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Thames Water

Thames Water Utilities Ltd, known as Thames Water, is the private utility company responsible for the public water supply and waste water treatment in large parts of Greater London, the Thames Valley, Surrey, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Kent, and some other areas of in the United Kingdom.

Herne Hill New Malden Environment Agency South London

Update - A219 Fulham Palace Rd just south of A4/Hammermsith Broadway. All restrictions have now been lifted following Thames Water works.
Delays to royal blue 33/33a upto 24 mins due to Thames Water roadworks on Tilehurst Rd. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Thames Water roadworks now on Oxford Rd AND Tilehurst Rd,   major delays expected on West Reading routes during the p.m. peak.
A41 Finchley Rd restrictions near O2 Centre have now been removed N/B, but S/B is now reduced to 1 lane. Expect delays (Thames Water works)
safetygirl, Thames Water have parked up two vehicles by the site of the former High Street Hole, traffic ok at present 1616..
Buses serving Battersea Bridge Road are subject to delays due to Thames Water works.
Feels like Thames Water & Cappagh have redefined 'temporary' for road works in Argyle Road W13 ongoing from January
Perks of working right on the water on Thames street : seeing the ocean beach fireworks during closing time
Flying around the today is our an truck, which moves on water and land
Hardly. I'm 100% I'd have had Geldoff in the Thames with a water cannon
from the air this morning. Hope no one goes overboard into that murky Thames water during training!
Really muddled this morning! Thames Water arrived, Kerry's lovely letter, - I'm clearly not quite with it!!
After all these they go deport me because my farts contaminated their Thames water
Thames Water is a bit overzealous - I've had a text asking how happy I am with the service - they haven't even arrived yet!!!
Education Executive: Thames Water Utilities - Rainham, Kent - What is the purpose...
Planner - One Desk job at Thames Water Utilites - Reading
her and jo whiley can suck on Thames water through a straw forever
From Lake Garda to the Thames: Why boat drones are taking to the water
Which was nothing short of miraculous considering the quality of Thames water!
Permanent Makeup on Harley Street (London), in Fulham (London), Kingston-upon-Thames and Virginia Water, Surrey. >>
I've got enough rain water soaked into my clothes and hair to fill the Thames -_-
was in Reading for meetings with Thames Water
Please find below an apology from Thames Water associated with the complaint that we have raised with regard to...
It's an odd pic all round. I guess it should show a trickle of water at start of Thames. But that was a mile further down
Also profits go overseas anyway. Thames water owned by Chinese etc.
Could do without the millionaire politicians having water fights Thames. My condolences to Jo Cox MP's family.
Check out latest news Thames Water secures site in anglers’ haven
Swimmer rescued in Thames River after hours in water
Recently new iMac, slight water damage and available for pick up from the south bank of the Thames
...always found weird was when working at Thames Water the 'gangs' at all used to buy it EVERY DAY despite saying they hated it.
Scum spraying water in the face of Jo Cox's kids on Ur a disgrace 2 the western world n i hope action is taken
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Must be something about running near water that soothes my soul. My normal normal routes along North East coast or Thames Towpath this week.
Moving freight on the Thames under discussion at Freight by... |
A Coast Guard boat pulled a woman from the Thames River at abt. 12:30 a.m. today. She may have been in the water for sever…
A 20-year-old woman was rescued by Coast Guard crews after the tide swept her toward the mouth of the Thames River
And mayors hope Thames phosphorus plan will become template, can be used by Ohio and Mich to improve water q in L Erie
A man of many thoughts lookin to the future, or just lookin at the dutty Thames water lol
Modern-day naval battle erupts on River Thames in London Brexit protest (complete with music battles, water fights)
VOTD: Just your average day on the Thames in New London, CT for the Harvard-Yale regatta!
Dowers Lane, Daglingworth will be closed 20th - 22nd June for a new water connection by Thames Water.
the fishing flotilla heading 2 Westminster protesting that they can only catch 20% of fish in our water
UK politicians literally got in boats & battled each other w water hoses yesterday on the river Thames. We need to do this in DC, so epic 🇺🇸
Thames Water saved about £300,000 in costs by rolling out an online customer account...
The water fight between the Leavers and the Remainers on the Thames yesterday looked brilliant. Wish I had been there!
Great scenes on the Thames today. Haven't seen this kind of action on water since Speed 2: Cruise Control
The Chinese have many investments in Britain, including :. Weetabix. Taxis. Thames Water. Nuclear energy. & much more http…
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Because of the Thames I have always loved inland waterways - water in ...
The EU referendum is being fought on ships in the Thames shooting water guns at boats for the other side
"Farage Water Breaks: Water way... to have a good time."
Water Fight! Rivals in UK's EU vote skirmish on the Thames
LONDON (AP) — The battle over whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union spilled from the airwaves...
This proves it should not be near homes . Thames Water admits Fulham residents could move during sewer construction
Understood. That may be the case but Thames Water were drilling outside and now 3 gardens flooded. Needs sorting before a death
you mean you aren't partaking in the water hose fights on the Thames?? You disappoint me. Lol
Work time - busy, busy, busy! (@ Thames Water Walnut Court in Swindon)
Thames Water fined £1m for sewage pollution incident in 2013. 1st time £1m barrier broken. Interesting as no suggestion of sig enviro harm.
A401 Shaftesbury Ave / Great Windmill St has fully reopened following the previous closures due to Thames Water works
A41 Park Rd / Gloucester Pl - lane one remains closed southbound due to Thames Water works, however traffic is now flowing well in the area.
A41 Park Road / Gloucester Place - lane one (of two) closed southbound due to unplanned Thames Water works. Queues are building on approach.
Busy morning on the water, flat water kayak racing at Henley-on-Thames
In the second suite of "Water Music" the trumpeter went to the River Thames. For clean sounds.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Everytime I cross the Thames and see the sun bounce of the water and the cityscape I forgive London all the queues, stress and pain
About to feed on spicy chicken with a side of ale on a stationary boat-restaurant along the Thames. The water's murky, the sun's shiny.
Opened Water Leak (Exterior) request via iPhone at 1803–1899 Thames St Water leaking for months. have reported...
. In London, it's more likely to taste like Thames water with sewage floating in it. YUK!!!
it looks like it's been sorted now :-) thanks and welldone Thames Water
of by the Jason deCaires Taylor celebration of the in
I picked up one of your mum to be packs last weekend in Henley on Thames, all coupons and books were out of date June 2015!?
Asset Planner needed in at Thames Water. Apply now!
Thames Water work, new water connection at Herne Hill / Gubyon Ave is due to end at 1800 on Wednesday 14 October.
Had a fantastic day being trained in water quality testing with Can't wait to get out there and start surveying!
Great end for in but Thames is 10C with strong currents. Someone in the water? Ring 999 "Coastguard"
-- beneath the frigid water of the Thames and began to sob; utterly convinced that had gone under, --
Feels good to be back on the water @ Thames Ditton
Tamesis is the Celtic Goddess of Fresh Water. She gave her name to the River Thames—it was common fo... -
Exceptionally poor service from No solution to prob Wish u cld change companies like gas/electric Water Offwat Monday
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
on Thames one lane is closed due to water main work on High Street near Winchester Road
CCTV mystery lands restaurant in hot water after attack
Just rewatched Symphogear GX ep 1. if the London River Thames water would be that clear and beautiful for the skidding girls.
doesn't trust UK water.Thames Water is part-owned by the Chinese.water is unfit to drink.
The hole left is at least 1 metre deep following the water mains burst. Now being repaired by in Walton-on-Thames
Electrical and Mechanical Technician job at Thames Water Utilites - Oxford
apparently not your role to stop flow of cars driving over pavement to avoid roadworks. It's Thames Water. What about speeding?
Just seen pictures of the Herne Hill flood on BBC news. And Thames water going to give community more funding. To late for some of us. 😶
Excited to see my Thames Water squad tonight 🍻
hopefully Thames Water are going to come out tonight and turn it off somehow and the plumber will come back
no! the plumbers can't turn our water off and the man is having to make an emergency call to Thames Water
Ofgem proposes changes to Thames Water and Severn Trent Water's sewerage responsibilities in Aldershot
We have an exciting opportunity for a Quantity Surveyor to join our Thames Water project to work across the Thames R…
Story: Thames Water Plan Huge Steel Tower for Mogden Site - Company claims new chimney stack will improve l...
Thames Water offering to fit free water and money saving gadgets in Oxford homes
The start of a weekend on the water
Thanks but can't Thames Water contact them to encourage it to be fixed?
Tories sold Thames water to Saudis,they buy British Fighter planes , Someone somwhere is making loads of money ?
When my water bill was estimated (Thames Water) it was £38 a month. Now I'm on a meter. First it fell to £18 a month, now it's £10 a month.
Thames water- chinese and Saudi owned, Railways sold for peanuts, core Industries like steel gone to the wall !! Is this Tory Patriotism ?
Jane is recording for today & Tina is recording for Thames Water
Think you can save water and money? Book a Smarter Home Visit for free from Thames Water. More info at
Crossing fingers that Thames Water fixing a leek in our pipe today doesn't mean digging up our entire garden!
circle is blaming Thames water in a email sent to me for not carrying out the repair. We want the truth?
the repair from July still pending now blaming Thames water
Thames Water to contribute an extra £200,000 to Herne Hill community fund
Thames Water apologises to Herne Hill community post flood and adds £200k payment to community fund
Crouch Hill N8 closed due to a burst water main. Thames Water technicians are on site & diversion routes are being placed. Expect delays
Story: Upcoming Roadworks around Hammersmith - Expect delays on Fulham Palace Road due to work by Thames Water.
.generous with his time meeting w Barons Court residents against Thames Water plans. Say NO!
Barons Court news. Please look at this petition and sign if you support it. Thank you.
Hi there. Please will you ask followers to sign petition about Thames Water site.
Live in Fed Hill? Take the water taxi to our new in Fells Point at Thames and Broadway and zip around Baltimore.
why don't you put water skiing lanes on the Thames?
Doobie has learnt to walk on water down the Thames towards the Post Office Network Sales Awards
Ace crowd out on the water today. SUP the Thames
There's literally no water in the Thames 😳
Thames Water Blue of the Sea inlet valve.
.diminishes the Thames flow. If they fill with dense material it reduces water storage -guess its silt from gravel washing
It'd be a terrible waste to spend all that money on water cannons and then not use them to hose lefties in to the Thames...
If you're planning a build do you know the process? Party Walls? Foundations? Thames Water? Our guide will help.
8am call from HSBC Fraud protection asking if I'd paid my thames water bill. Yes i know it's daylight robbery, but plz wait till 10 to call.
got to be as the sun hits the surface of the water on the Thames at Greenwich!
does anybody know where and when the next meeting is about this wretched Thames Water plan?
Hi, are the 213s serving New Malden (Coombe Road) yet? (Previously affected by Thames Water burst pipe flood) Thanks!
Random Q but does anyone know of any private water pumping stations in the Thames area?work are adopting 4000 but need help finding them all
1/2 not many people are aware that Thames Water are proposing to do 3 years of construction at Edward Wood, & 5 months of drilling!
Thames Water have been around a couple of times and have confirmed that it is the council's responsibility
Thames Water, Hammersmith and Fulham City Council: No to the sewer! - Sign the Petition! via
Despite supposedly opposing the super sewer, it seems has no issue taking sponsorship from Thames Water for his pet projects...
Anyone else had issues since Windsor Tri? A friend in is hospital with a severely infected cut and my neck is all blistered. Thames Water?
Was please don't let this be Thames water...
Thanks Thames water, but maybe next time don't burst out water main twice in one month. •
7 days left working at Thames Water Innovation facility. Lots of lovely hands on engineering experience
"Thames Water to run on 100 per cent renewables after signing £500m Drax deal  "
Hard work and sweaty . Hot Stuff, wish we were on the Go Women on the water.
We captured a very rare scene at the VR SUP Club on the River Thames - Mr VR finally got out on the water after...
Visiting residents in New Malden whose homes flooded. Thames Water and Council did god job last night in difficult circumstances
Thames Water team to be in New Malden this morning: Thames Water engineers will be out and about in New Malden...
I have no clue where I am here other than near water that isn't the Thames ;D
in the dirty city, not far from old Big Ben, paying for contaminated water,sucked from the river thames,stuck on a 1/2
So the foundations of Parliament are slowly sinking into the dirty and corrupted water of the Thames. Sort of poetic justice really...
Oops!! Good old Thames Water. Our leak is much smaller but I'm not looking forward to them digging up my driveway :/
Thames Water, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham: Say No to the Sewer - Sign the Petition! via
There's no water in my taps in Wimbledon since 7pm well done Thames Water
Thames Water "Our engineers are on site and are working to isolate the burst pipe and stop the leak."
Panic not New Malden folk. Thames Water have arrived and its ok because they 'love water'
Good win for tonight. Thames Water batted first and reached 111/6 with Staefa winning by 7 wickets with 16 balls to spare
Hello Thames, are there are any issues in TW9 area? My water pressure is really low. Thank you.
New Malden high street under water with a burst main. No one has water for miles. Any mention on Thames water site? No
Good evening Thames Water. New Malden KT3 here. Just got in to find no water pressure. Any news? flux
Hello Thames Water please keep us informed about the Counters Creek Relief Sewer.
Lifeboat rescue teams were called out to assist a houseboat taking on water as it was making its way to the Thames
RIP Mersey Icon ROYAL IRIS aka Booze Boat - Fish n Chip Boat last seen taking on water on the Thames
River Thames. Toes in the water. But where?
...totally perverse...and a free call to boot...Thames Water...nothing overtly sexual of course...
The list of those who oppose your plans for Hammersmith Grove and Astrop Terrace is growing
See the objections to the relief sewer here and take note
Better than Thames water tho. It was full of cocaine
How can thames water just cut everyones water off like that
Koji is shut 2day thanks to Thames Water who broke our pipe when working on pipes in the street not for Koji. And At 1.30 AM THIS MORNING >>
- We have spoken to Thames Water, they should be on site to remove the temps on Southwark Bridge Road after 7am.
'This govt has slashed the corporation tax that Thames Water will pay on their rip-off profits (28% to 20%)' £51.8m instead…
Thames Water will pay no corporation tax for 10yrs as 'it is receiving tax credits to invest in the infrastructure that it profits from' AF
Thames Water and Scottish power being in same brackets!
A215 Norwood Road, south of Tulse Hill Gyratory - temp lights in until Sunday PM for emergency Thames Water works. Expect delays in peaks.
it's going to be a new thing. So say you live in a Thames Water area, you could choose to pay severn trent for your water.
2/3 along Gosbrook Rd/George St and Thames Water in the town Centre the Caversham services have experienced delays.
St Nicholas Way is closed due to a depression in the road. Buses are on diversion.Thames Water on the way to carry out an assessment of road
David Lloyd club in Kingston forced to close for six hours after burst water pipe at Thames Water treatment centre:
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Looking forward to Dulwich Community Council this evening, 7pm Christ Church Barry Road - Herne Hill bridge and Thames Water on the agenda
I love how The Thames water level changes during the day :)
What we have to look forward to with privatised water. .
Privatisation bringing in Conservations...yeah right. Thames Water in UK has 25% leakage rate yet record profits.
Taking part in Bracknell half marathon on Sunday. Not running , fundraising for Thames hospice & giving out water. !!
This is about privatisation. And look at Thames Water in UK, Rates going up constantly, Profits going up. Yet huge leakages.
CHENEY MANOR ROAD CLOSURE. Thames water have shut the road leading into the Industrial estate from the Esso station. Please follow the diversion signs around up Cheney Manor road and Akers Way. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thames Water have finally been out after not turning up when they said they would, but now our toilet wont stop!!! The running water is making me need to pee! I cant be rushing to the loo all night!!
Thames water say meetings will be sorted every 6 months with South Bucks District Council. Adds it will identify hot spots for cleaning
At the moment Thames Water doesnt get consulted on applications for less than 10 dwellings
HT: reassurance over planning ahead and working more holistically. Says applications that cause worry shld be highlighted to Thames Water
Huw Thomas Thames Water says the company was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of water in winter
At town council for council meeting. Huw Thomas from Thames Water guest tonight
I was nominated by to complete the Gunner Thames Memorial Foundation cold water…
On a boat with . In London On the Thames
afternoon Jim! Peg on the nose here, spreading Thames water waste
Whenever it walk along side the river Thames, I feel like my phone will somehow fly out of my hand & into the water. Idk but ok
Guildhall Sailing Club's first event on the water -aboard 100-year-old Thames Barge "Hydrogen"
Thames Water Tideway Tunnel contract Sadly Thames confident they will get past planning
Yo! Some new guy started work today used to work for Thames water. IM telling u now. Don't ever drink tap water EVER again.
latest piece on tidal pools on The Thames. I guess we should spend loads on making every water body swimmable?
RESIDENTS in Cirencester were left without power over the Easter weekend after Thames Water hit a power cable ...
Really chuffed to be working with Thames Water, Axis Europe & GLA on an innovative water efficiencyin social housing project.
My latest piece on tidal pools on The Thames. Basically you won't be surprised to hear I think they are a great...
Cirencester residents left in the dark after Thames Water hit power cable while trying to fix water pipe .
'We've got Thames Water approval' .never did I think those 5 words would evoke such joy and relief.
Permission granted for another Thames Water Infrastructure project in Leytonstone.
Why having a tidal pool on The River is a great idea - via
Hundreds of people in South London were left without water on Easter Monday after two pipes burst. Thames Water says the repair process may be...
Thames Water are working to fix a privately owned pipe that burst, leaving hundreds without water in South London.
never heard of Schapelle Corby, but seen some planning shenanigans taking place in London by macquarie-owned Thames Water.
Late for work at Thames water because of Thames water road works. How ironic.
Aw! Thanks for the Open Water Swim promotion & lovely photos you took of me braving the Thames! 💜🌺🏊😊
Thames Water have started essential work by the petrol station leading onto the industrial estate and have closed the road. Please use Akers way entrance to come onto estate, access is available and all businesses are open as normal.
Thames Water tenders final main construction contract for up to £950m on Tideway Tunnel
Nick Thompson, Thames Water discusses how he and Thames Water have achieved Success on a Shoestring at http:/…
FOMP general meeting on Tuesday 22nd April had a very full agenda. Here is a summary, using the post by MayowPark on Sydenham Town and There were lots of good things at this evening's meeting of the Friends of Mayow Park, although I think the one we've been waiting for most is to learn who will be running the new café, which will be open for the start of the summer holidays. It will be Laura & Jess Tilli who run the Brown & Green café at Crystal Palace train station. 1. Grow Mayow's new garden rising phoenix like from the devastation caused by Thames Water having to replace the sewer for the café. They've been helped by volunteers from the park's resident cricket teams, 2. Cricket: An even fuller programme of matches lined up for 2014, including a day to involve the whole community, but much more of this in due course ... 3. Imaginative ideas for how to use the now abandoned Bowls Green. But no one's rushing into solutions; we want to get the consultation right 4. An innovative scheme propos ...
Thames breaks records for water flow
I would get out of that water quick!
Another Thames Water knock back again, when will they ever give me an interview Paul Quinn?
The cold water challenge for the Gunnar Thames scholarship fund is too cool👌
Leaving Water Lane by left into Lower Thames Street, your first right is Puddle Dock.
IWJS secure £1m project on Thames Water STW for AMK JV. . We are excited to announce that IWJS have been successful in winning a tender wi…
**Thames Water have closed the Rodbourne road entrance to Cheney manor industrial estate so customers will need to come via the Akers way entrance**
Thames Water have just informed me that as a single girl who works full time, they estimate my water usage to cost £16-17 a month. How? 😐
RICKMANSWORTH RECEIVES SPECIAL VISIT FROM THE PM A company in Rickmansworth welcomed two special visitors today (Tuesday) in the shape of the Chancellor and the Prime Minister. David Cameron and George Osborne were at Skanska to highlight £36 billion investment in infrastructure over the next year. They had an audience of 500 Skanska employees who joined them for a special question and answer session. Mike Putnam, Skanska UK president and CEO, said the visit reinforced Skanska’s position as a major employer, delivering some of the most important infrastructure programmes in the UK. He added: “This includes Highways Agency improvement schemes for the M25 and M1 Junction 19 and the maintenance of a significant proportion of the UK’s road network. We are also delivering seven contracts for Crossrail and we are one of the main contractors delivering Thames Water’s eight2O water infrastructure improvement programme and National Grid’s gas mains replacement programme. “The Prime Minister’s and Ch ...
Wasafiri’s Words on the Water: Celebrating Thirty Years of International Contemporary Writing - Totally Thames
Thames Water issues tender for final section of Tideway Tunnel -
Brilliant method of public water quality awareness. I want this for the Thames!
an angle eh? All beers brewed with water drawn directly from the Thames? German styles only? All-nude brewdays?
Thames Water claims it's 10 years since it got rid of the Whitley Whiff. I'm sure I've sniffed it in recent years. Anyone?
We won't release the trout in the river until the sewage discharges from Thames Water's Chesham Sewage Treatment Works have stopped 2/2
Just had a pint of water from the tap. Definitely drinking the Thames.
We are currently looking for a Lab Analyst to join Thames Water on an immediate contract basis in Reading. This exciting role is the perfect opportunity for someone who has a real passion for Science to get an insight into Thames Water's organisation.
Has anyone done a Thames water passport induction
Ofwat considers Thames Water fine for misreporting:
Looking at Thames Water case study on SuDs techniques: Counters Creek
this bus stop in Tooley Street closed for Thames Water repairs. Why no hole or works then?
Liz Cooper from Thames Water now discussing the responsibility of water supply pipes.
Thames Water have just recently started presenting. Looking at progressive metering programmes
faces draft penalty notice for licence obligation breaches - WWT
We hope the emergency Thames Water works in Burnell Ave havent caused too many problems. Unfortunately its a blocked/collapsed sewer.
Met Thames Water last week. Asked them to protect WBerks residents from sewer leaks seen in recent flooding. 1/3
From the quality Thames and Field mudlarking/treasure-hunting site - the Thames with no water: htt…
I got challenged by taylorrenaee23 to do the cold water challenge for the Gunner Thames memorial and I…
A4 clean up the Thames! Tourists still love it but would be much better if water wasn't green!
Nerd alert! Take one Harveys map of the Thames Path and some stickers then mark the water taps and checkpoints..
10pm... an hour later and Thames Water seem to have stepped up their drilling game...
Just leaving work? Changes to town centre stops due to Thames Water work in Friar St. Get to the right stop! http:/…
Love reminds me of my days working at Thames Water as a student.
Sent via This is part of the canal by the store in the Cotswold Water Park
Thames Water is responsible for maintaining Moor Lane sluice gate and operates it when required according to Environment Agency instruction
Key points from last nights meeting minutes - apologies it's a bit lengthy but it's an interesting read. I will post the full minutes shortly. Public / Parish Meeting – Key points 12th February 2014 7.30pm Wraysbury Primary School Represented; RBWM Wraysbury Parish Council (WPC) Thames Water (TW) Environment Agency (EA) Thames Awash (TA) Wraysbury Flood Team (WFT) Dave Francis - Thanked flood team & Graham Sinclair for all their help, no matter how involved they were. - Thanked David Murphy from the EA for his continued support. - Urged the village to concentrate on rebuilding rather than political blame. Thames Water - Scale of this unprecedented event, meant they were unable to provide the standard of customer service they would normally. - Sewers not designed to deal with flood or ground water. This additional water overloaded the system, resulting in the sewage overflowing. - 150 sewage treatment works failed due to flooding. Currently 72 still affected. 100’s of pumping stations still sufferi ...
Emergency road closure - A5183 Watling Street, Radlett Motorists are advised that the A5183 Watling Street in Radlett will be fully closed from A411 Elstree Crossroads North to the A414 North Orbital Road from 8pm today (Thursday 6 March). Thames Water has been dealing with a blocked sewer near Radlett Station under an emergency response permit since 19 February. The works have involved temporary two-way traffic signals being manually controlled during peak times. During these works it has been established that the sewer has been completely blocked by concrete causing sewerage to back up and a full replacement of the sewer will be required where the concrete is causing the obstruction. The excavation required to undertake these works will be deep (approximately four metres down) and fall within the centre of the road. Unfortunately there is no option other than to close the road to enable these urgent works to take place safely. Thames Water will be carrying out this repair under a full road closure. This ...
The Water failure on 15th/ 16th Feb 2014 I had a meeting with Kate Bishop of CDC this morning Tuesday 18th Feb and she explained something of what happened. The water failure started sometime early on Saturday 15th Feb or late Friday14th Feb when high winds brought down a power cable causing a power failure in the Churn Valley which took out the main water treatment works at Baunton. This serves a wide area of the Cotswoldsup as far as Ford and Cutsdean and resulted in reservoirs serving various communities running low and then dry. Thames water had some difficulty in persuading Scottish and Southern Electricity to priorities the Churn valley facility as many power lines were down following the high winds. Water pressure to parts of Chedworth ran out during Saturday afternoon the Village Hall and Valley View being among the first affected. Karen Heaps alerted Thames Water but Thames management believed the Police had put emergency measures in place and had contacted all the parishes affected. I was told t ...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Flooding update at 9.15pm on Sunday 9 February Information for Buckskin residents affected by flooding We have NOT pumped water from Chiltern Way but only removed water from Antrim Close. Grampian Way and Blackdown Close - road closures in place. Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Hampshire County Council and Hampshire Fire and Rescue have been working with the community to cope with the flooding. We have been looking at options to stop water rising in the Sperrin Close and Antrim Close areas, as well as sandbagging and giving assistance to householders. Thames Water is now on site and Hampshire Constabulary is assisting. We have opened a coordination centre at the Ridgeway Centre so we can give onsite advice to residents about the flooding and direct them to help or hotel accommodation if evacuated. There were concerns about drinking tap water. We confirmed with South East Water that this is not an issue as below: Following Thames Water’s sewerage leak in the RG22 area of Basingstoke, South East W ...
Dear Members, We currently have an issue with our water pressure. Thames Water have notified us of the problem and are trying to fix the issue. We have issues therefore with the showers, toilets, energeau and Mitonics. Please accept our apologies and we will push Thames Water to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. Best regards, Jon Williams
WE IS BEING RIPPED OFF AGAIN WHEN ARE WE AS A NATION GOING TO WAKE UP TO THESE FRAUDSTERS? 10 Jan 2014 21:09 Senior Irish Water executives are to appear before a special meeting of the Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht on Tuesday. Committee Chairman Michael McCarthy this evening said: "This will be an opportunity for this committee to examine the operation of Irish Water and address public concerns over spending levels with personnel responsible for the body." A spokeswoman for Irish Water earlier said that its executives were willing to appear before any Dáil committee to explain consultancy costs of €50m last year. Irish Water has also issued a statement saying the creation of the agency will deliver cost savings of €2bn over the next ten years. The agency this afternoon said it has engaged closely with Northern Ireland Water, Scottish Water, Southern Water, Thames Water and Welsh Water to understand best practice in creating and operating a water utility. This has included mu ...
Costain's order book bulges as big projects get underway - A burst of new business at the end of 2013 has lifted contractor Costain's (LON:COST) order book by a quarter. New contracts and extensions for Thames Water, the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station and additional contracts for Crossrail in London meant the order book was worth 3bn (2012: 2.4 bn) at end December, of which 90% was repeat work. More than 750 mln of the work is for 2014. Costain added it also ha...
as Britain's largest water provider, Thames water, will start using Israel technology:
Hi A12 is closed S/B due to emergency water works - Thames Water are working to get it open as soon as possible
Thames Water propose to rise bills £8 above inflation in order to fund the £2.8 billion Thames Tideway Tunnel.
“This cuts our overall carbon footprint and reduces our reliance on the non-renewable mainstream energy market...
Thames Water adds wind power to Crossness sewage works: Thames Water is upping its green credentials and addin...
We haven't been given an ETA for re-opening. The latest news is on Thames Water's website -
Thames Water adds wind power to Crossness works
FACTS & STATS : Did you know that Thames water at the moment are supplying 9 million people with water- predicted supply by 2040 will be 10.4 million people. Installing water meters and fixing leaking pipes will not be enough so by 2025 new reservoirs may be needed or the transfer of water from the Midlands, the north or parts of Wales...
Oh and our drains are flooding down the front garden - very nice. The downstairs toilet is inoperable as it can't flush away. Waiting for Thames Water to arrive.
For the next 3 weekends we will be running FREE parkour classes for the young people of London's Westminster borough on behalf of Thames Water.The sessions will run from 10am to 1pm on the next 3 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and will be held at Moberly Sports Centre in Kensal Rise.
A12 remains shut S/B at Bow - we have no ETA for re-opening yet. More news on Thames Water's website:
with around 40mm of rain the Thames will be swollen and plenty of standing water around. Winds gusting to 40-45mph.
Only Thames water and cbjv make ye come in to work on Christmas Eve,eve
It's official Thames water have cancelled Christmas lets hope quicker fix than Notting hill otherwise Easter as well
If just £2 a month to could provide water to a family in Africa why is my Thames Water bill £350 a year?
A12 Blackwall Tunnel approach - S/B closure at Bow:- Here's the latest from Thames Water who are doing the works
Thames at high water this afternoon
Summer or winter, the Cotswold Water Park and upper Thames area is a real gem in the English countryside:
A perfect day for me would be sitting by the Thames with a very good friend my guitar and watching the water glisten and flow.☀
Washing meat is not just rinsing warm water but an elaborate process with vinegar, lime, lemon, sa…
Rather than paying for the 25km tunnel themselves, despite cashing in billions in dividends over the last few years - and paying no UK tax in the last three! - the overseas bankers who control Thames Water expect their customers to stump up the cash. The project also needs to be underwritten by the…
Meeting between Save KEMP (King Edward Memorial Park) and representatives of Thames Water. Maybe they get the message now?
Green Energy closes deal with largest water provider - |
he will then literally walk across the Thames to Putney & turn water into wine.
Loving being back on Thames water today
Six months after entering the British market, Israel’s Mapal Green Energy has closed a deal with Thames Water, which could see its water purification system soon serving all London
"Niall and Harry shooting a video on the River Thames in London today! niall water u doin
"The boys on a bridge on the River Thames shooting a new video in London! 21/12/13 liam water u doin
Sorry, still no ETA from Thames Water on when we can reopen the road.
Dynamo can walk on water and demonstrated this by casually walking ON the River Thames? . SKN, definitely a Jinn.
- The last press release from Thames Water is here:
> The last press release issued by Thames Water is here:
ha . around 27.4mls on the Thames path - very wet windy muddy falls water to the shins etc with some Nav thrown in. Loved it
Basingstoke MP Maria Miller has been following up on her pledge to keep up the pressure on Thames Water, both on...
- Please see the latest press release from Thames Water:
The Thames Water graduate Scheme is open for applications. Find out much more at
Is Thames Water ever independently tested for levels of Barium, Aluminum Particulates & Strontium?. or fluoride ?..
Water, water everywhere. London would've been under water without this Flood Barrier. Something to consider for ORF!
That's FOUR times that ClancyDocwra have done an incompetent job for Thames Water in less than two years. What the ***
And Thames Water refuse to put in place permanent fix. No fix & my house WILL flood again, I'm powerless to stop it
Is there a crocodile in the River Thames? Cyclist claims he saw 4ft long predator swimming in water
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It's not desirable when your house floods inside twice in a year due to poorly maintained Thames Water owned sewers.
Water travel descent the streamlet thames: nTMgZWm
According to Israel’s Mapal Green Energy closes deal with Thames Water:
HATE HATE HATE THAMES WATER!!! busiest time of the year and there's a burst water main in thamesmead. TO ANY CLIENTS BOOKED TODAY WE ARE STILL ABLE TO DO YOUR HAIR but it's all hands on deck to get you washed.x if your worried about your appointment call 0208 3116677.
Nice to see the 2008 meme of Boris letting Thames Water off the hook for water main maintenance is bearing fruit 5 years on
Once again on the busiest day if the year THAMES WATER have let us down!! Burst water main still not sorted so we have no water in the salon. HAVING SAID THAT WE WILL still do every client booked today the treatment their booked for by other means of washing their hair,,, if any clients who are booked today for WASH AND CUT OR BLOWDRY please please can you come to the salon with wet hair from home to make our life's a lot easier. SORRY for any inconvenience coursed. Hopefully the Christmas spirt and mince pies will help keep the day happy for all clients and staff! See you all soon and inquiries call 0208 3116677.x happy Christmas everyone
We are asking Thames Water if and how how they will be protecting data relating to their customers following introduction of water meters.
hooray!!! The Henley stretch of the Thames looks dark, gloomy and VERY full of water this morning!
*He chuckles and looks out at the water and the lights shining over the Thames and London. He'd only been here a week -
Fish friendly screens on Affinity Water's pumping equipment at will stop fish being lost from the http:/…
Thames Water changes it's mind on bill hike attempt -
strikes again! Why is the Thames Water subject to a National Security notice?
Hanging out by the water at 1417 Thames st Wharf, 12-2.
'Joint research by Mapal and Thames has shown that the water company could save as much as £15 million a year by using Mapal’s technology'
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