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-Nelson Mandela was born in July and:we have Nelson Mandela Day. -Thabo Mbeki was born in June and:we have Youth Day -Jacob Zuma was born in April and guess what:we have April fool *tjeses no wonder our country is so corrupt*
Nelson Mandela was born July so we have Mandela day, Thabo Mbeki june we have youth's day and LASTLY Jacob Zumaborn in April we Have April fool's day! :P :P
juju nd zuma Julius Malema meets with Nelson Mandela. He asks him, "Mr President, how did you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?" "Well," says Mandela, "the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people." Malema frowns. "But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?" Mandela takes a sip of tea. "Oh, that's easy. You just ask them to answer an intelligence riddle." Mandela pushes a button on his intercom. "Please send Thabo Mbeki in here, would you?" Thabo Mbeki walks into the room. "Yes, my President?" Mandela smiles. "Answer me this, please, Thabo. Your mother and Father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?" Without pausing for a moment, Thabo Mbeki answers, "That would be me." "Yes! Very good," says Mandela. Back in Luthuli House , Malema asks to speak with ANC president Zuma. "Answer this for me. Your mother and your Father have a child. It's not your brother and it's not your sister. Who ...
In my career as a Tourist Guide and Heritage Practitioner, i've met, talked, promoted the history and cultural heritage of Galeshewe, incl shaked hands wth the rich and famous, the likes of Desmond Tutu, Baby M, Thuli Madonsela, Kgosi Mothibi, Kenny Lattimore, Donald Solani, Arika Badhu, Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Zinzi Mandela and to top it all, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Iam waiting on Obama's tour bookings.
Thabo Mbeki, the former president of the republic of South Africa believes that the proportion of voters who w
Dear Mr. President Thabo Mbeki, I think you're the only Leader alive who understands the Game of Empire that is being played on African people. This Game is played at a Spiritual, Mental and Physical level. Many African Leaders are not aware of this. I think the only other Leaders who understood the magnitude of this Game is Dr John Henrik Clarke, Dr Amos Wilson, Malcolm X, to name a few. The rest of the African leaders cannot "grok" the immensity of this Game. I don't think it is their fault as most of them are either Christian or Muslim, and these foreign religions are anathema to an African's spirit. These are the very shackles that are suffocating our African spirits. One cannot think and understand the Game of Empire whilst using these frameworks to analyse and assimilate Africa's problems and those of the diaspora. The fact that half of Africa is Muslim and the other half is Christian leaves much to desire. My proposed solution is that we must rid Africa of these foreign religions that have us not " ...
I'm tired of the falsehoods directed at the Former President Thabo Mbeki, by some within the allience and pseudo-intellectuals, when they continue to insinuate that he denied that HIV causes AIDS. This malicious lie was made by western media after an African head of state dared to question conventional wisdom. The former president irked some scientists by questioning that "why is it that the disease is more devastating in Africa more than the western world, by this he was trying to draw them to the reality of abject poverty in the african continent. When asked if he believes if the virus causef aids he responded by saying "a virus alone cannot cause immune deficiency, there are other factors which must be looked at, things such as nutrition, which of course is the requirement of a stronger immune system.without proper nutrition, your immune system will surely weaken, and in an impoverished continent that is the reality!
The huge& massive attendance by heads of states& government at d 4th EU-AFRICA summit in Brussels is a clear testimony that mugabe has lost his voice!His failed attempt to get d African countries boycott d summit shows d level of regard/clout he enjoys.What else does a man need to see to know that he's lost relevance.As for zuma,i now admit that ex-President Thabo Mbeki was right!Zuma ought not to have been allowed to lead an important party/country like ANC/South Africa!
Polokwane ANC ‘hurt comrades’ March 12 2012 at 11:14am By Frank Chikane Comment on this story DEPUTY President Kgalema Motlanthe, then-secretary-general of the ANC, first came to government in July 2008 as an unwilling minister without portfolio in the presidency. He was selected by the post-Polokwane leadership to take care of their interests because some deeply distrusted Thabo Mbeki. For them, Mbeki should have been removed as president immediately after Polokwane.  There was no clear indication of what these interests were. The reality is that Polokwane did not radically change the policies of the ANC relating to governance issues. The traditional ANC language of “change and continuity” was used at the Polokwane conference to indicate that the overall thrust of the policy was unaltered. The only changes related to aspects that would enable the government to better achieve the broad objective of the ANC, which was to better the lives of the people. INL SA OLD COMRADES: Former President Thabo ...
King Shaka Zulu, Chief Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki; History will never forget you Great South Africans!
So my Premier, Stan Mathabatha is unhappy about the criticism of Zuma by Thabo Mbeki, Pallo Jordan and Trevor Manuel. Freedom of speech??
General Council of the Bar of South Africa's tribute to former President, Thabo Mbeki. A few highlights.
“Why whites people decided to oust Thabo Mbeki on his position as a president“. 1st because he refuse to sign the ARV’s deal because he wanted a clarity on how H.i.V virus is developed he asked for scientist to bring a report on how the virus stated and how are ARV’s will work on the human body(side effects and etc.) 2nd he address the issue of poverty as a main core of the deaths of H.I.V people, he said there is no point to give people pills while there is nothing to eat. They refuse to give him the group of scientist they suggested that he can do research on his own, because Thabo Mbeki was not lazy he did his research and find out books which talks about how America planned to depopulate black people on the face of the planet, the target was Africa and Brazil, after that report Mbeki presented the case to the court and they said those books were unofficial books so his argument was not valid, after that whites were unsettled about him exposed to such information, on the other hand Thabo Mbeki ...
I am very amused at the ANC going to court to ask the court to stop the DA peddling what it calls propaganda over Nkandla and its leader Jacob Zuma. Yet the ANC itself has for all these years been thriving almost exclusively on propaganda. Now, let's couple of yarns the ANC has spun us and got most of us to believe to be true. The ANC dismantled the inhumane apartheid laws and gave us our dignity back. The truth is that whole or the main Sections of the Pass Laws, the Separate Amenities Act, the Inter-Racial Act and the Group Areas Act were repealed before 1990 by the apartheid regime itself. This after negotiations with Nelson Mandela, who was at that stage no longer an ANC member, in prison, as well as the white business, white academics and professionals and Bantustan leaders. Ja, Mangope included. Ne o reng? What happened here is that the apartheid regime sent Afrikaaner businessmen and academics to ask the ANC in exile to start negotiations. The paranoid ANC, led by Thabo Mbeki, dilly dallied not bel ...
Politics, politicians, expensive mind games, show no remorse, greed and corruption till the grave. I am an objective "political analyst" and a none card carrying member of the ANC of Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Joe Slovo, Alfred B Nzo, Helen Joseph, Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Thabo Mbeki etc. The leaders of integrity and dignity. My views and opinions are not bias nor sexists or racists. South Africans our country is between the toilet pipes and the drain. Firstly, SANDRAL in Gauteng is just wasting the State funds, in the mission to recover e-toll funds they spend R154 000 000.00 to only recover R150 000 000.00 meaning they spend more to recover less. Already as it is the millions of motorist that are not registered they owe a half a billion to SANDRAL which they claim those who do not pay will be summoned to court and possibly be arrested. What is the logic of having thousands and thousands of motorists imprisoned if prisons are already jam packed as it is. The ANC and the parti ...
Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki Thabo Mbeki People like to identify Thabo Mbeki as an independent and original thinker, but one who remains close to the more visible leadership. His profile as a policy shaper and mediator in the movement has been built up over a lifetime of involvement. "I was born into the struggle," he says. His birth took place in Idutywa, Transkei, on the 18th of June, 1942. Both his parents were teachers and activists. His father is a university graduate and there were many books in his home which Thabo read at an early age. Govan Mbeki was a leading figure in ANC activities in the Eastern Cape. Believing that sooner or later they would be arrested, Mbeki's parents decided that family and friends would also be responsible for bringing up the children. Mbeki therefore spent long periods away from home. He joined the Youth League at 14 and quickly became active in student politics. After his schooling at Lovedale was interrupted by a strike in 1959, he completed his studies at home. Thereafter he ...
HAS THE WORD CRIME EVER PASSED THE LIPS OF A CRIMINAL, NEVER HE ENJOYS THE WORD, HE LOVES KILLING, HE LOVES POACHING, HE LOVES RAPING, IS THERE HOPE, CORRUPTED POLICE OFFICERS, CORRUPTED JUSTICE OFFICERS, WHO IS TO BLAME THE South African GOVERNMENT, READ THIS MESSAGE: UNDER THE President Jacob Zuma REGIME CRIME IS RIFE NO CHANGE. "IS THERE HOPE" Violent crime strangling hope in South Africa From one of Canada's most influential newspapers, The Globe & Mail: crime strangling hope in South Africa STEPHANIE NOLEN From Saturday's Globe and Mail JOHANNESBURG — Not long ago, South African President Thabo Mbeki was asked in an interview whether crime was out of control. He might have anticipated the question: South Africa is going through one of its periodic obsessions over the causes, and possible solutions, to the country's staggering rates of violent crime. There are more than 40 murders each day in South Africa, a country of 45 million people, three times as many reported rapes and 350 violent robberies o ...
The stance taken by jurists based in KZN corroborates submission made by Former President Thabo Mbeki with regard to "homeboy phenomenon"
"The African Peer Review Mechanism - set up by Former President Thabo Mbeki to tackle the continent's problems is a shambles"
here's an African Renaissance Statement of Deputy President, Thabo Mbeki from August 1998
I didn't agree with the way former Pres Thabo Mbeki was removed and it would be wrong if Pres Zuma was removed i…
We need to understand where we coming from and where we going...this country has come from far and yes we still have a long ahead of us plea is that people should stop speaking stupid things like Zuma has done nothing ,he has no story to tell and the government was much better during Nelson Mandela and Thabo mbeki 's terms coz that's pure stupidity and being ungrateful ! Goodnight 4Rnds
Nole is like Thabo Mbeki people will most probably start liking him in past tense
Ukraine: Western hypocrisy, and SA's feeble response Isaac Mpho Mogotsi 30 March 2014 Isaac Mogotsi says Power FM has been getting the crisis in that country wrong IT'S RUSSIA, NOT AFRICA, BLOODY STUPID: THE UKRAINIAN FASCIST PUTSCH, WESTERN DIPLOMATIC HYPOCRISY AND South Africa'S EFFEMINATE CRIMEA POLICY INTRODUCTION In one of its promotional audio clips, which has become a kind of its signature debate emblem, Power FM, the new Johannesburg, northern suburb-based radio station presumably catering predominantly to the so-called black middle class of the Gauteng province of South Africa, Former President Thabo Mbeki can be heard, in his typical deep monotone voice, intoning: "It would be good if, in the future, you heard people say, if you want to know the truth about what is happening in the world, switch onto Power FM." Or something to that effect. In search of the truth about the volatile situation in Crimea, and the tensions over it between Russia and Ukraine, as well as between Russia and the West o . ...
The country's income statement seems to be accumulating liabilities on the credit side with zero balance on the debit side. The current account is on deficit with the petrol price increasing daily, what went wrong? The Institute for Accountability in Southern Afria has lodged an official objection to Jacob Zuma's candidacy for presidency in the May elections. Thabo Mbeki where are your leader?
Yesterday and today we have been on door to door in Sarah Baartman Region. Our people love the ANC as I'm reminded by what Former President Thabo Mbeki said at the time in 1967, 21 July about passing away of the President General of the ANC Chief Mvumbi Albert John Luthuli: "like a bolt from the blue came the dreadful news that the very head of our movement, the first among equals, President Albert Luthuli, had been struck by a train at a lonely railway crossing not far from his home, and was no more. The masses of our people were not there, and could not have been present, to serve as his protective shield. Today I Andile Lungisa I'm making a clarion call in a different context, different time, different conditions to all our masses especially young people that now is the time to serve as a protective shield come May 7, 2014 to go and vote for the ANC in defence of our revolution. What ever challenges we mighty have hand yesterday or today maybe tomorrow the masses of our people know where the ANC co ...
An open letter to comrade Jacob Zuma, by Marion Sparg Dear Comrade JZ I write to you on Human Rights Day shortly before we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our democracy. I write to you not as the president either of the ANC or of South Africa, but as a comrade. I met you in exile a long time ago. I know you as someone who loves the ANC dearly and who has made an enormous contribution to the struggle for freedom in our country. I also know you as someone who loves nothing more than to work in our organisation at ground level. One of my dearest memories of you is an image I have of you in exile sitting in a house in Lusaka, Zambia, with a group of young comrades sitting around you on the floor while you entertained them with stories from KwaZulu-Natal. I have no doubt most of these stories were a combination of fact and fiction. That most of them included fact made them all the more powerful. And the fact that they contained fiction of course made them riveting. Each of them contained a powerful lesson. Y ...
" today it feels good to be an African" Thabo Mbeki.
Funny, just realised that Thabo Mbeki's thesis of two South Africas applies to Zambia too. Sorry, for Zambia, make it three Zambias. There is a Zambia where the ruling party and their follows dwell; then there is one where the opposition parties and their follows dwell; and, lastly there is a Zambia where those that continue weeping in silence dwell. I dwell in none, for I, man, am an anachronism.
All of South Africa watched the fall of a great South African president (Thabo Mbeki) for petty cabal street politics. If the ANC can recall him, why mot Zuma to restore faith in the ranks?? This nkandla thing causes anger to youth and elderley.
'The levels of poverty in the country are still too high after these 20 years of democracy', says President Thabo Mbeki. He says big business and government should put their issues aside and address the national challenges that South Africa faces.
"Patient because history is on their side, these masses do not despair because today the weather is bad." - Thabo Mbeki
Thabo Mbeki refused to buy ARVs and they said he was responsible for killing millions of people. Today I'm hearing it's ARVs t…
During President Thabo Mbeki, the SA health system crmbled. Opposition parties called for the National Heath System (NHI) now that the ANC is implementing the NHI the very same opposition parties are now sayng it will fail and not work. -Dr Aron Motswaledi SABC debate
So Thuli Madonsela makes a comparison between Cde Mandela's security upgrades worth R32 million in 1998 and Zuma's R246 million 15 years later. The learned Advocate is failing to tell the nation how much that One "big" Mandela house, the security features, fence, Police satellite station is worth today if we were to consider the increase in value for goods and services since then. She blatantly chooses to sensationalise that "not even Mandela's" security upgrades cost so much. What she's refusing to say is that the Mtata Airport was renovated specifically for Mandela's access to Qunu not the people of Mtata. She refuses to acknowledge that nearly a Billion Rand has been spent on that stretch todate. Why are "objective" South Africans refusing to ask these important questions? She's silent to the fact that in 2004, Douglas Gibson of the DA wanted to go and inspect what the DA at the time called the R54 million security upgrade for Cde Thabo Mbeki because the initial amount was R12 million and escalated to ...
FORMER South African President, Thabo Mbeki’s contention that ordinary Nigerians deserve as much blame as the...
I still have to read Thabo Mbeki's speech that resulted in him being labeled as an HIV denialist
*** Ths weekend rock's wsh it neva end bt hey they say 2mrw is anthr who know's no "Thabo Mbeki" uyaz u cn neva tell hw ur day or my day will end wen u wth me...Salani nilkofile...notice!
Thabo Mbeki (again) stop judging yourself and fearing your own opinion.who wud (cont)
Former President Thabo Mbeki talks to Carien du Plessis of City Press about the role of the private sector and its
former SA President Thabo Mbeki argues that SA doesn't need a department of women children and people with disability as he thinks that women's actions in government should be cut across all sectors and not be grouped as if they're immatures
'You must worry if you go to bed without reading or learning something new'...Mr Thabo Mbeki once put it to us.
senior party leaders like Trevor Manuel, Zola Skweyiya and Ronnie Kasrils including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, have strongly criticised personal attacks on Madonsela, and the ANC's handling of the Nkandla report. Former President Thabo Mbeki and party veteran Pal...
All statement I want to hear from the ANC NEC is the following:"Jacob Zuma is recalled and investigated, Thabo Mbeki president until 7 May"
As for me,I don't know where South Africa is going,in Ex Pres. Thabo Mbeki's time,we had business plans and hung out alot,these days you have politicians acting childish and Labour Unions making State decisions?How ridiculous?lol
What people may find puzzling is how ANC can b so unwilling 2 act against no. 1 over Nkandla expenditure when it removed his predecessor from power with undue haste a few years ago on allegations that were at best tendentious and circumstial, helped by the big stupid wearing a red barret thinking that I ll bealive in his stupid judgement, Thabo mbeki was bindled out of power by the Zuma aligned anc nec,If the the organisation could act against Mbeki on such flimsy evidence, how can it look the other way when its confronted by findings of serious wrongdoing by ZumA(quote), if this man wins this round, aluta continua, Guns are better thid
When Thabo Mbeki left and Jacob Zuma took over Doller = R6 - R7 Uero = R9 - R11 Pound = R13 - R14 5 years later only one term of Jacob Zuma Doller = R10 Uero = R15 Pound = R17 - R19 mhmm i wonder wat will it be in da next cuming five years if nisanika lo Zuma
thabo Mbeki was axed for not jumping into buying ARVs via World bank loan, now we indebted forever *** was cautious
So relevant 2day: Opening address and political report of President Thabo Mbeki, to The 52nd National Conference
is Thabo Mbeki's argument that illicit outflow of Africa's wealth also the recepients' fault all to familiar?
Kenneth Kaunda,Baba Hugh Masekela,Zuma,Obama,Thabo Mbeki and "Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?
Former President Thabo Mbeki gives update on report on illicit financial flows out of Africa
Remember Circa 2007 the arguments you used to have with your friend/s who claimed Thabo Mbeki was the worst president ever? Remember how happy they were that he was being recalled? Do you remember their blind but fierce advocacy for Zuma? Look around you, how many of those friends will still "kill for Zuma?"
It seems like Thabo Mbeki uses every platform available to him to remark about the corruption in our government, he writes it in his speeche
South Africa's former President, Thabo Mbeki's speech poem of, "I am an African." Filmed in HD, this is the full, extended version of his video speech poem. This video poem was delivered by Thabo Mbeki in 1999 right before becoming South Africa's President. It runs at just over 3 minutes.
Thabo Mbeki - "Up to USD 50-60 billion lost from illicit outflows, such as mis-pricing An additional $60b idles in African banks
AUDIO: Thabo Mbeki: The state and the private sector are talking past each other:
The state use their power to manipulate society. Was Thabo Mbeki trying his best to save us but our ignorance den…
Media also plays a role in making people despise our Thabo Mbeki is all over the Media after a long time of silence
If I had super powers I would put Thabo mbeki as a president and Motlanthe as his deputy
"Impeachment is the correct course of action for this flagrant abuse of public money." Some parties and commentators joined the fray as well, calling for Zuma’s impeachment. Just the mere reference to the word has become adequate to incite many in the DA movement to be emotionally stirred. Just to recap, last week Madonsela’s report found that Zuma and his family had excessively gained from the improvements to his Nkandla private residence. Turning to the impeachment process, I can simply say that regrettably, talks of an impeachment against Zuma are a pointless waste of time. For Zuma to be impeached, a modest majority in the National Assembly must support and vote for this move. ANC members in the National Assembly will never vote against one of their own, especially when they are being urged to do so by the DA, which they view in bad light. Remember, the DA has been criticised many times by the ANC for being a party that is set to maintain white privileges in South Africa. I attended a couple of Hu ...
'There needs to be a collective African view of this' (Recommendations of report on - Thabo Mbeki.
'when these monies leave the continent, they end up some where' Thabo Mbeki - speaking at joint UNECA/ AU Fin Mins conferen…
'We are looking as closely as we can at havens' Thabo Mbeki on from
Thabo Mbeki presenting draft report to on Illicit Financial Flows from estimated $50-$60b per year: http:/…
Former President Thabo Mbeki has urged his successor, President Jacob Zuma to study the Public Protector’s report about the R246 million upgrades at his Nkandla homestead “carefully” to ensure that the mistakes aren’t repeated.
''I cannot take the design of a Swedish architect to build a house in Uganda. My design must reflect local resources in response to local problems. Anything from outside must be complementary to this. This is what we call sustainable development. Sustainable development requires research that leads to long-lasting solutions. Research means knowing the society you live in and knowing yourself''. Thabo Mbeki - The role of Africa's student leaders in developing the African continent.
"If you hang out with chickens,you're going to cluck and if you hang out with eagles,you're going to fly" QuotesCutifani and Thabo Mbeki
Hantlentle malema dintshang ka yena ''bafethu ???.infact,Julius Malema is an opportunist and clearly a man who lacks principles.One day he is prepared to die or kill for zuma,the next day zuma is a dictator of the worst kind.remember when malema said the problem in South Africa was thabo mbeki? But few years later he said mbeki was the best leader we ever had.
Who do u thnk ANC wil use his presence on the ballot paper ,Kgalema Motlanthe ,Jackson Mthembu ,Paul mashatile ,Thabo Mbeki n Jacob Zuma
49 Robert Mugabe has shown Africa the way forward AFRICANGLOBE – There is no doubt that if Zimbabwe succeeds in pushing indigenisation to its logical conclusion, it will have a huge impact on how Africa in general does business with its natural resources in the future. Africa can even rewrite the principles of a world economy that has grown fat on cheap resources sourced from Africa and elsewhere in the developing world. This makes the former South African president, Thabo Mbeki’s recent admonition to Africa not to let Zimbabwe fail in the implementation of its indigenisation programme all the more important. Because of the critical place Zimbabwe’s example has for the future of Africa, it is crucial that we quote liberally here from a Mbeki speech given on August 23 2013. He said: “I think we should ask ourselves the question: Why is Zimbabwe such a major issue for some people? Zimbabwe is a small country by any standard; there is no particular reason why Zimbabwe should be a matter to which The ...
Charity begins at home, and Africans need to take the first bold steps to deal with problems affecting them instead of depending on the west. Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki’s message was met with a resounding applause at the…
ANC TO APOLOGISE Anc is logged in a meeting as off of now, Thabo Mbeki and some top anc brass are concerned about the public protecter's nkandla report, and want to intervene and also make their leadership apologise to the public, by supporting corruption.
"My conscience gave me no option but to take responsibility for this task,regardless of the consequences,because this is about God's people '' Frank Chikane on The Removal of Thabo Mbeki (8 Days in September)
Firstly i love my God who is in heaven and secondly I love Thabo Mbeki so much a hi xihundla xexo.
There was one brilliant economist and senior Cde, Dr Selebano Matlhape, who passed on sometimes back here at home. He served as the Special Adviser to two Free State Province Premiers. One day he summoned me and one of his peers and comrade, Dr Mochubela Seekoe to his place. He was very concerned and indicated that he wanted to raise a serious ethical issue with us. He walked us outside his modest house, on a small holding just outside Bloemfontein. He showed us a big second hand car parked outside and indicated that someone, whom we knew, had got a tender from government gave him that car. He said he had a problem that he was not asked to pay a cent for that car. Now he wanted to know what should he do with it. Both their eyes fell on me steadily demanding an answer from me. Now bro Tlhaps was staying where there was no transport infrastructure and he was also sickly. I realized the issue of the car was making him more sick. After a few minutes of hard thinking I advised that the owner should take his ca ...
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Again I'll say this talking football with Sundowns fans its a waste of time and its useless really,the last time they won anything Thabo Mbeki was still the President...
Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first reported the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981, rumors have persisted that the deadly virus was created by the CIA to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans. Even today, the conspiracy theory has a number of high-profile believers. South African President Thabo Mbeki once touted the theory, disputing scientific claims that the virus originated in Africa and accusing the U.S. government of manufacturing the disease in military labs. When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai used the international spotlight to support that theory as well. Others insist that the government deliberately injected *** men with the virus during 1978 hepatitis-B experiments in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Still others point to Richard Nixon, who combined the U.S. Army's biowarfare department with the National Cancer Institute in 1971. Though the co-discoverers of HIV — Dr. Robert Gallo of the National Cancer Institute and Dr. Luc Monta ...
Imagine me with the immediate former South African President, Mr. Thabo Mbeki. He was in my hood today.
When it suited them, they misled many ANC members and violated the principles of Democratic-Centralism by saying that the NEC of the ANC was Thabo Mbeki's 'yes-men'. Now I am waiting for a real answer on who,actually, are someone's yes-men.
Isah with the former South African President Thabo Mbeki.
I never imagined that Thuli Madonsela can be so stupid right in the middle of parliamentary dissolve towards National Elections then she act as a drag queen these is not Nkandla its not a Samba Dance just for your advice. these public protector does things for the purpose of self-expression, performing and entertaining some sections of people look who are audience in these matter Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe, Desmond Tutu and opposition parties to the ANC all the Anti - Jacob Zuma faction lets see if she will entertain for long.
Pls remove this page i never like it cz am nt thabo mbeki,s fan i dnt like him so i dnt wnt to keep seen his face please
The truth is that even if people disagreed with some economic policies that were adopted under his leadership, President Thabo Mbeki was a highly respected person. He was so respectable that even his worst detractors and biggest opposition could not escape from affording him dignity when differing with him. They fought with him on policy and ideological questions, because that was all they could differ with him about. When it came to issues of ethical conduct, integrity and discipline, president Mbeki could not be faulted. He was not a saint, certainly, but he was not the kind of person you read dodgy stories about in tabloids. Newspapers would not have a field day writing headlines about his moral conduct as if talking about some kwaito star. They could write all sorts of things, but at all times, those things were political. If he was in the papers, it was because of something political, not something related to conduct lacking in integrity, or to unethical behaviour and such. And this is one of the mos ...
We have seen the likes of our leaders like John Dube,Chris Hani,Lilian Ngoyi,Chief Albert Luthuli,Sol Plaatje,Steve Biko,Solomon Mahlangu,Thabo Mbeki and many more. And the question is who do you see in the present of all leaders of today will make't to be great like those leaders?
Much is being written about Thabo Mbeki currently, with revisionists and the DA having a field day in his support.
ANC members chose Jacob Zuma over Thabo Mbeki, and ANC members Chose Jacob Zuma over Kgalema Motlanthe- if South Africans chose Jacob Zuma come 7th of May national elections than they deserve everything that is coming to them. Some of us will comfort our selves with prayer and supplication
Baba i salute u for the contribution u made in RSA we Tank God to bless us we a true leader like u n a father to the fatherless u r a man of intergrit n GOD'S favour is upon n the wisdom of the almighty GOD Is on u, if GOD cn ask a Q wat is my wish was that a true leader my our leader a man who is down to eather son of the soil if he cn come back n leader his nation we love u President Thabo Mbeki. PST VUSI MABOVU
Oagile Lebese wrote: But why did we recall President Thabo Mbeki again? No insults or vulga language
Sponsored Links: Even the dead must obey Chiefs to go all out Another loss for injury-ravaged Stormers Obama meets Saudi woman activist How dare they blame Fergie African power sector set to converge at POWER-GEN Africa Home May 10 2007 at 03:15pm Honoured: President Thabo Mbeki has been made a Knig...
“Those who complete the course will do so only because they do not, as fatigue sets in, convince themselves that the road ahead is still too long, the inclines too steep, the loneliness impossible to bear and the prize itself of doubtful value.”- Former President Thabo Mbeki..
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MESSAGE FOR ALL VOTERS before you decide for the party/person, ask yourself these questions:- -why am I voting? -why am I voting that party? -are they true or wolfs hiding under the sheep skin? let me start with the parties 1.ANC -everyone loves it, it ended apartheid. who contributed in ending it? You! , those who voted for ANC in 1994. if you look back you will see that your vote has power.. ..just for interest s sake, why was Chris Hani was murdered? maybe one of our so called hero president agreed to make reconciliation commission and agreed also to take out anyone resisting the merging of all races. but was there any merge between blacks and white? I doubt, "why" because rules were made to oppress whites like your BBE etc. what happens is the focus is on blacks and whites, forgetting the secret indians. They own a lot of properties, halaal it's like a new culture. Some of us don't even understand it. Anyway back to politics. since 1994 until the 2nd term of Thabo Mbeki everything seems well aft ...
Zuma always know how to cover his scandals,The reason he appointed so many zulus on high position,,he wanted them to protect him when he have to step down,,,how many mistakes he made ever since he took over from Thabo Mbeki but they still keep him as a president of...
H.E. Thabo Mbeki at a Question & Answer session at Makerere University on 19th January 2012. This event was organized by Makerere University Institute of ...
Let the ANC not fool us around with a good story to tell.i personaly agree with forme President Thabo Mbeki when he said the Nkandla saga shown us the denger facing our Country!! Bishop Tutu said he support Adv Thuli by exposing corruption around Nkandla saga!! The problem is not only zuma is the whole ANC led government! It is proper not to forget, prior 1994 when the Anc campaign it used saying national party and his government, but today they want to single out individuals within the anc! Those who were representing NP by than the NP was deffenting them left right and center. As the ANC is doing by deffenting those corrupt within the ranks and files of the ANC! I will olways raising this to prove my point for the sake of those who have access to social network but not have information about the corruption facing corruption! (1) NKANDLA R246 MILLIONS (2) JOHN BLOCK R130 MILLIONS (3) OFFICE OF ACE MAGASHULE R43 MILLIONS FOR WIBSIDE (4) ACE HLASELA TV BENEFIT R12 MILLIONS (5)LEHANA, MATHABO LEETO AND ...
ANC z not de Political Party to Vote for, they're all fully Corrupted n their Leaders ar very far to their Previous Leaders, like the late Dr Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Chris Hani, O.R. Tambo, Walter Sisulu etc they were humbled to give what's best for South African people not dis Rubbish kaZuma.
Former President Thabo Mbeki walked a fine line on Tuesday, commenting on the worrying state of leadership in the country and expressing concern over the spread of corruption and the R246m spent on President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla residence. Mr Mbeki also urged business to follow Anglo American CEO Mark Cutifani’s call for business to understand that the "job of those who have stewardship of capital is to support society". Mr Cutifani made the comments at a mining conference last year. Since his recall by the African National Congress (ANC) in 2008, Mr Mbeki has provided only fleeting glimpses of his thinking on the state of South Africa. In 2012, he broke his silence on local politics and described "a dangerous and unacceptable situation of directionless and unguided national drift". Speaking to Business Day TV, Mr Mbeki on Tuesday described the outcome of Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s probe into Nkandla as "worrying". "The story … in all its elements is very worrying. It is very worrying abou ...
As we approach the 7 MAY which is the election day we must all think of the powerful speech delivered by THABO MBEKI ON THE 8 MAY 1996. I am an African - Thabo Mbeki`s speech at the adoption of the The Republic of South Africa Constitution Bill 8 May 1996, Cape Town Chairperson, Esteemed President of the democratic Republic, Honourable Members of the Constitutional Assembly, Our distinguished domestic and foreign guests, Friends, On an occasion such as this, we should, perhaps, start from the beginning. So, let me begin. I am an African. I owe my being to the hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the seas and the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land. My body has frozen in our frosts and in our latter day snows. It has thawed in the warmth of our sunshine and melted in the heat of the midday sun. The crack and the rumble of the summer thunders, lashed by startling lightening, have been a cause both of trembling and of ...
Can't wait for the day when we will be honouring the Presidents, ranging from Nelson Mandela, who couldn't tell a lie, to Thabo Mbeki, who couldn't tell the truth, to Jacob Zuma, who couldn't tell the difference.
In a recent op-ed in The New York Times, former South African President Thabo Mbeki and Columbia University scholar Mahmood Mamdani express the view that conflicts such as Kenya’s 2007-2008 PEV should be resolved by political rather than judicial means, such as the Do you agree: should Kenya have pursued a process of political reforms instead of engaging with the ICC?
Can you imagine a conversation kaThuli M. & Thabo like smacking each other with oxford dictionaries in slow motio…
Ketnote Speaker on Celebrating Women in Business; Honourable "President" Thabo Mbeki live on channel 403 in Ruatenburg.
My favourite leader of all-time honourable President Thabo Mbeki and oh take notes Gedle
The truth is the reason workers have unfair treatment is because of Mbeki pro capitalist policies which have intorduced middle man to the work force aka ''agents'' and this youth wage subsidy is going the same road that made me not like Thabo Mbeki please zuma do not sign this bill into law it will be the biggest mistake ever!
Did u know: Pella, or Matlhako, formerly known as Tampostad, has given to SA one of the most illustrious sons, a political leader extra-ordinaire who prompted both Walter Sisulu and Nelson Mandela to declare that without Moses Mauwane Kotane, the ANC would not have grown in stature the way it did.Kotane is also credited with bringing ever closer the ANC and SACP as the same fellow travellers, persuading stalwarts such as Mandela to withdraw his suspicions of the communists. Kotane and the late Govan Mbeki, father to Former President Thabo Mbeki, were close comrades.
"I felt then it was a bad decision. I still think it's a bad decision... For as long as the president is there and has you in his cabinet it's his pleasure. When he is no longer there, his pleasure is terminated. Thabo Mbeki's pleasure to appoint the cabinet was terminated... When he [Mbeki] was recalled, I went to the then incoming president, Kgalema Motlanthe, [and] I went to Jacob Zuma and said I am resigning. They said 'no you mustn't'. I said no, I'm resigning, in fact, you would be better off inviting all cabinet members to resign. You are not going to have factionalism. Everybody resigns and Mkhuluwa [Motlanthe], you will be able to appoint a cabinet of your choice. You don't then fetter the pleasure of the president." Trevor Manuel
South African people are making Thabo Mbeki one of the greatest leaders we ever had and Jacob Zuma the worst president. Every coin has got two sides Thabo Mbeki is the one that was reluctant to buy medicine for HIV peolple ,with his minister the late Manto Msimang adviced people tp take garlic .This is the same guy that was deployed buy SADC to mediate in Zimbabwe but even today president Mugabe and Tsangarai are still at loggerheads this is the same Thabo Mbeki that abondoned his duties in South Africa to go around Africa and make noise about AFRICAN RENASSAINCE but he cant even speak five sentences with venecular laguage and this guy disrespected our traditional leaders by setting the Ntlapo commission to strip some of the leaders their rights to rule. This guy went abroad when the civil servants were in strike in 2007 leaving behind that strike , this is the same person that booted JZ from his duties as a deputy president before he was found guilty. Dont get me wrong i have nothing against him but i .. ...
if you are not the product of elite group no matter how good you are,they wont recognise you. am not a fan of Jacob Zuma but let me tell Zuma according to the elite is uneducated, yes I agree so those people they dnt believed that someone from deep rural, uneducated cn be the president of the country nd which means Zuma is telling other people you cn be something without education that's why always media want to destroy him, let me give exmple Thabo Mbeki accordingl to elite ws the best president bcz Thabo is they product even study abroad. open your eyes even today still happening if you dd or done your studies in black university like medunsa, univen elite they wont acknowledge or recognise you but lets say you come from up, wits, stellboch. am jst saying
I have 2 options. It has to be Mama Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma or Thabo Mbeki, he can lead till eternity like Mugabe
Back to the Middle Ages? Response to Thabo Mbeki and Mahmood Mamdani’s op-ed: “Court’s Can’t End Civil Wars”
There were people like Ma Sisulu,Joe Slovo, Madiba, Jay Naidoo, Thabo Mbeki, Ramaphosa ... Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. It was an honour ..."
"I was sworn in with the likes of Mama Sisulu, Joe Slovo, Thabo Mbeki, Cyril Ramaphosa, Winnie Mandela" - Trevor Manuel. Heavyweights!!
LIASA is proud to announce the following titles as the Librarians Choice: Top 20 titles, 1994-2014 (in chronological order):- • Long walk to freedom by Nelson Mandela, published by Macdonald Purnell, 1994 • Country of my Skull by Antje Krog, published by Random House, 1998 • I have life: Alison’s story by Marianne Thamm, published by Penguin, 1998 • Disgrace by J M Coetzee, published by Vintage, 1999 • Jamela’s Dress by Niki Daly, published by Tafelberg, 1999 • Heart of Redness by Zakes Mda, published by OUP, 2002 • Madonna of Excelsior by Zakes Mda, published OUP, 2002 • Confessions of a gambler by Rayda Jacobs, published by Kwela Books, 2003 • Dis ek, Anna by Elbie Lotter, published by Tafelberg, 2004 • Agaat by Marlene van Niekerk, published by Tafelberg, 2004 • Shirley, goodness and mercy by Chris van Wyk, published by Picador Africa, 2004 • Spud by John van de Ruit, published by Penguin, 2005 • Thabo Mbeki: the dream deferred by Mark Gevisser, published by Jonathan B ...
Guess who is Khanyi Mbau's celebrity crush. Thabo Mbeki she said it herself kwiSistahood on etv
And Khanyi Mbau be like my Celebrity crush is Thabo Mbeki.this lady thou.Morning
Meet the Leader - H.E. Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa (Part I)
Mandela's cabinet consisted of 28 ministers and their deputies.Thabo Mbeki's cabinet consisted of 28 ministers...
Julius Malema, THABO MBEKI & Jacob Zuma... There were 3 men going with a car Julius Malema, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, so their car got stuck. Jacob Zuma: I think its da pressure plate Thabo Mbeki: I think its da cluch plate. Julius Malema: If its not da clash plate nor da pressure plate it must be da number plate ngomphi ochanileyo kwaba?
I wonder what the real reason is president Zuma is not attending the London memorial. The International Marketing Council should have advised government that the ceremony is a tribute to SA people and we should have sent the creme de la creme, including pres Thabo Mbeki, Ahmed Kathrada and Winnie Mandela. I hope its got nothing to do with geopolitics of BRICS
Wow M . . . . . . . The “uneducated” Jacob Zuma...the man who holds the highest office in the country... This uneducated (as he is always labeled), started serving in the ANC NEC in 1977, . Re-elected into the NEC in 1985. . Elected its deputy secretary-general in 1991, . Elected its national chairperson in 1994 .In 1997 was elected its deputy president. . Elected President of the ANC and assumed office on 18 December 2007 . Voted in as President of the Republic and assumed office as on 9 May 2009 Now this man of little or no education, defeated Thabo Mbeki at the ANC conference in Polokwane ans was again re-elected as ANC leader at the ANC conference in Manguang on 18 December 2012, defeating Kgalema Motlanthe by an overwhelming majority win...against all odds! The road to Mangaung was not an easy road and COMRADES went to Mangaung to actually bury Zuma and the ANC! Zuma had been ruled out by many but something got hold of Cde Motlanthe's tongue and he could not say, "Yebo Ngiyavuma" to the lobbyists ...
Chris Hani,Govan Mbeki,Thabo Mbeki,Walter Sisulu,Nelson Mandela. Can we just agree that Xhosa's are winners?
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We shall continue to tell the good story Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, ANC Today, Johannesburg, 21 February 2014 VIEWPOINT BY DR AARON MOTSOALEDI The ANC indeed has a good story to tell, for only ANC knows and understands where this country is coming from and hence where it is going to. As I listened to opposition parties trying their best to dismiss the assertion that we do have a good story to tell, it dawned on me that many of them actually believe what they were saying because they cannot understand the story of South Africa. They have no way of understanding it for they never lived through it. When they attempt to tell any story, they actually tell the story of the ANC - but with as much distortion as they can master. They have no story of their own to tell. They tripped over each other to associate with the story of ANC, especially through it luminaries - John Langalibalile Dube, Mapogo Makgato, Rev. Mahabane, Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Chris Hani. But to justify to the pop ...
I don't care even if Thabo Mbeki can join EFF, that party is just Rubbish just as much as DA and the ANC, if not worse!
Please share with us the spectacular speech by former South African President Thabo Mbeki at the Ethiopian...
I ask my self that are we gona have anther great leader nd well spoken person who would mind to debate--- Thabo mbeki
We need thabo mbeki bck to be president of sa decmber retlaba reka 1litre ya patrol ka r16 ppl
"Ultimately the goal of our struggle is the relentless pursuit of the Future. But, what future? "It is not a future where we are all just subjects and subordinates to the decisions and desires of others. Rather, we aspire a future in which we are also the protagonists, a future in which we too have a say and a place in the sun in global fora, a future that makes us stronger, freer, more qualified, prosperous, just and brotherly, in a fairer, safer, more balanced, peaceful and predictable world." Extract from "Memories and Challenges" - a Lecture delivered by President Pedro Pires, former President of Cape Verde at the Fourth Annual Thabo Mbeki Africa Day Lecture, University of South Africa, Tshwane, May 31, 2013.
Journey to Timbuktu (2009) Part Eight Timbuktu is believed to have been founded early in the 12th Century AD. Its name gives us insight into its origins. Tim, in the language of the Tuareg people, means well. Buktu is a female name. Hence, Timbuktu means the place of Buktu’s well. The city is named after the woman who discovered water there. Located far enough from the Niger River to significantly reduce the danger of malaria and other mosquito-borne pestilences, the city gradually became a center of trade and learning as it stood at the crossroads of the trans-Saharan and West African trade routes, particularly those centered around salt and gold. It is also close to the domains of many of the African peoples who had accepted Islam. Those people, Fulani, Hausa, Tuareg, Mandinka, Bambara, Songhai, and others peacefully coexisted in Timbuktu, along with Arabs and Berbers who migrated to the city from the Hijaz, Egypt and Morocco, among other places. Consistent with the ascent of many other Islamic cente ...
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ...! I love you my black President. God look after Thabo Mbeki for he is the only one with a matured head left. Phambili ANC Phambili !
Lekoko Dumelang! Please receive my greetings from the bottom of my heart... I will be damed if we reach a conclusion of our topic today. Ugandan President has put the bill on hold after American President promised to terminate the relationship he has with the country. At this time, the president has assigned scientists to run tests to see if this is a lifestyle option or genetic related. Like? Sometimes when one does not open up about their sexuality is because the societies are not all open minded. Things were much easier when Thabo Mbeki was still the President because the man was bold enough to stand firm for *** and *** Keeping quiet does not mean you are scared, or anything, it sometimes means you are comfortable with yourself and living your life... One thing I keep telling people, is that *** and *** are the most hard working and favoured in almost all they do. Whether people accept or not, one thing I can tell you is that once one accept that he is *** life becomes easier and more su ...
Let me make my self clear, I was very young when key ANC leaders Like Nelson Mandela became the president of these country in 1994, I was stil young and knew nothing about politics when President Thabo Mbeki bacame the president in 1999 and I was a lil bit grown boy n was nt interested in politics when President Thabo Was re-elected as the president of these country, n I started taking interest in politics when Zuma was suspended as deputy president n by then I supported JZ, I started being active in politics when Julius Malema campaigned for JZ, n I can say my and youth in these country started 2 take interest of SA's politics because Julius came in the picture, n now I stil stick my decision n continue following him that's what we call stability
Former Predident Thabo Mbeki used to be intolerant of corruption he used the Scopion to arrest criminals We miss you Thabo and Madoba
Gareth van Onselen calls Thabo Mbeki a nationalist racist under the guise of criticising Helen Zille. Some ANC people are RTing that ish.
I think I am the proponent of African Renaissance owing to what I have just read recently about Burundi, Mali, Somalia, Sudan and the Central African Republic. These countries have become the hotbed of persistent conflict and the window for change seems to be very narrow. What infuriates me is that some of these countries have sought the intervention of outside powers and that has actually added more fuel to the burning fire. For example, in the Central African Republic the largest segment of the population is abjuring or rejecting the intervention of France because it is ranged under the belief that France will change the balance of power in their country and therefore annex their country to serious chaos and confusion. In the New York Times, I read an article written by Thabo Mbeki and some professor entitled "Courts cannot end civil wars in Africa" and this actually knocked a lot of sense into my head. When the International Criminal Court was established the pre-eminent catalyst was to prevent revenge ...
thanks to Mandela. thabo mbeki and who is ur current president again.? ya him but now i join E.F.F bcos we not only fighting for freedom but for our moola. If zuma can spend 250 0 mills on him. malema can spend atleast 10 0 mitre. anf stil owes tax lol.
My mom has three different Thabo Mbeki biographies. She's a proper Mbeki stan, no jokes.
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Bond says SA faces massive capital outflows by ex-SA companies now based in London - "repatriating" profits to headquarters. He directs his blame at Thabo Mbeki liberalizing the economy, at the expense of RDP. He recommends introduction of exchange controls and increasing tariffs on imported luxury goods. He encourages spending and more spending in the local economy. Whoooa!!!
An old, past-time favourite, which can neither be closed nor summed up, in a blog. It does create some interesting debate though. A great example of manager vs leader, is that of Mr Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela. The obvious leader here is Mr Mandela. Mr Mbeki on the other hand, was a great manager. The challenge starts right from inception, by hiring the right person to manage people. Management always seems to tackle the skills first…then they look at the competency? To me that is pretty strange, considering that competency is what you need to manage people. Let’s face it. Skill can be taught. Once you have the right leader in place, it is then important to make sure that the individual is empowered to deliver results through their people. The point is not to give them so many reports that they get stuck behind a desk, making sure they can justify their existence. Let them loose and see what happens. If you have hired a true leader, then they will step up to the plate and make it happen. It’s ver ...
Dear all, I wish to make this sight as productively interactive as possible. On it, until further notice, I will share my political and economic thoughts, comment on current affairs, as well as tell my story on how I got to Parliament on first attempt. This will be done on separate days under three categories as spelt out below: 1.0 MY BLESSED WALK TO MANDA HILL (Usually will appear on Sundays) When I developed interest to serve the public, I found myself walking a path of a mixture of luck, good timing, tenacity, and mostly a barrage of Blessings. I have come to notice that amongst those that read and follow my works are youths who want to be leaders of tomorrow. To these especially, I want to share my experiences. May be a word or two I will share here will give them a clue on what route or decision to take and at what time. For the casual reader, it will simply be for you to understand that, Lucky Mulusa, as a politician is not a product of spontaneous combustion or a historical mistake – but that, t ...
Three men (Nelson. Mandela, Jacob Zuma and. Thabo Mbeki) were. travelling in a plane and. their plane crashed in a...
Thabo Mbeki's famous "I am an African" speech. He does not exclude Europeans.
Thabo Mbeki,said that an estimated $50bn flows out of Africa every year: twice what the continent receives in foreign aid…
Here’s my take …….. South Africa had a good story to tell from 1994 until the 2007, yes the Thabo Mbeki regime had a good story to tell , when Mbeki left office South Africa had no debts , today our beautiful country owes almost three trillion just in the space of 5years . you know whats the scary part? 2011/2012 financial year reported R20 billion missing, THE following financial year which was 2012/2013 we were hoping that they will fix the problem but 25billion was missing again , well last year auditors reported R30 billion missing OUR GOVERNMENT certainly out did their self huh? Now you do the math! And im not saying this as a Da member but as a proud patriot. A wise friend of mine once said the ANC is like a guy who you use to love, who use to be nice to you and now he abuses you and takes advantage of the love that you have for him, and reminds you of the good memories that you both share everytime he messes up. Well the big question is are you ready to dumb him ?how many prom ...
Just few years back Helen Zille and Julius Malema criticized Thabo Mbeki. Now they are singing his praises. Am I the only one…
Precious Mahlangu wrote: Where is Former President Thabo Mbeki. We miss his Oxford lingo his silent to loud
The is no 1 that they can we sing about him than Thabo mbeki n DA
The road into Arcades from Thabo Mbeki is suddenly named Kelvin Siwale with a DIY signpost. When was it named? Who is/was Kelvin Siwale ??
its n error Thabo Mbeki, got it tyt dis tym lol!
"Those who brought us intolerable pain & took away our days of light insist that nothing should be recalled, lest we impose on them the pain of guilt & on ourselves the pain of our memories" - Thabo Mbeki Nzo's funeral.
My thinking pattern is influenced by the following book's: 1.leadership bible - john c maxwell. 2.porverty of ideas South Africa democracy and the retreal of intellectual's - william melvin gumede 3.from poverty to power - duncan green 4.go for gold - john c maxwell 5.knowledge in the blood - prof johan jarsen 6.thabo mbeki and the battle for the soul of the anc - william melvin gumede 7. 8 day's in september the removal of thabo mbeki- reverend framk chikane 8.joyce meyer - a leader in the making. 9.holy quran - abdullah yusuf ali. 10.thabo mbeki the dream deffered - william melvin gumede.
I wonder if Thabo Mbeki ever felt neglected since the Jabo Zuma last election.
Lalela ispeech sika baba uholomisa kwikatsi FM. He being so biased as a regular slave driver...he is so UDM or thabo mbeki.
"Speech of the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki, at the Funeral of King Xolilizwe Sigcawu: Nqadu..."
Thabo Mbeki is named after Edwin Thabo Mofutsanyana. Ntate Mofutsanyana was leading member of CPSA/ SACP.
Gareth van Onselen: Is Zille saying Zuma is so bad that we would have been better off with Thabo Mbeki?
I woke up in a place that said to me, be free. I woke up to a dream and realize that I'm stronger that I use to be. All I need to do is believe."Thabo Mbeki"
Africans,speak English in your native accent.Ever heard the Jamaicans,rural Ghanaians,Zimbabweans,Thabo Mbeki etc,NICE
"To everyone, and responding to these messages, I would like to say that gloom and despondency have never defeated adversity. Trying times need courage and resilience. Our strength as a people is not tested during the best of times. As we said before, we should never become despondent because the weather is bad nor should we turn triumphalist because the sun shines" Thabo Mbeki
We may not have ability 2 change dis country bt we can make it a better 1 from where we got it THABO MBEKI was de best on de Presidency Throne!!!
Seems like everyone is mentioning Thabo Mbeki nowadays. Forget about The Native Intelligence making a political comeback. Chilling at home.
Thabo Mbeki is the classic example of, "You don't know what you got until it's gone".
It is this hypocrisy from both the EFF and the DA that must be exposed. Only six years ago, Helen Zille was attacking Thabo Mbeki for bad governance and not living up to Mandela’s vision. Yet today she praises the same man for good leadership and progress made under his administration. Why did she (Helen) not VOTE ANC then if it was good and made progress under President Mandela and President Mbeki whose term ended 5 years ago. I mean if ANC was doing so well, even to an extent of DA seeing it, why not kill the party and join ANC ? Out of the 20 years of ANC government, Zille says the first 15 years were good but the last 5 were not. More reasons for people to VOTE ANC then if 75% of its years have been wonderful Gogo. It is the same with the EFF, their leader attacked Thabo Mbeki and now praises him. This is hypocrisy done by both parties to deceive and trick the electorate. It is stupid because voters can see these tricks and lies. Truth is. The ANC is still the same ANC that it was under Nelson Mande ...
Sphumi Mabena wrote: "The ENEMY to our democracy is the corruption that eats into OUR societal fabric and HOLDS the future of THE YOUTH and our children to ransom, WE have LEADERS that seeks to advance in parliamentarian seats yet compromise the future of OUR country, as Thabo Mbeki puts it, this country NEEDS political leadership with morals and principles founded on scripture." need MORE Christians ...
Xenophobic attacks that came to the attention of world press during May of 2008, had been taking place for a number of years country wide. South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki did his expected "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" and "There is no crisis in Zimbabwe" thing. According to: Xeno: Thabo's definition: The man was blind enough not to realize the Zimbabwe crisis and toughly denied the cauze of AIDS to be the virus ( HIV)
Cross-purposes in Addis Ababa The dialogue in Addis Ababa between Khartoum and its armed opposition is in deadlock, as are the talks on the South Sudan crisis. The political dialogue between the government of Khartoum and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) rebel movement has got off to a bad start, with both sides digging in their heels with incompatible positions. These talks began only a few days ago and this week were already postponed until next month. Khartoum, which is currently in the throes of a serious economic crisis, wants to block the hostilities and obtain a cease-fire wherever possible, i.e. in the Blue Nile region (where the forces led by the insurgent Malik Agar are not in a good military position) and where the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF, government army) more or less have control of the ground. With a deal like this under its belt, Khartoum would be able to concentrate its military forces on fighting guerrilla in Darfur, where Minni Minnawi and Abd-el-Wahid an-Nour refuse any form of co ...
STILL WAITING FOR BETTER LIFE. We should vote 4 change. For the past 20 years the ANC has been promising us a better life, but there's nothing better about oour lives. Former president Nelson Mandela started off on a high note. He built RDP houses and pushed for reconciliation. Thabo Mbeki made his mark and left us the African Renaissance ideology. His predecessor, President Jacob Zuma, has involved himself in scandal. Asnd the ANC is using the unpopular Zuma as the face of their campaign, this shows how little the ruling party regards our votes...
ANC sold the nation da first day Nelson Mandela walk off prison, he died with out saying a thing about getting back our land and mines ,Thabo mbeki never even thought of it, JZ thought of it but and fired malema when he asked him about it so no Vote for ANC frm m dis year ill gv it to EFF
The feistiness of Holomisa, kindness of Mandela and intellect of Thabo Mbeki.❤️
For the 1st time in 20yrs today,I passed by the house where ex President Thabo Mbeki survived an assisination attempt in 1988.The house is on the boundaries of the plot holding suburb of Trenance.I was a primary school pupil that year when a bomb explosion rocked that surburb and a tremor was felt in my neighbouring suburb of Richmond.The tremor was felt particularly by the Zinc roofed houses.It happened at abt 7pm and I had the luxury of knowing a grown up person then who explained that they saw a red hot object rising and split into two as the explosion took place.Later on in life I learnt how the future President of SA had survived the attempted.Thabo Mbeki was temporarily on a supervisory mission to Bulawayo and resided in that residence.He was a very heavy drinker who took the wise waters at Cecil hotel.SA intelligence sources tracked him down and planned his assassination.Mbeki had a small car which he used for his travels.On the fateful day Mbeki handed over the car to a colleague and stayed behin ...
Mbazima Shilowa's Cope faction has joined UDM of Bantu Holomisa? COPE is now living up to slogan i gave them "COPE-expect the unexpected?" Firstly when it was formed,many,including me,thought that Thabo Mbeki was instrumental & the face behind COPE? Well Mbeki,quietly,proved us wrong? Then there was that split which saw Lekota smilling less & Mbazima disappearing from the media?
Mugabe recently turned 90 & still has pitch black hair. While former pres Thabo Mbeki often looks like he fell in baby powder when he's not even close to 90. fooling who? Lol
OPINION | The DA and Mbeki: Zille rewrites history, by Gareth van Onselen
8 years ago, When I was still politically active in SACP politics, When we were having ntate Lawrance Phokanoka memorial lecture at Nirvana hall, when Thabo Mbeki was friend of SACP, because he was present in that hall, Thabang Makwetla when delivering his speech, he said Young people are "kwaito generation" He even said compared to them them they have no interests in politics. The then vibrant me, became conteoversial and asked Thabeng Makwetla in full packed hall, if his children arw members of ANCYL and YCL. lol, that was the most controversial misplaced question indeed.
Listening to Thabo Mbeki's speeches and the starting to ask why did we kick him out in the first place? The guy had awesome plans 4 SA
So like rumor has it that Thabo Mbeki is Going to WordNSound this weekend. I hope he won't do the I'm an African piece ko the Open mic tho... I can't wait. president.
PSY-KCORT3Z PRODUCTIONS- will be hosting a lil Cypher, we recording a D.V.D. So any rapper who can make it to Paballelo on saterday afternoon, is more than welcome to come bust' rhymes. At the Masakhane house near the Thabo Mbeki park. Please dress up 4 the Camera.
Thabo Mbeki must be laughing his lungs out whever he is nw, all de pple who were gunning for his blood and calling all him sorts of names and labells are nw calling each other de same names and same labels lol SA politics are very interesting mani. Indeed dey are no permanent friends no permanent enemies. Gud morning friends.
Liberals will never forget Thabo Mbeki. Their deployee in the newsroom is at it again
The headline of this story should be: Helez Zille Flashes Boobs At Thabo Mbeki For That DA Black Presidency Seat
The DA's newfound love for Thabo Mbeki: How Zille rewrote history this weekend - my column today:
I Hate ANC. I realised this after Thabo Mbeki left.
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24 Feb 2014 : Zille : ' SA was better under Thabo mbeki . Oct 2009 : Zille ' Pres Thabo Mbeki is a lame duck '.talk about speaking with forked tongue ! This is the same like 'Nelson Mandela was our hero , he was different to Zuma '. Did u vote for the ANC when Madiba was it's president ?! The answer, no !Check it out: from Kashif's iPad
The Democratic Alliance (DA) launched its elections manifesto at the Polokwane Show Grounds in Limpopo on Sunday. DA leader Helen Zille said life in the democratic South Africa is better than it was under apartheid but progress made in the past 20 years is being reversed under Jacob Zuma’s leadership. She urged South African’s to vote DA in the upcoming election to continue the good progress previously gained under the leadership of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. “More and more, it seems that the best jobs and opportunities go to people with political connections. They are the insiders who benefit at the expense of the outsiders. Public money that should be used for services to the poor is being wasted on corrupt projects like President Zuma’s private house at Nkandla,” said Zille. On corruption The DA would: -save R30 billion per year by cutting corruption and firing corrupt officials. - Introduce a constituency-based electoral system to make MPs more accountable. - Speed up the delivery of ** ...
A trillion dollar question? Our Comrades, Mandela and Thabo Mbeki are praised by DA? So does it mean that cde Zuma ruffled feathers of the apartheid status quo since he came in power.Vote ANC! . for a radical shift that is led by the ANC collective!
bought "the things that could not be said" and "8 days in september: the removal of thabo mbeki" both written by Frank.
Its a fact of life. From Thabo Mbeki to NUM to Piers. Me included. Maybe being self employed is a way to avoid such problems.
DA aims to win over Mbeki's supporters - 23/02/2014 11:15:00 JAN-JAN JOUBERT THE Democratic Alliance will be chasing voters who supported Thabo Mbeki when it launches its election manifesto in Polokwane today. DA leader Helen Zille is expected to deliver a broadside at President Jacob Zuma when she unveils the manifesto in an ANC stronghold. Polls have shown potential growth for the opposition among black voters who oppose Zuma but are turned off by gratuitous criticism of the ANC, which is seen by some as an attack on the liberation struggle. In her speech, Zille, who for years has been as scathing as the rest of the DA of Mbeki’s record, is expected to differentiate between the ANC’s past glory, personified by Nelson Mandela, and what the DA terms “Zuma’s ANC”. In her introductory letter to the manifesto, Zille draws the distinction between the ANC under Mbeki and the party under Zuma: “Great progress was made in delivering services under president Mandela and president Mbeki’s governments ...
"Gloom and despondency has never defeated adversity" ~ Thabo Mbeki.
In the 1980s and 1990s, increasingly many Sub-Saharan African countries were holding multiparty elections. The Cold War, the proxy wars of the U.S. and Soviet Union as well as Apartheid in South Africa had come to an end. A new generation of African leaders had been anointed who promised to transform their continent. That dream was dubbed the African Renaissance . This concept is often defined in contrast to the big man syndrome - the autocratic rule by the so-called "big men" of African politics during the first two decades after independence. When US president Bill Clinton made his African journey in March 1998, he helped popularize this notion when he said he placed hope in a new generation of African leaders devoted to democracy and economic reforms . Although Bill Clinton did not identify the African leaders by name, it is generally assumed that he was referring to, among others, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea. [1] Other leade ...
ANC's = 20 YEAR's STORY, we are proud about these achievements, we have created thousands of jobs. Building of Dams, Stadiums, BRT's, GAUTRAIN, BNG-HOMES, ROADS the list is just too long. Thank you Tata Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema and Zuma. . . . We are Voting ANC
We must as indigenous people make sure we have control of our resources. And so indigenisation is correct- Thabo Mbeki
Many people state every day how they hate President Zuma. Nothing wrong with that, because it's not a crime or a sin to hate your Head of State. What worries me though, is the reasons advanced by many people who hate him. They usually blame him for the negative things happening in our country. I am yet to hear anyone acknowledging the positive things that happened under the leadership of President Zuma. For one, this country went through the worst load shedding in 2008. Pres. Zuma responded in 2009 by separating the Dept. of Energy from Minerals. Each one of those portfolios are managed separately, and the results of that decision speak for themselves. His response to education? He separated Higher Education from Basic Education. We have not arrived at the desired point yet, but the progress registered speaks for itself. The two unions organising the education sector - Nehawu and Sadtu - are working closely with ANC govt to transform the stubborn Higher Education. Anybody who has worked with the ...
There were three old-men in a car driving to PTA,Namely...Thabo Mbeki,Desmond Tutu and Robert Mugabe.While they were driving on N1 they saw a smoke coming out of the bonet..and they stoped,came out of the car and Thabo Mbeki went to see whats the problem.then the two men followed.two minutes later Desmond said."ai nna i think the problem is the clash-plate"...then Thabo Mbeki said."Nah.ii think its the preassure plate"."ah!"...Robert Mugabe yelled.and said."nah you *** its the number plate!".
I was there when Nelson Mandela took the presidence seat back in 1994 and inspired Bafana bafana to win the Afcon in 1995 nd the Springboks won the Rugby world cup in 1996.i witnessed Thabo mbeki became the state Man in 1999 nd 2004 and saw him lift the Rugby world cup in France in 2007 after the Springboks defeated England in the final.then i saw The mighty zuma elected as ANC president in Limpopo 2008 and went on to become the state man 2009 won the rape case,corruption case against him dropped and He buried our Icon Mandela 2013 december.does zuma deserve a second term judging from his perfomance interms of leading this Nation?.the promises he made when he took over did you see him atleast delivering one?
Problem is when Thabo Mbeki said that I think he was criticised by the DA?
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"Extremely big boobs are only pleasant to the medium sure pass for handling." - Thabo Mbeki
Do you think white South Africans are Africans??? - Thabo Mbeki
DJ involved in deadly hit-and-run: 2014-02-23 19:13 - Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the…
This is an account of the consistent and coherent work by the ANC government, begun by the first democratic president – Nelson Mandela – then consolidated and advanced by the subsequent administrations of presidents Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, respectively. Beginning that journey, Mandela had called upon us to “act together as a united people, for national reconciliation, for nation building, for the birth of a new world” so that “there be justice for all; there be peace for all; there be work, bread, water and salt for all”. The challenge of forging a nation and a sense of nationhood has been the commitment of the ANC. Fulfilling the commitment enshrined in the Freedom Charter that “South Africa belongs to all who live in it, Black and White” entails ensuring that the majority that had been deprived and excluded, participates and has a direct share in the political and economic life of the country. Today we can boast, and correctly so, that a child born in the most destitute background ha ...
Illicit financial flows from Africa: Track it, Stop it, Get it By Masimba Tafirenyika* New York, February 18, 2014 (UN) -- The figures are staggering: between $1.2 trillion and $1.4 trillion has left Africa through illicit financial flows between 1980 and 2009—roughly equal to Africa’s current gross domestic product and surpassing, by far, the money it received from outside over the same period. Illicit financial flows are money earned illegally and transferred for use elsewhere. The money is usually generated from criminal activities, corruption, tax evasion, bribes and transactions from cross-border smuggling. The numbers tell only part of the story. It is a story that exposes how highly complex and deeply entrenched practices have flourished over the past decades with devastating impacts, but barely making news headlines. “The illicit haemorrhage of resources from Africa is about four times Africa’s current external debt,” says a joint report by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Glo ...
I am an African is a speech made by Thabo Mbeki on behalf of the African National Congress in Cape Town on 8 May 1996, on the occasion of the passing of the new Constitution of South Africa. At the time Mbeki was the vice president of South Africa under the presidency of Nelson Mandela. In this video, some extracts of Thabo Mbeki's the speech. You can read the full speech by following the link below
Hon. Thabo Mbeki is the last of our kind, I cant save Africa all on my own
Promises aren't 100% so as all these Political parties which always tell us same stories everyday, employment, education, bursaries etc. Really wouldn't waste my time watchin such presentations. Its more of descending rather than ascending within the service deliveries dat they always talk about. Thanks to JZ nd da rest of da politicians who created so many ways of making money thru ppl rada the running of the country itself. Thabo Mbeki u deserve to be back and teach dis Zulu guy hw to run a country.
Thabo Mbeki and the new tribalism: Isaac Mogotsi on the sensitivity of the subject raised by the former president
Helen Zille be using words like 'geddit', it's very nice eMzansi. No-Thabo Mbeki uyazi!
The DA hates Thabo Mbeki for his brutal truth about Race. Mbeki did not like Tony Leon a bit..
Sunday Times reporting that the DA wants to woo voters who supported Thabo Mbeki.
Men who are not educated and didn't go to initiation school! - Julias Malema - Jacob Zuma Men who are well educated and went to initiation school! - Thabo Mbeki - Nelson Mandela Is it that difficult to spot the difference?
I now Know why Saki doesn't get many invites. He's now asking the other kids about Thabo Mbeki, Mandela the ANC and EFF, note they swimming
POLL: 73% say Former President Thabo Mbeki was a better and less divisive leader than President Jacob Zuma. Vote:
Madam Zille has a mind of a rat. Today she was singing praises to cde Thabo Mbeki forgetting that she was also attacking him, complaining about everything because that wat she is good at en also called him names such as " Lame-duck president.who speaks like a manager, and not as a leader of the country "
The Information Minister, Labaran Maku recently said that, at all levels, no government has done what the Jonathan administration had done. But here you are reeling out achievements. How does that make you feel, compared to the assertion that they have done the best? All I can say is that I hope the best of Nigeria is really further ahead. I don’t want to be the best governor of Lagos. I want better governors to come after me. I think that it’s a leadership problem. When this sort of statement is made, you must contextualize it into whether or not we really have prepared ourselves for the kind of responsibilities that we have. Would there have been a Nigeria if those who fought the war didn’t sacrifice? So, for somebody to come after that to say, ‘we are the best…’ That was governance. Keeping the peace and unity of this country, people lost their lives. They served. How do you dishonour their memory and service by saying nobody has done what you have done? I have never heard any government th ...
"It is this generation whose sense of rage guarantees Afrika's advance towards its renaissance." - President Thabo Mbeki
I am looking for a book "Thabo Mbeki & the battle for the soul of the ANC". Hope I find it here.
5 years ago, Thabo Mbeki was an enemy to the DA like President Zuma now is...
I've been listening to this so called DA manifesto, this lady comes in before zille and says "the ANC had 20 years and wasted it" & zille comes in and says "mandela had a story to tell, and thabo mbeki had story to tell" about what ?? what happened to the wasted 20 years? Ok.
I think forgets that Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela are members of the ANC (was in the case of Madiba).
I see the DA is now admiring of Thabo Mbeki. Interesting.
DA manifesto ..Hellen Opening remarks, she recognize and appreciate the good work that have been done by ANC under the Leadership of Mandela Thabo Mbeki but by that time she was the opposition can you oppose ppl that they were doing pretty well? She says 'things have changed in polokwana when pre Zuma was elected as president the good story ended .' The DA style doesn't feature black ppl really, a leader shout Amandla few voices respond awethu .as they are proceeding with the event , I see ppl that they are tired and starving ...
Hehehehehe! DA praising President Thabo Mbeki. Ay you gotta love SA politics
During the reign of Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki South Africa was heading towards the right direction, the economy was growing, unemployment going down. They had a better story to tell! -Helen Zille
listening to Helen Zille's speech. This woman o bua nnete feela, if SA pipo want to see change they should vote for her as president or bring back Thabo Mbeki
Helen Zille just said, as soon as Thabo Mbeki was recalled, Jacobs Zuma's 783 corruption charges were dropped
Even the OPPOSITION knows that During President Thabo Mbeki South Africa was going towards the right direction.
This country is having a problem of presidents i mc comrade Thabo Mbeki the real fomer president of our country.this Gorvenment is full of corruptions even parties.
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If DA, gets to rule in South Africa, then lets start by having Englang or Holland being captained by Thabo Mbeki (black president), then we can reason.
I was waching de manjfesto of eff on sat, very impressive indeed. Question is who is Julius Malema. During his era in Ancyl he was very powerful 2 extend that he even told the nation that Thabo Mbeki will b recalled, he dictate as 2 who shud b in Pec of both Anc nd yl of limpopo, who shud b mayor nd executive mayor in limpopo. He was once admitted 4 flu in medics clinic instead of Seshego hospital, he took all tenders 4 himselves nd friend in limpopo gov nd manucipality, lastly he dont pay tax, who is he fooling who? This young man plays with de poor..
ANC and DA are smoking weed from the same supplier, DA says it wants to target Thabo Mbeki followers and loyalists like myself and Mbalula said yesterday that Julius Malema left the ANC voluntarily to form a new party. Everything these two giants are saying is unrealistic, silly and offensive
Happening around the World: A rights group has reportedly criticised Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s planned lavish 90th birthday celebrations set to be attended by liberation movements from the SADC region.-News24 The United States has imposed visa bans on about 20 senior Ukrainian officials accused of backing the deadly repression of protesters in Kiev, a US diplomat says.-AFP -Opposition MPs on Tuesday told President Jacob Zuma he had failed to match up to his predecessors, Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela. -SAPA -The police's occult unit in South Africa is investigating the deaths of two schoolgirls, who were found in Dobsonville surrounded by candles and razors.-News24 -A prominent Moroccan editor known for his taboo-breaking coverage says he is ready to start another news website to replace the one blocked by authorities. -AP -Libya will offer compensation to women raped during the 2011 Nato-backed uprising which toppled Muammar Gaddafi, its justice minister says, touching a taboo subject. -Re ...
Mr President, you’ve failed this country’ President Jacob Zuma and his government have failed the country, Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi said in the National Assembly on Tuesday. Speaking during debate on Zuma's State of the Nation speech, the IFP stalwart said Zuma and his administration had reversed the gains made by former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela. “Considering this last quarter of our democratic era, one blatant truth demands to be spoken: Mr President, under your watch, this government has failed South Africa,” Buthelezi said. “Twenty years ago, words like 'rainbow nation', 'miracle transition', 'freedom' and 'reconciliation' filled the public discourse. Under your leadership, Mr President, those words have become 'Marikana', 'scandal', 'protest' and 'corruption'.” Some MPs in ANC benches heckled Buthelezi, while Zuma and some of his Cabinet ministers sat chuckling in their seats. Buthelezi quoted both Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tut ...
I can help wishing Former President Thabo Mbeki to be young again I blve he wud have done something 2 help this dis functional ruling party
South Africa is less heavier than when preident Thabo Mbeki was still in charge. Today,we're almost in R1 trillion debt and the value of the rand is decreasing under president Zuma. -COPE Leader,Terror Lekota.
London Evening Standard R.W. Johnson: In South Africa, the reality is debt and corruption As we bid farewell to Nelson Mandela, his successors in the ANC have failed to govern a complex country R.W. JOHNSON Published: 10 December 2013 Updated: 13:18, 10 December 2013 Nelson Mandela used to joke that if he got to heaven his first move would be to join the local branch of the African National Congress there. For he was a devoted party man: the ANC was his life. It is perhaps just as well that he is no longer here to see what his party has become. His immediate successor, Thabo Mbeki, was a clever, paranoid and unbalanced man who refused to allow HIV/Aids sufferers to get the medicine that would save their lives. He also supported Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Once he stepped down from office, Mbeki was shunned by the international community. His successor, Jacob Zuma, is a genial but uneducated man (he learned to read and write only when in jail) who is quite at sea when dealing with the sort of problems that ...
Cde terror lekota said 2dae in parliament and I quote"whn Thabo Mbeki left office ths country dd not owe anyone a cent the country was stable and it was on the ryt path but 2dae we owe over three trillion rand we find ourselves in debt bt yet we dnt see results"it is nt a matter of liking Mbeki bt it a question wht Mbeki stood 4 nd how ran government,Zuma is not fit 2 run office and he is THIEF mnxm
That moemish moment when an ANC branded truck with a picture of the President Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma was attacked with porta potty in Thabo Mbeki informal Settlement in Cape town with the top brass of the ANC who came to campaign over the weekend to "win the Western Cape back" and Gwede Mantashe was quoted saying"why would they throw a porta potty on an ANC truck. It can't be right" The moral of the story is one who laughs last laughs the best and a day is too long in Politics. Quite interestingly "we have a story to tell" elections#
At any given point in the History of Africa there were problems facing society and youth who chose to act. Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Joe Mathews, Anton Lembede, Walter Sisulu, Dr Lionel Mxolisi Majombosi and the rest who constituted the cadre of youth who founded the ANC Youth League identified problems arising from the situation they were faced with at the time but chose to unite the youth behind the banner of the ANC, in order to consolidate and sharpen an already existing ANC, which at the time as almost moribund. They made a Clarion call of Freedom in our lifetime...The other group of young people who acted to accelerate organizational work which seemed to be stuck by inertia was Chris Hani, Thabo Mbeki,Pallo Jordan and the Makiwane Brothers(later expelled Brothers) who wrote a Memo to the Leadership of the ANC. Their action resulted in the holding of the Morogoro Conference in 1969 and the Subsequent acceleration of armed action by Umkhonto we Sizwe. They could have Chosen to leave the ANC in Exi ...
Former President Comrade Thabo Mbeki, There's something about Thabo Mbeki's African Renaissance,good promotion of African Leadership.
My vote will only go to the Anc only because ot the time tested leaders it produced" it was individuals who won the fight against apartied, we will forever be indebted and we salute the first commander and chief Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, we salute Oliver Raginald Tambo, we salute the Presidents of this movement Jonh Langa Libalele Dube, Chief Albert Luthuli Josea Gumede, Docter Xuma, Docter Moroka, Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma- I speak of Arch Gumede,Bram Fitcher,Billy Nair, Chris Hani, Dennis Goldberg, Duma Nokwe,I speak of Yusuf Dudu, Elias Mostoeledi, Elajah Barhayi, Govan Mbeki, Griffits Mxhenge, I speak of the lions of Midrand, Harry Gwala, Jimmy Mathews, Joe Gqabi, Joe Slovo, I speak of Mathew Goniwe, Spero Mkhonto, Moses Mabhida, Moses Skotane, Rayomond Mhlaba, I speak of Vuyisile Mini, Walter Sisulu, I speak of Imbokodo of the country, Adelaide Tambo, Amina Cachalia, Albertina Sisulu, Baleka Mbete, Dorothen Nyembe, Hallen Joseph, June Mlangeni, I speak of Vester Smith, Winnie Madikizela Mandela, I spe ...
Many may not have liked Thabo Mbeki's style of doing things, but there was no uncertainty when he was @ the helm. He had views on the economy, he had views on African renewal, he had views on HIV- whether you agreed with him or not- but he could stand up and argue his point and try to persuade and influence you on why you should follow his point of view.At the time of Mandela, we knew we had a leader . At the time of Tambo, at the time of Albert Luthuli, we knew we had a leader.- Vusi Pikoli
Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki and Julius Malema were travelling with a Toyota cressida and unfortunately it got stuck on the way. Jacob Zuma ''I think it's the pressure plate.'' Thabo Mbeki said ''I think it's the clutch plate...'' Julius Malema says ''if it's not the pressure plate or the clutch plate then It's definately the number plate!!!'' Goodmorning
Foreword by President Thabo Mbeki to the book: "Timol: A Quest for Justice." Any good dictionary will refresh your grasp of what is really meant by that much over-used term, “comrade.” I myself have just consulted a dictionary, which reminds me that a comrade is an intimate friend or associate. We are accustomed to making, almost automatically, the move from the simple word “comrade” to its revolutionary sense, “comrade-in-arms.” My point however is that Ahmed was each and both of these, taken separately as well as together. Ahmed Timol was my comrade not in only in the broad and diffuse sense that we shared an allegiance to a humane political movement that was determined to overthrow injustice,in that we were comrades-in-arms, but we were also comrades, quite literally. He and I went to receive political training in Moscow in the Sixties. We had the same teachers in the same institution. We ate the same food. We made the same friends, acquaintances and contacts. We shivered alike in that cold ...
tittled "Thabo Mbeki and th Battle for the Soul of the ANC" by W Gumede. Explains how Mandela ditched FreedomCharter
Can't stand name droppers. I said as much to Thabo Mbeki when I had dinner with him.
It's in such times that one remembers a man such as Thabo Mbeki who would not give an inch to stupid demands of hysteria and emotionalism.
"Why does it become a British responsibility to decide who leads Zimbabwe?" - Cde President Thabo Mbeki
How to Achieve Peace in South Sudan and Reconcile with Sudan : Despite fierce fighting in South Sudan, efforts to address unresolved issues between the young nation and its northern neighbor Sudan continue, former South African President Thabo Mbeki said during an AllAfrica interview. Resolution of the conflict in South Sudan will require the involvement of the entire population, not only the ruling party, he said.Meawhile, analysts debate what is required to bring peace to South Sudan and why conflicts are continually misunderstood.
South Africa needs REAL jobs, not temporary work placements Helen Zille, Leader of the Democratic Alliance12 February 2014Note to Editors: This is a speech extract delivered by DA Leader Helen Zille at the DA's REAL jobs march in Johannesburg today. Today the DA has marched to Luthuli House to highlight Jacob Zuma’s failure to deliver on his jobs promise in 2009, the weak jobs promise he has made in the 2014 manifesto and our own plan for 6 million REAL jobs. We are marching in solidarity with the 7 million unemployed South Africans who feel powerless and betrayed. Today, we bring a message. From the north, in Limpopo, right across to the furthest reaches of the Northern Cape, we carry the voice of a nation crying out for leadership. We gather here at Beyers Naude Square, across the road from Luthuli House, the place where South Africa’s unemployed have been betrayed again and again. And it is not only the jobless who have been betrayed. The dreams and sacrifices of great leaders like Chief Luthuli, . ...
Ya ne politics! Thursday evening is going to be a zero-sum game for Zuma," said Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota. "The president should confess in Parliament that he has failed the nation and should announce his resignation from active politics with immediate effect." Lekota said he expected Zuma would "piggyback" on the achievements of late former president Nelson Mandela and his successor Thabo Mbeki to hide the failures of his five-year term. "Beyond that, he will make vacuous promises, skirt challenges, and offer nothing concrete at all," he said. Lekota went as far as labelling Zuma a "walking disaster".
Shame on you black men. The gvt gives you imali yeqolo, free education, an RDP house and social grants and you cant build yourself a simple toilet. And then when you want water you burn the clinic. How smart!. Thabo Mbeki did not walk on a hot Friday afternoon in busy Jozi inner city for this.
I'm extremely shocked by the level of trust Im being given at my work place .Documentary films which we shoot for SABC 1 and 2 are never handled by a junior Editor or let alone touching the Cameras. Just a few hours ago I was given Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki's raw footage files for a new documentary on lack of services in the Western Cape. This important work was never given to Interns before. &
I'm not excited about passing this module with distinctions or whats so ever.but i'm excited that i will be submitting memos to Prof Gumede, Afrika's finest, one of many intellectuals at the Thabo Mbeki Afrikan Leadership Institute (TMALI).shall be a great semester#
Thabo easing back into the spotlight in over issue of this time:
Hallelujah! Chiwetel Ejiofor in my Feb issue ...the man is a film goer's dream just♥ played Thabo Mbeki, he's got my allegiance
Former Pres.Thabo Mbeki does that...I have learned it from him!
Cecil Mahlaba wrote:- "Nelson Mandela's passing marks the end of an era embodied by a generation of great men and women who possessed unquestionable integrity, true selflessness, and great leadership. As the curtains roll down before our keenly observant eyes, we say take a bow a glorious generation of the likes of Nelson Mandela, Walter & Albertina Sisulu, Oliver & Adelaide Tambo, Robert & Veronica Sobukwe as we recall how that great generation walked the tight rope to see us over the rivers infested crocodiles and floods. Men and women who knew and understood that fighting against an injustice was not a way to strategically position themselves for future personal benefits and indulgences. A generation the Men and women who dares call themselves true leaders of the people. Men and women who made a pact with their souls to truly take the people to the promised land, and not be dictated to by a lack of their own self-discipline, personal desires for power, glory, wealth and popularity. A generation that kn ...
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"When will the day come that our dignity will be fully restored, when the purpose of our lives will no longer be merely to survive until the sun rises tomorrow?" - Thabo Mbeki
Sudan, South Sudan Talks Continue Amid Conflict Former South African President Thabo Mbeki, who has led mediations between Sudan and South Sudan on behalf of the African Union, said talks between the two countries continues despite the violence in South Sudan (All Africa).
DA is not the answer but neither is the ANC! I rate Thabo Mbeki together with Trevor Manuel starts a political party.. Who's with me???
So one of the most significant discoveries by Thabo Mbeki, who's contribution seem to overshadow his shortfall, is that billions in the form of charity, donations n so forth into Africa are channelled out of the continent by multi corporations. So the question is were the philanthropists behind all such funds unaware? For all these decades?
In 1974 Hani and Thabo Mbeki They become the NEC's youngest-ever members.
This current anc will be always bunch of losers until they apologies to President Thabo Mbeki
"The very same person who taught us, when he was dealing with Thabo Mbeki then, of the dangers of palace politics is now a champion of proper palace politics." - Irvin Jim on Blade Nzimande
It will take South Africa years before we get an intelligent man like Thabo Mbeki to head this State again...
Former SA President Thabo Mbeki, chair of the High Level Panel on illicit financial flows from Africa, in Brussels to engage EU.
They killed ANC the day they bullied Mr Thabo Mbeki out of presidency now they scared the gravy is running out;)
We salute the movement of the people, we salute the first chief comandering officer of Umkhonto we Sizwe Dr Rolihlala Mandela,we salute the first Black President of a Domacratic South Africa Oliver Tambo,we salute movement, we salute the president of this movement : John Langalibe Dube, Chief Albert Lithuli Madlanduna Sefaka Makgato Zachariah Mashobane Jossiah Gumede Dr Xuma Dr Moroka Nelson Mandela Thabo Mbeki Jacob Zuma I Speak of: Amed Katshade Andrew Mlangeni. Antony Lebedhe Chris Hanii Chris Dlamini Elias Motswaledi Gorven Mbeki, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe. I speak of embhokoto: Moses Mabida Walter sesulu Albertina sesulu Baleka Mbethe Dororthy Nnyembe Helen Joseph June Mlangeni Lilian Nngoyi Nkosedzana Dlamini Zuma Thandi Modise, I speak of the young lions: Andrew Zondo Bheki Mlangeni Peter Mokaba The veterans, the heroes, from Rovonnia to Robben Island Prison,From Cosmo Prison to Victor Verster Prison..I dedicate this poem to all the heroes of our struggle...VIVA!!!
Thabo Mbeki: 'Justice cannot trump peace' - Talk to Al Jazeera - Al Jazeera English
Despite conflict within efforts to resolve issues with Sudan continue - SA's Thabo Mbeki -
Thabo Mbeki let all the big companies move their primary listings out of SA in 1994.Now he wakes up to capital flight
Why are ANC people carrying bricks? What happened to tolerance? Hehehe, we miss u Thabo Mbeki were are u?   10% Off
Wonder what Thabo Mbeki is up to today?
Under Thabo Mbeki the ANC would have ignored the DA
Mbeki where r u South Africa is in civil war
Thabo Mbeki 1978 The Historical Injustice - Transcribed: for by Pallo Jordan; This speech was delivered by Thabo Mbeki, member of the National Executive Committee of the ANC, at a seminar held in Ottawa, Canada, from February 19 to 22, 1978. It was published in Sechaba, March 1979 issue, with a view to generating a discussion on the important issues raised in the article. - Modern political science recognises the fact that social systems are founded on definite historical origins. If the saying ‘out of nothing nothing comes’ is true, then it must follow that the future is formed and derives its first impulse in the womb of the present. All societies therefore necessarily bear the imprint, the birth-marks of their own past. Whether to a greater or lesser extent must depend on a whole concatenation of factors, both internal and external to each particular society. The latter consideration has often led many observers of the process of social development to over-emphasise the particularity o ...
De press of malawi she said 2 zuma during Nelson Mandela memorial service if u r a leader ppl shold lov u n like u,so de majority ppl dy can jst booo u infront of de whole wold that means ppl dnt like u so y dont u step dwn...since zuma step up in 2009 til 2day I dnt c any defence instead of country 2 grow its going dwn deeper,bt he is always promising d country many things dat he can't achieve.littre of petrol is R13 n us dollar ke 11 sumthing..wen yo 4rnd is a fool u too u wil b a fool coz u can't rectify his/hr mistakes,same applies 2 zuma ol 4rnds of him 3 like him...I'm asking mi self zuma he can't think 4 his country or those ppl hu writing him speach r those hu think 4 him on behalf???we ol lav ANC bt zuma is our problem...I dnt even wanna tok abt our market coz its worse worse.zuma he can even read bt wen it comes 2 money I'm teling u he is very gud n wen he start 2 count he start wth 1m up tla phela tjena hohlile wen mare I dnt knw wch economic do we use in our conutry,I remember forma p ...
here's one take on How to Achieve Peace in - Thabo Mbeki -
"The only problem in this Country is Thabo Mbeki." Unknown years Later "Thabo Mbeki was the great President South Africa has ever had." Unknown. Morning good people.
Exclusive: How to Achieve Peace in South Sudan - Thabo Mbeki -
Nelson Mandela won the rugby world cup 1996.Thabo Mbeki won it at 2007.Jacob Zuma only won the rape case till this far*morning frwnds*
but we have positive experiences of Africans to the west (and east by the way) - Thabo Mbeki is one
My President Mr Thabo Mbeki with his wife not the president that we having now with 10 wife and 20 kids
Thabo Mbeki once complained about Hooligans in the ANC.I thought he was bitter,but i was wrong.He knew his party.
Thabo Mbeki says mediation btwn & continue but peace required if is viable.
I think the whole nation is weeping for Thabo Mbeki,we want him BACK!!
As Africans, we need to share common recognition that all of us stand to lose if we fail to transform ourselves. — Thabo Mbeki
Open letter to Zuma. . Dear Zuma. Will you stop riding on Nelson Mandela ' s wave and Thabo Mbeki's, make your...
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