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Thelma Lou

Thelma Lou is a character on the American television sitcom The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968). The character appeared in 26 episodes.

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tell you this Barn, but Helen doesn't want to swap. I think Thelma Lou showed her your dickpic.
Andy suspends Barney amidst the allegations that he was sexually harassing Sara the telephone operator. Thelma Lou declines to comment.
Thelma Lou: Hey Barney I think maybe I made a mistake voting for Trump.
To appease Helen and Thelma Lou, Barney arrests Skippy and Daphne on suspicion of prostitution.
Barney finds out Thelma Lou voted for Hillary. . Barney: Well darnit Thelma, I oughta lock you AND her up!
But I just watch that clip and I swear, Buster Keaton and Thelma Todd would have fit perfectly as Jenkins and Lou.
Helen: Tell me Thelma, how is Barn, you know, in bed?. Thelma Lou: Helen, Barney Fife couldnt finger someone in a lineup let alone a bedroom
Heading to church,. Then Aunt Bea's for lunch,. Home for a nap,. Then over to Thelma Lou's for TV
Its the weekend?What are we gonna do Andy? Maybe we go to a barn dance with Thelma Lou and Helen. What's all JT's t…
I've got news for you rural America, RFD never existed and it's likely Thelma Lou had several back alley abortions.
What the *** did Thelma Lou do for a living on the
In Mayberry all were single (Andy, Barney, Helen, Thelma Lou, Goober, Bea) Otis was married but drunk & locked himself up
Thelma n Lou will cleanse the palate before some red hot scully n mulder 'shipping action.
I know just a little more than Juanita at the diner and Thelma Lou. I heard he also goes by Al and dances with Sally.
"Jeff" done came up in the spot trying to give Thelma Lou the D. Barney is hatin', as usual...
your song “Thelma Lou” is amazing! We would like to invite you to join us on
that too is how Thelma Lou ate enough heart worm pills for a 200 lb dog. Thanks, Barn...
Barney sets up Andy with Thelma Lou's cousin, who is the expert shooter. It was cute.
Was it the one where Barney knocked up Thelma Lou?
Michael Powell & Thelma Schoonmaker, Edward Yang's THE TERRORIZERS at & more in Did You See This?
I know that you knew Andy Griffith but have you ever met Betty Lynn? (AKA Thelma Lou) beautiful & pre…
Thelma Lou...Betty Lynn is in Mount Airy and so am I
Thanks to our Assessment Dept. Secretaries, Josie Garza & Mary Lou Jaime for our Bosses Day Gift! Thelma Rosel, Dr.…
I live 20 miles from here.They have Mayberry Days every year.Thelma Lou lives here.It'd be great to see u!
UPDATE: Barney just tried to grope Thelma Lou in the back of the cruiser. She said no and got away.
Barney wants Thelma Lou to be his steady girl but he can't tell her this awww
Ubering Thelma Lou to be nice then telling her everything said about her
I saw this on mine too and it made my day. I miss Bertha Mae and Thelma Lou
I need someone who looks at me the way Thelma Lou looks at chicken 😁
Barbara Eden played a buxom cosmetologist who made all the Mayberry women jealous. Pharmacist was Ellie. Thelma Lou.
tried to steal Thelma Lou from Barney (even though he was like 7)
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Thelma Lou was thrilled to be released out of her recuperation stall yesterday into her spacious outdoor paddock!...
When your pesky, puppy brother bites your ear and this happens... Poor Thelma Lou!
Just took Opie & Thelma Lou in the pool for the first time, to try & cool them off from having no AC in the...
No, Thelma Lou. We're just out to mock your aryan caliphate wet dream.
(Opie has a crush on Thelma Lou.). Opie: "Pa, just what can you do with a grown woman?". Me: I'm still trying to figure this one out!😨😬😆
Thelma Lou when she was just a few months old. She still loves her ball.
She was part of Mayberry's first sportstalk show called, Doc, Laff & Thelma Lou!
Excited to see my girls later tonight
You are invited to Thelma Lou's 90th Birthday!.
Random, but what was Thelma Lou's occupation of The Andy Griffith Show?
How about a male version of Thelma and Louise? We can call it Rick and Lou.
Had a great time with my Auntie Thelma Lou!! It's always…
The EDA team accept their award at the ceremony in London
Otis takes over the work when Thelma Lou gets tired.
Otis looks on as Thelma Lou sniffs out a mole.
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This Sunday there will be a Birthday Potluck for Sister Thelma Lou McClure, immediately following the morning...
thoughts while watching Barney is a little annoying and he messes around with a lot girls when dating Thelma Lou.
How did Thelma Lou afford such a nice house with no job?
Otis and Thelma Lou killed another squirrel this morning. I had the lovely task of getting rid of its body. Blech!
Helen was definitely the more babelicious, but I bet Thelma Lou was a freak behind doors. U know she was steppin out on Barn.
give that sweet Thelma Lou a pat on the head & a kiss. Oh and enjoy your time home ;)
Before Pete died, he liked to prewash the dishes. Thelma Lou used to sit and watch him. The day…
you better be careful!! Thelma Lou will get jealous of all those fun girl's just take her a box of cashew fudge🚔
Thanks to Lou and Thelma for their generosity over past few months. Having spent two days working with Andrew to...
now Barney was a player with Thelma Lou 😂😂
"Thermal lube", is all I hear Gomer say. The Andy Griffith Show. . (S4 E30). "Barney and Thelma Lou,. Phfftt "
Great Article - Bernie and Jane Sanders: The Democratic Party’s Thelma and Louise via
The thing I'll never forgive Barney for? Running around on Thelma Lou w/ Juanita! If you can't trust him, which man can you?!
I was talking about BARNEY and Thelma Lou, you imbecile!
cast Bernard Goetz as the barber, David Berkowitz, the town drunk, and Halle Berry as Thelma Lou.
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Meet Betty Lynn Today! Betty is the 89-year-old actress who played Barney Fife's girlfriend, Thelma Lou, on the...
Thelma Lou, a 2-year-old Pit Bull/Lab at a shelter in needs a home URGENT
Betty Lynn remains Thelma Lou to 'Andy Griffth Show' fans in Mayberry (photos, videos)
Thelma Lou wants nothing to do with the freshly mopped, wet floor.
I love the Andy Griffith Show. We had the chance to meet Betty Lynn a.k.a Thelma Lou.
It's me...Aunt Bea. And stop trying to flirt with Thelma Lou...Barney's going to blow a gasket!
Louis DiGiaimo, Casting Dir.-The Godfather,’Dead at 77 RIP Lou...great to work w/you on Thelma&Louise & other films!
Bowlegged Lou>Happy birthday to my Gal Bernadette Stanis aka Thelma From Good Times ! I so love her! From my...
My boys have the same idea as Thelma Lou😴💤
aww is he based after Although everyone knows Charlie's dog is Thelma Lou ☺😂🐕
Otis & Thelma Lou help clean the grill grate. .
Got some wonderful Christmas cards today from Candy, Mark, Daniel, Christopher, Emmanuel, Thelma Lou, Nate &...
yes, and maybe a even male leads in a Thelma & Louise reboot. Call it Tom and Lou?
, Gomer, Sam, Ernest T Bass, Helen, Thelma Lou, Clara, and of course Opie - all single. . The only married person was Otis,
But Thelma Lou never found out about Juanita from the diner.
Barney was quite the ladykiller, too (Thelma Lou, Juanita at the diner, etc)
I liked a video Andy Griffith Remembered by Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou)
For the record Barney ..I do reside at in ..You & Thelma Lou are welcome anytime .
Of course I added Batista to the cast of lookalikes at the 'Shoe: Mini Regis, Thelma & Louise, Jack LaLanne, Lou Diva, & Asian Yoda!
Thelma Evans ought to have an engagement ring for every finger: Lou gossett, eBay, Keith, the dude with the mechanic business. ...
Happen to be in Mt Airy NC during "Mayberry Days". Just passed a Barney Fife & Thelma Lou cosplay couple. Proof geeks come in all flavors!
Betty Lynn (aka Thelma Lou) talks about The Andy Griffith Show & (this week!)
Barney and Thelma Lou are phfft! Now she's dating Gomer. I think she's barking up the wrong tree.
I love the pics of Thelma Lou. She is so cute 😊
apologies to Miss Thelma Lou! (Send me the bill for that extra treat)
On National Dog Day, Newman, Roger and Thelma Lou celebrate the Woodstock chapters of DEAD of SUMMER
Dear Tim, there's another prsn on my TL w/ a dog named Thelma Lou!
Thelma Lou has a great life. Wish I could say the same 4 me.
Thelma Lou doing what she does best a while back in Mississippi - happy
this is the 2d dog named Thelma Lou on my TL ! Cute cute cute !
Everyone should get to experience the awesome cuteness that is Thelma Lou.
.Thelma Lou is always ready to play ball.
...then maybe you can go to Thelma Lou's & watch a little TV! 😉
Gonna take a nap, stop by the filling station and grab a soda, then head over to Thelma Lou's and watch tv.
"...sometimes at breakfast, I stare down at my eggs and...I see your face right in there." Barney loves Thelma Lou
Super sweet story from the on Betty Lynn, the actress who played Thelma Lou on the Andy Griffith Show:
MT It's a date Thelma Lou! Box of fudge, Longmire and holding hands on the sofa!
Thelma's chicken and waffles downtown has kick *** food and good service. Bravo
Well Barney and Thelma Lou were intended to be vanilla, dull & comedic. Is Livy?
Barney and Thelma Lou had more sexy working that this bore couple
"can bring Thelma Lou, she rocks the casbah"
count me in!! I'm feeling a little Thelma Lou and Barney Fife today! How about those that feel attracted to animals?
We are sad to learn that one of our very first wave of Greyhounds Mama's Thelma Lou renamed Velma by her family,...
Barney will be taking Thelma Lou to the big dance at Stevie Rays Blues Bar this Saturday featuring oldschool...
Pat McRory, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Renee Elmers ... Andy, Floyd, Otis, Thelma Lou ... this reference is to the tv show Andy of Mayberry
lou! I still have room in my car! It'd be like Thelma and Louise. But not dying
Happy Sunday! Me, Opie, Aunt Bee, Helen, Barn and Thelma Lou are going to church in a little while
Sen. Grassley reminds me of Barney Fife when he was around Thelma Lou.
LOL My husband and I will be there, but his name's not Thelma Lou!
Rev. Tucker calls meeting to discuss hymn books. Thelma Lou admits she and Edgar Coleman never did glue 'em back on that night.
9 minutes til Andy. I'm beat and I'm ready to have impure thoughts about Thelma Lou.
What makes me even more sad is that Barney Fife never married Thelma Lou. Well, they did eventually...but not until she was widowed and old.
is Barney still over at Thelma Lou's?
Elvis, Barney, and Thelma Lou make the best of the blizzard. All warm and cozy, ready for their afternoon nap!
got some stories about Thelma to tell you tomorrow! 😂
Taking Thelma Lou out on a drive on this cold star filled evening.
Home sweet home and about to finish the TWO films I started last month/a few hours ago. Tenenbaums 66 mins left, Thelma & Lou a bit more 🍵
Be sure to like Thelma Lou's Dock Dog page!! Catch her up coming events and get competition results!.
You going out with Thelma Lou or Juanita?
Look i just wanna be with grace and hannah and pepe and thelma lou so we can sit on grace's couch and do nothing
You know what I think I'll do? Go home, have a nap and then go over to Thelma Lou's for some TV!!
Thelma Lou likes "Butt Muncher" and "Thinker". Attempt "The Kali Ma", and you'll pull back a bloody stump!
chauffeur service.. Next stop.. You to Thelma Lou..
You followed French people? — Laura thelma and lou are French :D
we can alway do this to Thelma Lou 😂😂
I thought I'd take Thelma Lou up to the lake last night for a little romance,,, The Fonze was there and she le
Remembering Donna Douglas. Faith, fans, and what she was doing in Mount Airy.
Reporter Notebook: Remembering Elly May, Thelma Lou, and a packed house in Mount Airy
Tories advertising now endorsed by Thelma and Louise.
Ole Thelma Lou. I got her right in my hip pocket.
The Sydney Morning > 'I just threw my son off a bridge' - In her blogs, she talked about "pulling a Thelma and Lou...
Thelma and Willis Kauffman surprised campus pastor Lou Gomez with a Raisin Cream Pie for Pastors' Appreciation...
Thelma Lou is 6 months old! Best decision (after marrying Dave and getting Barney) ever!
You know what doesn't "fall back" with the Fall clocks? Six month old yellow labs named Thelma Lou.
Barney and Thelma Lou were Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. I love my fur babies.😍
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Being a devil is fun, Thelma Lou! Let Jon Lovitz show you how it's done!
Thelma Lou is not thrilled to be a devil.
just watched Alan Hale aka Jeff Pruitt on the Andy Griffith Show. Barney to Thelma Lou, "and to the winner, the spoils".
Why yes I ordered Thelma Lou a Jessie costume today. And yes Barney will be Woody again for Halloween.😍
new favorite Instagram account, ..I mean, come on! maybe there should be one for Thelma Lou 💡🐶📲
Betty Lynn, who played Thelma Lou on The Andy Griffith Show, turns 88 years young today.
"Thelma Lou" from the Andy Griffith Show called me a cutie. . So it must be official. 😊😊😊😊
There's Betty Lynn who played Thelma Lou in Andy Griffith. She now lives in Mt. Airy, NC
THELMA LOU, driven by Mark Winters, Sr., wins race no 6, followed by Baywood Super and Xenia's Flyfightwin, of Mark Myers.
.So you’re saying Thelma Lou is smelling what I’m puttin down?
meanwhile, back in Mississippi, Thelma Lou has been walking (aka smelling expeditions)
Well, he was born in Oklahoma... And his wife's name is Betty-Lou Thelma-Liz
He was born in Oklahoma . His wife name is Betty Lou Thelma Liz . He's not responsible for what he's doin. Cause his mamma made him what he is
Andy take Thelma lou out for the day Barney better not never know when another beast will come out of forest
I now have 2 rabbits called Thelma and Lou Reed, 2 ducks called Morecambe and Foolish and 2 axolotl called Tom and Jericho
Hamilton Collection
Barney and Thelma Lou are way too cute.
It's days like today that I thank God for naps, The Andy Griffith Show, & that my parents didn't name me Bertha or Thelma Lou.
line from Barney you see Thelma Lou this is what they call the deadly game and I'm in it for keeps !
Except it's July and the episode is all about whether Andy/Helen and Barney/Thelma Lou are engaged.
Andy Taylor: Andy lived in Mayberry all his life, having attended and graduated from Mayberry Union High School. Little is known of his early life other than he fact that he was raised, in part by Aunt Bee. Little is know of his marriage as well. In the only reference to his wife: he confides in Opie that they had that " special can of love: that only soul mates have. Andy enjoys the outdoors. He would just as well go camping out as travel for a vacation. He loves to hunt, shoot *** and go fishing. While at home Andy enjoys playing the guitar sitting on the front porch visiting, and reading the Mayberry Gazette or the National Geographic. Andy works hard at his job as Sheriff,but her makes time for family and special friends. Andy had many favorite food including Leg of Lamb, Fried Chicken and. One of the most notable topics of conversation about Andy is prehaps his long list of Lady Friends. Ellie Walker, Thelma Lou's cousin Karne, County Nurse Mary and Mary Simpson, Peggy McMillan, Fund Girl Daphne ...
If Eufaula were Mayberry Andy would get a mile long 5 inch wide roll of traffic yellow linoleum and split the existing lanes during holiday weekends. After all the existing width is much wider than the highways we baby boomers grew up driving on. Then he would have Barney (who would not be happy) Gomer, Goober and Otis addressing problem intersections to facilitate movement. Helen and Thelma Lou could monitor traffic counts to see if the extra lanes moved more traffic or if the traffic lights happened to be the problem. They could all get together after the holiday and discuss what they learned and make appropriate informed action. Barney would certainly point out that big trucks do not have enough room to travel abreast to which Andy would say trucks can straddle the line for a mile with out much trouble. After the holiday Opie and his friends could use the existing extra width to ride bikes in the shade or stop and take photos of the historic properties like so many have done for years. I for one am gon ...
The Andy Griffith Show 4x30 Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfftt with no annoying you tube ... -
Little Known TV Trivia: Barney Fife also kept a single condom in his shirt pocket in case Thelma Lou ever got "frisky".
Better watch he doesn't make another play for Thelma Lou "thank you Skiper!
Taking Thelma Lou through tunnels now turns me into a twelve year old...
I want to kiss you and rub my hand up your boney spine . “carol, you're making Thelma Lou nervous.”
carol, you're making Thelma Lou nervous.
he'll be like Kylie why's Thelma Lou in front of my house. We have enough vehicles as it is. 😂
Mayberry in Manteno: 'Thelma Lou' does not work here
I didn't even know Thelma Lou had a dog!
Well, you know Thelma Lou isn't giving it up.
Why don'yt U call uyp Thelma Lou when she's noyt sckn Goober's cck?Fat chance,Barn.
I gave Otis & Thelma Lou each a rawhide but they'd rather squabble over one and leave the other on the floor.
Barney and Thelma Lou made the trek to FLm. With Ann Madsen
Barney and Thelma Lou should have gotten married lol
You two-timing dog. Pick one. Is it Thelma Lou, or is it Juanita?
Today is my little girl's 3rd birthday. Happy birthday, Thelma Lou.
Had that good ole porkchop sandwich today at Snappy Lunch. Off to the Andy Giffith Museum. Thelma Lou was signing autographs!!
Old School Face Bookers ones who watched Andy Griffith as a child. ? What was Thelma Lou's Occupation ? Barney's Girlfriend. She was always there at lunch and always there to go on dates in the evening, I think she was Mayberry's Madam or Town Escort of sorts. Don't believe the writers ever gave her a job :-)
Betty Lynn (a.k.a. Thelma Lou) will be signing autographs and taking pictures at the Andy Griffith Museum on...
Thelma Lou would never forgive me if I asked you to the ice-cream social. Sorry I got to let you go. No regrets
Got my apartment tidied up now I'm gonna break and attempt to love on Thelma Lou if she isn't still mad at me.
I was watching an old episode of Andy Griffith after getting groceries this afternoon. Gomer gave Thelma Lou a ride to Mt. Pilot and bought him lunch that consisted of 3 eggs and 6 flapjacks. Gomer said it must have set her back at least 70 cents!
He was born in Oklahoma his wife's name's Betty Lou Thelma Liz
Remember Andy Griffith character, "Thelma Lou?" She is involved now with Honor Flights. Our Red White and Blue Salute goes out to you. :) *
Thelma Lou died and came back as Thelma Loom!
Tuesday February 18, 2014: Thelma Lou had a large buckling (A2) and little Thistle.
For us TAGS fans, she'll always be Thelma Lou's cousin...
Another hard week with weather, first my deck roof has pulled away from the house, then i have to stop falling while I'm shovling and hurting myself, last but not least check engine light comes on auto start on the car doesn't work either. I looked it up and there probably tied in. And last but should be first, to tell the wife that i love ya Thelma lou.
Ba bom ba bom It's alright to be a redneck It's alright to have a girl name Thelma Lou that don't mind a little kiss when you got a little chew party on the road by the light of the moon dancin' to a country tune :-)
Mary Grace Canfield, who played Thelma Lou's cousin Mary Grace on The Andy Griffith Show, has passed away.
RIP Mary Grace Canfield...I know that most of you are wondering who Mary Grace Canfield is...She was on 'The Andy Griffith Show' and played Thelma Lou's cousin who went on a blind date with Gomer Pyle. A few years later, she played 'Ralph Monroe' who was a sister to 'Alf Monroe' and they spent YEARS remodeling Mr. and Mrs. Douglas' Green Acres home!!
Looking forward to that pan of cashew fudge with Thelma Lou tonight.
And she play Thelma Lou cousin on The Andy Griffith Show
R.I.P. Mary Grace Canfield That name might not sound familiar to you (it didn't to me), but if you watched that 1960's-early 1970's situation comedy "Green Acres", you have seen her. Remember the Brothers Ralph and one of them was a girl? That was Mary Grace Canfield. She was the female Ralph. Not blessed with beauty, she did get plenty of work on TV. Her most sustaining role was as the female Ralph, but she also played a Plain Jane on an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show". As I recall, she was on show in which she played a friend of Thelma Lou. Andy and Barney conned Goober into going out with her. Goober went to go get her a corsage like Thelma Lou and Helen and all assumed that he had ditched her, but he hadn't. She was 89. Good-Bye, Mary Grace. :(
Mary Grace Canfield (September 3, 1924 – February 15, 2014). Best known for her character Ralph Monroe in the TV show "Green Acres," Mary Grace also appeared as a character actress in many other TV shows back in the '60s. In "The Andy Griffith Show" she portrayed Thelma Lou's cousin Mary Grace. Here she is with Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) in a scene from one of the episodes she appeared in.
RIP Mary Grace. I watched Green Acres and Andy Griffith many many times and still do. Until now, I never put Ralph on Green Acres and Gomer Pyle's blind date, Mary Grace, together as the same actress. Mary Grace was socially awkward just like Gomer and everyone thought the blind date had gone bad but found out later that evening that even though Thelma Lou was mad at Barney and Helen was mad at Andy, Gomer and Mary Grace were jitterbugging up a storm back at the house.
What a sad day ! Ralph Monroe, the female brother of The Monroe Brothers, the brother/sister carpenter team on Green Acres, has passed away at age 89. For you Andy Griffith fans, she also played Mary Grace, the homely cousin of Thelma Lou, who Gomer had a date with and then had the famous dance scene with at Thelma Lou's house. I think Eb is the only surviving member of Green Acres.
I also loved the episode of Andy Griffith where she played a cousin of Thelma Lou (Barney's gf). She enjoyed a date and a dance with Gomer Pyle. :) Wonderful actress.
Does anybody remember back in the 60's the picture of "thelma lou" that circulated around mt.hhs This looks like a relative
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I've got one smart cat. after saying her new name lots I think "Thelma Lou" has learned her name. She looks when I call her name and has been following me around and laying with me @ my desk.
Meet Benny, the new ride along companion for my Trailers Thelma Lou and Auntie Mil. He runs and is mostly complete so it won't take much to get this 1964 Honda cub 50cc -c100, up and bumper tied to an adventure. Fun big brother to Grasshopper the Baja.
Thelma Lou called and needs a ride to Mt. Pilot...
Tonight on is & a SURPRISE CAST MEMBER! I do so enjoy our Sunday night ritual together…
The are just perfect for Thelma Lou's and my tv watchin'. We just love what we're seeing on
Just do it! For the love of Mike do it - go home, take a nap, go to Thelma Lou's for TV!
is Thelma Lou a beagle or a basset hound?
"I'm gonna go home, have me a little nap, then go over to Thelma Lou's for some T.V."
Go down to the filling station get a bottle of pop, go home and take a nap, and then over to Thelma Lou's for a little TV?
I am sure they had a blast..You have a great family and Thelma Lou is absolutely adorable :)
talk about a - my folks have been taking Thelma Lou out to the lake for walks on the beach.
Here's a TV Trivia Question: What do the characters of Penny on & Thelma Lou from the old Andy Griffith Show have in common?
Barney took Thelma Lou to Morelli's for Valentine's Day. Since it's a special occasion, he decided not to go Dutch treat like usual.
How awesome is it to be ME you ask?!? VERY flipping awesome!! Spent last night with my incredibly, awesome girl April Dasher having a blast...Spent today with my incredibly, awesome girl Shannan Lucas Barsky-Pearce doing a little retail therapy...Now as I'm getting dressed and getting excited I cant help but to think how lucky I am!! And it doesn't stop because I get to spend half the day tomorrow with my Thelma Lou and participating in the Bridge Run!! Wow...I'm so thankful for it all!! :-)
Barney and Thelma Lou. Makes me teary eyed!!
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At this Summer's Western Film Fair, July 10-12, don't be surprised if we have a couple drop ins from Mayberry. Barney and Thelma Lou. Or as we know our friends, Elease and Ronnie Felker. We know they like cowboys and girls and will pose for pictures. They make appearances in a number of churches and charitable events.
Old Barney and Thelma Lou best show ever
Eagle lovers await birth of 'kids' at Lake Guntersville: Thelma Lou and Barney were together for a long time and were parents of several children before Barney disappeared a couple of years ago.
Waiting for the next round of snow at 3PM. So bad outside, Barney is getting cabin fever. He walks onto the sidewalk and looks at me like HUH!! why are my paws wet?and runs back in. Thelma Lou won't even put a paw out the door.
Today's Bed Tyme Tales - Read a Valentine's Day Story is "Hillbilly Bob's Valentine's Day" - Hillbilly Bob saw Thelma Lou with another man. The whole idea behind this page is to encourage reading. I will post a Valentine's Day story on this page each day until Valentine's Day. Please share this page with your friends and your family members. I welcome your comments or suggestions.
Hope Barney and Thelma Lou aren't caught up in that...
Well God I see your coming and getting your people cause you took another beautiful angel last night she was my aunt Shirley from Georgia even though I didn't get to see or visit her she knew I loved her, she was so sick but Jesus I pray for her soul cause you are the only one who knows where her heart was at.I pray for my cousins Patricia, Urdeen, and Thelma Lou these was her daughters and all her grand and great grand babies. Her three sisters Pearl, Barbara, and Joyce which all three are my aunts I have left on mama side.please leads all of us the way we should go keep us safe comfort in peace aunt Shirley.
Mrs. Shirley Jean Calvert, age 69, of Vidalia died Tuesday evening, February 11, 2014 at Lower Oconee Hospital of Glenwood after a brief illness. Mrs. Calvert was a native Uvalda, lived most of her life in Metter and had resided in Vidalia since 2009. She was a homemaker and Baptist by Faith. She was preceded in death by her husband James L. Calvert in 2000. Mrs. Calvert is survived by her Cousin/caregiver, Vickie Sanders and husband Jimmie of Vidalia; three daughters, Patricia Ann Rickborn and husband Charles of Lyons, Irma Dean Kersey of Gray and Thelma Lou Carter of Augusta; one step-son, James L. Calvert Jr. and wife Diedra of Metter; three sisters, Pearline Woods of Vidalia, Barbara Jean Phillips of Vidalia and Joyce Ann Bryant of Vidalia. Several grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other relatives also survive. Memorial services for Mrs. Shirley Jean Calvert will be held Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm at Stewart Rosier Funeral Service Vidalia Chapel with Reverend Bill Black officiating. . ...
Thank you Hattie Pugh (Grandma) and Thelma Lou( Mother) for teaching me how to cook! No hot pockets or torsion's pizza over here.
My Thelma Lou is loving the snow! No reason to make her play in the backyard today! Run Thelma Lou, run free! Lol!
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One of the most beloved sitcoms of all is THE Andy Griffith Show. Created by Sheldon Leonard, and spinoff from MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY, the show revolved around Andy Taylor (Griffith), his Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier) and son Opie (Ronny Howard - yes, THAT Ron(ny) Howard!) and Andy's job as Sherriff of the little North Carolina town, Mayberry. That set the stage for many hilarious episodes with classic characters, none more entertaining than Don Knotts, as wannabe tough guy lawman, Barney Fife! Barney was also a Playboy wannabe, always trying to hook up with Juanita the waitress, but he loved his Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) best of all. Andy had quite a few dates before he found Helen Crump (Aneta Corsaut) whom he would eventually marry. Then there are Otis, the town drunk (Hal Smith), Floyd the chatty Barber (Howard McNear), pump jockey Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors, who would spin off into Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.), Gomer's motorhead cousin, Goober (George Lindsey), The Darlings (The Dillards), a mountain family who make wond ...
I really like you Thelma Lou...why you're the cat's... --Lady Killer Barney Fife
I'm always cute. :') it's in my nature. Lou = born cute... and I forgot you're the Thelma to my Louise! (very important!)
Otis & Thelma Lou are learning to play fetch.
There a two month old bulldog at work and her name is Thelma Lou 😍😍
Gee, it's too bad they're already responding to Otis and Thelma Lou.
Ha! And more to the point, it's not Thelma and Lou.
Will miss the pics of Thelma Lou, but at least she'll still be kicking it around on the farm. How long of a drive do you got?
The more I watch The Andy Griffith Show, the more I realize that Barney Fife was a *** He had his longtime girlfriend Thelma Lou (who he never proposed to so he basically wasted her time) AND he was cheating on her with Juanita, the waitress from the diner. It took me 31 years to realize this...
If I left Thelma Lou in Hawaii while I headed to Washington I don't know that the people would think Yes I do thats trouble plane and simple
Apparently Thelma Lou is a fan of Mary Poppins
Lou Teasdale won't be working with the lads until April.
I liked the old Andy Griffith Show: Andy, Barney, Opie and Aunt Bee, along with Floyd, Goober, Otis and Ernest T., just some of my favorite characters I watched on TV. Of course, there were the Darlings and Gomer, too, and, as memorable, Barney's girl, Thelma Lou. These icons of the Andy Griffith Show take me back to an era we never again will know. This show represents what I long for today, sadly, most of those good times long ago went away. Back to a time when I had few worries in mind, to a time, once again, where I could leave my problems behind. I will never forget watching those wonderful shows and of a time and a place where my mind often goes.
don't forget when Lou Gossett Jr was on there getting his R. Kelly on with Thelma.
Gimme Thelma Lou all day long. Now that was a woman!
Sounded really traumatic for Thelma Lou. Bunny had to go.
It was pretty traumatic for Thelma Lou - and Bunny probably didn't like getting bit. Everyone is happier now...
Now Julia Duffy is one of the prettiest young ladies to ever... oops here comes Thelma Lou. Tell you this Mr. Furly liked her too.
Looking for suggestions for what I should get Thelma Lou for Christmas.
Me n Thelma Lou finished the decorations down to the veteran`s hall.Took some time but the whole town will be there caroling
Thelma Lou restricts viewing hrs so we can spend more time with eachother n I don`t care for TV much anyway.
Thelma Lou is Barney's main girlfriend until his 1965 departure.
True. Maybe Thelma Lou would be better as Carol.
Thelma Lou as comic Andrea, because Thelma Lou would be a bad ***
Happy Birthday Don Knotts A fellow we called Barney Fife Never took Thelma Lou for his wife With his uneven keel And irrational zeal He screwed up every day of his life In Mayberry Barney resided Where protection from crime he provided With much verve he was fraught But more often than not His approach to his job was misguided His buddy and boss, Andy Taylor Was a Justice as well as a jailer His girlfriend named Helen Taught readin’ and spellin’ And never allowed him to nail ‘er Andy’s son, little Opie, was cute Otis Campbell, a drunk, was a hoot Floyd cut hair every week Gomer Pyle was a geek Every Sunday they all wore a suit Aunt Bee lived with Opie and Andy And always was sweeter than candy Howard Sprague had a brain Ernest T. was insane But regarded himself as a dandy But as Barney, Don Knotts stole the show And he caused the producers to glow As the ratings went high For a town that was dry So no liquor could legally flow Many movies he also was in Like Rock Hudson and Anthony Quinn In his fi ...
Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee, Opie, Goober, Helen, Thelma Lou, Otis, Floyd, etc. What a great group of characters to be with.
Betty Lynn just called me to chat (Thelma Lou from TAGS). She said to tell you hello and she watches Wheel of Fortune every day!
stop it - no worries. How's my gal Thelma Lou?
Meet Betty Lynn (aka Thelma Lou) from The Andy Griffith Show today at the Andy Griffith Museum in Downtown Mount...
Come out this Saturday for our Annual Old Farm Days and Tractor Show starting at 9 until 4 pm. Come see the old tractors and hit & miss engines. There are vendors on site with much to see. There will be carriage rides and games for the kids. Live entertainment and Barney Fife and Thelma Lou will be joining us. Come spend a beautiful Saturday with us!
Walk out of class and the first thing I see is Thelma Lou trying to dodge some sprinklers...
omg 4 more weeks lou lou will be here lori says 6 I say 4 and nana and moms know right so I have 2 titles lori has 1 so I say 4 weeks so lets see needs some names any suggestions I like Thelma lou or harriet sophie(name after my biggest friend bingo buddy) or how about betty lou lol lori don't like any of them but sophie
Just got back from Mt. Airy, NC Mayberry Festival. What a great Festival and trip that was. Anybody that remembers the great old movies and TV shows should make this a "must do" trip. Meet James Best (Roscoe) in the Dukes of Hazzard who was in one segment of Mayberry. He has been in the older movies and TV shows for over 65 years. It's was lifetime chance to meet and talk with him. He is 87 years old and still in good health and does the Roscoe laugh same as he did in the TV show. Here are some pictures. The woman in the wheel chair is Thelma Lou, Barney's girl friend. James Best played along side a whole host of great actors and was in the old great western movies. Played along side Bert Reynolds in Hooper, twilight Zone and several other TV shows and series.
Tell Thelma Lou she better not give her pudding to anybody else but Pa
Is this the party to whom I am Speaking? Could you get Thelma Lou on the line for me?
If ever there was an evening for porch swing sittin', this was it. Fell like I shoulda walked over to Sheriff Taylors' place and listen to him strum for a while, and find out how Barneys' date went with Thelma Lou.
The episode where Thelma Lou comes up to Barney with her husband at their school reunion is the saddest episode of Andy Griffith ever😭
My Thelma Lou this morning. .so sweet!!
Thank you moma for giving me life. You are truly missed but being with JESUS is a lot better than being here. We know that you loved us dearly. I should have thought of the name Brittney gave her aunt, Bestest, because you were the bestest mom anyone could ever have. I'm glad I gave you flowers will you were here, it makes life so much better. I don't have to cry and wonder in shoulda coulda woulda land. Thanks also to Pastor Michael D. Moore's book WEEP NOT. Shares a great message on when love ones leave us. Thank you moma for all the memories you gave me. I love you very much Thelma Lou. If you were here your answer would be, I love you too Susie Q
Andy likes to relax on the front porch..the only sounds are crickets and the clicks of Barney texting Thelma Lou.
What did Thelma Lou see in Barney anyway? He was clearly punching above his weight. Anybody got a line on that one?
Hi, y'all - back from our trip to Mayberry Days - in Mount Airy, NC - birthplace and home of Andy Griffith! Pic of Matthew and I next to statue dedicated to Andy & Opie, second pic is us with Betty Lynn-played Thelma Lou & look a like-Barney Fife - fun-filled four days- Mayberry Days-every year - last week in sept - friendly town! Go to and check it out. See you there, next, year!
SEPTEMBER 26TH - 29TH Mayberry Days is a festival for the whole family with activities and events for the fans who long for the days when life was simple and the sheriff didn't carry a gun. Enjoy a bottle of pop while playing checkers, relax to music from many local bands playing the same songs that Andy grew up with and performed on The Andy Griffith Show. There is so much to do during the festival such as watching the parade, meeting the Special Guests, laughing at Colonel Tim's Talent Time, placing the high bid at a Silent Auction or taking in all of the music at the many venues. Remember to to take time to slow down and enjoy what Mayberry means to you. Special Guests: The special guests attending this year will include Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou), Roland White (The Country Boys), Peggy McCay (Sharon DeSpain), James Best (Jim Lindsey), Maggie Peterson (Charlene Darling), Elizabeth MacRae (Betty Parker and LouAnn Poovie), George Spence (Frank the Fiance'), Morgan Brittany (Mary Alice Carter), LeRoy McNees ...
I miss my Gma Thelma Lou, Pa, and Nana like crazy,
Doesn't get much better than taking two little girls to Mayberry Days when they are in love with Andy and Barney! Had an awesome day and Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou) has got to be the sweetest lady I've ever met - and I've now met her twice. Also met Maggie Peterson for the first time - aka Charlene Darlin'. Sophia also got to drink Sprite out of a glass bottle for the first time! Now off to bed... it's not easy getting from Mebane to Mayberry for a 9:00 parade!
Thinking of my friends Betty Lynn "Thelma Lou" and Maggie Peterson "Charlene Darling" as they enjoy another great Mayberry Days Weekend in Mt. Airy, NC. Love both of these ladies very much!
Headed to Mayberry , have a great weekend going to see Barney and Otis , run in to Thelma Lou , Charlene . Pork Chop Sandwich / Necterine Crush !
There's Betty Lynn who played Thelma Lou on Andy Griffith. I was going to see her last week but she was ill.
Mayberry Days is here in Mount Airy, NC this weekend. Thelma Lou lives here now, and others from the show are here for the "fun". Fake Barney, Floyd, Otis and Goober will be running around causing trouble. Me, I'm staying out of downtown, don't want to get hit by rocks from Ernest T. Bass and such. If Bluegrass is your thing, it's here along with a lot of other stuff. This year they even have a BEER Garden.
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Rescuers cry a lot. Not many times its a happy cry. This is one of those. Spudman, who we took in from our vets, about 2 yrs ago. He shared a pen with Thelma Lou, who was adopted by one of the Lumberjack Angels. Spud was adopted by a wonderful family, and i cant tell you how much this Pic means to me. It means we were able to make a difference. Thank you so much for sharing. This made my day!
They were putting on a show. Thelma Lou is still deciding if she likes cats...
Thelma Lou leading a game of Simon Says.
We just watched a George Raft movie. Barnie and Thelma Lou didn't come over, though.
What has Barney got to say about his "big blow up" with Thelma Lou? Barney: "I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT!" But we ALL know that in the next scene they were back together...for awhile anyway ;)
wow I have such an exciting life. the high lite of my day was watching barney and Thelma lou getting in a fight while I was eating my lime jello with fruit cocktail in it. thank goodness im not a longhorn or cowboys fan or I could be suicidle?
Helen and Thelma Lou were just so much more grounded.
When Andy said, "I'mah goina take Thelma Lou to Mount Pilot fer Supper a come Sat-ur-de Nite", this is where he...
Thelma-Lou from The Andy Griffith Show was so hot!
Captain Hook's life is even better, Thelma Lou is at least asked to work every once in awhile. The cats just sleep all day.
Captain Hook and Thelma Lou are so cute. We need a dog's life and just hang and nap. So cute.
One of the cutest photos I've taken - even if not from the best angle. Captain Hook & Thelma Lou, napping.
R U & Thelma Lou the only living characters from “Andy Griffith Show”? I love that show!
Oops, forgot to share this with you yesterday about our birthday girl, Thelma Lou. .
Perfect! . Oh... Mayberry... My cousin played Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) She is a really great gal!. Plied me with a...
Did you know that Thelma Lou aka Betty Lynn turns 87 today? We all love TAGS!! Thanks 4 showing the reruns! htt…
Wait. & baby born today is BIGGER news than Thelma Lou turning 87 today? .
Happy Birthday to Thelma Lou. But don't let Barney sing! Actress Betty Lynn is 87 today. Way to go, Thel.
Drum Roll please, Let me take you back to a quiet time in America to small town USA, where Aunt Bee made awful pickles, Andy and Opie, Deputy Barney Fife, who could talk to animals in fact when Opie killed a mother bird and raised three babies he named Winkin, Blinkin and Nod he asked Andy how do we know when they can fly and Andy said Winkin will tell Blinkin and he'll tell Nod and Nod will tell Barney and he'll tell us. A simple time where Floyd the Barber held court and Otis the town drunk locked himself up and Ernest T. Bass broke windows, and Gomer and Goober Pyle ran the service station. This show will be watched for as long as people are on this earth. Thelma Lou and Miss Crump, the Good Time Girls "Hello Doll), the Darling Family, the three women convicts who captured Floyd and Barney, it goes on and on and when Opie was in love but the little girl didn't seem to care and Barney said he used to offer a girl a bite of his snow cone but she'd bite off the end suck out the juice and give him the i .. ...
Went to the Andy Griffith Museum today with David LaTorre, Davis Herndon, and Jon LaTorre and got a photo of Barney Fife and Thelma Lou signed by Betty Lynn!
Thelma Lou brought her babies to join me for breakfast. Their names are Opie, Andy, Floyd and Barney Jr. Love my ducks!
Brosie Moorehead ... If your Barney Fife, then I guess I am Thelma Lou... LOL :). I love you.
Tonight I was able to celebrate with some of my family & Thelma at her senior living's western party…
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