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Thad Matta

Thad (Thaddeus) Matta (born July 11, 1967) is an American college basketball coach and the current head coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes men's basketball team.

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Who had the worst week in Ohio? Was it the Dayton🏀Flyers who lost Archie Miller or the who kept Thad Matta?
Thad Matta could have had both Nigel Hayes and Vitto Brown, instead he got Marc Loving and 2 straight missed NCAA Tournaments lol
Really wish Thad Matta would've recruited Nigel Hayes instead of Marc Loving.
HC Thad Matta talks about OSU AD Gene Smith having to release a statement regarding his future.
Why Gene Smith gave Thad Matta a vote of confidence now, with Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament -…
A tough year for Thad Matta and Ohio State hit another bump after a loss to Rutgers in the Big Ten tournament.
Thad Matta has now coached more men's basketball games at Ohio State than anyone else.
Thad Matta and Ohio State offer 2019 standout - The Buckeyes didn’t just beat Michigan over the weekend. They a...
Thad Matta getting ready to talk to the media after OSU falls to Northwestern. It's the first time the Wildcats hav…
So happy for Thad Matta and the That was a huge win over Keep the faith!!! .
Gene Smith postgame: Thad Matta is a great coach & we wouldn't be where we are without him.
I don't know what Thad Matta can do to turn the Buckeyes around. At this point, it's clear that a lot of the team's issues come from him.
is it just me or does Thad Matta look like Co…
Ohio State coach Thad Matta modeled the Buckeyes' new unif...
"Working hard is one thing, but working hard with purpose is what separates the good from. the great." -Thad Matta.
If Jasean Tate and Thad Matta were songs what would they be?
Thad Matta addressing Ohio basketball coaches-ironically talking about challenges of "transfers".Not just HS issue
Thad Matta to start off the morning! Coaching staff is getting ready for the season . . . Hope players are ready!…
Can't decide who is a worse coach... Thad Matta or Jason Garrett
Ohio St. HC Thad Matta discusses biggest X-Factor for his team this season plus getting back to vintage Ohio State htt…
ICYMI: Hear from Thad Matta on the latest w/ podcast! . Listen:…
Don’t be afraid to let your players know how much you care about them. - Thad Matta
Thad Matta on the Podcast: D'Angelo Russell, the transfer epidemic, and Ohio State in 16-17.
6' Braxton Beverly of Hargrave Military (VA) has George Washington, W Kentucky offers. Thad Matta to watch next week https:…
Basketball season will not be a good one for me. Thad Matta is still tOSU head coach and Dwyane Wade is no longer a Miami Heat player.
Also, some highlights from podcast with OSU hoops coach Thad Matta
Brewster Academy (NH) 2017 guard Thomas Allen (announced an offer from Thad Matta and The Ohio State.
Best line from Thad Matta today. Said if he writes a book the title will be:. "You're right...It's my fault your son miss…
[Canton Rep] Rob Oller column | Thad Matta dips into past to change future
And to wrap up our recruiting update for the day, Thad Matta recently offered a highly-ranked guard
Was that Thad Matta at the Copa third place game?
Gene Smith, Urban Meyer and Thad Matta are in Cleveland today ready to watch the Cavaliers' championship parade.
These were the glory days of Thad Matta
Thad Matta and Ohio State are targeting an especially talent-rich 2019 class in Columbus.
Thad Matta had to sit next to Urban Meyer for an entire parade hearing 1.3 million people chant "Urban" and exactly 0 people chant "Thad"
Ohio State Coaches Urban Meyer and Thad Matta said watching Cavs win brought tears to their eyes
Shame on ESPN for giving Kentucky this kind of platform, can Thad Matta be on tomorrow?
got to see all of the cavs players + coaches, Urban Meyer & thad matta, MGK, & finding dory all in one day😍😍
Thad Matta, Gene Smith and Urban Meyer at the Cavaliers championship parade!. https:…
Urban Meyer, Thad Matta pose with LeBron before Cavs’ victory parade: Urban Meyer and Thad Matta ...
Thad Matta, on STO, on LeBron: "I'm indebted to him, that's for sure." Said he pulled a hamstring pulling so hard for
“I think I pulled a hamstring rooting for them.” — Ohio State men’s hoops coach Thad Matta on on watching the…
Urban Meyer, Thad Matta, and Gene Smith are all in the parade in Cleveland!
did u meet Aaron Craft Thad Matta kam Williams and marc lovin at work today? no. did I? yes. me > U
Massillon (OH) Jackson High 2017 wing Kyle Young (picked up an offer from Thad Matta and Ohio State, per
John Groce, Xavier's Chris MacK, OSU's Thad Matta and UCLA's Steve Alford all here for Nojel Eastern. MSU assistant as well.
Little Giant Ladders
[Fox Sports] Ohio State coach Thad Matta: I owe my career to Greg Oden
I think he's probably in a group with Thad Matta and Gregg Marshall. All are around No. 100 in all-time wins.
"I don't think there's anybody better than him," Thad Matta says of Denzel Valentine after another loss to MSU.
would do well to look at Ohio State asst. . From at Thad Matta tree that includes Sean Miller, Brad Stev…
Thad Matta & Patrick Chambers chatting it up pre game.
Thad Matta said that they're working on simplifying things for Mickey Mitchell. He's allowed to look at the guy he's pass…
Thad Matta pondering for the correct answers. @ The Schottenstein Center
Or John Calipari, or Coach K, or Sean Miller, or Bobby Hurley, or Thad Matta, or Mike Brey, or Steve Alford. ANYONE but Johnny Jones.
"Soft hands. Concentration, not strength." Gordon Bombay or Thad Matta?
Why is Thad Matta still head coach of my buckeyes?
isn't Thad Matta on the hot seat as OSU hoops coach? This guys should've been fired.
On his weekly radio show, Ohio St.'s Thad Matta spoke of lineup changes, getting another shot at Maryland, and more.
PSU head coach Patrick Chambers said Thad Matta's team dared them to shoot threes, they did, and didn't make them. Lions were 2-9.
Thad Matta is our yball coach so really, we're the ones winning
Each coach has reacted differently too. Thad Matta pretty much laughed about it. John Groce ripped his team. Chris Collins praised IU.
Thanks to the Cavs for sending Thad Matta, Joey Galloway, and Luke Fickel to our game to scout me for the new Cavs coaching position.
FREE video at Ohio State coach Thad Matta on loss at
Ohio State coach Thad Matta on Purdue guard PJ Thompson: "He was probably the difference."
Ohio State coach Thad Matta just had extended talk with starting center Trevor Thompson.
Here's why Thad Matta stuck with JaQuan Lyle during the first half of yesterday's win at Northwestern:
Thad Matta hit with an early technical foul after that foul call on JaQuan Lyle. Thad is displeased to say the least.
Remember the last team this young Thad Matta put on the court for Ohio State?
I don't think Thad Matta has it anymore. He recruits too good to have an below average team like this.
Seeing a Thad Matta team get thumped like this is like seeing aliens.
just heaving up shots now. Down 75-52 with 56.9 secs left. This one can't end soon enough for Thad Matta's team
I feel like Thad Matta recruited this team from the Lane Ave. cages 👎🏻
Thad Matta's teams of the past tended to climb out of huge deficits, especially on the road. I don't think we're there yet with this team.
Worst defensive half of basketball a Thad Matta team has ever played. No effort.
Can see coach Thad Matta has hella patients with Ohio State team this year ..
I feel for Thad Matta. This team looks like a D+ science project. You pass simply because your teacher is a good person.
Is this the year Thad Matta doesn't get 20 wins? Hard to see this team winning 20 or more at this time.
What To Watch: Ohio State at Connecticut: OSU coach Thad Matta will take his team on the roa...
🏀 Thad Matta on game at UCONN (Noon Sat): You're going to learn a lot about your team being on their home court in a hostile environment.
Thad Matta says the team is hoping to have Daniel Giddens back by Saturday
300 wins for OSU's Thad Matta after today. Now that's impressive.
The win is the 300th for head coach Thad Matta at Ohio State.
As the season begins, Thad Matta knows where his young Buckeye team must improve.
He's coaching against his son, Patrick. Guarantees to applause that Thad Matta and Tom Izzo never get invited over postgame.
Ohio State needs to move on from Thad Matta
New from RTC: Thad Matta Has Tough but Doable Task: Winning with Youth on & OSU's ceiling
and please, let me know as soon as Thad Matta ever wins anything.
lol. My brother in law texted "The thad matta steak always looks better than it is. Dont get it!"
Had media credentials to NCAA tourney in '09. For one of the non Pitt games I was in second row behind Thad Matta. Awesome.
Ohio State's Thad Matta with some nice words about growing up in Hoopeston.
Javo with Thad Matta & Dave Dickerson at the Northland vs Beechcroft game...   10% Off
We are gonna be worse basketball team than last year 😓 I think Thad Matta time is up.
Furthermore, thad matta guards play a very easy system, so when they play in the nba, it's very hard for them to adjust
Evan Turner and Jared Sullinger on the same team Thad Matta must be proud
Love the emoji! I want a Thad Matta emoji in a bad way!
Thad Matta looks like sloth from goonies.
Wisconsin has as many players on 2015-16 NBA rosters as Ohio State. Difference is that Thad Matta played all of his guys
Your all-time winningest head coach Thad Matta!. Honored tonight at the 50 in . http:/…
Coach Thad Matta was awesome today meeting Payton today !! Thank you Coach !!
2 Elite 8's. Xavier has been blessed with great coaches last 30 yrs. Pete Gillen, Skip Prosser, Thad Matta, Sean Miller, and now Chris
I just ran into Thad Matta at Kroger. 😳
Sean Miller, Rick Barnes, and Thad Matta are the Great recruiters but average coach
From today's Thad Matta sticks to his recruiting plans, trusts staff on visits
Jae'Sean Tate just said he's the best shooter on the team this year. I don't think that's what Thad Matta had in mind
Thad Matta orchestrated this photograph last night with some of his old charges.
Nik Stauskas claims Thad Matta had no idea who he was. He posted this photo Monday —
Tim Buckley here to watch 2016 guard Rawle Alkins in Atlanta. Steve Alford, Thad Matta among other coaches here.
better watch it. I remember similar statements from Brian Kelly and Thad Matta
Why is this news?: Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban on the golf course, Thad Matta has a tougher job than Meyer
Tom Izzo & Bo Ryan are among 5 active coaches to guide a team to along with Tom Crean, John Beilein & Thad Matta.
head coach Thad Matta speaks after the loss to Michigan State in the
Thad Matta let a kid from Cleveland escape to Kansas and Mr basketball Ohio to Duke. CMON Ohio State 😡
what if Thad Matta or Tom Izzo were on board with it?
among many other cases, the 2004 Elite 8 game, where Thad Matta's team was repeatedly getting screwed by calls vs Duke
If d'angelo Russell is a first team all American, I guess that means Thad matta should be in the running for coach of the year, right??
some people here at Ohio State want Thad matta out. They forget osu basketball was NOTHING before he got here
With Thad Matta's major back issues, gotta wonder if Archie Miller is eyeing the OSU job.
Most will never give him full credit. Mark Few, Thad Matta, John Beilein, etc., same way.
How did Thad Matta get through? Congratulations to Joey Bosa whose shrug has reached my Final Four.
lmao you're delusional dude, schools would kill to have Thad Matta, he's a got a Phenom class coming next year, don't watch
nope.. however u wanna guess who was on probation last? OSU (THAD MATTA) in 2006.. HYPOCRITE!! Keep digging your hole lol.
So B1G has two teams in the Final Four and none of them is Thad Matta's clock is ticking, I hope.
“Thad Matta is the best coach in the nation” preach
And Thad Matta is just chewing gum somewhere
Thad Matta made Ohio State basketball relevant again. He's the best coach we've ever had.
better than Thad Matta that's for sure😂
What's Thad Matta's excuse? I watch Izzo yr after yr take mediocre teams deep in the Tourney.
Thad Matta will use the fact that the Big 10 got two teams in the Final 4 to his advantage instead of losing in round of 32 hurting him
I remember when a reporter asked Thad Matta on Valentine's Day if Michigan State was an NCAA Tournament team.
If you gave Thad Matta this same Michigan State team they would have gotten bounced 1st or 2nd round.
DeAngelo Russell with his arm around Coach Thad Matta. Hold on for one more year, DeAngelo!
Thad matta has not proved he is an top 10 coach in college basketball.
Thad Matta need to learn from an start recruiting an drawing interest in the top player in basketball from Ohio
even Thad Matta would go two for one if his possession started at 1:10(I think)... *** was Mike Brey doing
that's why you go 2 for 1... is Thad Matta coaching ND?
Him, John Groce, and Thad Matta's teams all do that and their timeouts are often asinine. Totally agree on that point.
I can appreciate the passing the ball around the perimeter and chucking up 3s... That stems from the Thad Matta coaching tree
I saw you and Wesley on TV getting a picture with Thad Matta!
As an Ohio State fan, I am ready for football lol (I hate Thad Matta)
The fact that a kid like Carlton Bragg got away from Ohio State isn't a good look for Thad Matta.
If I were Texas I'd throw $ at Tom Izzo, Jay Wright, and Thad Matta. Make them say no.
I see Thad Matta's future in what just happened to Rick Barnes.
he is the Thad Matta of the Big12, fair? Or insult to Thad? Both get tons of talent and seem to underperform.
A lot of big-time college coaches here at state. Bill Self, Fred Hoiberg, Thad Matta, Bob Huggins and Archie Miller to name a few.
And YES! For you Ohio State fans blowing up my phone. I love THAD MATTA. But I have no shots with him!!!
Illinois has a bunch, Teutopolis Wooden Shoes, Fisher Bunnies, Centralia Orphans. Hoopeston is where Thad Matta is from also
Thad Matta on Harris: "Scoonie Penn texted me and says, 'I love this kid.' I said, 'I hope he's you.'"
Personal Triumph for Thad Matta, but a Trying Year for Ohio State - New York Times
Thad Matta not having any feeling in his one foot sounds suspiciously like Dewey Cox's inability to smell.
Ideal scenario over the next week for Xavier fans will see OSU's Thad Matta get thumped by AZ's Sean Miller, then...
Name a better basketball/football coaching duo than Urban Meyer and Thad Matta. You can't (Michigan State is a close second)
I'd rather watch Val Kilmer drink a bucket of turkey gravy than watch Thad Matta argue with refs.
That 16-5 run by Ohio State came after Thad Matta switched to zone at the 6:38 mark of the first half. VCU went 2 for 10 from the field.
Thad Matta's a decent coach, but is not elite. He's also not the motivator Urban Meyer is. Either way, football is the "A" act in Columbus.
Urban Meyer's best coaching job ever followed by Thad Matta's worst.
I think VCU bounces Ohio State from the tourney. Which is sad but fitting because I would love to see Shaka Smart take over for Thad Matta.
Bobinski hired Thad Matta from Butler, promoted from within on Sean Miller & Chris MacK. Three money hires in a row
Congrats to named 2015 Big Ten Freshman of the Year and 1st Team All-Big Ten. The 11th 1st teamer for Thad Matta over his 11 years
Thad Matta takes the seniors out for the last time at the Schott. A very up and down career for those guys. Class acts all the way.
Marc Loving just made a play that shows he may want back in Thad Matta's good graces! Earn your way back young man!
Thad Matta needs to offer dennis smith jr right away! Sign him up!
Everything you need to know about Phil Jackson, D'Angelo Russell, Thad Matta, Ohio State and the Knicks
Buckeyes hope to end year strong: COLUMBUS (AP) — Thad Matta understands why his Ohio State team is balancing ...
Also just watched Thad Matta's facial reaction when asked about the potential Freshman ineligibility rule and it was absolutely priceless
What Thad Matta said today about rival coaches twisting the issue of freshman ineligibility.
great can't wait for more worthlessness from Amir tomorrow
Thad Matta doesn't think Anthony Lee will be available against Michigan tomorrow.
Thad Matta on how the specter of the Big Ten banning freshmen has affected recruiting: "It's been a nightmare."
wish others (ehem, Thad Matta) would do the same. You'd think the crowd at the Schott was at a regular season NBA game.
OSU had to pay him. Thad Matta doesn't get talent like that.
Thad Matta said he doesn’t believe Anthony Lee will be able to play tomorrow vs. Michigan.
Wire: Matta dealing with Big Ten freshman eligibility talks on recruiting trail
Thad Matta said there’s “no way” freshmen will be held out of competition:
Thad Matta: ‘No way’ freshmen will be held out of competition
exactly what Thad Matta said today. It would be suicidal.
'It's been a nightmare' — Thad Matta and Ohio St already dealing with idea of freshmen being ineligible in recruiting
Thad Matta isn't happy he's talking to recruits about the idea of freshmen being ineligible — 'It's been a nightmare'
Matta: Freshmen ineligibility not happening: Ohio State head coach Thad Matta addressed reports that the Big T...
And finally, Thad Matta discussed the possibility of freshmen ineligibility. Coach doesn't think it will happen:
Thad Matta has had some great players during his time at Ohio State. We tried to narrow it down to a starting five.
Thad Matta said he’s “getting crushed” in recruiting questions on freshman eligibility. Adds, “It’s not going to happen."
"It's been a nightmare." Dealing with freshman eligibility questions has been frustrating for Thad Matta.
“It’s been a nightmare.” Thad Matta is already tired of answering questions on freshman eligibility:
Thad Matta says recruits parents are asking him (a lot) about the Big Ten freshman ineligibility talk. Said it's frustrating
Thad Matta said Ohio State is getting crushed by negative recruiting due to B1G Freshman ineligibility idea. .
Thad Matta said parents telling him that other coaches are telling them their kid won't play as a freshman if he goes to…
Thad Matta said the B1G coming out talking about freshman being ineligible have been a nightmare. .
Thad Matta said he doesn't think C Anthony Lee will play Sunday at Michigan. Did not do much in practice in past week.
Thad Matta picked up a ringer last night, adding top-50 prospect Jaquan Lyle to Ohio State's class of 2015.
Ohio State head coach Thad Matta is clearly one of the best in the business! via OhioStateHoops
He’s also our Trey Burke. High ceiling sleeper from Columbus who got no love from Thad Matta.
[the ethereal forms of Bo Ryan, Mike Krzyzewski, Matt Painter, and Thad Matta smile calmly at me like at the end of Return of the Jedi]
After watching Ohio State beat Oregon for the National Championship I have come to realize that Illinois hasn't a chance to win even a Big Ten Championship in The Beckman era ! Beckman is just a chump compared to Urban Meyer. Meyer can evaluate talent better than anyone and in turn get them to come to his program.So with football never going to happen,my hope focuses on Groce turning things around for the basketball program. He (Groce) is a Thad Matta disciple and Thad is an Illinois boy and a winner whom we should have hired long ago ! I have been an Illinois fan for years but it is getting harder and harder to watch our 2 big programs become the laughing stock of the Big Ten. End of first 2015 rant !!!
Thad Matta talks about how much Michigan lost. Buckeyes lost a lot too: Aaron Craft, leading scorer LaQuinton Ross, and Lenzelle Smith Jr.
Thad Matta has 288 wins at Ohio State, 144 vs. non-conference foes and 144 vs. Big Ten competition.
Thad Matta goes 2-3 zone for 38 minutes. Then when the game is on the line he goes man to man. Wut.
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Once again, Thad Matta reminds me of Gene Hackman! 😊😂
Thad Matta consistently schedules the worst non conference schedule for a competitive team year in and year out.
Thad Matta was asked if LeBron James Jr. is on his recruiting radar for the Matta's response: "He will be.".
Listening to Thad Matta, I think of safety Mark Murphy saying to media Monday "Adversity introduces a man to himself." Not sure why
Coaches such as Rick Pitino, Thad Matta, Archie Miller, Bob Huggins, Tom Izzo, & more have been regulars at
Billy Donovan, John Beilein & Thad Matta all expected today to watch 2016 G at Gill St. Bernard's
Billy Donovan, John Beilein & Thad Matta expected Monday at Gill St. Bernard's for 2016 G , who is at the Rutg…
Great time at the the annual Thad Matta dinner, Coach Matta is the man! @ Second Home
Thad Matta cant recruit the best basketball players in the home state..hes a great in-game coach, but if you cant recruit what good is that?
My source informs me that Ohio State coach Thad Matta didn't meet with Ahmad on Tuesday.
Ohio State coach Thad Matta is at St. Edward open gym today.
Thad Matta and the basketball brain trust has gotten in on the action, too
Incredible to root for a team coached by Urban Meyer. Oh, and when it's basketball season, we have Thad Matta. Best coach combo in NCAA.
And if Thad Matta can pull the team together Ohio State will win the men's national championship
Ohio State basketball coach Thad Matta making all ...
People watching and Ohio State coach Thad Matta just walked in. I'm going to tell him how great the 2011 UK game was.
Well Coached Game by the great Thad Matta... Watch out for Ohio State this coming year and its distant future.
so what you are saying Thad Matta can't evaluate players since he didn't offer those kids & if he did it was to late?
Thad Matta raved about the play of 5-star freshman guard D’Angelo Russell. Has the ability to play both guard spots
So will thad matta still be a good coach when matt Seth and nick get out of columbus?
Thad Matta is making the young-uns earn their time. Scott and K.Williams started at guard w/Loving, Lee and A.Williams in Bahamas.
Thad Matta talked about maybe subbing whole second team in Bahamas. From sounds like that's what he's doing.
arrested. Perhaps President Michael "Undie Run" Drake will fire Thad Matta for it.
Greg Oden, another man that Thad Matta has helped to prepare so well for life after college...
would definitely be nice to steal one out of Thad Matta's back yard. Thomas Bryant is still the biggest priority right now.
Thad Matta & Ohio State are in the Bahamas to play basketball and, yes, you have every right to be jealous.
on Thad Matta: "He's the best. Number one he is not the type you work for, you work with him."
Thad Matta wants to see better shot selection in Bahamas exhibition. by Eric Seger
Per Thad Matta, freshman Jae’Sean Tate (shoulder surgery) has been cleared to practice with and could play in …
Ohio State Basketball Recruiting: Buckeyes' Top Remaining Targets in 2015 Class: If Thad Matta strikes out on ...
Ohio State's Trevor Thompson still has a chance to play this season, says Thad Matta
Per Bucknuts: Basketball Buckeyes Jet Off To The Bahamas - OSU basketball coach Thad Matta is taking his team to T...
My dream is to play under coach calipari or Thad Matta . So with that being said it's
The basketball team couldn't score last year. So now what? Thad Matta on attacking the problem
ICYMI, Thad Matta making all Buckeyes earn full uniform colors in practice: "I didn't like how we ended last year."
And some hoops: Matta and the Buckeyes left for the Bahamas today with a few things in mind other than vacation
Thad Matta, John Groce, Sean Miller and Dave Rice just a few more of the head coaches in attendance.
Steve Alford, John Groce, Thad Matta, Bill Self, all with at least 1 asst coach each, saw Carlton Bragg Wed in Vegas:
Seen Bill Self, Thad Matta, Coach K & plenty more all this weekend 😈✊🏀
John Beilein, Thad Matta, Greg McDermott and Jim Larranaga here to watch a 16u matchup between City Rocks and Mac Irvin Fire.
Kevin Ollie, Shaka Smart, & Fred Hoiberg ranked in front of Roy Williams, Thad Matta, & Larry Brown? Man, on man.
Article by showing Thad Matta's dominance in the last 10 years with 9 total championships!
Buckeye fans know aspect Thad Matta likes 2 recruit is versatility...Mickey Mitchell definitely has that...knows how 2 fit in
ICYMI: Thad Matta and the Buckeyes got a big, 6-foot-11, boost in center Trevor Thompson's transfer
well I guess they have things in common Gene Hackman is a great actor and Thad Matta is a great coach
Me and Ohio State basketball head coach Thad Matta at work tonight. Awesome guy
VT transfer Trevor Thompson MT “Had a great talk with Thad Matta.liking what he had to say about
Thad Matta will meet with Virginia Tech transfer Trevor Thompson per ESPN. More here:
Wow, Ohio State lands Anthony Lee from Temple. Can play immediately. HUGE get by Thad Matta after losing LaQuinton Ross.
Coach K, Roy Williams, Shaka Smart, Bill Self, Jim Boeheim, and Thad Matta all failed to make Sweet 16. Thats pretty unbe…
Just watched the postgame interviews with Aaron Craft and Thad Matta. Two classier individuals you will not find in college sports. Well done, Gentlemen.
I think Thad Matta is a very good coach & a great,great guy, but he's not in the class of great college hoop coaches. Izz…
At least Thad Matta's nose will still be big after this season, his ego will get a little smaller after this year.
This is when Aaron Craft looks up at Thad Matta. "I'll make it."
Dayton head coach Archie Miller tells Damon Amendolara he understands why Thad Matta and Ohio State never schedule a game against his team.
Bruce Pearl is a great coach and a great hire for Auburn, but I wouldn't put him in the same category as Thad Matta. Definitely not Tom Izzo
VIDEO: coach Thad Matta talks about team's NCAA tourney seed, draw. WATCH our interview -
"I think for this team, it's a great thing." Thad Matta on Ohio State facing an in-state opponent in Dayton.
Ohio State assistants Dave Dickerson and Jeff Boals get much more fired up (about good things and bad things) than Thad Matta does.
Thad Matta is 19-5 in the BTT with four titles and six title game appearances. Ohio State has appeared in the last 5 BTT title games.
Thad Matta on Amir Williams: “When he’s dialed in, when he has a little nasty side to him, he’s a heck of a player.
I heard Thad Matta pockets all the charity money. Vote for Matt Painter and the Smith Family BReaK Thru Fund instead.
Vote Matt Painter!! Thad Matta loves auburn and hates beyonce and jesus.
Aaron Craft is the defensive player of the year in the Big Ten for the second time in three seasons, but that alone isn’t enough for coach Thad Matta as he watches the senior finish his rough-and-tumble Ohio State career.
If Coppin ever get a Team like when Gallo and them was Here I pray Thad Matta is our Coach or something cause we had 3pt assassins that year
Keep it up, Buckeyes! VOTE Aaron Craft & Thad Matta for ... •Cousy Award (final day of voting) : •Senior Class Award: Charity Challenge:
Hear what Tom Izzo and Thad Matta have to say about Aaron Craft's Senior Day performance in the Buckeyes 69-67 win over the Spartans on 13abc Action News at 11p.
Thad Matta once let his Ohio State team theme song be "Party in the USA" seriously google it. Vote Matt Painter .
OSU's Thad Matta tells 97.1 The Fan, he won't lighten up too much in practice this week because this team needs "its feet held to the fire."
Thad Matta just said Craft is probably the best post defender on the team. Okay then.
Per Thad Matta's radio show, Aaron Craft named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year by the coaches
Thad Matta of joined the show today, give it a listen at
Thanks 4 the RT. Do you think that Thad Matta should be shown the door? I am not a big fan since he doesn't use his bench
Coach Thad Matta joins to talk big win yesterday & upcoming B1G Tourney.
One more week to vote for Thad Matta and for the Infiniti Coaches Challenge. VOTE DAILY!
Justin Bieber and Thad Matta are best friends. Vote Coach Painter in the Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge.
Two events on tap on the radio tonight:. -Thad Matta Call-In Show around 6 on ESPN Cambridge FM 107.9 AM 1270...
OSU coach Thad Matta on "They’re obviously a team that’s very scary because they’ve had a lot of guys have big nights."
Thad Matta described the end of the Big Ten's regular season almost as "a relief." But now it's Tournament time, and "here we go again."
Thad Matta says he'll take a breath and adds, "Here we go again. The Big Ten Tournament starts Thursday."
it would be great. Xavier fans not huge on Thad Matta after he left X for OSU.
Check out interviews on after MSU win Sunday. Craft, Smith Jr. and Thad Matta.
No big deal or anything, but Thad Matta has won 10 or more Big Ten games in every season except his first
Coach Painter and the is gaining on Thad Matta... Are you voting every day?
We are gaining on Ohio States Thad Matta. Listen to this interview with the father of these kids here. Al
"That was one of our better defensive games this season, in terms of consistency. We leaned on our D down the stretch.…
With the win vs. No. 22 Michigan St. Sunday, OSU has knocked off at least 1 Top 25 team at home in each of Thad Matta's 1…
Thad Matta needs to make the whole team make 100 FTs each next practice
Thad Matta is tied for the most wins (19) and has the best winning % of any coach in the history of 79.2% http:/…
"That was probably one of the most fitting ways to end his OSU (home) career." - Thad Matta on play made by
Thad Matta is now 10-0 in regular season finales at Ohio State.. 3 of the wins are over Michigan State
Looks like a great week to take down Thad Matta and OSU on the court and off. Fight for NPC kids.
If Ohio State loses this game, I hope Thad Matta has them shooting free throws all day tomorrow.
Coaches that have more wins at Crisler than Izzo the last four years: Zhao Wang, Matt Painter, Thad Matta, Tom Crean, and Bo Ryan
MSA Awareness Fundraiser Starts at noon tomorrow. There will be a silent auction featuring some amazing items: Autographed basketballs: University of Kansas, University of North Carolina, Purdue University, Marquette University, University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Bradley University, Duke University (players' signatures) Autographed memorabilia: Picture of John Calipari University of Kentucky, segment of National Championship floor (both autographed), picture of Thad Matta the Ohio State University, team picture with players and coach autographs Iowa State University, team booklet with autographs of players and coach Rick Pitino University of Louisville Clothing: T-shirts from Ohio State, Dress shirts Marquette University, National championship shirts and hoodies Illinois Central College Miscellaneous: Yard flag and autograph reimbursement form University of Iowa, $25.00 gift certificate University of Florida
I think Urban Meyer and Thad Matta should join forces. Matta should teach the football team to play defense and Meyer could teach the basketball team to play offense!
Buckeye men's basketball team offering multiple personalities Perhaps Ohio State men’s basketball coach Thad Matta should give actress Sally Field a call. The two-time Academy Award winner, who portrayed a woman with multiple personalities in the memorable 1976 TV mini-series “Sybil,” might have the best shot at understanding his team.
Thad Matta is John Cooper. Sorry but I'm getting tired of this.
Thad Matta now is 17-1 against Penn State as OSU head coach.
Buckeye basketball is in trouble when Aaron Craft leaves. And its because Thad Matta is a TERRIBLE in game coach. He might be a great guy and recruiter...but he's had too much talent to not win something...and he's wasted a great COLLEGE-only talent like Craft because he just cant take anyone to the next level. Izzo makes Matta look like Matt Doherty at UNC...or Mike Brown at FEMA...hyperbole and inside baseball aside...just poor execution
I would recommend Richard Pitino to keep his coat on and not reveal his girly darted shirt. In his defense Ohio State is a dirty dirty basketball team and Thad Matta needs to invest in some Biore oil blotting wipes.but C'mon man!!
Thad Matta admitted that the loss to Iowa was the first time the Buckeyes missed having a go-to guy like Jared Sullinger or Deshaun Thomas.
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