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Theresa Caputo

Long Island Medium is an American reality television series airing on TLC. It premiered in September 2011. Based in Hicksville, New York, the show stars Theresa Caputo, who claims she is a medium who can communicate with the deceased.

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Live Fort Wayne Green Bay Landmark Theatre Kansas City

Im going to see Theresa Caputo this weekend at the Landmark Theatre. Ive tried for months and months to reach...
Congrats to Amber McClellan! She just won 4 tickets to see Theresa Caputo "The Long Island Medium" at the US Cellular Coliseum just for registering as a B104 Insider! You still have a chance to win $104 as a B104 Insider just to say thanks for making B104 the most listened to Country Station in Bloomington-Normal!
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is coming to Tucson April 23rd. I so wana go see her :(
News shows are now reporting a new flight path for missing Malaysian flight. Plus, Malaysians now saying the last words were not those they initially reported. I suspect Malaysians will be contacting Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) for her guidance.
Ive been having this ESP thing happening more and more.. and my dreams tell me stuff all the time.. and it happens alot .. i just dont speak of it.. I know , a lil crazy right? .. well not actually,, cause its happened my whole life.. and seems to get stronger as i get older or as i am more open to it.. Its one reason why i love Theresa Caputo and I watch her everytime i get the chance. Her gift is amazing.-- Her show is Long Island Medium. So last night I was thinking of Briana Howard,, I had not seen or talked to her in almost 3 years.. and lost her number to my old phone that was busted.. last night.. she popped into my mind and had been thinking of her heavily,, wondering what she was up to.. 2 hours later, she calls, i flipped out in a good way.. i mean ,, we had not talked in years!! i was just like.. OMG,, i was JUST thinking of you ...-- This lady is one awesome survivor in Life!! --and has a story like no other.. Luv You !! We have a special connection ,,I am so glad to get back in t ...
Hello; Theresa Caputo. My name is Stacy Jo Smith. I just want to tell you that I think that you are amazing...Myself as well as my 21 year old daughter; Kelsea Jo Smith is such a huge fan. WE both LOVE ELLEN; she was upset when you were on here show ...and she was working. (my fiancie' and I just bought a dvr player; we cant figure out how to work it...LOL) SO; anyhoo... Theresa.. I have had my Stumpy Doodle Bugs since she was 8 weeks old.. She was with me through two horrible relationships; the last one ...he SHOT and almost killed me; My Doodles was there and helped me out of the worst depression of my life... She was so angry and when I was fighting for my life they thought of putting her down... my best friends ,,and daughter knew that if and when i came out of my coma that it would kill me if they had put my beloved baby girl down., they did not...long story short.. i met a wonderful man that saved me...He accidentilly ran her over last summer. i am having the worst time of my life... If you could .. ...
"Hitler's mother was from Long Island, and she was friends with Theresa Caputo." -😂😂😂
love Theresa Caputo she reminds me of my late aunt Heidi! Her show cracks me up! Love her northern accent!
Theresa Caputo...Long Island Medium will be on Ellen Degeneres today at 3!
Guess who's coming to town? The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo! Guess who just got tickets to see her? This girl!! I'm so excited! I love her! Who knows, maybe I'll get a reading!! Lol
On a side note. Theresa Caputo was on Ellen. AND I MISSED IT?!? . What is this.
I HOPE everyone enjoyed Long Island Medium!! OMG I DID!! SHE is the REAL DEAL people... I was curious on her fees and here was what it is Aug 08, 2013 · How much would a private reading with Theresa Caputo cost? Private readings from Theresa Caputo start at $200 .She has a 2 year waiting list = The woman is worth every penny and people that I have read cant believe I charge what I do.. I am just following what I feel I have to do and that is making it affordable to all. Even poor people have pain of losing loved ones.. When God lets me feel I can do more I will but below is what I do at this time.. I am just as gifted as my awesome Medium friend and I wish her BLESSINGS on her prosperity/ She is a wonderful lady..I'd probably squeal if she walked up to me too lol Anyway .below is my fees so feel free to message me if you or a friend would like healing or guidance BLESSINGS TO ALL!! MY 2014 READING FEES $25.a reading and another as a follow up =2 readings $15.for any readings after those FREE READINGS. fo ...
Theresa Caputo born in Brooklyn lived in Huntington Italian Catholic now in Indy. Big Huge fan need a reading NEED❤️
Going to go see Theresa Caputo "Long Island Medium" in April! Just ordered our tickets! So excited! Honey, your the best for doing this for me!!
when does theresa caputo come in Italy?
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My gosh - Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium now has a 3 year waiting list! Sheesh! This book is really good. I 've just started reading and several of the psychics that I wasn't aware of, have peaked my interest.
Just emailed Theresa Caputo.. She best contact us!!
Can't wait to see Theresa Caputo coming to Hawaii in May! 😱😱😱 Ah SO excited! 🙏
What really happens in a psychic's brain when they connect with the other side? FInd out when Dr. Oz puts Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo to the test! For the first time ever she undergoes a brain scan while communicating with the spirit world.
Note to self: hang Paula Deen and Theresa Caputo pictures In room
Watching Theresa Caputo give a Mother & daughter a reading. I love her show.
Can't. Wait to see Theresa caputo in april. (Thanks to my kids) .luv you all
I am in love with the show Long Island Medium! Theresa Caputo is AMAZING! How can anyone not be a believer when she is spot on, with complete strangers?!? She is gifted!
Theresa Caputo never fails to make me cry my eyes out
People really watch and believe this chick Theresa Caputo? 🔮
I would like a private reading from Theresa Caputo for my 40th birthday!
trying to win mom a reading from Theresa caputo Long Island Medium
Theresa Caputo, psychic medium and star of the hit TLC show, Long Island Medium, will be appearing live at the Fox Theatre on Friday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m. Theresa will give interactive readings to audience members throughout the show and will also share personal stories about her life and her uniqu...
If anyone ever feels like doing something great for me I would LOVE to meet Theresa Caputo!!!
If you have never seen Teresa Theresa Caputo, and have lost someone dear to u,..u need to watch repeats on DFH right now channel 261 on DirectTV
“steals the words right out of my mouth! 😂” I'm Theresa Caputo!
Just got our tickets for Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium! Happy Early Anniversary to us!
Watching " Long Island Medium--- I love this show, and Im getting my hair cut like Theresa Caputo. on thursday
For all the people who paid over a hundred dollars to see Theresa Caputo you need to hit me up because I know someone local who is better and cheaper...inbox me for details
If your energy is strong and balanced,things will move more positively in your direction and your soul will feel more fulfilled ~Theresa Caputo
I am super excited😄 got an early birthday gift today from my sister in law Christina Roberts Smith. I am going to see Theresa Caputo. Can't wait.
My mom saw Theresa Caputo and said she was not good at all
Theresa Caputo would you help my friend who is trying to connect with Indian spirits in Mankato MN?
Me & Megan is gonna go see Theresa Caputo Live. 😁
Damnit Theresa caputo!Long Island Medium always making me cry!!! Would give anything to be able to get mom and dad a reading
Caputo Please is there anyway possible for my Mom to met You?
Don't even care if it's crazy, I'm so excited to see Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium to hopefully connect w/my grandpa.
I wish someone would tell Theresa Caputo to come see me! I wanna get read so badly!
I would love a reading with Theresa Caputo 🇮🇹
If I don't see Theresa Caputo when she's at Centennial Hall i'll cry.
I want to meet with Theresa Caputo so bad
I want to meet Theresa Caputo so frickin bad.
Watching Long Island Medium, I just love Theresa Caputo
Seriously can I just meet Theresa Caputo now?
Going to see my idol - Theresa Caputo! Can't wait! Maybe she'll let me give HER a reading lol!
Theresa Caputo, met a for real medium new to Richmond. Like you he is for real
Theresa Caputo Loving your book. Learning so much TY
Theresa Caputo I am counting the days! I can't wait! Love your show so so so much. Hope to get on your wait list sometime soon!
She amazes me everyday!! "I'd really like to meet Theresa Caputo
I'd really like to meet Theresa Caputo
Ah super in love with Caputo and her TV show Long Island Medium :_D Watching the 4th Season already and...
I wanna go see Theresa Caputo, she's comin to Jersey next monthh
"Sal, this is Theresa Caputo, I see this in your future!" (Use best Bela Lugosi voice).
Theresa Caputo here I come!!! Can't wait to see this lovely lady April 16th!
*** I.wanna have a sit down session with this lovely medium. Theresa Caputo . crazy nites .I feel maybe a message is trying too get across my.nights have jus been not right at all...I've just been sleeping better during the day then I do at night.nothing bothers me..
For some strange reason we are kind of hooked on the new TLC show, Long Island Medium. And with this latest episode, we can now pass off our viewing as "work related". This is a series about a woman named Theresa Caputo from Long Island (duh!) who is a psychic "medium", meaning she communicates with people from the afterlife. People call her in to get closure from family and friends who have passed away. Or they just want her to remove bad "juju" from their businesses. This is why we were so interested when an episode lead her to the The Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California. She was only there to crash for the night, wasn't summoned by the hotel at all, and yet somehow, "Spirit" got to her. And our psychic Caputo doesn't keep quiet when these things happen (or is she quiet about anything, really), so that's when things got bananas. Turns out, this "spirit" is a child--one of a few--that died in a tragic fire at the Padre Hotel, which was built in 1928. it's also been the site of several suicides. This g ...
"Long Island Medium" star Theresa Caputo is used to meeting with grieving family members to reach out to their dearly departed for one final message. But when she was on the road one day, it was a spirit who requested contact with her. In an exclusive sneak peek of Sunday's new episode that TLC shared with The Clicker, Theresa stays at the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, Calif., where she has an experience that appears to surprise even her. The hotel's eerie reputation is no secret, with various ghost hunters documenting their creepy experiences there. (The Padre, built in 1928 has been the site of suicides and a tragic fire.) While staying on the sixth floor, the spirit of a young girl seems to pester Theresa all night. The next morning, the medium shares the info she received from the girl with the hotel's receptionist, Jennifer. "She says, 'People think we haunt ... but we don't, we just like it here,' " Theresa tells the young lady. (Umm ... "we"?!) "She says, 'We run around and sing in the hallways, sing ...
getting excited!! I am going to see Theresa Caputo , i know i may not hear from my mom or anyone but the thought that i could is awesome!!
You guys should do a episode with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium
get a reading from Theresa Caputo,long island meduim.We need answers and to hear from our parents.Please Help.I trust you!
just googled the girl next to me because she shares the last name with Theresa Caputo aka Long Island Medium.
Who will they'll have Sharon to call next, Theresa Caputo or John Edward contact Cassie? SMDH...
SoExcited to see what that Busy Bee Theresa Caputo has been up to, Thanks for the preview (:
going to see Theresa Caputo at the coliseum. so excited.
I want to go to see Theresa Caputo in April and can't get anyone to go with me...may go alone :)
tlc uk where's sisterwives & Theresa Caputo?. There's only so much cake boss and breaking Amish someone can watch :(
“We shall never know all the good that a simple can do.” - Mother Theresa Caputo. Smile today, it's...
Love Long Island Medium... Theresa Caputo is amazing she definitely helps me believe ur still here franzy ... miss ya big brotha hope its a beautiful day in heaven ...
I want to go see Theresa Caputo May 29
"Sal, this is the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. I see this in your future."
So jealous of my aunt going to see Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium 😩
Yay!!! Going to see Theresa Caputo with Sarah Hayes, Jamie Skibbe, and myself!
My lovely son Justin Olson made my Birthday gift. He is a welder so a dragonfly from old silverware for Christmas and now an awesome flower stake for the garden to shine with the dragonfly!! Soo cool!! Flowers and stuff from my BF Stacy Harmer and Matt got me a spa day!!! Thanks dad for the ticket to see Theresa Caputo can't wait to go! And to Trudey and Roy a lovely dinner and gift card! I will post what Angie has made me when I get it, she is a great artist I can't wait to see my painting :-)
Em & I got tickets today to see Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo at EJ Thomas Hall April 9th. We'll be WAY IN THE BACK, but we are excited!
Theresa Caputo looks like she is making a great living for herself as a "medium"on her TLC show.Big house,nice car...even better scam artist
I'm scared to see how I will react at Theresa Caputo.
"I just don't get her; I don't get her at all." Sylvia Browne about Theresa Caputo. It take a nut to know one.
WHO WANTS TO GO WITH ME TO SEE THERESA CAPUTO? From Long Island Medium. MONDAY, April 14th at 7:30pm in Green Bay. Tickets have to be bought by the 4th of March and they are 65.00 each. LET ME KNOW ASAP. I AM SO GOING! Anyone?
I was able to score two Theresa Caputo tickets! I'm a big fan, but my mom is an even bigger fan! In less than 2...
Today I got my Theresa Caputo tickets to the April 14th. show..I can't wait to see it all live
Tickets came today! Excited to cross off another adventure on my bucket list! Seeing Theresa Caputo!…
Theresa Caputo will be in Cincinnati on April 8th! I cannot stress enough how much I want to go to this!
Girls day to see Theresa Caputo in April! Don't mind if we do! 💁😁
Uh,new "reality" show...Long Island Medium,starring Theresa Caputo from Hicksville/Levittown?.sigh. She tells her husban(Larry),I just got booked for an all expense paid cruise for the family to do a reading! Larry's response.So we go for free? A real rocket scientist there,Lar.
Just returned home from the lkld civic center. Went to see Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium she was great!! lisa
Breast Cancer Awareness
SUPER EXCITED!! Got my ticket for Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium \^-^/ April 14th..
Kids will be surprised. ..going jump on the Theresa caputo train..going to see her in Bloomington. ..yippeee!
Theresa Caputo was awesome! I was afraid that it wouldn't be anything like the show and it was! It's amazing!
Well it's coming up on your 2 month mark since you've been gone and it's hard to think that it feels like it's been longer i miss you so much i think about you 24/7 and think of things that we used to get ourselves in trouble with we always did and said stupid things that people look at us like *** and we just laughed thats how we were didn't like oh well. People are saying things about you and it's pissing me off Mom and Dad and me and Ronni & Matt no u the best and know what you did and didn't like and people just need to leave it at that u were this best sister/person i ever knew and if people could just take the time and see that maybe they wouldn't say such hurtful things espeacially because when they claim to love you and our family so much but yet they are the ones downing you and our family i don't get it . Mom and Dad are going to see Theresa Caputo on March 15 i can't wait i hope u come through we all need a message from u to help ease our pain. you never believed in that stuff like me and mom s ...
Just watched Being Farrah. Wish you Peace. Have you ever talked with Long Island Medium? Theresa Caputo
Theresa Caputo took the stage here at The Fillmore Miami Beach this past Saturday, 2/22! Take a look at the photos from Jason Koerner Photography at you here to see her live?
I went to Lakeland last night and saw the Long Island Medium Theresa caputo she was awesome
Well what a great time seeing Theresa Caputo! No spirits came thru for us but soo cool anyway! Thx sooo much to Steve Glover & Diana Nonemacker for being thr & all the laughs!! Cant wait to do it again! GO EAGLES LOL xoxo
The girls and I had a great time seeing Theresa Caputo her show was amazing thank you Dwight for getting us tickets and being our taxi for the night . We also got to meet up with Nicole Davidson and her little one for dinner before the show wish we could have had more time but it was great catching up. Great night:)
I so wish I could see Theresa Caputo April 6th 😥
Theresa Caputo was well worth the money Pam Narragon-Goss. She is very funny too!
Theresa Caputo, her family and the show are all awesome. Had a great time at the show and an autograph from Larry… sigh…
I went to see Theresa Caputo Live with my mom tonight. I was hoping to "talk" to my dad, but it didn't happen. There were questions left unanswered and reassurance needed on other things. But to watch her connect some people with their loved ones who had passed was incredible. You could see the pain, grief, and guilt lift off of these people. A night just me and my mom and to watch something so incredible in person was amazing. Whether you believe in what Theresa does or not, you can not deny the feeling you have when you are there or the peace you literally see come over these people she touches. Thanks for a great night mom (Patricia Simmons). I love you
Got tickets to see Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo on April. 23rd in Tucson. She's my favorite small medium at large :-)
Theresa Caputo for my birthday with my bestie Amanda
Theresa Caputo was awesome! So worth the drive. She is an amazing woman.
Tonight with Theresa Caputo was the most beautiful, spiritual, touching night I have ever experienced . So memorable.Melissa Markowitz
Theresa Caputo in less than 2 months
I can't wait until April 23 Theresa Caputo @ UofA Centennial Hall with my Sista Magdalena and Mario!
It's official! Going to see Theresa Caputo in April, in Milwaukee!
SPOTTED: Theresa Caputo from TLC's 'Long Island Medium' spoke about her extrasensory abilities and actually did a few cold readings on some shocked fans. The things I heard her say to people were so specific sometimes that my jaw dropped...more than once. Skeptical or not, she puts on a…
OMG:)))I just heard Theresa Caputo Long Island Medium is coming to Tucson:)Day after my B-day:)))I'm so there
My mom got tickets to go see Theresa Caputo 😁👌
Cant believe my wish is finally coming true April 16th im going to see Theresa Caputo!!! :) :)
Going to see Theresa Caputo in April! So excited!
Oh Theresa Caputo you do this to me all the time! I was missing my babe, Pretty Boy Johnny, today. Poor bear is very dear to my heart. :( oh you!
So exited got center floor aisle seats for Theresa Caputo on April 7th. I'm such a firm believer in her n I really wanna hear from my grandmother
Theresa Caputo Some days are just a little harder when you're missing someone. Whether they are still here in the physical world or with us in spirit. Found this, so sweet
Long Island Medium's, Theresa Caputo, is a Satanist. The Bible cleary states that communicating with the dead is Necromancy, which is a blasphemy to God... Once a person is dies, they can't, talk, walk, hear, or answer anyone. Their spirits are gone. The dead will rise again on judgement day. Necromancy is a serious sin, and will send many, including Theresa Caputo to *** if they don't repent.
I would LOVE a reading with Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium). She's on tour but no where near us right now. Do I believe in another realm? Mmmm... Yep Do I think we can be gifted by God to speak to them in that realm? That's a yes, too. I just don't believe it happens to pre-chosen people in the Mercedes Benz SuperDome on regularly scheduled times. Laugh if ya want to. I don't care. I have a question only 2 people in this world could answer & they are gone now. The heart wants what the heart wants...
Am reading There's More to Life than this by Theresa Caputo! She mentions we all are surrounded by angels! It really is a good book!
Tickets went on sale for Theresa Caputo 's Long Island Medium show in April today in Milwaukee. I got tickets for Tony and I. Got pretty good seats. Can't wait. Praying she picks us for a reading.
So far two five star reviews on COMMUNICATING WITH THE OTHER SIDE. Exciting news!
I always think of my daughter when I see Winnie pooh as she took Winnie pooh stuff toy with her to heaven!! Love you boobo ..,hope to meet Theresa Caputo one day...
So excited. My mother-in-law just got me tickets for Theresa Caputo in CLE. Thank you
Theresa Caputo coming to Akron April 9...I literally have to go
I want those tickets to see theresa caputo the Long Island Medium Sunday night in Lakeland
John Edwards is coming to Provo in August. Meh. Now, if it was Theresa Caputo I might try to make it. She is a hoot!
I want to go see Theresa Caputo in Lakeland. .. :-( just can't with all the possible vet bills with Harley... dang it... been waiting too.
Details about your Little Big Town, Theresa Caputo, and Mardi Gras tickets by liking The Porch With Sara Michaels page!
So Theresa Caputo is coming to Bloomington in April. I am definitely going but I have no one to go with. Someone please go with me!
Ahhh going to see Theresa Caputo at Mohegan match 15th!
Officially going to Theresa Caputo for the second time!
So my friend asks me if I wana go see Theresa Caputo the Long Island Medium. Well, honestly I don't even wana talk to people who are alive!!!
I know, we need Theresa CAPUTO to channel Sonny he'll know where to find it!
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Going to see Theresa Caputo as she brings her live show to sunny Tucson Az!!
hoping to buy Theresa Caputo tickets today! Busy at work organizing all the new gloves...and the hundreds of people who want to enjoy the weather today. Hope to see the baby again tonight too!
Bill and Tracy got to talk to the one and only Long Island Medium - Theresa Caputo! You know her show Sunday...
Harrisburg friends, We have 3 extra tickets for Theresa Caputo at the Hershey Theatre, April 5, 7:30 PM--Balcony Left Center, Row K, $77.75/ticket. The show is sold out. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please be in touch. Thanks.
Theresa Caputo is gonna be at Mohegan not Foxwoods.
theresa caputo I'd love to win a reading but not for me for someone who needs it more my mom
Don't get your nails done at the salon inside of Walmart, I look like Theresa Caputo 😠
As much as being a mom if 4 is fun and easy, this year I decided its time for a little selfishness (gasp, I know right) I can make a list of everything I have done for others, but when I make the list for me it's a little limited. So I have been making a list of things I want to do, and so far...I have things lined up. 5k in May-check, tickets to see Theresa Caputo in April-check, Vacation with my husband on my list sign up for conceal and carry in March. It is really hard to convince myself that all of this is ok, but my kids tell me I deserve why not!
I just entered to win: Theresa Caputo at the Riverside Theater
I wish i could meet Theresa Caputo one day
Yay!! We get to go see Theresa Caputo of Long Island Medium in REAL life! Can't wait!!
Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes. It was a great day I got tickets to Theresa Caputo center row 9 ! Super excited Barb Reynolds
Looks like its FRONT ROW SEATS TO THERESA CAPUTO, BABY! Thank you Marcus Zeller for being in with the IN crowd so I could get these juicy seats! Now all I need is for Grandma Sutter to show up and I'll be golden!
Theresa Caputo on "Larry King Now" - Full Episode Available in the U.S. on Ora.TV Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo opens up about hiding her rare gift and s...
she just told me it was for a chance to win a reading for Theresa Caputo😞
Theresa Caputo . I would love to meet you
Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience | UA Events - Live Entertainment for the Akron Area & the...
Theresa Caputo you are amazing. Thank you for all you do for so many.
Just ordered my theresa caputo tickets..she will be in milwaukee April 16..we got 3rd row aisle..woot woot
Theresa Caputo . I would love to be part of a reading with Theresa. Please include me in your drawing.
Its official hubby got me tickets to go see Theresa Caputo surprise for vday THANKS Caryn Harlacher for helping him Excited!!!
Learn what famous house Betsey had premonitions of 3 yrs before a grisly event?. New book:
What exists beyond death? Find out in my new book, COMMUNICATING WITH THE OTHER SIDE
Who wants to go see Theresa Caputo at Hershey Theater April 5th with me? $150-$200 a ticket.
Going to see Theresa Caputo on April 7th. So excited!!! Thank you, Carol A Beck! 😊
Just bought my Theresa Caputo tickets for the Cleveland show April 7th!!! 11th row along the aisle!
I have to get these Theresa Caputo tickets in April! 🙏
I really want to buy my mom tickets to see Theresa Caputo in Chicago
I really wanna go see Theresa Caputo in Syracuse with Trevor's mom and brother, but they already got their tickets and I don't really wanna chance sitting by myself ugh decisions -_- wish I would have known sooner she was going to be here :(
2/23/2014 7:00 PM Theresa Caputo is a typical Long Island wife and mom, except for one distinct difference…she communicates with the dead. It’s a gift she cannot “turn off” prompting her to give spontaneous readings to her car mechanic or cashier at the local bagel shop. Theresa will share her stor...
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Anyone want to drive1000 miles to see Theresa Caputo April 22ed with me?
Only bc she went to bed even tho I told her Theresa Caputo said she doesn't need sleep that's a fact maybe
Receiving a reading from Theresa Caputo would mean everything to me.
I want a session with Theresa Caputo so bad! I know she could tell me a few things Mike has to say...
So Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo is in Bloomington Illinois on April 17th who in my family is open to going...
Okay so Theresa Caputo is coming to Playhouse Square April 7th who wants to go with me and maybe I'll even purchase part of your ticket?
Kelli Waite I know what I want for my birthday. You can take me, you and Karlene Wolcott Regimbal to Syracuse to see Theresa Caputo at the Landmark Theatre at 3 pm on Sunday April 6th. It is a sign and we need the good seats for $65 a piece we want to be as close as possible.
Woo Hoo!! Guess who is going to go see Theresa Caputo again in April!??
Guess who's going to see Theresa Caputo at the Aronoff Center in April? ☺️🙋
Theresa Caputo, Long Island "medium." She should start selling her own line of tinfoil hats and dunce caps. There's a sucker born every minute and her audience would gobble them up.
i really wanna meet Theresa Caputo and have her do a reading
Check out the upcoming concerts this week below! Limited tickets left for all 3 shows, so hurry and get yours and see the full calendar at - Alejandra Guzmán - La Guzmán 1F 2/22 - Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience 2/23 - Austin Mahone: MTV Artist to Watch w/Becky G & W3 The Future
throwback to when I met Theresa Caputo on Superbowl Sunday
My aunts are going to see Theresa Caputo in May 👻😍
I wonder if it's worth it to spend $75/person to sit at the top (furthest) level of a Theresa Caputo Live show?? That's not cheap at all..   10% Off
Really really really want to go see Theresa Caputo Live 😍💕
Theresa Caputo ('Long Island Medium'), coming to State Theatre in Cleveland April 7 .. Tix on sale at 11 am Friday at
So mad I won't be in Green Bay when Theresa Caputo is there :(
can we discuss how much I want to go to theresa caputo at mohegan sun like lets be real
♥Theresa Caputo's bubbly personality reminds me of my 7th Grade teachEr...I jus lovE iT♥
demi lovato, hunter hayes, and theresa caputo all in one year?¿
I can talk to dead people. Next Theresa caputo you guys think Theresa Caputo is the real deal? She's the Long Island Medium. I'm on the fence.I may have to go to her show again
Guys, Theresa Caputo comes to Arizona on April 23. Thats only 5 days before my birthday. Somebody get me tickets! ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER
Bill was on a mission tower Theresa Caputo. He was cracking me up.
is best friends with Theresa Caputo!
Theresa Caputo mentioned me, obviously I am almost crying. I seriously love her. ❤️❤️
Fort Wayne, Ind. (WANE) - The star of the TLC show "Long Island Medium" is coming to Fort Wayne's Embassy Theatre on Saturday, April 12. Theresa Caputo, a psychic medium, will be giving interactive...
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is coming to Fort Wayne && my grandpa and I are coming to see her !
Upcoming Special Events LA Medium THIS Saturday, February 8th from 7-9pm Similar to Theresa Caputo, "The Long Island Medium," Joanna, a psychic Medium, delivers messages from the Other Side to as many people as possible. Learn More at
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my dad got my mom front row tickets to Theresa Caputo at mohegan sun for her birthday. so proud of him, & beyond jealous of my mommy!
I want a reading from Theresa Caputo so badly
It was so amazing meeting Theresa Caputo's husband, Larry, from Long Island Medium last night! Such a…
I would absolutely love to meet Theresa Caputo. My life would be made.💖
Apparently my mom came through to Theresa Caputo last night.
Nope, sorry. Theresa Caputo is my number one.
Soft Rock 106.5 Your Big Event Station win tickets to Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo March 15th at Mohegan Sun Arena! The Star of the TLC hit show will perform a Live unforgettable and potentially life changing evening. Fill out the form below and you will be instantly registered for your chance...
my mom went to a Theresa Caputo thing (she's a medium) and all I can think is that my mom brought back a ghost with her 👻
I aspire to be Theresa Caputo but I have a bad Long Island accent that is mistaken to sound like someone I work with. So I can't be her.
Seeing Theresa Caputo night was super rad awesome tho😍
Went to see Long Island Medium's Theresa Caputo tonight and although she didn't talk specifically to…
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I did. I went to see Theresa Caputo! I love her amazing messages for those around her.
Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is in Kansas City tonight js
Mom and I waiting for Theresa Caputo to do her magic!
Hello Theresa Caputo! I could touch the stage from my seat, stay tuned.
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I asked my magic 8 ball if I would ever meet Theresa Caputo and it said yes 👍😄
Getting ready to see Theresa Caputo Live!
Theresa Caputo in less than an hour!
Out to eat before we see Theresa Caputo!!! @ The Foundry
Going to see Theresa Caputo in a couple hours!! So excited!
OMG Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium is in KC tonight!!! I WANNA GO
I really want to see Theresa Caputo ☝️
My mom and I are seeing Theresa Caputo tonight. What does one wear to see a medium?
Theresa Caputo is in Kansas City today and I'm jealous of everyone who's going to see her 😒
If someone got me a reading with Theresa Caputo for my birthday I would die😍🙏
Mom- "I feel like I'm Theresa Caputo sometimes or something. I'm so telepathic." 😂
nothing is wrong with your camera. Maybe its spirit. Hey Theresa Caputo what do you think?
Theresa Caputo is what I would read.never go wrong with love hope and healing
Only if you promise to bring Theresa Caputo w/ you lol
just said im gonna flip a table like Theresa Caputo.
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I don't think so. My mom forgot that we are going to see Theresa Caputo tomorrow's at the music hall. But idk what after.
Currently upset because I didn't get to see Theresa Caputo tonight.. 😭😭 I just want a reading from her!
- kim do you ever spend time with Theresa Caputo or Chip Coffey and compare experiences or styles?
I always wish and think of me and going to see theresa caputo I wish it would happen
Theresa Caputo is at the Hard Rock tonight? WHY DONT PEOPLE TELL ME THESE THINGS. I LOVE HER!!
If he misses another pick, stick him with Theresa Caputo
Who doesn't love Theresa Caputo, she's clearly an angel.
Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium. So excited for this last minute fun!
Theresa Caputo is in Tulsa at the hardrock tonight!!! :( Id kill to have a reading from her.
Do any of y'all's parents want Theresa Caputo tickets for tonight in Tulsa??
OMG.theresa caputo is coming to mohegan sun , march 15th.oh man
One day I'd just like to hangout with Gwen Stefani, Theresa Caputo and Betsey Johnson.
I got my mom the Theresa Caputo book! My mom loves Long Island Medium :)
Off to Tulsa for a fun day with my Emily to see Theresa Caputo. Can't wait.
theresa caputo Hi Theresa, any plans to come to Australia? I would love to see you
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
dude I have an explanation for wizardry now read there's more to life than this by Theresa caputo
Theresa Caputo (aka the Long Island Medium) just wrote back to gabby I'm crying
Why doesn't Theresa Caputo help find missing bodies that have passed while they were missing?
I get to go see Theresa Caputo on Sunday! I've never been this excited for anything!
Theresa Caputo never responds to my text messages.:(
Theresa Caputo 3/15/14 @ Mohegan Sun in CT. Get your tickets on sale today @
Going to see theresa caputo March 15 so excited
should do a skit of Theresa Caputo cooking with dead Italians. "Spirit, I'm trying to make meatballs, no I'm doing it my way! STOP"
Theresa caputo goes to Mohegan the day I leave RI ... MY LIFE
Theresa Caputo tickets bought! Not floor seats, but still good ones... Whatever's meant to be will be... I can only pray for the best💞
lets go "Tickets to at on March 15th go on sale at 10am:
On the next Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo funds a terrier for a family of four. Is there anything she can't do?
Theresa Caputo is known for her hair... maybe I should do this and make this my "gimmick?" Whaddaya think? Yes?...
Falling asleep with the TV on can be hazardous. Definitely thought Theresa Caputo was giving me a spirit reading til I woke up. 👻
I can't wait for March it's my birthday, two bar mitzvahs, and I get to go see Theresa Caputo
"Theresa Caputo is not Mother Teresa!" 😂 I'm so done.
I'd love to go see Theresa Caputo but it's so expensive
How at peace people feel after talking to Theresa Caputo >> why I wanna meet her so bad
I want 2 meet theresa caputo more thn anyone else in the world!!
Can I please talk to Theresa Caputo? I just wanna connect with my sweet father for a moment. I'd really like to know what he has to say 😔
Download There’s More to Life than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, And Insight about the...
My mom is currently talking to Theresa Caputo
waiting for that day,when spirit is telling Theresa Caputo to come to SOuth-Africa
dont even tell me someone like Theresa caputo!!
when Theresa Caputo is coming to Mohegan sun and I'm going to be away 😭 I'd love to see her
Officially going to see Theresa Caputo Live!!! 😃
I liked a video Video of Theresa Caputo (Long Island FAKE Medium): Cashing in on the tears of a
Saw a lady in the gym locker room with eyes glued to the t.v the entire time I worked out... Theresa Caputo was on...
I want to read people like Theresa Caputo does .
I don't care where I shop. I just love shopping😘. -Theresa Caputo😘
I want to get a reading from Theresa Caputo more than anything 🙏
My mom is going to see Theresa Caputo in March. I am beyond jealous 😒
All I want is to meet Theresa Caputo and for her to read me because she is a medium. 🔮
like my mom kinda looks like Theresa Caputo is that just me
One day I will meet Theresa Caputo. I'm so determined
My dream man is theresa caputo's husband Larry. So patient & so much love. Aw.
It would be amazing to get a reading from Theresa Caputo
I really wish I could have a reading with Theresa Caputo but the waiting list is like 2 years and it's so expensive
Theresa Caputo is pullin the heart strings rn😭
Here's the link; but tickets are not on sale until Friday, Jan 17!
I swear Theresa Caputo is teaching my class.
Theresa Caputo is coming to the PPAC on Feb. 8th!!! I want to go!!!
I think I'm gonna buy my mom Theresa Caputo tickets for her birthday..
Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience presale code for in
Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience presale code for show in Newark, NJ
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PRESALE – Tomorrow 10am thru Thurs 10pm:. Use code MEDIUM for tickets to at on 3/15:
Please continue your studies and add to your first to Theresa Caputo.
beautiful disaster, the alchemist, the great Gatsby, and theresa caputo's book
Yes I'm from long island. . No I don't talk like Theresa Caputo.
I seriously love Theresa Caputo... I need to meet her
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