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Texas Senate

The Texas Senate is the upper house of the Texas Legislature. There are 31 members of the Senate, representing 31 single-member districts across the state with populations of approximately 672,000 per constituency.

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I hope U don't get the Texas bug. On so many grounds Rex should be shot down in the Senate!
A holiday dinner honoring the best staff of the Texas Senate! Thank you for all of the work you do for the...
Well the senate still has to approve them.
It is truly terrifying!! Glad the Governor of Texas is letting us know so that we can say NO to the Senate!!
If the senate doesn't reject it, what does that say about the senate? If they don't reject it,…
Abbott predicts Trump's 'wall' will be scaled back Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who runs the Senate, is also pushing for …
The Obama Admin just sent the UN Arms Trade Treaty to the Senate, but it has nowhere to go but the trash.
This Treaty by Obama could give the UN some authority to regulate guns. Tell the Senate to reject it. http…
Senate seats Ds must focus on in 2018: Nevada, Arizona and *gulp* Texas. Ds would have to win all of them and lose nothing to take Senate
The Texas Senate will ensure taxpayer funds are not used to support the collection of union dues.
While Rex Tillerson is a respected businessman, I have serious concerns about his nomination...
The announcement supports reporting by The Post and other news outlets that Trump has picked former Texas govern...
‘With some cooperation, of course, we can get all of these moving parts done for the American people soon.’ Texas...
Joe Manchin gets to keep his seat in the Senate after all, if CBS' Major Garrett is correct. Former Texas...
Oh Texas, my Texas. The Reality TV-ication of politics marches onward. How long until a sex tape is needed to launc…
Well NOW politics is getting serious. When will the madness end?!?! via
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Christmas tree on the floor of the Texas Senate.
Time for Senate Republicans to find their balls and send Putin toady Tillerson back to Texas.
It's easy. & need to stand-up & say NO to Dangerous Anarchist Lib Cry-Babies.
Medicaid actions don't leave poor, disabled kids with Merry Christmas. IT'S REMARKABLE to watch Texas Senate...
We are closely following Texas Senate Bill 2. Here is my post on its proposed reforms.
Also in more buzz around medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids, this time in TX. Thoughts?
Senate passes dozens of bills on way out of town.. Related Articles:
why listen to a man who admittedly stood on the senate floor and fabricated an outright lie About Romney 👎🏻
Central Texas News: Top GOP leader: Senate to probe reports of Russia hacking
2) Among Democrats' biggest boosters of KXL in the Senate. Second, Rick Perry - former governor of Texas, where KXL pipeline ends
Call your state reps / senate to support Texas HB 375. Constitutional Carry rights for Texas authored by
The still goes charging on with election of from Texas in runoff election. continues.
Inconvenient fact: women have won statewide office in both Texas and Louisiana, including Senate seats.
Fondu isn't cheese dip 😊 We still invented it and according to a Senate taste test, we are the best!
We need this in EVERY state - immediately: Texas Senate Passes Anti-sharia Law Bill
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Do you know a veteran who wants to start a business in Texas??. Here's how. First share this post!...
Great. Next year 2017 you'll be able to see slot more with the Texas Senate race.
Represent your college and apply to one of the available open SGA Senate Seats! (As of 12/9) Apply here:
It would be nice if Texas wasn't represented by the two biggest cowards in the US Senate
Senate Bill 11 could ensure post-adoption care by making it community-based, but need to expedite these reforms -
Texas sends its absolute worst to the U.S. House & Senate. What a stupid, asinine thing to say What a bonehead…
I sincerely hope runs for the Senate or Governor of Texas! I see blue 💙 in Texas's future!…
"IT’S REMARKABLE to watch Texas Senate leaders attempt to keep Christ in Christmas and poor disabled children out o…
Passed last night/early this a.m.: Cornyn Introduces Bill to Expedite Federal Coastal Protection Project in Texas
Exactly. Guessing it's the same grp that brought same to throw at ppl in TX. .
Low. Sounds like disturbed group associated w/WendyDavis that brought urine&feces to throw at ppl in TX
RICKY COOKS, THS Student Body Pres, selected as Texas delegate for US Senate Youth Program Get the details.
Aren't you the guy who couldn't even defend TX queso from AR 'cheese dip'?
As a senator from the only true swing district in the Texas Senate, I...
Oh this is delish👉 Perry leads Cruz by 9 points in potential Texas Senate contest.💃
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APPEARS Bryan Hughes is going to the Texas Senate - ahead of House colleague David Simpson by 45-points.
Bryan Hughes up 71-29 over David Simpson for NE Texas Senate seat, 5% reporting. Hughes came close to avoiding the runoff.
I urge all of my friends today to go vote for David Philip Simpson for Texas Senate a man that will fight for our...
Extremely Disappointing to see Ted Cruz endorse Bryan Hughes for Texas Senate over David Philip Simpson. Although...
I agree! Please join me in voting for Susan King to represent us in the Texas Senate. .
Hey Texas: What has Cruz done for your state since he took office 1/1/2013? Feel like you have "empty chair" in the senate?
We want to see his filing records when he ran for Senate as a Canadian citizen unbeknownst to Texas voters!
Cruz is not eligible to be a Senator...good job vetting him, Texas! -the-u-s-senate-illegally/
can you endorse for Texas Senate 2018 & boot from office
can you support for Texas Senate 2018 plz n thanks
It all goes back to one basic thing.I NEVER liked Cruz.I voted Dewhurst for Senate.Rick Perry endorsed Dewhurst.
New movement for Texas Senate lets boot from office send him in retirement
Cruz not eligible for the Senate...good job vetting Texas!
A Senate bill introduced Thursday would place new restrictions on where patent suits can be filed, no more ED Texas
Follow support 4 Texas Senate 2018 lets stand beside a young vibrant energy youth of our time let appoint
What is trying to hide in 911 tapes, which I know personally are public record having filed dozens.
U.S. Senator John Cornyn Named 2016 Texan of the Year at 50th Annual Texas Legislative ...
Tell u ppl bout dese donors dats y im supporting for Texas Senate its youth time Follow cwd18 & like
lets support for Texas Senate young vibrant & willing to work on behalf of the poorer class of society
I Support for Texas Senate. We need more youth in politics to speak 4d POOR Campaign Hosea 4:6
- I doubt it when most of Texas wants a tax deduction for what we were forced to elect to the senate...
Mitt Romney says he will back Texas Sen. Ted Cruz
Sheriff, I am running for Texas Senate in '18 in the Republican primary, I need all the help to defeat
I was living in Texas when he ran against big gov guy Dewhurst for US Senate. Been supporting him since because he kept promises.
Cruz has been applauded by the people of Texas for doing what he promised when elected to senate!
The campaigns for Susan King and Dawn Buckingham have spoken out about a controversy between the two Texas Senate...
Where do the Republicans find people like this Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas)? Didn't The Party declared a danger to USA?
Is Cruz stealing more stuff on Texas border from trump? I guess he never got memo in know, about the border. A wanna-be-trump
We all need to Thank Texas for voting him into the Senate. What a phenomenal job he has done.
the liar calling Cruz lyin? It's spelt Lion Ted, KING of the Senate jungle, destroying politicians with truth.Get it right
Cooperation rarely gets as much press as conflict: White House, TX Senators Cooperate On Filling Federal Judgeships
Its depressing that you represent me in Texas. You out
I believe he gave 5k to Cruz for the senate in Texas? That's like "supporting a conservative thing" 😂
He has done nothing in the senate, nothing for the state of Texas but he will do something for the country. Come on!
Cruz stood alone on Senate floor against establishment representing will of ppl of Texas as freshman senator & would not back down
Why is not popular in the He doesn't play their games + fulfills his promises to the people of
Mickey Edwards: Texas primary system allowed Ted Cruz to win senate because more popular candidate was disallowed
2018 Texas can give Ted Cruz an new career by voting the lying looser out of US senate this Texan will vote that way if alive
Newspapers: Republican Senate is obligated to get to work on ➜
Ted's victory in the Texas Senate race was astounding. I could list the reasons. Current task harder, sure. But I'm not betting against him.
Thanks Abilene Reporter New for the endorsement! Republican primary: King for Texas Senate
passes campus carry even tho no one on campus wants it.Who besides gun lobby do they represent?
So glad Campus Carry was rammed down our throats
Houston native Barbara Jordan - the first African American elected to the Texas Senate after Reconstruction & more http…
Cruz enters Lone Star primary with considerable support from Texas Republicans
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Cruz enters Lone Star State primary with considerable support from Texas Republican leaders
Texas Tech faculty cmtee vote to oppose . Member calls on higher ed to sue state in response to law.
If Cruz is against abortion WHY does his website say he's making them safer for women in Texas to receive🤔
Ted Cruz touts defense, immigration credentials ahead of South Carolina primary: The Texas senator faces an up...
🤔If Ted Cruz is against abortions why is he making abortion clinics safer in Texas NOT shutting them down😡
who cares when Cruz is helping women get safer abortions in Texas? 😆
West Texas fracking billionaires spending big on Cruz and conservative causes
did you know Christian Cruz is making abortions safer for women in Texas?
Cruz always working for TEXAS!Cruz and Rubio Leave Campaign Trail to Vote on Unanimous North Korea Bill via
😡 Did you know Cruzs website discusses how Ted is making abortions safer for women in Texas⁉️
😡Did you know Teds OWN WEBSITE discusses how Cruz is making abortion SAFER for women in Texas⁉️
know what else is real? Cruzs website revealing hes making abortion SAFER for women in Texas 2-05/16
better STFU about abortions! HIS OWN WEBSITE states Teddy is making abortions SAFER for women in Texas‼️
helped Defund Planned Parenthood in Texas in 2005 WELL BEFORE was in the Senate. Bust THAT myth!
they have from Texas senate and tons of u.s. reps. Don't see this as truth stretch issue
I voted for Cruz twice in Texas for the Senate. You sir are simply wrong on this point. Re: steady, unchanging
was Cruz’s mother really US citizen when he was born? If she wasn’t, Texas has an illegal alien sitting in the Senate.
Cruz has a Proven Conservative Record in Texas, before he was elected to the Senate.
No one wants guns on campus, but legislatures pass the laws anyway. . It is possible to vote legislators out of...
A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators have filed a bill in honor of an East Texas mother who lost her life in a...
Senate confirms nominees for State posts and ambassadorships
Republican infighting continues as House tries to pressure Senate to get rid of the filibuster
Senate Bill requires Video Surveillance installed at Texas Schools. Check out our Solution.
True. Would it be fair to say that GOP Texas US Sen, Cruz doesn't have many Friends in the US Senate from either Party?
Helps by keeping her away from Cruz for the general.she got Cruz in Senate for Texas
she was the first Black woman to be elected to the Texas senate. something I wasn’t taught until I got to her school in 6th grade
Join us this evening 6pm. Texas Senate District 24 Candidate Forum at 105 Cross Creek, Lakeway Activity Center.
Oh? Trump was bankrolling leftists while Cruz fought them in Texas/ the Senate.
Senate Dems may try to pin GOP with immigration votes
she endorsed Cruz in Texas for the senate race. I was there. She's gone reality tv since
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Central Texas News: Senate panel approves bill to make school lunches tastier
Here is some explanation- Ted Cruz Scores Ron Paul a Win in Texas Senate Primary via
.on Senate floor: It's a big day here in the Senate.The junior Senators from Florida (Rubio) & Texas (Cruz) will be here today
Reid: "I know it's a big day in the Senate - the junior senator from Florida will be here to vote and the junior senator from Texas."
Harry Reid: It's going to be a big day in the Senate.. because the junior senators from Fla. and Texas are actually here to vote.
In Texas he portrayed as David VS. Goliath in Senate Campaign.
When did Sarah Palin become a big government progressive? Here in Texas I remember her supporting Cruz for the Senate. Major flip-flop!
FEC complaint filed against Ted Cruz for undisclosed loans in 2012 Senate campaign
Vote for Kim Ogg in the March 1 Dem primary.when I ran for us Senate my platform included legalization of...
Central Texas News: Senate bill aims to make school lunches tastier
State Senate candidate forum informs at RWKC
Sarah Palin Endorses Trump, Which Could Bolster Him in Iowa She stumped for Ted's Senate campaign in Texas
"The Republican Despite source, facts are real. mentored by Globalist 'Christian'
Let's make sure Ted Cruz stays in the US Senate representing Texas. He's not Born in USA. Thus, no for Prez
Actually most of the time a private lawyer, Solicitor General of Texas, only 3 years in Senate
I'm serious as death on this. I'm a Cruz supporter - I donated to his campaign when he ran for the senate in Texas...
Big Oil donors in Texas stressing Cruz on Ethanol subsidy vote in Senate. Iowa uses much corn to make ethanol.
apologizes for backing for Texas Senate seat by not endorsing him for President, saying I can only take a joke so far.
Cruz backers: Should he temper conservatism with moderation?
FYI:. Palin endorsed Cruz for Senate because he was the best Candidate for Senate from Texas and he was eligible...
Piling on? Palin helped Cruz get elected to the Senate in Texas but is now endorsing Trump. WTH? Something doesn't smell right here.
Yes, Cruz stirred up the senate. That is exactly what Texas sent him to do.
That's a very good question Palin endorsed Cruz when he ran for the senate in Texas.
then why did you spend so much time in Texas getting Cruz elected to the Senate?
Because you DO NOT get to hit/run/kill someone & get away with it. Even if you're in the "DWI Badasses" FB group.
In case you are silly enough to argue about Palin endorsing Cruz in his Senate primary, that was Texas and he needed her. 1/2
She supported on Texas Senate race. This is going to help TC if its true.
Texas attorney challenges Ted Cruz's Eligibility to run for President as based on Donald…
Texas Senate Select Committee will have a hearing on relief
Where's the million dollars that gave you You never reported it!
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Through new panel picks, shows he wants a more conservative Texas Senate |
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick shows he wants more conservative Texas Senate
Dan Patrick shows, through new panel picks, that he wants a more conservative Texas Senate
Democrats Lon Burnam and Helen Madla file for RRC and Texas Senate as predicted last night on Capitol Inside.
This week Jon Cobb announced he would no longer be a candidate for the Texas Senate District 24 due to a personal... ht…
LVP had 24 yrs of legislative experience in the Texas House and Senate, lost big for Lt. Gov and lost SA Mayor
was the 1st Latino elected to the Senate frm Texas, as well as 1st Hispanic law clerk to a chief justice of th…
The rule is costly & harmful to families, farmers, and ranchers in Texas and across the country
Reminds me of Robert Caro's description of LBJ using a helicopter to wow the hicks in '48 Texas Senate race.
State Rep Bryan Hughes announces this week his Candidacy for the Texas Senate. Rep Hughes stopped by the KMOO...
An East Texas representative is running for a position in the Texas Senate:
Eltife named president pro tempore of Texas Senate
Texas Bill Limiting Accident Report Info Advances. The Texas Senate has voted to bar law enforcement from giving t…
House-backed open carry bill heading to floor of Texas Senate - (via
Texas Senate votes to scrap high school steroids testing
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On the same day quake shakes W: Denton bill sails through Texas Senate
Texas Senate committee to consider ban on texting while driving: AUSTIN -- A closely watched bill to ban texting…
I testified at a Texas Senate committee meeting about their Legal Tender bill.
Texas Senate panel backs bill to put a stop to red-light cameras via
parent empowerment bill passed out of the Texas Senate today. See my statement on it here:
It's See what the Texas Senate is doing to lower your taxes:
Did you know that serves on the Education Committee in the Texas Senate
Senate panel approves next step in juvenile-justice reforms: AUSTIN - Legislation that would take the biggest step…
Animals needs your help to kill Texas House Bill 2139 / Senate Bill 1118 via
Plan to decriminalize headed for full Senate
Senate approves letter grades for schools; House next. (Sent from WFAA)
Seriously, the Texas senate has nothing better to do?
Texas Senate approves letter grades for school performance.
Senate committee approves cash raffles at Texas professional ...
Is the Texas Electric Deregulation Beneficial or Not?: At the start of 2002, the Texas senate passed a bill. The…
A new bill being proposed in the Texas state Senate. The new bill allows for immediate quarantine enforcement in...
Yes, Sir, just getting a few Senate Bills in; making it to my full agenda for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.
Plan to decriminalize truancy headed for full Texas Senate | News - Home
Kids may not be facing fines if they don;t go to school: . Details:
Earlier today: Invocations from the Texas Senate and House of Representatives, March 31, 2015
Texas Senate gives preliminary OK to school-grading bill -
The Texas senate gives preliminary approval to a new rating system for the state's public schools.
Texas Senate passes bill to deal with future Ebola, infectious disease outbreaks
First of its kind infectious disease law, drafted by passes the Texas Senate:
Texas Senate OKs changes to state contracting laws after scandal via
Where was that? The sign your bro is holding says "Texas senate"?
I'm fact, one of the biggest debates in Texas senate is either turn UT into a cheaper, lower quality school or
Watching Texas Senate "haze" freshmen members---playing while children, the ill and mentally infirm suffer--how long, O Lord?
As feds open investigation into Dallas County, to consider truancy reform in Texas |
If Texas passes Senate Bill 1819, undocumented students will have to pay out-of-state tuition costs
Chase Seelig, a senior at Del Valle HS, got a taste of how the Texas Senate works today.
Senate committee approves cash raffles at Texas professional ...: The panel also favored legislation that would let…
Texas Senate delays debate on in-state tuition for young immigrants →
With the Texas Senate set to pass a bill allowing open carry of handguns, it'll be much easier to tell which men have tiny ***
Texas Senate sends open carry of handguns bill to House
Texas Senate approves open carry of handguns
We support responsible gun rights, but, yes, this is madness. on Texas Senate's passage of open carry. http…
House Committee Takes Up Open Carry, Campus Carry Bills: The day after the Texas Senate voted to loosen state…
Texas Senate approves open carry on party-line vote
AEM at Texas Senate with Senator Carlos Uresti, the Mayor of Saltillo Isidro Lopez and the… http:/…
I could not make this up. State troopers in Texas Senate are searching bags
.is visiting the Texas Senate led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for
Texas Senate introduces bill to allow concealed carry on college campuses
Republican Hypocrisy in the Texas Senate: Republicans continually make the case that the harder it is to pass…
New on politics from Republican Hypocrisy in the Texas Senate
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MT “Democrats in the Texas Senate shoved aside by the Republican majority... Good.
Democrats in the Texas Senate were shoved further aside by the Republican majority Friday as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick...
Go see the 14 Texas Senate committee members announced yesterday by
Yesterday, I announced the new members and chairs of the 14 Texas Senate committees. Read more:
My statement on what just happened with the Texas Senate. This is part of the statement: "No longer will the...
Texas Senate will not restore funding to Public Integrity Unit via
NOW: is leaving her Texas Senate seat to run for mayor of San Antonio.
Huge loss for the Texas Senate, big win for San Antonio. Always on Team now for Mayor!
It's La Leti! RT: is stepping down from the Texas Senate to run for mayor of San Antonio
MT "Wendy Davis lost, and the other sweet victory is her Texas Senate seat was taken by a…
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, August 28, 2014 Senator Dan Patrick Makes a Statement on School Finance Ruling AUSTIN - Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor makes the following statement regarding today’s school financing ruling: During the last economic downturn we only had two options – cut spending or raise taxes. I, along with the Texas Senate, chose to make cuts and keep taxes low. As chair of the Senate Education Committee, I led the charge to restore most of the education funding cuts from last session. We have spent vast amounts of money towards education and we’re still struggling to see significant improvement. Spending continues to rise steadily while the number of failing schools increases. Today's decision is the sole decision of one judge in Travis County. The final say will come from the Supreme Court. Ultimately, it is the legislature, voted by the people of Texas, who should make these important decisions. More information about the campai ...
Help make this the best Texas Senate we've ever had by electing Charles Perry in the September 9th special election! Go bit early!
Texas Senate candidates report contributions: As the race for the state Senate District 28 nears the finish li...
Flower Mound’s Jane Nelson makes debut as first woman to lead Texas Senate budget panel
Congratulations on your announcement for Texas Senate!!!
Montgomery County, a fellow Cooperative member is up for election today to the Texas Senate.
Vote for leadership; not politics on Sept 9. District 28 for Jodey Arrington for Texas Senate.
It's official. Sen. Robert Duncan has just resigned his Texas Senate seat to become chancellor of Texas Tech.
AUSTIN, Texas–Lt. Governor David Dewhurst has conceded in the Texas Lt. Governor Primary Runoff to his opponent, State Senator Dan Patrick. Lt. Governor Dewhurst was elected in 2002 and took office on January 21, 2003. Dewhurst was widely considered more moderate in Texas political circles, however his support among Texas Tea Party groups began to grow after his 2012 loss to Senator Ted Cruz for a Texas senate seat. Dewhurst began substantial outreach to more conservative grassroots groups at that time. State Senator Patrick began was elected to the Texas Senate on 2006 and took office in 2007. The AP …read more Source: Breitbart
Sad day as is looks like an era coming to an end as Congressman Ralph Hall loses tonight. He was a hilarious gentleman who always looked out for his district. He said he had the opportunity to hire Farrah Faucett when he was in the Texas Senate but he needed someone that could type. He always had a smile and a handshake to give along with his famous nickels that inflation forced to pennies.
Dan Patrick is one of the worst people I have ever met in my life. I worked with him during the 82nd legislative session in the Texas Senate. He is not good for Texas AT ALL. David Dewhurst would have been soo much better. I hope above all hope he doesn't become Lt. Gov. For Texas and control the bills brought to the floor. Bye bye what little education funding we have left. I encourage you all to educate yourself on this man. Really ask yourself of he deserves your vote. (hint: he doesn't)
Tea Party – already setting agenda – poised to win in Texas LOGIC LETTER 5/27/14 By Lynn Woolley Dear Lojiks, The Texas Lieutenant Governor’s debate at Tenroc Ranch in Salado was the most significant – by far -- of all the debates held in the state leading up to today’s runoffs. Why? Because we finally got a point of differentiation between incumbent David Dewhurst and Tea Party challenger state Sen. Dan Patrick. In prior debates, the two squabbled over personal attacks. In Salado, we didn’t let that happen. The debate was the most substantive of the season – and yet, there was just one big difference: Wallace Hall. We brought it up early – and we got 180-degree different answers. Dewhurst said he couldn’t talk about the embattled UT Regent – because he might have to sit in judgment if there is an impeachment trial in the Texas Senate. Patrick did not dodge the issue. He said that Dewhurst has already destroyed his neutrality with an anti-Hall text. Patrick also gave major indi ...
Senate District 4, remember to elect the only candidate endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC on Saturday, Steve Toth for Texas! Steve is a real fighter, and we need him in the Texas Senate to continue the and to put
We need to do SOMEthing; such as re-arm our soldiers ! Open Letter from Lt. Patrick Cook on Fort Hood Spree Killing My letter to Congress, read today at Texas Senate committee on Constitutional Carry. It is now public record. To my friends, fellow Texans, brothers in arms, members of the committee, and everyone within the sound of my voice, greetings. My name is First Lieutenant Patrick Cook of the 49th Transportation Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas, and this past Wednesday I found myself trapped in an enclosed room with fourteen of my fellow Soldiers, one of whom was barricading the door against a madman with a .45 pistol when he was fatally shot. Through what I can only describe as a miracle, he somehow found enough strength to continue pushing against that door until the shooter gave up and went elsewhere, at which time he collapsed. Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth from when I and my comrades breathed into his lungs for 20 long minutes while we waited for a response from the au ...
Last week, our Commander was ceremoniously promoted to the rank of Major General. The event was held at the Texas State Capitol, in the chamber of the Texas Senate.
Give a hand to LUPE organizers Julieta and Daniel for representing border communities in today's Texas Senate hearing on DPS checkpoints, the border surge and militarization of the border. They testified together with fellow fronterizas Maria Cordero from ACLU of Texas and Marlene Chavez from Fuerza del Valle.
Last minute, potentially illegal campaign materials supporting Rep. Steve Stockman are showing up across the state in the Texas Senate primary race.
Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth Martin is denying that she and the tea party group endorsed Texas Senate candidate Rep. Steve Stockman as he claimed in a letter posted on his website Sunday. The letter appears to have been taken down by Monday.
Donna Campbell running for Texas Senate just called me and we ended up having a 20-30min conversation on Net Neutrality and Franchise Tax.
The most strategically important legislative race this year may be in Tarrant County. It’s for the Texas Senate seat Wendy Davis is giving up and there’s a
Donna Campbell faces two challengers in Texas Senate race - The three-way Republican primary fight to determine...
Stovall for Texas Senate. Cornyn stood against Ted Cruz so he must go home. Bye John. Vote Stovall for Texas Senate.
The Brazos River Authority – All Excuses for Inaction Washed Away If there is one thing we seem to have perhaps a bit too much of in Texas, it would be water boards. We have the Lower Colorado River Authority, The Trinity River Authority, The Lower Neches Valley River Authority, etc. One water board that has been under fire, particularly from yours truly, has been the Brazos River Authority (BRA). Whether you wish to classify it as incompetence, corruption, or both – the BRA has been at the heart of a political firefall for over a year now and deserving of every bit of criticism cast upon its shadowy ops. When I started campaigning for the Texas Senate last year, I made it a point to know issues in each county. Hood County was in particular dire straits over a lack of water flowing through Lake Granbury. The Brazos River Basin, to which Lake Granbury belongs, has its main reservoir starting at Possum Kingdom Lake. The Morris Shepherd Dam on Possum Kingdom Lake, constructed in 1938, used the hydroelect ...
Todd Staples Announces Support from Texas Sheriffs Coalition backs Staples for Lieutenant Governor citing proven record of fighting for public safety and border security AUSTIN, TX– Today, a coalition of Texas sheriffs announced their endorsement of Todd Staples for Lieutenant Governor. Sheriffs for Staples includes 15 sheriffs from across Texas who are endorsing Staples because of his long track record of supporting law enforcement and working to secure the Texas border. “I believe Todd Staples is a man of honor and principle,” said Anderson County Sherriff Greg Taylor. “He has worked hard to support law enforcement across the state and has been a champion for public safety. Todd has earned my vote for Lieutenant Governor.” Staples is a long-time friend of law enforcement. While serving as a state senator, Staples served on the Criminal Justice, Transportation and Homeland Security, and Criminal Jurisprudence Committees. Also while in the Texas Senate, Staples wrote the “Faye Bell Harris Bill ...
Harvard Law School trained Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been in the national news quite a bit lately, for, among other things, killing immigration reform and as a possible Republican Presidential candidate. For those of you who are interested, here is On the Issues summary of Senator Cruz's views on immigration: No path to citizenship for 1.65 million illegals in Texas When discussing what to do about the 1.65 million illegal immigrants living in Texas, Cruz weaved into the Second Amendment, alleging his opponent didn't support gun rights. "What does this have to do with the question?" Sadler asked before fiercely denying his opponent's allegation. Cruz again said he didn't support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants living in America, while Sadler said the opposite, as expected. Source: WFAA-TV Dallas-Fort Worth on 2012 Texas Senate debate, Oct 2, 2012 Give police more power to ask about immigration status Cruz accused Dewhurst of using his position as head of the Texas Senate to kill a bill l ...
It is an oil painting actually it was proclaimed the 2000 Poster by the Texas Senate. This is actually a photo of the painting in my living room. If you look at the *** Charro on the bottom right You will see it is me. The painting is in the shape of a "Jarrito" because there is a saying Spanish Todo cabe en un Jarrito si lo sabes acomodar. Or every thing will fit in a little jug if you arrange it properly. On the left you will find the Charro, an A China Poblana, a Marriachi and many dancers On the right you will find a Jazz Player, A Cowboy and a Yankee Doodle Dandy and many dancers and cowboys On the sides you will see the grand stand and the people watching the parade. You see here in Brownsville both cultures fit well together because we know how to arrange them. This was painted by Mexican Master Jose Salazar in 1997 for my 50th birthday. Charro Days used it for their 60th anaverisity poster in 1998 and again in 2000. This is the only Charro Days poster that was not painted by Don Breeden. The ...
Texas sen john cornyn voted to extend the debt ceiling like a good democrat. kick his butt out of office. vote STOCKMAN for Texas Senate.
I hope he doesn't start sniffing around the 2/3 rules in the Texas Senate!
Black Fact: Today we salute Barbara Jordan!!! OCCUPATION: Civil Rights Activist, U.S. Representative BIRTH DATE: February 21, 1936 DEATH DATE: January 17, 1996 EDUCATION: Texas Southern University, Boston University Law PLACE OF BIRTH: Houston, Texas PLACE OF DEATH: Austin, Texas Barbara Jordan was a lawyer and educator who was a congresswoman from 1972 to 1978—the first African-American congresswoman to come from the deep South and the first woman ever elected to the Texas Senate (1966). She captured the attention of President Lyndon Johnson, who invited her to the White House for a preview of his 1967 Civil Rights message. A groundbreaking African-American politician, Barbara Jordan worked hard to achieve her dreams. She grew up in a poor black neighborhood in Houston, Texas. The daughter of a Baptist minister, Jordan was encouraged by her parents to strive for academic excellence. Her gift for language and building arguments was apparent in high school, where she was an award-winning debater and orat ...
For my friends: Texans for Fiscal Responsibility has sent out a mailing with their endorsements. I disagree with many of them. I especially disagree with their "pick" for Lieutenant Governor. Jerry Patterson is the only candidate who consistently stays on mark with honest responses in debates. He is straightforward, and will be a strong leader for the Texas Senate. The best candidate for Agriculture Commissioner is J Allen Carnes, who has the working experience and the knowledge of the food industry and all its regulations. His family produces much of the food we eat and has been in the business for 60 years. Google him or look at his youtube on my page. In my opinion, Becky Berger is the most qualified person for Railroad Commissioner, with all the qualifications from ground up and the degrees and working knowledge to accompany her experience. Ken Paxton will be the best Attorney General for Texas. Honest, forthright and a formidable fighter with convictions for Texans and our rights. Just because an org ...
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) asked where are the jobs. I believe that is a great question. The last Texas Legislative Session The United Steelworkers led the push on Tx. State Rep. Yvonne Davis's (D) "Buy Texas, Buy American" Bills. We gained both Democrat and Republican support on a Bill which gave preference on Texas State Projects i.e., schools, roads, public buildings, anything paid for with Texan paid tax dollars, to Texas made products; then American made products. The Bill passed the Texas House unanimously then passed the Texas Senate. Everyone realized this was a Bill that would ACTUALLY PUT TEXANS TO WORK. Imagine using Texas products in our schools instead of Chinese (by the way this is a Communist Country), putting people to work. We were excited until Governor Rick Perry vetoed the Bill.
THE HARRIS COUNTY REPUBLICAN CIVIL WAR COULD MAKE OR BREAK DAN PATRICK’S LITE GUV BID Sen. Patrick is banking on Houston, where chaos has broken out in GOP Chairman’s race Over the last couple weeks, it has become impossible to deny that a civil war has broken out in the largest county Republican Party in America – and the way this fight plays out in Houston before the March primary could have serious implications for the political aspirations of Sen. Dan Patrick in his bid to preside over the Texas Senate. Patrick, a Houston radio host and lawmaker who has given up his Senate seat, said in his announcement for higher office that the support he enjoys in the Bayou City is key to his statewide strategy. Simply put: Patrick is banking on Harris County in a way that the other three candidates in the race are not. The problem with that now is that Republicans there will also have to make a fundamental choice about who will lead the local party. This year’s challenge to six-term incumbent and conservat ...
Texas State Senator Wendy Davis was catapulted onto the national scene following her filibuster in the Texas Senate in support of abortion. She was almost immediately deemed a Democrat rising star ...
While a Texas Senate candidate is accepting Bitcoin campaign donations, and customers can use the technology to buy engagement rings, Wall Street sees its future more as a payment system than a currency.
Video on Today: NBC’s Maria Shriver talks to outspoken Wendy Davis, a member of the Texas Senate, about the struggles she overcame as a poor, single mom and her ambition to be the next governor of the Lone Star State.
here's something to think about: Senator Cruz, Opposes *** pride parades and opposes *** marriage, At least twice while serving as Dallas' mayor, Republican Tom Leppert marched in Dallas' *** pride parade. Opponent Ted Cruz has hammered Leppert for joining the marches. Cruz said, "When a mayor of a city chooses twice to march in a parade celebrating *** pride that's a statement and it's not a statement I agree with." Leppert says government shouldn't be involved in deciding whether *** partners have legal benefits given spouses which might include property inheritance or making medical decisions. Cruz says states should decide those benefits. Source: Texas Public Radio coverage of 2012 Texas Senate debate , Feb 23, 2012 yet he also stated the following: The Declaration of Independence states that "all men are created equal." Ted Cruz has worked to ensure that groups that spout hatred and bigotry are not provided privileges that encourage their venomous beliefs. Source: Campaign website,, " ...
Randall, When Wendy Davis stood up on the floor of the Texas Senate for nearly 13 hours to block a radical anti-choice bill, I wanted to give her a Texas-sized high-five. The next day, I called Wendy to let her know that the whole country was cheering her on. I told her to keep fighting for all of us – and we would keep fighting for her. Six months later, our champion Wendy is running for governor of Texas. She's not afraid of a tough fight, and neither are we. Wendy's team is trying to raise $500,000 by December 31st – and she needs our help. Can you give $5 or more to help Wendy reach her goal? The GOP knows that Wendy Davis is special, and they are scared that her victory in 2014 could turn the tide against Republican victories in Texas. National Republicans have already dumped an astonishing $21 million into her opponent's campaign war chest. I know it sounds tough to overcome odds like that. But I want you to remember something: When I decided to run for the Senate, Scott Brown already had a $10 ...
Sharing from Tom Dougherty "Here you go, from National Journal: Rep. Steve Stockman's (R-TX) last-minute decision to challenge Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) in next March's Texas Senate primary is a telling sign of the state of the conservative grassroots. On one hand, seven of the 12 sitting Republican senators up in 2014 are facing credible primary challenges -- a historically high number that is indicative of conservative restlessness with the GOP establishment. On the other hand, very few of the renegades are viewed as serious threats. Stockman is a perfect illustration of the conservative conundrum. Cornyn's background in GOP leadership as minority whip and former NRSC chairman opens him up to grassroots criticism, and Stockman won the endorsement of the Senate Conservative Fund. But in Stockman, conservatives have a candidate whose history of controversy would scare away even the most fervent tea partiers. As a one-term congressman in the 1990s, he accused the Clinton administration of staging the Waco ra ...
Sen. John Cornyn, the second-highest ranking Republican in the Senate, drew a last-minute primary challenger today when Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, filed paperwork for the 2014 Texas Senate race, just minutes before the filing deadline. “Stockman withdrew his application for his current seat and f...
Scott Johnson has pulled out of the Texas Senate race.
Scott Johnson pulls out of Texas Senate race
Frisco council member Scott Johnson pulls out of Texas Senate race
Frisco councilman Scott Johnson pulls out of Texas Senate race.
Wendy Davis scored a big victory this week—beating back a Republican gerrymander of her Texas Senate district for discriminating against people of color. The Court’s ruling is a testament to the courage of state Sen. Wendy Davis, who stood up to Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbot and the state Repub...
via God's Man in the Texas Senate - || Bummer. Which Dem will step up and run for Lt. Gov?
So PUMPED for my friend (Scott Johnson) running for Texas Senate, District 8!!!
I am excited to announce the launch of my campaign for the District 8 seat in the Texas Senate. Please visit
Lt. Gov. "I Have Been the Leading Advocate For Life in the Texas Senate": via
Protesters resort to chains, fake blood, Twisted Sister as Texas Senate nears abortion vote
Texas Senate pass abortion bill, which now heads to desk
Sen. Dan Patrick was interrupted in Texas Senate by protesters in gallery & said: I won't get angry at them, I'll pray for…
From a trailer park, to single mother head of household, to putting herself through college, to the Texas Senate,...
Texas Senate voting on HB2 today. Pray for life. Work for life.
will be heard by the Texas Senate today at 2. Lots of supporters at the Texas Capitol. Wear BLUE & b active on social media
Press. Texas Senate prepares final vote on abortion bill. "Doing the people's work" "War on babies" LOL
bill moves to Senate, setting up final vote as Democrats pledge legal action
Texas Senate Republicans poised to send bill to
Wearing red for our troops on and blue for the voiceless children whose lives are at stake in the Texas Senate today.
and the Texas Senate is supposed to vote on their restrictive abortion bill today. too many politicians trying to keep us down!
Pray for the Texas Senate today and those working to protect the unborn. God be glorified.
Wearing blue today for babies and those in Austin be Strong Texas Senate !
VIDEO: US Senate Breaking News: Texas Senate on Track to Pass Tough Abortion Rules: . This time when th...
will be considered by the Texas Senate today. It is time we for all Texans!
The fight continues against the dangerous The Texas Senate will take up the bill tomorrow at 2 PM.
The Texas Senate will take up today at 2 pm. Pray for more lives saved and another step in advancing human rights.…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Texas Senate on track to pass tough abortion rules
if you Texas Senate scheduled to vote on today. Without life, there is no liberty!
Texas Senate prepares final vote on abortion bill
House Bill 2 is an important step that will strengthen protections of innocent, unborn life and improve the safety and health of Texas women. I hope the Texas Senate will take swift action to pass this legislation for the good of all Texas children and their mothers. Our nation was founded on the principle that we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights – among them, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. America’s founders knew that life comes first. Without life, there is no liberty; without life, there is no pursuit of happiness. I am incredibly thankful for and proud of the principled leaders in our Texas Legislature and the many Texas groups who have brought this issue to the forefront, refusing to give up on this important legislation.
An abortion supporter, Katie Heim, wrote a poem likening her *** to a gun which was read into the Texas Senate record as the Senate debated the bill outlawing abortion after twenty weeks.
Countless people stepped up to testify before the Texas Senate committee on the restrictive abortion law, which would essentially ban abortions in most of the state. One stood out as Katie Heim from Austin bravely gave her testimony before the committee in the form of a poem titled, “If My *** Wa...
A Republican official declared that abortion legislation that perished amid shouting from the Texas Senate gallery was nevertheless popular across Texas. After a special legislative session ended without Senate Bill 5 advancing from the Texas Senate to Gov. Rick Perry, Jerry Patterson said in an ema...
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