Theresa May & Abu Qatada

Theresa Mary May (née Brasier, born 1 October 1956) is a British Conservative politician who is Home Secretary in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition government. Abu Qatada al-Filistini (Abū Qatāda al-Filisṭīnī; born 1959/60), sometimes called Abu Omar (ابو عمر Abū 'Umar), is a Palestinian Islamist of Jordanian citizenship. 5.0/5

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Theresa May took years to get rid of Abu Qatada. The idea that her and David Davis can get a deal in 18 months is ludi…
Theresa May wants the UK to opt out of ECHR as it meant we couldn't deport Abu Qatada until Jordan committed to not torture him. Loopy!
Theresa May, in typical Theresa May fashion: case for UK membership of ECHR isn't clear, because Abu Qatada:
Abu Qatada..giggling at..picture of a kitten dressed in an explosive suicide belt..guffaws at footage..of Theresa May
Theresa May has made 3 big blunders: Abu Qatada, Raed Salah and Moazzam Begg. She must go.
what happened to Moazzam Begg, Sheikh raed Salah & Abu Qatada's Human Rights ? Shocking when you consider Theresa May's *** ups
Abu Qatada's surprise acquittal is blow to Theresa May - The Guardian
Video: Theresa May: Abu Qatada will not be returning to UK (Pic: PA)
Abu Qatada’s surprise acquittal is blow to Theresa May via
Only just caught the tail end of this but Theresa May has just announced that Abu Qatada now has a UN travel bag?
I was pretty sure the entire Abu Qatada thing was actually a front, & in reality Theresa May was shagging him.
Peter Hitchens jokes that Theresa May deserves no credit for Abu Qatada, because he *went voluntarily*
To be honest I couldn't care less if Abu Qatada was to die tomorrow. What I do care about is the British government deciding my rights. Look at their recent record with the Hillsboro, Steven Laurence cover ups and the expenses scandal to name just a couple of examples. I have far greater faith in the European Court Of Human Rights then this incompetent shower. Do we really want a government that can change the law whenever someone has a different opinion to them? I don't think Theresa May is intelligent enough to make decisions like this. The Magna Carta is 800 years old in 2015, let's not scrap it now.
LONG extradition battles like the one involving hate preacher Abu Qatada must not be allowed to happen again, argued Theresa May today as she once again called for the scrapping of the Human Rights Act.
Abu Qatada has finally left the UK after long battle between the UK and the EU civil rights court. Well done Theresa May. It's about time we had deported !!! :D
Jesus Chris, Theresa May annoys me. Shes been going on forever about getting Abu Qatada deported, Now hes gone she wont shut up about it.
Theresa May (publicly hated by British citizens) may assume that the cruel deportation of Abu Qatada is some kind of victory for her. What she foolishly fails to realise is that our beloved and respected noble Shaykh has ALLAH to help him. Today has been some kind of material "victory" whereas tomorrow it will surely be a huge loss for May bi'idhnillah. If not in this world, then certainly in the Hereafter aameen ya Rabb.
Abu Qatada is on his way to Jordan. Hooray! Well done Theresa May.
News story: Home Secretary statement on Abu Qatada: Statement by Home Secreteary Theresa May following the dep...
Theresa May has done what 5 Labour Home Secretaries failed to do - Abu Qatada is on that plane and out of here!!
Going to bed now, safe in the knowledge that Abu Qatada won't be in the country when I wake up. Well done Theresa May!
Theresa May wins the long, hard - legaly - battle to deport Abu Qatada. Off to Jordan he goes!!!
Abu Qatada has left the UK at 02:45. Good riddance to this ungrateful hate preacher. Well done Theresa May.
I wonder if Theresa May will use her success (& increased popularity) in deporting Abu Qatada to challenge David Cameron?
Full statement by Home Secretary Theresa May following deportation of Abu Qatada
Cameron & Theresa May would sleep well. Abu Qatada boards plane at RAF Northolt prior to his deportation
Ladies & Gentleman - Abu Qatada has left the building! Good riddance to terrorist scum. Congratulations Theresa May - when it comes to Security - your going to need the Tories - well done Ma'am first class job!
Oh Boy, Theresa May can finally bring the champers out oof the chiller. Abu Qatada is finally repatriated to Jordan. After all the legal tap dancing and merry go round, Qatada is Northolt Airport bound to be bundled on a flight ship shape and ejected as fast as possible. Amen to that !
Radical cleric Abu Qatada is due to be deported to Jordan overnight to stand trial on terror charges, ending a battle by the UK to send him back.
I must say at the outset that this is just my opinion. If in fact Abu Qatada leaves these shores in the early hours of tomorrow then kudos to Theresa May who will have succeeded where many other Home Secretaries. In the event he does go let us immediately pursue the other preachers of hate and violence, as well as foreign nationals guilty of violent offences and cleanse this nation of their malign influence.
MI5 appear to have lost the battle with Theresa May over Abu Qatada, but it's a long time until Sunday.
Abu Qatada to be kicked out Britain this Sunday! Thank god! Now who is Theresa May will accuse of abusing Human Rights??
Start packing: Hate cleric Abu Qatada set for exit after Jordan publish treaty ABU Qatada is a step closer to being deported to Jordan after the Middle East country published a vital treaty. Both houses of the Jordanian parliament and the country's king have approved a treaty which would prevent evidence extracted through torture being used in a trial involving the radical cleric. In May, Qatada, 53, unexpectedly volunteered to leave the country as soon as the treaty is ratified by both countries. British governments have been trying to deport Qatada to Jordan since 2005, at a cost of more than £1.7 million of taxpayers' money. Security minister James Brokenshire said: "The publication of the Treaty in the Jordanian Official Gazette is welcome. When the treaty was first mooted, the Home Secretary Theresa May warned that even when it is fully ratified, it will not necessarily mean that Qatada will be on a plane to Jordan within days. Qatada was convicted of terror charges in Jordan in 1999, and is current ...
Re Aussie Oldfield deportation. Why didn't Theresa May throw Abu Qatada and Choudray into the Thames last Boat Race??
It was so good of Theresa May to personally foot the bill for all those doomed attempts to deport Abu Qatada too... ;)
Abu Qatada Could Be 'Deported In Days' please be true. Well done Theresa May
All change (again) in UK immigration?: Or not, as the case may be. Embarrassed by the Abu Qatada affair and keen to regain the initiative over the UKIP bandwagon, Theresa May made a headline-grabbing statement to Parliament on 26 March: she is scrapping the UK Border Agency.
Government's duel with Abu Qatada has cost taxpayer £1.7 million in legal costs
Theresa May could remove Abu Qatada out of the uk for £35k at any point since 2005 ... She still could TODAY..
Legal battle to kick Abu Qatada out of Britain has cost taxpayers £1.7million Home Secretary Theresa May reveals a third of the bill has ...
Abu Qatada: Theresa May vows to 'carry on' with deportation: Theresa May said her aim was still to deport Abu ...
On from 10am: Theresa May on Abu Qatada, Ed Balls on the Queens Speech, & Liam Fox and fmr top diplomat Nigel Sheinwald on Europe
Didn't you know Theresa May's got a treaty? Just with Jordan and just for Abu Qatada. The woman's demented.
Abu Qatada must have said he didn't like Theresa May once-seems personal for her
I've seen enough rom-coms to know that Theresa May and Abu Qatada are going to end up together.
"I have an idea; how about Theresa May doing a deal with Saudi Arabia and they can have Abu Qatada & they can hand over Omar. A fair trade!"
Abu Qatada deportation row: Cabinet colleagues Theresa May and Ken Clarke clash over attempts to kick him out
Theresa May is right to do something about Abu Qatada but is scared to do the same with s coz of bullygirl Rebekah Brooks
Theresa May announces new Jordan treaty to allow Abu Qatada deportation via Can we send Ken Clarke too?
Theresa May loses latest bid to deport Abu Qatada: Theresa May has lost her latest bid to remove hate cleric A...
- I for one do not find Theresa May remotely appealing.
It would be easier to kick Theresa May out than Abu Qatada. Justice has left these isles via
"We can soon put Abu Qatada on a plane and out of the country for good" said Theresa May, in April 2012, more than a year ago.
I don't know why Theresa May doesn't follow the Saudi's lead and deport Abu Qatada for being 'too handsome'.
It looks like Theresa May is giving up wasting taxpayer money trying to deport Abu Qatada. She now says he could be prosecuted in Britain.
WATCH: Theresa May suggests that Abu Qatada could be prosecuted in Britain
Please RT, if you think we should deport both Abu Qatada and Theresa May.
Abu Qatada could face trial in Britain over alleged bail condition breaches: Theresa May told MPs the hate pre...
Tory MP calls on Theresa May "stop this craven surrender to Strasburg" & apply UK test to Abu Qatada.
Why don't we start by asking Theresa May how much she paid to be 'defended' by 3 QCs and a junior in the Abu Qatada case?
Last week not a good one for Theresa May: not just Abu Qatada | UK Human Rights Blog
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We've got a ton of new material this week in NewsRevue. How about a romantic duet between Theresa May and Abu Qatada? All fresh, all funny.
this Abu Qatada charade is the longest Benny Hill ketch ever written...luckily Theresa May isn't chasing the lawyers in suspenders though...
Theresa May and Abu Qatada are getting all a bit JR and Sue Ellen.
Abu Qatada to stay in UK: Theresa May loses appeal fight to deport radical cleric - The…
With the divine help of gravity, Theresa May would struggle to to get water out of a bath tub. What chance has she got with Abu Qatada?
What's difference btwn Theresa May and Abu Qatada? One preaches extreme political views, the other one's in Belmarsh.
Theresa May in legal bid to eject hate cleric Abu Qatada: Home Secretary Theresa May will today ...
Given plethora of new terror laws created since 9/11, funny how none were used to arrest Abu Qatada until day before Theresa May's speech
Theresa May says the new bill will balance the Human Rights of convicted immigrants with those of the British public.
So will Theresa May finally be able to sort out the Abu Qatada fiasco with this proposed legislation? Why is it taking so long?
Theresa May: The second most powerful woman in Britain.. But she can't or wont rid us of Abu Qatada..
Theresa May should of grown a backbone & deported Abu Qatada long ago. The gov't r wasting my hard earnt cash on that scumbag
Theresa May granted permission to appeal against decision allowing Abu Qatada to stay in UK -
Theresa May wins Abu Qatada court appeal bid -
Theresa May has applied for permission to appeal against a decision to block the deportation of Jordanian terror suspect Abu Qatada.
There can I think be no doubt that this is the meaning of Justice & Judgment, 21'st Centuries: Abu Qatada case been manipulated, by "same set" of people who call the 'the sun the moon.' they know it's a 'hot shame' to them, if deported quickly. You know waht, Theresa May. If I'm Theresa May I wouldn't appeal. 'Me' Bankee I want to see 'Her Majesty' so I can present a quality statement 4 deportation of Abu! Conti...
Just when Theresa May was enjoying life as Home Secretary, the Abu Qatada saga takes an unwelcome twist.
Theresa May vows to fight on, despite Abu Qatada's latest legal victory
Well done Theresa May, Abu Hamza gone, Gary McKinnon staying, now get rid of Qatada for the Home Office hatrick.
Now we're in trouble, Theresa May is in charge. Expect to see Assange allowed travel to Ecuador if they agree to take Abu Qatada as well.
Neither is UK, both bound by ECHR (remember the bother Theresa May had extraditing Abu Qatada?)
Theresa May in the Not Quite In Time Trial against abu qatada. She will lose by turning up a day late.
Theresa May launches fresh attempt to expel Abu Qatada from Britain
Theresa May and diaries always a problem ! Remember Abu Qatada? Now she's just remembered 2 weeks before olympics to check G4S numbers? Fail
If hate cleric Abu Qatada has been told by the European Court his final appeal to stop deportation to Jordan on terrorist charges has been turned down, why is he still spending public money to get bail. Theresa May said there now could be a long legal battle to deport him, why he has no right to be here kick him out now. We fight a war in Afghanistan but we can't even kick out people from our own country who are dangerous. It's about time this government grew some balls and got rid of this kind of rubbish we have here.
Public blamed over deportation delays rather than Theresa May
Theresa May, who has gone bonkers over Abu Qatada and roams St James's Park at night, howling for a J Edgar Hoover.
Theresa May did get Abu Qatada’s appeal deadline date wrong, judges have ruled, but had a narrow escape after they rejected his case anyway.
The question is "who poses the greater threat to Uk secturity, Abu Qatada or Theresa May? I say Theresa May is at least 100 times more dangerous!
Abu Qatada's deportation appeal has been rejected by the European Court of Human Rights and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, is expected to renew attempt to deport him. May said: "I am pleased by the European Court's decision. The Qatada case will now go through the British courts. I am confident the assurances we have from Jordan mean we can put Qatada on a plane and get him out of Britain." A panel of five Human Rights judges ruled that the radical Islamist cleric's lawyers, and not May, were right to claim that his appeal against deportation, lodged at 11.13pm on Tuesday 17 April, had been made within the three-month time limit. But his appeal to the grand chamber that there was a risk he would be tortured if he was sent back to Jordan was rejected without any reasons being specified. Appeals are normally rejected if they do not raise a sufficiently serious new issue or legal question. The decision on his appeal lifts the legal block on the Home Secretary's attempts to deport Qatada to Jordan to face t ...
ROAD now clear for Theresa May to boot hate cleric back to home country once and for all
The European Court of Human Rights today rejected an appeal by radical cleric Abu Qatada against his deportation to Jordan, a development that was hailed by Home Secretary Theresa May.
European Court panel: Abu Qatada appeal was WITHIN the deadline -despite Theresa May's insistence it was too late - but rejects it
Abu Qatada's appeal was within deadline. Theresa May got it WRONG. Will she go gracefully, or are all Tories incapable of humility?
Abu Qatada's appeal to the European Court turned down, though judges conclude Home Office did get deadline wrong. Lucky old Theresa May
DTN France: Abu Qatada's chances of success at Strasbourg are slim | Joshua Rozenberg: Theresa May told MPs that...
Theresa May takes a leaf out of Abu Qatada's book!
Now we know why Theresa May delayed Abu Qatada's deportation. She's employed him to do the count at London's Mayoral elections
If the delay for the London Mayor election result goes on any longer, Theresa May will have finally deported Abu Qatada
Theresa May asks Abu Qatada if he would be interested in studying Mandarin.
And here was I thinking it was some clever, ironic comment on Theresa May and Abu Qatada.
My new post on Abu Qatada vs. Theresa May > Time, time, time, looks what's become of me:
Theresa May apogises for the security delays at but she's worried that Abu Qatada might escape to Jordan
Theresa May should ask the Border Agency to improve the system for 1000's of visitors, rather than worrying about Abu Qatada.
Abu Qatada case: Theresa May tells Commons radical cleric can be deported
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Good morning Broken Britain. Thursday follow please everyone for Theresa May and myself. Has Abu Qatada got an anti-deportation cat too? tf#
With the murdoch stuff you might have missed Theresa May refusing 6 times to answer question on Abu Qatada deadline
Theresa May to discuss Abu Qatada deportation with Jordan via
Theresa May admits she knew of Abu Qatada deadline doubt BEFORE she had him (cont)
Theresa May under fire over handling of Abu Qatada deportation
Theresa May says Abu Qatada is eligible to receive Legal Aid to fight deportation through the British courts.
Theresa May faces home affairs committee over Abu Qatada: Politics live blog: Yet the Home Secretary's evidence ...
New by me: Theresa May refuses 6 times to answer question on Abu Qatada appeal deadline confirmation
Abu Qatada: Theresa May caught in row over Legal Aid. *** up and brewery sums up dysfunctional Home Office.
Theresa May in new row over Legal Aid for Abu Qatada court appeals
I'll take a weeks' leave and drive Abu Qatada back to Jordan myself if Theresa May doesn't pull her finger out
Abu Qatada receiving Legal Aid! What has this countries legal system come to?
Abu Qatada case: Theresa May in Commons showdown over Abu Qatada deportation farce
Theresa May refuses to confirm if Home Office checked Abu Qatada deadline with European Court
How about making a BOOK. Who will last longest,Home Sec. Theresa May or ABU Qatada? What's the ODDS?
May's gaffe 'did not aid Qatada': Abu Qatada's chances of remaining in the UK were unaffected by Theresa May's b...
Two people should have dressed up as Theresa May chasing Abu for the Would have been a right laff! :)
Theresa May latest: “Abu Qatada can not be deported because he has pet cat!“
NO Mr Abu Qatada - I do NOT wish to go to your birthday party! Theresa May
Theresa May has sealed the Coalition Governments reputation for bungling incompetence. The wry smile you see on...
Theresa May fails in attempt to deport Abu Qatada. "This dangerous individual shouldn't be allowed to wreak havoc in the UK," said Qatada.
Theresa May is still trying to deport Abu Qatada; as the tabloids put it: ‘Hate preacher Abu Qatada’. That’s an order, not a description.
Theresa May, one of nature’s soppy liberals, is struggling to seem decisive over the deportation of the Bethlehem-born windbag Abu Qatada.
Radical cleric Abu Qatada could stay in UK for years after Theresa May presides over 'shambles' via
Downing Street has insisted Theresa May has the full confidence of the Prime Minister as the row over Abu Qatada’s appeal deadline rages on.
Theresa May's war on time: my Abu Qatada sketch for (Yes of course I reused the "8/11" joke. WHAT OF IT)
Why is it that we are no longer able to decide who is allowed to stay in our country? If Abu Qatada is allowed to stay under European law, then that is surely proof that our Queen and government have signed our sovereignty away. They are guilty of sedition and treason under British Law, a hanging offence. Surely it's time we took our country back and started making our own decisions about what is right for us. This is not a financial arrangement we have with Europe, they now control every aspect of our lives. Europe is now no different to the old Soviet block and we have done nothing to stop it. As long as we are told that it is good for trade, we blindly follow without questioning as we seem to believe that our politicians are really acting in our interests. Time to wake up folks and act, as the politicians won't do it for us. They are clearly incompetant, Theresa May being a clear example! Lawful Rebellion.
Home Secretary Theresa May will be forced to give a statement to the House of Commons on Thursday afternoon to explain to MPs the latest delay in the decade-long effort to deport terror suspect Abu Qatada. May will respond to an urgent question from shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper after the radi...
The radical preacher Abu Qatada could end up back in Britain even if he is deported, Theresa May has admitted for the first time :)
Abu Qatada to be deported, says Theresa May
Abu Qatada, the man considered OBL terror envoy is finally facing deportation to Jordon British Hom Sec Theresa May has today confirmed.
Abu Qatada case: Theresa May to give statement to British MPs→
At 12 with Katie - Theresa May confirms deal reached to deport Abu Qatada
Theresa May today launched a fresh attempt to expel the radical preacher Abu Qatada from Britain, insisting the ...
Abu Qatada sent to Jordan: Theresa May has announced that she's sending preacher Abu Qatada back to Jordan. Qata...
We can finally boot him out! Home Office told that deporting Abu Qatada IS lawful (but it still could ta…
Abu Qatada: taking the Brighton line: Theresa May was right to reject the calls of rightwing boneheads to simply put...
Home Secretary Theresa May’s statement on Abu Qatada: Continuing deportation now is the quickest and safest way to remove him from Britain
I am a labour supporter, why can't the labour party say well done to Theresa May and support the deportation of Abu Qatada.
"Theresa May 'should have acted sooner on Abu Qatada'" Bet you £10, it takes less time than 2002 to now, if you want it?
Abu Qatada can be deported to Jordan, says Theresa May
Theresa May, you're not making me feel any safer! Trying to circumvent Abu Qatada's fundamental Human Rights. who's next?
Radical cleric Abu Qatada has been taken into custody, according to police sources.
Theresa May to make Abu Qatada Commons statement: Home Secretary to tell MPs...
Theresa May fights back over Abu Qatada, Human Rights and Nick Clegg - Telegraph
"Theresa May will order a crackdown on the "abuse" of Human Rights laws that is stopping foreign criminals being deported, it has been reported. The Home Secretary will put in place tougher immigration rules by the summer, according to The Sunday Telegraph. She has pledged to stop all but the most "exceptional cases" succeeding on appeal after becoming convinced that tougher controls were needed to prevent criminals using the "right to a family life" - under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights - to stay in Britain." BYE BYE Abu Qatada do you want a hand packing your bags -)
Theresa May will meet with senior officials during her visit to Home Office confirms
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