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Thabo Mbeki

Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki (Xhosa pronunciation: [tʰaɓɔ mbɛːkʼi]; born 18 June 1942) is a South African politician who served nine years as the second post-apartheid President of South Africa from 14 June 1999 to 24 September 2008. On 20 September 2008, with about nine months left in his second term, Mbeki announced his resignation after being recalled by the National Executive Committee of the ANC, following a conclusion by judge C. R.

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Tanzanian Judge Joseph Warioba with Former State President but current Thabo Mbeki in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
- Brought us Intellectualism. - Showed us Humility. - Best Poem. - President of Africa. - Beard af. Can we please make Thabo Mbe…
Nelson Mandela. Gaven Mbeki. Walter Sisulu. Enoch Sontonga. Steve Biko . Thabo Mbeki and many more. Eastern Cape has so much to offer..RT...
Former President's Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki at the swearing in of Members of Parliament in 1994
We welcome His Excellency Dr Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki as Click here for his inaugural spee…
'I am an African' in the business of 'Decolonising the mind'. . Thabo Mbeki & Ngugi wa Thiongo are living legends.
let us then endeavour to marry these two scientific disciplines *in Thabo Mbeki voice*
hay could you please share the details for the Thabo Mbeki thing
Former South African President, Thabo Mbeki, has condemned the current xenophobic attack on Nigerian
where Thabo Mbeki used to stay when in exile
Former President Nelson Mandela point the incoming President Thabo Mbeki to his seat in 1999 h…
yesterday, Former President Thabo Mbeki was inaugurated as the new Chancellor of UNISA.
"African migrants not our enemies," says Thabo Mbeki, South Africa's former president
Pravin Gordhan attack similar to what happens to Thabo Mbeki we stood by and watch thieves enter Union buildings
Perpetrators got away with it because of Thabo Mbeki and Co. dereliction of duties
When Former President Thabo Mbeki questioned the wisdom of naming a national team Bafana Bafana, most thought he w…
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notes some implicated in protecting crimes&corruption by white monopoly capital fund & Thabo Mbeki.
Thabo Mbeki o busy ka di open letter..forgettin he let the black Nation down...apparently her wife is In too deep...
:"Recalled pres.Thabo Mbeki internalised Britishness 2 extent that Queen Elizabeth II should knight him as Duke of Idutjwa"
please Sir,,tell AU to send Obasanjo, Abdul Salami, and Thabo Mbeki over there..OBJ can convince Jammeh,,that I am sure
The conduct of Thabo Mbeki as well as the above Ministers amounts to dereliction of duties on each of their parts
Ministers led or ordered by Thabo Mbeki to do nothing is no excuse, Ministers have a duty to disobey manifestly unlawful orders
Thabo Mbeki was just protecting white capital he mustn't exasperate us about they were protecting economy
Thabo Mbeki became President with the full knowledge of the claims of CIEX that the amount of R26bn in question was recoverable
Maybe she is talking about Thabo Mbeki
Thabo Mbeki did nothing to recovery the monies stolen and prosecution of wrongdoers when the CIEX findings were reported to him
Thabo Mbeki did a better job in his poetry than he did as president
President Thabo Mbeki says he didn't recover the billions from ABSA because Treasury ( under Trevor) was meant to do that.
Brigalia Bams piece on " The Thabo Mbeki I know" is touching 😞. Especially about Thabos removal and him not challenging…
"We South Africans we are too insular to know our continent as we should Thabo Mbeki
Zanele Mbeki is 5 years older than Thabo&they have been married for 42yr
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The Ciex report submitted to Thabo Mbeki suggested that billions were stolen by white capital of which R2…
Thabo Mbeki who was Deputy from 1994 to 1999 and President from 1999 to 2008,had simply put the Ciex repo…
some of us are black but Caucasian inside, Thabo Mbeki can be likened to a black Englishman, hence the African Renaissance
The same Dlamini-Zuma was nominated by Thabo Mbeki for deputy president in Polokwane. Does he lack moral values?
Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu & Thabo Mbeki. Eastern Cape is the home of the legends.
We welcome Thabo Mbeki as the new Chancellor, an African intellectual giant of the African Renaissance. More story
Thabo Mbeki doesn't have struggle credentials . He was helped by his Father Govern Mbeki even Ompi Gov doesn't...
Obama and Thabo Mbeki are the ex girlfriends you took for granted and now you miss them in your current relationship cause…
South Africa's Former President Thabo Mbeki quoted as saying Zuma removal not solution. Entire NEC to blame.
If ANC used Nicholson judgment (overturned on appeal) to recall Thabo Mbeki, what will they do to Jacob Zuma following Stat…
The ANC should remove Jacob Zuma the same way they removed former Pres. Thabo Mbeki in chair.
Leadership: ANC General Secretary Alfred Nzo, President Oliver Tambo and Thabo Mbeki in charge of International Affairs (ANC a…
Dr Pallo Jordan: do you remember the champ? was once under mentorship together with Thabo Mbeki.
Thabo Mbeki revealed that Tony Blair once asked him to help him invade Zimbabwe, and these are the people always screaming D…
What happened to the African Renaissance that Former President Thabo Mbeki? Is it still in the pipeline or its dead when he left?
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Former President Thabo Mbeki spoke out yesterday against leaders who are “thieves” and those who violate South Africa’s con…
Thanks to Thabo Mbeki, I'll now refer to any & all nonsense as "veritable witches brew (of deliberate fabrications)" https:/…
Did you know that the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released a year after Thabo Mbeki became president of ANC?
the EFF's brilliant conference was just Thabo Mbeki showing off, his vote isn't a secrete after all, poetic!!
In his book, '8 Days in September: The Removal of Thabo Mbeki' Frank Chikane said ANC will never be the same. Now we have COPE and EFF 😑
Thabo Mbeki, kanene, during the struggle managed to get two degrees. And Chris Hani was bothered by this. Bubumene-mene nyhani
You can not talk about Thabo Mbeki and not talk about African Renaissance. It does not serve SA to have a Zimbabwe that is dysfunctional
Nelson Mandela gave us: Never again speech, Thabo Mbeki gave us: Im an African speech, Jacob gave us: Thixo wase George Gogch & Nkandla!
"The African Renaissance demands that we purge ourselves of the parasites." - Pres. Thabo Mbeki.
2013 when Thabo Mbeki was explaining to our group of the foundation the "African Renaissance" was when i really woke up.
Moeletsi Mbeki is the irrelevant Mbeki. I only recognize Govan & Thabo Mbeki!
'Thabo Mbeki, tried in vain to convince his British counterpart Tony Blair and US President George W Bush that...
I can't wait for Former President Thabo Mbeki's electioneering campaign for the ANC in the near future as reported by Kgalema Motlanthe.
Former SA President Thabo Mbeki was right about AIDS
Why our bishop Tutu did not invite President Zuma but Former President Thabo Mbeki?. kkwaaa featured in NBC s Science of Love
Thabo Mbeki had an opportunity to take back the land and he didn't, why is Zuma the worst president we've ever had then? Nkandla=Land?
Mbeki urges judiciary probe into SABC Former President Thabo Mbeki has urged President Jacob Zuma to institute a j…
"Motlanthe revealed that Former President Thabo Mbeki would also join the party’s efforts to canvass support"
SA's best ever president: Thabo Mbeki (my opinion)
# The last time I heard of an economic policy was during Thabo Mbeki as president
Thabo Mbeki was never a president, he was more out of the country selling optital illusions to the…
I miss Thabo Mbeki we didn't have this mess when he was Dep Pres and later President
Why has nobody done a face swap with Thabo Mbeki and Bheki Cele? . Thabo Mbheki Cele :D
This Sihle Zikalala & ANC KZN press conference sounds like the statement released when Pres. Thabo Mbeki was being recalled...
Former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe are in attendance at Concourt
Thabo Mbeki launches veiled attack on President Jacob Zuma for disregarding the Constitution
DTN South Africa: Call for a new way to elect president: Former President Thabo Mbeki has proposed a new parl...
I still believe to a slogan of Former President Thabo Mbeki, Vuk 'uzenzele.
Gwede Mantashe's remarks about Former President Thabo Mbeki will cost the ANC more voters decline. It is a blunder of all time.
ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe has hit back at Former President Thabo Mbeki who criticised the ANC under...
SA needs to know the Constitution - Mbeki Former President Thabo Mbeki believes here would be more “social interve…
Former President Thabo Mbeki has suggested that the leadership of the country critically *** and understand...
eNCA | Leadership needs to be honest, confront problems, says Mbeki: Former president, Thabo Mbeki has applau...
ANC was right to recall the Former President Thabo Mbeki
Former President Thabo Mbeki says South Africans need to familiarize themselves with the Constitution
Former President Thabo Mbeki has strongly condemned the burning of schools in Vuwani
On the 20th anniversary of Former President Thabo Mbeki's "I'm an African" happens. We NEED God in South Africa
Its refreshing to see Thabo Mbeki speak on national tv
"I am an African before I'm a South African" former president. Thabo Mbeki.
In his biography of Thabo Mbeki, Mark Gevisser writes a very revealing, if not almost embarrassing piece about Tsietsi Mashinini.
Every African should feel at home in Africa. - ex President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki.
"I want to become President of the country just so I can re-instate Thabo Mbeki."
Former President Thabo Mbeki has denied introducing the controversial Gupta family to President Jacob Zuma.
I was hurt when I heard that Cde. Thabo Mbeki sold Oom Gov's house in PE. It should have been made a library!
is the fourth best President of the RSA. 1. Nelson Mandela. 2. Thabo Mbeki. 3. All presidents before 1994. 4. Jacob Zuma
MT In essence this could not have been possible without approval by Trevor Manuel & our then President Thabo Mbeki...
President Thabo Mbeki to take charge despite of Barclays bank’s many crimes against South Africa and her people.
''Facts'' only about women ? Thabo Mbeki's well documented drinking is not a topic but Baleka Mbete's is. c'mon!
South Africa’s former president has no links with Gupta family’ Former South African President Thabo Mbeki has n…
'Thabo Mbeki’s AIDS denialism' - article by in Leeds African Studies Bulletin 77 (2016) now online
were all these structure and processes existent, active and present when Thabo Mbeki was recalled??? Ka botsa fela
People wanting the three TMs (Thabo Mbeki, Trevor Manuel & Tito Mboweni) back is proof that the ANC is suffering from po…
Can the leadership of GJZuma and Thabo Mbeki be a resemblance of OR Tambo leadership? For he mentored them. Any alternative leadership?
Barack Obama finally admits he was wrong for interfering in Libya and our own Thabo Mbeki still denies he killed...
What did Thabo Tbose Mbeki do na izolo tht made ppl angry?? .. Lol
how quickly we 4get Thabo wanted a 3rd term & almost became president 4 life
After careful debate and. discussion the NEC decided to. recall Comrade Thabo Mbeki.
The Thabo Mbeki Foundation statement in response that Masemola person is a proper kick in the nuts 😂😂😂
Thabo Mbeki gave us the best memes bro.
When numerous academics have described the killing of the Khoi and San people as genocide, including Thabo Mbeki's "I a…
Hamilton Collection
I just read Former President Thabo Mbeki's response to the Concourt Nkandla's judgment, it was a lengthy letter, everyone must read it
Thabo Mbeki is that random voice in the background while you're getting a hiding saying, "Kudala ndithi uyageza lomntana…
So Thabo Mbeki introduced Gupta family to Jacob Zuma, as per allegations ?
I would love you to produce proof about allegations labelled to my former president Dlamini Thabo Mbeki.
Thabo Mbeki may have introduced the Guptas to Zuma as he had no idea that Zuma, at the time had other motives. So that's not the point!
so the Gupta family is introduced by Thabo Mbeki, but he refuses. politics sometimes.
wants Havens closed down, as they hurt via
Shouldve read this Thabo Mbeki book long ago. It's actually pretty good
Former Pres Thabo Mbeki has praised Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng at the 'meticulous manner in which he discharged his Nkand…
FULL TEXT: Thabo Mbeki responds to the Nkandla judgment (via )
Statement by Thabo Mbeki, Chair of High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) on Panama Papers.
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki denies introducing the Guptas to Zuma.
According to our media,. Baleka Mbete is a drunk but Thabo Mbeki despite his known love for whisky is only an intellectual.
People please tell me when is Thabo Mbeki's birthday . Yall never loved him yaz . On Mandelas birthday we all celebrate 😂😂
I think Thabo Mbeki's latest letter is meant to impress upon us (we the people) the need to defend and respect our Constitu…
I liked a video Thabo Mbeki and Benjamin Mkapa on the Leadership for the Africa we Want
Thabo mbeki was good president... Please Zuma don't shft your problem s
South Africa's former Pres Thabo Mbeki statement denying allegations he introduced Pres Zuma to the Gupta's
So Essop pahad & Thabo Mbeki introduced the Gupta's to Jacob Zuma time will
So turns out The Gupta family was brought to SA buly Thabo Mbeki 😊😊
If you want to know how addicted to drama South Africans are becoming, take a look at the aggrieved reactions to Thabo Mbeki's…
Esop Pahad also implicated on the Gupta saga together with Thabo Mbeki,now who introduced the Guptas to Thabo Mbeki?
The Thabo Mbeki Foundation has issued a statement in a bid to put to rest claims that the former president forged...
Former President Thabo Mbeki's full letter on and the -
Foundation denies Thabo Mbeki introduced Zuma to Guptas via
Was Baleka a Speaker when Pres Thabo Mbeki was in charge?Her 2nd term on that chair made her lose COLOUR, NO to HER PRESIDENCY..
I am a graduate of the Thabo Mbeki Leadership Institute under the. discipline; Thought Leadership.
I remember when they used to get on the Honorable Thabo Mbeki for coining phrases, now its the in thing
Thabo Mbeki's full letter on Zuma, Nkandla and the Constitutional Court
[LISTEN] Former President Thabo Mbeki dismisses claims he introduced Gupta family to Zuma
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Tata Thabo Mbeki was still a President of South Africa
In Thabo Mbeki's excellent appraisal of Nkandla it's obvious & failed SA on many levels for many years.
Jeff Radebe was in Thabo Mbeki's cabinet twice
Justice Malala was serious critic of Thabo Mbeki, it seems he did not get the spoills now sound bitter frustrated and miserable!
Just read Thabo Mbeki's letter to comrade Evaristo, that one needs to be responded to by critics babuye basixelele ukuba bagqibe ngelithini
Govan Mbeki, anti-apartheid activist, was imprisoned @ Robben Island. His son, Thabo Mbeki, was 2nd president of South Africa after Mandela.
Why do I think this "Comrade Evaristo" doesn't exist or it's Thabo Mbeki himself?
In March 1976, along with Thabo Mbeki and Albert Dlomo, Zuma was arrested and held at the Matsapha prison in Swaziland 😞😞 my …
Robert Mugabe fired Joice Mujuru just as Thabo Mbeki fired Jacob Zuma. Tell pple the Truth, it begins with the truth
When Nelson Mandela was the President, I didn't know when Thabo Mbeki was the President I didn't know
Independent researchers advocate Anthony Brink and Chris Rawiins, have come out in support of former Pres Thabo Mbeki's views on HIV/Aids
Ngcobo's letter weakens even the most ardent supporter of Thabo Mbeki. Well said.
Open letter to Thabo Mbeki by a clinical associate
The Treatment Action Campaign has taken offence to former Pres Thabo Mbeki's remarks, reiterating his controversial stand on HIV and AIDS
i get Pres. Thabo Mbeki's explanation on HIV and AIDS, but the delay wit ARVs will forever be a dent in his reputation.
I think Thabo Mbeki must stop with the letters ,his doing a good job trying to clarify his intentions as a pres back than .
Thabo Mbeki on HIV | National | BDlive via - Over a decade on, little has changed for the fmr pres
Former Pres Thabo Mbeki says he never said HIV did not cause AIDS. This is contained in his latest letter.
UNESCO, Skip Gates, even Thabo Mbeki - he "discovered" them in 2001
How is it that Thabo Mbeki was recalled but Pres. Zuma is still going strong. He has killed the economy and polarized whites and blacks.
Thabo Mbeki was performing as a president!
It is wonderful that President Thabo Mbeki has finally told the world why we delayed our land reform and why SA stood with us.
The NPA has admitted that the Thabo Mbeki conspiracy against President Zuma was but a ntsomi. Sadly his recall was not.
[OPINION] Former SA President Thabo Mbeki writes on the Myanmar and Zimbabwe experience.
board member and former president of Thabo Mbeki on African solutions to African problems
| Mbeki not behind Zuma prosecution, NPA tells court: Former President Thabo Mbeki had…
NPA concedes there's no evidence that Thabo Mbeki was part of what it sees as political conspiracy around President Zuma's pr…
was it constitutional to remove Pres. Thabo Mbeki though? Look at us now... : /
Thabo Mbeki and Tito Mboweni combination had our economy going well...
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki spills the beans: UK, US wanted to remove Mugabe by force.
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Nomvula has just dealt with Julius Malema! Jacob Zuma, Pallo Jordan & Gwede Mantashe disagreed to recall Thabo Mbeki
A tough question? Who did you prefer as South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma?
Thabo Mbeki must me when he sees the fight between Pres JZ and Julius
Im sure my Pres Thabo Mbeki is having the time of his life right now thinkin "so this is the man u thought wud do better than me"
Thabo Mbeki doesn't recognise pres. Zuma? Ouch. The word Polokwane does come up.
Sitting on the same raw with former Pres Thabo Mbeki, I guess in his mind just saying things are falling apart in this country.
Former Pres.Thabo Mbeki dripping swag as usual
Nelson Mandela lifted the afcon cup with Neil Tovey in 96 then Thabo Mbeki lifted the rugby world cup trophy with John Smit and JZ? Dololo!
And had seen fit to clarify the seeming confusion or misunderstanding by Thabo Mbeki between "ruling" and "governing" party.
I miss those days when 1$ was just. R6'50 . Tito Mboweni n Thabo Mbeki must. come back
I would have loved/ love to meet the following political leaders: Thabo Mbeki, Robert Mugabe, Kofi Anan and Joseph Kabila. But life...
1.Nelson Mandela. 2. Thomas sankara. 3. Patrice Lumumba. 4. Thabo Mbeki. 5. Jerry Rawlings . My top 5 of the best african leaders.
I just woke from a Nap and I had 3 dreams 󾌴󾌴󾌴 1st one I was speaking to Our Former President Thabo Mbeki about...
This is the president who cares about people. Thabo Mbeki never did this...
You should have Zimbabwean former PM Morgan Tsvangirai on head to head or fmr SA President Thabo Mbeki. George Galloway too lol
Am a politician but not those who prounonce matter as MAH'TTAR simply because our Former President Thabo Mbeki did so
kanene,My President,Thabo Mbeki was in my dream last night. ♡
Meet the Leader - H.E. Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa (Par... via
"I am an African, I am the grandchild of the warrior men and women that Hints & Sekhukhune led"- Thabo Mbeki, Former State President
"The Solders that Moshoeshoe and Ngungunyane taught never tk dishonour the cause of Freedom"- Thabo Mbeki, Former State President.
Thabo Mbeki said Tony Blair wanted to use military to remove Robert Mugabe from power.
Playing 30 seconds. Tomi: You know the former president of SA?. Me: Yeah? What about him?. Tomi:.. Me:... Tomi:?. Me: OH! Thabo Mbeki!
Allegedly. But let's have it: Joe Modise; and presidents Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki. Between the two, one of them.
Cyril Ramaphosa, Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe & others: Do the right thing & show true leadership. The country needs it now!
This is what Former President Thabo Mbeki referred to when he talked about the "dream deferred". The rise and fall of the once mighty ANC...
please do what Thabo Mbeki was forced to do...step down we are pleading with you.
I really think the only president that managed to walk on tata madiba steps is formed President Thabo Mbeki
Former President Thabo Mbeki abandoned the South African agenda
People used to complain that former Pres Thabo Mbeki was serious and they now complain about JZ is laughing,smiling and giggling.
South Africa's Pres.Thabo Mbeki urged Tony Blair not to invade Iraq but the British prime minister went ahead anyway
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tata ws born in july. we hv Nelson Mandela day. Thabo Mbeki ws born in June. ,we hv youth day. Jacob Zuma ws born in April…
8 Days in September- Removal of Thabo Mbeki .. Good read by Mr Chikane
"We must as indigenous people make sure that we have control of our resources. I'm an African" Thabo Mbeki
lobaba uyahleka yezwaaa!! Redi tell me, how often did you see Thabo Mbeki giggling while he was still the state president?
In fact Thabo Mbeki was good president for SA than Jacob Zuma. Inflation is very high
Op-Ed: Give mental health the priority it deserves Former president, Thabo Mbeki, noted that “among the yardsticks…
"ANC replaced Former President Thabo Mbeki with nothing" ehh Powerfm987 listeners, lol
Thabo Mbeki left us in bad hands now its clear that he was a great president...his leadership did a better job
Check Illicit Financial Flows – Thabo Mbeki: Former President of South Africa has called on all African leader...
Thabo Mbeki was the best President we ever had! An intelligent man! Whose contribution to economic growth was fundamentally amazing!
I'm sorry but when Thabo Mbeki was president the rand was so much stronger Under R10 for a Dollar 💵 and under R14 for a Pound 💷 nxa
The last time I rode my local taxi was when it was still R2.50 while Thabo Mbeki was the president until Zuma came through, its now R10
Quiet diplomacy is better than no diplomacy, come back Thabo Mbeki (this needs updating)
UJ: Former SA President, Thabo Mbeki, on how Africa relates to global dynamics:
I wish Thabo Mbeki was our president...
✊. The real president's from the ANC are gone. If only the ANC still had Mr. Thabo Mbeki as president.
Thabo Mbeki should be reinstated as the president if he's not interested Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma should be the nxt president
Thabo Mbeki in the news again, dude was really hungry for that third term.
the curse of Thabo Mbeki. Scoiorpions were incorruptable
"To be loyal to a principle is to be worth something." - Thabo Mbeki. 📷 Photo Cred: kholiso_nk…
One of the striking ANC or NEHAWU workers at Parliament was carrying this Thabo Mbeki quote
This ward has ex presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe as residents.ANC FAIL. Yesterdays result.More to come
Thabo Mbeki was politically out played by our current President who struggle with numerology reading - Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma
Thabo Mbeki's inauguration speech... I am an African
President Thabo Mbeki could just have been our own Galileo -Galileo whom we unjustly jailed to death for Question HIV and AIDS I believe so!
Thabo mbeki's cabinet was much better than this thugs mansion excuse for a cabinet of Jacob Zuma,the whole lot is rotten to the core..
Thabo Mbeki can write👌...but he goes on and on!I'm trying to read a letter he wrote Pres JZ in 2008,I read 2 paragraphs kante it's a speech.
I share my birthday with Nelson Mandela ,Thabo Mbeki ,Jacoz Zuma and Barack Obama .i can prove it .
Former Thabo Mbeki, on how relates to global dynamics
President Thabo Mbeki once said, South Africa has two nations in one country.massive division
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'Those who oppressed us described us as the Dark Continent' Former President Thabo Mbeki.
Whoever thinks Thabo Mbeki was a bad president based on the Genocide ideal because he rejected ARV's. Please, stop.
Elaborate? "Xhosa folk are so deluded with Thabo Mbeki."
Xhosa folk are so deluded with Thabo Mbeki.
"As Africans, we need to share the common recognition that all of us stand to lose if we fail to transform our continent." - Thabo Mbeki.
More than half Sub-Saharan Africans display a lack of belief in the continent's leadership.
What's this about Thabo Mbeki coming to the UFS?
If Thabo Mbeki comes to UFS to give out a lecture il skip the test
for a second I thought that was Thabo Mbeki😀
won the Rugby WC in 1995 & AFCON in 1996 won the Rugby W C in 2007 only won the rape case
had a great mind has a intelligent mind NEVER MIND
Thabo Mbeki: I support those in gov say money to fund it is in the hands of capitalist but they're in gov t…
when Thabo Mbeki shouts you out at a forum. I will be when I grow up!!!
I used to know all of Mr Thabo Mbeki's cabinet; ministers and their deputies. Now it's not that simple!
Thabo Mbeki was the dopest Southern African president
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South Africa hasn't had a president in a very long time. The last time we had a president was with Thabo Mbeki.
Thabo Mbeki is our beautiful ex who won the break up.
South Africans,1 US Dollar =R14,11 for the 1st time ever!Our country is falling apart!I think we must bring back Thabo Mbeki as a Pres again
Nov 4, 1987 - Govan Mbeki, father of Former President Thabo Mbeki is released from custody after...
Tony Blair asked me to 'help invade Zimbabwe', says Thabo Mbeki
I was a university student when Thabo Mbeki was President, we protested for fees, cops came on campus at Fort Hare with dogs …
Steve Khompela is just like Thabo Mbeki when ever he talk you draw just one sentence that can be motivational.
Zuma must swallow his empty pride and go ask some advises from Moeletsi and Thabo Mbeki!
If only Kgalema Motlanthe and Thabo Mbeki were still there!!!
Thabo Mbeki le Kgalema Motlanthe left us in the wrong hands.
Both former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlanthe have attended the funeral service of Mlungisi Sisulu in Randburg.
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