter climax last night as Theresa May's closest aide resigned and Michael Gove was ordered to apologise to the Prime Minister.
Gove apologises over row with Theresa May: Education Secretary Michael Gove has apologised to David Cameron ov...
Michael Gove apologises to David Cameron over row with Theresa May, whose special adviser has quit, Number 10 says
David Cameron has a problem with women and Theresa May is Thatcher's true heir says
Now that Michael Gove has apologised to Theresa May and David Cameron, he can start apologising for forcing his elitist claptrap and nineteenth century Tory Scumbaggery on the rest of us.
David Cameron furious at ugly Theresa May and Michael Gove's ugly spat via
David Cameron furious at ugly spat between Theresa May and Michael Gove
By Derek Adams-David Cameron has said that he remains open to further inquiries into the Stephen Lawrence murder case, the Prime Minister told the house of commons that “nothing is off the table” at the same time the Lawrence family are preparing to meet Theresa May, the Home Secretary, regarding an…
So the votes have now been counted for the districts and the EU yet to come, I have been conservative all my life but went UKIP this time, Mr Cameron offered a referendum, still waiting, was going to abolish Human Rights, still waiting, and less immigration and yet it increases, I say no-one comes into this country unless they have a job there for them and they can speak English and abide by our laws, we need a change of leader, no coalition which has been a complete disaster with Clegg dictating to David Cameron, Give Theresa May a chance, she is level headed and gets things done, and does not mind if she is unpopular sometimes, she cares about Britain and its people we have only a few months to change and they do not there is a possibility of another 5 years of a weak hung Parliament
Point 19) Theresa May's battle with Police Federation the other day is a sign of leadership ambitions. She KNOWS David Cameron is toast.
SELF INDULGENT RANT ALERT- Rarely, if ever, have I felt so bitter, twisted and completely fecked off as I feel today. 20th anniversary of joining the job and into my contracted final 10. Should be a happy occasion and Im probably one of the most upbeat folk youll meet at work but If this is how I feel today then Imagine how motivated I'll be to serve the public 10 years from today for another 12 years! I know worse things happen and there are folk losing their jobs etc but its fair to say that I don't wish Theresa May or David Cameron a long and prosperous future. Power to the people. END OF RANT!
Go after the Banksters where ever they are! Non-Televised Truth Rothschild Zionist David Cameron’s migration pledge ‘in tatters’, as figures reveal net immigration of 200,000 Non-Televised Truth A large influx of workers from southern Europe has dealt a near-fatal blow to David Cameron's promise to cut net annual migration to “tens of thousands” by next year's General Election. It leapt by 58,000 to stand at 212,000 in the year to the end of September 2013, the Office for National Statistics has said. The increase was mainly fuelled by soaring numbers of people coming from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, where recession has left huge unemployment totals. There were also rises in workers arriving from Romania and Bulgaria ahead of all restrictions over entry to the UK being lifted last month. Migration from the European Union, a trend that the Government can do little to affect, is now at its highest level for 50 years. Mr Cameron and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, have consistently champion ...
Our Special Forces are having to watch over 250 men who trained and fought as jihadists in Syria. Why? WHAT ABOUT OUR Human Rights? Send them back to Syria! Why should we and our families be exposed to terrorism because they are protected under the Human Rights bill? This is getting beyond a joke, it's time David Cameron, Theresa May and the coalition government did something to stop this nonsense.
Wednesday 5th February In Brief Prime Minister David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne are expected to attend the annual Conservative Party fundraising ball in London Home Secretary Theresa May attends a meeting of the G6 in Krakow Business secretary Vince Cable speaks at the Federation of Small Businesses annual dinner in London Health secretary Jeremy Hunt speaks at the Francis Inquiry conference (16.45) Financial Secretary to the Treasury Sajid Javid speaks at an Enterprise Forum event on financial regulation Skills minister Matthew Hancock is expected to make an announcement on support for maths students Resource management minister Dan Rogerson (13.30), shadow foreign office minister Kerry McCarthy (13.50) and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Packaging Mark Pawsey (14.10) speak at the Fresher for Longer conference in London Baroness Campbell speaks on day one of the Youth Sport Trust 2014 national conference in Telford (11.50). Health secretary Jeremy Hunt, children's minister Ed Tim ...
UPDATE.UPDATE.UPDATE Message from Ray tonight just letting us know what's happening... keep sharing the page and the petition guys, we don't want to lose the momentum. Hi just wanted to update you on what is going on. Appeal went in yesterday so as far as that is concerned it is wait and see, we have been approached by BBC Look North and Daybreak so are just waiting to hear back from them now with details. We are seeing the Veterans Agency in London on Tuesday and the reporter from the Daily Mail rang the other evening and he says there has been alot of enquiries to him about it as well, one of them being the British Legion so we will contact them on Monday. Our MP has written us letting us know that she has written to both David Cameron and Theresa May asking then to personally look into this matter. SO for now that is where we are at, just taking a quiet weekend cause we haven't been sleeping or eating and we are both completely stressed and worn out! Hope all is well take care x
Andrew Sparrow's rolling coverage of all the day's political developments as they happen, including David Cameron and Ed Miliband at PMQs, Theresa May's statement on taking refugees from Syria and Mark Carney's speech on Scottish independence
David Cameron shelved a government report on EU migration, after Theresa May, Home Secretary, failed to provide evidence to support her case for imposing tighter curbs on immigrants. Ms May, whose department was responsible for drafting the report,
So Theresa May has introduced ''Modern Day Slavery Bill'' for illegal use of slaves in Britain with a minimum 25 years sentence for those using people for slavery can I put David Cameron and Nicholas Clegg and George Osbornes name forward to the Metropolitan Police as they are illlegally introducing 200,000 ''Community Service'' programmes in April 2014 for jobless people in Britain where people are being forced to work for 2 years with no pay, no future,no hope and legally threatened with monthly job sanctions for refusing to work for their dole money and being told this for their own good to make them feel responsible adults in todays modern Britain, if this isn't a legal white slave trade, then what is? Britain, the home of white slave traders in April 2014.
MI5 chief Andrew Parker will not face MPs on Snowden claims The request for the head of MI5, Andrew Parker, to appear before a powerful Commons committee next week to justify his claim that the Guardian has put National Security at risk in publishing the Snowden files has been rejected. The Home Secretary, Theresa May, told the home affairs committee chairman, Keith Vaz, that she had rejected the request for the spy chief to give evidence because his appearance would "duplicate" the existing oversight provided by the Prime Ministerially appointed intelligence and security committee. A similar request for Kim Darroch, the National Security adviser, to give evidence to the committee's inquiry into counter-terrorism was also rejected in a letter from David Cameron. He said "it was not a good idea" because Darroch's role focused on providing private advice to him and the National Security council and his appearance would "set a difficult precedent". The Prime Minister said it should be left to the home secret ...
Shocking Story: The Half Dead Nigerian Who Was Deported To Nigeria Back To UK ... Appeals For Dismiassal And Prosecution Of Theresa May Isa Muaza,a half dead Nigerian from Maiduguri who was on hunger strike for 100 days at Harmondsworth Detention Centre was deported to Nigeria on Friday by the British Government but was rejected by Nigerian authorities when the chartered plane which cost British Tax-payers' money about £110,000 was not allow to land in Nigeria. The sick asylum-seeker was sent back to United Kingdom via Malta after 2o hours. It is extremely barbaric, satanic, 'jezebelistic' and shameful for the Home Secretary, A racist, (Theresa May) to have contemplated deporting a man who is very close to his grave to his country. Not only does it make her look callous, it makes her look incompetent, It is not good for someone who sees herself as a successor to David Cameron. Shame on Theresa May, who is introducing racism back to the system. The She devil should be charge to Court for wasting about £1 ...
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For the personal attention of:   Members of Parliament:   David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband, Andrew Mitchell, Stephen Barclay, Bernard Jenkin, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, James Brokenshire, Theresa May, Dominic Grieve, Norman Lamb, Lord Stevens   Author: Stephen Hayes (Author: Sirs:   We have knowledge of cases where the Metropolitan Police force is being used to intimidate whistleblowers. This must be the reason they feel need to fudge official crime figures: their time is perhaps inappropriately occupied, and they need to cover up. Much time and money was spent, for example, infiltrating the Stephen Lawrence family and supporters, to cause them trouble. see the Stan Richardson case video is an NHS whistleblower. As you already know, whistleblowers suffer grievous consequences for exposing the NHS. One tactic is to try to section them under the Mental Health Act, so as to silence them forever. are not sure whether this abuse of whistleblowers is initiated at the very top or not, but we h ...
Hi all, Back again after a few days' break. Looks like I'm over the weepies for the time being, though my sleep is still all over the place. (I have these weird dreams where I'm floating around in limbo and start panicking. when I suddenly wake up, I look around me and think "Oh, yes, I'm still here". It's not conducive to a good night's sleep, I can assure you). But there have been some beautiful, heart-warming messages coming in. sometimes I day-dream, and wish that when this is all over I could have a massive street-party with lots of dancing and fun, just to say "thank you" to you all. And so many of you have written letters to your MPs! That's astounding! People have written to David Cameron, William Hague, Theresa May and Mark Harper, as well as others. Somebody even wrote to two! And I've read all the letters that people have sent me copies of. Each and every time, the message is the same - that whilst the subject of Immigration needs addressing, but none of you agree with how the government is go ...
A rise in immigration from crisis-hit eurozone countries and a drop in people leaving the UK has pushed the Government's migration target further out of reach. As David Cameron and Theresa May unveil a range of measures aimed at deterring immigration to the UK, official figures revealed the first annual increase in the net flow of migrants to the country for two years. While overall immigration fell, statisticians revealed a "statistically significant" surge in citizens arriving for work from the so-called EU15 nations, which include Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. Rising to 182,000 in the year to June, from 167,000 the previous year, net migration is moving further away from the Government hopes to slash the figure to less than 100,000 before the next election in 2015. Immigration minister Mark Harper said net migration was still down by nearly a third since its peak in 2010 and insisted the Government was working hard to bring it down further. But migration experts warned it was looking "inc ...
The five things you need to know on Tuesday 12 November 2013... 1) DAVE'S AUSTERITY ADMISSION Remember how 'compassionate Conservative' Dave used to say he "didn't come into politics to make cuts"? That austerity was an economic necessity, not a political choice? Well, last night, 'small state' Dave - the real Dave? - made an appearance at the Lord Mayor's banquet. The Guardian reports: "The government is to forge a 'leaner, more efficient state' on a permanent basis, David Cameron has said, as he signalled he had no intention of resuming spending once the structural deficit has been eliminated, a clear change to claims made after the last General Election . "In a change of tack from saying in 2010 that he was imposing cuts out of necessity, rather than from 'some ideological zeal', the Prime Minister told the Lord Mayor's banquet that the government has shown in the last three years that better services can be delivered with lower spending." Really? The Guardian, on its front page today, also reveals how ...
UK Government backs down on £3,000 visa bonds... The UK government has announced plans to cancel the £3,000 cash bond that visitors from 'high risk' countries, including Nigeria, were to put up to enter Britain. Below is the latest update from The Sunday Times UK.. The government is to abandon a controversial plan to impose £3,000 immigration bonds on visitors from “high-risk” countries in Africa and Asia after Nick Clegg threatened to block the policy. The move will be seen by Labour as a humiliating U-turn for Theresa May, the Home Secretary. It came after David Cameron backed off from a full-scale confrontation with the Liberal Democrat leader, who was blocking the scheme’s progress through cabinet. A pilot project to target visitors from seven countries — including India, Pakistan and Nigeria — who would have had to pay a cash guarantee or deposit to deter immigration abuse was to have been introduced this month. The plan was to make visitors forfeit £3,000 if they failed to return home ...
 Is the Public Sector Equality Duty being breached by stated Government policy? The Equality Act 2010 clearly states: And yet, David Cameron is reported in The Telegraph this week as insisting Britain must 'say no' to Eastern European workers by making young British people better equipped and more willing to compete with immigrant workers.  London Mayor Boris Johnson praised the work ethic of immigrants in comparison with Britons who aren't prepared to do 'menial jobs'.  Putting aside for one moment the blatant sweeping stereotyping in both comments (there are plenty of Britons both willing and able to work, in the same way that there are immigrants lacking in skills and work ethic), isn't the proactive favouring of Britons over other nationalities blatant discrimination in breach of the Equality Act 2010?   We are not talking about ILLEGAL immigrants here Recent headlines have lambasted Theresa May and her Department for the controversial "Go Home" vans and text messages (part of a 4 year £30m contr ...
Good news which was tucked away (last Wednesday) at the bottom of a Daily Express "live report" on PM's Question Time. Poll: Who would you like to see as Prime Minister after the 2015 election? David Cameron (16%) Ed Miliband (5%) Nick Clegg (0%) Nigel Farage (66%) Boris Johnson (5%) Theresa May (3%) Other (6%)
When you consider the likes of David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith, Theresa May, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, and all their smug, self-serving policies is there any wonder that politicians get assassinated?
So what did we learn from the Tory party conference this week that finally came to an end with a gushing speech from David Cameron that made you feel that a Roman orgy was going to break out any minute. First of all we learned that George Osborne has changed his hairdresser when he rocked up to the conference with what looked like a decomposing raccoon perched on top of his brainless head. Yes this was the news that George was going for Russell Crowes tough look in gladiator but managed to pull off a kind of ''carry on gladiator'' look, but he was not the only bizarre thing prancing around in Manchester !! Theresa May turned up as the last tribute act to the Bay City Rollers complete with tartan suit and shiny shoes with sparkly stones in the heels, She did get a large round of applause as she took to the stage though which turned to a sigh of disappointment when the audience realised it was not Billy Connolly but that mad old bird from the Home Office. Iain Duncan Smith turned up looking like a national ...
Good Lord, watched for the first time in ages and Lorraine Kelly asked David Cameron if Theresa May's shoes were insensitive. ???
David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Theresa May walk into a bar. Who buys the drinks?. We do.
Who is behind the war on press freedom? Theresa May or David Cameron? The Queen should explain British values to confused politicians.
William Hague and Theresa May will be left in charge when David Cameron is away on his TWO summer holidays.
I wonder if Theresa May will use her success (& increased popularity) in deporting Abu Qatada to challenge David Cameron?
British PM Stops Plans for £3,000 Bond From Nigerians, Others David Cameron has slammed the brakes on government plans to demand a £3,000 migrant bond from “high risk” overseas visitors after news of the policy provoked uproar in Delhi and threatened his attempt to boost trade links with India. The Prime Minister’s allies said Mr Cameron had “not signed off” details of the policy – trailed in Sunday newspapers – while Lib Dem and Tory business ministers warned that the idea would be damaging to Britain’s economic interests. Mr Cameron has told Theresa May, Home Secretary, that he will not sanction any policy that undermines his growth agenda or the “open for business” message he delivered on a recent trip to India. “The Prime Minister has not cleared this policy,” said one ally. “He doesn’t want to do anything that cuts across the message he took to India.” Although Downing St said pilot studies involving the use of migrant bonds – or deposits – for some visitors would ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Theresa May is bookie's favourite for Tory leadership - Theresa May has overtaken Boris Johnson as the favourite to be Tory leader after David Cameron.
So, once again the 'Better Together' campaign release a statement about the uncertainty of passport and dual nationality eligibility of Scots in an independent nation. Thus far I've yet to hear any positive arguments from any of these people as to why we're 'Better Together', it's all been scaremongering and negativity. Alex Salmond must be pissing himself-Theresa May, George Osborne, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Ruth Davidson, Johann Lamont-all perfectly valid reasons for voting 'Yes' in my opinion.
Former Conservative cabinet minister Lord Howe has said that David Cameron is 'losing control of his party'. Apparently Iain Duncan Smith has puked down the back of the sofa, and William Hague is shagging Theresa May in one of the bedrooms.
Ken Clarke dismisses suggestions from David Cameron and Theresa May that the UK could leave ECHR to deport Qatada
Has David Cameron been deviously clever by engineering his competition so that only Boris Johnson and Theresa May stand against him?
Has the Tory right gone mad? Taken collective leave of its senses? The non-stop chatter about whether or not David Cameron will survive until 2015 and the endless speculation about whether it'll be Theresa May or Boris Johnson who succeeds him is bizarre. In fact, I find myself, weirdly, unusually a...
Speech delivered today by Theresa May. Thank you, Nadhim, for that kind introduction. And thank you, Tim, for inviting me to speak here today. I remember when Conservative Home was founded, eight years ago, and we both campaigned against the proposal to end the right of party members to elect the leader. Since then Con Home has gone from strength to strength, and I’m looking forward to seeing you replicate that success as the Comment Editor of The Times. Today’s event is all about a choice of leadership – between David Cameron and Ed Miliband. And I know there have been some fascinating contributions about how we get that much-needed Conservative majority in 2015. So thank you to everyone involved in making today’s event happen. The Three Pillars of Conservatism It’s often said that politics is about public service, and of course it is. But to me, it’s about much more than that. Politics is a passion. A passion to make a difference. To change lives for the better. To stand up for people who wo ...
PM, Chancellor, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary all trying to convince their party to vote yes on same sex marriage? How very confusing. I suspect the worst: Theresa May: "(whisper) Oh bloody good show David. Having us support this will really confuse everyone" William Hague: "Yes, then no one will notice this new war we're starting. This is how it's done Tony Blair!" George Osborne: "Yes it's about time we had another war with 'that' country. It's been far too long" David Cameron: "Shh, they can hear you all you know! Quick someone say Thatcher!" SKY NEWS: "Top government front benchers sweep through *** marriage bill despite back bench rebellion. In other news, record numbers of British troops take extended holiday in France"
Tory MPs will plunge deeper into civil war later when the party splits over David Cameron's plans to allow *** marriage. William Hague, George Osborne and Theresa May have joined forces insisting it "is the right thing to do at the right time". However, more than 100 Conservative MPs are expected to defy the Prime Minister and vote against the bitterly controversial Marriage Bill. We would love to know what you think about this at home so do get in touch with your comments.
David Cameron joins Theresa May, William Hague in their Morris Minor Determinedly on the trail of Sahara Terrorists to give Benefit Backpay
Nick Herbert, Theresa May, David Cameron, "thrasher" Mitchell, Tom Winsor - are you fit to lace this officers boots?
Boris Johnson criticises Theresa May over immigration claim - Mayor of London says he 'cannot see logic' in Home Secretary's claim that immigrants have pushed up property pricesBoris Johnson has criticised the Home Secretary, Theresa May, for blaming an influx of immigrants for pushing up property prices and adding to Britain's housing crisis.The Conservative mayor of London also reiterated his calls for David Cameron to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the Europea...
David Cameron and Theresa May have just wasted 100 million pounds of public money on the Police Commissioner elections (read political puppets), that money equates to an additional 3000 police officers we could've had on the streets - Fukwits!
David Cameron: "Theresa May – a great Home Secretary...she’s got Abu Hamza on that plane and out of our country to face justice."
- An Open Letter about my son, Gary Mckinnon, to Theresa May and David Cameron
David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Boy Hague, Theresa May, the full Cabinet, Ed Miliband and the official parliamentary opposition FB all knew this.
Theresa May to meet Sir Peter Fahy later. What for I ask myself to take more front line officers off the street. Our government is a disgrace and how hard is it to realise that taking front line response officers is not the answer and people are being placed in more danger. I have listened to David Cameron, Nick Clegg and the speaker.Maybe Theresa May should be meeting front line officers but no absolutely pathetic. She has cut her holiday short though
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, Ed Milliband, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Ken Livingstone are all in the stand opposite us. I really do think I'm in the wrong seat!
David Cameron, Theresa May, Tom Winsor. This should be the true symbol this year.
How did Theresa May get to be Home Secretary? How? I'm guessing she drugged David Cameron to sleep with her.
So... David Cameron, George Osborne, Theresa May and William Hague all privately sent messages to Brooks during the hacking scandal.
David Cameron, George Osborn, William Hague and Theresa May all sent commiserations to Rebekah Brooks AFTER she resigned from the Sun for Millie Dowler hacking scandal. I'm lost for words - then again, how would TORY SCUM do? This was after our unctuous millionaire Prime Minister publicly condemned the paper. Why did so many of you vote for these slime balls?
The current phase of the Leveson Inquiry, focusing on the relationship between politicians and the press, will see David Cameron and six senior cabinet ministers (Nick Clegg, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Vince Cable, Ken Clarke and Jeremy Hunt) take to the witness stand. Yet, bizarrely, George Osborne...
‘Cut airport queues’ – David Cameron Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has been ordered to draw up emergency plans...
Who's a better successor to David Cameron - George Osborne, Michael Gove, Theresa May, or Boris Johnson?
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