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Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. The Daily Mail is a British, daily middle-market tabloid newspaper owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust. 5.0/5

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NEWS! Daily Mail praises Theresa May for teaming up with right kind of terrorist sympathisers https:…
Incredible that Theresa May's self-serving agenda is now so visible. Somehow I don't think the Daily Mail will be reportin…
99% sure that Theresa May is a robot built by the Adam Smith Institute and the Daily Mail. Why is not investigating? Clear bias.
How the Daily Mail reacts differently when Ed Miliband and Theresa May propose the same thing
Nothing more hilarious than seeing Daily Mail readers say that Theresa May will unite the country! Especially with her recor…
Daily Mail headline no.1: when Ed Miliband wanted to cap energy price rises. Daily Mail headline no.2: when Theresa May wa…
Legs-it sexism row: Theresa May says it's a 'bit of fun' as Daily Mail tells critics to 'get a life' …
May hires Daily Mail spokesman - just days after Wikipedia bans Daily Mail as "unreliable" source. Echoes of Trump? http…
Theresa May 'hires Daily Mail political editor as chief spokesman' this says everything you need to…
. Benjamin Netanyahu will take no notice . Daily Mail." Theresa May's "Hired" Mouthpiece.
Theresa May to meet with Donald Trump in the spring - Daily Mail
Where does Theresa May get her ideology from? Burke? Hayek? No, the Daily Mail, says
And the IMMORALITY is in the double-standard the Mail is using in giving Theresa May an undeserved "sanctity" that EXPOSES the Daily Mail
Theresa May: "We will disrupt all those who seek to spread hate." . So will Katie Hopkins & Daily Mail be disrupted with …
'David Cameron will FAIL to honour pledge to cut immigration', Theresa May ... - Daily Mail
All day I've been reading comments about what a good thing it would be to have benefit cards with limits. Only a dunderhead like Duncan-Smith could consider that you can cure drug addiction or alcoholism by restricting benefits on a plastic card! Obviously some would 'barter' the legitimate goods for a fix, and lose value while others might be driven to crime. Perhaps people could be issued with cards instead of wages that only allowed them to buy healthy foods or restricted people to shops suitable for their ethnicity or class! Duncan Smith has been so successful with technology, after all! Perhaps Theresa May could bring in a crime of possessing a flat screen TV while being a pauper. This is the issue that most incenses Daily Mail readers. "Why should they have flat screen TVs when I've worked for three hours a day for my £100,000 a year and I only have a Baird Televisor great grandad built out of a kit?"
SMILE PAGE. David Cameron has signalled he is ready to dispatch Special Forces into Syria if it will bring Islamist executioner ‘Jihadi John’ to justice. The Prime Minister made clear he would not necessarily wait for MPs’ approval before giving the order – if there was a chance of catching the masked killer with the British accent who appears in IS beheading videos.Mr Cameron said: ‘In order to catch Jihadi John, you have to know where he is, right? We know he is in Syria. (Daily Mail UK).Now then, come Mr Cameron can send his toy soldiers into other countries without a Visa?.even without a Passport?.you can't even get into a decent lorry at Calais today without the UK Border Force testing for human presence and arresting you.Theresa May has made all the immigration regulations in the world, .mostly biased against British Citizens who wish to return home.yet, 'let me be clear' Dave can transgress international borders at will.It becomes necessary to sort out Mr Blair's mess in Iraq, Syria ...
David Cameron warns an ISIS terror attack on the UK is now 'highly likely' - Daily Mail
New law to imprison bullying partners: Theresa May set to unveil plans to ... - Daily Mail
Theresa May's optical illusion dress raises eyebrows in the House of Commons ... - Daily Mail
journalism news May stonewalls over how much she knew: Home Secretary ducks SEVEN ... - Daily Mail
UPDATE.UPDATE.UPDATE Message from Ray tonight just letting us know what's happening... keep sharing the page and the petition guys, we don't want to lose the momentum. Hi just wanted to update you on what is going on. Appeal went in yesterday so as far as that is concerned it is wait and see, we have been approached by BBC Look North and Daybreak so are just waiting to hear back from them now with details. We are seeing the Veterans Agency in London on Tuesday and the reporter from the Daily Mail rang the other evening and he says there has been alot of enquiries to him about it as well, one of them being the British Legion so we will contact them on Monday. Our MP has written us letting us know that she has written to both David Cameron and Theresa May asking then to personally look into this matter. SO for now that is where we are at, just taking a quiet weekend cause we haven't been sleeping or eating and we are both completely stressed and worn out! Hope all is well take care x
Jobless face benefits ban Iain Duncan Smith and Theresa May have revealed in the Mail that jobless immigrants will be denied housing benefit. The pair write that Britain's generous welfare system should no longer be a magnet for citizens of other EU states. Under new rules, which will be introduced in April, new EU arrivals claiming jobseeker's allowance will not be allowed to receive housing benefit as well. Those who get jobs but then go on to out-of-work hand-outs will be able to claim housing benefit for up to six months. After this they will have to show they have a genuine prospect of work. The Daily Telegraph, Page: 1 Daily Mail, Page: 1, 6, 14 Daily Express, Page: 2 Daily Mirror, Page: 7
In today's Daily Mail, an article about how sexy Theresa May is. No, really.
When will the Daily Mail realise that Theresa May will never be the new Cara Delevigne?
Please stop quoting the Daily Mail re: Theresa May and diabetes. The Mail article is complete scaremongering
Nigerians to start paying £3, 000 to enter the UK from November According to a report by UK Daily Mail, visitors from ‘high risk’ countries in Africa and Asia will have to put up a £3,000 cash bond to enter Britain. The money will be kept by the Government if visitors do not return home by the time their visas expire. A pilot scheme, introduced by Home Secretary Theresa May, will target hundreds of people coming to Britain on six-month visit visas from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The countries have been picked for their high number of visa applications and what the Government sees as relatively high levels of immigration abuse and fraud, reports the Sunday Times. The bonds, to be introduced from November, will only apply to non-EU migrants, otherwise they would fall foul of European rights to free movement. ‘This is the next step in making sure our immigration system is more selective, bringing down net migration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousand ...
Question Time profoundly depresses me. This evening it has given unnecessarily much voice to the noxious Melanie Philips whose opinions, regularly expressed in the Daily Mail — a comic which used to be a newspaper — border on the illegal. She spent a good few minutes complaining that 'the audience' (i e thinking members of the public) had been 'vilifying true Conservatives'. Sorry, sweetheart. It clearly hasn't registered with you, 22 years after the event, that your definition of 'true Conservatism' died on the glorious 22 November 1990, when the majority of the Conservative Party recognised that it no could longer tolerate Das Thatcher's blue-rinsed, anti-democratic, racist, quasi-Nazi, Euro-handbagging, 'nasty' (© Theresa May) policies. Get used to it, and find another cause. Have you tried child poverty? Smell the 21st Century, Melanie dear.
'Sabotaging of the Olympics': Theresa May attacks border staff walkout that ... - Daily Mail
photo © UK Home Office, used under Creative Commons License Yesterday evening Tim Shipman, deputy political editor of the Daily Mail, announced their exclusive story that GCSEs were to be scrapped in...
Why should Theresa May be treated 'with respect' because she's 'a lady'? Proof that the Daily Mail doesn't get equality
Theresa May was pictured on the front page of the Daily Mail today partying with X-factor judges on Tuesday under headline: What a fiasco!
Where's the Daily Mail arguing that those who "misled" Theresa May were wasting tax-payers money!!!
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