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Thank God Almighty

God Almighty May God Jesus Christ God Bless

Good morning my neighbors! a big thank u to d Almighty God for d gift of life
We the massa-lasu excos is saying a very big thank you to almighty God 4 today's orientation program, d...
Your titties!! let them out, free at last Thank God Almighty they free at last
Thank God Almighty for another day, AYE! LOL
I thank God Almighty for passing English Comp 2 with a B!.
Almighty God, thank you for today was a wonderful day. You are the Alpha and Omega, the end of a great tale was wonderful today. Amen
yes you must always thank God for your life and must know your body is really the temple of the Almighty God
"Thank god/me/! I'll Almighty Push her off the balcony next time..."
Free at at last.thank God Almighty.I'm free at last.
Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty I am free at last ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
Thank you almighty God for every thing, just wanted to show some of what needs to be done dail...
Free at last free at last Thank God Almighty im free at last.
Thank god, the one above, the almighty, whom we love!!
Free at last free at last thank God Almighty we are free at last!
I thank God Almighty for journey mercy.
I thank God for adding plus one to my years. i also thank God Almighty for my parent, friends & co-workers who contribute to my birthday. May God continuing to bless u all & promotion to higher level of life in jesus name.
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I'm free again thank God Almighty I'm free again! Back to my no job life style
i thank God Almighty for everything he has been doing in my life and for his mercys and wonders. i knw he just started and hes goin to do more 4 me and evryone dats believs in GOD.
So U Say Im history For Telling u Truth But Im histroy if I lie to U So *** if I do *** if I Dont Thank God I Have my Father Almighty God
Thank God for all of His blessings and for allowing us to see another day !!
No greater love than post deployment happy to be alive free at last Thank God Almighty nobody shot my *** love making!
lord i thank you for this promotion!!! i dedicate it to God Almighty and my family.
Thank U almighty God for another wonderful day. Am grateful. Guide & direct my footsteps O Lord.
Aye! I wanna thank God Almighty for blessing me to see my 35th birthday! I ๐Ÿ’š the woman I've become!โ€ฆ
the same word come to me again to another person, I thank God Almighty, I think there is a mistery in philippians 4
I think God is speaking to me! I surrunder everything to you God Almighty, thank you for your word because it is true
THANK YOU, ALMIGHTY GOD for all the blessings since start of Med School. You're awesome. Granting prayers in Your own playful way ;)
My little brother was hit by a car on Sunday.I thank God Almighty for sparing his precious life.Folks,remember...
Thank u O my Father for giving me this bright day. Bless ur name O God Almighty
OR UR *** good God Almighty. Thank you based god
God Almighty will continue to bless you . God will continue to protect and guide you . Pls continue the Struggle . Thank u so much
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I thank the almighty God for this new day.
Almighty God thank u for ur protection in ma life thank u for everything u have been doing in ma life. Lord u have added a yr to ma age.
I'm only human .. . which could only ask the almighty (Allah) . thank god you have grant all my requests
Thank Jesus Christ for the donation He already blessed with, thank God Almighty.
Father, before this day is over, let us hear good news. Thank you, Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty Name we have prayed. Amโ€ฆ
I thank the almighty God for that powerful event.
Thank God Almighty & Jesus Christ that Americans offered humanitarian aid to the Palestinians of Gaza! Amen.
Almighty God, thank You for Your words of truth in the Scriptures. Please help me understand and act on these...
Whoa! And I'm back to reality. First I want to thank our Almighty God for giving me a chance to Celebrate my 16...
SPREAD THE NEWS! WHAT NEWS? ABOUT JULY 16! Six days remaining until we take a moment to stop and thank God Almighty for AMERICA, our CHRISTIAN HERITAGE, the MAGNIFICENT CONSTITUTION, (that should be followed and applied by our leaders), the FREEDOM TO CELEBRATE THE CROSS OF Jesus Christ WHO REDEEMED ALL MANKIND. SHOW YOUR WORLD that you are taking a stand by wearing a CROSS unashamedly on JULY 16, NATIONAL WEAR A CROSS DAY! Visit the web page for more information!
Home at last, Home at last, thank God Almighty we're Home at last.
By the time we leave Church, let it be said: God has visited His people again. Thank you Almighty God. In Jesus Mighty Nโ€ฆ
I thank God Almighty allah that make me achieve my new rank ''Sargent'' pls help me thank God & pray for more come.
Thank be to my late mom for giving me a chance to live...,: thanx a lot fam for those bday wishes I rily appreciate it and most of all I thank God Almighty for protecting me throughout my lifetime thanx evryone :p :)
I thank God Almighty for titties and beer! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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Thank God Almighty my child does not scream in public. Who patience is a virtue.
Thank God Almighty for my life and my beautiful family
I thank THE ALMIGHTY LORD for giving us the ability to see another wonderful and blessed day! I thank him for everything!!! KEEP GOD FIRST
My heart feels like singing"Free at last,fee at last,thank God Almighty I'm free at last".
Thank God the East got even competition
My Cleveland King James jersey just went from being worth $0 to $200. Thank God Almighty
Thank God Almighty that she's in remission with the lung cancer however now she has skin cancer
Cleveland fans better Thank God Almighty,because y'all some haters!
"Thank God Almighty they free at last!!! RT
thank god. we can see Kyrie Irving, LeBron James, and Andrew Wiggins on the same court
Thank God the almighty LeBron has made his decision..and somehow w/o a 30 min tv announcement. Can we stop talking about Mr Arrogance now!
Thank God Almighty the NFL is around the corner!
I never like that LBJ went To Miami that My favorite player So I rode with my guy to the end now that he going back home THANK GOD ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ
Thank you Almighty God the Father for giving me another year to continue life. Thanks for all the Blessings and the wishes dat uve granted.
thank you for the support I am just getting things together and by next week I am free and free at last thanks God Almighty featured in NBC s Science of Love
In all things give thanks to GOD because HE is in control.
Thank you! Humbly serving Almighty God I pray He Blesses you & all whom you cherish with a safe & joy filled weekend. Amen.
Bless this day, cause I finally found 2 bikinis thank you almighty god alpaca jesus
Thank you God for letting me see another day and allowing me to take another breath ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ
Thank you God for the better days, you're amazing and so good to me โ˜บ๏ธ
Gotta thank the almighty (God) for waking me up to see another day!
Thank GOD it's Friday!! Don't stress just send it up to the almighty!! No problem is too BIG NO MATTERโ€ฆ
Dear god... Almighty thank you.. those previews... ddjjdksnsksns
You know, you're right, ignorant student. Thank God Almighty that our liberties are being stripped under a faรงade of government protection.
7:11 on 711 PDT! Thank you God Almighty for the richness of Life and it's gift to Me, US and THEM!
I said my prayers and had good health, good thoughts, and good humor, thank God Almighty.
Thank God Almighty for everything HE has done for me,its all went well man.i so much thank GOD again.
Thank You Almighty God for another great day!
I Thank god he woke me up this morning
Thank you Lord and saviour Jesus Christ Lord God Almighty SAY this twice SATAN IS A LIAR DEKALB MISSIONARIES
Its summer time, I thank almighty God for this wonderful season, It's a season of merriment as we sparkle nd are encouragโ€ฆ
I thank God Almighty for Adding another year to my life...May his Name be Praised...\=D/
"Free at last! free at last! Thank God Almighty we're free atlast!"
First hand I like to thank the almighty God for giving te chance to feel what it feels like to repeat. Thank you God ๐Ÿ™
Things I haven't learned in high school:. how to:. pay bills. buy a house. apply for college. but thank god I can graph a poโ€ฆ
Thank the good God Almighty for yoga pants.
โ€œgood God Almighty! You are a good Anna Nicole, but I think I think Agnes bruckner is way better!โ€Thank you!
Almighty God, fill us with a holy joy; teach us how to thank U with reverence & love on account of the ascension of Christ your Son.
Thank God Almighty for hearing my plea of distress today and every day. I almost gave up then I remembered that I had a much Greater Warrior than myself and I just got on my knees and asked Him to walk with me through this jungle of a Medicare/Medicaid nightmare trying to get my medical equipment. Please don't give up just talk longer to God and stay prayed up, He will hear you and He will answer. God Bless all His Children. Amen
Oh Lord am grateful for today, no regret at all because your Blessing were much on me and my family. We say thank you Almighty God.
thank God Almighty it will work at last! Lol
I thank the Almighty God 4 making me +1 today. Dansaki re BABA!
Please, help me thank God Almighty... The King of Kings; The Lord of Lords, and the defender of the helpless... The Omnipotent; Omniscient and Omnipresent! The Alpha and Omega... The I am, that I am!I was attacked between 2.30am and 4.30am this morning right inside my bedroom. They first gained entry into my house through a window in the kitchen, and then, they came into my room while I was sleeping.I heard their sound when they got into my bedroom, and as I got up, one of them flew towards me to attack. I had no choice but to defend myself! I quickly struck one, and as I did, the second one also came for me!It was like a movie... almost unbelievable! "Is this really happening to me?" I thought in half a second. My neighbours heard the chaotic sound that was emerging from my house, and I was sure that they were wondering what was amiss.I evaded a counter-strike from the first intruder, and I eventually delivered a deadly blow to the second one. My hands were stained with blood. I thought I had succeeded i ...
I thank y'all for making ma day awesome! Would ve done nothing without ya. May Almighty God richly bless & grant...
A life well lived.. โ˜บ woman of soul, woman of substance.. We thank God Almighty for your life โ˜โ˜€.
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you're joking. Thank god. Bless The Lord almighty
I can't thank God enough for everything He has done for me
Home at last oh home at last thank God Almighty I'm home at last. bc i cant stand them gd teachers ^_^ dt
Thank you Lord for ur blessings! in every effort i do, i believe in You, my almighty God.
I thank God Almighty for everything
Free at least. Free at last. Thank God Almighty! Iโ€™ve controlled my shrinkage at last!
Tragedy & trials have taught me patience, endurance, strength. To love & thank more. Most of all to trust in God Almighty & to love Him.
"The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life." Job 33:4. Do you thank God daily that He has given you life?
Last year on my birthday May 29, 2013, I had a terrible motor accident in Paynesville, Monrovia. Today, May 29, 2014 marks another remarkable day in my life which God has added another year to my age. I thank God Almighty for His guidance & protection to my life & thanks & appreciation goes to all those that wish me happy birthday & even those who didn't. May God Bless us all.
They say that everyday on your birthday you can erase everything and get a fresh start, I say you get to do that every day. I thank God Almighty for making me what I'm today, I will make a pledge to make the journey of my life about joy, laughter, family and true friendship. Thanks to all of your messages of birthday wishes.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful morning, wish you all many blessings!!! Even though I am not feeling well do to a bad cold I thank God Almighty for my medical results. Before my sugery I had declare in the name of JESUSCHRIST that I was clean just now got a call from my Dr. Comferming that I am clean!!! THANK YOU LORD for your care and love. Amen
Good Morning! I thank God Almighty, for waking me up this morning, with my health, strength and in my right mind..Amen! Everyone thank God for Everythingโ™ฅ
Today is my 60th b-day! First, I thank God Almighty!!! then my family!!! then my friends !!! and to all who crossed my paths and shared my life for these long years.
I thank God Almighty for given me the opportunity to see another birthday like this.i want to thank all thoes who have been part of my life since i was born up to this moment,friends and family members all of you are very important to me.i want to thank you all for being part of my life. Am so so happy
It was quite a drive Frm the airport to our hotel. But we're checked in now. Need to rest. Airlines misplaced my wheelchair. Hope they find it soon. Sprinkling, brezzy and cool. People are very helpful and nice..already loving it. Thank God Almighty for our safe trip here.. Good night its 11:30 pm here, 3:35am at home.
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I thank God Almighty for his mercy and protection, most of all for adding another year to my age. Thank you Lord.
Today is my birthday and I thank God Almighty for giving me that privilege of being among d living once. My blessing in d past 12 months are uncountable " ALHAMDULILLAHI " my God is worthy serving for he has made me happy. God is great.
Raising children is not for the faint of heart~ that's why I compare it too tag team wrestling. ..thank God Almighty, He gave me a great partner.
Wow! Thank God Almighty, another year have been added to ma life.happy birthday to ma humble self.the floor is open now for the wishes & gift.
Although since the beginning of this year,life has been so challenging I want to thank God Almighty for making me to witness yet another year.Its happy birthday to me.
My coming into this world is not by chance or mistake, but it was God's divine plan that Elder Joseph Nagbonmuna Okoro and Mrs. Dora Omoruyi Okoro gave birth to me. I received unconditional love, care, nurture, protection, correction & Godly training from my wonderful mum & dad and from my lovely brothers & sisters. As I take a reflection of my life from my childhood till now, I can't but thank God Almighty for preserving my life to celebrate another birthday. I know I'm wonderfully & specially made by God to affect lives positively. I pray that God will help me to fulfill the purpose for which I was born. Happy birthday to me.
I lyk to take this moment n thank God Almighty for the life He gave me, and I like 2 thank all of u who send me sweet birthday wishes via sms, whts app, bbm, calls, fb msg those who cooked n sing'd 4 me,my manager who baked a cake 4 me, those who bought me presents, ke sa lebale a special prsn in my my life which is my HUSBAND, everything that he dd 4 me,He is da bst HUSBAND, I wish my birth day was everyday, I luv n respect bdays so much and He knows that, like to thank my Family too, I'm so glad I come frm that family, My Mom taught me how 2 luv, how 2 respect, I'm so grateful to have her as a Mother, I Miss my Dad, He used to come @ my wekplace n brought me a cake, Miss u Daddy, I wished u saw how happy was ur Dota on her bday! N those who ddnt send me msg's , consider urslf deleted, whts da use of having u as a frnd, Na-nyt
I thank God Almighty for giving a new year in my life.I received all the wishes,blessings and prophetical words of every one.So delighted that God has given this much of sprictual covering to me and i extended my sincere thanks to each and every one who support,encourage,helped and prayed for me.keep hold in your prayers.thank you.God Bless you all.
Its our wedding day I have t best hubby in the world and two wonderful kids they are awesome I am feelin gr8 thank God Almighty :):):)
WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? One song writer said and I quote: "Absolutely Nothing". However I disagree. War What Is it Good For? FREEDOM! Without War we would not have our Freedom nor our Religious Freedom. I hate War as much as the next person but you can't let the Bully or the Oppressor run you home from school everyday. There comes a time when you have to Fight for your Rights and your Freedom. Yes the basic Freedom of your child walking home from school without feeling threaten is a must. If you are in the right and God is on your side you won't and can't lose regardless of the odds. David slew the Giant Goliath. The Big Bully took David for granted. Satan take many of us for granted. He attack our Finances, our Health, our Families and our Souls because many of us either don't fight back or don't know how to fight back. Well here's my advice: get with some Prayer Warriors and get some Word of God in you and start Fighting this Spiritual Warfare. The War may not be over but thanks to the blood of Jesus t ...
As another year older, I thank God Almighty for the countless blessings He has given me. I promise myself that my tomorrow will always be better than today.
Thank you God for another day, another chance to make everything better!
I want to thank God Almighty , for making GTM HOLISTIC WELLNESS AWARDS night a grand success. a special thanks to...
Wow, she done got her scalp braided into a sew in ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚ Thank God Almighty ๐Ÿ™Œ
Thank God Almighty! The are out! I guess you can only mug a team for the cup once and get away with it!
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I thank God soo much for every single blessing!
free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, I'M FREE AT LAST YAY
I just want to thank God Almighty Jesus Christ and everyone who prayed for me. I got the job!!! Praise God!!!
Free at last, free at last- THANK God Almighty. We are free at last.
I would like to thank The Lord & God Almighty for making this beautiful man๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™Œ
thank God Almighty you're free at last. It's been hard for those light skin brothas lately. HA!
Thank YOU God Almighty for sending YOUR only begotten SON Jesus Christ our SAVIOR to die for our sins and for redeeming and restoring HIM!
is my motivation! I thank God for a brother like youo.Goodluck in ur exams and may the almighty God grant u success.stay blessed 0:)
Prayer... God Almighty, my Savior and Redeemer, thank you for knowing me before I was able to know. Thank...
Feeling really blessed my grandson Amir finally is here ...want to thank God Almighty that everything turned out good..they're both healthy and that I got to share that experience with my daughter and son in law Andrew Miranda...God Bless my family
I really thank God Almighty, for sparing my life up till today to see another year being added to my years on the land of the Living. I have many reasons to thank God and to show forth his Glory upon my life, for making me, for his protection, for the salvation of my soul. My friends, i want you all to join me and celebrate my birthday, I wish myself more years ahead. Thank you Jesus for loving me.
Home at last, home at last, thank God Almighty...OMG THIS TOWN IS ON FIRE!!
God Almighty, I thank You very much for protecting me throughout the day.
I want to first thank God Almighty,,, also thank you Onmyown Edwards for fixing my car I'm on the road again,
Co- ask 234 Kidnapped Girls? "Thank God Almighty, they free at last..""
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I go home tomorrow thank you Lord go's is good all the time all the time god is good all praise to the Lord almighty.
Thank God Almighty, they free at last..
I thank God Almighty for all you've done in my life. I appreciate your hand work in my life... once again thank you Lord Jesus.
thank you isha for standing with the people of nigeria in this trial times, may God Almighty reward you and your team.
Thank God Almighty for the day and ask for his guidance through the night. GOOD NIGHT.
"From what has transpired, especially in this Society, Guilty, the creator of all those loyal to turmoil, to those who live the lives they chose, life becomes rougher, not realizing it's designed to make those suffer.." So, We, To those who perceive to believe in Humanity, There is still Sanity, Being Harmonious to those who inflict what's Poisonous..We, Win when we can become and then some, without a doubt, looking back, unconditionally, be our own CLASS ACTS...Because we need n want change, and we must make Trust, extremely robust, not just because it feels right, but because we can, I'd like to thank God Almighty, for guiding me to hold on tightly...
Thank God Almighty somethin in my spirit always made me feel this way.
Thank God Almighty for successful recovery, let ur name be highly praise all day
Congratulations you have made it to AMESTOSA. We Thank God Almighty for this day. Once again I say congratulation Welcome to AMESTOSA
I Thank God Almighty for making it possible for Me.
Why wouldn't i thank God Almighty for sparing my live,potectin nd counting me/us among the livings! Alhamdullilah for everything!
Happy Wednesday everybody. I have a few things to do today. I am so glad I can accomplish them one by one. Just to do this is a hugh blessing. Just to be productive. Just to contribution to the fabric of Life. Isn't it so good to move and have use of our limns. Thank God Almighty for our quality of life. It is a great blessing not to be taken likely. Worship and honor you King today.
Hi friends, brothers and sisters.. i thank God Almighty for your posts, indeed i had a great day on my birthday... i have grown, in age, physically, spiritually and psychologically... its all by grace... keep praying for me. its well.Modimo o siame.
We thank God Almighty for giving us u t c as incharge of our responsibility in taraba state.Allah we thank u for having u t c. Up mai farin kaya
Don't feel good and still come to work. thank God Almighty he woke me up this morning.
Good morning.. I thank God Almighty for another chance on this journey. It was only by those twins grace & mercy!! I hope everyone have a great day!!!
Thank God Almighty 4 all U've done... more succes is what I pray for
(I AM 22 TODAY) I thank God Almighty who made it possible for me to be alive in the land of the living I bless your name oh lord, this I say to the lord, (let all the glory, let all the adoration, let all the praises, be unto your holy name forever and ever amen)
Midnight drinks with the sister... Thank God Almighty 21 at last!
Its another beautiful day, i thank God Almighty for the grace. I pray that whatsoever we lay our hands on today shall be fruitful in the mighty name of God. (Amen) Good morning to you all.
I Thank God Almighty fr givin me lovin parents.i pray god to bless them abundantly wid good health n prosperity. you...
I wanna to thank God Almighty for his bountyful blessing this day: for our son, Mazzah Jallah jr. On thr occassion 14th birth anniversary. Happy birthday (Lyn) and May God richly bless you.
Finally handed over the mantle of Zonal Drama Director 2day in d NCCF Genco Meeting. I thank God Almighty 4 making me to serve in his vanyard. Lord take all d glory n honour. More grace to serve u even more is wht i pray for oh Lord. Love You Lord
I hereby wish myself a wonderful birthday this day 14 may 2014. ,and I thank God Almighty for his grace, kindness, blessings.because You are the LORD that is your NAME you will never share your GLORY with any man. Eru olorun bami, ohun to ba ti pinu lokan re kise ni to o le daduro.
it takes 16 month to complete a session for oau students courtesy ASUU 6month strike. nigeria i hail o. however, I only need to Thank God Almighty for the completion of this session. final year mode activated. Thank you Allah.
Let me take the opportunity to thank God Almighty for his protection n guiding mercy which made me to see my birthday. Indeed I cannot forget to thank my parents, brothers, sisters, friends and the entire community for raising the man I am today. May God Almighty Bless this day and all of U, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!!! Now let the party begins.
I just want to take the time to thank God Almighty and Starbucks for helping me during finals week.
I thank God Almighty for taking me through university education. Am the latest graduate in town.Amen
14th May 1931 to 2014 is a long long journey. My Mom celebrates her Birthday today. Old age takes its toll. She has grown feeble over the years, but she is as active as you and me. We thank God Almighty for her good health and the lovely mother she is. Happy Birthday Mom.God Bless you always.
Sometimes we're up, and sometimes we're down,but thank God Almighty we're not levered to the ground!! Still have time to get right with God...
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Frst of all want to thank God Almighty n thnk all those who wishd me a hhpy brth...I'm so dlighted n God blss u all...
GREAT NEWs THANK God Almighty!!! I BE CANCER FREE. I hated being turned inside out for the procedure but its over and the results are in, I have a clean slate. Thank God Almighty.
My countdown has began! 6weeks and 3days before my young man comes home! I thank God Almighty for protecting and keeping him safe! Even though 6weeks and 3days still seems like forever to me, that will be the most happiest day of my life! Can't wait to see the expression on his face when he hold his baby girl for the first time! It's going to be a lot of crying, pictures taking and happiness on that beautiful bless day! 1 other thing that will make that day complete is for my daughter and grandsons to be here to welcome my son home! I'm not gone give up! I'm going to keep praying that God Almighty bring them back home to me as well! God Blessed me with a beautiful loving and caring family!
I thank God Almighty for His love,care and mercy upon my life, and to u my family members, friends dat made yestaday a reality through ur prayers, text messages,phone calls,gifts. I pray dat d good Lord shall bless each and everyone of u. Amen.
Bolt of lighting struck power pole next to house. When it hit it took out my pole fan with a SNAP! SIZZLE POP! No power from 2am until now. Long night of Gabby too afraid to come out from under deck for all the loud clap thunder and driving rain, but too scared to stay. So he was hollering; that made Mister bellow inside the house AT me! This had the dogs worked up. But, thank God Almighty, we got rain!!
If you still don't have reasons to thank God Almighty, try and see a fresh accident occur maybe your heart will miss a beat and you're going to rush to your knees. As for me: hamdan WA shukra siran WA jahratan Li Lahi rabbil Li a'lamin
Have you thanked God Almighty today? Even in your circumstances? I did! THANK YOU JESUS! :-)
It just dawned on me, had an argument with myself last night to NOT eat everything in my house . thank God Almighty, I won!!!
Thank God for good friends such as who mean well & believe in our Almighty Lord & Savior. Bless you JCap.
I thank God Almighty for his traveling mercies.
Thank you! Almighty God, the Author of Heaven, earth and life; You see whatever we harbor in our heart,
I want thank God Almighty again for blessing me to live on. This beautiful day thanks u guy for all love you sharing on my bday I got smile thanks
Thank God Almighty for my wife's safe delivery
Thank god for this break it's much needed
Thank God Almighty my dear son is now doing great, what an awful week it was!
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I thank God Almighty for the success of my exams. Ase n' tedumare.
Almighty Father, Thank you for loving me. Thank you for your happiness and your peace. I open my heart to you, Oh God. Amen
Last night my wife and I had a long night at the ER. I feeling walking from our living room to our bedroom and was pretty sure that I have broken something but all the X-rays came back good thank God Almighty.
Thank God Almighty 4 His abundancy and un conditional love!!!
An thank God Almighty everyday 4 it
At first, I though I was living a life but its was simply not dying. Now am living... I thank God Almighty.
From cradle...he is now 33yrs old...Thank You MOST HIGH GOD & Almighty GOD for YOUR awesomeness! HOLY ONE OF...
GudMorning love one's, it's another beautiful day in the neighborhood b4 i start my day i wanna thank God Almighty for watching, protecting and waking me and the fam up to see another gorgeous day, enjoy ur day ppl!!
My prayers have been answered and I thank God Almighty, he is sooo mighty!
Appreciation I want to specially thank God Almighty, for his divine agility,protection and inspiration in yesterday's Nans zone' B' executives' meeting held in Owerri(Futo).He made it all a success. It's also important I commend the efforts,opinions and presence of all the excos who made themselves available in the meeting yesterday,despite the short notice. To you all,I say a laudable thank you. I believe in unity and progress,and with the impression created so far, heaven will only be our starting point in our moves towards the consolidation and innovation of the zone. Once again,I say thank you! You all made the meeting a success! With God on our side, we shall take the zone to it's apogee of excellence! God Bless Nans zone 'B' God Bless Nigeria!! Comrade Okorie Ikechukwu Santos(zonal Coordinator)
I wanna thank God Almighty 4 another day 2 get myself 2gether!!!
Thank the Almighty God for another beautiful day...each day is a gift...let us therefore put all strife, envy,...
Very thankful for today, the blessings and all the prayers. .. thank you guys.. God Almighty
Thank God Almighty, i am free at last! Leaving the hospital!!!
thank you for listen to the word of God, may mighty God Blessed you all as you change from bad to good and may almighty hear your prayer's.
All glory to God Almighty the Alpha and Omega"Thank God for d grace of being alive today."
Thank God Almighty for another day for me and my love one's. Let's all enjoy this beautiful day Violence & Drama Free. Peace!
Using VISA, MASTER, DEBIT Cards etc. YOU get Bankrupt sooner or later. Instead, start your day using your TRIUMPH Card "PRAY PRAY PRAY". Very simple - Just praise and thank God Almighty by giving Him all the Glory for yesterday and new day. Sooner or Later you CONNECT, You will EN-CASH on your BLESSINGS - Peace, Joy, Happiness, Health, Wealth etc. Likewise, the moment YOU dis-connect, you are left with nothing kinda VACUUM - empty, feeling hopeless, loneliness, depressed, helpless, vulnerable, etc. absolutely - LIFELESS. The choice is Yours !!
Congratulations to Dr. Kenneth Carson on a truly inspirational "Vansformation!" Dr. Carson flew me out to St. Louis in an effort to improve his own and his family's health. Ken holds a unique place of respect in my heart, as not only is he head of oncology at a prominent institution, he is himself also a cancer survivor. Somehow, he manages to work ungodly hours, where he is essentially on call 24-7, take his 2 daughters to music lessons and soccer games, travels for medical speaking engagements, AND manages to prioritize his own health. True, I would be remise if I did not mention his wife, Dr. Emily Jungheim, who has an equal share in their daily victories. Did you say you did not have time to take care of yourselves? Thank God Almighty most of us do not have to try to keep up with these two extraordinary individuals, but if you want to use "time" as an excuse to neglect yourselves, think again: If these two can find the time, so can you! In his own words: โ€œWhile I am a practicing physician, t ...
We were peas in a pod gotta thank almighty god that we're together that we're together
I forgive those who planned against me, and I thank God that I am here and capable of doing that. Nothing is more important the the almighty
GOD is good, GOD is good, Thank God Almighty God is good.
"Something is within me. I cannot explain and all that I know is, its a burning desire I cannot explain. I can only thank God Almighty. My friend, have you got that something that burns you like fire, get in a hurry tell everybody, that something within."
I thank God for letting and I see another day! ๐Ÿ™Œ Lord almighty help us get through this long *** day of rehearsal please! ๐Ÿ™
Thank God Almighty,, for yet another day. ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™Œ
A Mothers love . Let us thank God Almighty in any condition we find our self .
Today is the Day the LORD God Almighty has made for us to rejoice, & of a truth we rejoice & are glad in it.Thank you JESUS, Thank you JESUS
Am here to thank God Almighty for giving me the grace to win my election as the P R O, Nigerian Association of Food Science and Technology Students (NAFSTS) kano university of science and technology wudil chapter, kano state, appreciation also goes to those who sincerely voted for me, God Bless u all.
Thank God Almighty for this lovely day ๐Ÿ™Œ
It's going to be 80 degrees today. THANK God Almighty
I thank God Almighty for his time spent on ma talent and creativity...
I am very greatful to be appointed the manager dicretor of the new conpany of my community i thank God Almighty to give another oppointunity again amen
Praise the Lord .gm sister brothers .I have learn u never to old to learn .about people and life disappointment. But thank God Almighty he is there for me .to lift me up and shake off the enemies .thank u my king .glory glory on to u
I wnt to thank God Almighty upon the life of our dear friend (EBERE UDE ) Who Jus put to bed today a baby bounces boy , tanx u Jesus
Thank you for this๎•๎–๎—๎” God Bless and may all your dreams come true amen Jesus Christ lord almighty ๎˜๎—
Thank God Almighty for what he has done in your life...dont just say thank you lord ) say it with faith and power..
Every morning is a gift. from the almighty God. Thank him for all that he. blesses us with.
I thank God Almighty for making that day to be a wonderful day to me. An all my friends that come to my party de almighty ll bless u all ,added yrs to u , as u wish me.
I wanna take this time out to appreciate and thank God Almighty for the preservation of my life till this day... thank you Good God!
I thank God Almighty giving us life to live given us our heart desire 4 his exceeding grace 4 his unspeakable gifts thanks be unto GOD.
I thank God Almighty for adding another successful year to my years I praise is name
Thank God Almighty 4 wat he has done to my loving i praise him 4 wat he has done he wil do more bravo!
Every blessed day that passes by we thank God Almighty for his protection and guidance towards US for his mercy endureth 4ever
I miss someone that special to me but today i thank God Almighty who made me
Today I honour and thank God Almighty for the life of Favoured Pastor Njoko. Just want to say to u, Happy and blessed birthday to u my nana. You are a beautiful person inside and out, ur heart is very big and u've always opened it up to me. Full of love, patience and understanding. I thank God for His love, strength and wisdom in u that I've come to know and experience in my own life. All that I've mentioned are seeds u've planted. Now may u begin to enjoy the harvest of all this in ur life this year and beyond. I pray nothing but the best for u big sis, in every area of ur life. May God show off with ur life in a very big way and may u truly laugh again. I love u nana wami, Happy birthday Favoured Lindokuhle Njoko! Remain blessed!!!
Never u luk urself down todae cause we dnt know wot 2morrow has us.I thank God Almighty for everything he has done unto my life
I thank God Almighty for the gift of life to see 2day is not by my power but by his grace am alive 2day. And I say a big thank you 2 all my friends that wishes me well, I wish them well 2. Thanks.
I thank God Almighty for a fruitful new day,a chasis marvellous hour he has giving us,i say may your grace be sufficient in our individual lifes for in Jesus mightier name i have prayed Amen.
DAY 7(ONLINE TRAINING). We thank God Almighty for the consistency and for impacting 3 of our own in the on-going program and also not forgetting our able originator of the group in person of Diokpa Tony Ej Iofor and his team of Executives who believed in us ONOWU NU!
Wow I thank God Almighty for making me and my family to see today, but right now is rainy in lagos state, I wish all my friends a very lovely day.
Count your blessing and name them one by one and thank God Almighty,
I am the daughter of this day Congratulations! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Baba I praise your name, you are worthy of my praise.3/11.I thank God Almighty for another blessed,glorious and successful year in His presence. Hip,Hip,Hip HURRAY!!!
Thank God Almighty for a brand new day like this...its the lords doing.
I Thank God Almighty For Making This Day Possible for me and u.
I want to thank God Almighty for blessing my hubby to making it back home safe after taking propane to New York and Michigan I just want to say thank you GOD AGAIN AND AGAIN those 32 days hes was gone can never replace what you done for me and still doing
gud morning fellow youths 2morrow is our day of celebration in this year of jubilee to our sweet lovely nation-50yrs we thank God Almighty for the flavor upon this country
I thank God Almighty over my life today. May you continue to bless me,in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.
I thank God Almighty for adding one more year to my years. Praise God
Thank God Almighty... The Lord God of Israel... The King of Israel... I AM... Thank Him for the Remnant of His 12 Lost Tribes of His Truth!
I thank God Almighty 4 wishing me happy birth day.He may see u all through in Jesus name.
Brethren i thank God Almighty making me to see this day0thanks to0his name. My people why did u people fear mortan gods,evil0spirit,and even satan, morthan i the creator of univers, why didur ladies choose to come to craftic itemt, have i not warn u of it, i am a Holy God, what gain did u get with all atifical things u do ficse on ur body, some ministers refuesd to deliver my massage why bcuse they cherish money, they wuldent want to loose there weldy members, girls of thisdays comes to my present dresing like a prostitude, attachmen, wulvon, painted lips,fingers,tools,atificial eye larshess, no one that come to my present with all this that will inherit my kingdom, be warn, dont be ignorant of all this, my people die for the larck of knowlage, i am coming soon my reaward is in my hand to pay evry one according to his/her worke, dont say i didnt warnde u
I thank God Almighty for putting me to sleep and watching over me while I'm sleeping. I thank Him for waking me up to a new day I've never seen before. I thank God for having mercy on all of us.
I thank God Almighty my two sure 90--70 don destroy Ghana monday special Ojuelegba is on fire. Registered fans I have made you all millionaires. No game again until Friday Ghana Bonanza three direct must drop. Please use your winning money well invest wisely because lotto is a game of luck. My Ghana games are dropping now nrxt month it may stop dropping so I advise you to invest wisely I know how much you guys have made from my winning Ghana games since last week I beg please invest wisely.
I wanna thank God Almighty, for giving everybody so much. And me so little.
2014 Volta Regional National Science and Maths Quiz Selection Quiz Competition, 10/03/2014 Contest 2 Results: TSTS: 23points Dabala SHS 18points St Kizito SHS: 15points Kpeve SHTS: 12points By this results TSTS will compete in the national science and Maths Quiz in Accra this June. I thank God Almighty, the Headmaster, Staffs and my dear students especially Akresi Jerry and Ahiable Bright for helping us achieve this feat. We need your support both in kind and cash to prepare adequately for the competion in Accra. Thanks you all on this platform
I want every one to know that I really really enjoyed myself today, n I 1st n foremost Thank God Almighty, then I thank each n every 1 of my FB friends/family 4 all the b-day wishes, rather it was by call text r FB status, when I say thank u I mean it from the bottom of my heart I dnt take it slightly because u didn't have to take the time out especially on a Monday lol, but Love U All!!! N last but not least I told y'all my b-day is all mth lol next wk my Bae is taking me to the Bahamas 4 my b-day now that I'm really going to enjoy!!! Thank U Jesus!!!
free at last FREE AT LAST thank God Almighty I am free at last no more 10 pound jokes.
Man it sure felt great to go outside for a walk today!!! I am so loving this pretty weather we're having! Unfortunately when I walked up to where Harris Teeter is I noticed that the Baskin Robbins in that shopping center is now gone and now I'm like "AH MAN BASKIN ROBBINS IS GONE NOW!!!" That really bites considering I really loved their ice cream! Oh well. At least it felt great to be outside today! Thank God Almighty that spring is almost here!
Today I thank God Almighty for all the Blessing!
i thank God Almighty 4 his mercy nd grace over me nd my family,even 2 my country nigeria,baba u ar 2much o,e seun gan ni mi o le dupe tan cos ana ope mi tipoju,2 those of u who tink ur fragment is 2much 4u 2 put 2gether i wana employ u 2 put ur hope on him nd he will never let u dawn at all,
Thank God Almighty for making me add 1yr today, happy birthday to me, am so happy.
Thank God Almighty for waking me up this mourning starting me on my day and allowing to make it thru my route today, thank you GOD. Lil Hi-fe Da Hypeman
Zaki's report is awesome I've really been blessed. Thank God Almighty
I thank God Almighty that made me to add another one year!
(57)*(90) happy mood nw after a long time i thank God Almighty for this ,see u guyz tom
Electronic Device Insurance
For those of yall that take what I say for granted because it's free now what will you do when you or your family members are in a situation that I shared info on a video or wrote something & you didn't even read it or watched to see how it could have helped you or them ,it's always two ways to learn the easy way & then it's the hard way it's up to yall & I Thank God Almighty I'm GOOD but I want for my Brothers & Sisters as I have for myself PEACE you can't buy that yall it only comes from God Almighty if you ask Him & He looks at your heart knowing yes He can use you for His purpose & that's what we were made for .
Good day fbf & I Thank God Almighty for giving it to all us one more time because of His grace & mercy & forgiveness too & on that note if you don't want to change from doing sick minded things just unfriend me please ,women want to be a man ,Black males want to walk around outside with your pants hangin way below your waist like you're *** & maybe you are cigarette smokers that ain't thinking about stopping until it's to late ,drug users that don't want to ever stop using drugs & ain't try to get any help at all not even prayer to lift the stronghold off yall just unfriend me because it's like talking to dead people & the dead that want to stay that way it's no hope for yall until you really want to change & I'll pray that you change before it's to late for you .Peace Black people & to my white folks too ,yes I get along with all groups of people but people that don't want to change for they own benefit .
Thank God Almighty they free at last.
The need for my uterus to shed has finally stopped. Thank the Lord God Almighty. Amen
- My car is fixed at last Thank God Almighty my car is fixed at last. - - M.L.K. but remixed
All the glory Be To God Almighty. Please can we know our self much better than This. Thank's ve a Blissful dayโ€
Before you get UP, get DOWN on your knees and say, THANK YOU !! ALMIGHTY GOD FOR ANOTHER DAY TO GET IT RIGHT !!
We free at last we free at last thank God Almighty we free at last
Thank God Almighty, Im free at last
Free at last Free at last thank God Almighty I'm Free At Last.Free
Thank God Almighty for blessing me another year in my life! I also wanna give love back for all the birthday shouts...thank u all,love u all.God Bless!!!
Again I thank God Almighty for safety through today! Glory.
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