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Theo Epstein

Theo Nathan Epstein (born December 29, 1973) is the President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs.

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Line of the night from Theo Epstein 😂 (via
HS: Tom Wilson, Biff from back to the future. College? Uh Temple has no famous alums dont look it up. Law school: f…
hey adam,. trade deadline grades are in:. Theo Epstein A+. your take F. you aren't welcome on the bus.
The Cubs' hot start in the second half of the season steered Theo Epstein away from a selloff…
It's clear the Cubs want another parade down Michigan Ave.
Theo reveals how close came to being trade-deadline sellers.
Theo Epstein reveals how close Cubs came to being trade-deadline sellers: (
Theo Epstein: Cubs were one July skid away from white-flag trades
Game Day: GM Theo Epstein complimentary of front office and the team's recent moves
I know the Cubs are being aggressive, but Theo Epstein took it to a new level by demanding Al Avila's first-born son in t…
“Tell us about their upbringing. How were they raised? Any annoying dads in the picture?" — Theo Epstein, on trading for the Tigers GM's son
It's official, Theo Epstein does it again! trade for Justin Wilson and Alex Avila. .
Theo Epstein is so good at what he does that he literally got the tigers GM to trade his first born son with Justin Wi…
Theo Epstein once inquired about Chris Sale. Rick Hahn responded by asking for Kris Bryant
Joe Madden and Theo Epstein laughing their butts off right now at with Chapman blown save
I don't believe Theo Epstein or Jed Hoyer would do this. They're professional. The Ricketts are imbeciles
Tommy La Stella and Jon Jay getting it done for the Cubs. This is just like Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer drew it up in the offseason.
FSD used the most baller photo of Theo Epstein.
Phil Jackson was the highest paid executive in American sports at $12M a year. . That title will now belong to Theo Epstein ($10M a year).
If you're on FB, hopefully you have 2 minutes to watch this video. Such a positive send off for the graduates at...
Theo Epstein said he prefers guys of character before talent...and then they have cases like these. White…
Behind talent is a person with a heart. Nurturing both matters. Moving speech by Theo Epstein at Yale Class Day
"Wins don’t happen because you’re talented and show up. You have to play with an edge, come together as a team every day". -Theo Epstein
What pushed Theo Epstein over the edge in making Miguel Montero decision:
If there are errors in the paper, it’s not my fault. It’s
In a recent graduation speech, Epstein offered this key advice to making it through a professional rough patch..
Theo Epstein made the decision to cut Miguel Montero quickly
Cubs president Theo Epstein said designating Miguel Montero for assignment was the right move.…
Theo Epstein felt he had rare opportunity to reinforce Cubs culture. Whether it reignites team remains to be seen.
Theo Epstein calls Miguel Montero 'a bad teammate' as he explains the Cubs' decision.
Theo Epstein says the 2017 Cubs lack an edge & identity. What does that mean and how does he believe they find one? http…
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Theo Epstein: Cubs better off moving on from 'bad teammate' Montero.
Why it took all of 10 seconds for Theo to realize the needed to part ways with Miguel Montero:.
Theo Epstein calls Miguel Montero 'bad teammate' as he explains Cubs' decision
Theo Epstein's message for Kyle Schwarber in informing him of his demotion to Triple-A https…
Theo Epstein & Stan Bowman need to sit down all the other Chicago front offices and teach them how to draft correctly. C'mon man
Please, Theo Epstein, don't make me watch John Lackey pitch again. RosenBlog:
White Sox fans owe much to Theo Epstein.
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Theo Epstein, president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs, will be Class Day s...
If you could interview anyone, who would you pick? — Alive or dead? . Buzz Aldren dead ... Theo Epstein alive
Video tribute on Wrigley scoreboard now for Chapman. Owner Tom Ricketts, pres Theo Epstein, GM Jed Hoyer, Joe Maddon present him WS ring.
Theo Epstein tried to jump off his amp while jamming with Eddie Vedder, and it didn’t go well
David Kaplan's book "The Plan" goes behind the scenes on how Tom Ricketts hired Theo Epstein to turn Cubs around -
. How much better would be if Theo Epstein never left?
Theo Epstein really was the general manager of the Boston Red Sox at 28 and my mom still takes me to urgent care, wow life's crazy bro
Fortune magazine has Theo Epstein at the top of their list of the world's Greatest Leaders. Can't say I disagree http…
The World Theo-ries: Cubs at Red Sox!: Theo Epstein was first hired as a general manager in Boston three days……
Wow the Bears' front office is a let-down when you're used to Theo Epstein making decisions for your favorite team.
What in the world did the just do with our draft pick? Can we slide Theo Epstein over to draft for the Cubs and Bears?
Ben should be the GM of every team. Theo Epstein was voted the world's Greatest Leader. BS. Ben is.
Maybe Theo Epstein should run the Just saying
this article sums it up perfectly. When can Theo Epstein take over this team too.
Can Theo Epstein make the rest of the picks?
And I know footballs not baseball, but look at what Theo Epstein did w the Cubs in 3-4 years. And the…
This organization defines enigma. It's not an accident they are an NFL bottom-feeder. If they borrowed Theo Epstein…
For those of you interested in the Theo Epstein interview, here it is.
Man I need Luck healthy & I need Ballard to channel his inner "Theo Epstein" since he reading his book, we gotta get the AFCSOUTH back
I seriously think Theo Epstein should take on the Bears front office, that was pathetic.
Theo Epstein returns to Boston, champions another cause with his twin brother via
Theo Epstein should just be the GM of every Chicago sports franchise. Except the sox I guess
Theo Epstein has a lot better track record than Ryan Pace could ever dream of
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Is it possible to hire Theo Epstein as a draft advisor.
Is it possible for Theo Epstein to handle the Bears and the Bulls too?
I'd almost say they might as well hire Theo Epstein but I'd be too scared they'd actually stop making bad decisions.
Hey Theo Epstein, will you come help the bears? Please?
again find a way to test the fans patience. Wonder if we can get Theo Epstein on loan next year for the draft.
Theo Epstein needs to do double duty and come run the Bears too
You would think Pace would watch how Theo Epstein operates ...him being so close *** it's hard being a fan sometimes
Apparently, Theo Epstein needs to run the Bears too.
We need Theo Epstein or Stan Bowman to run the Bears too
In other does Theo Epstein feel about football?
Ryan Pace is the exact opposite of Theo Epstein.
Theo Epstein, President of operations of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls, and Bears. Has a nice ring to it.
Theo Epstein, From President of the Cubs to President … of the United States?
team needs Theo Epstein to turn us around in 5 years 👍🏼
Can Theo Epstein please take over the Bears? I'd chip in even.
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How many dump trucks of money will it take for Theo Epstein to take over the Bears? Start passing around the collection dump trucks,Chicago.
Jesus Christ Bears, do u realize how hard it is to be a fan?? Can Theo Epstein make the Bears draft picks next year…
Cubs choose Kris Bryant with No. 2 pick of MLB draft .
Theo Epstein just needs to take over the Bulls and the Bears too
Hey so, uh, what does Theo Epstein know about football?
I have an idea. Have Theo Epstein consult!
Epstein was proven already! I think everyone at the end was like in theo we trust. Not so much for bears leadership
Petition:. Let Theo Epstein be GM of all Chicago sports teams. (Outside of White Sox)
Hey Chicago you might want to make Theo Epstein in charge of all your teams
Theo Epstein returns to Boston – and his fingerprints are everywhere
I thought Bulls management was bad. Theo Epstein should just run every Chicago team
Theo Epstein might have to help out the Bears as well
Theo Epstein needs to take over for
Can Theo Epstein just run the bears too?
I mean there's above average MLS executive and then there's Theo Epstein level executive
Hey guys- I'm sure Theo Epstein is free tonight - clearly you need some help.
Theo Epstein needs to take over the Bears
He just guaranteed he will be Phil Emery or Theo Epstein in Chicago history. There will be no in between.
Theo Epstein is looking across town and saying, "Dude."
Apparently the don't have the football equivalent of Theo Epstein
With the 3rd pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, The Chicago Bears select... Theo Epstein 🐻⬇️
I would love to see Theo Epstein run the
Can Theo Epstein just be the President of Operations for the too. Their front office needs some major help.
At least we can agree that Theo Epstein, John Lester, and David Ross are the GOATs
Does Andrew Friedman have the Dodgers on the same World Series track as Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs?
“They say all glory is fleeting, and it is. But the flag will fly forever.” -Theo Epstein
Raised 50k for JJ Watt's Charity, Theo Epstein, and now Curt Schilling. Weird wild week for PMT
A-Rod to the Red Sox?. Theo Epstein gave some pretty compelling insight into the blockbuster that never was.
"Will you be the Jed Hoyer to my Theo Epstein" would be a great pickup line.
Who wants to be the Jed Hoyer to my Theo Epstein?
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Cubs president Theo Epstein named world's Greatest Leader ahead of Pope
Theo Epstein picked as the No. 1 World Leader by Fortune and responds how a Leader would (by giving credit to others)…
I would 100% support replacing Trump with Theo Epstein.
Theo Epstein: Officially a greater leader than the Pope, LeBron James and Chance the Rapper, says Fortune
president Theo Epstein has been named the world’s Greatest Leader by FORTUNE:.
Cubs prez Theo Epstein named world's Greatest Leader by Fortune - Chicago Sun-Times
Well now. I'm sure Trump will feel slighted.
Theo Epstein (GM of Chicago Cubs) commenting on being named the World's Best Leader by Forbes. https:/…
Cubs' Theo Epstein tops list of world's Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine
Fortune has named President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein the No.1 leader in the world. Congrats Theo!
all i can think of is how Trump reads this and then goes on a tangent as to why he isn't and Forbes is Fake. lol
Theo Epstein is one of the most brilliant executives I have ever seen in sports.
Fortune names Theo Epstein the world's top leader and somewhere in Pawtucket, Larry Lucchino is creating a bigger role…
Cubs president Theo Epstein has great response to being named World's Greatest Leader
I wrote him for president Theo Epstein tops Fortune's list of world leaders
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Fortune names Chicago Cubs GM Theo Epstein World's Best Leader He responds as a great leader would
What does Theo Epstein think about being named “World’s Greatest Leader" by Fortune Magazine? h…
This is why Theo has always been my favorite
Fortune magazine dubs Theo Epstein as World's Greatest Leader! Putting him above Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon and Pope Franci…
Theo Epstein 😂😂 exactly how a leader would respond.
Theo Epstein was named the world's Greatest Leader... two spots ahead of the Pope 🙄
Theo Epstein on being named the world's Greatest Leader: 'I can't even get my dog to stop peeing in the house'
Theo Epstein not interested in leading the world
Happy birthday to Kevin Youkilis who Billy Beane dubbed the Greek God of Walks. Now he's helping Theo Epstein in the Cubs front office
Theo Epstein took BP against Ryan Dempster. Pretty good for a front office guy.
Theo Epstein got a hit off Ryan Dempster in batting practice. Some Cubs were not impressed.
Theo Epstein was out of line..the bulls can run..and talks Randolph Scott
Casablanca was released 74 years ago today. The script was written by Philip and Julius Epstein, Theo Epstein's grandpa…
I blame the Bo Jackson curse, same reason we have Bryan Price as our manager and Andy Dalton at QB. Where's Theo Epstein when needed
I'm either going to be the next Ben Zobrist or Theo Epstein. Not going to settle for less so we will see. Trust in God.🙏🏼
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Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer have work cut out for them in search for starting pitching: “We knew this day was coming." http…
I would really appreciate it if everyone in baseball not named Theo Epstein or Jed Hoyer would stay away from Tyson Ross.
Dan Levitt said that Theo Epstein is the 4th best GM of all time. Behind Branch Rickey, Pat Gillick, And Ed Barrow.
I'd rephrase that as Theo Epstein & Jed Hoyer know how to build a winning club.
Maybe it's time to let baseball's Theo Epstein turn around institutions even more troubled than the Bosox & Cubs.
Hahn been studying film on Theo Epstein
Theo Epstein is 219 days younger than Bartolo Colon
Please, please Theo Epstein will you come do for the Cleveland Browns what you did for the Red Sox and Cubs.
Who can blame the other 29 teams for wanting to emulate Theo Epstein and the Cubs' success?
Theo Epstein wins executive of the year as GMs looking to emulate success
After the Cubs won the World Series, Theo Epstein ate a goat in the left field bleachers at Wrigley
Curse be gone! . Theo Epstein ate a goat in Wrigley Field after winning the World Series 🐐 http…
Theo Epstein, Oct. 25, 2011. . "it will not be any one person it will be all of us for the Chicago Cubs"
After the Theo Epstein left voicemails for Francona, Bill Murray and Steve Bartman. 😂
"Theo Epstein has helped the Red Sox & the Cubs end their drought...Cruz Azul should hire him next"-Univision 😂😂😂😂 No chill what so ever
president Sam Kennedy and boss Theo Epstein share baseball bond back to Brookline.
Herm Edwards wants Theo Epstein on the ballot for President because he can fix things! Too good!
There needs to be another Moneyball done with Theo Epstein instead of Billy Bean ASAP.
you mean to say John Idzik was our Theo Epstein
That's 2 cursed teams Theo Epstein has fixed. Has anyone checked to see if he's a witch? I think he's a witch.
Brian Cashman > Theo Epstein. I don't care what anyone says.
All this World Series did for me was make me miss Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, Jon Lester, Andrew Miller,John Lackey, Mike Napoli
Somewhere Billy Bean is watching Theo Epstein's multiple championships thinking, "At least Brad Pitt never played him in a movie."
Katie Lynn. 10 hrs · . So after Boston and now Chicago, I'm sure the Cleveland Browns will be calling Theo Epstein
What Billy Bean did for the A's doesn't compare to what Theo Epstein has done for the Cubs imo
They need to make a movie about Theo Epstein like how they did about Billy Bean
Theo Epstein is John Idzik if he was given time to execute his plan.
Theo Epstein did it for Red Sox and now the Cubs, he is the true curse killer
CURSE KILLER! Theo Epstein broke a 86 year curse with the Red Sox and a 108 year curse with the Cubs.
surely there's an argument to be made for the Mayo County Board to bring in Theo Epstein?
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Drunk Bill Murray interviewing drunk Theo Epstein is one of the best interviews ever.
davidaxelrod: Incredible job by CubsPresident Theo Epstein in building another champion and breaking another curse. Hall of Fame stuff!
Jerry Reese for Theo Epstein who says no?
Theo Epstein could lead a Green Party candidate to the White House. I am absolutely convinced of this.
I bet Mark Walberg just walked into his garage to work on his Theo Epstein impersonation for the movie about his life that needs to happen.
Kick Billy Bean out of town and hire Theo Epstein. He can do it for the
Well, he used a few of our players to win so may I suggest the next trade be Billy Bean for Theo Epstein. Fair is fair.
Very cool. Theo Epstein is just like Billy Bean except not bad at his job.
As a Yankees fan it pains me to say this, but Theo Epstein is probably the greatest GM in the history of sports. Broke the 2 biggest curses
Theo Epstein is currently fielding offers to run the Republican Party starting a week hence.
Theo Epstein helped end the Curse of the Babe and the Curse of the Goat. Ended 194 years of baseball misery.
After ending the Bambino and Billy Goat curses, Theo Epstein's next move has to be chairman of the Mayo County Board.
United States men's tennis will be looking to retain the services of Theo Epstein for 2017.
Next, Theo Epstein will return the Expos to prominence, then shortly after, The Texas State Fight'n Armadillos from Necessary Roughness...
We spoke with Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon of the Chicago Cubs to learn how they transformed the team’s performance. htt…
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Except Scott Speedman as Theo Epstein and can't forget Will Farrell as the Ghost of Harry Caray.
I've said it and now just heard Theo Epstein say it. Zobrist's bunt in game 4 changed this series
Theo Epstein is 1 or if not the best GM in baseball today. Phenomenal job for what he did with the Red Sox & now with the Chicago Cubs
Huge shoutout to Theo Epstein. Thanks for this.
I'm with Theo Epstein for RNC Chair. If he can fix the Red Sox and the Cubs, he can save the GOP!
Honesty, if the Cubs WIN the World Series, Theo Epstein will go down as the greatest GM in sports history ending 2 histor…
Oh, hello Drunk Theo Epstein, slurring your way through an MLB Network appearance. This team is so fun.
Theo Epstein has a chance to end the 2 greatest streaks in baseball, I'm for sure rooting for history.
Every Pennant mints an idol. Tonight, thousands of boys dream that if they master statistics, they can grow up to be the ne…
Maybe the should hire Theo Epstein. Apparently he is a miracle worker.
Theo Epstein is a god. Arguably the best gm in mlb history.
If Theo Epstein can break the the Red Sox and Cubs curses he deserves to be our president!
Put Theo Epstein in the Hall now? Or does he have to win the WS with the Cubs, too?
Theo Epstein could get Charlie Brown to kick the football
If my old classmate Theo Epstein helps end yet another drought,he might get himself enshrined somewhere
And sister, noted television writer-producer Anya Epstein. Theo is the black sheep here with this baseball thing.
First the Red Sox, now the Cubs. You must admit, Theo Epstein is the friggin man.
If Theo Epstein gets the Red Sox and then the Cubs a championship, the Washington Generals seem like the only next logical step.
I was awestruck seeing the Cubs celebrate on the field and seeing Tom Ricketts, and Theo Epstein hoisting NLCS trophy.
Theo Epstein ended the Red Sox curse and is on the verge of doing the same with Chicago. Yo hire him to help out city out please
When your grandfather and great-uncle wrote Casablanca, the shoes may seem big to fill. But Theo Epstein seems to have foun…
Why are people under the impression that Tito and Theo Epstein aren't already Hall of Famers?
Theo epstein for president lets do this
As a Yankees fan, I can't stand Theo Epstein, but gotta tip your cap to a guy who has broken baseball's two most famous curs…
the R 4 wins away from cementing Theo Epstein's place as greatest GM in baseball history, he ain't afraid of no curse
Not sure who'd win a Cubs-Indians WS, but at the end of it, Terry Francona and/or Theo Epstein can start writing a Hall of…
If Theo Epstein announced his candidacy for Presidency he'd win in a landslide.
So Theo Epstein is going to Cooperstown regardless, right?
nor will Theo Epstein. That guys story is kind of awesome right?
Jon Lester. David Ross. Theo Epstein. Mike Napoli. Andrew Miller. Terry Francona. I love so many people in this World Series
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All you need to beat a curse is a stadium renovation & Theo Epstein. Hey Theo, see you at the new New Era Field in downtow…
What Theo Epstein has pulled off is incredible. I'm not sure there's ever been a sports executive who's done something lik…
You guys think I'm joking, but if the Cubs win, we need to push Theo Epstein to run for president in 2020.
Cubs President Theo Epstein surveys the celebration at Wrigley Field and reflects on the journey to this moment https:/…
Theo of the House Epstein, first of his name, King of the Moneyball and Breaker of Curses.
The Cubs' Theo Epstein does "a wonderful job of balancing the math with the actual person" when building a roster
It took Theo Epstein exactly five years--from 10/22/11 to 10/22/16--to take Cubs to World Series, writes http…
Thinking of letting Theo Epstein run my Tinder account
Argument finally over. Theo Epstein far better then Brian Cashman.
Cubs GM Theo Epstein has single handily improved the quality of life for Billy Buckner and Steve Bartman...
Theo Epstein builds winners. Brian Cashman take notes. What have the Yankees done since 09? Since last time he was able to buy a team? Nada
Really looking forward to seeing Theo Epstein take over as GM of the Washington Generals.
(Chicago Tribune) Never-say-die make national statement in : Theo Epstein..
Never-say-die Cubs make national statement in NLDS: Theo Epstein stood in the stands at AT&T P...
"Hitting before the 9th inning is overrated, anyway." - Theo Epstein
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Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be played by Theo Epstein.
Crazy how I strongly dislike all of the team's Theo Epstein has helped, and yet I still want him to write this book!
In Chicago, it's like they replaced the goat with the G.O.A.T. Column on Theo Epstein and why he belongs in Chicago: https:…
He helped conquer the Curse of the Bambino. Next up: Curse of the Billy Goat. How does Theo Epstein do it?
Tom Ricketts recalls why he hired Theo Epstein: 'Living year to year wasn't going to change the prospects'
The perfect marriage of the Chicago Cubs and Theo Epstein. Column:
The Cubs have signed Theo Epstein to a 5-year extension that could exceed $50 million.
Great article but (gasp) is 42 really middle age? . Ugh. Theo Epstein is the mastermind behind the Cubs' season
head coach Bill Belichick's advice to Theo Epstein after 2004.
Wright Thompson's giant Theo Epstein story is fun and contains a story about how he almost killed Ben Cherington.…
So happy for fans... and THIS is a really cool thing Epstein did...
TRIPLE H I THINK is bringing in more young athletes as Theo Epstein is doing for the Cubs.Good work H.
Theo Epstein gonna get paid pretty soon, maybe even enough for a realistic fake 'stache and better spirit gum.
Theo Epstein wore a silly disguise while sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley Field.
When you Theo Epstein on Thursday, but Theodore Epperson on Friday 👨🏽
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Tom Ricketts on fans worried about Theo Epstein's contract: "Cubs fans have nothing to worry. Nothing." Followed by…
Cubs' president wears a fake mustache, is recognized immediately
BUT THEO EPSTEIN to me is the big highlight. How he and his crew turn the organization around.CUBS WAY I like it.Thank you Theo.
His cover is blown but Theo Epstein still has his stache on in the Wrigley stands (via
Did President Theo Epstein morph into Bobby Valentine or Dwayne F. Schneider on "One Day At A Time" 2day?
Theo Epstein understands the effectiveness of a fake mustache as a disguise:
Not as good as the time he snuck out of Fenway in a gorilla suit, but I respect the man's dedication to deception.
Where else can you find Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer in bleachers, and an actual DJ in clubhouse?
Cleo Epstein in the bleachers today. Theo's distant cousin.
Theo Epstein: "Champagne is the best smell in baseball."
Nobody loves wearing disguises so everybody will point out he's wearing a disguise more than Theo Epstein
Poorly disguised Theo Epstein takes in Cubs game from the bleachers:
Another one from my friend on FB. Theo Epstein, President of the and just completely awesome. h…
Undercover Boss?. Cubs president Theo Epstein attempts to go incognito at Wrigley Field https:/…
Theo Epstein (and front office staff) is in the front row of the Wrigley bleachers in a fake mustache. 2016. http…
Cubs president Theo Epstein puts on disguise, sits in Wrigley Field bleachers
Cubs’ GM Theo Epstein wore a disguise to watch his team from the stands. SEE IT:
It might be fake, but Theo Epstein figured out what's needed for a title in Chicago. MORE:
Cubs' Epstein tries a Bobby Valentine disguise to sit in Wrigley bleachers
Theo Epstein joins bleacher fans in disguise
I hope Theo Epstein sends flowers to Jeff Luhnow and Billy Beane on the regular. I would.
Straight up, Theo Epstein has completely ruined the white sox organization, or, has entirely exposed all their flaws.
When did Brian Cashman turn into Theo Epstein?! The most exciting the Yanks farm has looked since I can remember!
I think I trust Theo Epstein's assessment of prospects more than Brian Cashman's.
If I was Chapman, I would want to stay on the Cubs. It could happen. Scott Boras is not his agent. Theo Epstein is smart.
Brian Cashman sure does have a knack for edging Theo Epstein, back to when he was the GM of the Red Sox and now with t…
Theo Epstein really left the Bo Sox and made the Cubs a contender with all the right moves.
How fascinating to see Brian Cashman helping Theo Epstein
Cubs gave up a lot for Aroldis Chapman. Curious move by Theo Epstein, but it's the luxury of a rich farm system.
your perception of Theo Epstein is so ridiculous if you think he prevents Chris sale being a 5 year old
Cubs' Theo Epstein on the Mike Montgomery trade (video via
I have no idea how David Ortiz went from almost released by Theo Epstein a few years ago to being Barry Bonds. I wonder how…
Theo Epstein signed Ortiz, Fowler, Zobrist as FAs; Bogaerts as IFA. Drafted JBJ, Bryant, Betts, Rizzo. Traded for Russell…
Second guessing regular season baseball in June...Jim Hendry listens to your kind. Theo Epstein hates your kind. Get a grip.
David Ross crushes a yabo and takes a curtain call. Theo Epstein may have to talk that guy out of retirement.
Hey did you ever think you'd see Theo Epstein playing rhythm guitar on a Bernie Williams solo?
Remember it was Theo Epstein who signed David Ortiz as a free agent after he was non-tendered by Minnesota Twins back in 2003
Not Just Boy Wonder: Red Sox’ Shadow Government: Aside from former GM Theo Epstein, the Red Sox have been bui...
Time to fire TR and go get Theo Epstein's right hand man Jed Hoyer from the Cubs or Ben Cherington, former Red Sox GM.
Gotta say it's some hard hitting journalism to nail Theo Epstein on Carl Crawford and Edwin Jackson contracts.
star this. Cubs and Red Sox World Series. The Theo Epstein WS
- per your request, picture of Theo Epstein in his suite at Wrigley Field watching cliff diving on tv.
Things learned from Sox fans last night contd: Theo Epstein is overrated. That was my Saturday night. Not ready for this wedding at all
Nice job from Murray Chass in highlighting the accomplishments of Arthur Shack and Theo Epstein:
if the Cubs cop a WS win does this confirm Theo Epstein as the greastet GM since Branch Rickey?
Not enough has been made of the fact that "Casablanca" was written by Theo Epstein's grandfather and great uncle.
Theo Epstein could be the single best executive in sports right now. Amazing what he has done with the Cubs.
We'll show Theo Epstein he never should've left
Arrieta and the Cubs are ripping the league up. Credit Theo Epstein for putting this crazy team together
THEO EPSTEIN-"We still have vulnerabilities-we still have areas we need to get better."
THEO EPSTEIN and the Cubs keep their feet to the ground and their spirits in the air. One game at a time never taking any team lightly.
Yes, president Theo Epstein will be next up for extension, making him the highest paid executive in in excess of $40 million
And the Cubs have been built by the draft and trades. Less free agents on roster than Pirates. Theo Epstein v Huntington.
Theo Epstein confirms Jorge Soler belongs with the Cubs and preaches patients with his development
Not properly run? He's nuts. They hired Theo Epstein, arguably the most talented sports exec of the last decade.
Whoa. Just looked at the Cubs. Theo Epstein has found some real OBP guys.
Why can't other Chicago teams have Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer type owners?!? Only real GM's in Chicago that actually want to win.
It must be nice to be able to throw $100 Million at a problem. I'd love to see Theo Epstein try and succeed with our payroll.
He was 28, took on debt & said he would have no regrets. Hoyer struck up friendship w/Theo Epstein & they have been together for most part.
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