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Dalai Lama distances himself from Brexit poster
The lost (microbe) colony: bacteria make underwater 'ruins' off Greek island.
Both sides of EU debate may find something interesting in Simon Jenkins' experiment
Economists overwhelmingly reject Brexit in boost for Cameron
Leave or remain – Britain’s fortunes hinge on a Europe in need of repair | Simon Jenkins
We long to watch disabled characters like us. Instead we get Me Before You | Penny Pepper Ace…
Finally a story with a good outcome: Missing Japanese boy found alive after six nights in forest
When rail companies claim their trains are ‘on time’ – but you know they aren’t
Former England internationals to take part in major study on concussions.
Negroland by Margo Jefferson review – life in the black upper class
White lawyers three times more likely to be appointed as recorders -need urgent action to address la…
Intriguing question: question: why is the rest of the media so uninetersted in the Tory Election Expenses scandal? -
Is Australia egalitarian? Ask the worker sacked for using a Post-it note - The Guardian
New emojis include 'face palm', 'pregnant woman' and 'avocado'
Getting around the city: why electric rickshaws are the tuk of the town -
City ally of Philip Green advised fraudster who tried to buy BHS
Aboriginal sacred site up to 8,000 years old destroyed by 'cultural vandals'
"Less than half of students confident their degree will pay for itself"
We nearly appointed a black Doctor Who, saysshowrunner, by
Rose McGowan criticises violent X-Men poster as 'offensive and, frankly, stupid'
This is SO depressing and infuriating > "How video 'pranksters' are cashing in on the abuse and harassment of women" https:…
Being overweight and having a large waistline increases risk of prostate cancer -
Even EU fanatics at the Guardian slam David Cameron's EU interview , a gift for the leave campaign
State handouts for all? Europe set to pilot universal basic incomes
Pleased to learn 7 year old abandoned in forest has been found alive. He has more sense than his parents
Not just the Great Barrier Reef. Coral bleaching now extends to the
Sarah Frankcom: turning the Royal Exchange into a northern powerhouse
BHS rescue bid fails with loss of 11,000 jobs Terrible news. A failure of corporate greed (& nothing to do with EU!)
Cameron urges the country not to roll the dice on our children's future:.
Studio develops technology that may remove pollution from cities -
Zimbabwe elephant populations have fallen dramatically in 15 yrs. Australian state MP admits to eating one he killed
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
What can science teach us about revision? 'Psychology shows us how to improve our memory and avoid distractions'. https:…
Energy companies are cheaper and cleaner when run by the council
Middle East peace talks to begin in Paris – without Israel or Palestinians
Wild things: how ditching the classroom boosts children's mental health
We’re now witnessing the tragic decline of David Cameron | John Harris
"National borders exist to pen poor people into reservations of poverty"
.on David Cameron's woeful performance on last night
An org backed by estimates that 46 million people are living as
Universe is expanding up to 9% faster than we thought, say scientists. Cameron blames Brexiteers.
"Through the random lottery of life, I have a UK passport. I didn’t work for it or do deserve it."
I wonder if they'd pay to have her bunions removed in 20 years time... What's your view on dress codes at work?
This is worrying... Microplastics killing fish before they reach reproductive age -new study https:/…
Not something that I could be accused of: English teacher whose 'whole class was bored' judged unfit to teach
Is it possible to make a holiday work for you when you run a small business?
The spoky truth about NHS 'ghost patients' via
Britain in recession as. prices rise and incomes shrink .
Violence erupts as protesters chase and attack Trump supporters in San Jose – live
G7 nations pledge to end fossil fuel subsidies by 2025
The Guardian view on the EU debate: it’s about much more than migration
British paedophile inquiry: Malaysia 'repeatedly' pressed UK for data on abuser
"All publicly funded published in could be made to access by 2020" says
Young voters may hold key in vote but do they feel in control? We help clients understand customer behaviour.
My letter to opposing privatisation of the Land Registry signed by over 65 MPs
"Scores of MPs demand Land Registry privatisation be called off"
“The day Tony Blair and George W Bush show remorse for what they did is the day healing might begin.”
Should older drivers carry on until 75?
Tata Steel close to deal with government to keep UK business
Jimmy becomes World no. 1 bowler for the first time in his career...
Is Xenophobia legimitised by Referendum? Irish writer: "There's a creeping sense of superiority"
economists no longer favour austerity. Do keep up.
Real life Come Dine with Me is the next 'social eating revolution'
We've a few spaces left at our Shakespeare themed Reading for Pleasure conference. 1 Jul htt…
Labour rolls up their sleeves and strips shirts off their backs
Junior doctors – 'no one understands the level of responsibility we have' Let alone the Health Secre…
American Apparel files for bankruptcy So Americans don't want made in America as much as before when …
The plan has been revealed! Jeremy Hunt says tax credit cuts will help to teach British to work as hard as Chinese - http…
Great piece of research by Royal London on the rising cost of funerals - much higher than inflation.
Rush's Roll the Bones: watch footage from R40 Live concert film
Hillary Clinton plan would look to close loophole that enabled Charleston shooter to purchase gun
Find out how Latin America are creating smart solutions for efficiency
We know sensationalism sells, especially online
From the Can you identify these by their grid?
In which it is suggested that Carrick should start over Schweinsteiger .
LIVE NOW T-LAB on the - 'A manifesto for algorithms in the Environment' -
Thoroughly modern Stella McCartney muses over real women
Liverpool expected to make official approach to Jürgen Klopp this week. (Andy Hunter)
Afghans in US fear deadly airstrike will wipe out key medical services
Police officer killed in line of duty 'didn't stand a chance' – video
Hasbro reveals plans for four more Transformers movies
Woah: workers rip shirts from executives after airline cuts 2,900 jobs
Nearly a third of world's cacti face extinction, says IUCN
New: Thoroughly modern Stella McCartney muses over real women Go to and make free…
Lloyds bank share sale: all you need to know
Industrial agriculture; an historic crime against animals, the land and us.
Ta-Nehisi Coates, David Simon and more discuss race in America
Opposing *** bishops for the sake of church unity is stupid | Andrew Brown
Syrian insurgent groups vow to attack Russian forces in rare show of unity
We’re all racist. But racism by white people matters more | Mona Chalabi
How to stand out in a job interview – live chat via
A long read, but a good one if you think UK capitalism is a sham :
Nominate your charity trailblazer of the year now
Streets ahead: readers' photos of the main street where they live - in pictures
Hawala is one of Africa’s great success stories. But it can’t work unless banks are permitted to transfer funds
It was never the police's intention to monitor sales of Charlie Hebdo - The Guardian
Homes for Valentine's Day – in pictures: From Cornwall to Normandy, here are some homes to appeal to the roman...
Will wearables, hearables and nearables dethrone smartphones? of writes for
UK threatens to hit back at Austria over Point legal challenge. anyone?
Elephant deaths in Mali blamed on poaching by extremist groups
Read an article about then couldn't find colleague because he was playing pingpong.
Outrageous stats: UK gov spent 300 times more supporting dirty energy than renewables
HSBC files: international outcry over activities at bank's Swiss arm
Some of these answers beggar belief > Richard Scudamore: It is not clubs’ responsibility to pay staff living wage http:/…
"The unpaid intern has become the scourge of media. Now Newsquest is asking students to actually pay for a byline"
UK threatens to hit back at Austria over Hinkley Point court action
Muslim rule and compass: the magic of Islamic geometric design
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Not 1ce mentioned as a ,is dat word reserved only for Muslims? .
The HSBC files: What we know so far
Proud to have been a little part of this :) check out the trailer to releasing 17th April
Blatant? Any evidence on par with say: , Anything?
From the archives: Buster Douglas takes down Mike Tyson in Tokyo. It happened 25 years ago today.
Oscars 2015: who will win best actor? See Foxcatcher at IFT Friday, Saturday and next Tuesday.
"There are a few tips that, as a person with autism, I would like every social care professional to know..."
. Here's an interesting corollary article for your followers:.
Hezbollah had plot to kill former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert – unverified reports
"fantastic! Girlguiding launches badge for global gender equality
What a treat to see your cheeky faces & Congrats - can't wait to see it: ht…
47% of parents of disabled children have visited their GP due to anxiety
Straight from the heart: the best love letters: Valentine’s Day is coming, and with it a poll to identify the ...
Berlin 2015 review – To Love With Demands: the torrid life and work of Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Danish docume...
The 10 best Scandinavian symphonists (who aren't Sibelius or Nielsen): Sibelius and Nielsen may be dominating ...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Discord between immigration bodies weighing on detainees, report says
Are small farms in India the key to taking tea organic?.
Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank
Important piece by about research on domestic violence & women with learning difficulties
The 100 greatest novels of all time: The list
Scudamore: secures £5.4bn TV deal for Says its not clubs’ responsibility to pay staff a living wage http:…
How to encourage investment in Africa's energy sector via
E-commerce is changing the fashion industry – it's time to catch up..
Essex police apologises over problems with 30 child abuse investigations
.John Enser: ‘People overstate the extent to which the law must change for new technology'
California migrants sing praises of Mexican birth certificate initiative
Don't miss this from How Eusébio and a team of Canadian Croatians took North American soccer by storm
How can we make our streets safer for children to cycle? | Rachel Aldred
Aaron Ramsey out until March but Alexis Sánchez gives Arsenal boost -
Damien Hirst's stuffed animals among artists' obsessions on show at Barbican
Loved this story - The mystery of Mingering Mike: the soul legend who never existed
Charlie Hebdo sellers should not be asked for readers' details, says top officer
Ed Miliband attacks 'dodgy' PM for failure to answer HSBC tax questions
Why are we blindly following the Chinese approach to teaching maths?
Conservationists push for government to create world's largest reserve: via
Jon Stewart's departure is only shocking to those who weren't paying attention
Hall of Fame UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian dies aged 84: Won national championship in 1990Battled NCAA over settl...
Tate Modern is set for 2-day dance takeover, 15-16 May. Performances from ballet to krump, workshops and Turbine...
Lakers' Nick Young: dolphin tried to kill me and steal my girlfriend Iggy Azalea
RTUnprecedented dust storm sparks protests in W.
Researchers say fat should join sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami in list of basic tastes
I complained about this to months ago and their response was to "reset my tv to factory settings".
"Like having your bum smacked with a copy of Condé Nast Traveller while the Nespresso capsules go all over the floor"
Priest to stand trial for allegedly trying to help mobster recover Liberace violin
Ice, ice baby: Bostonians face Juno head on with dogs and skis – in pictures: As snow storm Juno pummeled New ...
Tim Llewellyn: My former employer's coverage of Israel & Palestine is replete with imbalance and distortion http:/…
Missing group of students in Mexico are all dead, claim authorities
“Robert Wyatt at 70: happy birthday, Old Rottenhat! wooo surname is 'Wyatt' no surprise! ☺️🙌
Queensland election: LNP only has to reveal source of 40% of party funding via
"Fantastic Four: watch the first trailer for the rebooted franchise The Guardian"with a score by Philip Glass!
I was wondering *** happened to Marcela Mora y Araujo and then this---> cc …
Nabil Bentaleb leads Algeria into last eight with stunner against Senegal - The Guardian
Helen Macdonald wins 2014 Costa book award for 'haunting' H is for Hawk -
Scotch whisky industry ‘bigger than UK iron and steel or computers’
US-style healthcare: where being ill could cost you everything you have
"We should not surrender to climate change | Dunya Maumoon
Welcome back! Leslie T. Chang profiles a tiny news organization struggling to keep press freedom alive in Egypt.
The 20 best winter boots with heels
RIP - a reminder why ISIS must be stopped “Watch the Auschwitz 70th anniversary ceremony unfold
King Rupert Murdoch demands Peta Credlin resign as her 'patriotic duty' or beheaded along with Tony Abbott
Strong USD threatens debt crisis in sub-Saharan Africa, risk of debt defaults with $10.8bn in extra currency costs
"A lot of my playing is improvising..." Listen out John Entwhistle's genius jazzy bass stylins early tracks
On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, those that survived tell their story
Sea turtles fall victim to 'alarming' flood of plastics entering Australian waters
David Hicks to be declared innocent? His critics should prepare to recant their smears | Jeff Sparrow
From the Ghetto to Auschwitz - the story of a Jewish boy: Guardian archive, 14 May 1945
Eleanor Catton sets up grant to give writers 'time to read' I did not know this. Neither, it appear…
Yemen chaos forces closure of US embassy to public | World news | The Guardian
Why is so little attention paid to Madagascar's incredible Wildlife:
Pretty radical: a young woman's journey into the heart of Poland's far right – video
The never-ending story of protecting personal privacy in the age of Internet communities. What can we learn ...?
Tony Abbott still lives in the 18th century on climate change, says Labor
Tiger Woods all smiles after repairs to teeth damaged by video camera.-
There's a lot of good info on Apple's $ issue - and are excellent
Brit expats have “cleaned out warehouses” of Cadbury ahead of ban. Fun story:.
Climate change will hit Australia harder than rest of world, study shows
LNP only has to reveal the source of 40% of its funding via
Please support the inspiring Sohana and EB research:
Smart thermostats reviewed: Which can save you the most?
Laneway festival mixtape: Eves the Behaviour, Raury, Mansionair and more
"Everyone was looking for someone to make out with, but no one wanted to travel"
As soars, the nervous super are already planning their escapes … we're comin' for ya :)
European counter-terror plan involves blanket collection of passengers’ data including if they eat halal
1942 Telegraph piece on holocaust got no traction. What atrocities ignored today? http…
Detention of 157 Tamil asylum seekers on board ship ruled lawful
What can adults learn about happiness from children?
ADAM. NO. “Bandt seriously brought curtains to a press conference calling for daylight saving in QLD.
Preview:. Mental health problems are on the rise in teaching. But what early stress warning signs should you look... htt…
When people say NHS is unaffordable remember, private healthcare bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. h…
Transfer news – Gabriel Paulista granted work permit for Arsenal move – as it ... - The Guardian
Campbell Newman's lawyers tried to delay deadline for defence of libel claim Corruption & cover-ups continue...
[The Guardian] Australians fighting for Isis reportedly killed in battle for Kobani [United Kingdom]
Georgia executes inmate Warren Hill after supreme court refuses stay
Cutting the min. wage is an awful idea - here's on why:
White House chief of staff tries to defuse tension over Netanyahu trip to US
This rather pessimistic article might be of interest to you:
DEA MASSIVE DATABASE OF DRIVERS EXPOSED. . The Justice Department has been building a real-time database to track...
Tony Abbott's grand mea culpa over Prince Philip may be his lowest point yet
Delays and disarray shatter lives of new disability claimants | Amelia Gentleman via
Respond: artists offer bold, urgent take on
Jane Fonda: Shame studios that don't hire women directors
Doctor jailed after first conviction in v
A eulogy to the NHS: What happened to the world my generation built?
Barcelona consider ending sponsorship deal over ‘social issues’
Chelsea out to rewrite record books in pursuit of title | (Photo: Getty)
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Privatising east coast rail is a rip off that puts profits before people | Owen Jones
‘Prison is not for punishment in Sweden. We get people into better shape’
Bob Geldof urges those who've purchased charity single to 'delete and download again' -
HAPPY BRITSGIVING: the UK’s newest and completely unofficial holiday
Crying because Arya is everything | New teaser for Game of Thrones season five: 'follow the Three Eyed Raven'
Terribly sad news about Phillip Hughes. My thoughts are with his family, friends & teammates. May he rest in peace.
Happy to our cousins across the pond. If nothing else it's an excuse to read some of these great
The medieval bishop who helped to unweave the rainbow | Michael Brooks
‘In India cricket is a religion, but football is a way of life’
Speaking as you were of Australia's "sports market", via
And says it all so simply: We know what works - let's just do it. For the good of everyone.
Congratulations to Colin Barrett winner of don't miss his fantastic debut, Young Skins ht…
'Instead, it must be run by a tax exile and a Scottish businessman best known for campaigning against *** equality.'
Baby P effect takes children in care numbers to 25-year high, says NAO
Newcastle United Women’s goalkeeper plays on with suspected broken neck
Frogs breeding in November due to mild weather
Sam Burgess named on bench for Bath’s match with Harlequins (Photo: Rex)
Israeli president opposes proposed law to give ‘national rights’ to Jews only
PD James, queen of detective fiction, dies aged 94
Let’s demand a bit more reality, and present a more honest version of own lives.
Supermarkets prepare to be shamed over chicken contamination ...
Do you have any fundraising tips for Bob Geldof? Leave them in our comments section here:
Social media and the public sector: who's using it?
How audited the support his organisation offered women in science via
A small contribution to the debate .
Met Office expect this autumn to be third warmest in more than 100 years
London house prices rise more than a solicitor earns in a year
Dirty chicken scandal: found in eight out of 10 UK birds ...
"Every 3 or 4 days, an African American has been killed by a white police officer in the seven years ending in 2012"
“How I wrote Neuromancer, the Guardian having asked so cool! Perfect for aspiring writers.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tesco director facing questions about lobbying government over dirty chicken report
Hope we see on the 2015 circuit. Great racer, fantastic advocate for
Excellent piece by on the short sightedness of British intelligence and its 'jihad on tech companies': http:…
BitTorrent takes on Netflix and Amazon with its first original TV series - The Guardian via Tom Tolkien
Real Madrid drop Christian cross from club crest in Middle East: • Real signed deal with National Bank o...
"The government wants everybody to forget what went on." "El gobierno quiere que todos olviden que sucedió".
- and the Immigration figures are up
So Mr Cameron's government has known since day one that their net migration target was a fantasy...
"The war on terror has spawned terror from the start, fomenting community divisions & curtailing freedom everywhere" http:/…
Me, drivelling on about and music TV in general
Of course, what we don't like to talk about is that terror is the optimal state for controlling the masses.
Bastia's Brandao sentenced to one month in prison for head-butting Thiago Motta (Photo: Getty) h…
Ferguson: protest at US embassy in London over killing of Michael Brown
East coast rail has been too successful – quick, privatise it | Owen Jones
Can you guess which artists inspired these Thanksgiving dinners?
domain names
Marrakech is set to become photography's global HQ – so why aren't locals happy? via
Not only are they tripling rents for tenants on New Era, Westbrook are basing themselves offshore to avoid corp tax
Dirty chicken scandal: campylobacter found in eight out of 10 UK birds
How much do you know about the circular economy? - quiz: Think you know your facts on the circula...
Music Nation is the best TV show about music in years, by Another fine read! via
NHS to discontinue dementia diagnosis payments to GP practices
Is Michel Faber really leaving the novel behind?
From Twiggy to Germaine Greer: eight classic images of powerful women
"Sixty women and girls have been kidnapped from two towns in north-east Nigeria, according to reports"
Pentagon investigates video that claims to show Isis with US weapons
Ebola protocols will not change in light of New York case
Irish Turf Club will act quickly over Philip Fenton steroids case, reports
Care Act should improve housing/health/social care integration but not if councils scale back support
Support for EU membership highest since 1991, looks like people are starting to realise we are better off in Europe htt…
The indigenous land rights ruling that could transform Canada | by
WA abandons shark culling program, but reserves right to kill again via
Interesting read on the Guardian site about real peoples concerns, hope some MP's have a read...
Harper must be exhausted swimming up current in face of the citizens of the world will for a cleaner planet
Tablets: ~> 20 best iPhone and apps and games this week - The Guardian
Luis Suárez says he's on ‘right path’ after seeing therapist to cure biting problem.
I volunteered to fight Ebola in Sierra Leone with MSF. Here’s what happened | Natasha Lewer via
Pope Francis blasts life sentences as ‘hidden calls for improved conditions:
Untreated postpartum depression can have long-lasting effects on children's mental health
Canada considers 'preventative detention' in wake of Ottawa attack via
The weekend cook: Mexican-inspired recipes to celebrate the Day of the Dead
Politicians need to start talking about homeless people - article by CEO
It's cabbage time folks, dressed in all sorts new costumes..
Didn't use up all of your paid time off? You are essentially working for free
Serbia’s charge sheet is absurdly long. Uefa must get tough. By (Photo: AFP)
Seeing as based on gov sums, no-one should be surprised by this; it's Euroskeptic propaganda at its worst
Update your maps at Navteq
Acid attacks in Isfahan have nothing to do with the hijab, say Iranian officials...
'The indigenous land rights ruling that could transform Canada' UK's Guardian on Tsilhqot’in.
Fast food should be "cheap and unhealthy – a guilty pleasure to satiate uncomplicated desires" via
Very good from on a typical Uefa fudge over today's Serbia-Albania verdict
Bullying is rife in academia – and it is tolerated to an extent that wouldn’t be acceptable in other areas
Fighting to protect our free press. My Lords amendment would stop police abusing to grab journalists' sources.
Right to be forgotten: who may exercise power, over which kind of information?
Great news! EU leaders agree to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030...
Kristen Stewart will take acting break to 'make some stuff with my hands'
Redefining refugees: "It removes most references to the Refugee Convention... & inserts a new statutory framework."
Today's is dedicated protesting against . htt…
How 1,000 years of Arabic scholarship advanced scientific debate – in pictures via
Serbia’s charge sheet is absurdly long and Uefa needs to get tough | Owen Gibson
Is Michel Faber really leaving the novel behind? via
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