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Texas State University

Texas State University–San Marcos (informally Texas State University, or simply Texas State; the use of TSU is discouraged) is an emerging research university located in San Marcos, Texas, United States.

San Marcos Alpha Delta Pi Sam Houston State University Texas Southern University San Marcus University of Texas

Awesome visit to Texas State University! Recruiting and hiring great teachers!
We're recruiting teachers at Texas State University today! Join our Team and Make a Difference!…
It's an art exhibit depicting the final meals of death row inmates and it's on display at Texas State University.
Texas State University's Wittliff Collections just got a whole lot cooler.
she said look ma' no hands❣️💎 @ Alpha Delta Pi at Texas State University
Harrison and Zach go to college... @ Texas State University
So when people put TxSu are they talking about Texas State University or Texas Southern University 👩🏾‍💻
The "heart" of the Texas State University campus is the San Marcos flows right through our campus!
Blessed to receive an offer from Texas State University
Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th president of the United States, attended Texas State University.
PATIENCE IS KEY! With that being said, I'm Blessed to Receive an offer from Texas State University
Honored to have received an offer from Texas State University!
(insert cheesy best friend group caption) @ Texas State University - School of Music
We are the Supreme Sigma Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. at Texas State University. 🐾💕💚
UPDATE: we will be facing Boise State University on saturday the 21st here in Ogden!! North Texas is no longer on the books!
Congratulations to Trenton Parsons on his acceptance to Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Sam Houston State University!
So my sibling got accepted to Texas State University..❤😭
Blessed & highly favored to receive my first D1 offer from Texas State University!
Texas State University will be visiting tomorrow during all lunches. Stop by their table and say hi!
"Our frat house's Christmas tree is decorated with panties of the girls we've all smashed" - Texas State University
Acclaimed TSU dance team taking heat for planned performance at Trump's inauguration via
TEN free Lyfts if you download Lyft app and enter code Use this code: COAX >> Texas State University System
Texas Officials to pay $2.3 million to Texas State University to study five species of fresh water mussels.
I will always cherish when I got to see Obama at Texas State University during the 2008 election primaries. .
I can't wait to be reunited with the fam!! @ Texas State University
I remember when you visited Texas State University in 07 I fell in love with your hopeful vision. I will miss you Mr. President.
The Texas State University Strutters are the latest group to come under fire for performing at the inauguration.
'Hope they're not required to perform for this event-NOT an honor,' the professor wrote.
You're going to love it here. At Bishops Square, our mission is to make your experience at Texas State University...
I just checked in at Texas State University San Marcos with Download today!
Senior, Sarah Trammell has been accepted to Texas State University! Go Sa…
Texas State University Prof Accuses School’s Dance Team of ‘Betrayal’ for Performing at Trump Inauguration
If Texas Athlete's would stay in state and go to one of the major University's, Texas overall would be dominate in college fo…
Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is considering whether to place...
We're giving you a code for 10 free Lyft rides Code to enter: ZOOT >> Texas State University
TX Comptroller announces partnership with Texas State University to study freshwater mussels.
Travis Tigers would like to congratulate Andrew Amaya for being ACCEPTED to Texas State University!
Megan is headed to San Marcos to join the Bobcat family at Texas State University.
Proud to say that i have been accepted to Texas State University at San Marcos , the blessings just won't stop
I always wanted to be my biggest fan @ Texas State University-Sewell Park
Today's article is titled "The field tradition in mountain geomorphology" by Dr. David R. Butler from Texas State University.
(u probably don't remember me), but I got accepted in to Texas State University!! ☺😜
Can't wait to be at the best University in the state of Texas!❤️
A Texas father, mother and daughter all graduated together from Stephen F. Austin State University -…
We can not allow The University of Texas to monopolize the state of Texas. They already have campuses everywhere else. S…
After much thought & prayer, I'm proud to announce that I have accepted a scholarship to run track at Texas State Univer…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I am honestly so incredibly happy that I decided to choose and attend Texas State as my university and I cannot wait to get back in January.
The silver lining, according to one student activist: Black, Latino & LGBT all working together.
We would like to wish a Happy Lambdaversary to Beta Rho chapter located at Texas State University - San Marcos in...
Ladies of Texas State University and San Marcos, Texas: Something really scary happened to me last night. Please watch out…
Texas State University police looking into Trump 'vigilante' fliers:
Blessed to say I've received an offer from Texas State University. Eat 'em up cats!
Texas State University student found dead after a college party held off-campus: A Texas State University in San Marcos college student was…
You are currently an amateur golfer at Texas State University. What made you choose a sport like Golf?
Daron Shaw coming to Texas State University 3 October Join the Discourse! ht…
Glad to catch up with former US Ed Secretary Paige last year at Texas State University.
"Hotter by TWO Degrees!" 💋 Congrats to my daughter on her Masters in Legal Studies from Texas State University 🎓
ProCraftination is happening in the first floor lobby right meow! @ Texas State University - The…
Thanks for the mems 😝💎 @ Alpha Delta Pi at Texas State University
Extremely blessed to say I have verbally committed to play volleyball at Texas State University!
Texas State University students presented FCCLA PR campaigns for to a panel of Texas supporters.. Great ideas! Watch for them!
Texas State University = TxSU. Texas Southern University = TSU . I hate when ppl refer to both as TxSU. Ok bye.
Texas State University it's in San Marcos, like 3 hrs away from Houston
A Flea in Her Ear: The Department of Theatre and Dance at Texas State University presents a new version of Geo...
Always fun to visit our friends at Texas State University - Department of Physical Therapy so Braxton can teach . future therapists!
If anyone knows Cody from Texas State University, point him in my direction 👆🏼😍
Outstanding performance on the big stage:made yourselves,your University,and the great state of Texas proud:well done
Stephen F. Austin State University is a public university located in Nacogdoches, Texas. Fyi
These State University students volunteered by helping prepare homes for new and more!
The Delta Tau chapter was founded today on East Texas State University’s campus in 1961. Happy Chapter Anniversary!
A special thanks to the Texas State University students who spent their spring break helping our clients!
Some Sanity on Campus Carry - To say that university faculty members in Texas are "concerned" about a new state...
Sam Houston State University University of Texas San Antonio
We want to thank Dr. Joseph Laycock (of Texas State University for joining us tonight to discuss...
Watch design graduates of Texas State University talk about fonts as people.
El Paso Jobs Assistant To Dean - University of Texas at El Paso - El Paso, TX: Complies with all State and Uni...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Stephen F. Austin State University is located in Nacogdoches, Texas. You can say SFA, and SFASU. Please say it right for the dance.
Parker Rost University of Texas and Darrion Finn of Portland State University training this…
Did y'all know George Strait went to Texas State? So basically Im gonna attend th best university in Texas Bc the King we…
Results finally been posted for the Lions Club Benefit Tournament held at Texas State University in San Marcos on...
Texas State , Texas Tech , UTSA , University of Lafayette and Sam Houston 😭 my top 5 and idk which 1 yet 😩
Where does Texas A&M currently rank in the state of Texas? via
Texas A&M University is among the pioneers of change in tax education. In 2013, the State of Texas not only establis…
// so jealous you live in NY.. My dream state to live in! I'm in Texas and go to a university here and it is pricey but not --
It's really between Texas State, and Lamar University for my final choices
are you guys gonna carry Texas State University merchandise?
Lamar University working together with the Red Cross and the Texas State Guard. Helping flood victims from the...
University of Texas is a STATE agency, just like DMV.. D'oh
and are collaborating on production medicine research: 
I thank god he gave me the opportunity to play for the best University in the Great State of TEXAS! 🐂🐂🐂😇
Besides us, the Texas State University station in San Marcos
Congrats to the lovely Ms. Wanetia Adams on her upcoming gradutaion from Texas State University in San Marcos!...
I love my family and I love San Marcos!! What a grade A day! @ Texas State University
Yesterday I was accepted to Texas State University and today I got accepted to University of Arkansas!!!
Track and Field team competes in the Sun Belt Conference Indoor Championship - Texas State University
Actor and playwright Eugene Lee spoke to a packed News Reporting class on Thursday February 11 at Texas State University.
Eugene Lee, Texas State University artist-in-residence, discusses his history as an acclaimed actor, producer and scholar.
This Thursday your GSU Panthers will take on Texas State University!…
I'd like to announce that I have officially committed to further my education at Texas State University!!
In your bio you put "Texas State University" and location "Houston". Dudes will still ask you what state you live in just …
Sam Houston State University bc they have the best criminal justice program in Texas 🙂
Photo: falls during Sun in El against ...
just a friendly reminder, Texas State University is not TSU, and you show 'em state with your left hand.
"Designers shouldn’t go in at the end of a project—we should be there from the beginning." https:/…
watching Miami (FL) Hurricanes vs Washington State Cougars at Sun Bowl Stadium- University of Texas El Paso
Congratulations to JUCO Stefan Derrick from Orange Coast College on his recent offer from Texas State University.
Been accepted to both Texas State University and Texas Tech University!!! 🤓🤗 Don't know what school to pick though. 😐
If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun🍕🎄🎁 @ Gamma Phi Beta - Texas State University
I know I'm hard to love but thanks for trying. 🙃💜 @ Alpha Delta Pi at Texas State University
Texas State University: let's end this nightmare now. Believe it or not, there are some great young coaches who...
Bastrop High and Cedar Creek High had a wonderful day at Texas State University.
Congratulations to Sha'torea Jamerson for being accepted to Texas State University and Houston Baptist...
Texas State University has started a "Freshman Year for Free" program. Check it out at
ANNOUNCEMENT. Shumla is pleased to announce the Shumla Endowed Research Professorship at Texas State University!...
San Marcos is home to Texas State University w/ 38,000+ students.
The Sandra Cisneros archives to live at Texas State University – Hispanic Houston -
You can see upcoming events at the Hall and see pictures that were taken at the Hall!
Thanks for your coverage of the campus carry issue. Curious as to why you did not mention Texas State University.
Texas State University System is latest institution to join a project to offer free college credits for MOOCs
We are heading to Texas State University and so excited to scope out Bobcat territory. Eagles are landing!
Amazing night at the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University! BW Jesse Castillo was featured alongside Tim...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
My daughter was accepted to Texas State University. Her first choice. So proud of her.
Check me out tomorrow! I'll be performing at Texas State University at . Go Bobcats Go!
Altered quartal lick. Slowly but surely. @ Texas State University
I'm now the Duchess of Texas State University on
Brain Collection at the University of Texas at Austin | Atlas Obscura
Texas State University had record breaking enrollment at 38,006 for fall 2015. 3,816 of those students are black.
yeah a junior at to Texas State university. Lol
Texas State University Bobcats' marching band is the halftime show for the Texans.
Interesting perspective from UT Soc. Professor on the ouster of Steve Patterson via .
Had a blast visiting my niece in Texas state university
‘State of the University’ celebrates students, outstanding programs, and research:
Smart insight from on Texas AD controversy.
Texas State University has acquired the literary archives of internationally acclaimed author Sandra Cisneros.
Starting next fall, the Texas State University system plans to encourage nontraditional students to take free...
ummm Texas State University is the Alma Matar of great Americans Lyndon Baines Johnson and Joshua Adam Clark.
More photos of the Texas State University student Tara Monroe on her Pink Barbie Jeep after her license was suspended
Not sure why every Texas State University page follows me when im going to Sam Houston? 😂
I'm a 2009 Texas State University graduate and in 2006 the school hired CCR to perform Bobcat Day. It was Apr. 20th. Epic!
Dear y'all should make Texas State University one of the colleges in your collection😆
Texas State University you will be seeing more of me in the future 😻😻😻
Me and have committed to Roast people at Texas State university! 🙌💯😏😂. 🐱
I'm proud to be working with Texas State University - LBJ Student Center & NASA - National Aeronautics and Space...
I actually have plans to go to Texas State University for Fashion Marketing for 2 years and transfer to a college in either LA, NY
welcome to the greatest University in the state of Texas! Good things coming for the Coogs!!
we did nothing wrong and have not tried to slandered the Texas State University name. Please be aware there's more to San Marcos
Aren't you guys The University of Texas at Texas State?
This Monday I will be visiting Oklahoma State University and next Monday I will be visiting Texas Tech. I'm absolutely terrified.
THIS IS TODAY!! Stop by the office for sweet treats!!! All Texas State University students are welcome!
It's truly a blessing to say I am committed to TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY
Adderal, Ritalin, about 10 other pills, Ohio State university...the state of texas, and various other weak...
Afternoon shadows shed new light on iconic 'VJ Day Kiss' photograph : Texas State University
Sam Houston State University-founded in 1879. Texas State University-founded in 1899. We are the original Kats.😏🐾 .
I just checked in at Texas State University with Download today!
Assistant to the Vice President, Finance and Administration - Tarleton State University - Stephen...
So lucky to be going to the most diverse University in the state of Texas 🐾
Proud to say that I have verbally committed to The Texas State University.
New school, new friends, new memories to be made 🐾🎉❤️ @ Texas State University
The Zeta Eta chapter of Delta Gamma at Texas State University would like to help those affected by…
Today marks 42 years at Texas State University for the Iota Omega chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 💋
Happy initiation day!!! welcome new Deltas😸💎 @ Alpha Delta Pi at Texas State University
Storylines to watch: Texas State vs. Arkansas-Little Rock - Texas State University
Just had a great time giving a recital and a masterclass at Texas State University in San Marcos. Wonderful people + some serious steak:)
Texas State University owns a body farm where human decomposition can be studied by law enforcement and forensics. http…
Mountain laurels in bloom outside Flowers Hall at Texas State University.
"I don't have a problem with alcohol. In fact, we love each other very much" - Texas State University
More congratulatory wishes are in order for Texas State University's Delta Zeta! At the Delta Zeta…
Congratulations to Sara Strode on your acceptance to Texas State University and Sam Houston State University. We...
y'all for real need to get a campus story for Texas State University, it'd be sick. We're way more chill than UT anyways...
Texas state university is the best school for kinesiology and to go for health and fitness management, bye cali
Who are these ppl who don't know UT is the flagship university of the proud state of Texas? Can't fix ignorant.
Texas Longhorns will always run this state. Reason why we are THE University of Texas.
It's no big deal or anything but I'm going to the best university of the state of Texas
John Chavis files at Louisiana State University, Texas a and m over a contract dispute a…
Do y'all think I'm going to walk from my house to Texas State university are you crazy.
Want Scholarship plan to go to Texas State University
Videos of our Texas Water Journal Forum on the Edwards Aquifer Dispute are online. Thanks Texas State University...
Wittliff Collections at Texas State University has a new exhibit showcasing music posters from 1967-82 via
"Our students, our faculty, and the state of Texas will benefit from it for years to come.".
This map needs a University from the state of Texas!!
Senior Chantal Fecteau has been accepted to two schools - West Texas A & M University and Tarleton State...
adding much needed wet labs with $10M expansion. This helps to attract life science companies! http…
Alabama State University Athletics - Basketball Faces Texas Southern with First Place on the Line
Working on my transfer application for Texas State University. Sque!
Hopefully have some good news from a university here in the great state of TEXAS today
“"I drink a shot before class and two after. - Texas State University”
Why is there a Midwestern State University in Texas instead of, say, Iowa?
TSU is Texas Southern University. If you want people to know what you're talking about you have to say Texas State
Texas State University Parking Services if u are reading this I want u to know that u are literal scum of the earth.
Shout out to Pi Kappa Alpha at Texas State University for making their team and joining our Glad to have you guys!
The most creative university in Texas is officially in the state capital!.
Texas State University adding wet labs with $10M expansion at park via
ICYMI: retired Goldy's jersey last night. Story:
Planning on going to ACC for my associates in Criminal Justice & then transfer to Texas State University for my Bachelors. 👌😉
"60% of my school smokes weed, 30% talks about weed, and 10% want to know how soon they can transfer." - Texas State Un…
Hey San Marcos / Texas State University people! We'll be at SUPERFLYS this Friday at 6pm for an instore...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Alumni of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Texas State University.
Charles Kaufman opens up to students in the mass communication department at Texas State University. We are talking CUBA!
Chilly morning? Better make some tea with my Death Star. @ Texas State University
"Every freshman girl seems to meet that one guy who ruins her first semester." - Texas State University
MLK DAY EVENTS MONDAY: The annual celebration and march in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. will be held on Monday, January 19 in San Marcos. The event begins at 10 am with remarks, proclamations, and song, on the steps of the historic Hays County Courthouse on the Square. Participants and activities include LaTonya Henry, Assistant Director, Career Services, at Texas State University, proclamations issued by the City of San Marcos and the County of Hays and read by Mayor Daniel Guerrero and County Judge Bert Cobb, remarks and readings by other distinguished guests, and a special moment as all attendees “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” From the Courthouse, participants will take part in the traditional march to the Dunbar Center on Martin Luther King Drive for refreshments, entertainment, and fellowship. This year is the 50th anniversary of the historic Voting Rights Act, signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson only six months after Dr. King and other civil rights leaders -- numbering at times ...
"I'm so deep in the friendzone she asked me if I'm *** - Texas State University
Texas State University students travel to China to represent team USA - Palestine Herald Press
Veterans Day celebration at our Senior Center. Our sincere thanks go out to AMVETS Post 104 in San Marcos for sponsoring the event (and bringing boxes of donuts)! And also to Alpha Delta Pi at Texas State University for their time, and the lovely cards and bags for our veterans!
Thanks to the Student Athlete Advisory Committee at Texas State University for sending this metal engraving and...
Congrats to Mickey on a double and steal of home as his Gold team wins the Texas State University fall game!
Y'all are my people and make my heart happy 🌻 @ Delta Zeta - Texas State University
University Federal Credit Union gift to support scholarships, programs at Texas State University
College Service Project has a busy few weeks coming up! We will be visiting Birmingham-Southern College, Auburn University, Appalachian State, and Union College. Other trips for this fall will be in planning to St. Louis University, University of Georgia, Texas State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and UNC Wilmington! We are very excited and thankful for the students at these institutions across the county who have been so dedicated to starting a CSP Chapter! Want a visit from ASP to help your chapter get off the ground? Let us know!
Yesterday was my first day at Texas State University in San Marcos and I've already made a friend. ;)
Another University I like that makes 3 that I'm really considering Sam Houston State University, Texas State University, & Lamar University
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Just found out I was accepted into the Graduate program I was trying hard to get into with Texas State University! I have to give credit to my love Dalma Hadziomerovic for being my rock, my motivation and my inspiration. I love you honey.
no Texas . It Arizona State University tht offered me a full ride
COMMERCE — Former Commerce mayor Ivory Moore has passed away. A significant member of the Commerce community for decades, Moore was the first African American administrator at Texas A&M University-Commerce (then East Texas State University) and later served as the first African American mayor of Com…
“we want to do a college/university tour . what schools turn up the hardest in North America?” Texas state in San Marcos, tx 😁
College applications can be so stressful but, it will all be worth it when I get accepted to Texas State University for Fall 2015!
The only relevant colleges in Texas are.. Texas A&M. Baylor. UT at Austin. University of Houston. Texas Tech. Texas State. UTSA. TCU…
Students in recovery programs from around the country ( The University of Texas at Austin, Ohio State Buckeyes,...
Congrats 2014 Chanler Powell on her California ALL-STATE Selection!. Texas Southern University is lucky to have her!. Zone 18 Gold
Great to see recognition for ONA challenge fund Prof. Congrats for her teaching award at
Any peeps students at my alma mater Texas State University - San Marcos?
Cindy Royal thanks Texas State University "for hiring me," and supporting the journalism program's digital focus.
COA's Judge Daughtrey on State's witness Regnerus from trial, "Even the Texas prof's university says don't believe anything this man says
Tarleton State University has announced a five year advertising agreement with the North Texas Ford Dealers and...
is that at the San Marcos river near texas state university
So happy ☺️ just found out I got the job as a news reporter for the University Star (the newspaper at Texas State)
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I love when Ags say "TU", gives me reassurance that they still know UT is THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, just hard for them to admit
University of Houston is the most sober college in the state of Texas. 18th in the country
31 years ago I learned about quadratic equations in Algebra 141 at East Texas State University. That was also...
"My girlfriend was giving me head with her cat in the dorm.. She joined." - Texas state university
It's official everyone!! Texas State University in the spring!! 😄👍
Texas State University this Friday, I'm down! I freaking love San Marcos!
My name is Danielle Wright and I will be attending Texas State University in the fall 🐾
New start here at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX.
should open one in San Marcos for Texas State University
Dr Jason Julian an Associate Professor at Texas State University is a Fulbright Scholar who has already visited NZ in 2012 and is back here for the month of ...
Texas State University is searching for an Associate or Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership. More info:
Texas State University is the best college in Texas
Thank you, Megan. Graduates, be honest... Raise your hand if you've bet on me crying tonight! I know there's a pool and I want in on it! First, welcome family, friends, and distinguished guests; I am extremely honored to be speaking to you tonight. When Mr. Berry asked me to do this I cried... Wondered why in the world ME... And blurted YES before he could take it back! Before I blow you away with my words of wisdom I would like to take a few moments to share a bit about myself and our program.   I have my bachelors of science degree from Texas A&M and my masters of science degree from Texas State University in biology, I am composite science and technology applications certified for grades 8-12, I hold the commercial contractors licenses for my family company, I provide IT support for 2 companies, and I am federally permitted by US Fish and Wildlife to work with endangered species so I've worked as an environmental consultant to FEMA the last 2 years in all my spare time. I'm also stunningly gorgeous, h ...
...leaving here Friday and traveling to New Braunfels to watch my son Colton Tanner Tibbs graduate from Canyon High School. He will graduate with so many of his long time friends at 9:00 am with the ceremonies taking place at the Texas State University's Straham Coliseum in San Marcus, Texas ! It has been a long journey, but now look forward to him starting a new chapter in his life! What a journey it will be! I love you and wish you only the best no matter what comes your way. May God bless you and keep you every day! I love you Bub, Dad
Now in its fourth year, the Texas State University music department is scheduled...
Death of Lajitas Employee Ruled an Accident Last Wednesday morning (May 21), Lajitas Golf Resort employee Mark Davis was found dead in his employee housing unit. We have confirmed with both the Brewster County Sheriff’s Department and the resort’s General Manager Ruffin Moore that the cause of death is being ruled an accident. Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson tells KRTS that a preliminary autopsy was performed by a medical examiner with a sheriff’s deputy on hand. According to Dodson, evidence and testimony gathered at the scene combined with the results of the autopsy suggested there had been no foul played involved in Davis’ death. The finalized results of the autopsy and a toxicology report are still pending, but the investigation into the death is now closed. Sheriff’s authorities visited the resort on Monday to inform Moore of the determined cause of death and to return Davis’ belongings. The 42-year-old graduate of Texas State University attended high school in San Marcos as well. He ...
Congratulations to our nephew, John! Very proud of you! @ Texas State University
After a rough start to my week, glad things r returning to normal. So excited to be heading to San Marcus to watch my beautiful niece graduate from Texas state university then to float the river .. Sylvia Escamilla Johnsteph Sanchez Krystal Barrientes Robert Gonzales David Pena MrsTiisha Mata Juliaa Mimi Meko Gutierrez and many others ..
University of Texas over Texas A&M? And yes I know it is located in Austin. Double burnt orange colored barf.
With the 5th pick in the 2014 NFL draft: the Oakland Raiders select PK Lucy Draper from Texas State University.
Congrats to my Twin Sister for Graduating from Texas State University with a Masters degree!
Proud to say my son Kole P Knutson just earned his 4th consecutive 4.0 GPA at Texas State University. All while also being a full time track athlete. Couldn't be prouder of him!!! He amazes me everyday with his maturity and determination to be all GOD intended him to be.Love you darlin'
It's my last day at Lonestar College, forever. It's definitely bittersweet. I've been here almost a year and had a lot of good professors and friends. I'm really excited to go to Texas State University in the Fall to study Electrical Engineering, though!
Video: VocaLibre, the Texas State University A Capella group, did a flash mob singing “Happy” in the...
Hello Everyone! I'm off to San Marcos to attend my (baby) Melanie's graduation from Texas State University. She graduating with a degree in Electronic Media and a minor in.?, I think she said Journalism. I'm so proud of her! Now if she can only find a job. She wants to work in TV or movies. She will work behind the camera doing whatever those electronic media people do. Go ahead and send her a congrats, she's worked very hard. Wish us luck and pray for us .
“I will be mascot of Texas state university. 👌” 🙌
I will be mascot of Texas state university. 👌
I'm officially done as a student at Texas State University!
This girl is officially a JUNIOR at Texas State University... Last final over with and summer here I come:)😊
Blast from the past - TCEQ tries to muzzle Rice University oceanography professor writing about climate change.
I am so pleased to announce that my son "Julien Vela" and the grandson of very proud grandparents will graduating tomorrow from Texas State University in San Marcos Texas. He will be receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Accounting. I am so very proud of him, he took on the challenge and he has earned it. So very proud of you and love ya :)
Congratulations to Sophomore Percussionist Evan Jose on winning multiple events at the Texas State University Percussion Competition this weekend. Evan compe...
Tomorrow I will be graduating with a BFA in Studio Art in Fibers & Weaving at the College of Fine Arts & Communication at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. =]
Two more finals and then I am officially done with undergraduate studies at Texas State University!
Change of plans. I'm actually going to Texas state university
most of what we have here is Texas or Memphis style. There is a place near MS State University that I love. 2 hrs away
The Epsilon Zeta chapter was founded on this date in 1966 at Texas State University. Happy Chapter Anniversary,
I'm going with my dad to pick my sister up from Texas State University and then off to the Outlets💁
Anxiously awaiting graduation at Texas State University as proud parents and years of hard work to see Victoria...
Probably go to TCC for a semester, get my GPA a little more up and then transfer too Texas State University.
Well it appears I'm going to Texas State University for college
Texas State University, proud member of the Sun Belt Conference. HA.
"God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform!" I want to share with my FB friends a story that speaks to the aforementioned quote. As many of you know, I used my BBA in Accounting degree from North Texas State University to start a company known as Computex Business Services. We provide individuals and business with bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services. As you might imagine, over the years, there have been many interesting stories. This is one of the more intriguing. A tax client called me to set an appointment. After a day and time had been determined, he told me that due to a recent illness he would not be able to pay me the amount I had charged him the previous year and asked me if I could still prepare his return. I told him not to worry about that and he agreed to keep the appointment. A few days later, I was working in my office and became aware that someone was standing in my office door. I looked up and saw a young Hispanic man. I said hello and he said Are you Ted? He told me his n ...
I can't afford a university but yet you want me to finish my Texas state application? Lol alright dad. 👌
It is so surreal that I finished my undergrad career today and am a Texas State University Alumni! I…
Update your maps at Navteq
n I drew this for @ Albert B. Alkek Library, Texas State University
Anthony Daou is graduating from Texas State University! Excited to see my guy.the ceremony should be nice also! Party @ the farm Saturday nite! Y'all stop on by for good fun, food, fishing in the creek & lots of laughter & very proud our son!
No other school really comes close to that University of Texas record. No. 2 is Ohio State, which had 14 taken in the 2004 NFL Draft.
Bc I'm done with finals and can enjoy my time away from Texas State freaking University until August.…
So Texas State University is number 2 in the best party schools in Texas. I AM READY!!
I'm so proud of my sons. Dylan had his last final of his freshman year of college at Texas State University today, and Tanner will graduate from Oklahoma State University on Saturday. I love smart, good looking men, and I am the mother of two of them!
Texas state strutters over every sorority at this university!
Defending the First Amendment since 1911 | The independent student newspaper of Texas State University
Oh my gosh, at the end of next semester I'll be a senior at Texas State weird is that?
Just a little glimpse at my freshman year at the wonderful Texas State University 🐾😎😁🐾
Texas State University - Hazlewood Act Tuition Exemption. We are now accepting Hazlewood applications from students who were enrolled for the Summer and Fall...
On May 4, 1970, I graduated from West Texas State University. 40 years have flown by and I am enjoying my retirement..
And...that's all folks! Thanks Texas State University and all the incredibly phenomenal, talented, amazing people I've met here! It's been a blessing! God bless you all!
Check out a few photos from our ESL and GED students' field trip to Texas State University in San, Marcos! While they were there, they explored the Wittliff Collections, looked at photos by Mary Ellen Mark and ate at one of the cafeterias on campus!
Me & Mz. Ti chillin' at the LBJ Center on Texas State University campus waiting to take my oldest home after his 1st year of college (taking his last final - Physics - right now). We had no traffic issues coming, please pray for safe & easy travel back home as well. OAN: This little girl is killing me. She loves sour punch straws but she is making me wipe the excess sugar off of her hands after each bite (lol) smh...
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during the winter of 1963. West Texas State University, Canyon, TX. Jerry Hodges & band...and Jerry Lee Lewis of course
Just took my last final and I am now officially done with my undergraduate career at Texas State University! Next step, graduation! Wo! 😎🎓
officially done with Texas State University & my freshman year of college!!!
Heading to pick up my "baby", he is now a sophomore at Texas State University.
This artwork is available for viewing for the next three weeks at the Round Rock Campus of Texas State University Round Rock Campus
Much needed break from Finals. VocaLibre just performed outside the Texas State University Bookstore in Texas State University - LBJ Student Center Make sure you support them on Saturday May 3rd at the Performing Arts Center
And with that last Anatomy final I just aced, I end my first amazing year at Texas State University.. Talk about flying by, quickest year I've ever had! Thank you to all the people who made it wonderful and UNforgettable!..:)
"My name is Belen Martinez, and I'll be attending Texas State University!" 🐱
Hard work always pays off. So proud of my lil brother he got into Texas state university. Congratulations Evan Craft were proud of u and we love u buddy
Road trip. .on our way to go pick up my big girl for the summer! Man cannot believe she is officially a sophomore in college! Texas State University bond!
Texas Tech invites Rice as commencement speaker - Texas Tech University has invited ex-Secretary of State Condolee...
"I think my bf has a foot fetish, does more with my feet then my *** - Texas state university
Can anyone tell me what are the chances of getting my visa approved for Texas state university at San Marcos? Profile: GRE-296 BTech-65% 12th-72
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